Scientology Inc Wants to Censor Cruise/Holmes Break Up News

Good Luck.  It is sort of like showing up to a nuclear war with a squirt gun.

The following is a write up posted by an Office of Special Affairs (dirty tricks and propaganda arm of Scientology Inc.) operative on how to counter free speech on the internet.  It is posted currently with specific reference to those commenting on the break up of Tom Cruise and Katies Holmes and Scientology Inc’s role in the affair.   The recipient Ray McKay is a well-known OSA operative.  “Razzline members” refers to members of a corporate Scientologist on line collective.    When will David Miscavige (supreme leader of corporate Scientology and Tom Cruise’s best man) ever learn that attempts to suppress communication and expression only make more news than the news he attempts to censor?

From: Daniele Lattanzi []
Sent: Thursday, July 05, 2012 1:53 AM
To: Ray McKay
Subject: RE: Simple hatting on how to fight back on the internet
and Stand Up For Your Religion

Dear Razz Line members,

I am not a big fan of media, but you may have glanced the news of
the split between TC and Holmes and all the speculations around.
While this is a personal matter, when people start to bring our
religion into the middle and a bunch of uninformed people start to
spread false datum, rumors and defame our religion it became a
matter that does affect my Dynamics and I believe that affects
yours as well.

Well, I am not somebody that I am going to simply stand and watch a
bunch of uninformed people putting my religion under the carpet. So
here is a simple hatting on how you can causative fight back and at
the same time stand up and defend our religion on the internet.

Microsoft or Google or any of these big online company require that
each person when create an account with them follow a Code of
Conduct when they are on the internet. If there are abuse of such
Code of Conduct, those website do actually invite you to report the
matter to the Moderator — in other word, write the matter to

These is where things can be turn around!

Here is a simple example on how to fight back abuse of the Code of
Conduct that is happening within the Microsoft (MSN) website:

1. One of the Code of Conduct that Microsoft impose is to not
“threatens, defames, degrades… an individual or group of
individuals for any reason; including on the basis of age, gender,
disability, ethnicity, sexual orientation, race, religion; or
incites or encourages anyone else to do so..”

So is you go to MSN Now – What’s Trending? you will see different
articles about TC and Holmes split. The articles then ask for
comment…. (Note: if the article does not show up anymore on the
first page, go to the search bar and type ‘Tom Cruise Divorce’…
or a similar search. You want to go where the comment section is)

On each comment if you place your mouse over it,it show up on the
bottom right a tag that say ‘REPORT’.

2. Click the “Report” Tag and a small window show up. Click the tab
“Send Note to Moderator”

3. Once you do that a new window show up and you can send a text of
100 character. You can write something like ‘Violate Your Code of
Conduct’. “defames or degrades a group for any reason including on
the basis of religion.”

The above exact comment it fit.

4. Read the comment from people and pick the ones that fit the
violation of the Code of Conduct.

5. Report the Violation!! That’s it!! You are done.

6. Now rinse and repeat the same process from step 2 to 5..

Once you got the hang of it it get pretty fast and in one hour you
can report of lots of these nonsense comment!

If is only one person (me) reporting these issues, the Moderator at
Microsoft will not take the comment off. if you start to have 10 or
20 people reporting it, they are going to take this down.

LRH give an exact quote on the Price of Freedom that you find on
Tape 1 – Transcript page 32 – The Genus of Dianetics and
Scientology – ANATOMY OF THE HUMAN MIND CONGRESS. The same quote
appear also in the Tech Dictionary under the Price of Freedom.

Ok – there you have it!! This simple hatting is something that you
can use now for this or similar situations that may happen in the

Over to you!

209 responses to “Scientology Inc Wants to Censor Cruise/Holmes Break Up News

  1. Bruce Pratt

    Wow. No instruction or direction suggesting “read the content to see how it could violate the code(s) of conduct” . No help on how to head in the direction of truth.

    Makes me think that CoS formerly known as the Church of Scientology is now the Culmination of Stop or Compliance over Self-Determinism.

  2. Wow, this grammar reminds me of that $5,000 wedding dress one could order on the internets for $78.00. Slave labour all the way! Seems to me all the real people are locked up or otherwise missing.

  3. Brian Culkin

    I can’t decide if his grammar or the message itself was more painful to digest.

  4. If one turns on the tv or accesses the internet, it is impossible not to stumble upon a Tom and Katie story. Entertainment Tonight’s coverage is unique in that they are focusing on being Tom Cruise’s cheering section, with no mention (thus far, to the best of my knowledge) of the involvement of the church of Miscavige. It would be nice to assume that they are taking the high road, staying clear of all rumor and innuendo. But their extensive clips of Tom’s movies and their showing of every glowing testamonial to Tom they can find is a little too blatant. I suspect some successful censorship there, or a Kool Aid drinking producer associated with the show.

  5. The thought-stopping / re-eduaction regarding Katie has begun. Note it’s “TC and Holmes”, not Tom and Katie or even TC and KH. It’s disrespectful just using her surname. Not a major thing, but subtle introduction down the path toweards “SP Holmes”.

    Anyway this is just pissing in the wind to the extreme. OSA and Dave, enough now, really. It’s so OVER. Get up to PT. Go home, have a bath and a green tea or something.

  6. Lmao! Thank you, idiots!

  7. I lost count after about six fourth-grade level grammatical errors. Just shocking what passes for communications among the 9th-grade dropouts that are running things in the cult.

    But the best part is just how futile the exercise is: on Monday, there were 98.6 million pages indexed in Google that had all of the exact phrases “Tom Cruise”, “Katie Holmes”, “divorce” and “Scientology” on them. Today, there are 131 million. Assuming you have 25 OSA bots who can submit requests to censor one page per minute each, you would be able to censor 12,000 different pages per day. If, as the author says, it takes 20 censor requests to get MSN to act, the OSA crew would be able to get 20 comments on each of 600 pages at that rate. Unfortunately, in the same 8-hour day, the number of web pages mentioning Scientology in connection with the TomKat divorce went up by 2.4 million.

    Only if you got all 25,000 Scientologists in the cult today working on an all-hands “Hill 10” emergency, spending all day every day 24×7 trying to censor articles would you have any hope at all of getting even a fraction of the new pages censored. You’d still fail.

    By the way, MSN and others have software that analyzes filter requests. If the same (or approximately the same) cancel text comes in from the same IP addresses over and over on articles with similar word content, they will detect something fishy and will stop censoring articles. So this group censorship activity will backfire before a human has to take any action.

