Winning can be a bitch. At least Miscavige attempts to make it that way.

For the time being, we have learned how to cope with the spamming and hopefully prevent an effective Denial of Service.

Coincident with the Denial of Service attack on this blog, a number of people alerted me to an email received from this address:

The email links to approximately fifty views of Moving On Up A Little Higher’s moderator page.   It notes that because he found a handful of people who have used more than one posting handle (no doubt to shield themselves from OSA harassment), there are not really many people following this blog.  He attempts to cover DM’s hacking tracks by saying Mike, Mosey or I left our computer logged on to that page during Independent’s weekend. 

The cover is a demonstrable lie; the evidence I am holding for possible future proceedings. All they have demonstrated is that they have continued to spy on my blog for going on a year now.  

Mike Rinder posted a comment as to how such insanity as the spam DOS attack and the “LT” hacking incident occurred.  I am re-posting it here in the event anyone did not see it:

I guess current actions are driving Dear Leader to a new round of vein popping! I can imagine it: “Do something about him you incompetent m*****f***ers. NOW!!! Or you will think the Hole is a holiday camp.”

As Warren and Linda leave the beating session they look at one another and shrug:

“There’s nothing we can do, you know that spamming doesnt work and just makes us look bad.”

“Yeah, but we have to DO something as Lou is going to call us in 5 minutes and demand to know how we handled it.” So, they get on the phone “Flood the blog now.”

And then:

“You know, we did this before and still ended up in the lake….”

“OK, let’s send out emails to everyone saying we got secret information from the blog that the Independent movement is really a scam…”

“Nobody will buy that. And we would have to admit that we hacked the blog???”

“We have to do something, do you want the crap beaten out of you again?”

“OK, send the email…”

Mike could not be more accurate.  I know this for two reasons. First, I was THE relay between DM and OSA  NW for more than two decades and I know how it works. Second,  the IP address of the LT email matches a known OSA ops IP address locale.  There is no possible way OSA would be that stupid absent CRUSHING PRESSURE FROM DM. 

Now, as to the timing for the coordinated attacks.  I usually do not save draft posts in the drafts section of my blog moderation page.  I don’t do it because I assume OSA can get in there. They did it last January when they shut down my blog.  And the LT email proves they have done so again. 

This week, with the move and a number of other hot matters being juggled, I left three drafts of upcoming posts locked and loaded in the blog’s moderation section.

Yesterday’s musings in WORSE THAN FAIR GAME? were really a prelude to what is coming.  That is, what is contained in those three drafts on my moderation page.  WORSE THAN FAIR GAME? alone does not answer why Miscavige would order such foolish, knee-jerk suppression as OSA just unleashed.

The draft posts that are locked and loaded do answer it.

You’ll understand over the next week as you see what comes. 

I think we’ll begin Thursday or Friday. 

Let’s see what else DM attempts to pull to stop me.

I’m sorry for those whose names got exposed who didn’t want them exposed.  I guaran-goddamn-tee you one thing as a consolation. As I predicted all along, with the waves of troops he’s sending this way, you do NOT have to worry about OSA harassment – THEY DO NOT HAVE THE RESOURCES TO GO AFTER YOU.

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  1. Impartial English Girl

    Evening all. Sorry you’ve had this spamming nonsense to cope with, Mr. Rathbun – my computer is a bit slow these days and it’s just crashed three times while trying to display your excellent WTFG post. Reminds me of a time, in a previous job, when an individual for whom I was partly responsible did the same thing to a competing establishment as “a joke” and I was involved in the grovelling and clean up following his actions. The only difference is that the institution in which I worked was a boarding school, and the “joker” was a 13 year-old pupil.
    A lot of DM’s petulant actions seem to me to be much like those of a 13 year old underachieving boy who has had to watch, frustrated, as boys his own age reached puberty before him. The playground-bully-types of beatings, beratings, the laughing at other peoples’ pain and suffering… are all of a piece with the behaviour of an unhappy 12 to 13 year old boy.

  2. ~~~~Lots of Love and Theta flowing your way via the Gulf~~~~

  3. Hi Marty;

    Sounds like OSA is trying to stick it’s finger in the dike to avoid the flood. Finger too small … crack too big … fat chance … can’t wait for Thursday or Friday.

  4. Hacking into Web Space of servers run by (assume this to be the case with your blog) is either impossible or done by real pros.
    OSA cannot hire pros, as those also have an ethics.
    Another possibility and the easiest and cheapest one is to get the assistance of an insider admin that has computer administration rights on those servers than host blogs. That can be traced by wordpress. They can figure out if it had been a hack attack (usually takes month to get into the system and can be traced and tracked) or an insider sold the passwords. (no hack attack but still able to break in you need to have the proper login.) Every server has also a log that notes who is logging in, time and ip (place) and sometimes what internal resources (event) had been used.
    Maybe you can ask to trace the different attacks on your space. A good admin would like that game to find the intruder.
    Just as a wild guess and a possibility: if OAS is compromsing your web space then they also can go that criminal that they blackmail someone who can provide them with data. (Or money.) You know, would have been not the first one doning that. In germany 2 or 3 times the german IRS had been sold names and accout details of german citicens that have e.g. luxembourg bank accounts the german irs did not know.

  5. Marty,

    Whether OSA has names/IP addresses at this point is pretty inconsequential. A year ago the thought would have shaken me. At this point, the idea doesn’t make me blink. Funny how being part of a strong, independent community, an association of free, like-minded terminals, puts all that happy horseshit in perspective. (Even after resorting to common theft to get the IP addresses, it’s kind of funny to see that regarding names, he still doesn’t know what he thinks he knows). Moron.

    My real consolation (if any were needed) is that it’s the usual infantile, pathetically small-time nuisance – it “consoles me” with what it says about miscavige’s level of desperation and his reliance on apparently limited and inferior resources.


  6. I can see where this is going.

    The church {it’s OSA staff, or volunteers} are waiting, just waiting, in the wings like spiders for one person on this BLOG or anywhere for that matter to just hint one time anything along these lines:

    “SPAM them back”.

