Radical Scientology Dark Ops


Below is an OSA Int Investigations Division program drafted by Fritz Kavenaar (Invest Officer) in 2006.  The intent of the program is evident and in his own words it seeks to “muzzle” Tory Christman.  I gave Tory the opportunity to review this before publication and to direct the deletion of material that clearly was taken from her pc folders and information that might violate the rights of privacy of her or others she knows.  Wherever a deletion was made a notation is made.  Tory has also inserted her own comments throughout the program in italics.  OSA programs by tradition are so laden with denigrating reference I felt Tory should be given the opportunity to defend herself, and educate us where appropriate.

After the program you will find another write up by Tory that gives some background leading up to her speaking out about the church’s abuses.  It gives further context to the church’s efforts to destroy Tory.

I sincerely apologize to Tory for helping to create the monster that attempted to make her life so miserable.  My hat is off to her for – all on her lonesome – weathing the storm and continuing to communicate throughout, and continuing to do so to this day. 


                                                          Eyes Only


                                                Attorney-Client Privileged

                                                                                             March 31, 2006






In July 2000 Tory Christman left the Church and dumped her husband of 26 years, to join the LTM in CW. While in Clearwater and being supported by Minton, she started picketing the Church. From there she got onto media lines and has given anti-Scientology lectures to the Skeptics. Tory has also been a conduit for disaffected ex-staff to get onto the Internet and leave Scientology. She has created a “third dynamic” of sorts, consisting of social contacts with ex-Scientologists friends and other DBs like Graham Berry, who she gets together at occasional parties held at her house. [Sentence deleted to protect privacy of target and third parties]

 **Correction: I never “dumped” my husband. I left a Cult, he divorced me, and re-married, staying “in”.

 When in July 2005 Harold Bezazian, Tory’s ex-husband, confronted Tory with all her lies about their divorce, she tried to deny it. However, she backed off from mentioning her husband again until recently in the Rolling Stone article. Despite the confrontation Tory had with Harold over the phone, she continues to leave messages on his voice mail wishing him happy birthday, merry Christmas, and other messages like that. She wants to keep a comm line with Harold, even though he told her to leave him alone because he got remarried.

**Note: The “lies” he told me are the same absolute lies OSA has pitched for 10 years about me. As I told him then, “my doors are open-I don’t know where you live, work, you won’t talk to me. I left a Cult. You left me. And you can tell OSA to Go to Hell”. That’s when, and only when, he told me he was married. And he changed his phone number—so my calling was in 2001 for a few years at most.

Having been married for 27 years, I find it interesting a “church” would promote this as something bad. 

What Tory protects:

 Tory protects her reputation very heavily and anything done or said that would damage her reputation drives her insane. Case in point when she read the comment about her in the recent Rolling Stone article where she is described as “wacko” she immediately posted to ARS to DA the statement. Many other times she has displayed her insanity about trying to DA bad things said about her. Her biggest button is the Religious Freedom Watch (RFW) pages about her. She screams on ARS that RFW is full of lies about her. During a picket in 2004, Tory was asked to give specifics, but she started screaming like a nut and blew from the comm cycle. Many times on ARS she threatened to sue RFW but she never did. She wants those webpages down badly because they ruin her reputation.

**Correction: I’ve many times thanked OSA for RFW, once I realized they are the best display of their “Fair Game” usage. They are masters of twisting reality. I’ve said a skillion times, please come over, you’ve never even heard my side of the story. Not *one* Scientologist, as a member of C of $, will talk to me. OSA’s interpretation of my “Screaming like a nut” is just that. In “Fair Game” is says: “You can lie, cheat, steal, destroy someone utterly” and that is all this is. Their feeble attempt to once again smear one of their X-members, in fact, someone they have in their “What is Scientology” book.

She protects her job. The current job is the most stable one she ever had since defecting. Since mid 2005 Tory has been working at Specialty Merchandise Corporation (SMC). Tory is a business coach and teaches people how to start home based businesses and she has her own extension, 5606.

 Tory protects her comm lines to the media because these are the lines she uses to stir up entheta against the Church. Getting her properly DA’ed will make the media dump her as source of information about the Church.**Fact: Scientology has failed utterly at shutting me up, both with the media, and on the Net. Did I want to protect my job? Hell yes. Is there something wrong with that? Only they would see it as one more way to “Fair Game” someone.

 Tory has a lot of attention about her health and being able to pay for her medical care. In 2004 she went through skin cancer surgery which she incurrent $1,500 not covered by her insurance. She is also concerned about her memory deteriorating at a rapid rate (she has severe memory loses, and according to her, it has been worsening since 2004. Tory believes she will die in a matter of a few years because of her memory failing very rapidly. She also thinks she will get Alzheimer’s disease because her mother had it and she died of it at the end of 2004.

 **Correction: What a load of crap. Line one: Sure, I have attention on my health and health insurance, as do most responsible people. Line 2 is a) False: My insurance DID pay for it and b) Where DID you get this private information from,

Scientology? That violates the HIPPA laws. ALL of the rest of that paragraph is utterly OSA making that up. Sure, it is well known that I have had trouble with my short term memory, thanks to the “church” of $cientology insisting I get off of my much needed medication for Epilepsy, having many Grand Mal Seizures. Back in 1973 until my Mom insisted I get back on my medication, saving my life.

Totally made up re “Worsening from 2004”—I never said that.

I fearing I’ll die in a few years is actually funny. I don’t fear it, however, since my Dad died at 52—I have said many times I’m thankful each day to be alive.

My Mother did not die of Alzheimer’s disease. She died at 85 of other causes.

One more flat out lie.

 ***Second note: Also, this was written in 2006. In the 90’s I gained 100 pounds while on Scientology’s “OT 7”. I kept asking for help, got NONE. I finally quit OT 7, joined Weight Watchers, lost 60 pounds, and left C of $, forever.

Later, while working at SMC, I gained back a bunch, so yes, I probably was concerned about my health-although not as they describe, even then.

Only when I finally figured out what *I* needed to do, did I fully lose the entire 100 pounds. I reached my goal weight in June of 2010.

 Tory has appeared on Channel 2 where she lied about several subjects. This is the direct result of the past few weeks counter-attack against Tory where her ex-husband had DA’ed her lies, she being under attack on ARS where she is getting expressed as a stripper, [portion blocked out as taken from target’s pc folders]… and taking anti-depressants.

 **My correction: I’ve ~never~ taken anti-depressants, but a
Dr. had given me something for possibly having ADD (which it turned out I didn’t have)—so I never took. Someone (not sure who—one of four possible people) came to one of my parties, went into my medicine cabinet, wrote down the name of that one medicine, and they began saying “How could Magoo be happy if she’s on anti-depressants?” Again, a total lie, as well as disgusting that they’d send someone into my medicine cabinet, and then make up this false story about me, again.


 To dispense with a source of entheta and black PR so that Scientology can get on with its expansion unimpeded.


 Tory dismissed as an attacker or totally restrained and muzzled.


  1. Internet Invest I/C OSA Int is responsible for getting this program done.


Internet Invest I/C

2. Read and understand this program. _____________________

Internet Invest I/C


  1. Arrange the needed funds to use the professionals needed to get the product, on investigations etc., as set forth in this program.


Internet Invest I/C

 2. Do not allow yourself to be cross-ordered. _____________________

Internet Invest I/C

 3. Use debug tech to debug any bugged target on the program.


Internet Invest I/C

 4. Clear your actions with counsel beforehand. _____________________

Internet Invest I/C

 5. Determine how to use the information gained throughout the execution of this program to accomplish the Major Targets. _____________________

Internet Invest I/C

 Operating Targets:

  1. Get Harold to call up Channel 2 and complain about the fact that they have put his ex-wife on TV and let her lie about their marriage and other things she has said and get their agreement not to use Tory any longer as a source of information about Scientology.


Internet Invest I/C

 2. Get Harold to call up the manager of SMC (Tory’s employer) and complain that she has been telling lies about him on TV while she is supposedly at work.


Internet Invest I/C

 3. Get Harold to send a letter to specific papers that have used Tory in the past and DA Tory and expose her lies. (This is the letter where Harold tells the story on how Tory broke up the marriage and other lies).


Internet Invest I/C

 4. Get Harold send the letter to radios where Tory has been hosted as a guest.


Internet Invest I/C

 5. Get Harold to brief [portion deleted to protect target’s privacy] on what Tory is doing and the fact that she is lying about their divorce and spreading personal family matters on national TV. Get [privacy deletion] ideas of what [privacy deletion] can do to put pressure on Tory and threaten to cut [privacy deletion] comm line to her if she doesn’t stop. 

**Fact: I never lied about our divorce, nor did I spread personal family matters, except to say that “My husband of 27 years left me, after I left Scientology” which was true. Also, despite my now X-husband allowing the flat out lies to be posted on Religious Freedom watch (C of S’s hate page)—he is a good man, he never liked OSA. He was raised with Hubbard back in the 50’s when his parents got “in”. I doubt he’d follow the above orders. I have no doubt they’d have someone they knew who would, call and lie, saying they were my x-husband. Sick.


Internet Invest I/C

 6. [One sentence deleted to protect target’s privacy]


Internet Invest I/C

 7. Get the document that Tory threw away from one of SMC’s clients which contains personal financial information, brought to the attention of the client and have the client to complain with the company that Tory has lost personal information about his credit card and other financial details he has been doing with the company. 

**Note: This is utterly weird, as *I* never brought home any information about any clients of SMC, as it’s all kept in their computers. This must be some fabricated thing, OR they’ve rifled through SMC’s trash, which quite frankly, could get them in some serious trouble. Their attorneys will *not* like this, Scientology—not even a little bit. They didn’t like you all to begin with, and are quite educated on this exact stuff. Start typing…..and to SMC attorneys, please do note the date you receive any future communications from “anonymous sources re Tory Christman”.


Internet Invest I/C

 8. Maintain the comm line with the client and get him to insist that Tory should be fired.


Internet Invest I/C

 9. Get Chad Garret (PI in LA) to use one of his resources to become a client of SMC and get assigned to Tory as a business coach (this can be done to first apply and then call in and asked to be put through to Tory’s extension as if she was transferred to her by the main switchboard). 

**FACT: This seems utterly nuts to me, but I sure thank you all for showing how utterly sick you really are. I will be turning this all over to SMC, who knew quite well of your darker sides, and their attorneys will love this!


Internet Invest I/C

 10. Get the new client hook up with Tory and get coached by her to set up a personal business.


Internet Invest I/C

 11. As Tory gets the coaching done get the client to become upset and bring it to her attention so she gets the warning that she is doing something wrong.


Internet Invest I/C

 12. Get the new client to complaint with management because Tory is not doing her job well and demand the money back because the client is no longer interested in SMC.  


Internet Invest I/C

 13. Repeating Target: Get postings done in business newsgroups where they also discuss SMC. Post about Tory being incompetent and unprofessional.

** Note: This is flat out proof of your utter libel. It’s one thing to libel me on your phony “religious” site (RFW). This is getting into an entirely different category of public libel, OSA.


Internet Invest I/C

 14. Get a SMC client to find the postings and bring to the attention of SMC and let them know that this is not causing a good PR for the company and of it is true that this woman (Tory) is so unprofessional.


Internet Invest I/C

 15. Concurrently have other “clients” call into SMC and make complaints about Tory being rude and incompetent.


Internet Invest I/C

 16. Repeating Target: Continue to make noise till the company has no choice (due to the amount of bad publicity happening) other than firing Tory.


Internet Invest I/C

 **Note on #16: I worked for SMC for 4 years. This program was written in 2006.

I wasn’t let go until 2009, after the huge Economic Crash, when they let go of tons of people. I was with 100 people at the time, which they let go, so your above “program”, OSA, again, failed TOTALLY.

 17. Get complaints filed with the BBB complaint website talking about dissatisfied customers and complaint about Tory (keep it generic) but point out what we know about Tory to be true i.e. forgetting things, rude and arrogant.


Internet Invest I/C

 18. Repeating Targets: Get the BBB complaints brought to the attention of SMC from people who have watched SMC’s advertisement on TV. (Write these letters from various parts of the US so it gives SMC the impression that this is everywhere and not a fixed location).


Internet Invest I/C

 19. Repeating Target: Keep Schwarz attacking Tory’s reputation on the Net by feeding the repeating message that she had a lesbian affair in school (college);PBO:[privacy deletion] and her job as a stripper.


Internet Invest I/C

 **LOL! OSA: You are one sick group of people.

 **And FTR: I was a dancer back in the early ‘70’s, with 4 other Scientologists. We were training, on the “Minister’s Course” in the day, dancing at night, for about 6 months, to pay for $cientology. Most people who know me know this-however, OSA, in hoping to slime me, of course is trying to use it. Where have they gotten some of this very private info from? Probably my PC folders, so thanks for telling the world you DO use info from them.

 20. Get Schwarz to put up a webpage on Tory and promote it on ARS and other newsgroups.

**Note: I knew that hag worked for OSA! (And please spare me the story of how she’s just some homeless, lost soul. She may be homeless—this program spells out the facts)


Internet Invest I/C

 21. Get mirror pages put up on the Net of Tory’s page and get it promoted so she gets to know that the word is spreading on who she really is.


Internet Invest I/C

 22. Go through every single chat log and find every derogatory statement other people have made about Tory.


Internet Invest I/C

 23. Get a specific page put up on RFW with all the statements Tory’s own “friends” made against her on the chat.


Internet Invest I/C

 24. Get postings designed to get Tory introverted into her 1D health worries and repeat the message that she is a crazy person taking anti-depressants.


Internet Invest I/C

 25. Get the 3P campaign to cut her comm lines with other SPs on ARS and IRC done (this is a known button when she is not defended on ARS she gets upset and gets depressed).


Internet Invest I/C

 **NOTE: I have never suffered from Depression, so that is totally false.
I don’t like being 3
rd Partied (where people buy into Scientology’s Lies) and I’ve t
ried to tell people they are doing this. My true friends know this. Many others did turn on me, and I hope this teaches you to listen, and what lengths this sick organization will go to, to try to utterly destroy someone they don’t want speaking out.


 By 30 April 2006 Tory discredited with the media, dismissed as an attacker or totally restrained and muzzled.

Invest Chf

st time I saw the above program was a few days ago, even though I’ve known they have been running some such thing on me for many years, including after this in 08 and no doubt now. Thanks for showing the world,

And even people who have been critical of myself, that you (OSA) DO

Create sick things like this. “Church”? Think again, my friends. Read, look,

Listen, make up your *own* minds.



The Back Story on Tory:

 I worked with OSA as a volunteer, (not staff) on and off for 20 years,
mostly in the PR area. Why they care so much about me is due to my auditor, and then friend, Bill Yaud asked me to help him “Handle the critics” on the Net, in the ’90’s. He asked me to “Open up anonymous
accounts”. I asked why? He said he wouldn’t tell me as “Then
they’ll get you in deposition and keep you there, and you don’t want that, do you Tory?” Of course I said “no”…so I continued,
basically blindly believing him.

Some people may think: Why didn’t you go talk to…. Well, we had
to sign an agreement to NEVER TELL ANY EXECUTIVES of C of $, any AUDITORS, ANY ETHICS OFFICERS, any Family, any friends
literally–we could not tell a soul–0r we had to pay $100,000 “. I
remember looking at Bill, and saying: “This looks like the old Guardian’s office junk”. He: “Tory: LOOK AT ME. *I* (he, Bill Yaude) would never do anything illegal”. I bought it.

As it got more and more mafia-like …I decided *I* needed to go onto the Net and LOOK. The Day I did (and ARS was the only Newsgroup then)—OSA had spammed it with tons of  baking recipes. In between many lines, were “I didn’t say that! Scientology is changing my words” by various critics.Shocked, I realized this train was WAY off the tracks. I did NOT get
into Scientology to stop free speech! That day I called Bill to tell him “I can’t do this anymore, I have to get back to work”. I was literally scared to death–realizing this was much worse than  I thought, and no doubt
was run out of DM’s office.

From there, Bill said, “Fine—just meet us at this apt. tonight, as we’ll need a de-brief. I thought that was fine, and showed up on time. The apt. was dark, and filled with me (all OT’s). Gavino (who ran the Top Secret OSA Int Internet operation) came barging in, slamming the door open, yelling “I TOLD YOU SO! I TOLD YOU ABOUT HER!!!”

It was about a 1 hour gang bang spiritual rape—with they screaming “What are you going to say in Session about this?” (I actually had zero plans to say anything to anyone, but as you can see, thanks to THEIR OWN ACTIONS, that has changed, dramatically.)

I finally ran out, crying, and Bill knew at that moment he’d screwed up. It took about 6 more months for me to FULLY wake up, but I really left the “church” of $cientology, that night

The night I fully woke up, that was IT. I had been on OT 7 for 7
years with it not working, we being guinea pigs for the Golden Age of Crap–and having to pay for it, too.So during that time, I had spent 10 years reading self-improvement books, art, music, science, etc. I didn’t realize
it then, but I think I was actually stripping off lies and sort of
fixing myself, so when I woke up….that was IT.

You may know all of the above, or not plan to say anything. However, IF you plan to, I wanted you to hear what actually happened, vs. the many variations of what has been said occurred. I never posted on the Net for OSA.

Once I ended the top secret OSA Int Mafia—soon after I went onto ARS, and made 4,000 posts in 4 weeks! I had decided the Critics were like the old cowboys in the Wild West. They could talk, say what they wanted, do what they wanted, and I wanted to find out what they knew that I didn’t. So I went onto ARS …making super nutty posts, having no clue I’d meet Andreas who would help me, and from that, I’d wake up FULLY and leave, forever.

What did he do that was SO dramatic? Well, had I not been in the Top Secret Mafia, it wouldn’t have been SO much.We were constantly lying about our names, even on the phone. Here was Andreas with his full name, address and phone number listed. That did more for me, and what he said, than anything. He said: “I believe in truth.I believe in looking at both sides
 I believe in having the courage to say what I think. I don’t think
Scientologists are bad, they’re just miss informed. Best wishes,
Andreas Heldal-lund”

I sat in my dining room after reading that, and cried for 4 hours, as that WAS who I was when I joined Scientology, in 1969, age 22– 30 years prior. Then, at 53 (july 2000) couldn’t look at both sides, I couldn’t
tell the truth. I still had courage. I left a few days after that first communication, forever.

As you know, I’ve been speaking out, ever since. They’ve been lying about me, doing Fair Game actions on me, since the day they flew Yaude to Clearwater where I was, to “handle me”, the second day after I arrived there. He told me: “What has happened to you, case wise, is THE WORST
THING THAT COULD EVER HAPPEN TO ANYONE ON THE PLANET”. “We are going to fix it all at no cost”.

I said: “If you paid me 1 million dollars I wouldn’t pick up your cans, Bill”.
That night OSA began “anonymously” lying about me, running “Don’t trust Tory” on ARS.

I cannot thank ALL the people who have helped me over the years,
enough. Many will never know how much they have helped me.
What you are doing now, Marty, and all your posters here, is
terrific. I thank you ALL!

Hope that helps fill in any gaps.

Love to you,


476 responses to “Radical Scientology Dark Ops

  1. I am so embarrassed that members of the church I’ve defended so adamantly for decades wrote this. Tory, profuse apologies to you (which I know you can’t accept because really I can’t offer them in their name, yet it helps to say it).

    Thanks Marty for posting this and for owning up to the creation of this machine, but sadly, if you hadn’t created the program, someone else would have. This place is rotten.

  2. Wow.
    A sentence from the program reads:

    ” Many other times she has displayed her insanity about trying to DA bad things said about her.”

    lol. If attempting to DA bad things said about one is INSANITY, where does that put the church itself.

    Tory, God bless you. We should all be as nuts as you. Sorry you had to endure all this. The end is near. Thanks to folks like you.

  3. What a bunch of evil clowns. I have to wonder — what have they been saying about ME behind my back?

  4. Guillaume du Houx

    WOW!! That OSA program looks very similar to the programs of the COo the well known “firm”.

  5. If I had never seen mission orders, I would say this is being made up.

    BUT alas, I’ve seen too many although never OSA ops but plenty to know how an exec or ED is targeted and then how they are taken out.

    In 2000 I started searching the internet and found the alt. website. As I knew Tory from the old CC, and elsewhere I followed her story. And knew it was true.

    My utmost admiration for Tory as she has fought this battle against the onslaught of lies from OSA, lost her husband and I believe her son to this cult and to this day remains without rancor and bitterness.

    The important lesson I believe is that Tory has never given up, has continued to create a new life for herself, is happy and upbeat and is a driving force in helping to bring all sides together who share at their core a common purpose. Expose the lies. Expose the abuses. Close down this already dead church.

    Hat’s off to Tory.

    And to Marty — you’ve got some intel line goin’ —

    OSA – be afraid … be very very afraid.


  6. Wow..

    All those resources and expense to attack one person, who if she was as crazy as they say, would not merit one minute of care or concern about them.

    LRH said that bad auditing was the source of all “our troubles”. I really wonder if DM has ever read an LRH tech bulletin.

    Tory, I don’t know if you have attempted to seek auditing in the indy field, but nomatter what you think of LRH or Scientology in PT, you don’t deserve to be treated like that, especially from a church of all things.


  7. Tory, my God. You know I have always had respect for you. We did 6 month checks together and we have friends in common. You have always been available for those who needed to talk, or those who needed a shoulder.

    What this Church has turned into is not what I joined and the truth be told not what anyone I consider dear to me joined. It has been a journey indeed.
    We are the lucky ones. We are out.

    I truly feel that many people (who are still in) know something is so wrong, yet have convinced themselves that it is them.

    Perhaps one day when individuals learn to trust in themselves , then they will be able to get up and walk out.

  8. Tory Christman

    First off, thank you to Marty for posting this! Apology certainly accepted 🙂
    Secondly, to all I’m sorry this is so long. I felt I needed to add some clarifications, and I appreciate you adding my write up at the end, too, Marty.
    Azul—thank you, also, and to Loki 🙂 Byron—they are evil clowns, aren’t they?
    God knows what they have behind anyone’s back.

    I’ve always known they were running programs on me, and my thanks to Jesse Prince, who first acknowledged their “Psychological warfare” he explained to me, in 2000, they do run, when many others thought I was just paranoid. Guillaume: Very similar, isn’t it?
    Love to all 🙂 Tory/Magoo (and to the OSA Ops? Remember my
    Tick Tock, Tick Tock: Time is on *our* side? Are you hearing me yet?)

  9. I would like to thank you Tory from the bottom of my heart for each and everyone of your postings on the internet. I have read or listened to most if not all of them and they were extremely helpful in my leaving the C of $.

    The C of $ is an ultra evil entity that is still hidden from most of the current public but as more and more people like you and me and all of us post the truth the others will see and the light will be shone on all of these hidden criminal actions.

    Thank you again Tory and I pray you continue to do as you have been doing for all of these years. Hip Hip Hurray.

  10. Second line of program should read “…to join the LMT in CW.”

  11. It’s interesting to note that they were worried you were going to tell your auditor. Isn’t this a direct violation of Scientology’s principle? OSA has really gone off the rails and are operating OUTSIDE of Scientology principles and policies while supposedly protecting the Church.

  12. Marty,

    Thanks for doing this, very important information and details to get out.

    Reading this can’t help but realize how the compartmentalizing of information is used to get people to do bad things to critics. No one is allowed a fair and unbiased review of their history and life, just build up a false bunch of out of context facts, with a heavy dose of lies and convince people they are doing a civil service. I don’t know Tory, have seen much of what she put out on the net, but until seeing this program, I hadn’t developed a heartfelt respect for what she has gone through in her efforts to stop damaging action from the COS.


    Bless you and your journey.


  13. Wow! This looks exactly like some of the old G.O. programs … and I thought they disbanded – I’m sure that was said in the courtroom in Toronto 🙂

    Tory: Well done for sticking to your guns and continuing to have the guts to speak out. You’re one tough lady!

    I hope more of this type of info gets distributed and made known – programs like this are simply illegal.


  14. Tory, you stood your ground and you won. Good for you. And thanks, Marty, for exposing the inner workings of OSA’s pathetic little slime-machine.

    The “program” makes me sick. Fair Game is alive and well. Evil, evil, evil, evil. This program should get wide distribution. It shows the lengths the Church of Scientology will go to silence its whistleblowers and hide their crimes and abuses.

    And Schwartz gets her orders from OSA? Surprise, surprise.

  15. Tory,
    Bless you for enduring what you did and still having the guts to stand against the storm and shout back! Screw ’em! I just hope to hell more people read this and get what the hell has really been going on. Seriously, take this and multiply it by the number of O.L.’s that have blown from the Co$ in the last few… several years??? My god? What the hell are they thinking? OSA is a freaking ENTHETH A factory! How the hell can anyone live like that???

    It’s a good thing OSA doesn’t know what a “product” is, or people might really get tattooed. Where policy is concerned (setting aside the unethical side for the moment,) that program is a laughable joke! It set out to DA someone that… once upon a time, did not need to be dead-agented. And now that they have a mess on their hands, of their own making, they need to DA her? You screwed it up the first time. You really think you’re gonna get it right this time?

    Has word clearing gone totally by the boards these days? I think so. And thank God. If anyone at Int, OSA, FB, or anywhere in the SO actually tried to read and APPLY LRH… using DM’s mentality??? We’d all be screwed! But they don’t! LRH is on our side.

    Me = Not worried.

    Tory, you have a very Merry Christmas! I hope you find Peace in it this season! 🙂

  16. Tory,

    You know what I think of you — that you’re a heroine. Your persistence and consistency and courage and innate kindness and generosity and backbone have shone through as long as I’ve known who you are.

    During the last year, as I learned what had happened inside the Co$ in the last 20 years since I departed the organization that was no longer a place I felt comfortable, I spent many a night reading years and years of your blog postings and watching your youtube videos. Even before I had pieced together who you were, I thought you had such guts!

    The evidence above shows just how much courage you really have. Above in black and white is also irrefutable evidence that: (1) the Co$ uses parishioners’ confidences shared in confessionals to smear and fair-game its members and ex-members; (2) the Co$’s lawyers are intimate parties to its harassing, fair-game programs of citizens (“Clear your actions with counsel beforehand” GOTCHA!) and (3) the Co$ will lie, cheat, steal, slander and libel anyone who dares to speak truth to power.

    To paraphrase LRH: “A woman is as sane as she considers herself dangerous to her environment.” And, Tory, you are one dangerous woman to the Co$ and David Miscavige!

    With even greater admiration,
    Just Me

  17. I just hope that you, Tory, and your former employer, EMC, can get some legal traction with this. I too feel horrible for having (formerly) justified my involvement with a group that condones this kind of sick behavior.

    What amazed me is the line: “4. Clear your actions with counsel beforehand”.

    What legal “counsel” is going to approve something like this?!

    It’s just a sick and twisted “plan” to simply respond to criticism and a few of those steps HAVE to be illegal.

    I hope the “approving counsel”, Bill Yaude, that moron Gavino, Schwartz, and their driving lunatic, DM, land themselves in jail with this kind of crap. And Mike (and Marty), I hope you guys keep blowing the lid wide open with this kind of exposure.

