What your fees buy VIII?

I got a call Wednesday from the Texas Bar Association. The attorney said he was investigating a tip they received that I might be practicing law without a license. The basis of the tip was a Craig’s List ad I put up last year sometime offering my paralegal services to lawyers. He asked if I did any paralegal work that was not done under the supervision of lawyers. I truthfully stated, “no”, to which he said that ends the inquiry. I then asked for the name of the informant. He said the bar was prohibited by policy from disclosing such. I said it was pretty odd that someone would lodge a complaint when I only ever worked for a single attorney, and never took a job based on the ad which probably expired sometime last year. He agreed that was odd, and informed me that while their policy prohibited them from investigating an informant he would note the oddities for the file.  Having come to know this relatively small community in South Texas, I consider it extremely unlikely the informant could be anyone local.

I am hoping Miscavige will order a similar complaint to the overseers of counselors in Texas concerning this very web blog.  We would have an absolute field day with that.

For those who accuse me of trying to paint myself as a victim through this series, you are missing the point. Miscavige does not possess the power to make me a victim. I am posting this series on What Your Fees Buy for two reasons. One, people should be informed about how their fees are being misused. Two, Miscavige’s lines of attack need to be exposed wherever they are discovered. Otherwise, unchecked, he might well throw enough jacks on the road to pop a tire or two.  Each blowout he causes prolongs his continuing abuses and his mission to drive Scientology in the direction of the People’s Temple.

13 responses to “What your fees buy VIII?

  1. DM is getting d–e–s–p–e–r–a–t–e. You can almost feel the anxiety.

  2. does he really realize how angry everyone is becoming ..


    Marty .. I understand the purpose is to expose.. could you be more clear on your beliefs at this point is leaving the cult …

    sorry to be so ignorant.. there is alot of info out there and it takes time to get through it all

    nate and mona


  3. martyrathbun09

    Please take some time to read my postings on this site. I don’t think I can make my position any clearer.

  4. Don’t jump to conclusions Marty. All this may be more than just David Miscavige fair gaming you, and Mike Rinder.

    Some people believe that they have been victimized by you fellows. The assumption should be made, that these victims of you past actions, may want some payback. Don’t be blind-sided.

    It would probably be a good idea to address these people’s concerns.

    I know Gerry Armstrong has written you concerning reparations, but you have so far ignored him.

  5. Sounds like this guy handled the complaint eaactly by the book. They are reequired to investigate, and It’s true they can’t reveal the identity of the informant unless it’s a formal written complaint that needs to be answered.

  6. MissedGarbage Watcher

    I totally understand your position, Marty.
    For I’m on the same position.

    I mean, I still trust LRH and his philosophy in general.

    But Miscavige must be removed and then
    somehow the Church will be able to
    recover their real purpose and function.

  7. Why am I not surprised by this latest ineffective and infantile op by OSA, Marty.

    The reason is standing right next to you in your previous post. This latest effort just proves my point.

    At least Mike was a worthy opponent when he headed OSA. This group makes the Keystone Cops look competent!

    Now Davy has a group of PIs marauding the East Texas Panhandle and what do they find?

    An ad you put in Craigslist offering paralegal services over a year ago!

    What this proves to me is that if there were any spooks involved in Church operations. They’ve pulled up stakes and headed back to Langley.

  8. martyrathbun09

    Yeah, the “anti” community is full of DM agents. And the far out anti’s are Dave’s best friends. See The Great Middle Path on Scientology-cult.com. Armstrong had reparations. The reason he is still moaning twenty years later most likely has to do with the fact he was never entitled to any in the first place.

  9. Marty,
    Could you please name the agents of David Miscavige in the “anti” community? Could you also name who the far out anti’s are that are Dave’s best friends? Your specificity would be greatly appreciated.

  10. Marty don’t waste your time explaining to idiots who think you’re acting out as a victim – we get it you’ve been very informative so far – keep it up! It was great to see Mike smiling by your side it’d be great if he could see Taryn abd BJ as I’m sure he misses them.

  11. Parvent,
    That post is inane. You must be kidding. Please, tell me you’re kidding. I’ll not believe you are serious until you say you are. Can’t be serious. C’est impossible, no way. Good one 🙂

  12. Yeah, the “anti” community is full of DM agents. And the far out anti’s are Dave’s best friends.

    Yeah! At last I hear someone else say it, too. 🙂

    And when the COS falls, taking all our dreams, money, time, work and rightful ownership with it, I’m sure it will all be blamed on:

    A. The few “blood donors” still left there who “didn’t donate enough”, and
    B. The straw-man enemy – “critics” and “protesters”

    Scientology was the only viable threat against the coming NWO. It had to be taken down.

    In the dust clouds of the collapse, no one will notice until too late that the gubmit agents at the top, and their tool DM, absconded with the family fortune.

    AND even more deadly – the real, unadulterated tech.


  13. Yeah, the “anti” community is full of DM agents. And the far out anti’s are Dave’s best friends.

    Yeah! At last I hear someone else say it, too. 🙂 -Nom de Plume

    Guess Virginia and Mike McClaughry were right then – they were identifying them left and right (and the middle).

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