The Joe Howard Paradigm – tech outside the Wall

I encourage everyone to read what I call the Joe Howard Paradigm at

Also please consider what LRH once said in a similar vein:

“And I believe that the freedom of the material which we know and understand is guaranteed only by a lightness of organization, a maximum of people, good training and good, reliable , sound relay of information.  And if we can do these things, we will win.  But if we can’t do these things, sooner or later the information which we hold will become the property of an untrustworthy few.  This I am sure, because it has always happened this way.”
From the tape, “What Scientology is Doing” 6 June 55, Anatomy of the Spirit of Man Congress.

I think my own technical training narrative supports  this line of thinking.

I worked pretty hard for 12 years in support of obtaining tax exemption for the Church. My primary motivation was that it was called for in LRH’s estate planning which was designed to make Scientology available to everyone ultimately. His estate planning  called for a system of checks and balances so that one madman could not lord over and destroy all of Scientology. When exemption was attained it took me about a month to confirm my suspicions that the checks and balances had indeed been usurped by a madman. The control was so thorough that to even subtly object would mean being shipped off to a gulag and made into a mouse. I got on my motorcycle and rode across the country for nine days.  When I phoned my father from San Antonio Greg Wilhere intercepted the call – he sat for days by my father’s bed side who was terminally ill with cancer for this purpose. He begged me to speak to Miscavige. I did, and Miscavige pleaded with me to meet him in New Orleans. I met him. Miscavige swore to God he would cease acting like a madman, and promised he would stop abusing people. He told me if I returned he’d send me to the ship to train and move up through OT III (I was Clear at the time) since I had worked so hard and safeguarded the church forever and thus deserved it.

I accepted since training in and applying Scientology was the only reason I joined the Sea Org in the first place. Miscavige sent his most trusted Class XII Greg Wilhere to join me to twin with me and report on me. He sent Snr CS  Int Class XII Ray Mithoff to audit/sec check me. Both have recently executed declarations under the penalties of perjury that they are DM’s top technical dogs and I am a lunatic who has no certificates.

Now, you have probably seen that I have copped to committing physical violence on staff members – on several occasions in 2001 and two occasions in January 2004.  Mithoff’s and Wilhere’s decarlarations reminded me of some more physical battery I performed on several occasions.

a. I lightly  kicked Wilhere in the shins on a number of occasions, just hard enough to wake him up when he fell asleep while “coaching/suping” me on TRs, and meter drills, and while auditing me.

b. I lightly kicked Mithoff in the shins on a number of occasions just hard enough to wake him when he feel asleep on me in session.

Note, since I left the Sea Org a number of others have reported similar batteries upon those two for the same reasons.

Because no one on the ship had any idea I had blown, but for Greg and Ray, and because they only knew me as IG Ethics, nobody fooled with me on study. It was just me and LRH as far as I was concerned. I absorbed it intensively because it was the opportunity I fought for twelve years to obtain. I never once in almost two years of study doped off.  I demanded to and did TR O two hour blinkless – even though I had to look at a dozing twin. When it came to the meter drills, the Class XIIs couldn’t do them with me because their needles were painted to the dial. I had to sup myself on those too, using greenhorn staff whose needles reacted like normal beings.  And – long before the Golden Age of Tech, and despite orders from the two Class XIIs I didn’t need to – I did the dating drill all the way to a done routinely with no flubs. That is the way I applied LRH because I was dead serious about thoroughly duplicating his tech and using it as he did.

When I started student auditing, another Class XII – Margaret Supak – C/S’d my auditing. Not long into Grade O auditing she sent me to cramming for “comm cycle additives” for asking a distraught p.c. “what’s up.”  Of course, the p.c. told me and it was the first of many, many cases I would crack by simply using communication, my meter and trying to audit like LRH did. You might have noticed that it is ILLEGAL in the current Church of Miscavology to audit anything like LRH did in the many auditing demo tapes he recorded.

Well, when I refused the cram, Wilhere came in to handle me. He couldn’t. He had zero altitude or credibility with me for the outnesses noted above and because I caught him and reported him for destroying the Freewinds Captain’s marriage by constantly and covertly flirting with his wife.

Mithoff then laid down the law with me. He told me the numerous LRH references I provided to him stating to the effect that the only way an auditor can seriously run aground is by failing to understand what is going on with the pc before him, and that one must use two way communication (required by the auditors code) to be sure he does, were trumped by Class VIII data.  I told him that rather than accept verbal tech from him, I was now forced to go study Class VIII. I listened to all the Class VIII lectures and read all the written references I had not already read on Academy training.

Of course I found out Mithoff was lying or simply hadn’t a clue what Class VIII is about – and thus no clue what Standard Tech actually is. LRH lays in with an atomic branding iron that Class VIIIs study all the tech  and it is drilled and applied and finally one can simply sit down and “play the piano.”  Just like he advised policy be applied in the intro to the OEC. You don’t argue one line of one HCOB against another. Just as you don’t argue one line of policy against another. Incidentally, that is ALL that DM’s technical hierarchy and international management have done for years. They produce nothing. They use tech and policy to stop all day long. And right when some enterprising soul does something adventurous like do an eval, or initiate a sane tech program, Miscavige will enter some blanket order that “evals are canceled” (actual DM order), or Snr CS Int Office can issue no orders (actual DM order).

When I left the ship I had trained through Class V Grad officially. But, because of my experience with the Class XII priesthood, I effectively did the Briefing Course and Class VIII. That is because Mithoff could not explain to me why a number of integral LRH lectures were not on the Academy level checksheets he and DM had issued in LRH’s name.  Rather than limit myself to the 8-12 lectures on each Grade – and then again at NED and Grad V and HSSC – I did a computer search and pulled and listened to every lecture LRH ever gave that touched on COMMUNICATION AT LEVEL 0, PROBLEMS AT LEVEL I, O/W AT LEVEL II, ARC BREAKS AT LEVEL III, AND SERV FACS AT LEVEL 4 , etc.