    Once the church sees that line or sees any evidence of anyone talking about, then they will find a way to go the authorities and say:

    “Look here on this BLOG! It says right here that they SPAM us”.

    The church knows that former Scientologists are 99% not investigated or criminally wanted people and so the authorities never hear too much about critics, until the church fills them in.

  7. I don’t understand the comment about you, Mosey or Mike leaving your computer on.

  8. It means the their was a hacking that took place and route travelled through Marty and Mosey’s computer because it was left on. You cannot hack a computer system unless it is on right?

  9. Looks to me like z big nerve was hit. OSA you are pathetic…nothing more than a group of wanabees.

  10. I saw that email on ESMB and laughed as I immediately knew it was OSA. I’m sure others discerned the same thing as ESMB didn’t take the bait and immediately talked about an OSA operation. Keep up the good work, I love reading blogs and it’s more entertaining than what’s on TV.

  11. Sara — We moderate the blog. So they are trying to say we left our computer on and available and someone just walked up to it and accessed the blog as an admin to see the email address people use to make a comment. Only problem with that theory is that the email addresses used by most people who dont want to have their identities known is NOT their usual address. Often it is an address similar to the pseudonym they use (someone posting here with the nom de plume “Praetorian Guard” may have as an email address “” for purposes of posting). But with this email address, they will match the ISP and IP address and try to track the person down. The people they “outed” dont all have email addresses that show up to the blog admin as an address that gives their real name. So, its further proof that the “cover story” given in the email was just that. Trying to give plausable deniability to the admission that they hacked the blog.

  12. Perfect Mike.

    That is exactly what I meant to say.

  13. Sarah:

    If you post to this BLOG under the name of Big Bill you have to supply an E-Mail address should you choose to be informed of when and if anyone decides to comment on your post. This is the Word Press works. Just because you post as Big Bill does not mean that your E-Mail address will be BigBill @ People that read this BLOG will not really know your E-Mail address unless you know them and know them here on the BLOG and you know each others E-Mail addresses.

    So, if you were sitting at Marty’s computer illegally without his or Mosey’s consent and viewing all the information people would like posted that you are about to moderate and decided whether to post or not you would know for example that a recent post from Big Bill did not come from but rather William T. Martin@ who may just happen to be and ex INT staff member that OSA is trying to track down. So now that they have the real E-Mail address of the person, not just their posting name, they can know who the person’s ISP is and what the person’s IP address and match it against their database of people they are looking for.

  14. @Chad: The person who posted it over on ESMB has redacted all the names and addresses and Alanzo thoughtfully removed the copy from his own post, so that information is now gone from ESMB.
    Michael A. Hobson

  15. Alex Braverman

    Lunamoth wrote:
    Whether OSA has names/IP addresses at this point is pretty inconsequential. A year ago the thought would have shaken me. At this point, the idea doesn’t make me blink. Funny how being part of a strong, independent community, an association of free, like-minded terminals, puts all that happy horseshit in perspective. (Even after resorting to common theft to get the IP addresses, it’s kind of funny to see that regarding names, he still doesn’t know what he thinks he knows). Moron
    ———————————————————————END QUOTE
    I agree – wholeheartedly!

    Awaiting your Thursday & Friday postings.


  16. Theo Sismanides

    I found out 10 years ago they couldn’t and wouldn’t and SHOULDN’T do anything about me. I made my identity fully known because I had nothing to fear, instead I had a lot to gain, to speak as a real person to Scientologists and say here is what I have seen, do you agree?

    This blog has an unprecendented success. We are a web organization, loosely connected between us but getting more and more acquainted each time. This is our only flaw, a loose connection but I guess we will have some emergencies to make us more of a team, like that one of Daniel.

  17. Also Mike many of us posted our email address, it is no secret. These people are just plain stupid.

  18. Marty,

    1. The Audience is LISTENING (for what you have in store) – and OSA is PO’ing earplugs to soften the impact of what comes through on their sonar devices.

    2. Should names (including mine) be exposed that wish to remain unknown for the time being for a reason I only predict one thing: HELL will break lose from a lot more sides than DM/OSA cares to wish for because these “names” too have their stories, connections and resources they keep in the “draft folder” for now in hopes to handle their concerns in a less broad public and – for the c of m – less devastating fashion.

    Keep going the way you do and don’t worry too much about us. I don’t think that too many on this blog are actually made of soft wood – there’s some genuine oak wood around and equally bullheaded, if needed.

    What’s your take on this, folks?

  19. Although the email pretends to be “outing” people and attempts to paint the contributors to this blog as being deceptive; It really serves a much bigger purpose than that. This is intended to discourage posting. It’s a very clear message to those sitting on the fence about posting here that, “we can find you if you do.”

    It’s intended to make it look risky to even be involved in the discussion.

  20. And the perfect way to verify if you {the person they are trying to track down} are really at the other end of the E-Mail address is to send an E-Mail there.

  21. They would only do this if there was something they were absolutely terrified of others finding out about them.

    Hence: “Moving On Up A Little Higher”.

  22. There’s a good Security Briefing on Steve Hall’s blog for those who want to ensure they remain unknown for now:

    I followed the advise and use a simple software recommended. OSA can (and does) have my e-mail address and computer IP number – so what – it tells them “I’m here” and tomorrow “I’m there” and so it goes, every day another place, another chase – good hunting OSA 🙂

  23. Right. OSA = Office of Stupid Atom-bomb-foot-nukers.

  24. Interesting. So, they admitted computer hacking. Computer Fraud and Abuse Act would be a starting point, and if it’s inter state, then a federal issue.

  25. 100% agreed

  26. I have no fear of being known, but I won’t post my true identity just to make OSA work a little bit to figure it out. I actually wish they would find me so they would expend resources in a futile attempt to silence me. Bring it on suckers!

