Stop Trying to Freak Out Katie Holmes

This is addressed to the infotainment industry and its ‘insider’ ‘sources’, and hopefully Katie will catch wind of it.   If I were in Katie’s shoes and reading your coverage and the allegations of ‘insider sources’ who, in reality, know not of what they speak, I’d be plenty freaked out.

I have tried to explain this to a number of media who have eschewed my informed advice in favor of  ‘sources’ who are talking on subjects they have no first-hand experience with yet nonetheless make alarming, definitive allegations.

I was Tom Cruise’s auditor (Scientology counselor) between 1996 and 2004.  I was his liaison to Chairman of Scientology David Miscavige during those same years.   I advised on all aspects of Cruise’s 2001 divorce with Nicole Kidman.  I set up the initial Scientology indoctrination of Conner (then age 6) and Bela (then age 9), and supervised it subsequently.  I was also the senior church official over Scientology Inc’s Office of Special Affairs (the dirty tricks and propaganda arm of Scientology Inc) from its inception in 1982 through 2004.

I hope Katie will take the following to heart.

1.  The church of Scientology will mostly likely not engage in overt harassment, including surveillance of Katie.  David Miscavige will most likely advise Tom Cruise not to engage private investigators to overtly investigate Katie.

2.  The church of Scientology and Tom Cruise will most likely not engage in covert operations designed to frame Katies Holmes.

3. The church of Scientology and Tom Cruise would most likely forbid Suri from joining the Sea Organization (the Scientology priesthood with a lifetime commitment, labor camps, and a ship).  Not at 6 years old, not at 16 years old, not at 26 years old.

Now, that is not to say there is nothing to fear.  Katie can count upon the following happening:

a.  Tom Cruise and his Scientology handlers attempting to indoctrinate Suri to accept Scientology Inc policies with a slant toward fearing that Katie is a Suppressive Person (roughly equivalent to a sociopath).  They can be counted upon to do so at every opportunity so as to alloy Suri’s affinity for her mother and redirect her loyalties toward Cruise and his best man Miscavige.  If you want to understand the complete mechanics that are likely to be employed, they are covered in an in-depth fashion in my recently released book What Is Wrong With Scientology?

b.  Should Katie overtly criticize Tom and Scientology, Tom Cruise and Miscavige can be counted upon to use Tom’s lines of communication in Hollywood to attempt to covertly visit harm upon future career opportunities for Katie.  Given the level of public education over the past several years of Scientology’s hateful propaganda campaigns, and given the clear public sentiment in Katie’s favor, I believe such efforts would miserably backfire on the perpetrators; and likely create the opposite result.

The rest of the alarming reports Katie is hearing come from people who have no first-hand knowledge of Tom Cruise, David Miscavige, and Scientology Inc’s dirty tricks arm, the Office of Special Affairs.  Yes, constant vigilance is called for.  But, there is plenty of danger in what she is likely actually facing. To drive her into unwarranted paranoia is not good for her, her child or anyone else for that matter.

Update 7/5 a.m.: I am not the only one suggesting that some media ought to chill a couple degrees.  See Tony Ortega’s piece on Miscavige’s missing wife Shelly at the Village Voice.

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  1. Good over all newscast video – Bryan Seymour interviews Mike Rinder

  2. Great advice Marty-I have helped navigate PCs through divorces and it is bad enough with friends and family getting invoved, I can only imagine international media! However, as I told my PC today, who has successfully settled,Happy Independence Day as it should be for katie!

  3. Robert Earle

    marty did you mean 2001 divorce? as you put 1991. you may delete this comment.

  4. Tory Christman

    I think this is a key time for people to shine the light on the abuses of the organization calling itself the “church” of $cientology. One common misunderstanding of many who never worked w/ Scio-Celebs is that “their secrets will be told” or “they’ll be harmed by OSA” etc. You’ve made good points. People like Katie can pick up a phone and have the media’s ear..any day, 24/7–and Davey boy knows this. (doesn’t guarantee he won’t still F*** up, as witnessed by many other insane actions).

    Re “. Tom Cruise and his Scientology handlers attempting to indoctrinate Suri to accept Scientology Inc policies with a slant toward fearing that Katie is a Suppressive Person (roughly equivalent to a sociopath)” One thing we learned in 2000 in Clearwater, Fl (thanks to a Mom looking into it) is that in some states, doing the above (or ANY 3rd partying of the other parent) is not only against the law—the one doing so has to pay a huge amount of $$, and depending on the state—can be put in jail. Phew—what a week! 🙂

  5. The Oracle

    If anything is going to freak out Katie it will be pulling up the SQUIRREL BUSTERS on you tube and seeing what DM is willing to do to people that do not tow the line. Thank you David and John. See what happens when you aren’t wrapped too tight?

    All of the bad P.R, right now is NOT because of Katie Holmes!

    It is dredged up out P.R. from DAVID MISCAVIGE! It is just that people are suddenly more interested in it! Katie had NOTHING to do with out P.R. suddenly spotlighted! She ONLY filed for divorce! The OUT P.R. IS ON DAVID MISCAVIGE!

  6. Catherine, Chicago

    I understand Miscavige’s wife has not been seen in public for some years now. Why aren’t the police investigating her disappearance?

  7. The Oracle

    Meanwhile, why does Tom go after Catholics if he is so devoted to Scientology? I hear Shelly Miscavige is available. Why isn’t he checking her out? That would work. She is very petite, pretty, devoted. I am thinking, a perfect match! His last two picks were Catholic Wogs. What is up with that? He gravitates to NON Scientologists. If you want to walk in DM’s shadow, really, take his wife.

  8. This is really interesting. Easy to see why Nicole Kidman’s children seem as though they have very little to do with her. She clearly is reagrded as a Suppressive Person. Its rather frightening and depressing. Makes me sick that evil in the form of DM exists and is allowed to prosper in the way he has. Keep up the good fight here, your blog is indeed powerful.

  9. I feel for Mr. Cruise. I grew up with his acting. I have always felt that he has not reached his pinnacle as an actor to date.

    I know he really loved Katie. It was obvious. She is beautiful and any decent man would love such a woman in their life.

    I personally started to grow in ways unimaginable once I disconnect from the Church and reconnected with LRH.

    I like to think Tom Cruise will dump DM as a personal Rasputin someday, and start to show the world what a man of his talents can do sans the suppression that he thinks is a source of power.