    Keep it coming!

  18. Tory, thank you for flourishing and prospering in the face of this BS. Your integrity and guts are very admirable. The church is so, so, so dead.

  19. Freedom Fighter

    Wow! Thanks for posting this. It not only shines a spotlight on the corrupt practices of the “church” and lays them wide open to a big fat lawsuit from SMC and Tory, but it also makes this data available for anyone to use to illustrate the “church’s” corruptness should anyone else be subject to a similar program.

  20. What is LTM???

  21. Theo Sismanides

    OSA, this is so disgusting and sick. You are sick people, now. Come and get me in Greece if you dare.

    Harassing a person like that is utterly pathetic and sick, OSA you are sick people, now. You are not getting my attention off the f.cking HCOBs LRH has written on translations. Tory knew that you are squirrels, so she did right with you. OSA, you are so sick I can’t believe it. Come get me! I did 6 TV

  22. Theo Sismanides

    Sorry, pressed the wrong button without completing my post.

    6 TV shows I did in Greece and any and all discussions about SCN I

  23. Tory,

    The fact that you’ve persevered through the above and that you’re still here, communicating, is a testament to your character.

    I guess it takes an ACTUAL OT to confront and shatter the dog and pony show going on over at DM’s circus tent.


  24. Theo Sismanides

    in Greece Stopped!!!

    I could handle all of you and the same could Tory and anyone from this blog.

    OSA you are so sick and pathetic. Chasing a woman like that. Do you have any answers on LRH HCOBs about Translations and why they are not applied? Well, then Tory knew what she did and we know why we are doing this. I am so happy I am out because you are the cancer of Scientology, OSA. You are just a machine now. You cannot utter one word of sense and truth.

  25. Thank you VERY MUCH for posting this.

    On so many levels.

  26. God bless you, Tory. How you went through all that basically by yourself for all those years, I’ll never know. Talk about courage, girl. I salute you!

  27. God Tory!

    I’m so sorry that you were put through all this!

    This whole op was conceived by a sick and perverted mind.

    It doesn’t have anything to do with the two references cited above!

    (no surprise there!)

    Since intelligence is based on acquiring actual intel based on truth.

    Not making shit up!!!!

    And counter attacks are supposed to be based on actual crimes that can be proven in a court of law.

    Otherwise its libel!

    Again not making shit up!!!!

    Also how deluded are these “people”?

    Thinking that RFW isn’t anything other than a big fucking joke.

    This whole thing reminds me of Philip Agee’s ‘Inside the Company’ and it gives a clue to who these depraved and sick DBs are trying to emulate!


    Tory we love ya babe and you are so welcome here among us as far as I’m concerned.

    OSA as I’ve said in the past.

    You guys are a bunch of sick fucks.

    You have managed to turn the whole fuckin’ Church into a criminal cult!

    You are so fucking sick and perverted that you make the GO look like a bunch of Boy Scouts and Girl Guides!

    There Sapere was that subtle enough 😉

  28. OSA, like their Dear Leader are simply Black Dianeticists. These clowns make one wonder about the statement that Man is basically good.

  29. While not as grave in its intention, I believe this document is one of the few we’ve seen published since the Paulette Cooper Op that describes specifically how Scientology, a tax-exempt organization, planned to use its resources to destroy a person’s livelihood. Note in particular the plan to have a “client” – quotes THEIRS – complain about Tory and get other “clients” to do the same so that SMC would end up firing her.

    I am not a lawyer. I suspect whether this might be actionable by Tory against the COS would depend on whether they actually did any of the things in the plan. See: Tortious Interference http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tortious_interference

    In any event, the fact the COS invests its resources this way would be of interest to the IRS one would think.

    Congrats Tory. Now you know how seriously they worried about you…precisely because you were having an impact.

  30. Out Of Retirement

    This is incredible and I just had to come out of lurking to say what a pack of lies the Church of Scientology enjoys spreading about people when they get the chance.

  31. “LTM” is a misspelling of “LMT” = Lisa McPherson Trust.
    Michael A. Hobson

  32. OSA – WTF! This is the same type of actions that brought about the FBI raids in the 70’s. In this country there is something referred to as Rule of Law.

    The rule of law is a legal maxim that states no person is immune to law.

    The phrase has been used since the 17th century, but the concept can be traced to ancient Greece. Aristotle put it this way: “law should govern”. Rule of law stands in contrast to the idea that the sovereign is above the law (rex lex), a feature of Roman Law and other legal systems.

    Lets look at what LRH had to say to you in Guardian Order 732 WW Legal SECRET SNOW WHITE PROGRAM

    WHY: By spreading false reports a cumulative file can be built in their own and other countries which then tend to act on the file without the presence of the real data which is factually good but which is then ignored.
    SECONDARY WHY: The tendency or habit of police and immigration agencies to act secretly on record data without further advice, thus making a hidden third party situation.
    IDEAL SCENE: All false and secret files of the nations of operating areas brought to view and legal expunged and OTC, “Apollo” and LRH free to frequent all western ports and nations without threat and all required ports open and free.
    PLAN: To engage in various litigation in all countries affected as to expose to view all such derogatory and false reports, to engage in further litigation in the countries originating such reports, to exhaust resources in those countries and then finally to take the nation to the United Nations (think now being possible for an individual and a group) and to the European Commission on Human Rights, meanwhile uprooting and cancelling all such files and reports wherever found.

    Please reread where he said LEGALLY EXPUNGE false and secret files. He did not say INVENT! You are doing the exact opposite of what he has directed. Problem – false reports being acted on. Handling – remove and handle false reports.

    This is stupid! The GO raids ended in LRH in seclusion and who knows what research incomplete. You actually write via an attorney to bring about a collusion to deny another citizen their rights and harass them. Do you really think you are above the law.

    By the way if you want to know the entire Guardian Order 732 WW Legal is only along with all the other materials that were supposed to be confidential. Your ability to maintain security on what should have been secure instead of controlling the staff, SO members, DPF and RPF has a lot to be desired. Hats not wearing was Treason the last time I read it.

    Why don’t you think about this:

    The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (commonly referred to as RICO Act or RICO) is a United States federal law that provides for extended criminal penalties and a civil cause of action for acts performed as part of an ongoing criminal organization. RICO was enacted by section 901(a) of the Organized Crime Control Act of 1970 (Pub.L. 91-452, 84 Stat. 922, enacted October 15, 1970). RICO is codified as Chapter 96 of Title 18 of the United States Code, 18 U.S.C. § 1961–1968. While its intended use was to prosecute the Mafia as well as others who were actively engaged in organized crime, its application has been more widespread.

    Under RICO, a person who is a member of an enterprise that has committed any two of 35 crimes—27 federal crimes and 8 state crimes—within a 10-year period can be charged with racketeering. Those found guilty of racketeering can be fined up to $25,000 and sentenced to 20 years in prison per racketeering count. In addition, the racketeer must forfeit all ill-gotten gains and interest in any business gained through a pattern of “racketeering activity.” RICO also permits a private individual harmed by the actions of such an enterprise to file a civil suit; if successful, the individual can collect treble damages.

    When the U.S. Attorney decides to indict someone under RICO, he or she has the option of seeking a pre-trial restraining order or injunction to temporarily seize a defendant’s assets and prevent the transfer of potentially forfeitable property, as well as require the defendant to put up a performance bond. This provision was placed in the law because the owners of Mafia-related shell corporations often absconded with the assets. An injunction and/or performance bond ensures that there is something to seize in the event of a guilty verdict.

    In many cases, the threat of a RICO indictment can force defendants to plead guilty to lesser charges, in part because the seizure of assets would make it difficult to pay a defense attorney. Despite its harsh provisions, a RICO-related charge is considered easy to prove in court, as it focuses on patterns of behavior as opposed to criminal acts.[4]

    There is also a provision for private parties to sue. A “person damaged in his business or property” can sue one or more “racketeers.” The plaintiff must prove the existence of a “criminal enterprise.” The defendant(s) are not the enterprise; in other words, the defendant(s) and the enterprise are not one and the same. There must be one of four specified relationships between the defendant(s) and the enterprise. A civil RICO action, like many lawsuits based on federal law, can be filed in state or federal court.[5]

    Both the federal and civil components allow for the recovery of treble damages (damages in triple the amount of actual/compensatory damages).

    Although its primary intent was to deal with organized crime, Blakey said that Congress never intended it to merely apply to the Mob. He once told Time, “We don’t want one set of rules for people whose collars are blue or whose names end in vowels, and another set for those whose collars are white and have Ivy League diplomas.”[4]


    You are supposed to protect Scientology. Per Central Office of LRH ED 269 of 26 January 1975 “I am shifting PR gears in the direction of not making Scientology “acceptable” but INDISPENSABLE. this is being changed with the GO and will make a difference of approach.” LRH

    Do you really believe LRH’s idea of a difference of approach is turn into a criminal conspiracy organization to purposely create lies to ruin anothers life or reputation. You are in the wrong job. There are some hard core gangs north of the border that might better fit.

    What disgusts me is the utter disregard not only for the law and decency, but that you don’t care if you endanger every penny of funds your very public and hard working Scientologists have donated to forward Scientology to change the world. Wrong kind of change.

    You are about as competent as the US government somehow losing 250,000 secret documents from our State Dept and now on the net.

    Really read the LRH references. You have no war with Tory. She has the right to communicate and the right to her opinion. Only truth will prevail. With lies you will dwindle until you are but a dust spot in a history book. That is a really good use of this tech for use in creating a truly better world.

  33. Jesus!
    How “right” do they have to be untill they realize they are wrong? What a sad, pathetic bunch.
    Great post. Maybe the greatest. Perfect follow up to Tiziano’s. This is how they try to move you from your position in space.
    Nothing but love and support for you Magoo.

  34. Good going Tory; you have your very own program. I am jealous. You’ve got a program, written by an OSA Agent, and run by him to destroy you. This means you are really dangerous to DM and the Bots. Keep on keepin on.

    ML Tom

  35. Tory you know since the time you and I started working together I’ve been more than proud of you! Maybe someday the story will be told of how you and I have actively worked to save lives, bank accounts and souls from the depraved activity Scn has become. You have continued your work for so long with out the proper acknowledgement you deserve, yet you go on. You know I am here for you and I always will be, Love you and what you do!

  36. I had to chuckle at your line “Has word clearing gone totally by the boards these days?

    Well, I can factually say they DO wordclear.

    In fact, I had the honour of M2ing & M4ing a number of old G.O. staff, some of which are up at Int. now.

    And what were they being word-cleared on? Art of War and a couple other spy/espionage manuals.

    Not one word of LRH did I ever word-clear on them.

    Nothing like really understanding how to run illegal, crap programs like the one run on Tory.

    Well done OSA!! 😛

  37. If Scientology under DM used this much effort to rid themselves of Tory I wonder how many pages were in their effort against Minton. Maybe Marty should consider doing a book about that.
    I was in the office of the LMT the day that Tory defected. It was a very interesting scene. I volunteered to go to CA and bring her to FL myself but such heroics were not needed in the end. She did just fine on her own.
    Thanks for posting this op against Tory. It took balls to do so considering your past in the DM nasty circus.

  38. This is from a church, huh? Sounds more like organized crime. I can only wish someone or some fed group would go after them with RICO as mentioned by Sapere Aude.

    re any memory loss: google Niacinamide (not niacin). There’s lots written about it and memory and Alzheimers. Good stuff.

    Tory all I can say is that for the cult to expend this much time, effort and money, they see you as one huge threat, in other words, one big powerful Being……..and that’s the only thing they got right. You’ve got megawatts of power compared to those little pipsqueaks and they know it.

  39. Corrections

    Paragraph 8 line 2 should be
    Legal is online along with all the other materials that were supposed to be confidential.

    4th paragraph from the bottom last line

    There are some hard core gangs south of the border that might better fit.

  40. I hate this!! Especially the Major Target makes me feel like instigating hatred and elimination. It is so disgusting to attack an individual this way, just like what Freedom Mag currently is doing to both you and Mike and a couple others.

  41. My Dear Tory. I was one who called you as soon as I found out that the Church that I had joined was a Cult interested in money only. You were soooo kind to me, and asked me to look at both sides. You did not give me your opinion of it. I looked, researched the internet, read stories of hundreds of people who had left, and the stories were so true. I run from there as fast as I could. I watched the Truman Show as you had recommended to me. Great movie.
    Thank you!

  42. Marty,

    This program gives an interesting insight into the mind of a KoolAid drinker. It demonstrates the twisted idea that anything goes when it comes to protecting “the church.” It is very easily justified under the “greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics.” As Scientology enhances all dynamics, anyone who appears to have (or does have) counter intention to this should be destroyed. It is a mindset that I had for sure, and it is the mindset that is fostered by Dear Leader and the KoolAid brigade.

    When the well-being of all mankind is held up as what is being protected, you can justify anything. It becomes a “holy crusade” — no different than the religious fanatics who have launched Inquisitions, Crusades and Jihads where the lives of others are sacrificed based on the belief that everyone is being saved by their “holy” actions. The concepts of fundamental decency and human rights are thrown out the window. Sadly, this is what Scientology has devolved into (along with a few other concepts borrowed from history like indulgences [giving money to be given a pass by ethics] and the threat of going to hell [being declared and “never having the Bridge]). Sadly, it was the mindset that I had and fostered.

    Tory, Chuck Beatty, Mark Fisher and others were on the recieving end of this sort of thing and I agreed with and forwarded that view. I apologize for having done so and am doing what I can to expose the insanity and bring it to an end.

    But this crippled think isn’t just in OSA. Or just SO. Or staff. It is an inculcated view that is shared by most Scientologists. Its not healthy. Yet they believe they are absolutely right and absolutely justified.

  43. posts that make tou go…hmmmm?

  44. Yes.

  45. Well said Mike. Ditto on the sentiments. Tough thetan, that Tory.

  46. RJ – yes, subtle enough. Pass the popcorn, the show is just beginning. Sort of like a shower of shooting stars but this shitstorm will be something we haven’t seen for a long long time. This will disgust all – the Independent, current church public, church critics, media and some money hungry lawyers. These people writing and approving these ops are so far gone – they think they are God. I think more likely they will find themselves in a hot seat dangling over hell. Even DM cannot remain above the law and the OSA staff will be under the bus first. Yes, subtle enough for the likes of you and I. Sheesh!

  47. Tony DePhillips

    Tory, Tory, Tory..
    This story is SO SICK…I am ashamed to have been associated with a group that would tolerate this level of sickness.
    After I was done reading this I had to really pull myself together.

    What a sick dichotomy of some good tech to help people and in the dark recesses having sick punks doing this level of evil. It is truly mind-boggling.

    Uuugh.. I feel like vomitting.

    I have had some good wins with the tech but to have them justify trying to destroy someone to “save the planet” is so sordid it is blackness pure and simple.
    For those of you out there reading this kind of thing for the first time realize it is not a unique situation. The c of miss savage is TOTALLY off the rails and needs to be purged and brought to justice.
    I bet you were a pretty hot dancer too!!
    Tick tock, tick tock!!!

  48. Good point Quick, they’ve missed the spirit of this thing. Lost sight of the purpose. Playing with tech, that is missing the whole aim of Scientology. Selecting out for randomity, their friends. Some day I hope they grow up to what this stuff actually is. It is a new viewpoint. It is better than this bullshit. Fun as hell yes, playful, a good round of ‘hold your own’ but with an eye to bettering conditions, for every one involved.

  49. Tony’s right … dancer dox!

  50. Yeah, I this seriously tops having your own declare.

  51. SA,
    I know Fritz Kavenaar, he’s a sort of mild kinda guy, nice fella one on one. The gibberish that this program is is a reflection of him not really having his heart in it. It isn’t Scientology and he knows it. It’s ‘like’ what he’s studied, but misses a key ingredient – REAL Scientology doesn’t need to be so self-determined, afraid of other-determinisms. It doesn’t have to be ‘us’ and ‘them’.

    Fritz, dude, you need to see me again, in Cramming.

  52. mrinder

    This is the same group think that brought about the GO troubles. The Snow White program wasn’t all that bad. It was highest priority and all but when you add in the concept of “this one we must win, no matter what it costs, no matter what we have to do, etc” into the think it goes to hell. That is what resulted in the raids and jail-time. As anyone who spent time in jail if they thought it was the greatest good.

    I know what you mean about when you are in your view gets bent. At the same time I remember the policies that says when ethics doesn’t go in then justice forces in the behavior. Legal justice here may just do that. Or this will be a legal precedent on some action we don’t even know about at present. Being absolutely right is just dramatizing a ser fac.

    Ethics is to be increased until the dramatization is contained. Only then can true case gain occur on these staff. I for one fully accept any apology for your past not that you need it from me.) I was in a similar situation. By our actions we work in our own ways to end this insane behavior. We doing keep moving on up.

  53. brendon,
    One thing that is perfectly clear, David Miscavige’s sworn statements to specific enquiries by the IRS are belied by this document. HE is a lying ass motherfucker, that much is plain.

  54. You are a torch bearer for sure! My complete admiration for all that you have done and for having such integrity through the worst of times.

    Yours was a voice they could not mute. I hope that you smile even brighter knowing that we are out here too, carrying our torch right along with you. I wish I lived closer to an org…you’ve inspired me to join you outside the church.

  55. SA,
    Fuckin’ straight!!!

  56. Right on Jim,

    They have missed the whole shebang.

    I’ll tell you, I was shaking my head when I finished the wordclearing – couldn’t believe how serious these guys were taking this aside from the fact that LRH references were not wordcleared at all, nor were they even considered.

    These guys live in a very different world – corruption, libel, slander, holding people against their will, … the list goes on and on.

    Reminds me of the IAS – same corrupt think, same corrupt actions – under the guise of ‘greatest good for greatest number’

  57. WOW! First off THANK YOU for posting this stuff. This is exactly what we need to see.

    Tory, god they suck. Good on you for still being here and still speaking out.

    Some of this will come in very handy in handling my current situation and I’ll be forwarding a copy of this to my lawyer.



  58. If Fritz is an ok guy then I hope he starts reviewing some basics of ethics, tech and admin. I know what is like to be ordered to write a program to do xyz. Once in the loop you are sort of continually pushed along even if you don’t truly agree. If he becomes clean of heart and intention then he has a chance. If Fritz gets his crashing MU handled and if he can handle his PTS sit (definite suppressive intentions being pushed down the line to him) he stands a chance.

    I do not like to see any staff member hurt or abandoned if he only did what he felt was his hat. He can be salvaged from the dark side. He can make up the damage, restore his personal integrity and start moving on up the line to higher responsibility and true freedom. Not to say that he won’t have a longer program than others. And he may have to really confront a lot to get his integrity back but it can be done and the end is well worth it, as you know.

  59. Mike,
    When I ended up where I ended up, way back in 92, I had to thoroughly examine what I KNEW Scientology actually was, compared to what it had become.

    IF it is legit, then it has to cover this. If it isn’t, it doesn’t.

    I’m pilloried by the CofM for being a Scientologist. I’m pilloried in various quarters for being a Scientologist. That is embraced by this subject. All I need do is learn the subject, and apply it.

    It’s a Bridge to Somewhere.



    Thankyou, sincerely, for taking full responsibility for your acts. You are applying Scientology, which is simply that which is.

  60. Tony DePhillips

    For Tory…

  61. Tory,
    You are one tough thetan. Holy cats.

  62. Mike wrote: “But this crippled think isn’t just in OSA. Or just SO. Or staff. It is an inculcated view that is shared by most Scientologists.”

    But it gets much more extreme when you join staff … and especially in the S.O. That’s where the “us vs. them” thinking is created.

    And the enforcement of and “penalties for counter intention” are entirely driven by the S.O.

    Most public Scientologists, if allowed to just study and use LRH/Scientology on their own, would never dream of interpreting “greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics” like this.

    The sort of crippled thinking that would create a “program” like this is being driven and enforced from the S.O. and its leadership.

  63. Jim, I was so pissed when I read this that I got sudden. I started typing when there were 4 comments and couldn’t hardly type as fast as my thoughts. Sorry for the typos. This should have ended with the GO and the prison time. There is NO reason to repeat the unsuccessful action. It was a sudden moment. It was and is how I felt. This is SO SO wrong. Even OSA must know what a monster they have created. First they had evil intentions against Tory, then they couldn’t even maintain security to protect their PR. Now they a PR and a Legal issue to think about. Think hard on this OSA. Really do an evaluation per the data series. If you get the real why and what policy YOU violated you may find the handling much easier than just force it. The wrong thing to do is react. The right thing to do is find your ethics failure and then you can get the proper tech in, restore ARC to the area and move on up from there. Stop making public Scientologists ashamed of what their own church is doing, ok.

  64. LRH wrote : This planet is an “almost” planet. It almost has airplanes (save they crash) … [ etc. ]

    And this seems to be the favourite reference of OSA. Never call them squirrels – they apply this LRH text perfectly and without hesitation !

    Evidence :

    OSA almost handles those who point out disgraceful acts of Co$ … except for the hundreds and thousands which they didn’t handle.

    OSA almost keeps their confidential instructions restricted … except for those copies who made their way to wikileaks, xenu.net or Marty’s website.

    OSA almost creates a safe environment for Scientology … except turning governments and administrations into enemies, including – but not limited to – Germany, France, Belgium, Greece, Russia, Australia, Great Britain and ( recently ) even Italy.

    OSA almost creates a good image of Scientology … except for the fact that virtually all religions have a better reputation than Scientology now.

    OSA almost promotes Scientology as a religion of tolerance and respect of human rights … except for scores of books and media reports about Co$ abuses ( violence, enforced abortions, separations of families etc. ).

    OSA almost works dedicatedly to remove obstacles for the expansion of Scientology … except for not investigating those people and practices that continue to create upsets, suffering and failures of its parishioners.

    OSA almost works efficiently against drug abuse via their social improvement group Narconon … except for their failure to run out the extacy of power, manipulation and sadism within their own ranks.

    Well done, OSA, your “church” has almost failed by now – but I understand you are still working at it.

  65. Mike, it’s a little scary from an exterior viewpoint. A close friend I havent talked to in a while who is still “in” called me yesterday and started regging me for a donation for the ideal org. I was trying very hard to maintain ARC but even the idea that I wouldnt donate was just something he couldnt allow. Then I very gently brought up some questions about the ideal org program and it almost got ugly. I ended it off and said we could talk about it later.

    It is scary and cultish how close friends and family will almost instantly turn on you as if a switch was flipped and they are now your enemy. People doing that should examine where that determinism came from because it may not be their own.

  66. These OSA guys just don’t F**CKING LEARN! They only have one play in their playbook. It’s like the guy telling a bad joke and then re-telling it again and again again to try to get a laugh.

    Tory, a big “attagirl” to you!

  67. Tony DePhillips

    Awesome post!!!

  68. Chilling. And kudos for publishing it. Even more kudos to Tory for staying sane and communicative in the face of their crazy attacks.
    As a “wog” observer, I’m not clear on all of the lingo… what does the repeated phrase “Internet Invest I/C” mean?

  69. Tony DePhillips

    You BETTER DONATE or we will destroy you!! heh, heh, heh…
    Just go medieval on thier asses.
    (This is a joke for those who are craving motivators. I in no way feel that resorting to violence is the answer, but thinking about it is sure fun sometimes.)

  70. “Internet Invest I/C” stands for “Internet Investigations In-Charge” (i.e. the person “in-charge” of Internet-related investigations).

    It’s listed there repeatedly after each item to indicate WHO has to “sign off” that the item is done. You’ll notice that there is a blank line above each mention of “Internet Invest I/C” as the location where the person holding the post of “Internet Invest I/C” is to initial or write DONE, etc.

  71. Bunch of F’ing control freaks, arrogant and bossy as hell to say the least…get Bill to do this, get Bill to do that. Orders, orders, orders. Sea Org is full of immature children with big titles, all puffed up on presumed power. BS. Evil BS. They’ve forgotten they’re playing a con, spy vs. spy. Lord of the Flies. Grrrrr.

    Thank you, Tory, for all you’ve done and continue to do. I’ve loved you since the first video I saw of you showing the recent construction at LA Org, and have been catching up since. Wish I’d looked you up before I got involved again after 25 years of freedom. There’s 8 years I won’t get back 🙂

    Peace and Namaste

  72. The RICO stuff being brought to light is excellent, but it is one of many legal windows for which DM could be prosecuted for. The Government has to have a WILL to prosecute and a reason. Well, there are plenty of reasons but they, as of yet, do not have a “reason”. They need to be “forced by justice” to act. They created a public outrage scenario in 1977 with the raids yet they set up and staged the reasons and even stole certain docs in the first place.
    The true enemies of a problem if they prosecute Scientology and DM. It becomes a lot like Roswell and I’m not kidding. Succession will bring up far more issues than one might imagine. You will see a lot of weird scrambling by different authorities/people when DM is gone.
    What will bring the prosecution angle to roost is when influential people in the media and/or law enforcement see or feel the abuse from DM and the CofS in their own family or in some similar way, shape or form. That might do the trick.

  73. Margaret — No doubt. It emanates from the top and trickles down. But it HAS trickled down. Try talking to an “on-lines” public and ask them what they think should be done to those who talk to the media. Or better yet, ask them what they think about someone that thinks David Miscavige is a squirrel. See what sort of reaction you get from most of htem. And this IS the problem. The group think has become so lockstep that “think for yourself” is a distant memory.

  74. Cheers Jim.

  75. Hans Solo – I almost agree. But this made me think
    “they apply this LRH text perfectly and without hesitation”

    In this case there is NO LRH text for them to do an op like this. Therefore, I humbly submit before the world that they is squirrel.

    I submit as evidence Tech Dictionary definition Squirrel 1. a squirrel is doing something entirely different. He doesn’t understand any of the principles so he makes up a bunch of them to fulfill his ignorance and voices them off on a pc and gets no place. SH Spec 77, 6111C08.

    This is made up. This is entirely different. So we can conclude they do NOT understand any of the principles, make up a bunch of them to fulfill their ignorance and we see they got NO PLACE.

    All they really did was make the stats go up for the rest of their “almost” products.

    SAD – SAD – SAD.

  76. Oh man, thats a good movie. I’ve probably seen it three times all the way through and it’s still awesome.

  77. Karen B, You could view this as a declaration of how dangerous she is. How much they are afraid of her. It gives a measure of how powerful she is viewed by them and how it is felt the only way to do something is be deceitful and lie, cheat or steal. I was really disgusted to read this.

  78. THanks SA. My comment was to point out that Frits K is not some special sort of hardened criminal by nature. This is a result of an institutionalized attitude and it is difficult to swim against the tide when your entire life (and you think your eternity) depends upon remaining in good standing. And you are right about Snow White. I have defended Snow White for decades — if you read the actual documents, there is nothing strange and certainly nothing subversive about them. But when you believe you are right and your cause is just and holy, and only you truly understand the meaning for the future of mankind etc etc etc — that’s when the line between right and wrong becomes so blurred it is just a faint, barely discernable smear.

