Radical Scientology’s Cointelpro

Shortly I will be exposing some documentation of fairly recent OSA intelligence operations directed against former members and members of the media.  I believe an introduction to this subject is appropriate.

One major problem with the Guardian’s Office (and its successor the Office of Special Affairs) is that they adopted the winning valence of J Edgar Hoover’s corrupt FBI.  In particular OSA has adopted the Black Ops techniques Hoover’s FBI called Cointelpro (Counter Intelligence Program). 

Cointelpro was Hoover’s answer to a wave of social activism in America in the 1960s.   The FBI deployed agents to infiltrate an array of anti-war and civil rights groups.  The agents actively worked to sow seeds of dissent within those groups, and encouraged group members to commit illegal acts that they could be prosecuted for and discredited with.  One major purpose of Cointelpro was to prevent alliances being formed among like-purposed civil rights and anti-war groups. You can get a fairly accurate summation of what Cointelpro was at this link, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/COINTELPRO

I highly recommend the article so that you can recognize the extraordinary – yet subtle and covert – measures being taken by Miscavige’s OSA to as wikipedia accurately summarized Hoover’s stated aims of Cointelpro, “to ‘expose, disrupt, misdirect, discredit, or otherwise neutralize’ the activities of these movements and their leaders.”  Cointelpro is the precise pattern OSA, as directed by Miscavige, is using to combat what he considers social activist movements subversive to his command.

I post this at this time because there is a tremendous push by OSA to cause as much disruption and dissension as possible within our ranks.

To date I have found Miscavige’s “offensives” to ultimately be fruitful as his agents are necessarily exposed and the foot bullets tend to energize our movement.  But that is only because we stay alert and keep each other informed on the efforts.

Perhaps as a result of that, OSA is concentraing heavily on getting segments of the Freezone, Anonymous, and ESMB turning rabid on us and on one another.  I think there are a lot of alert folk in those sectors who hopefully can spot and expose the dirty tricks. I know some of them are actively working on it.

I am suggesting  that we learn a bit about the techniques and keep our eyes and ears alert so that OSA does not accomplish its sub product of creating dupes among us.

As one target of the original Cointelpro Ops said:

“One of the best ways to safeguard yourself from being deceived is always to form the habit of looking at things for yourself, listening to things for yourself, thinking for yourself, before you try to come to any judgment. Never base your impression of someone on what someone else has said. Or upon what someone else has written. Or upon what you read about someone that somebody else wrote. Never base your judgment on things like that. Especially in this kind of country and in this kind of society which has mastered the art of very deceitfully painting people whom they don’t like in an image that they know you won’t like. So you end up hating your friends and loving your enemies.”

– Malcolm X

And as another target of Cointelpro once said:

“The price of freedom: constant alertness, constant willingness to fight back. There is no other price.”

– L Ron Hubbard

Ironically, L Ron Hubbard and the Founding Church of Scientology were targets of Cointelpro thanks to the 1960’s intelligence apparatus placing those names on Richard Nixon’s White House Enemies List. 

It is a matter of great debate whether LRH himself did not begin the snapping of terminals with Hoover’s FBI (representing the establishment that did not want new, free ideas catching fire in the 50s and 60s) by advising the implementation of fight-fire-with-fire intelligence tactics to combat Cointelpro.  LRH drew upon his own training in Cold War era Naval Intelligence.  This is a matter that I am treating in my book – as it requires quite a bit of context having unfolded over three decades.  We will explore this to some degree here as Miscavige and OSA do justify their conduct in the present with writings LRH wrote while combating Cointelpro himself in real time.

Please keep in mind while I roll this out that what L Ron Hubbard faced in the mid 1960s is NOT what David Miscavige and OSA face today. Not by a long-shot. In fact, as noted above, in Miscavige’s inimitable Black Dianetics style, it is quite the reverse. 

Please also keep in mind that I am trying to educate so that we do not fall into the offerred GPM by playing the “ends justify the means” game.  It is a losing proposition and ALWAYS winds one up being the effect of his own creations.  No, we transcend this business. 

David Miscavige is a dues-paying friend of the very radical establishment that sought the utter destruction of L Ron Hubbard and Scientology.  And David Miscavige is doing a far more effective job of the destruction of LRH’s and Scientology’s name than the reactionary establishment agencies ever did.  To op term with him and his goon squads would only hasten the process.

The way out is the way up.

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  1. Thank you for addressing this issue, Marty! I truly believe OSA gets a stat every time there is dissension within our own independent ranks. I will not get caught up in this game and hope nobody else will either. ML, Songbird

  2. Regarding the Malcolm X quote:

    “In religion and politics people’s beliefs and convictions are in almost every case gotten at second-hand, and without examination, from authorities who have not themselves examined the questions at issue but have taken them at second-hand from other non-examiners, whose opinions about them were not worth a brass farthing.”

    – Autobiography of Mark Twain


  3. Guillaume du Houx

    “know your enemy”, axiom one in warfare. Keep it up Mark, as you say the way out is the way up.

  4. With your experience and knowlege of the inner workings of the DM black PR machine, DM and his minions will always be seen coming a mile away.

    DM is the Joey Zaza of the Radical Scientology intelligence agency maffia.

  5. Theo Sismanides

    Marty, great for opening up this subject and for alerting us on this. It looks like we are accomplishing much more than I thought in the beginning as just a b-l-o-g. Wow! Thanks and waiting for the full info.

  6. Journey Continued

    Hi Marty,
    Yeah – spot on.

    Having spent some time working at Int on external lines I was privy to the tech on handling attacks including many advices. But really in my view though this tech had lots of truths and was workable to a large extent, the real problem was making the correct decision on when and how it should be used – playing the piano and all that.

    Most of this tech was designed to be used against the real enemies of the Church not its parishioners and only then to protect the group. What we have now is a little insidious nut job that is concerned with protecting his own withholds and position of power and everyone around him has become the enemy. What he fails to see of course that his applying this tech to his own group will in fact make enemies of the group and then for real, they will go after him. Stupid is as stupid does.

    I also remember on the FEBC listening to the PR tapes and of course in policy (sorry I can’t provide references as I do not have any at my disposal to refer to) where LRH was very clear that the tech for handling the public was PR and not ethics. Now we have OSA largely internally focused on the Church parishioners and staff, where OSA is not only misapplying intelligence technology, they are also squirrelling ethics technology. By this action the parishioners not only are being treated as enemies of the Church/OSA/DM, but those parishioners, all in their own good time, will actually become their enemy. At which time, game over.

    I also recall that LRH said somewhere that when you have an external post facing internally, that they will go nuts. Seems that this is what has happened / happening to OSA right now.

    So great work on being there, communicating the truth, providing a safe place where people can speak out freely, and of course providing and encouraging others to apply actual Scientology.

  7. Now that we know beyond a shadow of a doubt who and what DM really is; Does anyone have any idea when he will be gone? It seems to me that by now just the overt’s committed on abusing the nonprofit status of the church would have the feds interested. I personally am looking forward to the fall of DM and I hope I have a front row seat.

  8. Now you have me curious, I wonder what’s coming down the pipe in the next week?

    I’d like to reinforce one thing you said, which was to not play the “end justifies the means” game.

    It’s because the means ARE the end. We can’t do bad stuff intending wonderful good stuff to magically pop out at the end of the process. When the end comes all that you will have is the means by which you go there, nothing else.

    And like you said, we definitely do not want to go there.

  9. Fellow Traveller


    You got my support and rapt attention, Marty.

    Also, in the spirit of play, I offer a working title for your book “Context”.

    Bruce Pratt

  10. thetanetworker


    Thanks for this one. I’m somewhat of a good researcher, and thinking only of all the hours of TRs I logged over the years … as a former staff member, plus as a security guard in the “wild world of wogs” out in the Big Apple,” whose job it is to deter, detect and report, if there’s anything I notice that may be worth pulling a string on, I’ll give you a heads up …

    I like your reference(s) to Malcolm. One thing I remember [close to exact] him saying: “No one looking for a good image will ever be free.”

    Something I have thought about — wondering what your opinion may be:

    If indeed there is a “room of DM tapes and transcripts,” as was mentioned on this blog ~ a month ago: Remember, the Articles of Impeachment drawn up by the US Congress on Richard Nixon … Then — when the disclosure of the Watergate scandal wouldn’t go away — he resigned, rather than becoming the only President in US history to not just be impeached [as Andrew Johnson was] but to be removed from office.

    Could the data disclosed on this blog — and others’ Reports [SP Declare, ETC.] on DM — be considered to be the “Articles of Impeachment” on DM, which have been drawn up for his covert entheta actions AND “high crimes and misdemeanors” against the tech AND parishioners? …

    Perhaps, as more and more data on “Miscavigegate” is disclosed, he would go the Nixon route and resign? … Just a thought … postulate …

  11. Marty, I am very happy that you stated “David Miscavige is a dues-paying friend of the very radical establishment that sought the utter destruction of L Ron Hubbard and Scientology.”
    This statement to me shows we mean business in what we are doing here now and in the future to come as we cohese our efforts into a common purpose.

  12. Tory Christman

    It is so key you are writing about this, Marty! As I’ve written for 10 years, and observed while “in” for years prior, OSA has 3 major goals re the Net:

    1) Distraction OFF of Scientology, and any topics they do NOT want known.

    2) Degrading various critics, x-Scios, Independent Scios and of course, working over Anonymous. That was a given for me, since I’d opened up C of S/OSA’s “anonymous accounts” years prior to the arrival of Anonymous–having no clue at the time what OSA was using them for. Once I went and looked, I soon after left C of $ forever.
    Note: I am banned from WWP —for how long? “Forever”. Whose “stat” is that? They’ll claim, “She asked to be banned”. No, I said “take my stuff down”. Someone else, someone anonymous banned me, and did so, “Forever”.

    3) “Slime the area, so no one wants to put their name there”. That was told to me by Bill Yaude, OT 7, Class 8, works at The C of $, Sherman Oaks, X-Sea Org, plus runs the OSA Int Internet Gang (OT volunteers, run by Gavino Idda at Int) the floor mats, as I call them.

    He also told me, when I saw what they were actually doing (Spamming ARS at the time): Isn’t this going to be obvious this is OSA doing this?

    His answer is key here: “Oh no, Tory—-they’ll never know. We are spamming all kinds of other newsgroups, too.” (At the time there was only
    ARS as the key area people were posting about C of $ and things they couldn’t say while “in”). So he told me they were literally spamming *other* (non-Scientology related) newsgroups, so the attack on ARS would look “normal”.

    One last thing for now: I knew the “OT’s” I worked with didn’t have that much Computer skill back in the 90’s, for sure. So I asked Bill: “How are you doing this?”

    His answer: “We hire professionals, and THEY do it”.

    I’m very cautious about how you’ve said a person can find out for themselves, as Yaude and a few others are terrific at one on one.
    Auditors here: Just think of your tools you have to “Get in ARC”.
    Hello? Guess who else has them, as long as they’re “anonymous”.

