Scientology Inc. Meltdown

It is ironic that David Miscavige’s best friend and ‘the most dedicated Scientologist’ he knows, Tom Cruise, has provided the tipping point event in the final meltdown of Scientology Inc.  What I find most disturbing about it is that Miscavige is doing all he can to bring everyone and everything down with him – from Tom Cruise to the subject of Scientology itself.

It is somewhat poetic justice that so many horror stories that Miscavige spent so many million suppressing over the past several years have suddenly been given wide currency.  It is unfortunate that there has not been time, nor the inclination on the part of media, to differentiate Miscavige’s cult and its conduct from the philosophy of Scientology.  But, Miscavige’s scorched earth, take no responsibility policy makes that differentiation process nearly impossible.

To understand the process, let’s take for example Miscavige’s response to the original Truth Rundown series by the Tampa Times.  Some former International Headquarters staff  attempted to check Miscavige from taking Scientology Inc. down in a Jonestown-like inferno by exposing dangerous, habitual conduct by Miscavige. Miscavige’s response was to accuse the accusers of perpetuating wholesale violence.  The result, two nights of ABC Nightline specials and a five part CNN AC 360 special on “Scientology: A History of Violence”, and an hour long BBC documentary all about a widespread ‘culture of violence’ at the highest ranks of ‘Scientology.’  It is the lying that perpetuates and exacerbates the situation and results in no effective differentiation being possible.  I remember predicting to Mike Rinder a month before Truth Rundown was published that until Miscavige takes a modicum of responsibility for the truth, the media exposes will become more frequent and more widespread.  Just look at how the Truth Rundown series has expanded since its 2009 inception.

Take the Cruise/Holmes debacle.  The absurd, pathetic blanket denial of the truth positions taken by Cruise and Miscavige are giving Scientology haters a seemingly unending  field day.

Look at the lengths Miscavige has gone in attempting to kill the story of the death of the son of Karen De La Carriere and Heber Jentzsch.   “OT VIII”, celebrity wanna be Stan Gerson has been used to send out a propaganda piece designed to divert Scientologists’ attention from the cover up of the ongoing Coroner’s investigation into the circumstances surrounding Alexander Jentzsch’s death, see Village Voice coverage.

My analysis of the ongoing meltdown of Scientology Inc is that the consistent, common denominator that is prolonging and exacerbating it, making rational discussion and differentiation near impossible, is the activity of corporate Scientology lying.  I place the responsibility for this dark chapter for Scientology squarely in the office of Chairman of the Board of Scientology Inc.   David Miscavige is the one who has created the current wholesale condemnation of the subject.  He has convinced Tom Cruise to eschew the advice I have been giving for three years here.  That advice is probably best summed up in an anonymous axiom I once quoted here:

If you tell the truth, it becomes a part of your past. If you lie, it becomes a part of your future.

The cummulative lies that Miscavige has directed Scientology Inc. and its corporate and celebrity spokespeople to vehemently pour forth for years are creating a dark future for Scientology.   Their lies give legs to stories seeking to shed light on corporate Scientology abuses, and their obfuscation of specific facts opens the door to lay the blame on ‘Scientology’ generally.  Their attack and lie reaction makes closure on any story about ‘Scientology’ impossible.  Ultimately, by their continuing dishonesty they are denying many people potential benefits from the subject in the future.

The only way this sick trend will ever begin to reverse is by the revelation of truth.   We ought not be discouraged in continuing to do what we can to purvey it.   But, those efforts will continue to be suppressed as long as the likes of Miscavige, Cruise and others blatantly continue to traffic in lies.

Make no mistake, Miscavige has proven over and over that he is incapable of honesty.   As I have spelled out before on this blog, Miscavige’s game is to make enemies for Scientology.  He will do all he can to keep the likes of Travolta and Cruise lying in public until they are so bloodied figuratively and confused that they lose the ability to differentiate the cause of their woes and become enemies of the subject of Scientology.  After all, Miscavige has accomplished that with dozens of former members – you can watch them all over the airwaves of late.  He has attempted to do the same with all of us.

Cruise, Travolta, and the less stellar soldiers of Scientology Inc can avoid falling into that dark, victim bunker.  All they need to do is heed the advice:

If you tell the truth, it becomes a part of your past. If you lie, it becomes a part of your future.

Whether the truth is in them remains to be seen.

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  1. Added to the coverup of Alex Jentzsch’s death is the new wrinkle that has just been exposed on Steve Hall’s site, regarding the statutory rape of Alex by a 40-year-old woman when Alex was about 12 or 13 years old.

  2. I forgot to mention that said rape was committed at the Flag Land Base by a Sea Org member.

  3. Few truer words were ever said. I am getting prepared to release some truth with a flare when I go public. Here’s a taste of it, the declare order for DM- “David Miscavige- Story of a Squirrel Administrator”- Would love your input on this. My plan is to put in appropriate quotes from the refs listed and state what DM did.

    “Many are likely to recall the “Story of a Squirrel”-the Suppressive Person Declare broadly issued on David Mayo, former Senior C/S International some 30 years ago.

    Some question the legitimacy of it and at the same time others who felt it was just, didn’t necessarily approve of the harassment, for sure, the judicial authorities in Santa Barbara had no kind words for it.

    That said, here we are with the “Golden Age of Tech”, “Ideal Orgs”, “IAS Funded 4th Dynamic Campaigns”, all generously funded by you of course, yet facing one of the biggest PR crises the subject of Scientology has been had to date.

    The purpose of this issue is to dispel the mysteries and blow the 3rd Dynamic Engram that has resulted from the suppressive, squirrel administration from David Miscavige.

    After a very thorough and impartial investigation of the conflict between David Miscavige and the Independent Scientologists the following has now been concluded.

    You are free to accept this or not, do your own research as you please, i.e. this information will not be enforced on you.

    The following LRH References were reviewed in respect to the above.











    I am blowing down just writing this!!

  4. Marty:

    “If you lie, it becomes part of your future.”

    Thank you for this reminder. I get disheartened as it’s simply unbelievable that those still blindly following the party line are in large measure people I was once either very close to or at least a good acquaintance of.

    Although I heartened a bit when I noticed that the FB friends of yours have leaped up from the last time I checked — yours friends are ALMOST the same number as Mr. Super Magician Himself – Stan Gerson.

    And Tony Otega’s “likes” have doubled in 3 weeks.

    And Marty – if I don’t say it enough, it’s only because I get so irate these days that words of gentle kindness and thank you are too often hard to find.

    Thank you and always know how much I deeply appreciate and admire what you, Mosey, Mike and Christie are doing — and all the others!!

  5. Marty — it IS truly ironic that Miscavige has fawned over Cruise to “disseminate” Scientology by reason of his celebrity and is now seeing his facade ripped to pieces because of attention his celebrity has brought upon himself.

    This strategy was a typical shortsighted Miscavige “shortcut” to avoid doing the usual. The fatal flaw inherent in it is rolling out before everyone’s eyes: that two edged sword swings back to decapitate you when the celebrity brings the media into play with a scandal in his life. And when the disdain and contempt shown for the media and anyone who doesnt agree with Dave comes home to roost. Miscavige has built an enormous reservoir of ill will and the divorce breached the dam holding it back. Nobody likes an arrogant prick under any circumstances, but if the arrogant prick has through some means managed to intimidate people into silence, when the intimidation is exposed as a bluff, the resentment, anger and disdain pours forth.

    Couldnt happen to a nicer guy. But of course, in the rush to smash the little bully, so too does all around him get smashed. And that is one of the things he has been counting on. He has equated himself with Scientology and has equated the church with Scientology. It affords him a measure of protection — in the eyes of Scientologists they cannot disagree or question “COB” as they would be disagreeing or questioning Scientology itself. He has deliberately created that falsehood, knowing full well that to take him down will mean taking the whole church and subject down.

    Of course, another shortsighted blunder. He may have killed the church and may bring it and everyone around him down, but no matter how poisonous he is, truth is unkillable.

    Another appropriate description comes to mind when I see what is happening: Live by the lie, die by the lie.

  6. martyrathbun09

  7. Very salient points very well made. Sometimes it seems like a group “exorcism” has been taking place – as in getting rid of the demon(s) within Scientology until it is again a subject taken on its own merits. It was the Truth Rundown that was the tipping point for me; I said at the time that I thought it would be seen as a turning point in Scientology history.

    Personally I didn’t sleep too well last few nights – still haunted by some words from Karen a few posts back about a conversation between Alexander and his Dad regarding Heber returning to the Hole:

    “Alexander asked Heber privately “Dad, do you really want to go back to that?”
    Heber said “I have to return Son, I have done “very bad” things in this life and had to atone.”

    Right there in one short sentence is the essence of the evil being fought. So we must continue till the work is finished.

  8. “My analysis of the ongoing meltdown of Scientology Inc is that the consistent, common denominator that is prolonging and exacerbating it […] is the activity of corporate Scientology lying.”

    What I’ve been struck by since starting to read your blog almost a year ago is just how the cult will lie compulsively, even if the truth would actually serve it better. They can be counted on to lie 100% of the time, even when there’s nothing to be lost by telling the truth. They simply can’t help themselves. I don’t know if this is just because of contempt for the “wog” world, contempt for their members, or what, but they clearly feel that they can say whatever they want and they expect it to be believed with no questioning.

    For example, in the Stan Gershon e-mail about the death of Alexander Jentzsch, it says that Alex died of a one-time drug overdose. It is possible that this explanation will be borne out by the medical examiner’s report. But if it isn’t, the cult has given itself a black eye, needlessly and preventably. It would have been far smarter for Gerson’s message to have said that the cause of death remains undetermined. That would have kept the message about celebrating Alexander’s life. And when the coroner’s report comes in later, there’s a good chance it would have been reported with much less fanfare; the story might have just faded away. But they could not resist trying to shape the narrative in terms of somebody who “pulled it in,” because the cult is never wrong. So the price of trying to blame the victim is that they’ll get caught in yet another lie and the net result will be yet another negative.

    Marty, you know Miscavige infinitely better than most people. Despite your more intimate knowledge of the person involved, I continue to believe that Miscavige’s own altered mental status and general incompetence are sufficient to explain the damage he has done to the organization; I think a conscious well-planned strategy to destroy the organization is less likely, given that he has shown little ability to think beyond what seems expedient in the current brief instant of time. But the sad thing is that his incompetence and insanity is achieving the result as quickly as a masterfully planned and executed strategy worthy of a Mission:Impossible TV episode (not the movies, the original series!).

  9. Excellent post Marty!!

    The way I see it is dm is using the Scientology philosophy as a “sheild”. He knows that the ones that are dedicated to the philosophy will try to protect it and if he can convince them that he “IS” Scientology or it’s biggest champion then they will protect HIM too.
    I think ultimately, that is a losing strategy.

    The other thing about lying is that it causes persistence.

    I think dm knows that if he did tell the truth he would be a gonner. He can’t confront that, so he would rather take down the whole ship with him. In his mind that is the better option.
    We out here need to do all that we can to take him down before he DOES sink the ship or causes even more damage to the philosophy.

  10. This is your best post ever, in my opinion. I think because it so accurately describes what is going on, the apparently inevitable consequences of all DM’s lies and betrayals.

    It is a terribly sad, tragic situation. Up until recent events, I had hoped and believed that the subject of Scientology could be distinguished from the Church of Scientology. After all, neither were really very well known by the general public.

    Putting it in political terms, I doubt the “name recognition” of the term “Scientology” would have been very high with the public at large. And therefore, had some hope that even the Church might be salvageable, if DM could be ousted and the organizational structure that LRH intended be implemented.

    But, like some scandal erupting in the life of a political candidate, sometimes events can suddenly bring about a rapid rise in the name recognition factor, to the detriment, and often destruction of, both the reputation and the career of said politician.

    My guess is, the name recognition of “Scientology” has undergone a quantum leap in recent weeks, around the world. And all of it negative.

    Maybe it’s not as bad as it appears. I would like to hear some comm from those who are busy delivering the tech in the independent field – are they having to spend a lot more time handling their public on the avalanche of negative stories? Maybe not. One can always hope.

    But it looks like a total disaster with no end in sight. As has been often said before, Miscavige could not have done a better job destroying Ron’s work if he had consciously intended to do so from the start.

  11. I am half way thru my second read of What Is Wrong with Scientology.

    I look forward to the day when you can spend most of your time explaining the Technology and what’s good in it. There is a need for what you did in this book, as LRH on it’s own is not an easy read.

    In the meanwhile, keep up the good fight, and know that many with spiritual interests outside Scientology support what you do.

  12. Sad and pathetic. That’s how I see the house of cards miscavige has built.

    Close your eyes, plug your ears, shut your mouth. Nothing to see here…move along…how about those Yankees!

    I saw a copy of the Enquirer at the newsstand and decided to purchase it. Read the whole article. Extremely damning. Fields may have grounds for a lawsuit since it might be that Suri’s room did, indeed, have a window.
    As for the rest of the story? Well, in my opinion, if they decide to sue the Enquirer then miscavige is going to be on trial again. And if they don’t? Well, I guess it will be totally open season for the press to report any and all abuses of miscavige and his clapping seals.

    Of course, it looks like open season anyway.

    Meanwhile, back at the resort, we completed a Grade One yesterday and Anita will publish the success story shortly.


  13. Michael Wayne II

    “If you tell the truth, it becomes a part of your past. If you lie, it becomes a part of your future.”

    Ahhhhh, I love the smell of the truth in the morning…

  14. Bahaha! That made me spit juice on my screen. Thanks for the laugh!

  15. So true Mike.
    I wrote the same below without even reading your post.
    Remember Sadam Hussein using the hostages as “human sheilds”?
    Dm is using the philosophy as his “human sheid”.
    He is one sick puppy.

  16. In reviewing “The Anti-Social Personality, The Anti-Scientologist”, the SP uses the artist as their source of life energy, like a vampire, as the SP has no energy of his own.

    It is beyond horrible to have taken a passionate, extraordinarily capable man like Tom Cruise, and to have so successfully brain washed him with black Dianetics and reverse Scientology.

    When/if Tom realizes, in the much bigger picture, that he has aided suppressive acts and crimes, I fear that he will fold up and utterly cave in. I hope he reads this blog and restudies the. PTS SP materials and evaluates the data and statistics of the Corp. Church’s products and services on his own.

    Tom, this is a future whole track matter. Restudy KSW #1 please!

  17. That one got to me too. All I could think about as I was going to sleep at night was whether Heber can be rescued and whether it is too late.

  18. A tiny bit from wikipedia:
    “Martin Luther (10 November 1483 – 18 February 1546) was a German monk, priest, professor of theology and iconic figure of the Protestant Reformation. He strongly disputed the claim that freedom from God’s punishment for sin could be purchased with money. He confronted indulgence salesman Johann Tetzel with his Ninety-Five Theses in 1517. His refusal to retract all of his writings at the demand of Pope Leo X in 1520 and the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V at the Diet of Worms in 1521 resulted in his excommunication by the pope and condemnation as an outlaw by the Emperor.”

    Marty Rathbun = Martin Luther

    The Runt will fall and the Church may fade away, but the Truth will set you free.

  19. Yes….The Flag Land Base …..’Friendliest Place in the Whole World’. Now there is a lie of magnitude and thus it will be a big part of it’s future.

    It could be easily straightened out and relegated to the past with a slight alteration of a word that Mr. Miscarriage knows only too well and is much closer to the truth..IMHO;

    The Flag Land Base…..’Friendliest Place in the “Hole” World!’

  20. Well said Marty!

    The exposure of Scientology in the media as of late, I would venture to guess is straight up and vertical. While standing at the grocery checkout, my wife and I notice more Cruise/Scientology cover stories than ever before.

    Last night on Inside Edition a so-called electrical expert was shown taking apart an e-meter purchased on E-bay. The one “good” thing he could say was that it was well constructed. Otherwise his “expert” opinion was that it was valueless, and I’m sure he was inclined to say that as part of the “story.” Even to the point of ending the story with him squeezing the cans to demonstrate it only reacted to sweat and grip.

    Sure, in the hands of a clueless idiot the e-meter is valueless.

    The story goes to Marty’s point about how Scientology Inc and the subject is being attacked in the media without differentiation.

  21. It’s interesting that the picture seems to indicate that Heber has been eating well, contrary to the report that Karen received from someone at the memorial service that Heber appeared “emaciated”.

  22. Absolutely spot on, Marty. DM is taking the whole subject and everybody involved in it down with him. It is going to get really ugly before it gets better. The media is already having a field day – and it is just the beginning. Scn Inc. may well become the most maligned cult in history.
    We sure have our work cut out for us.

  23. Christine,
    Your compassion, innate and immutable, always rings through your comm, no matter what the words you may choose.


  24. Meltdown can’t come fast enough …leave DM!!!

  25. Even though I am truly grateful for your honesty and bravery regarding the truth of David Miscavige, I cannot logically separate the current state of Scientology Inc from it’s basic principles and techniques. “Sciences”, such as human psychology, are always being challenged by those who study and practice in the field. It is arrogant to believe one can figure out a single technique to cure all ills. Because of this, Scientology does not have a natural ability to evolve. There is no mechanism to improve with new knowledge, because the old method can never be challenged. This makes it nothing more than a gimmick. Can you imagine if other “scientific” processes were subject to a “belief system” where you could not challenge what is regarded as truth? We would all still have to admit the world is flat. This way of thinking makes David Miscaviges possible. He is a product of a seriously flawed way of thinking.

  26. Tom Gallagher

    Hell hath no fury like a media lied to…

    And it really sucks to be one of POB’s clubbed circus seals.

  27. The media doesn’t differentiate between DM’s Cult and Scientology because they recognize that LRH wrote many of the policies that DM is using, like Disconnection and Fairgame. They also recognize that DM’s beatings are an evolution of LRH’s overboarding people. The veracity of the facts in LRH’s biography are in doubt by many due to reports that he was telling bold faced lies about his accomplishments. The lesson learned here are Marty’s wise words, “If you tell the truth, it becomes a part of your past. If you lie, it becomes a part of your future.”

  28. Li'll bit of stuff

    Marty, clearly stated thank you. Guess we need to get used
    to the idea of a bit of a marathon here. At stake, the steadily
    increasing desperation of a full blown psycho, at his wit’s end
    over the implosion of his Ponzi empire…….vs. the media
    Merchants of Chaos, currently making a meal (and a packet!)
    of Scientology’s fresh exposure in the spotlight.

    I sincerely believe there is just no point in trying to stop this
    lunacy, on either count, since both are highly charged entheta
    outpourings that will actually serve to unravel the psycho even further, doing us all a huge favour in the short term IMHO.

    like you said,” just continue to shine the light of truth…”
    This will run it’s due cycle, and we will all be stronger for
    our “time in the weight room, throwing around some serious
    poundages” (and mebbe a midget or two!)

    Clang! Clang! Next Indie up for your set of 10 reps, please!

    Marty? Need a spotter?

  29. Here are my observations on the matter:

    1. The way out is the way through. Avoiding confrontation with Miscavige is what got us into this mess. There is no choice but to extract every skeleton from their sordid closet and let the chips fall where they may. The keynotes here are confront and dogged persistence.

    2. Miscavige has orchestrated a redefinition of words, right out of Orwell’s 1984. “CoS” = squirrel group, perhaps best described as the Church of Miscavige. “Independent Scientologist” = someone who believes in applying standard LRH tech, particularly as regards auditing.

    3. Miscavige’s imposter group is an engram laying on top of the Church. It must be erased and stripped away as an additive. At which point the long dormant seeds of humanity that LRH planted must be brought back to life by people with the vision to make that happen. And we have the tech to do that. The fact that Dror Center just did it is proof it can be done.

    4. If we do not stand by our own tech and use it we are not Scientologists.

    5. The way to overcome confusion is to put in order and ignore the confusion blowing off. That is not just tech, it’s OT. So the media confuses the philosophy with the organization. So what? It will all come out in the wash. By continuing to put in order all will come right. Spot noise and confusion for what it is and let it go. It is inevitable.

    6. The average person does not really care what other people think. Scientologists are free to believe whatever they want. However nobody is free to HARM OTHERS this is where Miscavige has blown his engine.

    7. The average person is fantastically interested in Scientology, the philosophy. They only stay away because A) the church is observably suppressive, and B) They don’t understand why Scientology calls itself a “religion” when by their observation it obviously is not. This seems to be just another lie. They are bound by their own religious beliefs not avoid “false prophets.” The truth is it was made into a religion for defensive purposes since vested interests wanted to take over the certification of auditors. Scn qualifies as a religion, sure. But it was originally a science. People are comfortable with the truth.

    8. Miscavige, like any SP, creates chaos in which to hide. Thus he stokes the fires of intolerance convincing Scientologists that human race is just a mob bent on destroying “any movement such as ours.” And he gets paid highly for telling that lie. But people are basically good. The only person I ever met who actually wanted to unmock the philosophy is David Miscavige.