    Oh, and the last time you tried to censor something on the Internet you didn’t like, which coincidentally was also about Tom Cruise, was back in 2008. Your attempt to take down the “crazy-talk” video off of YouTube caused you guys to pull in Anonymous for their first-ever off-line action. Look how well that worked out for you!

    Best advice: give up. Give up now. It’s so far beyond hopeless that it’s embarrassing to even fantasize that you can stem the tide.

  8. Father of a lost son

    The author of that email needs to study some basic grammar as well as how to spell. That has to be one of the most poorly constructed letters I have seen in a long time. That is almost comical to read.

  9. I take it, “Best Daniel” is not a KTL grad.

  10. Haa ha!

    I see OSA has learned nothing since they tried the same attempt to ‘put ethics in on the internet’ by spamming newgroups critical of the CofS’s SP activites back in the early, mid 90s.

    Another foot nuke no doubt. I can’t wait to see what happens when the media pick this up and run with it. Considering that media is probably monitoring this blog now, for obvious reasons, that foot nuke will definately be known.

    SPs really can’t get case gain, can they. No change in ethics in, well in this case, about 20 years.

  11. threefeetback


  12. Good god, this letter is illiterate. This woman is obviously not an English speaker natively. Ray McKay, do you remember the amount of time that you and Donna spent living in the chicken coop out behind OGH when you were routing out? Things got a LOT worse after that for many people. How in the hell can you be supporting such nonsense this many years later? You were the worst Producer and I was the worst Director in the long and tortured history of Cine. Your experience there should have alerted you to the fact that no one was about to let you succeed on that post. The modus operandi under David Miscavige is to make people lose. That is what he thrives on. And nearly 30 years later you are still supporting it. Wake the fuck up, man!

  13. Hey Daniel, how is all that working for ya? Buddy you don’t have a clue about the Price of Freedom! Get real!

  14. Journey Continued

    Where did this idiot learn to write!

    Aside from that, you are spot on Marty; this is just another colossal foot bullet in the making. Look what happened the last time they tried to sensor the Internet.

  15. Great going!!! Send the whole flock onto the internet. Pleaseeee copy and remail this to all your friends in good standing, don’t let them just stand by and do nothing. It’s totally o.k to surf the net, search for comments, think them over and react. it’s the duty of any good old fashioned Davey fearing Scientologist. Don’t let Him catch you on the question: Did you ever fail to defend Scientology? Stand up and fight for your religion, act now!

  16. Her grammar is atrocious. I am sure it is an English as a second language issue, but still.

    That said, this is perfect! Surpression of communication, “rinse and repeat” false reporting. Now open for the world to see, and thus robbed of ANY chance at effectiveness. Score another product for Dave’s Knaves.

    Just for kicks, I checked out the comments on some these stories. It looks like Mr. Dave and the ‘droids are now attacking Katie using the same snarky vicious 1.1 filth they use on the anti-indy sites.

    Good move, idiots. There are two ways this divorce will be viewed by the public:

    1. Tom is the bad guy, Katie is great and lucky to get out.
    2. Both Tom and Katie are just good people caught up in a bad situation.

    There is no option 3 where Tom is the good guy, and Katie is the bad guy. Virtually the only people who hold that viewpoint are either the ‘droid corporatists, or misogynous women-haters (I know, redundant, but call it bloggic license 😉 ).

    The comments I have seen with viewpoint 3 just reek of OSA’s minions. As if that has EVER worked.

  17. This has to be written by DM. Very few people turn a phrase as poorly. Few people besides DM have such poor language and grammar skills. And almost no one else presents illogic quite so emphatically.

    PLUS, in reference to:
    “I am not a big fan of media, but you may have glanced the news”

    That’s a nice, not-so-covert slam to anyone who might have dared to peek at the news lately. Just remember folks: It’s not okay to look at the news or the Internet … unless we ask you to trample on someone else’s right to free speech.

  18. “Razz Line Members” – ? – even their name implies harassment.

  19. Too funny! Can’t believe Ray McKay is such a friggin’ wimp, (alas I knew him well….but at least he had the sense to escape!) and this Daniel guy doesn’t even realize he has given EVERYONE ELSE the instructions to further their own line of The Truth. And it is FAR from what young Daniel thinks is going on. OMG. He’s sooooo duped. Too funny, too funny. And a bit unfortunate. WAKE UP YOU GUYS! 🙂 Pleeeeeeze!

  20. Kevin Tighe

    Ah yes, Daniele. Former WISE I/C FLB. RPFed for….out 2D!
    Moderator: I may have made an error on Daniele. Not sure it was out 2D he was RPFed for. Feel free to remove the comment if you like. He was the WISE IC FLB and was RPFed. It was more likely due to huge flap over Singer Consultants merging with another company and subsequent nose dive of Singer stats.

  21. freeatlast

    Jeez……Daniel you are a f******* idiot. Marty what the hay is happening here? Is OSA really this stupid.
    Honestly, watching what and how they handle thing is likened to the “keystone cops” and the “three stooges”
    Desperate times call for desperate measures is my own creedo. However under this creedo I’ve never gone stupid desperate.
    This Fu****** midget is so done. So friggin done so so so friggin done.
    Kudos to you and Mike. I’ve said it before and will say it again – you both are greatly admired for not taking the go away and shut up money.
    As I understand Cook is now on some French island…… I mean WTF?
    You and Mike and many others rock for maintaining your integrity and helping so many of us.
    Love to you Mosey, Mike, Christie and the many others!

    Just sayin……… you guys rock!

  22. Thoughtful

    Hey Marty, this is great that you intercepted this idiot’s email to famous stooge and DM lackey, Ray McKay. For info, I have had a hard time getting anything done in between back to back lengthy phone calls and interviews for the media. Us Weekly, Newsweek, Daily Beast, New York Times, BBC, London Times, and more. Meanwhile I have also been busy farming out interviews to journalists seeking a particular kind of witness — for example, someone from the UK, or a mother, or Melissa Paris. I have sent several interviews to Haydn and Lucy, Melissa Paris, Janela Webster and more. This is a journalistic tipping point, because all of them are interested in David Miscavige… and finally many of them are daring to print his name. With Manwife blood in the water all I can say is, “GO SHARKS!”

