A Letter From Garcia

Luis Garcia



After much looking, soul-searching, researching, evaluating and arriving at conclusions, I decided to leave the church. But how do I do it? Stable datum: I am a Scientologist who applies Scientology.

As part of doing my conditions, I thought of writing a letter to David Miscavige. In it I would combine several points of the conditions’ formulas, for example:

Doubt #6: “Join or remain in or befriend the one which progresses toward the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics and announce the fact publicly to both sides.”

Doubt #7: “Do everything possible to improve the actions and statistics of the person, group, project or org one has remained in or joined.”

Liability #2: “Deliver an effective blow to the enemies of the group one has been pretending to be part of despite personal danger.”

As I was doing my conditions, I came to the end of doubt, and had to announce my decision to “both sides”. As part of this process, I sent my letter to Miscavige, via the RTC website first, on November 6th.

However, if I had only sent the letter to Miscavige and then posted the letter on the different blogs, I would really only be addressing one side, and even then it would be incomplete. One side has to include every Scientologist from across the world that I have ever known, from Hollywood to Kazakhstan, for the last 28 years. Since I have this habit of collecting contact info from everyone I meet, I was well prepared in terms of names and email addresses.

But what about the thousands of unsolicited emails I’ve received over the years from church staff and public Scientologists, requesting donations for “ideal orgs” all over the map, or announcing their fundraising of the day, or promoting their “Improve your Finances” seminar, or ordering my attendance to a mandatory briefing?

Well, I figured if they communicate to me, then I also have the right to communicate to them. So yes! They all got a copy of my “Letter to COB.” And let me assure you, my list included a large number of org staff and SO members from around the world as well as some staff of high rank.

As a result of my “dissemination”, I received a number of replies from people who wanted to forward my letter to their own mailing list, but couldn’t or wouldn’t do it because “they were under the radar” or for other reasons. So they gave me their mailing lists and I sent my letter to everyone from those lists.

And soon after that, I received other replies demonstrating that many more of my original recipients were in fact forwarding the letter to their own contacts.

So, all in all, I sent a total of 2,643 emails. The number of times the letter was forwarded by recipients is unknown.

Here are the stats so far:

Total number of emails sent by me alone: 2,643

Bounced/undeliverable: 136

Replied “Don’t ever email me again”: 14

Replied “How did you get my email?”: 17

Replied expressing agreement and support: 7

Replied expressing agreement from people “under the radar” 29

Cautious replies wanting to know more: 11

Replied with a KR written on me: 2

Replied from OSA bots: 4

These stats are very interesting. After reading a 20-page letter outlining a plethora of outpoints the biggest concern of 17 people is “How did you get my email?” Can you spell f-e-a-r? Altered importance, perhaps?

What is blatantly obvious above is what is missing: 2,423 did not reply at all. SILENCE. I wouldn’t want to speculate on what this means. You can draw your own conclusions.

But I do remember a time when I received an “entheta” email. I stayed silent, took action, and I started to look.

I doubt Miscavige received my letter, as his staff would probably not forward anything that might slightly enturbulate the dear leader.

For a few days now, this letter has been distributed far and wide and read by plenty a Scientologist, and replies continue to come in.

So davey: if you are reading this, and I’m pretty sure you are, you are officially the last person to read my letter addressed to you. Now, when staff and public give you that funny look, you may wonder: “Is this one of the thousands who received that letter? Does he agree with it? Is he disaffected with me? Maybe he needs more sec-checking. Or a good solid RPF for 8 years…”

And this concludes my declaration of Independence. And in classic miscavige-style I would like to say: “It was an enthralling and formidable, magnificent but yet incredible, unequivocal and uncompromising, and most exhilarating and effective way of delivering a blow to the enemy.”

Love you all.

Luis Garcia,  Luis.Garcia.OTVIII@gmail.com

 A Letter From Garcia

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  1. martyrathbun09

    Luis’ letter has already gone viral. He hoped that he could reach as many Scientologist still in the church before it hitting the sites and blogs where he could not escape notice and immediate labelling. In my view the letter perhaps captures the ENTIRE Black Dianetics operation being run by Miscavige (Ethics, Tech and Admin) better than any written piece to date. Please read it carefully if you have not already done so. Luis’ insights both in his letter and in his post here demonstrate the caliber of being he is. Intuitive fellow. He suggested the title of this blog post, A Letter From Garcia. Interesting. I had never shared with him that Miscavige used Elbert Hubbard’s A Letter To Garcia much like he used the PL Responsibilities of Leaders; to demand unquestioning loyalty and compliance to the most destructive and suppressive orders. Que Bueno!

  2. to luis, lol, i know what you mean, delivering a blow to the enemy should feel good, we warriors, it’s all about the conditions lol 🙂

  3. Luis, I received your letter a week or so from a friend and then a couple days later from another friend, so I am sure that your excellently written letter has gone viral among the Scientology community. I particularly loved the listing of made up “stats” you included and I posted these on Marty’s blog last week. You letter has made and continues to make an impact, so let me join the others here and elsewhere to thank you and welcome you to the Independent field.

  4. Alex Braverman

    “And this concludes my declaration of Independence. And in classic miscavige-style I would like to say: “It was an enthralling and formidable, magnificent but yet incredible, unequivocal and uncompromising, and most exhilarating and effective way of delivering a blow to the enemy.”

    Way to go Garcia!

    Freedom has never tasted so good.

  5. Impartial English Girl

    What an excellent, considered, well-written letter that is – good luck and best wishes to you, Mr. Garcia.

  6. Luis,


    Wonderful Doubt announcement, absolutely wonderful. One single word keeps coming to my mind, and it is


    No fear, anger, back-off, threats or covert hostility – just the facts backed up with senior references. And then you walk away letting the puny dictator know there’s nothing he can do now that will have any effect on you at all. That will drive him nuts.

    Yes, insouciance, this is how it is done.

    A huge thumbs up from me, and may there be many more doing the same.


  7. mark mckinstry


    Very Well Done on your letter. You obviously put a great deal of work into it with the numerous LRH references. I am sure you have planted many seeds with this that will continue to grow.


    Mark McKinstry

  8. Amazing letter and even more amazing e-mail action. Chapeau!!!!

  9. You rock! ML, Songbird

  10. Love you too !!!!
    Well done 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  11. Your letter and your cover letter are stellar!

    I would say score, a direct hit!

    Jim Little

  12. Luis,

    So that’s what you look like! Well, here’s one more response you can add to your growing stack of resignation letter responses. But you have to put it in the “marriage proposals” stack. I’m sure that stack will grow.

    For the last week I’ve been reading your resignation online in various places. (Joe, I recognized your quotation of Luis’s clever stats; “number of dirt particles removed during film restoration” was my personal favorite of Luis’s new DM stats.)

    Nothing else to say, Luis, except that in addition to being a brave fellow you are a world-class communicator and disseminator. Yours was a wonderful letter. Parfait! And welcome home,

    Just Me

    P.S. Actually, I’m already married. But my husband is a brave fellow himself, so he would understand why my first impulse was to propose to you.

  13. That is one over-the-top no-holds-barred tour-de-force of a Doubt Announcement! It is very relevant to my interests.

    Welcome Luis.

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  15. Hola!!! Great letter, I’m with you and stand by you.

  16. Wow. Breathtaking Luis. THIS is the letter we wish – well I certainly wish – I had written – beautiful in its clarity and truth, laser precise in its references. This letter CAN NOT be ignored. The fact of “2,423 did not reply at all” is as you say highly significant. Many many public will be identifying with every word you write right now, and wondering and figuring, and looking…Hats off to you for a stellar job! And welcome of course.

  17. Luis — Wonderful, articulate, intelligent. You rock man. So glad to have you on this side of the Wall of Fire. Mike

  18. Alex Braverman

    It is time:

    Play with it while you have hands
    Dust settles, cities turn to sand

    Trespassing this is their land
    Time flies, make a statement, take a stand

    Come along now, come along with me
    Come along now, come along and youll see
    What its like to be free
    Come along now, come along with me
    Come along now, come along and youll see
    What its like to be free

    Come along now, come along with me
    And Ill ease your pain
    Come along, come along with me
    And lets seize this day
    Come along, come along with me

    Stay out stay clear but stay close
    Friends, foes, God only knows
    Lets be the thorn on the rose
    Time flies, make a statement, strike a pose

    Come along now, come along with me
    Come along now, come along and youll see
    What its like to be free
    Come along, come along with me
    Come along now, come along and youll see
    What its like to be free

    Come along now, come along with me
    And Ill ease your pain
    Come along, come along with me
    And lets seize this day
    Oh, come along with me

    Time flies, make a statement, take a stand (3x)
    Time flies, take your chance

    Come along now, come along with me
    Come along now, come along and youll see
    What its like to be free
    Come along, come along with me
    Come along now, come along and youll see
    What its like to be free

    Come along now, come along with me
    And Ill ease your pain
    Come along, come along with me
    And lets seize this day
    Oh, come along with me

    Oh, come along with me

  19. GANDIGUY GIVES YOU A TWO THUMBS UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You are a HERO!

  20. Luis,
    That was the best, most well referenced letter I’ve ever read. Superb!! You laid it out line by line, lie by lie. It can’t be argued with. Loved it.

  21. Luis,
    Yes, a tour-de-force, as complete a description as I’ve seen, a superb application. This being and this letter are tapped into the mainline of truth. Drink heartily.


    (And Just Me too) 🙂

  22. Gary Morehead a.k.a Jackson

    BOOO-YA Luis… Beautifly BOOO-YA!!!!

    I second Mikes reply… In fact I 2nd every reply so far, including mine!

    Thank You!!

    — Jackson

  23. 🙂 Very nice to meet ya, Mr. Garcia!!! 🙂

  24. Rinder Loyalist

    Damn. That is poetry.

    Your letter certainly passes this acid test:

    If it isn’t written, it isn’t true.
    If it is written, who the hell wrote it and why?

    (source unknown)

    You may not be not Ole Doc Methuselah, but you are one formidable Soldier of Light.

    I tip my deerstalker and bow to your luminance, sir.

    Rinder Loyalist
    Adherent of Standard, not gilded, Ethics, Tech and Admin

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  26. Dear Luis – Reading your letter gave me reassurance that there are still a lot of free-thinkers in Scientology who can observe the obvious and take a stand for what is right. I ‘d love to meet you one day. I wish you the very best.


  27. Gloutan Thetan

    Thank you Luis for your OT action. This is a very high level theta action. I would like to call thetans in this planet to resist the DM folly and take responsability and action to put out of Scientology Miscavige and his fellowers.
    A great thank to Mark Rathbun, Mike Rinder, Sylvia Kusada and all of you who operate TO RESTORE THE TRUE SCIENTOLOGY AND ITS GOALS.

  28. Brilliant letter and pretty powerful effects being generated! Welcome to the Independents – you’ve arrived with a lot of fanfare & great intro piece, better than any of those at the glitzy events!

  29. Luis, I received this letter last week. I showed it to people I know are lurking. I will tell you this, it is by far the BEST and SPOT ON letter I have ever read. A true blow down for many. My sincerest thanks to you. Anyone who has read this and is still supporting this criminal and not looking for themselves…..so be it.

    To not question any outpoint which I know you have experienced at least one and to continue to justify it is plain stupid. To go on believing that someone else has control over your eternity well I feel for you. This subject gave me and many I know the ability to discover what was true for them. This is not practiced today and will not be again in the COS.

    Luis again thank you. Lots of love Carol you have some much love in your heart for mankind and it shows.

  30. Luis,
    A tour du force.

    A lot of work in an effort to help others.

    To be admired and it is and you are as well.

    This splash will ripple a long way.

    LRH would be proud of you.

  31. This is for the 2,423 silent ones:

  32. What Garcia did was very important.


  34. martyrathbun09

    I second that Jackson.

  35. Hi;

    Very well written letter. What I like most about it is it’s readability. Anyone who does read it really gets it.

    Marty; Maybe a high traffic warning for this blog over the next several weeks?

    In my opinion, DM’s greatest crime, other than sabotaging LRH directly, is that he created a new organization, The Scientology Religion, which is NOT the Church of Scientology. The IAS is the membership of the Scientology Religion, not the Church of Scientology. HASI is the membership of the CofS. If you have an IAS, you are NOT a member of the Chuch of Scientology.

    This difference should be posted by someone who really has a handle on this bait and switch. It was all over the net several years ago, and a poster named, ‘veritas’, had it all sorted out. It may still be available to be known. I’ll look myself, but if anyone here knows of what I speak, speak out.

  36. I love posts like this!

    I’m half-expecting the next post to be Marty documenting how DM has made sure to publicly declare Luis Garcia and denigrate him as much as possible.

    Liability #2: “Deliver an effective blow to the enemies of the group one has been pretending to be part of despite personal danger.”


  37. martyrathbun09

    Nice observation. It can’t be argued with. And it will not be argued with. And whatever ad hominen they throw Mr. Garcia’s way instead will only reinforce the original message.

  38. Fellow Traveller

    +1 (00)

    You nailed it with that selection, Sinar. Outstanding choice.

    Bruce Pratt

  39. Bravo Señor.

  40. My hat is off for you, Garcia.

  41. Bobo,
    The ‘religion of Scientology’ and its distinction from ANY ‘Church of Scientology’ is described in one of the parts of the LRH Estate Planning, specifically, the Bylaws of CST, Article II.

    Part c and f are below.

    c. “Religion of Scientology” and “Scientology” shall mean the religious doctrines, beliefs, tenets, practices, applied religious Philosophy and technology for application as developed by L. Ron Hubbard and as the same may hereafter be developed by L. Ron Hubbard.

    f. “Religion of Scientology” and “Church of Scientology” shall not necessarily be co-terminal. That is to say, the terms “religion of Scientology” and “Church of Scientology” shall be co-terminal only so long as churches of Scientology continue, in the opinion of L. Ron Hubbard during his lifetime, and in the opinion of all of the Directors and Trustees following the death of L. Ron Hubbard, to espouse, propagate and practice the religion of Scientology.

    Clearly LRH determined that should a ‘Church of Scientology’, ANY such, deviate from his written and spoken materials, as described in ‘f’ above, then it isn’t the ‘religion of Scientology’. That’s the boat DM’s -ology falls into; it isn’t Scientology. It’s a squirrel group masquerading as Scientology, religion or any thing Scientological.

    The IAS is a parisitic external influence that is one of those thingies that fall under ‘Church’ above and it ain’t Scientology. It makes no difference legally whether they call themselves part of the Scientology Religion, a Church of Scientology or DM’s Slush Fund Sucking the Life Out of Coerced Members, they are not ‘coterminal’ with LRH’s defined clearly ‘religion of Scientology’ as above.

  42. Hear, Hear!

  43. Three cheers, Luis!

    Kudos for writing the letter we all wanted to.
    VWD for doing this letter LRH style! VERY Well Done!
    Rock On! for shoving it down DM’s throat with an atomic branding iron the likes of which he NEVER saw coming!

    Bravo! And man… hang on to your hat. Positive flows are gonna KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF!!!

  44. Mr. Garcia,

    I read your letter early this morning. Complete sanity and reason. Well written. Well said. Undisputable truth every line. Thank you for being here and being you. My ARC for the planet has gone up quite a few notches knowing you are here on it.

  45. Wonderful, Luis.

    Here’s your second marriage proposal — although I warn you – my track record is bleak and after 3 marriages have decided to close the chapter on that part of my life. But — I could always be persuaded 🙂 – you write a very compelling essay!


  46. Luis, I read every single line. Brilliant, abosutely brilliant.

  47. BRAVO! BRAVO! BRAVO! LFBD F/N (one big swing)

  48. Fellow Traveller

    Luis, I miss words to convey my appreciation of and acknowledgment to you, your efforts and your letter. But I sure am grateful to have experienced all now.

    Bruce Pratt

  49. DM’s Responsibility of Leaders:

    “People keep saying, ‘How’d you get power?’ ” Miscavige said. “Nobody gives you power. I’ll tell you what power is. Power in my estimation is if people will listen to you. That’s it.”


    We of the church believe that all me have inalienable rights to think freely, to talk freely, to write freely thier own opinions and to counter or utter or write upon the opinions of others.

    I would say your stats in forwarding this aspect of the Creed are utterly, completely, indisputably and magnanimously STRAIGHT UP AND VERTICLE.

    Thanks for being there and communicating!

  51. Brilliant Letter Mr Garcia.

    Thesilence, in this case, is golden. The silence howls like the seconds before the cyclone hits. You have stirred the sleeping giant.

    ML Tom M

  52. I am in awe, Miscavige, in typical SP fashion, has succeeded to the degree that his actions have remained hidden. Sometimes on the blogs we may feel we are preaching to the choir, but you have penetrated Miscavige’s “This you may not see” control mechanism. Are we at a tipping point? If so, you, my Dear Sir, have toppled it. Very, Very Well Done!

  53. Luis;
    Your letter is one for the age’s. As I was reading and re-reading various sections of this brilliant masterpiece, I was struck by how much you love LRH and pure Scientology.
    I have had the previlege of meeting many Independents over the last 12 months and I have to say each and every one is a big and powerful thetan. I know my life is richer from this experience and I hope to meet you sooner than later, along this independent road of discovering the truth.

    Welcome brother.

  54. Wow! Luis that letter was absolutely BRILLIANT! The amount of time and diligence you spent compiling every single LRH reference to make the points you wanted to make – the result is a PERFECT communication. Thank you. I am going to send this letter to more people too. You are a wonderful individual and I am so glad that you are all ours. 🙂

  55. WOW Luis you rock!
    What a fantastic spot on letter. I’m passing it on to my contacts.
    Thank you so much!!

  56. Luis Garcia ~

    Excellent. Just excellent.

    Thank you.


  57. Wow Jim! That’s Fu§§^%%%ng to the point!

  58. And don’t for get the 3 Hip Hip Hooray’s. Bravo Luis, B R A V O!!

  59. planetary clearing



  60. Hello Luis,

    I read your condition write up on ESMB a couple of nights ago. I was going to post it here but decided that would be up to you. Very Well Done. Your actions after leaving are commendable and I pray that many more people will leave after reading your letter. Thank you.

  61. Jim, Me too and you!

  62. Tony DePhillips

    Awe inspiring letter and integrity!!

  63. Luis,

    WOW! That was a beautifully articulated doubt formula so packed with truth, backed by specifics and LRH referenced violations!

    It would be hard for even the most hard core koolaide drinker to ignore. You have combined the knowledge of many sources in such a perfect way. Though I’d read most of this before I could not stop reading this communication as it contained pure truth without any opinion or bias.


    Welcome to the Independent field!

    I believe that you are simply hearing the silence before the storm of truth seekers. Those who have experienced real Scientology at some point prior to DM’s takeover will see this truth and will take it upon themselves to LOOK for themselves, no matter what the consequences.

  64. Great video, Alex! Thanks!

  65. Luis –
    Thank you for taking the time to do this SO right! Your intention to forward the TRUTH shines through!!
    I will send this to my friends still in as “from a wonderful friend of mine”, because even though we’ve never physically met, your actions demonstrate what a true friend does: helps my and other’s dynamics.

  66. Yeah I remember an effort to get us to “comply” to Elbert’s ‘Message to Garcia’ at a Class VI Reunion which came just after an announcement of how “Mr. Cruise” (Gaaaaak) was going to “drive” public into the org all on his sterling rep.

    We all know how well that went!

    Might have have worked better if Cruise drove ’em with in the Starline bus.

    Anyway we recieved our own special copies and at that point I knew what the game plan was:

    Unquestioning and Blind compliance.

    Thanks but no thanks.

    Another one of those “special moments” that led me to the nearest exit.

    I’m still envious of your ability to express yourself so articulately Luis but I’ll get over it 🙂

    As I posted earlier on Jeff’s site.

    You totally rock dude!

    Marty thanks for posting the back story.




    Miscavige if you’re reading this:

    As we say in LA

    “Have a nice day” 🙂

  67. Freedom Fighter

    Best write-up yet!! Very well-written!! Your letter fully lays it out there and gives the exact violations of LRH Ethics, Tech, and Admin. Anyone who reads this and yet continues to support David Miscavage and his squirrel regime are avowed enemies of LRH, IMO. Plain and simple.

    LOVE that picture, BTW. Gorgeous!

  68. Mr. Garcia, my sincere thank you for your efforts and wonderful letter of facts.

    Hello All,
    I am not a “member” of Scientology. Though I have been working to become familiar with the subject/beliefs more recently. I have spent many years reading / informally studying the many beliefs/religions that humans follow(ed) over time. More so now with Scientology, as this blog is providing me a better “overview” of what I call the basics (not just the “church” concerns) than I have gained from reading on my own. I am approaching a point that I may be ready to pursue the “Tech” (if that’s the correct word). So far this comment has been a brief intro of where I find myself today. Next, the initial intended subject of my comment.

    What initially prompted me to write this comment was my belief that Mr. Garcia’s letter is so factual – SIMPLY – because he references actual documents of Mr. Hubbard’s to back the stated “misdeeds & behavior”. After reading the blog entry and the letter – my first thought was something along the lines of “civil disobedience” of a sort might be in order. Mr. Garcia indicated that many emails went without a reply – though I imagine his letter did eventually get read by many Scientologists’.
    To my point of civil disobedience (not a good choice of words, but best I could muster). If the where-for-all could be mustered to print hard-copies of Mr. Garcia’s’ letter – then distribute same to persons that may be first timers in walking into a Org, etc.. Result may potentially open more eyes a bit quicker. I realize this idea is not at all developed, as cost / logistics would be enormous. But it’s my concept of a starting place to pursue a goal of getting more of this factual information to the All the people.
    My growing feeling over the past months has been; what can be done to bring this type of factual information to the general public. That process would hopefully evolve in information getting to folks that know little or nothing of what is apparently going on. I realize the media is covering the subject much more lately. But how to get coverage to the point where the media’s voice becomes a bit more outraged. When the media becomes outraged, then folks tend to lean that way themselves. Thanks for reading.

  69. Freedom Fighter

    +1 Excellent song and video!

  70. haha, you gals are funny, but sadly he is already taken, he has a wonderful theta wife!

  71. That is a GREAT metaphor, Mike.

  72. Luis, you are a stellar man and a very very brave one, the Braveheart kind. I particularly liked this comment as it hits the home run!!!!

    “Therefore it is my conclusion, that you, David Miscavige, are a full-blown suppressive, as LRH says “a real monster,” and that you are the one responsible for the decline of the Church and the general unhappiness that exists among the staff and public. It’s easily explainable: you are an SP, the staff and public are PTS to you.”