  27. What Marty is saying is that no one walked up to his computer or anyone else’s in their houses that moderates this BLOG and sat down and looked at the information.

    It means the computer was hacked {like breaking and entering over the internet} so the illegally gotten information could then be distributed to scare people away.

  28. This type of crime carries a FELONY conviction in the United States.

  29. On “Worse than Fair Game” my systems stops on the message that there is some strange script it cannot handle. Details:
    Never had that before on this blog.

  30. Carol, I know. From day one of my declare on this site I have given my real name, my mug, all my e-mail addresses and my location.
    I figured why make DM and OSA spend time, resources and money to try to find me when they could be spending all that instead on making auditors, paying hard working staff, getting people up the bridge and handling the 4th dynamic. I wouldn’t be able to sleep nights thinking that I was the one preventing all of the above. No secrets here…..maybe. Love

  31. It does not have to be inter-state Sarah.

    It only needs to be. It is an act that IS considered a FELONY anywhere in the U.S.

  32. Sarge, howdy I love it when you are up front and rowdy!

    Love ya,Carol

  33. The reason I don’t give my name is that I’ve got relations still in Sea Org and don’t want them hassled. The good news is that they’re burning out. Don’t want to say too much more.

    David Miscarriage of Justice is the SP.

  34. Looks like Marty’s blog is going with a bang recently. But as stated before, my stance is neutral. M & M must be deliverying a service that is needed and wanted to how many?

    I did get two phone calls from OSA in quick succession when very first posting on this blog withing a minute or two of the posting actually. Although I dared not answer the phone- You’ll be getting me thrown on that god damn bonfire again.

  35. Rinder Loyalist

    Sarge — You da man: “I figured why make DM and OSA spend time, resources and money to try to find me when they could be spending all that instead on making auditors, paying hard working staff, getting people up the bridge and handling the 4th dynamic. I wouldn’t be able to sleep nights thinking that I was the one preventing all of the above. ” And that generosity with out taking into account their collective effectiveness. Lice. Kinda.

  36. Dear Ray,
    Your comment got me to thinking: they just really want to drive more people away and make more Independents! All this “outing” activity is just going to swell the Indie ranks. Too bad, they don’t listen to LRH’s Manual of Justice where he says “don’t do it”. You would think that somewhere, somehow somebody would ask the question “Why are all these people (long-term Scientologists) leaving?” Wouldn’t this qualify for the Data Series definition of a Situation? (Definition Number 1. “the most major departure from the ideal scene”. (HCO PL 11 aug 1974) Management Dictionary MODERN MANAGEMENT TECHNOLOGY DEFINED. 1976 First Edition.
    Does anyone left at OSA or INT have any capability of thinking or sorting through data? Is there anyone left who has this capability that is not also scared of losing their jobs/life/friends and family due to the insanity? The statistic (good people leaving) keeps going down and down and down. Actually it keeps going up and up and up, and being a negative statistic, it is not one that you would want to go up. You would think that somewhere somebody would say “We must be operating on a “Wrong Why”. Definition #2. ” the incorrectly identified outness which when applied does not lead to recovery”. Management Dictionary – same source as above.
    Targetting the people who have left or are thinking about leaving does not handle the sitation; it is operating on a Wrong Target based on a wrong why and just makes the scene worse. If you were a Scientology executive trying to do something about the scene, one would first have to find out why people are leaving and then do something that would actually handle the situation. All the footbullets being shot does nothing more than make people want to leave faster. I am certain that those worried about being “outed”, are now making stronger preparations to secure their positions (their “project prepares” to leave) faster than they were before!
    If there is any one out there left, who still has a brain and the ability to use logic, do yourself a favor, get a grip and quit creating these PR disasters.
    ML, Lady Minn

  37. Fellow Traveller

    Such attempted distractions.

    “Their hysteria is our index of win.” LRH paraphrased, possibly horribly. But it applies.

    Thank you one and all who continue down the road (albeit unpaved, unmarked, mismarked, poorly illuminated ) toward truth.

    More villagers with more torches will have this thing lit.

    Bruce Pratt

  38. Marty, I know many people want to protect their privacy and I understand that but what you said about OSA not having the resources to track everyone down and mess with them is correct. DM controls by threat.
    OSA is DM’s mini me. The more people who come out openly the less power of threat DM has. I know this is a redundant quote but
    ” the only thing to fear is fear itself”.
    A note to ‘Jesse’ . I cogged on why DM doesn’t come to see me. There are very strick ‘booster seat’ laws in Michigan. Love, Sargio

  39. Fellow Traveller

    I jus gots to add one more comment here:

    “The True Story of Scientology” per New Slant on Life

    Deja vu all over again, accounting for identities, similarities and differences.

    Those of us dropping the shackles (again), salute y’all (again).

    Bruce Pratt

  40. Well, all in all I’d say this is pretty darn fun.

  41. becomingAware

    Well – Howdy all,

    My name is David Lingenfelter. I was the Video Tech Gold, a post created for me in late 85 I believe and probably ceased when I routed out sometime in 91. My profession was and still is broadcast television. When I joined the SO they too me up right away. Didn’t even go through the ‘clearances’ cycle.
    If you watched an event, listened to an audio tape, viewed a VHS tape it came from one of my production lines at Gold that I designed, built and maintained at Gold or in LA or in EU (temp IAS production lines) that I setup. Later I had a department and I was given some technicians when I become responsible for the audio production lines in Gold and CMO Gold. I hired outside crew to provide transmission equipment (those trucks behind Flag for example and all the stage projection you saw), rented the space segment time; setup the international satellite links and delays, setup the LA projection lines and did special projects for TC and the LRH exhibit in LA and . . .
    Anyway my wife and I left as we were separated – She in Pac and me at Int. We had two young children. She was in CMOIXU under Lucy James who is a great Theta person.
    We are still together after 31 years and doing fine.
    Gold didn’t really know what to do with me so Ted Horner of CMO Gold was really my senior and kept the virgin SO member out of trouble more than once.
    I meet many excellent people there, unfortunately some are still there.
    I worked with Diana quite a bit and she is truly a beautiful being.
    I’m not admin trained and only a NED auditor so have no great insight but just experiences. Unfortunately I spent a lot of effort on DM’s events making him and them look very good. What a f%@king waste of my children’s youth.