  23. First, what a poorly written email, what, no spell check? The sequence is also interesting: First: type in your complaint, THEN find a comment to report complain about…and it is implicit that you are not supposed to actually read the article that the comments are connected to…
    I guess my biggest suprise is that the nut bars “running” the church urge anyone to look at the “evil internet” at all…

  24. Kevin Tighe

    Moderator: I may have made an error on Daniele. Not sure it was out 2D he was RPFed for. Feel free to remove the comment if you like. He was the WISE IC FLB and was RPFed. It was more likely due to huge flap over Singer Consultants merging with another company and subsequent nose dive of Singer stats.

  25. Wow! Stat are up. Grammatical errors and misspelling was 5x of the usual OSA drivel. Straight up and vertical! Daniel is obviously a Scn Inc. graduate of DMs School of Decreased Intelligence. It was painful to read it! Doesn’t anyone edit these emails before they publish?
    That being said anyone that follows these directions is completely unaware of time, place, form and event, or shall we say stupid.

  26. Lisa Tighe

    Dream on Daniele.

  27. And here I was thinking Daniele is out of the SO and expecting a baby. I guess he is paying the price for his freedom , and it is not LRH’s Price of Freedom.

  28. And over to us! Well done. Now we are hatted too.

  29. Razz line members? Is this new? Anymore info ?


  30. So, what Daniele Lattanzi needs to do is go back and read the Creed of the Church of Scientology.

  31. The Oracle

    “..when people start to bring our religion into the middle and a bunch of uninformed people start to spread false datum, rumors and defame our religion it became a matter that does affect my Dynamics and I believe that affects yours as well.”

    Exactly our sentiments in the Independent Movement Daniel. All of the out P.R. on the net is from DAVID MISCAVIGE’S anti Scientology actions which defame our religion. You can see he spreads false datum’s via the spokespeople he props up to deny the allegations against him on national television. Look at OSA’a Web Sites which defame, spread rumors and false datums! This effects our dynamics and YOUR AS WELL! If you OSA people were not using the internet YOURSELVES to HARM ATTACK and SUPPRESS people this might not be happening to YOU!


  32. Tory Christman

    Members of the Cult of $cientology prove why we all left, every single day. Also, they prove why others, who were never even “in” speak out against them. THIS IS WHY. A better term for them: MORONS, INC. Here’s my message to Katie:
    My best to ALL who help expose this insidious CULT’s abuses. Tory/Magoo

  33. Daniel’s first language may not be English, but surely he can understand the irony of his statement: “If there are abuse of such
    Code of Conduct, those website do actually invite you to report the
    matter to the Moderator — in other word, write the matter to

    Oh, the irony!

    Hey OSA Razzliners, how about all the websites you create and maintain solely for the purpose of discrediting, defaming, freaking out, harassing and ruining those you fear? That’s right. A few at least that impersonate Marty Rathbun and others. You try to get “ammo” from scribbled past auditing session worksheets but your razzers don’t even get those facts straight when trying to intimidate and discredit people.

    Wake up.

  34. martyrathbun09

    David Miscavige is the great Exacerbator.

  35. martyrathbun09

    Ray has not escaped, he took his prison bars with him.

  36. martyrathbun09

    Good eye Cindy.

  37. martyrathbun09

    Grasshopper, if you can lift some of those attack messages please forward them to me at

  38. The “my religion” whine is the same, tired old line they’ve used for years when they’ve disagreed with something in the press. Nothing new here. Well, one thing is new; thinking it’ll work this time. It won’t.
    It is kind of funny though that they’ve resorted to this instead of having their lawyers, or is it down to lawyer, write threatening letters.

  39. 10-20 whining churchies vs a global tidal wave of public opinion. Hmmm…

  40. scatjappers

    I wuz gonna commint on the gramer/speling, and desided not to. But now thet u brung it up, I luved the “straight up and vertical” rimark. ;-}

  41. The following piece of black PR on Katie Holmes is circulating around the Spanish scientologists. She hasn’t even spoken a word and they’re already blackpring her.
    The title says: “Katie Holmes divorces Tom Cruise for 217 reasons (dollars)” …. she is not good anymore from one day to the next.

  42. Gary Morehead a.k.a Jackson


    “Razz” is a life long nick name Ray McKay has gone by for sometime. His ex- Donna told me it was a family pet name that followed into his adulthood. My memory could be wrong on that but I do know it’s a lifelong nickname of his that when he left staff he used as the name of his self generated Scientology Comm Line newsroom web site where one can go to locate Scientology connected business needs such as plumbing, HVAC, counseling, CPA’s, auto mechanic’s, dentists, chiro’s etc. Very similar to the Who’s Who booklet that used to get published.

    — Jackson

  43. martyrathbun09

    Thanks for the math. Tells the tale. ‘Nuff said.

  44. Jane Parker White.

    Marty – perhaps someone should send this ‘hatting’ to Microsoft….. BTW – the night before last – I was reading an article on mushrooms – when my eye caught an article in the side bar entitled ‘Who is Marty Rathbun?” Mushrooms of all things!! Not knowing this to be ‘dirty tricks’ – I opened the link and there I found quite a disgusting article on Marty. And the same thing done to a list of all the top ‘defectors’ that had spoken out…. especially those who had written books.

    One should ask the question seriously – what sort of religion would do this kind of thing to people? Why can’t they just let people go in peace? Why must everyone that wants to leave be an SP? The day I walked into a ‘Dianetics’ centre I did not know I was dealing with the church of Scientology. I did not go there to ‘join’ a church or to join a religion. Little did I know – that I had just booked into the ‘Hotel California’ – welcome to book in – but may never leave. Unless of course you don’t mind to be labelled ‘SP’. I though I read it correctly – that SP’s comprise 2% of the population… not 98% – as it seems to pan out.

    This church certainly knows how to dish it out – but when the punches return they want to play ‘victim’ and shout foul play… Karma is catching up. No one can go on endlessly victimising others, without a point being reached of critical mass – or a tipping point – where injustices committed on the lives and souls of others – shall return to where it emanated from.

    Hard questions such as ‘where is Shelly Miscaviage’ – are now surfacing in main street media. I bet DM needs a few extra Scotches to sleep well at night. His days are numbered. This church has manufactured it’s own enemies over the years. It serves a dual purpose – in this game – 1. to keep the game going 2. perhaps most important – serves as a motivator for ‘fund raising’ or the ‘war chest’ variety.

  45. Well I surpose This person has had his instructions to write exactly what the Dictator wants put out Certaintly sounds like it ./ Daniel or Dm who ever
    who the hell is going to take that serious/ Of course all they wish is people shut up about the TC and Homes affair / By doing this its just made it a whole lot worse for Dm and a whole lot more missed witholds get added
    Who’s nearly finding out ?