    Yes YOU David Miscaviage are the REAL MONSTER, we know about you now and the knowingness is growing, YOU have ruined so many lives that are now being picked up from the floor by the Independents.

    Just beautiful Luis, VVVVVVWWWWWWDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. Kathy Braceland

    Wow. Your letter to Miscavige is absolutely wonderful…WONDERFUL!

    A big warm welcome to you Luis. You rock!!!

  74. Luis,
    you have written a real masterpiece ! It is enlightening and increases the awareness of the reader – just by reading it. Pure truth and theta. You really made my day 🙂 🙂 🙂

  75. Just your garden variety, every day, straight up and vertical, unadulterated, Indy kick-ass!!

  76. Tongue in cheek, of course. Absolutely nothing every day or garden variety here!

  77. Dear Luis,
    Thank you for sharing your perfect letter and welcome!
    Your incredible sanity and true understanding of LRH tech shines like a blue white diamond! It will help many.

  78. Luis, I was writing you a splendid response to your letter which I felt was incredible, however, it looks like you’ve incited some nasty folks, as right in the middle of typing it, I was interrupted with a mesage that said that this was an untrusted site and it logged me off. So my original blog was lost.

    I hope this one makes it.
    Marty, to you I say, you are walking into the lion’s den if they can do stuff like that. I never saw anything like it. Big red banner, etc. Keep going anyway. They can’t take our eternity away anymore.


  79. This letter sums it all up, very well documented. Simply outstanding. How can anyone calling themselves a Scientologist read this letter and still hail the Fuhrer?

    Thank you Luis, this will have a huge impact.

  80. Luis, I too read your letter in an email from a friend even before it was on Jeff’s and Marty’s blogs. You can sure in a short period it will be read by tens of thousands, and will play a part in saving many lives.

    And when the story is written of the Heroes of the Independents, your name will be in bold!

  81. NICE, Sinar!! I love this.

  82. LOL! Bravo! Bravo!

    Thank you so much for contributing to making my day, Luis. I so thoroughly enjoyed reading your declaration of freedom. (I say contribute to, because while this truly made me chuckle and smile and I felt a wave of theta wash over me, an old friend of mine just attested to OT II today, in the Independent Field, and that made my day, too.)

    Welcome to IF, the Independent Field.


    If you can keep your head when all about you
    Are losing theirs and blaming it on you;
    If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
    But make allowance for their doubting too;
    If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
    Or, being lied about, don’t deal in lies,
    Or, being hated, don’t give way to hating,
    And yet don’t look too good, nor talk too wise;

    If you can dream – and not make dreams your master;
    If you can think – and not make thoughts your aim;
    If you can meet with triumph and disaster
    And treat those two imposters just the same;
    If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken
    Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
    Or watch the things you gave your life to broken,
    And stoop and build ’em up with wornout tools;

    If you can make one heap of all your winnings
    And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
    And lose, and start again at your beginnings
    And never breath a word about your loss;
    If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
    To serve your turn long after they are gone,
    And so hold on when there is nothing in you
    Except the Will which says to them: “Hold on”;

    If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
    Or walk with kings – nor lose the common touch;
    If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you;
    If all men count with you, but none too much;
    If you can fill the unforgiving minute
    With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run –
    Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,
    And – which is more – you’ll be a Man my son!

    Rudyard Kipling

    (My mantric poem for IF, the Independent Field)

  83. That was very witty.

  84. Tony DePhillips


  85. Luis, my hat is off to you!
    My biggest hope is that is makes a lot of people wake up! My biggest “f e a r” is that it might just show us how many are blindly mesmorized. (LOL, isn’t it funny how DM correctly stated “the blind leading the blind”) . I’m referring to people that I had the letter forwarded to. I would hope it helps some of my friends!
    It’s sickening that a number of those “in” will not confront the evil that is coming from the inside, even with this stark truth.
    Thank you for having the integrity to stand up for LRH!


  86. This is beautiful!

  87. Scott Campbell

    Bravo Luis!

    That was the most lucid and articulate “bucket of cold water in the face” that I have ever read. Fantastic.

    The way you sent and forwarded it was pure genius. You are a man to be reckoned with.

    Thank you for truly helping Scientologists everywhere.


  88. Thank you. Bless you. We are all One. Ouch!! Some may not like this: but it includes Miscavige… Part of the body has literally gone malignant. What do we do? Cut it out? Chemo? Radiation? Try and save the part by less invasive therapy? While I deal with similar issues in other arenas and normally would chose the latter, in this instance I say cut it out. Harsh huh? But isn’t that his solution for your loved ones, or you for that matter, when you disagree with him? Giving a prick like this weapons like disconnection, “fair game”, and declaration, is like giving a psycopath a loaded gun. Sorry, had to vent, but I feel better…

    I have not lost any family members over this. I appologize to all of you who have. I cannot comprehend your pain. May the future hold “healing” and reconnection for all; including Miscavige (I am totally OK if he is the last though).


  89. marty, on a side note, you should consider consulting with an attorney and wordpress as this blog is on their server or isp etc and team up, class action lawsuit against them. just my 2cents. i’m not legal, so i’m sure rinder can help you in that dept. 🙂 get paid, for all the crap they are pulling, an exchange. time and money wasted handling this, i mean my god lol 😉

  90. Sinar,

    So appropo!

  91. As he should!!


  92. (after a 5 minutes standing ovation) Amazing! Just absolutely amazing!!!
    Thank you for your courage & your integrity! Looking forward to meet you face to face some day!

    Seattle, WA

  93. one of those who see

    Hi Chris.
    Wonderful, printing the poem out. Never read this one. Thanks!

  94. one of those who see

    Hi Luis!! You made it to the top of the Bridge and here you are taking a big chunk of responsibility. Thank you. Thank you. You are truly a great man.
    Have printed out your letter and will be mailing it to a friend.
    And actually another friend called me and told me to look online for it. Thank you for standing up for real Scientology which is about communication, truth and freedom. I think where ever LRH is he just leaned over to tell a friend “see I told ya-they’ll be just fine.”

  95. If this is true:

    Are people listening to Miscavige more or less than they use to?

    What’s the tell about the direction his power is going?

  96. Fellow Traveller

    I think where ever LRH is he just leaned over to tell a friend “see I told ya-they’ll be just fine.”

    You have brought me to buckets of tears. Wow.

    Bruce Pratt

  97. I love it and have come to agree a thousand percent. I have a question/thought re: the Independent Movement. What are the exact goals? Is it just to remove DM? Or is there like a petition of points to correct, i.e. 1) Remove DM, 2) Cancel any and all programs created by him 3) Provide false data stripping on the exact points of out-Tech along with a correction pack to be made available for those who need it, 4) Disband the IAS and redistribute the funds to the existing Orgs and Missions, 5) Reinstate currently “Holed” top management people who are willing to uphold LRH, or replace them with others, and put back in the LRH Org Board fully for the Church, 6) Issue a general amnesty to make it safe for all off-lines public to return, 7) Issue a public statement regarding what has happened and how it is being corrected so that the Black PR created by the current regime doesn’t transfer on to the restored group, etc., etc. (not necessarily in that order).

    It seems that a letter like Luis’, and any other straight facts, could be used as a preface for an “official” petition, starting with the names of prominent, highly trained and top-of-the-Bridge people such as some contained here, listed first.

    It is very painful to be looked at as some out-ethics piece of shit by members of one’s own group for being able to see TRUTH that they can’t see and uphold personal integrity. I loved Larry Anderson’s comparison of the blind parishoners being “sheeple”. So I’d just like to know what the exact goals are of THIS group.

    Thank you.

  98. Dave,
    In those terms, the simple procedure is called a DMonectomy and it’s handled on an outpatient basis – very much less complex than a tonsillectomy and the body will heal itself very quickly and painlessly.

  99. Jim,
    If you ain’t a lawyer, you should be. I think you’ve pointed out Miscavige’s Archilles Heel.

  100. Garcia!
    Your letter just floored me man!

    This is the most spot on response to the ‘church’ of Miss Cabbage that I have ever seen!

    Bravo! Miss Cabbage will have to take time out of his day to withdraw from TC and address this issue….IT’S THAT SERIOUS!

    His & His Motorcycles (and matching thongs) will never eclipse how on target you letter actually is! Back that up with David Miscaviges’s uber expensive tanning bed, personal gym, Tom Cruise’s airplane hanger (& hanger lounge), endless visits to the Freewinds to golf and scuba dive and molest the mind of the youngest SO members…..And you, Sir, can certainly lay claim to the fact that you unmasked the midget behind the curtain for what he really is: A manipulative, tyrannical, overbearing, micro managing imbecile.

    Garcia, may you live a long and prosperous life.

    David Miscaige: Please answer this letter. It would show the world just how ‘on top of your game’ you are/aren’t.

    Celebrate this letter – for it is speaks the truth.

    DAVID MISCAVIGE is the ultimate SP, Per LRH’s own writings.


  101. Steve, this is a blog and not an official group. I have not seen any official goals and mainly the focus is on encouraging the application of scientology ouside the current church and supporting independent scientologists.
    The goals you have mentioned are things many here would like to see come to pass. Your support of Luis is evidence of the growing reality that change is needed.

  102. Outstanding Luis !
    I am guessing that you did not “SURVEY” the public that would read this, and did it just from own experience and inspection and investigation.
    But you could not have been MORE *ON SURVEY*.
    It so communicates to Scientologists across the boards, particularly those “under the radar” and undecided.
    Very Well Done !
    Warm welcome to this board.
    Looking forward to learning about your personal experiences “Your own horror story” you mentioned in the letter….
    The continuing exposure is a service to all especially those who will get sucked in in the near future..

  103. Luis,

    That was a commendable effort and a good idea!

    When you did it, you went all the way and did it properly.

    You didn’t just write a half-hearted email and send it to 10 people. You wrote a thorough email and sent it to thousands of people.

    It strikes at one of the biggest problems we have in reaching Scientologists that are still on lines with the church.

    The problem is not knowing the truth about the current isness of church of scientology but but being able to communicate that truth.

  104. Theo Sismanides

    Luis, thank you for coming out and writing this by the book, ethics based write-up which leaves no doubt and gets one to finally move up the conditions toward the so called church of Scientology.

    Apart from the awesome feedback you are getting here from the Indies and the raving results and impact you get from such stellar people on this blog, I would like to comment on one thing:

    As a rave supporter of the SCN ORG BOARD (7 Div) I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart because I see it happening more and more everyday through this blog.

    And a light Organization it is but a Powerful one.

    Now with your coming into the scene we get some thousands e-mail addresses of Scientologists who can be communicated to and we get a, let’s call it, CF of significant magnitude.

    I am so happy that you wrote the letter but also that you were collecting all those e-mails all this time. An organization needs to have a memory and comm lines. And we all have a memory of the attrocities of DM and have now more and more comm lines.

    So it looks to me that the lurkers were asking for this, it’s a “Silent” Non-E for them, they were asking for a “What is needed and wanted” answer and you gave it to them in masses.

    So, they now have an answer from the Indies on what is Needed and Wanted kind of thing as their silence can only be interpreted as doubt for sure. Many will ponder over your letter and the condition write-up you have done.

    But we do have an e-CF or e-Mailing List now which is BIG.

    Please add my e-mail there, to the Indies please: thetamag@yahoo.gr

    Thank you so much!!! It’s wonderful to have you on this side of the Wall of Fire as MR pointed out above!

  105. Luis! I remember you from OC org way back when!

    I left (in 1989) when it seemed more about money than people, when I gave up hope of accomplishing within the CofS what I’d intended to.

    Since then, I’ve made friends all over again with some of the people I knew back in the OC days.

    I went back to OC four months ago to see what the org was really like — to actually look rather than listen — and I was surprised at how small and shabby it was. You may have heard (or not) about my finding a disconnected utility bill at the new OC org. They cannot afford that building.

    Anyhow, welcome out, good to see your smiling face again!

  106. non-scientologist

    I liked Louis’s letter, and noticed in it that 37 of the 50 staff members at St Hill (when LRH was there) had since been declared by DM. However I’ve also seen on other websites (I think Scientology cult) that the number was 49 out of 50. Does anyone know the reason for the difference?

  107. After reading your letter again for 4th time this final paragraph had me in stiches, hilarious!

    “And this concludes my declaration of Independence. And in classic miscavige-style I would like to say: “It was an enthralling and formidable, magnificent but yet incredible, unequivocal and uncompromising, and most exhilarating and effective way of delivering a blow to the enemy.”

  108. The other list is inaccurate and includes names like Dalene Regenass (Gouws) the former CO AOSHUK who died of cancer and was not declared. Luis took the time to ensure he was accurate.

  109. I have been on 0t-7 for over seven years..To get on and stay on for that
    period of time cost me over $250,000 conservatively speaking..From my
    view point Gracia speaks sooth….

  110. I heard about the response of Luis’s Letter to DM, and I also heard there was a wave of response of his letter on the Ex- Scn website (Check it out for yourself).

    I was shocked that most of the responses were negative. And, they were extremely angry towards Independant Scientology websites such as Marty’s and Steve Hall’s, etc.

    I find this disturbing indeed.

    Having said that, Luis’s letter to dm is unbelievable and is a must read. Especially, for those who are “confuses” by the current state of affairs in the C of S.

  111. Luis,

    This letter is up there with Mary Jo Leavitt’s KR.

    All I can say is that you must be a very good, very responsible man.

    Historians will cite David Miscavige as a classic example of how cults operate.

    That’s his track, which he’ll have to deal with.

    Your track will be much better!

    Thanks for the hard work you put in on this!

  112. Mr. Garcia – very well done! What an excellent write-up. And, what a great way to do a doubt formula! Glad to know you.

    The references are spot-on; the analysis is excellent.

    It made me wonder – can a case be made for Mr. David Miscavige? Is there anything he is doing that is right? Can we look at LRH policy, and go – “yep, he’s got that one. Yes, and that one, too?”

    Luis, your letter is so withering that it left me wondering about that. Surely there is something that DM is doing right.

    I can’t think of a one.

    He would have a case if people were getting trained correctly. That is not occurring. Or if people were actually progressing on the bridge – but we have horror story after horror story about HCO sec checks, draining of accounts, retraction of clear status, auditing NED after Clear and OT, ad nauseum.

    He would have a case if he did rerelease the books and tapes in their original, unaltered form – but, they are rather altered forms themselves! Removing key content on tape lectures and books. I don’t have all my materials where I am, but I intend to do a match-up between earlier editions and new ones to see what has been altered.

    He would have a case if staff were progressing and doing well by doing good. But there is this thing called “the Hole” that Mr. David Miscavige himself named where he throws senior staff members for years. The RPF was never great, but under Miscavige the time went from a couple of months, maybe, to years!

    He would have a case if the Ethic and Justice codes were being followed – but, I wonder, are there any Committees of Evidence or Board of Inquiries anymore? I mean, they were often slanted when they were done, but at least they were done! Is goldenrod published anymore? And what about disconnection?

    By the way, I read “Letter to Garcia,” since I hadn’t heard of it before this post. It is a very good essay, and I totally get what Hubbard is saying. Rowan (the protagonist in the essay) just does the job, with no Q&A. That is the way it ought to be. But, he was acting on an order from McKinley, the president, someone worthy of the effort. Rowan was an able man, not a fawning slave. Had McKinley asked him to mow down a group of unarmed prisoners, you can bet he would have said “no, sir.”

    This concept is akin to Completed Staff Work – an army concept, by the way, pre-dating LRH’s work. You hand a completed job to the commander.

    Of course Mr David Miscavige would pervert “Letter to Garcia.” His take is “when I ask you to do it, you just f&*%^& do it!” I had a boss like that – he was a Scientologist, kind of, except he gave the company’s money to the IAS while we were unpaid, so he was a DM kind of Scientologist. He told me once “when I tell you to jump, you say ‘how high?’!” And, of course, when I asked for him to actually make payroll, he said I was “worker oriented.”

    Only leaders worthy of respect can get Rowans working for them. Too bad Elbert didn’t make that point in his essay.

  113. Join Orange County most amazing man with high integrity, Luis Garcia. Him and his wife have set a great example for the rest to follow.
    Thank you Mr& Mrs Garcia!!!!!

  114. Luis, your letter was excellent, well-reasoned, and decisive. The 2,423 non-responders to your letter are perhaps still pretending to be members of CoS. The fact that they did not respond suggests that they are “fence-sitters.”

    When I was growing up in the Pentecostal Church “fence-sitters” were rebuked for being lukewarm in their spiritual commitment to Jesus. There is even a verse in the Book of Revelation where Jesus says this to lukewarm Christians:

    “Write to Laodicea, to the Angel of the church. God’s Yes, the Faithful and Accurate Witness, the First of God’s creation, says:

    “I know you inside and out, and find little to my liking. You’re not cold, you’re not hot—far better to be either cold or hot! You’re stale. You’re stagnant. You make me want to vomit. You brag, ‘I’m rich, I’ve got it made, I need nothing from anyone,’ oblivious that in fact you’re a pitiful, blind beggar, threadbare and homeless.

    “Here’s what I want you to do: Buy your gold from me, gold that’s been through the refiner’s fire. Then you’ll be rich. Buy your clothes from me, clothes designed in Heaven. You’ve gone around half-naked long enough. And buy medicine for your eyes from me so you can see, really see.

    “The people I love, I call to account—prod and correct and guide so that they’ll live at their best. Up on your feet, then! About face! Run after God!”
    Revelation 3:16-19, The Message Version of the Bible

    Lukewarm Scientologists, the fence-sitters, are what is wrong in the present scene. The 2,423 non-responders still think that maybe Flag can fix their case. Yeah, right. Flag took the better part of 20 years before it started hanging the drywall in the Super Power Building. And, as has been related many times by people who have left CoS, Flag wastes auditing hours on grindy sec checks. IAS wants monies on account “donated” for statuses and Idle Morgues that serve as props for COB ribbon-cutting videos.

    If Scientologists in CoS want an forever trek on Miscavige’s hamster wheel as they chase mirages, why then have it! What is another $200,000 and ten or twenty more years of your life?

    Luis has it exactly correct:

    Liability #2: “Deliver an effective blow to the enemies of the group one has been pretending to be part of despite personal danger.”

    All a person has to do these days to deliver an effective blow to COB is to simply and peacefully leave CoS and in a dignified public way as Luis has done. People like Luis create great PR for the argument that “Scientology” is not the Psychotic Zoo that David Miscavige has created and is perpetuating. Whatever the hell is going on inside of CoS is just not right by any standard or measure.

    Jesus understood people like David Miscavige:

    “It is obvious what kind of life develops out of trying to get your own way all the time: repetitive, loveless, cheap sex; a stinking accumulation of mental and emotional garbage; frenzied and joyless grabs for happiness; trinket gods; magic-show religion; paranoid loneliness; cutthroat competition; all-consuming-yet-never-satisfied wants; a brutal temper; an impotence to love or be loved; divided homes and divided lives; small-minded and lopsided pursuits; the vicious habit of depersonalizing everyone into a rival; uncontrolled and uncontrollable addictions; ugly parodies of community…” Galatians 5:19, The Message


  115. Very well-written letter! This should be required reading for all Scientologists. In fact, we should sneak it into the ideal orgs and post it on the notice boards. Oh wait, didn’t they do away with anything that could possibly put others in comm? Surely there must be an “ideal notice board” ?

  116. Luis, the picture. It looks eerily like the picture LRH took in Rhodesia. Any chance?

    ML Tom

  117. Li Po: it should have beenhis Achilles Heal, but DM completely controls the Directors and Trustees of CST. 😦
    Michael A. Hobson

  118. Amazing!!!
    And one for the record books!!!
    Thank you….

  119. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    I think I assume correctly that many of you would do most anything for LRH. And you have. You did when you were in the church, and now you are here. I would too. Some of you have called me a “hero.” Others a “brave man.” I am neither. I am just a Scientologist like all of you.

    Again, THANK YOU!


  120. Great write-up! I would add what many probably do not know unless they are already reading on the internet, that prominent Sea Org Members, Org Staff, Field Auditors, OT Publics, Professional FSM’s, etc.–names that many public would recognize such as Mike & Marty, Dan Koon, Mark Hamilton, Sherry Katz, Mary Jo Leavitt, Trey Lotz, Helmut Flasch, Helen Chen, David LaCroix, just to name a few–have in the last number of years have left the church and exposed what you wrote up. I think that can carry a lot of weight due to the Opinion Leader factor. I know it did for me. You’re not just one lone guy in disagreement.

  121. I am listening to him a little less than I used to. I’d say trending emergency.

  122. You are too funny! I am married too, to a wonderful and very powerful girl. We’ve been together for 28 years and she can’t still get rid of me!

  123. Marty,
    A Letter To Garcia has been dropping through the lines and already 5 years ago it was a study order at class V org level. I think they even made a reprint or something like it.

  124. Thank you, Luis, for stepping up. Your beautifully constructed letter can’t help but to accelerate the release of suppression. I am hoping that some near and dear to me – OT VIIIs, too – were on your circulation list, and it is a good possibility. I am truly grateful you took the time and put in the effort to do this right.

    The dam is crumbling.

  125. Dear Luis,
    What a fantastic job you did! What a work, what a summary, what a dead agent pack to DA DM’s lies! Thank you so much.

  126. People ARE waking up, but it is a process. We’ve all been there happily drinking the kool-aid, and sometimes giving it to others to drink. We’ve all been, at one time or another, dedicated and ardent supporters of the manufacturing, bottling and distribution of Kool-Aid. It takes a lot of confront to realize not only what one has been subjected to, but also what one has been doing.

    LRH says it better in Scn 8-8008:

    “…So long as he is fixed in a condition where he is in agreement with all spaces and viewpoints, he sees and feels automatically with all other viewpoints. he is about the level of energy, if one can use the term, ‘on the same wavelength’ with all other beingness –a condition which does not permit differentiation.”

    It will take as long as it takes, but like the drop becomes the trickle, the trickle becomes the stream…

  127. Perfect!

  128. Read your letter, Mr. Garcia! Who in their right mind would simply ignore it. It´s not possible. I love it when you say “shove it!” Seems to me you are not the er.. “shy and quiet” -type 🙂

    You made me soooooo happy !!

    Love, Kirsi

  129. Tory Christman

    Congratulations! What a fantastic job you have done…and God only knows
    how many people you have helped wake up, by sending your very spot on

    Isn’t it absolutely amazing to find out how many wonderful, supportive people there are out HERE? I know for me it was the shock of the lifetime,
    and I escaped out in 2000! There’s tons more now….and more to come,
    thanks to what you’ve done.