My first assignment upon going to Flag to work under the RTC Rep in late summer 95 was to handle the ethics (including sec checking), TRs and metering of the Class XIIs at Flag. They were a piece of work – with only a couple of exceptions – because like Mithoff and Wilhere they couldn’t even keep their eyes open for a session, couldn’t sit still in a chair, couldn’t read a meter, all the while asserting they were the priesthood and could not learn another single thing about Tech – they were IT.

In the middle of all this, their (and DM’s) product Lisa McPherson and her tragic death took me off that project  before completion.

Over the next several years more of their flubbed products were assigned to me to handle by DM because he had no where else to turn. That included a virtual who’s who list of Scn celebrities and executives. Nearly all of them I FES’d, C/S’d, examined, and serviced as Ethics Officer and Chaplain  in addition to auditing because every time a Class XII either at Flag or Int got involved it was all about making themselves right for their own overt products. Miscavige not only condoned that,  he ordered it in place once he saw that was the only way he could stop some serious squeeky wheels from collapsing and possibly hurting his image or creating an external PR flap. Suffice it to say none of them went the route of Lisa McPherson – quite the contrary. I handled many cases tangled up in a ball from overt L’s delivery. Because of time constraints and his necessity to handle direct requests from VIPs themselves, DM ordered me to Read it-drill it-do it on NOTS and the L’s.  I later was able to complete Class IX training formally, but not before I handled a number of NOTs ball ups.

When Miscavige had his final psychotic break (which he never came out of) in November 1999 (see my St Pete Times filmed interview for particulars) he started targeting me and all of international management in bizarre ways (much covered in the SP Times Series).  My attempts to continue myself up the Bridge were torpedoed by Miscavige – twice pulling me off NOTs with NO justification when he had learned I had arranged an auditor for myself. I audited hundreds of hours of NOTs without having received a NOTs session. I audited Tom Cruise from start to finish on NOTs without having received NOTs myself. And even when that was done, I managed to get onto the program – and while getting Tom through OT VI – and being his review and six month check auditor, Miscavige again ordered me OFF NOTS.

Meanwhile, Miscavige took over all TRs and metering passes at FLB through his rep office as the first phase of his Golden Age of Tech.  They prolonged and complicated the TRs to the point where auditors were churned out who could ARC break a Saint in a New York minute. The metering coaching was so complicated that his metering comps were left with one certainty, “there is no way to know for sure whether something is an instant read or not.”  And then the drills.  He had a group of tech bustees putting them together. In the last couple weeks before release he had me and Snr CS FSO Richard Reiss testing the drills and correcting them for return to Tech Comps for corrections.  Richard and I sent reams of pages of drills blackened with our edits and notes back to Comps. By the time the release event arrived, we had tested perhaps 60% of the drills, and had seen very few of our corrections back for verification. But, in Miscavige’s world, the EVENT must go on. Scientology is but one series of events for him (Hitlerian backdrops and all). There is serious out tech embedded throughout DM’s Golden Age of tech. For example, have you ever seen an auditor assess “buttons” on you back to the stone ages, and by the time you start taking them up, you are talking about problems you never even conceived of having at the start of session?  I contend a simple “what’s up?” (Two Way Comm) with an eagle eye on the meter would have resolved 95% of those situations. In fact, I’ve seen it happen because that is Standard Tech, not hammering the pc like he was a defendant before the Spanish Inquisition.

Now, my coverage of Miscavige’s practice of Reverse Dianetics is well covered in this blog, as well in a segment of the St Pete Times filmed interview.

My point in all this is simply this: The Church of Scientology under Miscavige has created a priesthood of Reverse Dianeticists. The only way I escaped it was the circumstances of not being junior to it during my own training. It was me and LRH with no vias or interruptions. I had no sup, I had no Qual, the only people assigned to “handle” my training got in the road of it.  I would not allow the apex of DM’s tech hierarchy (Mithoff and Wilhere) to confuse me with their warped interpretations. And today I would not let either of those blokes audit my dog.

Interestingly, the only “Scientology priest” I have run into on the outside also justifies his omniscience on his Class XII status. Eerily, he too possesses a signal inability to sit comfortably in a chair or read an emeter, and has twice been reported to me by pc’s of his for falling asleep in session. He inquired through one of his trainees about my post warning people against fooling around with Ls. I responded that the biggest problem I ran into with botched L’s cases was their having been run on tons of unreading items. This newly minted “Class XII” responded that he had no idea how I could have determined someone was run on unreading items. Need I say more?

Incidentally, the priest Class XII was so offended that I reported that two of his pc’s reported he’d fallen asleep mid session that he viciously attacked me for being a mere read it-drill it-do it Class XII. He told me I haven’t a clue how to handle Ls, since he is the only man in the world outside the Church with a full set of the L’s material. I told him I’d have a discussion with him on the subject once he showed me his carefully guarded holy grail. He came unglued at the suggestion that his priesthood of mystery be shattered.

I think my experience supports that the Joe Howard Paradigm may well be the best way, if not the only way, to break the Reverse Dianetics priesthood of Miscavology. People are all going to have to take a measure of responsibility for their competency with the tech. They are going to have to learn enough about the fundamentals to judge whether the person who solicits them to audit them has the quality of TRs and requisite understanding of the tech to warrant their own time and effort. One is not given that opportunity within the Church incidentally. One ought to have the freedom to exercise that judgment.

If, as Joe suggests, some enterprising souls set up Qual units devoted to training and correcting auditors, it seems they all ought to be independent so that the most effective make it because of their stellar products, and the shoddy substitutes die out because of their lack of results. Such delivery would not be too difficult – because the “secrets” of Class VIII and Class XII are simply the reverse of what I have known Class XII’s to be capable of: to wit, if your TR’s are as natural as the wind and your metering is a accurate as a laser, you have made it. There is nothing you cannot handle.

To allow anyone to attempt to consolidate and monopolize the tech could lead to another Dark Ages like we are attempting to break through today.

I maintain that one gets out of the tech what one puts into it. If one is studying for the purpose of attaining some status or to make lots of money, he or she is going to be a lousy auditor. If one is studying it for the purpose of attaining a higher level of understanding of mankind and its plight, he or she will attain something approaching that. If one is studying it because of a driving purpose to help others as best as one can, he or she will make a great auditor.

