Media That Seeks to Clarify and Edify

I spent a good part of the day yesterday attempting to educate dozens of inquiring media on the issues likely impacting the Cruise/Holmes dispute.  For the most part, it was a failure.   With their limited attentions spans, and overriding obsessions to be first with the most bizarre allegations, the media jammed the airwaves and cables with ill-informed assertions (sometimes even retracted) and speculation.  Reviewing the fall out I noted a couple of pieces that stood out as fair and informed journalism that served to edify.

First there was editor in chief of the Village Voice, Tony Ortega’s interview on Current TV:

Then, there was Guy Adams’ piece in the UK Independent:

Oh yeah, the New York Daily News really got it right:

The rest of it was pretty much a lot of noise.

Again, for those linking in for background, the following are key posts published here over the past three years on the unnatural level of control Miscavige has asserted over Cruise and Katie Holmes.  Few media have taken the time to study the ample documentation provided here of the dynamics between Scientology Inc leader Miscavige and his pal Tom Cruise.

1.   Target, Tom Cruise.  Details how Scientology Inc’s supreme leader David Miscavige (Cruise’s best man at his wedding) has infiltrated the Cruise household and used personal assistants and family members to serve as informants on every aspect of Cruise’s personal life.

2. Miscavige and Cruise Caught Lying.   A documented expose of Scientology Inc leader Miscavige using church of Scientology slave labor to design and construct custom-made motorcycles and vehicles for Cruise.  Demonstrates the depth of Cruise’s loyalty and commitment to Scientology Inc’s sociopathic head.

3.  Cruise at Cult Compound.  Internal Scientology Inc. document demonstrating level of control over Cruise’s life, and how it interjects itself between Cruise and Katie Holmes.

4.  Tom Cruise’s Life Controlled by Sinister Cult.  Internal Scientology documents demonstrating how cult leader Miscavige vets, chooses and controls Cruise’s personal staff.

5.  To Tom Cruise from David Miscavige With Love.   Photographs of the special airplane hangar that was constructed for Cruise utilizing Scientology Inc. slave labor, at the orders of David Miscavige.

6.  Tom Cruise and David Miscavige, an unnatural relationship.   Graphic, photographic evidence of Miscavige’s interjection of himself into Cruise, Holmes relationship.

7.  Tom Cruise’s Custom Cult Motorcycle.   Miscavige’s slave labor custom-design motorcycle gift to Cruise.

8.  Miscavige Betrays Tom Cruise’s Confessional.  How cult leader Miscavige violates the confessions of Cruise.  Further insight into the unnatural, unethical control Miscavige wields over Cruise.

9.  Tom Cruise’s Scientology Buses.    More documentation on the Scientology Inc. custom-made buses, including documentation of the internal Scientology reporting system on details of Cruise’s personal life.

10.  The Whole Story.  If you really want to understand the mind set of the best friend of Scientology Inc’s supreme leader, as Tom Cruise characterizes himself, you should read my recently published book What Is Wrong With Scientology?  It is now also available on Kindle.

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  1. Happy Birthday, Tom Cruise!

  2. To those journalists looking to write a story that hasn’t been told a hundred times already, looking for something to dig into and get “dirt” on, looking for something related, but no one else is covering… your answer is David Miscavige.
    He was Tom Cruise’ best man at their wedding. The and Tom have “matching” motorcycles, painted and tricked out by the Scientology “Sea Org” using church dollars, that same organization also did the build-out on Tom Cruise’ personal airplane hanger, his personal bus, his Expedition personal truck, and on and on. The “STORY” here, is how this “non-profit” organization is at the beck-and-call of on Tom Cruise because of an unusual and far-out relationship with the “leader” of this church.
    Your first reaction might be,”who gives a ****?” But the question remains:

    How far down the rabbit hole do you want to go?

    Start digging.

  3. A mom caring about it’s child can create such an effect on the whole planet !
    Wow !

  4. Marty — thanks and I know the feeling. I stopped returning calls as it doesnt matter what you tell them. If TMZ throws out “Suri was going to be sent to the Freewinds” everyone jumps on the bandwagon and rushes to get that out as fast as possible. The only good thing about that one was maybe some media will show up at the Freewinds — not even realizing that this is the one week a year where they could actually ambush Miscavige if they rented themselves a boat to follow him on his dive trips!

    Interesting how karma is biting POB in the ass. People sit outside her apartment in a white SUV. They could be papparazzi, they could be PI’s hired by a lawyer, they could be security hired by Katie, or they could be an utter coincidence. But, because of Miscavige’s well-documented history of sending PI’s to follow “enemies” and idiots like the Squirrelblusterers, it’s a perfect fit “Scientology PI’s are camped outside her apartment.” They issue a denial and nobody buys it — because they have read the denials the church made earlier and then the Bert Leahy video and media coverage.

    t really sucks to be Miscavige. His annual vacation on the Freewinds has been ruined and people keep accusing him of things he actually does and he can’t stop it!

    The best thing to come out of this is the publicity for your book! It’s a dream to have this sort of media exposure for a new book — all courtesy of Tom and Dave. Amazing. Reminds me of a line I keep seeing in the “successes” from the RCS “I just want to thank COB for making this all possible….”

    PS: Tony O has done a good job of navigating through the nuttiness and trying to keep focused on reality. It’s not easy, and I really commend him for also always trying to make the distinction between the subject/philosophy and the actions of the church.

  5. Marty,watched you on ET last night. Short but sweet, they showed your book
    full screen, a nice reveiw for “Whats wrong with Scientology”. On my Big Screen you could almost make out the brand of sunglasses John Allender is wearing.
    It was when Miscavige wanted to go on Tom and Katies Honeymoon on a private boat , this made me squirm, very uncomfortable feeling. I am on board about Miscavige having more going on than just a few screws loose, he is up there with Syrian Torture ceters and Dr. Mengele.

    Tom there is a reason this pervert showers you with gifts.

  6. I agree with Bozz: journalists, press, start digging. There is a story here that needs no embellishments, no sensationalizing.

    If you simply convey facts you won’t need any embellishments. The truth is stranger than fiction here.

    Welcome to a perfect media storm.

    This story can be a career maker for a journalist whose integrity and story telling ability is classy, tasteful, entertaining and truthful.

  7. “Tony O has done a good job of navigating through the nuttiness and trying to keep focused on reality. It’s not easy, and I really commend him for also always trying to make the distinction between the subject/philosophy and the actions of the church.”

    That was my thought too.
    Thanks Tony O.
    It’s not easy to get the truth across.

  8. My humble guess is (and certainly you would know better) that the only chance of reconciliation is completley stepping away from Cof$. I guess he will. The reasons are two fold – his kool aid drinking has cost him 2 wives and tarnished his image/career.
    The friggin wake up call should have been when Sumner Redstone (who controls Paramount via Viacom) openly ditched him because Sumner and his wife, who by the way is educated, caring, and smart, were so shocked at his out PR antics that they saw him as a liability. My predict is the reason that someone of the stature of Sumner would do it so loudly is because of 1) A run in with DM or one of DMs minions 2) A run in with DMs valance via Tom. It had to be some serious sh**, otherwise Redstone would not have been so loud about the termination.
    In closing – Tom will continue to fade away from Cof$ or put some balls on openly walk with no fear of DM revealing his O/Ws.
    I hope for the later because we all know that so many public are in ClassV orgs and Missions are there to be “cool” because of TC, JT, Kirsty and other celebs. Open departure would be devistating. Man up Tom!
    Footnote- Lisa Marie we dined together at Sandcastle when you were on VI. Kudos to you for what you are doing. Please take it to the next level you being more loud would help so many others. At any rate I admire you and your courage.