  79. WOW!!! Gobsmacked again.

  80. Ijustwantthebeatingstostop

    Internet Invest I/C is the person ‘IN CHARGE OF INTERNET INVESTIGATION”

    He writes a pretty thorough program, huh?

    Of course, it failed completely. Can you imagine them trying to target the over 1,000 people that have publicly spoken out? I feel a wave of new Independents coming out, real soon.

  81. ^^THIS. Incredibly useful stuff here.
    and wow!!!! hat’s off to both Marty & Tory, the bar has just been raised.

  82. Tory, Years ago, at Flag I met your former father in law. Paul would have been proud of you. He was a bit of a rebel himself as I remember and would stand for his own viewpoint just as you have. He had the guts to sneak into the PDC when it was taught without paying. He told me at the time he thought the fee was too much. He told me he got the over off to LRH when he went to Allacante Spain years later.

  83. Tory~Of course you can do ANYTHING as long as you’re donating $$$$. By the way – being a dancer…that’s one I’d keep a trophy for personally. 😉
    I feel for you and your marriage…actually it’s very upsetting to me that the man you were married to for so long cut ties with you just like that.
    Bill Yaude-yep, last C/S on my case too. Bill’s stats-blow off any and every Clear/OT/trained auditor possible. Go Bill. Slimy nervous perv extraordinaire. Wanna have some phone sex? Are your stats straight up and vertical, Bill?
    Actually, I’m grateful to you, Bill, for blowing me off (tho I’m sure you wished it was reversed) when you did in ’99 and spared me the torture!
    Tory, I’m sure this must blow charge seeing this in writing.
    It’s enturbulating as hell this evil plan – but truth is truth. I can handle it. This is the church of David Miscavige.

  84. Tory, you are a great lady.
    This program turns my stomach.

    Thank you to Marty and all who have taken steps to make this program public. Especially Tory.

    Ideally, the original document should be scanned, black boxes placed over the deletions on the image and the saved redacted image made public.

  85. Wow Tony~That blows charge for me. Thanks.

  86. You know, Mike, Jim, Marty, you say this is a “mindset” of Scientologists in general. I believe it.

    I had made my original post about there being 4 different kinds of aberration. This aberrated behavior in Scientologists, is, I believe, Educational. It is what Scientologists have been brought up on.

    I truly think that LRH, who originally started out researching the reactive mind and so forth, did it all with the ARC that man is basically good. After all in order to evaluated on thing you have to have the ideal scene to evaluate it against. Then Ron brought all of the rest of the tech up the line with the belief that every Scientologist understood what he understood. Everything LRH did was from an ARC level that was out the roof. I’ve heard him get pissed off and it was done with high ARC – always.

    But Scientologists, for the most part, do not understand the simplicity and power of ARC=U and therefore do not practice it. I think this is what the earlier comm course accomplished because grads of the 2-hour no-blink are the most theta Scientologists I ever met. Other tech trainees who have had extensive training are terrific thetans.

    It was a huge mistake to hire staff who were not trained on Scientology basics or highly trained as an auditor. They were trained on all things that aligned with the bank like yelling or harrasing, or other silly misunderstandings and misapplication of admin tech. The public will follow suit.

    Mike, Marty and the rest of us, were doing what we thought LRH wanted. This is what we were told. Hell, I dove into the Rollback missions looking for Martians on the biggest witch hunt in the history of Scn and I ruined a lot of lives in the process.

    Maybe if all of us would have gotten Process S2 (“from where can you communicate to a victim”) which all staff were to get and never did, we might have changed all of this.

    ML Tom

  87. Well, good example of fair game in full blossom.

  88. Mike, do you know if Gavino Idda would have been given this program?

  89. Michelle — More likely Frits would execute it himself. But Gavino would have been involved.

  90. Such is/was the state of mind of those that felt so uncertain and fearfully that this 1 person was sooo leathal and such a threat they needed to go to that extent to “take Tory out”?

    Puking Bile!

  91. When I first started reading the “entheta” sites 5 years ago I immediately looked for the other side and found RFW. Anything I had read on the “entheta” sites could not even come close to how what I read on RFW had a negative effect on me. It was like reading some unbelievably childish rantings of some very vindictive middle school girls. At that point in my life I believed all enemies of Scientology had crimes, but I could not (even in my most Kool-aid drinking days) make sense of reading 5 pages about Tory, her only real “crime” was that she left her husband. Likewise, Andreas’ “crime” was he was an atheist. WTF. When I read this program today I had that same feeling of total disgust, amazement, like, how can anyone steep so low?

    Tory, you’re an absolute class act, dancing in the moonlight, tick tocking. Love ye.

  92. Mike

    Totally understood. The minute you compromise your integrity, your true sense of right and wrong and justify it for the program target. Right then you start down the path to the darkside. You keep reaching into the dark and you don’t notice when you have crossed over the line.

    I believe LRH wanted us to look into the good of mankind. What is right, decent and honest. To increase the rightness in the being. I believe the OSA operations should be focused external against true influences which would decrease what is done in and with the actual real LRH scientology. What I see in this Invest Op against a former dedicated scientologists is the beginning of cannibalism.

    One could read the book “Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed” by Jared Diamond and understand the ramifications of this type of behavior on the part of the current Church actions.

    Man is basically good. Man is also aberrated when operating on false data. False data in the reactive mind because it has never been analyzed. Ability Issue 74 Scientology and the Reactive Mind
    “In Dianetics the reactive mind was thinkingness which went on without analytical inspection. …
    The primary characteristic of the reactive mind is response to a situation without analytical inspection. People react without volition. They do strange things when confronted with stimuli. …

    As long as OSA and other staff operate on this they will lead to more dramatization and ultimately failure. This is the opposite of the dreams and wishes of L Ron Hubbard.

  93. Scott Campbell


    Who do I talk to about “donating” for a “dispensation” to dispose of some trash?


  94. Tory,

    You are one strong lady! My best to you.


  95. OMG, I’m so ashamed to have called this evil organization my Church. I’m so proud to have woken up & left!!! I had major wins with the Tech but to hide behind this & to close our eyes and/or justify all the other evils that are going on is totally unacceptable to me. Marty this is totally spot on. So glad you are here & communicating.
    Sending huge hugs your way Tory!

  96. SA — with you 100%

  97. Scott Campbell

    Sapere Aude,

    Spoken with the voice of experience. I’m glad you’re on our team Buddy.

    I especially liked this last line of your follow up comment. “Stop making public Scientologists ashamed of what their own church is doing, ok.”

    I experienced the same thing – being ashamed to admit I was a Scientologist. In fact, only Marty’s promotion of Independent Scientology is what finally enabled me to proudly say that I am an Independent Scientologist.

    The church is dead! Long live Scientology!


  98. “Try talking to an ‘on-lines’ public and ask them what they think should be done to those who talk to the media.”

    True. And likely also explains why there are usually about eight “off lines” public Scientologists in every Org’s CF, for every 1 “on lines” Scientologist out there.

    Most public Scientologists recognize the toxicity of this type of “group think”, and avoid it like the plague by staying away from Orgs. It goes against everything that Scientology is supposed to stand for, and why they got involved in the first place.

  99. Mike,

    We may not agree totally on the actual source of all this but you’ve stated well what it all has become.

    Well written.



  100. Scott Campbell


    I’m sorry to hear of this being done to one who cares for others as much as you do. And I’m glad it is finally exposed. Hopefully you will gain a measure of peace now that this treachery has seen the light of day.

    To be honest, just by observing you in some of your video’s I’ve always thought you were “a bit of a kook”. However, I also always heard from others (such as my wife, who knows you) and could see for myself that you are a very nice person with a lot of love in your heart.

    Anyway from one “kook” to another (and believe me, it takes one to know one) – joy, love and life to you.


  101. Mike, couldn’t this “trickle down” effect be called “PTS’ness”?
    To me, that’s what it is.
    PTS to what tho? David Miscavige?
    Very, very few Scientologists have ever met the man.
    But every Scientologist has met up with his enforcement arm. The SO.
    It is my understanding of PTS tech that one can go PTS to a group as well as an individual. I’m sure Jim will correct me if I’m wrong…haha
    I’ve been pretty clear about naming the Sea organization as the admin why for Scientology’s ills. And I do so because it is so obvious…to me, that what was probably an ok idea for a little while, eventually, and predictably became a dangerous cult wielding absolute power in the Scientology world. And with it’s many units (OSA, IAS, RTC, CMO, IJC, …ad-nauseum…not to mention MAA’s and security) its tentacles touch everything. With a sad effect I might add.
    Most Scientologists have never known anything different and so it is understandable this idea as been so overlooked.
    But it IS the big o’l elephant in the room IMHO.

    I think LRH misjudged on that one. I love the man and believe he is/was the genius of all time when it comes to unraveling the human mind and spirit. I love the tech deeply.
    On the admin side of things…not so much.

    All one has to do is contemplate disbandment of the Sea Org tomorrow and it’s not too hard to imagine a rapid turnaround/recovery taking place.
    It opens the door to a handling.
    PR wise it works. The press and public will accept this type of reform.
    John Law will demand it.
    And the Scientology public will shed no tear either. Trust me on that one.
    The Tech will be intact. (with much needed work to sort out DM’s mess of it)

    Please believe the above is said with the utmost respect for the incredible individuals who have served LRH and Scientology so well in the SO.
    In fact, as just one example of my esteem for those who have served, if it were up to me, part of the cleanup process and amends actions would be to set up a pension fund and medical insurance group benefit resource for staff members, especially long time former, and recently freed SO.

    This post has gotten too long on me but I guess seeing the OSA DA document on Tory got the blood up a bit.
    You guys that have put your ass on the line, used your real names, taken the bullets for the cause, really stood up to be counted…are my heroes. History will judge you well.
    And an especial thanks to Marty for putting this forum here. (even tho technically it’s a blog…ha)

  102. parts of this sounds like how I lost my job at Walmart. It started about the time I was deadfiled in the church. It was hell with management on my back doing what it is said to be done here to get someone fired.

    I always suspected it could have been the church. I wonder why. I was a small fish and I was still blind then too. It ran the same way that they did to Tory at SMC.

    Hi Tory, I am glad I met you. I understand better now.

  103. Scott Campbell


    I almost forgot! How did you lose 100 lbs?

    I could use some good advice on how to do this.

    I know, I know “God, this guy calls me a kook and then asks for my advice on losing weight?”

    The nerve of some people…

    L, Scott

  104. Agreed! Marty is it possible to do this? This document is a must have.

  105. Theo Sismanides

    SA, no problem on becoming sudden, it’s actually one correct thing. Maybe some people are going to wake up…. oh…. yawn…. snoar…. snoar…

    I like people who get sudden for a valid reason. And this “action” was/is disgusting. I am so pissed too with those clowns.

    One thing though is that I don’t think there is going to be any raid by the government this time. Just because the government has now something to get out of $cientology, actually a lot: a future religion cut out and made up the way they want it: Muzzled!

  106. Thanks Marty for posting this and thank you Tory for agreeing with having this posted. You are a tremendously strong individual!

    Mike, thanks for the apology, but what you are doing to expose this stuff and save others is more than enough for me. I really appreciate all that you and Marty are doing. You both have helped me to understand better what was going on behind the scenes in my life over the past 20 years.

    Nobody is perfect and I, like everyone, have hit snags along the way, but I have been able to review what went on in the past and spot where undue influence was involved thanks to the revelations you both have made. Life is a game and it is meant to be played right?

    After leaving, I decided for myself that there is no “absolute” right way and wrong way when it comes to spiritual thought and practice. As LRH said, what is true for you is true for you. If a group or individual was doing good works and helping others, then they should be supported in my view. Those doing bad and causing destruction should be ignored.

    As you point out, this “Us versus Everyone else” viewpoint has been the cause of many conflicts and wars throughout history and is a major contributor to the unrest on this planet to this very day.

    If everyone would treat each other with love, respect and compassion we would have a better world. I know it sounds like something from the 60’s, but I really think it is that simple.

    Then through education people can spot what is true for them and real progress can be made. We are a long way from that, but through the truth you all reveal here, you are helping many of our family and friends come to their senses and wake up.

  107. Thanks a lot for posting this.

    And thanks for the reply from from Mike Rinder – I like the last two paragraphs.

    It seems to me that this kind of attack only works if it is successfully being kept secret (through gag orders, through the media being sued, etc). This is why the Internet always was a bit of a problem for OSA and also why every new piece of information counts.

    Best regards


  108. Tory,
    I can’t really put into words how disgusted I feel about this despicable OSA attempt to destroy your reputation and damage your life and well-being. It leaves me feeling… grrrr.

    I can, however, say that reading it has only made me value your continued brave efforts all the more. Kudos to you!

  109. Congratulations Tory, the truth really will set you free! My heart goes out to you. Bravo to M&M for this, it took a lot of guts. This is truly a representation of “The Lucifer Effect…”

  110. Mike Rinder,
    Thank you for saying these words: “And you are right about Snow White. I have defended Snow White for decades — if you read the actual documents, there is nothing strange and certainly nothing subversive about them.”

    Absolutely. As former GO, I did M9 word clear this and probably just about all of the other key LRH written Confid. GO HCO PLs. (I read, but did not have to word clear Art of War, by the way).

    Snow White and other LRH issues for the GO were all completely in alignment with the basic THETA purposes of Scientology. Even HCO PLs with ostensibly threatening titles such as Black Propaganda, Counter Espionage and so on are quite instructive, educational, and enlightening as to what goes on in this world. In those, LRH clearly admonishes that our goal IS truth and any actions are to be based on TRUTH – with the goal of exposing and bringing to light the low-toned, dirty tricks of REAL 2.5%er SPs who try to wipe out Scientology. (Real SPs are not disaffected, disgruntled, no longer interested, gripey, grumpy, tired and abused former staff or public, KR-writers, whistleblowers, alarmists, loud people with MUs, noisy, annoying, non-cooperative, broke leave-me-alone people. They are a rare, dangerous, technical phenomena covered in HCOBs – people of the ilk of despots and psycho-sociopaths who don’t want anyone or anything to be happy or free).

    In these PLs LRH was educating staff on the mechanisms of intelligence operations so that staff would understand how these were used AGAINST Scientology by outside sources and how to spot when LRH and Scientology were under some form of intell type operations. (There were some pretty nasty incidents on Apollo, heavy 3Ping along government-connected, psychiatric lines, etc.).

    Snow White was ALL about cleaning up the black propaganda against Scientology.

    As you know, but some don’t have it quite right, the ’77 raid was precipitated by the exposure of an effort to acquire the files of IRS and Justice Dept officials that were believed to contain false reports and evidence of black PR against Scientology and LRH. Legal had not been able to get these files via Freedom of Informaiton Act suits. With the raid, confidential Guardian policies and orders became part of the court record, and from there to the internet.

    LRH did not go into hiding because of the raid. The raid did make things worse, however.

    Let us also remember that David Miscavige’s first target was getting rid of the autonomous GO and MSH and making OSA subordinate to him. Why? IMO, he recognized even then that the GO was only group that would have stood in his way. He levied blame to the GO for all the ills of Scientology back then, but there were MANY things that the GO did well that really did help and defend Scientology and LRH. He’s had 30 years to prove himself. He has certainly proved who he really is!

    Thank God for the internet and freedom. Thank you to those of you who have been brave enough to speak out.

    Former staff and independent or former scientologists are 99% wrong targets for OSA. It has turned on its own. PC folder data should NEVER NEVER NEVER be used…that violates the more basic tenets of scientology auditing, and it was never authorized in red-on-white or green-on-white or blue-on-white either. Just the opposite. (What value and reliability is case data anyway?!??!) That is one of the most shocking and destructive betrayals I’ve seen, next to the literal imprisonment and brutalization of good people I’ve known and cared for.


  111. I doubt that you will publish this comment. This program is just some words on a blog. Can you prove that this paper was really drawn by OSA?

  112. Tory Christman

    Thanks, Windhorse! I didn’t lose my son, but I’ve told him since the day
    I woke up: This fight is *my* fight, not yours. I honestly believe that is key
    for parents. We are their Moms (or Dads) and each child deserves to have contact with their family. I don’t discuss Scientology with him, nor he with others, really. Just wanted to clarify that. And OSA—don’t even think about
    running crap on him. He IS his own man, has his own views, and any attempted slime will not be good for you, as usual. When ever you harm or break up families, you lose a little more. One day you’ll wake up and get that.

  113. Tory Christman

    Great point, Centurion! Thank you 🙂

  114. Tory Christman

    Isn’t it amazing, Carol, that their quote for Winter Wonderland has to do
    with Trusting each other. And they use THIS kind of mafia-like crap?
    Love to you, and yes, may ALL who are still “in” wake the Hell UP!

  115. Tory Christman

    Sapere….He was a hoot, wasn’t he? People either absolutely LOVED him,
    or thought he was a jerk extraordinaire—but he demanded THE TECH be applied to him, that day, the way it was written.
    Thank you 🙂

  116. Tory Christman

    That means a lot to me…really from all of you.
    I greatly appreciate it, except for the Hip Hip junk—oh lord I cannot stand
    that due to YEARS of hearing it. But I know you mean well, and I thank you
    for your care. 🙂

  117. Michael Leonard Tilse

    Thanks for publishing this. Since I know some kind of program was also run against me, I would ask you to tell me what the actual program was. What was done and by who. And the others too. You need to tell all. What was done against Gerry, Arnie, all the others.

    I’m not ready to give you a pass. You have much to account for. Thank you for a step in the right direction.

    Michael Leonard Tilse

  118. Tory Christman

    For me, my auditor was the one who got me into all of that.
    What they made me promise was that I wouldn’t tell ANY OTHER
    auditors, Ethics officers, Executives (and they had their names listed out),
    etc. I asked Bill (my then friend and auditor: “What about me? How will *I* get up the Bridge if I do this?” He said: “Tory, we have THE BEST auditors on the Planet who will help you, forever”.
    Which made it even weirder when he turned on me (in the De-brief, once I quit the Top secret OSA Int Gang) with this group Sec Check Grilling:
    “What will you say?” Where were those “The best auditors” now?
    Yes! OSA *is* Off the rails.

  119. Tory Christman

    Thank you, Mike. It’s been pretty intense, to say the least.

    My best 🙂

  120. Tory Christman

    Me too, Quicksilver (that more of this type of thing comes out). It will—-
    It has to! By the very nature of what OSA is doing, more shall leave, and more shall speak out. That’s why I began: “Tick Tock, Tick Tock, Time is on
    *our* side! Because it IS!!! 🙂

  121. Tory Christman

    Jeff: Thank you! It is one sick program….but it shows people what
    “Fair Game” really means.
    I’m not sure if Barbara S actually gets orders from OSA, or if they just “run” her…covertly. Yaude used to do that, quite a bit with people, so I knew, at the least, she was being used by them, for many years.
    NOTE TO BS, and any other OSA ops: WTFU, please.

  122. Likewise Tory and Carol and many others,

    My first response to this message was this is another OSA victum.

    Sadly they’re are too many, but we know who the source of this.

    This all so sad. I hope it stops.

    I saw Tori’s message regarding Luis Garcia’s KR and that then got my respect.

  123. Tory Christman

    Exactly! What the Hell are they thinking? I love that.

  124. Dear Tory,

    You were ahead of a lot of us. I embrace you as a fore-runner and that you withstood the Evil.

    Tory, the OSA Network Orders are posted on Wikileaks. They are hard to read, but this is a VITAL link if you want to understand the MINDset of OSA. This is their Bible. These are the issues they use TO DESTROY UTTERLY.

    The “Church” has become the FPRD/XDN evil purposes RUNDOWNS they peddle for $$$$$ while they dramatize it.

    Save this link, it is important. Take your time, take it easy and read all of it.

    Click to access scientology-frank-oliver-osa.pdf


  125. Tory Christman

    Thank you, very, very much. 🙂
    I greatly appreciate your kindness and care.

  126. Tory Christman

    It IS amazing, isn’t it? Legal Council? We’ll see about where this goes.
    No doubt they shall soon begin another campaign of “don’t trust Tory–she’s a ___” When they do, all I ask is that you either
    a) Kick their asses
    b) Call me, so I can hear from anyone even slightly believing their lies.
    Their specialty is back channeling. I’ve tried to tell people this, for years.
    PLEASE GET IT: They won’t stop with this. Know the game, and don’t let
    them harm others who are exposing their abuses.
    And yes! Thanks to Marty—please DO keep it all comin 🙂

  127. Tory Christman

    Thank you 🙂 I’ve gone through a lot, and this is just one of no doubt a few
    programs. Thankfully, some dear friends who DO understand OSA and have NO doubts about them, have hung by me through a lot. Never forget:
    “The Power of One”…it is huge! I love you all 🙂

  128. Tory Christman

    🙂 Thanks, Freedom Fighter. You got that right.

  129. Tory Christman

    Thanks, Mike, correct. Tara—Lisa McPherson Trust was created
    by Bob Minton, who sadly passed away this year, and Stacy Brooks.
    Jesse Prince worked there as well, as did Mark Bunker, and some others.
    After I woke up, I asked Andreas to help connect me to *someone* —as I needed to talk with SOMEONE who understood what I was going through.

    He connected me up with Stacy and Bob, and LMT. The rest is history 🙂

  130. Tory Christman

    They are sick, Theo. You take care….and be well in Greece! Sounds wonderful to me. 🙂

  131. Tory Christman

    idle org,
    Yup—it’s actually (for me) a true testimony of what my parents taught me,
    re exactly that! My Mom and Dad were big on persistence and determination
    alone are omnipotent. (Try that one on for word clearing 🙂
    Also, ALL of the people, friends, on-line supporters, critics, anons, and now
    each of you—I literally would not have made it without ya. 🙂

  132. Tory Christman

    I agree, thank you Marty for posting this!
    If you’re thanking me, you’re most welcome, Alanzo. It tells a lot, eh?

  133. Tory Christman

    You of all people know I didn’t go through this “basically by yourself”.
    Yes, in a way I did—but had you all (and Songbird was there way back
    when I first left, on OCMB, very supportive. Bless YOU!) –had you all
    not been supportive, God knows where I may have ended up. Which is why I try to remind people: You never know when what you say *may* change someone’s life. In this arena, especially, this is true. Love to you 🙂

  134. Tory Christman

    “And counter attacks are supposed to be based on actual crimes that can be proven in a court of law.

    Otherwise its libel!”
    AMEN. Thank you, also.

  135. Tony DePhillips

    Hey Scott…

  136. You crack me up, JM. ❤

  137. Tory Christman

    I still believe man IS basically good. However, if you ever watch any of the Scientific studies about peer pressure, they show HOW
    one’s mind can get twisted, and people do things they wouldn’t normally do.
    Thankfully, we’re out and free, and may that be true for more and more, daily.

  138. Tory Christman

    Thank you! Good points….and we’ll see where it goes. For sure, it’s done
    one thing I KNOW they don’t want: Opened people’s eyes to a step by step
    program they not only wrote, but ran. Sick, truly sick. Religion? re-read this, if you’re still buying the “church” of $cientology is a religion. Thanks 🙂

  139. Tory Christman

    Well, they do spread lies, and they may be enjoying it, but you and I KNOW,
    “Out of retirement” that C of $ is ALL about one thing, and one thing only:
    $$$. So when less and less people join, which has been occurring for years,
    they may smile, but you and I know the truth. They’ve hit bottom.

  140. Tory, I am speechless that you had to suffer that. And that you stood up to it.

    Love, Valkov

  141. Tory Christman

    Sapere Aude,
    Thanks for your thoughts. Please realize one thing:
    The members of the “church” of $cientology can no longer
    “Do an evaluation per the Data Series” or any other series, or common
    sense. If they could—they wouldn’t be doing junk like this!
    Thanks for your thoughts on this!

  142. Tory Christman

    A perfect question: “How “right” do they have to be until they realize
    they are wrong”? (and can own up to it, too).
    Yes, they ARE one sad, pathetic bunch—well put! Thank you, Jason,
    very much!
    Respect back at ‘cha 🙂 Tory/Magoo

  143. Tory Christman

    That’s funny! I’ll never forget when the critics first declared me SP.
    I was making my 4,000 posts in 4 weeks in June/July of 2000. Somehow I thought these critics knew *a* thing I needed to know, so by myself I began furiously posting on ARS.
    One day I read: “Magoo: Honorary SP 3!”
    I opened it up, and read how I’d screwed up SO badly posting, and was such
    a bad example of a Scientologist that THEY were declaring me Honorary SP3. (Back then, as a joke, they had these levels).
    Due to Epilepsy, and CONSTANTLY for 30 years being told I was “PTS”—I always felt I was trying to swim UP Niagra Falls.
    Ok, so I read this post and Immediately write: “No, no: WE cannot accept that, as we are not SPs!”
    Then I start vacuuming my house. As I do, I get the concept:
    *Honorary SP 3″—-*Honorary SP 3!” I get the game! I laugh—I accept
    it —it was like trying for 30 years to swim UP stream, and suddenly someone says: “Why don’t ya just hop on this float and take it downstream?”
    Amazing, and true! Ever since, I’ve proudly announced I’m an SP. (Later I got up to SP 7 as I beat them in court). 🙂

    Many critics have written to me that they want their own SP declare.
    I always say the same thing: “Just make it up. That’s all C of $ does,
    anyways!” 🙂 Same for a program….it is wild, and I’m proud to say I lived through this!

  144. Tory Christman

    As I said in this, you stood by me, way back in 2000, when I returned here and they began breaking off the legs of my turtle on my front porch, one by one. Then they flattened all 4 tires, and spayed my rear view mirror and broke it off. I asked a guy at Pep boys: “Is this gang stuff, or Scientology?”
    He said: “It’s Scientology. Gangs would have taken your radio and other stuff”.
    Some people here said I was paranoid. I called you and you explained how the “church” uses “psychological war fare” against people like myself.
    Also you said: For people like you, some paranoia is good. If it’s weird,
    it’s Scientology!”
    Yes! One day we will tell all 🙂
    We have a lot of ***great*** history together 🙂
    Bless you, Jesse!

  145. Tory Christman

    Good question, Bob. No doubt re Bob Minton there was one HUGE program,
    running day and night. Sad, but true. I can feel him smiling on me now 🙂
    He’d be SO proud. He used to tell me: “Your Dad would be SO proud of you”.
    I loved that, as I lost my Dad when I was 22.
    Thanks for your help at the LMT, also. And yes, Thanks again, Marty,
    for posting this!!! 🙂

  146. Tory Christman

    Thanks, Watchful Eyes……:)

    I’ve always loved when critics of the “church of $cientology” have pointed that out: “If they’re attacking you THIS much, know one thing: You MUST
    be doing something very right!~” 🙂 People used to post that on ARS, years ago, and it helped me, greatly, as it’s true! Dispite all the junk and lies they’d post about me, one person would write that, and make me smile. Thank you ALL 🙂

  147. Pingback: Fair Game Attack on Tory Christman Exposed : XENU TV

  148. Tory Christman

    I try to stay far away from hatred. OSA’s goal, I finally realized was
    to actually suppress people, upset them, enturbulate any way they can.
    I know what you mean…you hate their sick actions. They are sick. But look at it this way: The FACTS, the INFORMATION is now out there for ALL to read, see, look at, talk about —think about. Yes, this IS disgusting–you’re most correct. It’s not right—and more shall be done about it. The more facts people know, the weaker DM and gang get. My best to you 🙂

  149. Tory Christman

    You are MOST welcome! I’m so happy it helped you, and you’re out and doing great! Good job 🙂 (And yes, to anyone who has not seen “The Truman Show” movie, I Highly recommend it).

