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Anybody Have a Viewpoint on Scientology Front Groups?

Ref:  Conscience – Scientology and Human Rights

Lisa Hamilton does, and allowed me to share our email conversation on the matter:


Hello.  I needed to write to you about your most recent posting.  And perhaps I am missing data, but it seems that what Mary Shuttleworth (who is not an SO member, but is public) is doing is a good thing by traveling around the world promoting the Declaration of Human Rights.  If this message is something that does get across it could change how people are being treated on the planet.
I knew Mary for many years in PAC and maybe this is why it struck me odd.  Mary has been traveling for many years.  I am guessing that she is at least partially funded by the IAS….I do remember her having trouble with funds.  I do know she is very passionate about her work and about Human Rights.  Having been on the road for so long and being so concentrated on Human Rights, it is very unlikely that she knows much about what is going on with DM.  Maybe she does.  If she doesn’t and she is doing good things for the planet, then she should be supported.
Yes, if DM gets credit for Mary’s hard work, that is disgusting.
It seems like a bit of a dilemma…if someone IS still associated with the CoS proper and they are doing good works and helping people I am not sure why we would speak out against what they are doing in order to harm DM.  If what Mary is doing is making a difference, she should be supported.  Unless she has changed drastically, she is a good and social personality.
In my mind, the right thing to do would be to expose the bad and support the good.
Maybe that is what you are saying to do.  The article seemed so full of hatred that I could not see it.
What you are doing for, in and with Independent Scientology is vital.
However, I do believe that there is good being done for the planet by people who are unfortunately still in the CoS.  I don’t think we should blanketly condemn them and their good works while we get rid of the real SP.  Yes, expose the suppressive, but don’t harm people of good will doing so.  Maybe this violates the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics, but in Mary’s case anyway, she creates good effects across many.
I did not send this to your blog as it is just a comm from me to you.  It is my observation and of course you can do what you want with it.  However, I would appreciate your viewpoint on what my thoughts here are.
   Hi. Yes, it is a dilemma. See the follow up post on Tony Ortega’s article.  The Human Rights campaign is being big-time funded by the church these days – using incredibly sophisticated a/v products, flying dignitaries around the world to attend events, hosting the same at lavish events at Scn celebrities’ homes.  All date coincident with Truth Rundown original series, summer 09.  Bless Mary for her work.  Pity her for being used as a tool to unwittingly be used to cover for the most heinous human trafficking operation in recent American history.  As a note, I am not trying to harm David Miscavige. I am working to prevent the continuing harm he visits upon others, and from my perspective, because of his position, all of humankind.  I’d love to post your email to me and my answer, if you believe that would be helpful.
Thanks a lot for your answer.  This indeed was a helpful perspective.  I did look at Tony Ortega’s posting and that made sense too.  I am so glad that any Independent Scientology individual can share and discuss their viewpoints and work together to make the world better.  It is so very different from being within the organization (and especially in the current Sea Organization) where you are afraid to say what you think or you expect to be put on the meter for an Ethics Interview to FIND YOUR CRIMES if you express an idea/opinion that may question what was said.
Feel free to share this with others. Thanks for being there.
Take care,


Conscience – Scientology and Human Rights

Re: Last night’s post, Scientology and Human Rights.

Tony Ortega at the Village Voice has posted a follow up article to one we linked to a few weeks ago about the Corporate Scientology sponsored Writers of The Future contest.

The new story is about a contest winner named Carl Frederick.  Frederick has decided to cut ties with the contest.  Tony’s reporting created the effect I was suggesting be created on the “church’s” Human Rights propaganda campaign front.  The article gives an inside look at what goes through the mind of someone supporting a corporate Scientology public relations program when he is informed about the criminal activities such a program seeks to create a cover for.

Frederick speaks of the corporate Scientology love bombing:

“You’re never treated anywhere in your life as a writer better than you are there. Tuxedos, parties on rooftops — there were evenpapparazi. They give you the whole works,” he says.

Frederick speaks to the question of why continuing to engage in such an innocent sounding activity would be an unethical choice:

“I had blinders on. Self-fitted blinders. I didn’t want anything to get in the way of my appreciation of the contest,” he says. “I still think the contest is a good thing. But once you’ve gone through it, you should probably leave. It’s the long-term association that I have a problem with,” he says. “It implies an acceptance of everything.”

Of course in this case, “everything” would include the atrocities of David Miscavige.  It would also indirectly support them by making his torture chamber matron, and Executive Director Author Services Barbara Ruiz – the sponsor of the contest, appear legitimate.

He also talks about the moral dilemma attached to such decision making:

“I feel good in my mind that I did turn this down, but I am conflicted about it,” he says. “They really do a lot for us. I’ve had nothing but niceness from these guys.”

Ortega’s article is your inside look at deconstruction of the propaganda front activity.  A great primer for anyone inclined to do something about the Human Rights propaganda activity of Miscavige discussed in last night’s post.

Scientology and Human Rights

David Miscavige has Corporate Scientology buying and defrauding politicians right, left and center in a systematic scheme to cover up his human trafficking operation with Human Rights.  Check out Senator Harry Reid’s latest endorsement.

Here is another Opinion Leader in the field unwittingly pimping for the biggest, most blatant human rights abuser in recent American history:

Mountain View Human Rights event.

The longer David Miscavige gets away with such fraudulent activity, the longer he is enabled to run his torture camp activities.  In order to put period to this blatant travesty I believe it is incumbant upon us to expose it.

Each time Miscavige puts out a “PR wire” press release or holds an event on Human Rights using prominent folk to front for him, I suggest that constituents, and industrious non-constituents, of such used personages expend a little time getting the truth to them about how they are being used.

You can inform them with the abundant available links about the only legitimate Human Rights work that is going on in the world of Scientology at this time; that of Independent Scientologists attempting to shut down Miscavige’s personal house of horrors at the international Scientology Inc headquarters.

It might seem oxymoronic at first  glance that this should be the important first step in correcting Scientology’s public identification with Human Rights violations.   But, if you read the Axioms of Dianetics and Scientology I think you’ll understand that to bury the truth and allow lies and crimes to continue  will result in persistence. Until the continued perpetration of the crimes and continued perpetuation of it by such false propaganda as we see above is exposed and ended, the rights violations will proliferate unabated.   Ultimately, unchecked Miscavige’s cult lunacy and cruelty will create destruction of such magnitude that he will forever destroy the name under which he is performing them, Scientology.

The lives of the people continuing to be adversely effected by David Miscavige’s insanity are worth the effort to educate.

Here are two suggested primer links to begin the educational process on the types of human rights abuses these opinion leaders are perpetuating and protecting in the name of Human Rights.

The Truth Rundown

Debbie Cook tells the Hole Truth