    9. The Church went PTS long before it became suppressive. It went PTS during LRH’s time because it was being actively attacked. If there was something LRH or the Church was doing to create this antagonism, well… the cause was never spotted and handled. The condition persisted and when Miscavige took over he eventually moved it from PTS to an SP group.

    10. Never be afraid to hurt another in a just cause.

  30. threefeetback

    The business model of the press is usefull to DECAPATATE Miscavage, after that it is up to the real deal Scientologists to pick up the pieces to promote and disseminate the subject while confronting the press with the real deal LRH policy for handling the goofy press operating basis.

  31. Magician Gerson gets a major flunk for the smoke & mirrors he tried to pull off in that email. Looks to me like he’s begging for an interview with the LAPD. For starters, I’m sure they’d like to know what reaction to what prescription painkillers and who prescribed them.

    For Gerson to say he was very close to Alexander doesn’t hold any water either. If Gerson was so close to him why wasn’t Alexander at his house instead of at the home of the parents of the most likely estranged wife? Is anyone foolish enough to believe Alexander had a special bond with those in-laws? When Alexander was in obvious need of medical care what did those in-laws do? Nothing for an entire day. Some bond! Did they even like him? Seriously. This is not how you treat someone who’s near & dear to you. Maybe Gerson can pull another trick out of his butt and explain that one.

  32. Kevin, your comments frequently make me laugh. You write what everyone else is thinking.

  33. Absolutely spot on post, Marty. Never in the history of Scientology has the media frenzy been so intense. Words like “deluge” spring to mind.

    Even if you discount more modern inventions such as the Internet, the current media is much more varied and more concentrated than the well organized anti-Scientology barrages that were seen in the 60s. Back then there were definite daily newspapers involved, now its most newspapers, TV, radio, weekly magazine,daily magazines. In the UK, even long standing magazines such as Women’s Own are getting in on the act.

    I also feel that part of the phenomena is that, finally, the media realize Miscavige and Scientology Inc. are not really going to do anything.. As Mike predicted more than a year ago, if Miscavige kept up with his heavy handed threats against media outlets it would eventually rebound on him and Scientology. And it has.

    I don’t like that all this empowers the Scientology haters (those that hate anything and everything to do with Scientology) but I also believe that the subject can take it. Unlike Miscavige, the subject will continue unabated.

  34. You know that email of Gerson’s went up and down the approval lines a few times or perhaps I’m being silly and it was directly from DM.

  35. A number of people have correctly noted that the church these days will tell lies when the truth would serve them just as well.

    I realized that this is a compulsion to “fill the vacuum.” And of course, that doesnt translate into “fill the vacuum with facts” in the world of Miscavige, it means “fill the vacuum with information that makes us look good — relevance and truth have no bearing”. It is again a reflection of the bubble mentality — Miscavige operates on the basis that what he says “is.” The mere fact that he says something makes it true. And he hammers this in repeatedly to those around him. And if it wasnt true when he said it, there are people who have the job to make it so….

    Miscavige in his delusion thinks the world should all react like Scientologists under his spell. If he pronounces “Scientology is expanding” they all nod their heads and agree. If he tells them “none of you know how to audit” they all nod their heads and agree and pay money to do “GAT” or “Basics” or whatever. If he says “Marty Rathbun is a defrocked, embittered apostate trying to become famous and make money out of the misfortune of a family” they all nod their heads and agree as they turn off their internet, don’t watch tv and look the other way when they are standing in the checkout line in the supermarket in case they see something they shouldnt see on the cover of a tabloid. The rest of the world look at Miscavige and his “church” and their kooky assertions, shake their heads and think “this guy is delusional.”

    So, he orders “fill the vacuum” and a contrived puff piece gets circulated — sourced to a public (another squirrelblusterer?) even though it concerns the death of the “President” of the church’s son. Even when Heber makes one of his once every 5 years appearances in public they STILL don’t let him speak. Even about his OWN SON. The best they have these days as “spokespeople” is an ass-kissing lawyer who looks like Lurch from the Addams Family and “public Scientologists.”

    In his obsession to “fill the vacuum” Miscavige doesnt even notice that the BIGGEST vacuum is the fact HE NEVER SPEAKS and the Church has no spokespeople — the same church that tells the world “we are the experts on communication.”


  36. “…Scientology calls itself a “religion” when by their observation it obviously is not. This seems to be just another lie. They are bound by their own religious beliefs to avoid “false prophets.” The truth is it was made into a religion for defensive purposes since vested interests wanted to take over the certification of auditors. Scn qualifies as a religion, sure. But it was originally a science. People are comfortable with the truth.”

    Well said! Not only are they comfortable with it but they can sense a lie (knowingness) and their bad reactions start right there. The “necessity” to make Scn a “Church” may have been defensive against SP attacks and govt. monopolies, but in the long run — at least with DM wreaking havoc — it hasn’t helped. Another example of why an Independent Scientologist is not a cultist – they are simply applying a science to life to better conditions and living. That’s a truth that’s easy to have.

  37. I completely duplicate your viewpoint Martin. +10000

    Several events over the past few days have come to a head for me. The TC thing is what it is and I am really glad to see Katie wrestling control of her life away from the cult and back to that of her own determinism. But the issue with Alexander and what Karen has had to endure is testing my ability to confront evil. I thought I had it duplicated. Now I will think again! There is more here to confront!!!!!

    Karens comments and then Steve’s revelations on his blog are …well…..I have no more words on it actually. It is beyond what I would have considered possible in a “civilized world”. Yes I know…… one save me said it was/is anything but civilized.

    Now your comments about Heber and his resignation to return for his punishment……..god damn-it I am pissed. But only at myself for allowing my own kids to fall prey to the same fate. It’s Patrick Henry time folks.

  38. Another homerun Steve!! Great comment!

  39. “Group repair is actually a study of the Tone Scale and mental equipment of the leader of a group….
    As an individual is upon the Tone Scale so will he inevitably handle ARC. As a group exists on a Tone Scale, so it will inevitably handle ARC.
    Below 2.0, whatever his expressed intentions, the individual works as entheta and enMEST and as the tone sinks to 1.0 will actually kill himself and other individuals or groups. He talks of death and emergencies. He advises powerful remedies for “potential death” situations. And although he may seem to work hard to “remedy” the situations he postulates, he will yet produce only reduced survival or death for himself, his associates or his group. He may seem to be working with the highest effectiveness, he may believe he is doing his very best and yet the end product of his endeavor will be reduced survival and death.”
    (DIAGNOSIS AND REPAIR OF GROUPS, January 1951, Tech Vol 1, p 125)

  40. Wow. I commented over two hours ago, but apparently the post isn’t leaving the “awaiting moderation” phase. Why? Is there only one acceptable point of view here?

    Original comment:

    Even though I am truly grateful for your honesty and bravery regarding the truth of David Miscavige, I cannot logically separate the current state of Scientology Inc from it’s basic principles and techniques. “Sciences”, such as human psychology, are always being challenged by those who study and practice in the field. It is arrogant to believe one can figure out a single technique to cure all ills. Because of this, Scientology does not have a natural ability to evolve. There is no mechanism to improve with new knowledge, because the old method can never be challenged. This makes it nothing more than a gimmick. Can you imagine if other “scientific” processes were subject to a “belief system” where you could not challenge what is regarded as truth? We would all still have to admit the world is flat. This way of thinking makes David Miscaviges possible. He is a product of a seriously flawed way of thinking.

  41. John P., your comment on Miscavige was ;

    “I think a conscious well-planned strategy to destroy the organization is less likely”.

    For 20 years the focus has been on raising money and building and/or buying bigger buildings. All practices which had the inherent potential to be destructive and recoil on the user such as disconnection have been applied to the maximum extent. In the court of Public opinion the church is ridiculed and reviled. Thats not a whim or a knee-jerk reaction. If it is, then destructive whims and knee-jerk reactions are consistently repeated year after year, while the delivery of the technology through counselling and courses continues to go down.

    Statistics don’t lie. This was supposed to be a church, not a Real Estate investment trust.

  42. ThetaPotata

    “If you tell the truth, it becomes a part of your past. If you lie, it becomes a part of your future.” Thanks Marty – A good example of As-Isness vs Alter-Isness.

    BTW – Just listened to Karen de la Carrierre’s interview with LA Radio (on YouTube). A very heart felt interview. Huge thanks to Karen for confronting evil.

  43. threefeetback

    The vacuum of “What IS Scientology?” continues to expand, and Marty’s book can fill that vacuum.

  44. Also known as the “Mecca of Technical Perversion.”

  45. Someone on Village Voice points out that the picture could easily have been taken at another time. I’ve read Stan Gerson’s letter a couple of times and he doesn’t say anything about the picture. Maybe we are just supposed to “dub in” that the picture was taken at the memorial.

  46. Very good points!
    Can agree to all of them.
    #9 is an interesting viewpoint. I second that.
    Plus, Miscavige orchestrated circumstences for LRH to avoid an overall remedy (late 70’s and 80’s).
    “If there was something LRH or the Church was doing to create this antagonism, well… “
    Believe me, being there and comunicating is were it all started.

    The real problem was the ‘power push’ of Miscavige and the fact that he made the tech worthless in the church. (Since if people benefit from the Bridge, they would become dangerous.)

    “Unfortunately, the person who does not want you to study Scientology is your enemy as well as ours.” – LRH

    Huh huh?
    Miscavige? GAT? GAT 2.0? Prices? Arbitraries?
    We see you.

    When he harangues against us to you as a “cult,” as a “hoax,” as a very bad thing done by very bad people, he or she is only saying, “Please, please, please don’t try to find me out.” – LRH

    Bitter, decocked apostates?

    “Brought to light, such things are never as dreadful as they were in the unconfided dark. Exposed to view, one no longer builds on quicksand.
    For how can one have a family, a marriage or a friendship where treachery has slept?” – LRH

    Right right. Keep up the good work, whistleblowers!

    “So Scientology is dangerous.

    But Scientology is also generous, tolerant and kind. And before the breadth of its understanding and the kindness of its people, a new world can be born for anyone, a world without war, criminality or the insane.

    But also, much more personally can be born a real friendship where there was private fear before, a real family founded on mutual trust, a real marriage where its partners are united against the world, not divided from one another by hidden acts.

    We see you, Miscavige!

    Beware the person or group who fights Scientology, for that person fights truth—not the truth of natural laws, but the truth about himself.

    It’s well worth knowing, we assure you.” – LRH

    (The LRH quotes above were taken from Certainty Vol. 7 #2, 1960.)

    Miscavige, the worlds Anti-Scientologists #1

    Miscavige has poisoned the Church of Scientology.

  47. Sorry, typo: decocked => defrocked.

  48. Simply Revolting

    ‘Miscavige’s game is to make enemies for Scientology…’
    A visit to certian message boards will see the truth of that… There are people who were capable of great work, driven off and into being enemies, finally unable to really differentiate between subject and Church.
    Some of these terminals I really admired are fighting the church which is a correct target, but most have lost all the belief in or desire to go up the bridge and I mean top HGC auditors (by actual award) and C/Ses; people I would personally like to thank for getting me up the bridge in my early years in Scientolgy.
    I hate Miscavige doing that, and to the subject as a whole.
    Ron gives a subltle hint of a ‘solution’ to this type of evil in RJ67. I don’t advocate it. But it does cross my mind…
    As this destructive urge and the constant overts against Scientology and Scientologists and the Dynamics, are of a size that is of whole track significance…

  49. Le Rossignol


    I was recently interviewed by a reporter for a story being researched about the “Church” of Scientology. It was decidedly helpful, in attempting to educate (not indoctrinate) the reporter to be able to refer the reporter to Mr. Rathbun’s remarkable book, “What Is Wrong With Scientology?”. Mr. Rathbun was able, in a very few clearly written words, to “undercut” Herr Miscavige’s Perversion of LRH’s life of work and remove the ‘fear’ that Herr Miscavige has managed to associate with nearly everything Scientological. The importance of this cannot be gainsaid. If the reporter does what I recommended, and reads “What Is Wrong With Scientology?”, it will give the reporter an understanding of some of the most fundamental features of Scientology and Dianetics, from which the reporter can make a reasonably well-educated personal analysis of what has been happening and why.

    What is more, one of our dear old friends … a life long Catholic … who knows we are Scientologists and never had the slightest interest in Scientology … noticed that I had several copies of “What is Wrong With Scientology?” lying on my kitchen counter top, and asked to read it. She is not antagonistic to Scientology, because of the good example my wife and I set for her as honest, caring, upstat and helpful individuals who never thrust our points of view down others’ throats. She picked up the book, on her own determination because of our relationship with her. But, without the book, it would be much more difficult to find an opportunity to offer her greater understanding and clarity about Hubbard’s works. I anticipate, that, after reading Mr. Rathbun’s work, and realizing that Scientologists are not all the wild-eyed fanatics of Herr Miscavige’s ilk, she will have more interest in the subject. Whether or not she ever seeks an independent scientologist, is not my point, however.

    “What Is Wrong With Scientology?” is not, by any stretch of the imagination (and does not claim to be) “DMSMH” or SoS. But it does provide a safe haven — the kind of safe haven auditing is SUPPOSED to provide. And, one which was sorely needed, for the following reason:

    At bottom, Mr. Rathbun’s book allows you, in speaking of Scientology and Dianetics to distinguish between basic scientology … the remarkable life-improvement benefits that flow from JUST the “lower Bridge” … and the upper level esoteric (to many) “kookie” stuff. This is important, since, if only the lower Bridge to Clear were enjoyed by even 10% of the world’s population, and none of them ever “became” ‘Scientologists’, a great deal wrong with this Planet would be ameliorated.

    I am not arguing for a “New Church” of Scientology. I am simply saying that, for those of you who want to leave this life having made some significant betterment of this Planet, Mr. Rathbun’s book goes a long way to rehabilitating the public’s reach for Scientology which Herr Miscavige has systematically intentionally and with malice aforethought, sought to destroy.

  50. If he were to tell the the truth, he would have to leave his position. He is not protecting anyone by lying, but himself. The truth is an inconvenience for him. There have been reports that suggest he has been surviving through lying long before Hubbard even took his leave. Lying is the lowest form of create. I’d rather be creating noise with the truth.

  51. +1000000

  52. So true Mike. And the fact that the Church has never taken responsibility for any damage done unless forced in a courtroom, is very bad P.R. in itself. At least the Catholics confess and apologize and make amends. And they have a lot of good track behind them. They raised every orphan from Ireland to Italy over 200 years. At their expense. The Church of Scientology is known at this time as a pathological liar that has never ever taken responsibility to fix something on their own. That denies every report as a matter of policy. It is known as a “no mercy” entity. When Narconon L.A. was open it was known as “The white boys” drug program in South Central because you couldn’t get a glass of water at the front door unless you had 15 grand to check in. And even then, the C of S was demanding donations from public which NEVER went to any Narconon while taking every cent any Narconon had in a savings account. No mercy.

  53. Marty and Mike, I could not agree more.

    Just a short origination of a cognition I had this morning while studying the 9th Advanced Clinical Course, Communication – the Solution to Entrapment.

    This is pertaining to a fundamental basic — an underlying platform for Scientology — which everything relies on. The Auditor’s Code. Infact, LRH states that this is the only code in Dianetics and Scientology which has to be obeyed is someone is to make gains in auditing. LRH states in this lecture:

    ” If this works so effectively in an auditing session, then for heaven’s sakes let’s recognize with great clarity that these must be fundamental factors which are aberrative in the society. If you want a dissertation on Scientology and what happens on the Fourth or Third Dynamic that aberrates people, just look at the Auditor’s Code.”

    So I pulled out the Auditor’s Code and started to compare it with the scene at the Int base, and with DM’s actions and activities. It may sound naive from someone who worked at the International Headquarters of Scientology for over 13 years, and someone who had been a Sea Org member for 17 yrs, and involved in Scientology since they were 15 yrs old — but OMG — DM violates every point of the Auditor’s Code on an ongoing, daily basis with those under his charge. He does this to a point where they spin or cave in, or go to great lengths to escape, or die.

    This is a point in keeping with the theme of Marty’s post. One of the big lies of Miscavige is that Corp Scn is making auditors and moving people up The Bridge. One of the big lies is that he is Keeping Scientology Working by applying standard technology and keeping it’s practice pure.


    Here is a brief rundown on Miscavige’s application of the Auditors Code 1954:

    1. Do not evaluate for the preclear. DM specializes in evaluation. He tells people they are not Clear, he sends OT VIIIs back to Objectives, he comes up with evaluations for the group (such as the “blind leading the blind” ) to implement broad sweeping out-tech, and when it comes to staff members and Sea Org members, for those who have worked around him, your every action and intention is evaluated. The Int base staff (past and existing) are all suppressive, some of us wear badges of “most entheta person”, and let’s not get onto the subject of who has evil purposes and bad intentions towards his holiness.
    2. Do not invalidate or correct the preclear’s data. Miscavige has binders and binders of orders that he issues daily to the Int base execs (are there any left) and staff. These are filled with his invalidations, rants, raves, criticisms, non-sensical orders, cross orders, and suppressive orders — and each has to be word-cleared by all on the command chain – spreading that entheta across the base and down to middle management and eventually to orgs. The Int base has been in a tone level of fear since the mid-90’s.
    3. Use the processes which improve the preclear’s case. There are many examples of Miscavige executive C/Sing people onto the wrong actions, off the Bridge and worse. On a broader scale, he has been running wrong processes on the group in the form of the Golden Age of Tech, the New Era of Management, Golden Age of Tech for OTs, and Idle Orgs programs and the results of these are evident around us.
    4. Keep all appointments once made. Nope — the Int base schedule operates around being available at any time for DM, as he does not keep appointments, and if you go to bed when he decides to show up, you are screwed. So — the Int base schedule is nuts. I had the job once of trying to get staff on study and on schedule (ordered by DM) and was then removed from post for cross ordering him, as he had gone to CINE Editing and someone had gone to bed (at 3am in the morning).
    5. Do not process a preclear after 10pm. This is grossly out at the Int base. Classic example — Sinar Parmen and I, were word-clearing Keeping Scientology Working policy letter at 2am in the morning (along with the rest of the base staff) and not permitted to go home until we had a floating needle at exams and completed a clay demo of the 1- 10 points of that policy letter to a pass by RTC. Oh — and let’s not talk about how many staff have operated, for years, on 2 – 4 hours sleep nightly, by the order of DM. Mike Rinder, as an event speaker used to fall asleep chronically as DM would keep him up for days and days prior to an event. He was just one of many.
    6. Do not process a preclear who is improperly fed. DM dines like a king (see my article on this on Steve Hall’s site) — but the Int base staff have been fed on less than $1 a day for years. I worked in the Galley for many years and rice and beans meals were a standard at least 2 – 3 times a week.
    7. Do not permit a frequent change of auditors. DM has musical chaired the Int base since the early 90’s. Execs and staff posts have been subject to a revolving door – resulting in constant unmock of organizational lines and personal instability as a staff member. I can provide volumes of evidence and examples of this.
    8. Do not sympathize with the preclear. Well let’s look at his relationship with Tom Cruise, John Travolta and others. This warrants more investigation.
    9. Never permit the preclear to end the session on his own independent decision, and 10. Never walk off from a preclear during a session, are both questionable, as DM won’t go in session, as an auditor or as a preclear.
    11. Never get angry with a preclear. Well does physical force, punching, body slamming, slapping and so on count?? What about ordering others to get physical with others? Marty’s blog well documents DM’s activities on this front.
    12. Always reduce every communication lag encountered by continued use of the same question or process. I spotted that DM actually runs IN communication lags with the group. In a meeting or inspection, if a staff member responds in ANY way that DM considers inappropriate, the consquences are harsh — so staff, since the mid 90’s, became silent, fearful and unresponsive. He handled this by then calling this response pie-face (ie. 😐 ) and drove in more and more communication lags with staff and execs.
    13. Always continue a process as long as it produces change and no longer. On a broad scale, DM has continued his programs – despite vast evidence that they are destructive to people moving up The Bridge, to the making of auditors and the expansion of organizations.
    14. Be willing to grant beingness to the preclear. Nope — that would require some ARC and understanding for the group. Not there.
    15. Never mix the processes of Dianetics with those of various other practices. DM has instead turned Dianetics and Scientology technology on its head and uses them destructively to harm and suppress. Black Dianetics — Reverse Scientology.
    16. Maintain two-way communication with the preclear. THIS one, is fascinating. DM only has a one-way communication cycle. He does not invite and does not want a two-way communication. Int base staff are fearful of initiating a communication with him as he is wholly unpredictable in how he will respond and your future as a staff member is in his hands. He specializes in demanding submissions that only he can approve, and then he does not respond or answer them for months or even years. In my view, the entire Int base has been “answer hungry” from DM for the last 20 years, forever hanging on his every word, trying to please or placate, trying to get approval — as there is a total scarcity of actual answers (and an overwhelming amount of wrong ones).