    I say “Call, or meet in person”. Or find out IF someone, somewhere
    has met that person, live, since they’ve left. If no one has….that’s a pretty big red flag. You will *never* meet their OSA ops in person, or on the phone, that I know of. If you know differently, Marty, fill me in.
    Either way, great post, thank you!
    Tory/Magoo (OT 7 who has been fighting their black ops for 10 years now)

  13. First of all, OSA nor the Church is Black-Op’ing me. So this must be happening to someone else. Secondly, I cannot possibly sympathize with anyone who invalidates LRH Tech, and one may simply find that support has been withdrawn. Many refuse to be part of such a Group.

  14. Agreed – with a tiny caveat: it’s important I feel not to slip into the same kind of mentality that most of us were guilty of when “in” – the sort of us vs them Op-terming that goes nowhere. “Psychs are all evil” sort of nonsense. “OSA” is itself a generality; I would bet my house there are dozens of people within OSA who are at the edge of desperation and are suffering badly. When identifying OSA Ops etc therefore, it is essential in my view that the specifics are just that, that dox are actual dox, with time place form and event. I know it is a delicate balancing act as one can’t always expose everything. But targets MUST be correct – verifiably so. IMHO.

  15. Tory Christman

    PS: Correction, you didn’t say it, Malcolm X did! Also, of course I agree with what he says about look for yourself. Yes, yes. However, keep in mind what I wrote above, also, IF any black ops are coming your way.
    An easy way to stay out of that is stick to a TOPIC vs their attempts to black PR a person, or even credible people on-line, who may be passing on their (OSA’s) ops, unknowingly.
    Topics discuss. People, I say IF you’re going to “Discuss” a person, at least send it to that person, to let them tell their side. The “He/she is OSA” is a BS base to start with, as it creates 3P right then and there, takes you off of any topic, degrades another person out, and who wins there?

  16. Great article that you referenced on Wiki. Yes, it is very much the same type of Op that DM runs. I do think that most of the other groups get his tactics but laying it out in the open will allow us to keep ourselves in check if we get caught up in the tricks. Nice to have such a clear and simple handling against DMs Black Ops.

    Great quote Malcome. It sounds just like what LRH wrote on Personal Integrity.

    It seems more and more your articles are addressing exactly those things that have taken Scientology off course. This one today rekindled the purpose I had when I first got into Scientology, wanting to make this world a better place. Kinda like some 4th dynamic valence which has been popping into view over the past year just blew completely. Thanks for rehabbing this purpose for me.

  17. Impartial English Girl

    A good and interesting post. It’s easy sometimes to poke fun and laugh at some of the ineptitude displayed by certain of DM’s lickspittles, dismissing them as clueless buffoons. But for all the bumbling fools, there are the genuinely nasty evil-doers , who will stop at nothing until lives are destroyed or even ended. And, as Mr. Rathbun suggests, the only way to stand against those nut-jobs is to stand tall, stand firm – and stand together.

  18. I am very glad that you have not experienced this. I have not seen or heard what has been said about myself to make former friends disconnect from me. Judging from what I have seen of what has been said of others, a reasonable estimate is that it is maybe 10% true.
    If you cannot possibly sympathize with anyone who invalidates LRH Tech, then you are like 99% of the people who read this blog. Many of these people do suffer from OSA operations. Maybe OSA staff like that game, but I got into Scientology to help myself and others.

  19. That Rhymes; ” No one looking for a good image will ever be free”
    “Something I have thought about-wondering what your
    opinion may be”
    ” My opinion is COB might wish to come for tea!

  20. Marty, you wrote: “Ironically, L Ron Hubbard and the Founding Church of Scientology were … names on Richard Nixon’s White House Enemies List.”

    Marty, unless you have other evidence to support it, I think you might want to correct this a bit. The formal “Nixon’s White House Enemies List” never contained LRH or FCDC. The list is on Wikipedia and elsewhere, and there is no mention of LRH or Scientology.

    HOWEVER, the IRS, in the Nixon era (1960s/1970s), did maintain an “enemies list” of sorts (it was a list of organizations and individuals who the IRS felt were likely to evade paying taxes), and the Church of Scientology and LRH were on that list.

    So it would be a true statement to say that LRH and the Church of Scientology were on the “the Nixon-era IRS Enemies List”. But just be aware that that is not what is commonly referred to as “Nixon’s Enemies List”.

    All in all, though, there is evidence for the governmental/IRS bias against LRH and Scientology in those years.

    (“Scientology”, James R. Lewis, 2009, pp 66-67).


  21. I actually just recently saw him in the future getting audited and winning in session as a public person. Sorry I cannot provide a date.

  22. Tory, good post follow-up to the red flag Marty has raised.

    Your examples are true, and there are more subtle ways in which plants will seek to redirect the discussion, muddy the conversation or in other ways detract from the momentum.

    Fortunately, there are many here who know the devious ways of the church and can spot the parasite, troll, plant, what have you.

    Its easier to do in Marty’s blog because the lines are carrying a lot of truth and are kept pretty clean with highly trained and intelligent contributors. The lies and bullshit do not last long.

    If there are any not so obvious ones still posting, thats quite ok, chances are they will come around anyway as one cannot stay exposed to the truth and be immune to it. No one can see all the LRH tech being applied here and not cognite on the Independents holding onto the high moral ground.

  23. Alex Braverman

    Hello All,

    ‘Just a short note to say “Hi!” It looks like you guys are on the forefront keeping the CofM idiots busy.

    So, Has anybody seen/heard Tommy Davis in the past few days? I’m half expecting him to drop out of sight anytime now.

    David Miscavige must be close to the point where he is going to start thinking about countries with no extradition treaties with the U.S.

    Marty- ‘Glad to see your traffic is going up, keep up the good fight man!

    Back to the trenches, I have to make a living.


  24. Eagerly awaiting what’s coming.

    Have seen a documentary on the last months of Hitler recently on TV. I know that mentioning OSA and Nazi in the same sentence is about as extreme as one could imagine. While I am *n*o*t * suggesting an A = A = A here, I couldn’t help but be stunned with the similarity in m*e*n*t*a*l*i*t*y. It’s not about whether an order or program is sensible. The question is: Was it ordered by “him”? And if so, you continue on any destructive and self-destructive course of action.

  25. martyrathbun09

    Are you serious?

  26. Is Disconnection a black ops?
    Are twisted, construed and outright false SP Declares a black ops?

    I don’t use my real name so certain people still “in” do not have to suffer (more) – even though they do not confront yet what they are involved in.

    Why don’t you use your real name?

  27. Tory Christman

    Remember their song: “We Stand Tall”?

    Well, in truth, all of us who are either out and speaking out,
    and the many who were never “in”, but help expose and do research
    on C of $s abuses—we DO all Stand tall.
    We WILL speak.
    We WILL be seen.

    The EP of the Communications Course is:
    “The Ability to speak with anyone, at any time on any subject”.

    I have that, as do you all.
    Members still “in” do not. They can only say what is O.k.’d to say.
    They can only read what is O.K.’d to read.
    They hide (the bottom of the Know to Mystery Scale)
    Who stands tall?

    WE ALL DO.

    Welcome to the *real* world, Davey boy. Your bullet proof car isn’t
    doing you much good now, is it. Why? We don’t need weapons.
    Free speech IS our greatest weapon and your worst night mare.
    As is “the tech”. So sorry you never studied it, lad.

    And to your new, younger “Executives” reading this? Get your H.S. Diploma, to start!
    Not important you think? Think again. LOOK at your master, who didn’t get his—-is that *honestly* how you want to end up?
    Happy Wednesday~to ALL 🙂

  28. Infiltrating and trying to stir up trouble with any group actually trying to improve conditions in the USA was the major activity of Hoover’s FBI. I suggest the latest bio of him as a vital read (and fascinating as well). I noticed that there was a new “anti Marty” blog, which is OBVIOUSLY a church website (it links to Freedom magazine). All of these church/OSA websites which focus on the critics do nothing but spew completely negative propoganda on any individual who is critical of the church. But it is SO heavy handed (the more so as you read them) and SO obvious in its intent, that really it has to be considered some sort of recognition of one’s power and cause, when they are chosen as a target.

  29. Martin,
    The good guys at OSA are now Ex-OSA. It is simple really if you look at it in terms of HCO PL recently posted at Casablanca: http://casablancatejasmyblog.wordpress.com/2010/11/11/a-real-good-rule-of-thumb/ which states:
    ” By their actions you shall know them, whether bad or good, whether on another side or ours.
    ” And what in their actions gives us the keenest insight? Their ability to help.”…
    Staying on as OSA and following the VE “command intention” is of no help to anyone, their 1st, second, 3rd and 4th dynamics included. There it is – cold hard fact.

  30. JC,
    Good points & good to see you posting here. There was one piano in MCI and one in the Officer’s lounge, but have never seen the Dear Leader play them, nor the piano you refer to.

  31. Tory,
    When you mentioned the “We Stand Tall” music video, had to laugh as the first picture I got was Mark Fisher front and center singing the “chorus”. That music video was taken off the shelf and never redone, AFAIK. Happy midweek to you!

  32. By coincidence this is a result of a correspondence yesterday with Ken Urquhart on the concept of CIA being on the Apollo. Raised on
    our FZ forum.

    I felt it useful to propagate in that particularly Rons Orgs guys
    tend to go for CBRs conspiracy theories, which one can trace to LRH conspiracy theories. I love that ROs train so many. 🙂

    Ken was there at the time.

    bb [ aka Terril Park]

    A story appeared on a public list recently that caught the attention
    of Ken Urquhart, formerly LRH’s Personal Communicator on The Apollo and later at Clearwater — until he was RPF’d for “Rock Slams.” by the then CMO and their cohorts, under the influence of Dear Miscavige.

    I had some exchanges with Ken on the subject, and the following is
    the gist of what he said:

    The story/rumor/fable/fantasy/brain-fart is that LRH was caught in a
    web of conspiracy in 1972, with the CIA aboard the ship. The only
    “conspiracy” that troubled LRH in that year was the effort by the French
    Government to have him extradited from Morocco, where he was
    living in his Tangiers villa. That effort was beyond his ability to control
    or subvert, so he skipped over to the US in a hurry, staying there for
    a year.

    Part of the rumor is that Paul Preston, a member of the ship’s crew
    in 1972 had a history in the military and was therefore, ipso facto, a
    member of the CIA. In actual fact, Preston was one of the few people
    that LRH took with him to the USA in 1972. As LRH was in some
    danger then and needed to hide, would he have taken from the ship
    the one supposed known CIA member/plant?

    I have my own direct recall of those days. I put LRH on the plane to
    NY. I had to get him out of Lisbon without anyone knowing he was
    going, or that it was he who was going anywhere. At the airport, I
    had two senior crew-members pass within a foot or so of my body,
    and neither noticed us. I took this as a measure of LRH’s abilities,
    not mine. Anyway, I thought I could verify my recall and my
    estimation of this rumor, and I checked out the CIA story with
    one of the people who went to NY with LRH in 1972-73, and
    who, of course, knew Preston well.