    Thank you! Thank you! My blessings and love to you….
    (“In” for 30 years, OT 7, Class 5, and happily out for 10 years now 🙂 Thanks to my friend who directed me to this post, also!

  130. ExIntStaffMember

    An beautiful Declaration of Independence which is not only inspiring, its workman-like compilation has resulted in a virtually bulletproof document! And the effort you put into making it go viral is fantastic! DM must be pissing in his thong over this one. I wonder if there is a stat for that? But I digress… Seriously, on a scale of 1 to 10, you got a 1000, Luis.

  131. If after reading this write-up one still finds oneself ‘hung up at doubt’ then I think a PTS situation WITH ALL ITS ATTENDANT ETHICS IMPLICATIONS is indicated.
    Just my evaluative 2c worth (and a dig at DMenablerbots).

    Luis, I am in awe of this level of lucidity, bravery and integrity.

    Thank you.

    Marty, I know you call it the shack but its starting to feel more like Valhalla, with heros not dead but reborn.

    Forget the Grand Patron’s Vacuous Olivious, this is where the REAL OL’s hang out!

  132. Flag went from being safe space and a “religious retreat” to becoming the mecca of out-tech and vulture regging. I think the turning point happened some time in the mid-90s, about the same time as the “Golden Age of Tech” and the Lisa McPherson incident. I believe this was also the same time that Miscavige was spending a lot of time at Flag.

  133. “The continuing exposure is a service to all especially those who will get sucked in in the near future..”

    Karen, almost nobody is getting sucked in according to a little Obs mission recently. The Orgs have gone from quiet to virtually empty.

    Anybody reading this with onlines public still in their addess books, mail Luis’ letter out to them now. Just set up a new gmail or hushmail account – it takes minutes – and mail it to as many people as possible. It is honestly the kindest thing you could do for them.

  134. That was supposed to be ‘oblivious’. getting all worked up and hot under the collar!

  135. Jettero Heller

    Ciao Luis!
    Remember the OLD GREAT Knowingness:
    “No news…..Good news!”
    “Who is silent Agrees!”
    …and, directly from my heart: VWD!
    I prefer LRH

  136. Dear Luis,
    That’s the most astute, intelligent, high reason and complete doubt announcement and effective blow despite personal danger I’ve ever seen. It’s build up so carefully referencing where you come from that it’s hard for a Scientologist to not read it or dismiss it as “just SP talk” or “Enemy Line”. You’re a big shot and I think you broke through all defense mechanisms of Der Leader. Your comm lines are extremely valuable and you’ve identified your friends and enemies in one fell swoop. Your email arrived at 2507 people from which 20 can be put in the enemy camp whereas 64 responded neutral or favorably. Extrapolated to the group it’s means 597 from 2507 or 23,8% negatives, very encouraging considering your mailing to a heavy PTS group. I think that big beings like you working out their conditions correctly will make Davey’s purpose of “getting in ethics on the planet” finally a reality. He can’t do it on his own and demands our unwavering support; you’re contributing way beyond the quantity he’s always asked for. By concatenation and escalation you’re blowing charge for the group faster than he can ever rebuild. You’ve made him reach his tipping point and blasted the barriers that prevented stable case gain for all. Finally his lifetime goals and postulates come true; he should be eternally grateful to you.

  137. I think Loki gives a pretty good answer and I think each person here might give a different answer. Independent is a great word because it means exactly that. Co-dependency is not an ideal scene in any form. Interdependency is something else and is part of the overall scheme of life. On the Apollo, LRH ordered everyone to read Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach. In my experience, exterior and independence go hand-in-hand.

  138. Thanks Luis, What a powerful tool your letter is for those of us that need a clear concise comm. to those inside that we still care about. I will get this to anyone I can that will still look at a comm. from me, and hopefully spring a few more from the trap.

  139. Magnificent, Luis.
    The stats are very telling. Congratulations and enjoy your freedom.

  140. Jim,
    Thank you for citing chapter & verse from CST…I can pass this on …

    Luis: You have [this is likely “mixing metaphors” or some such] with your theta dynamite, unleashed huge waves of aftershock …

  141. MissedGarbage Watcher

    Luis, thank you very much for your letter.
    I’ve just read it through and agree on your points.
    Great product.

  142. Luis,
    Very nicely written and well executed!

  143. martyrathbun09

    Very good observation. It is the same reason Responsibilities of Leaders backfired for him. He thinks you can walk in and say “I’m Simon Bolivar, and you are Manuela, now get busy Bitch.” Doesn’t work like that.

  144. martyrathbun09

    The answer to that is completely answered by the LRH HCOB I posted yesterday on casablanca blog.

  145. Jim,

    Never read this before. Thanks. Sure becomes problematic for DM considering how the religion and practice of Scientology as developed by L Ron Hubbard is happening in the Independent Scientology Movement more so than in the official church. Too much documentation exists that under DM the religion of Scientology and the practice of its technology is not as developed by L Ron Hubbard.

  146. FOS,

    Just brazenly walk in and place copies in everyone’s In Basket.

  147. non-scientologist

    Thank you Mike, for your response. Of course the take away for DM will most likely be “#$%^ I need to declare the remaining 13!”
    It reminds me of how after Stalin came to power, he specifically killed off many of the old bolshiviks who had actually known, and worked with Lenin. It was embarrassing for him to have anyone around, who had independent memories of the previous leader.

  148. J. Swift — I would hope to mellow out your statement: “Lukewarm Scientologists, the fence-sitters, are what is wrong in the present scene.” As long as I am reading this blog and commenting periodically, I doubt I’m a “lukewarm Scientologist, fence-sitter.” I may be doing a fine service to others you may not even see. I believe other contributors may feel the same way as I do and are perhaps doing more than I am to help. Hallelujah

  149. Luis,

    It’s one thing to talk about the spirit of play and quite another to play. You, my friend, are a player. I think you just served one into Der Leader’s privates at 156 mph. Smokin’!

    Were it not for the extra-large, heavily padded cod piece he wears to prove his manhood, Der Shrimp would be writhing on the court right now. A moment worthy of You Tube and Funniest Home Videos.

    But, what the heck. We can still mock it up.


  150. Welcome Luis … Hallelujah!

  151. Luis,
    Your letter is SPECTACULAR!!!!!
    It is hard to argue with precise facts.
    I know your letter will HELP a lot of beings SEE how they have been deceived and SEE the real TRUTH!! Please LOOK people, it’s right here.
    Thank you for sharing.

    🙂 Luke

    🙂 Luke

  152. Mr. Garcia, thank you so much for the truth grenade you have provided for the Cause. And for lobbing it out to many. I’ll continue sending it too.

    You’re a good product of LRH’s tech. He would be proud of you.

  153. Well now. Lets me see a list of points that you all want Miscavaige is it, to do for you?

  154. Jeez (so to speak), get back, sinners! That’s some Pentecostal sermon from J. (John the Baptist?) Swift, a-preachin’ in the wilderness.

  155. Hmm, a list of points I want Miscavige to do for me? Here are ten, for starters:

    1. Wake up and smell the coffee.
    2. Get a clue.
    3. Unlock the gates at Int.
    4. Let Heber go.
    5. Let everyone in the RPF out now.
    6. Find Shelly Miscavige and give her a baseball bat.
    7. Apologize personally to all past and present Scientologists.
    8. Invite and publish an independent audit of Scientology’s financial books for the past 25 years.
    9. Resign.
    10. Finally, or alternatively, GTFO.

    Just Me

  156. martyrathbun09

    Brilliant, apu.

  157. Truly a milestone backed up by more than adequate LRH references. Luis, you have put to words exactly what the rest of us have been thinking. Your letter is the sword of Damocles that is rapidly heading downward to the nape of DM’s neck…..very appropriately. You are a legend in your own time. One of LRH’s true “pirates and bums”. One of the few Captains of Industry that has left the fold. Very, very, very well done.

  158. I truly impressive response to the alcoholic dwarf’s suppression of LRH’s legacy. It’s only a matter of time before the crocodile bites down hard on what the master imp holds dear….tik toc, tik toc, tik toc………
    Hook is turning over in his grave on this one!

  159. Barney: It is only an apparency. ESMB is riddled with OSA Sockpuppet identities who turn just about any thread into an attack on Hubbard, Scientology Tech, Marty Rathbun, Mike Rinder, The Independents, The Freezone or anything else that will distract attention of DM and DMology.
    Michael A. Hobson

  160. “And in classic miscavige-style I would like to say: “It was an enthralling and formidable…”


    Awesome Luis!

  161. Louis Garcia, Good Show sir ! :). Excellent reach, write up and may I say Internet-Activism 😉

    With regards CD

  162. Bravo, Luis!

    I’m going to make sure I forward this to about 10 on-lines Churchies who are on New OT V through New OT VIII – who I personally know and have excellent ARC with!

    Little by little…bit by bit…the concrete you’ve used to wall-in and cave-in your minions is chipping away.

    You’re suppressive and evil and goin’ DOWN, Davey!

  163. Luis,
    That quote is another bull’s eye on the perennial question: How does this go on?

  164. Agreed. The point I’m simply trying to make is that the Independents are still a group. There are two or more people here with common goals and purposes. For others inside wanting to leave but still wanting a 3rd dynamic using LRH Tech, those goals and purposes should be defined, I believe. If not here, then somewhere. If their current stable datum is the Church and its existing mock-up, then you have to replace it with some new stable datum, not just knock out the old one(s). Random independence is great, but I’m pretty sure LRH says an OT cannot survive alone – so we need an actual group that more people can support – a solution.

  165. ROFLMAO! Thanks Sinar for clearing up my misunderstoods… While not a brain surgeon (obviously not needed here), I would be more than happy to perform the operation. Have a stick right here for him to bite on. By the way, I have performed over 5 dozen demonectomies; it is possible that this is the same type of operation… Excuse me, I laughed so hard I need to check my pants.

  166. Well, I did grow up with Hellfire and Brimstone preaching. I have also practiced Zen and gained broad spiritual experience in my search for Truth. When you distill the various traditions down, it comes down to this: Actions speak louder than words.

    The Independent movement is, in part, a referendum of David Miscavige and his unelected status as leader of CoS for his entire lifetime. If people in CoS want DM to stay in for life and for his present policies to continue, then they should remain in CoS and flow power to COB.

    However, if people in CoS do not like what COB has done, and continues to do, then they need to vote with their feet and leave. Making a statement as Luis did is an ethical, self-determined action. Luis really showed some class.

    To do nothing, to sit on the fence, serves no one and shows no self-determination. I realize how much fear there is, especially fear of losing one’s Eternity, but even that is not true.

    When I lost my faith as a Christian, I was 21 years old. I suddenly realized that God would not send me to Hell for all of Eternity for leaving a particular church and opening myself up to consider practices such as Zen. I realized that I had somehow completed a level in Christianity and that it was time for me to move on in my spiritual education and experience. I left my church in a very quiet, low key way. One of the first things I did after leaving was to explore past lives, for the entire subject was considered taboo and demonic in Christianity.

    Life went on. The sky did not fall on me. I did not go to Hell. I made a decision to move on as a self-determined act. In some sense, my early grounding in the Bible helped me to better understand other traditions. I learned that nothing is lost or wasted on a person who seeks wisdom and understanding and enlightenment.


  167. I agree, you hit it out of the park with these last 2 paragraphs. The inevitable, unescapable, and obvious conclusion from your concise, powerful summary of the facts and policy violations preceding.

    Your letter reads like a modern-day Declaration of Independence. It may or may not shake loose the false data of all those still drinking the Kool-Aid, but it cannot help but do so for many. It is the written equivalent of a 7.0 earthquake; difficult if not impossible to not-is.

  168. Just a little aside from the title of this thread “A Message from Garcia”…

    The work “A Message to Garcia” is a very famous essay by Elburt Hubbard. (I am always mystified by these low-level coincidences of collisions between items that should not or do not have natural connections…)

    Wikipedia has an entry for “Message to Garcia” at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Message_to_Garcia

  169. You’re right, Jethro. May 1996 is when it all changed at Flag. Not that the years preceding were all sweetness and light, but it was easy to spot where the shoals and reefs were (so to speak), and they could be fairly easily navigated with minimal enturbulation and maximum gain. For years, I could count on Flag as a place to go whenever I needed a theta boost. There were (and still are) many wonderful, competent, caring people there, working their hearts out to deliver Scientology. The degree to which they (all of us, really) have been betrayed by DM is almost unconfrontable. Yes, we are all responsible for our condition, and we WILL change it. Still, the motivator side of the equation can’t help but bring tears to the eyes of anyone who cares to look.

  170. CR,
    It’s actually the inimitable Dan Sherman-style, the true DM style would be in 4 letter words and concepts similar to YSCOHB.

  171. Fellow Traveller

    Luis gets credit for tickling the tumblers which result in this comment.

    COB and his cronies maintain that the condition of the CoS is “straight up and vertical”, “unprecedented expansion” and other HyperDrivel(tm) expressions. Fair enough. I can track with that. So that would be a condition of Affluence, right? I note there is not a shred of reference to the actual condition of the church as affluence. Why? Because step one of the Affluence formula is Economize:

    1. Economize. Now the first thing you must do in Affluence
    is economize and then make very, very sure that
    you don’t buy anything that has any future commitment
    to it; don’t buy anything with any future commitments;
    don’t hire anybody with any future commitments-
    nothing. That is all part of that economy; clamp
    it down.

    And since step 1 is not the modis operandi, Affluence can’t be the condition. On the other hand, the severe ethics actions (to say nothing of the “unusual solutions”) taken by church terminals and representatives would indicate some (way?) below normal condition.

    *My* universe is a bit clearer now.

    Bruce Pratt

  172. to all you simon bolivar pl lovers including me lol( hey it works lol ), Life, it’s real and it bleeds. this might be entheta to those inside the church, but it’s real. this is happening now. it’s your eternity, what you choose to do with it, is up to you, you just can’t say, we never said anything 🙂

  173. Thank you for being so brave and totally sure of what you know to take a stand. Your credentials and personal stats give weight to your words. It matters and makes me feel proud to be a Sceintologist instead of fearing the “Miscavige Inquistion”.

  174. Fellow Traveller

    Awesome list, JM.

    May I extend?

    11. Meet with Marty & Mike. That is meet, not arrive with an entourage for some honest to goodness mano a mano communication.

    12. Disband IAS and disburse funds in some ethical manner — refunds, repair and rehabilitation for the wrongs done.

    Bruce Pratt

  175. It had often crossed my mind about the Croc race,if it is, he certainly appears to be snapping terminals in that direction. LRH mentions of them in the Command Of Theta tapes.

    They had contact with King Arthur. Sword of alien “Steel”.


  176. Fellow Traveller

    13. Public apology, sincere would be nice, to LRH, then LRH’s family.

  177. one of those who see

    You wrote “Marty, I know you call it the shack but its starting to feel more like Valhalla, with heros not dead but reborn.”

    Love this! How true!

  178. Dear Luis,
    I have read all the postings and find there is nothing I can add to all the brilliantly written responses.

    I can only add one thing….A standing applause to your incredible letter.
    Welcome home.
    I send my love, Marsha Pearlman Sorensen

  179. Bravo Luis! Or to qounte a near friend: “I have been thinking about sending a letter to the org, but now I do not need to, I will just use this one, since it says it all.”

  180. After reading these comments, there’s something I have to say.

    While it’s great that Luis’s letter is getting such wide distribution, it’s unbelievable that NOT ONE commenter here, OR LUIS HIMSELF, has given credit to the MAIN SOURCE of his letter: the FRIENDS OF LRH website.

    Anybody who has even glanced at this website knows that most of Luis’s “spot-on, no HE&R, best-ever” letter was lifted VERBATIM from the Friends of LRH website. This includes not only the majority of his LRH quotes, but even large chunks of their narrative. No letter could ever do as good a job as the Friends Of LRH website does, especially since they post all the graphs and stats which back up everything they say.

    I posted here a few months ago the fact that the Friends of LRH website was FAR AND AWAY the best dissemination tool my husband and I have found for getting through to people still in the Church.

    I don’t know who wrote the Friends of LRH website or if they even care that Luis is PLAGERIZING their work, but it doesn’t matter, I CARE.

    As Scientologists, we should know better than anybody that you ALWAYS ACKNOWLEDGE YOUR SOURCE for something, and give credit where credit is due.


  181. Mike H,
    Yes, he does. However, that makes the corporate niceties a farce and making them a farce doesn’t fly with those (courts and such) that like these things to be as they are supposed to be.

    You see what I’m getting at?

    In DM’s bubble world, he can cross lines, unmock this, nullify that and so on. When it comes to California corporate law, articles of incorporation, by-laws, trusts, trustees, directors, who does what and how, well the ‘law’ has the pin to pierce this li’l bubble – the ‘corporate veil’ and li’l nekked Davey in his li’l bubble world is thereby fully ex-pose- ed.

    Oooh la la, as it were.

  182. Luis, I’m sure LRH would give you a big VERY WELL DONE! Welcome to the Independents! Love Sarge

  183. I couldn’t let a mention of Richard Bach and Jonathan Livingston Seagull pass without mentioning that a lot of the promo for Clear in the ’70’s was based on his book.

    Also about Richard Bach himself.

    He was involved in the SRI Remote Viewing experiments conducted by Hal Puthoff in that period as well.

    Also around that time Ingo Swann presented a paper at the First International Congress on Psychotronic Research in Prague “Scientological Techniques: A Modern Paradigm for the Exploration of Consciousness and Psychic Integration”.

    Is it any wonder that Ron declared Scientology in a condition of Power during this period and how far the organization has fallen since under Miscavige.

    From creating a new Paradigm to being the butt of night show hosts.

    Just a thought.

  184. Marty, Apparently someone is grabbing my Gmail stuff. I’ve tried to comment many times over the last couple of days and the comments keep disappearing. So I changed to another email address and it looks like the comments are going through. I really wasn’t aware that DM and OSA thought that I was dangerous. Who Me?? Its kinda humorous. I am soooo scared. NOT!

  185. Fly or was it teleport.


  186. Well stated Publius.

  187. That’s a really good point about the affluence formula.

    There’s no condition formula that says “waste a lot of money on un-needed MEST.”

  188. Marty-

    I guess the site is under pretty heavy spam attack. I’ve tried to post an ack to Luis 3 times, several hours apart. When I hit the “post comment” button normally page will reload and I’ll be looking at my comment “pending moderation”. Instead, since Luis’ piece, my reply just disappears.

    In any case, if this one goes through……

    Luis thank you so much for this letter. I see this going down in history.


  189. B,
    Good eye!
    That goes on the list of outpoints attached to the Ideal Org fiasco.

  190. Hi Luis,

    As a fellow OT VIII, I totally agree with what you wrote up and appreciate the effort you made to pull all the LRH references. It’s a great document and you’ve done LRH proud.

    Make no mistake, Scientology is at war. The church is fighting everybody who doesn’t agree with it internally and externally. By continually outflowing events, DVDs of events, e-mails, perverted Freedom magazines, videos and more, the tactic is enforced communication as an outflow and inhibited communication on the inflow, in an attempt to get people to agree on DM’s “Scientology 2010” which is in actual reality a Hollywood set with false facades (like those over-the-top DM events) in which Tom Cruise would be perfectly at home. 

    At the end of the day, the out the bottom R in all of this will come back to devour DM as it is daily nibbling away at him. OSA and the RTC and Int inner circle that enforces DM edicts will be seen as war criminals. The Sea Org and Org staff will realize their treason to LRH and Scientology public will hang their heads in shame to have studied PTS/SP tech and yet been so blind. 

    If you simply apply your Hubbard Chart of Human Evaluation and recognize that the self-proclaimed leader is 1.1, then you realize everything he says is a lie. Golden Age of Tech is squirrel, “arbitraries removed” is arbitraries installed and the blind man really is leading the blind.

    Thanks again Luis for closing the door on incorrect technology and incorrect application. You’re a war hero.

  191. Tony DePhillips

    I haven’t been able to post here using my computer. I am using my phone. Has anyone else been having trouble?

  192. Luis- Thank you for such an incredibly well written letter. Its impact is far reaching,

  193. Actually the CST was sabotaged.

    I don’t think there is anyone left in the Organization right now who is qualified to be a trustee which is at least OT III, Class VIII, OEC and to remain in that position OT VIII, Class XII and an FEBC grad within five years of becoming a Trustee.

    Leaving it under the control of the Special Directors who are all Lawyers and accountants.

    The only aspect that functions is the L Ron Hubbard Library which has basically been hijacked by the little cretin and has given him free reign to alter the technology while claiming to “correct” it and hold any unreleased technology hostage until it can be presented in its altered form as a “new release” or to be “found” later by the soi-disant “finder of lost technology”.

    A post he is capable of assuming as Porky the Pig is of being the squadron leader for the Blue Angels.

  194. Thank you Luis Garcia for your excellent Dissemination. 😉

    With regards, Cat Daddy

    “All disturbance and chaos folds up in the teeth of truth.
    Don’t ever try to stop truth. It’s the only thing that can go through 16-inch armor plate.”

    -L. Ron Hubbard

    “Truth resides in every human heart, and one has to search for it there, and to be guided by truth as one sees it. But no one has a right to coerce others to act according to his own view of truth.”

    – Edmund Burke

  195. Floating Needle

    I agree with Jackson BOOOO FREAKING YA!

    Welcome Mr. Garcia and let me Thank You for a well documented and researched KR.

    I too have forwarded it to a few of my friends… awaiting replies.

    Jackson: You need to speak up more often! I love your enthusiasm! :0)


  196. Brought a tear to my eye too. Thank you.


  197. First, some play: a song for JS and JM:

    Jus’ gimme back that ol’ time religion,
    That ol’ time religion.
    Jus’ gimme back that ol’ time religion,
    That ol’ Sci-en-tol-aw-geeee!

    Second – thank you, Luis. A masterful doubt formula and a massive blow to the enemy. You have the stats and the presence to be an OL to the many people you directly contacted, and to the many people reached by this blog and others.

    Your writeup will likely become part of the catechism of the Indies – a perfect set of questions and answers to handle a ‘handler’. Woe to the terminal who tries to argue against the references in your compilation. If they not-is it they will make themselves weaker. If they agree… well, the result should be obvious.

  198. ROFL.
    Solidly mocked up with full somatics. Flow 3, of course. (The pain on my insides is from laughing.)

  199. Hal,

    You are performing a valuable service by still being there and reporting on the existing scene.

    Our eyes and ears.

    Don’t ever get the idea that you are not contributing to the momentum of overturning the corrupt Church.

    You are.

    I respect your right to remain anonymous.