    I’m going to keep my blog name as it fits me well.

    David Lingenfelter

  42. It would be nice to press charges against any actual, provable illegal activity OSA might’ve committed here.

    Otherwise, let’s keep it going people. Flourish and Prosper! That will drive DM into either apathy or perhaps a quicker self-destruct mode.

  43. Would you say ther are “lulz” to be had 😉

  44. After yesterday’s fireworks displays the next few exposés may prompt a tipping point so many have sought. I say, “Let ‘er rip.”

    I can just see Little Boy Blue, aka DM, holding his asthmatic breathe while still muttering, “You c%#*s*#@+ers”.


  45. I received the LT email. What I found interesting is how they listed two of the names I have used on this blog plus a third name (Tampa Bay Jack). “Underground for Now” has not been used since I went public in October 2009. Once I discovered you could change your name on this blog I think I have used Jack Airey since mid November 2009.

    The interesting data is; I use the name “Tampa Bay Jack” to play on-line poker. I don’t think I ever used my poker name on Marty’s blog or any other blog for that matter.

    If OSA is trying to scare me, they have failed. I plan to report this bullshit SPAMING from these 3rd graders to

    If these low life’s want a fight why don’t they just knock on my front door. They have my address and I live a mere 12 miles north of the Flag Land Base.
    Now if anyone from OSA wants to jump on Full and play me for money you know where to find me.

  46. I am concerned about a comment you made:

    ” Second, the IP address of the LT email matches a known OSA ops IP address locale.”

    How is that possible if you say the email address was from hushmail? Hushmail hides the IP addresses. Could you elaborate?

  47. You’re right. Every name he exposes is another doubt announcement and liability step for that person who can then move further up his conditions. If he then sues because of a gag order it’ll be nicely exposed on this blog; a lot more dirt will surface and nice media coverage may ensue.

  48. why don’t you just report them to the FTC for spamming, it’s against the law and let the dudes in power, handle it. You know, like writing a KR.

    This way, you can go on with your life and up the conditions.
    Have your happily ever after despite miscavige.

  49. Sarge, here’s some smooches and hugs to you just for being yourself and no other reason!

    Just Me

  50. Gary Morehead a.k.a Jackson


    You have to understand sweety, David Miscavige and those who follow him wouldn’t admit to leaving the lights on thus wasting electricity. Tommy pea-balls ( if he has any left but at least we firmly know they are 10 x’s bigger than the ones David Miscavige supposedly has) would pull another stick of poo-poo from his arse wipe it onto some CSI letter head and release it as the Officiial “Absolutely Denied — Couldn’t be farther from the truth.. We were saving mankind… CSI PRESS RELEASE!

    As you and I could expect true and trustworthy friends to have their shoes tied properly without the need of your or others help or guidance, you can factually predict and be assured David Miscavige and all who follow him to have theirs untied, knotted or even
    cross tied!

    — Jackson

  51. People and groups do desperate things in desperate times

    Orgs are idle, people inside are leaving and many are waking up and about to leave so its high alert and try and salvage at any costs

    one by one orgs empty org

    one by one the church loses support

    its really just a matter of time before the inevitable happens

  52. On this Pro-Church of Scientology website, Marty is still listed as part of the Church Leadership.
    (bottom left side of page)

    Church Leadership:
    Mr. David Miscavige – Chairman of the Board – Religious Technology Center
    Mr. Mark Rathbun – Inspector General – Religious Technology Center
    Rev. Heber Jentzsch – The President of the Church Answers Your Questions.

    Many parishioners despise David Miscavige. When he is no longer in Power, his name will be mud within the Church.
    He knows that eventually within the Church lines that his own overts will be exposed once he loses his power.
    Look at his desperation as he tries to pump up his image on his linking page.

  53. Fellow Traveller

    And a very hearty howdy right back at cha, David.
    Thank you for your efforts, past and present.
    I am glad you are here amongst this bunch.

    Welcome to *this* game.

    Bruce Prat

  54. becomingAware

    There are a couple of misspellings up there but it communicates. I forgot to put my emails:

    If you know me I’d like to talk with you. If you just want to poke then go fly a kite on a rainy day.


  55. @Kathy: it’s not advertising spam, so the FTC has no jurisdiction whatsoever.

    Michael A. Hobson

  56. martyrathbun09

    Are smoking ganja?

  57. martyrathbun09

    2nd graders, Jack.

  58. I can haz OSA phonecalls ?

  59. martyrathbun09

    Hi David. Good on you and Mercy. Love you all.

  60. martyrathbun09

    You are damned RIGHT.

  61. Hey David — Welcome aboard to you and Mercy. For those of wyou who have never met David, I assure you he is one of nicest and smartest people you would ever have the pleasure of meeting.

  62. you might want to double check their website and complaints, you can also report them to the ftc for not delivering services, keeping money etc. You can always write a report and you know mike, if enough people out there write, they will create a dept to handle the inflow or people can all wait till laws are passed, jurisdictions are determined etc etc.

    be cause instead of effect or be worried how you look instead of doing the right thing 🙂

  63. martyrathbun09

    Lunamoth and AB, you are both beautiful!

  64. David, Welcome. You needn’t apologize for your training or grade level to us. That you are here and communicating is important. You are obviously very OT and have much to offer. I have a com line with Ted and he’s a very good friend. If you would like to get in com with him e-mail me at: and I will connect you up. Hey, you have to be happy you’re out of there. I was. Love

  65. martyrathbun09

    And other people’s emails.

  66. martyrathbun09

    They will pay anyone anything to do whatever they are ordered to do.

  67. According to, in October there was a period where this site received more than 2X the traffic received. So if this site doesn’t get much traffic what does OSA have to say about

  68. martyrathbun09

    We feel ya. Who dat?

