Ron Minor Declares Independence in Las Vegas

The David Miscavige dark star chamber continues to cough out poisonous, oily smoke according to the latest below from Ron Minor of Las Vegas.  Good on you Ron for clearing the air and making it known and available to those still choking on Miscavige’s noxious fumes in Scientology Inc.

I began my scientology adventure in 1973. While stationed at Nellis AFB I did the comm course and started training in the academy up to Cl IV. During this time I decided that Scientology was the best way to make a positive effect on the world and joined staff in 74. I was on staff in the Las Vegas org from 74 until 83 holding various technical posts up to Grad V Case Supervisor. I moved to Georgia for a time and did some volunteer work for the Atlanta mission for a brief period of time. I returned to Vegas in 89 and gave staff another try from 90 to 92. Could see how things had changed from the 70’s and left. I’ve recently retired from the manufacturing sector (30 years) and have been working with friends here in Vegas on expanding the independent field.


Recently I’ve learned that a declare has finally been issued on me. I’ve been dead filed for many years now, but someone forgot to issue a declare on me.

In the last few months I’ve been in comm with someone still in. When ethics tried to tell them how bad I was, to their surprise, there was no issue on me. So, they hastily made one. Of course this is one of those …show only when necessary declares.

Not that declares matter at this point, but I thought I would write a letter to some of my still in friends. I’ve posted this as a message to their face book accounts, which they may or may not read. Last time I did this I posted Debbie Cook’s email message and actually got a response. So, maybe this will get through to some.

(Start of the Letter)
Hi, I would like to communicate to you about any declare that has been issued about me.

First, I would like to say, I have not been given or been shown any copy of my Declare. I have heard it is being shown to those who have been in comm with me, but no one is allowed to keep it or pass it on to others. This seems to be the common process now. What better way to spread lies, and not give anyone a chance to correct them?

With a low level knowledge report, at least you are sent a copy (or should be) but when using the highest ethics gradient, the person this is being issued on isn’t even told about it or allowed to have a copy? Also, with the large amount of people leaving the church, this is just another means of hiding the fact that people are leaving.

Scientology is a live religion, made up of you. You determine the face of Scientology.
L Ron always said, “What is true for you is true for you.” If you see things that aren’t true for you, you could leave anytime. All that was asked of you was to truly look at the facts or observe the truth of something, with your own eyes.

Here is the truth about my declare. Most of what I’m covering is based on what I’ve heard from other people who have read the declare.

Practicing Scientology outside of the church…. Yes I’m guilty. I’ve been a Scientologist since 1973. I have continued to be a Scientologist to the present, 2012. Scientology has changed my life beyond my expectations and continues to do so after 39 years. I continue to apply the tech to myself and others around me. As an example, I delivered assists to my X-wife who was dying of colon cancer in 2004. This helped her to peacefully leave her body when the time came.

Running or spreading squirrel OT levels.
You may not realize this but the entire Scientology Bridge is available outside the brick walls of the Church of Scientology. Everything being used are HCOBs written and produced by LRH. The auditors and C/S’s that apply this tech are the same ones that you may have known a few years or months ago. Many are highly trained (some by LRH himself) with the focus of helping the PC or Pre-OT go free. Not working/regging them on obtaining their next “status level” or selling the latest/greatest release. You progress up the bridge the way LRH intended it to be.

Being part of a squirrel group.
If you consider being with other Scientologist who have left the church, then that would be a guilty. But are these people squirrel just for the fact of leaving?
They are passionate about Keeping Scientology working (for some this was the reason for their leaving the brick/mortar Church). They only follow what LRH has written in the Tech volumes or stated on LRH tape recordings.

Going up the entire bridge is easily done outside the brick/mortar Church.

These are just some of the points that I’m aware of in the Declare. There may be others. If you care to share them with me, I would be happy to go over them with you.

Final note, I admire those of you who are still at the brick/mortar Church, doing what you can to keep it there. In spite of all the suppression that you have been subjected to, internally and externally you are working on creating a physical presence of the church.

The question I have to ask you……Is this what LRH wanted?
Did he want large beautiful buildings or planet wide clearing?