  200. I love the GTFO part 🙂

    Would also like to add and take your carpet bagging fiends and blood suckers with ya!

    They can however keep their IAS plagues as a souvenir 🙂

  201. Thank you for this brilliant, Standard Tech write up of your application of the conditions formula, Luis. Very Well Done!
    I look forward to using it as an effective tool to enlighten others and to help restore LRH Ethics, Tech and Admin into full use in the field.

  202. My Hat is off to you Luis!! Your letter is a masterpiece.

  203. Well you are dangerous to Miscavige Sarge.

    Only for the reason that you probably knew Ron on a more personal level than most of us here and know that he was just a man not a god.

    Which conflicts with the Godlike image that the current high priestess (and Tom’s bitch) of Scientology is trying to create.

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  205. Tony, Yes. Me. I finally got through by changing my Gmail to another e-mail address and now my comments are making it. Its just dev-t and silly really. Love

  206. Very well done for your independence Declaration!!
    Silvia 😀

  207. Luis,
    Man, that is one of the best write ups I’ve seen to date. Sure to rock the universe of any Scientologist that reads it. Concise, exact facts referenced against the exact tech and policy violations, with a graciousness and honesty about it that is sure to communicate.
    Thank you for all you are doing,
    Sherry Katz

  208. ” Your letter is the sword of Damocles that is rapidly heading downward to the nape of DM’s neck…..”

    Another truth has been written.

  209. Tory Christman

    To Luis, lurkers and you all 🙂

    Happy Friday!

  210. to mjolnir, you’ll have to be more specific in your question, lol, i don’t read into shit. but i am overt, direct and honest. so whatever questions ya, got ask away 🙂 i’ve got nothing on it lol 🙂

  211. What could the KRs written on you possibly say. We would love to see that !!
    Great job Mr. Garcia !

  212. Luis,

    WOW! The voice of sanity!

    Thank you for the LRH policy and quotes. As always, truth destimulates, offers comfort and solution.

    Luis, thank you for giving justice to Hubbard’s memory by providing his exact thoughts and the details via quoting LRH policy. Your report serenely spotlights specifically how, where and when Hubbard’s life’s work is being twisted and hijacked for other (and often exact opposite) intentions.

    This report helps untangle the gnarly mess that the word “Scientology” has become to many, differentiating between the gaudy mockery and Hubbard’s brilliant, lucid simplicity that so many love.

  213. martyrathbun09

    Please get in touch with Tony D, he’s having similar problems. Maybe you two will find the common denominator.

  214. martyrathbun09

    You have a misunderstood on the term “plagerize” or you are a bona fide OSA bot. Incidentally, OSA at DM’s urging have a habit of falsely accusing people of plagiarism too.

  215. Kudos on your actions and congratulations on your decision Mr Garcia. You are half way home.

  216. martyrathbun09

    Interesting, coming from a dude in the cheap seats.

  217. martyrathbun09

    This is from bigawatts:
    “Bravo, Luis. I am eagerly looking forward to all the messages from those newly awakened as a result of their reading your letter.
    Thank you for your help.
    Biga reported a problem with posting a reply here. Tony D has too. As has Sarge. Anyone having comments not appearing, please forward them to my email. It may be that they are getting lost in the auto-send messages from OSA which we have been receiving at a clip of about 100 per hour since posting Luis’s letter.

  218. Dear Devon,

    You should really actually go to the Friends of LRH website and check it out before making such comments since it mainly covers the stats having to do with training not the overall statistics of the organization

    Luis’ epistle is actually the best summary of Miscavige’s Crimes and High Crimes which are legion but also the bogus “stats” he has created out of whole cloth to cover up his criminal acts.

  219. 14. Take your $500 severance pay, and get the Fu*#! out of Dodge, go to a county where extradition is impossible, like Costa Rica. And hope the IRS, Interpol, Justice dept. etc won’t hunt you down.

    15. Leave all your valuable “toys” and gadgets and money behind.
    A Board of Investigation, can investigate and deem where these should go.

  220. Use your hush mail account. Only way to go.

  221. Tory Christman

    Typical OSA ops—“morons, Inc” is their acting/un-official name, by the way.
    As I told them back when I was “in”, and since I’ve left:
    YOU (OSA) are C R E A T I N G your own enemies…and they do, daily.
    Happy Friday, once again! Rock on, Luis!

  222. Word has it that the orgs and missions are calling people in to warn them about Louis’ letter. To say they’re FREAKED OUT about people reading it is an understatement.
    The cult doesn’t dare let the truth get out. Some sheep will bow down and follow along. Others will read it and head for the exit.

  223. Interesting how this poem had more meaning for me in the context of Marty’s blog.

  224. This is Tom Gallagher-

    Marty- I can safely assume that this one (Luis) has sent DM over the edge. My computer guru told me that blocking me out of a WordPress site is pretty high end. I have in fact tried to post an Ack to Luis 5 times and they all disappeared into cyberspace.

    For what it’s worth we are impinging. I’m honored to have the “little one” target myself for his self-imposed censorship.

    God almighty, he’s totally spun. For what it’s worth……………

  225. You might want to check my stub again Mr Rathbun.

  226. Tony this is Tom Gallagher. My stuff won’t go through either.

    Here’s what’s going on inside his mind.

  227. No, really, all I want him to do is resign. Step down, and walk away.


    I have been thinking about this. He will not resign. He will not admit defeat. He will not just walk away. Correct me if I’m wrong Marty and Mike, but I am thinking it is not in his nature to recognize defeat and take it like a man. I have been trying to figure out what will get him out, and there are three scenarios I can come up with:

    1. He is arrested for crimes committed. Financial or in terms of abuse/kidnapping, etc.

    2. There is a coup among Scientologists to force him out. This would be staff and public finally fed up and driving him out. It could be just “we are not following your orders anymore” and they walk away. He may still be “official” but no one will do anything for him. It could be as fun as a whole event laughs him out of the building! Shades of Mussolini or Ceausescu, without the hanging and execution parts.

    3. Virtually everyone leaves the church, vocally or not, by not going to course, not buying service, not spending endless sums on sec checking and their fifth “clear check.” This is the slow grind approach.

    The fourth option is for him to resign, and I just do not see it.

    I think the most realistic option is arrest. He is committing crimes. He needs to be arrested. No one has a right to lock people on base, lock people in a couple of triple-wides, etc. No one had a right to assault anyone else. On the financial side… well, look at his quarters and goodies compared to any other SO member.

    It would be sad if an arrest happens when he is still the “COB.” That would be a blow to all Scientologists. But it is better than him staying for another x years. I like the idea of ridiculing him out, but that could be a long haul.

    Dave – just resign. Take a couple of million, and move to Mexico or maybe Thailand, and leave us alone.

  228. No need to quarrel, boys and girls. I do agree that FriendsofLRH.com is probably the best website that presents an overall departure from LRH, and leaves one with little doubt that the current scene and miscavige are less than ideal.

    When I first found it it had a profound effect on me. So I do, hereby give it and its creators its due credit. Unfortunately, it took me, for one reason or another, 11 months to arrive to the website. I did get the inspiration and used major parts from it. So what? The bottom line is “churchies” do not go to it or any other site, because “it is a crime.” I thought of sending a short declaration/doubt and a link to that website. I decided against it because I did not think people would click on the link, after reading my “entheta.” Thus, no product.


  229. I’d say he struck a home run ASF while as Marty says you were watching from the cheap seats.

    Nothin’ wrong with that.

    But please show some humility.


  230. Is this sort of like the kamikazes flying into aircraft carriers at the end of the war? That’s a rhetorical question.

  231. Luis,
    I thought I could add an adjective to aptly validate your letter.
    They’re all used up in the posts above. So, I’ll just say: “A+” and thank you.

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  233. Mr. Garcia: I just want you to know that I think you totally rock. Independant’s Hall of Fame for you, ok?
    Muchas gracias por todo.
    Michael A. Hobson

  234. Bravo Mr. Garcia! What an effective blow to the enemy! Welcome to the movement.

  235. Marty,
    Great – you have hit another one of VE’s major buttons and the desperation is accumulating. I wonder if you can set up a spam filter, one which would filter out those IPs collected by Mike and any other ones which can be added as more IPs surface? It would seem that WP would have something like that?

  236. I am glad you picked up the Remote Viewing thread. I didn’t know Back was involved at SRI. Those boys diverged heavily from anything that might be termed “theta”. I only learned recently that Hal was connected to Phil Spickler. I had no idea Phil got those guys in….I supposed that is the case. I mean, he was right there. They used to get publicity in the Bay Area. Front page articles I remember about remote sensing and they were recruiting for talent, covertly. Don’t know how you familiar you are with my work but Ingo tried to shut down the Montauk investigation long before I ever got involved. He was caught one day at a conference scanning my energy field. He was moving all around me. If you would like to dialogue about this please email me at metaqual@hushmail.com

  237. Tory- You are absolutely delightful! A soul mate!

    ML, Tom Gallagher

  238. I am suspicious of google mail myself. I set up an account six months ago and they would never let me back in despite all sorts of circuitous nonsense. I think they have become the new Microsoft in terms of government stooges. If you think about it, their name suggests the “All Seeing Eye”.

  239. Steve,
    An OT cannot survive alone?
    Surely, an immortal being has no worries on ‘survive’. Vicissitudes of the game, new this, old that, play, yes – survival mmmm, not so much. Play, yes.

    The reference is RJ 67. You need to look that up.

    On the other points, there IS a 3D spontaneously arisen. Pick a hat you want and put it on. Those others you mention, ‘needing’ a stable datum, NEED to pick up their own bootstraps and assume responsibility for their own certainty.

    I’m not alone. Witness these many, many beings, OTs all right here on this blog. Welcome.

  240. I remember the severe spamming actions of OSA against the newsgroup a.r.s. many years ago. At that time a.r.s. was the major communication vehicle for former church members and anti Co$ activists. And yes, OSA managed to make it harder to use a.r.s. Few websites about Co$ existed back then, and I do not recall any blogs .

    Fast forward some 10 plus years : many anti Co$ / anti-DM websites and blogs, the independent field is expanding more than in decades, world wide anti Co$ activism is rampant like never before in history …

    And OSA tries the same stupid spamming solution that didn’t get them much – except some statistic points – 10 years ago.

    Don’t they ever learn ???

  241. Hi Steve. Your right. Its natural for groups to form. I would say Independents are a category, not a group. You have started to see here independents finding each other, linking up, meeting, etc. That will most likley expand. Also, groups would likely form around indvidual practitioners who offer courses and/or auditing. These small Islands will also connect in various ways. And its all healthy. My personal opinion is that it should always be a LOCAL focus. LOCAL control. To the extent it goes to anything on a state or national or international level, I think it always need remain by choice, and NOT compulsory. Simply to never again allow an authoritarian structure which can hijack the subject and cause its disrepute. Expansion will happen through the application of the processes and philosophy and the successes it brings.
    All the groups will not be equal in size or influence as that would be unnatural. There will be opinion leaders and experts and motivational speakers and technical crackerjacks. They will be invited to address the groups at functions, etc. Sell their books or whatever. Thats the way I see it evolving.
    If and when the current church explodes or empties out, there may be opportunities to reorganize it for the good of society. Maybee like Christian Science reading rooms in their widespread existence, but with the added value of courses or counselling. Keep it simple, keep it local. Thats my opinion to ensure success and longevity.

  242. Devon,
    Hmmm, seems to be a bit of an out-of-ARC rant there. Plagiarism?! Seriously?

    It’s apparent that Luis has done his homework, including a thorough perusal of the Friends of LRH. If you think this is some sort of issue with those Friends, well, you are a retard. That’s it. I said it. You are a Mongoloid Idiot. Dumb as a bag of hammers. Stupid like chicken feet. As sharp as a piece of celery. I offend retards by including you in their ilk. Putz, divet head, wank.

    Knob, grunt, goof, doof, pea-brain, dolt, potato-head, squam, git, geek, and did I say retard?

    Plagiarize! Hah, good one 🙂

  243. Luis,
    I have to tell you, YOU HAVE MOVED ME TO ACTION! I sent you my commlines via Marty. Go tiger! I realized that you have given all of us that hadn’t already figured a way to complete our Doubt
    Formulas of doing everything possible to improve the stats in the group you have befriended or joined. I have been amassing a file of all the Conditions writeups and commentary of my fellow indies from these blogs with the intention of sending them to choice commlines but haven’t as I wasn’t ready to out myself yet. Too much at stake at the moment yet I want to help, Fabian though I have been. Thank you for that!

    Secondly I wanted to share the cognition that failed auditor, low case level if any, David Misgavige cannot stand a chance against the power of one single OT 8 such as yourself, let alone all the Clears, OT3s, OT5s , and 8s in the Indie field. Without stealing thunder, I just heard that something BIG is about to happen in a Foreign Country. Sorry, can’t help passing on good news!

  244. I would guarantee that 98% of those who responded negatively to Luis formula did not read it. You could not be a scientologist and disagree with the LRH loaded examples. This doubt formula should be reissued as a cramming order.

  245. metaqual wrote: “On the Apollo, LRH ordered everyone to read Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach.”

    Wow, is that right? That’s really cool! What year was that, Peter, and did LRH ever put it in writing?

    I also loved Illusions by Richard Bach … what an incredible book.

    (And RJ, I also noticed that Richard Bach was involved in the SRI stuff. Why was I not surprised?) 🙂

  246. Theo Sismanides

    Landon, it is good to know that people who have not been involved with the organization, still do read and study the Tech. The organization was supposed to be a place where you could safely and standardly apply the Tech. It’s not like that anymore. This blog is not an organization but there are some Indie organizations in the field. One has to look for them or just look for auditors. See, the organization was supposed to pull in the interested particles and move them through the various terminals of the Org Board to a product as we call it in Scientology.

    I think all LRH did with the Organization was to build a strong channel through which a particle would move and exit with surely good results. This was the genious of LRH in building such organizations with policy. The Independents many being OTs and highly trained auditors will be doing that IMHO very, very soon in masses since the Admin and Ethics parts of the Tech are going to go in, in the Independent field. I am one of those who is working on that through this blog and I think many people have seen that organization is not at fault. What is at fault is making the organization a goal in itself as compared to getting results with the Tech, organization or no organization.
    Welcome on this blog!

  247. What a fantastic write-up, Luis! Thank you for sharing it here and sending it out to so many.

  248. No, that would be DM filming Marty at the airport trying to make something out of nothing, then trying to pin it on Anonymous where any moron could see that it was shot by a PI.

  249. Luis,

    WOW! The voice of sanity!

    Thank you for the LRH policy and quotes. As always, truth
    destimulates, offers comfort, stable datums and solution.

    Luis, thank you for giving justice to Hubbard’s memory by
    providing his thoughts and operating procedures. Via quoting LRH
    policy, your report serenely spotlights specifically how, where and
    when Hubbard’s life’s work is being twisted and hijacked for other
    (and often exact opposite) intentions.

    This report helps untangle the gnarly mess that the word
    “Scientology” has become to many, differentiating between the gaudy
    mockery it is being corrupted into vs. Hubbard’s brilliant, lucid
    simplicity that so many love.

  250. MBG – Some strange things seem to be happening with comments of this article on this blog. Your above statement was first an origination standing alone by itself, then it later became a reply.

  251. Cat Daddy – How come I don’t see any quotes by LRH being posted by you on ESMB?

  252. Well, that made me giggle. I’ll be watching the headlines. Thanks for the cue, Gandiguy.

  253. Pingback: A Letter From Garcia (via Moving On Up a Little Higher) | Grasshopper's Blog

  254. Bienvenido y Gracias Senior Garcia

    Wow, such clear and precise statement!

  255. I’m going to post something just to see if it can show up. Here it is.

  256. Home is where the heart is.

  257. Marty, thanks for posting my reply to Luis Garcia’s letter.
    I now have a hushmail account and, hopefully, no more problem getting my replies through.

  258. Ditto! You make me 🙂

  259. The original list was researched by Pierre Ethier. I requested on Scientology-cult.com for any corrections to please be forwarded. The list has now been updated accordingly; however Luis Garcia’s list actually includes 38 names, not 37. That puts the percentage at 76% of Old St Hill declared by current management.

    The names originally listed by Pierre but not by Luis Garcia are as follows: will anyone with information on these people please email me with corrections.

    Len Regenass: HCO Area Sec DECLARED SP
    Dalene Regenass Org E.S DECLARED SP Clear #24 (Declared by Current Church Leadership)
    Otto Roos Ad Council DECLARED SP Clear #25 One of the original LRH trained Class XII (completed A-E of a prior Declare. But Re-Declared by Current Church Leadership)
    Marilynn Routsong HCO Staff DECLARED SP Clear #31 (Declared by Current Church Leadership)
    Herbie Parkhouse Org Exec Sec DECLARED SP Clear #55 Personal Friend of LRH Org Exec Sec (Declared by Current Church Leadership)
    Anton James Tech Staff DECLARED SP Clear #53 (Declared by Current Church Leadership; Deceased)
    Virginia Downsborough Tech Staff DECLARED SP Clear #39 (Declared by Current Church Leadership)
    Van Staden Treasury Staff DECLARED SP Clear #40 (Declared by Current Church Leadership)
    Felice Green Tech Staff DECLARED SP Clear #26 (Declared by Current Church Leadership)

    Additionally, I heard that Philip Quirino, the LRH Comm for St Hill, is living under guard in reclusive retirement home. Don’t know if that is true.

  260. David Miscavige, take the money and run…I sure as hell ain’t going lookin for you.

  261. Fellow OT 8 here. Blind leading the blind. What a crock of shit he came up with on that one. 99.9 % of the Scientologists I’ve known over the years from San Francisco, LA, NY, Flag and around the world were all deep philosophers with a tremendous understanding of the tech and philosophy of Scientology. Many were great auditors. How the hell came some twerp like Miscavige come up with a turd-brain why like that and most of us bought it, even though it didn’t make sense? Duh. Just a widesweeping, all encompassing inval of all Scientologists’ knowledge and ability in one simple statement. I wonder how long DM thought about that before he said it. Did he go over that in his head every night, calculating and conniving how to construct the best covert inval he could possibly come up with to do the most damage?

    All us old-schoolers, we might not a’known all the stuff rote, memorized, but our level of understanding and ability to apply goes deep.

    I’m glad this Garcia letter gets to throw a battalion of moose-turd pies right dead center in DM’s face. I enjoy a good balancing of accounts and can even get amused from an artistically executed, deserved revenge.

  262. LRH was an Independent.

  263. Jim,
    Yes, but what do you really think? 🙂

  264. Luis, congratulations brother on some serious world-class itsa (saying what “it is”). And not only that, but you got it out to thousands of people. Can’t wait to meet you in person!

  265. Seems like Miscavige’s actions are being recognized by so many people that when you can find a form letter that perfectly fits what you’ve observed, why not borrow some of it? Hey, remember what Picasso said, “Good artists borrow; great artists steal.”

  266. Alex Braverman


    Is there any reason why we can’t get an accurate address for Ton Cruise, or his representatives, so that we can all individually send “A letter from Garcia” to Tom Cruise along with our thoughts? I mean, after all, Tom Cruise, being a Freedom Medal Of Valor (for Achievement in the Field of Excellence – from the Church of Scientology) Should, quite obviously be interested in the information at hand. I mean, come on, he solely is the most public face of Scientology, shouldn’t he at least weigh in on this most important revelation?

    Can someone please help me get this letter to Tom Cruise?


  267. Also, tsb, there’s no need to point it out. There’s this cool thing in Scientology philosophy called Recognition of the Rightness of the Being. Recognize the rightness. Pay attention to the rightness. If it ain’t important or even pertinent to the matter and there’s wrongness connected with it, why bother. Otherwise, it could always be wrongness, wrongness, wrongness. One can almost always find wrongness if you look hard enough for it.

  268. 16. Rig up a Three Stooges type of ass-kicking device with a boot, a pulley and a rope that you can pull on to kick your ass down the damn road. That way, you’ll be self-determined.

    17. Don’t forget to take you ‘rods’ with you and your dumb dog. Leave the motorcycles and watches.

  269. Scott Campbell


    Speaking of celery…

    Two pieces of celery were stalking across the highway.

    One of them gets creamed.

    Later, in the Emergency Room, the other celery spots the doctor coming out of the operating room.

    He stalks up to the doctor and says, “Doc! Is he going to make it?”

    And the doctor says, “Yes, he’ll live. But I’m afraid he’s going to be a vegetable for the rest of his life.”


    Thank you. I’ll be here all night.


  270. Tory Christman

    Thank you, Tom Gallagher! I greatly appreciate you saying that~~Especially tonight. 🙂

    ML 2 U 2 (grin)


  271. Really? 🙂

    It’s a little late for them to close the gate after the cow has left!

  272. Mike,

    You’re spot on again.

    I just thought of an cute analogy between ESMB and Marty’s blog.

    If Marty’s blog and ESMB were news shows, in terms of tone and responsible reporting, Marty’s blog would be like “60 minutes” or “Nightline” and ESMB would be like “The National Enquirer”. 🙂

  273. I think it’d be good to send the “no product” mail. If you’ve read my post above you may agree that extrapolated to the group you got 1910 neutral or positive inclined recipients. Many of them need more information and there’s no better way than connecting them to the internet. You’re incredible effective at reaching a public far more important then any Indie has done so far, including M&M. You broke through Davey’s main defense artillery and major anti aircraft canons, so I’m sure you figure out a high ARC bridge (explain the real reason why they’re not allowed on the internet) to get a large part of your public to come to this site. Even if you only got one of them in want of more data to go to Friends of LRH, everybody wins big time; don’t keep them hanging for 11 months just because you feel TR3 or follow ups might be ineffective (they’re the very tools that get things done).

  274. Jim, even though you’re right, you may want to increase your tolerance level a tad because different people have different awareness levels. Why not try to increase that of Devon as he is promoting Friends of LRH.

  275. Tony DePhillips

    My suggestion is that this letter is kept up here and put onto Steve Hall’s site also since it is getting so much TA. This is freaking them out and this has to continue. Get this letter out to everyone you can. We have this prick on the ropes.

  276. Planting the seeds of antagonism are we atcause ?

    “When in Rome do as the romans do”

  277. I think people just are passionate about the thing that has helped them in there live as Scientologists are about the Tech. One likes to see that acknowlegded. However I think the creators of LRH just want to get there point across in any wich way they can. I do not think Devon is an OSA Bot. I just think he is passionate about something, in this case a website, that has helped him CD.

  278. A Gentleman and a Scholar reside inside you Luis Garcia. I thank you for defusing this unnescercery upset.

  279. Jim Logan one thing: NO U !

  280. Jim
    your comment is beyond contempt, the worst ad hom attack I’ve ever seen here — sheesh.

  281. No, just wondering if we have more than one Cat Daddy on our hands.

    “When in Rome do as the romans do”

    So if the “romans” at ESMB are bashing Marty, the independents and LRH, are you going to join in the fun?

  282. Stsve,

    Not to rain on anyone’s parade, but in the interests of accuracy. This list selects an arbitrary number of “50 SH staff” — why not 100 or 25? There were more than 50 staff at SH when LRH left (just one example — MSH was there!). Some of the names are just inaccurate (like Dalene Regenass Gouws who was the CO AOSHUK until she got cancer). Some were declared way before “current management” like Otto Roos and others. There is no definition of “current management” — does this mean management since the formation of the FB (rather than EC WW)? Management since 1980? Since Miscavige became the Vampire Emperor? Others may have specifics about this list. I had no idea where it came from until reading here that it was compiled by P{ierre Ethier and I have no idea where he got his information from as some of it is just wrong.

  283. Clever approach. Would have worked on me…. 🙂 Fidelio

  284. Thank you to those Orgs for adding to the controversy and originating ideas to people that don’t know nothing yet.

  285. Wow!!

    Thank you – you hit the nail on the head. This write-up is so exact in its simplicity.

    I have been compiling a reference list and it is a mirror of of yours, save a couple.

    To spot outpoints and simply state them without the usual HE & R is really a class act.

    Well done!

  286. martyrathbun09

    Alex, I took your second to last para out. By all means do what you feel is right. I don’t want the blog accused of doing something that could be construed as something other than constructive. I know your intentions are good. Just applying the idiot tiger factor. An advice LRH wrote to Tech Comps said something to the effect you have to keep an eye on how an ‘idiot tiger’ might interpret writings when writing.

  287. LOL !

    Man, that image of the 3 Stooges ass-kicking machine is priceless!!

    I almost passed a mouthful of coffee thru my nose!

    Thanks for the laughs – great stuff!! 😛

  288. martyrathbun09

    I’m sorry P, I know you are a season-ticket holder. But you gotta admit it was a clever comeback to your little stab.

  289. Fi,
    Careful, I might let loose the turtles on you. Poo.

    My post doesn’t deserve such highfalootin’ terms as ‘ad hominem’. Peanut.

    But, I appreciate the admiration nonetheless. Jest.


  290. martyrathbun09

    Another comment apparently automatically rejected – not by moderators:

    WOW! The voice of sanity!

    Thank you for the LRH policy and quotes. As always, truth
    destimulates, offers comfort, stable datums and solution.

    Luis, thank you for giving justice to Hubbard’s memory by
    providing his thoughts and operating procedures. Via quoting LRH
    policy, your report serenely spotlights specifically how, where and
    when Hubbard’s life’s work is being twisted and hijacked for other
    (and often exact opposite) intentions.

    This report helps untangle the gnarly mess that the word
    “Scientology” has become to many, differentiating between the gaudy
    mockery it is being corrupted into vs. Hubbard’s brilliant, lucid
    simplicity that so many love.

  291. Watching Eyes, I would say that Luis’ “process” is producing excellent TA motion.

  292. Erwin,
    Let me tell you how right I am on this one. (If that isn’t as obvious a joke as intended then make it ‘right’, otay?).

    Way, way down there on the Thetan-Plus-Body scale, there is a point where truth is reversed to gain ‘maximal enturbulation’. This is in S.O.S.

    Take the OSA sites as a case in point of this inversion. Consider those sock-puppets posting there, and consider those DMbots posting on ESMB, WWP et al, trashing LRH, Scn and so on. You wouldn’t suspect this from so-called ‘Scientologists’ would ya? Nevertheless…it’s a phenomena oozing from DM’s entity.

    The above trashing, yes, trashing of this letter from Luis, with apparent support from ‘Friends of LRH’ implied, is another example of this sort of inversion. While Devon may be just ARCXen about ‘source’ the actual expressions, like ‘plagiarize’ are straight up DMisms. Hell, in today’s DMology, such things as ‘when in doubt, communicate’ are trademarked and carefully indicated as such by the afeared lest they violate a moral code.

    In other words, it is EXTREMELY outpointy that whilst putting down Luis, Friends of LRH are invoked. Huh? Do you get the contradiction in that?

    So, ‘resonating’ right along with this sort of humorous comparison, I invoked the colloquial terms I thought apropos. Hence my ad vegetim response.

    Now, if that ain’t ‘right’ I don’t wanna be.

  293. Scotty,
    Here’s one back, tit for tat.
    What’s the difference between a duck?
    One of his legs are both the same.

    (NOTE WELL: this ISN’T a ‘koan’. It’s absurd.)

  294. I give up. What does VE stand for? Vicious emperor?

  295. martyrathbun09

    From Tony D who is also experiencing difficulty posting on this thread:
    Hi this is for your blog Marty.

    I haven’t been able to post from my computer and I am sure it has to do with OSA trying to cut the comm lines. This letter is REALLY IMPINGING!! I recommend for everyone to send it far and wide. This is the proverbial silver bullet. Marty can you post Louis’s email as I would like to get in comm with him

  296. As far as I know, you can quit a christian church and not be branded a heretic, and your family and friends will not be forced to shun you. You don’t lose your job. And if you gave a few hundred thousand dollars, you are probably rich and can afford to leave it behind without much concern.

    Then again, Jesus said to the rich man to leave it all and follow him. Sometimes the path to spiritual growth is not easy. Leaving Scientology is not the same thing as leaving an actual church. If DM could bring back burning at the stake, he would.

  297. Cat Daddy,
    Pinky toe dipper. How’s that for ‘U’?

    I know you’ve arbitrarily put off doing Self Analysis until DM is gone, but you never said nuttin’ bout Handbook for Preclears. Check out the Eleventh Act. Powerful stuff.

  298. BRAVO! Mr. Luis Garcia
    Kind of good action for the group that stays for long time in our memory!
    Thank you

  299. OTDT,
    It would seem, anything I want. There is joy in creation. Much play.

    There is also the subjunctive in my comment to Devon. Leaving the door open so to speak. For either play or a much more serious, ‘rebuttal’. (That is, kick my butt back.)


  300. P.S.
    Keep in mind, you can’t be right and be human. I’ve shown that rather well, I would assert.

  301. Vulture as the culture created of regges and all staff being double hatted as regges soliciting direct donations, picking bones clean.

  302. OTDT,
    The first, I reckon.

  303. WE,
    Thanks, am wondering what is being told to the people who actually come in as it seems to be impossible to DA (dead agent) the truth. Perhaps attack the author of the letter? Nevertheless, these actions are promoting and focusing on Luis’ letter and seems like another footnuke in the works.

  304. A,
    It’s Vampire Emperor. But Vicious is good. Vulture. Vacuous. Lacking self Verve. Vicissitudenous. Vewy, Vewy even, but that would be VVE.

  305. Glad to see you here Tory! I frequently visit your youtube site. I hope to meet you some day. Thanks for all you’re doing.

    P.S. You look fantastic, BTW

  306. veritas,
    Superb as always. I love your magic aesthetic wand that dances lightly across life.

  307. What an excellent piece of work based on very precise observations.
    This summarizes all what is important to consider.

    Congratulation! And many many thanks!

    The Believer

  308. Jim, read my post, I never challenged your observations. But only the most re-inverted OSA bot will push Luis to send another 2500 mails referring to the correct source; Friends of LRH. Devon, do you have any clue as to why your post wasn’t smart?

  309. You do a lot of “make wrong” for an enlightened being.

  310. lol at myself, doing it myself too. hehe

  311. Tory, thanks for the great video post. You’ve been speaking out for long time, a real testament to your dedication and endurance.
    Luis, a big congratulations on taking such a bold step. You have done so much to help so many people, very admirable!
    Thanks to you both

  312. Totally agreed, Jim. Your response to this trolling post made it unnecessary for any additional posts.

  313. Tony DePhillips

    That was great!!

  314. I think it’s best to leave that to your wife or girlfriend. 🙂

  315. Gloutan Thetan

    You look like Serenity of beingness ! Senor Luis !

    Trillions thanks and pure cristal admiration to you Luis and Marthy for this high enlightening and spiritual blog and for your beigness.

    Trillions thanks and pure cristal admiration to you my fellow powefull thetans for your beigness and for being here in comm.

    I feel now to be a member of a team !

  316. Lighten up Fido.

    Or we’ll have to hold you down for nitrous oxide treatment.

  317. Fi,
    I’ve had a chance to assemble a turtle, or two.

    Go to the short quote herein this thread from 8-8008 posted by Luis. That is an important bit of data.

    The PDCs are an exposition of 8-8008. One of the drills on those tapes covers ‘disagreeing’. I’ve done it, lots.

    Here’s an application of the theory from me:
    When I was declared an SP by David Miscavige the first book I read, while on the week long busride from California provided by DM, 8-8008. I had with me in my luggage, the set of PDC lectures that I got from my wife at that time, Annie. I got home and began to study them. It struck me fully that I was being pommeled by David and his group for not agreeing, and being trained by Scientology to excercise my ability to disagree. Hmmmm, that’s interesting I thought.

    The one, actual Scientology made me more aware and ‘feel’ and do better in my own estimation, whereas all this enforced ‘reality’ (agreement) pointed toward a somnolent tractable state of shit. Disagreeing, I became freer to observe and within days things I’d had trouble with for decades fell away. It worked as described in those lectures.

    Now, in the present I haven’t traded one hidden set of agreements, tacit adherence to some vaguely expressed moral code, of fished around to pick up how I’m supposed to behave and gone along sheep like with the preponderance of agreement, so as to be ‘good’ for another.

    Some have thrown out, ‘disagreed’ with what they previously ‘agreed’ to as what they thought ‘ Scientology’ was only to fish around and similarly agree to what they think ‘Ex-Scientology’ is. I proffer that one is just as the other in that either is exactly what the short quote from 8-8008 describes.

    An analogy, along the vegetable line I’ve invoked may help. Take gravity, it’s an agreement along the lines of what I’m discussing. One usually doesn’t consider it as such, they just sort of seem to follow it, agreeing, on automatic.

    Consider a truck with turnips on it. One falls off the truck. What would you think would happen? It would fall to the ground. THAT is what any person with a good, white-knuckled grip on ‘reality’ would envision. Right?

    Well, I didn’t fall down off the turnip truck. I fell up.

    Try it.

  318. Having a little trouble getting through, but this is a comment to JSwift’s mini-sermon above….

    J Swift,
    Please don’t underestimate what is going on behind the scenes. Just because someone isn’t proclaiming his Independence loudly, doesn’t mean he isn’t being effective. Some are working undercover to quietly wake up as many as possible before losing the comm lines. I can tell you this is a valid process. I can assure you that I personally am having success with this and I know of a couple of others doing the same.

    It’s like an underground network chipping away at the thought-stopping, “faith-in,” out- KRC mentality that has propped DM up all these years. Little by little we get people to look. To inspect. To remember that KSW applies to them as well. To see that DM is NOT LRH. Differientiation. It’s working. And it’s the easiest thing to do to point out the outpoints–there are so many. You do that a few times to a person and they start to get the hang of it. And next thing you know, they’re calling you and telling you OTHER outpoints they have now spotted. Now you’re a safe terminal and you allow them to cognite on their own. It’s a great game.

    Maybe not bringing down the house of DM as quickly as we all like, but I believe we are chipping away at the foundation of lies. This will make the final toppling that much easier. I believe the tipping point is coming.

    Luis and his wife are heros, that is for sure. Just as those are who preceded them. And there will be many more to follow in their footsteps. They are ALL heros in my book—for stepping up despite personal danger, for forfeiting family and friends and jobs because they are following the Code of Honor and keeping their integrity in. You are ALL heros and deserve the utmost respect.

  319. Hidden criteria. I don’t have orange robes, Birkenstocks, a scruple about squishing bugs, some sort of blissful, beatific smile, (I DO have good teeth), or any of the ‘supposed to’s’ that hover about as a ‘standard’. I’ve not met your definition of ‘enlightened’, whatever that may be.

    Read Jed McKenna. Short on tech, long on ‘who the fuck cares what hidden standards exist’. I’ve met Bhudda on the road. I killed him.

  320. I see no purpose in bashing Marty. Although I disagree on certain viewpoints. I may have done so in the past of that I am guilty as charged and still may resort to the occasional jest in the future but I support Marty in his plight to get Scientologist to cease support to David Miscavige.

    Independents. I see two different kinds emerging: The Elitist Arogant ones and the Kind Helpfull ones. I’ll battle the first and lend my Support to the latter. Ibdependants have a right of Freedom of religion like the Freezoners and any other Human being in this world.

    On LRH: watch the Phil Spickler Videos uploaded by Tatiana on Youtube. I reserve the right to Support Marty and still have my opinions about the founder, wich might be diametricly oposed to yours on most subjects concerning him.

    With Regards CD.

  321. Mike,

    “50” was the figure that Pierre gave. I was never at St Hill, so I have no idea how many staff they had. That’s why I asked for any corrections to be sent in. I had hoped that someone who was there would contribute their knowledge. I did receive a couple of minor corrections since then and those were incorporated into the list.

    I was told that Otto Roos was declared earlier, go that handled but was then re-declared by DM. Is that correct? I seem to remember in the rash of declares from 1982, that Otto Roos was one of them.

    “Current management” would be DM since he took over in 1981 or 1982 and started to decimate the ranks of potential rivals.

    As for Mary Sue, it certainly could be argued that she was unofficially declared — just like many Indies have been today. This lady was one of the heroic beings of Scientology, maybe the greatest beside LRH and we all owe her a tremendous debt. Yet she was banished from the public eye, and even her death was not even acknowledged; just more dust under DM’s carpet.

    I would be interested in knowing the complete roster of LRH’s St Hill staff and what became of them.

    One thing is clear: the list of declared St Hill staff seems to be WAY above two and a half percent; that is damning and incontrovertible. 🙂


  322. Thanks very much Marty from Italy…

    Dear Louis,
    thank you so much, you have my total respect. You are a true OT, and it’s because of Big Thetans like you are there that probably Scientology still have a chance. We have a growing indipendent movement here in Italy (…I apoligize for my not-so-good English… I am from Italy..). The fantastic staff of this blog http://indipendologo.wordpress.com/ are translating your letter. I am one of their ‘public’. With your permission, that I ask in name of all people who follow the blog, we will forward your letter to each email public we own, starting with Italian OT VIIIs and so on. Thanks so much

  323. List is pretty accurate Big T ‘cept Herbie was declared personally by the Ol’man for financial irregs as AGF WW.

    It’s interesting that they declared Marilynn Routsong as she was a voting member of the International Board see HCOPL ‘Policy, Source of.’

    Another even more interesting point is that Jane Kember (one the key people responsible for Mary Sue going to prison) was declared and then after completing A-E returns to active duty in the newly christened OSA and her son is now IHELP (de) Activation Chief and was the one who issued the directive that illegally canceled all certs of Field Auditors who hadn’t done Guilded Age (out) Tech.

  324. Luis. no doubt you have set a stellar example that others are sure to follow. Thank you for your fantastic message.

  325. Tory Christman

    You who? Me? If me…wow….thank you for that kind statement.
    If not—-DOH! No problemo—this is about Luis…and today…he has made MANY people! 🙂 I smile, daily, just thinking of the ripples of Luis, and all here, and elsewhere (Including those lurking: Hey~ Your days are numbered. Come on out—-go see your family for Thanksgiving. Create love…and your *own* life, please). 🙂

  326. Tory Christman

    You are most welcome, Freetothink! I hope to meet you, and many people ..some day. I’m here, in Burbank, so IF any of you are around–don’t be strangers. PEACE~

  327. V, I agree with Jim. LOVE!

  328. Tory Christman

    Gracias~ 🙂 Yup…I have been around a lot longer than ol Davey boy had hoped. He’s run endless crappy programs on me, hoping to erase me, 3rd party me to death, etc. only to do one thing, which I warned him of way back when. He’s only Created MORE enemies, the more weirdo things he has tried to run.
    Nothing could be more fulfilling than to see you all here, out, free now!
    Luis~~I may have been out for 10 years, speaking out, but your letter has and will continue for years to come. Your words….ROCK! 🙂

  329. I’m doubling down with others here, Tory. I hope to meet you one day. You seem indefatigable. And you’re looking great.
    Just Me

  330. I second that!

  331. Tory Christman

    This is THE greatest joy about the Internet. “Don’t read Luis’ letter…he’s blah blah blah”. Person goes home, safe, in their own home: “Hmmmm…I wonder what Luis did have to say? I used to like that guy….” I speak from experience on this: That IS how I met Andreas in Norway, who was THE straw that cracked my own, personal Scio-Truman show. Ahhh…the joys of true freedom!

  332. Agreed Luis.

  333. “Consider a truck with turnips on it. One falls off the truck. What would you think would happen? It would fall to the ground. THAT is what any person with a good, white-knuckled grip on ‘reality’ would envision. Right?

    Well, I didn’t fall down off the turnip truck. I fell up. ”

    Made me smile on this one…it’s nice to be duplicated…really! I feel the same way.

  334. “Gaudy mockery” … what a perfect description of the Co$. V, you always call it the best.
    Just Me

  335. Yes Tory, YOU make me 🙂 Your comm is so upbeat and real and without venom.

  336. Tory Christman

    Thank you for saying this, Magnolia. I think it’s very key. Many people think what I did was “courageous”. It was, in a sense, but it also was done out of total ignorance of the true dark side of the “church” of Scientology.

    Had I known what they *really* do—I would have left differently. I was the first person to announce publicly (on the Net) that *I*, Tory Bezazian (then, now Christman) left the building. I had NO idea how far, and wide that would spread. IMMEDIATELY I lost all comm lines. Granted, people out were able to speak with me. However, I often wonder how many others I *may* have been able to help wake up–had I done it more as you explain it here.

    No regrets–I don’t believe it regret. However, an underground is VERY effective as history has proven, over and over. To my old friends lurking,
    Please come take your own lives back. Bail while you still can. I mean that.
    Way too many “OT”s have died while “in” this organization. It IS toxic to your soul. We out are not…despite what they tell you. Read 1984–and THINK. The “thought police” are not out here 🙂

  337. A resounding third! Hallelujah!!

  338. Beautiful, Mr. Garcia!

    We are passing your letter on to our list as well.
    Very sane.

  339. Tory Christman

    Ahhh “Just Me”~ Hi ~~I hope to meet you, also, one day! “Indefatigable”=”not easily made tired, slow to show fatigue”. Is that what you meant? Well, I guess so. I believe in persistence and higher powers…those two things give me lots of energy. A wise woman said:
    “You can kill an individual, you cannot kill a Choir”.

    We all (Indie Scientologists, X-Scios, Critics and Anons)— prove that, daily. I thank you ALL.

  340. Actually I thought you might inform tsb about your views on the matter instead of callimg him or her names.

    It seems Ironic that I speak in defense of a Scientologist like tsb seems to be while you atack him.


  341. Dear Luis and all who post here,

    Your letter is an inspiration and extremely well written. I especially loved your choice of LRH references, some of which I had not seen before. Thank you very much for all your hard work and for your courage in sending it to such a broad mailing list. It obviously is having a big effect. VERY, VERY, VERY WELL DONE!!!!
    Today is November 13th, and it is my son Chase’s 20th Birthday. Due to the policy of DISCONNECTION, I do not know where he is or if he is safe. I am very worried about him, as his phone is temporarily disconnected, and family members who love him very dearly cannot reach him to wish him a Happy Birthday. The last time this happened, I found out he was in a hospital, having been severely beaten up by the police after performing at an arts festival in Michigan. I cannot find anyone who knows where he is or what he is doing. I have been keeping quiet because he expressed extreme upset over my activities due to massive heat and pressure he receives about being connected to me. I just listened to the song “Sounds of Silence” posted on this blog above. I am no longer willing to remain silent.
    My name is Catherine Von Ach and I am an Independent Scientologist. I live in Austin, Texas where I got into Scientology on Sept 30, 1971. I have been in Scientology 39 years.
    I am doing this in honor of my son and for all that he and I have suffered, and to do all that I can do to make sure that no other mother has to go through the situation of desperately loving her son and not being able to get in touch with him; wondering if he is on a cold slab in some morgue. All because of the alteration of policies by a very sick individual who pretends to run a “Church”. I know in my heart LRH would not want this for me, for my son, or for any other mother. When Tommy Davis got up before the world and said “There is no disconnection” I put up a website callled Moms-against-disconnection. It has been dormant. It will no longer be dormant.
    Whereever you are, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHASE. I love you and miss you and pray that you are O.K. I am doing everything I can to find you and get someone who knows where you are to deliver this message to you.

    For those of you who have wondered why it has taken so long for me to come out, please understand that I was trying protect my son. The problem is that everytime he disconnects from me he gets in trouble, and I can no longer condone or be quiet about a system that causes him to suffer the things that he has suffered.
    Thanks to all who have given me support on this blog. I have turned my life arouned due to the information and the help I have received. Now I need to turn around this “disconnection scene”, and unfortunately there is no way to do it being in “The Sounds of Silence”. Those who know me well know that that is not a normal conditon for me.
    My deepest love for all that have gone before me to speak out; I hope someday to measure up to the courage I have witnessed here. Thanks to you all, or perhaps I should say Y’all.

    Much love,
    Catherine Von Ach AKA Lady Minn.
    I can be reached at cvonach@gmail.com or LadyMinn@Hushmail.com

  342. martyrathbun09

    Welcome Catherine!

  343. Scott Campbell


    Does someone have to be ADMIRED to be an OPINION LEADER?


  344. Tory Christman

    Thank you so much, Tara~! I appreciate you noticing and saying so. I’ve lived a long time with people buying into C of $/OSA’s 3rd party about me….if you only knew. So having people who *get* me, vs. the BS…is truly refreshing.

    Don’t get me wrong—I have many friends who aren’t here on this blog, who have literally saved my life over the years. Which is why I constantly say, “Thank you to ALL”. “The Power of One” truly is displayed daily here on the Net, and in life, too. I have *tons* of friends who have held their welcoming hand out….never knowing just how much that meant to me. As I’ve said for years:
    You never know when your words just *may* save someone’s life. “Here’s to making it count” (TITANIC) 🙂 Love you ALL. 🙂

  345. Thank you Marty, for the welcome. Within 15 seconds or less of pushing the send button on my comment, I had a phone call from my sister saying my son had called her and she let me know he is O.K. He swore her to secrecy on his whereabouts, but at least I know he’s alive and well. I had spent the entire morning e-mailing people and phoning relatives. Apparently he got the message!!! He apparently has changed his phone number again.