  150. This is so vile…. Jesus Tory, now I know just why you were (and are) so incredibly dangerous. For one You have the GUTS to be true to yourself and others, no matter what!!

    I had to do a lot of “toughening up” when I joined the OSA Network in 1997 at Flag. Truthfully, it had nothing to do with toughening, but effectively I was batting back the growing awarness that something is very wrong with the ways we were conducting our business. Under the mindset of “protect the church from all opposition at any cost” was the easy and only acceptable conduct and I went along with it. However, the toughening up costed me a marriage and disconnection from my mother for 5 years. I shut out theta out of my life as I was so dedicated in protecting the church. Soon I did not recognize myself and by the time the Lisa McPherson case was over in 2004 I knew my time is up – 6 months later I was carted off to the RPF where I looked me in the eye for 2.5 years, looked for that evil beast I was made to believe I am, and left. Actually the 1D FPRD – even squirrelly run… “your needle floated an hour ago!!” … one sadly comical session I recall – helped me to realize how upside down and wrongheaded the church activities are and could not bear it anymore.

    My hat is off to you Tory, what a truly tough girl you are!

    Love, Kirsi

  151. Marty, thanks for posting this. It is an amazing read. I was in Clearwater working for the LMT when Tory flew across the country to come to us for help, with OSA and her husband Harold following her all the way. I witnessed the trauma she went through and the hardship leaving Scientology wrought upon her family life. I first met Tory and her husband Harold when she was in and I liked them both. They seemed like a great, fun couple. I was saddened to see Harold treat her as poorly as he did when she left Scientology. It was a traumatic blow to her.

    How is it possible that a church can pit a husband against a wife just because she decides to leave the group? How is it possible that tax exempt money can be used to get a former member fired from her job?

    Why was it important for Scientology to do that? Because they didn’t like how effective she was in videos like this one, made days after she decided to leave Scientology.

    Keep up the great work, Marty and Tory. You’re on the right side.

  152. Tory Christman

    Oh! That means so much to me. To many who didn’t see it, when Rolling Stone Magazine was doing their interview on Scientology, Janet interviewed me for 4 hours or so. She was shocked, and said she was going to do a “Hard story on Scientology abuses”. OSA ended up flying their Editor to CC for 1 week, and the story came out totally different. In it, out of the 4 hours of interview, was one quote about me: ” Tory Christman? She’s a wacko” I think was the exact quote, by Mike Rinder. OUCH! That hurt. Today you made up for that, Mike. Thank you 🙂

    You’re most correct about ALL of the group, too.
    Many may not know this, but I found out while on OT 7, when my husband was a screwed up OT 8. I was speaking to one of the Flag Executives, and they told me “David Miscavige is REALLY Mad at ALL of the OT 8’s”.

    Now get—we were, most of us, in HUGE debt from paying for this endless auditing he’d insisted we get, over and over, 6 mo checks, etc. for years. So to hear he’s pissed at the 8’s? WHY? Ya wanna know why? “Because He feels HE made them. Now they owe him to either Join the Sea org, or Start a mission. Instead, most were off trying to make money to re-coop all they lost paying” ! What a riot, eh?

    So yes, what you say is *exactly* true. Also, again if you haven’t done OT 7 you wouldn’t know—to get onto OT 8 one HAS to do some large “exchange” (Which is why I *think* Tommy Cruise jumped on Oprah’s Couch and told Matt Lower he didn’t know the source of psychiatry. I think it was his contribution to “handle psychiatry”. Just a guess.

    Either way, thanks Mike! And thanks, Marty for posting this! I know I’ve said that a few times, but some things need to be said more than once. 🙂

  153. Tory Christman

    Good point about when the line between right and wrong become blurred—it is just a faint, barely discernible smear. So true!

  154. Tory Christman

    What a prick. He is one feeble person, with hatred filling his soul.
    One day, Gavino, one day—you and Bill shall be out, and that day
    you will remember what the sound of music in your heart feels like.
    You’ll also, that day, remember why you *actually* joined Scientology,
    vs. this looser attempt at 007. You’re a long way from it, baby!

  155. Tory Christman


    Yes, it IS sick—beyond belief, really. OSA IS off the rails, as is DM and anyone following his BS orders.
    Thanks for your love!! I love those dancing stories. It’s funny OSA would try to slime me about them, as I’ve told people, all of my life. My Dad was a Celebrity in the Football arena. Due to some heavy Celebrities, we met one who was getting Blackmailed. I’ll never forget the day I decided, at 13: “*I*
    will NEVER go through anything like that. I’m just going to tell everyone about ME. If they don’t like me–_F*** um.”
    So most of the world has heard my darker sides. You’re right: We all 4 were pretty hot. 🙂
    And yes! Tick Tock, Tick Tock!!!

  156. Tory Christman

    Absolutely I smile each time I read or hear of one more person helping
    expose the abuses of C of $, DM and their sick gang of thieves.
    Thank you ALL! 🙂 🙂

  157. Tory,
    Shocker is I’ve become so accustomed to OSA’s filth that it barely has an impact on me anymore.
    Sorry you had to have this vomit inducing bile aimed in your direction; no-one deserves that.
    All love, respect and admiration to you for being one tough resilient thetan. I’ve seen a number of your videos now. You exude ARC and sanity.
    Thank you Tick Tock Tory 😀

  158. Tory Christman


    Yes, thank you Marty for posting this, and each person who has commented, too. It’s meant a lot to me!

    I’m VERY glad this will help you, too.
    My love 🙂 Tory/Magoo

  159. Tory Christman

    I ***LOVE*** that song, thank you!!!!
    Gawd—this is one day of healing. 🙂 🙂 Bless you ALL.

  160. Tory Christman

    You knew that, didn’t you? You stood up for me, and I thank you for that,
    when others weren’t so sure. Remember? Yup—I’ve made it over one more mountain. Thank you ALL 🙂

  161. Tory Christman

    Han Solo—-Good points. Very good points. Way to go, OSA 🙂

  162. Tory Christman

    🙂 Thanks, John Doe.

  163. Tory Christman

    Thanks, Margaret for explaining that to BT.

    BT: I’m sure it is totally odd—it is to most of us, who were “in”.

    Thanks for your support. 🙂

  164. Tory Christman

    Thanks SO much, Marta…and you’re most welcome 🙂

  165. Tory Christman

    Good points, metaqual. That *might* do the trick—we’ll see. 🙂

  166. Tory Christman

    Thanks, Tara. It IS sad re my now X-husband—but hey, c’est la vie.
    I only wish for him that he wakes up and gets OUT, for his own sake and sanity.
    Re Yaude—I think I thank him, too, as without his evil, creepy stuff,
    I wouldn’t have seen the dark side. Oh sure, I’d seen some, but nothing like what HE introduced me too, and quickly that brought my 30 years “in” c of $ to a dead stop, and my new life to a delightful beginning.

    I agree, re the Dancing Trophy. I used to always end
    my posts “Tory/Magoo~Dancing in the Moonlight” (Once I began to wake up, I saw the moonlight coming in my window, and I thought maybe the critics would get it… that I was waking UP.

    None of them did, and then OSA made fun of me, for years, about that.
    HA HA OSA____who’s laughing NOW? 🙂

  167. Tory Christman


    Thank you. 🙂 I’m very happy that Marty took the time to help expose this, also.
    More shall come, no doubt, as is actually needed. I don’t believe in giving
    the enemy *everything*, until the time is right. 🙂

  168. Tory Christman

    Amen to that! 🙂

  169. Tory Christman

    Communication is a BIG threat to C of $, because. I’ve learned that over
    the years. Why? THEY CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH.
    We out can. 🙂

  170. Tory Christman


    Thank you very, very much 🙂 I agree—-WTF? But ya know what?
    They cannot handle live communication. DM and gang have no courage.
    They have no integrity. They’ve long ago lost the concept of freedom
    and responsibility. So this is their game? PhhhhhT. It’s our win, every
    SINGLE time. 🙂

  171. Tory Christman

    Thank you, David! It’s been one WILD ride, no question about it. 🙂

  172. Tory Christman

    🙂 Thank you for your huge hugs! I love it 🙂

  173. Tory Christman

    To you all:

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank YOU 🙂

  174. Moderator – if this is too much feel free to edit

    OSA staff who read this blog. I don’t write about what LRH wrote about the Snow White Pgm to toy with you. I write to remind you of the damage of false data, false reports and playing with that does. Much was written about how that program would handle the 4th dynamic engram. It is true. That eval was done after LRH was literally running out of locations to exist in earth to research, produce a valuable tech, and help forward his goals and purposes for the tech. He wasn’t perfect. He was a man. But he did give hope for many of us. I still believe in the tech. I know the good that can come from the tech. I know the feeling of elevation from the depths that the OT levels provide. It may not be perfect and it may not be the best but damn it – it did provide some route of this hell hole on earth.

    Do not deal in false data, falsehoods and attempting to ruin lives with lies and alter-is. That is the very thing this subject is to handle. Please read the words. Think of false purpose rundown. Yes, FALSE is in the name. LRH gave us auditing tech to sort out the false information we were operating on. Lets get back to native state. No lies. No false anything. Where man is basically good.

    Linda Hamel – OSA. If you are the same person that was SW Pgms Ops GOUS then this is for you. I know you once believed in what you did. I know you once very thoroughly understood Guardian Order 732 WW SECRET SNOW WHITE PROGRAM. I know you understood that this was a highest priority and would handle the 4th dynamic engram.

    In case you haven’t read it recently let me remind you of the Why and Secondary Why and Ideal Scene.

    WHY: By spreading false reports a cumulative file can be built in their own and other countries which then tend to act on the file without the presence of the real data which is factually good but which is then ignored.

    SECONDARY WHY: The tendency or habit of police and immigration agencies to act secretly on record data without further advice, thus making a hidden third party situation.

    IDEAL SCENE: All false and secret files of the nations of operating areas brought to view and legally expunged and OTC, “Apollo” and LRH free to frequent all western ports and nations without threat and all required ports open and free.


    I am not here so spill all secrets or divulge other data. Almost everything here can be found by any trained person on the net. The above data is not new nor has it been protected as confidential for years and years. I write this to bring about an understanding; to allow for isness and as-isness; and to help remove the alter-isness and not-issness that currently exists. I have no intentiion to harm any former staff member or what they did.

    That price has already been paid by too many. Lets just discuss the essence of this. Too many well intentioned staff from the GO time had their lives turned upside down; families were hurt; children were hurt – this is NOT TRIVIAL. I know many of these people. Years of their productive lives were stolen by dealing in false data, false purposes and the evil it deals. I can’t handle shit with your hands without getting stink on your fingers. You can’t give back the life gone behind bars.

    I believe, at one time you had the confront during the FBI raids to be in your office. Right in the middle of search warrants, agents etc. You were almost dead center of the activity with a sign on your door Snow White Programs. I am sure you were scared. I am sure you were confused as to what to do. You had the confront to hold the position and nothing happened to you. I know that took guts. You still have that down inside.

    You worked very hard on this program. You understood the value and the impact of what it would be to not have any agency, government or nation operating on false data. Violating other LRH policy to accomplish targets on this eval is what brought about the FBI raids and ultimately the downfall of the GO. Now there is no external facing autonomous unit. The target has now been internalized into the group. I am not your enemy. This is from false data.

    This same situation can be recreated resulting in no safe port for the Freewinds. Therefore, if you believe it is the correct vehicle to deliver the upper end of the bridge then you must confront this. Part of the “false” data being collected by immigrations and nations now is being actively created by the Church or OSA. It will have the same effect that occurred to the “Apollo” and forced them to land. Can’t remain fabian when no safe port open and free to passage.

    False data is behind all aberration on all dynamics. I have read this eval many many times to understand why it was so important to the 4th dynamic. The false data (reactive mind) must be handled in order for the group to be able to be here. Without the group and the auditor no auditing occurs. Without the auditing no clearing occurs. The WW insanity of man continues and we waste this brief opportunity to reverse the dwindling spiral.

    False data in the reactive mind because it has never been analyzed. Ability Issue 74 Scientology and the Reactive Mind
    “In Dianetics the reactive mind was thinkingness which went on without analytical inspection. …
    The primary characteristic of the reactive mind is response to a situation without analytical inspection. People react without volition. They do strange things when confronted with stimuli. …
    Clearing in Dianetics consisted of getting rid of the reactive mind by erasing it and learning to handle it. That’s a long task. Clearing in Scientology consists of discovering the source of the reactive mind itself and making it vanish. That’s a short, fast talk.”

    Ability Issue 72 late April 1958, How We Work on the Third Dynamic
    To cure a barbarism one must make men socially grow up. And that is done with individuals. One works with individual people, not with groups.
    We in Scientology have done a “power of growing up,” me and you both. We are strong in that we have the ability to make other people “grow up.” Our target is the individual if we wish to increase the group level of responsibility.

    HCOPL 13 March 1965 The Structure of Organization What is Policy?
    “Policy is a guiding thing. It is composed of ideas to make a game, procedures to be followed in eventualities and deterrents to departures. The basic policy of an activity must be the defining and recommending of a successful and desirable basic purpose. … POLICY is a rule or procedure or a guidance which permits the BASIC PURPOSE to succeed.

    …If bad policy or laws or actions based on rumour rather than raw facts become too frequent and general, then the basic purpose of a being, organization or group becomes itself distracted, smother and forgotten and the result is shrinkage, loss of power, death and oblivion.”

    How about some review of what this really means to you today in 2010. False information cumulating in files and being acted upon. Even if the real data is factually good and ignored. To act on the data in the records without further advice. This makes a third party situation. Where is the true evaluation of the data rather than a reaction. How can you apply the concept of all false and secret files expunged so that all Scientologist’s can operate in their orgs open and free for passage.

    I believe the basis for this program as being used to handle the 4th dynamic engram was false un-analyzed data acted upon reactively without proper evaluation resulting in continued conflict on earth. Nobody can go clear in that environment. Even a parasite to survive cannot kill its host – only viruses do that. Viruses are aberrated remnants and pieces of code which cannot live on their own and only to create confusions and distortion of the underlying DNA code.

    We can only handle this reactive mind of falsehoods if auditing can occur. This doesn’t occur when everything in the ethics, pc and personnel folder is available to be used against the person. HCOB 30 April 1969 Auditor Trust – “A pc tends to be able to confront to the degree that he or she feels safe. If the pc is being audited in an auditing environment that is unsafe or prone to interruption his or her confront is greatly lowered and the result is a reduced ability to run locks, secondaries and engrams and to erase them. If the auditor’s TRs are rough and his manner uncertain or challenging, evaluative or invalidative, the pc’s confront is reduced to zero or worse.

    This comes from a very early set of laws (Original Thesis):
    Auditor plus pc is greater than the bank,
    Auditor plus bank is greater than the pc,
    Pc minus auditor is less than the bank.” LRH

    You need to THINK with what you see. Don’t react. Look at the stats in PR. Every person contacted about a book, about auditing, about LRH, about Dianetics or Scientology has the ability to look on the internet. What they find is atrocious. A church attacking itself like an out of control cancer at war, like an autoimmune disorder with your own immune system destroying the very body. OSA is to protect. That product is not being gotten.

    Lets refer to Central Office of LRH ED 269 of 26 January 1975 URGENT LRH PERS PRO PROJECT SURVEY. “This ignorance is mirrored in survey results that lead us toward psychology, which is all the public knows. Pretty theetie-weetie. I am shifting PR gears in the direction of not making Scientology “acceptable” but INDISPENSABLE. This is being changed with the GO and will make a difference of approach.”

    Survey results now would not even lead toward psychology but toward cultism, sadism and mind control. The situation has even gotten worse. The current activities of OSA are NOT making the subject INDISPENSABLE. This habit is destroying the church. You are losing the very living public that makes this a group. NO survey would show any part of the current church activities as INDISPENSABLE. The public see a migraine nightmare they would just like to go away as quickly as possible.

    The value of the few remaining public is ignored because they might have a comm line to someone disaffected, considered sp or whatever. What LRH reference is that based on. The third party law in the Ethics Book. Page 285 in the new book.

    “I have for a very long time studied the causes of violence and conflict amongst individuals and nations.

    If Chaldea could vanish, if Babylon could turn to dust, if Egypt could become a badlands, if Sicily could have 160 prosperous cities and be a looted ruin before the year zero and a near desert ever since – and all this in spite of all the work and wisdom and good wishes and intent of human beings, then it must follow as the dark follows sunset that something must be unknown to Man concerning all his works and ways. And that this something must be so deadly and so pervasive as to destroy all his ambitions and his chances long before their time.

    Such a thing would have to be some natural law unguessed at by himself. And there is such a law, apparently, that answers these conditions of being deadly, unknown and embracing all activities. The law would seem to be:


    OSA, end the conflict. End the third party. End the “war” against a non existent opponent. The current Church is the holder of these false and secret files and is the “nation and operating area” which needs to have said files brought to view and expunged of falsehoods. Re-read the Secondary Why of the Snow White eval. You have read the data series. You understand humility and review. You know the outpoints. False data is an outpoint. You also know the hardest outpoint to spot is something missing. You are missing true current data; you are missing policy on the purpose of orgs to make auditors and clear; you are missing the products to accomplish this purpose. You have added inapplicable confusions, conflicts, blocks to the bridge. You are even missing source references for current programs of ideal org buildings and demanding monies for no exchange. Fill in all the hundreds of outpoints and see the true picture – don’t see what you already decided to see before you evaluate what you are looking at. Look. Don’t put a mockup there and look at that. Look in PT at the truth.

    If there was no false data being operated on by management, by governments, by OSA or by staff what would the current scene be. Could there be ANY stop on clearing the planet. Even orders can be based on false data – whether from files, dispatches or the originators own reactive bank. Even evil purps have a falsehood behind them. The correct target is the false data. In session, in evals, in the very priority of what you direct OSA’s resources to handle. Lets not agree to continue the false data permeating the entire world and universe. This does not forward the dreams and goals of LRH and the Scientology he left us. Lets just get the show on the road toward sanity.

    The choice is yours OSA. You can stand and try to stop this train wreck or you can ride in the cab over the cliff. Mike, Marty and all Independents aren’t on that train. No matter what side the Independent public is on we know for sure they are not aboard that train. Don’t drive the few remaining well intentioned SO members over the cliff. It is your call on your personal integrity. It is your eternity at stake. I still have mine!

  175. Tory Christman

    Just me,
    Dancer Docs from 1972? Are you kidding? Dream on.
    Oh, I guess you’re already doing *that*: LOL!
    Well, you’ll just have to imagine. 🙂

  176. moderator – please replace paragraph 9 with this one

    That price has already been paid by too many. Lets just discuss the essence of this. Too many well intentioned staff from the GO time had their lives turned upside down; families were hurt; children were hurt – this is NOT TRIVIAL. I know many of these people. Years of their productive lives were stolen by dealing in false data, false purposes and the evil it deals. You can’t handle shit with your hands without getting stink on your fingers. You can’t give back the life gone behind bars. It is not Tory’s life you are toying with – it is yours and those sitting around you. An intention to harm another has ramifications back upon the originator. Tory will continue with her freedom – will all of you. Whether a prison behind bars or self created bars in your own mind stared at for years. Same result – TRAPPED.

  177. Mike Rinder says:

    “Tory, Chuck Beatty, Mark Fisher and others were on the recieving end of this sort of thing and I agreed with and forwarded that view. I apologize for having done so and am doing what I can to expose the insanity and bring it to an end.”

    I believe this is a true and heart felt apology, and if it was extended to me as well, then apology accepted.

  178. If this is the kind of OSA program “nice guys” write, what kind of programs do the hard-core, unrepentant, unaware, evil ones write?!
    Just Me

  179. martyrathbun09


  180. Carmel Underwood

    Great to see this document out in the open – There’s nothing like having evidence to corroborate the testimonies.

    Marty, thanks for posting. Mike, thanks for your input. And Tory, Cheers to ya girl!

  181. Tory,

    Some things get to me and some don’t. But physically torturing animals does. I’ve read online about people’s pets being killed, shot, poisoned by the Co$ and its agents.

    I now realize how much more I must get my confront up. It apparently hasn’t been nearly high enough. This is evil, pure evil, we are dealing with in David Miscavige and the Co$. Specifics, names, time, place, form, event, documents really, really help make the evil more visible to me. Marty, thank you for posting this document. Tory, thank you for adding more details.

    Just Me

  182. David.

    I totally agree. Thanks for mentioning this part of the handling again. Its worth repeating.

    I hope no one lets nostaglia, or needing to be right, cloud their views on this one.

    Annual reunions for those so inclined for the next 50 years if you like, but let it go.

  183. Great video, Tory! This IS a big, big win.

  184. Tory, one word has been ringing in my mind today as I’ve read this page: VINDICATED!

  185. You don’t want to know. Look into the black hole and you might not be able to look back out. Check out the fence at Int holding the RPF. My spouse saw that picture and started to cry thinking of the guys behind that RPF with no way to speak out and not getting off the RPF until they F/N on no disagreements with DM. The evil ones come up with that crap. And you thought the Inquisition and witch burning was bad. The few that can escape are the lucky ones. The remaining are held by the threat of no future Eternity for them. We already have our eternity – you cannot take it away. I would still rather be back on the RPF behind that fence than be the one with such evil intentions that I want to destroy innocent lives. My integrity is worth more to me.
    I don’t think Fritz fits that evil category – PTS and misguided yes.

    Therefore, I must stand for those SO members who attempted to do the impossible to make the bridge available for me. We owe so much to so many who cannot at this time help themselves. After reading about the RPF and seeing these type of thing my wife asked me about when I was on the RPF. She asked in the dark as we were going to sleep “what were the living conditions like when you were on the RPF.” I said “go to sleep, we can talk about that tomorrow.” The next day she called me at work. She was totally enturbulated about this. She said, “You never answered my question as to what the conditions were like on the RPF.” I answered “I did not have conditions as bad as they are today. Then, we were still allowed to have more of our dignity.” Her answer – “I feel so bad that my going up the bridge to where I am provided the money for that. I feel like I contributed to that overt.” I informed her, that is why I do what I do. I want to help as much as I can in a way that I can. I owe it to the staff and public who dedicated themselves to providing a bridge for all of the rest of us.”

    I have a new motto
    Don’t retreat – Just reload

    I am in this for the long haul. I at one time dedicated myself to getting in ethics on this planet and this sector of the universe. Revenimus – I am back. I want this insanity to stop. Church, Independent, or non scientologist – we all have a right to think free, act free, and live our lives as we wish as long as we do not take any freedom the other. OSA, RTC, allies – stop the war against people and their beliefs. There are true suppressives in this world for you to target but we are not the SPs.

  186. LRH Communicator

    TO OSA people,

    Please wake up and find out your real enemy.
    It looks like you are fighting against wrong people.

    Those who want to be a good Scientologist are fighting against
    those who wanted to be a good Scientologist, aren’t you ?
    It’s a 3P situation and somebody is intentionally causing it.
    Can’t you find out who is causing this ?

    I’m sure LRH would NOT be proud of what you are doing now.
    Get your real purpose back, OK ?

    Please always keep in mind that LRH is watching you.
    I’m telling you this for your own future.
    Thank you in advance.

  187. Tory — I’m so delighted to hear that you are still in contact with your son. We spoke about him a few times — once in the garage of the Fort Harrison. Sadly I have a couple of friends who have had no contact with their children since they left. It’s tragic.

    Indeed — breaking up families creates incredibly bad futures for those who do this.

    Remember — as you are so fond of saying — tick tock tick tock.

    The tick is the action — the tock is the result — karma.

    Completely unavoidable.

    Nothing escapes karma – it simply ACTION and the attendant RESULT.

    Good action = good result

    Bad action = bad result.

    Pretty simple … (btw — might have quite some TIME between the tick and the tock BUT it ALWAYS coming to fruition — always)

    OSA — be very afraid. You cannot escape as you’ve DONE the actions.


  188. Tory, you always were a VERY big being. I remember when you were on Ad Courses. OSAI & the runt have much to fear. Wear this program like a badge of honor.

  189. Kudos to you for posting this insider info Marty! Keep helping to expose what the CO$ is really all about! They can keep saying all the critics are false, but just how many times can logical minded people accept that every little negative truth told by those of you who were in this cult and left are lies? As Tory always says, we love you all, and I especially love you guys for being true human beings. Keep fighting the good, righteous, decent fight! Let’s show those twisted, bitter, mentally infirmed, Nazi-like individuals running their bizarre three ring circus what true love, unity and trust are really all about!

  190. Leonore,
    I agree with you on so so much. I/ we did hatting on the same issues but for most part we could keep some semblance of Scientology – how can it be that OSA staff are so far gone. Maybe they don’t even have the LRH issues anymore to study, word clear and get crammed on. I think the other part is at time there were many many staff in the GO that were Class 4, 6 and 8 auditors. We understood what WAS Scientology. We knew what we were defending. We knew the value to mankind. Yeah, there were some screwups but I never saw any doubt as to the value and duty to create a safe space into which an org can expand, to work toward establishing the Indispensibility of Scientology, try to keep entheta and external attacks off org lines and allow the orgs to make auditors and clears. Things like this op against Tory are so unnecessary. Not per policy and a waste of OSA resources.

    We were part of the same team. I never saw this as an us vs them or org vs field. There was a lot of study of the Data Series and the hours and pages of drills for each part of the data series. We tried to become better at the ability to think with what we saw. We understood the concepts and ideas of – identities, similarities and differences. Lose that are you easily find the wrong target.

    I have never regretted what I learned, what I know and how I think today because of that.

  191. Wow, fair game is still alive… What a pity. If I think that these guys are using the money I have donated to do all this, man, do I really get mad.
    The CofS has completely forgotten the ARC and KRC triangle: no admiration or ARC for the critics, no acceptance of own responsibility for a disgruntled ex member. This is just creating more persistence. The guy who is critical gets to be more critical, the guy who is motivating now has one additional reason to be mad. By abandoning these two triangles (that btw are in the very symbol of scn for a reason) the church of scientology has abandoned its two most powerful tools.

    Per the data series “assumed scientology is not necessarily scientology”. You guys from OSA are practicing something else and this is the reason the critics are increasing in numbers. It is persisting because it is an alter is. If you want to solve the ARC breaks of critics you have to use the tech that is in your very symbol: ARC and KRC. ARC is before in the chain. If you want to “stop Tory” try ARC with her (listening could be a good start. Btw listening is the basis of auditing…). If you want to “stop Marty” try ARC with Marty. Maybe with understanding coming in, a few of your nightmares may vanish altogether.
    Solve it with scientology, not with 007…

  192. This trickle down was prevalent way before dm hit the scene in big time fashion – circa 1985-6.

    Scientologists were and still are AS A WHOLE extremely arrogant. Why? Because they know they have the secrets of the universe.

