President Scientology Inc’s Son Dies – Cover Up

Alexander Jentzsch, the son of Class XII independent Scientologist Karen De La Carriere and the President of the Church of Scientology International Heber Jentzsch, died three days ago.  Alexander died of a ‘high fever’ in the San Fernando Valley home of the corporate Scientologist parents of Alexander’s wife.   None of those corporate Scientologists had the courage to violate Scientology Inc head David Miscavige’s stern disconnection dictates to inform Karen, Alexander’s aggrieved mother.   Karen only learned of the tragedy through Independent Scientologists’ lines of communication into the cult culture of corporate Scientology. Alexander had worked as an OSA (Office of Special Affairs, the dirty tricks and propaganda wing of Scientology Inc.)  informant against his mother.  Nonetheless, and needless to say, Karen is devastated by the news.  Karen is at this moment attempting to overcome the LA County Coroner’s initial decision not to allow her to view her son’s body.  According to the Coroner Alexander’s body has been lying in the morgue for three days with no visitation or viewing by any family members. Tony Ortega at the Village Voice is providing ongoing coverage.

Mosey and I have communicated our condolences to Karen.

We are posting immediately so that as much collective, clean intention as possible can be mustered to assist her in her ongoing quest to determine the cause and circumstances of her only son’s death.

Apparently, the depths of Scientology Inc’s disregard for the sanctity of human life and family knows no bounds.  I think we need to make up for this depravity.  Thank you for joining us in that effort.

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  1. This is really sad, my deepest condolences to both Karen and Heber.

  2. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Karen. Today all the Harry Potter magic went out of the world. But some day it will come back. ❤❤❤
    I love you and my heart is sobbing xxx

  3. There are not words to describe this heinous behavior. I feel so sorry for Karen and Heber. Karen has not only had to endure a Church turning her son against her, but this on top of it. There is some special hell for dm.

  4. My heart is in my throat. Oh, no.

    Karen — I feel for you so much. This reaffirms my decision to continue to expose the criminality in Scientology and the devastating consequences their arbitrary and inhumane activities have on families and loved ones.

  5. mimithegreat007

    Sending my love and most heartfelt condolences to Karen. You are in my thoughts and on my mind.

  6. I just finished reading about this. I am so sorry Karen. Please let me know if there is anything I can do. There has got to be a STOP to this disconnection and the ignorance that surrounds it’s use. Alexander you are in my thoughts.

  7. Brian Culkin


    No words can capture the tragedy of this.
    I am truly sorry for your loss.

    Love and ARC,
    Brian Culkin

  8. Sincerest condolences to both of you Karen, & Heber.

    It is despicable when a so-called ‘church’ hides the fact that one of its parishioners died and kept it secret from his parents

    Do well and come out with cannons’ a-blazing

    Dennis & Isabelle

  9. Michael Fairman

    Joy and I have expressed our condolences to Karen.
    This another sad example of the vile, dispassionate, and total disregard for human decency displayed by Miscavige and his cult. It’s destruction is at hand – no doubt.

  10. What a horrific tragedy. David Miscavige’s depravity knows no bounds. Karen, my deepest condolences to you.

  11. Dear Karen,
    I am so saddened by this news and so angry as to the circumstances surrounding it. My heart is aching for you… My love and thoughts are with you and Heber.
    Love, Bela

  12. This is the saddest news I’ve heard in a long time. We’ve all followed Karen’s heart wrenching story of her son’s forced disconnection from her; forced by the callous cult; Radical Scientology. But to have this for an ending is just beyond beyond. There are no words to convey how sorry I am for her devastating loss.

    As for the LA County Coroner’s decision not to let her see her son’s body, WHO put him up to that? This is beyond cruel. Who’s pulling his strings? Maybe the news media needs to inquire.

  13. Karen,
    I am so sorry. This is just unbelievably tragic. I can not even imagine what you must be going through. If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know. I am not far from southern California, and if you need any help with anything during this time, please let me know. I am so sorry.

  14. Karen, my thoughts are with you. Your loss is huge. I pray you find some closure and peace. Alexander was blessed for most of his life under your parentage. You did all that you could for him. The last few years of separation will eventually be reconciled on many levels. For now I hope you can find some happy and comforting memories to hold on to as true and honest remembrances of a loving mother and her son.

  15. Richard Royce

    Dear Karen,
    I am so saddened by this news and just want you to know that my heart is with you. There are issues that transcend any justification and this is one of them. Withholding this from his mother is pure Evil.

  16. Karen, I am overcome with sorrow and empathy at your terrible loss. But I am also sending you streams of comfort and courage as you work to uncover and understand why your beautiful son, Alexander, died much too young. Thousands of your friends stand beside and around you at this time. You are much loved.
    Your friend,
    Just Me

  17. I feel so sad about this. As I’m sure all of us were hoping, the whole disconnection thing would be over soon and those family and friends who have disconnected from us would finally wake up and reconnect. I am devastated by this news. This makes me more furious than ever of what the cult of scientology is doing to its members.
    Karen, you are dearly loved and appreciated by so many of us for what you have and are doing to help bring this cult to its knees and to help free the minds of those still trapped.

  18. I am so sorry to hear this Karen. My heart really goes out to you. And my god, what must Heber think, if he even knows? I know one must let their children grow up and fly away… to me this has crossed a line in the sand. More of a chasm. Again.

  19. I am so sorry to read this and my deepest condolences to Karen.

    I have witnessed the pain that the death of a child causes. The cruelty of the church and the sadistic puppets who carry out DM’s cowardly wishes are beyond comparison.

  20. Bruce Pratt

    Jesus are you noble, Sam. I love how you captured this. What Sam said.

  21. I’m in.
    My pledge: ANYTHING YOU NEED

  22. I am very sorry for your loss, and wish you all the very best. Deepest condolences to you – and I hope you get full closure and all the information concerning the true cause of Alexander’s death. I will say a prayer for you tonight.

  23. Emma (Michelle)

    Karen I’m so very sorry. My heart is breaking for you.

  24. Absolutely Amy. I will not back down. That’s it! Enough.

    Karen, I am deeply saddened and sorry for your loss. You have worked diligently to expose the crimes of this cult. You can know that I will continue to do the same. I have no words adequate to express my sorrow and love for you at this moment.

  25. I’m dazed, stunned by this news. Absolutely gut-wrenching. What despicable, sick behaviour from this fake “church.” This depraved group not only knows how to keep on making new enemies, it is expert on making the existing become even more resolute. I’m so terribly sorry for your loss, Karen. I just can’t find the words to communicate it adequately. This is truly a black, black day.

  26. Sorrow so great – I hope for any small or large thing to begin to ease your pain. Sending love to try to comfort you, like memories of the joy of your son.

  27. Karen, this tragedy is beyond words. I send my love to you.

  28. I ride right past my own father’s grave every day on my way to and from work. I can see his plot from the window in front of my desk in my office. I totally duplicate the feeling of knowing one has lost a loved one, but then again our loved ones have lost us too, temporarily. I am sorry Karen. I wish you to feel better. 🙂

  29. Just devastating. I feel her loss as if it were my own. To lose a child is unbearable.

  30. Your humble servant


    I am stunned and deeply saddened by this tragic loss. I knew Alex–a very wonderful person. Please accept my most heartfelt condolences.

  31. one of those who see

    Dearest Karen, Tears are streaming down my face. I just received a phone call from a friend (also out) and I was in the middle of something at work so couldn’t answer. I’m sure this is why she is calling.
    I am so sorry. Such a young man. Even with all I have read, all the horrific stories, my own as well – I am in utter shock that no one contacted you! My thoughts, my heart my love is with you and Heber on this sad occasion.

    My only consolation is that he lives on. He lives on. Dear Alexander, may you learn that both your Mother and Father are Soldiers of Light.

  32. Our heartfelt condolences to Karen and Heber. This made my sweetheart cry. No mother should be treated this way.
    Max and friend

  33. At this time my wife Leesa and myself extend out deepest sympathy to the friends and family of Alexander Jentzsch and offer our support. The unreported death of this 27 year old man will not go unavenged.

    In our experience If you are not willing to risk everything to get the desired results you never had anything to begin with. David Miscavige, Tom Cruise, John Allender and all you nameless faceless ex pig PI’s listen up. A large group of like minded individuals are rising up to kill this thing off permanently. Everyone is on the same page now. There’s no more of that “our people…their people” thing going in Chanology since Dublin.

    Or did you miss that memo back at the love bunker. I know you read my Facebook page Dave. I have 6187 friends on a page with a 5000 limit so thanks for all your kind attention. You sent that bitch to my house and she failed. You sent Allender and he RAN. Bringing us to the question Dave “Is that all you got” ? A billion dollar budget and you can’t shut down one loudmouth guitar player ?

    We own your ass and Karma is doing an airstrike on your life.

    I for one am proud to be involved with EVERYONE involved, I think everyone for being patient with me at times as life is truly a journey of understanding and this is undeniably an incredibly emotional issue for all of us.

    You don’t have to allow this commentary of course…but thanks for listening. Peace.
    Paul and Leesa

  34. Karen, my heartfelt condolences to you during this time. There should be an uproar against the psychotic practices of David Miscaviage preventing loved ones from communicating with each other simply for protesting against his psychopathic dictates/actions to good people. A mother should never have to suffer this let alone a child. You have a lot of love and support out here, let us know if you should need anything…..

  35. Freedom Fighter

    I am speechless. Utterly speechless. And spitting mad. Karen, my sincerest condolences to you. Miscavage, may you rot in the deepest darkest hell imaginable.

  36. Karen, All my love.

  37. It is hard to know what to say. This is terrible news. My heart goes out to Karen.

    The mind numbed robots in the church don’t have enough remaining free will to take someone to a hospital when they are gravely ill. This is Lisa Mcpherson all over again. Waiting until she’s dead or near death before loading her up to take he to a Dr. The level of insanity in this group is stupendous. Don’t call a DR. because “we all know drugs are bad and so don’t use them” What colossal idiots. Sounds like negligence with what is know so far. Maybe the D/A will file charges against these idiots.

    Sorry for the rant but this level of roboticism and stilted thinking resulting in death is nothing short of negligent homicide. IMO.

    Words escape me in my distaste for DM.

    Tim Swanson

  38. Ziba Feulner

    Sincerely sorry for your loss, Karen! My condolences to you and Heber. I hope you will find the strength to get over the pain of your son’s loss. DM needs to be stopped! Enough is enough!!!

  39. Karen,

    I’m so upset with the church right now I could scream! To do this is beyond pale. They are just re-enforcing the truth that they REALLY DO NOT CARE about their people.

    My condolences go out to you and Heber (where ever he may be).

    Love Always,
    Karry Campbell

  40. Dear Karen, Erica and myself extend our deepest and most heartfelt condolences in the wake of this senseless tragedy compounded by the almost unimaginable brutality of denying the information to the woman who bore this boy in her own body for 9 months, who loved him and raised him. And they want to exclude you now even after he is dead? Wow. I would be shocked, but when we put the word “evil” to David Miscavige nothing need be stretched to make the word fit. If there is any such thing as an antichrist, I can think of many reasons to nominate him to the position.

    David Miscavige is a black hole. No light escapes.

    Some people realize what he is and escape with their lives. Others — hundreds of others — have not been so lucky.

    We older Scientologists came from a different era when Scientology stood for something entirely different from what it has become. You knew and worked with L. Ron Hubbard personally. You were personally invited to join staff by him. The Church was a living and vibrant thing then, where laughter was the order of the day and the only game in town was helping others. You dedicated your life to that cause. And then LRH passed away. And those in power opened the doors to one of the most brutal men in history and gave him the keys to the kingdom. And methodically, that monster began to annihilate everyone in his way. Including you. Including thousands of others. Because the only people DM can actually tolerate are people who have become as vicious and criminal as he. Like Tom Cruise.

    Again, we are shocked and saddened to our very core to hear this horrific news. Our hearts go out to you.

    In the wake of this personal catastrophe, please know that you have a greater family who love you dearly and who value you as the treasure that you are.

    Steve and Erica

  41. omg Alex and I were friends in the SO. That really sucks.