Unfortunately, the organized (oxymoron in Miscavology’s case) hierarchy of Scientology has proven unworkable. We can argue for three lifetimes whether it is because of some defect or omission in policy or whether it was an SP who foiled the best laid plans. It is irrelevant in terms of delivering the tech now. A Black (Reverse) Dianeticist has set himself up as Source and those weak enough to continue to tolerate it within management have bought into the program 100%. And believe me, there are nothing but weaklings left in DM’s vicinity.  DM is continuing to alter training patterns and material so as to lose the effectiveness of the technology and in practice reverse its product.

It seems to me that it is incumbent upon those who care about the future of the technology that they do what they can to make it available outside of the control and continued alteration of Miscavige.

58 responses to “The Joe Howard Paradigm – tech outside the Wall

  1. Thatsnotmyname

    Phew! What a story!I feel quite lucky now that at least my Flag Class XII at least managed to stay awake! (Too bad he accepted a completely squirrel C/S and refused to listen to anything I had to say though).

    Anyway it confirms what I have thought, and I suspect many other contributors to this blog, which is that you, Marty will have to be there when the New Model starts taking shape. Preferably as some sort of tech guru or Snr C/S equivalent. Those of us – and we are many I am certain – who only have LRH as the stable datum on all matters technical might just accept no less!

  2. martyrathbun09

    Thanks. But, I don’t think anybody should be a guru.

  3. Wow Marty!

    Your experiences read eerily similar to mine!

    At that time I had the luxury of the SO #1 line to handle the snags. Like the time I was told I needed umpteen intensives of auditing before I could start the SHSBC!

    Good thing I had the Ol’man’s direct address from the days I worked on a special project on his behalf.

    Anyway this was back in the 80’s, so I imagine it had gotten much worse. However even back then I did notice a trend towards actually preventing training because it wasn’t as directly remunerative as selling auditing and creating as you say a “priesthood” of highly trained specialists. A kind of technical oligarchy where such things as coauditing or book auditing were discouraged for obvious reasons and a general effort was made to keep the public ignorant of tech and policy. Something that became more evident as time progressed.

    Anyway another very good post!

  4. I agree Marty.

    All we need is something like SIR to keep tech in the field fairly standard and I personally volunteer Jim as cramming officer 🙂

  5. martyrathbun09

    I agree on Jim. You know what he was famous for? Tearing up off-policy crams issued by DM and then dealing with the staff member in front of him applying the tools that fit the situation.

  6. Marty – amazing, dynamite! You know that’s the problem with the Golden Age of Tech (ironically every “golden age” is accompanied by the demise of whatever had the “golden age”) it is completely squirrel and in total violation of KSW. It knocks out qual and churns out parrots who are completely rote! A class XII should be perfect but a class IV needs to be auditing and getting corrected through standard cramming and so on. I’m an auditor and I believe LRHs tech works if you apply it. I believe the GAT drills are squirrel as they are not written by LRH. I had the audacity to ask for LRHs signature on the drills pack and was quickly sent to ethics. And when they have a little girl at the event telling an old man “flunk!” It just didn’t indicate, as well with the bogus “blind leading the blind” why is a direct insult to LRH, the org board I.e. Qual division and the thousands who have experienced standard tech! I argue with people about this all the time and I’m told I’m “pendulum swinging” huh? I tell them there is no fucking pendulum! Its KSW or you’re a damned squirrel. Then I’m told I’m dissafected – whatever (probably drilled also!) Anyhow Marty about your meeting in Louisiana with der furher – amazing. This is by far the ballsiest article I’ve seen!

  7. A couple of points in response to this excellent post:

    1) In my opinion the WORST aspect of the Golden Age of Tech is that it has been applied across the boards to all auditor training. It shouldn’t have been, and there were plans for similar handlings for other levels of auditor training, specifically Class VI and VIII. Of course, that cycle of action was never completed.

    But here is some background that may not be generally known. In 1978, when LRH first formed up RTRC, the first big project he wanted done was a streamlining of Academy checksheets, which had grown overlong. He wanted them reverted to 1968 checksheets and ordered that these revised checksheets could contain no more issues or lectures than the 1968 checksheets. At least through 1996, those orders remained in compliance. I don’t know about after that.

    The other key thing LRH said at that time was that a Class IV Auditor was supposed to be someone who could do a series of mechanical actions well. A Class IV was basically a technician. And THAT’s what the Golden Age of Tech drills were meant to accomplish. The drills themselves were based on LRH’s HCOB Dianetic Command Training Drills and the lecture Talk On a Basic Qual from Sept. 1971. Lord knows there were errors in them. The original L4B drill had reads on every single line of the list and took forever for students to get through. Revised drills were sent out based on student reports of errors.

    That, however, isn’t the point. The point, really, of making someone who can audit is that it follows a three step process: 1) Duplication, 2) Understanding, 3) Judgment.

    Before you can understand something you have to be able to duplicate it. And understanding must precede real judgment.

    Duplication was meant to come at the level of Class IV and NED. Understanding would come at the level of Class VI, where one studies ALL the materials and listens to ALL the SHSBC lectures and gets a full philosophical grasp of the subject.
    Only then could an auditor move up to the level of exercising real judgment about auditing and the pc in session.

    But, in true SO style, the first phase was thrown out there and applied as a blanket handling. (Everything from first meetings to release of drills, new bulletins, new courses, new meter books, new meter, new drills simulator, Snr C/S Int Bulletins and implementation programs, everything, including all translations was done in a little over 4 months, so you can imagine how much sleep the people doing all this were getting; do you think there may have been some errors in judgment along the line?)

    There’s nothing wrong with being able to duplicate auditing commands or the items off correction lists without fumbling, or to be able to duplicate the mechanics of a session. Every profession has to be able to do that, from flipping burgers to brain surgery.

    But it’s a degrade of the potentials of auditing to stop at the duplication stage. There needs to be a whole other set of drills for SHSBC students and above that a whole other set of drills for Class VIIIs. Maybe there aren’t even drills. Who knows? Surely not Ray or Greg or Sue Koon or DM. Because if they’d thought about it, those handlings would have long since been released. (It’s only been over 13 years since GAT.)

