The church of Regology

Please see the email below from the OT Ambassador I/C Int to all OT Ambassadors. Note the outpoints. That “War is Over” event was Miscavige’s “I did it all” propaganda. His egoism knows no bounds. “This was the monumental turning point for the church and was the point that ensured we have a church.” Quite the contrary, once exemption was attained Miscavige decided HE had a church to have his own way with.

OT Ambassadors, whose original stated purpose was to drive people on up to OT, have apparently been reduced to being IAS reges. Did you know there was not a single justification for the continuance of the IAS as an entity after October 1993 and exemption? It was founded for the purpose of ensuring Scientology could withstand the IRS. This personal hobby horse of Miscavige’s had accumulated somewhere on the order of three quarters of a billion dollars by 2005. He forbade it disbursing anything but minimal funds for handling attacks. And yet that is precisely what the money was donated for handling. Now they have FCS’s and OT VIIIs – sixteen years after the fact of its irrelevance – diverting donations for services to move people up the Bridge to send to Miscavige’s slush fund.

Notice how the OT Ambassadors are to “organize the call-in” and are instructed to “so let’s get with the Field Control Sec and be in coordination on this.” DM cross ordering Div 6 by way of public converted into reges for his personal slush fund. It doesn’t get much darker than that.

September 21st, 2009


Graduation this week is going to be incredibly special as all orgs on the  planet are going to watch the IAS Victory – the  IAS 1993 “War is Over” Event. This was the monumental turning point for the church and was the point that ensured we have a church.  You have all been issued new quotas for the IAS to be completed before the October 15th IAS International Event.   You are to fund raise for your quota after this event.

You are to organize the call-in and get everyone in the field in for this
event. It will do a lot to revitalize the field for sure.

So lets get with the Field Control Sec and be in coordination on this.

I need to know you are gathering the troupes so write me back that this is underway!!!

This is the most exciting time ever ever in the church.

I am expecting excellent results.

Ml, Maggie OT Ambassador I/C Int

26 responses to “The church of Regology

  1. Undergrown For Now

    My text message reads:
    This Friday see a legendary briefing from COB RTC on YOUR religion. U can’t miss this. I need U all to B therer, 6:30 FH. Let me know! ML

  2. That “War is Over” term when DM announced it at the 1993 event was such an outpoint to me at the time. Weren’t we working to “Clear the Planet”? Wasn’t that the goal? To provide spiritual gain to all those on the planet who needed help?

    Not some monitary goal to protect the money.

    I had the same reaction when I saw DM on a video call Tom Cruise “the most dedicated Scientologist I know”. I thought what a slap in the face to every Sea Org member no matter what their post was, who dedicated 1 billion years to serve Scientology.

    He has no concept of what the purpose of Scientology is.

  3. I was in the LA Sports Arena when Miscavige announced the “War is Over” and I couldn’t help thinking to myself fleetingly that “Victory” was pyrrhic a best. A thought I had buried deep down inside while every one else was celebrating.

    Looking back at all we’d lost with whatever we “gained”. I think it was just momentary prescience.

    For instance I had the idea that with the Church of Scientology’s renewed Tax Exempt status that Miscavige would open up the flood gates on the IAS which is exactly what happened!

  4. IMO Marty is very right that David Miscavige’s egoism knows no bounds as he takes credit for things that he himself did not do. For example on the RTC website Miscavige is credited for authoring the corporate restructuring in the early 80s and saving the church that way. Not only did he not author it, he actually failed at trying to do it earlier as a Mission Ops as he was incompetent on the subject. He did however have to approve it and it took me a good five hours or so to try to clear up many of his major misunderstandings then as he did not even understand the difference between corporate and ecclesiastical matters.

    Of interest is that in a court case in the 1990s Miscavige said he was not part of that corporate restructuring! Perjury anyone? See this link for details:

    As for the IAS, handling perceived threats from the IRS were indeed part of the reason for its formation. I would not be surprised if Miscavige later said it was the main reason. But I can tell you that maybe a year before the IAS was launched, the reasons for it were discussed and there was more to it. Information on this is contained in the following link:

    While I am not one trying to see organized scientology continue, I do agree with Marty on helping end the abuses and on the heart of what he covered in the above post. And I agree that there is no longer any worthwhile purpose for the IAS except to be a pool of money that Miscavige can control and do with as he sees fit in his insane, power hungry and abusive actions.

    Lastly, here is a link about Miscavige not understanding the difference between ecclesiastical and corporate matters as covered above and just how he has abused the legal structure of organized scientology:

    Larry Brennan

  5. martyrathbun09

    Thanks Larry. Good observation on the IAS. There you are on compartmentalization of data. The Litigation guys were told it was for IRS taxes, worst case scenario. One thing remained constant however. No one, and I mean no one, but he could have total control over those hundreds of millions. So has past become prologue?