  42. Karen, our kids use to play together. You were one of my clients and I exchanged an e-meter and training awards & got through Solo 1 & II back around 1990. My heart feels for you both. Much love. (PS under the radar, my son is still in …)

  43. Having offered my condolences to Karen, I would like to say something I know Karen would want said: if you have been sitting on the sidelines, saying nothing, doing nothing, while this MONSTER is allowed to snuff out the lives of YOUR former comrades, will you PLEASE get off the fence and do what is right? This is the time for all decent people to band together and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

  44. Thank you so much Marty, Mosey and posters.
    I am heartbroken.
    His dead body has been lying in the morgue
    in the Coroner’s office since June 3rd and the Church did not let me know.
    I am not permitted to pick up the body or view it (one last look)
    Andrea is the wife and she has 10 days to claim it, that is the law.
    My family was destroyed by the Church.
    Heber was ordered to divorce me, Alexander was enforced to disconnect from me, all after 35 years of service and 20 years in the Sea Org.
    The destruction of the nucleus family, the DM ordered divorces, marriage, baby slaughter (enforced abortions for 25 years) shows utter heartlessness for the
    2nd dynamic (family)
    Thank you all so much for your kind words.
    It will be cathartic for me to continue to expose the dark underbelly of the Church so that this does not happen to another family.

  45. Rocio Garcia

    Karen, my deepest condolences, I’m very sorry for your loss, if you need any help we are here for you.

  46. deanblair06

    Karen, I am so sorry for your loss. I am truly heartbroken.

    David Miscavige is an horrible monster. I recall when we were in the Sea Org together in 1986-1987 at AOLA Miscavige wrote policy cancelling the daily time allocated to parents to spend time with their children.

    Before that he had created policy making it illegal to have children and if one of the staff became pregnant they were offloaded to a lower organization where things would be even worse than they were in the location they had been in previously. Abortions were strongly suggested and much pressure was put on staff to proceed with abortions so that they could remain in the organization.

    Jill Burkhart Grahm was also on staff with us and did become pregnant. She was forced to leave the AOLA and work in Orange County. She has been dead for some years now having succumbed to cancer.

    I can’t imagine what you must feel at this time and I pray that God will give you strength and wisdom to handle this horrible incident. If there is anything I can do to help you please feel free to contact me. You have my email address.

  47. So sorry for your loss Karen.

  48. Doug Parent

    Karen, this is crushing news. Please accept my heart felt condolences. This is just so wrong on so many levels as I understand it well myself, disconnection ripped apart my family for decades.

    I am reminded that we are still at war over the hearts and minds of our loves ones and friends who are still entangled in all the deceit and trickery. This sad day stands as a reminder that there is more work to be done. Thank you for hearing our thoughts and words of support and love for you during this difficult time.

  49. I’m shocked, horrified and utterly saddened by this news. These atrocities are the most grievous possible violations against Love, the heart of the soul. My deepest condolences to Karen.

  50. Karen,

    I cannot imagine what you are feeling, but I wish I could take some of the pain away. Parents burying their children is unnatural. So unnatural that there isn’t even a word for it in the English language. We have widow, widower and orphans, but…??????

    I will help you do ANYTHING which needs doing (as I am sure we all will.)

  51. The Oracle

    I lost a two year old son after I was forbidden to retain an attorney and fight for custody because the father was a “Scientologist”. He was kidnapped because I agreed to joint custody and back then, I had no recourse. They disappeared off the face of Earth. I know what it is like to lose a child and there is NOTHING, anyone can say or do to alleviate the pain. So I am not even going to bother.

    What I would like to do is point out that the children scooped up by the church or lost through the Church and are without connections to their parents one or both, ARE STOLEN PROPERTY. Take your f&*%ING “They are just thetans” and shove it!

    As Hubbard says, they have to be kept HIDDEN as STOLEN PROPERTY. And they are kept HIDDEN in the Sea Org. Like STOLEN PROPERTY.

    This is CRIMINAL. The Sea Org doesn’t birth these children, they are not the parents or the family, and I don’t care how they obtain them to use them as slaves, they are STOLEN PROPERTY. It is VERY covert. Your ENEMIES knock out things from beneath you. How many children has the Church knocked out from underneath their parents? Look at what happened to Karen’s son in their custody! His allegiance was ill gotten. He was forced to SACRIFICE and CHOOSE. He was set up for LOSSES.

    And you people in the Church need to wonder why Katie Holmes is trying to protect her child?

    I am sick and tired of these crimes against humanity hidden under masks of love for Hubbard.

    Fuck you David Miscavige and you fucking OSA secret police. You are ALL CRIMINALS!

  52. Karen ~ my deepest condolences. I know what it feels like to lose a beloved child, and I grieve with you. It’s my fervent hope that the loss of your son will only work to topple the evil being who most bears responsibility for the toxic environment which led to Alexander’s passing, and so much misery for others.

  53. I am so sorry. It may help to focus on the love. It does get better.

    A friend

  54. Marie-Joe DePhillips

    I have nothing but great memories of Alex. He created quite an impression on me. One of the most theta & vibrant young man I’ve ever met. So it was no surprised when I met you & found out he was your son. Sending you & your family tons of hugs & comforting thoughts.


  55. Joe Pendleton

    My heart goes out to Karen and Heber about this absolutely distressing and sad news. As someone whose parents lost a 23 year old son (my brother) I have some idea of how devastating this can be for them. I don’t know Karen personally, but I know that those of you who do, like Marty, will be there for her at this very tragic time.

  56. Dear Karen,

    I am truly shocked and sickened by what I read on Marty’s blog today.

    The cult is a cesspool of evil and foul purposes.

    My heart goes out to you for your loss.

    I know in my soul that your son would eventually have reconciled with you.

    At least he is free now.

    Peace to you my lovely friend.

  57. What a horrible horrible thing to do to a mother. I can’t even say more until the seething hatred I feel for anyone who would do this goes away.

  58. This is just beyond words, I am so so sorry for both Karen and Heber. A parent’s worst nightmare. My heart goes out to you Karen, I msg’ed you on Facebook but if you need anything don’t hesitate to ask. (((HUGS)))

  59. Joe Pendleton

    I’m also developing a growing “rage-on.” The death of a young man (at his in-law’s house???????????) needs to be investigated FULLY. This cannot be allowed to be dropped. In the 70s, we all shut up when Quentin Hubbard killed himself (all we knew at the time was that he mysteriously died). Alexander was a young man obviously loved mightily by his family and HIS memory DESERVES that an investigation be fully done to discovering EXACTLY what resulted in the death of a 23 year old. The Church of Scientology contributed much to Quentin dying so young and now Karen, Heber and others need to know the truth about Alexander’s tragic passing.

  60. Kevin Tighe

    Heartbreaking. My sincere condolences, Karen.

  61. Exactly. Something like this only solidifies my fight.

    I feel horrible for Karen and Heber. Heber really is a great guy and I wish he would wake up and get the hell out of there.

  62. Dearest Karen I am so very, very sorry for your’s and Heber’s targic loss.

    Whether EXes, Indees or just concerned citizens we are joined at the heart with Karen on this one even though that heart is broken.

    And what a hateful, vindictive cult that will destrfoy family and love all for worldly gain.

    Karen please know that you are loved and in our hearts right now.

  63. I am posting on behalf of myself, Lucy and Mareka who I know are too cut up at this time to post anything. We all hold fond memories of Alexander. Mareka and Alexander played together as children, back in the days before Miscavige meddled destructively in family matters and in the Jentzsch family in particular.

    It’s a terrible loss and tragedy. Our deepest, heart felt condolences to Karen, Heber and Alexander’s wife.

  64. Dear Karen,
    My heart aches for you. I can’t find words for the disgust I feel toward those who would do this to you and to your son. May you find some comfort in your own spiritual understanding and the love of your many friends.
    Much love, Yvonne

  65. Some years ago I got out of the “church” partly because I could no longer make excuses for their behavior. If I was a Scientologist, how could I explain (fill in the scandalous behavior here). I couldn’t explain it anymore and I didn’t want to.

    Since then their behavior has worsened. This is about as bad as it gets. Some church.

    My heartfelt condolences to the young man’s family. His *entire* family.

  66. Karen,

    I am so, so sorry to hear this terrible news. I know that you are a devoted and loving mother and that David Miscavige’s Church of Scientology used black PR and lies to force your son to disconnect from you.

    And now he’s gone…

    Words cannot express the vehemence of the disgust that I feel for David Miscavige and his slavering lackeys right now. What a truly despicable collection of degraded beings they are.

    Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you.

  67. Karen,
    This is so unbelievably shocking, not just his uncalled for early demise but the fact that these so called ‘Scientologists’ have lost their last shreds of human decency by not getting communication about this to you in one way or the other. My condolences, Karen and please do hold onto what was good in your relationship with Alexander.
    May this backlash on the Co$ in a big way and help to get the POB off of his rotten apple box!

  68. Death leaves a heart ache no one can heal, love leaves memories no one can steal. From a grave stone in Ireland. Even DM can’t steal the good memories you have of your son.

  69. Lisa Hamilton

    This is so horrible.

    Karen, I am SO sorry for your loss. It is a loss for me as well, as Alex could and can be a very fun being. I had some very fun times with him that I will truly cherish.

    I am so utterly outraged at what was done to you and the withholding of that information. I just cannot even express in words how angry and disgusted this makes me! They definitely will be hearing from me about this. Enough is enough.

    You are in my heart and in my thoughts.

    Love, Lisa

  70. Dear Karen, please accept my sincere and humble condolences for your lose.

  71. Jean-François Genest

    Thank you for posting this and informing us all.
    My thoughts are with you Karen. My condolences and empathy.
    Θ Thetan-to-Thetan, there is no disconnection. Full ARC and understanding is now possible with your son. Θ♥Θ♥

  72. +100000000000

  73. Kevin Tighe

    The gauntlet has been thrown down. I’m all in. I highly recommend a candle light vigil be organized surrounding Big Blue and/or the FH. Enough is enough.

  74. Jean-François Genest

    Θ Theta Independents from the LA area and beyond need to get near the coroner, as-is his/her intentions, let the theta flows through, and get that being to cognite on common sense.

  75. Anat Krier

    Dear Karen,
    My deepest condolences to you and your family!

  76. TheWidowDenk

    May I share as well Sam’s comment as well? I’m without words but full of compassion. Thank you.

  77. Yes, it is very sad. May I also extend my deepest condolences.

  78. Kevin, I agree.

  79. The Oracle

    Wow, that is beautiful. Thank you for that.

  80. Karen, My love to you, my heart is broken, tears burning my cheeks. My sincerest apology that I was not able to do more, be more effective in getting your son onto the underground railroad, or to help him build a foundation for a new life after the crisis of faith and life he was currently in. You are one of my most beloved friends, though I share your pain, I wish I could take some of it on me.

    What I have decided, and already contacted attorneys to start working on is the creation of an underground railroad foundation, a full blown non profit in Alexanders memory. I think it should be in part dedicated to bringing back together families devastated by disconnection. It can provide safety and food and comfort to those in imminent need. It will then work to help people gain the basic life skills to build a satisfying and fulfilling life following departure from the COS or any other crisis in life. I would be honored if you would serve on the Board.

    Marty, for three years you have wanted to tell my story. Lets do it. I am taking a one week sabbatical, After that, ALL the gloves are off.

  81. I’ve never heard of a mother not being able to view her son’s body. To say this is cruel is an understatement. It defies words.
    Could this an order coming from Miscavige via Alexander’s wife? Should you get a lawyer to intervene for you?
    If Miscavige’s doesn’t allow for you to see your son one last time, he will never live this down. The press will eat this up and they should!

  82. Sorry for the typo’s. This whole thing is so disturbing my normal editing seems to be absent.

  83. Can you please cross post this EVERYWHERE!!!

  84. Mareka James

    Alexander, as I remember him was a very kind and caring boy. I am deeply saddened to learn of his death. With tears in my eyes I remember his impish face; his boyish grin, his dark hair…

    Many memories pass through my mind of sleepovers, birthday parties, long walks, swim trips, the time we ran together while holding hands and fell grazing our knees….

    So many memories of Alexander but the ones that stick out the most are when Karen herself was present. Karen was a wonderful and doting mother. So much care went into looking after her beloved son. She gave Alexander a wonderful childhood not to mention the best birthday parties – the kind that were so thoughtful and elaborate that you yourself felt like it was your birthday too.

    As much as I hurt tonight I can’t imagine what Karen must be going through.

    Karen, I am so, so, so sorry that you lost your son.

    Alexander, I am so, so, so sorry that you lost your mother.

    Shame on you, Miscavige for keeping mother and son apart. You sick, sick, sick little man.

  85. Lets start with condolences to you Karen, I am truly sorry for your loss. We will pray for you.
    Secondly I am FB friends with Alex. Not one of his friends has mentioned it yet so it seems its been completely suppressed.