    2) The second point is that a Cramming Officer at Gold once did an LRH ordered cram on one of the LRH Artists who was not getting a product on a painting for a poster. The Cram Off ended up doing a combination of 2WC and FDSing on the artist who promptly went and got a product and the Cram Off got a highly commended by LRH for cracking a case on cramming. Today that same handling would have been greeted by a trip to Ethics. Go figure.

  8. Bravo Jimmy!

    See I told you Marty, he’s the perfect man for the job!

  9. Good points Joe. LRH emphasizes throughout his lectures a central point, that there is no substitute for understanding.

  10. Thanks for filling in some gaps on your story. I always wondered why no one was able to get ethics in on that cat. At least you tried.

    And yes, the tech is amazingly direct and simple when it is understood and applied. I have my own stories about that, but the more important point is that we do need some safe places where we can send people to train, and send pc’s where they wont get their lives hijacked by Sea Org fanatics and other loser types….

    Thanks Marty.

  11. The why was right, only he omitted himself as the who, and the logical handling would have been to cancel his priesthood and let the students get on with duplicating and understanding straight LRH.

  12. Marty,
    Several references apply on the question you asked. The first is 11June57, reissued 12 May 72, Training and CCH Processes, Training 13:Fishing a Cognition. See also PAB 133 in the same Tech Vol 3. There are several others. These two are pretty clear and cover asking questions of a pc origin, especially a physical origination, ‘what’s happening?’ being one. ‘What’s up?’ is covered in these materials.

  13. I have been gone for awhile and I must say when I first heard about this “Eval” DM did called the Golden Age of Tech, the “Why” and the handling regarding making perfect robot auditors with the GAT Drills, I had to laugh out loud and thought that LRH would be rolling over in his grave if he had one.

    Particularly when I heard that RPFers were being made to pass videos of their TR’s and Metering, rather than doing “Read it, Drill it, Do it” resulting in people being on the RPF for YEARS.

    Not to mention the amount of backlogged service delivery that has been paid for by Public and never delivered.

    I agree with you Marty. The Why and the Who of that eval was DM himself. The Blind Leading the Blind.

    Having worked for LRH as you and I did, can you imagine if he was still alive and got a whiff of what DM has done to the Tech lines in Scientology? I can imagine the volume of the yelling coming out of his office and DM would be sitting on the scrap heap of history, a wanna be who never really was.

  14. martyrathbun09

    Major M, Matter of fact the “eval” was done for the the event. In other words, he had all manner of people putting his “handling” together for the event for months – and the eval was done the week leading up to the event for SHOW.

  15. The infratructure already exists to shatter the suppressive monopoly on Scientology knowledge and make it freely availible to anyone who would search for it. Google’s stated purpose is to “organize the worlds information and make it accessable”. Take a look at Google Books. Look at what they plan to do for libraries (where several LRH books exist). They have likely already scanned and indexed the basic books donated to libraries years ago -and if a copy of the OECs and Tech vols made it to the Library of congress, they got indexed too.

  16. Joe while I’ve got you on the board what about what Ron says in HCOPL 24 April 1965 Issue II

    Drills Allowed (begin fair use quote)

    The only allowed Practical drills on any Scientology Course including PE are:
    1. Modified Comm Course for PE.
    2. Original Comm Course TRs 0-4.
    3. Original Upper Indoc TRs.
    4. E-Meter Drills contained in Book of E-Meter Drills.
    5. Dissemination Drills when I write and release them.
    NO other practical drills of any kind will be permitted.
    Other Practical Drills are abolished. Reasons: They consume time uselessly, suppress actual processes and mess up data and cases. I did not develop or authorize these drills and have now seen that they teach alter-is of easy processes. They are not needed.
    They make poor auditors. I have just reviewed this matter thoroughly and have traced several training failures to these Wild cat Drills. Further, I traced several failed cases on course to them.
    Somewhere along the line somebody went mad inventing “drills” and “TRs”. If this is permitted to continue, we will no longer turn out good auditors. The standard drills as listed above have proven sufficient for years…

    (end fair use quote)

    Didn’t the Golden Age of Tech drills violate the above policy in the extreme?

    Also as far as I know “A Talk on a Basic Qual” only dealt with Qual and that these drills fell under the Department of Correction as corrective actions, not for training in general.

    Any way I’d be interested in reading your views on the matter.

  17. I was on the fence until Joe pushed me over. So here I am. Nice insight Joe. Thanks.

    The thing that really pissed me off when GAT came out is that he had the audacity to call it the “Golden Age” of Tech like LRH tech was something lessor or now junior to his. Look up Golden Age in the dictionary and you will see what I am saying. At the time GAT was released I thought: He has evil ints on LRH! OMG, what an understatement.

    Additionally: The best way to knock out the making off good auditors is to knock out the Primary Rundown. Where is the PRD and why is it not in use? This tech really is the key to duplication.

    I used to sup academy and I would not allow anyone to do any serious tech training without being Super Literate.
    After they did become Super Lit, they could Duplicate, Understand and then be able to Judge and they made fine auditors.

  18. Marty,
    Hmmm, that sounds like an altered-sequence. It sounds like something from the Data Series I recall. Oh yes, here it is, DS 16 Investigatory Procedure: ” Altered sequence is a primary block to investigatory procedure…An altered sequence of actions defeats any investigation. Examples: We will hang hm and then conduct a trial. We will assume who did it and then find evidence to prove it. A crime should be provoked to find who commits them. Any time an investigation gets back to front, it will not succeed…Reversely, when on sees that someone has come up with a wrong or incomplete answer on can assume that the investigator has trouble with sequences of events OR, OF COURSE, DID NOT REALLY INVESTIGATE.” LRH (emphasis added JL).


  19. martyrathbun09

    Good reference. Come to think of it, this was a pattern of DM’s. He prohibited any evals coming out of Int this entire decade, until they got done his 24 or 36 evals that he did (which will never get done as they are undoable, not to mention destructive. They were contained on about 20 pages. There were 2 or 3 evals on some pages. Sit: blah, blah, blah, WHY: blah, blah, Handling: blah. None of them were evaluations. They were his fixed ideas dressed up in a format that did not even pass muster on the DS PL on eval form.