  46. Mike Hobson

    Razz Line is a web-based version of the old Who, What, Where Scientologist Business Directory.

  47. Jane Parker White.

    PS – English is not my first language – hope no one noticed. 🙂

  48. one of those who see

    Ha Ha! My thoughts exactly! It’s wonderful how they continue to enlighten people to go search on the internet.
    People, while you are there, also type in “Where is Ray Mithoff?” That started my journey.

  49. tom gallagher

    I don’t want to derail anything that is being discussed. However, our 17 and a half year old dog, Nicky, passed on this evening.

    She wasn’t a good dog, She was the best, not only on a behavioral basis, but she was OT with regards to telepathic stuff.

    Pardon me while I grieve.

  50. Mike Hobson

    S.D. – you are misinformed. Razzline is not an OSA Operation in and of itself and has nothing whatsoever to do with the anti-Marty web site campaign. It’s just the online version of Who, What, Where ? And here we have OSA attempting to use it’s membership as a volunteer resource.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  51. martyrathbun09

    Tom, Mosey and I send our condolences. We feel you. Please take a break from all this noise for a while.

  52. Chris Mann

    I’ve seen this in actionon MSN and other news sites. Eveytime there is an article relating to Scientology they try to fill up the comments with pro-church viewpoint. Seems like a waste of time to me, but if thats what they are into I guess they can have it.

  53. tom gallagher

    Good CS. Thank You!

  54. Sadly, it is actually more readable than some of the “orders” from David Miscavige hisself that Marty posted on this blog a couple weeks ago.

    At least after reading this memo, as bad as the grammar and spelling were, I had some general idea what the author wanted me to do. What the author wanted is laughable in how impossible it is, and pathetic in the whining about “they’re picking on my religion,” but at least I understood it, more or less.

    Miscavige’s brain farts, by comparison, are completely unintelligible. I’ve seen better writing from people in the early stages of recovering from a stroke.

  55. Robert Earle

    Or ” Daniele” as it said in the top of the message . lol misspelling a persons name like that is degrading them I need to file a request to have that e-mail censored.

  56. Hi
    Been active connecring peoplwe to the nedia

  57. Thanks for clarifying, Jackson. In that case, I will take the name as an unintentional bit of irony that still describes well what they are attempting.

  58. My heart goes out to you. No pardon needed.

  59. This is having a far greater negative impact on Scientology than I thought possible. Like many other Exes, I’ve been flooded with dozens of media calls over the last few days, and have been non-stop doing little else but talking to reporters. The old Leaving Scientology blog had over 5000 hits today – and that with no new content in over a year. This is exploding. OSA has about as much chance of containing this as trying to catch a hurricane in a mosquito net.

    I have noticed a change in the nature of the media queries too. The conventional wisdom has shifted from “The Church of Scientology is strange” to “The Church of Scientology is dangerous.” And they want to know the details.

    And by the way, how bizarre is the statement “I am not a big fan of media”? It’s like saying “I am not a big fan of air.”

    All this letter will do is give even more Scientologists a justification for surfing the internet.

  60. nocaseonpost

    I understand totally… So sorry.

  61. Please excuse my typing! And for that matter spelling.
    Been contacted by the UK Times, Sunday Express and London Evening Standard.

    This is all from a very obscure website set up by Chuck Beatty.

    I’m the UK contact phone number. Indicates the media interest.
    Had 1 call per year on this previously.

    The UK Times phoned me a day before their main 2 page spread and Probably my input re connections wasn’t used.

    May have helped the Express. We shall see.

    The evening standard didn’t seem to take my advice on
    where to go for people to connect with. Will contact them tomorrow. They have run 2 articles re Tom/Kat.

    Have re the first 2 recommended coming here and to Village Voice.

  62. Tom, we’re sorry tonight to hear of Nicky’s passing and your loss of her companionship. Sending you hugs from our house to yours.

  63. Strange how the corporate CofS types totally miss the forest for the trees.

  64. Robert Earle

    Nice message Tory.

  65. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Kinda like trying to use a cocktail umbrella to stay while standing under the Niagra Falls. Futile to say the least.
    Heads up Daniel. Simply telling the truth is a far more effective method to save your religion (and WAY less complicated than your convoluted, rambling instructions)
    No. Don’t bother to thank us.
    Success is reward enough.

  66. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Condolences Tom. 😦

  67. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    And it begins….

  68. Tom, I am so sorry for your loss. I know she was the best. I rescue dogs and believe me they give so much and they care so much. They are my pleasure and it sounds as though your girl and you had many pleasure moments together. Hugs to you!

  69. nocaseonpost

    If these Razzline members spent time in the chair auditing pc’s or in the academy, then maybe conditions on the planet would improve! Wouldn’t that be a more theta use of their time? It just seems so juvenile. Speaking of juvenile, DM probably has his underoos in a twist over this whole thing!… Gosh. Where’s a copper wire when you need one!?!?

  70. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    The British and Irish tabloids, TV stations, radio stations and magazines are climbing over each other to findex Scientologists who are willing to speak out especially those who are based in the UK. If you ever thought you wanted to tell your story NOW is the time to be heard. Contact me on Facebook or

  71. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    It would be helping me out a lot too! I can’t keep up with the demand LOL.

  72. The fact that members of the church actually believe they can control internet content in this way shows how out of touch these people are. No doubt a result of little education, slave labor and fear tactics to keep them oppressed has worked thus far.

  73. OMG, that write-up was hideous, a joke, embarrassing if I were part of that group!

  74. Unbelievable and underhanded to hide behind religion and try and claim “your religion is being attacked”.

    Even during the most heated of recent times, I do not believe any of the Catholic Church administration- no matter what you may think of their crimes, coverups, whatever – ever dared to try and get their church members to “stand up for their religion”. It was so clearly a case of the alleged abuse and discussions and insistence that IF GUILTY, crimininal behavior be held fully accountable.

    That is what is missing from every attempt I have seen of Church of Scientology members today – who DARE not question their leaders, and do NOT insist that any criminal behavior be outed.

    Catholics, the many I spoke to during the recent scandals, felt ashamed in many cases, and some Catholics pushed the efforts openly to force out the truth. Were they threatened with excommunication for doing so? Not that I saw or heard.

    Church of Scientology members efforts unfortunately appear to only STAND (blindly) TALL “for their church”, not “for truth”.

    Imagine a Catholic saying: “But the priests are perfect people, they could not have ever done something like what is being said – you are attacking my religion”.