    How many scientologists do you know of, with financial means, start programs for the poor, the homeless, for prostitutes, for prisoners. For the “dbs” of the world. (and yet – isn’t the motto – man is basically good?)

    NONE — unless it’s a quick photo-op.

    CNN’s Heros – a 2 hour special of 10 selected people – out of 10,000 nominated – was an inspired look at what 10 people ON THEIR (without a huge church or organization behind them) lonesome can accomplish when they are inspired to HELP.

    Name one scientologist who has done something remotely close.

    (Paul Haggis doesn’t count 🙂 — he was not a scientologist before he wasn’t a scientologist 🙂


  193. So… was this program written according to LRH policy and advices? While I think this is pretty horrible, I think it’s also on-policy.

  194. Tory,

    I’m so glad you are having this win. You deserve it.

    Having been raised Roman Catholic, I used to enjoy the smell of incense during Sunday services. At the malevolent Church of Miscavige there is the distinct and overwhelming odor of burning sulfur.

    Mike and Marty- Thanks for all you do.


  195. Thanks Mark. Excellent comment.

    When I think of how can you overcome the Us vs. Them mentality, my first thought is Windhorse’s comments. Buddhist philosophy seems to be the only answer. But then I recall what LRH considered the most important thing he wrote: The Way To Happiness. If THAT was the “Bible” for Scientologists, there would be a lot more understanding, tolerance and grace displayed, and nothing for anyone to be upset about.

  196. It’s good to hear your account of everything, Tory. Really does fill in missing information. Thanks so much.

  197. Sapere,

    Thank you for your kindness in side-stepping the question.

    But I really DO want to know how bad it was. I’m not motivated by schadenfreude or sick thrills or boredom. I need to get my confront up to see more clearly the insanity flowing from those who crave such depravity.

    The Co$ and David Miscavige and Scientology’s adulteration are a reflection of something much larger. I don’t for a second think this is the last time I will need to confront and overcome something extremely, extremely evil. I could use the practice.

    I’m sure Tory’s little turtle’s legs, which OSA tore off, are not the worst damage OSA has ever done. But they are a symbol of what I have refused to confront.

    Just Me

  198. My god, what horrific cruelty to animals!

    Is this really what churchgoers really want to ally themselves with?

  199. Out Of Retirement

    Congratulations Jason on your return to Hollywood!

    Just recently “I jumped out my wheelchair” to see you playing the role of an arresting detective in the new Russell Crowe film about a guy who breaks his wife out of prison.

    You are a true celebrity! Now all you need to do is make a movie about a detective who breaks his friend out of the RPF!

  200. I couldn’t help but notice that the time of this program was at the end of March 2006. I don’t know how things were in other areas of the world but things were very weird at my org. Heavy force, Nazi like comm level, revealing staff PC info on goldenrods were all occuring at class V level.

    The insanity has spread throughout the world. It was why I blew. Makes me wonder what others experienced (public or staff lurkers) just before and during htis time. Did they see outpoints then? It’s been four years, are the outpoints still there? Did they handle or get worse?

    I think we are long past the point of going on hoping. We have lost too much freedom already. Tory has already demonstrated the power in holding one’s position in space. The power of one voice, just like the old Breck commercial, has multiplied again and again. The truth will be told! We are not going to take this!

  201. WH,

    You make a very valid point, which I am in agreement with but I think one of the reasons it has become such a widespread problem centers more along the concept of “winning valence”.

    When I looked at my own scene it really was one or two key people running the winning valence from uplines. But, being in key posts they affected all of the org.

  202. Scott,

    To paraphrase out of Alice: “Kooks? Why I’ll show you kooks in comparison to which you would call that sanity.”


    ps: formula for losing weight: calories expended > calories consumed. A pound of weight equals about 3500 calories. Over time, for every 3500 calories expended beyond calories consumed would equate to a lost pound. Muscles consume more calories than fat, so building muscle will burn more calories. Even while reading this blog, you are consuming calories. You can increase calorie consumption simply by being active while reading the blog: flex muscles, move around in the chair, hold your feet off the floor, roll your shoulders–or stand up and walk in place, or do squats, or whatever moves the body. All that motion requires energy, which equates to calories consumed. It’s fairly easy to increase calorie consumption by fifty to a hundred calories an hour over normal. A hundred calories extra times ten hours equals 1,000 calories times 365 days would equal 365, 000 calories divided by 3,500 means lots of pounds lost.
    As for eating, some foods take more calories to consume than others. Foods with lots of fiber require more calories consumed. Apples, carrots, etc.
    That’s the simplicity of it.


  203. Marty/Mike,

    Do you know if all of the people profiled on RFW have had similar types of investigations opened? Even those of us who have never been in Scientology and were just protesting human rights abuses? Just curious.

  204. Sapere Aude,

    Ah, those bedroom chats with the lights out. Laying next to someone who really cares about you. And that little shit has such contempt for marriage that he wants the institution destroyed. It’s those little moments of experience that put all of this in perspective. Holding your baby on your shoulder and feeling their presence. Such indescribable joy.



  205. This song reminds me of everything that is “wrong” with OSA, those deep IN the current church … they all seem so afraid of the world and are so insulated from it. You don’t need to feel you OWN the world … really OSA … it’s not yours to control:

  206. Jesse,

    Maybe someday? You’ve got an audience. We’re content with the installment plan. Buy now, interest free for 36 months. Just bought a TV like that. Large screen plasma. Haven’t made a payment and am enjoying the hell out of it. Well, actually my son is.

    Would even be willing to spend less time watching Colbert in exchange for that “maybe someday” coming to gradual fruition.

    Up to you.


  207. Tony that is such a beautiful song and so appropriate. Thanks for posting it.

    Tory, you are loved by many. Thank you for you.

  208. Tory,
    I will put a link to your video on my blog. It’s the least I can do, after hearing your [true] story.

  209. Tory,

    There’s a scene in “Airplane” where the passengers are lined up for an opportunity to slap the hysterical lady. Ain’t it a hoot to be sitting there and seeing that long line wanting to give you hugs and kisses?

    I feel like I’m in a five block line, Black Friday morning, waiting for the store to open, so I can give you a hug and a kiss.

    Ah, the vicissitudes of life.


  210. “…they began breaking off the legs of my turtle…”

    Who ever did that – I know there is hope for you. Go get that salvation before I find you, for I don´t quarantee I´ve got the patient and intention to help you.

  211. thetanetworker

    Yes Mike. Thank you!

    How about Hymn of Asia as well? … I’ve long felt it a shame that one could be a Scientologist for years without having read that or even heard of it …

  212. thetanetworker

    Btw, I gave a friend, on my job, a WTH yesterday … Speaking of tolerance: What if “What is Greatness” had been up there — front and center — in course packs along with KSW? …


  213. If the Church were to just be honest, they’d have better PR than they do now with their lying.

    To: Earthlings
    From: The Church of Scientology

    Subject: The Objectives of the Church of Scientology

    Hello, Citizens of Earth.

    Our mission is to take over the world completely, at which time all insanity, wars and criminals will be eliminated.

    We know how to achieve this, you do not, so you shall have no say in the matter. Democracy does not work.

    You are insane and degraded. We can help you rise above that, if you follow the path we outline for you.

    Your existing religions, such as Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, etc. do not work, so it is foolish to pursue them any longer.

    If you stand in the way of our mission we will destroy you, overtly or covertly and by any means necessary.

    Individuals are not important. It is the survival of the group that is paramount.

    You will be expected to commit the entirety of your wealth to us.

    You will be expected to help convert everyone on the planet to Scientology.

    You will be expected to help destroy all those who oppose us.

    You will be expected to lie for the Church of Scientology.

    You will be expected to sever all ties with family, friends or associates in order to protect your status.

    You will be expected to fully comply with the Internal Revenue Service.

    You will be expected to swear allegiance to and obey completely the dictates, orders and policies of the Leader of Scientology, David Miscavige.

    You will be expected to turn over your children to us.

    We hold a monopoly on the secrets of the Universe, all of which will be revealed when you are worthy.

  214. Tory,

    Back in the heat of August ’08, I had the privilige of tendering to you and Mark Bunker a couple of bottles of Gatorade as you made your way from the Mall on that hot summer day. I thought to my self then (as I still do today) that LRH highlighted a very fundamental idea that nothing can STOP TRUTH. And what you have been saying all along rings with truth….even my dog can sense that.

    So after seeing this “program” I really have to wonder….what flavour kool-aid ARE they drinking? Add to this mix the concept that “the point where a being goes mad is the point where he tries to STOP something” you can pretty well peg the “tone level” of OSA thereby. Rock on, babe!

  215. I testified on the stand in one of the Lisa McPherson cases. I am the only deep cover agent I know of that worked for both the GO and RTC/OSA. (if someone else is, I would love to get in contact with you.
    I answered that the only difference to me, was that RTC/OSA went thru lawyers more and used more PI’s.
    Glad to know I was right in what I was. The Zebra did not change his stripes.

    I had a person living with us (from Int) who had been dealt with such abuse. She got herself out but she still had an OSA LA Person that checked on her. When she gave the LA Times a line or two of TRUTH, and let them use her name, she met with this terminal from OSA LA. She told my friend that she knew she was hanging out with Nancy Many, and that’s very very bad. She is doing bad things and is going to pay for it, so get away from her. M. who was my friend at that time asked what I was doing or had done that was so bad, because maybe she could speak with me and get me to stop.

    The OSA LA staff member answered”I don’t know anything about what she is doing or had done, I just know she is a really bad person and things are going to happen to her.”

    M pressed to find out what horrific thing I was doing and the OSA LA person said “I don’t have the security clearance to know that, I just know it’s really bad.”
    It was simply so stupid and so like DM’s Scientology.
    Congrats for surviving Tory!!!

  216. Love and respect to Tory, Mike and Marty for a very important post.

  217. Leonore,
    Thank you.

  218. Alex Braverman

    Carmel Underwood Wrote:
    “Great to see this document out in the open – There’s nothing like having evidence to corroborate the testimonies.”
    And also:
    “Marty, thanks for posting. Mike, thanks for your input. And Tory, Cheers to ya girl!”

    I agree with the above comment 100%, this expose’ is a win for everyone that knows the truth.


  219. I believe this is probably actionable. A copy of this should be given to the FBI (preferably in Context with some of the old GO documents). A complaint should be filed with the IRS (perhaps via Tax Analysts), as it shows clear violation of their agreement with IRS. RICO is not likely, but certainly a class action could be. Copies of this should be given to your state and local representatives, with a strong focus on the fact that this is a tax exempt organization, using their tax exempt dollars to harass people and cost them their livelihood. Don’t just sit here and say, “oh how terrible!”… take it and run with it. Tory, you have the most standing here. Revisit the media you’ve talked to over the years and make sure they see a copy of this.

    What this does is bridge a gap between Paulette Cooper and today. This reads exactly like the old GO programs. Even looks the same.

  220. theystolemychurch

    Really – it should be called church of the “borg” resistance is futile… he he he

  221. Dave,
    Something to consider in your evaluation; the SO was initially the idea of that group three feet behind the whole thing. Upper management, WDC, CMOI, these areas, were to be the thetan and mind.

    These areas ARE the Sea Org. Today they don’t exist. So it gives one pause on your ‘why’ when in present time there is no functional Sea Org and the scene has not reverted.

  222. Deana,

    I cant tell you for sure, but my guess would be yes. Some for sure, like Andreas Heldal Lund. I would think you made the list… 🙂

  223. Tory — Was this a real turtle or a statue? I don’t mean to belittle anything that may have happened to you, but the way you worded this I got the idea that it was not a live turtle? I ask because I used to get very upset about claims people would make about killing of maiming animals when I was in OSA. Like Judge Swearinger’s dog. In spite of all the things that may have been done to people that were very cruel (trying to get people fired, 3Ping them etc.) I never knew of anything that was sanctioned that called for physically injuring or killing animals (or people). That isnt to say that some “scientologist” didnt take action on their own — but there was no “OSA animal torture/killing” activity during my time (of course by 2005 I was under house arrest pretty much full time in the “first” hole and then through all of 2006, so I can’t speak to things post that time).

  224. May I ask you how you received this document, Marty? I found no negative websites on Tory only the RFW…

  225. Mike, thank you for writing…” This is a result of an institutionalized attitude and it is difficult to swim against the tide when your entire life (and you think your eternity) depends upon remaining in good standing. And you are right about Snow White. I have defended Snow White for decades — if you read the actual documents, there is nothing strange and certainly nothing subversive about them. But when you believe you are right and your cause is just and holy, and only you truly understand the meaning for the future of mankind etc etc etc — that’s when the line between right and wrong becomes so blurred it is just a faint, barely discernable smear.”
    I know this to be true from the stint I did in the GO back in the early 70’s. My job there was to copy, by typing up, all coms coming in and going out of the GO. This was during the “Snow White” (and other alarming orders coming down about infiltrating government offices etc..) capers especially. (wonder why they never came after me when I left? Maybe they forgot I had worn that hat while temping for someone else while they were on leave) At first I found the information, to say the least, quite alarming. I had to work overtime, in my mind, to justify all the dirty tricks I was becoming privy to. I have to admit that I was very able to do that. In fact, until I started looking online into what the real story behind the CO$ is, I continued to subscribe to that group think. What shook me up the most was a documentary I saw on TV while I was still “in.” It was about communist China. It went into brainwashing, control by threats and torture, and re-programming anyone who might show signs of being disaffected. The main thing that disturbed me was the lengths that the general populace would go to, under horrid and cruel circumstances to support and further their cause and beliefs. And, how families could and would turn on a loved one if they weren’t towing the party line. I cried and cried when I saw that. I knew that was what was happening in my beloved church. Still, I managed to push all that down and carry on. I will never know how far I might have gone on in such great denial. I will never know what kind of warrior I might have become.
    Tory, I don’t want or mean to minimize what you have gone through. It’s disturbing in the extreme. Having said that, there is one thing I envy about your long, difficult battle with OSA et al.
    You are a warrior princess. You get to know this about yourself. You get to know how strong and resilient you are. I dare say, your sense of self has been tempered into hard steel.
    You are in good company. There are others like you who have stood up to evil and are still standing. I have so much admiration for all of you.
    Much love to you Tory. Marsha Pearlman Sorensen

    P.S. I am very sad to learn that Bob Minton has moved on.

  226. Hey RJ. Appreciate it. I think the more viewpoints there are, and the more information that sees the light of day as a result, the more likelihood there is of moving up a little higher….

  227. ToryMagoo44 will prevail !


  228. Best post and thread ever.

  229. Just Me~I keep coming back to this: DM is not the one going out breaking off turtle legs or capturing/torturing the dog.
    Some of the people doing this are hired suppressive/antisocials, like David Lebeau. Yes, they are hired by DM.

    I guess it boils down to: How Low Will You Go?

    I am trying to confront this without my old holier than thou service facsimile.

  230. Dave,

    I understand what you are saying, though I have a bit of a different perspective. I dont think “the Sea Org” is the correct target (though doing as you say may well be a good PR move at this point). I believe the problem is that whatever organization or structure or group there is that is convinced they have a monopoly on the spiritual eternity of mankind will devolve into insanity in the “name of” saving everyone else. I said it above — there is a lot of historical precedent. Crusaders thinking they are doing the work of God by slaughtering heathens, burning people at the stake in order to save their souls etc etc.

    There is a simple solution.

    Let the free market decide. If you didnt have to pony up to the C of M to get your spiritual rape… er salvation, and there was somewhere else to go down the street that offered standard tech and no vulture culture, the Idle Orgs would not only be empty, but the real org down the street would be FULL. Giving people a choice would eliminate the abuses, insanities, heavy regging, squirrel tech etc etc. Sure, there would be some who would try to use it to their advantage — deliver shoddy substitutes or just try to make a buck — but the public would leave them alone in droves too. In the end it would all balance out — and those that delivered REAL Scientology and kept true to the fundamentals and ideals of the subject would flourish and prosper. And if there was an organizational structure that formed up in order to administer such activities, and if they signed billion year contacts and worked full time in order to forward that organization — there would be no problem. And if they went off the rails, it wouldnt require anything other than an alternative delivery activity to keep them in line or they would simply perish through no support.

    The monopoly has not kept the tech standard, so the argument that everything would become squirrel if all was freely available to be delivered by anyone who wanted to help their fellow man is a fallacious one.

    Sorry this is somewhat rambling.

    It is a very fundamental question.

    And while I am rambling — one more comment on a similar subject. A number of people on this blog have posited that exposing Miscavige is a waste of time as he is a Who, not a Why. That is true. BUT, the issue is a matter of Ethics, Tech and Admin. Ethics must be gotten in to allow tech to be standardly applied. The job of ethics is to FIND WHO IS STOPPING TECH FROM GOING IN and then remove that stop from the lines. Ethics finds WHOS and removes them. There is no bigger block to the standard application of LRH tech than Dear Leader. He IS a correct target.

  231. Sapere Aude,
    I think what you write is brilliant. Unfortunately, I don’t think there exists
    at the recieving end of your communication an “OSA” or individual within OSA with the ability to internally turn the tide of insanity and criminality that currently exists in the “church”.
    If an individual within OSA wanted to attempt getting the “church” on the rails it would need to go external. Either they could feed out information to people like Marty, Mike, the FBI, etc or they could step outside of OSA like Mike and Marty and try to put in ethcis.

  232. Good info Michael, not sure how we got into losing weight.

    One thing I would add is the manner of consumption. As you say, a gram of fat is 9 calories compared with 4 for each gram of carbo or protein, though the body needs fat in the diet. Thus the amount of oil dressing in your salad might defeat the idea of having lots of fiber in that meal. Most cheeses other than non fat is mostly fat.

    One important datum is that most meal portions you get are more than twice the body can consume or metabolize (4-500 cal), use up as energy in one sitting and the calories above that figure goes to fat (stored). Much better to consume the calories for the day in 5-6 meals vs. perhaps two meals per day, get half of your meal at a restaurant “to go” or doggie bag to eat later.

  233. Tory, I agree with Ray. While you info’ing gov agencies, it couldn’t hurt to send the info to:
    1. In California: http://ag.ca.gov/charities.php
    The IAS’s ein number is 521840679
    2. In Florida: under the Attorney Gen’s office, Dept of Consumer Services, Bureau of MEDIATION & Enforcement.

    I’ve posted this info a few times for people wanting a refund (and getting refused) or a repayment that’s slow in coming. If nothing else, your info will go on file with these agencies. The day WILL come when someone will open those files and gasp at the abuse suffered at the dirty hands of the cult and it’s leader.

  234. Tory,
    Thanks, was totally sickened/disgusted/angered in reading the post for the day and did not find one iota of goodness in it. Kudos to you for continuing and not caving in!

    I do feel a bit of disgust at myself as I totally understand how something like that was drawn up and executed in a certain mindset – the extreme Kool aid drinking or radical beliefs type. That belief of rightness and “greatest good” justifying any action irregardless of how good or evil it actually is.

  235. Another sentence:
    12. Get the new client to complaint with management because Tory is not doing her job well and demand the money back because the client is no longer interested in SMC.

    Here the Church has set itself up for a never ending refund tsunamie because they will never admit to it and so it can’t as-iss. How about that for a back-lash?

  236. martyrathbun09

    Yes, it was mailed to me by David Miscavige. Apparently he’s throwing OSA under the bus.

  237. you are so right Jesse …

    Tory is there 4 us 100% antime we need her..

    from the 1st time we picked up the phone with 2 daughters @ the LA org

    1 daughter out & 1 still in
    ( we have not had physical contact 4 almost 7 years)
    we miss you Savannah Larson ..
    all out love
    nate and mona

  238. martyrathbun09

    Thanks to all for visiting and commenting and reposting and linking. The spamming and trolling has been unleashed. Keep communicating.

  239. Wonderful. Then please provide the link to the actual doc with the personal info on Tory blackened out.

  240. SA,
    Very spot on and good summation! This type of programming in going to the dark side just results in more footnukes, current Dear Leader style.

  241. Paolo,
    “Solve it with Scientology” – that is the ‘secret’ we seem to have, and is how come we are making such inroads.

    The ogre, OSA guys, remember? He’s munching away at you, chomp, slurp, splick, fittle…mmmm, good OSA food.

  242. a true fighter 4 truth &JUSTICE
    how easy it would be 2 just move on with her life …

    Tory is there 4 us 100% antime we need her..

    from the 1st time we picked up the phone with 2 daughters @ the LA org

    1 daughter out & 1 still in
    ( we have not had physical contact 4 almost 7 years)
    we miss you Savannah Larson ..
    all out love
    nate and mona

  243. S.A.,
    I pity those OSA guys because the don’t have any reference in their OSA materials about how to deal with the current situation.

    LRH never considered that his organisation would create enemies by the thousands – and that their critical statements would be the plain truth.

  244. Kevin,
    Succintly – no. This program is, in the vernacular, squirrelly as fuck. Utter bullshit. Gibberwacked. Dumb like drool. NOT SCIENTOLOGY, but REVERSE ‘Scientology’.

  245. Disagree with the market forces scenario as I am of the belief that LRH’s intentions was to have an org board that functioned and had check and balances. Was CST supposed to be a corporate empty shell, or was the intention that it actually had the ability to call RTC to account? My understanding is that LRH wasn’t terribly concerned about corporate structure, which only became an issue when CSC was being sued, but his emphasis was only on the organizational structure.

  246. Tory;
    To me your are the living definition of : “Sprit of Play”.
    I so much admire what you do and how you do it.
    It is so sad you’ve had to endure so much B.S. from this criminal organization run by a lunatic giving orders to other robot followers who refuse to look at the obvious.
    Thanks Marty for this posting and all you do to expose the various crimes of this sick, sick group.

    Tory , I know you will have a very Merry Christmas and I hope someday to sit down and break bread and sip some fine wine with you. My treat.

    LOL. Jack Airey

  247. Sara,

    I thought this way for a long time too.

    The problem is that this structure has not worked –witness Dear Leader. And yet it was set up with every check and balance you cvould possibly imagine. From CST having the right to withdraw RTC’s rights, and RTC having the right to withdraw CSI’s rights, but the requirements for CST board membership included being in good standing with the mother church (CSI), same for RTC. The corporate structure was carefully worked out so what has happened “could never happen.” Ecclesiastical structure similar — FB was to be overseen by Exec Strata. WDC and CMO Int were to police standard management. RTC was to be outside of the structure and enforce standard technical application (IAS was never part of anything). None of it worked. Get rid of Miscavige and there is no guarantee that another SP isnt going to step into his shoes (if there is anything left of them by the time he is done) and destroy whatever structure and system is established. As long as it is a closed system that can only police itself from within, it will be at the mercy of someone like Dear Leader. I don’t expect everyone to agree, this is simply the conclusion I have reached afer a lot of thought.

  248. I agree with Amy, Tory you have my respect and I am so glad to have you out here on the net.

  249. At this point I don’t think many people have much of a stomach left for uniforms or saluting or anything that smacks of “Just tell me what to do, sir, and I’ll rush right out and do it, sir!” Even if there weren’t such an obvious danger (now in full evidence) in allowing a know-best, command-and-control structure to control the powerful forces that Scientology unleashes — for both good and evil — the cosmetics of the Sea Org are no longer marketable.

    My personal opinion,
    Just Me

  250. Theta Networker

    For sure, Tory was light-years ahead of me …

    Karen, speaking of “the ‘Church’ having become the FPRD/XDN evil purposes RUNDOWNS they peddle for $$$$$ while they dramatize it, I recently found this:

    The Super Power Rundowns: Delivery Building or Implant Station?
    I wonder if you or Marty know anything about it — I mean: Beyond the fraud regarding the endless delay … the buildings “grand openings” … the donations under false pretense — Is it possible that the Super Power RD has morphed into a Reverse Dianetics implant operation? …

    From going to links to Robert Dam’s page at http://www.robertdam-cos.dk/index.html, in which he speaks of such as deletion of LRH’s ref to George Orwell’s 1984 in a PDC tape, etc., I get the impression that his data is credible (notwithstanding the typos or misspellings as he is from Denmark and English I suppose is not his 1st language).


  251. I almost overlooked this statement in the OSA program : “To dispense with a source of entheta and black PR so that Scientology can get on with its expansion unimpeded.”

    Aahh, the Co$ expansion !!!!!!!!

    Recently I met Co$ members whom I had known when I was in. I consider them to be very reliable. They gave me a briefing about the current expansion of Düsseldorf org in Germany.

    1984 : Düsseldorf org was established. Various requirements were met, e.g. 15 full time staff members.

    about 1987 : the org moved to bigger premises.

    Early 1990ies : more than 30 staff members – more than 20 of them were full time. They had a flag trained and interned case supervisor.

    about 2000 : the org moved to somewhat smaller premises. Less staff.

    A few years ago : the org moved to smaller premises in a not-so-posh area.

    2010 : about 7 full time staff left, all of them have been on staff for a decade or more ( = no new full timers ). Some part time staffs. My informants complained about the low level of affinity of staff.

    Note that 15 full time staff were required to start the org. These prerequisites are not being met today. So it isn’t an org anymore according to policy.

    Great expansion – wow !!!

  252. Martin Ottmann

    Thanks for posting this document.

    It is “Operation Freakout” all over again. Tory has “successfully” joined the ranks of Paulette Cooper. By ARS standards you should be awared with SP 11 status!

  253. Forgive them, Marty, spamming + trolling is their form of admiration.

    This is yet another thread that seems to unite Independents, Anons, fair game victims, critics and activists of any brand 🙂

  254. DLC,
    “I love the tech deeply. On the admin side of things…not so much. ”
    Perhaps if you studied a bit of the Data Series which is on the “admin” side it would help a bit to find the right reasons by looking at the illogics for things. I’ve personally observed LRH doing this in the course of his daily life, jumping at outpoints and following them through to come up with right solutions.

  255. Mike,
    I totally agree, it’s incredible that TWTH isn’t considered “the basics” as it should be and fully applied, instead of just some public PR messages for dissem purposes. One of the best rundowns to be had is the Happiness RD.

  256. Han,
    Not so. This ENTIRE scenario is amply covered. In fact, the exact materials ARE being applied – by Marty and Mike, and many, many others.

    You are witnessing it on this very blog.

  257. Tory Christman

    You found no web sites re me on RFW? Just type it in Google…my name
    is right under “Religious Extremists”. OSA? DM? You SUCK. Period.
    And Joel Phillips, (Who claims RFW is his site)—I warned you years ago when you announced “It’s my site” to Andreas, and I tell you now: YOU are going to be held responsible for the libel you are claiming you are doing. Don’t let them use you—-they WILL turn on you, on a dime, when the time comes. Remember my words. History repeats itself.

  258. OTDT,
    That’s ‘scary close’. Yessiree.

    Not this time. Not on my watch. Nosiree.

