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Super Power Release – Ethics Repair List

One major portion of Super Power that L Ron Hubbard did directly see through to completion was the Ethics Repair List.

I wrote the following comment on a thread on this blog on 11 April 2011 concerning the Ethics Repair List:

Thanks. Do you think there is a snowball’s chance in hell that the ETHICS REPAIR LIST – as approved by L Ron Hubbard – is gonna be on that line up? Think about it. It ferrets out arbitrary, wrong condition assignments and ethics actions. The EP of that RD in this day and age, could be nothing but REVOLUTION against the Miscavige machine. It could be nothing but. Forget it, the original LRH Ethics Repair list will NOT, I REPEAT WILL NOT, ever see the light of day. I know all about it. Used it to great effect. Miscavige has altered it beyond recognition already – I’d bet my life on it.

Well, I have to eat half my words.   I still hold that David Miscavige has done and will continue to do everything in his power to keep the Ethics Repair List from Corporate Scientology public.  However, due to the alert action of Independent Scientologists, what I consider the very most powerful step of Super Power – and one of the few that LRH wound up completing to final issue –  the Ethics Repair List is now available to the world.  Check the pre-reqs on it – just about anyone can be run on it.

I have seen “reconstructions” floating around the internet over the years – but none even resembled the Real McCoy.  Now, the real deal has surfaced.

I have used it several times to wonderful results years ago within the church and look forward to using it with even more spectacular results away from that oppressive environment.

LRH notes the following in the HCOB:


Nothing is more likely to exteriorize a pc than this list.

If the pc goes exterior during this list, do not audit past it, gently end off the session.

I hope you all have a heck of a lot of fun with this.

Ethics Repair List. *

* Download instructions from Michael Hobson:

The “DOWNLOAD” in big letters at the top of the page is *NOT* the hosted file. That is actually an embedded advert designed to fool you into downloading that other crap.

Theo, you ought to know better than to run any executable downloaded from a random website you don’t know anything about.

The PDF file you want is at the link labeled “Click here to start download from Sendspace”. It’s a PDF document, which is not executable.

Michael A. Hobson
Independent Scientologist


Miscavige Birthday Con Part II

Just when you thought the LRH Birthday couldn’t be more degraded by David Miscavige.

In the event you consider my use of the term con or my linking of David Miscavige as the master of the con are over-reaching, please review the following:

The Hijacking of the International Association of Scientologists

International Association of Shills