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Scientology Inc. Internet Nannies

Scientology Inc. is providing a ‘service’ to assist corporate Scientologists ‘keep undesirables off your lines.’    It promises to ‘clean up’ everyone’s email lists so that there is no one on it that is not a fanatical, kool-aid drinking Miscavige devotee.   In true Orwellian style it is being offered by the “IHELP” branch of the corporation.  Here is the pitch being distributed from the management building at Hollywood Blvd and Ivar Ave:


Please read the below and follow the directions.  This is an
important cycle of action and will help keep undesirables off your
lines as well.


We are in the process of cleaning up all email lists to make
sure you are not inadvertently contacting some terminals who are no
longer in good standing with the Church. We have set up a line so
this can be done easily and a service will be provided for you to
keep all lists clean on a regular basis.

Follow the below guidelines to provide your email list for list
cleaning. Be sure to include any lists you use, e.g. your contact
list, email address book, email mailing lists, etc. There’s no
limit to the number of lists you can send in. The point is – send
them all!

If you are using Outlook, Thunderbird or another similar email
program to manage your lists, then these programs typically have an
“Export” function with which you can export your email list.
For example, in Outlook, select your Contact list, choose “File”,
then “Import & Export”. From the “Import & Export Wizard”, choose
the option to “Export a file”. Choose the file type called “Tab
Separated Values” (Windows). You will be prompted to choose a file
name. Save the exported data.
Otherwise, provide your email list in a comma-separated, tab-
separated or Excel spreadsheet file with one email address per line
in the file so that it can be processed easily.
If you have questions as to how to export your email list using the
software that you have, you can send an email to
addoservice@scientology.net for further instructions.
Send your lists to addoservice@scientology.net.
Let me know once you have sent in all your lists.