Daily Archives: March 18, 2012

Association of Professional Independent Scientologists

The International Freezone Association has apparently made a very interesting  announcement.  They are changing their name to Association of Professional Independent Scientologists. 

For those who have not been following this blog for long, in its early days of late 2009 I initiated the idea of people standing up and announcing themselves as Independent Scientologists.   Some of the benefits of doing so and some of where I saw this trend going was covered in the post titled Independent Scientologists Community    26 Sept 2009.

Since then I have taken some heat from various sectors for not embracing the “Freezone” or the “International Freezone Association”.  Rather than waste a lot of time in debate I kept carrying along with the “Independent” agenda.  The idea was that given enough numbers and enough persistence three aims would ultimately be achieved:

a)  Scientology would ultimately become differentiated in the public mind from the Church of Scientology as Independent Scientologists took a stand and took more responsibility for it.

b) Scientologists in greater numbers would no longer feel they had to disassociate themselves with from Scientology to survive and flourish. They would de-pts from Scientology Inc and recognize that no madman can or should have a monopoly on their religion.

c) By the continued momentum of “a” and “b” the dark empire of Corporate Scientology would become increasingly irrelevant as the subject of Scientology rose from the ashes like the Phoenix in the forms of myriad Independent Scientologists.

We are one month past the beginning of year three in a plan that I initially estimated would take about five years.

There is a long way to go.

There will always be peaks and valleys.

Hopefully, we will continue to experience momentum.