  86. Dear Karen I am so very sorry for your loss. I have suffered loss and know what you are going through. You are much loved and not alone.

    Kevin: Please let us know if and when a vigil at FH. I WILL be there! I will help with any needs too.

  87. martyrathbun09

    My forum is your forum brother.

  88. Thank you, Steve. That really needed to be said.

  89. I just saw this. I am dumbstruck in horror. This is just a disaster, but I promise you Karen, I promise, this tragedy won’t go unanswered. DM will pay for this. Enough, really, that’s enough. Karen, our thoughts are with you. If there is anything I can do, let me know.

    Love Tom and Lnda

  90. The Oracle, Exactly! +3

  91. Sapere Aude

    Karen – My deepest condolences and most sincere thoughts and intentions for the future of all concerned. The evil intentions that have been enforced into the world of corporate Scientology are just that, evil. Neither you, nor Heber, were informed in a timely manner considered an act of decency in our society. Your fond memories cannot be taken from you. Peace be with you.

  92. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    My hands are also bare.

  93. miscavigeisscaredofsam

  94. Karen,
    Carol & I were talking about this and she called the LA Coroner’s office. She asked why wouldn’t they let a mother see her son. They gave her this link:

    As you can see from that link, the surviving spouse rules. If Andrea continues to be hostile and cuts you out of the picture, her word will be followed. So what can you do? Get a lawyer to go before a judge first thing tomorrow morning. The fact that Alexander has been at the coroner’s office for two days makes me wonder if perhaps the wife & her family don’t have the money for final disposition. Maybe they were never going to claim his body. But now that word is out, the game has changed. Miscavige has a heap of God awful PR heading his way and will want this over with.

    I wouldn’t put it past Miscavige to order that Alexander be cremated first thing tomorrow even if he has to pay for it himself SOLELY so that you are denied one final visit. I do believe Miscavige is that evil and rotten.

  95. Right on, Kevin. It is most definitely time.

  96. Dear Karen,
    Please accept my deepest sympathy and heartfelt condolences. I am so sorry for your loss. You are deeply loved from many quarters and have been a tremendous light of truth that has lead where others could only follow. My prayers are with you now and if there is anything that I might do, please let me know.

  97. My deepest condolences to Karen and Heber.

  98. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Or Hemet. And I will be there.

  99. Hapexamendios

    This just goes way beyond evil. My condolences to Karen and Heber on their terrible loss.

  100. She should demand an autopsy. A 27 year old man dies at home of a fever? Actually I believe the L.A. County coroner is required to do an autopsy of anyone who dies in a private home with no doctor attending. Something smells funny here.

  101. Thank you all.
    The support is heartfelt.
    Thank you Village Voice posters.
    Your kind words mean lot to me.
    It is hard pill to swallow that I raised Alexander as a 2nd generation
    Scientologist and he is dead at 27.
    That Office of Special Affairs maliciously ordered I not be told is a grim reminder
    of Church protocol.
    I am a declared suppressive person.
    I am Fair Game to be lied to do, cheated, deceived and destroyed.
    Alexander’s body is above and below other dead bodies in the Coroner’s office in downtown Los Angeles. It has been there since July 3rd.
    The Church so much wanted it covered up that not one Facebook friend of Alexander’s has been informed.
    The Church would rather the body lie there than let me take my own son’s body.
    I sent someone to the house where Alexander died with a letter for Andrea (wife) to sign over the body to me.
    Alexander’s mother in law answered the door.
    It was BRUTAL.
    He was told ~~
    No communication ~~ all communication to Andrea ~~ Alexander’s wife, is to go to
    OFFICE of Special Affairs of the Church !
    Tell Karen there will be NO VIEWING.
    Get off the property or we will call the police.
    This is what occurred to my friend who sent a letter asking for my son’s body

    Karen de la Carriere

  102. This has an eerie resemblance to the Lisa McPherson case.

  103. Dear Karen #1

    Our condolences on your loss. It is a black coal of a heart that gets between a mother and her children.

    David & Mercy

  104. Could it be they are still trying to find out cause? I’m not up on thee things.

  105. nocaseonpost

    I am so sorry for your loss. I do understand. This is for you…

    Our loss
    Is gain and other times.
    Our hopes on future bent
    Must then depend on
    like these
    For bodies where
    And in
    The fine grist mill of time
    Are spent in service such
    As yours
    And go, our time
    by smallest time
    Into the yesterday,
    wherein began
    The conquest of Eternity.

    What did we know
    When yesterday we wept?
    What grip upon us had
    our ignorance
    That we in our conceit
    did feel
    That all of us were
    mortal here
    And lives once led
    Were spent
    And wasted on
    our selfish selves.

    How narrow is such scope
    To feel that we
    Should be eternally
    The goal of all the toil
    And wretchedness
    From birth to death
    And like a play
    The curtain dropped
    And left an empty stage.

    How dull of us to feel
    that we
    Were all the target
    of the strife
    And that we lived
    but once
    And living then did
    The whole in one
    brief life.

    Oh no, a wider trauma here
    Was planned and staged
    And we with narrowness
    of mind
    Did overlook the plan.

    We said that all is
    Mortal flesh
    The spirit just thing
    To send, for pence
    To some strange heaven
    There to waste its skill
    Or had been on the price
    To some deep other place
    To pain, and waste again
    The life.

    To what dark depths
    Were dropped our minds
    To feel that flesh
    Is capable of love or trust
    Or livingness
    To feel that fingernails
    and masks
    Are all we need to dream.

    To what deep place
    Did our love go
    That mass could

    Anxieties that ruled
    our years
    Were nurtured here
    And we
    Made blind and numb
    By other greed
    Spanned down our lives
    To One.
    What waste!
    To feel that all our love
    Our work,
    Our gifts,
    Our knowledge and our
    Were meant
    To be consumed
    All in one
    Breath and flash
    And by one name?
    Today, come wiser now
    the chains gone week
    And tyranny of cult
    Gone tired with the years,
    We look
    We find
    We live
    Not once
    But on and on
    From body’s birth to
    Body’s grave and then
    To birth again
    And yea to grave again
    So to dispose possessions
    Oft come undone
    With livingness.

    From century to century
    From age to age and on
    We go in march along
    The path that leads
    Forever up the countless
    Tick of time.
    We crawl, we walk, we fly
    We win
    From here and evermore
    The heritage of all our lives
    And spent it once again.
    Why this is no sad and
    Bleakish look
    No sorrowed and thing
    This life.
    This an adventure pure
    Where without knife
    Provender we leap
    Aloft into eternity
    And span forever in a

    This is a venture where
    We step from tie to
    Body tie
    And go
    Our way.

    Our suff’ ring is
    Self-centered here
    For we have lost
    In truth
    The smile,
    The touch,
    The skill and happiness
    We gain
    from Alexander,
    Who gave to us
    From his past
    Ability to live
    And fare against
    The tides and storms
    Of fate.
    It’s true we’ve lost his
    Up against the wheel
    And lost as well his
    And his strength
    But lost them
    Only for a while.

    He goes
    Not with the dismal roll
    But with a whisper like
    A faerie’s sigh
    To smooth the way
    For when we come.

    He’ll begin some good
    Future time
    And future place
    His smile
    His touch
    His skill
    Invested there to make
    A way for life.

    True, true we may not
    Know him then and
    Only know his work
    But still
    If we sent not ahead
    Our the vedettes into time
    We would not have
    A race.

    And so, branched off from
    Genetic Line
    And into some new
    Corner or new world
    We’ve sent you,
    And there there’ll be
    We know it now,
    A smile,
    A touch,
    A happiness for us
    And you
    You could not find
    On Earth.

    And so it turns
    The day, the year,
    The age. And so we go
    With banners furled
    And quietly
    Upon our way.
    But now we know
    And now we’ll find
    The way.

    Into the dark
    Has come the light
    Into tomorrow
    Enters night
    Into heaven
    Go no more
    Into life our
    Spirits soar
    Conquering ever
    Wisdom’s store
    We do not tremble
    Faced with death
    We know that living
    Is not breath.


    Go, Alexander,
    And take
    The life
    That offers now
    And live
    In good expectancy
    That we
    Will do our part.
    Go Alexander,
    you can control
    that which you must.
    Our loss
    Is gain
    In wisdom and in skill
    To future dates
    and other smiles
    And so we send into the
    Chain of all and enduring time
    Our heritage
    Our hope
    Our friend.

    Goodbye, Alexander.

    Your people thank you for
    having lived
    Earth is better for your
    having lived
    Men, women and children
    are alive today
    Because you lived.

    We thank you for coming to us.
    We do not contest your
    Right to go away.
    Your debts are paid
    This chapter of thy life
    is shut
    Go now, dear Alexander,
    and live once more
    In happier time and place.
    Thank you,

    All now here lift up
    Your eyes and say to

    Goodbye, our dear

    We’ll miss you, you know.

    Let the body now
    Draw away
    To be consumed to ashes
    And to dust
    In earthly and in cleanly fire
    To be no more, no more.
    And that is done.
    Come friends,
    He is all right
    And he is gone.
    We have our work
    To do.
    And he has his.
    He will be
    welcome there.

    To man!


  106. Well said Steve. Every person who stands-up, puts another crack in DM’s suppressive wall of disconnected families.

  107. My sincerest condolences….

  108. Time for a smack down.

  109. Karen and Heber,
    I am shocked and very, very saddened to hear this news. My deepest, most heartfelt condolences go out to you and your family. Much love and peace is my wish for you all.

  110. Oh Heber and Karen—- No.
    I had the pleasure of working with Alex in 2006: he was vibrant, funny, dedicated, uptone and focused. What a tragedy. You know you have the support and help of ANYONE you summon. It’s yours for the asking.
    If there ever were a “last straw”, this is it.
    RIP, Alex.
    Linda McC

  111. Scott Trask a.k.a. "Beacon"

    Oh my, I’m speechless. I am so sorry for your loss.

  112. Karen,
    You don’t know me but I feel that you’re one of the best friends I’ve ever had. I’ve read everything you’ve ever posted as Karen #1 on this site and other sites, and I’ve routed for you and the guts you’ve displayed in everything you’ve done. You’re my hero, a person whose courage and confront I only wish I could one day have. I’m a scientologist, originally from Denmark. Heber and Yvonne were legends by word of mouths in the late seventeenth. In the early 80’s we watched Heber in events and I personally were delighted when I heard that he had remarried and become a father of a little boy, the most beautiful boy anyone ever saw, according to my sister, Gunhild Krog/Cartwight/Jacobs. (Heber was the minister when Gunhild married Allan Cartwright in 84)

    As the mother of 4, ages 21 to 31 I can only begin to imagine what you must be feeling at this moment. If this happened to any of my four, I would be completely devastated. If I only had one and he’d decided to disconnect from me for the last two years, I wouldn’t know what I’d do whatsoever.

    Karen, you don’t know how much love and admiration you’ve collected for yourself for your gutsy and selfless exposing the truth for these last years. I’m not a Christian and yet the only thing I can say is, may God reward you in any way for the righteous and good things you’ve done to help your fellow man in any way you could.

    No matter the size of your body, you’re a giant amongst giants. You are loved by everyone on this (and other) sites who seek spiritual freedom, truth, justice, equality – anything righteous. May God bless you.

  113. Jane Parker White.


  114. I didn’t notice my husband, Paul, had the settings set for him to reply, the last comment was made by me, Bodil, Paul’s wife.

  115. Rosa Belen Albornoz

    Karen my sincere condolences to you and Hebert for that loss…I’m very sorry to hear that, and what you are going through…my thoughts are with you…

  116. My condolences to Karen and her family. I’m so sorry for your loss.

  117. nocaseonpost

    Fuck Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  118. Karen, I hope that some prominent media people interview you to get your side of this story. The response that your friend received at your son’s in-law’s home is beyond despicable. That incident needs to go into the public record too. This is how Scientologists who leave the organization over conflicts of conscience are treated.

    It is simply mind boggling that your friend would be treated in such a manner, given the extremely high potential for bad PR for the church in this case. Even more mind boggling, is the fact that they don’t even recognize their abject lapse of simple human respect.

    Words fail…

  119. Karen, you MISSED WITH HOLDS. Tell that bitch YOU are going to call the fuckin POlice and request and inquiry for NEGLIGENT HOMICIDE .
    Negligent homicide is a criminal charge brought against people who, through criminal negligence, allow others to die. Why didn’t someone take him to the hospital? YOU bring the fuckin POlice to the house! She has a LOT of nerve treating YOU like a criminal!