    But the Scientologists looks like they are saying: “Our leaders are perfect people, they could not have ever done something like what is being said – you are attacking my religion”.

    WOW. Church of Scientology, and it’s Pope – above the law.

  75. Daniele Lattanzi (from Italy and probably didn’t speak any English until after he joined the SO) was the head of the WISE unit at FSO when Richard and I worked at the Charter Committee in Clearwater back in the early 2000’s. One day Daniele issued an order to Kim Payne who ran the office at the Charter Committee. Kim turned around and asked me to carry out his order and told me that it was highly confidential and not to tell anyone about it. Well, I’m telling now. Danielle’s order was to call a number of people on a list he had put together and convince them to immediately disconnect from a certain person that they had a business association with (I don’t remember who it was, but he had something to do with selling art), because it was known that he was to be declared. The person hadn’t even been declared yet, but the people on the list were essentially being ordered to disconnect even prior to that happening. IIRC, I did call a couple people on the list and tried to make the order make sense to them, but it didn’t and they refused to go into agreement with such an idea. I gave the order back to Kim and refused to do any more with it. Daniele obviously is still creating/carrying out illegal orders and hasn’t improved his English in all this time either.

  76. Very very sorry. I hope sunshine brings warmth and consolation, like a sweet lick from your dog, each time you feel it.

  77. Sigh. I’ve been telling people to get ready for when this happens for a long while, so now I can sit back and say “I told you so”!

  78. Daniele Lattanzi, huh?

    This is the same guy who claimed to be a financial investment facilitator of some type, who introduced my business partners and I to an unscrupulous, world class con artist in England. Daniele personally vouched for the cretin, and claimed to have done business with him in the past.

    The only thing that saved us from being taken for everything but the lint in our pockets, was my big city street smarts, no-nonsense upbringing, and LRH training basics.

  79. Daniele is a he. I had a run-in with the dope a couple of years ago. He tried to hook me up with an international scam artist. Not kidding.

  80. Thank you for correcting my (literal) ignorance on that.

  81. Hapexamendios

    I recall that there was a big push in the mid-90’s to get all staff (at least at Class V orgs – don’t know about SO orgs) through KTL and LOC. Given the quality of communications like this and other emails I get I’m assuming that’s no longer bring done.

  82. marissa hayden

    I’m still trying 2 figure out where anyone gets that this is a real church or religion. Its nothing but an offensive cult run by people that don’t worship our beloved creator. God bless anyone who has anything 2 to with this cult. I will be praying for all of u.

  83. Jean-François Genest

    Yes. Daniele Lattanzi (male) was also @ WISE INT in Los Angeles. His first language is Spanish. In the early 1990s, he married a woman who worked in Bridge Publications → Christie would probably know her.

  84. Marissa, the organization has gone mad. Similar to what happened to the Catholic church in the middle ages. The religion itself is real, and is of immense value to all who follow its teachings. That includes nearly everyone who posts to this blog.

  85. In all fairness to the author of that email, I believe English is his second language. He is possibly an Italian import.

    Flag and the Sea Org can no longer find enough people in the United States to join their “ministry” and follow DM’s dictates and they are bringing in Hungarians, Croatians, anyone they can find. Many of those people come because the US is still “the land of Opportunity” for most of the world.

  86. O.O.,

    Good analogy of Catholic responses and CoS responses to justified criticism.

    Catholic leaders seem to know when some wrong has been done by one or more of their own; CoS leaders and CoS lackeys deny everything and insist and pretend they are perfect and can do no wrong. It is always the other person who is wrong and evil, according to them.

  87. Yes, I certainly see that now. Not hanging out with those kinds of folks, I didn’t know he still resides in the litter box.

  88. I’d never notice. Very well written!

  89. I wish I had KTL. Lord knows I tried.

  90. Kudos Marty, keep em rollin’ 🙂

    Ronnie Bell, like your photo. 🙂

  91. So now we have to care about the breakup? That’s going to be a lot of work.

  92. Just out of curiosity – is “hatting” actually “hating”?
    Horrible grammar throughout.
    *******Marty – I’ve never had anything to do with Scientology, I’m just an observer and Human Rights supporter.
    I’ve been appalled by the horrible violations that David Miscavige and his empire have committed. I’ve followed your blog for quite some time.
    With the explosion of exposure that is currently going on, I have to tell you that I think your work is AMAZING, and extremely important. Its reprehensible that the FBI never completed their investigation. My hope is that Katie Holmes will use her celebrity status to help the victims who are currently being held against their will.

  93. Spreading The News

    Scientologists to fight back following Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes split

    Looks like Rupert Murdoch or his people read this blog.

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  95. Hah! I’ve had people asking me about this one, as really obvious CoS members show up on random Facebook posts. Thanks for this post, useful to have the smoking gun to forward to them.

    @Spreading The News – after Mr Murdoch expressed his opinion of Scientology publicly, his editors know how to take a hint.

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  98. Pathetic, to say the least!

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  101. Pingback: News Links Today » Blog Archive » Scientology cult tries to censor Tom Cruise- Katie Holmes breakup comments online.

  102. Since when was telling the truth defamation? How this is treated as a religion in America is shocking. I’m not usually interested in celebrity splits, but I’m going to love this one because I imagine more batshit crazy things those nutters do and think is going to presented to the public.

    I wish you scientologists had sued the South Park guys; now that would’ve been something and I’d bet they would have loved every minute of it.

    Again, defamation has to be false. You can lie to your brainwashed followers; the rest of us get it, no matter how you try to manipulate the media.

  103. Me think the church of Scientology doth protest too much. If they feel that nothing is wrong with their way of doing things, why so defensive?

  104. Pingback: Scientologists urge members to ‘fight back’ after nightmare week over Tom … – New York Daily News | Daily News Pages

  105. all your thetans are belong to us

  106. Yahoo just posted this news article on the Church’s censorship attempt:

  107. Hey Daniele Lattanzi …place your mouse over these

    ( . ) ( . )

  108. lauren227nicole

    What makes these guys think they are more special than other religions who receive the same, if not more persecution? Sorry, but after reading this letter I think even less highly of them. A BUNCH OF TOOLS!

  109. Was the sender home educated? The ‘he/she’ has insulted the English grammer to the hilt. If the language used is on par with education within the ‘sect’ – good on Katie departing now taking Suri away from the hell she would have been swallowed-up in.
    I’m actually wondering if there is a thing/place namely: Scientology….

  110. The media can publish what ever they want!!!!

  111. Communists… I mean cult leaders.. have the worst grammar. What drug did they feed these people to join?

  112. Its not that serious…really! If the religion is so great then why hide it? Go tell it on a mountain!!!

  113. Pingback: Church of Scientology asks followers to censor Web comments | Celeb Chat Gossip

  114. The *Cult* word gets overused,but in some cases it is appropriate.
    The definition of a destructive religious cult is like alcoholism-if booze controls you instead of the other way around you are an alcoholic.
    I was in the Watchtower society Jehovah’s Witnesses,they are not benevolent and won’t let you leave their organization in peace.
    The Jehovahs are not without scandals-child abuse, sadistic mind control tactics, sex scandals, money scams, general bad behavior — you know, religion.
    Is it a cult?
    If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s probably a duck….
    *tell the truth don’t be afraid*- Danny Haszard

  115. I’d like to see Tom Leave the church…I’ll bet he will….he’ll stop enjoying being owned.

  116. Im glad im not the ONLY one correcting this persons nomenclature as they write…. Tired of the CofS acting as if they have power…. they are ridiculous (pronounced… Ree’-dic-you-lows, for those with grammar issues) 😉

  117. FCDC Class of 74

    I am sure they -Scientology Inc. does not mean the kinds of inferences made on and on all the other sites used to spread rumour and half truths about Indies. We would not stoop so low as to aburate comm lines. Bill

  118. Wow. Just wow. Daniele Lattanzi is one illiterate individual.

  119. The ghastly grammar. Nothing written by this person can be taken seriously. (Is there a button for reporting language abuse?)

    I find it very interesting that the mere topic of the divorce is creating a furor. And is it also causing defections? Katie’s action is making others brave, or what?

  120. Your reply was crafted a thousand times better than Miscavige’s posting. If anyone could be suspected of having English as a second language, it certainly wouldn’t be you.

  121. Meh…I don’t multitask very well. I was reading a different article about Scientology and typed his name instead of Lattanzi’s. Perhaps more coffee would help.

  122. Pingback: Church of Scientology Asks Followers to Censor Web Comments | Eagle Online

  123. D. Lattanzi’s writing may be awkward and the product of speaking another language first, but it’s still strikingly similar to the way Hubbard would write his little decrees and “revelations” for both his books and his followers. Is one of Scientology’s first missions the eradication of grammar or clear thought?

  124. Globetrotter

    Danilele’a grammar errors are due to the fact that he is an Italian guy.

  125. Globetrotter

    And his name is Daniele, not Danilele lol (my typo).

  126. I’d read the Paul Haggis interview story in the New Yorker Magazine. I knew that scientology (no cap on purpose) is a cult, dangerous, etc. but didn’t know the level until I read that piece. I started doing more research as the Tom and KATIE (not Kate lol) divorce story broke. So when the Yahoo news (if you can call it that) had articles in the last week+, I started leaving long comments pointing people to the link for the New Yorker article, giving the rundown on what I’d been able to glean, hoping that the “snowball” effect would start and that others like me and people who’d “blown” would add to my lengthy comments with more links, like the one to your blog. I remember laughing when someone left a comment “why hasn’t investigative journalism looked in to this?”. I’m certainly not the 1st or 100,000th person to know something wasn’t right but I am gratified to see this story take another BIG step into the world of the Internet. I curse the Internet some days but right now, I’m back where I was when it started: what did we do BEFORE the Internet?. Thanks for your work and good luck in your continued and hopefully, soon ended battle against the cult.

  127. One more thing; I read the New Yorker article late one night. Boy, I had a nightmare you wouldn’t believe that same night. Which was originally a point in my comments I was posting from then on. Scary stuff. Kudos.

  128. Globetrotter

    He is from Italy but he has been in the US for decades. Used to be the WISE Rep at Flag for a number of years. He has a profile in LinkedIn now that says he is “Owner & President of UpTrend Business Solutions | Executive Coach | Social Media Consultant | Mobile Marketing”. So it seems he is out now.

  129. Pingback: Church of Scientology asks followers to censor Web comments | Top digg everyday

  130. Globetrotter

    Actually, Italian.

  131. Pingback: Church of Scientology asks followers to censor Web comments - World Bad News : World Bad News

  132. Just start researching this because of Katie Holms. TC is a nut case
    and it is obvious that Scientology is CULT much like the FLDS. Strip the nonprofit status and watch the rats scurry….

  133. Come on people! Go easy on ‘ol Daniel. This is clearly an email written by a person who is not well educated, and under great stress they can’t think nor write clearly. Oh…I’m sorry, that sounds just like TC and the leadership of that bogus “religion” Slimeatology.

  134. Pingback: Church of Scientology asks followers to censor Web comments | Breaking News Today

  135. Pingback: Church of Scientology asks followers to censor Web comments | My Blog

  136. thatgirloverthere

    You read my mind. That was….wow.
    With communiqués like that, it’s a wonder Scientology even has followers. This fellow lost me at “hatting”.

  137. ray pearson

    YOU are absolutely right, it was nearly impossible to follow. This message, from a supposedly intelligent person, is unbelievably poorly written. It, she, like their org (i refuse to call it a church) is so absurd it boggles the mind. I mean, a “religion” based upon an entity XENU is written like poor SciFi. Of course that’s what LRH wrote anyway, so why should this be any different. Remember Joe’s garage,,, L. Ron Hoover,, better for sucking your money in.

  138. I was scouting the “Celebrity Center” in Hollywood for a possible film shoot. The rep who took me around showed me a room which was called “The Elron Hubbard Room”. This room, according to this very passionate young lady, was the room where Elron Hubbard will live when he “returns from his Journey in outer space”. This alone is enough to take this ‘religion’ with a very very smal grain of salt.

  139. Reliable Responsible and Really Useful

    Wow…funny that he uses datum, as if trying to sound smart, but datum is singular…even Daniel/Daniele is spelled differently. Proof-reading, dumba–

    Kudos to K for saving her daughter!!

    Tom G – so sorry to hear about your loss, they are such a blessed part of the family.

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  142. Wow, that really does start to sound like human trafficking…

  143. Is it Daniel or Daniele? It’s spelled differently in the header and footer.

  144. KTL? LOC??!

    Nooo, no, no, no. Please! Those are OLD. Background data. Not used anymore. Besides, didn’t you hear about how Dave discovered that the mimeo typist and the Disney artist conspired with the evil SP riff-raff LRH compilations people to (bleep) up the KTL and LOC materials??! But look, it’s okay. Dave will save us again. He’s got “fixing” KTL on his calendar, coming right up – you bet! (Think I’m kidding? Nope.) Anyway, those are going to be done right after putting up a new building for himself. Oh, and the dictionary. And the biography. And the new Organization Executive Course volumes. And… never mind.