    In summary — Miscavige actually uses violations of the Auditors Code to control people and to maintain power.

    Sorry for being so long winded. It is all part of the lie. DM is not a Scientologist — not personally, nor on a broader scale as an executive and the self appointed dictator of Scientology. He uses Scientology to harm — and the Auditors Code shows all.

  54. Well stated Marty. However, it has far too much truth in it to even come close to being duplicated within the halls of Scn Inc. What sort of force required to ‘changing of the guard in the RCS’ is anyone’s guess but more truth not less is the only path. This may be a pipe dream now but I don’t want to see the annilation of the Church, just its reformation. Miscavige has got to go and LRH Policy introduced.
    I guess it’s one of the points about being famous or in control that the human condition craves attention. People like Miscavige and Cruise are human scum. If a school child got caught lying like they do, all hell would break loose to correct them and we wouldn’t rest until they saw the light. Mankind has such a problem with honesty – at best he thinks it’s to blame someone or as a tool to seek revenge.
    John Lennon was on to something with “give peace a chance” except I feel it should have been, ‘give honesty a chance’.
    The truth is out there.

  55. Miscavige might fear that if he speaks in public he will blab whatever comes to mind. Then he will have to plead Tourette Syndrome.

  56. GSM you are so right. In 1997 Suzette Hubbard executed a brilliant survey (she ran a marketing research company) and I received the only copy inside the Church. (Thank you Suzette!) It was about 60 pages long. I poured over it for days because it was pure gold. It clearly showed that 50% of the population of Earth was not open to learning about another religion, period — they are happy with the one they got! In other words, call Scn a “religion” and you chop the reach of billions of people. And just like that Scientology was made repugnant to HALF THE POPULATION OF THE WORLD.

    Maybe wasting half the population was better than losing everything. I wasn’t there. But I do not believe continuing a wrong makes it right. I am not flushing half the population down the toilet because of any compulsion to forward a half truth. Sure Scientology qualifies as a religion. I will always promote that. But what it really IS, is a spiritual philosophy.

    Half the population will NEVER reach for Scientology as long as it is called a religion. Now, with his crazy antics, DM has made it repugnant to the other half.

    Perhaps repackaging Scientology as a religion fueled some backlash, since in one fell swoop we then ran a can’t have on, and refused to deliver to, several billion people.

  57. Um… yeah… the fact that Heber was so cut up by his son’s death that he took the time to pose for a picture with two delusional kiss asses is beside the point.

    Woods or Trees?

  58. Roger from Switzerland Thought


    Right ! You’re on the road to truth !
    A Thetan is a Thetan, if you believe it or not you’re still one ! Nothing Religious about it but just a fact !
    The same is with an engramm, or the stuff handled on the OT-Levels. It exists if people believe in it or not. Just a fact !

    OT2 to OT 7 is Dianetics a Science that can handle the reactive Mind or the Subconscious that was discovered by Freud and finally fully explained by Dianetics.

    I just happened to have in my hands the book ” The Subconcious” by Freud and I called myself a fool of never having read it but thinking I knew all about it.
    The style of his writing and the way he ‘s elaborating scientifically on his ideas was very Familiar to me and it reminded me of LRH. This conclusion only after about 10 pages. You can read there about the stuff that is handled on the OT-Levels if you extrapolate enough.

    I’ll get that book so I can read everything and understand the history of the research about the subconcious.

    My dream is that on day Dianetics will be common knowledge !

  59. +10. A person in DM’s world has a choice: accept his delusion as reality or become toast. Lots of imbeciles actually go for the former even though (as you well know) DM’s delusional reality changes by the hour. Once they agree to embrace delusion, they loose their grip on reality. After that, they can no longer relate to anyone in the outside world, and “high five” to each other for “putting people’s ethics in” when to the world they look like lunatics. Their ARC crashes to the bottom.

  60. +1,000,000

  61. Regarding Scientology haters, I don’t know if there really are very many of those. When you get down to it, all the people I’ve spoken to hate the abuse, corruption and lies. They assume it is the subject that drives the criminal actions — a logical assumption.

  62. Roger from Switzerland Thought

    and I think the connection from Freud to Dianetics was never well explained, in the contrary, at the end Freud was totally thrown out as a contributor !

    I bet, if one day some people go through his work they’ll see a lot of Dianetics in it ! He observed the reactive mind, was able to see how it gave wrong computations to the analyzer, he knew it was past bad experiences that became unconscious. The guy really did a lot of preparatory work for LRH !

    Why was he thrown out?

  63. Spot on. Completely and Totally. Thank you for that Steve.

  64. Roger from Switzerland Thought

    Well evaluated !

  65. Throwing out logic and with my best attempt at cognitive dissidence I still cannot imagine a public scientologist not asking themselves why there isn’t a church representative up there defending us?

    An email from Alexander’s god parent?

    With a posed photo that is eerily out of place given the fact that Heber has just lost his only son at the age of 27?

    Is that all we get?

    I don’t know but I would hazard a guess that there are quite a few pissed off scientologists in LA right now.

    Or is that just wishful thinking?

  66. To be honest, I would say that no one knows the truth. Neither supporters nor opponents of Miscavige. His supporters think he is a god and his opponents think he is the devil. I guess both are wrong. The main thing is to determine whether there still would be a Scientology Church without Miscavige? The crimes of Miscavige must not go unpunished, yes, but the Church of Scientology must remain preserved. The tech is the hope of mankind, we all know that, and in order to obtain the protection of the tech, we need the Church as it was intended by Ron. If we were working on this, I would be on board. But a scattering of Scientolologist like you are doing right now, does not serve the cause, and that I can not support. I love you all anyway. Greetings from Porchernest in the Fields.

  67. “In his obsession to “fill the vacuum” Miscavige doesnt even notice that the BIGGEST vacuum is the fact HE NEVER SPEAKS and the Church has no spokespeople — the same church that tells the world “we are the experts on communication.”

    So spot on, Mike. I was just thinking the exact same thing yesterday. The most glaring outpoint (PR wise) of the “church” is the utter failure of David Miscavige and his (lack of?) PR boy’s to confront the media by communicating to them in public interviews to set the facts “straight”.

    Instead of using real communication, all I observe is HIDING. For a “leader” and organization who is supposedly the “PRO’s” at teaching people how to CONFRONT, I see a demonstration of the exact cowardly opposite.

    The “Church”s new Orwellian twisted definition of “confront” is now apparently:

    CONFRONT (GAT II definition)

    1. To hide.
    2. To put or keep out of sight; secret.
    3. To prevent the disclosure or recognition of; conceal.
    4. To cut off from sight; cover up.
    5. To avert (one’s gaze), especially in shame or grief.
    6. To keep oneself out of sight.

    (Sorry, Marty. I was so wrong about you a year ago. You’re one stand-up guy. Thank you for what you do! – Wayne)

  68. I would strongly advise to NOT associate Marty Rathbun with Martin Luther, thought it might be obvious in a way. Luther might have started the Protestant movement, he is also guilty of hundreds of deaths. Christians at that time who were against baptism of babies but instead baptized adults, were also by Luther and his colleagues seen as heretics. Hundreds of them were sentenced to torture, death, exile, etc. (In German they were called “Taufer”, In Holland: “Dopers or Wederdopers”).
    Luther also has a lot of blood on his hands. From the point of view of the Inquistion, Luther was no better than the Catholic Church at that time.
    (Source: o.a. Prof.Dr. K. Deschner, e.a.)

  69. The concern of various people and their expressions of goodwill for Tom Cruise are, I fear, wasted. My persoanl experience for Cruise goes back to the days of the unauthorised biography, which was being produced in the UK.
    It was my lot to put a stop to it if possible or at least discover exactl;y what was in it regarding Scientology. What exactly happened would fill a long night of story telling when sitting on sandbags and cleaning the weapons.

    Suffice to say that I ust have been in good grace with all of the Gods during those antics especially the night I popped up in an office where I shoould not have been at a time when I should not have been there and was directly in front of the biggest and ugliest Rottweiler I have ever seen.

    The only thing that saved my hide was that the Rott beast was so busy chewing on what appeared to be the thigh bone of the last man to approach the female that was bent over with a mini skirt hardly long enough to prevent her from catching the flu, that it did not see me before I vaporised damned quickly.

    I did discover what was ordered, all at no cost to the ‘org’, and appropriate action was taken. What was told to me I now believe was a total lie and the truth was that the book contained some personal details regarding miss cavige.

    Years later, a request was written to Cruise seeking assistance with a new building for Lodon CC which had been located by myself. the work done previously was mentioned as well as a very neat story of how the proposed new org was adjacent to the Elstree Film stdios and 1930’s airfield where ghostly biplanes could be seen to land on misty nights to carry off fur clad young starlets to meet their ‘futures’.

    There never was a rply, not even and “Hump off” ! Many nudges were sent also to Mr Travolta, the never was a reply at all. The SO Missionaire, helping me with fear of the consquences (which was beyond my comprehension at that time) could not understand either.

    Much later the simplicity of the situation dawned through my befuddled mind. Cruise, Travolta and many others are just actors ! Thats all.

    Now I know even more and have no doubt that Cruise was quite happy to hang onto miss caviges coat tails when it was convenient and will be just as happy to let go when it is convenient.

    Cruise is a Hollywood financial success and as such not only belongs to the same ‘club’ as miss cavige but had to subscribe to its mores to become successful in the begining.

    For those that may find this all too much to bear regarding their favourite little man, try looking up the following link;

    it will reveal an awful lot about the closed world of Cruise and miss cavige.

    Perhaps one day I will meet the individuals that were in OSA Int during those times and know exactly what was in that biography that caused so much of a stir.



  70. miscavigeisscaredofsam


  71. Scientology is a religion – as defense only. ??? The around 15 years I had been inside Scientology I found out that „religion“ and „Church of“ had been taboo words and thoughts. One uses the „tech“ to enhance conditions. Like you go to church service and pray. The prayer is the thing that does the betterment. If you tell someone that you beleive in this or that .. oh people look at you as telling them you had seen an UFO or bigfoot. What do you think of yourself? Did you create yourself?
    If Scientology is no religion what is left? A collection of technologies that applied enhance your life. One man that found out about this tech and documented it for our use. What do you expect after reaching a high state of operating thetan? Can do whatever I want? Or sitting on a cloud and be happy? David Miscavige demonstrates this version of Scientology. This is a Church without being a religion.
    You can start with that. But after a while you have to ask yourself if you can betray people, rip off their money (e.g. investment banking) or do harm to other dynamics for you own amusement or profit and make it up the bridge. Then you have only one chance to „go up the bridge“. You have to look at Scientology to be just a collection of technologies to enhace ones life. Then you can continue to harm others or other dynamics. The starting point of the dead of Scientology had been the high prizing of services. That moved the focus on „make money“ insted of helping people and your environment. With helping people you cannot make the money fast enough (usually) to pay for the bridge.

  72. Personality traits (e.g. antisocial traits) of the leader are reflected in the organization. The more power he gets, the more certain traits will develop and the more the organization will behave like the leader himself. We were used to say: “The boss is crazy.” Scientology Inc. is not the only company with a crazy leader. This kind of leader makes their own company crazy as well. It will lead to destruction, inevitably.
    The Sea Org undoubtedly reflects also the personality of Hubbard. It could very well be that Hubbard and Miscavige are two of a kind so to speak.

  73. John P.,
    You are quite right in one sense, that Miscavige is incompetent as a Scientologist, and that is why he has wrought and continues to wreak such havoc on the CoS.

    In fact, the issue of “is Miscavige incompetent or is he malevolent” has been discussed at length on this blog.

    I believe it is a fallacy to frame the question in this “either/or” way in the first place. You seem to be stuck on the idea that it is either one or the other. It is not. It is both. Mike Rinder in particular has made many posts pointing out the obvious incompetent stupidity of what passes for Miscavige’s “game plan”.

    David Miscavige is both incompetent and malicious. He is desperate to cover his incompetence and will go to malicious lengths to prevent his incompetence from being seen clearly, particularly by those upon whom his income and control of the organization depends – his “loyal public” and his “loyal staff”. Why? Because his entire position as “COB” is based on the lie that he is the “most competent” to lead the Church. In fact, he is a long-since failed trainee in Scientology. He was not competent enough to complete the Academy levels.

    The reason he alters in destructive ways the actual teachings of LRH is, the application of these teachings would expose him for the pretender he is. He knows that. The teachings are all about improving a person’s ability to observe and communicate what they observe. He feels he “must prevent” that at all costs,or he will be exposed, deposed, and would end up reposing in jail most likely.

    It is a “time-honored” formula used by criminals throughout the ages – damage, discredit, silence, even kill those who could betray you because they know too much.

    It is not a “well-worked out detailed plan” on his part, so much as a “modus operandi”. He is opportunistic about it no doubt, and at the root of it, is his incompetence as a Scientologist and constructive person, coupled with his insatiable greed and thirst for money and control.

    Some people have compared Miscavige to Hitler. I think Hitler was much more of a tool. Miscavige seems closer to the Stalin portrayed in the excellent movie “Burnt By The Sun”.

    I have to wonder, John P., why you keep harping at Marty to answer your fallaciously framed question in the first place?

    It’s starting to seem like a set-up.

    The issue has been addressed pretty thoroughly on this blog over the past couple of years.

    This blog is based on the “multiple viewpoint system”. The answers found here are based on a multitude of eye-witness reports, not on
    “Marty the foremost expert on Miscavige”.

    You are starting to sound to me like a tabloid reporter hounding Marty for his “expert opinion”.

    What gives, John?

  74. Pingback: Scientologists say that Katie Holmes’ indoctrination went against their religion | Celebrity Mess

  75. These two statements are sooth:
    1. If you tell the truth, it becomes a part of your past. If you lie, it becomes a part of your future. 2. Live by the lie, die by the lie.

    Although David Miscavige did not invent disconnection, the heavy handed two edged sword of this weapon is his exclusive use to keep his sheeple in line. This is evident and manifest in the latest PR caper of Scn Inc. trotting out Heber from the Hole he lives in to eulogize his own son, which is cruelty in itself.

    Apart from the practice of diconnection being cancelled by HCO Policy letter, there were efforts in the late 70s to improve communication to family and friends. This was manifest in the “Can we be friends” tapes to smooth over unrealities and differences being made and campaigns in terms of internal memos to regularly talk to your folks!

    This is one of the big lies being perpetuated by David Miscavige and his psycho PR machine, still being swallowed and perpetuated by critics and press.

  76. Tom Gallagher


    It all seems to boil down to, “Ignorance Is Bliss; So Go Back To Sleep. A very deep sleep! A very, very deep sleep…………….”

    ‘Inc. Think’ ™ is akin to being hypnotized that this height-challenged dramatizing criminal psychotic, COB, is some kind of demi-God.

    These folks, the corporate circus seals, are in store for some kind of rude awakening.

    Then again, some folks like Miscavige’s brand of OT H8s need a kick upside the head.

    Perhaps they’ll finally understand, “Come Up To Present Time.”

  77. Marty,

    I have been continually astonished and shocked by the maelstrom of current events that now threatens to swallow the Church of Scientology whole.

    In these circumstances, I cannot imagine the type of balancing act required to address the Indies, CoS faithful, critics and media at once. On this blog, and particularly in your new book, you have really succeeded in doing just that – and struck while the iron is hot, to boot.

    I have just finished reading it, and found it to contain some real eye-opening insights. I think you sum it up best here:

    “Scientology works wonderfully when it integrates with society, civilization, and the philosophies and religions of others. Scientology harms when it seeks to segregate from society, civilization, and the philosophies and religions of others. If Scientologists do not learn to integrate, they will disintegrate as a potential meaningful influence.”

    This has the potential to blow the field wide open and allow people to approach it – and even LRH himself – with fresh eyes. Again, it’s a balancing act to adhere to what is unique and effective about one’s own path while keeping one’s gaze on the horizon.

    As someone who self identifies as a Buddhist, I concur wholeheartedly with this approach; the way out is through understanding.

    It is clear to me that dedicated, intelligent, and grounded Scientologists with such a panoramic view are formidable beings indeed!

  78. It is pathetic.

    I have to respond, Mike, with what you describe above. This so closely resembles the way Hitler got his sheep to follow him. They all nodded when that odd smell (burning flesh) filled the air from the factories and a strange ash (burnt human flesh) floated on the air.

    Truly nauseating and repusive.

  79. “…Meanwhile, back at the resort, we completed a Grade One yesterday and Anita will publish the success story shortly.”


  80. Things Fall Apart, The Center Doesn't Hold

    The Master, the movie loosely based on Scientology, is being mentioned on Entertainment Tonight.

    It’s obvious Hollywood’s moguls have declared war on Miscavige ranging from Rupert Murdoch telling his media empire to go after the church to movie studios making films resembling the life of Hubbard.

  81. Yet another brilliant comment.

  82. martyrathbun09

    Thanks v.

  83. martyrathbun09

    When you start making some waves with the subject, you learn there are in fact haters.

  84. martyrathbun09

    Have you read my book?

  85. I remember that when I first started in a mission I was very turned off by the Roman collars worn by the “ministers”. My conclusion was that it was an attempt to look legitimate and I didn’t care for it, especially since I was a former Catholic. Fortunately, I was able to see past that.

  86. LOL!

  87. winterwilde

    As a born and bred Southern Baptist, my church going momma used to say and it will ALWAYS hold true: WHAT IS DONE IN THE DARK SHALL SURELY COME TO LIGHT.

  88. You have positioned yourself so you don’t have to do anything. Well done. A real mover and shaker. Get lost.

  89. So after Miscavige, who do you propose to rule the “reformed” monopoly?

    I don’t believe LRH intended what has happened. That it did shows there was unintended mistakes. What do you believe those mistakes were? What measures would you take to safely assure history doesn’t repeat itself? (Where Scientology is in control and destroyed by a suppressive dictator such as David Miscavige)

    The only way I see to avoid the tyrannical past is to have fully independent and competitive Scientology movement, where there is no central control and monopoly. Please post what you believe would be a realistic and viable alternative to this.

    IMO, the best protection of the Tech is in the competition amongst organizations in delivering the most successful products at the best price (as with any other service or product). In other words, a FREE ECONOMY for Scientology.

  90. I say that anyone with loved ones in the Sea Org, to get in as much comm with them as possible on a regular basis. Let them know emotions. Let them know any, non Scientology good things that are happening in the world. Let them dream of fun times. Get them have a few vacation days off and enjoy the moment. Let them know they have choices. Remind them that there is a middle class by freely spending some cash on nothing important. Encourage them to make personal decisions, even if it is to take a walk and get a treat. Guide them towards true stats.

  91. Vajracutter: Thanks. Well spoken.

    And welcome. Always room for another buddhist, I say 🙂


  92. This was for Kevin. Don’t know why it isn’t attached.

  93. This one was supposed to be attached to the “like ^^^” comment above. i think the “attach” mechanism is broken… 🙂

  94. gotta wonder if that is a true story, or some lies published by the Pope.

    Probably never know.

  95. Wow, great analysis Lana!

    Thank you for taking the time to put it all together.

  96. In light of your comments, I think this quote from one of America’s Founding Fathers is quite appropriate:

    “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”
    – Samuel Adams, 1776

  97. “His supporters think he is a god and his opponents think he is the devil. I guess both are wrong. ”

    Please stop guessing and instead observe and evaluate the facts.

  98. The only way I see to avoid the tyrannical past is to have fully independent and competitive Scientology movement, where there is no central control and monopoly.

    Right on target, Safe. I’ve said many times, that the very reason that Scientology has wound up in the disastrous condition it finds itself, is because it was controlled by a pyramidal, hierarchical organization which held a monopoly on the philosophy and its practice.

    When the organization came under the dictatorship of a despotic psychotic, that opened the door to the destruction of the subject, the organization, and the community by one man.

    Henceforth, the new model of the Reformed religion/philosophy of Scientology, are free and independent groups of devotees and practitioners, not beholden to the mother church for permission to exist. That is how you protect the tech from future destruction or alterations. Those who practice Standard Tech, as described by the founder, will flourish and prosper, while those who do not, will not.

  99. Great suggestions. Thank-you.

  100. Me? Tabloid reporter? Howls of derisive laughter. Marty’s e-mail address is published. If I were on a story, I would have contacted Marty directly long ago. That would have saved me a lot of time. I would have to be the most incompetent reporter in history to post lengthy comments and questions here without contacting Marty directly or posting my e-mail address and asking others to contact me.

    I have read every article posted on this blog over the last year, and actually when I started reading, I went back and read virtually every article published from the beginning; doing so provided an immensely rich foundation of knowledge and understanding about the corporate organization as well as the positives of Scientology practices, enough to give me a clear sense of outrage about the abuses perpetrated by the organization… and I’ve never been “in.”

