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Why Cold Steel and Scientology Don’t Mix

Over the past three decades Scientology Inc head David Miscavige has proudly and increasingly implemented what he calls the ‘ruthless, cold, chrome steel’ personality ‘necessary’ to manage Scientology.   It started with Religious Technology Center (RTC, the top of Scientology Inc’s chain of command).  Cold, chrome steel has made its way all the way down to local churches of Scientology.  More and more cops to prevent more and more potential ‘crime.’  More and more cops policing more and more dynamics. Public Scientologists taking on the valence of cops, confronting and informing upon friends and family members for creating an independent thought, for example. Look at the end product.

L. Ron Hubbard tells us why this has had such disastrous effects, and why the independent Scientologists movement has thrived and can be counted upon to continue to do so.  Fittingly, from the 4th of July, 1958 in a lecture titled The Fact of Clearing:

Man definitely has a right to certain happiness.  He isn’t going to experience that right under the circumstances of his own past. He can’t.  He’s too wound up in this and that. It’s not the mores of the society that prevent him .  It’s all of these delusions about how bad the other fellow is. 

You have police because other people are so bad. I investigated police one time. I became a cop. That’s the best way to investigate something — become it for a while, you know?  You can go too far with that sort of thing. But where do we have, in essence here, a cave-in of the society?  What could cave the society in?

Well, all you’d have to do is have a police force and a society would start caving in.  Why? The police force constitutes a constant reminder that men are evil, which is a constant reminder that we must agree with these evil men.  Do you see how this would work?  Neat little trick.

Now, that doesn’t say that we are so starry-eyed as to believe that at this time we could dispense with all police. Or could we?

Now, you have to make up your mind which way you’re going to go with a society if you’re thinking about a new society of one kind or the another. And if you say, “Well, this society would be totally unregulated,” then we would be proposing an anarchy.  And all the anarchists tell us that the only way a society would work as a total freedom without government would be if everyone in it were perfect.

Well, I don’t know whether we propose — when we talk about a cleared society — whether we propose or not to have an anarchy.  That’s beside the point.  That’s up to the people who get cleared.  But I don’t think you’d wind up with an anarchy. I think you’d wind up with a much finer level of agreement and cooperation because I think you’d then be able to realize the rest of the dynamics. 

The cops are there only because the rest of the dynamics aren’t there! So, if you put those back into society, then you’d get a society.