  6. Mark,

    Wanna bet DM has screamin all nighter edditing sessions to remove the parts of the event where he acks you and your work on getting the IRS ruling.

    Larry and Mark,

    You have both just put the light of day on the Churches IRS Pandoras box … it isn’t vulderability and weakness ain’t in how it was achieved, but in how little rosey Davey is spending his … ahem … the churches money and what the little critter has done to the corporate and ecclesiastical structure since.

    Clever boys!!

  7. >> It will do a lot to revitalize the field for sure.

    That’s funny. The average public Scientologist absolutely detests IAS reg events and will do anything short of commiting a felony to avoid them. Often the only people left at the end of an IAS event are the local org’s staff members who were forced to stay till the very end (these reg events can last six hours or more), and these same staff members are peer-pressured to donate what little money they did have. IAS Events also meet the definition of criminal exchange: one pays money and gets absolutely nothing in return. Great revitalization event, LOL…

  8. Bob, you are absolutely right about the condition of exchange. That is why I keep bringing it to attention. People are getting ripped off, delivery is being sabotaged, and a madman is getting richer.

  9. thatsnotmyname

    Bob, you are so right about the public hating these events. I just posted on Geir’s site about it as follows:
    This really started getting out of control in the 90s and just got worse and worse. I went to several “briefings” where the doors really were locked – not metaphorically but actually. Jeff Pomerantz was a master of these events. He would usually start by asking who had had their life saved by scientology. (If not everyone put their hand up he’d re-phrase the question to “prove” that scientology had saved all our lives. “So what would you NOT do for something that has saved your life?” He would get very ANGRY. Angry about the psychs, angry about the German Government – if that was the perceived problem at the time etc. (He obviously figured we were in Fear or thereabouts on the tone scale!)

    The message was always pushing the help button “Look how much your donations have done – hurrah! VERY WELL DONE!!! Now we need to raise $x million for this next vital action. You need to disagree with the physical universe!!! (i.e. get yourself into as much debt as possible) and you can say you were one of the few OTs who did it….” always employing group control techniques like loudly applauding anyone making a donation to make it “safe” for others to, positioning those who spunked their credit cards as “freedom fighters”, “the desperate few” and so on. It was high-pressure crush selling at its very worst. You were made to feel guilty as shit if you didn’t cough up, and hailed as a hero if you did. Those who didn’t attend at all were “out ethics” or “couldn’t confront it”. Many of us tried to steer well clear of these briefings, but it was relentless. Lunchtimes or study break-times were no sanctuary. Eventually going to the org at all just becomes too much grief and hassle. That’s the ACTUAL product of the IAS – no more students and PCs. It’s just not worth it, they (we) disappear for “reasons best known to God or registrars” (from the student rehab list).

  10. martyrathbun09

    A big lie was “Look how much your donations have done – hurrah! VERY WELL DONE!!” OSA used to have to grovel hat in hand to Int Reserves Dir to make their budgets; IAS for many years told them to take a hike at DM’s orders. So that those being heavily reged were being directly lied to that their donations were “required” “now”, etc for some specific flap – like Germany raids, Italian raids, French indictments, you name it. It became very twisted when practices such as bridge loans on third parties’ credit cards (without the latter’s knowledge) made IAS regging create more external attacks by their very reg tactics. At one point C of S was under massive investigation by AMEX because of the widespread nature of the practice – and there is the type of external “threat” that consumed much of our time.

  11. wow I remember if you did not give to the IAS or said anything about it and I mean anything you were “nattering” and you were sec-checked for withholds against the IAS. What a joke. The amount of crime involved in all this aligns with what is happening today with our government. I am concerned for the dedicated people who for whatever reason are still there forwarding a purpose that just won’t forward anymore. I saw it as I have been in marketing all my life and knew it was “new packaging” for more money. People want something to believe in and some have had great wins but there are others who I saw just completely break down. The others to others flow just kept getting gruesome to watch. I keep remembering in KSW “the orge is within”.

  12. martyrathbun09

    Casey, I hear you. A F3 incident constituted the final straw for me.

  13. Thanks Marty, I truly believe people have stayed and continue staying because they believe they can make a difference and change things. I know the tech and I know what is true for me. I see such a misuse and misduplication going on that it truly sickens me. I also realize people look when then look! Sometimes one is so into something that they just can’t step back and observe the obvious. I happen to love myself and know what is true for me. I do understand what it means to be free. I will continue my fight for the betterment of mankind however it will not be through intimidation, false promises,or destruction whether emotional or physical. I thank you for your service.

  14. Larry,

    I find your narratives enlightening, as I was ‘in the trenches’ at a Cl V org during all of this, and ran the first IAS event for that org. And yes, the Exec Council DID wake up one morning and find that all of our “reserves” had been taken from our local accounts for “mandatory book restocking”. All this while our regges were hounding the ‘rich’ public to by autographed Leather Bound LRH books for exorbitant prices. The autographs of which are dubious at best.

    I have no idea how “real” the IRS threat really was at that time, but it really seemed to be an intense waste of executive time and resources…almost as if the key execs were “mocking up the enemy” rather than taking the normal usual actions to deliver good tech and keep the public moving. DM is reaping what he has sowed. I just pray that no others get hurt.

  15. Please, what’s an “F3 incident” ?

  16. There are several things I don’t like about the IAS:

    1) No transparency. You have no idea where your donations are going. You have no idea how many members of the IAS there really are, and I think they don’t tell you because it’s a lot less than they’d like to admit to.

    2) Crush regging. Anyone who has been to an IAS event knows what I mean. The last thing you want to do is to say you’re going when you’re not, as that will be treated as a “false report”, and you’ll get IAS reges showing up at your door at 2 AM to “put your ethics in”.

    3) IAS donations are not refundable although they are extracted under considerable duress.

    4) IAS donations do no buy any goods or services; all you get is some cheap lapel pin.

    5) People are regged for their “next honor level” without regard for where they are on the Bridge. There are people who are not even Clear and yet have put in over $100,000 into the IAS. It just shows they have the wrong priorities.

    6) A lot of IAS reg cycles are “hit and run”. The reges will persuade you to put large amounts of money onto their credit cards and charge cards (AMEX) which you can’t handle. You’re struggling for months afterwards, the IAS reges are not helping you with it, and about the time you get caught up, there’s another IAS event you have to go to. It’s like you’re eternally in a Danger condition.

    7) The more you give to the IAS, the more they try to reg you. Once they see you as an “easy mark”, they’ll never leave you alone. Even if you just did a “big cycle”, they’ll be at your home the next day since you’re obviously one of the few “freedom fighters” (suckers).

    8) There’s no respect for your privacy. They’ll publish your name in an internationally distributed magazine (Impact) without your consent. They’ll also show up at your house with no warning, at any time of day.

  17. My company had just gotten onto the Internet around the time of the “War is Over” announcement.

    I remember thinking to myself … “Oh no. The church is going to get creamed.” (I was thinking about all those blown and declared staff and SO that were going to come out of the woodwork to tell their stories.)

    After discovering and lurking on ars for a year or so, I wrote a CSW to Int to try to give them a heads up of what was happening and what was to come … I tried to paint the future by describing “everyday people will have the Internet on their TVs in 5 years”. I tried to explain the enormous potential … and potentially horrendous consequences if mishandled.

    I don’t think anyone duplicated the CSW.

  18. To me, in addition to the crazy IAS reg’ing, it’s also the insane SO and staff recruiting.

    The stat pushing and “thurs @2” deadlines are probably responsible for more blown/declared and now enemy former-staff and SO, than anything else.

    At almost every public-facing level in Scientology, the stat is the thing … instead of the product being the thing. And I think that that is driving more hostility to the church than anything else.

    I’m becoming more and more convinced, that if there was any way to completely eliminate the stat-pushing, the Church could actually start to breath, think longterm … and sort itself out. Maybe not with DM in charge, but perhaps in a post-DM scenario.

  19. Marty, this is long comment, but relevant to your post. Below is a list of people who were in OSA Los Angeles in 1994. Some of them, for example Jim Morrow, worked on tax exemption only to be RPF’d afterwards. Many in CoS thought that life in the Church would improve after tax exemption, they thought that all of the pressure coming down from DM would end. But it did not. DM kept the pressure cranked up even after tax exemption. This caused some people to blow. This is a good question to ask: How many of these OSA people from the tax exemption era are gone? How many routed out, were declared, or just dropped off the radar?