    I asked for his comments on the following excerpt from a chat list:

    “Many of those involved with RONS Orgs. are familiar with Capt. William Robertson and his statement about a prearranged signal. Apparently Ron walked away from CBR right in the middle of a comm. cycle and it seems that Ron was signaling him that Ron had been compromised. I believe a Green Beret by the name of Preston (or a name similar to that) was spotted on board by Ron.”

    and I added, to clarify things for my old friend, “What this writer was saying earlier
    is that the CIA was on board the Apollo by 1972, and that LRH was fully aware of the fact.”
    My friend’s response was:

    “Hi Ken,
    This is pretty silly stuff. If preston was CIA why did lrh let him come with him to NYC for 10 months, and handling all the secret communication? Tell them to get a life! You were there the night LRH decided to have him as his body guard.
    I doubt secret signals between LRh and bill. Between you and him very possible, but Capt Bill!!!??”

    To this, BB, I will now add something of my own view of LRH as he was at that time:

    Ron didn’t “do” signals. If he wanted you to understand something,
    you got it loud and clear with no ambiguities. He didn’t “do”
    compromise either. If he was put at effect, he yelled, screamed.
    stamped his feet, and he ACTED to end the unwelcome influence.
    I guess one had to experience the man to know how he behaved.
    He was afraid of nothing, fought on his toes all the time, he moved
    very quickly, and was capable of mighty and very fast punches as
    he moved.

    Signals and compromises be damned!

    If he had had any inkling that a CIA operative was on
    the ship — had that person got on board past the crew’s watchfulness,
    let alone that of MSH (who would have laid down her life to keep her
    husband secure) — that person would have been rushed off the ship
    faster than he could think “CIA.” Moreover, LRH would have instantly
    dreamed up a way to use the development as a severe embarrass-
    ment for the CIA and the American Government. Then the decks would
    have been suddenly manned by formerly very senior execs.

    LRH was a professional. He didn’t live his life like a character out of
    a very second-rate novel. With all due respect to the people who
    believe silly rumors that make him a lot less than he was, to those
    that were fortunate enough to take the measure of the man — to
    know, as the British Victorians used to say, to know the size of
    his boots — the rumor-creators look like they have watched too
    many soaps, read too many sci-fi novels. I ask them please to
    look at any false data they might have, and get real.

    It’s time we started remembering that LRH, with all his faults
    and failings, was a VERY BIG BEING with staggering
    confront, courage, and energy. The hardest thing for people
    to realize about him, those who never experienced him, is
    how BIG he was, how far above the ‘merely human’ he
    could be. And probably still is. There isn’t one human being
    on planet Earth that LRH couldn’t blow away if he wanted to,
    if face-to-face.
    [May one D.Miscavige be high on the Old Man’s list for blowing
    away (if he has such a list). Well, for all I know, I might be on
    that list too. :))]

    All best wishes, bb.

  33. Who’s on first?

  34. martyrathbun09

    Sorry for the delays in getting your comments up. We’ve been hit with unprecedented levels of malicious OSA spam since today’s posting went up.

  35. martyrathbun09

    Sinar you are absolutely right. Particularly when you consider every one of them knew and worked for years with Mike and I and know without doubt we are talking the 100%, specifics laden, TRUTH. They are Out Ethics, simple and plain.

  36. Cat – Love Twain. I would add Academia to his list…

  37. I have the Under on (meaning, I am betting he is gone before) March 13, 2011, Ron’s 100th Bday. I am sticking to it.

    Mr. David Miscavige, remember, virgin girls and paradise awaits you in the tropics – take a couple of mil and go!

  38. Yes – but maybe poorly expressed.

    1. If there are OSA Ops going on and they can be exposed, please go for it, with as much detail as possible. No question. But insanity and the individuals perpetrating it is surely the target. Without specifics a body such as “OSA” can become the bogeymen. “OSA” isn’t the enemy, insanity is. When still “in” it was deeply instilled that certain bodies were all bad – “the psych”, big pharma, “squirrels” – on and on.

    2. I’m certain that the majority of OSA personnel are heavily PTS. That doesn’t make them evil, any more than it would make you, or Mike, or any other of the ex-OSA/GO that post here. I’m equally sure that DM is as psychotic as any being can be, and his dramatizations are being run on all those who now expose the truth.

    That’s all.

  39. Tory Christman

    Don’t ya just love that? How about Larry Anderson (The Host of
    “The Orientation Film” ~~something *every* member of C of $ now has to see, once they arrive) being out 🙂

    Not to mention, errrr, Marty and Jesse Prince, two key Executives who used to help ol Davey boy run that same organization, both OUT and speaking out, and of course their favored PR: Mike Rinder: 🙂 Wooof. Davey boy is rolling in your know what. Hey….I could mention 100 names of you all, and we’d still be just scratching the surface, which you all know. Have a nice day 🙂 TLC

  40. martyrathbun09

    See my reply to Sinar’s comment. You are woefully misinformed as to the composition of OSA.

  41. Afterthought: maybe I’m just feeling overly charitable – after much pressure exerted on OSA UK lines Alicia just got a letter from her best buddy today – whose parents had disconnected from us.

  42. Tory Christman

    ___0___ HA HA HA OSA. What day is it today? Oh that’s right! It’s
    Wednesday, isn’t it? The day before “Stat day: Thursday at 2:00”.
    C of $ ~~hates~~anything coming in right before this next day. Why?
    IF any “flap” (upset) isn’t “handled”—-I know for RPR (Ron’s Public Relations Office)–they don’t get their “libs” (day off) on Saturday.
    Well, you all *could* just walk across the street and give me a call. I’ll come
    get ya 🙂 Remember Ron’s FINAL PL he used for that organization:
    “The Way OUT *is* the Nearest Door!”

  43. Astrologically, he will have a big set back around the Solstice (Dec 21st) and this will be exacerbated a month later. Right now, it seems like things will never change. Nothing stays the same forever. It will change.

  44. Congrat’s on the upstats (straight up and verticle OSA spams) and on another excellent post!

  45. Great post!

  46. I remember I took the over (not because I want to win on this one) but don’t remember the stakes?

  47. a 1-2 punch! Yesterday’s post hit me between my theta eyes. Mosey, thanks for the rehab of spirit of play and games, it really helped pull me out of the last results i experienced being on lines, purposely generated introversion, confusion, and damn near nullification, after I voiced no more. I can now see DM’s CoS: Command Intention/CI, is nothing short of achieving complete control by covert degradation of public in good standing, and full blown overt attacks of the truth sayers, having the guts to communicate the actual time place form event of what one has observed. The truly honorable are being labelled “enemies”/SPs. Thank you both!

  48. Current SCN died once they started telling you what you can and can’t do or what you can or can’t say think, believe or question.

    THAT IS THE EXACT TIME SCN died and continues to die a slowwwww death.

    It started with one guy and we all know who that is. He has created a gustapo robotic regime of people who toe the line and do and say whatever makes dear leader happy. Sad but true.

    The truth continues to surface every day and people are leaving the fold in droves and staying away from SCN in wholesale lots.

  49. Intelligence Actions.
    Black Ops
    Intelligence Actions
    Dirty deeds
    Anonymous phone calls to Law Enforcement with manufactured salacious and invented sordid crimes.

    All under a 501C3 Charity


  50. Summer Wind,

    The Federal and State authorities will become interested when they have hundreds or even better, thousands, of complaints about the IAS, the CoS, the donations scams, the lack of any Annual Reports published and available to the public on how the money raised is actually used, stuff like that.

    The potential is there, as there are now thousands who have left the Co$. What is needed is for us who are out, to start writing and sending in/submitting online our “KRs” on the Co$ to the correct terminals – the various government agencies responsible for oversight of Non=profits, ConsumerProtection agencies, Law enforcement(Internet fraud, mail fraud etc investigative units and such).

    The resources exist, they are there, we just need to use them. Our reports and even suspicions need to be filed with them – THEN they will investigate. It is when they receive a VOLUME of complaints, that they go into action.

  51. It’s hysterical that they think this would impeded the direction we’re going. It’s nothing more than a bit of dev-t on the lines. We understand and I wish I was there to help take someof the dev-t off your lines. The more we impinge, the louder the SPs howl.

  52. Yes Foremost.
    Happening to “someone else”.
    How down and dirty do they get ?
    Read the link below.

  53. Excellent point, Marty — with regard to DM doing a better job than COINTEL PRO possibly could. As much as it seems far-fetched even to myself, I would still look for some type of deeper implanted connection with DM and one that is not necessarily “alien”. It fits too well even though it seems absurd.
    Speaking of absurdity, Capt Bill paints some ridiculous scenarios but I think he very correctly targetted Jimmy Mulligan in his writings. Mulligan was the former President of the CofS of California and had all the markings of an operative. I never thought about it until I read Capt Bill’s write-up but it makes sense. He got himself aboard the Apollo as well. Stupidest thing I ever saw him do was brief the last remaining Apollo crew as to “where” we would be going. Clearwater was the destination but he couldn’t tell us that so he told us there were two international airports nearby. Well, this made it obvious and when the crew started circulating the information, he jumped up and down and said we couldn’t discuss it. What an idiot. You let the cat out of the bag and then try to put it back in. Sounds like Roswell.
    Paul Preston seems like a stretch in many regards. The unnamed witness by Ken is Jim Dincalci who accompanied Paul Preston. Oh, by the way, LRH did use subtle signals. He liked to be subtle at times. When the Apollo crew stationed at Tangiers Reception Center rejoined the Apollo in Lisbon, LRH came up separately and stayed in a hotel in Lisbon. A “phone watch” was set up at a phone booth at the dock. Someone was stationed by the phone 24 hours a day just in case LRH called. People sought out phone watch just to be on LRH’s line. I thought that was silly. One guy who was my roommate in Steward’s One (cabin or 6 man dorm), Frank Rzepka was new to Scn and the Sea Org and had never even done a Comm Course. Nice guy. He was on phone watch and really had no idea why he was there or what he was doing. LRH said, “Its Ron.” Frank said, “Ron who?” LRH would not elaborate that he was L. Ron Hubbard or anything else. He kept saying, “You know, Ron.” Frank didn’t get it. He said, “You mean Ron Palmer?” (another new recruit). Frank was never forgiven for this and the brass made fun of him and this circumstance forever. LRH was not mad…perhaps frustrated….but he noted the guy did not break security and validated him for that.
    It was during this period that Paul Preston somehow found out where LRH was staying. This was a security violation. He then went to LRH’s room, knocked on the door and said something like, “Sir, I want to by your valet.” LRH, who was very Thelemic (this is Crowley stuff, meaning living in accordance with your true will….highest aspect ideally) and loved it when people expressed their intention, hired him on the spot. He took Jim Dincalci to be his Medical Man and the 3 of them went to New York.
    Paul Preston was my first senior on the Apollo on the Deck Project Force. He was very short and not an imposing figure. He was supposed to be in the Green Beret and while that is probably true, his height might have disqualified him. I think Paul really liked LRH as I remember one of the messengers telling him he disturbed LRH (who was in session while Paul was moving a mattress) and Paul got really upset with himself. Paul was not a student of any sort and was only suited for MEST work. He seemed to have no aptitude for Scientology training, not really. I always thought that he did not fit in for that reason. There were others as well.
    When I first heard of the Paul Preston CIA theory, I thought it was nuts. That is just my gut reaction from knowing him and “being there” so to speak. If I want to play Devil’s Advocate, I would point out that his inability to duplicate real Scientology makes him a possible suspect for PDH style infiltration. That is just a historical retro assessment. Also, I can tell you that he became a Jesus freak later on in life. To what extent he took this, I do not know. CIA type people are mostly extremely Christian-biased (most were Mormons at one point) and some are deeply programmed.
    COINTEL-PRO was at its hey-day int he Sixties. The Seventies and the death of Hoover saw a much more effective expansion of MK-ULTRA and the founding of Psychotronics by Ingo Swann. This morphed into the Montauk Project and many other spinoffs.
    I knew both DM and Paul Preston personally and I would agree with the vast majority of you “who were there” that the PDH type implants seem far-fetched as far as our day to day observations go. I would not discount it however. Humility is the heart of Review. Be observant. It is also my personal opinion that Mr. Armstrong fits into this mold.
    For the record, I don’t believe Capt Bill was exactly right when he said LRH was being subtle with regard to Paul Preston. I do think, however, he “picked up” on something, right or wrong. I think Captain Bill’s wacked out scenarios often have a percentage of truth in them; maybe ten percent. Its hard to say. Sometimes we need to note the small truths even if we cannot pay attention to the exaggerations. Exaggerations distract and, as was so aptly said, OSA intends to distract.
    In summation, INTEL OPS run best when they remain unnoticed. Beneath the obvious subversive agent provocateurs, you will find electronic mind control and the PDH squads. At least that is if it is really a high level op. It is not hard to establish that the government has been involved in all sorts of mind control whether it be telepathic, electronic or otherwise. Tell me, is there some other subject that warrants more sophisticated mind control than the Church of Scientology in its hey-day? Or did they decide to use their most sophisticated and highly developed mind control for other operations?