    No, my guess is that what all staff MUST do these days is get their BASICS first. You know – a good, sensible sequence:

    (A) Join staff.

    (B) Receive almost no training of any sort (other than verbal “instant hatting” from someone who once read a whole policy letter). No time for training, because any time not doing your job is spent on “all-hands call-in” or hitting people up for donations, or for their 17th garage-stuffer basics package.

    (C) Find yourself suddenly forced onto daily study (without fail!!) to comply with the latest “management” program, which requires you to…

    (D) …read a whole string of books written long before study tech was developed, and addressed to very literate people, all under an untrained supervisor and with nary a word clearer in sight. [Do this without having had any study tech training, because of “B” above.]

    (E) In the process of doing “D,” pile up a zillion misunderstandings and bizarre ideas. [Oh, and get a lot of extra sleep, too. Cheers!]

    (F) Because of “E,” commit lots and lots of harmful acts, large and small (exactly as predicted in the study tech you never learned).

    (G) Leave, and/or get your foggy (bleep) declared an SP. (Which you have trouble spelling, by this point.)

    RESULT: Unprecedented expansion, which is to say, the biggest boom ever and phenomenal wins!!!!!

  145. Who cares? Miscavige’s rant sounds like that of an uneducated jerk. The men (isn’t it usually men?) wearing those stupid squirrel shirts are no different than most paparazzi who have no compunctions about bullying those in the news for their nosy, infantile, stupid stories that they sell to the media who feed on that crap. Anyone who has joined that “religion” and who wants out should just get out.
    The amount of time we spend poking our noses into the business of the so called rich and famous reflects what Americans have come to: following these stories is more important than education, health care and the economy.

  146. Obvious Guy

    Daniele Lattanzi… looks like your master plan isn’t going too well. Comments here are growing, press increasing. Bail out while you can my friend. Your leader Lord David is out of control, which points your ship towards the rocks. It’s only a matter of time when the law steps in; Scientology has a shelf life and expiration is nearing closer. You don’t want to end up in prison when it all comes tumbling down do you? Truly… if one of your own children leaves the org you would seriously never talk to them? Wow… you folks really do have a good grasp on spirituality. Gosh… it must be a nightmare to keep saving face all the time. Here is my IP address if you need to seek revenge on me:

  147. TiredofCOS

    I love how the church thinks that it is within their rights to request that their readers report these comments. There is far more harmful information that is floating around the web, disseminated by the CoS.– I was raised as a Scientologist from birth. Living in Clearwater it was impossible to escapen almost. I finally did, after many years… However I now have to deal with the private information being leaked onto the Web about me by these people. If you type my name and the word scientology several links come up for courses compledted by me when I was under the age of 18. I have tried to get the CoS to take this information down but have had no success. What is worse, I have been turned down for employment due to this information popping up on a background check. The CoS is backwards and nothing will change them. This is a case where freedom of religion tramples the rights of those who have grown wiser and made the decision to leave.

  148. Am I ‘clutching at straws’?: Is Scientology, for Hollywood folk as wealthy as Tom Cruise, a means to ‘reduce’ (polite word for it) his tax bill, since religious ‘donations’ are tax free? …is it a scheme in the sense that continued recruitment results in continued deposits, thus older members are able to draw money out if required at a later date… failure to recruit high profile wealthy folk puts the whole scheme in jeopardy? Do members get persuaded in to making donations or giving all their wealth to the ‘church’ thus finding themselves locked in to a ‘way of life’ since they are in no financial position to leave and set up life again unless they are willing to consider being penniless?
    Thank our ancestors for winning the right to freedom of speech. Glorious, isn’t it?

  149. Hello, I was never a Scientologist, but I commend you for opening the eyes of millions to the abuses of the CoS. I suggest that the next battle will be over the assets of the church. Why assume that CoS has the only right to Scientology funds? After all, isn’t that what DM fears the most, the loss of assets? If you research recent events, you will find court cases involving the Episcopal Church and splits. Various courts, but not all, have awarded assets to the “break away” factions. It is worth thinking about. Marty, et al, congrats on your bravery!

  150. thanks four your posting

  151. OK, so he’s not a native English speaker. Doesn’t he have a helper monkey to review his missives for proper grammar? One would think so, especially since they must have known this would get out. Didn’t they? And what is “hatting”??

  152. Actually, it does say that (not that I’m defending this garbage):

    “Read the comment from people and pick the ones that fit the
    violation of the Code of Conduct.”

    Not even that far off from your wording.

  153. I wonder if the grammar might be slightly different for each recipient as a watermark to detect anyone who leaked this memo?

  154. C’mon Ronnie, tell us some more about this mortal?

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  156. Hatting is a Scientology term. it means training.

  157. Pingback: » Church of Scientology denies it seeks to censor TomKat comments

  158. And which has 9.308 comments at the moment, one of them stating that this is probably the first time ever that the yahoo community unanimously agreed on something. Hilarious.

  159. Pingback: Links 7/7/12 « naked capitalism

  160. Antikapitalista

    🙂 No; I believe you hit the nail on its head!
    But, of course, that is a logical conclusion after all, when one takes into consideration that the main reason for the establishment of the Church of Scientology as a religious organization was tax evasion.

  161. Scientology could have only been born in America! Invest in education, fellow Americans. Germany has already outlawed this dangerous sect of nutty sci-fi followers, who rely on how gullible people without education can be.

  162. Scientology offends me, I want this page taken down ASAP! LMAO, these scientology peeps seem to think they can control everyone. News flash to the scientology office(S) YOU CAN’T. Which is worse scientology or Tom Cruise? I’m thinking it’s a tie….

  163. Omg that’s funny!!!!! So freaking hilarious! I’m laughing out loud reading all the comments listed here. I am sad for the divorce, the breaking up of a family, especially an innocent little girl. But this religion / cult thing is so incredible! I can’t understand how a superstar at TC’s level of fame can believe in something so bizarre, and so completely, that he lets it destroy his family. So funny to read what the average person thinks and I agree with. How can so small of a group with this outrageous belief system have totally captivated TC’s mind?

  164. JJ its not a tie,i think you should take it easy with them


    Go forth, all you literate friends! Annoy this man. <—— "Hatting" on how to fight back on the internet and stand up for grammar and literacy!