  120. Errol Sayin

    Winston Churchill recognized the SP Adolf Hitler well before anyone else in England.
    His warning in October 1938, after years of appeasement, should be a history lesson to those in the CO$ that are on the fence:
    “Thou are weighed in the balance and found wanting.”
    “And do not suppose that this is the end. This is only the beginning of the reckoning. This is only the first sip, the first foretaste of a bitter cup which will be proffered to us year by year unless by a supreme recovery of moral health and martial vigour, we arise again and take our stand for freedom as in the olden time.”

    [uh-peez]   Origin

       [uh-peez] Show IPA
    verb (used with object), ap•peased, ap•peas•ing.
    to bring to a state of peace, quiet, ease, calm, or contentment; pacify; soothe: to appease an angry king.
    to satisfy, allay, or relieve; assuage: The fruit appeased his hunger.
    to yield or concede to the belligerent demands of (a nation,group, person, etc.) in a conciliatory effort, sometimes at the expense of justice or other principles.
    1300–50; Middle English apesen < Anglo-French apeser, Old Frenchapais ( i ) er, equivalent to a- a-5 + paisi- peace + -er infinitivesuffix

    Related forms
    ap•peas•a•ble, adjective
    ap•peas•a•ble•ness, noun
    ap•peas•a•bly, adverb
    ap•pease•ment, noun
    ap•peas•er, noun
    1. calm, placate. 3. APPEASE, CONCILIATE, PROPITIATE imply trying to preserve or obtain peace. To APPEASE is to make anxious overtures and
    often undue concessions to satisfy the demands of someone with a greed for power, territory, etc.Chamberlain tried to appease Hitler at Munich. To CONCILIATE is to win an enemy or opponent over by displaying a willingness to be just and fair: When mutual grievances are recognized, conciliation is possible. To PROPITIATE is to admit a fault, and, by trying to make amends, to allay hostile feeling: to propitiate an offended neighbor.
    1. enrage. 2. increase, arouse, sharpen. 3. defy.

  121. Karen, My heart goes out to you. My deepest condolences. I know all to well what you are going through right now.
    Love, Mark

  122. Jane Parker White.

    Karen I don’t know you – but I am a mother and I do not know if I would have remained so graceful under the circumstances. Those who know you love you that is clear – I am so glad to know that you are fighting back. May you have courage my friend that you never knew was possible.. Tonight a lit a candle in my window for you, to burn here in the most southern tip of Africa.

    I know about disconnection and a child of 18 months being ‘disconnected’ by his Sea Org father. I raised that little boy, till he was six, and then had to hand him over to his patron step dad – who refused to let him have a high school education – and forced him to go and work for the church at 14 straight after primary school….. So I rescued him again – after I heard he signed a billion year contract – and the church stood ready to ship him out of the country without parents. And right now – we have a custody battle in SA – to protect a little girl from a life not fit live in a church run by criminals.

    I am so so sorry for your loss.

  123. They allowed a sick and dying man to die in their own home! If you need the name of an attorney who has lines into the DA’s office and the Supreme Court down in L.A. give me a call. You have my number.

    Hit back HARD and FAST!

    Let’s see how dangerous she feels when she gets confronted with her obliviousness in a court of law and stands to get hit with a wrongful death suit! Fu%$^ng bitch!

  124. Wow Alex jensche face book page removed 20 mins after the post about him on here!

  125. Dave Schrock

    I have had, and still do have, a huge lump in my throat from reading this. The inhumanity is insane. I got out about a year and a half ago and everyday seems to be a confirmation of how right I was to leave corporate Scn. This is an absolute new low. Count me in when you want to bust down the Hemet gates.

  126. The anger is rising.

    Miscavige has carried out his destructive and evil agenda against families and children for more than a quarter of a century. The resultant damage is vast.

    Who, for example, can count the number of children he has turned against one parent or the other? Many of us can cite examples but none can map or trace the full extent.

    Who can count the number of Sea Org couples Miscavige worked to split up to further his depraved ends?

    Who among us can give an accurate count of the abortions that have taken place in the Sea Org as a result of his destructive polices? I know I’ve lost count of the ones I became aware of.

    Who would like to try and count the number of Sea Org adults who would have had children if they had had the chance? For years Miscavige has punished and made examples of those who had children to dissuade others from procreation. Now at the Int Base he has forbidden marriage completely.

    How about the number of abandoned or neglected Sea Org children, some thrown out into the world to fend for themselves?

    And the effects are not limited to the Sea Org. Who can count the number of mothers who lost access to their kids because the “Church” sided with their “high roller” husbands, the source of heavy donations, in the divorce proceedings? I know I’ve lost count the heartbroken mothers I’ve run across who had this run on them.

    Who could possibly count the number of parents who have lost access to or contact with their kids because they were enticed onto staff or the Sea Org?

    How about counting the number of family members (husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters, grand parents, aunts, uncles) who can’t see other family members due to the widespread practice of fair game and disconnection?

    The answer for each questions is the same: They are too many to count.

    And now this. There is nothing to be done but whatever it takes to bring it all to an end.

    Whatever it takes.

  127. If Alexander signed a document with the church that his body was to be turned over to them at the time of his death and that they become the Executors of his estate, than what the church and its members are doing is “within the law” and that is all. And it is well known and documented how the Church of Scientology constantly seeks and finds new way to pervert the laws of all lands anywhere to pull off their warped viewpointed goals. It is sad for a person to live that way, but they do, and no LRH tech people can use ever comes out of it. Just a smiling OSA. 🙂

  128. The same thing happened to my family last week. I found out purely by accident while surfing facebook that my sister had died 8 months ago and no one bothered to let anyone in our family know she was gone.

    My sister – Betsy Fisher Perkins – was a public Scientologist for many years. Some of you may have known her either in the LA area or in Clearwater. She taught piano and was married to Mark Perkins and they have a son – Nicholas. They most recently lived in the Washington DC area.

    Betsy and Mark had disconnected from me and my brother years ago. The last time she spoke to me was shortly after I left the Sea Org 21 years ago after suffering DM’s abuses first hand and deciding not to put up with it.

    She died last November from colon cancer at the age of 55. She had been sick for 3 years from the information I have gathered so far. Mark Perkins and no one in his family had the human decency to even send someone in our family any notice or letter or anything regarding her death.

    I had the unfortnate obligation to break the news to our 82 year old mother last Friday in person – one of the hardest emotional things I have ever had to do. No mother should lose a child at such a young age.

    My cousins, aunts and uncles who all loved my sister for many years were shocked to find out she was gone and the only explanation for the lack of information was Scientology and their suppressive, ridiculous and heartless disconnection policy.

    We are trying to find out more details regarding her death through public records so we can put some closure there.

    Again I am so sorry Karen.

  129. Dear Karen–We do not know each other, but as a mother, I’m sick for your loss. I lost an infant and was in very deep grief, but to have raised a child and then have lost him not once, but twice is absolutely heart-wrenching. May you be comforted in knowing that someday you will see him again. His death will not be in vain. With all of the world focused on Scientolgy now with Tom and Katie, these senseless tragedies will also be exposed. You have a wonderful and tremendous fighting force behind you in the Indies and in people like Tony O and Mark B who will insure that this happens. My thoughts and prayers go with you, Karen.

  130. HannibalTheFirst

    There is only one word that describes this behavior denying a mother a farewell of her only son: Barbaric.
    LRH goal was for us to have a better game, a game we can all enjoy to play. The game the Church of Scientology and their koolaid drinkers are playing is not what LRH had in mind. They play a cruel and brutal game with no human face at all. It is a game of destruction and blind fanatical hatred.
    What does it help you to be on OT VII if you loose your humanity and decency? This is what Andrea and her family should ask themselves.
    If they do, they are at risk finding out that they are actually giving their soul to the devil and on top are paying for this privilege a heavy price. They will find they have lost themselves.

  131. Mike Laws, you are an amazing soul and we are lucky to have you with us. Thank you for all you have done, are doing and will always continue to do. You have my respect and high affinity, my friend.

  132. It helped me when I lost the most important person in my life. This person still stays with me and tells me stuff when I dream so KAREN listen and call to him he will come mine does almost everytime I call. My heart breaks for you but don’t worry DM will soon have the rude awakening he so dearly diserves.

  133. Dear Karen,
    I am sorry to hear about your loss. This makes me deeply sad and heartbroken. I have no doubt that It was not easy for Alexandra to be kept away from his loving mom and dad too.
    You will always have my love and support. Please let me know if there is anything I can help with. Stay strong my friend. Much Love,

  134. Karen, my heart is with you.

  135. YES, we can make it happen, it should be done.

  136. I’m a little over 3 hours from CW and can get there on very little notice.

  137. Dear Karen,
    heartfelt condolences. I share the understanding of what happened to you, to your son, to Heber and to everyone around.

  138. I have sent you the name of telephone of the attorney.

  139. They are the epitome of religious fanatics!

  140. I am shocked. We are shocked.
    America should be shocked.
    And this ‘church’ should be shaken up.
    And its criminals brought to justice.

    All my sympathy.
    Hope your sacrifice is not in vain.

  141. Evil. The word is thrown around with such happenstance. But here, we have a real case of evil with a capitol E. I think that it is so truly evil that most people outside of the COS experience will learn of this and have to fight off their disbelief. It is so evil as to be incomprehensible. Perhaps this is a tipping point.

    Karen, and Heber wherever you are. Truly sad for your loss.

  142. Roger Thought (LO)

    I don’t know what to say,
    I’m sorry for your loss

  143. gordon freeman

    Ma’am you have my condolences, my sincerest, deepest condolences.
    I hope this is the last straw. I hope a lot of people are now waking up to the horror movie that is the cult of Scientology. This is what they do to people.

  144. +1 Scratch scratch, hiss hissssss! I particularly like the swearing and cussing because I have nothing other than that to say for this unbelievably covert, anti-human activity!

    Except to send my most sincere and heartfelt condolences to Karen. I’m still in shock myself, eyes tearing up, can’t even grasp what she must be going through. And to Heber too. The times I met him he was an “executive” but acted completely differently. He granted beingness and defied the miscavigology that was forced down his throat. How this will hit him when he finds out…if ever…..I can’t imagine.

    So ANYbody out there reading this who has some sort of jurisdiction over what happens at that place near Hemet PLEEEEEZE grow some and do your goddamn job. Investigate this place, find the Hole (or whatever it is now) and get those people out of there—Heber first. It is really there–it is really happening. Here’s more proof. Do hundreds of people have to die in captivity before “officials” who have the authority actually bust this place??? When it does go down I wouldn’t want to be the ones who ignored this.

  145. Li'll bit of stuff

    Karen, This is terrible news! More of the insane
    sociopath’s utter lack of any sense of feeling
    whatsoever! Our Deepest condolences to you
    and Heber.
    Calvin & Dorothy Duffield

  146. Karen, my wife and I lost a daughter a few years ago, so I know a little of how you must feel. It was unexpected and devastating to us, but we did not have the added evil of being “disconnnected” from her and not allowed to even see her body!

    Miscavige’s “church” is unquestionably an organization dedicated to doing evil. It is the “Church of Destroying ARC”. Reminds me of Roger Zelazny’s “Amber” novels, in which lifelessness spreads and everything in it’s path – turns grey and dies. Miscavige is the source of death, like Sauron in Tolkiens Ring trilogy.

    It is not easy to keep our ruds in, when faced with the fact of loss through death. I can only hope that Alexander went consciously. It is no consolation to me, that death is an “apparency”. Loss is loss anyway I look at it.

    My daughter communicated with me as I sat in the hospital waiting room, waiting for my turn to visit with her. She said “Bring me back – I want to be with you guys.” But I was unable. It still grieves me to no end. I felt then and still feel now, that I ought to have been able to bring her back as she asked. I still feel I failed her and failed myself too. I remembered the contact assist I gave her when she was just a little girl and scraped her chin and face falling on the sidewalk. I believed I ought to have been able to bring her back, just like that.

    She had had a stroke several days before and was considered already dead by the medicos. They had her on a breathing apparatus to preserve her organs. And she was still hanging around and waiting, hoping I could bring her back!

    Her brain had swollen beyond their ability to fix and it had stopped her breathing. My wife and I actually had no input as to the disposition of her treatment or her body, because she had been married just the year before, and it was all in her husband’s hands. Just as you are not allowed by law to get Alexander’s body, because you are no longer legally considered to be “next of kin”, just as we, our daughter’s parents, were no longer considered “next of kin” because now her husband was legally next of kin.