  9. Marty
    Given the pressures you mention on the media, if you believe that there is value in disseminating certain info, I’m wondering if it would be worth posting a single integrated summary page that works as a whole for an uninformed reader, with the above links as additional options for those interested in researching further? Just a thought.

  10. Amazing. Reminds me of a line I keep seeing in the “successes” from the RCS “I just want to thank COB for making this all possible….”

    HA!!!! Hahahahahahahahahahaaa….. *wipes a tear*

  11. martyrathbun09

    Good analysis Mike. And you can bet, Mr. Victim is convincing Cruise that Katie and I were conspiring all along and carefully orchestrated the whole thing. Think we ought brace up against having our ethics put in “ruthlessly”?

  12. Toms BFF (David Miscavige) has been accused multiple times, by multiple people, for 3 decades of verbal, mental, emotional and PHYSICAL violence. I wonder if that will play a part in this.
    One of the parties hanging out with “trash”. Is it in the best interests of Suri?
    Do courts take these things into consideration?

  13. Could the reason that “this pervert showers TC with gifts” just simply be that TC and DM have a gay relationship? Not necessarily in ‘practice’, but at least ‘philosophically’? DM is always very heavy on homosexuality, so heavy that it raises suspicion.
    Remember that Nicole Kidman still has some things to tell …

  14. Amen.
    It’s a career maker to the one who does it Right.

  15. Marty,

    Thank you so much for your book!!!

    From the chapter “Differentiation”:
    “An organization that stood for non-conformity, thinking outside the box, freedom of conscience, freedom of information and nurturing of the spiritual would degenerate into a mind-controlling, intolerant, censoring, zealous, violent and materialistic cult”.

    The former was what I agreed with and what I came for when I got introduced into the philosophy of Scientology, joining staff only few weeks after (2 years, then 13 years Sea Org). The latter was why I left – it was betraying the former purpose and was the opposite of my deepest convictions.
    At the beginning of my spiritual journey, I was confronted with only few contradictions. At the end I was in turmoil with dichotomies swirling madly around in my universe. I could sort it out now!


  16. Happy Birthday, indeed. Reminds me of my own 50th. I had been restricted to the base and was sleeping on a thin mattress on the floor of a room in OGH. A camera was trained on me and I woke up thinking, “Wow, I’m 50 today. That is a big deal for most people. But I can’t imagine a suckier place to be right now.” That said, I would take my 50th birthday over TC’s any day.

  17. Marty — I am sure you are right. It’s a massive conspiracy planned since childhood….

    As for having our ethics put in “ruthlessly” — I am looking forward to it! 🙂

  18. Marty, they will be back. There will come a slow news day and they will be mining those links. Stay on it. This vein is too rich to be ignored or glossed over.

  19. The press is lapping it up and there’s nothing DM can do to stop it.
    I guess we can expect a statement from the cult’s lawyer saying she’s fine.

  20. Marty, you have done a fine job of educating public, media, Independents.
    From my experience most media is into sensationalism. The more “Oh my God” moments they can create the better it is for them. Tom was warned and paid no attention. Katie and her daughter can move on and good for them. Miscavage will face his ending soon enough in my opinion. He has taken a wonderful, workable technology and turned it into a control factory period.

  21. Roger Thought (LO)

    Good movie explaining the factors (Budhism) and quantum physics

  22. Martin – in California you bet they do look at who each parent is associated with when considering custodial rights. My bet is she file in NY because they look closer and they are further away from possible bribes than California family court Judges

  23. Martin – additionally I believe she resides in NYC because LAPD, BHPD, and actually greater LA are on the take. Being there OMG what could happen?? Seriously, she would be at risk of planted drugs or other crazy sh**. I mean come on I think in CW and LA they pay off duty police crazy money like $80.00 per hour I heard for security. That’s payoff like racket crap going on.

  24. Brian Culkin

    It’s such a complex situation. One part of me feels an overwhelming amount of compassion for TC and even a sense of wanting to protect him from the media onslaught he is receiving at the moment. Yet, another part wants to see him suffer and come undone for helping to perpetuate the most horrific of lies that David Miscaviage is ‘the leader of leaders’ …. which facilitated his ability to further emotionally, mentally, and financially abuse Scientologists around the world for the past several years.

    The saddest part, the piece that infuriates me more than anything is that at this very moment Annie Rapp, Laurie Webster, etc. are crush regging any person at Flag they can find and the line they are using is directly related to the Holmes/Cruise situation. “We are under attack”

    Of course your under attack …?!? Why wouldn’t you be? Any organization that behaves in the manner you do would be under attack …

    TC will wake up … I guarantee it … It will be an extremely painful, heart wrenching process … but there is no question there will be so many people to support him through the transition …

  25. No rationality will come from any of the media about this. This is a pack of hyenas pouncing on a corpse.

    But, at the end of the day, it has always been this way with the media.

    What is good is that inside the media’s shotgun blasts of bullshit there are a few pellets of truth that might A. knock some sense into the heads of those still loyal to the usurper, and B. make someone curious about what all this fuss is about.

    One of my friends got into Scientology after reading an extremely negative article and figuring “nothing could be this bad.”

    Thanks for providing a channel for A and B above, Marty.

  26. Angela LeMay

    “Scientology Leader David Miscavige’s Wife Has Been Missing Since 2006”
    – The Business Insider
    Ashley Lutz | Jul. 3, 2012, 10:20 AM


  27. Angela LeMay

    I just read the article below that exposes the connection between David Miscavige and Tom Cruise and points to Marty’s book to find out more.

    “Former Church of Scientology inspector general Marty Rathbun explains how he escaped a destructive cult and what Katie Holmes is up against
    Rathbun says Scientology leader David Miscavige became drunk with Hollywood life and abusive to church managers. He claims Miscavige also paid staffers less than minimum wage to customize Tom Cruise’s home and cars”

    MONDAY, JULY 2, 2012, 10:51 PM

    Read More:

    Thanks for your diligence in exposing David Miscavige’s crimes.

  28. Now if we can just get the media to take notice that Heber Jentzch has also been missing for years.

  29. Marty, another interesting note. Gary (Lurch) Soter has become the new Elliot Abelson/Rick Moxon. Abelson used to deal with the sticky messes of the church but I guess his less than stellar performance with Debbie Cook landed him on the “persona non-grata” list, and Moxon has never been a spokesman type and especially when he has now been so publicly associated with the Squirrelblusterers and Dave Lablow (another one put out to pasture it seems, though appropriate as he can lie around in his own bullshit all day long and nobody will care).

    Gary Soter is the new “Winston Wolf” (see Pulp Fiction) of Scientology. And he is perfectly suited to the role. There are a lot of slimy lawyers on this earth, and he gives them all a bad name….

  30. A bit dis-related but it appears that DM is so desperate he must have paid mega bucks out of parishioner’s $ to have an ad for one of their anti-Marty sites appear as the first choice on Google when searching for “Marty Rathbun”.

    That must have cost them… More marketing for your book 🙂

  31. Great article Marty. I have your book and I am reading it and enjoying it.

    What was the old LRH saying about ethics gradients? You keep increasing them until you get the person to realize that they have to wake up and change their behavior.

    Maybe this increasing pressure on Cruise will at some point get him to realize what he has gotten himself into hanging around this real life SP – DM. He is an intelligent guy. This is round two of huge negative publicity which is ruining his career which he seems to care about the most.

