David Miscavige Blows Off Katie Holmes

David Miscavige has no doubt by now convinced Tom Cruise that yours truly ought to be the target of his ire for Katie Holmes’ splendidly executed split and consequent historic media coverage.  After all, he’s already got Cruise’s attorney, the august Bert Fields, alerting the media far and wide claiming to be victim of me.

And just as certainly, as per usual, the real target is David Miscavige himself.

I have learned from very credible sources that David Miscavige quite in addition to infiltrating the household of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise and interjecting his insanity directly into Katie’s life through his undue and unnatural influence over Tom,  Miscavige also directly and intentionally saw to it that Katie received squirrel, reverse Scientology as explicitly covered in my book What Is Wrong With Scientology?   

Katie’s introduction to Scientology was the Golden Age of Tech II (GAT II) pilot project run directly by Miscavige’s organization (Religious Technology Center – RTC) at the Celebrity Center in Los Angeles.  Katie was put at the top of the project’s line up as one of its first unwitting guinea pigs.  GAT II’s mission with respect to Tom Cruise’s wife?   Put her through Miscavige’s latest brand of Quickie Grades (for a complete explanation of what that entails, see chapter  6 Grades of my book What Is Wrong With Scientology?)   

Miscavige’s only two tech trained staff (Anne Joasem – once Rathbun – and Elsie Tucker) personally oversaw every session of it and answered and reported directly to Miscavige, every step of the way.  Anne and Elsie cherry picked the processes to run from the huge body of tech for each grade, and Miscavige approved every individual one to be run on Katie.

So, there too is your Golden Age of Tech II news.  Apparently, based on his spectacular results with Katie, Miscavige announced recently he was going to unleash his suppression on the planet at large.

In a way, Miscavige did Katie a big favor. Had she been delivered standard grades she might have been more able to withstand the entheta Miscavige brought into her marriage and household.  She might also have attributed her wins to the Miscavige administration.  The net result would have been that she hang around longer and be effectively spiritually fattened up for a gruesome kill.

This is the conundrum of corporate Scientology and the reason why the ‘church’ of Scientology is dead.   You are damned if you and you are damned if you don’t in Scientology Inc.

The bottom line is four-fold:

a)  David Miscavige is a squirrel (someone who alters Scientology to the detriment of the people to whom it is applied).

b) Religious Technology Center (RTC) is a squirrel group.

c) Religious Technology Center is a suppressive  (sociopathic) group.

d) David Miscavige is a suppressive person.

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  1. The following questions are from someone who follows the subject with great interest but who’s never been “in.”

    1) I am intrigued by the notion of “black” Scientology or “reverse” Scientology. How would someone receiving services determine whether what they’re being given is the real deal or “black”? Is it simply that anything not specifically according to LRH policies is black, by definition? Or is there some specific characteristics of what Miscavige is doing that turn it from “white” to “black” by virtue of a specific set of actions or specific types of changes to Hubbard’s versions of processes and practices? Are these alterations something that people can look at and spot before they experience it, so they can bail out in time?

    2) An alternative explanation for the screw-ups in the corporate Scientology world is just simple incompetence. Could incompetence and “arbitraries” to be able to show Katie Holmes having great success explain what happened adequately well? I recall the story of someone who was auditing Cruise (not you), who didn’t get a F/N at the end of a session, and Miscavige stepped in, busted the auditor and personally ordered an F/N be recorded for Cruise. Is that sort of behavior, which is certainly a problem as it calls into question the integrity of the “product” enough to explain what happened? In other words, it seems like a system of “reverse” practices would take an immense amount of effort to build. Miscavige’s short attention span seems inconsistent with the patients to do something like that. That’s why I’m trying to assess whether alternative explanations make sense.

  2. I had just eaten dinner before reading this. I feel like heaving now. So depraved and disgusting. Thanks, Marty, for bringing this to light.

  3. Indeed the ultimate conclusion that any Auditor within the Church must eventually come to is that you are “damned if you do, and damned if you don’t” as long as you are still subject to the vagaries of this suppressive group. That realization I can only hope will be the first step to salvation for those that are still trapped within.

  4. Marty, this is a perfect evaluation, with quite a lot of the data and trail written in the book. Your whys and whos are correct, in my estimation.

    I can also attest that having had regular “6 weeks checks” sec checks run FPRD style by mostly Ann Joasem is considered Golden Age by David Miscavige while working for him, which does not produce case gain nor move one higher in state. One thing it produces is charge from it’s constant invalidation and evaluation from being out of session while holding the cans, which is Miscavige black “usual actions”.

    Thus DM’s actual product is Independent people, if one survives his onslaught, didn’t get sick and die, as Katie did.

  5. a through d ….. never were truer words spoken on the subject.

  6. Miscaviage, you continue to contaminate your own bed and you will one night suffocate in your own waste.

  7. “GAT II”?? Please. What’s that, the Godawful Age of Tinypersontech?

    But then, why not? “GAT I” lead to unprecedented buildings, didn’t it? It worked so damn well, why not do it again, even more expensively this time, and not train even MORE legions of auditors not to audit?

    Can’t wait to hear the “Why” he found that led to this great new development, whatever it is. Probably “Marty is a squirrel! Marty is a squirrrrrelllllll! Aughhhhh!” [Expletives deleted. Many.]

    Or maybe, “The tall have been leading the tall?” Naaaah. Too Napoleonic.

  8. Katie’s “wins” with GAT II:
    184,000 results in Google search:
    “Katie Holmes” enrolls Suri “catholic school”

  9. Indie-saurus-rex

    I almost wish I wasn’t on the outs with the Church. This MV/GAT II Event promises to be so ridiculously historic in it’s squirrelling of the Tech, that I kind of feel like being a witness to the massacre.

  10. The whole concept of GAT II is absurd.
    If the original GAT had been a valid exercise, then GAT II would never have been necessary in a million years. The existance of the latter, invalidates the invalidates both former and latter.
    I was training lines at Flag when GAT was implemented and it was an absolute farce. I was relatively new to Scientology at the time, but in short order i could see that something was really wrong, as instead of GAT causing an improved Tech seen and auditors and course sups being graduated in record numbers with the best quality, the opposite happened.
    I’m sure that GAT II will be even more “effective.” The silver lining is that many die-hards who have hung on through all the nonesense, will most finally see the light and make their way to the indie field. Sadley, others will hang on too long and be greatly harmed.
    The truth is, the sole purpose for GAT II, is an excuse for DM to make everyone re-do, and re-pay for, their Bridge and Materials yet again. With the downturn in the economy and the mass exodus of church members, this is a sign of great desperation.

  11. martyrathbun09

    The answers are fairly explicitly set forth in What Is Wrong With Scientology?

  12. I had my grades delivered pre-GAT. They were wonderful. Those along with some LX lists and such that I had pre GAT were the best things I have ever experienced in a spiritual sense. They forever cemented LRH in my mind as the one who truly mapped it out.

    When I read about who was behind the application of Katie’s auditing, I just shuddered. It’s just another expected product from DM and another end result from the application of that product. This time, his best friend got the brunt of this SNAFU. What better proof that DM is a suppressive. Not even his friends are immune from his ravages.

  13. Yes, yes, yes and yes! That IS the bottom line, Marty. Keep on reporting these C of S outpoints and TR-3ing this data about Miscavige and his cronies and you will keep getting scientologists that look, wake up and escape!

  14. You said that damn straight and right on point.

  15. Tom Cruise, WAKE UP!

  16. Robert Earle

    I can see it now. GAT II.Following in the footsteps of Public intro with loads of videos and no people. “Live auditors introduce errors, therefore all auditing will now come from computer generated commands etc.. “The “auditor”(computer) says “you said you had and ARC break, if this is correct please queeze the cans once. if this is incorrect please squeeze the cans twice.” etc

  17. Captain Bob

    An auditor is defined as somebody “who listens”

    An F/N is supposed to indicate that the question is null or clear of charge or upset, whether small charge or upset or big charge or upset.

    This is interesting, and no doubt from the year 1859.

    http://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Dinah_Craik, consider Dinah Craik from “A Life for A Life, (1859)-

    “Oh, the comfort — the inexpressible comfort of feeling safe with a person — having neither to weigh thoughts nor measure words, but pouring them all right out, just as they are, chaff and grain together; certain that a faithful hand will take and sift them, keep what is worth keeping, and then with the breath of kindness blow the rest away.”

  18. Captain Bob


    A vision without a task is but a dream.
    A task without vision is but drudgery.
    A vision with a task is the hope of the world.
    The task of definitely sourcing this quote is thus far but a vision. It is most commonly not attributed to Craik or to any author, but is cited as having been inscribed on a wall, on a window, or on a plaque, in a chapel, or town church, or cathedral somewhere in Sussex, England (or sometimes Surrey) most commonly with a date of 1730, but sometimes dated as early as c. 1640, or as late as 1886. It has also sometimes been cited as having been inscribed on an anonymous gravestone in Sussex. The attribution of this to Craik has only seldom occurred and might have begun with its posting in proximity to quotes by her in some internet quote collections.
    A vision without a task is but a dream, A task without a vision is drudgery, But a vision and a task — that is the hope of the world.
    A vision without a task is but a dream.
    A task without vision is but drudgery.
    A vision and a task are the hope of the world.

    Clear the planet—————


  19. As long as people stick with Miscavige and keep paying, he’ll keep delivering his own squirrel tech. His flock empowers & enables him. It’s really that simple.

    Should the day ever come when Cruise wakes up and really sees what’s happened, oh boy.

  20. GAT II: a new cash cow?

    Quote from Janet Rietman’s book Inside Scientology (§10 Flag):
    “Miscaviage, said [Dan] Koon and others, seized upon the idea in the 1990 as, among other things, a money-making scheme: GAT would enforce new, rote methods that every auditor, no matter how experienced, would how to learn at his or her own expense” … “over the coming years, would make millions of dollars for the church”

    In economics this is called: captive audience.

  21. Hear! HEAR!

  22. Captain Bob

    I guess the peoples of earth aren’t clear on how to clear earth. Lots of routes to go with what all the different religions and philosophies there are on earth. Who is right, who is wrong? Don’t know.

    I feel “clear” in that I wish no ill will on another and wish to help when I can.

    I’m just say’in, just talk’in about deep seated beliefs I guess.

  23. Or maybe, “The tall have been leading the tall?” Naaaah. Too Napoleonic.


  24. Do you think Tom Cruise is being attacked by David Miscavige for this? as being “blind” (sided) and responsible for this unprecedented PR flap for Scientology corporation? (that is gloriously shining the world spotlight on heinous abuses and corruption of Scientology Inc cultism!!)

    And Katie is not exempt from being targeted by OSA as an enemy to be destroyed — very sneakily. Tom is vowing to spend all he has to get “Soul Custody” — yep, SOUL CUSTODY.

    Or is Tom Cruse ripping into David Miscavige for failure to deliver the usual wins of standard tech to Katie Holmes?

    Tom ‘s lower ethics condition, will he be shown the PTS bulletins? But smoke & mirrors and introversion tactics will distract him from the WHO. Peek-a -Boo David Miscavige, we see you.

  25. “d) David Miscavige is a suppressive person.” I agree. 2 1/2% of the population… give or take… Classic fit for the definition. If I were an SP, I would attempt to destroy the 97.5% who are not SPs. …like all the Cl 12 auditors and CSs.. and most of the OT7-8s… blind to the fact that I swallowed my tail and I am eating my way to my own head. Note to you Marty: It is in your best interest, in my opinion, to answer direct questions about subjects such as “black” SCN, rather than referring to your book…. especially from genuine folks, that are not “in”, asking good questions. Makes it look as though you are just trying to sell your book. Love what you are accomplishing. Pour on the coals!

  26. David Miscavige is not trained as a C/S or interned as an auditor. Why he thinks people would buy that the “Golden Age” would be lead by an uninterned class lV that has been blown off the bridge for decades is beyond reason. He is a self promoter in every sense of the word. When you think you can get results with showmanship and flim flam circus culture arts, you have really missed the boat. Katie Holmes is not responsible for the out P.R. floating all through the media today. David Miscavige is. It is all about him and the copies of him. It is about the squirrel tech, the injustice, brutality and dishonesty he has bred over the last three decades.

  27. Hi John P,
    You really should read the chapter in Marty’s book on Black Dianetics as he suggested, and as I suggested over at Tony Ortega’s place. It is thorough and really gives the full picture.
    LRH said something to the effect that there is only one right way to get the desired result and an infinite number of wrong ways. [Anybody have the exact quote for John P.?]
    There are numerous ways things go “black”. Lots! A lot has to do with the intention. It can be how the procedure is applied, doing it incorrectly on purpose. It can be purposely auditing someone who is not really ready for session. It could be altering a command slightly so it does not “run” properly .
    What Marty is talking about here with Katie’s Grades auditing is just one example. A Grade is a series of different auditing procedures that are focused on handling and improving a particular part of life. It is a big result.There is a final result both the person and the auditor are heading for. These can be life changing. The person may have a fabulous session the first day …but that is probably not the end of the Grade, and may not even be the end of that particular procedure! To finish the person off on the whole grade after that one win on one procedure would be black . And to further mess things up, if the person continues, he doesn’t have a good strong base to move from.
    Back many years ago, there were “quickie grades”..it didn’t work then , and now, with his bad intentions, DM is trying it again. Evil. Black.
    Read it in the book, it is so much more detailed.

  28. Lucy — there are some great lyrics in Lisa Marie’s latest album that are soooo applicable here, and you reminded me of them.

    From Un-break:

    I’ve got run over by my own parade
    I’ve suffocated in the beds I’ve made
    I’ve cut my feet on all the glass that I break

    A description of Miscavige building his empire….

  29. Miscavige could fuck up a two car funeral.

    He either:

    A. Implements blanket “tech handlings” based on his brilliant insight into his own case (he just knows everyone on OT VII has to be sec checked routinely because they are incapable of auditing themselves), or

    B. He “pilots” things to no or bad result and then implements them (quickie grades), or

    C. Endlessly pilots things to no result and never implements them in spite of repeated sales pitches about how wonderfully, incredibly, powerfully planetary clearing they are (Super Power, Mark VIII meter).

    It sucks to be Miscavige.

    It also sucks to be on the receiving end of Miscavige Tech(r)(c)(tm).

  30. While dm is spreading his suppression, we are doing the real auditing and giving both ourselves and our pcs big wins. Last week I took a pc who was not in session for 25 years. The session was informal, it was fun for both of us. The pc did not have any attention on the e meter. After the session he was keyed out for the rest of the day. When did you have fun in session at Flag? As an auditor or PC?

  31. Freedom Fighter

    Tick tock …

  32. Hi Marty,
    I just finished reading your book and I want you to know that I found it to be the best and most honest description of Scientology that I’ve ever read ,outside of Ron of course. I feel totally acknowledged and relieved that those thruths that you so elegantly expound are finally out for everbody to see. Your book truly brings justice to Ron and his philosphy. I hope this marks the begining of the real golden age!
    You have my deepest respect and gratitud .

  33. In testament to “Shit Finger” (everything he touches turns to shit) I give you HCO PL 22 June 1974, TECH (page 284 of OEC Vol 0), an LRH reference both he and Manwife Tom Cruise are too much monster to read and understand:

    “Every action that results in a product has a certain tech.

    “One finds out about it or develops it.

    “When one adopts false tech he will then wind up with a confusion as false tech will not deliver a product. It delivers a confusion — like psychiatry or Nixon economics.

    “The more false tech you hold onto or apply, the more confusions you will get.

    “When real tech is invalidated then false tech can enter in. So the test of false tech is does it give a confusion and the test of real tech is does it give a product.

    “A Mis-U word in real tech then can let false tech in.

    “If the tech is not available for a certain job one then has to develop it. His development will be correct only if it delivers a real product. …

    “…If you find in any area you are taking too long to produce a product, then it’s time to review your tech. (A) Does tech exist? (B) If yes, “Am I applying it?” (C) If no, “Do I have to develop it?”

    “If it is (C), then one had better get very busy sorting it out. It is easier and less expensive to do that than to go on turning out overt products.

    “Any product has it’s tech.

    “Do you know the tech to produce yours?” – LRH

  34. I believe Flag (at large) is also suppressive.

  35. A “clear earth” is outside the game of right or wrong. Most Indy’s I know seem to be quite outside the game of right or wrong. I also know some Baptists, Mormons and Buddhists who are outside the game of right and wrong.
    Any path that leads to harmony is a path that helps.

  36. The Why:
    The blind leader who is leading the blind has now found that HCOPL “Tech Degrades” and HCO B “Superficial Actions” were written not “as LRH would have wanted them” and need to be canceled. Pilot-Why was “The typist had entered a hyphen at a wrong place and Time is an aberration. Therefore things have to be delivered in no time.” But this is still subject to last minute changes.
    Highly confidential: GAT III will be the “one command Bridge” and is delivered through a huge flat screen that has to be bought specifically from Gold. The Why for that one will be worked on later.

  37. I think he is wise to refer people to his book for the full explaination. He’s done a great job in making the data clear and concise. To bit and piece it as an answer to all queries would be far less effective. If the person asking really wants to know, he/she should in fact buy and read the book.

  38. GAT 2.0

    One: Having the correct technology.
    Two: Knowing the technology.
    Three: Knowing it is correct.

    One above has been done.
    Two has been achieved by many.
    Three is achieved by the individual applying the correct technology in a proper manner and observing that it works that way.

    LRH, Keeping Scientology Working Series 1, 7 FEBRUARY 1965

    What about KSW Tom Cruise?
    Have you ever seen an SP-Squirrel?

  39. Leave it to DM to turn the C\S series into the “B\S” Series. Just to show you how far off the rails this guy is, here is an LRH quote from 6410c27, “The Failed Case”:

    “I want to interject a note here, which seems not apropos of anything else, just as an aside here at this particular point. But did you know that you could audit all sex, and so forth you want to on a pc and it isn’t going to do very much? You can audit any God’s quantity of it because it doesn’t happen to be an end word. You very often find GPM’s and that sort of thing…what they are, things it can lock on in root words and end words. But it itself is a humanoid action, and the GPM’s aren’t, don’t you see. So you could pull all of the sexual overts that you want to, don’t think its going to make all that difference to the case however, because you are not down to the roots of the reactive bank, you’re just taking the very surface locks off…”

  40. Katie got GAT 2 !!!!. Some where Dr. Mengele
    is laughing his ass off wildly clapping and cheering.

  41. Jean-François Genest

    Thank you for the information. DM is super nasty! We know he did it on purpose. Or perhaps the guy really, delusionally, believes that he is
    THE Source.
    I do hope that someday, Katie will get a Standard Qual review, repair & correction action to de-Miscavidge-ize her case.

    *The good news is that from this here evidence, we can predict that his GAT (part deux) version 2 will cause a massive EXODUS of current Miscavidge-addicts toward the Independent field. I am glad that I am out, and I won’t be involved in the sleepless manufacturing of the materials and packs for this release.

  42. From HCOPL 13 Jan 79, Orders, Illegal and Cross:
    … But how would one, who has not studied policy or is not very far advanced in his tech training know when he was being given an off-policy or out-tech order?
    1. If it seems kind of stupid it is probably off-policy or out-tech. Both tech and policy are anything but stupid. Most policy and out-tech orders are stupid because they are, at a glance, contrasurvival.
    2. Require that one be shown the exact issue or book what the policy or tech actually is.
    3. Read it for yourself and don’t listen to any interpretation that seems far-fetched.
    4. Be sure the policy or tech you are being shown applies in the matter under discussion.
    5. Ignore anyone who, with no written material or tapes, chants at you the dates of policies or bulletins and claims they exist. See it for yourself.

    8. Do the Data Series Evaluator Course so you can evaluate your position and get the real Why on what is going on.

  43. John, this one little thing you wrote copied here below from your above post:
    “I recall the story of someone who was auditing Cruise (not you), who didn’t get a F/N at the end of a session, and Miscavige stepped in, busted the auditor and personally ordered an F/N be recorded for Cruise.” tells you EXACLTY what is wrong with Scientology! 🙂

  44. Yes, but an SP has no friends, no matter what they may pretend. To an SP, there are only those who have submitted, and those who have not. All people are enemies to them, but only vary as to their preceived level of threat to the SP. Thus, some can be used as tools and may be disposed of at a later date, and some must be destroyed pronto.