  259. Yeah Sinar. And remember, after a life of research and discovery the WTH is the LAST thing he wrote and published in his life. In some ways, it is the ultimate distillation of what he felt was the answer to moving this world to a higher, better place. How ironic that within Scientology it is considered a PR piece for “others” and somehow it is inferior to “real Scientology” and only to be used for Third Worlders. Yet if it were taken to heart by all Scientologists, the current scene could not exist.

  260. Tory,

    Geez girl, I got a ‘reputation’ to maintain 🙂

  261. Let’s hear from the Lady herself !

  262. Sara,
    How about this; CST is under no legal obligation to assign the rights to a single entity. In the scene Mike is describing, it could be many such entities, and the ‘market’ would prevail as to which one succeeded.

    We are all witness to what happens when an SP takes over and has a monopoly. This is something to learn from. What has factually cracked his back is that the materials ARE available and being used outside of this monopoly.

  263. Mike,

    Thanks…I think. I suppose I shouldn’t be shocked that this kind of time was wasted on trying to discredit people, rather than directing energies towards improving the situation, but I am.

  264. Tory Christman

    Mike and others,
    No, No…I would have been screaming from here to China if it
    was a “real live” animal. My turtle was a little statue. No local gang would do it so systematically, imnsho.

    Jesse told me this, (when others were saying it wasn’t OSA–I was too paranoid), in 2000: “Tory-it’s *totally* OSA. It’s called psychological war fair–they’re trying to drive you insane”. He said some more, too, all greatly helped me. Sorry if it read as a real animal–I never ever meant that!

  265. Sinar~I sort of have this viewpoint too and have resolved it for myself in realizing or at least thinking LRH just didn’t have time in this life to finish what he started. It happens to the best of us. 😉

  266. Tom M,
    We ARE changing all of this. You are. Thanks my old mate.

  267. I think this is in the spirit of Tory’s plight:
    Paul McCartney – We All Stand Together

  268. “Arrange the needed funds to use the professionals needed to get the product, on investigations etc., as set forth in this program.”

    I wonder how much it costs to run a project like this over an extended period of time?

    Ever wondered where your hard-earned donations go?

    I wonder how many such projects OSA has run over say the last 25 years?

    I wonder how many ex-members, critics, journalists etc have found life unbearably hard during this time, have had trouble at work, maybe even lost their job unexpectedly, or had their marriage suddenly run into trouble, or been refused a mortgage, or had their loans called-in, or found their neighbors staying away, or wondered why their child is bullied at school? I wonder how many have been driven insane, I wonder how many have taken their own life?

    The most unethical church on the planet, containing some of the most well intentioned people in the world, working hard to fund organized crime.

    Ever wondered why anonymous wear masks? Not terrorists, just simply well-informed!

    Tory you are one of my all-time heroes.

  269. Do you get the irony of Emma posting on Marty’s blog? And nobody roasts her? If Marty posted on ESMB there would be bonfires into the night sky!

  270. Tory, you are a wonderful freedom fighter and a lot of admiration goes out to you on this blog – very rightfully so for you have weathered an OSA-made hurricane that has been explained away by the OSA Mafia as a “natural catastrophe” (just to cave you in and make you look like crazy). This evil program demonstrates who are the really crazy ones.

    This “eyes only” program is so criminal that criminal action should be possible in addition to any lawsuit on various grounds. If criminal charges are filed I’m sure the media will jump onto it. Deposition might be able to force OSA to disclose the names of helpers doing their dirty work. It would be kind of relogging a certain LRH program – with its intended purpose – to clean out the falsehoods contained in the files of a criminal organization (OSA) in order to make their vests snow white.

    Tory, you rock big, big time as it is and as you are!

  271. Yes indeed. Class V borg , Flag Service Borg, Advanced Borgs, Sea Borg, etc.

    Very apt.

  272. Correct – and don’t forget that seven thousand out of the “more than 8,500 orgs, missions and groups” claimed on scientology.org have been made out of whole cloth and do not exist.

  273. Tory, Chuck Beatty, Mark Fisher and others were on the recieving end of this sort of thing and I agreed with and forwarded that view. I apologize for having done so and am doing what I can to expose the insanity and bring it to an end.

    Spoken like a gentleman. Welcome back at last.

  274. Correct – and don’t forget that seven thousand out of the “more than 8,500 orgs, missions and groups” claimed on scientology.org have been made out of whole cloth and do not even exist.


  275. I agree Mike.

    It is interesting to look at the possible scenarios with miscavige out of the way. I also think that there would be a scramble and some other like-minded individual would fill his boots. Not pretty but I’m sure there are other power hungry people in the wings.

    Also interesting that you said:
    “IAS was never part of anything”

    Also interesting that on their website, the IAS’s stated purpose is:

    “To unite, advance, support and PROTECT the Scientology religion AND SCIENTOLOGISTS in all parts of the world, so as to achieve the aims of Scientology AS ORIGINATED by L.Ron Hubbard”

    In reality the IAS, along with OSA, do nothing to stem the tide of blatant out-tech, abuse & illegal activities. In fact, the only things they do protect is their precious bank accounts & their collective ass.

  276. Marty, Tommy Davis was caught on camera arriving in his blacked-out SUV after yet another failed foot-bullet mission. It was reported that he got a call from David Miss Cabbage just as he wanted to park his car … – DM does have a certain effect on people as you can see in this video. Apparently Tommy had to leave immediately to go to Int …

  277. Clarification: Tory has clarified further down that her “little turtle” was a statue, not a pet. Glad to hear that!

  278. Leonore,

    I totally agree!

    The fact that David Miscavige says that the GO was evil and full of criminals should give one pause to reconsider the actual scene and how this criminal mind and his associates operate.

    The GO, WW, ACs and ECs were major barriers to establishing an autocratic totalitarian system of control over the entire Scientology network.

    The GO in particular since it was completely autonomous to the Sea Org and therefore provided the checks and balances against the excesses we see in this filthy rag euphemistically called a “program”.

    And someone falsely claiming to be the “Religious Leader” of the Organization with dictatorial power.

  279. Tory Christman

    LOL! 🙂

  280. Mark,

    You are so totally right!

    Peace brudder 🙂

  281. Tory Christman

    Thank you, Panda~~That means a lot to me! 🙂

  282. Tory Christman

    Such a true and great quote: “The truth shall will you free!”
    Yes! Thanks to Marty, Mike and All who help expose this insidious
    organization. Yes….it’s truly “The Lucifer Effect”. 🙂

  283. One of the central flaws in the design of Scientology as an organization is that it wants to know the secrets of all people and governments, this while wanting the utmost secrecy for itself. How can Scientol0gy demand transparency when it is not transparent? Why does CoS get to keep all pc folders and OSA files forever under lock and key while demanding to know the secrets of everyone else — even if this means spying on them? Why does CoS scream “persecution” even as it runs covert, elaborately designed “programs” on people like Tory?

    LRH wanted to erase false government records in the same way he erased engrams. However, the GO used burglary instead of e-meters. That was felony 4D auditing, so to speak. Operation Snow White was evaluating for a pc named Uncle Sam. In the Watergate, post-Viet Nam era, it perhaps would have been easier to sue the US Gov’t and try it in the media. I never understood why LRH didn’t hire someone like William Kunstler to be his point man in a massive lawsuit.

    CoS got religion in 1992. CoS learned to mock up the pretense of law and order as a way to attack its critics. Helena Kobrin even tried to argue in court that Fair Game was protected as a CoS sacrament. The only difference between GO in 1977 and OSA in 2o10 is that OSA uses lawyers instead of burglars. William Kunstler talked about this pretense of Law, or what CoS calls Ethics. In this short video clip, Kunstler neatly summarizes the myth of false Law and all other phony legal systems that persecute their enemies. CoS is but a microcosm of a much larger evil:


  284. AnonOrange talking about this blog post at the Riverside County Board of Supervisors.

  285. Thank you, Marty and Tory.

  286. one of those who see

    Mike, excellent post!!!
    You wrote: “The monopoly has not kept the tech standard, so the argument that everything would become squirrel if all was freely available to be delivered by anyone who wanted to help their fellow man is a fallacious one.”
    Definitely something to think about!

  287. Exactly Jimbo,

    They prettify it by placing a couple a refs at the top that have nothing to do with the actual program (which I think is conceived by the CS CIA though I’m not sure of this 🙂 ) which is pretty easy to get away with in the “Church” these days since no one actually reads policy or tech any more.

    Any way it would be like putting lipstick on a pig.

  288. Mike, I agree and not only have that listed as a secondary “why” but offer up a very extensive solution to it.
    Click on my name and look for the article “The “Why” for Scientology”
    There’s also an article titled “Break The Monopoly” there with a lot of data on a handling for the monopoly problem.

    And note to Sinar re my “not so much” comment about the admin tech.
    I love the data series and have used it since the issues were first coming out of mimeo. I also love a lot of the philosophy and data in Green-on White.
    I have to also say I’ve never seen a single example of so-called “standard admin” either in Orgs or business.
    For me there’s too much complexity and minutia and out of date advices. And of course the completely destructive and insane SO we have today for a live demo.
    So I love the admin tech a bit less than auditing tech. Hence the “not so much”

  289. If you were in OSA during the late 90’s I would give a shiny new dime to talk with you!
    I think my first meeting, if you can call it that, happened in 1998, somebody from OSA called AOL pretending to be my wife and cancelled our service. That same night I was followed to work by a highly paid, but sloppy, PI who was foolish enough to allow me to get his tag number when he was using his own car, not a rental. But that is another story.
    Mark and Mike were too far removed from the day to day things done by OSA in Clearwater. They had bigger fish to fry.
    If you ever find yourself in South Florida I would be eager indeed, to buy you lunch.
    But more than all of this I am happy for your sake that you got out even if it took the RPF to do it.

  290. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

  291. thankyou so much Marty and Mike for this thread!

    Gerry Armstrong told me in 2004, that these types of standardized programs were written up and followed, and it all makes so much sense.

    This is one of the huge advantages of the internet, where a blog like Marty’s and you two can interact and people who were the targets can have a little bit of reconciliation.

    This is excellent ongoing history and I only wish the whole official church could do the same, and open up and apologize for the obvious past and ongoing stuff.

    Years ago my own then wife, working at Kirsten Caetano’s junior, my then wife Janet Findley Beatty, maiden name Parker, worked in the “Invest Files” and did the people searches for people going to the Freewinds, Janet one day was just up to her eyeballs in her dirty deeds work, and Janet just speaking out loud just stated she only wanted to work in Div 6, or intro work on people.

    It just must have weighed on even OSA Int staff, that they thought they were NOT doing the basic good stuff in Scientology, like deliver the tech, and that they instead had to do this type of activity, like against Tory, like against ALL of the people on the Religious Freedom Watch site that does a mighty inflated job of over the top smearing of people, like the crap sites on Marty and you, like all the dirty inflated smearing stuff against people speaking up today.

    Mike, I’ve wished that other OSA Int staff come out, and tell their parts, over the years.

    I’m sure it will eventually all come out, all the dull details.

    Jim Dincalci, LRH’s Deputy MLO, and person who accompanied LRH for that stretch of time LRH was in NYC in 73-74 I believe, Jim in recent years focuses on forgiving.

    Around the time I got my tiny little smear program full of wrong indication and button pushing pc folder culled crap that came my way, Jim Dincalci’s “forgiving” advice, I’m glad I took his advice.

    The only way out of this crap smearing campaign, I found, personally, is to instantly forgive those in OSA dishing it out. I knew all OSA Int staff I ever met, to be good people. I just forgive them all, and hope they can come out and detail their histories.

    This stuff they did and do isn’t nice.

    I don’t hold it against them eternally.

    The outside world smells how ridiculous the stuff on Religious Freedom Watch is, so it’s funny and sad that OSA Int staff don’t realize, are sort of slightly out of step with the culture out here, the smarter people in the world know this smearing is BS concocted inflated crafted intell tactics, and it mainly is something I have HOPED Scientology would stop, so as to improve Scientology’s own image.

    I thought that what would be a great change and get Scientology some popular support, would be to openly apologize, admit all this smearing was wrong, and CEASE it, and focus on their good works stuff instead, and do TWTH in a bigger way for a decade or two, and just stop all the OSA Int “enemies” program stuff like this one on Tory, that would clean up Scientology’s irreligious image. Religions simply ought not do this crap.

    I am sure if other ex OSA Int people came out of the woodworks, told their parts in these types of smearing operations, and for sure the world accept their apologies and forgive them.

    DM apologizing, and seeking to make up for his part in driving all these cookie cutter “enemies” handling programs the last couple decades, THAT would be newsworthy, and likely do more to increase Scientology’s image than continuing this stuff.

    Thanks so much laying this out!

    Tory was wonderful these last 6 years, and her and Patty P, I have to thank them both so much for helping me, and all the other “SPs” on Religious Freedom Watch who I have met over the last 6 years.

  292. I totally agree with you Mike.

    You need pressure from outside as well as from within which is why the importance of the Ad Council, an actual per Policy OT Committee (one that isn’t just a cat’s paw of management) a functioning Auditor’s Assoc. and an Independent field auditor and franchise network.

    The very things that the new regime sought to eliminate, nullify or neutralize when they took control.

    CST was actually an old idea of Ron’s. A repository for the tech which began at Saint Hill in the mid 60’s.

    Basically to preserve the tech.

    It was neutralized by the new regime when they made it a requirement that any trustee had to be in good standing with the mother church CSI which was licensed by RTC.

    I don’t think the Ol’man or anyone else could have predicted that the deterioration of RTC would be so rapid or that anyone seeking control of the Scientology network would make an end play on CST so effectively.

  293. Tory Christman

    Very true, Guillaume! I love that movie, watched it when I was still “in”,
    and many times since I’ve been out. When “in”—I think it helped me, subconsciously. Since out–I can’t imagine Tom Cruise starring in it, and not
    seeing ANY similarities. But then, as I always say, he (and all their “celebrities) is in his own Scio-Truman show. 🙂

  294. Big fan of Kunstler.

  295. Tory Christman

    It’s all part of the Scio-Truman show. That’s why I call it that. If you haven’t seen that movie, watch it. And as far as feeling disgust at yourself—-my view is this:
    a) Anyone who was “in” and did junk “For the cause”—I forgive you.
    b) Anyone still “in” and doing crap—I forgive you, too. I may kick your ass, one way or the other, but I’ll never forget where your actions come from, and I know one day you, too, shall be honestly free.
    c) Be kind to yourself. Forgive yourself. OSA wants people to feel
    bad. Don’t give them that “win”.
    Hope that helps some 🙂

  296. Tory Christman

    I’ve stated this before, but not to you all. So just in case, please realize
    *I* am NOT a suicidal case. I would NEVER take my own life.
    I believe in Karma—and I do not believe, no matter how bad things are,
    that suicide is an answer.
    SO ***if*** on some creep ass’d day I’m found dead with tons of pills
    popped, driven over a cliff, etc. Realize *I* did NOT take my own life.
    (I know, that’s dark–but I wanted to make that perfectly clear).

    And OSA and DM? Keep screaming. I’ve told you for 10 years that IF
    you all would just DO WHAT IS RIGHT—you’d have a chance at
    surviving. I told you when I was “in”: You are C R E A T I N G
    your own enemies. Step up to the Plate: OWN UP. Move along.
    Learn to flourish and prosper, and re-word clear
    Responsibility, Integrity, Ethics, Con, Fraud, Libel, Freedom—all things you “in” obviously have HUGE “MU’s” on~!

    My thanks to all here, and ALL helping expose the insidious abuses
    of C of $ or C of M, which ever you choose to call it.
    Tory/Magoo (aka: Tory Christman, Burbank, CA)

  297. Alex Braverman

    Why does the Riverside County Board of Supervisors routinely say; “Thank you very much for your comments” and move on?

    Are they, the Riverside County Board of Supervisors*, financially beholden to David Miscavige and the ‘church’ of $cientology? Something fishy is going on here – if they are appearing to repeatedly turn a blind eye, and a deaf ear, to the complaints that they are regularly having presented to them – then I, for one, suspect they are in cahoots with David Miscavige and his corrupted, and illegal, activities.

    *INT Gold Base is located in the Riverside County Board of Supervisor’s governing district, one could surmise that their inaction to these revelations would mean they themselves are involved in this criminal endeavor, to what extent awaits to be discovered.


  298. Baby faced ultra innocent sincere looking OSA Int staffers like Kirsten Caetano and Fritz Kevanar are able to get away in person with some of the most shocking smooth character assassination line of wordage, and it is due to the coincidence of nature, namely they were born with such innocent and naturally sincere faces and body language.

    One of the biggest lessons I learned getting out of Scientology, was in one of the movies on Hollywood, I think it is in Hollywood Confidential movie, where one of the long time Hollywood player/promoters states “If you can fake sincerity, you have it made.”

    Kirsten, Fritz, even Moxon, are extremely gifted at faking sincerity.

    Sadly, I hope they heal from this sickness, and return to normal citizenry character someday.


    I have a question.

    Who was the Internet Invest I/C? Was that Fritz?

  299. Tory Christman

    One of my friends, Warrior, had as his sig line for years:

    And ya know what? It does 🙂 Thanks Mike, and all who have taken the time to read this, and comment. And yup—thanks, Marty for posting it, too!

  300. Tory Christman

    Thank you, Mark. Yes….IF….we would have a better world.

    IF—-just keep that in mind, each time you (to anyone reading this)
    start to slam anyone.
    IF—-IF—–IF—–how can you/I use that, to help our world be better, every single day. That very view is what has helped me survive this insanity run on me.
    Also, being willing to forgive. I cannot believe how deeply forgiveness
    goes in healing, but it’s huge. Compassion, love, humor and care–these are concepts those still “in” have long ago forgotten. They’re words to many “in”, and concepts to live by for those who care about our future.
    Thanks for mentioning that 🙂 TLC

  301. Either they get their pockets lined or the “church”has dirt on them.
    Third option: They are scared shitless of the CofS.
    Anyway, Jeff Stone is their “Golden boy”

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  303. Tory Christman

    Chuck! You are #300 post 🙂 Woo hoo! Good post, and I’m very glad I was
    able to help, in any small way.
    Thanks to Marty and Mike and ALL here and elsewhere, who have and are helping expose the insidious abuses of the Cult of $cientology.

    And to the late Ida Camburn’s son: THIS IS WHY YOUR MOM SPOKE OUT!
    Bless you, Ida and Bob Minton, and Robert Vaughn Young and ALL who have fought so hard to expose abuses like this, and are no longer with us. I’m sure they’re each smiling today! 🙂

  304. Tory Christman

    A) I realized I was WAY over weight, and needed to learn not how to lose
    weight, but how to eat!
    B) I joined Weight Watchers—and learned how to eat. 🙂
    Simple, easy, fun—and I’m very happy to be 100 pounds thinner!~
    My best to you, Tory/Magoo

  305. Tory Christman


    Thank you. I’ve never, for the record, considered myself a Victim in any way. I still do not. I am a survivor of some serious abuses, like Medical abuses, Financial abuses, Fraud, Deception,
    The Breaking up of my marriage, “Fair Game” actions as seen in this program, to name just a few. There’s more–but that gets a general picture.
    I have survived all of that. It’s amazing! Thanks to all who have helped with a kind hand, an invite to a movie, flowers, education of this organization, lovely jewelry, notes and great friendships both here and around the world, as well as on the Net. 🙂

  306. Tony DePhillips

    Good one Marty!!

  307. Chuck,

    Most of the time it was Gavino Idda.

  308. Tony DePhillips

    Spot on. I love it!!

  309. In light of your situation Emma — with the church attacking you so flagrantly — I do hope you can get your hands on the original of this document to help in your defense.

  310. Tory Christman

    MR: Are you serious? F*** Gavino was running this? He is the “council” they were referring to? How high up do these thingies run? I’d love to hear the *true* “Chain of commands” re OSA ops. Just if you feel like it. If not, no sweat. I’m off to play, either way! 🙂 Have a nice night, one and ALL!

  311. Tony DePhillips

    This post and all the comments represent to me the unification possibilities of this movement.

    It may be that there are several different third dynamics here; Indie, annon, whatever.
    But the one common denominator is to get rid of dm and unmock a system that is capable of this kind of evil.

    The point is that it is better to coordinate and link up to get the main product rather than attack and individuate away from coordinated efforts to do the above.

  312. Tony DePhillips

    By 30 April 2006 Tory discredited with the media, dismissed as an attacker or:

    totally restrained and muzzled.

    This last part particularly bothered me. I am sure they would be happy to help drive someone into a spin and end up in a mental ward on psych drugs. This comes from an evil heart. A person that does this is out-ethics and dramatizing SP traits.

    I hope that one day these guys get their just desserts.

  313. “Removing ‘dear leader’ is not sufficient” is actually what many “haters” have been saying for a long time.
    Your hint at Scn’s monopoly is quite correct and can even be backed up with an LRH reference if one feels thus inclined:

    Dianetics – The Modern Science of Mental Health, Book 3 Chapter 1:

    “Dianetics is not in any way covered by legislation anywhere for no law can prevent one man sitting down and telling another man his troubles, and if anyone wants a monopoly on Dianetics, be assured that he wants it for reasons which have to do not with Dianetics but with profit.”

    This stands in stark contrast to later views that see the Co$ as only organisation with the right to deliver Scientology, of which the “Dianetics therapy” is definitely a substantial part of.

    My personal view is that – neglecting some gains I sincerely believe one can have applying Scientology – however the tech, squirreled or standard, cannot deliver on the great promises made in Dianetics or OT. This is why there is a pressing need for an abusive system that is applying techniques you describe as “reverse dianetics” to camouflage this problem.

    Like I said, it is my personal view. If I am wrong, I am sure that you independents will prove me wrong in the long run eventually, and vice versa. Interesting times to come indeed.

  314. Are you sure this is in the OSA materials ?

    It seems to me that this blog is applying the very basics of Scn – e.g. communicating what really exists – e.g. granting beingness even to those with a somewhat different view – e.g. “live communication” as per axiom 51 – and also “protest PR” from the PR series.

    The OSA pack that I read was severely infected with war, espionage, attacks, threatening and manipulation.

  315. Great point Mike.

    I haven’t read The Way to Happiness in years. Im going to look for a copy on line and re-read it.

    Someone made a comment somewhere that Scientologists sort of look down on THWTH as being beneath them and for the wogs in the world. It is written very simply from what I recall with alot of common sense that many of us have learned over the years.

    But when it comes to practicing what’s inside there, we fall down in many areas.

    I agree that the world would be a much better place if the Happiness Rundown was delivered worldwide. That would be a much better use of the “Ideal Org” donations and the IAS donations instead of wasting it on spying and making PI’s and attorney’s rich.

  316. Han Solo

    I don’t know what pack you read. All staff do staff status, Sea Org basics etc. All had access to read ethics, ethics gradients in ethics review, etc. The fact is that when overts are exposed their power to affect is decreased. This is happening on this blog. There will be a part of OSA – the items you reference in the pack you read which is probably only part of the Invest Hat – that was supposed to learn from the darkside what to look for and how it operates. No where did LRH say this is the field we should be in. The problem comes about when OSA staff think this is scientology and this is what is clearing the planet. Crashing MU.

    When I was trained the basic of scientology were included. We have now staff from a new era. Basics removed or altered in importance. Command intention compliance replacing following LRH HCO PL’s etc. This is where it goes off the rails.

    This blog communicates truth. Truth becomes a stable datum to align the chaos. Agreements from us on the blog, readers of the blog and those this is verbally passed on does change things in the universe.

    I don’t know if that answered your question. Just as important, even with the LRH tech in the hat – if non standard study tech, word clearing and cramming tech a multitude of alterations will arise and we will see all sorts of crap called standard scientology.

  317. Mike,

    I totally agree on the “free market” approach. Top-down control has failed. My regards to LRH, but only LRH could do the top-down thing, and he is not around.

    We have to trust people. We have to trust each other. But only to a point. I will trust people to learn and apply Scientology, but I will no longer trust people to regulate MY use of Scientology. Down that road lies DM.

  318. Mat,
    Thank you – I fully understand. I will always direct communication to the post,hat etc – in this case OSA, as in whomever OSA has monitoring this blog and then copying parts and sending in reports. I would hope changes could occur by changing their personal agreements or disagreements with the procedures they are doing, maybe passing data to others, or at least shaking their stable datums that are insane in the hope they will grab onto an LRH stable datum in its place. I do not believe that all of OSA are SP just as all of the SO are not SP. Many work their asses off as you well know. If I change just ONE person some I will have made some impact. If I can get anyone to more along the line of more truth this I am contributing to the end of this insanity.

    There is also the audience of the many readers of this blog. When they read, think of the references, and see the validity of some of this agreements change. Whether this change affects dono’s, joining staff to support this insanity or whatever I would like to believe that some will benefit from seeing the data. We have been lied to for so long about Snow White, or the secrets of OSA that public could never understand or whatever I want this out of the dark and into the sunlight.

    There may even be staff who want off post or out of OSA. If I duplicated this I would choose being busted rather than contributing to the bull.

  319. What the hell! Maybe Marty is stupid enough to expose the source of the leak and save you all some work. NOT!
    Michael A. Hobson

  320. Thanks so much Mike,

    We noticed out here, that there was a minor brain drain in OSA Int, around 2006 also, like Leisa Goodman, and Jane Jentzsch, and Nancy (lady who headed the taken over “CAN” Cult Awareness Network), all seemed to route out of the Sea Org.

    We know they are in good standing, but I’ve wondered, did you perceive that in any of these peoples’ cases, they were tired of their work?

    I always perceived OSA Int staff to be in a sort of unique position. They were NOT under the intense pressure like the staff at Int, especially the Int staff who had anything to do with DM’s lines and demands.

    I so wish an ex OSA Int member would get the history bug, and piece together the attrition, and what we “critics” perceived to be the long arch of attrition of even OSA Int, the last 10 years plus.

    I’d love to have someone write OSA Int history, the major programs and priorities, year by year.

    There certainly has been a general pretty steady trend away from legal cases, and even a lightening of character assassination and completely ruinous tactics like the “older” days.

    The outside perception is simply OSA Int is drained of people to do the stuff, and a higher reliance, I noticed the word “professionals” used in the above program, which I take to mean PIs and the helper public Scientologists who help OSA with wordsmithing or with intell gathering.

    Who in OSA Int runs the professional people intell gathering, is that Kirsten?

    The protesters like Anon Orange have taken videos of events, like the ASI events, and we’ve seen Kirsten, Charlie Earle, and Fritz pow-wowing on the street as the events go on and as the protesters walk around and protest.

    And is Kirsten senior to Gavino’s post of Internet Invest I/C?

    And did OSA weekly or daily report up on key targets to someone in RTC like to Warren McShane, or did OSA do weekly reports with a number of people at Int being info’d?

    And finally, when Jane Jentzsch left OSA Int, and with Joan Diskin on the RPF, I’m now at a loss of who in the OSA qual/tech div would do the culling of the pc folders to dig up the “charged” subjects about which to craft the wonderful wrong indications that these OSA “enemies” programs called for. Who in OSA Int tech/qual do you think does that pc culling these days?