  32. Sapere Aude

    Mike – Great summation. My thought was the same as yours on the denial that the SUV guys were from DM. So many lies have been used in PR and now it is blowing up in the face of DM and OSA. One news story about the SUV and Scn denial even had the Debbie Cook testimony video. One of those Karma moments. That verbal statement under oath about abuses and acts of evil intentions is just another gift that keeps on giving.

    Now that the group agreement of the media is in a frenzy it is out of control. Some true, some made up, all bad news for the RCS. I also notice it isn’t just denial’s from the church spokesperson but a statement released from some lawyer. Talk about hiding in the bunker mentality.

    TC has spoken to the world in his infamous IAS video about how he must ruthlessly put in ethics. Tom, the world is watching to see what you do to put in ethics on your relationship with DM, the actions of DM that you have tacitly given approval to by not speaking up, and how you use your status that has been glorified by DM to further the true aims and intentions of the subject left us by LRH.

    Having fully read Marty’s book – and it was very successful in its ability to communicate the subject – I guess I would have to thank COB for helping promote this book. Now that the fireworks are in full swing I think we shall continue to enjoy the celebration of Independence.

  33. What in the world is an article like that doing on a Business site. And the fact that its an article at all would indicate that this is spinning totally out of the churches control. All bets are off. I suspect there are some who are shredding non-stop and planning to go missing themselves. The time is now.

  34. Hadn’t seen that. It sucks to be David Miscavige with all that dirty laundry!

  35. DM’s next attorney is going to be Saul Goodman. Better call Saul!!!! 🙂

  36. You say public are in orgs and missions to be cool , they are there with the purpose to be cool , what good does that do !

  37. Wow! Now THAT is a mainstream news article we’ve never seen!!

  38. ParaNorman

    Good piece that Independent report. The message I was getting from the other Newspapers was;
    There is the Army, Navy, Air Force and then there’s The Sea Org.

  39. Mike and Marty,

    Little side note on DM. An acquaintance, a true believer, commented on DM after seeing him at an idle org opening: “wow, I was shocked at how haggard and rough DM looked, he has gotten very old quickly!”

    Seems that the 10 hours sleep a night, tanning beds, half dozen multi million dollar homes and personal gyms, gourmet foods and chefs, HGH, copper rods, tanning beds, $5,000 suits, etc. can’t counter the effects of massive quantities of scotch and the actions of his life.

  40. On another note
    “But it is hampered by the unfortunate absence of Jessica Davis, a church employee who has been its leading point of contact with Holmes for many years. The wife of Tommy Davis, Scientology’s spokesman, she has been ill for some time. As a result, a church source said, “David Miscavige lost his lines of communication with Holmes some time ago”

    Ill? Really?
    Is she PTS? Any and all illness is PTSness correct?
    Where is Tommy? Why is he not speaking out. Maybe they were RPF’d or slung in the hole for disobeying POB. I know its Tommy fault! He’s the real SP because he looks like TC.

  41. Good point Mike. One can google Gary Soter “news” and find him quoted on a gossip column which isn’t believed anyway due to David Miscavige’s denial/lying tactics which now simply is not credible at all as stated on Tony Ortega’s blog and

  42. Ronnie Bell

    What in the world is an article like that doing on a Business site.

    You’d be surprised at the topics that Business Insider tackles. It’s a great site for all sorts of news and information.

  43. Brian,

    I hear and feel ya man. We have talked about this many times. Love your compassion.

    For me, the biggest mind fuck about this whole thing is the reality perversion, while in we sacrifice everything, or time, family, money, reputation, health, integrity … everything for forwarding “the most important movement in the history of the universe, for the benefit of all mankind.” We are utterly convinced that our sacrifices are truly helping the world. When we realize that this isn’t true, that we may in fact have hurt people, or that our money has gone to hurt and destroy people, that we are not building a better world for all, but empowering only DM, it is an emotional and mental and moral crisis. It is sometimes almost impossible to confront in one foul swoop, thus the time for decompression and understanding and context.

    Much as I don’t like many things Cruse has done, I do have compassion for the level of personal betrayal he has encountered and bought into with DM, and I have tremendous compassion for Katie who was sucked into a torture chamber with gilded walls and bars over the windows. The most important person in all of this is Suri, who deserves a shot at a satisfying and self determined life.

  44. threefeetback

    Dave and Tom could do “matching” Anderson Coopers on the Freewinds, bow out gracefully, and make Marty’s book the first thing that you see when you walk into a major bookstore.

  45. For a long time I’ve had a hard time feeling much empathy for Tom Cruise. However, watching the video of him as a teenager being interviewed by Rona Barrett (which Tony O. posted at VV this morning) helped me see the lovely creature he is beneath the brutal grooming he’s had for decades in the cult.

    If you have the time to watch it, it might change your mind about the guy that Katie could have fallen in love with and that Marty is still trying to help.


  46. I think if people went to orgs and missions to find out how to get people to be free , that would be good . But to go there to be cool , no , not good .

  47. freeatlast

    Ealadha – don’t understand. Many are there with the PURPOSE to be part of something associated with celebs. Go to the non-scn fundraisers in LA. Ever been? Most shell out the cash to be associated with a celeb rather it be Eli Broad, Redstone, Warren Buffet, or movie stars. No difference in my opinion, as a long time Cof$ member, than the majority of public at Missions and Class Vs.No difference at all almost everywhere.
    Even now being out I have people ask “OMG have ever met Marty, Mike, Pierre, Les, Hadyn, ect????”
    So the point being is this if a “celeb” leaves loudly the impact would be huge. Think of it in these terms: if Marty or Mike denounced Independent Scientology don’t you believe all of us would say WTF and take a second look?

  48. freeatlast

    Brian- Amen! I 2nd you on all counts

  49. Martry,
    this is just an advice.
    OSA created all those clones from your Blog.
    Many of them look at the first glance exactly as yours.
    I would suggest, you put the Book-Cover of your Book into the Header of your site (prefferably with a link to the book).
    I’ll bet, OSA won’t clone it.


  50. freeatlast

    Mike – ROFL on the status of Abelson, Moxon-Kobrin, and especially slimy Dave. Thanks for update. I’m sure Soter will follow down this path of disfavor of the dictator sh**head in due time.

  51. Tony Ortega’s interview not available “in my country”. Is it anywhere else on YT or elsewhere?

    I concur with those above who sense a long and initially painful waking up process by TC. Wouldn’t it be great if he really twigged, gave DM the one-fingered salute and even got back together with Katie? Impossible dream? Now, I think not. As Marty says, the landscape has dramatically changed – permanently and beyond recognition from a decade ago.

  52. Yes. Specially since he’s still listed as “President” on one of their web pages.

  53. threefeetback

    Just remember, LRH experienced all of the above in the process of making and codifying his discoveries. He reminded his friends that thier necks are not more precious than his.

  54. Good point, JM. Six years later after that interview on YT when he first came up to the Int Base, he had more of that “nice guy” beingness even after more successes like Top Gun. He showed up wearing Ray Bans and a NY Yankees baseball cap which was his public disguise and was a very modest, polite and nice guy, still married to his first wife. However, that is history after meeting David Miscavige and probably getting the cold chromed steel influence for the decades since.

  55. ThetaPotata

    All that wickedness running through his body for years and years has to have a long term effect. Reminds me of Star Wars when Palpatine got confronted for his crimes. The evil really shows. Maybe DM’s face will get all contorted and he can blame the independent field for doing that to him.

    DM looking for work:

  56. I would add to that the sincerity I noticed on another interview when he described how wonderful it would be when you have to read a history book to learn what an SP was, as they have all been handled. The guy has good intentions. I am rooting for him to make the right moves and come out of this with an ability to continue pursuing his dream, which was our dream too.