  69. Thank you Just you. I Love admiration and I feel the same about you. Love

  70. I think you’ll find we’re made of s/g more like Lignum Vitae…..20 times the hardness of oak. Try breaking that across the knee……oops, shattered the knee.

    There are those of us that when it comes right down to it our reaction to the threats is BRING IT ON! A friend once told me that when confronted with a possible pummeling by the dwarf he looked it right in the eyes and said something to the effect of, “DON’T EVEN GO THERE BECAUSE I WILL BE THE ONLY ONE LEFT STANDING AND THEN I’LL BE ARRESTED BECAUSE YOU WILL BE DEAD. GO PICK ON SOMEONE ELSE. The Imp then proceeded to pick on two others.

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  72. Ewwww the sleuths that uncovered my real name.

    To quote Conrad:

    “The horror”

    Not that I didn’t sign my name on posts earlier like when I wished a happy b to Mosey (here’s looking at you kid 🙂 ) and yet it took ’em this long to “uncover” it!

    (I demand the old GO back!

    Maybe some of them were crims but at least they had a level of competence that far surpasses what I like to call GO lite “the same vindictiveness yet half the competence”)

    Anyway what it tells me and probably you as well (I’ll exclude the trolls since they already know this) is that they are desperate!

    (I don’t mean to shout at anyone here)


    So desperate to even use his Satanic Majesty’s name in vain (well sorta ’cause DM could mean Miscavige or Mayo) which if you read earlier such OSA approved posts you won’t find.

    (sure they’ll degrade the tech and policy and happily assassinate the character of the Ol’man but mentioning the evil one is strictly taboo unless it’s to mention how he is somehow the heir apparent of the Church because he got a nice letter once from Ron on SO#1 which somehow proves that he’s the Galactic Ruler……

    ‘scuse me…..


    I mean I have and I’m sure others of us too have SO#1 responses where you could infer the same but we don’t go posting them on the “official Scientology website”

    Maybe because our personal communications from Ron are just that personal.)

    All I gotta say.

    After posting on this board for over a year that I’ve never met a cooler group of people and I’m just happy to be part of this whole thing whatever it is 🙂

    And I’m sure OSA will be doing another foot bullet Mexican hat dance soon as usual.

  73. “They did it last January when they shut down my blog. And the LT email proves they have done so again. ”

    So sorry to hear this. but just to be absolutely certain we understand what your saying here – based on the photobucket crap in the LT email, you are certain there was a second breach since January?

    The reason I ask is the the timing of DOS attack and the LT email, seems to make more sense in terms of they couldnt breach your blog again and in desperate frustration to do something/anything – they resorted to other tactics. and those other tactic could easily include modifying image snaps from january to convincingly look like recent shit just to make it look like they were in your moderator page again.

    My reasoning being – if they were still getting into moderator page, i would think there’s a helluva lot more to be gained by not letting on their in there with the lame ass bs in the LT email and just keep on keeping tabs on what goes on behind the scenes on your blog.

    Altho beg pardon if this reasoning is easily explained away as part of whats coming in the locked and loaded upcoming posts… just trying to be helpful.

  74. martyrathbun09

    Anon Lover, Good point. I have been too consumed with other matters to study it sufficiently. However, I did discover that at least one of those 55 images of alleged comments for moderation was FORGED OUTRIGHT. So anyone whose name is revealed please review that photo bucket and please report to me if there are communications there allegedly from you that you in fact did not write. It just keeps getting curiouser and curiouser.

  75. Martin Padfield

    Martyfags can haz lulz too. And caek.

    OSA UK – you know where I am – Graeme, swing by for a cup of tea some time. I’m still waiting for a rply to my last e mail….

  76. Actually kindergarden preschoolers with a ‘tude.

    Baby Huey could kick their sorry ass 🙂

  77. Do fully agree with you.
    Their tactics just gonna speed up the process of more people coming out. They are basicly good and want us to stop them !
    If they declare any independent as SP or attack them somehow, they gonna be in big trouble. Just mathematics. 1 independents knows at least 50 scientologists and if 500 independents are outed by osa something of 25 000 scientologist will hear the entheta and will spread it around and the current church will be gone.
    Thanky you Osa your stats are up ! Continue to apply your succesful action !
    Just a matter of some months and history will be newly written !

  78. Martin Padfield

    Some of my posts are shown with different IP addresses but oddly, none of them show the correct IP address. Don’t get it.

  79. Jim, This is fun. I know when I write my stories I say I was having fun. Well, I really did. I wanted adventure and postulated it. There were bad times but I don’t really think much about those. I remember the fun I had.
    Its like so many people talk about the fun they had in the orgs in the early days. This blog reminds me of that fun. Hey, if its not fun its not Scientology. Someone is always going to throw a monkey wrench in the works. I used to think I needed to defend myself but god what a waste of energy. You are full of fun and maybe thats why I Love. Sargio

  80. Howdy Sarge from down here in rainy South Texas,

    Thank you for your offer. I found Ted (Mr. Horner to me for many years) and we email frequently. Mercy and I and the children blew and were recovered by Ken Hoden and Jackson and then spent 3 months or so being sec checked and then routed out without being declared. Our freeloader bill was set so high it was unconfrontable (at the time we were convinced our leaving was a huge overt against LRH but something was not right and we left). Dropped off lines for 20 years until out of the blue Paul Kellerhaus (spelling), who was our watcher while being sec checked, call me up from Flag and got us on a mailing list and helped us find Lucy James (not declared at the time). Later Mike Sutter came to visit us and reduced our freeloader debt to $1,000 and wanted us to break our com line with Lucy (declared at that point) but we refused and it has been quiet since but by then we had found the blog and Wow. Lots of mixed emotion for sometime realizing that all we had done and sacrificed for had been used to destroy our church.