  20. oops, typos, that should be ‘one sees that…one can assume’. Damn those SP stenographers, they are attacking me.

  21. For sure, the PRD is one of the all time great actions. Listening to that first Study Tape after spending a couple weeks looking up words is one of the most amazing experiences I ever had. It was like LRH was inside my head speaking outwards into the earphones. Incredible course. By the way, LRH ordered that the PRD be updated with KTL and LOC and an HCOB was issued in April 1991 to account for that. It would be a piece of cake to redo it and issue it, even out here in the field. It’s well worth doing even if one is not an Scner.

  22. As far I know Miscavige’s “evals” were usually based on some ser fac. For instance one his greatest hits was “Arbitraries Canceled” which in Miscavige’s looking glass world meant completely the opposite!

    He in fact cancelled all standard 11 RF (that stands for Solo Series 11 RF which is a checklist of needed steps before one went onto the Advanced Courses) actions and introduced all kinds of arbitrary steps depending on his whim!

    Not only that but he arbitrarily cancelled Eligibility Form 10B and introduced the idea that it should be a “Tailored Sec Check” which eventually ended up being longer and more arduous than the original 10B!

    However, rumor has it that he’s planning to “fix” all this by reintroducing “Quickie Grades”!

    Any way there is certainly an effort to brag about the speed of processing in the recent “Source” mags for instance I believe I read something about some PC doing their grades in two weeks!

    I’m sure they’ll have it down to twenty minutes soon. Just like the ol’days before the Ol’man lowered the boom with the HCOPL Technical Degrades!

  23. Wow.

    This unveils a lot of mistery in several subjects.

    1. Attempts to stop DM deviations. Well done Marty.

    2. Ridiculous flubs on high ranked auditors. ¿¿¿???? Didn´t they slep or what?
    ¿Auditing over supresion, out-ruds, you name it…?
    It´s the living end that such a trained person can go even a little asleep in sesion. Even low grade auditors would not even think of fall in that in session; that would be a big lose for them.

    3. Real value of a GAT trained auditor. Many of us, including me, were trained only under the GAT because was the “right way to do it”.
    It seems that our training has a lot less value of what I was thinking of.
    Until now I was very proud of my training and specially on the overcoming of the auditor´s internships that, only for those who have done them, know one needs to go through hell and high water to graduate from them.
    I would keep my pride for my work as an auditor because all the people I sincerely help. That counts for me; even I´m only a “GAT auditor”.
    I never have another chance or way to do it. It was the University or being an Auditor.
    To help people with the only hope I know that time.
    Being an auditor.
    I dont feel attacked. Only frustrated to know all this.

    4. It seems that DM gets rid of you for a while when you go to your auditor training to the ship and temporarily cease to be a threat.
    He change this ticket to create something that turns out to be is very own “monster” that chased and his chasing him endlessly. (See Mary Shelley´s novel “Modern Prometeus” aka “Frankenstein” for further reference and deep understanding on this comment)

    5. This makes very clear to me when this evolution really start.
    DM sending Marty to train.
    Dig his own grave.
    A more enlighted being is far more powerfull ech day.
    This proves again that beings are basically good, even DM, for attempt to stop his crimes putting the seed that eventually would finish him!

    6. What a waste of time continuing related to the Church of Scientology as is structured today.
    It´s gonna take a while, no matter what changes, to trust again in them. This is the no way back point.
    My big win in all this is that this “Church of Scientology Rundown” makes me capable of not being manipulated by any group in the rest of my life.

    Thanks Marty.
    It´s a process. It hurts some times; but you arrive to the end eventually.
    I´ve done it.

  24. RJ, Have a look at HCOPL 17-May-65 “CCHs”. I didn’t see it in the OEC Vols, but it’s in the Tech Vols. It gives some of LRH’s thinking behind the reason for “DRILLS, ALLOWED”.

    Also, KSW 26 “OUT-TECH AND HOW TO GET IT IN” (13-Sep-65, revised 16-Feb-81). It says:

    “Alter-is and poor results do not really come from not-know. They come from can’t-apply.

    “Drills, drills, drills and the continual repetition of the *important* data handle this condition of can’t-apply. If you drill auditors hard and repeat often enough basic auditing facts, they eventually disentangle themselves and begin to do a job of application.

    “Until you have an auditor familiar with his tools, cases and results, you don’t have an auditor. You have a collected confusion of hope and despair rampant amongst unstable data.

    “Study, drill and familiariaty overcome these things. A skilled technician knows what gets results and gets them.

    “So drill them.”


    With that said, and those additional references in mind, I’d interested to get Joe’s take on your question.

  25. martyrathbun09

    Amigo – don’t feel invalidated for having completed GAT. The discipline and time you put was not wasted. I am saying – the whole thing was wrong why. If TRs and metering were coached by people who knew them you’d be through in a fraction of the time. Everything after that would be a breeze. There are a number of arbitraries drilled in – like robotically putting in 20 buttons on a guy when all he wants for you to do is turn the damn heat in the room down, for example. Focusing so heavily on rudiments that intensives are burned on bullshit – nothing like LRH teaches how rudiments should be regarded by an auditor, another example. Read Joe Howard’s stuff – Academy training should be fast, you should be gotten in the chair auditing. At higher classes, you drill to perfection. On sleeping, some times they had sleep and sometimes they didn’t have much. And neither did I when I audited, but like you said of any conscientious auditor, you don’t fall asleep in session – period.

  26. Thanks for care about this Marty.

    I understand all this. It´s true.

    I heard once the Snr C/S Latam, a class VIII, say after seeing a NEW tech training film (The session):
    “If I have done that pc handling in FSO before this movie was released, I´ve sure been declared!”

    For me was a clear example of how far away we were on the aplication of tech compared at how LRH would do it.