  54. I can see Martin’s point.

    If we had a functioning counter intel capability we could try turning OSA operatives back against the organization as “double agents” etc.

    And ourselves become involved in the “great game”.

    Which might be nice if OSA was a worthy opponent.

    But it is not.

    Its just a bunch of puerile minds like their “control” officer who like to play dirty tricks on people they don’t like which is probably why they snap terminals so well with the rowdier aspect of Anonymous.

    As Marty says “Out Ethics, simple and plain.”

    And I’d like to add and stupid.

    As in duller than a sack of hammers.

    Which is why I like to call ’em GO Lite “the same vindictiveness with half the intellect”.

  55. Marty,

    As one who was 20 years old and viewing the whole US scene in 1965 I’m really glad you have posted this topic.

    My only comment at this time has to do with this: There was a tremendous interest in”consciousness”, the “PerennialPhilosoiphy” and achieving higher levels of consciousness all across the country. Many people were interested in the possibility of increasing their level of awareness. Many practices related to this goal were coming to light, Scientology of course among them. This represented a threat to the “powers that be”, and they found a very successful counter: the wholesale release and promotion of “consciousness raising” drugs like LSD into the society. The purpose was to abort the drive towards and achievement of higher levels of consciousness by the population of the US, by distracting attention from methods that actually worked – like Scientology proceses.

    The promo for the drugs was very successful – “Take this pill and achieve Enlightenment!” The implication was – “Why bother spending months or years meditating, doing yoga, scientology, gestalt therapy, etc etc when you can get the same or better results by taking this pill?”

    Much of an entire generation was thus diverted from real consciousness-raising activities like Scientology, Buddhism, etc, and were also diverted from the kind of social and political activism that was causing the “establishment” so many problems.

    Blunting the activism was the major goal, IMHO.

    And it worked. Tripped-out hippies were not activists. They became passive instead of active. If they were activist to start with, it wasn’t long before they dropped out.

    Timothy Leary, the guru of LSD, heavily promoted this attitude of withdrawal through his slogan -“Turn on, tune in, drop out”. Thus thousands of potential co-creators of a better society were sidetracked into drugged, introverted passivity. The whole “psychedelic drug consciousness raising movement” was a red herring that caught a lot of people. What it actually did was introvert them, more than anything else.

    I thought so then, and I still believe, that was all part of the Cointelpro operation against American society, to bring it back under control.

    And there is another aspect. It was a “pincer movement”, in that creating a large-scale acceptance of drugs as valid and even necessary adjuncts to living, set up the society for wholesale acceptance of the legally prescribed psychoactive pharmaceuticals that were already being developed then.

    That brings us up to today, when having a prescription of Prozac and Paxil-type “antidepressants” is almost the norm rather than the exception.
    Why meditate or do scientology-type “work” on yourself when you can take a pill to “feel better”. The only fly in the ointment is the drugs haven’t worked as well as hoped, and many people are turning to meditation etc anyway. Psychologists in particular, as opposed to psychiatrists, are studying and incorporating other methods into their treatment programs, as they (psychologists)can’t prescribe drugs anyway and unlike psychiatrists, psychologists don’t see drugs as an ultimate solution.

    But I digress. My point is the whole “hippie/drug/counterculture” scene back in the 1960s was the creation of the same folks who created Cointelpro, and was possibly part of Cointelpro itself. It was a massive control operation against American society that was intended to divert people from pursuing effective methods of increasing awareness and achieving greater self-determinism, and to put a stop to their social and political activism towards improving society.

  56. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Tory,
    If I may be so bold as to add a fourth item to your list:
    4. It also appears as attempts to get people to be inactive or to be safe and quiet. Such as “handle from within”, “quietly form a KSW group.”, “write reports”, “get in comm with staff at the Org”. These types of things for the most part do nothing but expose the Indie to more suppression and keeps them at effect and PTS.
    What we really need is the exact opposite now: COMMUNICATE A LOT to other PUBLIC. (verbally or through the internet or letters) Handle from without by lodging complaints to governmental agencies. Even picketing on front of Org’s can be very valuable, if exposing the truth to the sleep walkers.

    Marty: I will keep my eyes and ears open and communicate any suspisions right away. In my opinion it is better to sound off to quickly and maybe make an error or two rather than being too careful and putting someone in jeopardy who is risking their own neck.

  57. Here’s an interesting outpoint:

    My org (Class V) has not had Tech films for years. I would guess two or three years. I believe they were ordered to build some new fancy digital film room but for some reason didnt finish it (no $?) so the old films have just been sitting collecting dust.
    And it’s not a problem because they dont have anybody on courses that require Tech films. No auditors in training, no TR’s, nothing. Only “Basics”.

    It’s like what should be there is falling out and people dont notice. What should be the real “basics” of an Org have slowly and sometimes not so slowly been cancelled by David Miscavige and replaced with something else. Miscavige-ology or something.

  58. Sinar,

    Your comment regarding Spawn of Satan never playing the piano reminds me of his analogy of a pianist he used when huckstering for the Golden Age of (out) Tech.

    I guess total fail on both counts for Spawn.

  59. Tony DePhillips

    Couldn’t find WE STAND TALL music. But did find this sickening display of wastefullness and some grotesque pictures of miss cabbage.

  60. Maybe he’ll go snorkling and get eaten by a shark 🙂


    Sorry I guess that would be cruelty to animals.

  61. Tony DePhillips

    I hear ya!!

  62. I wonder how different it is being in OSA these days as compared to pre-Moving On Up A Little Higher, Leaving Scientology, Scn-Cult, Jason Beghe, Paul Haggis, The Truth Rdn, etc.

    One would have to assume that the bots of today have much more opportunity to gain access to the unprecedented, uber-exposure of DM’s crimes. Not to mention such obvious examples of corruption as the current, empty Idle Orgs, dissent amongst well-known OT8’s, visible parishioner shrinkage (bussing in extras for photo ops as one example), and so much more.

    To remain in the game despite so many opportunites to get KRC and get out is unconscionable and serves as a living example of the intentions/activities/hypnotic level and just plain evil of the men and women of today’s OSA.

    A big flunk to you all!

  63. Internal “Church” Conduct:

    Beatings, Punchings, assault and battery.
    Kidnap, held against will.
    Enforced abortions.
    Harrassment, covert surveillance, liberal use of Private Investigators.
    Sleep Deprivation.
    Oliver Twist slop/Rice and Beans at INT Base for punishment.
    Use of E-meter “religious artifact” for extended Police polygraph interrogations.
    Warner Erhard group seminars except ~~ much higher abuse, physical mob action of a gang against one.

    Hey ! Hey ! Hey ! 1st amendment right s !
    “We are protected ! We are a Religion !”

    All under a 501C3 Charity


  64. Thanks for posting that Terril.

  65. No suprise Marty.

    OSA stands for Obnoxiously Stupid Assholes.

    Instead of promoting freedom of speech they want to stop it.

    They’ve got the Code of a Scientologist bass ackwards.

    Any OSA operative reading this.

    Here’s some advice:

    Get a life

  66. Ken’s description of LRH encapsulates the man I knew perfectly. Wonderful. And with regard to Bill Robertson — when I first met the man on the Apollo he was the closest thing I had experienced to the attitude and beingness of LRH. He was truly larger than life. During the early days at the FLB when he was a Commodore’s Staff Aide and I was D/Staff Captain he remained the epitome of a Sea Org officer — tough, smart and on Source. He then went to Int and was in the Missionaire Unit of DM’s Action Bu. He flipped. Dont know when or why, but the next time I saw him he was stark raving crazy, complaining that Martians and FBI agents were following him (he blew from Int and came to Clearwater where I was the head of the CMO and refused to speak to anyone other than me because he was sure everyone else was compromised. I spent days calming him down until he would agree to see Lyman Spurlock and return to Int with him). It was sad to see, and I have no idea what happened to Bill, but he completely lost any sense of reality. And he never regained it.

  67. Yeah I remember Cap’n Bill fondly too when I met him on tour.

    Larger than life for sure.

    I remember when he flipped out in the early ’80’s and started the ‘9th Galatic Patrol’ with Franks ,Sibersky et al and being in total shock when I read the EO.

    Like WTF???!!!!

    Those were strange days to be sure.

  68. Good post Valkov!

    I have a friend who meet Leary at Millbrook and later in California who told me it was obvious to him that Leary worked for the CIA.

    In fact there’s a book I recommend to anyone who’d like further insite into the ’60’s:


  69. I’ve had two postings disappear recently. I’m not sure if they were approved and then disappeared or just not approved.

  70. Command Intention is actually Counter Intention.

    It’s the usual 1984-ish reversal of meaning. “war is peace”, “ignorance is strength”, “freedom is slavery”, etc.

    Command Intention is Counter Intention to anyone who wants to be Free, Happy, Alive.

  71. I’m confused about something.
    It seems to me that one major player in all this is getting a pass while others are singled out for scorn.
    David Miscavige is easy to figure out. Get rid of him obv.

    The GO has been tossed under the bus. Ok. I get it went off the rails but wasn’t Scientology expanding like never before on their watch? I knew and worked with a lot of that crew and never saw the garbage we see and hear about today.

    I hear “the church is dead” often repeated. Hmm

    And of course all these ‘black ops’ coming out of OSA. Bastards.