    The ironic part is that if the children were not being abused while I was at Int or out of the country and Mercy was off on a mission then who knows what might have been. It is an intensely powerful button to not betray one’s comrades in the Effort but our first duty was to the children and something was wrong with the Effort. I went in as Clear and a swamper. Came out a Clear and still a swamper. I didn’t pass the Int litmus test.

    I really appreciate your stories. I always wanted to work with him but was a little to late. I first saw the Apollo in the tech dictionary when on lines at Stevens Creek Mission – that was where I wanted to be. Ended up on the Freewinds many times but was too late.

    I like to talk I guess but yes it is feeling cleaner and cleaner all the time. The nightmares ended about 5 years ago.


  81. Sarge-

    Booster seat laws? YOUCH!!!! I love it when you get feisty. Let it rip.

    ML, Tom Gallagher

    p.s. OSA or whoever or Dave: My name IS Tom Gallagher


  82. “It just keeps getting curiouser and curiouser.”

    It does indeed. I’m not a shoop expert, and graphics aint my thang but the image properties on the photobucket crap seem extremely sanitized when compared to my own personal screensnaps of web stuff.

    But I see you let WWP pingback come thru – smart move there. The elite shoop experts of all shoop experts, who are also intimately familiar with studying the Cult’s doctored images will likely analyze the stuff on photobucket > 9000 different ways.

    I no your not a fan of WWP, but i respectfully suggest you put on your wild west chaps over top of a body condom (maybe two), and lurk that WWP thread for a short while… if there is easily identified evidence to be found of forged imagery the hivemind will likely be all over it like bees on honey in a very short time.

  83. David,

    I *knew* there had to be a competent being behind all the smoke and mirror events, just given the magnitude of the logistics involved. I must say that you handled your end very well, and am oh so happy that you are channeling your energies in a more productive direction. Welcome, and would love to hear about some of your adventures sometime.

  84. This is a good point, AnonLover. They are reshooting their wad, as in The wad is a piece of paper put in the muzzle along with the projectile and gun powder. If the shooter is too hasty — say in a tense battle — they may not include the projectile. The result is a fire without the intended bullet; only the wad will fly out…a wasted shot. Hence, “shooting your wad” can mean expending your energy fruitlessly. .

    Minerva started posting speculations and guesses (and false info that could be construed as libel and slander) about identities on this blog on the first week of August. And they don’t know they are being tracked. They are in illegal territory.

    The upside is that they have revealed evidence of illegal hacking and cyber crime, libel and slander, as well as inappropriate abuse of law for their Black PR ops.

    Aside from being creepy, illegal, slimy and sophomoric, this is truly sad and UnFairGame, one reason (apart from criminal activity) being that some of the people they are abusing are persons who respect, admire and support LRH and Scientology.

  85. Jim-

    To me this feels like when I was a kid at the Coney Island Amusement Park here in Cincinnati (circa late 50’s and early 60’s).

    Some things and places are just pleasure moments without compare.

    I like Marty’s space. And all these playmates. Like you.

    I look forward to meeting you someday.

    With fond respect,


  86. BTW the hateful M squirrel blog created by the Scio Corporation that looks like a wordpressblog is actually hosted on rotten rat. One and same. They have posted things then deleted them but thanks to alert security teams and aw enforcement, screengrabs have documented stalking, slander and cybercrime.

  87. “I cannot accept your canon that we are to judge Pope and King unlike other men with a favourable presumption that they did no wrong. If there is any presumption, it is the other way, against the holders of power, increasing as the power increases. Historic responsibility has to make up for the want of legal responsibility. Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men, even when they exercise influence and not authority: still more when you superadd the tendency or certainty of corruption by full authority. There is no worse heresy than the fact that the office sanctifies the holder of it. ”

    John Dalberg-Acton, 1st Baron Acton, 1887

  88. Dear David and Mercy,
    How nice to have you on this blog.
    I hope you post frequently, especially your stories, Gold Base and the Exit.

  89. Thank you. It is good to be here.


  90. You are very generous Mike. Thank you.

  91. Shit, OSA reads these blogs?

    Well, anyway, even if people use different handles you can tell if they are the same person by the gravatar. Looking through the gravatars in the comments to this post alone we can see that most of them are unique, whatever OSA says…

  92. They have posted Private fotos of Mareka on there once.

  93. Those “screenshot” images could have been trivially forged without any system break-in of any kind even having occurred. As yet, it has not been confirmed by Mike, Marty or Mosey that the content of those images is accurate and authentic (particularly the 10th image, the supposed message from Heather of WWP giving IP addresses of a bunch of Anons which was never posted to the blog).

    Michael A. Hobson

  94. ++++Some 350-400 Sea Org Members are in lock down at INT Base.
    They are not permitted to have cell phones. They live under the Drachonian Law of David Miscavige.
    +++++The Ideal Orgs are Empty.
    +++++ The Internet explodes daily with misconduct within DM’s cult.
    ++++The smear campaigns and ridiculous OSA ops are exposed to ridicule ++++The public, previously raped of even their future earnings are having a hard time giving MORE $$.

    And with all the given situations, the OSA ops is concerned about INDIE QUANTITY ??????

    Alexa Traffic Rank

    COMPARE WITH is ranked #993,002 in the world according to the three-month Alexa traffic rankings. Visitors to the site view an average of 1.4 unique pages per day, and the site has been online since 1996. The time spent in a typical visit to is roughly three minutes, with two minutes spent on each pageview.

    There might be other “Church” sites with higher rankings(they are using crosslinking to get higher Google visibility) but I do believe the sheer volume of daily visitors to Marty’s blog is having an impact on Miscavige

    Hence the ridiculous ANONYMOUS Email on how many actual Indies.
    I note with irony their huge complaint on me using “War and Peace” anonymously

    How very covert of me to use an anonymous address the Church complained ~~ LOL.

    The overt doth speak loudly in accusation !