  57. That actually raises this question as Tom Cruise does know Shelly for many years: What does David Miscavige tell Tom about Shelly, who he has not seen for the past 5 years or more?

  58. George M. White

    Very well written from the heart.
    I never thought about the situation as you describe it –
    “empowering only DM”

    George M. White

  59. “The Field” by Lynn McTaggert (published 2008) is also a very good read on this subject.

  60. “Of course your under attack …?!?” and you damn well should be under attack for your Crimes against humanity David Miscaviage….aka ‘shit for brains’

  61. threefeetback

    +1, pile on the facts, fill the voids, contain the confusions.

  62. Hey, he puts his own ethics in ruthlessly. Why not others?? 🙂
    I thought it was funny that he used the word ruthless when talking about ethics. I’m sure that came right from the little one.

  63. Hi Marty,
    I’m about half way through your book and am enjoying it alot.
    It is good to see in print someone who has an unbiased view of the tech and of Scientology.
    I think this book is good for people who have left the cult and those that will follow.
    I think it will also be good for non-Scientologists that really want to understand more about all of this and it will help them to see the difference between RCS and the philosophy.
    It has helped me to as-is more of the mass associated with my being in the cult. For some reason seeing all these views in print and being able to digest it at my own pace is very theraputic.
    Thanks again for all you do.

  64. martyrathbun09

    Thanks a lot Tony. I appreciate it.

  65. It also links to a 4-page New York Post article about how Katie came to be married to Tom, after several other prospective wives “blew” their auditions for the role.

  66. martyrathbun09

    I knew Winston Wolf, and let me assure you Gary Soter is no Mr. Wolf.

  67. Sadly, I think that a lot of the increasingly small-minded media “providers” out there aren’t looking for salient facts; they’re looking for scandal, tittle-tattle, and little else. 😦

    As for TC keeping DM out of the divorce proceedings I believe that there is unhappily little chance of that. In much the same way that Jim Henson controlled Kermit and other muppets, so DM is sat inside TC’s head, working the controls. I suspect it’s gone too far for change now.

    Despite these sorry affairs, I hope that you all have a good day tomorrow. Independence Day… we don’t really celebrate that over here in ol’ Blighty – I cannot IMAGINE why… 😉

    Keep smililng!

    IEG xx

  68. martyrathbun09

    Thanks for reminding me. The good folks at NY Daily News really got it right. I’ll add to the post.

  69. Oooops that’s the last page I linked to. Here’s the first page:

  70. Wonderful free promo! The TC marketing tool is now working for Marty!

  71. And what about Tommy Davis also? He is notorious for his inadvertently-damaging vocalisations when interviewed (though significantly less-amusing now that TD seems to have gone the way of Mrs. Miscavige and Mr. Jentzch 😦 ), which have been widely disseminated on Youtube and viewed many times in the UK AND the US. Why aren’t the media outlets clamouring to know where the “official spokesman” is in these times of additional PR pressure?

    IEG x

  72. As the news rolls out I see how this is going to the mat.
    The media wants this. They want it all.
    And Tom and David Miscavige arent picking on a broke middle aged woman (Debbie Cook), they are going against some deep pockets. Katies dad is a seasoned divorce lawyer from what I gather.
    The press is all over any dirty PI tricks. Its all covered on this blog and various publications how it works.
    She will have some amazing stories leaking out about Tom and Miscavige, its going to end up in some pretty severe blood noses. And I say that because “sources” are talking. As people do. Katie is a real person.
    This shit is going to get real.
    Stupid is as stupid does.

  73. Just read the article – very interesting. POOR Katie though. She’s going to have to go through MONTHS of this. It makes me so angry – and I almost NEVER get angry!! Thank you for posting the link Valkov.

    IEG xx

  74. “. The most important person in all of this is Suri, who deserves a shot at a satisfying and self determined life.”

    Amen Brother.

  75. 🙂

  76. Sounds good to me. It would make the real MOUALH stand out from the degraded clones.

  77. moneca ryane

    Sinar very good question. If he knows something & is not saying, could he by law be an accessory after the fact? Or is he REALLY that stupid. The kool aid is laced with 100 proof B.S.

  78. “There are a lot of slimy lawyers on this earth, and he gives them all a bad name….”

    That’s just wickedly funny Michael. Seriously.

    The next generation of Scientology Sleazebags.

    See ya’ soon, Vic

  79. At the end an SP will always cave in. I am thinking he may be there.

  80. Example:
    Excerpt: Sources said Cruise asked Holmes to fly to Iceland for a birthday bash he was throwing for himself today – when he turns 50 – but that she turned him down.
    ‘He begged her to come to Iceland… for one last try at reconciliation,’ one source said. She refused, and a ‘huge fight ensued,’ US reported.

    Now on the prehavingness scale, Jan 1961

    Failed Help
    Failed Overts
    Failed Witholds
    Leaving <- I assume Katie got there
    Failed Leaving <- Got stuck on that for a while
    Protect <- But he just kept flaunting horrible control
    Failed Protect<-Humiliation&double-standard of his"sexy cover wth 2 woman"
    Abandon <-Started Friday, for real
    Failed Abandon <- Tom begs her, PI's harrass her
    Inverted Help <-Complete WAR, Alls fair in love and war, pillow talk, gossip. Toms begging for her. She will be cold, and walk. And she will not give up her rights. She's in it for love. Her love of her child.
    David Miscavige – You cant buy that.

    Thats how I see it adding up.

  81. This is a bit out of context but I would like to comment on my experience with Marty’s book so far. I am reading it very slow as I am annotating and highlighting as I go. One of the nice things with you Marty, is that you can take disagreement. One can disagree with you and still not be called an SP. However, try as I might, I cannot find any point of disagreement with you in the book, thus far.

    Two things really got to me. You mentioned Victor Frankel’s book “Man Search for Meaning”. I first read the book when I was 19 years old. This book sent me on my spiritual journey. Like my parents, Frankl is a Holocaust survivor. My dad and mom both confirmed what he wrote about the death camps. I could not equate the gentle, spiritual Frankl to the mean Psychiatrist / Psychologist I was supposed to hate.

    The other thing is your comparison between Jesus and Moses. I always felt it, but could not put it in words. I always felt that deifying LRH was doing him a great dis-service. I truly look forward to the rest of the book.

    By the way, like LRH, I always like to skip to the end of the book. I have not felt the urge to do it thus far.

  82. Mike,
    I am reading Marty’s book and it really tells the secretes of Scientology that the media and public would be absolutely shocked to hear about!

    And, I can’t agree more with what you said about Tony O:

    “Tony O has done a good job of navigating through the nuttiness and trying to keep focused on reality.”

    And, I might add, he is really just an excellent writer on or off the subject of Scientology.

  83. Reading “A new slant of life”by L. Ron Hubbard. Like I promissed when Katy Holmes would leave Tom cruise. A gift from Terril Park once owned by Temy Knigt. A reissued booklett in 1971 from a book publiced in 1965.


  84. Ah, a cleaner battle-field in NY for sure.

  85. martyrathbun09

    Thanks. If you can check the usual compulsion to leap to the end I think it’ll be a better read.