    So my son is alive and well, and I am OUT OF THE CLOSET!!
    It really does feel good!

  346. Catherine,

    May your voice be heard across the the land and resonate as the sound of freedom.


  347. Tory Christman

    Welcome and thank you for speaking out! You, and the thousands of families who have lost their loved ones, are why I continue to speak out. It’s WAY too many, and a horror for every, single family who has lost their loved one to the “church” of $cientology.

    Please remember this: There is little love within that organization. YOU are his MOM. He has no one else who loves him as much as you. Use *that*…not the disgust of this sleazy organization, to get him back.
    And I’d say call the police. If he’s an adult—stay on it, also. My friend got his daughter out of the Sea Org by bringing her a dozen roses, once/week.
    (The wouldn’t allow it–but he persisted, and they finally threw her out!)
    Peace and my love to you 🙂

  348. Tony, your right. I hope the letter stays as the lead article at least through the entire weekend and enjoys front page listing as a refernce on many sites and blogs.
    There is no substitute for the truth. Luis letter is packed with it and it is bringing us closer to the change that is needed. Let it ride.

  349. Robin,
    don’t you worry, every thing’s peaches with me… 🙂

  350. Fellow Traveller

    Damn, Catherine! I am so moved by your story. I welcome you with open arms and offers of whatever support and assistance I have that you need.

    If you don’t mind, I will piggy back a personal anecdote on the “Sound of Silence”. Late Apr 2010. I have a meeting with some terminals in LA to “handle my questions” about the current church scene. It’s the weekend of the LA Model Morgue Opening. I see the terminal, Jasmine. I get asked why am I there. I tell her. Then we get into one boatload of SP declares or declare addenda for some of my favorite earth residents. Never mind the outpoints in the goldenrod. Another boat load follows, this one of policy on why I should disconnect. I get the chance to sleep on those events and see where they are headed.

    I take the initiate the following day to say:”Look. I see where this is going. You want me to say I disconnect from these people. Ain’t happening. We are done.”

    Jasmine asks a helluva question:”Don’t you want to follow policy?” Long delay for me.

    I say “We are done.” I did not know why that was right, but I knew it was. (I later determined more about why that was right.).

    NOW, Jasmine asks “Would you like an interview?”

    “No thanks. We are done.”

    Ok. In the car, driving back home, the VERY FIRST song I hear — on the CD (Simon & Garfunkel’s Greatest Hits) — “The Sound of Silence”.
    I cried so hard I had to pull over. I had to kind of run it as a process to take some of the emotional impact out of it. I never ever had a song have that much impact on me.

    I am sorry for the dump. This is not about me. You are one brave mother. I know I would be extremely privileged and honored were you mine. Chase is one fortunate son.

    Bruce Pratt
    ( hopefully son to a different, proud, mother)

  351. You know, the reason I get upset about losing those comments is I think they were beautifully written and full of insiteful wisdom. I was hoping to enlighten the masses. Now I forgot what I was going to say but I’m sure it was good stuff. They were so earth shattering that I understand why OSA felt the need to snatch them up. Good job guys!

  352. Thank you, Mr. Garcia.
    I do not put “crap” on the lines of those closest to me that are still “in”. They know where I stand and they know they can talk to me about anything at any time.
    I do not point them at websites; I do not give them “data”. They are capable of finding both on their own. They are capable of observing outpoints on their own, and I know that they do – they simply feel that they can “handle it from within” or wait it out.
    I have seen good doubt formulas before.
    Yours is the first so well done, so spot-on, so RIGHTEOUS, that I broke my own rule and promptly forwarded it.
    Well done.

  353. I hope more people like you, Luis, will speak out.

  354. martyrathbun09

    Catherine, WONDERFUL!

  355. one of those who see

    Hi Catherine,
    Please accept a long distance hug from me. I am a Mother. I have tears in my eyes. Enforced disconnection is evil.

  356. Fellow Traveller



  357. Catherine Von Ach,

    What a wonderful name. And what great news about your son’s safety and passage — and YOUR passage. You are a courageous mother and woman. I am emailing you now. I knew you long, long ago.

    Just Me

  358. Thank you, Jim, for answering so comprehensively. Most probably it is unfathomable to me anyway what you personally had to go through, and thank Annie, you had the right reference handy in the right moment to make and help you fall up. That is all what counts and I am grateful for that.
    Given the broad and deeply heartfelt disagreement we all here exert with the sociopath David Miscavige, the day of reckoning for that guy is very close.

  359. Thank you, Luis. That brought tears to my eyes, especially coming from you. I do want my voice to be heard across the land and resonate as the sound of freedom! FREEDOM TO COMMUNICATE, as our God-given right and one of the freedoms that our forefathers fought so hard for, in the American Revolution; and the freedom LRH intended for us when he wrote about the right to act freely, think freely and speak freely.
    You have been pure inspiration in this regard, and your courage to do what you did gave me strength. Thanks again.

    Love always,

  360. Like this? :

    Joe Lynn

  361. Catherine, My God that was beautiful. Welcome to the Independents. But, you are no stranger here. You have our Love and support and I know you will reunite with your son soon. Love

  362. Catherine/Lady Minn,
    Your pain comes through every word you write. I am so sorry this is happening to you. It could as well have been me. My son joined staff after high school and routed out before he’d been too indoctrinated. At that age they can be very arrogant and think they’ve got it all figured out. Unless your son is a monster he loves you too and expects you to save him from the nightmare he’s in – he might not know yet, though. Keep fighting the good fight with everything you’ve got.

    First of all, thank you for posting this. You could not have said it better.
    From one Orange Countian to another, please email me and my husband at bodil@scandical.com. I hope we can meet up some time.

  363. Catherine,

    Hopefully you remember my husband Ron and me from our many years of involvement at the Austin Org. Glad to hear that you are out! Courageous decision! We’ll be emailing you shortly.

    Michelle Matlock

  364. Fidelio,
    Good move.
    Thanks for playin’.

  365. You didn’t look at that chapter in HFP.

    Here I go and give you an Elitist gem and you squander it. Well, no wonder you cry over spilt milk.

  366. Welcome Catherine! Just as your theta wave impinged on time and space resulting in an ack to your birthday greeting, so will you eventually reconnect. I know that you have always kept that postulate alive and I now add mine to yours…it will happen! And, it will be a joyous occassion!

  367. one of those names, Van Staden (Joe), was declared earlier – sometime well before 1980.

  368. Awesome Catherine!

  369. IMPRESSIVE! Luis Garcia is so on point with each new sentence and paragraph in his letter. Even as I sit here in the know and have been so for awhile, this letter is eye opening.

  370. Catherine,
    Thank y’all for the story and a very big welcome to the Indies! Glad the song struck a good chord with you.

  371. Maybe your personal policy was to never desert a comrade. You are following policy. It is a code of honor policy. I too, never permitted Church staff to dictate who I spoke to or when. I didn’t plow through grade zero and gain the ability to communicate to anyone about anything just to turn around and have someone tell me who I was allowed to talk to. I refused to surrender that right to be “part of the crowd”. Thanks for sharing. I hear you.

  372. Martin Padfield

    Hi Catherine,

    I really really get what you say as a parent here, and you should be incredibly proud of yourself for stepping out publicly like this. Very moving. VERY WELL DONE! My daughter, 8, has been effectively disconnected from her best buddy. She writes letters to her best friend and her first question every day after school is “has there been any letters for me?” I mean, how do you explain? Unless you’ve been through it it’s nigh on impossible to put into words the heartbreak this causes.

    Which reminds me: Graeme Wilson of OSA UK: You’ve had 72 hours to reply to my mail; if no reply this week you should expect to see me unannounced at St Hill. I’m not joking. You chastised me last year for daring to suggest that disconnection was real and damaging – here is your opportunity to prove your point. If I do have to show up in person, it’s possible a few copies of Luis’ letter may accidentally drop around the place.

  373. Hi all!
    After a little research, i found this on Jigsaw web site:

    Church of Scientology International Company Directory of Business Contacts

    Jentzs, Herbert
    Chief Technology Officer IT & IS C-Level Los Angeles CA


    I don’t know if it is up to date ?

  374. Jim –
    You have made reference a number of times to the datum (paraphrased) that the more thetan present, the less orders needed. That is so much the case right now with the large numbers of highly trained individuals in this independent field that all we are lacking is a refined online communications method suitable for delivering training or correction.

    Other than delivery, the rest of the oganizational needs are already within keystrokes of reach, and could probably be had by anyone, at any moment, by simply asking for help on the desired topic. One can pick a hat, put it on and keep it, or respond to the temporary need for a hat. This ability to voluntarily wear a hat brings us to the level of flows instead of the ridges often found in the enforced hats within orgs.

  375. How else can you be a good “double spy”? You HAVE to pretend to tow the line. I say to the lurkers, “on-the-fence”-ers, and all the other names given to those who have not “come out” – CARRY ON. Keep on looking for the angle to make your own move – and in the meantime, throw out encouragement for TRUTH however you can, so others LOOK. Show your own loyalty to LRH by voicing your agreement with people who apply and uphold policy, and by voicing your agreement with people who apply and uphold technical issues.
    What can you say about Luis’ letter?
    If somebody says to you “I’m letting you know that Luis has turned SP/enemy and be sure not to read the letter. pass it on” – if they say that- you say “really, Luis, he always seemed so very on-Source to me, in fact, it is a bit hard to believe he would suddently lie… etc etc………
    Say – “somebody else told me not to look on the Internet too…. wow…. hmm…”
    Say – “I definitely support true Scientology and LRH. I thought Luis did too….”
    and on and on.
    Gather evidence up to the point your cover is blown, and leave when you can MAKE THE MOST IMPACT, and get the MOST MILEAGE.

  376. meh, look in this book, look in that book, better look in your heart.

  377. Alex Braverman


  378. Herbie Parkhouse was earlier – I think most of the MOWW staff were earlier . Cyril Vosper was also earlier

  379. Catherine,

    Well Done to you, and you too are courageous indeed. I answered your hush email to me earlier today. Good luck to your new bright future. You will I’m sure re-unite with your son.

  380. Ya gotta sympathize Sargio.

    After being subjected continually to Miscavige’s bloviations.

    Even a poorly worded limerick would seem “beautifully written and full of insiteful wisdom” to these guys.

  381. one of those who see

    A little off topic, but maybe not as this is about freedom to look , communicate and think for yourself. I just finished watching vidoes of Mary and Frank Freeman on You Tube. Highly trained people in the freezone. Trained under LRH. Absolutely wonderful! I have also downloaded and listened to the talks given by David Mayo back when he ran the AAC in Santa Barbara.
    Here are the links:
    Mary Freeman. Worth it to watch all parts of her interview. I just love her!

    Frank Freeman Speech

    David Mayo talks
    http://www.freezoneearth.org/downloads/files.html#David Mayo Lectures

    Mary Freeman says it beautifully. The Church of Scientology left Scientology and she and her friends (and now us) continued going straight.

  382. J. Swift,
    Lukewarm Scientologists are not what is wrong in the current scene. What pre-dates that? Follow the chain of events. DM squirrelling tech is what is wrong with the scene. Reversing the tech on this on public is what is wrong with the scene. This is what caused them to go lukewarm or stale in the first place.

    It is going to be hard enough to get them to see the truth as it is. Don’t make everyone wrong in the process. Let them sort that out for themsleves. What you are doing is Justice, where Ethics, a personal matter, is needed first.

  383. And I can’t resist adding this from the funky godfather, George Clinton (note the awesome guitar riffs)!

  384. A scary look into the little rat bastard’s head!

    I imagine he’s hanging onto those secret grounding rods at Int base for dear life right now 🙂

  385. Silly Bruce,
    You are under the assumption that COB uses LRH tech!
    DM doesn’t follow THAT affluence formula! He follows his own! Which is… wait for it… he’s still writting it up… hang on…
    I’ll get back to ya on that. 😉 HA! j/k

  386. Hi Catherine!

  387. Luis-

    This action of yours demonstrates the perfect balance of force and intelligence. You’ve set a good example for us all. Thanks for all you’ve done and you do.

    Reformation (aka tech application) has been demonstrated by you in such an inspirational way that, just perhaps, history has been made.

    With all of my admiration, I am sincerely yours,

    Tom Gallagher

  388. You two…
    where can I get a ticket?
    I wanna be in the same room.
    First round is on me. 🙂

  389. …still want a ticket.
    I can’t play nearly as well, but I’m enjoying the show. 🙂

  390. Congratulations Catherine !
    Much love and support

  391. Wow, wow, wow. Hello Lady Minn!

  392. Catherine, Welcome you are a wonderful being.

  393. Dear Michelle,
    Yes, I do remember you and Ron. I recently reached out to Ron on this blog, but it was very late on one of the postings, and I don’t think he got it. I requested that he contact me at my Hushmail address. I have been following your comments, and have desperately wanted to get in touch with y’all. Thank you so much for responding here. Such a wonderful reunitement of old friends!
    I’ve been “out” for a long time, just didn’t make it public until today. It will be very nice to receive your communication. Can’t wait!
    Much love, Catherine

  394. Tory Christman

    “Crap”? Since when did factual information turn into “Crap”?
    Grown adults should be able, per L. Ron Hubbard, to face facts, and deal
    with it. The last thing they should do is be allowed to be abused, under the guise of “Freedom” when we know it is not. (my 2 cents, sorry if you disagree)

    Catherine: I’m *so* glad to hear your son called, and at least you know he’s Ok.
    Blessings 🙂

  395. Dear Tara,
    Thank you for your acknowledgement. I love your posts, and your encouragement the last time I was disconnected from Chase helped me a lot. I thank you for your support. It would be great to meet you, and hopefully that will happen soon!
    Love, Catherine

  396. I hear you too Bruce. Integrity…good policy.

  397. O.O., Exactly. It’s all about making the most impact. Just like Luis did.

  398. “Jim Logan | November 13, 2010 at 1:39 am | Reply

    Hmmm, seems to be a bit of an out-of-ARC rant there. Plagiarism?! Seriously?

    It’s apparent that Luis has done his homework, including a thorough perusal of the Friends of LRH. If you think this is some sort of issue with those Friends, well, you are a retard. That’s it. I said it. You are a Mongoloid Idiot. Dumb as a bag of hammers. Stupid like chicken feet. As sharp as a piece of celery. I offend retards by including you in their ilk. Putz, divet head, wank.

    Knob, grunt, goof, doof, pea-brain, dolt, potato-head, squam, git, geek, and did I say retard?

    Plagiarize! Hah, good one ”

    Note that this post has had very negative comments on ESMB.

    What the fuck are you thinking of?

  399. “Jim Logan | November 13, 2010 at 4:51 pm | Reply

    Cat Daddy,
    Pinky toe dipper. How’s that for ‘U’?

    I know you’ve arbitrarily put off doing Self Analysis until DM is gone, but you never said nuttin’ bout Handbook for Preclears. Check out the Eleventh Act. Powerful stuff.”

    Met Cat daddy last weekend. we got on like a house on fire. 🙂

    Gave him Handbook for Preclears. He was thankfull.

  400. Jim


    Perhaps my little comment of a month or so ago on this blog was not so far fetched as I thought. I had suggested that since the current Church of Scientology was not using LRH tech and policies maybe it could actually lose the “right” to do so. Since some of the Independent field IS, maybe they would be granted the copyrights.

    David Miscavige seems to be slowly but inexorably cutting his own throat. The “Church” of Scientology is already hemorrhaging heavily and it is just a matter of time before it “bleeds out”.


  401. Tony DePhillips

    This is my new hushmail account. This is a test.

  402. Tony DePhillips

    OSA I am back online and we have lift off.
    Here are the Indie stats!!

  403. Kathy Braceland

    Wow Catherine. Thanks for being here with us. It’s great having you! Go get ’em tiger!

  404. Tony DePhillips

    I reopened a hushmail acct and it handled it.

  405. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Catherine.
    That was an awesome introduction. I have always liked your posts and admire your confront and integrity. Welcome to the club!!
    Much Love,
    Tony D

  406. CD,
    Dude, you gotta do Hard TRs. NO substitute for Bullbait, tough, rough and pushin’ those buttons to FLAT. This isn’t ‘theoretical’. This is THE SHIT. TRs THE HARD WAY.

    Then you can play better.

    Honest to Pete. And, by the by, good shot on Pan-Determinism on your first response to tsb. CD, you’ve grown on us, fur balls and all.

    Jim 🙂

  407. Catherine, you are already demonstrating a lot of courage. Thank for breaking your silence.

    Happy Birthday Chase! Happy Independence Day Catherine!


  408. Scott,
    Yes. Admiration isn’t nearly as scarce as it’s made out to be. It’s necessary to get space in a comm cycle. Splurge. Have lots a comm. With the cat, a bat, and importantly, all those ‘ugly’ things, or they persist while all the good stuff gets as-ised.

  409. RJ, Sarge’s words are the best poetry. He’s art, in life. I love this guy completely.

  410. Just Me,
    When you giggle, my house plants jiggle. THAT’S free theta. Thanks, from my house plants.

  411. LRH told us to read it in the order of the day. There was some sort of campagin to publicize it. I remember there was a poster made up and posted on the Apollo and I’m sure it was put up in the orgs. This was the Fall of ’72 and it read: “Read Jonathan Livingston Seagull. Everyone in the Sea Org has.” As I recall, David Ziff wrote to Richard Bach, via his publisher, in attempt to do a PR caper but I don’t think Bach showed any interest. If he was involved in SRI, that would explain why perhaps.
    You know, the entire paradigm of exteriorization is different than it was in the late sixties and early seventies which was different than the early fifties. The Fifties Old Timers used to talk about levitating to the middle of the room during their sessions and it was a different atmosphere. These were also the “contactee” days of Van Tassel, Adamski and George Hunt Williamson. When LRH said he went to Venus, it was in keeping with the times.
    Speaking with hindsight, it seems like the Montauk Project was created to jam the frequency of Scientologists exteriorizing and creating a free society for thetans. It is, however, much likely more complex than that. LRH “escaped” the Navy which was playing the forerunner of what became Dianetics. He also “escaped” the occult operation known as the Babalon Working. Thus, he had at least both occultists and the Navy on his trail. We know there were others. This was an OLD game that was going on for years and is like a big occult whale that swims under the ocean. LRH made quite a comtribution because he made the whale breech (jump out of the water) and revealed the underside. This enable everyone to see so much data and learn from. Unfortunately, the whale submerged and we still haven’t seen the rest of the whale. This will change.

  412. Tony DePhillips

    Thanks Barney. That handled it.

  413. Hello Garcia, As the Indy snowwball rolls down the hill and gathers speed and size today I saw what seems to be an avalanche bieng triggered by more people coming forward and expressing their disgust with DM.
    Looks like more of the many Rip Van Winkles in my area are waking up and making their “rude awakening” views known .
    Hey DM forget that “rollback “crap as it doesn’t work on a gigantic snowball barreling down the mountain with such velocity and expanding volume.
    Thanks Garcia!.

  414. Terril Park,
    Good on ya. A bad dawg hangin’ wi da cats.

    CD, that book is practical, doing, NOT theory. You cannot put off two books. I’ll grant you SA, NOT HFP.

  415. Tony,
    Your ‘test’ turned on my stereo! Wha’sup wi dat!

  416. P.S.
    It’s Herbie Hancock. On the stereo. Thanks Tony 🙂

  417. Tony DePhillips

    Hi John.
    You can try saving it on your word processor first and cut and paste on the blog. That way if it is lost you will still have it and no Dev-T.

  418. Theo,
    The org board is happening. Just as you postulated. No effort.

  419. Luis,

    I’ve forwarded your letter on to about 400 Scientologists in my contact list. Will pass on to you responses you may be interested in.

  420. 2nd,
    It’s truly a magnificent thing to behold isn’t it.
    Associated, independent, terminals.
    ( I’ve entered in that independent bit, cause, well…cause I can. That’s from Fundamentals of Thought – Causitive Knowledge. Damn, I love this shit.)

  421. Tony DePhillips

    I diedicate this song to Mr. Garcia. His letter shot me into the aesthetic band.

  422. metaqual,
    Ummm, on this ‘breeching whale’ thing, and Scn, there is soooooo much in this subject, ‘subtile’, and perhaps elusive as to expression, but still there, that methinks the whale is as ex-pose-ed as needs must be. Not ALL mind you, but that’s cause it is the being, individually, that has to do ‘er. As it should be.

  423. Joe,
    Tom Tobin and Joe Childs.

  424. Dear Luis,
    Again, my congratulations to you for creating a tremendous communication that speaks for so many!

    Here’s my take on it. No response means they have read your letter in detail and are thinking about it. I sent your letter to a number of my personal contacts and immediately got one rejection and request to be deleted from my email list. I responded promptly and said, done. The other individuals, all of which I consider personal friends, did not respond. To me, this was a positive.

    Knowing that if an email came from me, they would open it, they are now, chewing on and reviewing the data. One person in particular (a family member, I might add that had formally disconnected from me, after learning of my decision to become an independent Scientologist) is now on her 4th data filled email. I started my first comm with, you can disconnect from me, but I am not disconnecting from you! I know for a fact that if she were going to reject this information, she would have sent me an email, ordering me not to forward any additional information. No news is good news. My TR 3 will continue.

    This subject matter could be hard to confront for some, particularly not knowing that the only place to get standard SCN tech in 2010, as written by LRH is in the independent field. Persist…continue to outflow and win in life using all that we know.
    I posted a link to your letter on twitter 3 times! I am not on all these sites but for those that are, please post Luis’s letter on DIGG, FACEBOOK, TECNORATI, BING, or anywhere else you can! Not sure if I spelled all those sites correctly but with so many reading this blog, within a very short time, this letter could be the number 1 search on Google for Scientology with links to Marty’s blog!

    The current Church of Scientology is knee deep in quicksand with no way out. Soon your friends will be free and your children will hug you again. Keep reaching and outflowing! If you’re afraid to “come out” for fear of a loss on your comm lines, you will loose them for sure, if you do not. The alterations of technical material, as written by LRH make for a very suppressive scene, couple with the RPFing of anyone that has a clue, or is of higher intelligence… DM is a terrified coward, a robot to his rock slams! Anyone that has ever read, “On Human Behavior” an early PAPS, can see his true colors.

  425. Tony DePhillips

    For Catherine:

  426. Luis ,sorry when I posted I omitted Luis your first my apologies.

  427. Welcome, Luis!

    Another VIII out the gate. The indy stats must be in affluence.

    I shall sacrifice a ram at the temple of Janus in your honor. (Janus is the god of new beginnings). If you are a vegan, we can do soy chickens. Temple priests now have a rule – three swings of the incense burners to signal acceptance of a sacrifice by the gods.

    Now that you are with us, the joint is rockin’!


  428. Scott Campbell

    Excellent answer!

  429. to stella lol, i couldn’t resist either

  430. Metaqual,

    I remember when Bach’s books were quite popular including ‘Illusions’ among the Scientology crowd I hung with.

    So was the Moody Blues.

    Along with the rumor that Justin Haywood was a Scientologist.

    (Till we found out that he was actually in a sect known as the Foundation which was an offshoot of the Process which ran a Coffee House where they wore Miscavige’s choice of uniforms.

    Ya know neo-Dracula


    Probably where he got the idea from)

    Anyway word on the street was “they” were running some kind of Psychic Counter Intel op of some kind because of the success of RV.

    ( As I say anything’s possible)

    To counter these pesky exterior thetans.

    (Probably that’s when they hit on the brillant idea to put someone like Miscavige in charge to solve that problem for them.

    Just a working theory.)

    Never knew what they called it till you mentioned Montauk.

    Till now I always thought Montauk had something to do with what was known as the “Philadelphia Experiment” which spawned a pretty famous movie in the ’80’s by that title.

    I will note this as a general observation when I was last there in 05 and that is they don’t seem to be having to do a lot of Int RDs in the Church these days since they all seem pretty much stuck in their heads over there.

  431. 😆 And you knoooooowwww how he hates babies! 😉

  432. Jimbo,

    I know, I know.

    I was jus’ funnin’

    Anyway Sargio.

    When are you gonna gather us ’round the camp fire and tell us more about your adventures with Ron?

    Please pretty please 🙂

  433. ;-))))))))

    however I guess he wouldn`t get bejond point 6

  434. And always have your mobile set to camcorder…

  435. Catherine, you are sooooo welcome! We will meet, I’m sure. My ducks are getting in line down here…really it blows my mind how well. I am convinced again of what great power we all have even being a little bit connected to each other. 🙂

  436. Martin, that is so unfair to your daughter. 😦
    Have you told her it’s her friends’ parents who are being jerks and won’t allow her friend to talk to her? They are being jerks…idiots…very immature. I would tell her that, if you haven’t already. At least she will have the right target for her upset… Hugs to y’all.

  437. Hey, Joe recognize this dude? 🙂

  438. Me too!

  439. Alex Braverman


  440. Yep, he called it the idiot tiger factor, a tiger being someone who is dangerous on the organizational lines, for example, well . . . nearly everybody left in Int Management, as adjudicated by their refusal to wake up and smell the reality when so many of their former workmates, spouses and friends have provided object lessons that one can grow some spine any time they want.

  441. It’s a very up to date trap to pervert your digital comm lines.

  442. This spiral-viral thread leaves me a bit speechless.

    Luis you da man! Intelligence, courage, integrity and lot more. That’s what I call a men’s men (heck, you even got fan mails from ladies on this blog 🙂

    Catherine (Princess Lady Minn) – what a beautiful and strong woman and mother you are! Congratulations from someone who feels (as in “experiences”) what you have described. Wishing you a very happy ending with your son in your arms soon.

    Magnolia, O.O. and others – I know exactly where you are coming from. I know of other “good” Scientologists (that are not even on this blog) that are “below the radar” and work exactly along the lines you described. Could anyone possibly count the number of comm cycles from “Publics to Publics” (as described in the issue “Manual on Dissemination”, I believe it is called) that are “critical of Miss Cabbage, DMology and the c of m”? What about the thousands of Luis’ mails THAT HAVE BEEN READ but not answered? There *is* “word of mouth* and it is NOT in favor of the Radical Church. I do play my cards as wisely as I can. There *is* an undercurrent going through the Scientology world and it can be felt.

    Marty, you are quite an Auditor. This is Group Engram handling on a broad scale. I fully second what LRH says about the value of Auditors! It applies to you – so, thank you!

    Love, Samuel

  443. What would Miscavige want you to do? Just do the opposite!

  444. Yes thank you my good friend for th unexpected gift(s) :). Although most is available on the internet nothing beats the feel of a real book(let).

  445. No Bullbait for CD until OT-TRO is DONE.

    CD, on OT-TRO you will find your Heart, not just your heart. And I bet it is much bigger than you realize now.

  446. Jim, I didn’t know you knew the turtles!!


  447. Anonymous for now

    Thank you very much for writing this letter. I blew SO much charge while reading it. Each point you made was written so clearly. I would have given anything to see the Dwarf’s face when he read it. Every point you made is another nail in his coffin.

    Thanks again.

  448. ESMB is *riddled* with OSA Socks, Michael?
    To borrow from your own lexicon, do you have any specific evidence to back up that assertion?

  449. RJ you stated: “Another even more interesting point is that Jane Kember (one the key people responsible for Mary Sue going to prison) was declared and then after completing A-E returns to active duty in the newly christened OSA…”

    If true, this would prove a lie by DM to the Court.

    In Declaration of David Miscavige 17 Feb 1994 page 8 “DISBAND OF THE GUARDIAN OFFICE 39. Any individuals who were found at that time to be on staff were dismissed and informed never to apply for reemployment….”

  450. Jane Kember was not employed by the Church or OSA up until 2007 at least.

  451. Penny, I think you’re right about the meaning of no response.

    However, I couldn’t help but be struck by the irony of it: in a group that prides itself on its communication technology, no response indicates good communication.

  452. Tony, good advice. That’s what I do. This is also the way to go when comments number in the hundreds and the page action really slows down. Word, copy, paste.

    Just Me

  453. Jim, you just like me ’cause I’m feisty. And your house plants probably love me ’cause I’m not there to neglect them. 🙂

  454. Terril Park,
    (If this is actually) you: “Note that this post has had very negative comments on ESMB.”

    It did! Oh, oh.

    And this from ‘you’: “What the fuck are you thinking of?”

    What, right now, yesterday, tomorrow? Narrow the target there for me, I’ll come up with something. Probably won’t please you, or ESMB, and what’s worse, I’m not even trying.

  455. Catherine, A landmark day for you. I applaud your courage and persistance. I can’t imagine what you have gone through but so glad that today, at least, you know Chase is safe.
    I send my love and good postulates to you,

    Marsha Pearlman Sorensen

  456. Suddenly, recently, things are changing in the physical universe…

  457. Well, Panda, you for one.

    You actually admitted to doing OSA operations in an article on ESMB. The questions is, are you still working with them and is your story of it being in the past just a cover story?

    You know Panda, I thought you had more brains than to be over at ESMB, but I guess not.

  458. Redneck Janette From Detriot

    I love that… “you disconnected from me, but I’m not disconnecting from you”, that is the perfect response to those who disconnect from us… if I may I will be using that quote.. I love it !!

  459. Terril,
    Well, you are right…I have quite a fan base over on ESMB. Joe Lynn, Allan Stanfield, Kevin Mackey, Synthia Fagen, Mick Wenlock, ‘Smilla’ and my own li’l kitty Cat Daddy, et al.

    Well that’s quite a roster, incomplete as it is.

    What is the common denominator of their discontent? I haven’t given up Scientology and found ‘reality’. Their ‘reality’, real ‘reality’, an unspoken – ‘understood’ ‘reality’.

    So now I’ve displeased them with my curt and ‘ad hom’ remarks, yet again.

    You are posting here, having come from there and the ‘Marty is a prick’ thread and suggesting that having displeased these persons, I should re-evaluate my thinking, somehow or other, and do what? Please them?

    Are you fu#%ing serious Terril? What’s next, make DM happy?

    I’ll get on this right away.

  460. Welcome, Catherine! I am so glad you heard about your son.

  461. Lotta crap out there, Tory. On all sides of the fence. You know that.

  462. I’ve never posted a video/song on this blog before but I think these lyrics are precisely relevant and very powerful. This song “Above” is from a side project by the late Lane Staley of Alice in Chains. I added the lyrics to prime your auditory circuits so that you can hear with greater ease. Enjoy. P.S. If the video isn’t posted on this blog and only the link go to youtube. I really think some or many of you may enjoy it.

    Title: Mad Season – Im Above lyrics

    “For clear space and soundess of mind
    I’ve let you play me for some time
    One can only receive and retain
    But the lies you recite for your gain

    So you rely on my faith in your kind
    Or rather continue to pretend that I’m blind
    You say I made your life a living hell
    And yet still let me pay you when I fell

    How is it you’re feeling so uneasy?
    How is it that I feel fine?
    Life reveals what is dealt through seasons
    Circle comes around each time
    I’ve been blessed with eyes to see this
    Behind the unwhole truth you hide
    Bite to remind the bitten, bigger
    Mouth repaying tenfold wide

    I’m above
    Over you I’m standing above
    Claiming unconditional love

    Try to keep bad blood in the past
    Never thought a chance, a chance it would last
    I have strength enough, enough to forgive
    I desire peace where I live

    I’ve been blessed with eyes to see this
    Behind the unwhole truth you hide
    Bite to remind the bitten, bigger
    Mouth repaying tenfold wide
    How is it you’re feeling so uneasy?
    How is it that I feel fine?
    Life reveals what is dealt through seasons
    Circle comes around each time

    I’m above
    Over you I’m standing above
    Claiming unconditional love

    I’m above
    Over you I’m standing above
    Claiming unconditional love

    I’m above
    Over you I’m standing above
    Claiming unconditional love

    P.P.S. Marty, if the video doesn’t post and you like the song could you please make up for my technical ignorance and put the actual video in my comment.
    Thanks. By the way, I think you especially will like this song. Peace.

  463. “I was told that Otto Roos was declared earlier, go that handled but was then re-declared by DM. Is that correct?”

    Yes, that is correct. I had this confirmed by a personal friend who knows Otto personally.

  464. Tony DePhillips

    Yes, the baby was thrown itno the mix just to push his buttons. LOL..

  465. Part of what J. Swift is trying to say is that DM didn’t do it all by himself. While he has always relied on a small cadre of sychophants and yes men to carry out his dirty work, he was able to get away with his various crimes due to the vast majority of Scientologists that turned a blind eye to his activities.

    Obviously those who withdraw their support for DM’s “church” do not fit in this category.

  466. no but kathy johnston and joe from laday were both go staff. they were both regs for laday. kj went over to aola and i believe enid was ex go too, correct?
    laday = los angles church of scientology, day
    aola=advanced organization los angeles
    both are churchs.

  467. Hi Sarge,

    Yes, losing your hard worked-on compositions is such a disappointment when it happens. A solution – compose your wonderful stories and save them, then paste them into the “Leave a Reply” box. (Hmmm… come to think of it, if they are saved they eventually grow into a book…)

    Although, I’ve done things like that and then continue tweaking them just before sending them and thus can lose all the “tweaks”. Ah well.


  468. “There is a condition worse than blindness, and that is, seeing something that isn’t there.”

    L. Ron Hubbard

  469. Dear Tony D,
    You sure know how to make a grown woman cry! Thank you so much for that song. It is one of my favorites, and your posting it for me meant so much; it created a whole new meaning for this most beautiful song, and couldn’t have been a nicer Independence Day gift!
    Your very warm welcome is most appreciated because of the admiration I have for you.

    Likewise, I have always admired your posts, and loved your introduction, too. I don’t know if I expressed it at the time, but your actions were very brave, especially in the light of being the prominent public Scientologists that you and Marie-Joe were and are, and with your extreme contributions in your field.
    My very best to you,

  470. Thank you Barney Rubble. I did receive your e-mails and feel like we have to some degree “caught up” with each other. Thank you for reaching out to me before I came out. Your e-mail was an inspiration: it made me realize that there are indeed Scientologists who follow and contribute to this blog that I already know, and that what one does say can make a difference. It is so good to connect up with you again! Thanks for your good wishes and your postulates for re-uniting with my son. And, my future does feel brighter . . . with the prospect of hooking up with my old friends and the many new ones on this blog. What an experience!
    Much love,

  471. Mike,

    Rumor was Jane worked undercover right after her A-E was completed.

    Also according to an inside source at former GO WW (who’ll I’ll leave deep background for now) many of his old friends he worked with in the GO were still at OSA SH.

    (This was 2003)

  472. Thank you, Karen. Your many hard-hitting comments on this blog helped give me the courage to stand up and be counted as one of the voices to end the abuses of disconnection and the other inhumane violations of human rights that we hear about and that many of us have experienced and/or witnessed.

    I know that you, by speaking out, are experiencing the practice of disconnection by your only son, much in the same way that I am. You are an inspiration to me and many others with your uncompromising utterances of THE TRUTH. I finally had the cognition that speaking out may temporarily cause more disconnection from the ones we love, but in the end, is the only way to end this abusive practice. The fear of disconnection is the glue that holds it in place. As long as one is afraid of it, it acts as a form of coercion/extortion. You did a lot to help me overcome my fear. For this, I will always be grateful.
    Love always,

  473. Well gee AC, you’ve got me at a disadvantage, since I don’t know your name, but, that looks like it was taken around 1998 at CCLA. Did you take it yourself?

  474. Dear Fellow Traveler,
    Thank you for your offer of assistance and support. I am so glad that my story moved you to tell your story. It was GREAT! Please do not be sorry for the dump…it was most appropriate and inspiring, and it would have been a great loss if you had not shared it with us. I have a whole lot to say about that song, but will say it under an acknowledgement to Sinar, who posted it. But I agree, it is a very emotional and inspiring song…..I just had a 40+ year comm lag!

    Bruce, your comments at the end of your post about being a mother made me cry. It was truly the best acknowledgement I have ever had about being a mother, and words cannot describe how much that meant to me. It handled a lot of the pain of yesterday. And something I am absolutely sure of, is that you ARE the son of a different, and very proud mother.
    Much Love, and hope to meet you soon,

  475. Yes, one of those who see, I accept your long distance hug very warmly. I know you completely understand what I was and am feeling. Enforced disconnection is evil, and I will do everything in my power to handle it. And one of the operations that is going on right now, evident through the actions of my son, is ENFORCED DISCONNECTION POSING AS SELF-DETERMINED DISCONNECTION. I know that he is being coached to tell me that this is his own self-determined decision. HOGWASH!!!!!!

    My opinion is that this is the latest OSA/Justice Area trick to get around the bad Public Relations of the Disconnection Rule: tell those doing the disconnecting, to tell those disconnected from, that it is due to their own decision and own determination. But, in one way this is good, as it shows there is a perception on the part of those doing the enforcing, that the public thinks enforced disconnection is HORRIBLE.

    Thank you for your comforting words, and give your kid(s) a big hug for me.
    Much Love,

  476. Dear Just Me,
    As you know by my response to your e-mail, I am the one that you knew so long ago. Thank you for reaching out to me; I am thoroughly enjoying our communication. Also, I am very comforted by your words of encouragement, and love the posts and comments you put on this blog.
    Looking forward to more communication,

  477. Thank you for your welcoming words, Karen B. Yes, that postulate to reconnect with my son is alive and well, and stronger now that you have added your postulate to i! Yes, it will happen, and it will be a most joyous occasion. Thanks for putting that on the future time track for me. Great Creation!
    Love always,

  478. Hi RJ, thanks for acknowledging me and making me feel welcome. If feels good to be able to be called by my mest universe name.
    ML, Catherine

  479. Dear Carol,
    Thank you for your warm welcome and your acknowledgement of me. I feel the same way about you. Also, I think we might know each other. Are you the Carol that was on the Flagship Apollo in 1975?
    Much love,

  480. Dear Kathy,
    You are very welcome, but the thanks should be all mine. I have gained so much from the group on this blog. It has truly changed my life in so many ways. If I actually do “Go get ’em tiger!”, it will be because of the encouragement and support I have gotten here. You are a big part of that.
    Love always,

  481. Hi Kathy,

    Good point I noted several “ex” GO who were on staff in the PAC area.

    There’s more which I was going to add before the battery on my laptop failed:

    Many of these WISE (who will remain nameless for now) were either started by or employed “ex” GO staff who acted as “consultants” for OSA and it is likely they are involved in the same dirty tricks that brought about so much ill repute for their former employer.

    (It is my opinion that if the GO was only involved in espionage against the USG that their deeds would of been a matter of legend in certain sectors of society.

    It was activities like those carried out against Cooper such as ‘Operation Freakout’ that brought them infamy and discredited them.)

  482. Dear Marie-Joe,
    I had a flash of inspiration, and used the LRH datum, When in Doubt, Communicate. I am so glad I did. I did not want to take anything away from Luis Garcia, but I am certain that he is very happy to have someone who has been afraid, to be able to break the silence on his blog posting. I wanted to do it on my son’s birthday as a gift to him. I want to end DISCONNECTION as a practice for all those who have suffered its pain. There is just no way for me to do that by staying in silence. It became apparent to me that staying silent was my own disconnection, self-imposed out of fear of consequences. I was agreeing with this most inhumane and anti-Scientology practice by being caught in “The sound of silence”.
    Thank you for your birthday wishes for my son, and for your Happy Independence Day wishes. They are very much appreciated. It turned out to be a VERY HAPPY DAY, thanks to y’all.

    Now Marty, will I be invited to the next barbecue, so I can meet all these wonderful people? (I am only a conversation away!)

    Love always,

  483. Thank you Alex, I enjoy your posts, too!

  484. Wow Tunedal,
    Those are prophetic words. Just this minute, re-reading your post, I realized I did just exactly that, yesterday. I did the opposite of what Miscavige would want me to do. I broke my silence. Actually, I broke my silence a long time ago, I just wasn’t willing to put my MEST universe name to it. Now, there is another big chink in his “armor”. Thanks!

  485. Yes Grasshopper, that was a most welcome physical universe acknowledgement of “coming out”. Yesterdayh morning, I was so upset over not knowing where my son was and if he was okay, that I began e-mailing people who have disconnected from me long ago, for example, his father. I also e-mailed is half-brother, whom I knew for certain would get in touch with my son if he could. This half brother has not spoken to me for many years. I had also in the last few days reached out to people who used to be close friends and were in the group of those whom I did not know if they were being influenced by “disconnection policy” or not. These actions resulted in the cogniton that by not reaching out to people like this, I was “agreeing” that it was okay to not communicate. In other words, I was agreeing with the disconnection policy. I DISAGREE NOW. If I communicate and they don’t like it, they can just let me know. Or not. I was inhibiting my own comm by being silent. There was an LRH lecture, and I don’t have it handy to give you the exact reference, but he said something like this: “If you communicate and someone chops your head off, well, just put on another head, and communicate again.” So, this is the new me, no longer afraid of getting my head chopped off!

  486. Fellow Traveller

    See Joe.
    See Joe get SUDDEN!
    Applause for Joe.

    Bruce Pratt

  487. I agree Catherine,

    Disconnection is horrible which is why the Ol’man canceled it as part of the Scientology Reform Codes.

    But I guess as far as the current Church is concerned.

    History is repeating itself.

    Something that is bound to happen if you are unfamilar with the past.

  488. Tory,
    You are a PIONEER on speaking out. Thank you for blazing the trail, and thank you also for your kind words and advice. Your reminder, about being his MOM and that no one loves him as much as me, are very inspiring. That concept will keep me going through the hard times!
    I can’t wait to meet you in person, as I’m sure we will someday soon.
    Love always,

  489. Dear Sarge,
    I feel honored by your words. Thank you so much for your warm welcome, and your expression of love and support. I can feel it through the air. Also, your postulate of being reunited with my son. With OT postulates like this, what else can happen but the fulfillment of that future vision?!!!

    Sarge, I cannot tell you how much your stories about LRH have meant to me. They add so much to this blog. They bring so much warmth and humanity to all of us here.

    I truly hope that you are doing well, and that I can visit with you soon. Just like so many others, I can’t wait to hear more. I even have one LRH story to tell you!
    Love always,

  490. Dear Bodil,
    Thank you for telling me your story. Your empathy and understanding as a mother is very much appreciated. I have absolutely no question that my son loves me very, very much. He has told me that many, many times, and no matter what happens or how ugly it has gotten, or will get, I NEVER FORGET THAT. My love for him, and the love I know that he has for me, keep me going. That is probably at the core of where I came up with the courage to speak out, as I have been afraid, for him and for me, for a long time. My belief in our love for each other, as mother and son, has given me a rock-solid foundation of knowingness, that we can overcome this temporary problem, not only for ourselves, but others, too. In the end, we will all win, and enforced disconnection will be CANCELLED! How’s that for a postulate?!!!!
    Love always,

  491. Dear Samuel,
    Yes, Luis is DA MAN!!!!!
    And, you make me feel like a princess with your kind words. Thanks for your best wishes and postulates for the happy ending with my son. Yours added to the others on this blog make it a complete certainty!
    I enjoy your posts very much.
    Love always,

  492. Steve,

    There was a Len Regenass posted as the Chaplain in AOSHUK a few years ago. Presumably the same one as on your list. He would be about the right age anyway.

  493. I think you’ve just fallen off. Fur balls and all.

  494. Thank you fjor your blessings. Yes, it was a big relief to know that he is O.K. and a great acknowledgement of the power of communication.
    ML, Catherine

  495. Tony DePhillips


  496. Dear Sinar,
    Y’all are very welcome for the story, and a big thanks to you for your very warm welcomeof me to the Indies. You very much make me feel at home as part of this group.

    Your stories and information on this blog have filled in so many blank spots for me in the history of Scientology. I hope you know how valuable your posts are. The charm and humor that you bring here are incomparable.

    To say the song you posted “struck a chord” with me is the understatement of the century! I was a teenager when that song came out, and I loved the melody. I never even thought about what it was all about! At the very beginning of the clip, Art Garfunkel is saying: “…inability of people to communicate with each other, and not particularly internationally, but especially emotionally, so that what you see around you is people who are unable to love each other. This is called the Sounds of Silence”………(music and song starts) “Hello darkness, my old friend, I come to talk to you again”…….This hit me like a ton of bricks. In a nanno second, I knew I had to come out of the closet as an Indie. Whatever happened there was like a big giant Grade Zero Comm Release on the Third Dynamic! Even though I love to communicate, this inhibition would turn on at inexplicable times, and it has been a ruin for me. I know that this ruin came from a whole track incident, and no matter what I did I could not handle this. In my career this has cost me millions of dollars, this sudden unexplained total inability to communicte at the exact wrong time. I called it the “Plexi-glass Syndrome” because it was as if I were suspended in a big block of Plexi-glass, totally frozen in time and space. I have no idea why Art Garfunkel’s words had such an impact on me, but I have been continuously blowing charge since that moment, and that is over 24 hours now. There is no question in my mind that my TA is floating. All the fear of coming out went away in that instant, and I knew that I had to Declare my Independence right then and there! I didn’t particularly want to do it on Luis’s post, but I also knew he wouldn’t mind, and I was glad to join him, as his courage had given me courage, too.