  95. Thanks to WWP for this priceless gem:

  96. May we please know which number/image was the forged one, please.

  97. I thought I would comment with a more truthful name since OSA may be monitoring this blog.

    If Marty’s blog is NOT making gains, then DM doesn’t beat up on people, misuse power or alter the tech, squirrel Scientology processes or try to have OSA lie and discredit any who might leak the truth of what is currently occurring in CS.

    And of course if all that were true, there would be no need to monitor this blog, attempt to have service denied, and other wise “warn” parishioners about Mr. Rathbun.

    It appears that it’s getting hard to find a good OSA spy these days. The people who were competent in OSA left. (the list is too long for this blog). Marty, your impact is being reached in places even you don’t know about… keep up the good work!

    Brett (oops! I mean “Super Secret Agent”)

  98. So, they are trying to discourage posting? That was all the excuse I needed to add a comment. And now OSA apparently thinks they know who I am. Interestingly, they also think I’m another person too, someone I’m quite sure is a completely different gender. I am Spartacus. And perhaps Ms. Spartacus.

  99. Tony DePhillips

    Welcome David and Mercy.
    Would love to hear your story.

  100. I know (or at least knew) the guy who owns that site. It hasn’t been updated in about 5 yrs, and I wouldn’t be surrpised if the guy is currently battling it out internally with the CoM and will leave in the not too distant future (if he hasn’t already).

  101. Tony DePhillips

    A little comedy relief that I think you will enjoy and is applicable.

  102. mrinder

    You said:
    “So they are trying to say we left our computer on and available and someone just walked up to it and accessed the blog as an admin to see the email address people use to make a comment.”

    Hmmmm…. But someone would still have to have accessed the computer that was left on “accidentally”. If that were true then it sounds to me like they would be admitting that they had a planted “spy” at one of the locations where the computers are kept, or perhaps there was an illegal home invasion.

    Their lawyers really should have them simply “plead the fifth” in these situations rather that let them incriminate themselves with their own stupidity.

    Just a thought.


  103. Karen, as usual, you put attention back on what’s really important.
    You are a mighty anti-Q&A presence on this blog, sweetie.


  104. one of those who see

    Hi David and Mercy and kids-all grown up now I suppose! Thank you for telling us your story. The way I see it, we are all part of the same 3rd dynamic. LRH wrote Dianetics and Scientology and we were the ones awake enough to see, to reach. I just love all the Reconnection.

    (I picked up the term on Ralph Hilton’s website. There you can see the Reconnection Newsletters. These came about when so many were Declared and left in the early 80’s. They didn’t have the internet. they mailed out these Newsletters.)

  105. Kathy Braceland

    RJ, You crack me up!

  106. Kathy Braceland

    Hey David. Glad to know your name and glad you’re here!

  107. Perhaps Lil’ Dave can understand the following:

  108. Hi David,

    Congratulations to you on your “coming out.” Well done, my friend.

    (N.B. The sky isn’t falling and things seem a little cleaner and freer, don’t they?)

    This will be the beginning of more great things for you!

    (For those who don’t know David, he was the genius behind much of the audio and video technology that helped promote Dianetics and Scientology, but unfortunately, also helped promote you-know-who.

    Take care David…



  109. Kathy Braceland

    I believe this is called slapstick humour. Guys are chasing each other around, banging into each other, one doesn’t know what the other is doing…all sorts of silly pranks…. This is so stupid, it sure makes me laugh. Get a grip Miscavige!

  110. martyrathbun09


  111. martyrathbun09

    Ask at WWP.

  112. David Lingenfelter!!! Wow! What a long time it’s been. I’m happy as can be to see you here and glad to know who’s behind that becoming aware handle. Wow. Smmmmooooooch to you.

    Jim Logan

  113. Hey Ted! There are an awful lot of creative, talented and decent people (yourself among them) who have been blown off by the Vampire Emperor. We could put together a pretty impressive video shoot and edit team and a pretty impressive marketing team. What a waste. But it is sure good to see so many reconnected through this and other blogs. David is obviously another welcome addition.

  114. to anon, that pic in that vid where miscavige is at the table with execs, reminds me of the shinning’s final scene, very creepy lol. and yeah, we can connect the dots to stanley kubrick to tom cruise and there you have it, back to miscavige. lol 3 degrees of separation, kinda like the kevin bacon game but shorter lol 🙂

  115. martyrathbun09

    Words of wisdom, Lloyd, words of wisdom…

  116. Nice to meet ya, David. I liked you as becomingaware too. 🙂

  117. Re: “It appears that it’s getting hard to find a good OSA spy these days. The people who were competent in OSA left.”
    I can confirm that. Some while ago I had been contacted to “work” for them as a spy. It was the first think I was informed, that OSA would be in dire need of “experienced Scientologists” as there would be mainly “green” people in the orgs who couldn’t be used for any delicate task (that would require the ability to think or hold a position).
    I had a number of reasons to decline that “offer”.
    The entire mechanism of how and why they are missing more and more competent individuals is explained in the lecture “Overt-Motivator Sequence” (3 April 1962, SHSBC #135): Summarized, if you inhibit the indiviual ability to observe, to decide and to act on these decisions, then you have destroyed a point of competence, A group that marches in this direction collects such “disciplined” members and so increasingly consists of weak, incompetent members and any chaos can wipe them out. Therefore the end result of that operation is a group that is a complete flop. This is what I see ongoing.
    I recommend that lecture very much. In earlier days it has been included on Level 2.

  118. How about a change of pace? Let’s take a trip back to 1977 to bathe ourselves in the theta of the great Brazilian singer Flora Purim. Flora was for a time associated with ChickCorea and his band ReturnToForever. We’ve been slimed, this will wash it off.

  119. Hi David,
    I remember you, though our paths didn’t cross very much at the Int Base.
    Great to see you here, seen many of your posts.

  120. Marty – Thanks for this blog. It is a life ring.

  121. Yep. They are 27 and 30 now but no grandkids yet.

  122. Good to ‘see’ you again. Please send me an email.


  123. DL,
    It’s on the way 🙂

  124. Marty, OSA succeeded in that they got “Worse Than Fair Game” bumped from the home page of your blog. They got you to discuss a fake hack. This is distraction tech and the weakness of a blog. A blog is a linear, one topic at a time affair. Y’all need a messageboard imho.