  27. Yes Margaret I am familiar with the PL “CCHs ” and the HCOB/PL KSW series 26 “Out Tech, How to Get it In”, however the latter does not nor could it cancel “Drills Allowed”, since it was originally issued as an HCOB. See HCOPL 5 March 1965 Issue II Policy, Source of, particularly the penultimate and final paragraph: (begin fair use)
    “HCO Policy letters do not expire until canceled or changed by later HCO Policy Letters.
    “No officer or Scientology personnel may set aside policy even when requesting revision.
    L Ron Hubbard”

    (end fair use)

    Let’s face it Margaret there is no PL that cancels “Drills Allowed”. Nor for that matter does KSW Series 26 justify the use of squirrel drills. To insinuate otherwise is merely interpretation. I’ve been through this argument before with some very senior terminals.

    None of them could come up with a PL that cancels or even revises HCOPL 24 April 1964 Issue II the Issue that followed interestingly enough “The Hidden Data Line” which was Issue I of that same day.

  28. This is what happens when you blow off and declare SP over the past 30 years all of the Auditors and C/S’s that LRH personally trained and then when the Old Man drops his body, you take over approving all the RTRC compilations of LRH Tech and delete things on your own, with no one challenging you because you are COB RTC and run the Int Base like your own private Hell of a prison where everyone is afraid of you.

    And the one highly trained Tech person left over after LRH is gone (Mitoff) turns out to be a weakling who, rather than pulling DM’s overts and witholds as DM’s auditor, allows himself to be pushed around by DM on technical matters.

    It is just one big sickening mess that anyone who has had any LRH training can see from miles away.

    Meanwhile, these guys like Mitoff, Yager and Starkey write sworn declarations that DM IS SCIENTOLOGY!

    What planet are they living on?

  29. Nice sum up.

  30. Good point Amigo. And if you did TRs like Joe Howard, whom LRH directly coached during that film, you could find yourself in Ethics for a good long time.

  31. This is getting into the Int phenomena of arguing lines vs. lines. If it goes on much longer it will devolve into Int HQ. I reiterate what LRH said Class VIII and Standard Tech really was, and how to study the OEC. An argument in a vacuum over contradictory lines could go on forever.

  32. Margaret,
    Excellent post on the drills question.

  33. RJ,
    Fair enough, however two additonal data apply. A Talk on a Basic Qual. The Vol 7 policy:’The thing to guard against in releasing teaching and Admin policy letters is the change factor. Teaching and Admin evolved with our formative years. Thus patterns and policies, like our tech, grew better.’ 12 June 64.

    Nothing cancels Drills Allowed. On the other hand the other references aren’t cancelled either. As it says in 11 Apr 70 PL, Third Dynamic Tech, ‘ In its present state of development, like early auditing material, Third Dynamic Tech is used to think with. and only the bright mind will achieve its full potential in action.”

    I’ve got others floating around somewhere in my memory banks that I’m busy stripping away in session!

    Surely GAT must be revisited and aligned with all the teaching materials in OEC Vol 4 and elsewhere. My view of what data I’ve got so far is that it was as described, a ‘bright’ idea to implement something LRH called for, that was as dull as could be. Also, like the Basics release, valid in as much as it released the books in nice formats, some areas addressed that make it easier to follow the sequence and most of all, the spotting of the SP stenographers and editors who prevented anyone from ever knowing or applying Scientology up to July 2007. (Wink, cackle, nudge, and NOT on that last bit.)

    DM has this knack of taking what could be and is a good thing and twisting it to issue these blanket, suppressive invalidations. Like cancelling everybody’s certs for GAT. That is tantamount, per LRH policy on SP acts, to declaring all whose certs were cancelled SUPPRESSIVE!

    He’s hoist by his own petard however as with the Basics say, he’s also given the means to his own execution to his elected executioners. I’m willing to oblige him in terms of standard application of Ethics. Maybe even willing to see to his rehabilitation. We’ll see about the latter. We’re seeing about the former.

  34. Major M,
    They live here, with us. Good thing we’re seeing them clearly now. Again with the Sue Wilhere: DM is Scientology. OMG.

  35. Regarding asking a pc what is up in session, I have used this reference to do so myself. It is from BC tape “Suppressives and GAEs” (GAE=Gross Auditing Error – there are a total of 5). Date of lecture is Aug 2, 1966:

    “And the fifth one is, unable to handle and keep a pc in-session.

    Now, this pc doesn’t seem to be running well, and you just never take out a moment to find out why or examine the pc or talk about anything or have any two-way comm. You see that the pc is disinterested; you don’t make it your business to find out “Why is the pc disinterested?” Pc can’t seem to answer the question, for the last four hours of auditing, doesn’t seem to have had any answer to the auditing question, is sitting in the chair crying. Why, four hours ago, didn’t you wonder why this pc was unhappy? Do you see?
    Now, that’s actually a matter of quick perception. I used to say that it used to take me about an hour-I could find from forty-five minutes to an hour and a half before the auditors in the org would notice that an ARC break was coming or a blow was going to occur It was forty-five minutes to an hour and a half I used to do this with a squawk box, you know, patrol. We used to listen in on the sessions, and so forth. I could find it on an average of forty-five minutes to an hour and a half before the auditor noticed it. “That Pc is going to blow. That pc is ARC broken. It’s coming right over the hill”-just from tone of voice.
    Well, the auditor in this particular instance had the advantage of sitting across from the PC, having a meter in his hands, actually being able to observe what the PC was doing, do you see, and didn’t notice it for another forty-five minutes or an hour and a half; until it became terribly obvious.
    So you want to pick up your perception. And that is a place where nearly all auditors fall down a bit. Pick up the perception of what’s going on with the PC. Be a little bit interested in what’s going on with the PC, and do something about it. And don’t do so much that you completely destroy all effects of processing, but do enough to keep the pc in-session.
    Now, what is “in-session”? Well, he’s willing to sit there and answer the auditing question; he’s fairly cheerful, and so on. It has some precision definitions but, crudely, a PC ought to be fairly happy about being audited, even when he is running through sadness. So that would be ability to look at the pc and see what was going on with the Pc. And that comes under the heading of willingness to confront a PC, doesn’t it?” LRH

  36. Not that I am any kind of tech guru, but I always have said, “if you can tell they are using TR’s, they aren’t”.

  37. I do see your point here, Marty 🙂

    We should make these policy pissing matches a thing of the past and go back up to purpose.