  166. Hmmm… I believe in Science alright, but this Scientology stuff… wow. Liek, wtf. They had a pretty convincing website, but now I just realised — I DONT NEED A RELIGION. Yeah, I’m Catholic by default but it’s all about what I BELIEVE in. I believe in GOOD and BAD, and science — well it explains and proves why things happen, but sometimes you just need to “BELIEVE” in ~something~ … whatever that something is.

  167. David Miscavige and his cronies remind me of children on the playground. Every playground had the children that no one really wanted to play with because they either didn’t play fair or they went tattling to an adult whenever the game didn’t go their way. The phrase that comes to mind is “I’m taking my ball and going home.” They are simply petulant children in adult bodies.

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  169. All members are directed to stem the flow of the tide, as the sand castle is in jeopardy.

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  171. Wow! I thought scientologists have all this great knowledge and educated at a much higher level do the masterful teachings of LRH. If this is true then the person who wrote this email did not learn correctly because there is so many type “O’s” and just so much incorrect basic English usage that I had to stop reading the email.

  172. Pingback: Scientology Leaked Email Reveals TomKat Divorce Fears, Group Wants to Censor Your Internet Comments

  173. On another website, scientology now denies sending out that email. Can’t this organization admit to anything? Their denial techniques are so poor to the point of their denials actually make themselves look even worse in the public eye. Almost every form of argument/informal fallacy, as described by psychology, is present in scientology’s rebutals. Check it out for yourself: It’s funny to watch Tommy Davis on YouTube…. poor listening skills, defaults to aggressive quickly, acts like a bully, etc… just so reflective of holding zero insight into human ethics, yet at the same time trying to claim superior ethics. The organization really needs to upgrade their denial tactics because their current approach is a cookie-cutter formula for making the problem worse. But that is not surprising; if one’s basic essence is evil and harmful, then no matter how much trickery they attempt dish out, the truth will ALWAYS shine through. It’s strange, from a non-cultist point of view, at just how remarkably easy it would be for scientology to solve their problems which would most likely result in tremendous advantages for them. From what I continually read, members who leave the organization are all beefed over similar issues. If those issues were actually solved, the exodus would not even occur. lol The math is so simple.

  174. Wow. I received a number of e-mails regarding this. I am being sued by my former pastor for defamation for $500K and the court hearing is this Friday the 13th. My former pastor was able to get Google to remove some of my negative reviews from Google review site (most likely by using this method), and then I decided to start a blog. A few days after the blog was public, I received a subpoena and was sued for defamation. Apparently my former pastor doesn’t like the words “creepy” and “cult-like” or “wolf” as those were some of phrases in the lawsuit. My story went viral very quickly. It will be interesting to see if they are successful in using this method. I think not.

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  177. Oh em gee the grammar in this note is absolutely atrocious. Daniele…go back to school, sweetie.

  178. montana_jim

    I always thought a Scientologist would be able to put sentences together better then a 6TH grader…

  179. Pingback: Hommikune kokteil | Padjaklubi

  180. R. J. Shaw

    Tom Cruise, John Travolta, David Miscavige should all dress up in their fake admiral uniforms, get on board the Scientology yacht and sail into the sunset.. If only the press would stop reporting on all of this stupidity, all it would take is a few days and they would all be old news. Who really cares or should care about these people ?

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  183. Robert A. Rosenberg

    AKA: A Canary Trap. Described in Tom Clancy’s “The Cardinal of the Kremlin “.

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  188. LAUGHS OUT LOUD at instructions

  189. What other religions have “Inc” after there name?? It’s not Catholic, Inc, or Mormon, Inc. This is a cult. David Miscavige – Supreme Corporate Leader?? I read – Jim Jones. Would sure like to know what John Travolta thinks of the Holmes/Cruise situation. Is Travolta as devout a Scientologist as Cruise?

  190. riskybusinessindeed

    If scientology had a theme song, do you think it would be ‘Leave your hat on’?

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  192. ooh I love Clancy. Stop giving those nuts ideas!! LOL

  193. OMG!! Language abuse!? I love it!!! That should be on every single website on the internet. It would save so much grief and eliminate the need to comment on 1/2 of what’s out there. Great idea that will never catch on. Too bad.

  194. What this woman is forgetting is that Scientology is not a recognized religion. You can’t defame someone on the basis of something that isn’t real.

  195. ms. knowur Rites

    gosh, i thought people were allowed to have opinions! My Bad-

  196. Helmuth, speaking for Boskone

    Heh heh. The tactics of 1994! Elaine Siegel suggested in a memo flooding the Net with positive messages about Scientology as a counter to posted criticism. “Imagine 40 to 50 Scientologists posting on the Internet every few days; we’ll just run the SPs” [“suppressive persons,” in Scientology lingo] right off the system. It will be quite simple…to make the Internet a safe space for Scientology to expand into.”

    Yes, that worked well…

  197. She must have been one of those kids trapped in the sea org since childhood. Obviously her grammar indicates no more than a third grade education. Amusing.

  198. that’s not nice…………….

  199. maybe you are an import!

  200. Pingback: HOT NEWS & ENTERTAINMENT » Scientologists Allegedly Want To Censor Tom Cruise Divorce Stories

  201. It is certainly reassuring to know that Scientology’s education system is flourishing. The grammatical and syntactical errors in this missive are so frequent, I had to stop reading before I even reached the “hatting”.

    I miss the original CAN, before the “church” calculatingly destroyed them.

  202. Concise. Too the point. Good advice. Or…ignore this good advice and keep trying to censor. It’s much funner for us “wogs” that way. 🙂

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  204. I saw someone below noting the author of the letter is Italian. However, my research has shown that many Scientology directives/letters contain poor English, regardless of whether the English language is their native tongue. (I’m a journalist and I don’t pretend to be an expert on “the Church”, but I find the cult fascinating in a disgusting way and heavily researched it – as I have done other cults. The psychology of it all is very similar.) I also notice that directives many “higher up” Scientologists send out sound formal but very stagey. So do the pro-Scientology comments I’ve argued against on the comments sections on Tom/Katie/Scientology stories. Formal and cold, some errors, stagey in the way that aliens (Hello, Xenu!) would imitate human writing. Very easy to pick. It’s true, Scientology wasn’t prepared for the internet boom. Their damage-control media techniques are archaic.

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  206. Road to Servitude

    Hell, my Dynamics were affected from reading that…

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