    But isn’t OSA just a sub unit of some other organization?
    Where is all this Black Dianetics coming from?
    What group is violating the priest/penitant privelige?
    What group is writing all these altered and squirrely SPD’s, PL’s and HCOB’s or at least transcribing them? And what group enforces their acceptance and application?
    What group enforces disconnection, tears up families, coerces abortions and leaves people with deep wounds many never recover from?
    What group implements the squirrel tech of 3 swing F/N’s and merciless sec checks on its most senior public and dedicated staff?
    What group mobilizes itself to bilk millions and millions of dollars from its parishioner members for fraudulent membership, ideal orgs, super-duper buildings, ship reno’s on and on ad-nauseoum?
    Who builds those god-awful sets for the implant events, produces the slick glossy films, CD’s and promotional material used to suck in the unsuspecting? What group are they a member of?

    I could go on but you’ve probably got my point by now.

    If you’re inclined to say it’s the “church” that did it. I would say well, I was a member of that church for 40 years and I never did any of those things.
    I never joined the particular group of which I am referring. And the vast majority of Scientologists never did either. So isn’t the “church” a wrong target and a bit of a generality?
    Go ahead, throw the church under the bus and then leave in place a very corrupt and malignant group within?
    David Miscavige has very little personal power. He does have a very strong enforcement arm however, and it has a name.

  72. If memory serves the CIA was bombarded with requests for information about Scientology, Hubbard and the ships that were in the Mediterranean. The wire traffic was obtained some years ago, a FOIA request, and showed the CIA didn’t have a clue. I don’t think Scientology was anywhere near the top of their agenda. There were far bigger fish to fry. I read these cables years ago, they have to be around somewhere.

  73. martyrathbun09


  74. martyrathbun09

    Interesting date coincidence observation. I never knew that, but can confirm that it was about that period of time he went bonkers.

  75. OK Dave, I know I’m waiting with bated breath for you to tell all and flesh it out for us.

    I don’t know which group you are referring to in particular, but I do see the IAS and the Sea Org as major players supporting DM.

  76. Dave, I’m a littled baffled too. What are you trying to say?

  77. Dave LaCroix

    The “Church” has a very very strong stable datum. It is self-preservation.
    Self-Preservation at any cost. The end justifies the means!

    Anything perceived to be threatening DM’s cult survival is FAIR GAME.
    Any PR statement that FAIR GAME is retired
    is a falsehood.
    When Dirty Deeds that are morally and ethically repugnant are carried out,
    By OSA
    By Bob Keenan and his merry crew
    by the hired PIs through Elliott Abelson, lawyer
    by RTC
    by Office of COB
    it is
    justified as “the greatest good” and the “the greatest good” is SURVIVAL of the “CHURCH.”

    I remember talking to some one at OSA INT that I had considered was a friend. This was early 2010 or towards the end 2009 before I had ever connected with anyone who had left.

    We were discussing Marty’s blog ~~ and his whole response was in essence, it didn’t matter whether Marty spoke the truth, it didn’t matter that Marty was in a position to know these things, it didn’t matter that Marty was taking a stand because DM had gone off the rails, MARTY WAS UPSETTING the SURVIVAL of the CHURCH, therefore, Marty was an Enemy.

    What “Church”?

    His words on Marty meant didley squat to me. When you know someone and their actions for decades, someone coming along and claiming they are an *ENEMY* or *SP* is neither here nor there.

    This is the lesson that the “Church” is learning. The rank and file could care less about an SP declare. It actually greatly increases one’s comm lines especially from those “under the radar” asking for confidentiality.
    ( so as to prevent their own disconnections.)

  78. MQ,

    I remember the “Ron who?” story.

    At the time I thought it was pretty funny 🙂

    Preston would have done SERE, Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape training in Special Forces which is almost like PDH.

    Spooks get a similar course at Peary.

    The purpose is so they don’t crack under interrogation or so they say by replicating it.

    It lays in a pretty heavy engram.

    The electronic mind control aspect seems interesting though I’ve never audited anyone claiming they’ve had it this life time.

    From my research on the subject. The Government doesn’t seem to handle on it (lucky for us!!!) but that doesn’t mean they aren’t trying under “Non Lethal Weapons” research being conducted by DARPA and other agencies.

    Pretty X-files stuff!

    Anyway Cap’n Bill going off the rails could be accomplished without much sophistication such as slipping LSD into a drink or food or maybe even something heavier like STP (and I don’t mean the oil additive) or even causing a severe introversion like forcing a wrong item on him which I always thought was the intention behind these “SRAs” and sending him into a psychotic break.

    I think there was a lot of the latter going on in those days because I used to burn up a lot of L4’s on wrong indications, whys and conditions.

    Though it is possible there may have been something else going on as well.

  79. I remember seeing a couple of DOS cables regarding Scientology and there is indication of the CIA spreading the rumor that the Flag Ship was a spy ship which started the infamous “rock festival”.

    This is also covered in Garrison’s book ‘Playing Dirty’.

    So maybe you weren’t reading the same FOIA files I read.

    Also case officers have been known to discreetly mention a target without saying specifically what it was in an “open code” of some kind.

    Particularly if that “target” is supposed to be protected by the First Amendment.

  80. Well, the IAS’s stated purpose is:
    ” To unite, advance, support and protect the Scientology religion and Scientologists in all parts of the world, so as to achieve the aims of Scientology as originated by L. Ron Hubbard. “, which it fails at miserably – in fact, a betrayal of LRH & all Scientologists.

    But I believe Dave L. is speaking about the S.O.

  81. Bingo Dave.

    It’s something I’ve been saying for months off and on.

    I’ve never subscribed to the lone “Miscavige theory” and yes I agree he has backing of some kind.

    But the fact is that he claims to be the religious leader of the Church.

    So he should get much of the blame for “leading” it straight over a cliff.

    Therefore to that degree he is a correct target of our ire.

    Besides I think the name Spawn of Satan , His Satanic Majesty and of course Mike’s favorite Vampire Emperor suite him so well 🙂

  82. The loser gets Danny Montalvo a meal ticket!

  83. “My point is the whole “hippie/drug/counterculture” scene back in the 1960s was the creation of the same folks who created Cointelpro, and was possibly part of Cointelpro itself.”

    That was also previously the point of our dearly departed Walter H. Bowart… Just wanted to give “alienaided” due credit for branding Leary, CIA and thank Terry Milner too.

  84. RJ,
    He’s used to swimming with the sharks and has done so where they feed them in the Bahamas.

  85. V,
    Who’s to say if that is not happening? For all we know, the data/evidence collection is ongoing. I don’t think there was any announcements or warnings when the raids happened in ’77.

  86. 😆 LMAO

  87. Okay, Dave, we’re all waiting for your thoughts on this. I think I know where you are going, but I won’t hazard a guess.

  88. Marty, I think one of those wordpress blogs I reported is GONE. Seriously. YaY! 🙂

  89. JoeP~I agree. I don’t bother looking at that crap really. The first and only time I looked at Freedom online the drawings were so 1.1 and slimy nasty that I didn’t even see the words. I would call that a hate site. It’s WAY over the top and instantly repulsive.

  90. Mike, I posted this a while back about Bill Robertson, but you may not have seen it. I knew Bill and his wife Joan when they were first married. I ran into Joan at an event years later and she asked me if I had heard about Bill and what happened to him. At the time, I only knew he had dropped his body. She told me he had, as you say, lost any sense of reality, and that it was later learned he had a brain tumor which also caused his early death.

  91. We are back in the spy game. Out of my former experience I would say:
    All they have to do is take away your stable data. Like the Tech („is it from LRH or not?“) or LRH himself („why did he act that way? maybe cause of the attacks from FBI?“) or other stable data you may have like Clear („Am I?“). That is all what is needed.
    It looks like DOUBT. But the very instant you ask the validitiy of your stable datum you are in CONFUSION. Insanity is basically the holding on onto invalid stable data. Like if one has as his stable datum „I am invincible“ or his tea cup.
    Thus the very basic of the subject of a stable datum is sanitiy or insanity. And that is the trick. Someone is telling you that X is not as good as you ever thought and then you have to think about it as holding onto it without inspecting it would qualify as insanity. And then they have you as then they can feed you with more and more contradicting data. As I told this is not doubt but confusion. You no longer can hold your position in space.
    That above is only my experience. Check it out if that is true for you.

  92. Tory Christman

    ideal org,

    Well, you are looking at it from the viewpoint of a rational person, out of that gang. Those still “in” do the following:
    1) They are constantly fed lies about those people you’ve listed as obviously people you (and I) like. To them, they’re ___ and ___ and thus___, EP being Stop thoughts.
    2) Pushed (nearly hysterically) to “Get the Stats UP” due to the heavy
    suppression from Davey boy, pretended Cult Leader. (He really isn’t a leader of any kind, thus the bully routines, imnsho).
    3) They don’t read hardly anything that is on this Net–thus they remain
    uneducated about the very things you are suggesting they may know.
    They skim posts, which is why IF you ever talk to one, you’ll see the communication just does NOT flow. I know as I watched Yaude do this, and tell others who were posting to do that.
    4) Re the empty orgs, I agree it *should* be a HUGE outpoint, but I also remember being fed the hype lines—and buying them. It’s the old:
    “A man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest”.

    “Just plain evil of the men and woman of today’s OSA”—no more than any other year: Same crap, different day. They’re IN the Scio-Truman Show, doing what they honestly believe IS helping mankind. I know it’s nuts…but that is what’s happening when you get down to their worlds, and I doubt it’s changed even since I escaped out, 10 years ago.
    Best 🙂

  93. Tory Christman

    Thanks 🙂 I guess I’d be more certain of what you’re saying had I not
    watched Yaude trick Scientologists and Critics into believing he was one of them, and work it until bingo, they were saying exactly what he wanted them to say. (If I didn’t mention it, by the way, he created 10 different identities, and he’d just play them against each other until a “real critic” would bite. Pretty insidious).

    Being a Class 8, he uses his tools, training, and “facts” —and I’ve lived through a few disasters he created against myself—where people, smart people, bought his flat out lies, and 3rd Party. So I never say never when talking with “anonymous” nicks.
    I hope you’re right, and I’m wrong, but those are some of what I’ve lived through, which I’ve spent 10 years trying to educate people on. In 2008 I ended up being attacked by tons of people, including an OT 8 and a few people I *thought* were my friends. Needless-to-say, they’re off my Xmas card list now. I’m always willing to forgive, but these people didn’t even have the care or courtesy to call me to hear my side.

    I hate disconnection, and I also despise 3rd Party, having lived through some massive attacks, and literally Scientologists cutting me out of their lives, without even talking to me. “Tech”? What happened there? I hope you see my point. And as I said, hopefully you’re right that *this* haven will be safer and free from their creepy actions. Sorry to get into my story, but I hope it helps educate people on their sneakiness, and covertness and ability to 3rd party good people. I nearly left –but thankfully they don’t know my secret 🙂

  94. Tory Christman

    Excellent point! Yes, they are *always* trying to get people to feel
    like their way (communication) isn’t *really* the best way, and as you point out—one should use those other, quieter avenues. Yes! yes! Communication IS the Universal Solvent. The more that is used, the better ALL will be. And thanks: Please do let Marty know of any odd or suspicious activity. And also, let the person know, IF someone is being 3Partied.
    That way both can talk—and one will be real, one not, or one filled with lies that they can then let go of, once the facts and truth are sorted out.