    OSA Los Angeles circa 1994

    Shaun Allen OSA INT T/Dir I&R
    Joelle Aoudai OSA INT HCO Expeditor J.A.
    Gail Armstrong OSA INT T/PR Aide
    Sara Asay OSA INT T/Data Analysis Officer
    Brian Asay OSA INT T/Freedom Researcher
    Attila Balazs OSA INT T/Computerized Files I/C
    Leanne Barram OSA INT T/Legal Preps Projects Off
    Glenn Barton OSA INT T/Interfaith Coordinator
    Janet Beatty OSA INT Data Requests I/C
    Wendy Beccaccini OSA INT Wendy Beccaccini
    Stefano Beccaccini OSA INT
    Debbie Blair OSA INT T/Drug Reform Coord
    Thomas Boelsterli OSA INT T/FOIA Requests I/C
    Beth Bond OSA INT T/RAM Chief
    Terry Brawley OSA INT HCO Expeditor
    Maryse Breuer OSA INT Maryse Breuer
    Geoff Brown OSA INT
    Leslie Browning OSA INT
    Klaus Buchele OSA INT Klaus Buchele
    Sarah Burrough OSA INT T/Chief MAA
    Marcia Callaghan OSA INT T/TM Lic & Usage Off
    Jean Carnahan OSA INT T/Data Collection Officer
    Allan Cartwright OSA INT
    Angel Casillas OSA INT
    Sheila Chaleff OSA INT Sheila Chaleff
    Carla Cohen OSA INT T/PR Pubs/Props Dist Off
    Pascal Cottier OSA INT T/Cont/Sect Inv Hand Off
    Kathy Del Amor OSA INT
    Audrey Devlin OSA INT Audrey Devlin
    Joan Diskin OSA INT Joan Diskin
    Lillian Doyle OSA INT
    Charlie Earl OSA INT T/Invest O/O
    Lynn Farny OSA INT Lynn Farny
    Ellen Farny OSA INT T/Litigation Files I/C
    Eunice Ford OSA INT T/Tax Compliance Admin I/C
    Nancy Gahwiler OSA INT Enhancement Sec
    Marina Garvin OSA INT PCO
    Dan Garvin OSA INT T/Data Computerization I/C
    Jeanne Gavigan OSA INT T/Transactional Attorney
    Samantha Gibson OSA INT
    Mr. Roman Giessauer OSA INT T/CO’s Pgms Op
    Luis Gonzalez OSA INT Luis Gonzalez
    Leisa Goodman OSA INT
    Howie Gutfeld OSA INT T/Defensive Lit I/C
    Sandy Guthrie OSA INT
    Grace Marie Haddy OSA INT T/FOIA I/C
    Mr. Linda Hamel OSA INT Mr. Linda Hamel
    Evanie Hamilton OSA INT T/Fax I/C
    Jerry Hanlon OSA INT Jerry Hanlon
    Christine Harris OSA INT
    Caroline Heinrich OSA INT T/Internal PR Officer
    Aky Heinrich OSA INT T/Social Reform Aide
    Anne Hogarth OSA INT
    Sheldon Hogarth OSA INT
    Maddie Hooper OSA INT T/Attorney Services
    Bee Huber OSA INT
    Mr. Gavino Idda OSA INT T/Legal Pgms Exec Off
    Gloria Idda OSA INT Gloria Idda
    Doug Jacobson OSA INT
    Kirsten Jarry OSA INT
    Mr. Heber Jentzsch OSA INT T/President CSI
    Frida Johannsson OSA INT T/Disbursements Chief
    An Johonnesson OSA INT
    Joyce Kelly OSA INT T/Legal Preps Chief
    Lee Kemp OSA INT
    Frits Kevenaar OSA INT see skeds
    Jacqueline Kevenaar OSA INT T/OSA NW Training Off
    Bodo Krauss OSA INT
    Anne Labourdique OSA INT T/Cont/Sect Staff Security I/C
    Giovanna Landini OSA INT
    Teo Laus OSA INT T/TMI Handling I/C
    Vincent Lefevre OSA INT HCO Expeditor
    Mr. Sue Lerner OSA INT Purser
    Nancy Levin OSA INT
    Neil Levin OSA INT
    Ken Long OSA INT Ken Long
    Joan Long OSA INT T/Legal Safeguard Exec Off
    Chris Marchant OSA INT
    Eugene Marsh OSA INT T/Tax Preps
    Shelby Martinez OSA INT T/US PR Pgms Exec I/C
    Aron Mason OSA INT Aron Mason
    Lara McFadyen OSA INT
    Lea McFarland OSA INT
    Olaiya McGauhey OSA INT Olaiya McGauhey
    Nick McNaughton OSA INT Nick McNaughton
    Brian Mills OSA INT
    Andrew Milne OSA INT T/PR DA Writing I/C
    Donna Morrow OSA INT T/CSI Invest Officer
    Mr. Jim Morrow OSA INT TT/ax Compliance Off
    Carol Nelson OSA INT Carol Nelson
    Jackie Nelson OSA INT T/Librarian
    Carol Oakes OSA INT
    Mr. Kathy O’Gorman OSA INT T/Data Chief
    Nancy O’Meara OSA INT
    Kei Omura OSA INT
    Neal O’Riley OSA INT T/CSI Spec Handling Off
    Ed Parkin OSA INT Ed Parkin
    Rita Parkin OSA INT
    Philippe Pedersen OSA INT T/Data Distribution Officer
    Mariano Pedersoli OSA INT T/Msn Ops
    Peola Pedersoli OSA INT
    Linda Peters OSA INT
    Karin Pouw OSA INT T/PR Aide
    Bonnie Rice OSA INT
    Jo-Ann Richardson OSA INT T/Receptionist
    Mr. Mike Rinder OSA INT T/CO
    Scott Roland OSA INT T/Computer Input I/C
    Judy Ross OSA INT T/Legal Preps Planning Officer
    Mr. Carol Rush OSA INT
    Linda Sarkovich OSA INT
    Gigi Scudellari OSA INT
    Anton Selfe OSA INT T/Freedom Writer A.S.
    Lynne Shape OSA INT
    Ben Shaw OSA INT Ben Shaw
    Mr. Judi Shervell OSA INT T/PR Pgms Exec Off
    Greg Shulman OSA INT
    Krystal Simmons OSA INT T/Data Receipt & Logging I/C
    Linda Simmons Hight OSA INT T/PR Periodicals Officer
    Rhea Smith OSA INT T/Gov Reforms Pgms
    Sandy Sternson OSA INT
    Glen Stilo OSA INT T/Immigration Officer
    QC Strom OSA INT
    Colin Thorne OSA INT
    Becky Turner OSA INT
    Georgina Tweedie OSA INT
    Abel Uemura OSA INT T/Litigation Atty’s Secretary
    Mr. Janet Weiland OSA INT Mr. Janet Weiland
    Mr. Kurt Weiland OSA INT T/D/CO
    Liana Weiland OSA INT
    Hyla Wetherill OSA INT T/Data Collection Off
    Mr. Tom Whittle OSA INT T/Freedom Editor
    Richard Wieland OSA INT T/Special Props Off