    It ruined your marriage, Tom. Dump the little Napoleon or your Waterloo is going to come soon. Dump him, and the world will re-connect with you, and you will have the support that an artist of your talent and good nature should have.

    I have a feeling you read this blog. You do not know how much I admire you and always wished I could have been you, talent-wise.

    I once thought being connected the the CoS was my source of power. It was not. It was the short circuit in my power plant – creating sparks that interfered with my assimilation of the tech as I wanted it applied to my life and goals.

    Tom, you deserve better. There are people who are standing by to make sure you get it. You must feel that tug inside you. You are a wonderfully perceptive fellow….just point that perception in that one place you know is causing you the travail that occupies your thoughts this day. You will find DM staring back at you. With a smile and a knife in hand behind his back.

    I wish you all the best.

  10. ….there is a typo there, but somehow so fitting lol. Anyway, I was in my local pub reading everyones comments in that post. Is it just me and the beer?? Or is it not true, to explain, Dave can’t protect you anymore. You are not being bullied by us; Tho it may seem that way. The facts are, you waited too long to act. And, yup, Dave ruined your marriage too. To Katie. (Did she not give you some “Dawson Creek” advice?) She certainly did!! You got one hope: LRH’s Scientology. Good-fucking-luck.

  11. Thanks for posting this, Marty! It really needs saying. I’m sure the anti-Scientology “experts” are salivating over this opportunity to generate fear and paranoia about unreal dangers. What Katie needs, is a realistic appraisal of the REAL threats she faces, and you have provided them in this post. V W D.

  12. Ed Paulson

    Bravo, Marty. Bravo!

  13. Li'll bit of stuff

    Marty, right alongside you here.Just to add that Dot & I
    just watched Miscavige’s latest salvo fronting up ahead
    of your Google entry header.

    Ho – hum…….more of same predictable desperation,
    emanating from the poor depraved little boy , STILL
    trying to play “captain” of his rapidly sinking Scn / Cruise
    (deliberate pun!) ship…..”The SATANIC” (shame that,
    following the same (tragic) fate as the original Titanic,
    but for diabolically differing reasons…)

    You warned…we heard…and now see it all playing out!

    Bring it on, kiddo! BTW, your lifeboats are also full of
    holes, so, all that remains is to give you a personal
    message meant for you!

    “……. bon voyage “chairman of the board!!!” —LRH

  14. Thanks TC, I’m so happy with your insistance of getting Suri onto the Will Smith Upper Scientology Inc. Indoctrination Hi School. Within days your stats are already surpassing the stratosphere. You’ve done more for Scientology by one single action than the total of all combined actions of Tommy Davis, Karin Pinocchio Pouw, the Squirrel Busters and all other goons. There’s not a single individual, bar none, that with a single action made David Miscavidge so in(stantly) famous, he’ll never forget (nor forgive). The amount of media comming Davey’s way now dwarfs (pun) any and all combined previous exposure and that’s the only thing that will save Scientology, VVVWD, I wanna be your next BFF!

  15. Theresa Defino

    How lovely is it that you can confess your role in (apparently successfully) brainwashing Tom’s adopted children, along with your previous spying and other fair game practices directed at me and others without out a single hint of remorse or regret.

    When, exactly, are you ever going to apologize and ask forgiveness for what you did? Or would that not help book sales?

    You are no better than Miscavige and CoS.

  16. I really hope some of this gets solved with Scientology.

  17. Elvis Presley

    I got to hand it to ya’. David Miscavige has NOTHING to deflect the hard cold TRUTH you have offered to Tom Cruise’s wife, Katie – (and her legal counsel). You showed me, and everyone else, you are man of VALOR.

    I will always be indebted to you for speaking the truth. Lisa Marie figured it out on her own, these kids nowadays are amazing, and Priscilla, older and wiser, is coming around and realizing just what a fraud David Miscavige really is. How he pulled it off this long is amazing.

    “It’s Alright” goes out from Me – To You – with Love ‘Brother. You can come on down and make your footprints on my beach anytime…I’d be honored.

    TCB Marty, TCB.

  18. Katie should focus on Flourishing and Prospering now. Look at Nicole and how she soared to the top of her game after her divorce from Tom. Let the lawyers do their work and concentrate on the positive.

  19. martyrathbun09

    Yes – thanks, fixed it.

  20. Is this the best Miscavige can come up with right now; you and paying google for placement? Yawn.

  21. Bruce Pratt

    Indeed Centurion. It has occurred to me, highlighted by others earlier, that the Tom Cruise that Katie Holmes fell in love with and married is not the Tom that she currently has as a husband. As a matter of fact, based on the timeline as I understand it, I think the TC that Katie fell in love with was largely a product of Marty’s delivery of some standard tech/ethics/admin to a willing and able participant, albeit under some damned interesting conditions.

  22. I understand your point. However, I do not agree with your last sentence: “You are no better than Miscavige and CoS”. It would be better to say: “You were no better than …”. Because it is in the past. I think you have to judge, if there can be really such a thing, a person on his actions right now. And when you look at his actions: what a complete difference with those of the capo di tutti capi and his maffia family! They represent a total change – which is, as we know, the purpose of ethics/justice.
    The right indication in my opinion should therefore be that there is a enormous ethics change.
    I cannot but imagine how difficult and hard it must have been to make this change, to realise what one has actually been doing all that time. It takes a lot of courage, you can be sure of that. But, as we know, integrity needs courage. Code of Honor.

  23. Like lighting matches in a fireworks factory
    Miscavige’s true nature will come out, not a question of
    if but when.

  24. Marty,

    I agree with your comments 100%.

    As I have commented a couple of times now, the tables have truly turned on the RCS. A few years ago, scandals concerning Scientology celebrities would at most make mention that the celebrity was a Scientologist, often omit it altogether.

    The lies the RCS has told the media and the documented insanities they have engaged in have turned them into “Fair Game.” Virtually any speculation about nefarious activities of the church can become “fact” with a couple of “sources close to the situation” and appear in the media. Davey has brought this on himself. Any organization stupid enough to send camera-hatted goons to camp out in front of your home for 6 months, or send 6 cars of PI’s to follow us down PCH, or illegally access phone and flight records — all well documented — is nutty enough to do anything and the media knows that the church isnt going to be able to sue them because all of their history will be dragged into court.