  95. Tory Christman

    HUGE Outpoints! Marty and Mike and Luis would know more about this, than I. My guess is what you say: There’s no one on course, plus most of the tech films have to be re-done and Jason and other now “SP’s” are in them! LOL!!! Oh boy–another flap for Davey.

  96. “He then went to Int and was in the Missionaire Unit of DM’s Action Bu. He flipped. Dont know when or why, but the next time I saw him he was stark raving crazy, complaining that Martians and FBI agents were following him”

    What could cause that to happen?

  97. Tory Christman

    Ditto Karen’s post, and Marty’s “huh”?
    A few things I can point out: Yes, the “church” was flourishing in the days
    of the GO. Was that DUE to the GO? Hell no—11 of them went to jail.
    It was flourishing as it was pre-the Mission Holder’s Conference, where basically the mission network–those people who worked day and night
    to get NEW people “in”, collapsed.

    “The Church is Dead”—you don’t think so? Come walk down L. Ron Hubbard Way with me, any day. If you’re not here, watch videos many others have taken of how utterly D E A D it is. Many other orgs are the same.
    GO LOOK.
    “Isn’t OSA part of some other network”? See Karen’s post.

    Where do the black ops come from? Good question. I’d never heard of Black Ops until I escaped out. Hell, I didn’t even know I would have to escape out—but when the VP of C of $ was at LAX, telling me: “We know where you’re going, and you are NOT going there”…the picture began to come into 3D.

    Also, I remembered a Class 9 working me over on OT 7, telling me I didn’t go Clear when I thought, and when did I? She kept asking, (basically invalidating my state of Clear) and then said: “End of session”. Later, once out, and having learned about black ops, I realized THAT WAS BLACK DIANETICS.

    What group is violating Priest/Penn Priv? OSA.

    What group enforces “Disconnection”? Well, My SP declare Says it’s by “The Church of Scientology Flag Service Organization” …so that should tell you a bit of the who.
    Who is writing the squirrel crap? Good question. Again, I’d say read Karen’t post.

    The organization know as the “church” of $cientology is totally off the rails, and IF you haven’t noticed, Google “The Unfunny Story about Scientology”
    Those people would tell you, but they’re all D E A D.

    Hope that helps some. It sucks, I know—and it is NOT the same group most people joined, many years ago. The good part is more and more people are leaving, every single day. Also, the information and experiences are now free for anyone to read, right here on the Net. From that, they can make up their own minds.

  98. “So isn’t the “church” a wrong target and a bit of a generality?”

    In my opinion, there are still good Scientologists in the church of scientology who are trying to help people.

    The problem is:

    By being a part of a group that is being run by David Miscavige, they are indirectly supporting him.

  99. Tory Christman


    Wise words. Here are a few more to keep in mind:
    “Get a life”—people “in” will shut that off with “I have a life, YOU get
    a life–we’re saving the planet”.
    FACT: Your orgs are not expanding: GO LOOK.
    FACT: 2 major Executives left and are speaking out. Why?
    FACT: Life is for living, not “getting your damned stats up” only.
    Living is doing things you enjoy, your family enjoys without
    the restrains and/or guilt of some organization running junk on you.
    FACT: C of $ is milking you for $$$ that you WILL need, later.
    FACT: If you were free, you could talk to me. Since you cannot,
    you are NOT free. (And no, the “I choose to not talk to you” Doesn’t count as WAY too many people, once “out” immediately connect up to their friends and loved ones, whether declared or not).

    Come out—the water is just fine!

  100. This is pathetic as it gets folks. Ex-cult members critisizing those still in the cult. Instead, they should be helping those who have been mentally, emotionally and financially f$cked out of their wherewithal. This is one thing all cults have in common.

  101. “They are Out Ethics, simple and plain.”
    Isn’t that what you already told them when you were still being the IG Ethics? What’s the difference between now and then?

  102. Tory Christman

    To all our friends we may be cut off from, or our loved ones…especially
    parents who have lost communication with their children. May they soon
    come home.

  103. Just a spontaneous thought. Could it be that Captain Bill was put on drugs without him knowing and he thinking his delusions are real ?
    Can you remember Mike ?
    His pupils ?
    And Lrh ? The photos with long unkempt hair. It doesn’t make any sense. Drugs in his drinks ?

  104. “I never joined the particular group of which I am referring. And the vast majority of Scientologists never did either. So isn’t the “church” a wrong target and a bit of a generality?”

    The Church is made up of individuals. The answer is for all public and satff to take responsibility for what they know. These days, there is hardly anyone on church lines who hasn’t seen some of the outpoints – I mean lets face it, the outpoints aren’t just “a bit visible” any more. When I was getting educated last year many I spoke to, even SO members, had heard “rumours” about abuses at the Int base and DM’s psychtoic behaviour. But FEAR dominates their actions. Genuine example: I was talking to a prominent local OT at his home in a very measured way about some of the outpoints; his wife (OT V) put her hands over her ears and started “la la la-ing” very loudly to drown out my comm. Actually, for real. It is this level of fear and non-confront that is being addressed here.

  105. A brain tumour would do it. That can throw a monkey wrench in the proverbial works, and it would not be the poor man’s fault.

  106. Analogies such as the Counter Intelligence Programs offer great insights on different dynamics.
    I like it when analogies like this are utilized.

    The Church is dead.
    An OT VIII IAS Patron recently had upgraded his/her IAS status by a huge amount.
    The OT VIII told me that they were aware that “9/11 was an inside job”, and that this was a major justification for donating more support to the IAS.
    What a waste of money… …the IAS is a sham.
    Ironically, the Church of Miscavige will never expose the 9/11 Coverup, because then parishioners might start to also question the Church.

  107. Because it’s what they want.

  108. This data fills in “gaps” for me.

  109. Not that an OSA plan even matters. Doesn’t matter who’s OSA it matters what effects they create. If you have a plan that will win there’s no need to worry about what a perceived enemy wants or doesn’t want you to do, you can just bulldoze them. Supporting Tom and Linda’s new org is key.

  110. Yes, and once upon a time there was a policy letter in the OEC volumes that stated that the PR tech was the correct tech to use on the public and the Missions/Franchise, not ethics. It is no longer included in the OEC volumes. I don’t have the reference to hand but it was in the late 70s version of the OEC.

  111. Ok, sorry if that was too vague.
    I was trying to point out that the Sea Organization seems to have gotten a pass on being named and discussed as a primary mover and shaker behind all this.
    It’s the Sea Organization, as far as I’m concerned, that is the culprit administratively.
    I feel if the SO were disbanded tomorrow (and DM gone as well of course) Scientology and the “church” could recover nicely.
    Throw out every single thing ever written about the SO and the tech of auditing would still stand very nicely, not be affected at all, and there is plenty of green-on-white to manage the whole shebang. Maybe too much, but that’s another subject.

    I’m sensitive to the fact there are a lot of ex-SO here who made great contributions and sacrifice during their service in that group…and still are contributing. And so I’ve been a bit timid about expressing the above.
    But I feel the SO as an administrative unit has far outlived its usefulness.
    I don’t see any rehabilitation possible and personally would never trust it any farther than I could throw it.

    The SO needs to have the light shown on it for what it is, as far as I’m concerned. Infamous and inglorious for its part in the tragedy before us.

  112. I’m not particularly brave. I’ve always been afraid of war, even as a child. Talk of spies, cointelpro and agents provacateurs terrify me. I prefer to think that people can be taken on their word.

    Except I have eyes that see and a heart that listens. I know the spoken word does lie. I’ve seen the corpses.

    This blog is becoming the music of the people who will not be slaves again:


  113. Addendum — of course not all spoken or written words lie. It depends on the carrier 🙂

  114. Dave LaCroix said, “David Miscavige has very little personal power.” This statement flys in the face of what every single top level SO defector has said for decades. Dave also said, “David Miscavige is easy to figure out. Get rid of him obv.” I, for one, would be very interested in hearing just how this could be done.

  115. During the Deoppression days which were called “De-Op” each of the staff was interviewed with a series of questions about the most oppressive factors in the environment, this included the Sea Org and all its pitfalls. As a Qual person and missionaire, I had a very good perspective, plus from being on LRH’s lines. Most important factor of the oppression from my observation was that the Sea Org had “no mind”. Like a football team with no head coach and no strong leader at quarterback. Management of stats was something else. People were not considered important enough. Now, people might be quick to blame LRH for this culture, but I can tell you that the individual staff members were far worse than LRH in this regard and I’m not saying LRH was “bad” or “worse” here. Staff would impede you far before LRH could even find out about it. Trying to get someone to a doctor would often be stopped by the person himself. If not, it could be a senior or just someone on the lines with a negative attitude. Staff did not know how to treat each other. That is a generality and it wasn’t always true but the point is it was TOO TRUE. LRH said in the Welcome to the Sea Org Tapes that the crew generates its own conditions. Well, he was right. They didn’t do a very good job. Because I knew where LRH stood on things (and was like a personal rep even when I didn’t have that staff function), I would act as a morale officer. Most, however, were in apathy about their own conditions. Not to say that there weren’t wins, but there was a whole zone of “fallout” where the Sea Org as a group did not know how to take care of its own. This includes a “20 year life pension” or something equivalanet to what the military gives people or even corporations. The Sea Org moved ashore and was now subject to the law of landlubbers. A different culture.

  116. First, Martin, I am happy for your daughter.

    Second, I would like to be charitable too and think that it was OSA’s magnaminity and good sense that got them to prevail and correct that situation. However, having seen and heard of the antics of OSA over the past year, I’d have to take the less charitable view that it was a knee-jerk response to the pressure you have applied and threatened in recent posts.

    If we begin to get other reports of spontaneous re-connection then maybe we can start to feel that the PC (OSA) is on the path to case gain. Of course they have to knock off the continuous commission of overts for any case gain to stick. Ya, I’m not gonna hold my breath either.

  117. Capt Bill was always a little off the rails. It just went into full blown dramatization when he was up against the whole of the Sea Org, GO/OSA and the Markabians all at the same time. At least he was creative and mounted a plan of comeback. I do not admire him but I admire his creativity over many other approaches.
    What you say about Special Forces is true. If that were a factor, I think LRH would have noticed it. Depends upon how good the programmer was, too.
    There was a PDH’d person on staff named, coincidentally Evelyn Parsons. She was older, in the LRH Comm N/W from the UK and ended up in the Flag Bureaux. Everyone knew she was batty because of her batty behavior. A screaming outpoint. The CMO used to refer to her as Yoda because of her hair and that she was older. I went after the obvious outpoint one day and found out she was in the British Army Intelligence in Cairo during the war and she was PDH’d. This came up on the meter and in her own words. I wrote it up, said she was a security risk and Chris Stevens as Org Officer did everything she possibly could to maintain that staff member. Could anything have been crazier? An environment like that breeds a cess pool of contamination. There was therefore ABSOLUTELY NO SECURITY in an environment like that.