  86. George M. White

    Yes, I feel this message too.
    George M. White

  87. Enjoy it CD. Let us know what you think!

  88. Correction of my misspelling: Heber Jentzsch.

  89. Marty, I’ve got to hand it to you … my hand… You’re doing a great job!

  90. Ronnie Bell

    Another article from today. This one from MailOnline

    ‘Beatings’, sniper nests and a punishment block called ‘The Hole’: Inside Scientology’s strict Sea Org which Suri Cruise faced joining – and which drove her parents apart

    * Scientology headquarters set in isolated, arid foothills 90 miles from LA
    * Members ‘banned from having children and paid $50 a week’
    * Sea Org investigated by FBI looking into human trafficking

  91. D.M. looking for work.
    Its very funny, the truth to the core
    Ver Well Done

  92. The Oracle

    DM has been shooting bullets for three decades. Look at the results. Bullets flying all over the place. Dead bodies lying all over the space.
    I can hear him loading up today. Yeah, figuring out who the next bullets are dedicated to. The amount of conflict and misery that man has generated planet wide is a spectacle.

  93. I find it ironic that Tom was the poster boy for Scientology Inc., responsible for so much good press in the past. With this divorce, he is responsible for some of the worst PR Scientology Inc has ever had. I have never seen so many negative stories popping up at once about Scientology Inc practices (use of confessional data, recruiting children), the Sea Org, Int base, Miscavige, Shelly Miscavige, etc., The only thing worse for Scientology Inc would be if Tom himself came out against it.

  94. Obnosis, I am actually beginning to imagine that might happen. In fact, I’m spending a little time lately “imagining” what other good things might happen. 🙂

  95. Here’s to all the Independent thinkers in the world!!
    Happy Independence day!!
    I love this song, this was the best copy I could find on You Tube.

  96. “At the beginning of my spiritual journey, I was confronted with only few contradictions. At the end I was in turmoil with dichotomies swirling madly around in my universe. I could sort it out now!”

    I love this comment, Karola. I feel the same way and would also like to thank Marty for his illuminating and informative book!

  97. “The only thing worse for Scientology Inc would be if Tom himself came out against it.”

    Now that would be such a glorious moment for Tom and his family. Strident recovery, accept all responsibility;yep that works.

    As I’m certain both Tom and his soon-to-be ex-wife know, to the bottom of their bones, the only really part of this horrific fiasco which makes sense is work together to help Suri.

    There are many who wish to help.

    Vic K.

  98. At least some good comes out of this 😉

  99. Wow CD,
    That’s really cool.
    I can’t wait for your review!
    Vic K.

  100. Right on Robert. I’m reading Marty’s book — spectacular. Incredible how he explains the entire scope of Black Dianetics being run by Dave Miscavige — and the best explanation of the TRs ever written. Fully agreed on Tony O. — saw a video of him today differentiating beliefs from actions — strong, invincible position and excellent. Crime is crime.

    Lastly, I saw one of the best article yet by the Sun. They went after David Miscavige by name — how often does that happen? Almost never. But they not only got it right, they called him Tom Cruise’s MANWIFE.

    That is a 10.

  101. Joe Pendleton

    Shelley and Heber are not missing. Miscavige has them imprisoned. He knows exactly where they are (same with Tommy Davis). To be “missing” usually requires family members (sometimes it’s a very close friend) to file a report with a police department that can follow up on the claim. Presumably no one cares enough about these folks to actually pursue the matter.

  102. Another report on David Miscavige’s products and the most valuable Scientologist on the planet:

  103. In Gerrmany it cannot be shown because it is “private” it says.

  104. one of those who see

    Happy Independence Day all you wonderful free people!

  105. Steve: That “Sun” article (the biggest circulation paper in the UK and one of Murdoch’s) is astonishing.

    The restrain the media has shown in the past due to fear of the church has vanished — and Miscavige is in for a really rough time. I am sure when he saw this one he popped some veins in his neck. His pigeons are coming home to roost and they are all shitting on him as they come in to land. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy….

    It sucks to be Miscavige

  106. Ronnie Bell

    I have never seen so many negative stories popping up at once about Scientology Inc practices (use of confessional data, recruiting children), the Sea Org, Int base, Miscavige, Shelly Miscavige, etc.

    Agreed. I don’t think any of us has ever seen a church PR flap of this magnitude.

    My sense is that this incident is something like a logjam breaking. By itself, it could have been written off as just another Hollywood divorce story, but the sheer volume and degree of crimes, misery, broken lives, lies, and destruction that lay behind it, was a monumental pressure that had to be released at some point. It simply could not be contained forever.

    And so, Tom and Katie’s divorce is like a crack that has caused an entire dam to burst. The virtual tidal wave of damaging information about the church that is now being plastered across the world, is like nothing I’ve ever seen or imagined would ever come. It’s as though a world court is in session, and the charges against Miscavige and his rotten organization are being read out loud to millions.

    I don’t see how they can recover from this. I simply don’t believe that Miscavige will be able to stand his ground in the face of this deluge. Especially given the mass exodus that’s simultaneously occurring in the church. Who will stand to defend him? A few thousand die hard sycophants, drunk on his poison Kool-Aid? It won’t be enough. Not nearly enough. DM is in his final days as Emperor and Supreme Rulah of the Church of Scientology Inc.

  107. David Miscavige used X wives to unmock and discredit Marty, Mike, Tom, and Jeff. They lied on National Television. Total injustice.

    Hubbard said injustice always recoils on those who deal in it.

    Now Tom’s X , Katie, soon to be Xwife, is unmocking and discrediting David Miscavige and Tom, wittingly or unwittingly, through the media.

    There it is. Thanks to David Miscavige’s motivator flows, another gross out PR flap for Scientology summoned up by DM and his slimy methods of unmocking people. Tom is just part of his motivator flow. His motivator flow is spreading out like a Tsunami. Look at all of the people sucked into his motivator flow.

    He wanted X wives as players in the game, well, here they come! He started the Xwives club, it has become a fashion trend. Xwives now control that PR of the Church!

  108. Finally main stream media reporting it all ~–drove-parents-apart.html
    The Daily Mail website is very popular, reaching 78,994,874 unique web browsers in October 2011 (up from 66m in March 2011)[1] according to the Audit Bureau of Circulations, making it the most popular UK newspaper website ahead of[2] (Wikipedia)

  109. When the X’s call the shots! Who is running this weeks media on the Church? Katie Holmes is at the wheel!

  110. Is Katie now a defrocked apostate?

  111. How are the X’s working out for you this week Dave?

  112. This is juicier than a ripe peach! Well done Mr. Rathbun. I see the SWAT team….!

  113. Avery Johnson

    David Miscavige has been at the helm of sooo many underhanded attacks in the recent past that any perceived threat towards Katie Cruise (and Suri) can be directly attributed to the crazy fanatical leader of the Corporate Church of Scientology; one Mr David Miscavige.

    It’s so sad that he is sooo short sighted to realize what a detriment He, DM,is to his religion!

    David Miscavige behaves more like an Anti-Christ then anything approaching a World Class Religious Leader.

    I think David Miscavige is a FRAUD!!!

    Anyone within reach of this tyrant owes it to themselves, and the rest of the congregation, to stop this madman, Miscavige, from doing further harm to the Church of Scientology.

    Use whatever means you have and STOP this tyrant!!!

    LRH would have asked you; “What took you so long?!?”

    Run, Suri, run!

  114. Happy Independence Day to all – and especially to Katie Holmes and Suri.

    May all beings be Independent, and Happier for being so!

  115. The Oracle

    You too! Great selection! I posted this one here once too!

  116. Li'll bit of stuff

    Hello Marty,
    What an exciting period this is turning out to be, hey?
    So very many significant chapters, are either closing or
    opening, that it’s getting difficult to keep up with it all!!!

    You could almost describe it as a “bottleneck” and that
    still wouldn’t cut it!