    While I haven’t read every comment at the level of “star rate,” I have tried to keep a reasonably close eye on the comments that others have offered. So I’m hardly a clueless rookie that just blasts in and starts spouting questions. While the question of Miscavige as evil and as a deliberate schemer with an explicit intent to destroy the Scientology religion versus the image of Miscavige as an incompetent and as a borderline lunatic has certainly been discussed, I don’t have the impression that it’s a completely settled issue with uniform consensus among the readership.

    Regarding addressing Marty specifically, I felt that it was important to acknowledge the limitations in my experience, and also thank Marty for the work he does in running the show here. It’s basic politeness. It would be the height of hubris for me, who has not only never met David Miscavige but has never been a Scientologist, to presume that my opinion is as well founded as the viewpoint of someone who for several years of his career with the Church of Scientology had more contact with DM than just about anyone. So it is out of respect that I framed the question the way I did. That respect also accrues to others in this community who have spent a lot of time in the organization, and who have already thought about these issues.

    All that said, I think continuing to leave the question open as to whether Miscavige is a bungler or a master schemer is important even if it has been settled previously in the abstract, because the answer to that question could change over time. And it is an important way to guide the actions people take to try and rid the organization of him, bringing about the potential for meaningful reform. If he’s incompetent and insane, you keep him off balance and eventually he will implode; news over the recent two weeks ought to have someone incompetent and insane closer to the edge of implosion than ever before. On the other hand, if he’s a rational plotter, it might be better to, say, focus on publicizing declarations of independence, to reduce the economic engine of the corporate Scientology organization.

    I did appreciate your description of Miscavige’s behavior as a “modus operandi,” which is probably the best way I can imagine to think of it; that seems to suit much better than the idea of a detailed strategic plan. Thank you for that bit of clarity.

    Finally, my main question, which wasn’t answered in your response, is this: in the Stan Gerson e-mail, the leadership made several statements that, if they turn out to be false, will damage the credibility of corporate Scientology significantly. A speculative statement (i.e., a potential lie) attributing cause of death of Alexander Jentzsch is extremely risky, since definitive information will be available soon, and they’ll lose a lot of credibility if they were found to lie. So the major question was: why do they lie when simply saying nothing about cause of death would have avoided a potential “flap” down the road when they’re proven to be liars that could outweigh whatever value they think they’re gaining by telling a lie now? It almost seems like they are constitutionally incapable of passing up an opportunity to lie, even when rational analysis would have told them that truth or silence would bring about long-term benefits. The bit about Miscavige as master plotter vs. Miscavige as incompetent sociopath was the minor issue.

    You asked what gives. That is what gives. No secret agenda, no skulking reporter. Sorry to be so prosaic by comparison.

  101. Hey there Dean,
    Have you ever done any auditor training?
    Better yet, ever audited many different people?

    You can issue all the challenges you like out here. Maybe not inside DM’s bogus “church”, but as Wayne said a few comments back, there is now a “free economy”, or at least the seeds of one. Where you can howl, complain, suggest and criticize all you like.

    Or feel free to try out any of a number of truly altered, offbeat variants of the real stuff, where those who think they are smarter than Hubbard have tacked their “improvements” onto his work. There are plenty of them around.

    But let me just make this point: if I do, let’s say, a touch assist on lots of people, and it always, invariably achieves the intended beneficial result, then why in the hell would I ever want to “change” it or try to “improve” on it?

    Now I agree with you, if it only works on some people some of the time, then I can see how there might be room for improvement and how someone just might come up with a way to improve the percentages. But that’s not how it is with the actual techniques of Scientology.

    Give it a try sometime.

    For what it’s worth dept.

  102. It could very well be that Hubbard and Miscavige are two of a kind so to speak.

    Not even close, Tessa. Those two men’s personalities are parsecs apart. They couldn’t be more different. For starters, I don’t think you can name a single thing that Miscavige ever personally did to help another person. LRH, on the other hand, spent the majority of his life doing just that, and succeeded beyond measure.

  103. That got to me too.

  104. threefeetback

    This is an entry point for differentiating between Miscavage and Scientology if the voids of knowledge can be filled effectively.

  105. Dean, bluntly, you are among the “Clueless’ I mentioned in an earlier post.

    Scientology applications consist not of a “single technique for curing all ills”, but of hundreds of individual applications which it takes a lot of training and additionally, the development of judgement, to apply appropriately.

    Additionally, the various sets of applications, beginning with the original 6 Basic Steps of processing, were developed by polling existing auditors on their experience actually applying the processes to each other and to public pre-clears over quite some period of time,beginning in the early1950s.

    In other words, the processes and applications which were eventually included and perpetuated in the written tech as “standard”, were developed through pilot studies done by a lot of auditors and students and confirmed as effective by the “peer review”of practicing Dianetics and Scientology students and professionals.

    If you-all Clueless had bothered to actually study the step-by-step development of processing over the years, you wouldn’t be drawing and posting the kind of baseless conclusions you, Dean, have just posted.

    And you wouldn’t be so surprised at a less than friendly reception to your posts.

    I submit it is your kind that are arrogantly assuming you know, when you actually don’t know the first thing about Scientology’s actual practical applications.

  106. Joe Pendleton

    Did y’all follow the Village Voice Link to Stan Gerson’s email on the CC memorial service? At first I thought maybe he was describing his grandson’s bar mitzvah reception or something. It was an “emotional, beautifu, Theta and FABULOUS send off to a REMARKABLE being.” It was a “MAGNIFICENT service.” The singing duo was also “magnificent.” Heber’s eulogy was “INCREDIBLE.” He told everyone there “AMAZING” stories about Alex, who was a “GENIUS”, whose “competence in the Sea Org was renowned ALL OVER AMERICA” in of course, being able to “get a product.” (Stan leaves out the part about why Alex left). At the end of the service, they played an audio tape of Alex singing, which of course was also “AMAZING” (the pre-eminent adjective of our current time used constantly on TV shows by characters to describe anything that is even merely just good).

    Oh yeah, Stan even did a magic trick because he had to make “sure I lifted the tone…” Yeah, gotta have a FABULOUS, MAGNIFICENT, INCREDIBLE, AMAZING memorial service for a 27 year old who died suddenly, which ALSO has its tone raised by a MAGIC TRICK!!! (Alex would have wanted that, Stan tells us). Man, I really missed a great event and party it sounds like !!! I would have come UP tone !!!!

    One more thing, Alex was just doing fabulously in life. He was in LA on a “business cycle setting up comm lines” (I think that is Scientology speak for a kid dead broke looking for any type of job). Stan wants us to know that Alex was “excited” about all this, he had even been on a fishing trip a few weeks earlier (very applicable data to the service). His wife was coming out from Texas to meet him and life was indeed beautiful. He only died because of a “PRESCRIBED” pain killer (drats – someone TOLD him to take it!!!!, otherwise life would still be wonderful for him).

    Stan’s FABULOUS SEND-OFF reminded me of the autopsy you sometimes see on the old Law & Order show, where the medical examiner tells Briscoe that except for being dead, the corpse was in pefect health.

    And then the shit eating grin photo of Stan, Heber and Stan’s wife. Heber is in prison all right, and his hands are calloused from the decades of his construction activities. Ditto for “poor” Guilluime, who has been Miscavige’s complete lackey and assistant since the 1982 SF Mission Holder’s Conference (all you have to do is read Leserve’s talk from the transcript of that confeence).

    I understand that every religion and nationality has its own share of myth and PR as it is so loved by all folks on this planet, but Scientologists in the CoS decided decades ago that myth and PR are a vital and HUGE part of their religion.

    Thank you Stan. You are FABULOUS, INCREDIBLE, MAGNIFICENT and dare I say it, AMAZING ! I’m so glad all the folks at the memorial service were able to come UP TONE (no reason to ever get down tone in life, is there? a little magic, a little singing…… and life is beautiful again ……)

  107. martyrathbun09

    Very good analysis. Truly.

  108. Mike, really well said. “… they all nod their heads”, indeed. Turn off the internet, use your computer as a tool (don’t communicate), don’t dare read a headline or watch entheta news – or any TV if you’re truly pure.

    One does have to look before one can see anything, but that would make too much common sense.

  109. Well, actually LRH did credit “Papa Freud” for a lot of the breakthroughs that lead to Dianetics. In fact, in Book Two of Dianetics, Science of Survival, the Acknowledgement reads, “To fifty thousand years of thinking men without whose work Dianetics could never have been formulated — The credit is theirs not mine.” LRH

  110. 10 Aug 1973 HCOB, “PTS HANDLING” reinstated disconnection, with the “handle or disconnect” option put back.

    The LRH private despatch traffic, or submission traffic relating to two 1978 HCOBs, needs be discussed, by those who saw those submissions and have good recall on them:


    The history of these two submissions, my question is were these two issues based either on direct LRH’s orders, and what did he approve, what did he approve in 1978 when the two above were first approved, and were the original 1978 submissions again making it clear disconnection was still an ethics option. I think the answer is yes, that LRH did approve these two, and that he approved disconnection as late as 1978.

    The 1983 Disconnection HCOB is somehow made the villain in the disconnection debate.

    I rather think those that know about these 3 HCOBs, get their memories sparked, and please do history a favor by speaking up:

    10 Aug 73 HCOB
    31 Dec 78 OUTLINE OF PTS HANDLING (original 1978 approval)
    31 Dec 78 EDUCATING THE …..(original 1978 approval)

    Separately, even if LRH reinstated disconnection himself, in these 3 PTS HCOBs, to me wrong SP declares are injustices, and there’s ample other policies and principles to undo the false SP declares.

    Alll unjust off policy disciplinary actions can be reversed and cancelled by Board of Review Policy, I know, I did a few in my years in Senior HCO (1984-1987). There was even a standing RTC Order and we in Snr HCO were often visited by Kevin True who then was the RTC person over Snr HCO Int, and he oversaw directly us in Snr HCO Int getting Boards of Reviews going in the mid 1980s.

    There’s ample policy that allowed us to undo the wrong SP declares (except with some Int Base person had a prejudice against undeclaring someone). There’s a whole long history of many MORE failed Boards of Review that got rejected by AVC and whoever else felt that undeclaring some of the 1980s “SP” people was “out of the question”, just like the callous attitude that is far worse today, obviously.

    Fads about who is considered “bad”, coming from Int, soured even a lot of Scientologists who thought they’d get a fair shake with Boards of Review in the mid 1980s.

  111. This is great Roger. One of the things I LOVE is correlating what LRH wrote with other bodies of thought. He originally defined Scientology as “Knowing how to Know.” Scientology is not merely an end unto itself, it is a flashlight to explore new world’s of thought.

  112. Hey Wayne, it’s great to see you posting here again! Welcome back buddy.

    I’d like to expand a little on your GAT II definitions of the word “Confront”.
    Apparently David Miscavige discerned that LRH had used the wrong definition of “confront”, and set out to correct the situation in order to “save scientology”.

    Here areth ecommon English defintions of “confront”, and it’s obvious Miscavige decided LRH erred in using the second, less common definition. Here is the common definition Miscavige went with and developed his “Miscatech” from:

    1. Meet (someone) face to face with hostile or argumentative intent.

    Over the years, DM has developed various applications and taught them to his MAAs and Executives.

    Here is a short clip which demos some of them. Note particularly the last one which uses 2 fingers. It is based on the principle that it is easier to hide things from people who are unable to see.

  113. Good on ya’ Cara. It looks like you’re on the right track. I can’t wait to read it!

  114. Well said Lana. A view I had not looked from before. Thank you!

  115. Sunshine Disinfects


  116. Joe — Excellent breakdown. Who wants to place bets on Stan Gerson pulling one of his magic tricks now and disappearing himself. Suddenly the town crier GoodHumor Man who spread the joyous news of Alex far and wide is going to become scarce as a Miscavige apology. Guarantee you Mr. Insider’s fountain of knowledge will dry up as soon as a reporter or law enforcement officer tries to talk to him. Calling him a sockpuppet would be a high complement.

  117. Captain Bob

    Yes Joe, very true and it sucks big time. But her’s another. Per the Data Series, the outpoint hardest to spot is an omission.

    There is no mention in the email of the email by Stan Gerson of the mother to Alexander. There is no mention by Heber of the mother and her thoughts. Karen is as-is’d from history in the CO$.

    I am truely sorry for your loss Karen and Heber.


    16 July 2012
    Hi All,
    I am writing you this letter for two reasons: One is to give some sad news and the other is to make sure you get true information from a reliable source.

    A few days ago there was a service at Celebrity Center to say goodbye to Alex Jentzsch, the son of Heber. I was Alex’s Godfather and very close to him. Alex was 27 years old and had a reaction to a prescribed painkiller for a back problem he had. He went to sleep in Los Angeles at his Mother-in-law’s home on July 3rd and did not wake up. He was here in Los Angeles on a business cycle setting up his comm lines, etc. with the help of my son, Joshua, and other friends. He was excited about the prospects and his wife Andrea was to follow shortly from Texas. Joshua had taken him on a fishing trip a few weeks prior and they had a great time.

    Last Thursday we attended the most magnificent service in the Pavilion at Celebrity Center International. I was the master of ceremonies, Rev. Heber Jentzsch delivered the eulogy and Capt. Dave Petit did the service itself. I can tell you it was highly emotional, beautiful, Theta and a fabulous send off to such a remarkable being.

    The event was not heavily publicized, but the people who were close to him and the family were there; about 160 people in all.

    Pamela Lancaster Johnson sang Sarah McLachlan’s ‘Angels’ – but with words more appropriate for Alex and the second was a duet, ‘My Prayer’ with Pamela Lancaster Johnson and Carter Ramson with Eric Zimmerman playing the piano. It was magnificent.

    Two of Alex’s best friends, Kenny Davies and Tim Burke talked about Alex in a way that described his life perfectly. When Kenny read LRH’s characteristics of a genius, all there were in 100% agreement. It summarized Alex to a T.

    Most of you know I had taught Alex magic from the time he was 10 years old, so I delivered a one of Alex’s magical effects to the guests. I made sure it lifted the tone as that is what Alex would have wanted.

    Heber delivered an incredible eulogy for his son, and told us amazing stories of this boy who, from birth, was not the average child, but a genius. Alex had a memory almost unheard of and could recite policies and references verbatim, including ‘Message to Garcia’ and other long texts. He would recount movie stories months after seeing the movie, duplicating the words and actions of the actors with ease. His competence in the Sea Organization was renowned and he was known all over the America for his ability to get a product no matter how tough. Heber and Alex were both extremely proud of each other and understood how busy each were in helping mankind, and yet, both would play the game of tracking each other down, no matter the distance or location, just to say a simple “Happy Birthday”, each year.

    At the end of the eulogy Heber told us that he and Alex used to always sing together and a few weeks prior Alex had gone to a small recording studio at Universal Studios and recorded a few songs. One of them was “A Candle in the Wind”. This very same recording was played at the service and hearing Alex sing with his young tenor voice sweeping across the room was amazing and the appropriate ending to the ceremony.

    Afterwards close family and friends met and listened to some of Heber’s and a few friends’ stories. They were great.

    So that is my story. I wanted you to have the facts directly.
    I will miss my Godson but am happy I got to spend as much time with him over the past years as I did.


    Stan Gerson

    Ps. If you wish to let your friends know the above information, you are welcome to share it at your discretion.

  118. oh, I’ll add a PS to the PS of the email———

    PSS- by the way, the mother to Alexander was a declared SP by the Church, but the kid was in the hands of Church and he died. The kid was not in the hands of the mother, SP. In fact, the kid could not talk to the mother since she declared an SP. Go figure.

  119. I am repelled that Miscavige forced Heber to work the P.R. flap at his own son’s funeral. That he made a parent read the eulogy for his own son is cruel. Unheard of. That a young man dangerously ill was left un attended for two days dead is a disgrace. There is no way they are going to spin this into any win, through P.R.. The fact that Miscavige ordered Heber to divorce Karen and split up this family was cruel and self serving. Then to torture Karen at the Int Base, a Class Xll C/S trained by Hubbard, and run her son as a slave starting at age eight, is clear evidence Miscavige is quite insane. David Miscavige is simply, insane. It’s just that easy and simple.

  120. And so are the two OTVll’s that let someone die in their home that way.
    Sorry, that is not sane.

  121. Did you see the reaction to someone knocking on their door? TERROR!
    God forbid they went out on the porch to talk with out permission from O.S.A.. What would they say anyway? “We are oblivious, so sorry.”

  122. Excellent, Joe. Spot on. Such a misapplication of the Tone Scale it could only have been done by a FABULOUS, INCREDIBLE, MAGNIFICENT lying sack o’ shit.

  123. We are registered as Independent Pastoral Counselors open to all religious denominations, agnostics and even athiests.
    We just met the Mormon sister of someone we’re helping. She was totally fine with that explaination.

    What is true for me is true for me and it’s true according to my observation. One of the things that I’ve observed is that if you phrase what you do in a way that is fully real to YOU then it communicates with honesty and usually acceptance.

  124. News:Another death at Narconon Arrowhead. Per this article it’s the 4th death in a year’s time.

    We all know what Miscavige has done with the auditing & training tech at the orgs. What I’ve not kept up on is what has he done with the Narconon tech. Altered that too?

  125. yes, but there needs to be 10,000 OT7’s on the planet to reduce the enturbulation on the planet, but 2 ot7’s couldn’t save a 27 yr old in their own home.

  126. Often the problem is the false data some people have, which makes them believe they already know.

  127. “tessa”

    You are just plain wrong.

    I was in the Sea Organization when Ron Hubbard was still alive and in charge from August 1978 to Dec 1981, then out of the Sea Org and off Scientology lines entirely until Aug 1991 when I rejoined the Sea Org until Dec 1995.

    The difference was Night and Day. Under Ron Hubbard, conditions may have been difficult but there was comraderie, mutual support and genuine caring fellowship. Under Miscavige there soon was nothing but oppression.

    You don’t know what-the-fuck you are talking about.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  128. Right Ronnie. And back in the early days when LRH was the goal maker and actively on lines, orgs, missions, field auditors and public were generally positive and helpful.

  129. I agree Vajracutter, Marty is doing great work.

    Besides slamming small stones with a slingshot into the beast, he graciously allows all my views to be aired in spite of disagreements.

    It’s New Era Scientology

    I send protection and affinity daily to you Mr. Rathbun.

  130. Yes, and LRH spent some time learning about Freudian psychoanalysis from Commander “Snake” Thompson USN, who I believe was a practicing analyst at one time. LRH mentions him in lecture.

  131. Great comment Steve, I totally agree with you. I like positioning it as a spiritual philosophy or spiritual technology as well. Most people can think with and have that.

    And once they get some standard Scn, there’s no turning back!

  132. I was never “frocked” anyway…

    Hey Miscavige, Frock you!

  133. threefeetback

    Opens up a two way communication cycle and the possibility of better understanding. All of the ‘bad’ buzz can be turned about.

  134. Astounding and brilliant observation Lana. I believe that you have hit upon the simplicity of the problem in the Corporate C of S – as LRH did regarding the fact that violations of the auditors code are behind all 3rd and 4th Dynamic problems.

    Do you think that Miscavige could possibly understand this and use the auditors code regardless of whether he is auditing someone or not?

    It is my opinion that a truly intelligent individual can change his mind upon receipt of new information.

    Show us how smart you are Dave. Change your mind while you still can.

  135. “One true measure of Realized Knowledge, for a man/women or group, is the way they treat and respond to dissent.

    For a true man of Knowledge knows he knows. His broad tolerance or appreciation of views in variance to his own is perfect evidence of True Knowledge.

    For True Knowledge, like Wisdom is secure only in Itself.

    And thereby celebrates the diversity in being human.”

    written by me, inspired by “Moving Up A Little Higher”

  136. I do find it interesting that a good deal of Scientologists, both Inc and indie, automatically suspect newcomers, especially wogs, of having evil, ulterior motives. Look folks, you are OUT of the cult now. You have no need to assume that every outsider is clandestinely plotting your demise.

    One of the beauties of our freedom from Inc is that we can now have open and free discourse, without need to lie and hide our thoughts from ourselves and others. It is also often difficult for us to realize that most folks – “wogs” – don’t bother to hide their intentions.

    There is no need to “always attack, never defend” as a matter of habit. This part of corporate Scientology’s indoctrination is part of what drove me away. I really hope the indie movement can rise above this seemingly inherent distrust.

  137. Hey Mike,

    To quote Karry on facebook, “You’d think Stan Gerson would know when he is being tricked.”

  138. Absolutely, Valkov. Per my personal observations (from the inside), the church began to drift to the dark side, date-coincident with LRH going off the lines, and Miscavige seizing power.

  139. Joe that was amazingly spot on.

  140. Great post Marty. You continue to do us proud by your unflagging commitment to telling the truth and exposing the lies.

    Thank you, Brother.