    I’d second that motion.

  38. My only problem with the Golden Age of Tech and the re-re-release of the Basics is the old aphorism “if it ain’t broken don’t fix it”.

    GAT for instance was as far as I could see wasted motion. Drills already exist to familiarize the auditor with the actions and procedures of auditing. Drills that were personally developed by the Ol’man years ago, such as the TRs, Metering Drills, Assessment TRs, Dianetic Training Drills, 4 July 62 Coachless Drilling,Use of a Doll, etc.

    Pretty much any process or procedure can be drilled directly from the exact HCOB.

    The biggest problem I had with GAT is that they rewrote many of the procedures and in many cases altered them! Like ruds for instance.

    For instance added Justifications to flying a Missed Withhold which is contrary to Class VIII references about using a process in rudiments.

    Not only that but they turn the other rudiments in to a left and right hand button fest!

    Also, this chasing down every dirty needle goes from the absurd to the ridiculous and is based on the assumption that the PC is withholding when in fact it could be the fact that the auditor’s TR’s suck! Which is usually the case since auditors are now “trained” (like Pavlov’s Dog) under the regimen of GAT to audit as robotically and unnaturally as possible!

    The fact is that similar “drills” were attempted in the ’70’s under the rubric of “Auditor Expertise Drills” and were scrapped several years later which is what should be done with these “Golden Age of Tech” drills because they as Ron says in the HCOPL I cited:
    “They consume time uselessly, suppress actual processes and mess up data and cases. I did not develop or authorize these drills and have now seen that they teach alter-is of easy processes. They are not needed.”

  39. Yes Marty.

    The ironies never cease!

    For example if you audited the way Ron does in the Model Session tapes. Miscavige would yank your certs!

  40. There was also something additional I wanted to say before ending my last post and that is that I’m not really jazzed by the Basics because they distract students of Scientology from actual tech and policy.

    As you know Standard Tech is contained in the HCOBs not in the books. As far as the policy that an Org is supposed to run on it is basically in the OEC.

    As far as I’m concerned having everyone do or in many cases redo the “Basics” is doing a lot to obscure Miscavige’s crimes.

    Maybe I’m just a pessimist but that’s the way I see it.

    Also it is just another method of preventing auditing as those who are on these long tedious basic courses could actually instead be on actual training in Div IV learning how to audit where eventually they will study the basic books. Instead they have put them on this long runway to no where but perpetual glibness on the subject like their fearless “leader” who can glibly quote an obscure line from some arcane from a lecture given by Ron back in the ’50’s but can’t apply the subject and as we know can’t audit.

    I mean the purpose of Scientology training is to make Auditors who apply Scientology not a bunch of useless book worms.

    Scientology is an “Applied Philosophy”.

  41. That canceling certs thing really blew me away. You guys knew DM best … did he ever openly admit to you guys that this was done in the interest of getting stats up? Or what was he thinking?

  42. Thanks Free & Clear a very good reference.

  43. Love the blog, Marty and especially love this one – I just couldn’t get through the GAT stuff but had previously done well training after doing my Levels at FSO in the late 80s. Did the PRD there too – probably among the last on the planet to do that amazing action.

    I saw a lot of very good auditors cease to audit after the GAT – vets who were Cl IXs ended up on admin posts because they couldn’t get through the “new” TRs needed (neither could I.)

    I have a question that’s sort of on this topic – what happened to the LOC? There was some “correction” on the final Product Clearing sent down that I avoided as I was no longer the C/S for it by then – it was something along the lines of making a person do the Prod Clearing on their current hat instead of working out their Hat in Life and doing that. It seemed to me then that it was crap and I politely refused to be “corrected” but several people I knew did and were stuffed up badly – one died within a few years of a treatable cancer and another was still carrying around huge BPC on the wrong indication many years later when I accidentally stumbled onto it and tried to get him sorted at the local AO.

    In retrospect it seemed a bit like an attempt to stop staff and SO from pursuing their own goals and forcing them to stick with their current job regardless of how off their own purpose it was – do you (or anyone else here – maybe Joe Howard) know of the behind-the-scenes on this one? The org C/S told me it had come down from Senior C/S Office as a priority action on all LOC graduates.

  44. Margaret,
    Re:DM and the GAT/cert cancellation, and a plausible reason. It is covered in a bulletin of 12 December 68 Invalidation of Auditors: “It was discovered in the Sea Organisation that proven high calibre good standard Class VIII auditors suddenly without any apparent reason ceased to be able to audit well, made gross goofs and backed off from auditing completely.

    Its source was traced back to INVALIDATION.

    The cases on whom it occurred were handled very speedily, very simply with ASTOUNDING RESULTS.

    The remedy was simply asking them in 2 way comm who had told them they couldn’t audit. No meter, no complications, just very simple 2 way comm.”

    DM specializes in this type of inval. It explains how the auditing at Flag, which used to be a real Mecca of Technical Perfection, ended up the Mecca of Technical Perversion. The FN nonsense. GAT/cert cancellation is another fine example.

    Back at the Int Base in the late 80s early 90s he had the idea to cancel every tech terminal’s stats pending retrain. It was a blanket affair. I ignored it as it is, as per LRH, tantamount to an SP declare. In other words, one day he just ‘declared’ every tech terminal at the base.

    I understand you are trying to fathom the scene there. The above is what we are talking about: the kind of insanity that mortifies one. Leaves you stunned. It is hard to imagine if you haven’t seen it. Alas, you have, GAT did the same thing and it was accepted by many with wide open arms. It is an utter violation of LRH policy to randomly cancel a cert on an auditor. It happens when you declare somebody and when you cancel tech certs you declare somebody. One get the other.

    Add that to your calculations.

  45. So this isn’t even stat-related stuff … this really is DM’s arrogance and inexperience run amok.

    He’s basically that 16-yo kid, with no real *life* experience, with a complete MU on what a “chairman” of a board actually does and is responsible for, trying to micro-manage and run Scientology based purely on his “know best” and ser facs.