  45. Jean-François Genest

    1) very funny and true moniker 🙂
    2) thank you for this reference quote. It is so applicable to the current scene, and to any area of work for that matter. A gem of a reference!
    ( i miss my Vol 0. I had to leave it behind when I “blew”)

  46. no monopoly you state.

  47. I just joined the site last week as a result of viewing the Rock Center expose of Scientology. I am just becoming familiar with the tenants of Scientology and am not sure I follow what is being said in this post, as I’m not fluent in the abbreviations and terms.

    Are you saying that because Katie Holmes was well trained in Scientology it gave her the tools to make a clean break without being hunted down, etc. by the Squirrel Busters? From an outsider’s point of view, it looks like she has beaten DM (I know that abbreviation!) at his own game.

  48. When correct Tech is being applied,you don’t run away. Katie RAN away like the dickens.I’m sure she also found dm to be some creepy little guy and it didn’t help that her husband turned out to be a controlling nutcase(we know who’s valence he’s in)
    It is so irritating they use the word Scientology, when it is the last thing they are using.

  49. You’re so right, Marty. Good goddamned thing she didn’t get any decently run LRH in there or she’d be sucked in and sucked dry or sucked dead or whatever it is that gets sucked out that makes it okay for such as a young woman to deny her mother-in-law one last viewing of her son’s dead body.
    The Church of Scientology is worse than dead – it’s killing people, literally.

  50. Jean-François Genest

    I agree with Les. Plus, what is the fear? The answers are in the book.
    It takes TOO long to answer each and every single question in replies to comments on blog posts. Get_the_book_and_read_it. Several people have it and finished reading it. Perhaps someone could lend it to you for free, if you have such a big button on $12.

  51. +1 😀

  52. Marty, I totally agree with the assessments made of RTC and David Miscavige. Scientology Inc is a squirrel group!
    My sympathies (kind of…) to Anne and Elsie. They are surely either in The Hole by now or being sec checked , again, within an inch of their life. At the end of the day, any out tech will be solely their fault…in addition to the fact that Marty was behind it all as the 3rd party and … and …and…everyone else……….

  53. “The Church of Scientology is worse than dead – it’s killing people, literally.”


  54. Right on. David Miscavige and the current RTC are squirrels. Both are true SP’s.

    My only question is, “Why?”, other than they are fighting a long gone battle…” Can it really be for the lust for money and power? But one can’t make sense out of insanity so I guess it’s just that.

  55. 2b. After you’ve read the policy and are comfortably certain that you’ve cleared up any possible misunderstandings, If they try to convince you that it’s some other way, RUN DON’T WALK for the nearest exit. Your own understanding is the most valuable thing you can have. This duress happens particularly in ethics cycles: if you don’t agree, you’re made to restudy, restudy, restudy until you just give up. I should have walked then….

  56. Hi Leslie Anne–no it’s the opposite. If she had had the standard wins that earlier people got, she would have put up with a lot more BS with the idea that it would get handled further up the bridge, etc. Having received the painful, incomplete, insane sort of auditing DM has set up, she wouldn’t have been expecting it to get any better. In fact, it might have been enough to turn her once again toward the comfort of the Catholic church, with family, stained-glass windows, candles, music (all things I enjoy myself when I’m in one.)

  57. Marty, you are becoming more powerful than Miscavige. He is getting weaker and you are getting stronger. He might attempt to seek the allegiance of Tom Cruise to help battle you. TC will be reluctant because he doesn’t want anymore bad bad press, but he might capitulate to DM. If TC comes after you, remember, “Never Defend Always Attack”. TC will fold quick. He fears that you will talk to the enquirer about his confessionals. Not that you ever will, but his fear that you might, will keep him in line. This is all happening in his own head. I know that you will never reveal his O/Ws. If TC strikes a blow, hit him hard fast and strong. He will run for cover and sue for peace, just like he did with Katie. The guy’s PTS – don’t forget.

  58. dbldan,
    Your comment below IMHO is representative of a true spectator.

    “Note to you Marty: It is in your best interest, in my opinion, to answer direct questions about subjects such as “black” SCN, rather than referring to your book…. especially from genuine folks, that are not “in”, asking good questions. Makes it look as though you are just trying to sell your book. Love what you are accomplishing. Pour on the coals!”

    If the genuine folks are genuinely interested they would take their own genuine time and effort to look at the facts as Marty laid out in his book. He does not owe anyone anything, least of all his time to try and convince someone who is too lazy to make an honest effort of their own. For Christ’s sake…….. the books price is a pittance………if you are worried about someone creating an honest exchange for their effort then go join the cult and see how supporting the midget works for you.

    Sorry for the rant but this shit about Marty “just trying to sell your book” is was too close to trolldom for me. And then you want Marty to “pour on the coals”! Get the f*&k off your dead ass and do something or shut up.

  59. The super power has had the media attention on it and if they dont deliver the wins it will be hundred million dollar fall. Is it safe to assume DM will be delivering non standard super power cause where did LRH say to build all those fancy machines DM has for the new building? It looks like implant station equipment not scn.

  60. LOL!!!! The Miscarriage is a two car funeral!!!!!! Midget body in one car and a sack of shit following in the other……..with a thong and copper rods for ornamentation!

  61. You said ““6 weeks checks” sec checks run FPRD” oouch, Oouch ! I know how it feels but 6 weeks ! Hugs

  62. Nicholas Doyle

    ” Miscavige announced recently he was going to unleash his suppression on the planet at large.”

    Good Luck with that DM; you dick breathed FAKE Scientologist.

    David Miscavige is a TYRANT that deserves nothing less than the public’s ridicule…Galavanting about in gold lame speedo’s hardly qualifies the short one (COB) to be TC’s “Top” but what do I know? TC seems to like his position, in regards to COB. Maybe TC likes it too?

    To me, it’s sad that TC let so many innocent children be “sacrificed” to the Corporate Church of Scientology – how the fuck do you allow children under ten years of age to become members of your “S.O.”?
    A world Class actor (TC) that is controlled by a midget that stole a Church from its rightful inheritors…Somethings fishy here;

    Does TC allow COB to spew all over his body?

    Or is it the other way around?

    I’m confused.

    These two MF’rs have denigrated LRH’s CORE teachings, how is it that they are still held is such high esteem?!!?

    COB is a FAKE and TC has failed EVERYONE the believes…

  63. Nicholas Doyle


  64. nojargonplease

    As a non-Scientologist who’s interested in religion and sympathetic to anyone looking to free themselves from oppression, I appreciate your blog as well as Tony Ortega’s reporting in the Voice. I have to say, though, that one of the things about Scientology that comes across as the most disturbing to an outsider is their use of words like “squirrel” and “Suppressive Person” to describe the enemy, which they seem to have a pretty huge need for. These terms have a pretty crazy, paranoid ring to them. I hate to see you resorting to them and hope it’s just a case of exasperation getting the better of you.

  65. Li'll bit of stuff

    Thanks Marty,for putting yet another powerful blinding beam of light squarely on miscabbige! This time it has caught him,
    like the frightened li’ll rabbit he is, squarely in the eyeballs!
    Now dazzled, as well as being utterly confused, he no doubt
    is palpably feeling the fear.

    It may be of interest, to know that the word GAT, pronounced in Afrikaans as GGHATT (a gutteral sound, as in clearing the
    throat before spitting) actually translates to “Hole!”

    Therefore the most likely place a frightened rabbit is likely
    to flee, or in this case, “seek refuge in” is GAT ( 1, 11, ) !!!
    Which ever way you look at it, he’s headed down a “Hole”
    of his own making!

    And, li’ll davey, you do remember where Saddam Hussain
    was finally captured, don’t you???

    ……sleep well, li’ll davey,……sleep……well.

  66. Thanks so much!
    I was looking for exactly that reference for months now. Just great!

  67. A very spot on reference.
    It was good seeing you at the party Steve!!

  68. Get your GAT 10 here!! Step right up and buy your GAT 10.
    New and improved GAT 10!!
    If you liked GAT 9, you will LOVE GAT 10.
    Hurry buy now while GAT 10 is still available…

  69. John P.,

    Perhaps this analogous situation will help answer your question. It comes from the field of psychology, from studies done of POWs held by North Korea during the Korean War. It shows quite clearly not incompetence, but extreme and malevolent competence on the part of the captors, in deliberately destroying the mental and emotional well-being of the POWs.

    North Korean “brainwashing”:

    North Korean Brainwashing is based completely on denying the target prisoners all positive emotional support, and exposing them to an all negative emotional atmosphere, and actually rewarding them when they
    acted to destroy their own ideals and emotional capacity, and relationships.

    The North Korean brainwashing camps were unique in that the prisoners were relatively well-treated in the physical sense. They had adequate food, shelter, and water, and were not physically tortured. In fact,
    their captors were careful not to make them angry, as this could have provided them with motivation to oppose the brainwashing process.

    A study done after the Korean War, of 1,000 returned prisoners of war who had been “brainwashed”, found the majority never got back in touch with old friends and family. They were found to be in a condition
    described as in “mental solitary confinmement”. All their bonds of affinity and relationship with others had been broken, and apparently they had lost their capacity to have positive relationships.

    The camps they had been in had no barbed wire surrounding them, and very few guards, yet escape attempts were very rare.

    At the same time,it was found that something like 28% of the prisoners had died in these camps, essentially by giving up their will to live.
    These camps had the highest death rates of any camps anywhere, ever recorded.

    Many of the prisoners just went to their quarters one day, sat in a corner covering themselves with a blanket, and died, often within two days. Usually no-one of the other prisoners tried to help them, because the bonds of relationship between them had already been broken.

    The researchers concluded these men had died of “extreme hopelessness”.

    Here is how it was done:

    1. Group members are all channeled into informing on each other. Informers are given rewards. This breaks the trust between the group members and isolates each person from the others. No-one can be trusted, because anyone might be or become an informer at anytime.
    Interestingly enough, no-one was punished for anything they had reportedly done. That was not the objective. The objective was to destroy the trust and emotionally supportive relationships the group
    members had with each other.

    2. Prisoners are organized into smaller groups of 10 or 12, and required to confess bad things they have done, and also to confessing good things they failed to do. They did not confess to their captors, but to
    each other, the other group members. This is a “reverse group therapy” process. This gradually eroded the caring, trust, and respect the men had for each other.

    3. Efforts are made to destroy loyalty to leadership and their country, and their own ideals.

    4. All positive support is withheld. For example, all supportive mail from home with any good news or
    encouragement was withheld. All mail with bad news was delivered – news of death, pending divorce, dunning
    letters for unpaid bills, etc were all promptly delivered.

    The goal of this kind of brainwashing is basically to completely ARC break (destroy the positive emotion in their lives) the prisoners with themselves, with their fellows, with their leaders, their country, and with
    life, and eventually their will to live.

    Some of the prisoners essentially became like their captors, and became apologists for the North Koreans. Most did not, but were severely emotionally damaged.

    Much of the information here I took from an audiobook called “How Full Is Your Bucket?” by Tom Rath and Donald O. Clifton PhD.

    They are founders of the field of “Positive Psychology”, which they promoted to businesses, but which has application to all people.

    Positive Psychology has to do with the study and implementation of methods for reinforcing and increasing mental health in any setting, instead of focusing on the sick, disordered, or pathological.

    It does reveal how positive or negative interactions between people strongly affect their “mental health”.

    You can see, John, that the “brainwashing” process engaged in by Miscavige and his cronies in the CoS is very much like what was applied to the POWs by their North Korean captors, but is actually far more brutal and intense. It includes extreme sleep deprivation and malnutrition, as well as extreme emotional abuse, hazing and physical abuse too, towards the Sea Org members in particular.

    Any psychologist worth his salt, who is actually a helpful “therapeutic” person who understands how to make a person better and has goodwill, also knows how to make a person worse, how to make a person ill as well as how to help them become more healthy. If you know how to do one, you know how to do the other, the reverse. Most people of goodwill simply never workout the details of how to do the the reverse, how to use what they know to damage others.

    That is what we mean by referring to “black dianetics” and “reverse scientology”. It is the literal reversal of procedures which help a person get better. Applying the reversed procedures will make a person worse.

  70. threefeetback

    This is getting so caustic that Dave’s new product is becoming this lifetime illegal Pre-Clears. Organizations and Missions are becoming feeder groups to the Independent Field. The Miracle Manwife, DMonic Molester, has turned the tides!

  71. Jason Lee’s ex-wife speaks out:

  72. I would say Katie was in touch enough with reality and with herself that she knew to get the heck out while the getting was good. And she understood her situation well enough to be very very thorough in how she went about it. No doubt her family helped. It’s possible, maybe even likely, that she originally had some exposure to true Scientology and received some benefit from it, but then saw the situation morphing into something dark which she did not want herself or Suri to be a part of anymore.

  73. The bad have been leading the bland

  74. Laughter! A two car funeral!

    David and Tom met up yesterday out in the desert to discuss the media fall out and the out P.R.:

  75. Dear Leslie,

    I deeply sympathize with your situation regarding all of the jargon used on this site. I became involved with Scientology in Chicago in 1969/70. My public school education had gotten messed up precisely due to a number of key words which I didn’t understand. Studying past a word you do not understand, sometimes even a simple common word that “everybody knows” can cause a sense of confusion and loss of understanding for that word and the material coming afterwards. One of the first things Scientology addresses is your understanding of basic English (or whatever your basic language is). By clearing up misunderstood or not understood words and symbols from the past you can literally raise a person’s intelligence level.

    There are various online glossaries of Scientology terms, but many of the terms used here would require a pretty in depth study to understand them. I have been out of Scientology since 1984 and there are a lot of abbreviations used here which I am not familiar with.

    To answer your question, Katie did beat DM, but I think it was a result of her own pure intention to escape and having many more resources such as money, family and friends than any Scientology training she had. If DM had actually sent the “Squirrel Busters” after her the public uproar would have probably shut down every Scientology church in the country.

  76. Why does http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Miscavige say that DM has a net worth of $50,000,000 million dollars ? Is that not against the IRS non-profit status ?

  77. Regardless of religon, if my husband had a creepy little friend who wants to come along on my honeymoon and monitors my every move, and if I have to ask permission just to have lunch with a co-worker (Katie was asked to lunch by some of her fellow castmates when doing one of her plays in NY, and was told no by her handler/Tom – I was told this by one of the actors in the play) then I would get the hell out of there a fast as I could. Creepy guys.

  78. ThetaPotata

    It’s strange I was reading Marty’s book during my lunch break today. The section about Tech Degrades, specifically Quickie Grades. I get back to my desk, open my email and there’s an email from Saint Hill that says – “Achieve Spiritual Freedom and be more at cause in just a few months” – it shows a picture of a guy holding a New OT V cert. I think the emphasis has definitely moved over to boasting about speed of delivery. Who needs real abilities when you can push people through without getting real EP’s? That way when they fall on their face, convince them that it’s their own fault for having overts, witholds and being out-ethics. They just need to buy more intensives to get it all handled. It will be real interesting to see how the new Superpower implant station will work out for the faithful. Because it’s a safe bet that it’s been heavily influenced by Miscavige personal brand of technology.

  79. + 1 : )

  80. Leslie Anne, to answer your question, the training that Katie did was not true Scientology–it was DM’s warped alterations that he still calls “Scientology.” I think what Katie did was just use common sense and some logic, which a lot of us who escaped did.

    For example, if you want to get away from someone you don’t tell them you are planning on doing it. You just make your plans, maybe enlist some very close friends to help you, keep quiet about it and then make your move. A disposable cell phone is a known tool if you don’t want your phone conversations discovered. Lining up attorneys in three states might have been on the advice of her father.

    On the other hand, if Katie paid attention to the DM-style training she received, and actually acted on it, she might do things like tell her parents she would never talk to them again because they want her out of “Scientology.” She wouldn’t let them see their granddaughter. She would become totally fine with letting Suri get the same training instead of proper schooling most every other young child gets in the US.

    I know this might be confusing, and that’s part of the plan of DM and his blind followers. If you can get a hold of the early books on Scientology, anything published before 1979 or so (Marty correct me on this date if I’m wrong….), then you will have the true philosophy as Hubbard wrote it and meant it to be applied. For good, for survival, to end criminality and war.

    Then read some of the things people say about their recent experiences–as far back as the ’90s and all the way up to present day. You’ll start to get the idea. That’s the difference between real Scientology and the “black” thing that gets mentioned….which is using some of the same principles to harm and control, not help people and make them smarter, happier and freer.

    Those of us who did get out and didn’t succumb to being dragged back there also feel like we made a clean break. Out is out!

    I hope I answered this for you. If my answers just created more questions for you, (and they very well could have) then get Marty’s book and read it carefully. There is terminology in there but it is all explained very well and you’ll see what the deal is. You’ll see exactly what all the commotion is about and why people are leaving the “church” in droves. Katie’s exodus was just greatly publicized. But people from all walks of life are leaving Scn Inc. every day. They’ve all had enough.

  81. JF, just start getting used to the word “escaped” instead of “blew.” Know why? Because an SP gets rid of good staff. Remember that in OEC Vol. 1?And Scn Inc. is so nuts and suppressive that good staff are running for the hills like crazy. “Escaped” puts you at cause–you decided to leave because it was psycho and you did. “Blew” puts you instantly at effect of all your implied overts against good people. IMO there is a big difference!

  82. miscavige has something over TC that TC doesn’t have over misc. All the info in his pc folders and an ugly dark desire to spill it and probably just hoping he will have the chance someday. Pretty damn evil. He is not a friend of Tom, he is a manipulator of Tom.

    IMO if TC were to call it quits with the “church” he would have to prepare to deny deny deny all the crap misc. would try to expose from his confessionals and other auditing. It’s one of the most heinous things you can do to a pc, and is never done by a responsible, decent auditor or staff member. But misc. is neither of those of course and is just crazy enough to try it.

    Between that and money money money, I think TC will remain in the grip until he can rise above whatever gets levelled at him should he leave.

  83. David Miscavige vibrates hatred.

    I think Katie noticed this, on her double dates with Tom, and David and Shelly, and particularly when Katie watched Miscavige deliver his event speeches. (And she saw the fanatical fervor this caused Tom.)

    Tom’s lawyer will only see what Tom sees, obviously in order to keep Tom happy as a client. And Tom listens to Miscavige, like you long ago predicted he would.

    I guess another thing Tom and Miscavige have in common, is neither one have honest people close to them, whol’ll give them the truth about their flaws.

    David Miscavige is a hatred emitting dynamo, hopefully Tom spots this and disconnects from Miscavige.

  84. Hi Leslie Anne,

    Marty means quite the opposite – the services she received were such poor quality they had no positive effect. If she had received even half-way decent quality services, she might have decided instead to stick around.

    Compare to a plumber fixing your bathroom: if the work done is reasonably competent but not quite perfect, you’d probably let the plumber carry on rectifying the work. But if the plumber was very incompetent, you’d toss him out the door and hire someone else instead.


  85. I guess in summary: David Miscavige is Tom Cruise’s SP.

    And hopefully Tom will realize this soon.

    Katie realized something afoul with Scientology, and Miscavige obviously didn’t help with the image Katie got of Scientology.

    So Miscavige has failed royally as his Danger Condition Handling of the “Celebrity Sector” (him bypassing WDC CC all these years).

  86. David, We have our freedom, we can make our own rules. Oh yeah, the ones that we choose. That means, we no longer need you.

  87. Dreamcatcher

    John P. So much interest in scientology, but not involved with the practice. It is unusual. You spend much time contributing here and then your also over at the Village Voice with those who bash Marty. I have read your extensive and voluminous posts for some time in both places. Maybee your a regular in other venues as well.

    That “great interest” disclaimer of yours is pretty thin. The amount of time you invest in all your comments alone would be a full time occupation for many. It leaves me wondering why. I suspect that somehow there is a personal interest. Someone or something is motivating that “great interest”.
    Maybee that motivation is an interesting part of your story and behind the OP-ED pieces, maybee not.
    My guess is that it would be. Maybee your just writing a book.