  141. “FREE ECONOMY of Scientology”: is that a prompt to alter the tech or what ? Who would ensure KSW with hundreds or even thousands of so called independed scientologists applicating the tech to others from their homes without any type of control ? Which kind of result we would obtain at the end ? How great would be the damage to the people to which the tech would be misapplicated ? How great the harm to the reputation of the tech itself ? Quickly no one would trust the tech anymore and the opponents would have the “evidence” that Scientology is merely a scam…..and so on and so on. Ron did definetly NOT wrote the KSW Series just for fun. Please reconsider ! Kind regards from Porchernest in the Fields.

  142. Eventually, DM is going to be called to account for his crimes and have to take the stand. I think his testimony will go something like this:

  143. Lets try that again:

  144. I can be (have been) characterized as a hater, and I just wanted to explain myself here. (The details are not important, the fundamentals are the same — threaten me or those I love and I will hate.)

    The teachings of Scientology have extended to other formal groups, businesses, but also to other groups who have taken part of the teachings (and now I see not fully embraced the true meaning behind the teachings) to implement within other organizations.

    The basis of the CoS is imbued with DMs methods, and therefore that is now intertwined with the public understanding of the Church. Much like the understanding of Catholicism with the Catholic Church. True followers of Catholicism can defend why they continue with the Church, but have removed their direct support (financial) and followings based on the behaviors of those in leadership. A Catholic I know, in response to my question of how can you continue knowing what they stand for, responded by saying the sacraments (like the levels in Scientology) are not just part of the Church, they are part of the belief system and not based on the people. To the rest of us, those who don’t follow either, see them as one.

    I have been one of those who have felt the wrath of a cloak CoS group over 15 years ago, by an organization that used the same language, approaches, abuse and corruption. I was even “declared” and called an “SP”.

    I have never been involved directly as a member, although I had been approached several times. And it is true that to the public, this is viewed as a cult, one lead by a domineering narcissist despot who can only control through anger and threats, which is only further inflamed by questions. (Truth be told, I get the same reactions from some Catholics, and Republicans, ….).

    But I had been exposed to the group beginning in the mid-80s. Even early on during the reign of DM it had the same reputation, but it wasn’t until later I fully learned how horribly dangerous it was. (Yes, I say that knowing that those responsible for that very reputation are not only no longer with the organization but are often readers and contributors here. To you, you scared the piss out of us, those who were unwittingly on the outskirts trying to reach those who were supposedly being “helped” by your offshoots.)

    As a “hater” I have always watched from the sidelines getting a little amusement as the cracks occurred, and understood with giddiness the crash and burn that would occur after the New Year’s Eve email. Yes, I hold grudges, have been known to be bitter, and as a human being enjoy seeing karma hit at times, but I had no idea the scope of the danger until finding this blog.

    You have helped validate what happened to me (nothing ever actually happened physically, although I was followed, threatened, harassed, lied about to associates, friends and family, and then they threatened a loved one.). People did not believe me, they said I was a crazy conspiracy theorist and making stuff up. I knew, I lived it, it was real, but in you (strangely enough since as I said, you lead the charge of these tactics that so many learned so well) I found peace in the validation of what occurred.

    I have learned more of the background of the “religion” (sorry, I still have to put that in quotes, but I do that with most “religions”) and have seen the dedication, support and community that is provided here. As a “hater” I do not hate you, the independents, and do hope those still lost “inside” can find a way out.

    But the legacy of Scientology is what the public sees now. To change that you have to publicly change the leadership, but understand that the damage is done. These offshoot groups who are not officially associated (break away groups of the educational programs, rehabilitation programs, support programs, etc.) will continue to operate in the way they were taught, through control, threats and a complete lack of allowance for the individual or truth. As you would expect, many of the members of the offshoot groups don’t even know that they’re following this, but like the CoS, are not “allowed” access to information to educate themselves.

    I don’t know how to fix that, but the reach of the teachings is far more extensive that you realize. You were far more successful that you realize.

  145. Eventually, DM is going to be called to account for his crimes and have to take the stand. I think his testimony will go something like this:

  146. I do not wholly disagree; in fact, Marty has been admirably open about “the blood on his hands” while under DM’s thumb. Still, his role in the reformation of Scientology is undeniably comparable to that of Luther’s role in the the reformation of the Catholic church. History remembers Martin Luther as a hero, despite his shortcomings. Marty has never denied his shortcomings.

    If the essence of Scientology endures the test of time as has Catholocism, I submit that Marty will be remembered in the positive sense as a daring and heroic reformer, just as Martin Luther is primarily remembered.

    That said, I appreciate your cautionary reminder.

  147. Marty — I am an ex who is skeptical of a number of things. For example, I consider from my experience that abuses did indeed happen pre-DM. However, I have no doubt from all the eyewitness confirmation including your own that DM is as you describe him — a true SP in that small, small percentage of humans who do indeed strive to suppress the well-being of others.

    I have come to the conclusion that you and people like you are the best hope that what is valuable in Scientology may actually be salvaged. And I remember well why I got into Scientology in the first place (in the 1970s), why I stayed for a decade, and the many many adventures and cognitions (realizations) I had as well as the things that were not that good even then about the organization.

    So thank you for all your are doing. I am looking forward to reading your book (which should arrive tomorrow), and I sincerely wish you the best.

    I especially like the truth of what you wrote when you said: “If you tell the truth, it becomes a part of your past. If you lie, it becomes a part of your future.”

    (P.S. I suppose since I do use some aspects of Scientology, I qualify as a sort of independent.)

  148. Tessa,
    Your speculation, “that Hubbard and Miscavige are two of a kind” is way off the mark by 180 degrees, total opposite. Having been personal chef for both of them for years makes it not a matter of speculation at all, but by observation and experiences on the ground.

  149. IMO, a free Scientology (with no despotic rule) will naturally evolute towards more effectiveness, if it needs too. If the datum of “absolutes are unobtainable” is true, then perhaps Scientology will still evolve past the existing tech, as people’s IQ’s and ability to observe increases.

    Here’s the entire basis of Scientology summed up in a few words by Hubbard;

    “…there is no _slightest_ advantage in getting somebody to believe some great fundamental truth totally uninspected. … All that processing is, is an invitation to inspect. That with which you become familiar you can know. … all auditing does is release the person’s ability to inspect, and when he can inspect without fear, he can know the truth of things. … Life has certain basic fundamentals. Any truth about life, any of these fundamentals surrender anything they have in the way of answers if a person totally inspects something. … In the final analysis all you can get anybody to do is inspect himself, his environment, life, and find out what’s true for him.”

    L. Ron Hubbard, 23 June 1960, “Differences Between Scientology and Other Philosophies”.

    The sociopath and despotic ruler of corporate Scientology (David Miscavige) specializes in creating “fear to inspect”, and works hard at destroying his members of their ability to observe for themselves (and say what they observe) by using lies, fear, false tech, and verbal and physical punishment.

    Miscavige’s goals are the direct opposite of what Hubbard was trying to do.

    The entire design of the processes of real tech is trying to help another to LOOK.

    And to look WITHOUT FEAR.

  150. “Karen is as-is’d from history in the CO$.” – I think it’s more like Not-Ised.

  151. Thanks John P., I appreciate the response.

    The central fact that matters about DM is not whether he is an incompetent lunatic or a malicious master planner out to throw Scientology into disrepute and destroy it as much as possible, but that he is an SP.

    That is why the actions and statements of his minions make no sense – because the rationality is lacking. “In the presence of suppression, a person makes mistakes”. This particularly applies to those poor souls put in the position of speaking for the church in some way, nowadays usually for PR damage control. DM essentialy tells them what to say; this essentially forces them to lie even when they know or suspect the truth is different. At this point I think they are all in apathy about telling any truth or about being consistent. If caught in a lie they will just invent another lie, cry “discrimination”, “bitter apostates” or whatever garbage occurs to them at the time. There is no overall consistent strategy except to deny and present delusions of grandeur. When I played the card game Hearts in college, we had a saying, “Duck until the string breaks”, meaning avoid the Queen of Spades as long as you can. That’s all the CoS is doing anymore.There’s no reason left over there anymore, no master plan that makes any sense.

    To understand how folks who understand Scientology see DM, it’s necessary to understand what the term “SP” really means – apart from the false political uses it has been put to.

    “SP” is a relatively precise clinical term. There are certain psychodynamics at work which are driving an SP to act as he does. These psychodynamics are reflected in the 12 antisocial attributes as contrasted with the 12 social attributes as LRH outlined them.

    The “psychodynamics” are the “held down 7s”, the “incident he is stuck in”, that cause him to fail to see the actual reality in front of him, and instead see a threatening reality which perhaps once existed, but which he believes still exists. This leads him to perceive others as threatening enemies he needs to nullify or destroy, and thus he performs destructive actions towards those around him.

    The kicker is, since a being is basically good and has a (somewhere) a conscience, deep down some part of him knows he is doing wrong and harmful things, so he has to continually justify and shift blame in order to maintain the illusion that he is OK and right in what he is doing.

    So yes, DM is a lunatic. Can you spell “paranoid schizophrenic in a full-blown psychotic phase”?

    BUT – this does not preclude his being intelligent or being able to do some planning. It’s just that all his planning is oriented towards nullifying threats that exist only in his mind. That’s why his “plans” don’t make sense. At least originally – now of course people really are “out to get him!” In any case, he is out to “get them first, before they get me”.

    It is a classic paranoid orientation that underpins all his decision making. That’s why I call it a “modus operandi” rather than a long-term detailed strategic plan.

    And it is malicious because he feels malice and acts out of malice, towards those he believes are out to expose him and destroy him. That includes thee and me. Thus he is out to “destroy”, and is not simply and incompetent bumbler, which he is too. Because inside hei s angry, destructively angry, you betcha, about the imminent threat of being destroyed himself. He can’t openly display his anger, and that’s what places him at 1.1 on the emotional scale scientologists tend to use. He keeps his hostility covert, except when in his own domain, like at the Int Base, where he feel safe in showing his true colors more freely. “Uncle Joe” Stalin was that same way.

    Really, it takes as much study to clearly understand the psychodynamics involved in personality theory in Dianetics and Scientology, as it does to understand Freudian or any other psychodynamic theory in any psychology. There is nothing simplistic about it.

    So that’s why your “either/or” question about DM doesn’t seem to me to fit the situation. DM would be more of a “both/and” case, as I’ve tried to explain above. The bottom line is he is nuts and he is destructive because of it.

    I tend to think he is becoming progressively more unhinged as time passes and the pressure on him mounts, from Marty and all the others. He has woven a tangled web indeed, and it’s gonna collapse on him,is collapsing in on him. He may just go full-blown psychotic that’s too obvious to hide, he may kill someone else or himself, he may just go blubber in a corner,or cover himself with a blanket and die like the Korean POWs did. I think being the hyperactive psycho he is, he will likely go out violently.

    In any case, the pressure needs to be kept up, both prongs of it that you mentioned.

    The reason I called you out on bugging Marty is, I believe he has his hands full just moderating all the comments people post, much less trying to answer many individual questions.

    That’s the reason I sometimes try to post meaningful answers. I know he’s got his hands full. Like he says, read his book carefully, hopefully you will find some answers to your questions there.

  152. Hang on a sec, Marty. Broderick spoke of the media’s lack of differentiation, not his own (which may be the same!) Your response addresses only Broderick, who may (or may not) go on to read your book and better understand the why behind the lack of differentiation.You cannot successfully respond to the mass of media with the same response when they ask the same questions and pose the same connections over and over again. Alas, as tiresome as these repeated questions and observations are, the response, “Have you read my book?” really detracts from a wider public understanding.

    Hell, I sure understand where you are coming from. Having to answer the same goddamn questions/accusations over and over and over and effing over again must be exhausting and exasperating. If only people would go read the goddamn book, they would fuh-reaking GET IT! However, people DON’T do what they ought to, and they will continue to ask the same goddamn questions over and over and over again ad nauseum. Pretty please, may I suggest giving an answer rather than a deflection to the answer? I know this creates a helluvalot more work for you, but I believe it will make a difference.

    Case in point, any media outlet gives a brief primer to their ongoing stories, both with a short explanation and currently with a link to previous articles. This tactic informs new readers of the short version while giving them the link to the long version.

    Personally, I have decided to read your book, and only in the first couple chapters I have read, I see the difference. However, even if Broderick reads what I have read so far and sees an explanation, that does not make his statements any less true. The media STILL does not differentiate for the same reasons (despite Broderick having read your book when/if he does.)

    Marty, I dearly hope I do not come across as antagonistic or trollish. I DO believe in you.

  153. HEHE!!! “Decocked” made me giggle like a 12-year-old! That must be the Lorena Bobbit Rundown.

  154. re: having a choice.
    This is so true. I am just reading “What they did – What they became!” by Ernst Klee. This is about medicos and lawyers involved in mass killing in the Concentration Camps etc.
    What happened to two doctors who actually resisted and refused to take part in the killings? Nothing!!! They got told they don’t have to (but have to keep their mouth shut.)
    My conclusion: Many took part, because the only FEARED what could happen to them. But this fear was a factor in their mind, not a fact.
    And so it was with those who believed that the killing of Jews and mentally disordered was a necessary action. That was a factor in their mind, as well. Each and everyone of them did have a choice!

  155. The Data Series Evaluator Course is out. Even in two versions, one from 1990 and also the original 1978 version by Mary Sue Hubbard.

  156. I knew Stan-Very thick on the social veneer and now a pathetic Koolaid drinker to the max-Yuck!!disgusiting!

  157. Back in the mid 70s an old timer OT friend of mine took me for a drive one day. He drove out to this place where stood the remains of a concrete building. It was chain linked with barbed wire running along the top. He said quite simply, “This is the future of Scientology .” At the time I had no idea what he meant by that and he would not elaborate….. I really didn’t understand at the time…. I now understand what he was trying to tell me. But that day has kept me always on the look out though for strange activities.

    The odd thing about this whole DM thing is even though enemies are being made, there is still no action being taken by the law for the children in the S.O.. And the IRS remains friendly ….as far as I have seen so far.

    Correct me if I am wrong.

  158. Li'll bit of stuff

    Lana, what a really theta, orderly and calming
    posting. Applying the Auditor’s Code in a truly
    refreshing manner, in order to straighten out
    an enormous amount of confusion, is a great
    individual observation, on your part. VWD!

    At this juncture, as I visit Marty’s blog daily,
    (my equivalent of attending our org of
    yesteryear.) I am again, struck with awe at the sheer volume of research, discovery,and thoroughly validated workable technology, that Ron had managed to accomplish in one

    IMHO, at the end of the day, Marty Rathbun
    is truly doing a magnificent job, with sheer
    guts, iron will and determination to retrieve
    “OUR Scientology” from the clutches of an
    insane, ruthless, mind controlling dictator,
    who is the BIGGEST TRAITOR in the entire
    history of Scientology, bar none!

    Marty needs every bit of support available,
    as the one spearheading this movement
    of recovery. Hopefully, his book sales and
    the spinoffs will bring some respite and
    some very welcome reward for his untiring
    efforts in helping us all regain our original
    …To continue walking the path of helping ourselves and fellow man in achieving the only goal of real consequence;
    “Regaining full awareness as ourselves,
    freed from eternal ignorance.”

  159. Indeed there are haters that hang on like hemorrhoids long after the true battle is over (aren’t you glad I did not follow through with that imagery?)

    The true battle is over the abuse, corruption and lies – any nimrod can hate on those themes. I guess I think it is important that we embrace this contingency, ever if they may later turn out to present a hurdle to indies.

    The enemy of my enemy is my friend. At least until our enemy is destroyed.

  160. Mike, I think I love you….

  161. Correction. It’s the 3rd within the last year and 4 total. Either way, It’s not good.

  162. Andro Villans

    The suspicious death of Alexander Jentzsch is now listed as one of the lead stories on AOL.

  163. E.J. Croughs

    I so wish TC will sue and poor some more oil on the fire! Not gonna happen but it’d be hilarious; making the same mistake as on Debbie and expecting different results. Thanks TC, for the stellar accomplishment of taking the lit of the media. What the total combined effort of Tommy Davis, Karin Pinocchio Pouw, John Allender and all other crooks couldn’t accomplish in years, you did in 2 weeks, please keep up the good works ruthlessly!

  164. Marty, you know I’m new here, but I would like to let you know that you’ve helped me to open my eyes on so much issues regarding scn. All the yrs I’ve studied alone started to make sense now. THIS is what DM is afraid of-that people will find the truth! I also think that he will allow the whole building to go down in flames, he won’t let. In his crazy mind I assume he see himself as St. George who fights the Dragon. This Dragon is you and every indy out there. You know what is more desirable than money. Power is. It is all about the power. He is the king in his imaginary kingdom. But I have a news for him-no one can take away from me my power of the wish for knowleage.

  165. I don’t know who you are talking about. I guess the media? But I do know this: when we don’t take people’s considerations into account and get real clever about how we present our views, one might conclude there are more haters than there are. Because incorrect positioning stirs up BPC.

  166. Marty, you can’t stop to amaze me… The past week was the most productive time for me regarding snt. I’ve learned more than I did on my own for 7 yrs. THIS is what DM is afraid of! Now I get it… got it all 🙂

  167. Under Radar

    „… It affords him a measure of protection — in the eyes of Scientologists they cannot disagree or question “COB” as they would be disagreeing or questioning Scientology itself. He has deliberately created that falsehood, knowing full well that to take him down will mean taking the whole church and subject down.
    Of course, another shortsighted blunder. He may have killed the church and may bring it and everyone around him down, but no matter how poisonous he is, truth is unkillable.”

    I agree with you here Mike, people do and will make the difference between the Church and the tech. Scientology will make it’s way!
    Thanks to bright guys like you, who saw and see and talk and write.
    Marty’s brilliant analyses of what happened in “What’s wrong with Scientology” makes a huge difference. I consider it to be far more important as a tipping point than the recent scandals. It causes the true meltdown, the meltdown of Miscavism in the minds of Scientologists who read it. And this is what matters, what will put them back at cause. And a Scientologist at cause talks and communicates. And so we take off again, if not stronger, for sure all the wiser…

  168. Wow Dean Roman. A whole 2 hours you waited for your post to come through moderation!! Like Marty has nothing else to do but search through all the waiting posts to find yours first and approve it for moderation ahead of all others!

  169. Great job Lana. This is the nuts and bolts of Reverse Scientology!

  170. Hi Marty,
    I really enjoy your blog and respect all that you and your fellows have been able to do. Wow – there seems to be bad PR stuff for CO$ every day now! Good work.

    Hey, just wondering – do you and your friends really believe that psychiatry is “not a science” and is evil, as Tom Cruise has said, and that no one can be helped by it? I agree that ADD/ADHD meds are probably overprescribed especially for little boys, who by nature tend on average to be more rambunctious than little girls in the classroom.

    That said, I ask because I have a medical condition that falls in this area. If I were not receiving the proper psychiatric treatment, including medications, I believe that I would most likely be dead. No exaggeration. Fortunately, I’m blessed to have a knowledgeable and compassionate doctor whose blend of the art and science of his craft truly has saved my life and given me hope. Patients with my condition, without psychiatric treatment, have great difficulty holding down a job and maintaining a happy marriage and other personal relationships, and statistically have about a 25% suicide rate. Pretty scary. Years ago, people like us were locked up or worse. These are serious illnesses we never chose to have – but have to live with nonetheless. And we can actually do well with the care from our wonderful psychiatrists, who work together with us so that we can have normal lives. It’s like the insulin for a diabetic, or a kidney transplant for a patient whose own kidneys have given out. I guess I would hope that you and your friends would agree that mental health care does have a place. Whatever your thoughts, I am interested to hear. Thanks.

  171. John, I applaud your reasoned and articulate analyses and comments, and your manners.
    My take on why Scientology, Inc. would make the statement purporting to know Alexander’s cause of death is:
    It is primarily for consumption by the clubbed seals, as Mike so aptly calls them, obediently drinking their Kool-aid. They won’t be allowed to access any subsequent media reports that refute it, should the LAPD or coroner’s office come up with a different finding.
    Gerson’s email, which I am sure was carefully vetted by OSA and approved by Miscavige, will be used in an attempt to “handle” those clubbed seals who start to wander out of the seal enclosure and get wind of the Alex or Heber stories, or Karen’s recent e-mail.
    Any other media reports, court cases, etc. will be off-limits as “entheta”, so – “Not to worry, all handled now? Time to buy your GAT II, Mark VIII e-meter, and next status donation in the IAS!”
    Of course, it just ain’t working so well, is it Davey? More and more seals are escaping & becoming Lions, outside of your ZOO, and enjoying their freedom.

  172. Marty,
    Thanks for calling BS on this PR move by the COS.
    I checked out the Village Voice coverage where Tony printed the email from Alexander’s god-father announcing after the fact that a memorial had already taken place at CC Int. Just two of many outpoints I noted were:
    (1) NO mention was made of his MOTHER, Karen.
    (2) In the posed picture taken at the memorial, the “godfather”, his wife, and Heber are all SMILING. Smiling. Smiling, as if they are at a banquet and are the guests of honor…..