  118. Confirmed – I do remember there were some powerful guys in that Missionaire unit in CMOI sent on Missions by DM in those days – BR, Norman Starkey, Jens Bogvad and perhaps VA. There was real management happening in those days with evaluations, programs and Missions to handle non optimum scenes, done by WDC.

    I’m not certain what occurred with his wife Joan, but they did get split up at some time. BR later came back to Int with his GF, Daphne who was a bit strange and rode off with her into the sunset on his motorcycle.

  119. DLC,
    “David Miscavige has very little personal power.” How would you know this? What data do you base this on? Double – Huh?

  120. Great quote, I would also add this one:

    “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.”

  121. “I was talking to a prominent local OT at his home in a very measured way about some of the outpoints; his wife (OT V) put her hands over her ears and started “la la la-ing” very loudly to drown out my comm. Actually, for real. It is this level of fear and non-confront that is being addressed here.”


    Must be some new Golden Age of Tech drill.

    TR “Evade the Truth” or something like that.


  122. Sinar,

    Dave and sharks.

    So many similarities that they are almost identical 🙂

  123. Tory Christman

    That was my thought, also. If you’ve read Nancy Many’s book:
    “My Billion Year Contract”….she was drugged AND reverse audited (FTR: auditing helps get one better, reverse auditing makes one seriously worse–it’s intentional, not an accident. Nancy had been a covert op for OSA, then began to wake up–so her book describes all she went through, and it’s deep. She barely made it, and I witnessed her after—she’s not making it up).

    Could it be that Capt Bill began to see things they didn’t want him to see? I remember well this transformation, and it was eerie at the time. WTF? And then the usual, “Don’t ask, Don’t tell, we’re fixing everything”. Oh yeah—–And here most of us are! I guess they skipped that fixing it step, eh?

  124. Actually, I think that would be called indigestion.

    However, wouldn’t the shark not eat him out of professional c0urtesy?

  125. Anna,

    Its original title is HCOPL ‘Franchise and Ethics’ and is in Vol VI of the original OEC.

    This is the policy that was totally violated during the Mission Holders conference and continues to be violated by SMI when they seized control of the Franchise Network from the GO in ’82 who ran the it prior to the “Sea Org Moving In”.

  126. Tory, I think it’s silly to ‘grant’ Bill Yaude any more ‘beingness’ than he deserves. Yes, there were critics who fell for his schmooze, but, few and the solution is not to erect some artificial ‘solidarity’ and Party Line, but to maintain your *own* integrity.
    There are always people who fall for some snow job, including the 3rd Party divisive kind. Over the long run, a lie has short legs.

    Joe Lynn

  127. Not that I hold any particular view of whether 911 was an inside job or not but it seems disingenuous to me since they rushed a Freedom Magazine article through just days after the Attack claiming that al Queda’s Dr Ayman al-Zawahiri was an evil psychiatrist when in fact he is only a medical doctor.

    Now they’re claiming its an “inside job” ?

    I guess whatever angle sells….


    Any one suggest that this so called OT may have ran his platens backwards?

    No just kidding 🙂

  128. Another interesting point is that Jane Kember’s father worked for South African intelligence and yet she managed the whole GO network as the “Guardian”.

    Personally I aways thought “the bitch was suppressive” but I kept these thoughts to myself.

    I remember telling my Qual Sec that I thought the GO were turning into a bunch of squirrels because they had their own version of the OEC based on Jane, Mo and Herbie’s GODs that we used to derisively call gods as in it was “God’s Directive” every time Jane had some off the way f*ckin’ bat shit crazy directive based not on poilcy but some fixed idea of hers.

    I always thought of her as an earlier version of DM and I remember some GO staff actually being relieved when she was busted and were hoping that Mary Sue was going to take over the GO as a Danger Condition Handling.

    Anyway we know where that went when the CMOI took over creating what I considered an system that had the potential of becoming an autocracy.

    Well look where we are today.


  129. Another I’d recommend is Nicholas Von Hoffman’s ‘We Are The People Our Parents Warned Us Against’.

    Joe Lynn

  130. Sinar,

    I am definitely hoping it is happening, but… as O.O. posted in aprevious thread, he checked with the BBB in his state and found zero, or maybe one, complaints on file about the Co$.

    Most people don’t vote, etc, they don’t take action on things that much. That’s why I’m getting militant about it in my posting.

    Plus, there is such an ingrained attitude among Scientologists, to keep it quiet and “handle it within the Church”. All of us need to overcome that residual attitude, plus any backoff because of a residual fear of reprisal (fair game type) from the Co$.

    I think we now know we’ve got them on the ropes, it’s time. A massive volume of obviously justified complaints and suspicions to state and federal agencies could be a knockdown punch.

    So I’m sayin’, “Let’s do it!” ANYONE who has been associated with the Co$ is likely to have something they observed or experienced, that is reportable. Any of the”donations campaigns”, at the very least, don’t meet reporting and disclosure requirements and the NPO oversight agencies could be spurred to investigate if they start getting complaints about those.

    I’m hoping it’s happening, but I’m gonna talk it up.

  131. You are pathetic as it gets. You should get out of the cult you’re in and start thinking for yourself.

  132. “There are lies, damned lies and statistics.”

    Mark Twain

  133. Good tweak of the ol’ lawyer joke that very much applies to Sharky Miscavige 🙂

  134. Anonymous members = clueless

  135. Good come back Valkov.

    Well worth the troll feeding excersize 🙂

    So much truth!!!

    A cult doesn’t have to be limited to sect but a mind set as well.


  136. martyrathbun09

    Kind of a generality.

  137. Ah why not. Let it all rip than ;). Granting Tom a lil beingness.

  138. “If there are OSA Ops going on and they can be exposed, please go for it, with as much detail as possible.”

    How much more details do you feel must be put forward regarding OSA’s operatives?

    Their names, addresses, phone numbers and social security numbers?

    Give me an example of what you mean.

  139. “Which is why I like to call ‘em GO Lite “the same vindictiveness with half the intellect”.

    That’s good! 🙂

  140. Marty,

    Some years ago, on alt.religion.scientology (ARS), there were discussions about these smear campagins being slander, and there’s all sorts of legal eagle (NOT) comments urging us ex members who got smeared, to sue Scientology/OSA for slander.

    I’ve never been excited EVER to go legal against Scientology (these last 30 years under abusive David Miscavige’s brute and irreligious leadership style), and I rather just prefer to get all the history flushed out into the open with as many raw material examples as possible, and then let the whole outside interested public world view the details, and JUDGE Scientology accordingly (or judge these last 30 years of Miscavige’s reign as the top dog in Scientology, since the overall tone of the movement seems pegged at Miscavige’s tone, and OSA’s just the tail wagging behind dog Miscavige).

    I’m for all the details just leaked out, and let people tell their stories.

    I’d love to hear MORE from Mike Rinder on how OSA Int operates on the cut and paste cookie cutter projects and programs, when they select and target a new “important” enemy (ex Sea Org member or ex big cheeze Scientology parishioner who goes against Miscavige).

    I look forward to understanding how OSA Int evolved into doing Miscavige’s biddings.

    Longer range, I hope Mike inspires MORE ex OSA Int people to defect all the way OUT of the Miscavige orbit/slant of Scientology.

    I used to regularly invite the OSA internet people, Gavino and Gloria Idda, and their minion faithful Scientology internet helper supreme, Bill Yaude, to PLEASE DEFECT and tell the behind the scenes internet tactics they’ve been pulling all these years!

    Mike Rinder blew! Gloria and Gavino, you both should too!

  141. atcause | November 18, 2010 at 10:34 pm | Reply

    “Anonymous members = clueless”

    Been protesting with them from the beginning. Most are
    university students and teachers, including one that I was friendly
    with finishing off her PHd.

    They have been pretty effective. They are mostly pretty smart.
    They learn ‘t about COS real quick!

    After all they’re not getting trapped in a cult!

    Your statement is a slogan from the point of view of one
    uneducated in that which they talk about. Possibly from one who couldn’t be educated.

  142. The post particularly made me feel”sudden” because in fact there are websites and individuals that offer help and advice about getting your money back from the Co$, there’s an underground railroad for those who need it to escape, and there are people who have offered to provide, and have provided, lodging, food, and money to escapees like Daniel.

    Then this anonymous ignoramus posts his drive-by canned message….

    Give me a break!

  143. martyrathbun09

    Another generality, covertly dressed up not to look that way.

  144. I spoke with a Canadian public person many years ago while at ASHO, hashing over what happened with the Guardian’s Office in the late 70s, early 80s. He told me that Jane Kember issued a Guardian Order in Canada sometime in the late 70s that anyone who had ever SEEN a psychologist had to petition to do ANY services at any Mission or Org. This included Division 6 courses. He thought this was an utterly insane order as the Canadian public schools at the time employed psychology majors in their Guidance Counselor departments. So every person under the age of 25-30 had SEEN a psychologist at least once in their lives. He said that he was made to petition for having seen a school guidance counselor even though he was already Grade 4 and a Class 4 auditor. He said that this order made it fantastically difficult for the local Mission and Org to get new people in and on a course. Apparently the ethics officer at the local Mission eventually queried the order and refused to continue to comply and the local org followed suit shortly after that. Then a few years ago I ran into another Canadian (an ex org staff member) who confirmed this as actually happening in the late 70s. If this was true, Jane Kember was definitely off her rocker while she was on the post of Guardian for Canada.

  145. Kinda ad-homish, too. TRO for those two. Lots of it.

  146. Terrell, don’t let yourself get trolled so easily!

  147. 🙂 YaY for Alicia!

  148. Hi Maria,

    Unfortunately Jane Kember was Guardian WW not just Canada.

  149. From my experience I know that the usual citicen and even the usual
    Scientologist does not walk through life with an invest or intelligence view.
    Therefore the following data is given.

    First of all, intelligence operations are based on the definition of emergency:

    Emergencies (happen because of ): NO PREDICTION (LRH)

    The second purpose of intell is:

    “Cultural Destruction” an essay or HCOB written by LRH and available in the red volumes and it consists of 3P activities, in order to destroy a group or culture.

    Thats the reason why governments spend billions on “collecting data” about what the enemy does or plans.
    Thats the reason why OSA operates the way it operates.

    Because of the fact that personal abilities of “agents” decreased rapidy (low confront) within the last 50 years governments changed their operatation base and are now trying to collect data with the help of
    all kind of electronic supervision.
    OSA is not (really) in the position to do it this way.

    Therefore they need to perform the usual.

    USE of PI´s or OSA staff for
    a) covert observation/invest
    b) noisy observation/invest
    c) undercover (UC) ops

    Point c.) would be extremely difficult because they have to find a fool who is doing the job flawless. The chance is about 1:1000.000.
    But there´s a high neccessity to have somebody sitting
    in the middle of the scene (“Your best friend”) to get data from “Source”.
    PI´s are usually not invited to attend independends meetings,right?