  88. I love everything. So don’t it make you feel sad? I won’t be recruited in to your hate bag, I won’t be part of that, I won’t be part of that.

    Miles from nowhere, I think it’s so sad. You chose to wear, another bad hat. We have our freedom, we can make our own rules. Oh yeah, the ones that we choose.

  89. Take your time, think a lot, think of all the things you’ve got. Just Like us, you may still be here tomorrow, but your dreams may not.

  90. Thoughtful… Steve,
    Thanks for this appropriate quote from LRH. Much appreciated.

    It struck me that just this one line: “When real tech is invalidated then false tech can enter in.” seems to fully explain the purpose of the GAT tag line when it was 1st introduced. The introductory videos and brochures said: “The blind are leading the blind.” which was the invalidation of real tech that opened the door for GAT false tech to enter Scientology.

  91. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Clear, concise and accurate. Thanks Marty.
    Finally got a hold of a copy of your book. I look forward to reading it.

  92. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    “From an outsider’s point of view, it looks like she has beaten DM”
    Yup. Another woman kicked his ass.

  93. Li'll bit of stuff

    In days past, there was a solution employed regularly,
    by federal governments, involving hefty rewards….
    ……..was perfectly legal too!……………………………..
    ……remember them ? Li’ll davey!! ..”.bounty hunters!”
    ……sleep well, li’ll davey, …..sleep…..well .

  94. and the sad thing is that people still inside and indoctrinated will look at Katie’s leaving as “Oh no, she must have overts to blow so suddenly, what a shame she didn’t duplicate the tech and get her MU’s and withholds found”….and that will be the lead into the internal scientology whisper of “actually Katie was out 2D and had an affair on Tom and that’s why she blew”..3P, 3P and more 3P

  95. FCDC Class of 74

    Did any one catch the news this morning(GMA) about Katie’s car being sideswiped by a garbage truck and the need to upgrade their security? There are no coincidences! Bill

  96. FCDC Class of 74

    Meant for after Tara’s post thanks. Bill

  97. This is quoted from the posting of
    Miscaviage blows off Kate homes issue by M Rathbun

    “Miscavige’s only two tech trained staff (Anne Joasem – once Rathbun – and Elsie Tucker) personally oversaw every session of it and answered and reported directly to Miscavige, every step of the way. Anne and Elsie cherry picked the processes to run from the huge body of tech for each grade, and Miscavige approved every individual one to be run on Katie.”

    IMy comment is that its obvious do this and Answered up to me ( DM )

    This is utterly disgusting.Talk about breach of confidentially, and this is surpose to be in confidence
    Hallo !!!!!!!!!! Code of Honour and Code of auditor, sounds like
    do it Dm’s style or else.
    You would have to question the pressure of these invold put under not appearing to wear their techincal hats, what with this of him being untrained and not a CS to be supervising the actions
    It sounds like ( Do what I say or else” ) May I dare ask
    Who if challenged him at that time.?

    Its certaintly not allowing the wearing of their hats in their position at all.

    Its also unpleasant for this type of story to have to be plastered in public not just for her / any one , and for this to be read for the message to get across, How bad this guy has become, and in her case hung out for the quality and standard of it being done at all ever. I don’t think I need to say
    that answer. What ever the case, It doesn’t appear this had be done with honesty and confidentiality at all.

    Its a mockery and and makes you sick to think how evil has this man become , Your a ” joker and degrader dm ” / and suppressive.
    Wake up Tom Cruise.

  98. Yeah, in Scientology inc., the customer is wrong.

    It’s up to the Independents to handle the ARC broken Field.

  99. I can’t imagine giving my children to any group to raise or even to my ex-wife…This is all quite bizarre to me!

  100. Edward Kemper

    HI Marty, nice to see someone finally calling a spade a spade re: DM the ‘COB’… i was sea org on LRH’s personal household staff during 76-77 in La Quinta. i was place in a very low condition by LRH himself due to DM directly lying to him to cover his (David’s) own transgressions of org rules. thankfully i was able to see through all the BS at that time and was able to walk away clean and clear. i said at that time that DM was/is an SP but no one would listen or even ask to hear my side of the story. i was full OT VII and had full power to act beyond anything Dave could ever do, but LRH was blind to all that and fully bought DM’s lies every time! go figure…

  101. DM it is abundantly clear that you are not for freedom. You are the master of enslavement. you will rot in hell!

  102. or she was never insane in the first place and has a very acute B.S. meter and can spot a fraud a mile away.

  103. And you know that day will come as DM being the SP he is has got to undo Tom somehow…no one is safe around him……

  104. Also John P’s “questions” are not questions at all. They are really his way of making a critical statement while hiding behind “I’m just interested”.

  105. I’ve almost finished it and consider it brilliant. Its very lucidly and simply written, not always easy for a subject that embraces so much.

    Despite having the opinion for a decade or so that Scientology Inc. reverses SCN in all respects, Marty’s knowledge and experience as an auditor really filled in the details and expanded my knowledge of this.

    I see it as a Dissem tool for our times. I’d like to see a title change for the second edition:-

    ” What is Wrong with Scientology. What is Right with Scientology.”

  106. I think this Tom Cruise character has racked up just a few too many crimes and his ability to differenciate is nowheresville – he’s being an suppressive now. Heaven’s sake, his wife and daughter just walked out on him – Corporate Scientology’s golden boy. If he couldn’t see that coming with the money aint the problem access he has the whole gamut of Scientology available to him and all with the blessing from the very leader of Church… geezes, even blind Freddy should question the validy of just what the hell is he up to! Blaming Rathbun is just about as clever as the process selection run on Katie.
    It is in no small part the vast wealth of Corporate Scientology rides on the fact the original Scientology is based on workable technology of the mind – otherwise the vast donations just wouldn’t have happened, people love and trust their hope.
    Miscavige and his handpicked team at RTC have perverted the hell out of the workablility of Scientology and intentionly left in its wake the sucker ride of a lifetime. Any flimflam man would be green with envoy at Miscavige’s creation.
    Tom Cruise is the best friend of who? He needs to be put into the perspective he deserves.

  107. Marty, what I really don’t understand is how you can separate out Hubbard’s work from Scientology Inc.? Anyone who spent time with LRH, as I assume you did, has to know that he was insane. I recognized it in 1968 sitting across his table aboard the ship. I got out in 1969, escaping along with John McMaster and never had any contact again with Scientology. If the source is nuts, how can the product be worthy? He was a megalomaniac, a very smart man, who created a money-making “religion.”

  108. martyrathbun09

    And you have read my book?

  109. martyrathbun09

    Great, I look forward to hearing your thoughts about it.

  110. I am kinda pissed at Tony Ortega right now. Just read a review he wrote that was critical at Marty’s Book. I read it twice already and if you haven’t and are a independent you need to. It is without doubt the best written book on the current state of Scn that you can find. My wife read it and she’s had massive wins on things that happened to her and she’s not really disaffected. Tony is of course doing great things to expose the crimes but his latest writeup shows that he even hates LRH and the tech so he in my mind loses credibility for going after everyone.

  111. Jean-François Genest

    🙂 EXACTLY 🙂

  112. Jean-François Genest

    gato rojo, good point ! It makes a lot of sense. It WAS an escape. Thank you for helping me change my viewpoint on this situation. I never realized the cause vs. effect implication. It is a BIG difference. I am F/N-ing 🙂

  113. Perfect reference to explain how miscavology is “behavior modification.” He has no intention to really clear anyone.

  114. Wow! That was a fantastic and fully appropriate answer to John P. Thank you for helping me show him the respect here that he gave me over on Tony’s blog, which can be very hostile, when I first posted there.
    It also made me weep and gave me cognitions. What has been done to our beautiful “game” with all it’s potential for good, is way beyond criminal. In fact, I have no words sufficient for this horrid betrayal and destruction. Literally, no words sufficient enough. It is beyond pure evil. The negative intention is so enormous. I fully get “It sucks to be Miscavige” now.
    Each of us has been damaged to some degree by the steady, slow erosion of our own basic goodness, just as the prisoners in your example were.
    But we can fix it.
    Again, thank you.

  115. I imagine Miscavige found out at a certain time that he is the devil
    (re)incarnate(d), and started to act on it.

    Shocking to read here that he already used to lie to Hubbard to cover up his own failings and let other people take the blame and punishment. Typical sociopath behaviour. Maybe more people should come out with their stories. It does no good to Hubbard’s reputation I’m afraid. But on the other hand he wrote that SP’s can be very convincing … that even he did not see it.

  116. John P can write so voluminously because he has software called Dragon…he explained that over on Tony’s blog. I am jealous! As to his real motivation,…?

  117. I’m afraid these ladies might be cooperating fully. That’s what I understood from Marty’s article today.

  118. Jean-François Genest

    The following video clip seems to apply to the current situations.
    (please help me embed it if it does not do so automatically)

  119. Jean-François Genest

  120. You underestimate John P. When he makes a critical statement, he makes it loud and clear, and it is well-researched. You are inappropriately assigning a 1.1 tone level.

  121. Indeed, it seems her entire album is a big “eff ewe” to the Runt’s Co$. Although I prefer Beethoven, I intend to buy her album. It will be the first pop music I have bought in decades!

  122. OMG that is funny! I wish this blog had a “Like” button. 🙂

  123. Very happy to hear someone even mention LX lists. These are Dianetics, which is a huge and broad subject and sets of processes, which are vital, critical, and yet overlooked in some insanely mad greedy rush to “get up the Bridge to the OT Levels”. The OT levels will FAIL if the Lower Bridge is not DONE. A good auditing program runs ALL the Bridge, step by step, handling charge where it is meant to be handled. No one is going to succeed on OT Levels if that individual still has not addressed upsets and disagreements with parents, wives, children, work, confusions within himself and with others, cannot maintain a clean comm cycle, and cannot think for himself. Excuse my language, but I don’t give a good God damn what you name the OT level, you won’t make it if your Lower Bridge is not F/Ning. That includes the LX lists and a lot of other Dianetics.

    Trying to “go OT” without doing the Lower Bridge in full is like trying to parachute via short-cut, and will yield exactly those results a reasonable person would reasonably expect: “SPLAT!!”

  124. Newcomer, dbldan’s comment was a respectful opinion from a respectful admirer. There is no need to attack and insult.

  125. oh yes…I’m sure they are. What I meant was that Miscavige will claim they must have altered his instructions and done it wrong, as opposed to the fact he altered it to begin with. They are all squirrels as far as I’m concerned, but only they will be targeted as Miscavige can do no wrong. It’s everyone else’s fault.

  126. Hi, my first (and probably last) ever post on this blog.
    Dear Marty Rathbun, why do you speak of ‘Scientology needs to reform’ when you people (both indies & cos) cannot admit the crimes, wrongdoings and terrible policies of the founder? When will all you believers in the tech come ‘up to present time?'( Sorry english is not my first language)

  127. So that’s how it started. Thanks, Edward. The young SP lied to LRH, who maybe because of his love for children believed him. Once you believe someone, it’s easier to believe him again because, well, you believed him before and he looks the same now, and otherwise you may invalidate your own previous choice to believe. Trust develops, however mistaken, and the liar is emboldened to perpetrate bigger and bigger cons. This early history makes it all easier to see.

  128. ROLF!!! “You only exist because of me!”

    And, damn straight with the two car funeral, Mike! 😀

  129. I get where you are coming from – you walked into a street fight here. That said, Scientology’s terms are informal in nature, hence the word “squirrel” for someone who is altering the subject. The term “Suppressive Person” is a Scientology technical term that describes a sociopath. The church has abandoned proper Scientology and altered it (“squirreled”) and its leader is a classic sociopath (“Suppressive Person”). This is unfortunately a fact.

    Throughout this blog and others and in Marty’s book there is ample evidence to support this point of view.

  130. (As of now) these are the results of Katie’s “wins” with GAT II:
    228,000 results in Google search:
    “Katie Holmes” enrolls Suri “catholic school”

  131. martyrathbun09

    Actually dbldan is a long-term, well-known troll whose drivel I sometimes allow as an alertness drill for those who follow the blog. Newcomer passed the drill with flying colors – especially for a newcomer.

  132. Nojargonplease, “squirrel” and “suppressive person” are terms deeply rooted in Scientology, having their own meanings within the group. Their use on this board and on Tony’s blog are a being used with those definitions, not merely exasperation. It is unfortunate that such adorable creatures as squirrels are so maligned through no fault of their own. 😉

    A “suppressive person” (SP) is someone who is bent on damaging and/or destroying others, especially those who are doing good. L. Ron Hubbard (LRH) further defines a suppresive person as anyone who is actively trying to harm the Church of Scientology or Scientologists. It is estimated by LRH that true SPs make up about 2.5% of the population, and are psychotic, anti-social personalities.The term has been over-used within the Church of Scientology (many of us on this board have been declared by the Church to be SPs.)

    A “squirrel” according to LRH is someone who knowingly alters the technical processes in Scientology. A squirrel is thought to be a suppressive person, although an SP may not necessarily be a squirrel.

    I hope this helps.

  133. Wow. Finally the data begins to come out that explains why it all started going to hell in a handbasket in the mid to late 70s.

    Thank you for this, Edward Kemper. Please tell us more if you are so inclined.

  134. Thanks for coming to my defense, Palehorse, much obliged!

  135. Tony Ortega seems to know nothing about Scientology. I mean, he never experienced the tech himself, I guess.
    Thus he can’t grasp the history of its developement, organization and L. Ron Hubbard’s purposes.
    He is a journalist, after all.

    I hope he will pick up the cans, one day…

  136. what a great scene!!! “David and Tom met up yesterday out in the desert to discuss the media fall out and the out P.R.”: that says it all!!!!! lol

  137. KSW,

    Will you be so kind of clarifying how your post is related to my post.

    Maybe my post wasn’t clear enough. What I meant is that DM made a money-making scheme with GAT (I), and he was able to do it because he had and enforced a captive audience. Since he keeps having and enforcing a captive audience, the logical (with high certainty) consequence is that GAT II is another money-making scheme.

  138. Marty, I think you have me confused with someone else…. I have nothing but admiration for you. I have only posted once before, a month or so ago, and it was a positive comment. I would hate to be the person you have confused me with.

  139. Li'll bit of stuff

    Don’t you consider yourself so extremely fortunate,
    that you were able to make that stunning evaluation?
    And just in the nick of time, too? Thank God! For you
    must surely, have managed to hold on to your sanity?

    Why on earth did you ever set foot into Scientology
    in the first place? Did you / do you have some as yet
    unresolved need? Tch, tch, dear, You missed the
    main message, regarding the subject, Factually, all
    there is in the Scn “toolbox”are tools, which are
    intended for “repairing/ building” lives. In the wrong
    hands, the same tools can be used to ruin / destroy
    lives. That’s true, Charlotte, isn’t it??

    If not, then PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, I beg of you, whatever you do, DON’T read Marty’s book, okay??

  140. Charlootereads
    Yr a bit harsh with your view /
    Well if you haven’t any thing to do with scientology now / in what ever short period of time you expereinced saw in that time its a sad view.
    Marthys book is very educational and speaks from what was . experiences and changes occured, its quite in detail, He covers the changes of the tech / which is what sceintology we all joined for .
    Its a good concept of changes in that the time frame he is able to talk about, and thats pretty mighty, speaking in time what was, and what the church has become .Its realistic.

    I don’t have that view you had that LRH is was a Mad Man.
    I witness if I might put that mildly a very different expereince both LRH
    and Mc Master
    LRH wasent perfect and I don’t think he expected any one to beleive he was.Its how people looked up towards what they saw and stick with wants behind the person in body and reactions. After all he was human , We called it H.E.A.R Human emotion and reaction . And I have witness that with him, it didn’t shift my reality to who I saw behind that .

    I certaintly have witness him both at St Hill and else where like the ship unable to pass simple instructions to indies and the lack of know-how and the comprehension. Still it went on regardless and tough times indeed/ some pulling through, others no/ and left.
    So for me I didn’t work with a mad man and I don’t beleive or did I witness Mc Master having that opinion at least from the time at St Hill, and when John was seeing LRH daily during his time in Qual and on the clearing course.
    The skeltons can tell you that because they were there aswell as a lardge number of other old timers which easily can be named ( of which I don’t like to or should, but who worked with Mc Master and LRH at St Hill ,
    Obviously Mc Master’s experience you might have see towards the end whilst on the ship didn’t go well, or yours for that matter . You cut and ran .
    I would hate to think all along Mc Master thought LRH to have been a man man . I just don’t beleive it.

  141. OK, thanks Marty, I did not know, as I am a newcomer myself. This was the first post of his that I have seen. In and of itself, it seems pretty mild. Thanks for letting me know.

  142. Thank you for taking the time to write all this. I saw that some of this affected me too to a degree and now I see how it came about and I can work on weeding it out of my behavior.

    There was a whole “chapter” at the base where we were all told sternly over and over and over again to watch who you are talking to, who you are sitting next to at meals….that person may be really letting the team down and screwing everyone over. Exactly this same technique from Noth Korea. I guess miscavige read up on these wonderful practices. He would say that he is getting so much non-compliance and so much is getting done wrong that “everyone” needed to be aware of who was doing this. His robot junior executives would then push this farther down the entire organization and make sure everyone was suspicious about everyone else at all times.

    So if you were looking too happy or friendly or talked to anyone for too long, it was grounds to be accused of having similar overts to them and you needed to be investigated.

    Trouble is while you were looking around the room at your friends and coworkers wondering what to really think of them they were doing the same thing to you. It was very unsettling to say the least.

    I wondered if there was something wrong with me after I got out because I didn’t demonstrate affection very much even though I felt it. Well yes, there was, and that’s how it developed. Now I can undo it a lot easier. Thanks IAMV.

  143. Marty,
    My 2-D has become an addict since I first turned her on to your blog. First, reading it, now commenting. It’s after 1:00pm and she still hasn’t eaten anytthing but is posting instead! We hardly ever have 2-D time anymore.
    Will you please handle her for me? 🙂

  144. Dear Marty

  145. martyrathbun09

    Thank you Eric.

  146. Every subject has its own jargon. There are a comparatively small amount of terms in Scientology vs. many other subjects. Calling something what it really is does not need to be disturbing. But take the little bit of time required to find out what those terms mean and it will make more sense to you. You can’t pass your math course if you don’t learn what “quotient” means. It sure is a wierd word though. You can’t play music properly without knowing what “pianissimo” means but it sounds funny. If you get used to the words and know what they mean it will make sense, just like any other subject.

  147. Li'll bit of stuff

    Superb narrative Valkov, and managed to fill in
    a bucketful of unanswered questions for me.
    Thank you sir.

  148. Let’s not kid ourselves. Once DM is gone (rotting in jail, or enjoying his ill-gotten loot in some country where he won’t be extradited), the media will target LRH and his philosophy. Tony Ortega has no intention whatsoever of picking up the cans or taking an honest look at the materials. He KNOWS it’s all crap and that LRH was a nutcase. How does he know it? Well, because he is unable to differentiate. He may be an ally for the time being but he certainly isn’t our friend. At best, he is a necessary evil.

  149. Hello John P.
    Did my best to answer your questions.
    How would someone receiving services determine whether what they’re being given is the real deal or “black”?
    As communication is the foundation of any successful auditing (pc feels better, brighter and happier) there are few people arriving for auditing that have not, minimally, done a communications course. If an auditor violated the basic principles set forth even in the simplest communication course that was formerly offered in the church, it would be very obvious to the person receiving it. If the pc was trained as an auditor earlier on, such as myself, even if only briefly, the auditor’s incorrect application stands out like a sore thumb. The whole concept here is “for the guy getting auditing to address something problematic to him/her and then deal with it. The way it is supposed to work is smoothly with the benefit of the pc the total goal as below. This is how I see good auditing:
    One would know they were speaking to someone truly interested in helping them that was genuinely listening. It would be safe to communicate. What the person thought was true for them would be acknowledged and they would and should have minimally a realization or calming of a former area of upset. I think your question might be answered by: What does is feel like when auditing goes well? To have an area of travail that has worried one, been a problem, or “charged” as they say in scn, disappear and be replaced by a calm with a little jolt of happiness mixed in is my best description.
    When auditing is done incorrectly as set forth in the auditor training courses, one becomes more introverted, self critical, sad and generally weakened spiritually.
    The current church is doing the reverse (black) of what I earlier experienced as beneficial auditing as THEY tell you what you have charge (negative energy) on and THEY tell you when you are supposed to be fning….The last auditing I had at the AO in the Los Angeles area was not auditing as all. The auditor did not hear anything I said. Having had much wonderful auditing in the past and some crappy auditing in the past also, I knew the difference and left forever.