    To most people, I don’t think these would appear to be appropriate emotions for such an occasion. It was (supposedly) a memorial, a wake.
    But of course, if one is a part of Miscavige’s “brave” new sea-org world of cold hard steel, then these expressions might be perfectly appropriate.
    To me it just a photo of some small, beaten, mean, self-centered people who are being overwhelmed by an SP.
    Sorry, Heber Jentzsch. The truth is that he was your son who you didn’t have time for. This wasn’t a $1000 per plate gala. It was your deceased son’s memorial. Stop being a coward and own your actions and in-actions.
    You have done a lot of good things in the past. I will ALWAYS respect you for those many good deeds done in support of our religion.
    However, now is now.
    And a picture is worth a thousand words.

    Please, Heber Jentzsch, find out who YOU really are. Hint: YOU are not a small, beaten, mean, confused, self-centered man. YOU are not your your overts. You are a great spirit.
    Damn the cold, hard steel.
    I pray that you can find a way to Live UP to yourself.

  173. David Miscavige erased Marty Sue Hubbard from all of Scientology, all books, all videos, all the history, even the tapes of her being audited by LRH.
    No funeral, memorial, no mention til her death surfaced on alt religion scientology years later.
    Miscavige will not continue to alter history by erasure.
    Tomorrow I will be a studio for an extensive taping for a syndicate that airs it show in 58 countries.
    Not all major countries but definitely ones with huge amounts of Ex patriots and military Americans.
    How very ironic that me, the declared suppressive person has the hat to explain What is Scientology and what is going on.
    Oh how I wish they would have someone from the Church on to debate me.
    But I got the impression that they shared Rupert Murdoch views “Too evil, too creepy.”

  174. Fantastic selection, Ronnie! So beautiful and appropriate.

  175. scilonschools

    “It is unfortunate that there has not been time, nor the inclination on the part of media, to differentiate Miscavige’s cult and its conduct from the philosophy of Scientology”

    The complexity and secrecy of the Church makes that inevitable initially, the general public could never take it in, As a critic, in general public circles i too use that simplification.
    That is the importance of separate ‘branding’ of Scientology ‘Indie’ style,Scientology and for the public to ultimately realise that the exposure of abuses (and eventual downfall) was spearheaded by Indie/Freezione etc Scientologists, that REAL Scientology addressed the abuses of the RCS, the truth will out in the end!

  176. Claudio Lugli

    I am a magician myself.
    Slight of hands and micro magic.
    Quite good actually!
    My teacher was Stan Gerson on the Freewind while was doing some Maiden Voyage, and I met him several other times while in LA, went to the Magic Castle with him and so on.
    He is not a bad guy but is a MASTER at one of the BASIC actions of magic:
    This time he did not do a good job at it!
    Stan, Flunk!
    Restudy MISDIRECTION: is the big movement that hides the small one……….
    So sad you are still in that cult, please WAKE UP and smell the fresh air.
    The “statuses” and the “names” will get you no where

  177. This is all scientifically documented. E.g. studies about the Baptists a.o. in Germany.

  178. I take it you are really mad at me for saying that ‘Miscavige and Hubbard were two of a kind so to speak’. I read testimonies of people having worked with Hubbard. These are very specific and cannot be ignored. That Hubbard has also done a lot of good things I sincerely believe. But he was no saint. And I hold on to the idea that his personality ‘affected’ the organization he build.
    Please allow me to have a different opinion about this.

  179. “Show us how smart you are Dave. Change your mind while you still can.” I think that’s a bit like asking the sea not to be wet.

    But yes, astounding analysis Lana indeed. Miscavige is really the “Mother of all Squirrels”. (Last year Sam and I attended a cult event in East Grinstead with T-shirts with that exact wording on the front, together His picture. Caused quite a stir, let me tell you. We haven’t gone away OSA – not by a LONG mark).

  180. Reactivity and Failed Mimicry

    Stan’s e-mail on the “Theta” sendoff for Alexander is a graphic example of the failed mimicry of the “church”. It cannot create anything good or beautiful, it can only try and imitate and “out-create” genuine life, in reaction to it. The e-mail was only sent out after Karen had held her memorial for Alexander.

    It is clear they viewed the videos of the genuine Memorial, and then tried to “out-create” the genuine love and beauty of the Memorial held by Karen with their fake PR stunt. It is also clear that had Karen not held that Memorial, and had it not been so public, there would have been no “church” memorial for Alexander.

    In Scientology terms, Karen was “at cause”, and the “church” was “at effect”.

    Karen’s memorial was genuinely beautiful. She displayed amazing grace in the face of the cruellest blow delivered to her by the “church”. Her loving and genuine friends rallied around her, and together, they created a loving send-off, filled with beauty and genuine tribute that touched the hearts of many around the world. The magnificent aesthetics of the voices of the Terzis and Joy Grayson, the rose petals, the sea, the sadness, the love. As Marty said previously, in the end, Karen and her friends were Alexanders’ only true friends.

    The obscene fake reactive mimic PR stunt can be seen through by anyone who still has a modicum of functioning awareness and intelligence.

    All this “church” is capable of is reactivity, failed mimicry, thuggery, and hate. There is no life force, decency or creation left in that “church”.
    The above observations come from one whom Marty probably would categorise as a “hater.”These observations are nethertheless offered here because regardless of differences in stance on the source of “aberration” in all this, there ARE areas where we all converge and agree.

  181. Ooops, sorry, I meant the Lugli’s, not the Terzi’s (was thinking of some other Italians I know.) Not sure if you can edit my post to correct that, but if not, making the correction here. Thanks.

  182. Extract from Stan Gerson email:
    “Heber and Alex were both extremely proud of each other and understood how busy each were in helping mankind, AND YET, both would play the game of tracking each other down, NO MATTER THE DISTANCE OR LOCATION, just to say a simple “Happy Birthday”, each year.”


    Even though to this outsider, the whole email oozes non-authenticity, reading the above statement felt like meeting someone from an entirely different planet.

    That the author is so disconnected from what is normal human behaviour, that he could even write such a statement – thinking it provided reassurance rather than it screaming massive dysfunctionality – is desperately sad.

  183. RIGHT ON!!!!!!!!!! Move forward HELPNG. Watching this sick puppy DM meltdown is just a sideshow

  184. ROFL … great comment Scott!!

  185. Mike well said. The word pathetic says it all. Sad too I guess I would add.

  186. Ronnie- Thanks – You saved me alot of typing. Well said

  187. martyrathbun09

    Good insight.

  188. Way to go Karen!
    You are an inspiration!!

  189. Is Miscavige to blame for everything that goes wrong in Scientology?
    Sometimes I get that impression from reading the postings here. I want to bring in some nuances.

    I remember clearly from the end ’70, when a Sea Org mission came to take over our small Org, the atmosphere changed drastically. I myself got physically atacked by the D/CO. Also she ordered to give a process to someone who was not on auditing lines, without any CS. Musical chairs were going on. Hard selling started, overregging. Shouting at staff members. When someone got a bit emotional, the reaction was nearly always: stop your ‘bank’! Children of staffmembers put away in the basement with no daylight. Upstairs, doors locked, the Gardian Office did its secret practices, like interviewing people who had no clue why.
    I cannot but think that the differences then and now are not so basically different. Amongst friends we used to talk about how we liked the tech, but had big troubles with the organization. And that was end ’70! We hated it.

    My (humble) opinion is that it is the culture of Scientology from the start, that is to blame. It is that culture that gives room to a certain type of leader and staffmember who are not necessarily sociopaths. I’m not using the Scientology term ‘SP’, because that has several meanings, depending too much on your point of view. I would say that a type as Miscavige might for a big part be a product of this culture. Or at least that this culture has accentuated over the years some personality traits. Nobody dared to correct him. So he went completely wild.

    If he was a real sociopath how could people like Rathbun, Rinder and many more work with him for so long? Twenty or thirty years even. How can that be explained?

    Just calling him a ‘SP’ will not do.

  190. They are allowing you to have a different opinion about it.
    They don’t have to agree with it do they?
    Instead of making LRH and dm identical, why not try to see the differences in them?
    Differentiation is the key to sanity.
    Sure LRH had flaws. I have read some stories that are pretty shocking. But you cannot deny the tech that he created has done some incredible things.
    What has dm created good that compares?

  191. Kevin Tighe

    Thanks. Looks like the comment was removed which is cool with me as I may have gone a bit over the top and I certainly don’t want my comment to reflect poorly on Marty’s blog. My toned down comment is simply these Scn celebs who are remaining silent are committing huge overts of omission. Marty & Tony are doing an amazing job of keeping the world informed. IMHO Alexander’s death and what I believe was a coverup is the tipping point. I again give my sincere condolences to Karen but hopefully Alexanders’ death will not have been in vein.

  192. LTC Forever

    Cara, if you are writing something in addition to Marty’s book, I highly recommend reading this:

    This is a 3rd dynamic auditor analysis. I found it one of the best explanations of the state of the group overall and the exact mechanics involved backing it up with many fitting quotes from LRH.

  193. Hi Sally,
    I can’t speak for Marty, but I will give you my own take.
    The Scientology philosophy has things in it that can help anyone that is interested. Even if you read the books you can learn things that can help your life.
    If you feel that your psychiatrist is helping you then that is great.
    I believe that the medical profession has it’s place and I think most Scientologists do also.
    As an example, if a person had a terrible upset from a divorce or something like that, I have seen through Scientology auditing (counceling technology) that person totally recover from it and be happy again. That same person could have gone to a doctor and put on drugs to numb the pain that was inside of their mind. Getting a person to mask internal problems with drugs can be very damaging. Scientology is an applied technology to use communication to resolve internal trauma without the use of drugs.

  194. Two well known quotes come to mind today, the first is always true and the second is coming soon for all of us!;

    “Know thyself—and the truth shall set you free.” from My Philosophy by L. Ron Hubbard January 1965

    “Free at last, Free at last, Thank God almighty we are free at last.”
    ― Martin Luther King Jr., I Have a Dream

  195. martyrathbun09

    I’ve been answering questions for three years on this blog; if that don’t answer it READ THE BOOK. If you think that is so offensive, and since you seem to have so much time on your hands, why don’t you link him to the answers on this blog?

  196. martyrathbun09

    ps: Don’t believe in me, or anybody for that matter. By the way, read my book, and you’ll understand why I say that.

  197. PLVS VLTRA,
    Truth is an exact duplication of the as-isness of something. You’re right, the exact truth of DM has not been spotted BY DM especially. Those of us posting here, posting elsewhere and viewing him and his actions are honing in on the close approximation of the state of case he has, that of Suppressive Person.

    If you know your materials, and by that I mean you have spent the time and effort to observe them for yourself, not just some theoretical constructs that fill up the pages, but as something YOU have observed, then the mechanics and facts of that valence, his becoming it, and all the ins and outs of it, will help along the way to you too spotting, approximating, permeating the as-isness of his particular malady.

    As to what Ron wanted and intended for the Church, that is laid out pretty neatly on, in terms of the legalities and corporate structure. In HCO Policy, and covered in numerous lectures, the org, any org, any structure, exists to deliver the technology of training, auditing to the result of recovered, rehabbed, rejuvenated spiritual beings who can carry on life across their Dynamics playing a better game in their own estimation.

    What you may view as “scattering” is actually a natural fact of this universe, laid out in a 9th ACC tape Background Music to Living, and the need of TWO terminals for action, for comm, for time itself and the playing field. A single, monopolizing, “only one” Church is revolted against to attain two. This whole independent movement is according to the Axioms, and laid out on that tape.

    Don’t fret mate. This is all going to be just fine. Pitch in. You MAKE time too ya know!

  198. martyrathbun09

    And by the way, I asked him a question – rather presumptuous of you to cut in scolding and all.

  199. John, it’s doubtful that Stan was compulsively lying in his letter. It’s just clumsy damage control by OSA. The most likely scenario is that Alexander committed suicide, and probably left a note that didn’t reflect too favorably on the Church. The note would have been destroyed, but since the coroner had ordered an autopsy they needed to account for the high level of drugs they knew would show up. Hence the statement to the press about frequent “over self-medication”, and the reference in Stan’s letter.

    Karen’s friends have told her that Alexander continued to avoid drugs and alcohol right up to the end, and let’s hope the coroner doesn’t buy into the ‘accidental overdose’ PR bullshit from OSA. The truth needs to come out.

  200. Excellent analysis Claudio 🙂

  201. Why aren’t some of you “ex” sci’s not in prison?

  202. martyrathbun09

    I’ve been twice since I left, thank you very much.

  203. martyrathbun09

    Roman, Have you read my book?

  204. I have a question for you PU, what would YOU do if, say, you were the single Scientologist on a planet and you wanted to deliver? Who would “control” that delivery, to see that it was done according to the protocols of the technology?

  205. Oh yeah, one other aspect of what you are witnessing with DM and the CofS; the limit of the elasticity of a flow. This is covered amply on the PDC lectures.

    He’s stretched that rubber band as far as it could go with his overt, destructive acts, and imployed the church to do so. Now, it’s all coming back to fill the vacuum.

    Natural laws. Postulated and agreed upon, by DM. And very, very predictable. So PREDICT, and then you won’t be so confused by all this, clutching at some stable datum to fix a computation that will be the next problem. Yikes!!! Dude, STUDY!!!! OBSERVE!!!! WIN!!!! It’s a blast. Really and truly.

  206. That little icon jobber hides my typing of comments and the “tipos” fly. “EM”ployed. Not “im”. On the other hand, “imployed” is kinda catchy too.

  207. E.J. Croughs

    Go girl, go!

  208. Safe,

  209. John P, you wrote: “…in the Stan Gerson e-mail, the leadership made several statements that, if they turn out to be false, will damage the credibility of corporate Scientology significantly”

    My guess, John, is that since the email was positioned as coming from a “parishioner” (and not someone formally representing the CoS), that if the statements turn out to be false … the CoS can just throw the parishioner under the bus, and claim that it wasn’t a “formal Church statement”. In all likelihood, however, OSA vetted (probably even helped craft) the email.

  210. time to take er down!!! enough already!

  211. DM you cannot escape the truth you are going down!

  212. martyrathbun09

    As per usual

  213. Thank you for answering Jim. This would not be a problem if i were a very big being like it was Ron. But this is not my case nor that of most of the peoples on this planet. We have the exactly the situation we have right here and right now, and thousands of Independends operating from their homes is not the solution….please be honest. Greetings from Porchernest in the Fields.

  214. Dean,
    It is a “basic principle” of Scientology that one should “examine Scientology on a critical basis — a very critical basis”. That’s a Hubbard quote. Not that the church operates that way today.
    Check out this article, in which Geir Isene (OT VIII) discusses this topic based on Hubbard’s article “How to Study Scientology”:

  215. Thank you Brett.

  216. I have similar views Tessa. Yet, dissent has never been allowed in any past Scientology context as far as I remember.
    It seems to me a more benevolent form of Scientology is emerging here with Independents.
    At times I think I should not post any “Ron had some responsiblility in this mess” views and let these guys get on with liberating Scientology one step at a time.
    No matter our disagreements, I am inspired by the integrity of these people here and I believe good things are emerging from the ashes.

  217. Rock on, Karen!

  218. Hi Sally. I would like to comment. I do not think its a black and white issue. One thing you said is this;

    “Fortunately, I’m blessed to have a knowledgeable and compassionate doctor whose blend of the art and science of his craft truly has saved my life and given me hope. ”

    Fortunately, there are those who can do what you relate. And unfortuantely there are those who proscribe medications before anything else and cannot see beyond the body. So to the extent that the doctor views the patient as simply a biological case or if they take a more wholistic approach which embraces the spiritual nature of the person, that difference is important to the patients chances.

    There are neurological and biological conditions which are best treated in consultation with a medical doctor. I do not believe scientology can deal with them or wants to deal with them. And shouting out blanket statements that psychs are evil is itself stupid,short sighted and a disservice to the public.

    But i urge anyone to check out well a doctor whom your going to entrust your body and soul. They are not all alike. This is not dentistry. And you do not want the doctor whose philosophy is devoid of the spiritual nature of his patient. Folks should do a little research and possibly look for a referral from a religious person in their life. There are Jesuit Psychs and probably Buddhist ones as well. Find someone who does not think that man is mud.

    A good book is “Care of the Soul”, by Thomas Moore.

  219. Great analysis Lana!

  220. lol

  221. Margaret — You are exactly correct.

    What is rather amazing in all this is the biggest outpoint of all, and as I said earlier, the most astonishing failure to fill the vacuum:

    Who would Scientologists expect to hear from concerning the death of Alexander Jentzsch? Heber maybe? After all he is the “President”? Why no statement to the “parishioners” about Alexander from Heber?

    Because they are afraid to have Heber say ANYTHING because in their view:

    1. It would highlight to everyone that he isnt around at all (silly, the whole incident did that). This is especially true as many public look to Heber as the “stable terminal” when the shit hit the fan. And boy, the shit has really been hitting the fan….

    2. He could not say things that Magic Stan could say. How idiotic would it be for Heber to say that he always found him on his birthday! How idiotic would it be for Heber to say what a loving and close relationship he had with Alexander when they know that could be proved a lie by a lot of people who knew Alexander. Heber in fact knows NOTHING about the life of Alexander — in the eyes of the Corportaion, Alex was total dev-t and a constant problem that Heber was made wrong about over and over. Heber brought him into the world and he was made wrong for that numerous times. And they are worried that at some time, Heber might have to testify under oath or some reporter may catch up with him and ask him about his statement. So, better he says nothing.

    And the clubbed seals will notice the outpoint yet again, but say nothing as they know it will cost them big bucks to think “bad” thoughts.

    Big Brother, meet you brother, David Miscavige.

  222. Steve, this is an outstanding reply. I am going to send this to all my associates still in the C of S because I think your reply here cuts right to the heart of the matter. Thanks for being there and communicating.

    ML Tom

  223. There is a good possibility that photo was not taken at the memorial. Gerson does not say that it was in his email. It may be some earlier pr fluff.

  224. On the contrary, thousands of people operating from their homes, IS very, very, very much a HUGE part of the answer and is a HUGE omitted under the CofS. Read LRH ED 54 Int, SUPERIOR SERVICE IMAGE for a rational view of this. Scientology and Dianetics are for USE, any place, everyplace and to envision only the central org as a delivery vehicle is not what any policy that LRH ever wrote, or intended, had in mind.

    Read the HCOB, What We Expect of a Scientologist too.

  225. Sorry, I sure did not mean to come across as scolding AT ALL. My only intent was to encourage communication and understanding. I’ll shut up about it. (sigh)

  226. P.S. PU,
    You didn’t answer my question. What would you do? Honestly, look at that, and write an answer.

  227. Actually, Mike. Miscaviage is a parlor trick in itself. Miscaviage as the Chairman of the Board of the Church of Scientology does not really exist. It is something that he himself conjured up and made everyone believe – even us. People are afraid of a little guy like him means he has really made e himself into a big being of some sort. I think if we get people to confront the fact that Miscaviage, COB C of S doesn’t really exist, will get us a lot of new Indies and the whole thing will erase like that nasty engram is really is.

    ML Tom

  228. martyrathbun09

    This ain’t Catholic school.

  229. Tessa, your question below seems reasonable

    “If he was a real sociopath how could people like Rathbun, Rinder and many more work with him for so long? Twenty or thirty years even. How can that be explained? ”

    Why do people stay in bad and abusive relationships and marriages? There are lots of reasons. I am sure you have heard and are familiar with many of them. A common one is staying together for the children. In this case lets add the goal of clearing the planet when you believe you are responsible for the only technology which gives the world a chance. And your families chances are at stake as well if you do not toe the line. And DESPITE that, people leave by the hundreds and thousands.

    But i get your point about the nature of the organization. DM didnt create it or set it in motion And it had and has serious flaws. But it suited his style and he has thrived in it. He has taken some of the worst features to the next level rathen than eliminate them. He has focused on the MEST. So he has transformed the organization away from its original purpose. As that becomes more and more real, more and more leave. I will bet my last dollar that had the church stayed on purpose, Mike and Marty and many others who did the 20 and 30 years would still be there.

  230. Karen, you are a force of nature! Your son’s photo was at the top of my google search for “scientology” at 5:30 AM!

  231. What was the “culture” of your org before the Sea Org mission came in? Was that not also “the culture of scientology”?

  232. Thanks Mia! I know just what you’re talking about! Reading Marty’s blog has done wonders for me, too. It has been like getting many hours of good professional auditing, or successfully taking a course from which I gained a lot of understanding.

    Listening to some lectures by LRH helped, too.

  233. Another Wow, Steve, about the religion factor. So true.

  234. Li'll bit of stuff

    Wonderful news Mia, This is a most amazing school of
    life, and how to figure out just what makes people tick!
    In other words ….Scientology! (and it applies to each
    and every one of us, no matter WHO.
    Best, Calvin.