    I have also told media I have spoken to (many less than those who have called — some are ONLY looking for sensational quotes, not the real facts) that:

    a. If the silly speculation about Suri going into the Sea Org were believable — why aren’t Bella and Connor in the Sea Org? They have been raised pretty much exclusively by Tom in a “Scientology environment.”

    b. All the speculation about children’s sec checks misses the real potential problem. She is about to start school and the choice of school and the start of her education is the beginning of her indoctrination. Though it’s sort of “sexy” to make fun of questions from the children’s sec check, it is not really relevant (especially when it gets mixed up with the use of information gained from sec checking — can you imagine how valuable the information about whether a child has gotten dirty would be….)

    c. Even then, there isnt any actual evidence that Katie disagrees with Scientology. It’s reasonable to assume that given her experiences in the circumstances she has been in that she would be less than enamored with it if she believes this is what Scientology is, but who knows, maybe she had wonderful wins in auditing. Maybe she can’t take the three person marriage any more? Maybe she can’t stand the synthetic DM valence of Tom? Maybe he has been having affairs with one or more women? Maybe he told her to disconnect from her father? Nobody knows.

    I appreciate your effort to inject some sanity into this situation and to let her know she really has nothing to worry about.

  25. Kevin Tighe

    Was just out of town in Key West for some R & R. The topic of conversation I overheard in the hotel’s bar: TC, Katie & Scientology.

  26. I’ve been wondering for a while now about whether Katie supported the church and what would happen to her beautiful little girl. I’m happy to see her finally pulling away, and I hope she realizes that there are a lot of people out here who are sympathetic to and support her and are behind her all the way.

  27. You Know Who

    I met Barney Barnett a few years before he died in about 2000. He was a wonderful fellow, cheerful, loyal, loving, hardworking … and not a penny to his name — and he had had no communication from his daughter, Shelly Barnett Miscavige, for years. I came to understand that David Miscavige had deemed Barney to be a “downstat”, and for some god forsaken reason, Shelly went along with this abandonment of her own father. Or perhaps she chose to out of her own sense of right and wrong, instead in robotic obedience to David Miscavige’s hateful way of thinking. I do not know, and I don’t mean to suggest one thing or the other. But, it did strike me as odd, that a daughter, married to one of the top administrators of such a miraculous technology as Scientology would just abandon her own Father this way.
    When I mentioned this puzzlement to one of Scientology’s then Power FSM’s who I knew well, she intimated that Barney had “given up”, and that you can’t make someone get their own Ethics in, they have to want to keep their Ethics in. While this Power FSM was, of course, correct in the main, her comment betrayed not just a massive technical degrade, but a Black PR about Barney Barnett which, I knew from personal observation, was simply not true. All he would have needed to ‘become an upstat’ again … to make something of himself, I think, was a loving nod from his own Daughter. Like most of us, even OT’s, it helps our self-determinism to know that others care about us. And, while the most OT of the OT’s (if there is such a thing) can possibly withstand many eons of isolation, in point of fact, Thetans are ‘social beings’, if I may say so. The games we play are not worth playing without other players to duplicate us and join with us in creating something more than we would create on our own. It shocked me, I guess would be a better way to put it, that Shelly Barnett Miscavige/David Miscavige would sell Barney Barnett ‘down the river’.

    That was not the first reason I had to disconnect from the corporate Scientology, but it got me to thinking, and eventually I came to the conclusion that any “leader” of any “Church” who would treat his father-in-law as Barney Barnett had been treated, who would not USE the remarkable technology at his disposal to rehabilitate Barney Barnett … had to be up to no good.

    So, it does not surprise me that Shelly Miscavige would disappear, now that her father is dead, and she has no one to speak for her.

    Let us hope that she came to her senses, and is safe and sound and has simply escaped from Miscavige’s web of iniquity.

  28. Dizzy Mizz Lizzy

    The sun is shining here in little ol´ Denmark, and I´ve been sitting in the garden reading, reading, reading: “What is Wrong With Scientology?” It ended up costing about $34 with the packaging and sending………oh well. I think it´s worth it! What I´ve read so far is very educative. Your approach is new. I think I get a better understanding of what Scientology is all about and what the different parts of Scientology were intended for. I haven´t finished yet, but I want to thank you for keeping the language easy to read!

    And yes, the Tom Cruise story is all over the newspapers here in Denmark as well and Scientology is getting a lot of exposure – for FREE! It is becoming exceedingly embarrassing to be a Scientologist!

  29. martyrathbun09

    Yeah, I am not saying Miscavige doesn’t deserve every ounce of presumption plastering he’s taking. But, she ought not let them get into her head. All bark, no more bite left.

  30. Oh, couldnt happen to a nicer guy….

    And his bark these days is more like the whimpering of a cur dog that has been kicked in the nads and is cowering in the corner.

  31. freeatlast

    Marty and Katie ( I’m utterly certain that you log on dailey.
    TC cannot hurt Katie in the trade they share. He is an absolute laghing stock to those who are not funding.
    She will actually increase in scripts sent to her and roles. Katie, in my opinion, has branded herself already. Further a standing up to him and DM will only increase her brand equity

  32. martyrathbun09

    DML, thanks a lot. If you recommend it to anyone else in europe, I think the now available Kindle version will be about half the price if not less.

  33. freeatlast

    Mike good point about Conner and Bella not being in SO. In fact my kid, who is totally in, met Conner at some Delphi retreat a year ago and told me he “seemed” disaffected

  34. Really unthinking of you to address one of OSA many true victims that way. Do you even know who she is? Not everyone who voices dissent or displeasure with Marty is OSA/DM. Unfortunately, when Marty worked under DM people where harmed – Marty is the first to acknowledge this. Teresa DeFino was married to a former reporter for the Clearwater and later Washington Post paper – and Marty has posted here about his role in dirty tricks operations against him.

    I think sometimes indies here would be better off to try and communicate with some of the angry victims of OSA ops (who still feel rage at Marty and Mike for their roles in some operations) rather than name call and accuse them of being OSA/DM. This is the group which professes “communication is the universal solvent,” no?

    The indies could go a long way with mending fences the CoS obliterated by dialoguing with the cult’s victims rather than attacking or mocking – even if they are angry or accusatory at first. (Many have a right to be angry and that needs to be acknowledged, but also moved on from.) Obviously, there are some out there that nothing will suffice or make them change their minds about any aspect of Scientology, but you’ll never know unless you communicate a bit and try.

    I just think belittling or making accusations of being OSA, towards people who were victims of past dirty Ops and who come here still hopping mad, makes no progress. Trying to be patient, kind and let them vent and communicate, acknowledge the wrongs done and try to reconcile the past and explain how you’re here to make a different future for the way Scientologists behave could go along way.

  35. martyrathbun09

    Nice post.

  36. martyrathbun09

    Defino did OSA’s bidding in the divorce proceeding. She’s no victim. By the way, I never apologized for doing anything to her former husband for the simple reason that I never did anything to him.

  37. Think Katie should go all Princess Di and just say, ‘there were 3 of us in the marriage, so it was a bit crowded…’

  38. Lisa Tighe

    Been wondering the same with her disappearance and Heber’s disappearance. Has a missing person’s report been filed? Can anyone shed some light on this?

  39. + 1M with no spokesholes left.

  40. So you admit than that Micavige and his church are bad! Can you actually state it clearly? Just so we don’t think you work for OSA.

  41. The latest drivel from Lurch Soter to Fox News:

    “These individuals were excommunicated years ago and know nothing about Scientology current practices.”

    And Lurch has NEVER been a Scientologist, never done a course, never audited anyone, never been on staff, couldnt describe the ARC triangle — but he is of course an expert on Scientology current practices! He IS now the official “international spokesperson” of Scientology! OMG

    “Scientology is a global religion whose members are growing in numbers.”
    Soter said Scientology is “enjoying a renaissance, not uncoincidentally, since the departure of these anti-Scientologists.”

    Lurch — take a step back for minute. Are you REALLY calling what is happening a “renaissance” for Scientology?

    “You will find this in picture and written form on where it shows more than 25 new Churches opened and their congregations in major cities around the world, with five new Churches opened in the last five weeks,”

    Funny how they are SOOOOO fixated on buildings, but always omit the word when presenting their “massive international expansion” to the media. It’s not 5 new (empty) church BUILDINGS opened, its 5 new “churches.” There hasn’t in fact been a new CHURCH opened for decades. Nada. Nothing. None.

    Lurch, your pants are on fire and you don’t even notice.

  42. martyrathbun09

    Lurch is, well, Lurch.

  43. Sorry Marty, I just remember you being cited in stories about her ex-husband, “By targeting Leiby’s estranged wife, Rathbun writes, Scientology aimed to use his “divorce proceedings as a boot to Mr. Leiby’s throat.” (from the VV story here:

    — I actually couldn’t recall the details about your personal role or lack of one, just that you acknowledge the cults involvement in targeting him and using the divorce to cave him in. I know it was a nasty divorce situation. From what I’m re-reading the cult tried to hurt him by trying to help the wife in the divorce matter – a messy situation all around, which OSA seems to love to stir up those types of hornet’s nests to make it even worse.

    Regardless of this particular situation, I do think communication can help many. I think a lot of people who “hate” Scientology could learn a lot from the indies if communication was opened up more. I think there’s been a lot of progress in that dept and would like to see continue. I think some former victims blindly lash out at it everything connected to Scientology, but its amazing when some kindness is shown how thinking can change. The indies could build many bridges and heal many wounds caused by the CoS – and not just among former or ex-CoS Scientologists – but among non-members and various collateral damage.

    But, obviously, there are always going to be some hopeless cases in that dept. and no use swinging at windmills.

  44. Marty,
    Love the new links on the right side of the page.

    I finished your book in about a day and loved it. It totally handled some confusions for me -some going back to the Comm Course.

    I can’t wait for the next book and I can’t wait for the Phoenix.

  45. martyrathbun09

    I agree with communication. I never took a swing at her – I was just clarifying misinfo in your post.

  46. I think the biggest concern for Katie should be making sure her daughter never gets indoctrinated into the official scientology religion-be it by an educational system or scientology organization. There is such a subtle brainwashing effect that takes place, I dare say it has happened to most every single scientologist ever “created” including those on this blog. It is extremely damaging.
    It appears to have already happened to TC other 2 children with Nicole even though they are not in the sea org. If Suri should get indoctrinated, Marty’s #3 point above would not prevent Suri from disconnecting from her mother at any point in their future.
    Looking at it from another angle, if Suri is influenced by Katie to avoid or be fearful of scientology (or think like an “SP”), do you think that TC is brainwashed enough himself to follow the current rule to disconnect from his own daughter? It is not a far stretch of the imagination to see that happening because it is already happening with miscaviage brand scientologist’s disconnecting from parents/children/families/friends.
    This is a very tough situation to be in for Katie. But what really bugs me is that special exceptions/allowances to miscaviage policy will probably be made for TC that would not be made for any other miscaviage follower in similar circumstances.

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  48. Mike Hobson

    (very deep bass voice) Y-eeeesssss, Mr. Miscavige. Ugggggggggggghhhhhhhh.

  49. …the above post was in reply to an earlier simular post of mine, containing a typo, and some belligerent drunken words towards Tom Cruise which Marty deleted… thankfully!

    (something to the effect that TC’s “BFF” is just a bully…indeed, I think TC is looking like a “piece of do-do” for doing so, as simple as that, and failing to act: Lost Katie?)

    But now with sobriety I realize I got it all wrong, wrong estimation, DM isn’t a “bully”, a “nine-foot-board-fence” would handle a bully. This guy is far worse, maybe a “spiked 2×4” or Jail.

  50. FCDC Class of 74

    If I witnessed the last marriges of TC and the effects especially in regards to the children I’d have my child physically grafted to me. I’m sure Nichole misses her childred daily as I would and I’m saying that as a father. Oh and Marty finished your book. Whoa! alot of things I missed not coming back in in the eighties and beyond. That just means all my materials are “genuine”. and I continue to study. LOL Bill

  51. Am I reading this right? Soter is saying that the church has it’s own “current practices” ?…this basically admits they are not running the Church on LRH policy and tech. I guess, according to Soter and the above quote, LRH tech and policy is apparently old and background data for their “current practices”.

  52. Good question. The Sun even had a missing person’s report on her in this morning’s paper edition (seems to missing from the online version)

  53. You Know Who

    The paperback is $17.99 from Amazon. The Kindle is $9.99 from Amazon. I bought both.

  54. You Know Who

    Thanks. BTW, Barney Barnett did not die in about 2000. That’s when I met him. I believe he died within the last four or five years.

  55. Sorry for the typo!

  56. David says, “Take my wife…please!”

  57. EJ – ROFL…..amen and well said! I like your post always. You can get my coordinates from Mike. I would like to have comm line with you. You are cool

  58. Li'll bit of stuff

    Thank you sincerely for wearing such an extremely
    valuable hat ,Ingrid. And helping to put ORDER into
    often times heavily EN-theta laden CHAOS.
    No wonder LRH said “I consider that Auditors are
    among the most valuable beings on the planet.”
    ML, Calvin

  59. You Know Who

    One More Thing. Like — I suspect — so many others, my reading of “What is Wrong with Scientology?” is a watershed event in my life. JUST by reading it, soooooo many wrong indications have been rehabilitated, sooooooo much By-Passed Charge has been released, and soooooo much that is right has been acknowledged.

    Now, I am well past Clear — thanks to the brilliant auditing of my brilliant Independent Auditor (who is not Marty). Which is why I find what Marty did to be soooooooooooooooo remarkable. Leaving aside the fact that Marty writes with an alacrity and clarity which is rarely seen in texts discussing subjects of this complexity, the very most important thing Marty did (my point of view) is rehabilitate the right to “discuss” Scientology, talk about one’s wins, revel in how marvelous are the ‘rightnesses’ of Hubbard’s life of work, rejoice in the fact that, regardless of whatever else Hubbard did, he paved a path (not a four lane, divided and stripped and lighted highway) out of the morass.

    What I want to comment on, however, is that Marty did NOT destroy Hubbard’s prohibition against “verbal tech”. Quite to the contrary. What he explains is how David Miscavige and his Unholy Minions are, instead of protecting each individual’s right to come to THEIR OWN understanding of Hubbard, free of enforced verbal alterations of Hubbard’s works, David Miscavige is actually enforcing an altered, perverse, suppressive verbal alteration of the most fundamental precepts of Scientology, and has done so in such a way as to create the kind of dead-in-the-head robotism which Hubbard railed against, worked his life against, and, fortunately for the rest of us, actually succeeded in getting down in writing and widely distributed enough that it cannot be destroyed — unless we let it.

    Nobody need believe Marty, or me. All they have to do is read what Hubbard wrote, determine, in their own time, and according to their own lights, whether it is true for them, or not. That is all Hubbard ever set out to do, anyway, with his prohibition against ‘verbal tech’ — to give you the chance to decide for yourself.

    My hat is off to you Mr. Rathbun. Very, very well done.

  60. Hee, hee. Love it.

  61. Li'll bit of stuff

    YKW, I wish that I really did, bit I can know of your
    sentiments, which are clear and heart – warming”
    Thank YOU, Calvin

  62. It is nice to see some responsibility in reporting from this site and Village Voice. Tony wrote an excellent article.

  63. Currently, as it has always been, you can check into ‘Flag’ but you CAN NOT CHECK OUT until they say you can check out. I always kinda of knew that but did not know it was literal until they held me there against my will in May 2012. (Most Scientologist know it’s HARD leaving Flag and go into agreement with it but few ‘experience’ trying to leave upon agreed schedules.)

  64. The picture I get when I read the below listed article is the time TC took on Matt Lauer. There is a lot to say about KARMA! TC you were warned and warned.

  65. Very nice the publications new section (right side on the blog). Good for new lurkers.
    I wish there were also a fun section, with a link to the car wash video. 🙂

  66. The indies could build many bridges and heal many wounds caused by the CoS – and not just among former or ex-CoS Scientologists – but among non-members and various collateral damage.

    I think it’s just a bit ironic that we Indies, who for the most part, are essentially the walking wounded, are gradually coalescing together to mend and heal each others injuries (which were inflicted by the corporation), will ultimately be the ones who take responsibility for the widespread and disastrous effects created by the church.

    Indeed, it would seem that only by taking responsibility for the effects that were created in our name, and with our tacit (and even unknowing) consent, can we all become totally free ourselves.

    On its face, that seems like a terrible injustice, but I honestly believe that it’s ultimately the way through.

  67. “And Lurch has NEVER been a Scientologist, never done a course, never audited anyone, never been on staff, couldn’t describe the ARC triangle — but he is of course an expert on Scientology current practices! He IS now the official “international spokesperson” of Scientology! OMG ”

    I don’t know whether to laugh or cry…proof…the church is dead!

  68. Your comment “There is such a subtle brainwashing effect that takes place, I dare say it has happened to most every single scientologist ever “created” including those on this blog.” – is an insulting crock.

    You are of course entitled to your opinion. But so am I, and mine is, based on 40+ years of experience in the subject, that those who make blanket statements such as yours have NO CLUE what they are talking about, and are therefore little more than arrogant fools who think they know a lot more than they really do.

  69. I think the biggest concern for Katie should be making sure her daughter never gets indoctrinated into the official scientology religion…..There is such a subtle brainwashing effect that takes place, I dare say it has happened to most every single scientologist ever “created” including those on this blog.

    M.E., you seem to be failing to differentiate between the Scientology religion, and the insulated culture within the church. It’s not the applied religious philosophy that has caused all the damage (*except in those cases where it has been intentionally bastardized and reversed with intent to harm). It’s the stultifying, strangling nature of the group agreements within that culture that have driven most of us away. Over time, those agreements have evolved into an unseen and insidious force that operates on the individual in direct contravention of everything the philosophy itself teaches.

    Personally, I find it sad that Katie herself may not have noted this difference, and may be disconnecting from the religion and everything connected to it. In Scientology, we call that computation an, ‘A=A=A’. Everything equals everything, i.e., no differentiation. ‘Throwing the baby out with the bath water’, if you will.

    Perhaps that’s not the case, and she gained enough benefits through auditing to know that the technology works when properly applied. One can hope.

  70. Li'll bit of stuff

    Ingrid, something huge is currently underway! I refer to
    Brian Culkin’s post on June 30, 9.46pm. where he went
    onto say: ” This is exciting. I can feel something huge
    on the horizon.”……………………………………………………
    I have felt this “electricity” in the the air! Have you too?

    Brian’s sentiment sat with me for a few days, while trying
    to “read”….. what could this be????…………………………

    I believe I’ve just twigged it!…..associated with the imminent blowing open of the entire secret workings of the Church of $cientology, to a world of largely ignorant / misinformed non Scientologists and Scientologists alike.

    What we are about to witness, I believe, is a MASSIVE
    GLOBAL.. ” COMM–RELEASE ” on a scale not seen since the launch of Dianetics on May 9th 1950.

    With all the triggers, being the sum total of all that has transpired, before and since the launch announcement on the 23rd June, of Marty Rathbun’s blockbuster -in-progress: “What Is Wrong With Scientology?”

    With ALL the suppression OF THE LAST 30 YEARS
    about to be finally lifted, beings are about to do what
    HAPPY, FREE people love to do most! Communicate!

    WOW! Get ready for a communication AVALANCHE!
    just wait and see!!!!
    Calvin B. Duffield

  71. The Oracle

    Well said. My prediction is that we have not seen or heard the last from her.

  72. My copy still not arrived – I checked the Amazon site and it says it is due 31st July!!! I ordered it the day it became available. I can only think they are sending it across the Pond by canoe or carrier pigeon. Either that or 1st edition is sold out!

  73. I have one question – why isn’t the FBI looking for Shelly Miscavige? She has been reported “missing” for years now – don’t they have a duty to investigate?

  74. EJ,
    The actual intention and resultant cause for (“The amount of media coming Davey’s way now dwarfs (pun) any and all combined previous exposure and that’s the only thing that will save Scientology”) perhaps should go to Katie Holmes for her ability to recognize the outpoints and take action to correct those you have referred to.
    I agree that her actions would not have been needed were it not for TCs bad choices and severe PTS condition.

    Thank you Katie for “DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT!” When it is time to kick ass and take names you will go down in history ….. IMHO!

  75. Ditto – Nice post!

  76. The Oracle

    The fact that he says someone who left years ago wouldn’t know about current practices, is the same as saying it has been altered to such an extent over the last several years, if you were out a few years you could not come back to what you once knew.

    That in itself is pretty “anti Scientology” if you ask me.

  77. …….and he’s been seen drooling in the corner from the can of whoop-ass he just got fed……can, lid and all!

    As you so aptly point out … really does suck to be Miscaviage.

    And now for act two…..Tom gets to find out how much it sucks to be a friend of Miscaviage! (maybe his only one!)

  78. Mike,
    Lurch must have gotten a glimpse of the FLOURISHING INDIE FIELD when he commented about “Scientology enjoying a renaissance”…….

  79. threefeetback

    Katie Holmes should be cast as Mary Sue in the upcoming film, “The Master.”

  80. Nice report Marty. I hope Katie is tuning in to your blog to stay current.

    There is some data regarding other celebrity Scientologists’ which is not likely momentous enough to reach the airwaves but which might circulate amongst the Hollywood crowd and be of some cause for concern for Katie.

    Catherine Bell, best known for her acting career in JAG and has attested to the state of Clear, left her husband in late 2011 and has recently begun a new 2-d relationship with a friend from Clearwater. (see

    Penny Jones, longtime FSO FSM and on the level of OT VII for over twenty years, is the mother of Brooke Jones who recently moved to California and moved into Catherine’s household as her new 2-d. Brooke (Class IV auditor and Clear) and her estranged husband had been on lines at Flag doing 2-d marriage counseling until recently when she broke it off and moved in with Mrs. Bell. She also has her two kids with her and Cathryns nanny will provide services to all four of their kids. Another successful Flag Completion Stat for failed marriage counseling.

    I had heard (verbal data only) that Catheryn was recently auditing on OT VII but is now off the level.

    The outpoints of the products of the Radical CO$ continue to mount up. Perhaps the short nasty one in the Caribbean can announce the stats for numbers of Scientologists in good standing that have gone gay this week!

  81. More than being imprisoned in any “hole” or at one of the CST locations, Heber and Shelly (like so many others) are prisoners of their own minds. Were each of them face to face with law enforcement this minute, they’d probably communicate how well they were doing and sing Scientology’s praises to the heavens – because in their compromised minds, doing that would be the greatest good for the greatest number.

    So warped, sad, and frustrating.

  82. threefeetback

    Real Estate investors must be licking their chops at the prospect of the Church leader losing his grip.

  83. martyrathbun09

    Thanks YKW for sharing your thoughts. I appreciate it.

  84. Sometimes “the universe” helps and pushes support in the direction of truth. Probably more times than I have noticed or ever imagined. Most religions state that this occurs. The truth is senior to physical things and those living the truth are more at peace with themselves than those covering up lies, crimes, and moral and ethical transgressions. (Attorneys take heed.) 🙂

    It is therefore very timely that something like Katie’s very public split from Tom should occur now and by default force the spotlight on “What Is Wrong With Scientology.”

    This would be truth being given the spotlight. I truly hope Katie and her familiy read it for the sake of their own closure, nothing more. She was “captive” in a sense for only 5-6 years–I was for over 25. The book did a world of good for me and helped me pry away from things I didn’t even know were still sticking to me. And this was after years of being gone and thinking I was pretty settled on my new life.

    I really have to thank you, Marty, for getting this book out there so fast, and your support team of Mosey, Dan and Russ and a few others I probably don’t even know about. I really hope these upcoming months really crack the back of the miscavige cult and Katie wins big in the end too. And Suri is not turned into a pawn. Also that Tom finally listens to that “universe.” There will never be some woman who will bend for long to all the crap he has agreed to and tries to enforce. Especially if she has a child.

    He doesn’t have the wonderful, loving family dynamic that properly applied Scientology can help bring about. He’s got no idea how to create it, because it would have to be based on the truth.

  85. newcomer, welcome! Boy I wondered whatever happened to PJ. I know Brooke, did not know she had children. As far as those who continue to lose marriages, friends, etc because of this insantity, all I can say is WAKE-UP PEOPLE!!!!! It is not to late. Read Marty’s book “What is Wrong With Scientology”.

    BTW, Marty am loving the book. It is a wonderful read. Truly puts the truth there. Truly increases understanding and desire to want to know more for both those already in and those new to the subject.

  86. Absolutely. I have data that it’s been nearly two weeks since they disclosed private PC data over the internet in order to smear people who tell the truth about thier crimes.
    …oh, wait a minute…they have several web sites up doing just that.