    Is it simply that anything not specifically according to LRH policies is black, by definition?
    No. I think in this context the term black means reversed.
    Marty’s book details this.

    Or is there some specific characteristics of what Miscavige is doing that turn it from “white” to “black” by virtue of a specific set of actions or specific types of changes to Hubbard’s versions of processes and practices?
    Yes, there are specific changes to Hubbard’s original works that are VERY detrimental as they are being done now. In a nutshell, the current church is only concerned with selling auditing at the highest possible price and not concerned at all with the welfare or improvement of the person buying it.

    Are these alterations something that people can look at and spot before they experience it, so they can bail out in time?
    Yes, if you’re not brainwashed….by the slow erosion that has occurred over the last 30 years. When the current church changed the definition of a FN, I noticed it immediately.
    My last sessions in the church I kept thinking, what wrong with this auditor? Can’t he read the meter?

  150. Li'll bit of stuff

    Never know Tony, mebbe one day some of “those”
    GAT artefacts may fetch something on an auction.
    Along the lines of… “This silver cigarette case once
    belonged to Adolf Hitler!….Do I have any offers?? “

  151. Nice website Les.

  152. People leave when they can’t get real Scientology. All ARC Breaks are caused by “No Auditing.” Katie is no dummy.

  153. Ortega liked the book. But he does not like Hubbard or Scientology.

    Ortega sees no value whatsoever in Scientology, and he has no incentive to look for it. Given where he is, his review of Marty’s book is as good as it can be.

    As an aside, I would love for Mike or Marty to give Ortega a pinch-test, so he can break free from his idiotic opinion that the meter is a scam.

  154. The word “squirrel” compares a squirrel that jumps from branch to branch to a person who does not complete one activity to the end but starts a new activity and a new activity and a new activity here and there. Hence the term.

  155. Li'll bit of stuff

    aWog—you don’t say!

  156. What is very puzzling to me is that while there are definitely some who had close contact with LRH who feel the way you do, there are many – a few of whom are good friends, whose observational skills and judgment I respect – who also had close contact with him, and came away loving and greatly admiring the man.

    What exactly do you mean by “insane” as applies to what you saw? How about some examples (other than fits of temper which I don’t think come close to warranting the “insane” moniker)?

    I know some believe LRH’s state of case is irrelevant to the workability of his discoveries. I don’t particularly share that belief, which is why the issue of LRH’s state of case has always held some fascination for me, albeit peripheral. An interesting book of interviews could be compiled along the lines of “Reminiscences of LRH”, as has been done often with other historical figures.

  157. Oooppss, I meant SKM (not KSW)

  158. Genius and madness often go together.
    A little bit of research will show that many of the great discoverers, scientists, inventors and doers had streaks of nonconformity running through them. Some could be kindly called quirky and some were outright loopy, yet what they produced stands on its own. These aspects are not mutually exclusive.

  159. Li'll bit of stuff

    The perverse thing is, Sam, that he probably gets a real “kick” out of having his ass kicked, ( the S & M band on the tone scale, and with whoooooo ? ) By the time this saga is finally over, I think we are going to be quite nauseous to hear of just how this depraved psycho has actually “gotten his rocks off”
    …..perfect fodder for the tabloids, BTW, IMHO.

  160. Li'll bit of stuff

    palehorse, I feel that it’s Simple who has the most
    to hide! Simple? Anything to add?

  161. E.J. Croughs

    Go Davey go!
    If Katie is just a taste of what GAT II will do, please relaese it immediately, now!

  162. Tony Ortega’s Blogcomments are pretty much a hate camp when it comes to scientology. His review is playing to his audience and his creation. Had he not been in touch with the likes of Marty and Mike and many others for a long period now, his “review” would be much worse and lack even more understanding of the subject and issues. He and his tribe need everyone hating Hubbard, and anything short of that leaves them unfullfilled. They will gladly blame and hate DM, but they need more. As long as Marty, Mike and anyone else wants to provide cover for Hubbard, they too are targets. The justification of that cover I leave to each to decide on its merits.
    That blog is often a vile outlet for some real jerks and self important types; ie Skip Press. Ortega’s saving grace is that he can see the difference between the current church and the independents. At least thats something. And the Blog keeps the abuses in the light. I am not as disappointed as you, EXSO, as i didnt expect any more.

  163. He is rotting right here.

  164. Hi Robert, Yes, and with that false statement he even cancelled the certificates of even Class VIII and Class XII auditors trained by LRH himself, and thousands more successful, working auditors who were trained exactly as LRH laid down they should be trained — studying LRH lectures, model sessions and films. Fortunately many have applied the old formula inherent in Scientology 8-8008 in regards to anything DM says: the attainment of infinity (the power to clear people through auditing) by the reduction of the apparent infinity of the material universe to zero (devaluation anything DM says) and the increase from the apparent zero of the individual’s own universe (and power to be your own authority) to infinity. Obviously this formula can be applied to many different things. The main point here is to recognize that DM, being an SP, has no inherent power. And the actual power he’s abdicated is ours to pick up and utilize.

    The “auditors” who are being trained in the Church produce confusion.

  165. “What are your crimes!?”

  166. Li'll bit of stuff

    Bulls-eye SKM!

  167. I don’t think Tony Ortega is evil.
    He just didn’t grasp the concept.

    As you say, he can’t differentiate.
    A good start for Tony would be the original Data-Series.
    He depends on ‘wrong source’ too often.

  168. See his posts on Village Voice (655 comments), such as (the last paragraph will give you the idea if you don’t want to read the whole thing):

    “The telling sentence in your above comment is this: “I have for very many years considered that CO$ uses just about all SCN reversely.” The implications leading from this are exactly the point of difference between Indies/Freezone (apologies in lumping these two groups together if I don’t have enough detailed understanding to appreciate and articulate the differences between them) and the critic world.

    Your statement presupposes that “white” Scientology is inherently good and that the cult is bad because it practices a secret, “black” Scientology that looks similar to but which is utterly different from the inherently “good” version. That doesn’t fit the facts that I see and it doesn’t fit the Occam’s Razor concept in philosophy.

    The critic’s model is that Scientology may indeed have started out with the best of intentions, but the absolutism, extremism and complexity layered on top of whatever inherent “good” may exist in the abstract beliefs, means that the belief set is inherently on a tilted landscape. Without constant vigilance on the part of members with an already well-developed moral sense, Scientology practice will inherently slide towards the black end of the spectrum. Gravity wins when you relax. Shit always flows downhill.

    In other words, critics believe that the cult is evil not because Miscavige is adept at practicing “black” tech that Hubbard either didn’t see or that he tried to suppress, but because he is practicing the one single flavor of Scientology far more aggressively than Hubbard ever did. In this view (which I share), the harder you practice Scientology, the more evil it gets. It’s not an either/or choice to do inherently good “white” Scientology versus inherently bad “black” Scientology.

    In other words, Miscavige is not the Satan to Hubbard’s Christ-like purity; Miscavige is Hubbard 2.0, featuring new and improved levels of viciousness and paranoia, though without the charisma and the ability to entertain with his tall tales that actually attracts followers.”


  169. Oh damn, that would be me because whenever I am… Hey, look at that pretty butterfly sitting on the… I forgot to finish folding my socks…

  170. “We hardly ever have 2-D time anymore.”

    You could get a 2nd 2-D. Just make sure they both have only one computer, so they could not post at the same time. 🙂

  171. Thomas More

    Tom has it in his power to be a Von Stauffenberg in real life, but he has not yet made the connection. One would think this loss might bring about at least a willingness to look or to question, but what will it take for him to reach critical mass and wake up? Well, we all had our breaking points, it took many of us years, but I hope it will be soon, for his sake as well…
    Yeah, the a-b-c-d is right on.

  172. May I remind the Tony Ortega-hating camp that while he will likely never embrace Scientology, he certainly makes a deeply important distinction between Scientology, Inc. and the indies.

    This is his response to the Marty/indie-bashers on his own blog:

    Tony Ortega: “Those of you who read me regularly know that I have quite a bit of fun writing about L. Ron Hubbard’s history and ideas. However, I have to say, those of our commenters who rail so loudly at ex-Scientologists (and the mugging Bruce Hines got today is particularly depressing) might want to keep in mind: in my 17 years of reporting on this subject, I have yet to run across a single incident of disconnection, fair game, or imprisonment committed by an ex-Scientologist, whether they adhere to Hubbard’s ideas or not. Please try to keep this in mind: it’s really easy to call exes names simply because of their beliefs (not practices), but you don’t look very good doing it.”

    In other words, we do not have to agree in order to be civil toward one another.

  173. Yes, it most certainly is not.

    And I didn’t “talk myself into that.” If USED PROPERLY, it helps find things that hold you back and make you feel negative about your life. There are not a lot of people who trained properly to use the E-meter. But you know when you hit on something, because the meter is doing a very particular thing while the person holding the cans is talking about something very very significant. Good, bad or ugly. It isn’t a ten-minute thing to learn it–it’s days and weeks and lots of fine-tuned ability to observe what’s in front of you while your preclear is going through all kinds of upsetting things, or great things. And you use the meter to bring him out of the bad things so they don’t bother him anymore.

    That’s pretty damn good in my book. I have personally helped so many people with it that I am at peace with my earlier contributions “to the world” in making it better. And I’d like to get back to it again someday soon. It was more rewarding than anything else I have done as a profession or volunteer activity in my life.

    Anyone who faults the E-meter either has no clue about it or has trained on it incorrectly. If they actually correctly learned a little bit of it they would have to admit they are wrong. It takes a big person to admit that but there are a lot of them out there now–it’s good to switch over to the truth instead of some fixed idea you formulated based on….who knows what…. misunderstanding and misapplication.

    There are better ways to train now out in the indie world and the real bottom line with E-meter training, COMMUNICATION, has been rubbed out of existence in Scn Inc. (and replaced with being a robot) but remains strong outside the “church.”

  174. If it is that bad you better do run because there was no one there who communicated, obviously. So there was no chance to achieve any understanding in such “ethics”-cycles (probably better called “moral”-cycles).

  175. Yes in regards to Anne and Elsie, I wonder if they have been thrown under the bus for the fallout with Katie. That’s typical DM style. I know as it happened to me as an auditor and my C/S in a similar situation back in 1997. DM getting rid of his last 2 techies in RTC. Sucks to be Miscavige Dave, eh?

  176. +1 I would like some specific incidents, actual details. If they do exist. No opinion or rumor please. I have heard so many good specific incidents from those who worked with him.

  177. I respectfully disagree. I don’t expect anything different on Tony’s blog except mostly comments maligning Marty and Mike. However, what I like to see is that Tony’s “like” audience on Facebook has gone from 500 or so to 1100 in the few weeks since the Katy/Cruice split was announced. Meaning more are following Tony and in so doing are hearing and reading more about what is going on. He has 1100 unique followers and there are just a few dozen at best who post comments. Same probably can be said of Marty’s blog. Many more lurkers than posters.

    I also found his review of Marty’s book pretty good actually. He is not about to become a scientologist but so what? He is very clear that the beliefs are not what he is really concerned about but the abuses. To that end, he has reported and continues to report on those abuses.

    If he makes fun of the Orders of the Day from the Apollo and other things – why have such thin skin? So what?

    It shouldn’t change your love for LRH or the tech — basically you don’t have to react and start getting your own knickers in a knot.

    Seriously — if its troubling to read his blog and the comments, for heavens sake don’t read them. You don’t have to get it off in session that you’ve read his blog or didn’t. It’s all up to you.

    The world isn’t going to all of a sudden accept scientology, the independents or recognize the difference between LRH’s tech and what dm has done to it. THAT takes one on one explanation — over and over and over for people to GET IT.

    Marty has done a stellar job with his book. I’ve given it to several people. It cleared up a great deal for me and I said so on Ortega’s site only to have several beat the sh** out of me — so what. I’m still standing 🙂


  178. There’s a little bit of truth in this, but the majority of it makes me want to throw up. I began as a member of the “white” and later of the “black” as it began creeping in, and when I finally saw how friggin’ black it was made I got the hell out.

    I say this from over 35 year of experience living it, not observing it from a desk or interview room. And now I’m living without the Black, and found some others who still do the White and have begun to benefit from it greatly again.

    Unless you’ve been in there and have the experience to compare then and now, I don’t see how you can possibly make truthful decisions or judgements about it. I appreciate the exposure of the black ops, but the rest of the comments about the earlier stuff is BS. Sorry Tony, you got that part WRONG. I experienced totally different things than what you say, and I was there, you weren’t.

  179. You missed some things.
    If you really want to understand the “power” of Miscavige and how he implemented it within the Church of “Scientology”, please read the following Blog-Post on Scientology-Cult.com:

    Hubbard was no Saint, he never said that, and we know that (well, the majority of us knows).
    We don’t need nor want a “perfect” Hubbard.
    We study his works, we understand his journey.
    We have lots of admiration for this man.

    Following the above link you will see how Miscavige got rid of all the people who were technically better skilled than him. And how it comes, that Scientology-Church became a Cult, isolated from the outside world.

  180. Just FYI, that post was by John P., not Tony.

  181. GR, you nailed it!

  182. You deserve your Freedom away from Scientology – enjoy.
    Perhaps you are the only sane person, along with McMaster of course on this planet?
    I wonder just what has to occur for you to understand something?

  183. Tony Ortega right now: LAPD treats Alexander’s dead as suspicious. Enquiry!

  184. Christine, apropos of Ortega making fun of the Orders of the Day, what I find interesting is that every time I read Ortega’s “headline” poking fun at “The Commodore”, and then I go and read the actual LRH OOD, I am almost always impressed with what the old man was communicating.

    LRH is actually a very hard guy to make fun of. There are so few terminals of comparable magnitude. For one thing (among many), I’d be surprised if there were any more than a handful of people on this planet who could approach LRH just in terms of volume of output (books, bulletins, policies, lectures, on and on).

    I’m sorry, but raving psychos simply cannot produce like LRH did.

  185. Thanks Gato Rojo, charge blowing over here on that indication.

  186. And Karen’s post in there is utterly traumatizing.

  187. It looks like Katie missed some WHs

    Miscavige, you are not welcome.

  188. No matter what the outcome of lawsuits such as this, the media reports act just like a Knowledge Report, broadly published. The public will rightfully condemn Miscavige and his creepy cult for these abuses.

  189. It sure is explosive. Good for Laura Ann DeCrescenzo. I wish her extreme success in her case against these monsters!
    ps. The partial list of charges is outrageous. Shut ’em down!!

  190. Publius: I too have enjoyed reading the Orders of the Day (OODs) and am constantly amazed how ahead of the game he was —


  191. Dedicated to all who are still in.

  192. I agree.
    Tony Ortega is a smart guy but he never tried the tech and now he has a vested interest to stay an LRH basher. He serves his purpose.
    I do think that his article on Marty was a cheap and low class shot.

  193. Tom Gallagher

    If there is any doubt that POB is a full blown sociopath, then listen from the viewpoint of a Class 12 Case Supervisor. ‘Nuff said on that point.

    Here’s POB in all his fucked-up glory (or is that gory).

  194. Globetrotter

    This is kinda off-topic, Marty… I just finished reading your book. The most important thing I have to say about it is


    I especially loved the last two chapters. The book was like auditing to me. It blew charge. I left the Sea Org which was painful to some degree because I agreed with the purpose, I worked day and night to HELP – in my experience, most people in the SO are honestly there to help and do so every day, to the degree they are allowed to do so, i.e. left alone by Miscavige/RTC/CMO to do what’s in LRH policy. I left because I would not agree to be herded like sheep and I definitely felt like the direction was too often weird and illogical – my Data Series-loving BS meter read too high too often. Interestingly, the toughest time and the tipping point for me was when I experienced first hand how it is to work directly in the vicinity of Miscavige (at the opening of one of his “Ideal Orgs”), where he descended on us with a CMO/WDC team of Miscavige-style cold chrome steel (TM) trained execs with an infinite number of ways to make people wrong for anything and the opposite, and they (including DM) stayed around for a few weeks. OMG that was insane. I didn’t suspect Miscavige was the SOURCE of the madness that was spewing from the cold chrome steel (TM) team he brought with him… AT the time, I thought Miscavige was the OT of OTs and looked up to him with awe. I just knew I was in PROTEST against the insanity that was going on non-stop, 24/7. I didn’t know Miscavige was the 3rd party who probably briefed his crew every day about the CSMFs in the org who couldn’t do anything right. After a while, I had enought of being expected to behave like sheep, and I felt that instead of “total freedom” there might be a slaughterhouse at the end of that road… after all, that’s where sheep end up. Turns out my perception was right and in retrospect, while I haven’t regretted my time in the SO at all (if it doesn’t kill you it makes you stronger, doesn’t it), I am very glad I left.

    I am right there with you in my observations and eventually I may surprise you with something I am working on putting together 🙂

    Thank you for this great book. I’m very glad I had the chance to read it.

  195. Karen has posted several times on Tony’s blog…she is a warrior and won’t let Alexander’s death be in vain.

  196. Globetrotter

    As Marty correctly pointed out, in the world of Miscavige, PR is everything. Which obviously makes saying bad things about anything connected to LRH and/or Scientology (but especially DM of course) double high crimes, which should result in instant declaration, etc.

    To be free, you’d do well to get rid of that indoctrination. Free people can observe and confront anything. Someone makes fun of LRH – so what? They don’t understand. It’s mostly ignorance and a reaction – Scientologists are bad, they say LRH is good so he must be bad. That’s how many critics actually think. Or actually, they don’t – they react. Humour is a protest against something you find unreal.

    Reacting by condemning that reaction is actually pretty pointless – it is a reactive exchange as you can see happening on blogs and forums. It is a waste of time. Most of the time it is all of 2 or 3 “pro” and the same number of “con” people bashing each other, playing the same broken records over and over, on both sides. Why bother?

    I personally prefer returning to the very basics of what Scientology is all about. Be willing to experience anything. Grant beingness to others. What is true for you is true. Great advice.

    The world isn’t there to please you. You don’t need it to. Let everyone have their opinion, keep your integrity, think in long term survival concepts, do what you believe is right and get on with your life. That’s what the church and DM can not do and look where it got them.

  197. John Ps post and the subsequent discussion made me decide to jump in.
    Like him, I am not in Scientology, but have become fascinated by the subject.

    In the 90s I began spiritual seeking which led to exploring New Age, traditional Christianity, Eastern faiths, and Scientology. I ended up with Zen, have a daily zazen practice, belong to a sangha, have a great teacher, and it’s working for me. There are also some similarities with some of Scientology.

    My Scientology experience involved trying to read several of the LRH books (found them very tough to read), listening to a lot of lectures, and visiting two churches. One of the churches was scary, when I heard some screaming coming from a back room – not sure if it was a process or a breakdown. I only recently stopped getting mail, nearly 20 years later.

    I tried to “get it”, but gave up. In hindsight, this was fortunate, and I avoided a lot of grief had I gotten more involved, especially based on the human rights issues described in these blogs.

    After the 90s, there was a long pause until last summer. Janet Reitman’s book came out. I read it and my interest was renewed, mainly in what’s happened to the Church and the Independents. Then, I had an accident, broke some bones, and was immobilized for several months. During this time, I got familiar with this blog, the Village Voice, and with other on-line happenings. I read all the books by former members, learned the terminology and jargon, and started to care about the people who post here. I contributed to the defense fund and voted for the FBI investigation, in support of the human rights issues being fought out in these blogs.

    Long story short, I have again become fascinated by the subject, but am not “in it”. I deeply admire many of the posters here, their courage and brilliance. There are some great insights and wisdom.

    The book What Is Wrong with Scientology fills a need for me. Most of the other books don’t explain the Bridge the way this book does. LRH needs an interpreter and synthesizer – for me, the LRH books are beyond hard-to-read. I feel there is some good in the Technology, and my hope is Marty’s book is the first of several books that explain it.

    My gut tells me there are many other sincere non-Scientologists like me interested beyond the beginner level, and who support the end of the human right abuses. I have no agenda beyond that, but continue to be deeply interested and supportive. Thanks for letting me post.

  198. Regarding Tony Ortega’s latest article one thing comes to mind. If it hasn’t happened already, Alexander’s wife and in-laws should know by midnight what it feels like to be on the receiving end of disconnection. Miscavige and OSA will cut off that family with lightening speed. It’s called Karma.. If anyone is on their facebook list of friends, it might be interesting to see if their “friend count” starts dropping.

    Unlike Lisa McPherson, Alexander wasn’t on church property when things went south. He was in a private home. This affords the cult the opportunity to distance themselves in a major way. Unless, of course, there are pesky phone records that connect them. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

    DM, there’s no stopping this train wreck.

  199. Pat, I agree it is explosive. Shut`em down, I second that!!!!!!!!!!!!

  200. EK:
    Your dates don’t really match accounts by the Gang of 5 who were in La Quinta http://www.scientology-cult.com/secret-history-of-david-miscavige.html and I have never heard of you, having been in the household staff from 1978 at La Quinta, which I should have – there weren’t too many in that unit. What gives? Who was in the HU with you at the time?

  201. “B/S Series”…..perfect! 🙂

  202. Oh yeah, smack those artists around and fair game them! Declare them, send them to Texas as thugs to road rage on Marty! Let it rip! They have to pay to play with DM’s posse. Make sure you fair game her on your anti Marty blog too! I don’t want to be the only one! When is Katie’s name going up there with mine? The secret police stalk and harass entertainers that will not tow the line! You fu&*%^g thugs! Get everyone in the Church drilled on the DM valence!

  203. John P. – Here is an actual account of reverse scientology brought down to local organization level for the purpose of “containing a flap” and “punishing” a presumed “rogue agent”
    Then I have recently expanded on that earlier comment, but both postings are heavy with Scientology terminology:

  204. EXSO,
    IMHO Tony Ortega is simply doing what he believes in and that is increasing his readership and his bottom line. His basic motivations are reflected by his actions and his words.

    The credibility of Ortega is derived from the truth that others that make up the independent movement have been willing to communicate.

  205. Pingback: Marty takes off what’s left of his gloves

  206. LTC Forever

    I think this is what would be called mass paranoia.

  207. LTC Forever

    I’m still reading a book that Marty recommended “The Sociopath Next Door.” I’ve been finding quite a few things that really indicate. Check this out:

    “And this is exactly what happens to the human mind when emotional attachment and conscience are missing. Life is reduced to a contest, and other human beings seem nothing more than game pieces, to be moved about, used as shields, or ejected.”

    “Controlling others – winning – is more compelling than anything (or anyone) else.”

    “I have heard sociopaths speak of feeling “empty” or even “hollow.” And I say this because what sociopaths envy, and may seek to destroy as part of the game, is usually something in the character structure of a person with conscience, and strong characters are often specially targeted by sociopaths.”

    Indicates to anyone? I think the 3rd paragraph is especially telling.

  208. Agreed. You get these guys figure-figuring on how the meter is “supposed to work”, that it is a crude lie-detector, blah, blah, blah.

    I really don’t care how it works mechanically. It doesn’t take much to see that it does work if you are willing to look and have good coaching. My favorite “anti-emeter” video on YouTube is one where these idiot anon kids “prove” the meter is “BS” because they can influence the meter by squeezing the cans! They are jumping up and down like Cruise on Oprah because they think they figured it out.

    Man, one of these days I will take one of these detractors and throw him (always a “him,” by the way) into a GPM… then get him out of it. He’ll see Jesus then!

  209. SWEEEEEEEEET. Huh if she wins then all us EXSO could have a class action suit.

  210. Makes no sense to me. Why deliberately deliver reverse auditing. If it is true their marriage was orchestrated, then why suddenly sabotage it, knowing it would draw negative media to it’s attention.

  211. There is a personality that the Cult of Scientology – Corporate Miscavige – creates – I have seen it in just a handful of people – and they are the HARD COIRE one’s! It is the personality of David Miscavige and Tom Cruise has it. There were three or four in the Org I had received services from – and they are NUTS! They have no emotion – no compassion – no empathy. They are like walking DAVEBOTS – and really have no human qualities that I admired at all.

    TOM CRUISE – come out of your trance and WAKE THE F^$#@ UP!!

    He is such a sick man who is ruining his life!!

  212. Li'll bit of stuff

    Nice one, Christine, love the insouciance, BTW!

  213. Joe Pendleton

    C’mon Max – get creative. Both of you take off your clothes; snuggle up in bed with your laptop and read a little, type a little, kiss a little … let’s get some multi-tasking going on here – get these dynamics working together, brother!

  214. Y’all are welcome. The narrative really belongs to the authors of the book I took it from – “How Full Is Your Bucket?”. I have a text fileofposts Ihave made in the past, and this is one I saved because it seemed so on target for what posters here were reporting having experienced first-hand at the hands of the Church of Miscavige.

    “Quickie grades” may not be “reverse processes” as such, but to me they smack of sending folks “up the pole” – like getting a person quickly high on a drug – the person will most likely crash badly down the road.

    But beyond that kind of misapplication of the tech, there is the “black” and “reverse” stuff being done, very similar to the methods described in the brainwashing story.

    It’s likely the “quickie” stuff is likely being done so folks can be regged for large sums of money while they are “high”, before they come down. Miscavige doesn’t care if the person crashes after he gets on the faux OT levels – by that time the person has parted with hundreds of thousands of dollars and has no more to give, and as Leon tells Rick Deckard in “BladeRunner”…… “Wake up. It’s time to die”. That is how Miscavige solves the problem of having failed to deliver – he kills the victims as his “final solution”. And he doesn’t have to lift a finger to do it – they, like the POWs in North Korea, just lie down somewhere and die.

  215. Jean-François Genest

    Awesome! Go Laura !!!! 🙂

  216. ROTFL–all 4 paws in the air.

  217. Jean-François Genest

    Very good post. Thank you for your insight and observations. They are valid.

  218. LTC, that book sounds interesting. I am going to check it out.

    I wonder if the concept of ‘unintentional sociopaths’ exists, or if it lurks within most people. The reason I say this, I was recently railroaded out of a company a few weeks ago after 2 years of dedicated service. Problems started when my sector experience clashed with my managers’ non-experience, combined with their inability to just stop and listen, and their inability to admit error. But they are all good and kind people with great skills themselves. Out of respect, I just absorbed it for 2 years. When their errors began creating tremendous workload for me, their decisions began creating more problems, my opinion was continually squashed, and stress overtook me…. I reached a breaking point and spoke up about it in an attempt to resolve. Well my gosh good grief… I was instantly viewed as the problem, they gossiped negatively about me to other managers and general staff, they distorted the facts beyond belief, they intentionally sabotaged my work, they sought to find dirt on me, they blamed everything on me with zero admission of error on their part, they started to suggest I had mental problems to others because I became depressed over it including crying sometimes on breaks, they actually ignored every single issue I brought up and instead responded with argument fallacies, and so much more to the point of literally firing me claiming I didn’t have the best intentions for the company when my desire to resolve the issues were only about bettering the company. And when I threatened to sue for wrongful dismissal and workplace bullying, it all became something to giggle about including by fellow staff members. Basically… in a way, I was labelled as a suppressive person. Yet like I said they were good people. They weren’t like Miscavige, but they became abusive like Miscavige. It’s truly shocking to observe what people become out of fear of being exposed and out of fear of having to admit any faults.

  219. Penny, John P., et al,

    LRH defined the purpose of auditing as “to increase the ARC of the pre-clear”. Period.

    He further defined the difference between a good auditor and a bad auditor.

    A good auditor grants beingness and increases the ARC of the preclear. A bad auditor tries to create an effect on the preclear. In other words, a good auditor helps the preclear be more at cause. A bad auditor is placing the preclear more and more at effect.

    I can’t name the exact lecture, but I’m pretty sure it is one of the early lectures in the 4th London ACC series.

    It’s the difference between night and day.

    Folks like Tony Ortega or John P.are clueless because they have never applied or even tried to apply the practical applications(technology) of Scientology. They are spectators. They stay uninvolved, keep the subject at arms-length. They are detached, perhaps dissociated into an academic, intellectualizing mode. I would guess neither one has even done the exercises in the Self Analysis book, which one can do in the privacy of his own home or office.

    Or listen to one of many CDs on which LRH is recorded delivering Group Processing. These people have found a comfortable level of identity, and they don’t want that shaken up, and will reject anything they see as possibly invalidating their stable data. Thus they do not dare actually get involved.

    They are comfortable as they are. They don’t feel a “Need of Change”.

    Remember, that’s the Awareness Characteristic a person needs to be at, to become involved with actually doing any Scientology.

    People who are not at that awareness characteristic are not “bad people”. They are just not prospects for actually learning and doing any Scientology.

    LRH himself is reputed to have said “Scientology is not for everyone.”

    When these folks need/want Scientology, they will seek it out and learn the how-to of it. Until then, they are still basically good people. (Although we may at times wish they would go play somewhere else! 🙂 )

    But what kind of Scientologists would we be, if we only tolerated folks who completely agreed with us?

  220. threefeetback

    Yeah, LRH actually did the grade chart himself.

  221. Thanks for your communication.

  222. At the VERY LEAST Flag is terribly confused. Staff need to find out where they are!
    The blind leading the blind think they are at a mecca of technical perfection.
    Those exterior to the scene realize it is a mess of technical degrades.

  223. Yes SKM, I love that photo!

    The “boys” are grinning and yukking it up, and Katie is listening intently and like “Are they really saying those things????”

  224. Maybe because Miscavige “can’t have” a 2D for Tom?
    He is jealous.
    TC is DMs idol. And he wants to eat him.

  225. I would like to add my “thank you”, Marty, for the book. I finished it and am starting over again (“times over materials…”. ) Like Globetrotter, I found the book blew a lot of charge; it is probably saving me an intensive of repair once I get back into the pc chair. About 20 years of junk is blowing off and I have gained various latent abilities, to my surprise.

  226. What makes you suspect Simple of hiding anything?

  227. What is all the suspicion about? Does it truly matter? If John P. were a recently defected preclear asking the very same questions would it affect your answer to the question? (If, in fact, you were to answer his question.)

  228. Meant to add this to the last post –

  229. Bravo Ubiquilo! It seems to me you have expressed a core sentiment of a great deal of non-scientologists who are both fascinated and horrified by the manifestations of the intricate web of the day-to-day life of a Scientologist.

  230. Another Forbes Article http://www.forbes.com/sites/peterjreilly/2012/07/17/should-scientology-entities-be-recognized-as-exempt-oranizations-part-1/ “The agreement was leaked in 1997. Although the IRS has never confirmed it, there seems to be little doubt that the leaked document is genuine. The most surprising, some might say shocking, aspect of the agreement was that the IRS gave up on the deduction issue for “auditing” after having won it in the Supreme Court.”

  231. More bad PR for Miscavige;

    Scientology may face new troubles after Cruise’s divorce

    Now the major newspapers that are not connected to Rupert Murdoch are reporting on disconnection and the church splitting up.

  232. I am a 37 year veteran Scientologist and I highly recommend what I have just done- Find out for Yourself, Think for Yourself and finally Decide for Yourself, no matter what you decide or the consequences.

    It has taken considerable effort to even consider a shift of viewpoint let alone make one. What moved me was the sudden death of a dear friend and another friend’s resignation from the Church.

    Although I was very reluctant to dig in and research,  holding tightly to my firmly held, “loyal Church member” viewpoint, I finally realized I was operating contrary to my own beliefs and demands on my fellows. Thus began my search for truth by confronting the very things that had been plaguing me and not-ised as out-points for years.

    However, before I could even proceed, I had to wade through a sea of what turned out to be falsehoods regarding individuals who had “disaffected”.   Surprise! They are not anti-LRH or anti-Scientology or  anti-Standard Tech.  On the contrary,  I found that most are very dedicated, true-blue Scientologists.   Factual, documented abuses that would hold up in a court of law and in fact did hold up in the case of Debbie Cook were what tipped the scales in most of their cases.

    My search for truth continued following the chain of things that made no sense to me, i.e. I could not figure for the life of me where all the high echelon terminals that I had a great deal of admiration for had vanished.  Mr/ Heber Jentzsch (Pres CSI), Mr. Guilleme Leserve (ED INT),Mr. Ray Mithoff (Snr C/S Int), Mr. Marc Yager (CO CMO INT), let alone Exec Strata.

    I wish I could say that I found the “Independents” to be spreading a pack of lies.  That would have been so much easier to confront.   However, I regret to say it was quite the opposite. 

    That said, as a point of integrity, while remaining a dedicated Scientologist, I hereby announce that after a very thorough independent research I agree that the Church, under the leadership of David Miscavige is truly a cult in the worst sense of the word and needs to be disbanded.

    I want to make it clear, however, that I am not resigning from standard Scientology. But, I am most certainly withdrawing my support of any terminals that I do not trust and their programs, particularly and especially Mr. David Miscavige and his devotees.

    Admittedly, this is a bit scary for me.  Like jumping off the cliff without a parachute.    But I have some soothing words that have helped me cure the heebie-jeebies… “Never explain– your friends do not need it and your enemies will not believe you anyway.”  Elbert Hubbard- The Motto Book- 1907

    I also know and trust myself sufficiently to know that my intentions are good and that I am operating in a pro-survival fashion.   In fact, it is way upscale to be willing to shift one’s viewpoint!

    That said, I am fully willing to be “wrong” in my viewpoint shift and discover that I was fooled by the best of them and that the Independents are the “bad guys” after all.
    I will take that risk and if in the end, I was “wrong“, I will assume full responsibility, assign myself the appropriate condition and move on up in the group once again.

    In ending, my appeal to each and every Scientologist, no matter whether you are with the established Church or the Independents or sitting on the fence undecided- do what I just did- Find out for Yourself, Think for Yourself and then you decide. 

    All the best to you in your search for truth.

    Best, Cara Voca (an alias name- at least until I fill my coffers as I expect I will lose my job once my identity is revealed by virtue of getting unjustly declared and the enforced disconnection that inevitably follows)

  233. On the 15th, the case of Alexander was mentioned in a comment in a public internet discussion of Scientology after a posting by web.de. This discussion received over 1000 comments. So assumably this information has been read by a fair amount of people.

  234. DAE, I see that book as an additional resource to what I have learned in Dianetics and Scientology including on the subject of anti-social personality. Though author notes that sociopaths are only 4%, I think sociopathy as lack of conscience, empathy, and responsibility for one’s acts is really an epidemic. Just think of the amount of viciousness that takes place even in high schools for example. Almost any show on TV these days celebrates irresponsibility and a lack of concern for others or even being mildly malicious. Also, there is a mechanism by which otherwise good people can assume anti-social characteristics especially when under direct influence of a sociopath. In Scientology jargon these would be called mild-suppresives. Many people can certainly relate to the fact that subordinates begin to behave very much like their leaders do.

    I have workd in corporate a lot, and I can quite safely generalize that the modern day corporate environment essentially synthesizes sociopathic characteristics – to care for nothing but the bottom line (often at the expense of nature and human lives), to never admit any wrongdoing unless forced to, to rely heavily on PR, Marketing, and Lobbying while delivering essentialy poisonous, destructive products (i.e. pharmaceutical drugs advertised to cure but causing score of harmful side effects, sugar-free sodas but with harmful aspartame, agricultural technology to feed the world but actually causing great harm to the ecosystem and our own genetic makeup as in GMO foods many of which are also engineered with “terminator seed” technology so farmers cannot save seeds).

    I mean I can go on and on on these subjects. I actually saw Scientology as a solution to all these ills as it had the concepts of responsibility, ethics, and dynamics along with auditing and exercises to bring people up in ability and understanding, being able to communicate with others in a sane manner and take greater and greater levels of responsibility across the dynamics. It was exciting time to believe that it was all right there within reach, all about to happen and unfold all over the world… Well… I guess I’m still hoping that it still can… somehow. I am really still hoping.

  235. Awog, any crimes of “the founder” are his own, though many wild and outlandish claims as to these have been made over the years and also disproven. As a body of knowledge “The Tech” stands alone and has been validated by vast numbers of qualified practitioners. As regards his policies, many have discussed at length various disageements or oppostion to many of LRH’s administrative policies on this blog.

    Your exhortation for Marty or this community “to come up to present time” is rather odd, when obvioiusly you are ignorant as to what present time is in this context.

  236. Eileen Larson

    Marty, I am a long-lost Scientologist, beginning in the 70’s… OT4, Cls4. Blew in mid-80’s after David Mayo was maligned. SO glad I did! However, I have come to learn that even tho I believed in the tech… Scn was erroding my family. Still… to this day, it haunts me and my now adult children. I am so grateful for you shedding light back into the original intent. I don’t want to believe it was all just a joke. I still struggle with that. Miscavige is obviously an SP, but that’s just not a big deal for us, is it? Cruise? Just a weak soul… attaching itself to power. Thanks for listening.

  237. Eileen Larson

    What? I am replying to myself?? Well… I agree w/me 😀

  238. After reading the article about the horrible North Korean style psychological torture and comparing it with what is happening today with Scientology under the Big Leader of the People Miscavige, I fear that the end result of Scientology Inc. (‘a cleared world’) would be something as the state North Korea. Cleared of ARC, humanity, care, and honesty.

    With the development of black Dianetics and Scientology, strikingly similar to the North Korean torture, I must conclude that Scientology Inc. is being transformed into a psychological Black Hole. ARC, humanity, care and honesty, all are swalloped up by it.

    Remaining question: where got the North Koreans their ‘technology’ from?

  239. Thanks for chiming in, Sinar. EK’s posting seemed odd, and I was hoping you would help confirm this one one way or the other.

    Mr. Kemper, please be more specific with confirmable data, or your comm will go down as dub-in, or fantasy, or effort to confuse the discussion. Thank you.

  240. Miscavige.
    You are a heartless, criminal bastard and I am sure that you are so proud of that.
    You like to kill Beauty. You like to kill Love.
    But you know what? You can’t.
    Beauty is Forever. And Love never dies.
    You are a failure even and especially at that.
    Your day of reckoning is here.
    Reap the whirlwind

  241. Li'll bit of stuff

    ” Feel ” ( as in “gut” or sixth sense.)

  242. Li'll bit of stuff

    Yeah, Palehorse, and probably more than just a few of us noticed the bright red laser beam
    shining directly on him, courtesy of Marty’s
    indicator torch!
    May be interesting to see how he plays his
    hand out, now, hey?

  243. Li'll bit of stuff

    Steve. Massive, mind blowing, correct indications
    in this posting!
    Look it over, doubters, lurkers & especially trolls!

  244. ^^^ THIS. bravo!!!

  245. Li'll bit of stuff

    Further thanks for your clarifications, Like gravity,
    just no shaking off, or dodging the compelling
    nature of LRH discoveries;– ARC, & AXIOM 28.

  246. Edward Kemper

    Hi Sinar, first let me say a big thanks! for that link… very cool to see those pictures after all these years! i will attempt to write a bit of a longer post about my path across the bridge that landed me in La Quinta, but i will attempt to answer your questions about my authenticity first. My memory for exact dates has never been that great, but i’m pretty sure I and the crew that had trained together first in LA and then at Flag in Clearwater, arrived on site pretty close to the beginning of occupancy of those properties.
    I was originally assigned to be “Chief Engineer” of the support org. Now I was a complete newbie to the Sea Org and it’s jargon and didn’t really stay around long enough to get fully familiar with all that stuff so please take that into account! Also when we first arrived we were told to pick an ‘alias’ so that no locals (neighbors or service providers) would ever know our ‘real’ names… Being a big Eric Clapton fan I picked ‘Derek’.