    Thanks so much for the history details.

  321. Just me,
    Thank you. I was trying to give a comparison. I never worked with these kind of programs. Similar suppressive programs, without details, would be those who purpose it is to drive in anchor points and stable datums, make the recipient lose perspective, drive the person into a full Introspection psychotic fit. If you read the HCO on the Introspection R/D and think of the list of items that can cause this introversion and being really PUSHED into the case and left there. Any of these put into program steps would cause that psychotic state. The recipient would more more or less to psychosis and be labelled crazy or insane.

    It has been my experience these usually aren’t written steps. They are the additions by the person implementing the program. If you read Tory’s post on this blog of what she was supposed to do under the direction of Bill Yaude. She doesn’t even there tell us the details but states it was enough to have her walk away from scientology after 30 years.

    The program steps may not see that bad but the agreement that the products MUST be gotten invites evil deeds.


    Tory dismissed as an attacker or totally restrained and muzzled.

    To accomplish “totally restrained” and “muzzled” is a lot more than just third party and getting her fired. This is the gap that the suppressive influence enters. If you ever dealt with the type of person that is implementing these targets you would know and feel what is about to occur. Their world is off. There is evil in the air. Once you see that you will never question the existence of real suppression.

  322. Michael,
    I know you got it. That is part of the joys of living. We are to live on all dynamics and have fun and invite the spirit of play. I will never forget her crying thinking about me. I told her that all would work out for those still there. I am here and I am fine.

    Someday we don’t have to read this evil and instead can just read poetry, listen to music, watch the flowers and birds and the joy of children all around. That is what makes it all worth it. The institution of marriage added to the dynamic drive in our existence will be around long after he has been eaten by bugs in his grave. Once again, we shall play the games.

    I enjoy you along with us on the journey.

  323. Mike,

    big question.

    Is Bill Yaude, was Bill Yaude, still trolling and posting on alt.religion.scientology up to when you left, AND was Bill Yaude sometimes using “Roadrunner” as his internet name?

    Do you know how the internet gamesmanship and tactics were done, and was Gavino and Gloria Idda the sole OSA Int going online daily, or was Bill Yaude still doing internet daily gamesmanship and tying up conversations on ARS?

    Did the internet OSA Int gamesmanship stuff get compartmented and was “Simon Bolivar” PL applied so you didn’t even know that Bill Yaude or other Scientologists were the authorized key internet chat site game players?

  324. Chuck — That’s a lot of questions for one comment!

    The professional intel gatherers are run by Neil O’Reilly,Charlie Earle or Linda Hamel (Ben Shaw in Clearwater or when he was at OSAI). Lubow and whatever other PIs are being retained these days report to one of these (this data is as of 2006 — but I suspect it hasnt changed much). Kirsten is Internal Security. She interacts with HCOs/Security Forces and is responsible for staff — keeping them on the reservation or controlling them if they leave. She no doubt is ordered around a lot by the 3 Stooges these days (Mike, Marion and Hansueli) who are being run directly out of RTC (probably nominally Warren McShane, but their reports are certainly going to Dear Leader).

    Kirsten is also responsible for coordinating with her husband (Kevin — Security Chf Int) and Warren to handle the security for Dear Leader’s Nuremberg rallies. There is an OSAI allhands pretty much for those events to spot “infiltrators” into the events. Anyone who is familiar with “attackers” is on duty there to spot people trying to sneak into the event.

    No, Kirsten is not technically senior to Gavino. However, org boards lost their meaning long ago. Kirsten is on “Mr. McShane’s lines” and “Int Security Lines” so she has more clout than Gavino. Not that she tries to order Gavino around, as that is not so much her zone — but if she started telling Gavino what to do, he would probably do it (then again, if the Man in the Moon told Gavino to do something he may well listen).

    Yes, reports go to McShane daily. There is also a daily and weekly report that is circulated around anyone left in RTC, Int Management and to Dear Leader. He sees it every day and it reports on any outstanding litigation, media or “attacks.”

    No idea who took over from Jane and Joan.

    One final note — the pressure on OSA INt is not much different than AT Int. Dear Leader seems to spend more time at ASI these days than at Int anyway. OSA Is under extreme pressure constantly from him to “handle” whatever flaps are ongoing. The heat to handle Marty has no doubt been scorching. Plus all the bad press that has happened. Its an unpleasant existence, I promise you.

  325. NO idea what Bill Yaude is doing. When I was CO OSA Int back in the mid to late 90’s he was definitely one of the designated internet “handlers” and was “run” by Gavino. No idea what screen name he may have used. I am not sure what you are referring to as the “internet gamesmanship” and what time period you are asking about?

  326. From Wikipedia’s article on”Zoosadism”:

    “Studies have shown that individuals who enjoy or are willing to inflict harm on animals are more likely to do so to humans. One of the known warning signs of certain psychopathologies, including antisocial personality disorder, is a history of torturing pets and small animals.” According to the New York Times:
    “the FBI has found that a history of cruelty to animals is one of the traits that regularly appears in its computer records of serial rapists and murderers, and the standard diagnostic and treatment manual for psychiatric and emotional disorders lists cruelty to animals as a diagnostic criterion for conduct disorders.”

  327. Hope I haven’t stepped on someone else’s comment here. My wife is constantly pointing out, “I just said that,” when I repeat something.

    But driving to the gym, I had this image of Winston Smith being fitted with the cage which will contain the rats which will eat his face. 1984 style. Big Brother’s minions had spied on him to find the thing he was most afraid of for the purpose of breaking his will.

    This OSA approach to finding what the person most wants to protect and putting it in under attack is the same reprehensible methodology employed by one of the most vile governments in literature. And this from a church.

    What if these fools actually ruled the world? What kind of society would we have?



  328. Tory,

    Beautiful video. My most sincere admiration as you ARE “one tough cookie” and I believe you have been to Hell and come out the other side. I remember Dillon St. so well. We all used to have so much fun. I’m sorry about Harold, but he obviously couldn’t see…

    You have helped many and been so courageous! Your smile and happiness on the video was pure theta. I swear, they won’t touch you now as they have no chance against “THE PHEONIX”! Your happiness is infectious! My congratulations to you for all you have done.

    Much Love,
    Penny Krieger

  329. Joe Pendleton

    I’ll add my amen to Mike Rinder’s comments here. He’s spot on and this is why I have been so interested in all of the factors that have resulted in the Church of Scientology dramatising many of the worst aspects of Earth religions. For myself, a person who got into Scientology to increase my own self-determinism and to get into greater ARC with life on all dynamics, reading this program against Tory made me sad to tell you the truth.

  330. Sapre Aude,

    You’re good people.

  331. Tony DePhillips

    I do believe that you can go PTS to an SP that you have never met in person but suppresses you through vias.
    I would say that Jewish people were PTS to Hitler even if they never “met” him.

  332. Scott Campbell

    Thanks Tory, Sinar, O.U.T.,

    Good advice/info. THAT’s what I need. A WHOLE TEAM of people working on me!

    L, Scott

  333. Tony~I bet Tory was one HOT Minister In Training! 🙂 Like I said, Tory, I’d be PROUD of that one!

  334. Scott Campbell

    A kiss before dying…

  335. Yes, the turtle was a porch statue. That’s not to say that OSA didn’t kill pets. They did, if it seemed likely to ‘introvert’ their target. Stacy and Vaughn Young experienced that.

    Joe Lynn

  336. DFB aka Dfb99

    May I ask Marty, did he send it FedEx or UPS?

  337. a bit of a side question in relation to Tory’s sit, but what you said in your reply to Chuck. You make the comment that DM these days is spending more time at ASI than INT base. Why is that? If he is in LA, isn’t he staying in some penthouse style apartment rather than at Base berthing with the rest of the SO (realizing it is spread over a few different apartment bldgs in the area)

  338. Pingback: The Dirty Dozen « Leaving Scientology

  339. Out Of Retirement

    Do I get the irony of Emma posting on Marty’s blog?

    I haven’t seen any complaint except yours.

    One time a Scientologist slapped my girlfriend in the face in front of me and told her to shut up because she didn’t like how much money I was being asked to donate?

    Should I have hit him back?

  340. Mike, Sara

    I agree to many points both of you make. I bring an additional view. In PAB 90 (re Organizations) LRH discusses the need for a repository of the Knowledge and Tech. Today this is easily spread over the net with PDF’s, video, recordings, etc. He created senior orgs that public could go to where they guaranteed to crack case. There were also central certification functions.

    Today we can have the tech available. Something like CST. We can have a certifying body for an auditor, group, etc. Thus the testing would be more standardized.

    You can still have organized groups but they compete with field auditors, groups, missions, etc. They would not all be CONTROLLED. I believe that is the key word. In 2010 all organizations from the top to the FSM in the field are under ONE centralized control.

    In an open network I can asked what one’s certification is. If I didn’t trust that person I could go to a Mission, group etc. That is all that is needed. In HCOPL 9 Nov 68 Standard Admin – “The best organization is one which has a thetan over it, methods of working out its problems, basic actions and a good desirable product. It adapts itself to its environment or surroundings or conditions of operation so as to expand to greater or lesser degree. … When you see an organization begin to contract, if it is to be salvaged, it must be stripped back to basic quickly, its form simplified, its purpose clarified and the important services it can render greatly intensified and the cost of rendering them greatly reduced. this formula, intelligently applied even to a dead government, could revive it.
    Lest we go too quickly, in the single sentence above and the earlier basics mentioned we have the whole “secret” of either reviving an old or forming a new organization.”

    So per LRH an organization can adapt and also to salvage it is to have its form simplified, purpose clarified, purpose clarified and stripped to basics. The basics should be make clears and auditors. The form could be much more open. The current structres can be adapted to conditions of operation.

    With NO centralized control it cannot be suppressed. Field auditors, groups, common repository for materials (bridge publications licensed by copyright holder) and a common certification for those that want to see the certs.
    Like licensing a dentist. Common license, individualized in skill and professional manner and skill, can be in a chain of clinics if they wish.

    As long as Centralized single Point control is not allowed then the more open structure could work. Price by what they want but you could have a recommended pricing. If I want to give it away that is my choice.

    Tech availability maximized; control suppression is minimized or absent.

  341. from OCMB message board:

    PostPosted: Wed Oct 01, 2008 3:36 am

    I found out today that Hansueli Stahli (Dir External Security RTC circa 1999-2000) is now a dishwasher in PAC. Davey is so compassionate toward those who protected him.

  342. Tory Christman

    I grew up with the Queen of “Kooks”: Lucille Ball. My Mom was
    quite similar, loved humor as did my Dad—thus my Nick, “Magoo”. 🙂
    Thanks—and love to your wife!~ 🙂

  343. one of those who see

    Agreed! I was just speaking to a friend about this. In this program they were doing things that could absolutely SPIN a person. This is even more serious then the more obvious horrible things like trying to get her fired, loosing friends. This is really dark . This is EVIL. My friend’s comment: “The Church is out of valence.
    OSA terminals, if you are presently taking part in activities such as what has been done to Tory-you need to stop. Now. Get some space and find out what condition you are in. You had a purpose. It was theta…

  344. Tory Christman

    Thank you for that! I love that: A warrior Princess! 🙂 There are
    many of them, and they know who they are. Thanks for your very
    kind words. There truly *is* something to standing up for what you believe in, despite ALL odds, and that I’ve learned from many great
    men and woman who throughout history have proven it can be done.
    I never forget Rosa Parks, as one person, who took a stand, against ALL odds, and changed history, forever. 🙂

  345. Tory Christman

    Amazing, eh Valkov. It is something that can leave one speechless, as you say.
    Thanks for voicing your views 🙂

  346. one of those who see

    That is the big question isn’t it. The one for Scientologists to confront. Would you want The present Church of Scientology running the world? Scares the hell out of me. And most Scientologists (even onlines) -if they were honest, would agree.

  347. Tory Christman


    🙂 Yup—as I’ve said, it’s been a wild ride. It does take guts to face these
    con men and woman who follow DM without thought or question. My view
    is this: SOMEONE has to do it! There’s stuff *I* know—and if I can help ONE person, that’s one person more than if I never say anything.

    Since I left in July of 2000, I’ve literally gotten thousands of Private Messages, Calls, E-mails, etc. It’s been amazing, truly. And I’m just one person….you KNOW they have this and much, much more on many others.
    That thought is too hard to ponder. For now? PEACE 🙂

  348. Tory Christman

    Thanks, Mark—SO much! You’ve helped far more people than can be listed, a
    and I’m so happy to be your friend. Yes, due to the “church” of $cientology,
    my now x-husband won’t even talk to me. Good job, OSA! Oh sure, they’ll say it wasn’t them, and he’ll say it *was* his decision. Where’s the proof? In the pudding, of course!

    The bottom line is this: For EVERY person who has disconnected from loved ones, the MINUTE they leave C of $ —they call those loved ones. Which is my own personal proof that Scientology’s usage of “Disconnection” is TOTALLY off the rails. Lots of love to all 🙂

  349. Tory Christman

    Cheers to you, Carmel 🙂 Good one, eh??

  350. Tory Christman

    Amen, sister! Vindicated IS the word of the day.

    Here’s my motto: Don’t get mad, Get Even. 🙂 Today that happened.

    FINALLY! 🙂 Thank you ALLLLLLLLL.

  351. Tory Christman

    Argh—does that bring back old memories! I remember once at Flag we (Paulo Lionni and I) needed to get out of an Event, and each go to bed, for different reasons.
    The security in the lobby said: “You cannot come out here!”
    We pressed, they claimed we literally COULD NOT LEAVE THE HALL.
    I finally asked, “WHY? WHAT’S OUT THERE?”
    His response? “THE OT MATERIALS ARE OUT HERE!”

    Of course they were not, and Paulo and I knew that, and told them you’re FOS and let us GO. They did. Argh.
    Thanks, Nancy—pretty wild, eh? 🙂

  352. Tory Christman

    Thanks to Amy and James 🙂 I appreciate you each commenting on this.
    If anyone reading this hasn’t gotten their’s, here are some books I highly recommend:
    Amy’s book.: “Scientology Abuse at the Top”
    Mark Headley “BlownforGood”
    Nancy’s Book: “My billion year contract”
    Jeff Hawkins book, too.
    If there are more, please post them. I love that so many books are published now 🙂

  353. Tory Christman

    I agree 100%–_This IS a win for everyone. 🙂

  354. Tory Christman

    Thank you, Jack. You nailed it: Spirit of Play 🙂 I love that, greatly.
    I hope to meet you soon, too. Call me when you’re in the area.

  355. The Co$ members who end up doing things that destroy them are not only OSA staff members, but also volunteers (as Tory was).

    Rémy Petit in France is an example I keep dragging out. He stole some mail from an individual who was the target of an OSA op and ended up testifying in court, no doubt contributing the the head of French OSA getting a criminal sentence.

    Days before the appeal, Rémy Petit was found dead. The verdict was suicide (and no-one has seriously suggested that this was not the right verdict, by the way).

    Best Regards


  356. I hear you, Tory !! 🙂

  357. Scratch that previous comment, Marty. I meant <3.

  358. Tory Christman

    Thanks, Mike, for that update.

    Question: Do you remember when I was working for RPR? (I think you were the senior of the group). It was a program to set up interviews with radio stations with various celebs/opinion leaders—run out of RPR? I know Sharron Runyon,
    the IC then, told me IF we didn’t handle ALL PR flaps by Thursday, I believe, they ALL lost their Libs for Saturday. Do you know as of the last time you were there, if that still holds true?

    Also, did you ever get my write up to you, when I first left
    Scientology? I wrote to you, telling you what worked and did
    not work in my dealings with OSA. I also called OSA asking to set up a round table discussion with you, and some of the critics.
    My guess you never saw my letter, nor ever got the message. Right or wrong? Thanks for your postings here. 🙂

  359. Jeff Stone in particular has received thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from Sam Alhadeff (an attorney that represents the Church), Catherine Frazer and Muriel Dufresne.

  360. Why are we calling this radical. It IS how it is supposed to be done and goes back to the 1960s – if you care to look. GO was operating exactly like this

  361. Apology accepted. I have been waiting for this for a while and I am glad you took this step, which no doubt did not come easy. Please publish copies (not just re-writes) of such programs (even if parts are blacked out to protect the victims) so they can be used by the press.

  362. Hey Marty, this is indeed interesting as to the lengths Scientology Sea Org Members will go too. Please could you tell me if you have any information about my daughter Amanda Kember (she was/is Senior C/S at ITO) was married to Chaz Kember (Jane Kembers Son). My daughter disconnected in 2000 so any info would help me. from Susan Talbot.

  363. Marty, if you’re serious it looks like OSA has been peeking on your blog and voiced some cognitions and then this is His Royal Retribution.

  364. thanks so much for the answers!

    Two final questions:

    Is the Int Base “Archives Building” (see Marc Headley’s book, inside cover Int Base map, number #36) where all our files and pc folders are kept today? Us who are persona non grata? All our ethics and pc folders are there, correct?

    And, finally, at the top of this above document, it says “Attorney – Client” blah blah. This reminded me that this is another one of OSA Int’s everyday routine, which is NOT based on any LRH writing I’ve ever read.

    My only highly negative encounter in my whole Scientology career occurred only I first had to sign some sort of tailor made RPF assignment legal doc admission type of crap, in the OSA Int conference room. Sitting there contemplating whether to sign this damn self incriminating doc that Jeannie Gavigon Reynolds concocted, I wondered to myself, WHERE DOES LRH SAY TO DO THESE LEGALISTIC things to staff!!!

    When I asked Kirsten, her fumbly answer was “Everyone signs these, and they don’t think a thing about it.” Like I was somehow at fault for questioning where LRH said have staff sign these incriminating legal doc admissions that OSA then kept in their files for later possible smearing use against those of us lucky enough to have to sign these things.

    To me, the OSA function overstepped the purpose of Scientology, and it was at that instant my faith disintegrated.

    OSA has somehow been so built up, that it has the opposite effect of generating support.

    It is hard to fault the people in OSA, they seem to be good people, and I realized it was somehow the system had grown out of control with methods that had the opposite effect of the aims of Scientology.

    Lawyers, and someone’s fear, had driven “us” to do this to ourselves in the name of the overall cause, which is pretty sad.

    For which I’d agree with your points in this or the other recent threads about how the organization is pretty much out of control.

    Dismantling OSA or taming it of these methods, seems like not a high possibility internally.

    Thanks so much for being so frank.

  365. By gamesmanship I just meant all the trolling, and who does it, which I didn’t think you as CO OSA would know all the volunteer OT Scientologists who did the trolling, or whether Gavino got even non Scientologists to troll against the critics on ARS.

    Also, how personal info was fed to these troll volunteers who seemed to smear with personal info on ARS the critics.

    There’s no way, for instance, Barbara Schwartz on her own could come up with some of the personal info smearing she did to people. She was either being pointed to that info placed online by OSA in some way, or she was directly being emailed smearing info.

    I just wondered to what degree you knew the actual mechanics of who in OSA dished out the smearing material to which persons (volunteers, or active trolls who like to troll because they like to troll).

    I just was curious if the names of the volunteers (we speculated it must be OT Scientologists or non Scientologists) was just too far down the org board for you to have taken any interest in.

    And finally, do you know what Gavino’s statistics were? Did he have some stat for all the internet trolling he got accomplished?

  366. Yowza! Tory, Marty, Karen, thank you for posting the refs. and tech being used, very educational and very de-pts-ing.

  367. martyrathbun09

    Sorry Susan, I have no data on her.

  368. martyrathbun09

    Because we are not radical, extremist or suppressive. The corporate church of radical scientology is.

  369. martyrathbun09

    Probably because he told public that the “three swing F/N” rule was canceled.

  370. martyrathbun09

    He has a bunker in LA – ASI is connected via tunnel to gated apartment complex he owns. He thinks it is safe.

  371. martyrathbun09

    It was a Western Union messenger boy looking for Rafael. I told him to tell the sender, don’t send no jive ass Western Union messenger boy next time he wants to communicate. A tin of cigars to Tony D if he can name the movie.

  372. I know the movie well, but I won’t spoil it for Tony D.

  373. He paid for the apartment complex, or the church with our donations?

  374. No offense to Vaughn Young (he was a smart guy), but he was also the one that started the whole “LRH was murdered” conspiracy.

  375. It might be useful to look at the history and “business models” of other successful and similar fields of endeavor in alternative health.

    Chiropractic and accupuncture come to mind. Both are “highly technical” and complement and/or compete with mainstream and traditional medicine — just as Dianetics/Scientology do with psychology and psychiatry.

  376. Wow. More similarities to the final days of Hitler every day. Hiding in his own bunker, ordering non existent armies around to do x or y or whatever. Hammering on the officers around him for incompetence or non compliance. Ranting and raving. Going crazy in his own mind. Unable to confront the fact that he was losing on all fronts and the lease damage would have been to stop fighting. And the world has to watch this movie run again. As before, the damage to his own “country” far outweighs any gain he may have thought he got. Hitler destroyed Germany. DM destroyed C of S.

  377. martyrathbun09

    Yes, through ASI

  378. And at the end of the movie he did about 20 outtakes of that scene. Love that movie. Peter is the star.

    ML Tom

  379. Tony DePhillips

    Bummer. You stumped me on this one. I was going to try to find it on You tube but thought that would be out-ethics and I wouldn’t want to be sent to the RPF.

  380. Valkov~Thanks. I’ve observed this to be true.
    I am glad to hear the turtle was only a statue!

  381. Tony DePhillips

    Sapere Aude.
    That was great.

  382. Tony DePhillips

    You got it…mafia style.

  383. Faust,
    Without any question, this whole thing turns on results.

  384. Tara,
    PL 11 April 70, THIRD DYNAMIC TECH:
    “The short span of men’s lives inhibits the full development of any one subject in one lifetime. Thus there is a lot of room for further expansion of our Third Dynamic Tech. But the basic laws can be found in it and many exact drills are contained in it and it has great value in any zone of application.”

    “In its present state of development, like early auditing material, Third Dynamic Tech is used to think with, and only the bright mind will achieve its full potential in action.”

  385. Tony DePhillips

    This is rather Hitler-esque isn’t it? Maybe dm WAS HITLER and this is some sort of a dramatization.
    Didn’t Hitler use a Luger to commit suicide?

  386. Tony DePhillips

    What does ❤ mean? Anyone? I have MU phenomena so bad I feel like I just have to go out and commit an overt. Please help me..

  387. martyrathbun09

    Ok – since he gave up, Tony will send you the cigars.

  388. Tory, I still remeber the day we met for lunch just a few days after you announced your departure from COS. I asume that you may have thought that I was just an OSA plant. It has been a long haul be it seems that the COS is finally unravelling. And Chuck, you caaught us in the midst of our move east and whe we met in Pittsburg you convvinced me that there were many very sincere people in COS who were realy trying to create a better world. I often wonder if all of those people had spent their money on taking a course in “How To Win Friends and Influence People” and then using their gifts in ways other than the COS was going, they would be at a different place in life.
    I was sorry to hear that Ida Canburn died with no knowledge of what ever happened to her son. One of the thousands of tragedies families have experienced.

    Keep up the good work. One of these days we will take the connections with the powers that be to bring to an end the horrible excesses of the COS. And I am one who agreed with another acquintance, Judge Breckenridge, that Hubbard was among other things “a paranoid schitzophrenic….a pathalogical liar…and that the organization reflects his attributes”.

    Keep working. The end is in sight.

  389. At one time, Hansueli was a competent Tech terminal. Good to see he’s got at least one partial raisin working.

  390. That’s not rambling, it’s one of the best comments ever.

  391. Lots of emotions I see. I hope this blog will become DM´s Waterloo. By the way, since three months I have been reading almost all blogs available, like this one or SCN-Cult. Osa often is a subject and sometimes specific terminals are mentioned, but there is one item which does not appear at all. Kurt Weiland!
    I know he is/was in OSA Int for a long time, I have information that he was posted as WDC OSA. It is so quiet around him that its almost an out-point. Omitted Data, omitted terminal. Therefore I have some questions to the guys which worked with him.(Marty or Mike) Does Kurt know about all this stuff ongoing in INt Base? Was he also subject of physical abuse by DM?, Was he RPFéd ? I would like to get any other information available.

  392. Chuck,
    The question of ‘dox’: The only datum I personally know is in the SP Acts PL, 23 Dec 65 under Evidences of Suppression toward the end of this policy.
    “It is wise for any Scientologist, HCO Secretary or Committee of Evidence in matters concerning suppressive acts to obtain valid documents, letters, testimonies duly signed and witnessed, affidavits duly sworn to and other matters and evidences which would have weight in a court of law. Momentary spite, slander suits, charges of Scientology separating families, etc., are then guarded against.”

    I was presented a ‘self-incriminating’ document to be signed. It contained all sorts of nonsense. Looking it over I realized any of it was covered by documentation to the effect my ethics files were officially cleared. I had one word changed that made the entire thing useless, it was initialled by Ken Hoden and myself and I signed this ridiculous piece of paper.

    When I did A-E, I got in writing on CSI letterhead, that my ethics files to that date, were cleared. If they ever came at me with anything they ‘culled’ prior to that date…

  393. Tony,
    It’s a sideways ‘heart’ of sorts. An internet ’emoticon’.

  394. It’s a heart (on its side). It means “I love you”. ❤

  395. Sara, allow the Church to stay and the Sea org to stay and it will be monitored by outside free market pressure is the solution here. I don’t believe the Church or the Sea org will ever be obsolete. LRH warned about ensuring no monopoly and that takes precedence. Besides, LRH encourages pioneering activities and opening missions and orgs by Scientologists, and that’s all that’s being proposed. DM stepping in and stopping that from happening so he can further suppress people is his arbitrary entered in. In other words it’s his arbitrary if he were to say an “outside” church is not Scientology or is squirrel. Otherwise delivery “outside” the church isn’t in fact outside LRH’s version of the church. We’re Scientologists talking about starting up some Scientology delivery, nothing more. If DM wants to add on the signifigance of XYZ to that simple action then it’s HIM doing that, and he’s a squirrel so who cares?

  396. Libran,
    ‘Care to look’, wow, what a great idea. Looking at Russel Miller’s book doesn’t really mean looking ya know. Looking implies being there LOOKING.

    I have.

    And you?

  397. My Lord! We go off, have a little turkey, and THIS gets posted? Yikes! Between this and Tiziano’s post and follow-up – Man!

    So, Tory – well done on surviving this!

    You and I traded some emails back in ’05 – actually, exactly five years ago. At the time I looked at the abuses as the exception rather than the rule, and hoped that internal application of Scientology would root out evil. Alas, as we see, the reverse has occurred, and the abusive practices have spread like a cancer overwhelming the host. It is farther gone than it was five years ago.

    You are alive, and the CofM’s abusive practices are on display for the world to enjoy! It is wonderful to see how effective OSA is at their jobs.

  398. I point out irony and I am criticized by you for that. It’s okay for you to criticize me, but not okay for me to point out irony. Hmmmm…..