    Karen, I think you need legal advice and swift action if any is available under the circumstances, immediately. Hopefully, “something can be done about it.” You should at least be enabled to see him!

    Good luck and Godspeed with whatever you decide to try and do about the situation! It is the feeling that we “ought to have been able to salvage the situation” that is so hard to bear. Do not torture yourself about it any more than you really have to, is my advice and wish for you!

    But we do need to put an end to Miscavige the Deathbringer, the Father of Lies that he is.

  147. Luis Garcia

    Dearest Karen,

    I am shocked at the callousness of the cult’s and it’s devotees’ actions. I am very sorry for your loss, but do not despair. As Marty has said, we are all sending you a collective of clean intention, and we will help you with anything you need.

    Fly high, Alexander. You are free now. May you rejoin the company of those that truly loved you.

    As I once said, that diminutive man, that sorry excuse of a human being, that monster Miscavige, will sooner or later have to confront everything he’s done. And we will be there when the time comes. Won’t we?



  148. You are 110% right, Joe. But the good Sherriff Mr. Baca and the force have been heavily duped and will probably buy whatever story they are told by $cientology Inc. I hope they make me wrong. But too much willfull ignorance of crimes already going down and reported has proven this out.

  149. Kindaknowwhatitzabout

    Karen, as I said in Tony’s post my heart is with you and Heber ( I also threw in my 2 cents about my Co$ thoughts) ….I can’t imagine the mental anguish you have had to endure without knowing where your husband is and then having to deal with your child “disconnecting” with you..and then this mind blowing tragedy….

    I sincerely feel your loss….

    I am posting under a psydo here but I am L.B. (which gave my full name with my adult children posted on my FB pic cause I couldn’t figure out how to be descrete and google was not allowing me to sign on so on Tony’s blog comments my real name appeared under my FB account.. I know BORING that’s the last thing you wanna hear from a perfect stranger) and 5littlestones commented to me on Tony’s blog comments…

    So, with that said… I grieve with your loss but as I would tell my girlfriends .. Go thru the motions emotionally and grieve as you need to greive …. then pull up your “BIG GURL PANTIES AND KICK THEIR BUTTS”( I am giving you the PG version of what I would really say).. I mean that and maybe it’s too soon too go there.. BUT LADY.. I back YOU 100%…

    Karen, you will find your STRENGTH thru this within time.. Who knew you would be the WHOLE spokesperson to really expose the REAL TRUTH???.. Because I truly belive this is gonna really bring more attention than Co$ wants. I sincerely am not trying to disrespect your pain and loss but I DO BELIEVE you are the vehicle to really make a stand in the next few weeks and bring this to the forefront to the media… Praying for ya LADY and I don’t know you personally…But my heart is with YOU.. GOD BLESS !

  150. Alexander was one of the most uproariously funny, outstandingly intelligent young men I have ever met. I’m not only sorry for Heber’s and Karen’s loss, it is also the world’s loss. RIP, Alex. Then, when you’ve had a little rest and sorted things out, come back and let us know you are ok.

  151. Reblogged this on My LRH.


    Karen, my heart is bleeding for you. Here is an uplifting poem that hopefully puts a very theta emphasis on the future for you, as it did for me on the death of my wife years ago.

    Rose Beyond the Wall
    by A.L. Frink
    A rose once grew
    where all could see,
    sheltered beside
    a garden wall,
    And as the days passed
    swiftly by,
    it spread its branches, straight and tall…
    One day, a beam of light
    shone through
    a crevice that had
    opened wide ~
    The rose bent gently
    toward its warmth
    then passed beyond
    to the other side
    Now, you who deeply
    feel its loss,
    be comforted ~ the rose blooms there ~
    its beauty even greater now,
    nurtured by
    God’s own loving care.

  153. Dizzy Mizz Lizzy

    Dear Karen. I don´t know you and yet I feel a very heavy heart at hearing about your loss. My sincere condolences to you! At the same time I´m utterly speechless at the “church´s” behaviour. HOW far away can a church get from what it preaches??? “The most ethical group on the planet” – and THIS is “The greatest good”??? I have daily realizations how truly brainwashed one needs to be to accept all this. I hope thousands of independents will show up at Alexander´s funeral and light their candles. David Miscavige´s “church” needs to be exposed for what it really is – NOW!

  154. Karen, you guided us (eloquently) during some amazement and uncertainties just after Debbie’s letter. You spoke with me on the phone, not even yet met in person, and unselfishly for an hour, and pointed me in the right direction with a level of theta and certainty I hadn’t experienced. Just speaking with you for the first time involved such correct indications and impinging acks… just acks, you may ask? Well, for the naysayers, you just have to experience the communication and acknowledgement from an LRH trained CL XII. I can say in this life I have, by a princess.

    I don’t know what else to say, I can’t bring myself to say more, how personal this all is, so I will end if there is anything we can do for you here in the Bay Area, just name it. Also we can be in LA in 1/3 of a day, and would love to for a big time exposé to bring this inhumane SS style Miscavige crap to a finite end… count 2 on it.

    Our sincerest condolences Karen, and healing for you and Heber.

    Ronn & Nathalie Stacy

  155. My deepest condolences goes out to Karen and Heber. I am truely saddened to hear what has happened as I learned about it today I couldn’t help but think that only a week ago I had been playing ‘Words With Friends’ with Alex. I knew Alex briefly back in 2003 when he came to SF for the CF Project. He was a serious guy but always funny too! I can’t help but remember nice memories of him and the funny comm cycles we had at times. (I was a public who was helping w/ the project). I met many kind and caring Sea Org members at that time of which all are now out of the SO- oddly enough. Again, my deepest well wishes goes out to Karen and Heber. And if anything this reaffirms for me personally how much I will not stand down against the Church but will in fact help to expose the criminality that is still so present (sadly). I will not stop communicating!

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  157. Dear Karen,

    I am sorry to hear that Alex passed. I have fond memories of him.

    The “church” of Scientology and those who remain under its control are so off the rails and so lost in their own confusion that they are a liability to themselves and society.

    It is not surprising that they are so heavily rejected by society and they are dying as an organization. How could it be otherwise?

    I wish for you all the strength, courage, wisdom and love that you will need
    to endure this loss.

    Times are changing. The curtain is being drawn on Miscavige and his evil cult. It’s inevitable.

  158. I didn’t think I could be horrified by Miscavige anymore, he has to be removed. He is evil.
    My heart goes out to all affected, it’s a circumstance that should never exist – just stunned.

  159. I am so sorry, Karen. This is truly heartbreaking. I can’t even begin to express how sad and angry I am to hear this.

    Sleep well tonight, Churchies. This is what you have helped to create. What’s truly despicable is that you don’t even care.

  160. Dear Karen- What can one say when the worst possible scenario has come to pass? Words aren’t enough.
    Death is a loss and a sorrow. But to heap vindictive, hateful actions atop it is beyond civilized behavior. David Miscavidge’s “Church” is getting away with an ATROCITY if something is not done.
    I know it is a small start, but I pledge to be at Big Blue (or wherever ) if a candlelight vigil is called.
    Please let us know what we can DO.

  161. Karen,
    My deepest condolences – as a parent I can only begin to understand what you are going through. I was shocked to read the blog this morning. I am so very sorry for your loss.

  162. I agree. It is important to ACT legally immediately-quickly-right away even in this moment of shock. I can’t believe that a court of law would refuse the right of a mother to pay “last respects” to her child under any circumstances. I am not trained legally but the thought comes to mind of an injunction preventing the body from being buried, embalmed, or cremated until the legal issue is resolved by the courts. And if there is any doubt about the quality of health care he received, is there a possibility of an autopsy?

    And Karen, you don’t “know” me personally, even though you are one of the few independents who knows my real name. As you know, I am no-one of particular note, but If there is anything-and I mean ANYTHING that I can do to help, let me know. I will confirm this by email.
    I am so sorry that this tragedy occurred, and especially to you and your family. My postulates and prayers go out to you and Heber, and to your son, Alexander.

  163. Nicci and I knew Alexander as a teenager through mutual friends. He would spend a lot of time at their home, and we had quite a few opportunities to talk with him and get to know him. He was very personable, knowledgeable, and intelligent, had a great comm cycle, and was always very interesting to talk with.

    Later, after he joined the S.O. and was working in Div 6, we would see him at events. When he saw us, he would brighten up and wave with a ‘Hi Trey & Nicci’ and then come over to chat. He was always high affinity, and we would smile just being around him.

    He was the kind of young man that gives old men comfort and reassurance about the future.

    He will be missed.

    Trey & Nicci

  164. Kris Steele

    This news hit me very hard. I considered Alex a very good friend of mine, when I was in the Sea Org. His ability to get things done is still an inspiration to me today, I was very proud to work with him, and he always challenged me to do better. Karen, you have my deepest condolences, and Alex and you are certainly in my prayers.

  165. Chris and I are so sorry for your loss Karen. I agree with Cindy, an autopsy should be done as the death seems very sus. Our love goes out to you!

    DM you and your cult are heartless, souless assholes and you wont get away with this… tick toc!

  166. A parent shouldn’t survive his sons, this story is so sad, please Karen (and Heber) accept my condolences too. May God be with you.

  167. This is devastating. I add my voice to the mass outpouring of outrage from decent people everywhere, and send all my love to Karen, and family and friends. This abomination of a “church” will go down.

  168. Cindy, I have been thinking the same thing, that an autopsy is required by law. I am so incensed by this situation, furious beyond belief. I cut and pasted Marty’s blog, which includes active links for background info, to the John & Ken Show at Radio Station KFI, 640AM, Los Angeles. They have an enormous afternoon drive-time audience and frequently take on “projects.” If they pick this up, it will be all over Southern California and as far East as Hemet. This is about as low and despicable and evil as it gets. My heart goes out to Karen. No words can express the profound sympathy that I feel for Karen or the rage toward CofS that this has generated.

  169. Karen and Heber,
    Please know that our entire Family sends our heartfelt condolences out to your Family, also know that our gentle and loving thoughts are with you during this most trying time…
    A Friend

  170. Theo Sismanides

    Dear Karen, I am expressing my condolences from Athens, Greece. This is a 4th dynamic activity we are all engaged in for so long and the sad news of your loss can be heartfelt all over the planet.

    What is also heartfelt is that you, his mother and his father, Heber, have dedicated your lives to a better world and Alex is proud of you both wherever he is now. I am wishing him farewell.

    As to the actual beast who keeps ruining families and violates basic basic human rights, this is it! We ought to take him down now, now, now. Miscavige sucks!!!!

    The world is NOT following you anymore DM. You are a bestial being to do such a thing.

    If nothing can keep you from committing crimes everyday, WE can.

  171. Izhar Perlman - Lisbon

    This is very sad, and very cruel, but is to be expected of insane leader and suppressed minions. Karen and Heber – my condolences.

  172. Quite right, and it bears repeating and repeating. There really isn’t ANY justification for keeping quiet any more. The cult has NO power, NO influence, NO credibility and NO moral authority. Standing in the shadows on the basis of “X family member is still in etc” may or may not have had some validity before. Not now. The cult is nothing more than a toothless joke. Except not a funny one. Alexander’s tragedy is one too many. Whatever the true cause of death, the subsequent inhumanity says it all. Karen, I said a prayer as promised last night and my own grief will be turned into further actions locally to expose this evil empire.

  173. Claudio Lugli

    Dearest Karen,
    Renata and I, being mother and father have been deeply shocked by what happened.
    We have no words to describe our sorrow.
    We are near to you with all our heart.

    Renata and Claudio Lugli

  174. Theo Sismanides

    Marty, despite my sorrow and my feelings here at the other side of the planet I want to point out that this blog because of you has kept us all informed of all the atrocities of Miscavige and his Scientology Inc.

    This one though is beyond what anyone could imagine. Not letting the mother view her son’s dead body.

    Marty there are laws in this world and I am sure you are not taking this lightly. We ain’t either. You have been a man of honor and kept your word of signing the SO contract of putting ethics in when you stepped out of Scientology Inc.

    You have taken the game to another level. The corrupted game of DM has met someone who wouldn’t take it. And thanks to you we all started gathering up and giving another fight.

    This is a tremendous responsibility you took and I want to thank you for this from the bottom of my heart.

    We are with you and we should see how we should deal with this. Enough is enough. This is a big big crime right here and it has to stop by investigation of Scientology Inc. and of course DM is gonna play innocent and unaware.