    At the time of our arrival the CO of that org was a guy named Gary Weise (not sure about the spelling for the last name but he pronounced it ‘Weezy’) His new wife was named Suzanne and she was a the main cook for the staff. There was a gardener/grounds keeper who’s name i do not remember but he was a large rotund fellow with longish blonde hair and a thick beard. I remember he told me his mother had been a Rosicrucian, his assistant was named ‘Greg’ but that might have been his alias!

    During those early days my job’s main focus was trying to keep normal domestic sceptic systems designed for single family home in an area where there was no public sewage operating under that far more heavy demands placed on them by the larger numbers of inhabitants that the buildings now housed. Due to security concerns this was a touchy issue as the sceptic tank guy got fairly curious after the third or forth time he had to come out to drain the tank within a very short time!

    As most of you who have been around LRH will know he was EXTREMELY SENSITIVE to all kinds of environmental pollutants and especially dust. At a certain point a descision was made to turn LRH’s personal living space (mainly his bedroom) into what could basically be called a ‘clean room’ i was ordered to locate, purchase and install a micronic air filtration system to serve only his personal space. It was at this point that I was assigned to the HU although part of my duties had included servicing and maintaining LRH’s swimming pool and handling his personal trash. Which leads us to the ‘lie’ and how came to blow…

    The one person I remember from the HU most vividly was a stunningly beautiful English woman. I bought a suede leather full length Edwardian over coat from her that I still had up until a few years ago! Sadly I do not remember her name.

    Due to the high sensitivity to dust, the Boss order the aforementioned grounds crew to spread pine needles on the dirt path outside his compound to keep the dust down. After this had been done I began to notice that the messengers (in particular DM) who rode around the property on old school fat tire beach cruiser type bikes became fond of getting up a good head of steam while riding down this path and then hitting their coater brakes could do a really big fishtail on the slippery pine needles. This left rather large scars in the ground cover…

    LRH observed the scars and was pissed! Miscavige told him it was me who had done this by dragging his trash cans over it when I came round to pick up his highly sensitive trash every morning around 6am. Now those were the old galvanized metal cans that weighed a ton, but i was very dedicated to the bosses comfort and made sure I was both very quiet and always carried those heavy fucking things to my truck!

    It was as a result of the “Pine Needle Incident” that i was placed in the lower condition. I can’t remember the name of the condition but it’s the one where you get no time off, can’t talk to anyone and you have to petition to get back in good standing after an indefinite period of time?

    When i received this notice i was totally shocked!!! How could the head OT, the pioneer, the prime mover have done this without evening asking to hear my side of the story!?! I had already begun to suspect he was more than a little crazy just from my limited interactions with him (does anyone remember the time he decided that eating standing up was the most healthy way and proceeded to do so and have a special table built for this?) Anyway I decided it was a lost cause and i was off!

    The org security guy whose name i am not sure of but ‘George’ seems like a possibility or at least maybe his alias was pretty shocked when i called him from the Palm Springs Airport about 6am one sunny morning to tell him where my truck was and that if Scientology left me alone I would in turn not blow their location…

    I never heard from anyone again… (up until a few years ago when they began calling around looking for me in all the wrong places. i assume this was to do some fund raising…;-)

    The other proofs i can offer that i was there…

    During one period one of LRH’s sons showed up and lived for a while in the guest cottage on the property. I liked him and we hung out a bit in the off time. He had longish red hair and drove a sporty little Datsun 240Z. Another possibly little known fact is that all the couriers that drove back and forth from the WCH to LA drove green Datsun B-210’s due to a survey conducted by the church to determine the most common color and make of car to be as inconspicuous as possible.

    I lived in the a dorm in one of the mansions it was a big white building and the men’s dorm was in the Master Bedroom. This bedroom had his and her’s dressing room/bathrooms. The man’s side had it’s only little lap pool, and the woman’s dressing room had floor to ceiling mirrors on every wall which were also her closet doors, so these incredibly heavy mirrors were hung with piano hinges… wow!

    and a last bit of chronology that might help anyone with a better memory for dates determine exactly when i was there… Shortly before i blew, a second site had been purchased. It was an old but lovely grapefruit plantation not too far from the WCH. it was in pretty bad repair and need some work on its water systems before staff could be moved there. This job feel to me… and due to my incredible incompetence with working as a clean room engineer an Englishman named ‘Andy’ with whom i had trained at Flag was flown out to take up the slack….

    let me know if you have anymore questions or can fill in any of my considerable blanks from this time 36 years ago!


  247. Edward Kemper

    You are welcome… and that’s as good an explanation why LRH would have bought Dave’s story.

  248. DM has never agreed to be non profit. No way baby he gets big bucks, big perks, amounting to millions he hides under the lumber of the Church. The Church is also not, NOT, non profit in case you have not noticed. I don’t care what the red tape says on legal docs. No no, it is the Sea Org Members who go “no profit”. Everyone else gets the big bucks. DM is not a Sea Org Member. Otherwise he could not afford to pay off Debbie and Wayne and everyone else who decides they do not want to play the part of his road kill. Who “wrote” the new basics books? Who is getting royalties on those? I actually don’t know. But I have a suspect.

  249. Edward Kemper

    hi simple, i think the handwriting was on the wall along time before i came along for both LRH and DM… but they were uniquely suited for each other… you can read more in my reply to sinar below and please feel free to ask any questions that might come up!

  250. Edward Kemper

    Oh! and one more name has come to mind. The LA lawyer who had acted as purchasing agent for these properties was named Norton Karno…

  251. Li'll bit of stuff

    Marty, approps. the thread content, and having
    just read Tony Ortega’s ambivalent dissection (since, in effect, he is still restricting himself to
    his journalistic, if less scathing, commentary of your book.) I offer the following observation;

    It would be poignant to point out, to Tony,and others, (and no, I haven’t yet received your book!)
    that the ONE SINGLE grand attribute, of Hubbard,
    above ALL his others, is that he invariably invited
    anyone,to thoroughly check-out any thing he had
    written or proposed, before accepting or “buyin.”

    Further, plainly built into the technology, was the
    capacity to correct, anything found to be unworkable,
    and this is exactly where Indies have such an
    enormous ADVANTAGE over many others. They
    are free to examine , in a fresh unit of lime, just
    whether a datum (or “tool”) does in fact, do the
    job for which it was intended and therefore may
    be incorporated for valid use.

    I note that, in contrast to Tony, John Sweeney,
    interviewing you & Mike Rinder, seemed quite
    taken in your live demo in the pinch test.
    Unlike John, who was given an unforgettable
    grilling by Tommy Davis, and therefore a real
    “subjective” reality on “:black” dianetics, it would
    appear that, as of yet, Tony may yet need
    some jarring experience of his own, which might
    cause him to consider the “faintest possibility”
    that just perhaps,Hubbard may have indeed made some profound workable discoveries,
    deserving of being checked out, by actually
    sampling the tech. for himself.

    No holding breath on that possibility though!

    Just another 2c. worth.

  252. In reading your link Max I once again am brought to the conclusion that when Scientologist brave the rocky shoals of discussing Ron’s downside they simply generalize. Ken’s site simply said that Ron could be “down toned” because of so much responsibility.

    But could “down tone” also mean that he sought to “destroy utterly” Paulette Cooper through militarilistic black ops?

    Marty, I’m still working on my spiritual nature:-)

  253. Major news re: Alexander’s death:
    “Detectives from the LAPD will be obtaining search warrants for cell phone records of Alexander, his father-in-law, mother-in-law and his wife,…”from:

  254. Charlotte, I believe Ron was not just a nut. He was also hell bent on getting to the source of his own suffering and thereby trying to help others. He was sincere in that goal. But sincerity does not connote the totality of truth.

    Ron sought to accomplish his task by creating a benevolent system whereby people can look into their own world and have realizations about life, the mind, the soul with directly perceiving the source of their own suffering where belief and faith are not essential. Only willingness to look is essential.

    He also sought war with his detractors. Possibly his greatest downfall. He created the GO. And made for himself a legacy that Independents still find hard to assimilate.

    The “Ron is all groovey goodness” and the “Ron was a total madman” view, will keep people arguing and being offended forever.

    It is fascinating to me to listen to this partisan, biased argument.

    Ron was who he was. Stop making him into the demon and stop making him into the “only groovey way, can’t criticize, sharpest knife in the draw Buddha.

    He was neither totally. He was both partially.

  255. Just recently saw the video of Marty giving Sweeney from the BBC a
    pinch test and he did cognite that it was his mind creating the read on the meter.

  256. So in this case Tony does a great job in covering this court appeal.

    As a group of independents we should offer some kind of support to her.

  257. Thanks Sinar. Maybe I spoke too soon.

  258. it’s an interesting legal principle here, specifically whether the date of awareness can be argued. If successful, it could have major ramifications…

  259. Edward, thanks for your accounts. Every bit of true data helps in understanding why the organization ended up where it is today.

  260. Yes, it is Sara. My personal opinion is that the trial judge is going to have a very hard time agreeing with the church’s statute arguments after the Appellate Court remand. The church stupidly requested an en banc review of the original decision and ended up with an even tougher decision to overcome as they cleaned up a couple of holes in their original decisions.

    What they basically found is that the “agreements” they made her sign when she left, and the freeloader bill they hit her with, were the reasons she did not realize that she had a claim against the church. They relief on a principle of “equitable tolling” — that the acts of the church causing her to believe she could NOT sue them based on the bs “agreements” she signed tolled the statute of limitations on her claims.

    Good luck on overturning that. And as I have commented before, this decision effectively eviscerates these “agreements” that the church has insisted people sign when they leave the Sea Org….

  261. CV,
    VWD on the jump. It’s all part of this amazing adventure. My comm lines are open to you, momrath65@yahoo.com.

    I’m in the Highlands of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia right now, building a little place for people to come and do the Bridge in peace and with the Margaree River within earshot.

    Just go my internet in too!!!!!

    Now, if there would only come a couple of inches of rain I could set a fly upon the water and entice Salmo Salar to rise and take…

  262. Broderick,
    Recall the posts above regarding ‘source of power’ by Thoughtful and Iamvalkov. The Miscarriage HAS NO POWER! It is an apparency because it is derived from those around him and he simply SUCKS IT FROM HIS VICTIMS.
    The diminutive one used LRH and his power (esp after his death) and he is attached to TC and SUCKING the life out of him in the same way he is with each and every being connected to him via the CO$.
    The points you are making above seems to relate to the ‘force beget force’ approach to life. IMHO that is a universe moving on down a little bit lower. Marty (and independent thinking folks) are operating in a different universe than that. Not to worry about the ‘striking of a blow’! What was delivered last year in Ingleside by the Bay was the best that the ‘SUCKER’ could muster…………………..with the support of TC. Shorty and his airplane hanger buddy had better recognize that they have encountered THE RED motherf*%kin BARRON. Wish I could find the song to post here!
    Meanwhile ……. as the illustrious Mike Rinder would council us ……. IT REALLY REALLY SUCKS TO BE MISCAVIAGE! And now you have more info on why …. IMHO!

  263. Edward, thanks. Glad to hear I didn’t speak too soon.

    Could you expand on what you mean when you say “i think the handwriting was on the wall along time before i came along for both LRH and DM… but they were uniquely suited for each other… “

  264. Mike- I agree. I’m glad Lisa Marie got away. In her songs she communicates some deep feelings that ring loud and clear.

  265. floodgates anyone?

  266. Jim, wonderful news. Are you accepting donations to help you with the cost of building?

  267. Eileen,
    Good to hear from you.

    I understand the idea of “it’s all a joke”, the unreality of what this subject can be and actually is, well it takes a beating in the living of life doesn’t it.

    It is my opinion that the challenges to one’s reality that are part and parcel of the study of Scientology, the doubts of one’s own observation, the peer pressure of agreement with one’s fellows on this blue planet, with society, all go to the point of calling up the ability to look and consider for oneself.

    That is an essential aspect of what this adventure of Scientology is all about; regaining one’s integrity and one’s OWN certainty of what they individually observe for themselves.

    Scientology as a subject, the route of auditing and study of the fundamentals of life, is not an “end” – it is a beginning. The future, and a recovery of the ability to create it, to make time, to consider and change one’s considerations, that is what the Bridge leads to.

    Welcome back to your journey.

  268. Edward Kemper

    was the above information not specific enough? Suzanne Weise’s maiden name was Janesko i have recalled since writing my account. another thing i just remembered is the barbecue stove that was in the corner of the yard of the big white house where the mens dorm was. i was tasked with cleaning it up and painting it. i painted in a very lovely combo of fire engine red and black. also anyone who was on the staff will remember the considerable septic tank issues of those early days and me standing up to my ass in shit with a spade… as will anyone who was actually at the site know my description of the dormitory is accurate. also the name Norton Karno the attorney is/was highly classified and anyone who was there will recognize that! keep in mind whatever the exact dates of my time in La Quinta are, i was 21-22 years old and the whole thing is now a blur of exhilaration and terror. I found DM a scary little prick even as a kid and i state again. i did not do what he accused me of and he DID LIE to LRH about my actions resulting in my deciding they were both full of shit and my talents would be better applied elsewhere… for which i am very grateful!

    and as i stated above… feel free to ask any questions you want and if i know the answer i will share it!

  269. Cara Voca,
    Very well done!
    Excellent decision and advice…I’ll be interested to hear your full story once you are able.

  270. Hello Ed,
    thanks for your recollections.

    You wrote before:
    i was full OT VII and had full power to act beyond anything Dave could ever do, but LRH was blind to all that and fully bought DM’s lies every time!

    My questions are:
    OT VII with 21/22 yrs?

    Were there no ways to get in touch with the Commodore after you was falsley acusated?

    You wrote: ” but LRH was blind to all that and fully bought DM’s lies every time!”
    What where the other times?
    Or was it just this incident?


  271. Hey Marty,
    Just wanted to let you know that your book is a big hit around here. The more I look at the PCs I’ve audited who were butchered by Flag, the more real your analysis becomes. Very nice job on communicating the data.


  272. newcomer, good catch. Yeah, it was covert hostility. I wrote an ad once, “The dirtiest word in Scientology: Spectator.” Too bad only now do I fully appreciate what I wrote.

    My advice is don’t ever be afraid to shoot down covert hostility. They squeal like stuck pig zombies, but after you get over the noise it’s actually fun because they attacked you first. And by turning the tables on them, you put yourself at Cause.

    I think it’s part of growing up as an Independent Scientologist. You fight your own battles and shoot BS on sight. If we had all been doing that from the start, DM would have never gotten a foothold in Scientology. Lesson learned.

    And dbldan if you don’t like that, then you should be more careful not to make snarky comments on this blog. Even your retort was a put down: “I think you have me confused with someone else” — once again, Marty was wrong? In your face!

    It seems current Troll Tech is (1) start with a hollow-sounding token affirmation of agreement that Miscavige is bad, then (2) they weave in their “Marty is wrong” comment. Then (3) cover their tracks with a “Love what you’re doing. Good doggie! I really mean it. Really!! :-)))”

    There’s a game called “Whack-a-Mole” and we have some great players on this blog. newcomer, you’ve got natural talent. I think you will go far.

  273. Edward Kemper

    Hi Simple. What i meant by the handwriting comment was that although very new to the environment of a Sea Org Base (land or sea), and not used to functioning in that kind of a pressure cooker environment with the considerable egos of all involved at full bore 24/7… i was OT VII and had fairly keen powers of observation and my impressions were these…

    LRH was a prisoner of his own device. He was fearful, paranoid and trapped by his own actions. DM was a manipulative, duplicitous, lying little dick who had no apparent sense of right and wrong but a strong sense of self preservation and self aggrandizement, not unlike LRH himself, if one can place any stock in the accounts that have been written of his youthful ‘adventures’. So in that sense they were pretty well matched, but what i found shocking is that LRH didn’t see right through DM and act accordingly. I put that down to ‘having bigger fish to fry’… as Sinar has pointed out, the old man was under the gun big time in those days and that might have clouded his reason to some degree but that’s still no excuse for convicting someone without due process, of which there was none in my case! Perhaps there would have been if i’d stuck around but i could easily see i was in the wrong place and i had already accomplished what i came there for, which was to see for myself what kind of man LRH was and who were the people around him.

    The Handwriting on the wall foretold of the imprisonment of Mary Sue who was acting on his orders… allowing this to happen was reprehensible and cowardly. As was the state of the mental health of LRH’s own children and the eventual suicide of Quentin. How great is your life’s work if it cannot offer any help to those closest to you? His own deteriorating mental health with the ‘mood swings’ and paranoia, the bags of cash, the hiding out in shit hole desert towns… C’mon for chrissake!!!

    and then there’s DM already clearly a deeply disturbed individual with antisocial personality disorder/sociopath characteristics who systematically dismantled the organization he had been entrusted to run? His own brutality both physical and mental to his subordinates? That alone should seal the deal for anyone who thinks he’s even marginally ok or a competent leader!!!

    All the grand visions of a clear planet… Just dust in the wind of the high California dessert.

  274. Welcome home, Cara Voca. You’re soon going to find that you’re in the middle of an exodus of like-minded, decent people, who’ve simply opened their eyes to the horror that our beloved church has become.

  275. Hi Mike,
    I’m constantly amazed at how divorced from real “equity and justice” that the courts are. The legal machinations are infuriating to laymen such as myself. It makes me want to scream.
    I hope that Laura’s lawyers can “outsmart” miscavige’s lawyers then let a jury of regular people decide whether or not miscavige’s treatment of kids is anything less than brainwashing and torture and a violation of child labor laws.

    I have a feeling that with the current onslaught of negatives on the miscavige regime that judges will start to feel somewhat emboldened at taking on the Co$ and holding them accountable.


  276. Li'll bit of stuff

    Thou art a gentleman, by thy writings, sir.

  277. I mostly agree with you, Globetrotter. And I certainly agree with the maxims you cite. However, as long as I am willing & able to duplicate the opinions of others, including those that stem from “ignorance and reaction”, I consider myself free to opine back at them.

    The problem is, there’s this huge chasm between those who have extensive training and experience studying and applying this very practical, helpful and valuable body of work – and those who don’t. I’m all for letting everyone have their opinions, even if ignorant and uninformed. But at the same time, I believe it is wrong to just sit by and let the ignorance flow out into the world’s information stream without at least trying to inject some truth into that stream.

    I heard a great human being – and Scientologist – named David Aldrich talk once about truth. What he said was something along the lines of “every time you put a little truth into the universe, the universe gets a little less solid”. It’s straight out of the axioms (though not verbatim).

    Mainly for that reason, I think it is always important to at least try to balance lies with truth – simply spoken, without force, while always doing one’s best to grant beingness to the opinions of others. Which is why I so much appreciate what Marty is doing with his book and this blog and his current life.

  278. Cara Voca, good for you. Your analysis in all directions is sound. And the fact that your intentions are good protects you above ALL else. Treat yourself, your spirit, your soul, your being to publicly announcing your decision and taking back your religion, your beliefs, your self-determinism and life. You deserve nothing less. The MEST will follow your new Admin Scale. Have no fears.

  279. Sorry Edward, I wrote that response before yours was posted.

  280. Li'll bit of stuff

    gato, thanks for this. my wife Dorothy picked up
    on your reply and validates you for sharing it.
    She also blew a huge amount of charge when
    seeing the cause / effect scenario you pointed out.
    Thanks, Calvin.

  281. Congratulations, CV! It is so good to be free to confront the world as it is, not as we are told it is.

  282. Thanks Ronnie, The pieces continue to fall together, mysteries left right and center unfolding. I have finally located the real SP on my lines!! What a blow-down!!

  283. Cara Voca – you echo many, many of my sentiments. Well done to you! I wish you all the best.

  284. Hello Jim, Max and JF, Thanks so much for getting in comm with me. I am going to make the complete jump very shortly. I am purposely doing this on a gradient in order to create the the most pro-survival effect across the dynamics. And I can guarantee you I will do it with flare, full media coverage, the works. There is a lot more to my story than you can possibly even imagine!

  285. Roger from Switzerland Thought

    Don’t worry you are handling suppression and you’ll be amazed about your resurgence and how fast you’ll be free ! 🙂 🙂

  286. Thanks Roger, I am already connecting with many friends who are Indies. The best reunions I have ever had! I am treating this as an adventure, am not worried as I know I am on the right track and in the end truth shall prevail!!!! Besides, I am hard-core and resilient and it would take a lot to pull me down again.

  287. Hope this is detected asap/ withoyt sabotage/

  288. That is awesome news! Can’t wait to see the results of that published!

  289. Roger from Switzerland Thought


  290. Edward Kemper

    hi lenore, see my responses below… and yes you are correct my post and my life are all very odd indeed! however everything i have said here is true to the letter!

  291. Li'll bit of stuff

    Cara, You have taken the first big step, so congrats!
    37 year vet? you sure are a vet. And you have the
    early training and wins as a yardstick to have been
    able to compare LRH Scn…. to….. DM CO$.

    I duplicate & understand how you are feeling the
    uncertainty about your future. I felt the need to
    conceal my identity to protect my wife’s continued
    practise as a criminon counsellor. Ultimately she
    was able to move off the post, and therefore out
    from under the over arching suppression of li’ll davey,
    the mind-controlling psychopath, now in full blown
    dramatization of his motivators–for life long overts of incomparable magnitude.

    Your strength and courage will increase as a
    direct result of continuing to read this blog on a
    regular basis. And it wont cost you a cent, just
    your willingness to learn AND continue to look
    as you have already done. I’m sure you will
    soon crank up the wherewithal to make that
    full announcement, when the time is right,
    You’ll see.

    All the best, from a 41 year vet.,
    Calvin B. Duffield.
    Durban. South Africa
    Declaration on Mothers Day 12 May 2012.(entry on 13th May)
    Indie 500 list no # 301

  292. LTC FOREVER – Your comment really resonates with me.

    I became part of OSA because I believed that I was helping the IAS bring LRH tech to society through apolitical Social Reform.

    As anyone can see with Freedom Magazine, that was lost a long time ago.

    I share your hope and I work daily to see that this still can be done.

    This is the value of Marty, Mike and friends work in PR – separating the subject from the David Miscavige’s toxic church. Into the vacuum the best principles of Scientology can be re-packaged for broader use and the dream of reverting this dwindling spiral, can come to fruition, as we work for all who would reach for those valuable solutions.

    Ironically, OSA came through with some potentially valuable programs (VMs, Human Rights, TWTH, Anti-Drug) but DM continues to milk these for PR value to prop up his regime and that value got lost quickly. False PR is rewarded and actual production is penalized . I witnessed that with my own eyes as an org DSA. Utterly disgusting.

    Every time we knock out a real, honest-to-goodness suppressive person criminal who is making other’s lives miserable, that area flourishes and prospers. So the PTS/SP tech is no joke, though the church has made it appear so, with their gross abuse of the terms.

    The first target for us on behalf of humanity is David Miscavige himself. He is standing in the way of everything we need and want for our fellow man.

    Feel free to also contact me off-board.

  293. My opinion is that anyone who goes into agreement with suppressive policies is suppressive on that dynamic. And if the group as a whole follows and enforces those suppressive policies — like disconnection (cancelled by LRH in 1968), illegal fund raising and forced abortions — then the group itself is suppressive. Perhaps being suppressive is less about what the person thinks and more about what the person DOES.

    The tech hierarchy at Flag, for example, knows better than anyone about the vast numbers of people who have died (due to suppression). Yet they look the other way? Nasty stuff, evil.

  294. Edward Kemper

    SKM, yes! i was OTVII and my story is i think unique for someone so young and new to Scientology, however i cannot be certain of this. I came into the church in boston where i was attending Berklee College of Music. I had never heard of Scientology but i had heard of chick corea and stanley clarke and every day as i walked to school i passed a building with some dude standing outside offering a ‘free personality test’.. one day after i’d learned of the jazz greats association with the church i noticed that the guy offering the free test was standing infront of the CofS! so i accepted the offer…

    Low and behold the test revealed that i could benefit from the Comm Course… what a surprise! I took the course but was more interested in getting auditing. I moved up and across the bridge very quickly. this would have been the fall or early winter of 1975. Very very soon i was off to LA to go clear and OT. I could not afford to pay the full costs of this so i cut a deal with the boston org to come on staff upon my return to boston. i was signed up to work in the boston org’s GO,

    while in l.a. i’m guessing this would have been in the spring of 76 i raced through my upper levels again at record speed and the gains and insights were amazing! but the real story is that ever since i had taken that first course i was very curious about the man LRH. so i asked everyone i met in boston and then in l.a. if they had ever met him. no one had. he lived on a boat always off shore somewhere to avoid his many ‘enemies’ and was never seen on land…

    however my inner guidance which had been getting stronger and stronger as i crossed the bridge insured me that if i kept my TR’s in and stayed alert that… “i would meet him”. while finish the final OT levels i was called upon by a woman who recruited me into the national GO and agreed i could finish my OT VII before i started work. while visiting her office which was in the newly purchased building on hollywood blvd. at that time, i was walking down a hall way on the ground floor and as i approached a huge and heavily over crowded bulletin board my inner guidance alerted me that ‘this was it’ and to pay attention now! as i walked by the bulletin board out of the corner of my eye i saw an small card. smaller than a 3×5 index card on it was a hand written note that said volunteers needed for LRH special project and a phone number! i knew this was my ticket to meet him! so i called…

    i was accepted immediately, signed my billion year contract and was moved from what is now the Celeb Center to that horrid dormitory on hollywood blvd to begin my training with the other volunteers. i don’t know what the world record for going from fresh off the street to OTVII is but the few months that it took me was PDQ i think. from that point on it was all work and no play. i had been a rock musician from the time i was a very young kid so all the manual labor and welding and plumbing and refrigeration was all very new territory but i did ok. once the group was fully assembled we were shipped off to Flag in Clearwater where we did more training. I can’t remember the name of the Chief engineer at Flag but he taught me a lot as did the CE in LA who serviced all the LA buildings at that time. At Flag i met Andy who had also been an engineer aboard the ship. and he also helped me a great deal there and again when he came to La Quinta.

    As I mentioned in the response to Sanir the only names i remember are Gary and Suzanne. He was trained to be the CO and she was trained to be the cook. Shortly before i left he got busted down and i think i remember that DM was involved in his process and also replaced him as CO of the staff. There was also an electrician again whose name is gone from memory along with the ground crew i described.

    as for any recourse to protest my declaration into the lower condition… i did not even care a bit. i wanted to return to playing music and did just that. after i left i never really looked back and have been very glad of all my decisions right down the line. today i have a wonderful life in europe with a lovely girl and a family and friends. my music career was the stuff of legend and have gotten to work and play with many of my ‘heroes’ and travel the world many times over.

    i guess there is some truth in the old saying…”the best revenge is living well” and that i have done!

    oh yes! nearly forgot… you asked if there were other incidents due to my comment about LRH always believing DM… yes! there were lots of small incidents including the busting of our CO and one involving a couple that were there before we arrived for some sort of sexual thing that was total bullshit… but again time has washed that from my mind and the triviality of all this isn’t worth it to me to dredge up. if you have any doubts about DM and his ethics then or now i would say there is ample evidence now to make your own decisions about all this!

    i wish you all the very best now and forever!


  295. Cara Voca,
    I am a 42 year veteran Scientologist too and made the same jump as you a couple years back. Welcome.

  296. After a point there were no more couples with children allowed to the int base. A few more years went by and Happy Valley, where the kids lived and had some sort of schooling and worked around the property, was no longer a school for young kids anymore because they were growing up.

    It looks like many of them were around 13 or so, some a bit older and some 18, when all of a sudden HV was being emptied out of kids. The older ones who had made their way through some training or classes of some sort were given a chance to get on a real post at the base. Some of them were able to handle that, were treated like regular adult staff and started their Sea Org career there.

    They were more likely to at least catch a glimpse of their folks while at the base than 7-8 miles away at the HV ranch. hoping one parent could come out and visit for a couple hours once every week or two. (I may be too generous with that statistic–a parent will have to ring in here.)

    A couple kids wanted out of there so bad they ran away and tried tough it out walking around in the hot desert wooded areas or tried to get rides into town before they were caught and brought back.

    The ones who were still too young or somehow didn’t qualify to be on a post at the base were rounded up and shipped out to Flag, pretty much never to return. Some of the parents were going nuts–one of my girl friends was absolutely beside herself shaking and crying and insisting her son was not ready to go yet. Photos were taken of all the kids just before they left, and she was handed a 5×7-ish photo of her son against a bleak, plain background, just standing there smiling.

    The kids were told “Hey guys, you’re so luck to be going to FLAG!” So from what I could see they went along happily.

    That was a technique of personnel maneuvering, where the staff member would be told how great a job they will be taking on for a couple months in Australia (for example), just for a little while, it’s really needed and luckily you are qualified to do it, so pack up you’re leaving first thing in the morning. No matter what situation they left behind (spouse, personal belongings, a child) they’d then be forgotten about and no promises to bring them back would ever be honored. And it would be practically impossible for them to return on their own.

    The thing about sending the kids to Flag was that they were then personnel there in Florida, and if they ever wanted to come back to the base they were in the same mix as any other crew member who wanted to get promoted and move up to working at the base. They would have to go through that whole qualifying system that eventually was so broken down that no one ever arrived at the base anymore as crew. It was a lose-lose.

    Just another little tidbit from As the Base Turns.

  297. Hello Ed.
    Thanks for your reply.

    I am glad you had the wins out of Scientology as you described (not at least your strong “inner guidance”).

    Too bad you didn’t stay for a bit longer and kicked DMs ass.


  298. EK,

    Thanks very much, what you remember does check out along with those names and descriptions of those who you met. You were there and not a troll of some kind – great you are speaking out on this blog! The properties were under Karno’s name and shore story at the time were we were Karno’s friends, helping him develop the property.

    I believe the property purchased was the Silver Sands which was a property which grew organic grapefruit and he English engineer’s name was Andy Yarrow. That was very early in the history of WHQ – Winter headquarters. The English Lady you described was Kima who was my senior, and the dirt roads around Rifle, LRH’s house was indeed lined with Tamarisk trees and covered by their needles.

    It is most unfortunate that Justice was harsh and swift and recourse was very difficult at best under those circumstances, in that hot secret outpost. As a newbie at the time I also found life there extremely difficult, but my senior helped get me through the tough times and also provided air cover.
    My email is sparman8@gmail.com if you wish to talk.

  299. Every time we knock out a real, honest-to-goodness suppressive person criminal who is making other’s lives miserable, that area flourishes and prospers. So the PTS/SP tech is no joke, though the church has made it appear so, with their gross abuse of the terms.

    I read Jim Logans research regarding PTS/SP Tech ( http://www.scientology-cult.com/3d-engram.html ) the other day and what I realized after reading is the fact, that subtitle of the new PTS/SP Course “HOW TO CONFRONT AND SHATTER SUPPRESSION” is blatant nonsense.

    “The whole crux of PTSes is HANDLE.” L. Ron Hubbard

    But in CofS, inc. the people are developing a frame of mind where they continually think that they must fight (shatter) SPs.
    This is out-tech. This is DMs branch of “Technology”.

  300. Li'll bit of stuff

    Yeah, Tony. Funny though how life has an uncanny
    knack of bringing (otherwise sane ) people to their
    senses.You know, the subject matter (heaven forbid!)
    begins to rub off onto one after a while. “Tony Ortega
    attended to during an emergency by a Scientologist!”
    —-” No longer a skeptic.”…….Stranger things have
    …just an observation, not a postulate! (heh-heh!)

  301. Hey–glad this helped you guys. After I wrote that though I realized something else–after I left and destimmed for a while, I realized how I was also committing suppressive acts just by way of helping miscavige get his suppression accomplished from my various posts. Of course by leaving I stopped committing those present time overts instantly, and we all know what policy that comes out of. I wondered how and to whom I would make up the damage eventually…..certainly NO ONE at that base, that was for sure! (I’ve since answered that for myself now.)

  302. E.J. Croughs

    My opinion is that they’re afraid of every other being and thus think in generalities, that they think their survival depends on keeping people down, ignorant and think that people need to be destroyer covertly or overtly. I think their actions are a direct result of and reflect their thought and I also think that lots of individual staff members are able to overcome their fear, clean up their act and then change their mind and thus change their behaviour and engage in pro-survival action towards others once again.

  303. Mike,
    DMs oversight of legal amounts to this: In the presence of suppression, lawyers will make mistakes!! And, these mistakes can open the floodgates of legal liability unfettered by time bars or statutes of limitation. (This is important because thousands of X parishioners and X staff have been suppressed and harassed after leaving Co$ for years, until it is too late to bring a successful lawsuit. A legal time bar.)

    Opening such a “no time bar” floodgate reminds me of when the Paris mob seized the unguarded arsenal in the basement of the Invalides (military hospital), acquired thousands of guns and stormed the Bastille. It was a little mistake, but it brought down the monarchy and created the French “Bastille Day” of independence.

    DM is sitting comfortably in the Bastille but the mob may soon be at his door. My recollection of history from Caesar to Louis XVI is that this kind of mistake is how a war or an empire is lost. It is not always won on the battlefield where the greatest show of force wins.

  304. plainoldthetan

    HCOB 25 January 1971 SQUIRREL ADMIN says “For every correct solution there can be an infinity of wrong solutions.” That was the quote I could find the fastest.

  305. What do you think we should do with David Miscavige? Handle or disconnect?

    The point is that disconnecting real criminals is called for in some cases. It goes without saying that underneath is a decent being who can and should be salvaged.

    I made it clear that the church has twisted all this and sees an SP in every disagreement. But don’t give me the theetie-wheetie that there are no real SPs.

    Still, it’s a good general policy to handle in the vast majority of cases and that’s what I have learned to do.

  306. Thanks L’bit. You’re not so bad yourself. I just went over and read Tony O’s reactions to reading Marty’s book. “(Mental) Worlds in Collision”! So many things Tony thinks he knows about Scientology – like this old saw about TRs –
    “By page 30, Rathbun is extolling the virtues of “training routines” that condition Scientologists to sit still for hours at a time and dutifully receive instructions — classic indoctrination methods that outside experts have said induce mild hypnotic states in people so that they can learn to adopt the familiar “thousand-yard stare” and emotionless affect you find in Scientologists.”

    It’s obvious that Tony never coached TRs, as he’s got the direction of flow backwards. Did you “sit for hours dutifully receiving instructions”, when you did TRs?

    I didn’t either.

    These kind of misapprehensions about Scientology tech and training are just plain laughable, in a 3 Stooges kind of way. I have learned to never assume a person knows any Scientology, just because he can use some of the lingo. Because as in Tony O’s case, he may just be parroting something he was told in all seriousness by some self-styled “expert”, who himself had little direct knowledge of the subject.

    It turns out, that little old “Book of Case Remedies” is a good little “bible” to have on hand. It can save a lot of time and frustration in dealing with the clueless.

  307. I believe it is high time for “Story of a Squirrel Administrtator- David Miscavige”- I am game to write it and welcome input. Once finalized we get it posted broadly on every blog we have, Facebook, the Media, the works.

  308. Hi EK, you wrote: “not unlike LRH himself, if one can place any stock in the accounts that have been written of his youthful ‘adventures’.”

    I haven’t placed too much stock in those “accounts”, especially since digging up documentation which appears to contradict them. Do you have any specific accounts in mind?

  309. Just by posting comments here and by setting a good example, you are making up the damage, my friend. We didn’t set out to harm anyone, but were tricked into it. So the amends is not that hard to do and it’s incredibly rewarding for all.

  310. VWD Cara!!

    You now get a pass on your PTS/SP course!

    It was the cults slogan to “think for yourself” wasn’t it?? You are just doing what they recommended… 🙂

    Welcome!! I can’t wait to hear the WHOLE story.

    Maybe you could send a letter out to your comm lines before you get declared an SP? That way they will be more inclined to hear what you have to say. It would be an incredible blow to the enemy.


  311. Ha ha!! Nice to receive your communication. 🙂

  312. Well…I cannot say it is not a possibility. Thanks SKM for at least acknowledging my communication.

  313. LTC Forever

    I call Ethics – the Department of Invalidation and I should add Total Effect, but the actual purpose of Ethics is to have a being be more at cause on one’s own self-determinism. I listened to some amazing seminars by Sharon Webber – the CO of Freewinds. She really had the subject down and totally agreed with my own understanding. I was such an ARC break to have ethics officers on a local level practice it completely in reverse. At first you think of it as isolated incidents, but then nearly every incident becomes “an isolated incident” almost anywhere you go.

  314. LTC Forever

    I don’t know why, but I actually feel for Tom Cruise. Despite of all the criticism I think he is a really good and talented person. It sucks to seem him loose Katie as I thought they were a good couple. I think it is a big loss for Cuirse, and I’m sure he’s now thinking. He lost his wife, he’s talking to his former auditor through an attorney. He must at least be wondering about the whole situation. Plus, all these missions closed down like SoMa in San Francisco where he helped cut the ribbon, Melrose which was an aid to the Celebrity Center, Santa Monica mission down the street from there. You have some other celebrities leaving the Church on top of that. Tommy Davis has disappeared… It’s just disaster all around.

  315. Yes – he looked like he’d seen a ghost, no?

  316. LTC Forever

    Hm… This seems quite vicious to me. Where does it say that you attack a being based on an estimated tone level? It’s good to recognize things so you are not as effected, but I think the Tone Scale is there so that beings could be brought up on it. It is a tool for an auditor. Plus, there is also this datum from SOS lectures: “You get what you validate.”

  317. LTC Forever

    I could never understand the point behind that whole project. Scientology is already so powerful even on a level of something as simple as a Life Repair. Just deliver the thing to as many people as possible, especially with staff, and we could have a clear planet in no time.

  318. LTC Forever

    I totally agree. It is suppressive as hell at the church, and I definitely felt suppressed in their actions by some beings I actually admired. I think this is probably the worst kind of suppression, because if it’s some real SP you could care less about… well you could care less about, but when it is coming from people that you know are good, it becomes very much a painful experience filled with loss, and I think you are actually more likely to go effect for the unwillingness to turn against the people that you love. Damn it. I just realized this probably sums up about 90% of my difficulties right there.

  319. Li'll bit of stuff

    Sure love that little old book too! For the exact same
    ancillary reasons. And how very far “the clueless”
    have yet to travel, in order to get up to just being
    able “to look!” As the TV series, featuring Dean
    Caine —( “Ripley’s Believe It Or Not”)—would
    always conclude with the words:-
    …………” Unbelievable?….Believe it! “

  320. Hello Larry,

    “If it is true their marriage was orchestrated, then why suddenly sabotage it, knowing it would draw negative media to it’s attention.”

    Well, it’s hard to think like Miscavige, you know.
    A Missed W/H case like his is too reactive.
    I don’t think that he is aware of consequencies.
    An SP is always (overtly or covertly) giving you things you don’t want and taking away those things you want. That’s the MUST HAVE / CAN’T HAVE factor. And he is not looking at consequencies:
    (from tech dictionary) SUPPRESSIVE PERSON, 1. he’s solving a present time problem which hasn’t in actual fact existed for the last many trillenia in most cases, and yet he is taking the actions in present time which solve that problem. The guy’s totally stuck in present time, that is the whole anatomy of psychosis. (SH Spec 61, 6505C18)

    DM is also not likley thinking of his deeds in terms like “sabotage”.
    Look at the abortions “MUST HAVE” (“CAN’T HAVE” 2D). I think in his universe this is a optimum solution.

    insanity the overt or covert but always complex and continuous determination to harm or destroy. (HCOB 28 Nov 70)
    insanity is an individual assisting things which inhibit survival and destroying things which assist survival. (5109CM24A)
    insanity the best definition of which I know would be: the person widely believes that the
    symbols are the things. (PDC 20)
    insanity the obsessive adaptation of a solution to the exclusion of all other solutions in the absence of a problem . ( SH Spec 27X, 6107C04)

    (right from the tech dictionary)

  321. Li'll bit of stuff

    Gato, Steve, good job with the repairs, gentlmen.
    Now just put those tools back in the Scn toolbox,
    and join me for a nice frothy cappacino, will you?