  20. This is Nazi behavior, and I have a simple suggestion to limit it. Surely it would be easy enough to collect several LRH quotes (like “We deliver what we promise.”) and start a viral e-mail campaign. Send the quotes to a Scientologist friend and urge them to pass it along to a few others others posing a question as to whether IAS donation demands are on-policy or out exchange.

  21. Mike H,
    A f F3 incident is a ‘flow three’ incident. Defined in the Scn Tech Dictionary as one of 4 energy flow lines in interaction. Another to self, self to another, others to others (3rd flow) and self to self.

  22. Margaret,
    Bingo. The stat push must be deep sixed forever and anon. Not standard stat management of even getting a stat up =producing valid products which are reflected in stats, but the suppressive empty stat push of overt products and nothing, like the out-exchange of IAS donations for nothing.

  23. J Swift,
    So it would appear then that not only did DM ‘save Scientology’ from the GO, he is now busy saving it from OSA. Of course he runs OSA so in effect DM is actually saving Scientology from himself. Ahh, the penny drops!

    All along DM has been tirelessly (well, actually he is one guy at Int that does get sleep isn’t he) acting to save Scientology from DM.

    This now makes perfect sense. DM is the savior. DM is the devil. In fact, we are not, only his Goals Problem Mass is.

  24. By jove I think ‘eez got it ! 🙂

  25. Marty,

    Poster “Tom” from above made this statement: “I have no idea how “real” the IRS threat really was at that time, but it really seemed to be an intense waste of executive time and resources…almost as if the key execs were “mocking up the enemy” rather than taking the normal usual actions to deliver good tech and keep the public moving.”

    Can you shed some light on whether there REALLY was a huge threat extant wherein it was portrayed to we the public that at any moment the IRS might just swoop in and take whatever funds they needed to pay off all the back taxes they were alleging were due (and thus as a consequence destroying the Scn movement)? Or was that threat overblown for effect to further DM’s cause of using IAS dono regging to fill his coffers?

  26. martyrathbun09

    Mickey, In my view the threat was real. However, it was exacerbated greatly by Miscavige regularly replenishing the IRS’s witness list with folk that he turned into enemies of the Church by his vindictive and cruel conduct. Once exemption was attained there was NO justification for continuing to hold the hundreds of millions that had been collected in the eventuality of the worst case scenario that after that point could never be. To now use the video of the event announcing exemption – 16 years later – as a justification to extract more IAS “donations” is outright fraud.

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