    DM you are a coward covering up your ass behind LRH’s legacy. Go away now otherwise your head is gonna be rolling down the street! I am furious guys.

    I am sorry Karen but I have had enough of this beast.

  175. Karen, this is shocking and devastating. And so wrong because you are one of those women born to be a mother; your kindness, compassion, patience and warmness, not to mention your fierce protectiveness.

    When Alexander was a baby, for some reason, I had to go and get him. Think you and Heber were on some emergency. You were emphatic about his blanket, ‘don’t forget Alexander’s blanket’. I promised that I wouldn’t. You impinged on me the importance of me remembering his blanket. Alexander was duly picked up and dropped off, and then you called me. Did I remember Alexander’s blanket, and then you seemed to relax that although you weren’t there, he would be OK as he had his blanket.

    As far as the 2nd generation thing, you did what you did based on love.

    You have this quality of evoking very strong loyalty amongst your close friends who will do absolutely anything for you, and what it looks like is that circle is closing to protect one of its own.

  176. Karen,

    I am desperately trying to find the words here.

    I never met you or your son but the depth of empathy I have for you both is boundless. All I really want to do is give you the biggest hug imaginable. I should be at work right now but I simply have to send you this before I do anything else.

    I am typing through tears because I so narrowly escaped Alexanders fate and the enormity of this has hit me like a ton of bricks.

    I was born into the Sea Org too. I knew no other life until i left years later. My parents disconnected and remain under the church’s control to this day. More than any other issue I have dealt with since, the lack of love from my mother was the biggest, by many miles.

    And here you are with all the compassion and love a son could possibly want, a mother above all mothers, being dealt a fate no parent should ever have to face. It is immeasurably unfair and cruel.

    I want you to know that there is a person out here who feels an anguish like no other for you and your son. I feel it because I so desperately wanted what you gave your son and yet he paid the ultimate price for not having fully received it.

    Karen I am grateful beyond words for the love you gave your son.

    Alexander lived a better life for that love.

    So thank you… from a son to a mother… thank you.

    All my love,


  177. God, what sad news. It is hard to imagine anything worse. Children are supposed to lose their parents, not the other way around. Karen, Mariette and I are so sorry for your loss and the skies here in Sweden are pouring out their tears today.
    The actions of the corporate church of Scientology in this matter are unconscionable and so hard to wrap my wits around. But it sent a clear message to me that these are the kind of people we are dealing with in Scientology Inc.
    Their ideology has blinded them utterly to their humanity.
    And it flies in the face of something LRH said in a Briefing Course lecture I heard many years ago and will never forget. To paraphrase it, he is talking about those instances when the session is going all wrong and nothing you do is sorting it out. In those cases, LRH said, why don’t you just let your humanity guide you.
    To the good folks at OSA: just this once, why don’t you let your humanity guide you?

  178. Dear KAREN
    IM Sorry For your Loss,My Heart Is bleeding,I Feel your pain.

  179. A stern Amen to Amy and Synthia!!!!!

    Karen, I am lost for words to express my compassion and deep love for you, Dear. My heart goes out to you ……………………please accept my condolences……………

    Thank you for being there and for everything you’ve done and still do to expose and dismantle that criminal structure which dubs itself a religious community for much much too long already.

    May Alexander’s death bring more and another big junk of growing awareness.


  180. Renata Lugli

    I feel devastated by this tragedy and I can’t even imagine the depth and quantity of unsustainable pain that Karen and Heber are feeling.
    I send to them all my love and all my theta with a very pale hope that this could alleviate a bit the suffering of those atrocious moments.

    At the same times a feeling of anger is developing in me for the disregard that Scientology Inc. has toward the family , and tehy see no limits in this.
    Is clear like the sun shining high that the one that killed Alexander is the powerfull SP David Miscavige that used for that purpose all the tentacles of the Scientology Inc, and on this I have no doubt.

    My message to Karen is, anything I can do for you, please do not hesitate to ask, in the meantime know that I am there with you.
    With all my love,

  181. dear karen
    im sorry for your loss,my heart is bleeding,
    i feel your loss,and thoughts are with you.
    stay strong,lots of love Eric.

  182. Karen
    first of let me just say i am sorry for your loss, let me state i am not in Scientology in any way shape or form the first time i herd about it was through dianectics (I’m not sure of correct spelling) but as i was a single mother and money was tight i did not join but overtime i still thought about it then one day whilst researching about it i stumbled across blogs and story’s and then started to form a different opinion, you’r message is getting out people are listening they are reading, watching and will support you especially at this time, story’s like yours and the others make people sit up and take notice don’t give up fight, fight for your basic human right as a mother to see your son one last time you do not realise just how much support you will have in this my condolences on your loss karen

  183. Karen, this is beyond tragic…my deepest condolences.

  184. I am so sorry to hear of this. Carcha.

  185. Karen, I am so very sorry for your loss. My heart goes out to you. ML, Jan


    Mrs. Karen; my very deepest condolences to you and Heber.

  187. It breaks my heart to read this from you Karen My thoughts are with you. !!!
    How can any one be so cruel. Theirs No words of comfort at all
    My deepest condolences. If I was close I hold you and hung you
    to try and comfort you/

  188. This story should go to the media and Karen get all the support she can to obtain the right to view her son. Heber too. Its shocking and words cant describe the matter.SHE IS HIS MOTHER/ They just cannot be allowned to get away with this .

  189. Karen, so very sorry for your loss.
    Hope all the love here from your friends will help you stay strong.


  190. scilonschools

    Geatest respect and sorrow for your loss, Some of the most perfect leaves fall to save a Nation.


  191. Jean-François Genest

    1) My most theta, heartfelt condolences Θ♥ 😦
    Right Now!
    Thanks to Katie Holmes and TC, the “Church” (Cockroach nest) is under the spotlights of the world right now. Televise a good story, with cameras at the house of Andrea, etc. state what you wrote above, and document the circumstances. The story will then go viral on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. +++

  192. Brian Culkin

    “We own your ass and karma is doing an airstrike on your life”

    Best quote of all time IMO

  193. Karen,

    The pain of losing your son is unimaginable to me. I’ve read your earlier accounts, and when I read this news a while ago, it didn’t seem possible. I’d like to offer my heartfelt condolences on this unthinkable tragedy.

    Let this move us all to redouble our efforts to eliminate the Hitler of Scientology from the scene. If DM had anything to do with your son’s death (for instance, by in any way influencing those caring for him not to seek medical attention), then he must be investigated and held accountable. And of course, in any event, the world must know of his cruelty in keeping you, his mother, out of your son’s life and uninformed of what happened.

    Remember how the assasination of an Austrian archduke contributed to the fomenting of WWI? Let Alexander be the Independants’ archduke, who inspires us to guarantee the end of Miscavage’s reign.

  194. Jean-François Genest

    BBC’s John Sweeney ←
    Please come to Los Angeles, this is a good story for the world to see.

  195. I’ve been trying to think of what to say since I saw this yesterday. I can’t think of a thing that’s adequate. My heart goes out to you and Heber.

  196. Karen and Heber, my heart aches for your loss! There is nothing worse a parent can go through and yet DM has made it worse than the worst! Having gotten to work with both of you in better days you are often on my mind. Know that you are both held closely in my thoughts and prayers at this time!
    This has got to stop!!

  197. Phil Bruemmer

    I was saddened to learn of your loss, and I am sickened at the cruelty perpetrated by David Miscavige.

  198. Phil Bruemmer

    This is for any OSA staff who might be reading the comments here today:
    How can you live with yourself?
    You are never, ever going to achieve any spiritual freedom as long as you are committing suppressive acts.
    You are working for a suppressive person.
    At best you are PTS. At best.
    You have blood on your hands – up to your arm pits.
    Get out now, while you can, if you can.

  199. Sapere Aude

    Karen – No intent to agitate your loss, but, the fact that the in-laws are stating that OSA is in the middle of the process is so in the face of the statements from the church’s attorney, Gary (Lurch) Soter that the church does not involve itself in private matters.

    I personally believe the in-laws have more responsibility in this matter. Nobody passes on from just having a high fever. There is negligence in not seeking emergency medical aid. Andrea also has her share of the responsibility. In addition, she isn’t directing the care of Alexander’s body and won’t allow you to take care of it.

    This just shows how intrenched and in control OSA/DM is over the daily lives of the “parishioners”. No caring, no empathy, no attempt to help in any way. Her family is acting as one would expect of cold hard steel – the expected attitude of a soul-less zombie. And somehow these people expect the world to view them as “enlightened” or brought along any pathway to a more sane and better world. The product of the current DM run RCS is clear for the world to see – evil personified.

  200. Jerry and Kat

    Dear Karen
    Alex was like an adopted son in our hearts from the moment we first met him at age 14. We are shocked by this tragic news and share in your’s and Heber’s pain of loss. He would recite Shakespeare verbatim and pull all nighters to get a product. He had the very best of you and Herber and more. Alex was a “one of a kind individual” who gave 110% in every thing he did. Our hearts are very heavy right now. We hope you pull the string fully on this so the truth is revealed. Clearly his wife’s family is exhibiting M/W/H phenomena. Be strong Karen. You and Herber and Alex have many friends who are willing to help.

  201. …….sorry for my silly typo……… prayer ought be repeated without that bêtise:

    May Alexander’s death bring another big chunk of growing awareness for all!

  202. Gerlinde Mantey

    Karen and Heber, I don’t know what to say to express how I feel with you! I’m so sorry for you loss, my deepest condolence!
    Like Ziba says: Enough is enough!
    I’ve posted this “news” for my remaining 250 friends who are still in CofS.

  203. Yes Ingrid, Dante’s deepest and darkest circle of hell.

  204. I hope the media get light of this /who’s got that link to tabloid paper.

  205. Bluebonnet

    Agreed. This is so sad and awful.

  206. Mike,
    You’re a true-blue friend — no better could be said of anyone. You have my respect and appreciation for everything you do to help.

  207. Kevin Tighe

    Over the past 20 years my Sea Org daughter has rarely been with her Sea Org Mom and my daughter is now disconnected from me for 18 months. So the situations Karen had to deal with is very real to me. I have given my condolences to Karen but I want to DO something. I plead with each and everyone of you, as a way to honor Alexander, to send a link of this story (or Tony O’s) and the the other breaking stories of this week to our friends still in. It’s easy to do on Facebook. Simply find an on lines Scientologist, such as one of the bigger FSMs, scroll through their list of friends if available, find people you know and send them a private message with the link. Very easy to do but make sure you send the FULL link to the specific story as that way the headline will appear in the message. As an example the links will look like this: or this: I recommend only sending to those you personally know. IMHO this is all about getting the word out. There is so much info out there now that the job is all about spreading the word. I have done so with this tragic story, the Israel Mission story and Mark Shreffler’s email announcement. These links are getting through to Org EDs and top Corporate Scn OLs. If we all do this I believe the effect could be pretty big. The other night I was at a Ringo concert. It was his birthday week and an audience member yelled out, “Happy Birthday”. Ringo yelled back, “That’s too easy. Where’s my present?”. Send Karen a present. Get the word out.

  208. Kevin Tighe

    Kathy True: I am holding you personally responsible for the health and safety of my daughter. God help you if anything happens to her. You won’t only have me to deal with but dozens of relatives from both sides of the family who are being kept briefed on every single aspect of these stories as they unfold.

  209. Rita Wagner

    Dear Karen and Heber, my deepest condolence. I don’t know what to say. I have only tears.

  210. Dear Karen,
    I am struggling for words to tell you how much I feel sorry for your loss. And I am outraged about the cruelties perpetrated towards you and your family.

  211. Karen,

    I am saddened by your loss.
    The cruel actions of the in-laws is totally inexcusable.

    My heart and love goes out to you.


  212. I am not, nor have ever been, involved in Scientology. But I have followed the happenings as I am just a human being who doesn’t want to see fellow human beings suffering or being denied freedoms. I have never commented here but this was just too much for me, as a mother, as a woman, as a human being. I’m so very proud of all the brave souls here, I’m at a loss for words to express it. My heart goes out to Ms. De La Carriere, the depth of pain she is going through right now is incomprehensible to me. I hope you all will keep up your fight. I am spreading the word in any small way that I can, I know its not much, but I just can’t sit idle. Please know that people are with you, people who have never been involved with this want to help and care very much about what you are all going through. If there is any way myself or anyone else reading this can help, do let us know because not everyone instantly judges when the word Scientology is mentioned. There are people in the world who care for no other reason than we have compassion. My heart is with you all and I will continue to keep you & Ms. De La Carriere in my thoughts.