  46. You are so correct here Jimmy.

    What Miscavige did was a total violation HCOB 12 December 68.

    Even auditors who trained and audited under the Ol’man were not free from Miscavige’s constant invalidation!

    Typical of his “one size fits all”, “everyone is guilty” or better described in Book 1 as “A=A”.

    Also it’s an effort to make himself right and others wrong, to dominate, escape domination, enhance his own survival while hindering the survival of others. This is why it doesn’t make sense because Scientology is supposed to be a game where everyone wins.

    In his game only him and his sponsors are supposed the be the winners. Miscavige has assumed whatever he considers to be the “winning valance” and he “knows” that the only way he can “win” is by making nothing of others including Ron.

    In the latter case he knows he can’t accomplish this overtly so he does it covertly by suggesting that Ron couldn’t train auditors which is the reason he had to “develop” the “Golden Age of Tech”!

    Ron couldn’t write a cogent text on the subject of Scientology till he came along to correct the Ol’man’s “errors”. Heaven forbid! He put semicolons where periods should be!

    And didn’t bother to review the galleys after some “SP typist” (who just happened to be Mary Sue in many cases) had “screwed it up”!

    Yes David Miscavige had made himself “indispensable” to the “Scientology Religion” which is different from the Religion of Scientology and he uses every opportunity to drive this point home like a hypnotic command, whether it be a gaudy faux “Triumph of the Will” event or a glossy eighty page self aggrandizement in “Freedom” magazine!

    What’s he’s done is created a synthetic or ersatz “Scientology”. A Potemkin Village if you will but underneath the glitzy facade of “Ideal Orgs” is something that is totally rotten.

    A psyop using the “Church of Scientology” as cover.

    Excuse me for getting carried away Marty but I just got on a role and couldn’t stop 🙂

  47. actually “role” should be “roll” but I guess the meaning works either way.

  48. The Two Parts Of Auditing: “Get into communication with the pc”. “Do something for the pc” were drilled into my head when I was on the levels in 72and3 in San Francisco. That HCOB alone promotes the subject of auditing, along with the LRH Demos. I can’t believe anyone would tell a beginning Auditor NOT to audit like LRH!!!


  49. martyrathbun09

    You got it Roy. Reverse Scientology doesn’t work when people are trying to do like LRH did.

  50. One thing re; Drills Allowed here. All of the LRH Issues actually apply. The key is getting the concept of each Issue per the PRD materials and seeing what R’s original thoughts were when he wrote the Issues, what he was communicating and how come. I don’t believe LRH said “Just Do It” in an HCOB or PL, he explained the situation, gave the data, and offered a solution. Good study of all the Issues gives one the concept, and the solution.

    I personally believe the PRD is the key to all study and understanding.

  51. Unbelievable RJ. You went through a lot. You and the rest of these people have my respect for doing what you are doing. I got into the Church in S/Francisco in 1970. SFO at the time was really a good place to be. I got all my training as a result of being on Staff, and all my OT Levels (original, before NOTs) the same way. I guess I was lucky. I held many posts for good durations, even the ED Post. That last was for a year. One thing I learned was that LRH Policy was the correct way to make Scientology work and accomplish it’s purpose. Tech was applied with natural style per the LRH Demos, which when I did the levels in 1972-3 were on Level III and IV. We were encouraged to duplicate LRH’s style and help the pc. Amazing to me how things changed.

  52. martyrathbun09

    Roy, good point. Do you know how Malcolm X became a huge social force though his articulate oratory? Functionally illiterate in prison, he decided that if he understood the words he could understand the books he wanted to read. He copied the entire contents of a big dictionary from cover to cover to duplicate and understand the meaning of each one, including derivations. The rest is history.

  53. Thanks Roy 🙂

    But my time was more like a serio-comic-tragedy compared to some of the other actual horror stories I’ve read!

    The thing I know for sure is that we will win in the end.

  54. I don’t know why all the original LRH directed films aren’t still in use. This would be the obvious and logical step to take and I’m sure this has crossed Micavige’s mind. If indeed they aren’t all in use as I’ve read on this blog.

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  56. One other thought, relating to one of Joe Howard’s excellent all time very important essay for anyone who is an ongoing expert observer of Scientology should read (meaning academics who follow this blog, that essay by Joe Howard/Dan Koon is a must read); there is one point in Dan/Joe’s essay that might be neither here nor there, really, but it’s on the reliigion definition.

    Dan’s essay makes me think more of how Quakers hold religious ceremonies more on fhe spur of the moment, in whichever home or house they happen to be in, when the desire strikes them to hold a religious service. Quakers strike me like freezone Christians.

    Disregard, I’m only putting this here, for people more like academics who are now interested and studying the freezone and independents.

  57. I believe this is a clear testimony that scientology is for the able to become more able and not just some statement to make the ignorant feel accepted and stroke their ego.
    In the mid 80s I was brand new on INCOMM staff and studied the data series and it was a revelation, but I soon found out that there were not too many who could really reach a gut-understanding of this material. Like all good bible-fast disciples they all looooved the material but then quotes some out-of-context scripture that was supporting their own pre-conception but complete disregarded the fundamentals of the data series.
    And what goes hand in hand with dimwittedness? Distrust in the own evaluation and perception. This is so clear after my one and only 10 second encounter with DM. I was on the RPF only 8 or 9 month after joining the SO and I rode the elevator with DM once (yes, I was allowed on the elevator because I was not so springy on my feet.) My perception was very clear that this guy was evil and just as with the emperors clothes, I am sure that many perceive the same but don’t dare saying it – they don’t trust their own evaluation of data and resort to use that of another.
    No wonder that LRH had something so evil right next to him – he wrote about it in the SP/PTS material that this is to be expected. Wonder why he did not notice. I have seen another example where an evil leach sucked the life force out of an able person. The second in command to Captain Bill was one guy – forgot his name – from Switzerland. He oozed the same spiritual ugliness as DM, and he also succeeded very nicely to destroy what his mark had built up. – – and Bill Robertson was also completely oblivious about that danger and called this Swiss guy his friend.

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