    The technology to UC ops is incredible extensive and has nothing to do
    with James Bond. Beside the doingness, the beingness is more like an actor
    than a soldier, policemen, investigator, sec checker or ethics officer.

    REAL undercover is alway a LONG TERM subject has just two functions.
    1) Collecting Data (and in some cases it is extended to)
    2) creating 3P

    Dont try to figure out “Who could be the plant?”
    It will cause out list. Just apply Data Series Policy and watch two things:

    1) Who in the group is picking up disagreements between group members
    forwarding it,spreading it and strengthen it ?
    2) are PI´s or OSA staff already at the destination where you decided to go?
    (Data coincidence).Who phoned or SMS shortly before)

    Even if the agent is a genious there is always ONE weak points of an uc-agent. Earlier or later he needs to turn over information to his employers.And this is the point where you can catch him.

    Keep track of your communication, when and to whom you spoke about your plans.Bit by bit you isolate the target. It could take weeks or months. It does not matter.
    There is also no need to make a full time job out of it. Just do it “along the way”
    The only exception would be the following: If the use of GPS trackers in your country is legally ok, then check your vehicles 🙂

    And by the way, by knowing the above data you can work out and play funny games games with the OSA office :-))
    So make a game out of it.

    I hope the information is helpful.


  150. Thanks for the chuckle … Hallelujah!

  151. The only power Mr. David Miscavige has is taken from LRH and the Tech. Because people perceive that he has the power to revoke a person’s bridge, people put up with him. Or, they put up with him because he is the leader of a group they love.

    In addition, where he perceived positively, he is only perceived positively because he is perceived as forwarding and preserving, and even growing, LRH’s technology and its reach. DM managed to hook onto very powerful comm lines.

  152. martyrathbun09 |

    “Another generality, covertly dressed up not to look that way.”

    Well the last paragraph may have been a bit mean. And with a few sentences I can’t fully describe the anon beingness, if there is such a thing. I’ll add a few more words. I believe I have more experience of them than anyone here except possibly Tory. Not only the ones in London,
    including when there were about 500, but also in San Francisco. Also
    met Cat Daddy and had many skype calls with an american anon who
    has an even larger collection of LRH materials than I, and I have LOTs!

    Not once have I had any animosity or attack shown me and I always made known to those I spoke to that I was a freezone scientologist. When I was bringing them along I always got people to carry my spare freezone poster, and have been video interviewed several times. I’m even wheeled out at times to speak to various people. On critical forums where I’ve been for a decade There have been a very nasty few who would do anything they could to attack me, and they in fact got me banned from posting success stories on Clambake and factnet. Never had hostility from any anon. There were one or two who really illustrated that the PL “Jokers and Degraders” has some truth in it, but they and I never interacted much.
    I did get banned from the original “Enturb Org” a few times,
    but with my US anon connection got reinstated . But the owner of that website was rabidly anti scn/FZ. Some anons are, but from my experience are a minority. The anons on ESMB are pretty well mannered. As they are here.

    I think its wonderful that these mostly young people are prepared to
    spend time in trying to end COS abuse. I’m astonished that they’ve been doing so for nearly 3 years.

    Oh! There was one anon ” Banana Ballerina” who started sending me comments congratulating me on my promotional efforts. She started protesting with other school members, and then thought she’d like to find out more about what she was protesting and read DMSMH. She then did some basic courses at the org she was protesting, got involved with some local freezoners, essentially ran away from home to join the SO, so was an anon, FZer and SO member pretty much simultaneously. 🙂
    The anons held up posters at her former local org saying with her full name that she was an anon. The ever swift acting OSA after two weeks sent two people to interrogate her for 15 hours or so, they denying they were scientologists for some reason, and she was escorted home by a lady OSA person in tears, she didn’t want to leave. Such are the benefits of being an anon. 🙂 She attended the recent FZ conference.

    So when someone states “anons equal clueless” I feel I should give a more accurate picture.

  153. Dave, I thought you were going in a different direction, but I get your point. In fact, the SO and its positives and negatives is important enough for a blog post. For me, I have incredible respect for those who joined the SO. On the other hand, as you noted, there are some serious issues with the SO that need to be understood and acknowledged, especially if the SO survives Mr. David Miscavige.

  154. It’s because the means ARE the end. We can’t do bad stuff intending wonderful good stuff to magically pop out at the end of the process. When the end comes all that you will have is the means by which you go there, nothing else.

    Love this.

  155. Marty are you okay ?

  156. Grant Beingness to the ones still in. If you mock your own, you will be exposed to have less love in your heart than any Anon that ever gave a damn.

  157. I could join the mudslining but I see that you are atcause over it allready 😉

  158. “. Also
    met Cat Daddy”

    A good times 😉

  159. Yeah, I know, but I’ve found them to be “generally” clueless. 🙂

  160. “Been protesting with them from the beginning. Most are
    university students and teachers, including one that I was friendly
    with finishing off her PHd. They have been pretty effective. They are mostly pretty smart.”

    I wasn’t referring to their IQ or college “education”.

    What do they know about the subject of scientology?

    When I said “clueless” it was in this regard.

  161. “Your statement is a slogan from the point of view of one
    uneducated in that which they talk about.”

    Oh, I know very well what they talk about. One only has to head over to WWP to get a good picture.

  162. Lawrence, is this you again?

  163. Cat Daddy

    “. Also
    met Cat Daddy

    A good times ”

    Indeed 🙂

  164. RJ
    Sorry that I did not communicate better on this.
    Here is the story…

    The IAS Patron OTVIII and I were exchanging emails. I mentioned that “9/11 was an inside job” and asked the OTVIII if he/she was aware of “Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth” and all the forensic evidence which shows that explosives were used on the World Trade Center Towers and on World Trade Center Building 7. ( http://www.ae911truth.org/ )
    The OTVIII said that he/she was very aware that “9/11 was an inside job”, and that this fact is one of the reasons why he/she had recently donated an additional huge sum to IAS.

    But I know that the IAS is a scam.
    In my opinion, the IAS will never expose the true corrupt nature of this government nor will the IAS ever reveal that “9/11 was an inside job” to parishioners because it would open up a can of worms with fellow parishioners. Parishioners would start to research online about 9/11, and then become more liable to see “The Truth Rundown” or Marty’s blog. The IAS has to remain relatively ineffective at social justice in order to contain the reach of parishioners on the internet.

  165. atcause |

    “Oh, I know very well what they talk about. One only has to head over to WWP to get a good picture.”

    “I wasn’t referring to their IQ or college “education”.

    What do they know about the subject of scientology?

    When I said “clueless” it was in this regard.”

    Lol! “Look don’t listen”. 🙂

    I’ve both looked and listened.

    WWP came out of chanology. The ” culture ” there is
    one of having fun- “Lulz”.

    From Tech Dict. ” Serious, when interest is important because of penalty.” Describes current conditions as staff in COS.

    WWP is about non seriousness. Lulz [ fun for the unititiated. Oy Vey!]

    From the creed:-

    “That all men have inalienable rights to think freely, to talk freely, to write freely their own opinions and to counter or utter or write upon the opinions of others.”

    The anons do that. COS dosn’t. Note Creed is senior to policy.
    Its aligned to purpose.

    Note that what people write on WWP is mostly jokes. Mostly at
    the expense of COS/scn. There is little differention between the two, as is the case in virtually all media.

    The anons mostly don’t know the benefits or the philosophy of scn.
    They have been exposed to it from the critical perspective.

    As has the world.

    Not so different from this blog in some ways.

    Protested today. One of the anons I spoke to I found is going to the same uni as my son. He got activated when COS took legal action to take down the Tom Cruise video. He wishes to be a human rights lawyer, studying law and philosophy. And from that perspective looked further and became an anon protester of COS.

    Just like you?

    Another of the most colorful anons I just found out has a law degree.

    Another is a music teacher and is tonight doing a gig with his rock band.

    The anons are our youth, future and very creative.

    These are the people who we would like to become scientologists.
    They are in the main truly beautiful. They are there because of the abuses of COS and quite rightly protest them. They are some of the richest parts of the tapestry of life.

    They stand up to be counted for humanity regardless of masks,
    and dare I say it, in some ways exhibit a spirit of play.

    So atcause, I’ve used you as a “straight man”, and you’ve in fact
    prompted me to expand my activities.

    On the precursor of WWP, Enturb.org, I volunteered to answer
    any questions people had about scientology. The owner and his selected mods hated scn and FZers and I found myself in the position from one moderator if I answered questions I’d be unsubscribed, and if I didn’t another mod would unsubscribe me.

    The rumours I heard is that this owner took the money and ran.

    The current WWP seems far more liberal. Don’t go there much at all. Too busy. However I shall start to try and again answer peoples questions about scn. Will report on this later. 🙂

  166. I figured this out when I began reading “Freedom” Magazine articles in the ’90’s that were basically cheer leading for the War in Iraq later in Bosnia and then in Kosovo.

    Not to mention Narconon’s idiotic support for the insane War on Drugs and their occasional plug for the totally corrupt DEA.

    How far have we gone from forming an invidious connection with the US Government as Ron warned us against in the Pl ‘Politics, Freedom From’?

    From a psychological perspective I guess you could view it as an Organizational “Stockholm Syndrome” but I think it has more to do with Miscavige’s choice of “friends” who are well entrenched in the establishment.

    What some sociologists call elite deviance.

    We call “PTS to the Middle Class”.

    Of course the person who tried to sell you one of those IAS’ phony statuses was probably being disingenuous and was probably applying the PT Barnum “tech” of “always tell the sucker what he wants to hear”.

    BTW I’m not saying you are a sucker. I’m just giving my opinion of how those fraudulent hucksters AKA IAS Regs operate.

    Especially if it means exsanguinating you of every last dollar to get their 10 percent.

    Maybe Mike’s moniker for Miscavige as the Vampire Emperor is actually more accurate than I originally thought!

    He presides over living dead of IAS who suck out the life blood of the last remaining Scientology public with his friend Lestat by his side.

  167. Winning valence: The Fatal Attraction of Adolf Hitler 3/12
    Look and sound familiar?

  168. OMG watch 4/12 and the similarities might just blow your mind …almost word for word.

  169. Thankyou for this posting. In the years I’ve been out of the Sea Org, I started reading on ARS in 2004, and I appreciated these types of postings, obviously from ex GO or ex OSA people or ex RTC people or ex Scientologists who know the score to some degree about what the old GO or OSA or RTC people have been doing these last 30 years.
    So thanks for posting on this thread.

  170. It’s amazing that watching this video the first thought that came to my mind was they were mentally ill for joining the Jonestown cult, and was a CIA mind control experiment to begin with!!!
    And then I saw when telling others I wasnt in anymore they had the same thought. There is a big difference between Jonestown and scientology tech. The “church” always reminded me of some CIA mind control experiment by the behavior and thinking of the GROUP.


    BOOK: The Invisible Third World War
    Chapter 21 of the above – this part mentions Hubbard and WHY he would NOT hook up with the gov’t
    …agencies experimenting with mind control experiments. Cause that which can free you, can enslave you. It also mentions CIA mind control experiments.

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