  87. While I was at the base and Shelly would come around once in a while as an “enforcement” type person getting miscavige’s orders complied to, (as COB Assistant) she never treated me like a jerk, like so many others did. There were only a few higher-ups who treated people like people, not Inferiors. She was one and Annie Tidman was another.

    Shelly wasn’t always like that, but still–I too hope she can find, or has found, her way the hell out of there and initiates her own divorce procedings.

  88. threefeetback

    In person, Shelly was a breeze to work with. It was when Whatshisface (DM) entered the room that the space became completely toxic. As time went by, Davey’s aberations became more and more contagious to those working in his vicinity.

  89. The Oracle

    I doubt he would ever sleep again if that one got out from under his control. That is a time bomb waiting to go off. Tick. Tick. Tick.

  90. Dizzy Mizz Lizzy

    I bought the book from Amazon in Germany and it arrived a few days later.

  91. +1

  92. I personally was forever brainwashed in a subtle manner by reading some of Martin Luther King’s writings and Ghandi’s writings. I just can’t get it out of my head that positive change can be effected without violence. No matter how hard I try, that brainwashing just won’t leave me.

    If people are taught to evaluate data for themselves and inspect all angles of a subject and taught they should make up their own minds (What is true for you is true for you…) then they ain’t brainwashed, they are educated.

  93. The Oracle

    Seems to me that Katie has been sharply focused on flourishing and prospering. Even before she met Tom Cruise. She doesn’t have any history of succumbing that I can see. She is lopping off heads left right and center. She does not appear to be wounded.

    Nicole Kidman is very different from Katie Holmes. I doubt they would even audition for the same roles beyond Tom Cruise’s mate. Nic Kidman is very uncommon and an Oscar winning actress. Therefore, would have greater advantages career wise.

    I do not believe being married to Tom Cruise has been a liability for either of them career wise, no matter what the press may suggest. You can’t promote yourself any better as a unknown , than when you connect to a universally famous person in the spot light.

    Nic Kidman’s career actually sky rocketed after her divorce. But she very well may not have those opportunities has she not been lifted in the industry with opportunities gained through her ten years with Cruise.

  94. Why doesn’t Katie call Tom’s hand and come out against the cult. Then Tom would have to “disconnect” from Katie and Suri, would he not? If Katie becomes a SP then would DM have TC disconnect? I would think Team Holmes would be thrilled to be rid of the loon. She has her own $ and the ability to make plenty more- put the screws to him Katie!

  95. Publius, I too was involved in the subject for 40 years and completed the top OT Levels, so I am very familiar with what I’m talking about. If you disagree with my opinion that is your right – that doesn’t make me an arrogant fool. Was it my use of the word “brainwashing” that offended you? I didn’t mean to insult you, I consider myself one of the brainwashed who has now recovered and seen the light. I am no longer brainwashed, along with most of the others on this blog. But I believe we WERE – IN THE PAST – brainwashed to have put up with and participate in the loony crap we did while connected to that organization.
    I’m going by the simple definitions of brainwashing, according to American Heritage Dictionary:
    1. Intensive, forcible indoctrination, usually political or religious, aimed at destroying a person’s basic convictions and attitudes and replacing them with an alternative set of fixed beliefs.
    2. The application of a concentrated means of persuasion, such as an advertising campaign or repeated suggestion, in order to develop a specific belief or motivation.”
    I personally feel it is an appropriate word to use to describe what happens to people after lenghthy involvement with the “official” ORGANIZATION of scientology.
    Ronnie, my comment has nothing to do with the idea of “The Tech vs The Culture”. I wasn’t saying WHAT CAUSED the damage to a person, just the fact that I believe it occurs. Of course the tech being applied in a more free and sane environment – away from the crazy bullshit that most Indies are here pointing out within RCS – could have positive results if applied correctly.

  96. The Oracle

    WOW! This is extremely interesting! Thanks for posting the link! This is very fresh thinking!

  97. Ronnie, my comment has nothing to do with the idea of “The Tech vs The Culture”. I wasn’t saying WHAT CAUSED the damage to a person, just the fact that I believe it occurs.

    Which was precisely my point. You failed to differentiate, or to correctly target the true source of the “brainwashing” you spoke of.

    As someone who’s been involved with the religion for four decades, you ought to know better. Especially when addressing a group of Scientologists. We’re gonna nail you on that sort of thing every time.

    Your post was a blanket accusation against “Scientology”, which, as you know, is a generality. Be more specific next time.

  98. Brokenhalo4

    Without the Indies, most would never know just how truly awful, destructive and despicable DM is. With the indies, the abuse, the child labor, the families torn apart, would go unnoticed by all.
    Without the indies, the unnatural deaths, and suspicious disappearances would continue to go unnoticed.
    I have never been involved in Co$, I came to this blog after VV’s “Runnin Scared” for about 2 years (this is the first time I have had the nerve to post). I cannot imagine what a lot of you have been through. I mean, I have read what a lot of you have been through and I still cannot fathom it.
    Freedom is something all people strive for. Indies here deserve a lot of credit, for not just exposing truth but for trying to liberate those who are still in the clutches.
    Heroes you are. It does not matter what was done years ago, what matters is now and how you move forward. The measure of any great man or woman is to look in the mirror acknowledge their faults and move forward.
    The beginning of the end is here. The high profile defections, the media scrutiny in the wake of the Holmes/Cruise divorce, me thinks DM should run for the hills (and never come back).
    PS Whatever happened to Tommy Davis? That seems like another bomb that could blow up in DM’s face.

  99. I hope you got lots of satisfaction from nailing me. And i was as specific as i wanted to be for what I was trying to say about the topic as it related to Katie and Suri. I don’t have to follow your rules.

  100. Not coincidentally, it’s Shermanspeak. Soter’s just passing along the message he was given.

  101. Interesting article by a psychiatrist, about how both Scientology and Psychology have lost their original birthright, yet when meeting in the courtroom for the TomKat battle, may well find find some semblance of mutual understanding. Seems unlikely to me, but fascinating to see this from a psychiatrist’s viewpoint.

  102. Trevor Ventura

    I have been reading a lot of the news articles about Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise and their divorce. Recently, there was an article in which Katie said that her marriage to Tom Cruise was “like being in the Rosemary’s baby movie”. Then, I saw an article about the Sea Org headquarters in California. That article had a lot of pictures of the different buildings there. One was a huge mansion that the article said was built “for the return of L. Ron Hubbard.”