  399. Awesome, Jim. Thank you much for that. Obviously, we’ve got to think long term.

  400. Tory Christman

    #400 post: Thank you ALL!~!!

    This has been one wild ride. Hopefully this program that was been posted shall help many more, too. It has certainly helped me. It’s one thing to know and experience things. It’s altogether different to SEE IT in black and white.

    Thanks, one more time, to Marty, to Mike, to ALL here and ALL who help
    expose this organization’s insidious abusive actions.
    To you all, once more:

    Blessings 🙂 Tory/Magoo

  401. Joe Pendleton

    Libran, don’t let anyone else define what is “looking” for YOU. Don’t allow the C of S or ANYONE to tell you what you can or cannot look at and evaluate for YOURSELF. Refer: The Code of Honor, Personal Integrity

  402. “Now get this honky. You go tell Raphael that I ain’t taking no jive…”

  403. Director: Hal Ashby

  404. Tony DePhillips

    No more hints, it’s driving me crazy!! What is the @!%#$$ movie??
    Marty, I’m not sending him cigars….Damn you’re out of control!!

  405. Tony DePhillips

    Ok good. Now I don’t have to commit that overt!! Whew..

  406. Tory,
    I knew Gavino and Gloria Idda from GO EU back in the late 70s. Gavino came across as a very smart guy. He was really funny back then. I always suspected he was “Pitbull” on OCMB. Even though his English was just about perfect, now and then I would get a sense of the Italian behind the character. Do you know?

  407. Moving Forward

    Yeah, I really agree about TWTH. I had some of my biggest gains in Scn when I read this book. I’d been floating around on a correction/ethics cycle, waiting to hear what I was supposed to do and ended up in the ASHO library. I picked up TWTH, having never actually read it, and sat down and read it cover to cover. I had some really huge wins, so much so that I originated a success story at the examiner. Unfortunately, my success story was then used against me in a comm ev a month or so later… Haha.

    I think I’m going to pick it back up and read it again, too.

  408. Personally I loved running the dishwasher in dishland at the complex, which I did for months on the RPF’s RPF at PAC, and also I loved doing the dishes with the smaller dishwasher at the ranch at Happy Valley for the Int RPF

    Only bad thing is the smells of the galley ooze into your body after a couple weeks, and it takes a week OUT of the galley to wash out of your skin finally.

  409. martyrathbun09

    Being There.

  410. Tony DePhillips

    Ah yes ! Peter Sellers masterpeice. Haven’t seen it in years. Maybe that is how dm got his start, saying dumb things and someone taking him seriously.

  411. Tony DePhillips

  412. Tony DePhillips

    LOL. I forgot how funny that was.
    You tell dm to get his white boo-ty down here. I ain’t ta-kin no jive off of this honky cult leader…

  413. Tory Christman

    To me it’s radical as forever while I worked with OSA, and even before I
    started to help them, back when *I* was questioning certain things, their
    “Handle” has always been, re any black ops: “We don’t do THAT anymore.
    Those people did wrong, were sent to jail, and that’s over”.

    So until Marty posted this, although many of us *knew* they were doing such
    ops, there was no hard corp proof of it. This will help in many ways!

  414. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Tory!!!! YOU GO GIRL!!!!! You know we’re here for you.

    OSA would make Hitler PROUD! (Geez, I get visions of vomit thinking about how TOTAL FUCKED UP they are.) David Miscaviage you are a sorry piece of non-human shit for being behind all of these attacks. You are going to be un-happy to know that I’ve postulated your sorry time-track-in-hell to occur soon! It’s not good to piss off OT’S, dave! What goes around comes around for litte people like you and your OSA GESTAPO.

    I think of the G.O. staff I’ve met (some good[at least back then] and some not so good) and how they just denigrated every thing that LRH’s Tech stood for. LIES. SUBTERFUGE. THIRD PARTY. SPIRITUAL ASSASSINATIONS. ALTER-IS OF TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tory, You do us all proud by the fact that you kept your integrity and honor. There WILL BE a day when all Independents can look back at these days of spiritual attacks and feel good that we all contributed to a saner, happier planet.

    Love ya,

    Gary 🙂

  415. Tory Christman

    Interesting….as “Pitbull” always seemed against me, so that just may
    fit. I have no idea. I’d never met him before the late 90’s and he was
    far from funny, when I knew him.
    My best 🙂

  416. Tory Christman

    Thanks, Grasshopper! I love your nick, by the way 🙂
    Yup—it’s true—I made it, at least for now. I have no doubt they’ll
    drum up some other creepy black pr deal. Hopefully people will
    keep their antenna’s (or OSA-GADAR) UP. Thanks to you….

  417. Tory Christman

    I’ll leave Marty and/or Mike to answer your questions.

    For me, I knew Kurt–but he was always the quiet guy in the background,
    to me. Janet Weiland was, in the late 90’s, the “Vice President of C of $/OSA” and also my Senior for “The Scientology Parishioner’s League” (a group she set up to “handle any and all black pr in the media”. She made me the ED,
    despite my saying I didn’t want to.
    She was also at LAX when I went to leave Scientology. She walked up to me
    saying: “We know where you’re going, and you are NOT going to talk to those people”. I dialed my emergency phone I wasn’t going to bring, that Stacy told me to absolutely bring, and called them. Jesse Prince got on and walked me through it. The first thing he said was: “Don’t hang up this phone
    or set it down, no matter what”.
    Question for Marty and/or Mike: Did you all know about this at all (re my leaving, Janet to LAX, etc?

    Yeah—Jesse! 🙂 Thanks to each of those that helped me, way back then, on up to today–you all, here!

  418. Tory Christman

    Hi John!!!
    Absolutely—way back in 2000, I did think most people who just rolled into my life were OSA, and many were. Many were not, and you are one of them,
    I have no question! My favorite time with you was when you, and I and Jeff Jacobson met with the ministers, here in LA. The 3 Scios (One was Moxon’s old partner), one the lady who then ran the Pasadena Org, Gayle M? and one more “OT”.

    They had 3 minutes to speak, and then you did. They read the Creed, and a few other things. You mentioned the abuses, and as I’d predicted, they lied through their teeth, saying they’d never heard of such things!

    I then said; “Well, can *I* ask a question? (The TA had to be at around 9)
    “You just read your Creed, and it says “Man has the inalienable right to free speech and free thought”…IF that is true, why can’t ONE of my 30 year
    friends, OR my husband of 27 Years talk to me?

    I explained SP Declares, and the key ministers they were trying to “handle” got VERY concerned. “Do you *really* declare people SP?
    Gayle answered: “Well, there are only a few SPs. Hitler was an SP…and Tory is an SP”.

    BINGO! I knew I’d hit the jackpot then. LOL!!! I asked if they wanted to SEE
    what my SP declare looked like? They all did, so we passed it around.That was the end of their party. The key minister wrote me later saying he was SO sorry for all I’d had to go through, and if I needed any help, he’d be there for me.
    Thanks,John, for all you’ve done and continue to do! 🙂

  419. Tory Christman

    One other thing, Tony, is IF you do that on Facebook, it actually
    makes a real heart. You just click the Shift< and click 3
    ❤ and that turns into a heart. If you have a FB account, try it. 🙂

  420. Tory Christman

    So glad it’s helping, Liveswell 🙂 Continue!

  421. Tory Christman

    I know you know this, but just in case—here goes:
    Marty doesn’t know……….but KEEP ASKING! Someone, somewhere
    will have info, and I know you’ll get back together.
    My love to you 🙂 (And I’m sure it’s true to say your daughter loves you, too.
    I know my Mom lived through 30 years of “Good roads, good weather” until I finally popped. And that was WAY before the Net…so keep on keepin on 🙂

  422. Tory Christman

    Plus—the old GO stuff is always “Dead agented” (canceled) as
    “Those people were wrong, they went to jail, we don’t do that any more”.
    AND??? This is proof, in 2006, they still do. HA!

  423. Tory Christman

    You are most welcome, Just a Reader 🙂

  424. Tory Christman

    Cat Daddy: Thanks for posting this! Good one, Anon Orange.
    I hope they listen. You may want to actually print off and hand the
    members copies of this, as “What the organization known as the “church”
    of $cientology do behind people’s backs”. Just a thought. TLC

  425. Tory Christman

    Thanks, Samuel, very much! We’ll see where these goes, but criminal charges seem to be in order. If not today, soon. My best to you 🙂

  426. Tory Christman

    C of $ got “religion” in 1992? Well….we’ll just see how long they get to
    keep it. Things are rustling, all around the world. This “program” will help
    many more than we know.

  427. Tory Christman

    Thanks So much! You’ve made some excellent points for people to think about. I know for me, meeting quite a few Scientologists who were paid off,
    as well as living through being in court with many of C of $’s top attorneys for 9 days in Clearwater, made me get where those IAS donations *really* go to.

    Even with Anons wearing masks, OSA still hired PI’s and went after way too many of them. We all said: “IF they just leave them alone, we predicted anonymous would be gone within weeks, a month at the most. However,
    IF they do what they *usually* do (and they did)—we could count on Anonymous being around for a long, long time. That was in 2008.
    It’s 2010 now! Way to go, once again, OSA! You know how to keep your
    critics around, don’t you?

  428. Tory Christman

    Thanks for posting that, Cat Daddy. And to anyone here who hasn’t subscribed on YT, please feel free to do so. It’s free,
    and you are welcome to swing on by, listen, comment, and even pass the link on.

    Many people have written to me or called me that the info on that has helped them get OUT of C of $, and various diff kinds of abusive relationships and thank me, telling me they are now free, too. As I always say, ya never know what *may* help another person.

  429. Tory Christman

    Wow! Martin—–(bowing) thank you SO much!
    I’m thrilled, and I’m not kidding ~~ SP 11 🙂 I’ll take it!
    Thanks for pointing that out. 🙂 Can you post this Program over on ARS?
    That would be funny, and cool, both. My best….

  430. Tory Christman

    Good point, Samuel. Even the Ideal Org of Pasadena, was filled at
    their “Grand Opening”. By a few days later: D E A D.

  431. Tory Christman

    So true, Han Solo! I am ever amazed at how few public are at any of the local
    orgs (except Celebrity Center, which they still manage to keep some people there. Even that is slim). I always tell people when they ask: “How many people are there in C of S?” GO LOOK. That’s your best gauge.

  432. Tory Christman

    🙂 For anyone here who doesn’t know, nate and mona are two wonderful
    parents, who like Mike, have lost their child to the organization known
    as the “church” of $cientology. Daily, they hope hope their daughter will call.

    A few months ago, a Mom called me. She’d received a call from her daughter
    who was on staff.
    There was a picket across the street, with Anonymous goofing around, signs
    about how SHE could be there, too. “Doubt is OK”. “You can just leave”, etc.
    She told her Mom: “Please come pick me up. I want to go”.
    HALLELUJAH! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bsuXbkrA_AQ
    Never give up….never. 🙂

  433. Tory Christman

    I love that, Cat Daddy! Thank you 🙂 To anyone lurking, always
    remember music, unlike spoken words, can get around walls, under doors,
    into one’s heart.
    Sing, dance….love. 🙂

  434. Tory Christman

    🙂 I agree, William…and I mean that not only for me (where it’s wonderful),
    but this is going to help many people, for a long time.
    They can no longer say: “Oh, those people went to jail–we don’t do that
    Sorry, OSA____you blew it. Your underwear is showing, with toilet paper hanging out as you try to waltz across the room. (grin). I’ve told you for years:
    Tick Tock, Tick Tock….Time is on *our* side, and ya know what? IT IS! 😉

  435. Tory Christman

    Thanks Ray for all of that! Great suggestions, which I will get onto.
    Thanks to you, and Watchful Eyes for both of your suggestions re
    this insidious program by C of $. If you have any more, please let me
    know. My best and thanks to you, and Marty and Mike!

  436. Tory Christman

    Thanks for your comments. Yes, it does get one wondering.
    It does show the tone level of OSA—-very well.
    I can’t even imagine what they’re up to, tonight, Wed night before
    Thursday at 2:00! Someone is no doubt scrambling to figure out
    SOME handle. Good luck, guys.
    You *could* just walk on out, come into the real world and enjoy life.
    Your choice—to those lurking.
    To you all here: Love to you ALL 🙂

  437. Tory Christman

    DITTO: Spot on, thank you for the very perfect reminder of why
    we are here and not there. 🙂

  438. Tory Christman

    I *love* that, OnceUponATime! It’s lonnnnnnnnnnnnng in coming,
    but damn it feels good. Again, thank you, and thank each person who
    has taken the time to comment, care, offer such generous hugs, and suggestions, too.
    To those outside—who put this down, it’s only because you have not lived
    through what many of us have. Once you do, you get it. You REALLY get it. 🙂

  439. Tory Christman

    Good one, Windhorse! You’re most correct, they don’t need to OWN the entire world, except they have “orders” and those have to do with “Stats” and IF their “Stats” aren’t up, tomorrow (Thursday, before 2:00)—THOSE THAT FAIL AT THAT….shall get no joy.
    They may be sent to “ethics”…where “ethics” is applied incorrectly to them,
    mostly by people who are overwhelmed, themselves.
    Then they’re called “Downstats” or even labeled “PTS”. The only solution?
    GET YOUR ***STATS*** up, any way, any how. OR—
    DIE, as sadly, WAY too many do, who are “in” the “church” of $cientology.

    So their only solution IS take over the world. THEN and only then, their
    “Stats” will be UP, and maybe….just maybe……..Davey boy will lay off of them and they can go play.

    AND IF YOU’RE LURKING:::: you ~~could~~ also just walk OUT.
    It isn’t “blowing”—as that entails “Overts” or bad deeds. It’s called
    Taking YOUR life Back. We all did—and life is great! 🙂 Come on out and play….and let those that are taking over the world worry about no libs
    this Saturday. EH?

  440. Tory Christman

    Common Smith,
    You are most welcome! Thank you for reading it. I know lots has
    been said about me, both to those “in” C of $, and by many out.
    Hopefully this Program will helps iron out the “who”, for real,
    and where many of the lies about me have come from.
    Thankfully, Marty posted it, and you all have been just great! 🙂

  441. Tory Christman

    Hey thank you! I was raised a Catholic, also, and yes…..the Church of M
    does have a distinct and overwhelming odor (stench really) of burning
    sulfur—great analogy. 🙂

  442. Tory Christman

    Very true—very true. I tried that in 2000, after escaping out. If you’ve
    never seen it, watch “Magoo Dancing in Boston” (You can Google it).
    I tell DM in that: “There’s an army out here. It’s not going to be the Scientologists who bring down your “Church”. It’s going to be these critics.

    Why? There are tons of them, they’re very smart and able to put up web sites with information on them….” At the time, there were only a few Scientologists who were out, and tons of critics I met in Clearwater. (The critics got involved, for anyone who isn’t aware of this, when OSA Tried to cancel ARS back in the 90’s. The Critics had never done Scientology, but many were great at creating web sites, and putting up information, as well as doing resarch. Once they saw that Cancellation, their view was: “We don’t know *anything* about Scientology, but those people (speaking on ARS, Scios who had left C of M)–they have a right to speak, and we’re standing up for them, protecting their right to speak, as this is the Net and No one owns it”.

    One would think, if you saw how HUGE the critics were–that OSA would learn. Did they? Hell no. In 2008 came the leak of Tom Cruise saying:
    “You’re either In or you’re OUT”. What did OSA do now? Ordered it taken off of YouTube.
    YouTube? Oh great—and who arrives? 9,000 Anonymous people,
    ready to shut down C of $’s web site, and picket around the world in just about every major city in every country. It was truly amazing.

    And as history has shown, more and more people are waking up, getting
    truly free. Here now we have the Indie Scientologists, and even more are
    joining here. You’re right about using the tech, however when illiterate
    people are trained on it (and that’s not a put down—I trained with many of the kids, and they were totally, frighteningly illiterate)…it only goes so far, and then disaster evolves, which we’re seeing in this program.


  443. Tory Christman

    Thanks, Old School, I do …this is for sure! 🙂

  444. Tory Christman

    Sapere Aude,
    Your writings are so genuine, and spot on, except for one thing, and you
    even quoted it:
    “You also know the hardest outpoint to spot is something missing.”

    You are missing this: There is no one there to receive your communication.
    Door closed. Part of it is criminality. A great part of it is illiteracy. Also, most of the good people who were “in” have left, not because they abandoned the ship–because it’s run by someone who has gone insane, will NOT listen, will NOT change.

    So it’s really up to the individual, at this time, to take back **their** life, vs. waiting for a train
    off the tracks to somehow miraculously get back on the track.
    Leap! And the Net will Appear! Make the leap 🙂
    Welcome to Present time.

  445. Tory Christman

    Thank you SO very much, Penny! Boy have we been on one wild
    ride, eh? “Dillon Street” for those not familiar, is in Silver Lake, and where
    a bunch of us lived in the late 70’s.
    I greatly appreciate your kind words. For me, I’ll never say never—just knowing these creeps as I do. They will no doubt work *very* hard to come up with SOME program, some how, some way –to re-slime me, again.
    Only difference is this time, there may be more to this, and many are far more educated on what they really do—so we’ll see.
    For now? Love to ALL ! I thank you, greatly!!! 🙂

  446. Tory Christman

    Thank you, AL! Can you send me the link to your blog?

  447. Thank you Tory, so your estimation is that he is straight in alignment with DM´s task force.(or is DM´s task force)?! ARC.

  448. Tony DePhillips

    Thanks for the tip.

  449. Tory Christman

    I cannot say. First off, I left 10 years ago. Secondly, I didn’t know him very well. He seemed to march lock step with all who did follow DM’s “Orders”, and so far I’ve yet to hear he’s left. Anyone else have any newer info?

  450. Tory Christman

    Great advice, Michael and Sinar!
    We do that a lot (my friends and I)—since restaurants WAY over feed people, we buy one entre, split it, and each have a salad with it.
    Saves $$ and certainly better calories wise.
    Also, for those VERY over weight, I cannot stress enough having
    a support team. I spent years gaining and losing, on my own. It wasn’t until I joined WW’s that I got serious, and took off the 100 Pds I’d gained on OT 7 while “in” C of S. 🙂

  451. Tory Christman

    A Sea Org person just called me from another country—on their way OUT.
    (And OSA___don’t even try it. The police have already been alerted).

    Congratulations to *every* single person who helps expose this insidious
    organization. The person was *terrified*, said they’d “upped the handlings
    of those who were leaving” and “a few people here have died”. I told the person to call the police, and get the Hell out of there TONIGHT.
    You can Run, DM and OSA ops but you CANNOT hide!
    These folks are gone with the wind~~~:)

  452. OK, best would be he answers personal *loooool

  453. Alex Braverman

    Leave Tory alone!
    We love her.

  454. Tory Christman

    🙂 Thank You, Alex!!! I greatly appreciate that! I luv you all 🙂

  455. Tory Christman

    Thank you, Gary! You all have been so kind—it means a *ton*
    to me. 🙂 I agree—you all *are* contributing to a saner, happier planet—and Davey boy is digging in deeper, ever single day.

  456. Tory Christman

    🙂 Good point, Mike! It’s so refreshing to be amongst people who actually
    get the Full picture! Hey OSA ops—you floor mats still have time to take back your *own* lives. Is this ~honestly~ why you joined Scientology? This is IT? T___T___T___T___ 🙂

  457. Tory Christman

    Isn’t that amazing, Loki? And I cared about my job, too! WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME??? LOL. I appreciate your kind words, they mean a lot to me~!
    I wouldn’t even be here if it wasn’t for many, many kind people, just like yourself 🙂

  458. Tory Christman

    Thank you, Jim Logan 🙂 Did I ever tell you about the C/S from CC who took me outside and said: “We don’t really know what to do with you.
    **Maybe** Narconon could help you, but I don’t think so. I’m not sure who could help you”. (all because of the medicine I take for Epilepsy). He said that and then walked off. I cried for hours, and thankfully my then Husband pulled me out of it…telling me he was FOS.

    30 years of wrong evals like that *does* tend to either totally cave you in, or make you one Tough thetan. 🙂

  459. Tory Christman

    Hey Tara,
    Good point! And FTR: When I was helping Yaude—I asked him
    how they were doing all this computer stuff, as I knew all the scios
    I knew then (1999) didn’t have much computer knowledge.
    He said: “Oh no—we hire computer geeks, pay them, and THEY do it all “. DM’s gang: Sick people.

  460. Tory Christman

    I know you wrote that to Marty. However in it you said:

    “Tory, Chuck Beatty, Mark Fisher and others were on the receiving end of this sort of thing and I agreed with and forwarded that view. I apologize for having done so and am doing what I can to expose the insanity and bring it to an end.”

    I greatly thank you for saying this, and apology accepted. (I thought I’d said that to you, before—but maybe it was just in my heart). Either way, you’re right—-It is an inculcated view that is shared by most Scientologists and it is not healthy. Thankfully, more and more are realizing this, and thus more and more are leaving, taking back their lives, free to speak out, and the more that do, the more shall also hear it and leave! 🙂

  461. Tory Christman

    DOH! I just re-read above, and I did thank Mike, already.
    Marty—if you can, just don’t post this. Or if you want, do. But I admit,
    it’s a duplicate.

  462. Tory Christman

    We all were! 🙂 I am, believe me, I am (re Proud of that one!) Thanks!

  463. No the coward had himself shot in the head by his henchmen on april 30th wich concidently alsoo is DM’s birthday

  464. Tony DePhillips

    That is an AMAZING coincidence!!

  465. To Tory!

    I haven’t met you yet, but myself and two former Sea Orgers (Flag) would love to meet you. Maybe at the next L.A. demonstration. You’ve been a lightening rod for all of us to disassemble this insane group and free those still within. I was on staff in Hawaii. My mother came over to see what I had gotten myself into. She asked one too many questions and we declared SP. I was ORDERED to disconnect from her. She promptly flew back home and attempted suicide. I was her only child. It’s really personal with me. Marty, thanks for the site. I’m on it every weeks.

  466. Tory,
    You have my utmost admiration and respect.
    I was FSO staff when all that stuff happened to you and I recall thinking that something was really really wrong when I learned that you had been declared. I always thought you were one of the funniest people I had ever met, outrageously forthright and outspoken. You have true power and integrity as evidenced by your unflagging campaign against injustices and unreservedly helping others. I salute you.

    This OSA program is just one more unimpeachable example of just how dead the CofS is and how depraved some have become under the influence of David Miscavige, Master of Evil.

    Thanks, Marty, for posting this.

    Love, Eileen

  467. Tory Christman

    OC Rob,
    Oh……………..oh…………………..Gawd I’m so sorry to hear that! What an UN-needed tragedy, which is true for 99% of all suicides, innsho.

    For sure,
    let’s meet!~ Can you send me a Private Message on my FB account? (ToryChristman on FB). Thanks and try to celebrate your Mom’s life. I’ve done that with my Dad (The original “Magoo” 🙂 who died very young, when I was 22. It helps a lot. Love to you~~

  468. Tory Christman

    Thank you, Eileen~~That means a lot to me! I’ve said it since I was “in”, and it’s true, today: They (OSA ops) are C R E A T I N G their own enemies, day by day, and when I first left, it was a large group of “Critics” and X-Scios.
    Now it’s those same people, and Anonymous around the world, AND you all, the Independent Scientologists—-with M and M doing more and more, daily.

    Davey? Remember my Tick Tock, Tick Tock? Ya just *might* start listening—to any and all ops: Bail while you still can!

  469. well this program is just disgusting…..sounds so childish and pathetic…..anybody’s BS detector would blare at reading this…..well done Tory for being so strong….keep speaking out fot the poor brainwashed sheep….F+++ the Co$!!!!!

  470. Have you received an answer, Michael?

  471. Chuck: Did you get an answer to where ethics and pc folders are kept?

  472. Pingback: Friends | Moving On Up a Little Higher

  473. Richard Royce

    The beauty of having helped to create the machine is Marty knows how to uncreate it!

    Look we were all tools! I was a card carrying minister of the church for 40 years before I woke up! i WOULD HAVE DONE ANYTHING TO PROTECT LRH AND THE TECH.

    I just think there but for the grace of God go I when I see any blindness. My three kids threw me under the bus and we were one of the tightest families I know of. Brainwashing is real! poor little Muslem kids blow themselves up for what they believe. It is insidious. Little NAZI kids turned their parents over to the gas chambers for what they believed. Mind control is real. Although I don’t regret yesterday If I did the only wish I would have had was to educate my kids as I was being educated to the TOTAL EVIL THE CHURCH HAS BECOME UNDER THE GUIDANCE OF SATAN aka. David Misgavage!

    Just look at the descriptions in the Bible. Satan is a fallen angel. David Misgavage was LRH’s right hand man. He wormed his way right up close to LRH in the CINE department and wormed his way right up to the power point when LRH was failing.

    Satan is called the great deceiver, DM pulled a fast one gaining control of the Church through deception. He was not named by LRH as the successor but slimed his way in and got rid of the competition.

    Satan is called the Great Lier. Give me a break! Go to an event and then do a little observation on your own as to the stats! What about the statements of expansion as an example of deception and lies. What about substituting # of feet of carpeting in new buildings versus last years for the true stats of Org Expansion being PCs Audited successfully and Auditors trained.

    “Yet this exalted creature fell into error and sin. The two prophets agree that his sin was pride (Isa. 14:13; Ezek. 28:17).” What has been a common theme on the books and blogs I have read about David Misgavage being the penultimate in the art of the Service Facsimile! Command intention is senior. To Policy and anything said by LRH. “Lifted up by his beauty (Ezek. 28:17) and his influence (Ezek. 28:16), he conceived in his heart the ambition to rise further, even to become the equal of God (Isa. 14:13).”
    Not that I’m claiming LRH to be God but how many times have we seen on the blogs accounts of DM muscling himself into prominance over LRH in the magazines and events when his ONLY roll as top executive in the Church of Scientology SHOULD BE TO MAKE SURE THAT THE ADMIN, TECH AND ETHICS OF LRH IS FOLLOWED EXACTLY instead of altering it into its current state of near unworkability. More on PRIDE, what about his tanning bed, thong, having to have the best motorcycle, hair implants? face lift? (I have no data on this just observation of his pictures and events over the years . Others imput is desired)

    GREED. Isn’t greed one of the seven deadly sins? Look at the Way DM has turned the hope on mankind into the CULT of GREED! Hig prices, then forget the high prices that very fewe people can afford anyway just get donations with no exchange except a phony label right out of the wizard of OZ. Exaulted muckimuck meritorious GIVE ME THE MONEY NOW STATUS.

  474. James Stewart

    This foul cult never fails to shock me!

  475. Thank you ALL for your very kind comments and care! Now Marty himself is in Alex Gibney’s documentary, based on Lawrence Wright’s book: Going Clear: Scientology & The Prison of Belief”. Now he and each person in the documentary, just telling their personal stories, are being attacked daily by “dave” and gang of floor mats. Way to go, “dave”: Thanks for SHOWING the world this Documentary IS true. Don’t miss it March 29th on HBO. Love to ALL 🙂

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