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The Case of Sergeant Grischa

A little story from L Ron Hubbard:

There was a wonderful book written one time called – I think it was The Case of Seargent Grescha or Grischa. It had to do with the fall of the German Empire.  The fall of the German Empire was postulated to have occurred with the German army’s arbitrary execution of a Russian soldier by the name of Grischa.  He had not sinned against the German state in any way.  It was totally unjust that he was executed through the indolence, incompetence of various German officers, so forth.  And it builds this whole thing up into the whole rhyme, “For want of a nail the shoe was lost, for want of a shoe the horse was lost, for want of a horse the rider was lost, for want of the rider the battle was lost and all for the want of a horseshoe nail.”

Well, interesting example of the state forgetting or overriding the rights of one human being with terrific consequences because the death of Grischa, by the way, was historic – World War I – it evidently actually occurred — and I know that it did cause riots, not amongst the Russian soldiers, but caused riots amongst the German troops.  And a lot of smoke occurred through the death of one person who was wronged.

— LRH, Personality, 14 August 1951, Wichita Kansas

In my opinion we have yet to hear of Miscavige’s Seargent Grischa.  But I have a strong premonition we will in 2012.  And it will be our several year collective emanation of truth and energy that will make the reaction possible. I am preparing for the fall out.



Update from Debbie

There has truly been a river of warmth, kindness and support!

I just want to say thank you for your caring communications in answer to my post as well as through emails and Facebook messages. I have been quite amazed to receive literally thousands of such emails and messages. 

I would like to make a point about all of this – if it wasn’t for the unbelievable support we have gotten from so many this entire quest for truth and justice might already have been squashed.  What has given us strength and resource has been the fact that so many people have come with support – information, brilliant ideas and funds to help with the legal defense. We have even had some help in getting more clients for our marketing business after losing many of ours. All of this has served to give us the strength and organization to be able to present the truth. And it is the truth that can pierce through 16 inch thick armor.  And remember “truth is the only thing that can go through 16 inch armor plate steel.”

We have an attorney team that truly is incredible. They often work longer hours than Sea Org members and they are in it for the cause of justice. On top of that, they are absolutely brilliant. And they know they are up against deep pockets that can pay for the most expensive counsel.  Independents have been there every step of the way since the TRO and suit were filed with support in every way. 

It is a real shame that parishioners’ hard earned money is being used to cover up the crimes and gross human rights violations being committed by the “leader” of Scientology.

Anyway, it is I who owe you the thanks. Those who have come through with real help to win this battle. Whether it is being done to help salvage Scientology from ruin or to protect human rights or whatever drives you – your help is the only reason we are able to have the strength, resource and skill to fight this battle and have any hope of winning.

As has been covered on this blog, we were served with a 34 page motion for summary judgement. In a nutshell, on May 7th, the Church of Scientology will walk into a hearing with a judge, and demand that Wayne and I are found guilty without trial. If they can prove none of the facts that make their case are in dispute, a judge can simply bang down the hammer and our case will never go before a jury.  The work that is ongoing to prepare our answer to this is considerable.  

To deal with this we are asking for your continued help.  And please be assured, no information will be divulged by us as to the source of any donations or otherwise. Any and all information will remain completely confidential no matter what pressure is brought to bear. You can donate to the defense fund here: www.debbiecookbaumgarten.com ;

Maybe my new nickname should be THE GIRL WHO KICKED THE HORNETS NEST! And it is a hornets nest of out ethics at the top. But it can’t be allowed to just go on. It has been going on to the extreme detriment of many good people and to the detriment of a movement that would otherwise be thriving, helping others and protecting and preserving human rights.

If only the last 30 years of real stats for Scn orgs internationally, like Auditors Made, Grade Chart steps completed, Releases, Clears, OTs made, bodies in the shop, etc. could be laid out on graphs. The decline would be shocking. If only the public saw those real stats instead of the BS that they see at the glitzy events, maybe it would break the spell and they could see that we aren’t in Kansas anymore. 

Deep down you always believe that truth and good wins in the end, but when you look around in life that often doesn’t really seem to be the case. Those who can afford top legal defense certainly have a way of getting away with murder. So we definitely have our work cut out for us.

Thank you again for your support. We have a ways to go to win. But it can be done!

– Debbie