    Carry on with your fight, there are more people behind you than you know.

  213. Dear Karen,

    I strongly suggest you, immediately, phone your Los Angeles County Supervisor, Los Angeles City Council Member, the Mayor of the City of Los Angeles, the City Attorney of Los Angeles, and even, if appropriate, the Prosecutor, to seek an inquiry into how, a healthy 27 year old man could die so unexpectedly.

    This is highly unusual.

  214. Marty, do you know if Karen has the funds for an attorney? If not, I think we should start one here.

    Karen, I am so sorry to hear of your son’s death. This is one of the most suppressive acts I’ve heard of.

    Where was the medical help? In this day and age, people just don’t die from a high temp!

    I wholdheartedly agree with many above, this needs to go viral, An autopsy would answer why he died. And an unjunction would stop DM or his wife from doing anything else stupid. This suppression much be stopped!

    Words are not enough to fill your void. I am just so sorry for you, Heber and especially Alexander.

    You have all our postulates, love and support, Midge

  215. My sincere condolences to Karen and Heber .

  216. You Know Who

    It may be appropriate to seek the intervention of the United States Attorney and the United States Department of Justice. I have heard reports that ‘corporate Scientology’, has infiltrated the rank and file and upper echelon of the Los Angeles Police Department, and that certain highly ranking Police Officers are more dedicated to protecting David Miscavige’s Rein of Terror than in upholding the law of the land. These reports coincide with the fact that the Los Angeles Police Department has one of the worst reputations of a large municipal police department for protecting and observing common human rights.

    If, as seems to be the case, the RTC, or Miscavige, had anything even remotely to do with this, it takes the matter from being one of local concern, to one of Federal concern.

    And, if, when notified of this travesty and the matters which need investigation, the United States Department of Justice refuses to put together a blue ribbon commission to openly investigate and determine whether there has been any criminal wrongdoing, it will be easy to infer that the United States Department of Justice, and the current Administration in Washington, D.C. are actively supporting ‘corporate Scientology’ and enabling its suppression of civil and constitutional rights.

  217. You are so right, Joe. This cannot be allowed to be dropped.

    In the midst of a loss of this magnitude, it can be difficult if not impossible for family and loved ones to step back and figure out all the right steps that need to be taken. Confusion often reigns. So I would like to point out again what someone said earlier:

    NO ONE dies of a “high fever”.

    Something is VERY wrong here. A coverup of magnitude is likely taking place as we write.

    Please, whoever is close to this situation, do whatever is necessary to keep whatever evidence there is from being destroyed, if at all possible.

    Otherwise, the truth may never be known.

  218. This is excellent advice. I will also email John & Ken – you can do that via – these guys have a huge audience throughout California.

    As Cindy says, there needs to be an autopsy. DM will probably do everything he can to prevent that. He can’t be allowed to get away with it, especially if there are effective legal tools to prevent such.

    It is certainly possible, if not probable, that sufficient forensic evidence exists here to uncover the silver stake that will once and for all put an end to this vampire, this merchant of chaos and death, David Miscavige.

    That sounds like hyperbole & could turn out to be just that. But – this is sounding more & more like McPherson 2. Different facts maybe, but clearly it was DM whose specific decisions – forcing the disconnection of the members of this family – created the conditions that resulted in Alexander’s death.

  219. Agree 1000%!

  220. A few weeks ago, I watch on Netflix a BBC documentary series about Auschwitz. This is the most detailed, and I believe accurate account I ever saw. As I watched it, I could not avoid drawing comparison between the Nazis and the drones of OSA. The total lack of human decency, the constant state of anger. The overriding attention to PR above everything else. The bad spirits and bad relationships among the staff. This was chilling.

  221. Mareka James

  222. Thomas More

    Dear Karen,

    May you be surrounded by love and support through this tragedy and unspeakable betrayal. My most heartfelt condolences to you and Heber. We all share your grief and your outrage.

  223. Mareka James

    Gosh, Mark. I’ve cried so many tears for you and your sister over the last week, before that it was Annie and now dear Alexander.

    How many more secret dead bodies are the Church of Scientology hiding???

    Yes, that’s right…SECRET DEAD BODIES!!! That’s what they are.

    Anybody that has a relative inside Corporate Scientology whether is be as a public, on staff or in the SO I suggest you call their Org and get them on the phone ASAP to ensure they are still alive!! We cannot rely on non-Scientology relatives to tell us of any recent deaths or serious illnesses in our families as they are being kept in the dark as much as we are.

    I have an Aunt in the SO at ASHO and I’m calling right now! When I’m done with that I’m calling the mission holder that my other Aunt works for to make sure she’s still alive too!!

    Maybe the Church of Scientology – David Miscavige and his OSA network will think twice about hiding their SECRET DEAD BODIES if everyone that has a relative still inside the small and dwindling C of S calls that Org. I suggest that if one cannot get one’s relative on the phone to ascertain whether they are still alive then one has no other option but to call the police and get them to verify whether their relative is alive or yet another SECRET DEAD BODY that the Church of Scientology is hiding!!

    P.S We are well within our rights even as Declared (or for the most part secretly undeclared) SPs to call our relative’s Orgs to check on their health especially with this recent bout of SECRET DEAD BODIES inside the Church of Scientology!

  224. Mark,
    I am so sorry for you too that you had to experience this kind of havoc personally.
    It brings up the point why we had to write down the names and addresses of all of our family members and friends when joining the S.O.
    As I am sure you have guessed by now it is NOT to contact family members in case of emergency but to be able to control the comm lines to put it mildly.

  225. dear karen,…..we are so sorry for what had happened with your son,…and we will do all we can ,….that the person involved are paying for this

    Artista and Emma……Italian movement of Indipendents Scientologist

  226. Precious Karen. There are no words. My heart is broken. Alexander was like a son to me as you know. We shared many wonderful times together, laughing, hanging out. He was a complete joy. No one could spin a yarn like he could. Such a sense of humor, so animated so full of LIFE. I can’t wrap my wits around his passing. He was one of the most important persons in my life. I can’t imagine your pain. I am so very very sorry. Please let me know if there is something I can do for you. Anything..just ask. This all has just got to STOP.

  227. Kevin Tighe, regarding a vigil at an appropriate time look at my gravatar for contact. Thanks.

  228. Cremating him is the wrong move, at least before they figure out what happened to him.

  229. A 27 year old man, who Karen said was healthy and athletic gets a fever and dies.

    I can’t help but feel that there’s more to the story than just that.

    The church of scientology is good at downplaying the death of scientologists while not revealing all the facts.

  230. If you don’t trust the police, contact the California’s State Attorney’s office and ask for help in declaring this a suspicious death so you can get an autopsy. Also, contact CA Congressional reps, City Mayor, etc. THEN, go to the local media outlets (and/or national) with your story, and let them know you’ve made those contacts…because then the media will follow up with those offices for comment, and that should get their attention. Obviously in your grief that may not be possible, and a lawyer can help you with it.

    Scientology is a hot button right now and that’ll help greatly. But you still have to compete for time, attention & resources…and the politics surrounding this. People are overworked and that’s why the adage “the squeaky wheel gets the grease” applies. Noise will have to be made so that authorities see it in their best interest to look into this suspicious death. The media poking around usually helps light a fire beneath them.

    No one dies of a high fever at 27. Unless they let it get above 105 degrees and the body begins to shut down. His caretakers can’t plead ignorance of high fevers either…not with a little thing called “the internet”.

    However, if they claim he didn’t want medical care, you will (most likely) hit a brick wall. Adult Christian Scientists are allowed to decline care and it would most likely fall in that same venue, and that would be the end of it. I fervently hope I’m wrong, and you get some justice.

  231. I sent our condolences to Karen. My God this is bad news.

  232. You just don’t die in a private home at age 27, unless it is a respite situation. This reeks of improper, or no medical care.
    I’m with you, you know who. I just can’t let this stand, because there is no reason in it.
    And Karens heart is broken, how can we step in? Any way possible. Please.

  233. I am so sorry to hear this, Karen…hugs to you…

  234. The Oracle

    That is right Scott! It is highly unusual for a disgruntled MOTHER IN LAW who knows her daughter no longer has any interest in her former mate to invite the mate into her home, notice he is dangerously ill, and close him up in a room to die. And THEN to go psycho about hiding the body! Turning over full authority with the body to the Church of Scientology.

    Yeah, this is ALL HIGHLY UNUSUAL! Unless you want to count Lisa Mcphearson’s history into the stat!

  235. Kevin Tighe

    I will donate.

  236. Oh Karen, – oh my…. .. … There is too much troubling about this circunstance to comment, – the numerous outnesses that flash up, ……… if I got started, it would go on and on, ……… I am so sorry this has happened to you. Thinking of You with Sympathy.

  237. This is despicable beyond words, and my sympathy goes out to Karen. I can’t help thinking though, that this time they may have messed with the wrong Mama Grizzly.

  238. Omg!!! 27 years and and he had a HIGH FEVER!? Are you kidding me!? Who dies from a high fever? Those with no medical care!! Scientology’s anti-drug stance most-likely hindered him from getting proper medical care and it’s sick and sad. And, for the coroner to block a family member from her own son. It’s dispicable! Is the coroner a scientologist too?! Sounds like a cover up to me! I wonder how many other LA area sea org members deaths have been covered up!? I’m fascinated by this Scientology cult. I cannot believe the IRS calls it a religion! I truly hope all the negative publicity Scientology is getting these days encourages the government to take a look at this freeloading group and sheds light on the horrible abuse that goes on inside to those who, in a week moment, get sucked into it. Scary.

  239. Karen, Vicki and I are stunned by this atrocity.

    We will help whenever, and in whatever way, we can.

    Please take at least some comfort in the love and admiration so many of us have for you.

    Vic & Vicki Krohn

  240. Kevin Tighe

    For Karen:

    Moderator: If you’d prefer I can send you images instead of using the link.

  241. Anon, but on your side

    Karen, I am so sorry about your child, my heart breaks over what you are enduring. You have rights, you must see an attorney ASAP.

    There have been more human trafficking incidents reported on this blog than I have seen reported in the American press for the past 20 years (outside of reporting on incidents in countries like Syria or Iran, etc.). Any incident needs to be reported to law enforcement, please check out If the CoS receives any federal funding at all, it is subject to a zero tolerance law regarding human trafficking. There is no religious exemption for “slavery.” Ex-Scientologists with family still in the CoS must report if you have information about individuals who want to leave and are being prevented from leaving. Contrary to what DM thinks, this is not 1950 or even 1990, the Internet is an amazing window, and there are people who will listen and help. As you have already shown, the strength of your numbers has caused the world to take notice. The strength of your numbers reporting actual incidents of human trafficking to law enforcement will force serious investigations and prosecutions.

  242. Sent to Tony Ortega of the Village Voice.
    Press Release:

    We have read with great concern of the death of Alexander Jentzsch. According to the Report Alex died of a high fever and possible influenza or pneumonia and so we have a number of questions regarding this untimely death.

    1. Why was he not given medical assistance and or removed to a hospital for treatment prior to his death?
    2. What happened to the duty of care here?
    3. Why is his mother not given access to the body, at least for proper formal identification, but also as a bereaved mother is entitled to view the body?
    4. How come the church can commit libel and/or slander by calling a person suppressive?
    5. Why have the authorities not investigated why an individual can be restricted in his movements while sick and not be given medial aid? Surely this could possibly come under the definition of manslaughter or at least neglect as the individual was under the care of the Sea Organisation which, it appears, neglected to uphold their duty of care.


    Click to access neglect_of_older_persons.authcheckdam.pdf
    And possibly:

    I call upon the authorities to take responsibility to investigate this death as suspicious and investigate the lack of duty of care displayed by the existing regime under the current Chairman of the Board David Miscavige.

    Michael Moore
    Association of Professional Independent Scientologists

  243. Spouse do have right about disposition of bodies of their spouse, under law. But coroner has duty, under other law, to investigate in case of suspicious death. The key here is actually to get enough behind the reality that this 27-year old’s death was suspicious. That is in the legal and government arena.

    However, there is the public arena – what does the common person agree is moral and right thing to do as a human person – I say, bring on the TRIAL BY MEDIA right now. What are the issues:

    1. This mother, who tried to act as a whistleblower on church abuses that she felt she had witnessed and should be corrected, was made persona-non-grata by her church, who, it can be seen by result alone, has had no communication from her family “inside” since. And that is putting it mildly. At best, the church shows by its INACTION, that it is willing to stand by and have this human tragedy perpetrated upon another individual, who they have degraded by their label to be less than deserving of simple human kindness.