If you would like to contact me, my email address is

(End of Letter)


85 responses to “Ron Minor Declares Independence in Las Vegas

  1. Ron Minor – great to have beings of your caliber on our team.

    I too, choose “planet-wide clearing” over David Miscavige’s large, empty, expensive buildings.

  2. jim cherkas

    It is hard to believe that the few remaining Scientologist either dont know or care to ask why a goldenrod is no longer published and given on request as LRH intended. Why is this not a red flag. They must think there is a hidden data line or “advice” RTC can operate on. If they inquire anything they get attacked by the organization. How suppressive is that WOW,

  3. Good comm. Wasn’t sure about admiration of those still in supporting David Miscavige’s Church of Scientology real estate but I guess they’re doing what they believe is right; I suppose some are trying to play along to avoid disconnection with possibly the only place they feel they have to go, that has to be hard.

    One hopes they will read your comm and realise they are wrong and there are others out here that will receive them with open arms

  4. Very well done Mr. Minor!

  5. Oh my, another public departure … interesting … “Going up the entire bridge is easily done outside the brick/mortar Church.” It will be easier once the suppressive shackles are removed.

  6. Congratulations on getting a super secret declare! That is the only kind they issue these days, so it will have to do.

    Now that you are a fully certified independent, you can get busy with your auditing. If you have any questions about your new meter, give me a shout.

    David St Lawrence

  7. Nice job, Ron!

  8. I loved the way you posed answers to a declare you have never seen. You come off as being just a regular honest bloke trying to apply Scientology to life. Well Done!

  9. Welcome Ron and well done to you! You have been a witness to the changes and I personally am happy you have moved on. My best to you. You are a great asset to the Independent field.

  10. eileenclark101

    Excellent. You’ve presented the situation clearly and left it to the reader to decide. Your compassion is admirable.

    The ongoing implosion just keeps on gaining momentum while outside so many more are safely living happier and more truthful lives while delivering/receiving/using standard LRH tech.

  11. Marty,

    You have made 2 teasings about the phoenix, and then you didn’t touch the subject anymore. Did you referred to the events you already blogged after the teasings, or to something else? If it’s something else, did you postpone it or is still planned for this month? I think there are many readers interested on this subject.

    The teasings:
    “What we will announce will amount to the Phoenix for Scientology’s future” Quoted from:
    “Those attending the Indies Day celebration will witness and participate in history making.” … “Keep in mind also that it will require unity of purpose and vigilance to overcome the reciprocal the tyranny has already begun to mount in response to the developments to which I allude” Quoted from:

    My clue about what you may be talking:
    “That has been, and remains a goal of mine: to help create 5,000 independent Scientologist leaders.” Quoted from:

  12. Li'll bit of stuff

    Ron, congratulations on your declaration, and that just
    puts us both in a pod, since I just turned 65 today!
    Let our celebrations, truly begin!!!
    All my best wishes for your new chapter, Ron,
    Calvin B. Duffield,
    Durban,South Africa

  13. Richard Royce

    Dear Ron,
    Thanks for coming out to play!

  14. Short and Sweet
    Well Done

  15. A Shiny Brght reader in the USA

    Hello! What an exciting thought, lots more people being able to *have* Scientology and someone like Ron Minor is free to deliver and he is someone who has the tech from the days when it was not yet altered by the David Miscavige Money Machine!

  16. Happy Birthday!

  17. Thank you for your dedication Ron. You do not have to apologize to us for being an auditor, for being a Scientologist, for sharing that magic with whom you choose to help. For helping yourself.

    These are your civil rights. These are your human rights. These are your constitutional rights. As you have seen for yourself, people who don’t know their rights, don’t have any rights.

    I am glad you know yours.

    Happy Birthday!

  18. Great job Ron.
    I really liked the point about getting a copy of a KR yet you don’t get one for an SP declare!! This IS the perfect way to spread 3p on people and hide the facts of the matter.
    What is the cult afraid of anyways that they don’t give the “SP” a copy of his/her declare?
    Correct an injustice?
    Afraid people will see the number of SP’s they are creating?
    Afraid that the SP will show people what they are saying about them?
    People will see how crazy they are?
    Might make other Scientologists look into matters further and then they themselves would be declared?
    Lower the cults numbers?

    I really couldn’t think of any more reasons. The only ones that made sense were the ones that protected the cults criminality.

  19. Welcome and well done! