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The Mystique of Casablanca

Why do you suppose David Miscavige has Private Eyes crawling around Casablanca like cockroaches of late?   Here is one particularly obvious one a couple days ago:

Could it be the presence of Paul Marrick, Greg Arnold, Tony Ortega, and three unidentified film makers as seen here?

Or might it be today’s visitor roster, including Lucy James, Steve Hall, Mark Shreffler, and Haydn James?

Stay tuned for answers.  In the meantime, worry not, the forces of evil are outnumbered.


Kindle Edition Available of What Is Wrong With Scientology

The Kindle edition is now available at Amazon Books, at What Is Wrong With Scientology? Kindle Edition.  The whole introduction and part of Chapter One is available at this link.

In the meantime, Haydn James happened to stop by the other day and I gave him my proof copy which he finished and sent me his feedback on.  He agreed to sharing it with you.

Haydn James’ Review of What is Wrong With Scientology?

Finished reading your book. As an experienced Scientologist, I
wondered: what will I get out of reading it? The answer? A great
deal, a very great deal.

For me it answered a number of unanswered questions, but most of
all (and having finished reading the book I know you will love
this) it confirmed for me that my current spiritual journey and
purpose to help others is as it should be. Not because you, Hubbard
or anyone else told me so or because my views happen to coincide
with yours but because I know it to be true for myself. And that is
incredibly liberating.

I told you when I visited you and Mosey that I have never been
happier. That wasn’t quite true, I am all the happier for having
read your book.

I would have finished reading it sooner but I made the mistake of
putting it down to grab some food, at which point Lucy picked it
up, started reading and wouldn’t give it back. She loved it and
thought it brilliant!

Since I have now read the proof you kindly provided, I thought it
only fair that I also buy it, which I have done and posted a
review. I describe it as “A unique book on Scientology”. And it is.
But I also believe you are the Tom Paine of Scientology. I believe
this book will be to the subject of Scientology and Scientologists
what Common Sense was to the American people and their ultimate
freedom. Just as Tom Paine discussed and destroyed the validity of
willingly giving up ones freedom to an uncontrollable entity known as
“royalty”, you discuss and destroy any notion that one should
become a slave to a subject and organization designed to free
people. Like Paine’s tract “Common Sense”, the truth in your book
is unmistakable and unavoidable.

In a word … brilliant.


Print Edition is still available at, What Is Wrong With Scientology? Print Edition

Rupert Murdoch and David Miscavige

Haydn James submitted an article published below that draws many parallels between media king Rupert Murdoch and squirrel king David Miscavige.

Here are a few things to take into consideration when reading Haydn’s piece.

Rupert Murdoch cut his teeth on bashing L Ron Hubbard and Scientology during the sixties in Australia.

Murdoch’s US (most notably Fox News) and UK media holdings have uniquely steered clear of the dozens of breaking stories about David Miscavige’s abuse that have run in most other media since the Tampa Times landmark 2009 series The Truth Rundown.

For a while I considered that might be due to something I was working on shortly before leaving Scientology Inc in 2004.  That was working with David Miscavige and Tom Cruise to recruit Australian media magnate heir James Packer.  Tom had reported that Jamie grew up with one of Murdoch’s sons – same exclusive schools, clubs, etc – and that Murdoch treated Jamie like a son. Miscavige relieved me of all other post duties to concentrate on working with Tom to recruit Jamie. The plan was to help Jamie with Scientology and to influence Jamie to win over Murdoch for Scientology in exchange (of course never disclosing the terms to Jamie).  I was involved in the help side of it and that was rewarding. But I left before the other side of the hidden bargain was carried out by Miscavige and Cruise.  

Whether that ever came to fruition may be of no import.  Reading Haydn’s post made me consider the Occam’s razor approach. Perhaps a more likely explanation is that Rupert Murdoch and David Miscavige are simply peas from the same L Ron Hubbard hating pod. 

Peas in a Pod

by Haydn James

Rupert Murdoch’s plight gives an interesting comparative and some insight into the world and precarious position of David Miscavige.

Murdoch, born Australian but now an American citizen, controls the second largest but arguably the most influential media empire in the world.  500 companies in 50 countries which includes The Wall Street Journal, New York Post, Fox Television and Twentieth Century Fox studios in the USA, four newspapers including The London Times and the hugely influential Sun as well as television in the UK. He is ranked as the 13th most powerful man in the world. For decades he has been a king maker, deciding and influencing through the coordinated policy of his media outlets who should assume political power in a number of countries, particularly Australia and England but he is not without major influence in the USA. He even took on and backed down the BBC, using his political influence to extract revenge for their opposition to his activities, arranging for their annual budget to be cut by sixteen percent.

If there is a major global elitist conspiracy of greed, Murdoch is a card carrying member. And I note that he acquired The News of the World newspaper in 1968, in England, just in time for its three year onslaught against Scientology and LRH — shades of Ron’s Journal 67.

So I have been watching with fascination as, expose by expose, piece by piece, the depth of corruption on the part of Murdoch’s empire was brought to light in the UK and USA. And I have noticed that the similarities and parallels with Miscavige are unmistakable.

Murdoch bought political influence for protection and to strengthen his media stranglehold, going so far as to create a media monopoly. It used to be illegal in England for one person to own and influence more than one major media outlet but Murdoch was able to change all that. And he became an American citizen so he could acquire and own media companies in the USA.  Like David Miscavige, Rupert Murdoch created, ostensibly, an unassailable position in the world in which he ruled. People feared him and most lacked the courage to speak out against his bullying and abuses. But Murdoch’s vast political and media influence to the contrary, he proved that no position is totally safe or secure.