    Those two statements got me wondering….could the Church of Scientology have somehow tried to get L. Ron Hubbard to reincarn as Tom and Katie’s baby? Could the Church of Scientology believe that Suri Cruise is actually (or possibly) the reincarnation of L. Ron Hubbard? I think that this is a fascinating line of investigation. Does anyone else have any thoughts on this topic?

  103. You Know Who

    By the way, you can read a “Kindle” on your PC, and your MAC computers. You do not need an actual Kindle or iPad. So, there is no need to wait for a paper copy, unless you want to.

  104. It is “know not whereof one speaks” or “know whereof one speaks.”

  105. Li'll bit of stuff

    Brokenhalo4, welcome! So nice to have you aboard,
    too. It’s always refreshing to know that there are
    interested persons, such as yourself following the
    events and drama which get reported on Marty’s blog.
    Have you read any of L. Ron Hubbard’s books at all?
    It would be nice hearing your reply. Stay tuned anyway!
    BTW, just as an aside, I think you will find that your own
    courage level, may have just increased a few notches
    as a result of simply posting onto this blog.Scientology
    imbues an enormous amount of power, to anyone who
    chooses to use it wisely.

    All the best,
    Calvin B. Duffield.

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  107. Pingback: Tom Cruise’s Former Mentor Explains What Katie Should And Should Not Fear | Delaware Reason

  108. Very very interesting… I think it safe to bet Katie’s camp will focus on the obvious corruption of Scientology Inc. (such abundant Off-Policy practices are plain) and Tom’s “Out Ethics” thereof, rather then anything else. If so, she’ll win.

  109. What follows may be simplistic, but maybe not since we all know about the “Napoleon” complex some short people have. I didn’t know until today that David M. is SHORTER than TC!! THAT explains a lot though it hardly needed explaining after reading the information on this blog and elsewhere. The picture on your other stream in May 2010 with TC, DM and Katie’s hand and a tiny bit of her face in the photo was where I SAW DM for the 1st time, though I’ve been reading a great deal about him, (nothing good) in the last 2 weeks. I think all of you who have come through the fire of being associated with DM in even the smallest way are to be congratulated.

  110. If Jack Screecher lawyers are threatening to air Katies’ ‘auditing’ secrets…why doesnt she air Cruise’s secrets?

  111. Shelly needs to be found and rescued asap! I feel like fighting fire with fire now:

  112. “Scientologists who actually factually literallly publicly still continue to praise L. Ron Hubbard and apply his ideas in a sane manner” is how I think idependent Scientologists ought define theimselves.

    “Thinking with what LRH said” is a phrase I approve of, for ex Miscavige dominated Scientologists who leave Miscavige’s dominated scene, and who land on their feet still thinking they are Scientologists.

    Mike, you’re a very good mentsch!

  113. Is this a good point for a bit of comic relief?
    BTW, Mike and Marty, while I may not be on the same page with you and other indies about LRH, I count you among my heroes.

  114. Pingback: Scientology mentor Tom Cruise: hier moet Katie bang voor zijn | Celeb

  115. IMO, I don’t think LRH would associate himself with the likes of Tom and Dave, or any parts of those families. If he could in fact reincarnate himself, he most certainly would not go with any association whatsoever with the crap that is now being called “Scientology.”

    He would go with a couple who understand the original philosophy, the original stuff he came up with that actually did a lot of good for a lot of people. Or maybe a couple totally unfamiliar with this whole deal so he (she?) could grow up for a while amongst people and experience life like that for a while before making another move.

    LRH wanted a civilization without insanity, crime or war. Miscavige and Cruise are only creating the opposite at this point.

    Trevor, if you are asking this question you have not noticed this difference and the bastardization of the man’s original works. It is NOT Scientology that this whacked-out “church” is doing these days. Miscavige & Co. changed it bit by bit over many years so no one would really catch on too fast. But some did anyway.

    The “church” administrative group that is supposed to protect Hubbard’s copyrights and trademarks of his works and keep them pure (RTC) just changes them whenever they want to forward ways to acquire millions more dollars and continually attempt to make miscavige’s PR all golden and beautiful. Only a couple thousand Kool-Aid drinkers buy this anymore. MILLIONS of others now think it’s total crap—they figured it out.

    If you read LRH’s early stuff you will see how incredibly whacko the “new and amazing” Scientology Inc. really is. Just plain old Scientology always was and is a lot better.

  116. It is very sad to see Suri always hiding her face from obsessive photographers. If anything, both Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes should issue a joint statement to ask photographers to leave Suri out of the picture.

  117. I know this is an old thread, but I was wondering how indie Scientologists feel about same sex 2-d relationships? I’ve never been a church member, but have been reading books by LRH. A lot of what I’ve read makes sense, but I do believe that everyone, gay or not, has the fundamental right to be with the person who makes them happy, same sex or not. I hope I’m not causing a storm with this statement on this board, and hope to get some serious & respectful answers.

  118. Tanya Lawson

    My name is Tanya i live in USA where Divorce seems to be the order of the day,i was married to my husband Lawson for 18 years and we were living happily together with our 3 kids and all of a sudden their came this sad moment for the first time in my life i curt my husband having an affair with a lady outside our marriage before this time i have already started noticing strange behavior like he used to spend some time with us, comes home early after work but since he started having an affair with this lady all his love for his wife gone and he now treats me badly and will not always make me happy.I had to keep on moving with my life never knowing that our marriage was now leading to divorce which i can not take because i love Lawson my husband so much and i can’t afford to loose him to this strange Lady,i had to seek a friends advice on how i could resolve my marriage problem and make the divorce case not to take place and my husband live this Lady and come back to me again having heard my story my friend decided to help me at all cost she then referred me to A spell caster named Priest Ajigar, my friend also told me that Priest Ajigar have helped so many people that were going through divorce, and also finding possible ways to amend their broken relationship. To cut my story short i contacted Priest Ajigar and in just four days after the spell was done my husband left the other lady and withdrew the divorce case all till now my husband is with me and he now treats me well and we are living happily together again all appreciation goes to Priest Ajigar i never could have done this my self, so to whom it may concern if you are finding difficulty in your relationship or having problems in your marriage just contact Priest Ajigar he is Powerful and his spell works perfectly,i am somebody who never believed or heard about spell but i gave it a try with Priest Ajigar and today every thing is working well for me and if you need his help his email is (

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