    After all that AND hearing from my sister that my son was okay, I went to my favorite Mexican restaurant and had Chile Relleno with Chipotle Shrimp for brinner (That’s breakfast, lunch and dinner), and had a top shelf margarita with Silver Herradura and Contreau, and a wonderful flan with Grand Marnier as a sauce! I was celebrating! I go there often with friends and sit in a booth, but yesterday sat at the bar because I was alone. I told the waiter, a good friend of mine, that I was celebrating my son’s birthday and something on the order of Cinco de Mayo, all rolled up into one. He thought that was great!!! He told me that Cinco de Mayo was a celebration of a victory for the Mexicans that was very important in their history, and told me all about it. I told him, “Well, what I did today will help me win the battle of what I’m trying to do in life, just like Cinco de Mayo!” We had a good laugh over that!
    Sinar, I am telling you all this because I know what a great chef you are, and want you to know that I celebrated appropriately. Also, my son Chase, after he went to Delphi, went to culinary school in Portland and became a very good cook, and did some executive chef work for a while. He loves Chile Relleno, too.

    I can’t wait to meet you and hear more of your stories and possibly experience some of that great food I’ve heard you talk about!
    I love to cook, too, so maybe we can have a good ‘ol Indie cook-off.

    Thanks for all you have done here for Scientology and for this blog.
    Love, Catherine

  497. It’s true, I worked as a GAS back in the GO days. You can read about some of it on ESMB in my OSA Operatives – How To Guide. All of my activities carried out at the behest of the GO have been written up and disclosed to the appropriate authorities. I think that’s the right thing to have done.

    If you think I’m still working for them you might need another layer of tinfoil, what you have apparently isn’t working. Read my posts, my position is clearly stated. I’m not anti-scientology nor anti-scientologist, I’m anti-abuse and anti-scam. I am not a member of the Belief Police.

    As regards your offensive questioning of the wisdom of my being a member of ESMB; I post where I feel it’ll do some good. It’s my personal choice to participate in activities where I feel I can be of help. I like to help others, that’s why I became and remained a scientologist for 34 years. How about you?

  498. Dear Martin,
    Thank you for your acknowledgement of my announcement. I am glad you were moved, and it is clear that you understand the pain of disconnection, especially in regards to your daughter. How cruel it is to little kids to have to experience that. Friends mean so much to them at that age.

    What do you mean by “if no reply this week, you should expect to see me unannounced at St. Hill.” I’m not completely familiar with your situation and don’t understand the “unannounced” part.

    I have enjoyed your posts very much and know you are holding down the fort in the U.K.


  499. Hello Jim Logan! I absolutely love your posts and it is so good to be acknowledged by you! Your contributions as MOQ with LRH references have helped me so much, especially in regards to “admiration”, and you are always making me laugh with your humor. You have greatly contributed to my pan-determinism here!
    Thank you and Love always,

  500. Dear Marcy,
    Yes, it was a landmark day for me! Thank you for your validation and your postulates. It was so great to find out that Chase is safe, and I really appreciate all the love and best wishes that you send. You make many contributions here, and I can’t wait to meet you.
    Much Love,

  501. Fidelio, (and CD), here’s how it’s done in”The Big Dirty”, Deeeeetroit City, Capitol of Rustbelt-style Insousiance – from the movie “8 Mile” by Eminem, the true art of adhom: It’s all in the attitde, baby!

  502. I meant to post this one, with actual movie footage, with the “mooning” punch-line:


  503. Catherine,
    Wow, thanks! Looking forward to the big cook off and feast!

  504. This was my sister! I know her better than anyone else on the planet. We were “best friends” and insperable for years. She will come around. She’s too smart not to…but a bit out of the loop.

  505. Deirdre,
    Exactly. Not all had expanded grade 0 and few did the KTL. KTL really put me on the map and when I watched the video of the GAT, I thought, what’s wrong with this picture? I particularly ridged on the comment, “the blind leading the blind” and thought DM needs KTL or at least some clarification on study tech. I had so many wins reading the books! I WAS pure COUNTER INTENTION on the “basics”. Did not agree at all, not once! Actually had a few arguments with a couple of the call in guys. I said, accusatively, “Have you done the KTL course?” Response was, “Well, err, ah…no”, and I replied “well then, you need to do it! And don’t call me back!”

  506. People who use email for marketing or pre-selling purposes usually say that to get the maximum response, they have to contact the people on their lists at least 7 times. Thus they try to get people they contact initially to sign up for a news letter or some kind of periodic “updates”, so they can send follow-up emails without being accussed of spamming.

    I guess I’m thinking it would be a good idea for you, Luis, to set up some kind of follow-up mechanism. If you use an autoresponder, your messages would have a built-in “unsubscribe” link which a person who didn’t want to receive your messages could click to unsubscribe. This protects you from spam complaints, although you are not selling anything.

  507. Awesome. That is such a great win. Disconnection is not dual – it is one sided, usually, and there is no reason to agree with it if you don’t want to.

    I love that quote.

  508. atcause | November 14, 2010 at 4:42 pm | Reply

    “You know Panda, I thought you had more brains than to be over at ESMB, but I guess not.”

    You really disgrace yourself here atcause. Panda is a swell guy
    who I’ve had several conversations with, apart from being a fellow ESMBer

    He always promotes the positive.
    He is OT 8.

    From the beginning I promoted scn. My first course was an FSM course run by Roger Boswarva. Another renegade on ESMB.

    As an FSM we are supposed to meet with the world and tell them
    the great benefits of scn/dn. I still do. To slag off people for daring to communicate where they will is extremely counter productive to spreading the word.

    You know our philosophy is very oriented to freedom. You are putting boundaries on that.

    Sadly……….thats reverse tech.

    The best forum to do so currently is ESMB. It gets lots of
    people looking. Some of them ask me for auditors or join our
    FZ forums.

    Try waking up. maybe you could smell the morning coffee!

    See the creed. You seem to honour it in the breach.

    See CO$ for similar.

  509. Lawrence, are you back again?

  510. martyrathbun09

    You might want to plant a couple seeds out of that doobie you’re sucking on before throwing it out. You could make a mint.

  511. Or not seeing what is there.

  512. Atcause, what is your objective? Many of your posts seem designed to create antagonism. Who does this serve?

    You post Panda is an “OSA sockpuppet”, apparently because he was in the past, when he was “in”, had some association with OSA.

    What does this have to do with present time? There are probably several folks posting on this blog, who had some truck with OSA in their pasts, before they became Independents. So what? Does this automatically discredit all of them?

    You seem to practice “guilt by association”. If someone posts on ESMB, this apparently dead-agents them in your mind. In fact this year there are probably more people on ESMB that acknowledge the value of of Scientology tech, than there are die-hard critics.

    I see it as reactive to tar everyone over there with the same brush. ESMB has over 2,400 members. They are not all A=A=A=A. There are some very suppressive peoples there, there are a greater number of decent people who have “issues” (bpc) with the Co$. Well, who doesn’t? Backing off ESMB and antagonizing everyone there as a generality serves no useful purpose that I am aware of. If I am missing something about that, then please clue me in.

  513. Some of my posts failed to make it on the last 2 blogs because of the posting problems we had,so here are some of my thoughts and observations about ESMB.

    ESMB has over 2,400 members, and new people join frequently, as more and more folks leave the Co$ disaffected. Some have been out for some time, but are only now announcing their departure publicly. Many of these people still believe in scientology tech, got good gains from it, and say so in their posts. They are in fact rarely challenged by the die-hard critics, because those mostly sing to their own “choirs”

    If we assume about 2.5% of members there are SPs, that would be about 60 people. If we further assume another 17.5% are so PTS to be more suppressive than not, that’s another 420 people. Total = 480 out of 2,400+.

    That leaves nearly 2,ooo (1,960+) ESMB members who are not SPs, they are social persons with a lot of “issues”(bpc). They are of course PTS, to the Co$, DM, other suppressive terminals in the Co$ etc.

    To tar them all with the same brush as the die-hard anti-LRH, anti-Scientology -in-any-form-critics is not differentiation.

    Now, they also have the potential to go PTS to the SPs on ESMB.

    I see a potential game of the members of this blog + most of the members of ESMB vs. DM and the Co$. Instead, a few of us are creating more antagonism between the 2 groups. I think this is counter-productive.

    It is possible to move ESMB “a little higher” as the die-hard antis are becoming more and more of a minority there. Some of them are chronic posters, and create the apparency they are “everywhere” and represent the opinion of the majority. This is not true. They do not. There are good opportunities to provide asked-for information and asked-for guidance there.

    Whether anyone here sees eye-to-eye with Terrell, he does exert a positive influence there.

  514. “If we assume about 2.5% of members there are SPs, that would be about 60 people”.

    Valkov – the 2% being SPs is of the general society. There are certain areas of society where the percentages will be much higher.

    For example, if you go to a psychiatrist convention, there’s likely to be an SP percentage of 30% or even higher. ( I’m not saying all Psychiatrists or Psychologists are suppressive. )

    I believe that the percentage of SP’s on ESMB is higher than 2%.

    There maybe 2,400 members on ESMB, I don’t know myself, but most of the posting is done by the same 15-20 people over and over not by 2400 different people. If you watch the threads and take note of who posts replies you will see what I mean.

  515. “He always promotes the positive. He is OT 8.”

    Since the general group think on ESMB is to bash LRH, Scientology tech, Dianetics and Marty Rathbun how can he always be promoting the positive and be a part of that group?

    That’s like saying that he’s part of the Nazi party but he always promotes the positive on the Nazi party’s message board.

    Apparently, he’d rather be a big fish in a little natter pond than a little fish in a big OT pond.

    The problem I have with you Terril, is that how you write here and how you write once you get back over ESMB seems to be different.

    What doesn’t make sense to me is that you say you support Scientology tech but then don’t seem to have the same affinity for the man who spent many years of his life researching and discovering that technology.

    It doesn’t make sense to me.

  516. “It is possible to move ESMB “a little higher” as the die-hard antis are becoming more and more of a minority there. Some of them are chronic posters, and create the apparency they are “everywhere” and represent the opinion of the majority. This is not true. They do not.”

    What do you think is going to happen when one of the die-hard antis happens to also be the moderator?

    Since the moderator has the power to decide who stays and who leaves, isn’t the message board naturally in time going end up reflecting the moderator’s opinions and beliefs?

  517. Atcause,

    You can ride your hobby-horse all you want, but where are you riding it to? What is the goal of your posts?

    You say most of the posting on ESMB is done by the same 15-20 people. I already acknowledged this. That is the minority ofchronicposters Ireferred to, who create the impression they represent majority opinion. They don’t, by far. Don’t validate them so much. 15-20 is actually far less than the 60 SPs I estimated.

    You are judging and lumping all 2,400+ members of ESMB together on the basis of the posts of 15-20 people? That’s a suppressive generalization in my book. And it’s going to be resented by the other 2,380 members of the forum, who think enough for themselves to have left the Co$.

    Many of your posts seem directed towards creating antagonism between the 2 groups. Is that your goal? Whose interests does that serve?

    “What do you think is going to happen when one of the die-hard antis happens to also be the moderator?”

    Are referring to Emma? Or the new admin? You are trying to whip up some hysteria here? I don’t care to speculate that “the sky will fall – someday when”. What I see happening now is that more and more folks are leaving the Co$ and some of them are coming out on ESMB. Many of those are posting very pro-tech statements. No-one is in fact getting banned. You don’t get banned there, for being pro-tech.

    What you may doing is in fact “dead-agenting” Marty’s blog in their eyes, making all of us over here look like fanatics.

    “Since the general group think on ESMB is to bash LRH, Scientology tech, Dianetics and Marty Rathbun how can he (Panda) always be promoting the positive and be a part of that group?” Perhaps your characterization of ESMB is off? I see plenty of positive posts there.

    I wrote that “Terrell does exert a positive influence there”. And he does. He regularly posts tech wins there. And gee, he hasn’t been banned. So your generality about the “groupthink” of ESMB is not 100% true, either. “You get what you put your attention on.” It may be right to sometimes point out some piece of groupthink, but it is always right to validate the reason, rationality, and analytical mind of the other, to get an increase of that. “Auditor + PC is greater than the bank.” Don’t let the chronicly posting 15-20 individuals determine your opinion of everyone there.

    I respect your apparent loyalty to LRH and the tech. I cannot respect some of your knee-jerk posts that seem certain to create antagonism and discord among people that ought to be allied because of many common goals.

    That’s why I keep asking you, what are you trying to accomplish? Your heart may be in the right place, but are you using good judgement? I’m just not sure about you. LRH did say “The result IS the intention.” What is the result of your posts?

    “The problem I have with you Terril, is that how you write here and how you write once you get back over ESMB seems to be different.”

    This seems natural to me. Your comm ought to reflect your perception of the Reality and Affinity levels of the person you are trying to communicate with. Here and ESMB are two different venues. Now, I am not talking about being two-faced. Alanzo or Joe Lynn might come over here and post something inoffensive, but then go back there and post a report which shows their “true colors”.

    When I post over there, I usually avoid controversial topics. There is plenty of opportunity to post constructively. Marty is a controversial topic. They need to settle their own hash with Marty. At ESMB’s reality level, they can accept that “Marty was in for a long time, he needs a lot of time to decompress, just like anyone else,doesn’t he?” That is a defense of Marty. Most of them will say, ” yeah, I guess that’s true.” You could also say, “You have a beef with Marty? Why don’tyou email him about it?”

    But that’s just me. You may take a different approach. It depends on what you want to accomplish. I start out trying to build bridges, if I can do so without outright compromising myself.
    It depends on what do you want to accomplish. If you want to be a lightning rod, OK. If you want to be the one who blows smoke down every hole to see what comes running out, I guess that’s a valid function. It’s not always my way, and it could have unintended and undesirable consequences as I mentioned at the start of this post. Especially if your actions are based on a misperception of the people you are posting about.

  518. Others’ perceptions of LRH don’t always make sense to me, either. But that’s life. I can think of others who have little good to say about LRH’s character as they see it, but are 100% positive about the tech.

    I’ve come to think it’s just best to differentiate it all out – Scientology the philosophy from Scientology the Church of, from LRH, from Scientology the Applied Philosophy. They are different bins. And LRH himself had many aspects.

    We just need to deal with 1. DM and his cronies 2. the Co$ 3. Using the tech in the best ways we know how to do.

    Critics of LRH? We can just agree to disagree with them, without putting that much attention on it.It distracts from what’s really important right now, IMHO

    I’m perfectly happy with LRH-bashing being modded out on this blog. We don’t need it here. Why mention it even tangentially, as you do?

    If you want to discuss it with Terrell and question him about it, why not do it over there, on ESMB?

    Why import that drama here, to Marty’s blog?

  519. Atcause, you make some good posts, but….

    “Since the general group think on ESMB is to bash LRH, Scientology tech, Dianetics and Marty Rathbun….”

    Generalize much, yourself?

    Ad hom 2,400 + people much, by sweeping generalization?

    3P much?

  520. Here’s DM’s Affluence Formula.
    The words are a little different, bu the tune’s the same-
    “got to move those sets of Basics, we got to move those ACCs….”

  521. It doesn’t matter that there are 2,400+ members, its who’s doing the WRITING on the message board matters. To sign up but never put in your viewpoint doesn’t really matter. It’s like having the ability to vote, if you don’t exercise that vote its the same as if you don’t have that right.

    “Many of your posts seem directed towards creating antagonism between the 2 groups. Is that your goal?”

    My goal is clarification of who are trying to do good in this world and those who are trying to suppress and destroy.

    In my honest opinion at this point in time, Marty and the independents are trying to do good and further LRH’s original goals in this world.

    If that is Marty and the Independent’s goal than what must be the goal of those who black PR him and oppose him and promote anti Scientology tech, anti LRH and anti Marty message boards like ESMB?

    It would have to be the opposite, right?

    Those who would black PR him, attack him, insult him, attack the independents, make jokes about him and the independents are trying to stop him from doing that good, that which is wrong and non-survival on the dynamics.

    “I see happening now is that more and more folks are leaving the Co$ and some of them are coming out on ESMB. Many of those are posting very pro-tech statements. No-one is in fact getting banned. You don’t get banned there, for being pro-tech.”

    That is a false statement. I’ve had it happen to me over a year ago for expressing pro LRH viewpoints. They will will put up with you for a little while but your days over there will be numbered.

    Valkov – Didn’t you in an earlier comment that you use to be or are still are a psychologist or a psychiatrist?

  522. Valkov,

    You are all over the place. I realize that LRH and Scientology tech are not one and the same, that’s not what I was stating. I’m just saying that it is disrespectful to embrace the technology LRH brought brought to this world then to put LRH down.

    That’s all, don’t over complicate it.

    It’s disrespectful and I don’t feel Terril should be engaged in such behavior. All that I’m stating is that I don’t understand his behavior and attitude towards LRH.

  523. Nothing general about it at all. Those are the specific things that occurs over at ESMB.

    As I’ve stated earlier, it’s not the 2,400 members that are doing it over at ESMB but the same 15-20 people who do 90% of the posting over there.

  524. “I’m perfectly happy with LRH-bashing being modded out on this blog. We don’t need it here. Why mention it even tangentially, as you do?”

    I wouldn’t be mentioning it at all any more except you keep bringing up the subject matter of ESMB in all your replies to my comments and LRH-bashing is one of the things that goes on at ESMB.

  525. Valkov,

    Along with using web sites and blogs, the church of Miscavige is also using WWP and ESMB as outlet sources of black PR of Marty Rathbun and the Independent Scientologists.

  526. Valkov –

    You stated: “This seems natural to me. Your comm ought to reflect your perception of the Reality and Affinity levels of the person you are trying to communicate with.”

    The people reading ESMB could be the same people that are reading over here just not posting over there. But for some strange reason, his message over there changes from what it is over here. I don’t think that is the real reason for the change. I think we are getting the real Terril over at ESMB.

    “Here and ESMB are two different venues. Now, I am not talking about being two-faced. Alanzo or Joe Lynn might come over here and post something inoffensive, but then go back there and post a report which shows their “true colors””

    I agree with you that Terril isn’t as bad as Alanzo or Joe Lynn but I still feel that the Terril on ESMB is closer to the real Terril than the one that posts here.

  527. My point exactly. It is only 15-20 out of 2,400+ who do the bashing – yet you refer to ALL of them in the same way –

    “Since the general group think on ESMB is to bash LRH, Scientology tech, Dianetics and Marty Rathbun….”

    You are the one who used the term “the general group think on ESMB is to bash LRH,etc.”. Since “ESMB” refers to over 2,400 people, that is a suppressive generalization on your part, to characterize all of them by the posts of a few. There are not 2,400+ people over there bashing Scientology in general.

    It can only create ill-will towards us Independents here, on the part of all the decent people who are members of ESMB.

    It’s just too “Cointelpro-like” for me. The Cointelpro tactic is to pretend to be a friend, but actually sow discord and dissension. See Mary’s latest post.

    Sometimes you “defend” LRH and Scientology in such ways as to make LRH and Scientology look bad.

    That’s why I am not sure about you. So cut it out.

  528. If you want to do social criticism of Terrell’s behavior and question whatyousee as the political incorrectness of his views, maybe you could do it over there on ESMB, instead of engaging in the drama here. Just follow him over to ESMB, nattering all the way.

  529. Yes, I worked in psychiatric patient care from 1966 until early 1980, for close to 14 years.

    So, you claim you were banned from ESMB for making pro-tech posts. Can you post a link to an example thread?

    My guess is that you were actually banned for posting a lot of ad hom of other members and being generally abrasive, anti-social and antagonistic over there, instead of trying to contribute something useful.

    I could be wildly wrong, it wouldn’t be the first time in my life I was. But right now, that’s my guess.

  530. quote:
    “In my honest opinion at this point in time, Marty and the independents are trying to do good and further LRH’s original goals in this world. (Agreed -Valkov)

    If that is Marty and the Independent’s goal than what must be the goal of those who black PR him and oppose him and promote anti Scientology tech, anti LRH and anti Marty message boards like ESMB?

    (Disagreed. ESMB is not an “anti Scientology tech, anti LRH and anti Marty message board”. It is a forum that does allow anti all-of-the-above type of posts. Because it is a forum, it is possible to have different threads originated by any member, even anti- members. That can happen in a free society, ya know?

    That’s why Marty is free to disallow such posts on his blog, and Emma is free to allow such posts on her forum. In a free society. It’s all good.

    You are also free to disagree.

  531. “My guess is that you were actually banned for posting a lot of ad hom of other members and being generally abrasive, anti-social and antagonistic over there, instead of trying to contribute something useful.”

    You would be guessing wrong.

    The only way to contribute something on ESMB that they deem as useful would be for me to join in their bashing of LRH, Scientology and Dianetic Tech and Marty Rathbun.

    Yeah, if I had done that I would have made lots of friends and never been banned.

    Why don’t you try going over to ESMB and promoting LRH, Scientology tech and backing up Marty Rathbun and see what happens.

  532. “ESMB is not an “anti Scientology tech, anti LRH and anti Marty message board”

    Yes it is.

    There’s an article running as I write this comment on ESMB titled: “Marty Rathbun – the pr***”

    Fill in the last letters yourself.

    Are you trying to say that is not anti-Marty?

  533. I question his black PRing of LRH.

    I would go to ESMB and tell him what’s on my mind but it would only result in the haters on ESMB gang attacking me with personal attacks and if I have the nerve to fight back, be banned by Emma.

  534. thefairlysimple1

    well, i have read all the blogs on here. I am so glad that somebody wrote a letter like this. it puts everything i have been watching on different youtube sites into perspective. apart from the inner scientology language, i now have a clear view of what is happening to scientology, and what certain youtubers are all about. apart from tory magoo, who has given me a fair idea of what scientology is all about, or is MEANT to be all about. i am now going to go to the glossary of scientology, to work out the terms i dont know. thanks again, for this well thought out piece.

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  536. Thanks for writing this and confirming so much that was suspected, but that I lacked the proximity to confirm.

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  539. Hi there mates, how is the whole thing, and what you wish for to say on the topic of this article, in my view its truly amazing in favor of me.

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  541. George Marshall

    Hi. L.g. It for sure is time for a new leader. A.Hubbard would be the best choice in my opinion . He just might be a chip off the old block.

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