    It all seemed to be triggered by the launch of your
    soon-to-be blockbuster book, announced here, on;

    *.. 23 june “What IS Wrong With Scientology? Then;
    *.. The divorce announcement by KH to TC.
    *.. The world’s media going viral over said divorce,
    …..and for the first time, really, implicating Miscavige!
    *…Vindication and supportive references to you, as
    … authoritative spokesman on the cult of CO$.
    *..The daily deterioration of dictator deluxe,David M.
    *..4th July Independence Day celebration.
    *..7th July INDEPENDENTS Day celebrations.

    So, (politely, this time!) Marty, I ask you again, how
    are you guys doing? Excited? (An ack would be very
    much appreciated, lol!!)

    Thanks sincerely, for leading by example,

  117. Sure enough we are seeing media outlets and newspapers that wouldn’t mention Miscavige and the stories of abuse and lavish gifts and services being performed by Sea Org members, are now running the stories with great relish.

    Most of these stories about Cruise and DM have been exposed on this blog and elsewhere in books many months ago and pratically went ignored except by those in Scientology who were reading and finding out what was really going on and to their credit taking action by leaving.

    This Cruise/Holmes divorce story and the resulting tsunami of press coverage we are seeing (even Rupert Murdoch is tweeting about it and Fox News has largely ignored the Scientology abuses in the past) is a big part of the tipping point that Marty has been predicting. The media is starting to grow some balls again. At least let’s hope so.

    All of sudden Shelly Miscavige and her being missing is headline news around the world. The Hole stories are being spread and people are starting to talk about it and take notice. The abuses in the Sea Org are becoming headline news.

    He has to be in major damage control down on the Freewinds as this is all unfolding, if not in Iceland with his best buddy Cruise trying to dead agent and placate him to stay in the fold.

    DM is going to have to produce Shelly somehow to public view to try and make that story go away. He also is going to have to get some spokemen out there again talking to the press to try and break the flood, which of course will not work and will make matters worse.

    Lisa Marie Presley may get bolder and start speaking out in the media rather than giving cryptic hints in her song lyrics.

    The Feds may even have to take notice again and maybe take some action for a change if the public pressure continues to build.

    To repeat the mantra – “It sucks to be Miscavige.”

    And to that I would add “Karma is a bitch.”

  118. The Oracle

    Your life is looking typical Dave. Not extraordinary. Typical. Keep on building the walls Dave. You have unwittingly helped us all in living separate lives. To break out of the womb. THAT IS DISSEMINATION.
    You can not suck people back into a womb David. You can only become a chord that wraps around their neck and prevents them from climbing out. You have made that womb a treacherous place where nothing can grow. Killing off any signs of progeny as you suck up more and more nutrients for yourself in that womb, starving off your siblings. The womb has become polluted. Nothing can grow in it. The Orgs grow more and more sterile as seeds refuse to take root in the polluted womb that offers no nutrients. And those with promise spring out into separate lives and take a life.

  119. The Oracle

    And anyway, There is the big flip that puts this evolution into fifth gear!

  120. +1
    Happy Independence Day all you wonderful free people!

  121. The Oracle

    Hey Mike, I know it might seem weird watching Katie Holmes dictate the media and P.R. for the CofS. But I look at it this way. If Tom Cruise is the most valuable Scientologist on the planet, it only adds up that his estranged wife should be head of P.R..

  122. +++1000. Yes, it is REALLY groovy now. Good choice.

  123. Much better piece in Murdoch’s Sun today; extensive quotes from Marty and focusing on Miscavige’s role as TC’s “manwife” and 3rd party in Tom and Katie’s marriage. Followed up on pages 28-29 with a double-page spread on Scientology in the UK.

  124. You’re right Brian. The phrase “three strikes…” comes to mind. So does “hell hath no fury…” and I’m not referring to Katy. It may suck to be miscavige now but when his manwife wakes up…? Oh boy. Reap what you sow indeed.

  125. Thanks for posting this. Very uptone and in the spirit of freedom for all of us!

  126. Tony DePhillips

    “Cruise and Miscavige — known to the actor as COB, standing for Chairman of the Board — are both diminutive and have been known to wear matching black silk shirts. ”

    ROTFLMAO!! This was from the Sun Article.

  127. Tony DePhillips

    Amazing article!! MANWIFE!! Hillarious…

  128. “I just want to thank COB for making this all possible….” ?

    Is that where it has sunk to now? Success stories used to be fun and rewarding to give and hear. People would describe in their own words the wins and improvement in their lives. It was very uplifting for Scientologists to share these. Many people (but by no means all) would mention their gratitude to L. Ron Hubbard for developing the technology from which they had benefited. There were no requirements whatsoever. Success stories used to be a very personal and heart-felt things to share with others. It was fun and interesting.
    But then later I remember the time when I was about to give a my wins at a graduation and for the first time I was told that they had to be written out and approved by someone first and that I needed to remember to say “thanks to the RTC”. I gave them my written success story and then ignored the “script” when I spoke at graduation. The local powers that be were a bit pissed as I remember. And that was the last time I volunteered to speak at graduation. My success stories were sometimes interesting and entertaining and the public staff often liked them. But, after that, whenever asked , I would say “only if there is NO editing”. Eventually, they stopped asking.
    So, now things have gotten down to a requirement that one give “thanks to the COB”, eh? Sick.
    Wins should be given in own words, and one may thank whomever they decide to thank.

    Tech and Policy have been and are still being altered as we speak – “Thanks to COB, POB, SOB or whatever the hell his name is, currently”.

  129. scilonschools

    Great coverage in UK Sun today, getting more into RCS abuses that just the Tom & Katie gossip, Very nice double page spread on ‘Scientology in the UK’, Great Picture of Stephen Jones!! (if Stephen is a demonstration of the integrity and courage that properly delivered Tech could produce then i am all for it)

  130. Mike,

    I wonder if all that television footage of Marty and you that’s already in the can but hasn’t been aired yet — which was taped by John Sweeney of the BBC in London and by Anderson Cooper of CNN in New York and once considered by those outlets’ legal counsel as “too hot to handle” — might now be aired? It would be an inexpensive way for those media to respond to the issues of the day.

    With so much corroboration of your earlier testimony out there now and with the cult now having been further defanged and declawed by Katie’s and others’ recent blows, it would great to see your full testimony on network television.


  131. Here’s an entertainment article that maintains Tom’s earning power will not be hurt by Katie’s divorcing him. However, the interesting part is the excoriation Tom receives from commenters, most of whom seem to despise him for a variety of reasons. At

  132. Question for Tom Cruise:
    What do YOU think about this situation and all of this turmoil? You know, YOU…..the person who you KNOW you really are. What do YOU observe to be true. Never mind what any “advisers”, “mentors”, “experts”, “friends”, “best friends” or “commentators” say is true. What do YOU observe to be actually TRUE ? When YOU honestly find the answer to that question, I believe that you will then find some REAL peace. And then, if you chose to communicate what you see, I believe that many people would gladly listen to and understand what you have to say. I would.

  133. JM — Good thinking. Stay tuned.

  134. O. To be precise, she is now an “overnight” bitter defrocked apostate liar, money-motivated criminal SP.

  135. Karma’s a bitch….

  136. The Oracle

    By the way, why didn’t Anderson Cooper call me? Didn’t Cathy Frashier steal my husband? What about that? Cathy has another story! Can you believe I got dumped for this simple bitch? Yes! I was working to support my husband and myself so he could be on staff, as a fucking teen ager! , when this little bitch walked into New York Org and broke up my marriage! O.K., my husband helped. She seduced my husband, some ten years older than me! That I was financially supporting as a fucking teen ager! So he could be on staff as the New York Org Exec Sec. They were so “on purpose” while I was such into “dilettantism” . Oh please Catherine. Spare me your self righteous bullshit. Fuck you. What if I had come on Anderson Cooper and explained the real deal? You were so self assured I was buried six feet under as a non important fragment in the wind. I haven’t even spilled on your co horts there on National T.V.. Kathy Rubio, For Real? You really want me to go on to national T.V. and explain YOU? What the fuck happened to you people? Holy Holy Holy? For real? You might have disowned you. So quickly! So rapidly! I never disowned me. I learned early on, going up the bridge is not about forgetting or disowning. It is about owning all of it. And here you sat on National T.V. DISOWNING. That is a fucking bad purpose goal! DISASSOCIATION!