  235. LMAO Scott 😆

  236. nocaseonpost

    Thank you for your comment Tessa.

    While I never got much into the blame game of this whole issue, Miscavige has equated himself as the “ecclesiastical leader of the Scientology Religion,” “equivalent to the Pope.” IMHO, I certainly believe that he has the power to change the situation if he wanted to.

    I was in the Sea Org. I was not in long, but it is an interesting culture. A lot of staff joined when they were young, and had never lived in the real world. Their parents and rest of their family may be SO, so that is their world, and all that they know. They face situations similar to that one that we have seen with Alexander if they leave. I was in a different position when I joined the SO. I am very well educated. I have lived life, and have seen the world. I’ve worked with a variety of people from around the world. I was successful in business, and had money in the bank. The rest of my family was not in SCN. I love the tech, and like most people, I wanted the rest of the world to have the benefits and gains that I had.

    When I joined however, I saw anything but that. An Essay on Management was one of my favorite references, and I rarely saw that being applied. There were few Execs that did, and the ones that did, were loved. Debbie Cook was Captain when I was there, which is why when I read her letter, it had an eye opening effect. The culture is one ” You are SO, and we live this way due to the “high level of ethics” necessary for us to do our job. While I have no problem with that, I saw that attitude become a justification for the violation of basic human decency. I couldn’t wait to leave, and it wasn’t easy. It was even more difficult for me to get my wife out after I was out.

    Anyway, what does this have to do with Miscavige? Everything. While there are a number of staff in the SO, the Org board in my opinion is for show. Miscavige micromanages every aspect of what goes on without a doubt. While on Staff, I witnessed RTC reps routinely running production programs, and bypassing area seniors and yelling and threatening the person to get their “ethics in,” meaning they need to sell or produce more. Interestingly, RTC’s stated mission is to protect the technology, and keep KSW in. Most of what I observed was RTC reps bypassing the area’s seniors, and yelling to get more production in areas, like book sales, congresses sold, and lectures sold. While I am not sure what that has to do with RTC’s stated mission, that never the less is what I observed. I grew up pretty poor in a big city, and I would often see “pimps” slap their “ho’s” when they didn’t make enough money. Their used fear and intimidation to get them to produce. While different products, I observed the same attitude to be the same. If you did not use “fear and intimidation” then you must have some “false purpose” or “counterintention” to command intention which = COB.

    The point is, I have witnessed this behavior myself. I have seen it in 14 year old CMO girls who would arrive at Flag from Int, and I would watch them give SRA (Severe reality adjustments) to people for literally no reason at all. Where did they learn that? I have done quite a lot of Admin training, and I have never read that policy. I also witnessed messengers who operated with ARC and were well liked, to seeing them in the galley months later doing dishes, as they were “not effective,” or considered “soft.” There was no ARC-just fear. When you’re in, the fear of loss, being offloaded with no money or place to go, separated from your spouse, lack of sleep, food, heavy MEST work, beans and rice, are all used as motivators to keep you in line. They also happen to be suppressive in my opinion- slavery. One can not duplicate fully, until you’ve lived it.

    I have been in business, and I have seen highly skilled people that operate with ARC, who are very effective. I have also seen sociopaths and antisocial behavior, and to survive in the SO, you must have the latter, if you are going to be considered “effective.” If you don’t, as was the case with Debbie Cook, you’ll find yourself in “ethics” trouble.

    Looking back there were two things that I learned-

    1. Nothing in the SO happens by accident. There is an intention behind everything. The staff are not allowed to do much on their own self determinism.

    2. So if nothing happens by accident and it is intended, then who’s intention is it? Who benefits by this? As I have pondered this for years, the evidence points to one place. Since I know for sure that nothing happpens without his knowledge, even if he didn’t start it, he certainly could fix such glaring outpoints, if that is what he chose to do. As we have seen, no such thing has been done.

    The SP/PTS tech explains most of the answer to your question. Individuals join the SO and stay because of the love and wins they have had with the Tech. They join for LRH, but get COB instead. Most people have to do some crazy things in order to get there, and usually have very little personal assets when they arrive, in order to qualify for staff. After being there, your comm lines with the outside world are cut, as there is no time for such comm, as it is considered “out ethics.” If you have any cash, they regges certainly take their shot at it, because “why would you need it that money, now that you’re in the SO?” After a while, this is all you know, and the goal becomes “to make it through the day.”

    The life of a staff member is a trap, and it is one that is very difficult to leave and decompress from. If you’re antisocial, you probably will rise to the top, as you “have what it takes,” and have no consideration for those around you. The social personalities however, which are the majority, are in the situation described above. Most have a great purpose and want to help. I have met some of the greatest beings EVER while in the SO. They are very special people. You are willing to put up with a lot, to try and help and be with the guy next to you, as you have become group members. But under heavy suppression, they do what they have to do to get through the day. To be able to sleep, see their spouse, or eat dinner with them, or not get RPF’d, can make you do and put up with a lot. It sounds crazy, but not something you can understand unless you lived it.

    While I can not say for sure that he started it, I can say for sure that he is creating it currently. LRH has been replaced with “command intention.” So if what you have observed does not seem “quite right,” realize that it is created and comes from one place only- Guess who?

  237. Li'll bit of stuff

    What a fitting karma, awaits the perp. of
    those two little acts, methinks, Marty?

  238. Wow! Amazing point Worsel. Thank you.

  239. PU, Ilike your post because it states exactly what has already happened in the CoS under Miscavige!

    “Who would ensure KSW with hundreds or even thousands of so called independed scientologists applicating the tech to others from their homes without any type of control ? Which kind of result we would obtain at the end ? How great would be the damage to the people to which the tech would be misapplicated ? How great the harm to the reputation of the tech itself ? Quickly no one would trust the tech anymore and the opponents would have the “evidence” that Scientology is merely a scam…..and so on and so on. ”

    Who insured KSW within the CoS?
    Which kind of result do they obtain within the CoS?
    How great is the damage done by the misapplication of tech within the CoS?
    How great is the harm that has been done to the reputation of the tech, by the CoS under Miscavige?

    These are great questions you ask. Are you asking them of the right people? Because everything you fear has already happened – within the very orgs – Flag and RTC – which were supposed to be responsible for the preservation and perpetuation of standard tech.

    What do you make of that?

    That model worked so well, you want to set it up allover again?

    Who would insure KSW? You would, wouldn’t you? It is up to every individual who practices Scientology to have enough integrity to do it right.

  240. Welcome back Safe. 🙂

  241. Agreed Ronnie.

  242. Actually broderick, the media DOESN’T seem to recognize that LRH wrote those policies, because if they did, then they’d also be aware that LRH cancelled disconnection in the CoS reform of 1968. And they’d know that in one of LRH’s primary policies that defines his view of the nature of organization and policy, that he said (paraphrased) “a periodic sweep out of old and inapplicable policies and didactic rules is critical for the health of any organization”. The CoS, in fact, was supposed to have “reformed itself” in the 80s with the disbanding of the GO and the creation of OSA. Yet we still see (and saw) “Fair Game” alive and well, decades after this “reform”. Can that really be pinned to anyone but DM?

    No, most of today’s media are on severely compressed time-frames for their stories, and so they never get (and provide) the full picture. And so they do indeed fail to differentiate on the finer points of the above.

    Now in longer stories, like The New Yorker, they really should have spent more time doing research into the so-called “bald face lies” that LRH supposedly told about his biography. If they had, they would have found that LRH didn’t lie about his military career, nor his physical condition at the end of the war and recovery; that LRH didn’t lie about getting an honorary PhD; and, in the case of Village Voice, they’d see that LRH didn’t lie about organizing the Pasadena scientists at CalTech after WWII. And the list goes on. I’ve spent a good deal of time researching and digging into most of these accusations. As a result, I can’t think of a single “bald faced lie” that LRH has been accused of stating about his biography, which has not turned out to be anything but true. I’d be happy to provide the documentation that I’ve dug up, if you (or anyone) is interested. As I’ve said before, I will eventually get it all up on a website.

  243. Iamvalkov, I thought the same thing. Big MU on confront going on. Imagine using this definition whilst doing TRs.

  244. I do not know J.Eldridge from Adam(Hello Mr.Eldridge), and I’m not sure what “offshoot groups” he’s talking about, but somehow his post seems “historical”, and reminded me of a post I recently made on another blog in answer to a question about TIR(TraumaticIncident Reduction). I thought cross-posting it here might help to fill in some historical context, so here it is, edited a bit and expanded a bit:

    “…..TIR is dianetics. One of the leading practitioners of TIR is a woman who is Clear and OTIII and a Dianetic auditor. She had a mission here in Michigan until the “massacre” around 1982. I was there when the S.O. missionaires came and took her keys away. She then left and hooked up with Sarge Gerbode and the TIR Association.

    There was quite a network of “old-time” Scientologists here in Southeast Michigan and they were aware of the “trouble brewing” with the advent of the Sea Org and “heavy ethics”, even in the in the late ’60s and early ’70s. The network included people like Ruth Minshull, whose books about apppying Scientology were atone time sold in orgs and missions, along with Peter Gilham’s. There were plenty of Clears and “original OT levels” OTs in the bunch. Enid Vien was another. She had a mission in the Flint, Michigan area at one time.

    These people really were Clears and of course were very self-determined as a result. When the heavy-handed S.O. “ETHICS” bullshit came down the pipe, they basically did a Lisa Marie and said “See ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya” and left. When it came to disconnecting, they stuck with their friends and family and their original ideals of Scientology, which Marty is actually helping to resurrect today. For the most part they disconnected from the CoS. Many were of course Declared and forced out of the CoS, others left pre-emptively.

    I think of those days as comparable to early grassroots Christian days before the establishment of the “official” Christian churches, the Catholic and the Orthodox, when the Gnostic elements of Christianity were suppressed and excluded from the “scriptures” and it all became a moralizing “make’em toe the line” endeavor rather than a liberating one through Gnosis, which really just means “the experience of Knowing”. Read “Beyond Belief” by Elaine Pagels for a thorough briefing on those early Christian times.

    At least today the dissenting Scientologists are not overtly butchered as the early Christians were if they were declared to be “squirrels”. But DM comes close. I believe he would if he could. But given the society today, he has to be covert about it. Back then, slaughtering folks wholesale when they disagreed with the King or Emperor was no big deal.”

    PS – Ruth Minshull is alive and well in Ann Arbor Michigan, as is the TIR lady, Marian Volkmann. Ruth, I hear, has a blog.

    Any of this connect up with what you’ve posted up, J. Eldridge?

  245. Besides looking photoshopped, all three look like they just won the lottery! Somebody please see an outpoint!

  246. I’m not sure what in my post indicated I found anything you said offensive. For the record, it makes sense to me that you wrote and published the book, instead of answering the same questions over and over again.

    As far as linking anyone to answers already on this blog, that’s too time consuming. I think they should just read your book! Or read the blog, comments and all, and your book, too. 🙂

  247. My reply to Dean Roman seems to have vanished. I guess calling him one of the “Clueless’ was too ad hom?

  248. And palehorse…. IMHO you have got to get a grip on this BELIEF thing. It’s fine to believe what you will but when it comes down to key survival points I suggest you act on facts.
    Believing in Marty is pardon the expression “plain bullshit”. When you embark on that path you create a scene for yourself where you are constantly wondering what Marty thinks. Look at what Marty does and says and make up your own mind what is true for you and create your own stable datum. Then you won’t have to depend on Marty or anyone else for your own determinism.
    What Marty has to say in his book based on his own direct experience is invaluable to anyone who has any question as to the intentions of the RC$. I finished it a couple days ago and it is a brilliant quick read that cuts to the chase on the issues.

  249. Great post,
    thank you.

  250. I’m glad you have fun, guys.

  251. Sally,
    I think if you read Marty’s book your questions will likely be answered.

  252. Not to mention you current sci’s !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  253. Mike, I noticed too in the photo that Heber had a tan. I’m guessing that DM’s tanning room was finally put to use (the day before the hastily prepared “memorial” most likely) by someone other than DM. Wouldn’t want Heber leaving the Hole with the sickly, pale complexion that years of incarceration would cause.

  254. Nocaseonpost: thank you very much for your extensive and interesting comment. Your observations are mine, but then not in the Sea Org, but in Europe, in a small org. The Essay on Management was also one of my favorites. (The Admin Tech was kind of my speciality.)
    My observations date from 1977 onwards. So quite some years before Miscavige was in full power.
    I agree with you though that ‘he’ is continually creating it (didn’t he learn it while he was in the CMO, working directly under Hubbard?) and is now totally focused on the wrong statistics.
    My opinion is also that this culture attracts certain people or at least people that can thrive in such an atmosphere (SP-like types). With that kind of people in the top the culture gets more and more intensified. It is a self-enforcing (is that the right word?) process, like entropy. They make themselves more crazy every day. The endresult will be a total madhouse, if you ask me. Probably it is that already. Heber Jentzsch is afraid of being killed if he tries to escape … (see Tony Ortega.)
    Again, thank you very much.

  255. Brian: I totally understand you.

  256. Vicar: I think you are right. Thanks.

  257. “Who would ensure KSW with hundreds or even thousands of so called independed scientologists applicating the tech to others from their homes without any type of control ?”


    Look. Who is ensuring KSW in the Church of Scientology right now?

    David Miscavige sure isn’t. RTC is totally ineffective. They’ve used their authority to even ALTER tech including altering and deleting LRH’s works!

    How has this authority protected Scientology tech so far?

    Knowing what has and is happening, what makes you believe some new central authority is going to do it in the future? Central authority didn’t work, my friend.

    Heaven forbid, perhaps we need to actually trust in the goodness of Scientologists to KSW themselves. Don’t you believe that those who don’t will not expand as those who do? Won’t public gravitate to those individuals or orgs who deliver the best results?

    Do you trust the free economy to take care of business? I do. The free economy and competition will naturally sort this out for the greater good as it does with any other product or service. So what if some foolish soul doesn’t deliver standard tech? They will naturally suffer for it. Nobody needs to police them. Competition will do it naturally.

    Clearly, Scientology does not need any more dictators in its future and history. It’s practically ruined Scientology’s name and the tech. I say, “Never, ever again!” No more obsession with control. Free Scientology.

    You haven’t offered up any workable alternative solution. So again, please post what you believe would be a realistic and viable alternative?

  258. Thank you, Valkov. LOL. That’s another good Miscavignition of “Confront”.

  259. iamvalkov:
    in my opinion one of the key points of this management culture is the policy that upstats have ethics protection, ‘they can get away with murder’. If the stat is up, ethics reports are just filed, if one writes one at all. Nobody can criticize an upstat. Collateral damage (especially on Wogs) is neglected.

    So in order to get the statistic up, the way you get to it, does not matter so much. So, all kinds of unusual solutions appear. The upstat is rewarded (rightly so), but the way he did it is also rewarded in a way! Out-tech, out-ethics gets rewarded. The pressure on the stats is enormous: ‘the heat from above’.
    This is further stimulated by the system of the conditions, which is mostly appreciated as kind of punishment (less money, no auditing). This enforces again the need to be upstat, no matter how. It becomes a ‘vicious’ circle.

    In such a management culture somebody can become ‘untouchable’ and enabled to do as he pleases. He is so upstat, ‘makes things done’, the boss is so happy with him (his stats also being up as result), that he becomes ‘king’.

    This kind of management style is also that of a company as Goldman Sachs. (I just read a study about this.) In stead of conditions, bonuses of course.

    There are other things of course.

  260. Hi Calvin, 1000% dittos from me on this comment – very well said!

  261. Jim, i have never said i have a solution nor that i know it best what do to. I´ve read about a system -i think it was in – created by Ron were different parts of the managment are controlling each other and so on; that sounds good for me…….yes i agree Scientology should be for free use but never the less a central organisation is needed to ensure KSW. I would like to preserve the Church of Scientology but in the right hands. Greetings from Porchernest in the Fields.

  262. I would also add, you should try and find Margaret’s comments at various earlier points on this blog. She has done more extensive research into the various “charges” against LRH’s character than anyone I know, and she has come up with very detailed refutations of many of them, supported by documents.

    While I’m a huge defender and supporter of LRH, I had come to accept that some of these allegations were probably true. They just didn’t matter a whole lot to me, in light of the magnitude and importance of his discoveries. But the data she has uncovered disproved many of them, much to my surprise. Her information is well worth looking into if you can find it.

  263. Hello there, nice to “meet” you. It’s similar, but not quite the same. The extent of the offshoots I was referring to are essentially variations of Applied Scholastics and Narcanon and some of the others. They are not directly related to these groups or to Scientology but were developed by former members or leaders or employees and follow those “teachings” in a way that is abusive and condemning of the individual.

    Some of these groups have now been in existence for several decades, and have diluted the links to the foundation of Scientology, but have maintained the “behavioral” and “cognitive” approaches of control, threats and abuse. These groups will not be affected by any public condemnation of the radical break with the teachings of CoS that DM has done because they don’t realize they are following his awful techniques.

    I know that in text like this nuances can be lost and this is a difficult thing to put, but yes, the context of me becoming considered a “hater” is most definitely historical, but it was more to point out how in addition to independent groups doing good, there are also splinter groups continuing the bad, even unwittingly. (here’s the touchy part, ….)

    Mark and Mike were very very good and effective at their jobs. I am very happy to see that they are now doing good, and I cannot imagine the burden they live with, but it’s clear they are working endlessly and tirelessly to help those who were damaged and save those in need, providing support, insights and truth. The point is, there are businesses that were founded on bad Scientology principles, even more bastardized than what DM has created only because they don’t know there’s a right way behind it, who will not be reached by their current work.

    I am sure someone or someones at the top of the organization I crossed with were aware of their origins (early and extensive research on my part did, in fact, uncover some of that) but the people unleashing the hell, threats and drama weren’t even aware that what came out of their mouth one minute contradicted what came out the day before. The founders of that group, to my knowledge, are now dead. Did the awareness of the practice behaviors die with them? Courts have stepped in and made some changes, public opinion has changed some (no, it hasn’t, but some of their tactics have fallen to the politically incorrect trends) so other changes have been made. But the organization is still technically in business, international, and extensive. Last I heard they continue to unleash their venom on outsiders, and torment insiders to a pulp of inability to respond other than in the desired way.

    I do still follow, and I am heartened by this blog and seeing the community that is rising up against oppression. But as an outsider, I cannot distinguish Scientology from DM, at least not now, although I am open to the possibility and am learning from all of you on here about this.

    I am not here as a hater, though, I am here as an individual trying to understand. And this blog and resources that are linked here, help.

  264. I “believe” in Marty, in the sense that I have confidence in him. I believe that is also the sense in which palehorse meant the word. Although I don’t entirely agree with palehorse’s sentiments, I believe his heart is in the right place.

  265. plainoldthetan

    “IMHO, I certainly believe that he has the power to change the situation if he wanted to.”

    Not only does he have the power to change it; he has the responsibility to change it.

  266. Thanks tessa, now I get where you are coming from. I have not experienced it much myself, but from what I’ve seen and heard and read, there is definitely a problem with the “management culture”. And it does go back to the 1970s at least.

    However I think back then there was the existence of the “ARC culture” opposed to the “cold chrome steel” no-sympathy culture, and the no-sympathy culture has prevailed. The fact that this culture won out over the ARC culture, I do attribute to DM’s presence at the top. He is the one who has been making sure the better culture is stamped out.

    I’m saying it could have been different, if someone(s) other than DM were in charge. In the beginning, it could have gone either way.

    I keep thinking no-sympathy is pretty low on the tone scale…..

  267. Li'll bit of stuff

    Nice to have your ack, Publius, many thanks.

  268. I have never seen, heard of, or can imagine taking photos at a funeral or memorial service of grieving family members or friends. Completely inappropriate. And completely suspect in this case. Are we supposed to believe that CO$ folks do not grieve?? That is not normal, nor is it healthy.

  269. Palehorse, its not that cut and dry. There are in fact people, trained operatives in Lientology out to destroy some of these decent folks.

    But it is sad indeed that mistrust can be the first knee jerk reaction to criticism. The real sad part is the first knee jerk reaction could be a correct one.

  270. Li'll bit of stuff

    Nicely said Ronnie!

  271. Hi JF,
    Thanks for your reply and thoughts.

    Yes, my doctor is holistic in his treatment, and is known as one of the best in the area. And he is compassionate. He accepted me as a patient into his closed practice (!), sight unseen, because a social worker friend of mine who understands the illness interceded for me during a crisis when my previous doctor in essence dumped me, because he was out of ideas. I was overmedicated for several years by this previous doctor whose first thought in treatment was medication, and who I feel really did not care for me as a person. There definitely is a difference between physicians and other members of the medical profession.