  322. BTW
    You wrote: “Makes no sense to me. Why deliberately deliver reverse auditing. “
    Exactly. That makes no sense.
    The whole array of new arbitraries invoked by DM in the GAT “2.0” is INSANE.
    All arbitraries he invoked into the world of Scientology are insane (an individual assisting things which inhibit survival and destroying things which assist survival).

    He has another fish to fry.
    He is not a Scientologist.
    He is not a C/S or Auditor.
    He sees no benefits in the game LRH established.

    Why audit people full grades? He just CAN’T HAVE for others to be free.
    But he MUST HAVE admiration for his genius and how he was even more clever than LRH, because his PCs go up the grades in 2 Weeks.

    insanity the overt or covert but always complex and continuous determination to harm or destroy. (HCOB 28 Nov 70)

  323. Tommy Davis has disappeared… It’s just disaster all around.
    I wonder where this guy is.

    DM is ruining all the people.
    Tommy Davis lost his character years ago – a perfect DM-Bot.

    Sometimes it really hurts to be Miscavige.

  324. Li'll bit of stuff

    Easy boy, easy! (heh,heh.)

  325. I’d love to see Tony O. making a clay demo on the term “duplication”.

    (I know, this is mean. 🙂 )

  326. tessa,

    I think the principles behind this kind of criminal “technology” have always been know and used by criminal gangs and suppressive governments like Mao’s China, the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany etc. as well as cult manipulators. It is simply the use of force, fear, emotional manipulation, pain etc. I think the North Koreans developed their own brand.

  327. Ubiquilo,

    Get yourself a copy of Self Analysis and look through the lists of things to recall. You’ll get it!

    Self Analysis can be found on Ebay or Amazon cheap.

  328. I’m sure Ed did the “original” OT levels, which did not take forever the way some of the “new” OT levels seem to.

  329. Not mean! It’s what he really needs to do! 🙂

  330. Thank you for all that : )
    I have thought about all this myself. Yet, it still doesn’t resonate (for me anyway). Something odd there. Something missing. But that’s just me.
    Out of curiosity, if you had to explain this to a person who didn’t speak the lingo or wan’t familiar with the tech…. how would you phrase it to allow them a full understanding? How or what could you compare it to?

  331. The last few chapters resonated with me as well. I really saw Scientology as something that would unite and relate many other fields and groups of people. I myself have read through a lot of material before discovering Scientology including “The Field” by Lynne McTaggard. “Global Brain” by Howard Bloom was also an interesting read so as “The Evolving Self” and “Flow” by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. There are many interesting books out there, and I think Scientology itself could be better understood and appreciated when one is at least familiar with some other works. I even recall something from LRH that backs this up: LOGIC 8. A DATUM CAN BE EVALUATED ONLY BY A DATUM OF COMPARABLE MAGNITUDE.

    Marty, have you ever seen “What the bleep do we know?” It’s quite an interesting film on the whole subject of quantum physics as it relates to consciousness.

  332. LTC Forever

    You know Watchful, I felt right at home with some OSA folks I met while I was stilling hanging around the Church in LA a few years ago. I also had a briefing at CSI building with some folks. I felt like I was really among my own there who could finally understand my level of reality… but… of course despite of meeting some very cool people, I always felt like there was just something wrong, something evil hanging over my head so to speak and then it grew and once the Ideal Org program went into full gear, the whole theta universe crashed, and crashed so hard I am still trying to come to my senses and recover in my physical well being. I just keep living with a hope that one day I can get to some auditing and see how the hell I seemed to know so much about Scientology from the get go and be able to relate to so many people on a very deep spiritual level like they were a part of my family almost. I really had this sort of expectation that I was going to get pulled in somewhere in the SO and get help in recovering my track or something. Instead I ended up going through tons of recruitment cycles some of which turned into an utter disaster. I had a lot of love and understanding for many of the SO’s some of which I could not even explain to myself, but man it’s like they were increasingly being “infected” with some streak of insanity or something so eventually I had to turn around and push back and disagree and get myself out of that universe in order to regain my ground. I actually ended up getting out of LA and moving to North Texas… still working on getting myself situated and figure out where to move next in my spiritual journey.

    On a side note, I think Humanitarian magazine really spelled it out. LRH’s predictions are unfolding right before our eyes (i.e. bankers taking over the world, destruction of constitution and socialist/communist style takeover, etc). This is what OSA really should be worried about, not issuing declares on fellow Scientologists or manning extremely low tone websites. It is a total disgrace and a disservice to LRH’s vision and the very purpose such a department was established in the first place.

  333. Gato Rojo,

    You explained very nicely what I was thinking about “Dark Side”.
    I thought we should call the Co$ the “Dark Side”, since it’s the real Dark Side of Scn; and call the Indies the “Enlighted Side” or something like that.

    “Me parece que ví un lindo gatito” (Do you remember the Tweety canary?)

  334. I’ll forgo the espresso but will take the milk. Meow! 😉

  335. threefeetback

    TC: eyes wide shut when behind the curtain, theetie-weetie, sweetness and light, …..?

  336. threefeetback

    Katie figured it out, why can’t Tom?

  337. threefeetback

    The long hot summer continues. Thousands of high temp records have been set so far across the USA. Hemet, California, was well over 100F a few weeks ago and is expected to get even hotter this coming week according to the National Weather Service. Flash floods are also known to occur in Riverside County, including the Massacre Canyon area.

  338. threefeetback

    postulates anyone?

  339. I agree with your bottom line absolutely, positively, right on!

  340. Thank you for the reply.
    With ‘…come up to present time’ I meant to say that when there is talk about reforming scn., there should be something like a list or a manifesto as to what will/needs to be changed, i.e. no more disconnection, sp declares, RPF, which policies are to be dropped, because THE WORLD HAS CHANGED- to make it clear to the outside world that ‘independent Scientology’ is different than the CoS, besides not being as organised. To an outsider such as me it’s hard to find differences, you have to look very hard. To the general public Scientology today appears like a weird space alien cult that wants to ‘clear’ your bank account, founded by a criminally disturbed science fiction writer. No offense intended but this is the (growing) perception in the general public and media. As for the other things you said about the tech, if it works for you that is ok with me but there are many who would disagree.

  341. martyrathbun09

    Thanks for the tip, I’ll look it up.

  342. In my opinion DM should be disconected from the society.
    But not because he is an SP (true or imagined) but because of his countless crimes.
    Once he is gone, the PTSness in the Church would slowly recede.
    True, some confusion would be raised as he used to be the Stable Datum for the majority of Corporate Scientologists.
    But all they need to do, is to establish LRH as the Stable Datum for themselfs.
    But this is another “process”…

    ” But don’t give me the theetie-wheetie that there are no real SPs. “
    Of course there are.
    But without the additional Chaos which is merchandised in Corporate Scientology, Scientologists could handle them with easy in their lifes. Today, the IAS produces chaos to a point where hardly someone makes anything valuable in the society using Scientology.

    As you was in DSA, you know that.
    “The enemy is out there.” And anyone is briefed about the SPs to a point of non-confront.

  343. It depends on the person I talk to.

  344. Thought you might like this article I just posted to my blog as it covers “reform” , ousting, handling the injustices, etc.

    I mentioned “reform” in my initial Article- APPEAL TO ALL SCIENTOLOGISTS.

    I expect many have had a chance to read it, so I wish to extrapolate and welcome your feedback…

    Since then you may have seen my revised appeal having since confronted the fact that “reformation” is not necessarily an agreed upon reality. Yet the tenement must be torn down. But what happens after?

    On that note, here is something to consider…

    If we were to disband the Church of Scientology, it would need to be carried out in such a way as not to destroy the technologies of Dianetics and Scientology.

    This would include the following…

    Effectively addressing the 3rd Dynamic Engram with all Scientologists, including the following…

    True justice with a BPI issue on “David Miscavige- Story of a Squirrel Administrator” circulated Internationally on every imaginable comm. line.

    Appropriate correction of those who enforced his destructive programs.

    All injustices against true Scientologists made right, including BPI issues on the illegality and factual cancellation of Fair Game and Disconnection.

    Full disclosure of the financial information on the Church and the IAS.

    The existing Ideal Org buildings and all other Church properties utilized by the Independent movement, if not sold and the funds from their sales returned/credited to the public who donated to do whatever they choose.

    Assistance to displaced Sea Org members, staff and public, ideally so that each one is utilized to their fullest for the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics.

    An effective recovery project that factually handles dissatisfied public and delivers what was promised or their donations are returned without penalty of SP declare.

    Clean-up of the PR for the subject of Dianetics, Scientology and LRH in the Media, Internet, etc. The Disband needs to be broadly publicized. The people of the world will need to know for certain that true Scientologists are stably here to deliver real Scientology to them and that the past is the past, we have learned from it and strive to not have a repeat.

    A spirit of cooperation created with all like-minded groups and individuals across the Globe, old hatchets buried and true friendships created.

    And all in all I want all of us to be free beings, able to observe, think and look for ourselves and to speak and write freely of our observations for the greatest good for the greatest number.

    Tell me your thoughts on this and feel free to add to the above, change the wording, etc. as you see fit. Note: It would probably be a good idea for us jointly to create an Admin Scale for the group.

    Best, Cara Voca

  345. Can’t wait to see this come out. “David Miscavige- Story of a Squirrel Administrator”- I started writing the issue and welcome your input…

    “Many are likely to recall the “Story of a Squirrel”-the Suppressive Person Declare broadly issued on David Mayo, former Senior C/S International some 30 years ago.

    Some question the legitimacy of it and at the same time others who felt it was just, didn’t necessarily approve of the harassment, for sure, the judicial authorities in Santa Barbara had no kind words for it.

    That said, here we are with the “Golden Age of Tech”, “Ideal Orgs”, “IAS Funded 4th Dynamic Campaigns”, all generously funded by you of course, yet facing one of the biggest PR crises the subject of Scientology has been had to date.

    The purpose of this issue is to dispel the mysteries and blow the 3rd Dynamic Engram that has resulted from the suppressive, squirrel administration from David Miscavige.

    After a very thorough and impartial investigation of the conflict between David Miscavige and the Independent Scientologists the following has now been concluded.

    You are free to accept this or not, do your own research as you please, i.e. this information will not be enforced on you.

    The following LRH References were reviewed in respect to the above.











    I will of course quote the appropriate parts of each reference and then state what DM did.

    Feel free to help me fill in the blanks.

  346. I very much agree with what you are saying. And would add to your earlier comment that seemed to point out that the PTS/SP tech is seriously misunderstood and not correctly applied. I have observed that.

  347. LTC Forever – I know exactly what you mean. Most OSA personnel, like any other staff, are drawn in to “help” in a big way, and see an opportunity so they commit themselves. Then they get hammered (suppressed) and continually convinced there are “good reasons” and a “greater good” to be served by lying and fear-mongering and taking everyone off of the key org products of training and auditing – what we’re supposed to be there to “protect” in the first place! It is an insidious indoctrination and it targets personal integrity for erosion and subordination to Miscavige’s wishes.

    The saddest irony is that this process accelerated madly just when the new Social Reform programs got released (as the Ideal Org strategy at the same time) around 2004. These could have saved the day, but were twisted to suit David Miscavige’s need to hide his evil deeds behind “good works”.

    The good news is that it’s brought us together, of like mind, and we can figure out how to pick up the pieces and put good technology and LRH solutions to work.

    I am in North Texas too, so feel free to look me up and let’s get in comm. Click on my posting name Watchful Navigator and go to “ABOUT” for contact info.

  348. Yes, MB, if I remember correctly there was a series of posts that used the Dark Side analogies for a while. It’s definitely a good description. I’m sort of tending towards Scn. Inc. now though, since that is what has been used so successfully to describe that dark side in Marty’s book. And I think we should just use Scientology for the other side. If we keep pounding this home the differentiation will start to appear in the minds of people who have not figured it out yet.

    But…no habla, my friend. I did figure it out though by looking it up. Maullido!

  349. Pingback: David Miscavige – Investigator’s Guide to the Criminal History « Watchful Navigator

  350. Cara Voca – you’ve provided no way to view this article or issue, or contact you. Please do so. The link on your posting name leads nowhere. But this seems like a great idea, and you can check my latest blog posting for a host of references.

  351. Hello Watchful Navigator, Good point. I did post what I had composed thus far as a comment, It is the same as can be found on my my Facebook page “Cara Voca” and blog at: http://caravoca.wordpress.com.
    Am looking forward to input and getting the issue wrapped up and then feedback again to be sure it really blows the charge- then out on every wavelength!
    Best, Cara

  352. Unless TC has enough on DM to keep DM quiet.

  353. Not to worry – that’s just classic ADD. But skip the Ritalin. Many times ADD correlates with creativity. And pity the people who overlooked the butterfly.

  354. You’re absolutely right. Just the meddling in his life and career is several books’ worth!

  355. From msn Wonderwall:
    “Katie Holmes must feel relieved that she can finally rejoin the world of humans away from the prying eyes of Tom Cruise and his band of Scientologists. To help ease her back into reality, she should immerse herself in a humanities course. Maybe she’ll be able to replace all those memories of having her thetans examined with the works of Hemingway, Joyce, etc”

  356. Thank you for spending the time on your detailed answer. I really appreciate it.
    I am certainly curious about the positive side of scientology, so I have some reading to do. Maybe with the publicity of Katie’s exit, others will have the confidence to leave too.

  357. Ed,
    Thank you. I did read all your responses below. The picture you painted of David Miscavige’s youthful deceit is interesting and confirming . Curious, though – if you happen to see this belated posting and are willing to write more – I have some questions. Many details you wrote ring true, but some things don’t jibe or leave me wondering:
    1) You said you were recruited to Boston Staff and you cut a deal to get your OT levels discounted if you agreed go on staff there. What post were you recruited for, and did you ever serve on that post?
    2) You said that when you were in LA doing your OT levels (ostensibly before going back to Boston) someone recruited you to stay at the US Guardian Office. What post/bureau was that, and did you ever go on post there? Do you remember names of any GO terminals – Boston or USGO?
    3) How were you able to go and join this SO project when you had a staff contract with Boston/USGO? Did you end up with a Freeloader debt?
    4) Did you finish at Berklee? What did you study there, and what is your primary instrument? Still performing?
    5) If you were so disappointed with LRH, how do you square that conclusion the greater powers of observation and insights you said you gained on your OT levels?

    Hope you see this!

  358. edwardkemper

    hi leonore, sorry i just saw your questions above. in attempting to manage my email notifications i think i deleted the one that notified me of replies to this thread…
    to answer your questions, no. i never served on staff in boston or at the NGO and i don’t remember the names of anyone in either office. the only name from boston i remember is Lorne Rhode. she was the one who would check me after each auditing session.
    how i was able to join the “LRH Special Project” is that i was told by the recruiter for that project to have the woman from the NGO call them. when i told her i would not be joining her staff she was VERY upset. however the change in tone and expression when she called the number they had given me for her to call was dramatic to say the least. i was immediately released from all obligations to her office and sent on my merry way. as to a freeloader debt… no one ever contacted me in this regard however i would not be surprised about anything from SCN inc. however my view of accounts is that we are ‘even’. the amount of hard labor for little or no pay, although nothing compared to most every other SO member’s experience was quite a lot for me!!!
    no i did not ‘finish’ at berkley. i studied guitar and i learned more theory in a few months there than i have been able to apply in a life time as a pro player. i retired from touring and active pro playing in ’94 but still play for fun. i relocated to europe 6yrs ago and have done a couple of fun projects since i was here but nothing for money.
    i had great gains from my auditing and studies in scientology. i have never said anything different. i do however make a distinction between the “behavior of the man” and his “life work”. at the time i was involved many people that i encountered both in boston and l.a. believed LRH was like a messiah. that he could do miracles, read minds, and walk on water. there was also a considerable amount of projection of these qualities on any OT who happened to be around. before i left the org in boston to do my upper levels the only OT on staff was one OTIII. no one there had ever even met LRH.
    personally i never needed a messiah. never needed LRH to be a ‘war hero’ ‘consciousness pioneer’ or anything else. i made undeniable gains and improvements in myself and my life as a result of my time in scientology and i do not regret a minute of my time spent doing what i did. however what i saw in La Quinta was a pretty sad picture and it appears things only got worse after i left.

  359. edwardkemper

    I did whatever OT Levels they had in ’76.

  360. edwardkemper

    Over the years i have seen a number of what appear to be fairly credible reports that contradict the CofS ‘official’ biographical information on LRH especially around the U.S. Navy service records and accounts of his life in Montana and his pre dianetics period in Pasadena. however i am far from an expert on any of this and everything i have read is surely common knowledge to anyone with internet access, google, and curiosity…
    and also as i have said elsewhere… i have no need for LRH to be anything other than he was. my gratitude to him for the work he did and the benefits it has brought to me in my life remains unchanged.

  361. Edward,
    Thank you for your very in depth, and seems to me honest reply. I am glad that you had wins and gains, and maybe your life turned out more as LRH actually intended – just a guy living his life as he wanted, a positive energy upon the earth doing good things. I do understand what you say about the “worship.” I never met LRH myself, but many who worked close with him over a period of years have communicated their awe for his talents, intensity, energy, and insights. Some have made observations of him that were less complimentary, and some just plain vicious. It’s interesting, though, that after all these years, this experience in your life was significant enough that you bothered to look up this blog and spend some time expressing yourself and sharing stories.

    You comments re David Miscavige as a youth are telling. Among the stories reported about him on this and other blogs is that in auditing on Academy levels as a youth Miscavige slapped his preclear in session. I’ve seen him at a distance, and he makes the hackles on my neck stand up. Intuitively, I perceive that he’s got a pull=push thing going – like a spider luring one into a web, ensnaring, and then sucking out his victim’s energies. It is disappointing that LRH apparently didn’t see Miscavige’s deceptions. On the other hand, some have reported that LRH and others were onto him just before LRH passed away. I am curious about how that could have happened myself. I’m inclined to imagine a sci-fi scenario that’s more appropriate for the movie theater, myself.

    I’ve been offlines for a long time, and in the time I was off living my life, I had hoped that Scientology would progress in becoming more mainstream and acceptable. I would like to see the basics of the subject more integrated and used by society – the stuff you got from the old hard TRs comm course, study tech, a little more understanding of the three parts of man. These things alone would do wonders. If Scientology hadn’t gone into the ditch PR wise, I would have been in a good position professionally to help.

    Re music – a passion in my life, too. I have a couple friends who went to Berklee and did not finish for the same reasons as you – more typical of jazz, contemporary, rock/pop players. My tastes are more to the traditional – Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Stravinsky, Orff, maybe a little Piazzola – and some of the big movie composers. Love the big stuff, but I do sometimes cross-over for acoustic rock & jazz that has some depth. I’m not into head-banging, and it’s got to be more than three chords.
    Nice talking with you. Play on!

  362. Once again, so very glad I came across this website! Marty you are awesome!

  363. Command Intention

    I can confirm that Edward Kemper AKA ‘Derek’ Has mentioned something that most people would not know and/or have knowledge to and would HAVE to have BEEN THERE to know that LRH’s son (Arthur) was there! I was just reading this blog and saw that he mentioned this. And so I decided to confirm that in 1977 Arthur was without a doubt living at the “Rifle” spending time with his dad.

    Ref: “Rifle” see: Secret History of David Miscarriage

    Secret History of David Miscavige
    Posted: Tuesday, 11 August 2009 10:19

    And Marty could you get JB to confirm this incident with the telephone booth mentioned by the Gang of Five? Of course he could be one of them!

    To those who wonder who I am…. I will say I have been in SCN for over 40 years and was in the Sea Org for many years at Flag and on INT lines
    I know All 3 of LRH’s living children with Mary Sue i.e. Diana , Suzette, and Arthur. Arthur has mentioned his stay at the Rifle to me. This is my first post ever! So do not expect me to answer any questions for now!

    I have decided that DM has to go!

    Command Intention

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