Just like Miscavige, Murdoch ran his personal empire as a dictator, doing only what he saw fit and without regard to common decency or law. The sheer degree of power he wielded went to his head. He thought he was above the law. And when it looked like the truth about his operations might come to light, Murdoch used the same play book of dirty tricks that Miscavige used in attempting to silence those speaking out against him.

PIs were used by Murdoch to openly follow and harass critics, even British members of parliament. Dossiers were compiled on anyone who was or might become an enemy. Any dirt they could find was used to force critics into silence or ruin their reputation via whisper campaigns. High priced lawyers were used to threaten and shudder individuals, other newspapers, companies and lawyers into silence and if that failed they “settled” (with huge pay offs) those who could not be intimidated. All very familiar to independent Scientologists.

Like David Miscavige, Murdoch was mercilessly over the top when it came to running his empire. Journalists working for one of Murdoch’s newspapers were compelled to come up with twelve major scoops (good news stories) per year or they were summarily fired. As anyone who has worked in Scientology knows, that kind of fear and duress does not result in anything good. Murdoch’s empire was no different. In turn, the journalists put pressure on the private investigators they used to dig up dirt and stories. Desperate to keep their lucrative jobs, the PIs hacked and tapped the phones and media devices of thousands of people, including celebrities, and they paid members of the police (Metropolitan Police – Scotland Yard) to retrieve and pass along information they needed. The lines into the police were extensive. Mind you, I will say this, if Murdoch’s PIs felt under pressure to produce the goods they should try working for Miscavige – or maybe they have.
From the moment a tiny fraction of the truth leaked out the result was inevitable. Despite the fact that some members of the government, police and Murdoch did all they could to cover it up, the truth eventually broke wide open. One way or another, the truth came out. In another theme familiar to Independent Scientologists, when few dared to carry the story, a single non-Murdoch newspaper in the USA picked up the ball and ran with it which emboldened other media outlets around the world.

In response to the worldwide bad press, politicians in England turned on Murdoch, blocking his expansion moves. The infamous, LRH attacking, News of the World which had been in existence for many decades was shut down and closed and a number of Murdoch’s staff have been arrested. There are three ongoing criminal investigations in the UK, FBI investigations in the USA, countless civil lawsuits for invasion of privacy as well as parliamentary investigations into the actions of Murdoch, his family and his empire. The fallout is still raining down and will for some years.

But even Murdoch has a couple of advantages over David Miscavige. Firstly, he can claim, with at least a little credibility, that his empire is so vast he could not monitor it all. David (I micro manage everything) Miscavige cannot. Secondly, Murdoch has gone to great lengths to make and publish apologies for his offences, something Miscavige will never do.

Three additional observations come out of what is happening to Murdoch.

1. In the modern world, no amount of power, political or media influence can prevent the truth from coming out.

2. Dirty tricks only hasten the process.

3. (OSA staff should note this one).  The first ones arrested are the lieutenants.

Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave

Haydn James just wrote the following to me after he read  one of the books from the recommended reading section of this blog, A Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass,  an American Slave.  I’m posting Haydn’s communication to suggest other people read that book as well as consider reading some of the other books there too. 


I am sometimes slow on the uptake but I get there eventually. For  some years now you have recommended reading the account by Fredrick
Douglas of his life as a slave. To be honest, I thought: “Slavery is an abomination and shouldn’t be allowed, but that’s the long and the short of it so what’s to be gained by reading an account on the subject?”

Having just finished reading it I believe there is everything to be

There is no shift, mechanism, trick or means of domination used by
the slave master of old that isn’t used by David Miscavige. There
is no feeling, thought or emotion experienced by a slave that isn’t
felt by a Sea Org member, staff member or Scientologist under
Miscavige’s savage rule. There was no rationale, mind-set,
compromise or acceptance made by a slave that isn’t made by
Scientologists that are still trapped.

Some may say: “Sure but slaves were born to slavery whereas
Scientologists and Sea Org members volunteered for servitude.”
Well, I would say this: “In addition to the fact that I know of no
one that signed up for servitude, it was thrust upon them by
ambush, check out the accounts of children and youth that were born
into Scientology.”

I would much prefer to find differentiation rather than association
but between Mr. Douglas’ account of slavery and my experiences as a
Scientologist, staff and Sea Org member under Miscavige in the last
thirty years, as hard as I tried, I could only find association.

I have long sought the answer to the question of why do some shake
off Miscavige’s suppressive chains while others accept them,
reluctantly resolve to go along with the status quo and do nothing,
and some even go so far as to slavishly support their master? .

I finally found the answer in Mr. Douglas’ book — a very important

Freedom is the senior datum, always was, always will be. Those left
in the “church” are enslaved because they have relegated freedom to
a junior level. They continue to make freedom less important than
the “Church” of Scientology and so are able to be enslaved by its
self appointed ruler. It’s an alteration of truth and natural law
that will persist until the matter is rectified. Until resolved
they will continue to feel all the sufferings that slaves of old

Though it is 2011, I now consider myself an abolitionist. Slavery
is masquerading as religion and in a perverse twist of fate is
using a movement that had total freedom as its goal.

Total freedom is still the goal.

Haydn James

A couple of observations.  While Douglass writes of being a slave, more importantly the narrative recounts his metamorphosis from that beingness  into that of a free man.  I recommended the book because I believe there is no difference in the evolution he navigated and that which must be negotiated by anyone living with a slave-like mentality, whether that state was enforced from birth physically or mentally or was self imposed. Here is a man who was born into slavery but recognized he remained in that state first and foremost because he agreed to continue to do so on some level.  If Frederick Douglass could escape that prison mentally, then physically, then continue to work on his freedom and get there spiritually in the mid 1800s – all on his lonesome – then not a single one of us has any excuse to continue to walk about with shackled minds.  It is about removing the shackles of other-determinism and walking the walk of self-determinism.