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Life After Death And The Scientology Axioms

L Ron Hubbard wrote the following in 1954:

The Axioms

Axiom One: Life is basically a static. (Definition: A life static has no mass, no motion, no wavelength, no location in space or in time.  It has the ability to postulate and to perceive.)

Definition: In Scientology, the word ‘postulate’ means to cause a thinkingness or consideration. It is a specially applied word and is defined as causative thinkingness.

Axiom Two: The static is capable of considerations, postulates and opinions.

Axiom Three: Space, energy, objects, form and time are the results of considerations made and/or agreed upon or not by the static, and are perceived solely because the static considers that it can perceive them.

Axiom Four: Space is a viewpoint of dimension. (Space is caused by looking out from a point. The only actuality of space is the agreed-upon consideration that one perceives through something and this we call space.)

Axiom Five: Energy consists of postulated particles in space. (One considers that energy exists and that he can perceive energy.  One also considers that energy behaves according to certain agreed-upon laws.  These assumptions and considerations are the totality of energy.)

Axiom Six:  Objects consist of grouped particles and solids.

Axiom Seven: Time is basically a postulate that space and particles will persist. (The rate of their persistence is what we measure with clocks and the motion of heavenly bodies.)

Axiom 8:  The apparency of time is the change of position of particles in space.

Axiom 9:  Change is the primary manifestation of time.

Axiom 10: The highest purpose in the universe is the creation of an effect. 

Robert Lanza wrote the following in 2011:

Does the Soul Exist?  Evidence Says Yes


 Is Death An Illusion?  Evidence Suggests Death Isn’t The End.

Both of these articles were published in Psychology Today.

Is it not a travesty that corporate Scientologists would be burned at the stake (figuratively) if they were to dare to even take a peek at such a magazine?  Is it not a travesty that Scientology Inc is busy using the billions you have donated to them to stage public demonstrations of their flat earth mentality while science catches up with L Ron Hubbard?

Thank God for independence in religion, science and other vehicles of truth-seeking.

Transcend or descend.