  137. Phew — remind me never to piss you off….

  138. Testify, sister!

  139. The Oracle

    I’ve kept quiet for a long time not for me, the Church knows who I am. If you have missed the posts and web sites. I am not under a false i.d. to protect myself. That has been over for a long time. I was outed on ESMB by a course supervisor in the Freezone. I am also sick of people insinuating I am under false name because I am a coward. That is a wrong indication. My mother threw me under the bus because of Scientology when I was 14. I lost one kid second generation sacrifice. If you all think my kids in P.T. are going under the bus third time around, wrong.My kids will NOT take a hit because of their mother’s interest in this. I can draw the line third time around. If that is taken as a handicap, oh well. I am handicapped. Better believe it baby. No one can tell me that I’m doing wrong.

  140. Robert Earle

    Not sure if this is already posted above but it includes some good clips of Debbie Cook and Jenna . Of course it includes that the chuch denies anything they have to say, “Always deny the truth” basic DM PR.

  141. The Oracle

    Mike, I knew Kathy when she had a heart. 1972. I was a little kid compared to her. But she had a heart. I don’t know, maybe she was five to ten years older than me. I came into New York Org right after Mike split from Susan Rubio and she became whatever Ken whatever. a Susan Kreiger? wife. I was a kid. Two weeks past 16, for real. I turned 16 on November 01 and enrolled on HQS November 16. I guess Kathy was the only person close to my age.?? She was living with Mike at a time I was homeless. She gave me a place to live for a week or two, ot three. I was sleeping on a hammock they had in their living room. Really, back then, besides Gary Epstein she was the second safest person in the org. When I enrolled on HQS I was nodding on heroin. She let it go by. I had been living in between Jimi Hendrix and Miles Davis and everyone in the org knew it. Only she stepped up to offer me a place to live. I fucking dropped to my knees when I saw her Anderson Cooper.

  142. I think a new tipping point has been reached and that’s of the press piling it on. The fear seems to be gone. It’s almost like Rupert Murdoch gave the okay. But I don’t think we’ll be seeing Greta doing any interviews. Must really stink to be someone still supporting Miscavige’s radical cult.

  143. Ronnie, that’s how I see it, too.

  144. The Oracle

    I mean, she helped saved me from a love triangle between two genious’. And here I am like, thirty years later and she is pimped out all over national t.v. by some little religious hijacker from Philly. That just blew my mind!

  145. The Oracle

    At least, one of my problems had been dead for two years before I checked in. I was stuck in the past I overcame. Her problems were yet to come! While I was coming out of it all, she was on her way in! That is some mind fucking shit!

  146. I wouldn’t worry about media not understanding and passing on your message and key ideas which are more important than what they end up publishing or passing along to the public.

    Just keep observing and bringing up what media are missing, and it will slowly educate the world.

    It’s all inevitable, if people just do more and more media, the freezone and independent Scientologists will continue to be noticed, and the differences between freezone and independent Scientology and official Scientology will inevitably help change the bad in official Scientology.

    The zeitgeist understanding of Scientology will slowly evolve.

  147. Jim Knight

    Really, when it gets right down to it, I don’t think Cruise could care any less about how Miscaivage runs his cult. He’s getting tens of thousands of $$ in free labor on his Church-discounted vehicles, and is treated like the conquering emperor whenever he’s on base–his home away from home. I he and DM both laugh about it.

  148. martyrathbun09

    More like Rupert Murdoch joined the bandwagon when it became safe to do so.

  149. The Oracle

    You know how you need to give ADD people a red bull for breakfast to get them in the norm? I am starting to think Scientology works for ADD people. Hit me with some speed like Scientology to wake me up! Hit “normal” people with the Scientology to put them to sleep!

  150. I dont share your sentiment. I think Cruise trusted DM et al to be doing what he expected them to do and what they said they were doing. I think there is a huge betrayal here, and a lot of unrealistic expectations. I suspect Cruise enjoys the celebrity and hero status he gets when around other scientologists, and i think he feels he deserves it, becuase of his intention and efforts to do the right thing, however misguided he has been steered.
    He is far from perfect and has a lot of work to do, but I do not see him as a callous fathead.

  151. Mark,
    This is exactly my take on this too. The Sun article is, as Mike said, “astonishing”. To my knowledge, this is the first time a major news article about Scientology names David Miscavige as the “Cult Chief” and most notably does not mention LRH and the ever-present introduction: “Science fiction writer”. It looks like this is the start of Miscavige and his Scientology Inc. getting fingered instead of LRH’s tech.

  152. Why the camera? Which building, and I forgot the name of the Security guy, Scandinavian, who is the security equipment guy.

    Do people know if the “Hole” trailers likewise had cameras in them, for viewing 24/7 by DM and Security also?

    All the details are just what immediately puts Scientology so over the top.

  153. Great observations.

  154. Oracle — thanks for the news. I too knew her when she had a heart. She arrived on the Apollo as a beautiful and brash New Yorker… She was a strong, self-determined woman who has been beaten into robot status. If you thought Anderson Cooper was bad, you should have heard her when she came with the goon squad to do an “intervention” on me in the parking lot of a doctor’s office in Clearwater (see… Sometime we will meet face to face and share war stories.

  155. Long before GAT (Genocidal Auditor Training), when I was first doing my auditor training in the early ’80s, I studied the original LRH tech films which had just been released. Made on a shoe string, the sets looked more like something out of a high school play than a film. But these films were also chocked full of LRH’s wry sense of humor. They were endearing — funny, no professional actors, just unpretentious Scientologists helping others learn how to audit. Dan Koon as most people know was the biggest star of all those films because he played the leading role in the Pro TRs film — the model for all auditors to see of what good TRs looked like. When I joined the Sea Org in the summer of 1984, in the Office of Senior C/S International, I was soon brought up to the Int base and I was gobsmacked to happen upon Dan Koon mixing paint in the back end of the Garage — a cavernous corrugated steel building, i.e., he had been busted off post and put on manual labor. I thought, “This guy is the equivalent of Scientology royalty and they treat him like this? They are nuts.”

  156. Here is the latest. One for the ages. Not just “Where is Shelly?” But also coverage of the “bizarre” “Squirrelbusters.”

    Karma is more than a bitch — it’s a whacked out zombie dominatrix.

  157. Mike, Now it’s getting even better — TMZ has clarified the correct reason for the break up — Katie was recoiling from the idea of Suri being subjected to a Miscavige-style security check on kids. BRAVO KATIE — YOU GOT IT RIGHT. Her leaving is directly connected to Manwife Miscavige.

  158. Pingback: Independence Day 2012 | Moving On Up a Little Higher

  159. Here’s the link:

    I’ve also been besieged with inquiries from the media and has been serving as a clearing house for media inquirees. I just sent one to Melissa Paris. Yesterday I spoke with John Sweenie. I did a long interview with the New York Times. Janela Webster was interviewed once or twice. Sam in the UK has been going around the clock for two days with radio, TV and print interviews. I’m about to speak with the New York Times. The list goes on.