    “Worse than Fair Game” was one of the best, most powerful threads ever.

    Memo to COB: You are weak and have failed.


  125. martyrathbun09

    If you saw the visits leap, you’d realize it was DM that got had on all this.

  126. There is some german “genuine oak wood ” around too. 🙂

    I totally agree with what you said. There is stille the possibility that we also unpack our bags.


  127. Lunamoth,

    When you see the Big Bad Wolf take out his false teeth and put away his cane, he loses something. When you see him scratching his head over which way to go in pursuit and then slam into a tree every time he makes a decision, he loses something.

    At this point, I feel mostly pity for the wolf. Despite his misdeeds, he’s become pathetic. I’d invite him in for a meal, but he’s losing so much fur that I’ll just sit out a bowl on the back porch instead.

  128. Tom,

    Let’s see if I got this right: “You c%#*s#@=ers”.


  129. Winning is only a bitch for the losers.


  130. Power is based in the ability to hold a position.

    Methinks der leader and that whole group are discharging this way as Marty continues to not only hold but strengthen his position.

    What we are witnessing is the discharge of random particles (confusion blowing off) from a lot of sources, including those of us posting here.

    Those who post and comment here are establishing stronger and stronger positions, which allows more confusion to flow off.

    Der Leader’s weakened ability to hold a position will become more evident to those around him, which will loosen up more particles that will flow this direction. Not having the ability to hold a position, DM will be less able to generate energy and force to suppress those around him. Those who have been suppressed will begin to see sufficient difference to come out of confusion (confusion of DM’s crap and LRH’s legacy), begin to question in earnest and move up to doubt.

    Zip! Boom! Bah!
    Rah! Rah! Rah!


  131. Sarge,

    So that’s what they do with the money. Silly me. I had been so mistaken in thinking I should waste their money and resources. Okay, overt confessed.

    My name is Gwendolynn (two n’s) Heiffenmeister. I’m an 83 year old transsexual living behind the dumpsters of the Hemet Police department. OSA, just knock on the cop’s door and ask for me; they’ll point me out. And if I’m not home, they’ll find a place for you to sit and wait.

    Please tell the police that I have secretly been monitoring all Scientology activities for the CIA and FBI who both report my findings to Home Security. The cops will try to be discrete about this, but they know.

    As for secrets here, do thoughts about having der leader tie me to a post, cover me with whipped cream and languorously lick me clean count? After all, an 83 year old transvestite should be allowed some fun.

  132. Martin,

    Can Martyfags have their caek and eat it too?

    Maybe Graeme couldn’t have your e-mail and eat it too. Following syllogistic logic, he must have eaten it if he doesn’t have it.

    Question is, did he eat crow also?

    Damn, this is all so hard.

  133. Sarge,

    I hope they keep throwing those monkey wrenches. I’ve been retrieving them at night and making more money selling them on e-bay than I ever did stealing coins in fountains under the moon.

  134. Yeaaaah! David & Mercy!
    So glad you guys have become aware 😉
    Thanks for all you did & all you are doing!

  135. Dear OSA, let me help you here a little.

    Tony use to post as Alex until another Alex came on. So as not to be confused he started posting as Alex Metheny. As soon as we came out in June, he started posting under his own name. Tony never posted at the same time under different names. So you had it wrong there.

    I was D very briefly over a year ago. Until I decided to start posting as Freetothink. I kept Freetothink even after we came out but I always sign my actual name. So it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out that I, Marie-Joe, post as Freetothink. How could you miss that? Do you have a little PTSness going on there? We never posted at the same time under different names but even if we did, so what? Is this now the biggest crime in the Universe? You wouldn’t be trying to divert the attention away from DM’s crimes, would you?
    BTW, we were at the Independent party & if you were there you would have noticed that there were more than 50 people there. Those were only the people that were able to travel to attend. As you know & as some people at my Org use to say, the number of people attending events are only a very small portion of the overall field :-).

    Boy, it feels soooo good to make you wrong a little. Please forgive my indulgence 🙂

    Marie-Joe DePhillips
    P.S. Can you please add me to your list 🙂

  136. martyrathbun09

    Comment of the day!

  137. Catherine reporting in 😉

  138. Or, ‘Keystone Kops’ 🙂

    OSA incompetence isn’t anything particularly *new*, but, it’s a mixed bag. Sometimes it’s evil and very effective, but, sometimes it’s just bizarre. It’s almost a fingerprint.

    Here’s my first OSA DA Page from 1998: (I host this copy myself because it’s cute and it has a picture of my former house)

    Joe Lynn

  139. Nonetheless – it’s in every SP’s “playbook”:

    “Tell enough LIES in enough VOLUME and you WIN”

    Of course, this narrows the definition of “truth”.

    I had sworn to myself I would never post again in this venue, but it is too tempting. I have been unfairly accused of being an OSA operative. No one except a very few close friends know how BITTERLY ironic this calumny is.

    Yes, I am not a big fan of the Sea Org. My hostility is explainable by the numerous instances of the SO violating laws of simple truth.

    If the purpose of this blog is to reinvent the SO? Forget it!

    The SO is DEAD!

  140. OT VIII — Some may have wrongly accused you, but they only did so based on your actions. There are MANY people that post to this site that are never so accused. Now you return with a question that instantly makes me wonder as to your sincerity. “If the purpose of this blog is to reinvent the SO? Forget it?” You are one confused puppy. I dont know how many times Marty has stated on this site that the Church is dead. The SO is part of the church. And why you would possibly make that leap of logic either from your own posting (i.e. it is internally non sequitur) or from the posting this responds to which is more than a week old (non sequitur again) or from the overall content of this blog (again non sequitur). Honestly, I think you either need some wordclearing or a Confusion formula.

  141. Lawrence, is that you?

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