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More Miscavige on Internet – Stopping Scientology

Some who have not experienced it may have trouble believing it, but I am sure those who have experienced it will confirm my interpretation of what follows.  Here’s an order from David Miscavige’s office to ED Int (Executive Director International) and Exec Ints (whatever members of ED Int’s team who had the misfortune of listening to the rant live).  The order is excerpted, as is Miscavige’s standard operating procedure, from an audio tape that records every insanity that issues from his mouth morning, noon and night while he stomps around the International headquarters of Scientology Inc.  ED Int and his Exec Ints then must report written compliance, with evidence, to the order so issued.   On average, ED Int  receives dozens of such orders on any given day – as do many others.  When Miscavige refers to the ED Int thinking  ‘And then it becomes, “oh, you’re stopping it”’ Miscavige – the perceptive one he is – is accurately reporting on exactly what ED INT and the Exec Ints were thinking at that very moment.  He knows that because it is a daily recurring thought of all members of Scientology Inc international management.  They think it because this order here represents Miscavige’s daily op.  He bats back violently at anything that is originated to him – including compliance to the insane orders he issues and even the programs that attempt to execute his dictates.  

The net result is, everything he tells anyone to do never gets done because Miscavige won’t ever approve the program that is proposed to get done what he has ordered to get done.  It is a vicious cycle.  It is like the movie Groundhogs Day played over and over and over,  day in and day out, year after year at Miscavige’s cult camp.  Except his version of Groundhogs Day is not a comedy, it is the most gruesome horror picture imaginable.  Miscavige very often tells International staff members and execs “oh, and you are thinking COB is stopping this” (after he sits on a submission for several months,then verbally lambasts the submitter with some incomprehensible cross order of himself) I suppose in order to make the person feel guilty and wrong and ultimately  stupid for perceiving the truth. More accurately, the op Miscavige runs day in an day out is making people believe they are incapable of understanding that which is incomprehensible (his orders) in the first place.  L. Ron Hubbard described the op in the lecture The Freedoms  of Clear, 4 July, 1958:  

“You know how people convince people they’re ignorant?  They take something which cannot be understood and they say, ‘You stupid jerk. Why don’t you understand this…’

“…Don’t ever make the mistake of believing that you are ignorant simply because you do not understand the incomprehensible.  Because that’s the oldest trick in the universe.”

 Miscavige, live from the international headquarters of Scientology Inc.:

14 Mar 2003

TO:      ED INT

             EXEC INTS


And on Marketing, they keep coming up with a million other things, because the guy doesn’t understand it.  It’s, get the Internet done, goes out and talk to Sky Dayton, comes up with a bunch of ideas, “yeah, we’ll send it out to the org.  Hey, any dissemination is better than none.”  No it’s not.  How many more people am I willing to blow out of Scientology.  And by the way, put that aside, why didn’t he program it in and do any part of his job?  Tell the org staff, “Here’s how you answer.”  Get out a basic program on this?  Why not?  Why put it out without that?  Oh, I wanted to wait 3 years to get out his program and they’re just going to get a computer manual.  And then it becomes, “oh, you’re stopping it.”  No actually, I’m the one who’s been pounding to get it done and get a standard line in.  So what were we about to put out?  [CallInExecInt: A line that’s not complete.]  You don’t get it yet.  Your respect for org policy and what happens down there is not accurate or you would literally feel your stomach twisting right now. And to you, it’s glib.  You don’t really live and breathe this purpose and know what’s happening.  You should though.

Our things are supposed to forward it.  And the reason it doesn’t make sense, because you don’t know what the basic purpose is.  You go, “Hey, I know how to forward that great idea.  I know how to really get that book line in.”  What do I get from Marketing?  “Yeah, we’ve got an Internet there on Scientology on-line, we’ll have a way where they can log in and we can 8C them through the books.”  Now, I haven’t seen the 8C in one of those issues.  In fact, what I’m trying to do is get them to want them.  What did it turn into instead?  “8C them.”

The only place that thinks they need 8C is here.  I plan on getting people and saying, there it is and they go, “whoa, I want it.”  But nobody there would even push it and 8C them anyway.  You already know that.  That’s what’s so stupid.  Marketing—you’re supposed to create want.