    Mike, I’d venture to say the media knows the score. Like sharks, they’ve been circling for years, but were afraid to get too close in case the CoS bites back. But now with Manwife Miscavige blood in the water a feeding frenzy has ensued and many are going in to rip this little pecker to bits. Thank god. Long may it last.

  160. Probably so. But there’s safety in numbers and the stops are off. You never know, maybe the IRS will decide to take another look at that 501c3 status.

    Miscavige = effect.

  161. Yes , thats what corporate scientologists need to do , take a second look and find out the truth about what has been going on in the church of scientology to asis the problem ,

  162. Tony, can you believe that ASS wanted to sec check Suri. Once again, “Shit Finger” (everything he touches turns to shit) has blown another marriage to bits and flushed his own repute down the toilet. Way to go MANWIFE! Not even elevator shoes can fix this problem.

  163. Mike,
    Waiting for Lurch to issue a statement that Shelly is alive and well. Yes, I caught that in your comment yesterday and it cracked me up. I immediately did a google search for him to see a photo. Yep, Lurch.
    ps. That was a good article you posted. I just wish they’d put up the Carwash video with the others.

  164. Happy Independence Day to all independents all over the world!

  165. Wow… that’s quite the exposé !

  166. Soon Davey’s gonna follow LRH tactics, fabian at sea, not to stay away from SP’s but trying to escape his own footbullets!

  167. I wonder if DM has micromanaged TC’s relationship the way he micromanages an auditing session–like with earphones and speakers and all. “What are her indicators?” “You flubbed the command.” “Faster! Dammit! Faster!”

  168. Jim Knight

    You could be right, JF. Let’s see how Cruise responds to it all. By doing nothing would be tacit agreement.

  169. Chuck, OGH was at one time the Qual HGC. The auditing rooms had cameras. When Qual moved to Del Sol, OGH became a detention center for goofballs like me. Speaking of which, the Security guy was Karsten Matthies, a German. Scandinavians would be insulted.

  170. Yeah, Steve, but you learned better some years later in CMU, right?! Happy 4th!

  171. The manwife messed with the wrong momma!

  172. Wow, that missing person flyer for Shelly Miscavige is eye-opening. I hope the media sticks on this point! How can the wife of a famous church leader disappear and him not have to answer to her whereabouts?

  173. Mike is on a roll!!!
    Keep it coming, Mr. Rinder!!! 🙂

  174. Yeah, how would YOU like it if DM was drinking Scotch after hours while regaling juniors with juicy details out YOUR pc folders? And you had donated 10 million to the IAS? When the penny drops for TC it is going to feeling a ton of bricks. A lot of confusion is going to fly off.

  175. This Tony Ortega radio interview posted by DarnIt is an excellent interview. Nearly 20 minutes. Outstanding presentation. Thanks much. Hope a lot of people see/hear it. The interviewer says he is going to post links to “Marty’s stuff”.

  176. Li'll bit of stuff

    So right, Dan! Marty’s book will trigger it!
    AND maybe fuel some intense LOOKING!!

  177. I’m gonna say this:

    By now, Tom has seen DM’s abuses. Had to. Been around too long not to. Plus DM just cannot control how he talks about others “that out ethics bitch/cunt/asshole, etc”… and you know he has talking like this with Tom, perhaps Tom has joined in. Tom’s interviews make it so clear that he fully respects the cold chrome steel ETHICS-IN persona that he thinks represents true Scientologist, i/e/ himself and DM.

    That said, I also bet that DM has upped his control of Tom to the point that DM has delivered several SRA’s (severe reality adjustments) to Tom personally – Get your ethics in, etc. Tom probably thanked him afterwards and is further “grateful” for DM’s insistence, etc… Again from Tom’s interviews it can be seen that Tom “puts others ethics in” in the only way he thinks is right – his example DM.

    But, Tom has never turned around to put in DM’s ethics. Tom has never turned to DM and said: “Wait just a minute you son of a bitch, you have abused people, and that is just WRONG”. Tom has never said “But I don’t agree that I have to lose my wife and daughter over this – disconnection is just plain WRONG”…. Tom has never called DM on ANYTHING, because DM keeps Tom pretty impressed/scared/coddled/appreciated/admired. Tom’s bought off, but not by money – he is psychologically controlled.

    But battered spouses do snap out of it, and do strike back, and I’m not talking about Katie, I’m talking about Tom. He has been quite smoothly suckered, but you never know when a person reaches their tipping point. Tom can reach it any time, just like all of us did.

    The biggest difference between Tom and us, is that when Tom reaches his own tipping point he could do one of two things: He could get out, leave and start to run his own life again; he could confront DM, stand up to him, and try to stop the abuses himself. Tom is, in my view, the only person in an actual position to do so. (Not that it would be effective…. another problem).

    In fact, Tom is the only person I can think of who (if he wakes up, reaches his tipping point) might actually dare to stand up to DM. I find this a wonderful hope/thought/postulate on this day celebrating freedom.
    Why not dream of freedom, I say. Lots of things begin with dreams.

  178. The Oracle

    I remember first hearing that. This is not the person I knew. The person I knew wasn’t even brash! She was a quiet, compassionate , thoughtful, caring person. Everyone who made the New York Org the center of the universe for Scientology, got sucked into the Sea Org and shape shifted.
    There were some great people there. Hara Klein, the Rubios, Gary Epstein, Rick and Minty Alexander, Tom Ondreika, Bob Desimone, I could go on and on. It wasn’t possible to walk through the front door of that place and not become a Scientologist. Nobody was mean. NOBODY! 300 people on the Dianetics Course. Hubbard was in New York too! I was the first public person to get Integrity Processing when it piloted, and he was my C/S! And Cathy was one of the biggest plus points. She REALLY cared about the person in front of her. I was one of them. People definitely shape shift in this arena. Back then, it was always for the better.

  179. The Oracle

    Thanks for the invite. How was that?

  180. The Oracle

    Very good point! Tom says on his video how he puts in ethics. Bullshit. Not when it might be an inconvenience!

  181. The Oracle

    I’ve been thinking about this all day and I have come to an awful realization. If I, as I was then, walked into the Church of Scientology today, I would not make it to be Clear and OT. I would be routed to a Narconon, declared illegal and pts, and stuffed in a sauna to blow. That is really scary to think how I made it in by the skin of my teeth.

  182. Cool.
    I like the new arrangement.

  183. Li'll bit of stuff

    MY goodness, there “seems” to be life in you after all!So, pray tell, why the “death” ( O.O )
    moniker? I was beginning to think perhaps
    you’d been taken away and laid to rest! (in peace)
    Nice to have you “Alive” and somewhere a little
    higher on the tone scale, ( Huh??)
    Tell you what, we’ll keep a real close watch on you,
    just in case of any “undesirable”changes , occurring,
    OK? Don’t want anything unsettling happening, do
    we? Assuring you of my best attention, at all times.
    Calvin B. Duffield

  184. There are a few observations I could make:
    1. selecting high profile people to carry the torch for a group is a double edged sword in that:
    a – they can outshine the group they represent.
    b – they can become the voice and mind of the group, leading it down paths they did not wish to go.
    c – if they fall, they can bring down the group with them.

    2. Media is a monster like wind and ocean, which cannot be controlled. People navigate a good course through a storm at sea, if they go against the storm they are destroyed. Who ever is handling the publicity fallout of Crusie-Holmes is a walking disaster, they are taking the ship straight onto the rocks.

    I speak from personal experience of dealing with media and having people carry my torch.

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