  272. Thoughtful: religion-no religion, applied philosophy-no applied philosophy.

    That practice will be successful, in a broad sense, which helps individuals free themselves from their own suffering by directly perceiving the true nature of the Self as an individual being and as the Supreme being: timeless and deathless.

    When an individual goes from weakness to strength, from ignorance to wisdom, from darkness to light and from death to immortlity, it won’t matter what you call it.

  273. Thank you. 🙂

  274. Hi Tony,
    Thanks so much for your response and comments. I can understand how someone going through a divorce could resolve their trauma through auditing or traditional counseling, as opposed to automatically being prescribed antidepressants, which may only mask or numb the feelings.

    In my case, the meds are definitely not masking, because it is a medical condition — rather, they allow me to function as a normal human being, do well at work and in my personal relationships. My treatment team includes my psych doctor (MD), primary physician (FP), therapist (MFT), and me. Even though each member has their own expertise, they talk to each other so we can all understand the full picture together.

    So I think it really makes a difference whether it is medical illness vs. negative feelings that need to be talked out.

    Cheers, Sally

  275. +1 Great answer, Valkov. You beat me to the gist of the same answer as mine. Hopefully, a couple different ways of putting it will get through.

  276. “Imagine using this definition whilst doing TRs.”

    What a visualization, Tara! ROTFLMAO!

  277. nocaseonpost

    Thank you for your reply Tessa.

    I do agree, that Miscavige was not held in check back in the day, and certainly is not being held in check now by anyone within the organization. It seems he removed anyone with personal ties to LRH, that was highly trained, or had the ARC and comm lines of the public, as they would be a threat to him and absolute power. And every time I tried to be reasonable and assume the “viewpoint” that he is not that way, the evidence is overwhelming that he is. Things are the way they are, because that is the way the he wants it that way.

    As I’ve stated before, I have worked in business. I have met some pretty high powered people. Some of them were complete sociopaths. They pump out nothing but overt products, use fear, intimidation, the legal system, threats, extortion, coercion, and politicians, to muscle people into what they want. Sound like anyone we know?

    How could people put up with it for 20-30 years? Part of being on staff, or even a public for that matter, is doing your job and following orders. What happens if you question? More sec checks, as you have “disagreements,” are “PTS,” etc. You have to put up with the BS, or suffer financially, or with out gradient ethics condition, to “adjust your thinking.” Before you know it, you are a robot operating on “other determinism.” Just a shell of who and what you use to be.

    For staff, it is even worse. Forget “keeping Miscavige in check.” For anyone that could possibly be a threat, has been removed. The LRH designed checks and balances has been removed. Exec strata, WDC, CSI Int, ED Int- they’re all gone! Who removed them and why? In the SO, we would often see individuals “busted” down from Int, or were Senior Execs, no washing dishes in the galley. It serves as a reminder, similar to how African Americans were hung from trees here in America not to long ago, as a reminder to not step out of line. You have so little in the SO. Not eating dinner with your spouse is quite a loss of havingness. Being busted off of a post for all to see, is quite a loss of havingness as well. Beingness is all you have when you’re there. After you’ve had some ethics cycles, your attitude becomes ” Making it through the day, and staying out of trouble.” It is quite cruel, suppressive, psychological warfare. For those that have experienced so little of the world, and have such little education, and life experience to draw from, the viewpoint becomes- “it’s just the way that it is.”

    I completely understand what people like Marty, Mike, and so many others speak of, and can attest to it. While the gradient and individuals involved were different, the situations basically are the same. For those that have been there, no explanation is necessary. We’ve been there and understand. For those that haven’t experienced it, no explanation is possible, that will make any sense. It won’t make sense, because psychosis doesn’t make sense. You cannot apply logic to it.

    Hopefully, I’ve communicated to you the “why” someone can be in there for so many years, despite the environment. It takes “an experience” to snap you out of it, to the point where you say- “this is just crazy- I gotta get out of here!” For some, that means walking away from moms, dads, children, spouses, etc. For some, it is walking away from everything and everyone that they have ever known. And most importantly, you are led to believe that you are walking away, destroying, and suppressing Scientology. Kind of hard for someone to confront who is social and joined and dedicated their life to the expansion of Scientology. You put up with the insanity because you love the tech, had wins with it, and want others to have it too. Somehow having that, means that you have to put up with insanity. Kind of ironic, but nevertheless true.

  278. nocaseonpost


  279. Li'll bit of stuff

    Interesting point palehorse! I personally ran into the exact same phenomena on numerous occasions,
    by unwittingly making comments that were seen as
    “troll-like,” or by trying to understand someone’s take
    on a situation, by direct questioning. Over a period of time, and with some friendly, helpful advice of
    fellow bloggers of GENUINE goodwill, I gradually
    learnt the behaviour which is acceptable on this
    blog. I feel compelled to make the following comments,
    regarding this issue:

    # There is / are absolutely no written guidelines issued
    to a newcomer, as to what is / is not acceptable comm
    on this blog.
    # As there are very often no acknowledgements given
    to a newcomer for a positive posting (obvious too!)
    the person is left with an incomplete comm cycle(?)
    #The situation changes quite drastically when the
    (new) person drops a “clanger” setting off a whole
    cacophony of howls and shrieks of protest.
    # This entirely unsatisfactory situation is exacerbated, by the ever present deployment of DM’s cadres of
    disruption—trolls, covert ops and plants, whose task
    it is, is to simply disrupt and / or cause conflict within the Indie field, all at the behest of the certifiably insane
    midget, DM!

    Unfortunately, since any operation, requires sufficient
    man / woman power to institute PR “niceties” such as
    those lacking above, sheer pressing, harsh and
    practical realities,(of time and / or monetary constraints)
    mean that there will be casualties caught up in the
    firefights to weed out the disruptive elements, planted
    amongst us.

    Hopefully, we will see improvements in this aspect as
    more Indies seek out suitable placements, which may
    eventually make the delegation of good PR on this blog a practical reality.

    At the end of the day, it is prudent to point out, yet
    again, THE 31 FACTORS, at the top of Marty’s blog,
    which have a definite and focussed purpose, that is,
    to expose the criminal exploitation of Scientologists
    and the wholesale destruction of Scientology by one
    man …..David Miscavige.

    Just wanted to share my viewpoint with you.
    Thanks Calvin.

  280. Great feedback Brian and Calvin. Thank you for your thoughts and insights. I greatly appreciate them.

  281. Thanks for posting that, iamvalkov. That was exactly what I meant.

  282. +10

  283. Margaret,

    You are assuming that the photo was taken at the memorial. My guess is it was taken several years earlier.

  284. Li'll bit of stuff

    All makes sense to me, Valkov. Hey! you know
    as well as I do ….we all have our bad days!!!
    So what!!!!

  285. “The absurd, pathetic blanket denial of the truth positions taken by Cruise and Miscavige are giving Scientology haters a seemingly unending field day.”

    You may thank Terril Park for being the being that he is moving amongst any crowd

    For me I do not hate Scientology but I DAMN WELL WILL SEE ITT WILL HONOUR ITS SOURCES

    Great men stand on the shoulders of other great men

    AS WE MUST ALSOO PAY HOMMAGE TO SCIENTOLOGY FOR BEING THE FATHER OF METAPSYCHOLOGY (aswell as being the child of the thechings of freud, younng, jezus , Budha and many others)

    Cat Daddy

  286. Li'll bit of stuff

    This is good fodder for broad media exposure,
    Randy…..Just the whole concept of Sheeple”
    being hounded and rounded up by a haranguing
    of sheepdogs(crush reg’s) and over the top
    fund – raisers for financial & / or actual slaughter!
    Some very vivid imagery comes to mind.
    Terribly sad really, but never the less the harsh reality of life in the hellish church of miscavology!

  287. Because being in a prison is not on my purpose line.
    If it is on your purpose line to see people imprisoned, there are always opportunities opening up in the prison market.

  288. Captain Bob

    yep, 🙂

  289. Yes, that certainly is possible.

  290. Thanks Scott! Again, any input for it would be appreciated.

  291. Thanks for the advice,. I clicked on the link and started reading it. Will complete that in the next day or so and then back to composing the issue. Note; Have already pulled in an Indie who was formerly in AVC Int to side check it for me!!

  292. Li'll bit of stuff

    That is a most appreciated validation of Marty’s book, Ubiquilo, and I personally thank you for contributing to our blog with your interest and support. The tipping
    point has been met and The Independents are on their
    way Up, while the church of miscavology is in a total
    nose dive!!!!
    Calvin B. Duffield

  293. Li'll bit of stuff

    Ditto! The ORIGINAL construct of LRH’s genius creation,
    as formalized in The Auditors Code, is flourishing and
    prospering in the hands of fighters for freedom, vs. the
    common enemy (THE REACTIVE MIND OF MAN!)
    Les & Anita, Ingrid, Dani & Tami and of course, Marty,
    and the legion of Standard Auditors entrenched across
    the planet, just getting on with the task of freeing man
    from the quagmire of pain, aberration and confusion.

    I thank and applaud you all.
    Sincerely, Calvin B. Duffield.

  294. Thanks again. It helps to understand.
    I conclude more or less that, the longer you are ‘in’, the more difficult it is to get ‘out’, because of having family, friends, your way of life. Leaving would be giving it all up, It is like cutting off your whole life. Unless someone reaches a tipping point somehow. But that can take years, if at all.
    Then it is essential that newcomers stay away and go to the Independents and/or the Freezone. I think that this flow is already in place and will grow. Then the Madhouse bleeds to death, with a screaming Miscavige carried away by a psychiatrist …

  295. JEldridge, Yes thanks for taking the time to provide such an insightful reply. The problem is what we call “the contagion of aberration” — aberration, as you are describing — in the form of a “personality package” — has been unwittingly adopted by people for decades and thereafter spread to others into areas and zones today nearly completely divorced from their original source. And if I understand you correctly, the problem is even though we may be able to isolate and quarantine the crazy in the Church, well, unfortunately that crazy has already slipped out in all directions. So what do we do about that?

    My answer is this: I for one learned a big life lesson from my experience in the CoS, a lesson I think I share with other Indies. In his new book, Marty wrote about this lesson saying, “Never forfeit your judgement to some authority, no matter how apparently wise and judicious, when it comes to judging the merits of others.”

    And in practice, when one sees that he is dealing with psychosis or some sociopathic or otherwise destructive personality, I think it is part of one’s duty as a member of the human race to speak up about it and expose it wherever it resides. I think we have to do that, though unpleasant, least the insanity continue to spread.

    I had a dealing with ADT — the security company recently. They are so full of shit it isn’t funny. They advertise low prices, but then they get you to sign a contract. The contract looks like you are just giving them authority to call the police, but in the fine print — buyer beware. You are getting locked in for three years of payments, even if you move, even if you cancel service. Sweet deal for them. They must have thousands of people continuing to make payments and they don’t do a thing. To me, ADT = organized crime. After two years, I wanted out because I realized their system was a rip off. I did get out of the contract, but I had to fight like a tiger and report them to consumer complaint websites online, Google reviews, the Better Business Bureau, and the Attorney General of Texas. Why? Because what they are doing is just wrong. It’s legal. But it’s ethically wrong. They have found a way to legally cheat people… just like a Church I know. My point is, yes, the CoS is not the only one. There are many governments, agencies, corporations that victimize people. It’s up to use to do what we can to check their abuses and blow the whistle on corrupt practices.

    Today you could come out on this blog and write up the name of the groups you are thinking of. Name names. Put your review also on Google Reviews and other consumer sites. Report them to the BBB and Attn General. Let them reap the whirlwinds they create.

    If I learned anything at all from my experiences in the CoS it is this: staying silent only makes things worse. And it’s actually restorative to have your say. Meanwhile I am still trying to weed out any lingering bits of the cult think in my own life. Which Marty also writes about in his book.

    Your input is really welcomed. Thanks so much for helping.

  296. That is spot on. I am living proof of that. In for 37 years, 35 of that on staff and/or Sea Org. Boy did I resist doing my own investigation, though fully trained in the Data Series to do so. I actually thought the Indies were an SP splinter group and DM the greatest man on earth, even went to sites and posted positive comments to defend him! My comm lag on going public is mainly knowing I will loose just about every comm line I have – hundreds all connected to the Church due to the totally squirrel, off-policy disconnection enforcement. Our friends in the Church are so blinded it is really scary. To send anyone new into the Church would be to set them up for a fall. It would an overt no matter how you look at it.

  297. I appreciate this. At the time (late 90s) I did take a stand and went the public route, as much as I could. The issue at the time was they had “my person” in their grips. I guess you could say in the end I won because I got my person back, and got away from their continued torture. We had to leave the country for a bit. Then the focus was on fixing what had been originally broken, that lead to what turned out to be a poisonous attempt at a cure. To begin that again would be pointless, and dangerous for me, as there is far more at risk over a decade later, and I don’t even know the extent of power of the beast I last fought.

    Your story of ADT made me laugh, not at you, but in a way that is knowing. That’s how I feel about cable companies, health insurance companies, banks, etc. I often think I would have been a very different person if the internet and ATMs, limiting actual human interactions to choices only, had been around sooner for me.

    I have to thank you, and thank Mark for allowing my posts and this thread here because it has helped me. It helped remind me of the strength I had back then to get through such a difficult time. The irony that I found that here is not lost on me (and no, I won’t read your literature, ha ha), but I suppose this is the right place. Where people find peace in what they went through regarding this organization under leadership that went wrong.

    I wish I could say all evil people are part of that group, but they’re not. I’ve met bad people and I’ve met their hypnotoid followers, and while some are, not all are cults. Some are just surviving. Some cannot escape and find their self, but those on the outside should never stop fighting to help the ones stuck. I got mine back.

  298. I also just wanted to add this. When I said I won I never meant to suggest it was a contest. And I think that’s why it worked out in the end. I was fighting for the life of my person and my person, to this day, does not know the extent of what went on.

    They were fighting to win, at any cost, and willing to destroy me and my person in the fight. My person never heard or learned the things I went through or found out (at least not all) and that in itself was incomprehensible to them.

    They were fighting a battle for the sake of fighting a battle. Logic, truth … none of that works on them or those in their grips, I think that’s clear. Asking questions is considered betrayal, so that approach cannot work.

    Exposure was the only thing that mattered to those who know what is going on. And exposure is what lead them to drastic measures and mistakes, and misjudgements.

    It was never a contest, it was a fight for one life, that turned into a fight for both of ours.

  299. Vicca, I spent a few years researching within myself why I stayed in abusive relations. I found a few key reasons for me: 1) working out this life time family imprinting 2) in deep states of meditation the whole film unfurled and the causitive links that brought me into those relations opened up. I knew that I had found the cause because my relationships after my realizations changed for the better.

    And I found yet again, some basic spiritual principle broken.

    Within all experience there is an underlying theme of learning spiritual principles. Even the worst of suffering, when dealt with without victim mentality, will yield liberation itself.

    “Pain is the prod to rememberance” Paramahansa Yogananda

    Those irritants in our life become that which frees us from them, when we congnize their exact nature, through introspection, auditing, meditation, self analysis etc.

  300. Jean-François Genest

    Yes, it is very challenging.
    I deliver a Touch Assist, Nerve Assist, Locational, Self-Analysis book techniques, Study Tech debug, word clearing and demonstration, etc. the person has fantastic results and heals, feels better, has realizations, clears up study, etc.
    The person then asks “What is that?”
    – It is a Scientology Touch Assist, Nerve Assist, Study Tech, etc.
    – Oh NO! The horrible cult. Tom Cruise, Katie, …
    “Do you feel better, I ask? or Do you understand computer programming, or bookkeeping now/
    – Yes, it’s fantastic! … but the sick cult, Tom Cruise, TV, etc.
    Then I have to EXPLAIN, to each person, to SEPARATE AND DIFFERENTIATE between real Scientology and the Hcruhc – reversed so-called church. It is very annoying and time consuming.

  301. I think there is a place for some “centralized control”, if only in the form of issuing “certifications” for auditors. This has worked for many other groups in the past (chiropractors might be a good comparison). Dan Koon (“Joe Howard”) wrote a couple articles on this here:

    These might be good starting points. I also know that APIS (Association of Professional Independent Scientologists) — which was formerly known as “Independent Freezone Assoc” or IFA — have put together an “auditor certification” system.

    Marty made an announcement about this here:

    The current APIS website (I believe) is still:

  302. Valkov and Wayne,
    I would even say that it’s the Church’s horrible handling of their own PR and corporate communications, that has led the media to annoint Tom Cruise as the “2nd in command” of the CoS and the “Scientology spokesperson”.

    And now, without even TC talking about Scientology, there is literally no one representing the CoS during it’s most media covered period. Oh, except Tom Cruise’s divorce lawyer, and apparently another new non-Scn lawyer who probably can’t correctly pronounce ARC (letalone describe what it means).

  303. p.s. Oh, and no offense to anyone else that can’t pronounce A, R, C. The pronunciation is the least important thing associated with it — unless you’re the CoS’ spokersperson. 🙂

  304. Dolphin Play

    Scientology Inc. Wants To Be Your Girlfriend

    David Miscavige Wants To Be Your Girlfriend

  305. Yes, this is a great idea as long as it’s any kind of volunteer association.

    An “Angie’s List” for Scientologists would be great. An association to be the “BBB” for Scientologists is another good idea. An Auditor’s Association who verifies the authenticity and competency of a classed Auditor is another idea.

    The key is VOLUNTEER, not control through forced authority. I want no more dictatorships in Scientology. Force is the opposite of what Scientology is supposed to be, IMO.

  306. Thanks Publius. Here are links to some of my earlier comments on my research into Ron’s life:

    Regarding Ron, the Navy and war injuries:

    Regarding Ron, CalTech, and Black Magic:

    There are other findings too (regarding the honorary PhD for example — it was most certainly not “bought” or “faked”), and I will get the specific supporting documentation and additional explanatory notes up on all of this in a website soon, though most of it is publicly available in the National Archives sites in the US (or at their partner sites and Some of it can be found in other recently published biographies of Ron’s contemporaries, or in industry journals of the time.

    My offer to provide links and documents in the meantime is still open: .


    With all that said, there is definitely a need for those who were with Ron in the 60s, 70s and 80s, and/or who have sufficient data and context, to provide a more thorough picture of these periods.

    I believe this would go a long way to helping people like tessa understand how Ron and DM differed so widely.

    (There was a link to a recent article by Ken Urquart [a Class IX auditor and long-time Scientologist] that I wanted to provide. He worked closely with Ron through the 60s and 70s. It was at but I can’t seem to find the rest of the link. Maybe someone else can provide it again.)

  307. Chuck,

    The handle or disconnect option is not the problem, whether re-instated or not. A person should always have the OPTION to disconnect, if that is what they choose. The key words here are “option” and “choose”, which of course assume that the choice is self-determined.

    From my research, there are two policy/book changes which happened in 1982/1983, which changed disconnection from optional, to required. They were:

    (1) That 1983 HCOB which you mention (which Robert Vaughn Young claimed he wrote for Miscavige, which RVY stated that LRH never saw), which explicitly states (towards the end of the policy) that one must disconnect from someone if they have been declared an SP by the Church.

    (2) The “Introduction to Scientology Ethics” (ISE) book. In the versions of the ISE book from 1969 – 1982, the “Suppressive Acts” list had this as a “suppressive act”:
    “Continued adherence to a group pronounced a suppressive group by [the Church].” (emphasis mine)

    In all the printings of the same ISE book from late 1982 and forward, this line was changed to:
    “Continued adherence to an individual or group pronounced a suppressive individual or group by [the Church].” (emphasis mine)

    As you probably know, the Ethics Officers in the CoS use the ISE book in their ethics interviews, as well as that 1983 HCOB, for both public and staff. Those changes now forced Scientologists to disconnect from any individual the Church declared an “SP” — including family, friends, business associates, etc.

    Unbeknown to most in the CoS (and apparently even to LRH), these two changes quietly made “disconnection from specific individuals” a requirement and no longer optional.

    And from all indications, DM is the one who implemented these changes.

  308. Jim, thank you very much for all this informations. Yes, this will be valuable for the evaluations i´m doing rigth now, thank you again.

  309. Li'll bit of stuff

    Ron Hubbard once remarked;
    “……they lack the humility of vast wisdom…..) Just a polite
    way of saying …know WHEN to shut TFU!

  310. Li'll bit of stuff

    LR, Your first class appreciation just given here deserves
    to be acknowledged. Very well summarized posting indeed.

  311. Brian, your reasons, or better yet, understandings, for staying in abusive relationships are well stated. My examples included some obvious worldy justifications, while you hit on important underlying issues.
    We do find ourselves in situations necessary for our growth. Often they are not nice situations. And we repeat them until we learn the intended lesson. They are opportunities for growth. Your points are very valid and i am glad you reminded me of the bigger game at play, of which scientology, the tech and/or the organization, is or was just a via point.

  312. Steve, I learned a lot from all of your posts on this thread. Thank you, Veronica

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