    Undue influence need not be proved. The end result speaks loudly.

    2. The multitude of others who, whether the church officials actively perpetrated this action against them or not, these church officials certainly did nothing to try to bring its members under the commonly expected mores of human compassion and respect. And the active inside church members bear witness to the fact that disconnection, whether an official policy or not, is common practice, and not discouraged in any way by official church actions. Again, undue influence need not be proved, The end results speak loudly to the actual practice.

    How many “former church members” have been “allowed” to continue to have human connection to their families, to be informed when their family member was ill or in danger of death, or has died? What are the numbers? From seeing the blogs, it seems that the numbers are at least in the hundreds of people who are suffering under the stress, strain and “punishment” that most humanity would find egriegious and unconsionable as in this case of Karen losing her son, Alexander, and not even having any person in the church have the common courtesy to care that she was informed, and even treating her in this vile manner with no person in the church standing up for common human decency at all, during the time of life of a person suffereing a terrible terrible loss of their child.

    If the church wishes general public to look highly upon it, then ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS. Let the light of the world, media and humanity’s caring examine this matter, and let individual church members look themselves in the eye and decide what values they truly believe in, and act upon those values. Such a terrible situation as this case shows, and the multitude of similar cases also show, that change is needed to uphold commonly believed-in values of human compassion and caring, and the righting of any tragedies caused by the lack of such human care and compassion. Churches are held to a higher standard, not only in the courts of law of the land, but in the courts of public opinion.

  244. Dear Karen,

    It’s too cruel and heartbreaking to bear. I was disconnected from my daughter for awhile, so I know the pain. Remember, so many people love you, beautiful lady. Find strength in caring friends. We all are with you.

  245. I sent a facebook message offering condolences, but given your specialty, I thought I’d offer one more thing that may help. Thomas Kinkade’s work (and I know you specialize in his work) really helped me when I was suddenly widowed, especially his 1995 piece, Morning Glory Cottage. Whenever I look at it, I’ll think of you. ❤ (that's a heart)

  246. In honor of Alexander, Karen, Heber and all beings who suffer under the fear of tyranny:

    I, Christine Baranay (maiden name), McDonald (CCLA SO), Gualtieri (CCLA
    Flag CW SO), Williams (public), Baranay (current), are my this LT names … but my favorite has been Windhorse because it is this name that has enabled me to reconnect or meet all of you.

    More later but for now know that my prayers are for the Jentzsch family, my hopes are with the Isreali Mission who have shown stellar courage and example and my deep thanks to Marty, Mosey, Mike and Christie who never fail to amaze and delight me.

    With a deep bow.

    (Posted for Christine)

  247. My heart goes out to Karen, this is why.

  248. My condolences ….. so sad. It is absolutely crazy that this can happen in the world’s richest country. The US is a well regulated country so why are there not regulations and restrictions on what a so-called religion can do.

  249. Li'll bit of stuff

    Thank you Christine,( via Mosey.) Though not necessarily expressed as such, this is indeed, a most unified outpouring of compassion for the shocking, tragic circumstances which have
    engulfed the entire Jentzsch family, since the
    ruthless seizure of Heber , and subsequent mind-control, ponzi operation of the totally insane dictator, David Miscavige!

    We mourn with Karen, in this mindless tragedy!
    Calvin & Dorothy, South Africa.

  250. My sincerest condolences….
    Karen, All my love.

  251. Dear Karen,

    My love and most heartfelt condolences goes to you and Heber.

    There are not words to describe this cruel and barbaric behaviour by this people.
    Even arch-enemies in wartime have sometimes more respect for the traditions of their enemies.

    Can you imagine the son of the President of the “Church” of Scientology is dead and they try to cover up?

    Love and admiration for your magnitude,

  252. Assuming the questions asked by Micheal Moore President of the Association of Indepedence sent to Tony at Village is very good
    and I hope will be followed up. Many Anxious followers are watching.

  253. Just read over on the VV that there will be no memorial service for Alexander. It’s pretty evident they don’t want Heber to know. So how do you fight that? Hmm.

    Karen, here’s a wild idea for you. Why not hire a plane that flies a banner behind it? The banner could say Rest In Peace Alexander Jentzsch. Have it fly over the Int base, Big Blue and Flag at different times of the day repeatedly. They’d never know when it was coming. There’s a chance someone would see and tell Heber. Might be just what he needs to bolt.

  254. Thanks for link re karen Vs Heber /Alexander death/ I certaintly hope justice will get served, and Karen has got legal advice to address this and have it investigation certaintly to seek justice to view her son.
    The whole story just does not add ” A Fever and dies ” something taste real bad in this story. its some how Hidden and some what sounds intentionally .
    I ask how can her own son ‘s wife allow that deniel with such evil answers saying ” she is suppressive ” she is not to see her son ” ,Thats supprssive in itself and does not sound like a real mum in their own understanding of mum and son/ or any child love / bond effection. and there when and if needed./ Sounds like DM instructions.
    I’d like to see how Dm would react if he was in that situation with a child, and his wife tell him he cant see his child / as he left and is supressive . You would fight and kick and screem wouldn’t you, and ever mother / father has that right
    Your an animal.And you have no respect to Humans and you should be locked up .( Your not living in reality and your a walking insanity time bomb and dangerous ) and for any one that thinks they are getting scientology under your watch is wrong that answer is NO/ My advice Leave.

  255. Thats hard to discuss or should it be discussed at this difficult time.

  256. “Grieving Mother Rips Scientology; Understands Why Katie Holmes Wants Out”
    Saturday, July 7, 2012, 7:00 AM

  257. Sam – excellent choice of music for a difficult time.
    Enya is one of my favorites…

  258. You can post something on his wall – all of his FB friends will get messages as a result…

  259. How about Karen getting a police escort to go with her to Hemet to ask to speak with Heber, and just don’t take no for an answer…

  260. Karen,
    Our thoughts are with you at this difficult time.

  261. this could work….they have no authority over air space!

  262. Still quite numb about this…sending love, courage, strength and conviction. This is so wrong on many levels and the world needs to hear what is done in the name of the church. Sending out the word…keep fighting…we’ll fight with you.

  263. Theo Sismanides

    You Know Who thanks for letting us about possible corruption of the Los Angeles Police Department by Scn Inc. I always look for such data as I have a very strong feeling that the corruption is not just within the police. To me Scientology Inc. is promoted and endorsed to be the next big religion of the world. So I spoke about it again and I will be in every chance no matter what. What happens here is a fight between those One Worlders who consciously and covertly try to alter Scientology and offer it as Scientology Inc. to the world so there can be a new religion on this planet and those forces who aware or unaware of this scenario are on the side of Theta, LRH, Standard Tech and the true Scientology as LRH left it for Mankind. LRH mentions the One Worlders and he had high confront of evil.

  264. Theo Sismanides

    + 1

  265. Karen and Heber,
    I am so sorry that this has happened. Please accept my condolences over this tragic loss of your son Alexander. My thoughts are with both of you.

  266. Oh this story is so sad. Sorry for your loss Karen. It must be strange to receive condolences from strangers, yet not from the church members themselves. I have taken ZERO scientology courses, yet all I want to do is reach out and hug you.

  267. Sunshine Disinfects

    Moderator, this Tony Ortega link referenced above no longer links to to the Alexander Jentzsch story.

  268. martyrathbun09

    Thanks, fixed.

  269. Theo Sismanides

    This is major and leaves me in apathy. Are we doing anything? I bet we can all donate money for an attorney to be hired and help Karen with this. I am so disgusted to this. Miscavige will not go by this one and the body should not be cremated before an autopsy gets done.

  270. Theo Sismanides

    Enough is enough, I am going to ask every friend of mine to donate 10 euro each for the cause and any similar causes. I AM NOT staying DOWN to APATHY on this.

  271. Bill Straass

    Dear Karen,
    Unfortunately I am not surprised. I, as you know are very lucky to have made it out of the SO alive after getting AIDS on the ship and later being denied proper care. My wife was being held on the ship and it took a legal threat (not from Me) to get her off of the ship. She told me after she got off that she would not have been allowed to go to my funeral but would have been kept on the ship. I think that the only way to get the Church’s ethics in is to use legal action sufficent to get the police or FBI to raid the place. Then the skeletons will be dug up. I sincerely hope that Heber’s is not one of them.

  272. Bill Straass

    Maybw a thousand Indies with “Free Heber” signs marching around the Int Base will get the message across. I will be more than happy to do it.

  273. Bill Straass

    The Church had the “Religious Freedom Crusade to get attention to their “cause”. We could easily do the same thing for a much more worthy purpose. If “image” is that important to them that they have to cover up their crimes, then we should bring on the sunlight where everyone can see it.

  274. Bill Straass

    I am getting so that I want to get in my car right now and go down there and get Heber out. Of course, they will have me thrown in jail since they got Riverside County to pass an ordanance prohibiting persons with HIV from protesting outside the Int Base. I would still be happy to do it

  275. Bill Straass

    In 1979 at Flag the Clearwater Sun newspaper had the front page headline “CULT LEADERS DON NAZI GARB” after the GO went down to the paper in full NAZI SS regalia. Obviously, they never took it off.

  276. Bill Straass

    In fact it was Heber himself that came to Flag and briefed us on the Portland thing and got the Crusade going there. He is probably sitting down in the HOLE hoping that we come and get him out.

  277. Bill Straass

    When I was trying to get my wife off of the ship I did not know if I was ever going to see her again in this life. It was a fight to the death, my death. I won by the slightest of margins. I thought of going back to the ship with a sign and a picture of my wife saying free the slaves (or some such, my wife is black) I was all but dead then and in no shape to go anywhere. I still wish I had done it. Even if I had died on the dock it would have been better than hoping for the best and trusting the humanity of the “Church”. They were “trusting” to the fact that I would be dead before I caused any trouble for them. They were 99% right. I am in good shape physically now and raring for a showdown, with your permission of course.

  278. This is my first time leaving an official comment but I just couldn’t stay quiet after seeing this news. Karen, I can’t even begin to express the level of sincere and heartfelt condolences I feel for your loss, as well as seething anger for what has been done both to you as his mother, and by the organization I once so thoroughly devoted my life to supporting and expanding. I did personally know Alex and I can say that he was one of THE most theta beings I knew (such as I felt about Heber as well). The few times I was around Alex, he was one of those people that had such a theta presence, I literally could feel myself magically disenturbulate with just his bright smile and laugh. My son, who is in the SO now, (thus my decision as of right now to remain on the DL) is a few years younger than him, and told me a number of times how much he admired Alex and just felt he was such a cool guy. I admit to not knowing what may have become of him thanks to his influence with Scientology Inc but this is how he will be remembered by me, as I believe that to be the real him. Incredibly theta. My heart really goes out to you and it actually skipped a beat when I saw this post’s headline and teared up when I read the news. I think the PL about Courage happens to be one of my all time favs written. Although I haven’t had the pleasure to ever personally meet you, I have admired you from afar via your writings and can feel your intense strength and courage. I hope you take your time to grieve and then RAISE HELL! And again, you’re inspiring me to muster my own courage to do the same. ML to you.

  279. I have written to Karen, but I must say that I will send this information to many papers and radio stations, and if everyone does the same, this will create interest and this will help Karen in her quest for the truth.

  280. David Miscavige is guilty of Neglective homicide.

    Cornelius Anthonius Martens

  281. Karen, I cannot imagine your grief. I am so sad for you.
    I do hope you can get his wife out after this… I do not know how these COS people can sleep at night. People are not commodities. Though the church teaches them that they are.

  282. It begs the question, what kind of people think denying a mother her last chance to visit her child’s body is okay? When can you stand no more of this, nothing religious about the CO$ and now they can’t fool people. The more these stories come out more people will finally say “No more” I can’t participate in this and still feel clean and good about themselves. I feel for Karen, her heart broken. I hope LA County will do what a church will not. Where is HEBER? Everyone should be yelling that question out every time the CO$ issues a statement. WHERE IS HEBER?

  283. Bill, thank you for telling us your story. I know it is the brief version. I hope we get our showdown.

  284. I am so sorry to hear of this loss for Heber and Karen. I never knew Karen but know that Heber loved and was very proud of Alexander. Such a tragedy. I can’t believe that the Coroner would not even let Karen see her son’s body. And I am with titanium60 on Heber’s whereabouts.

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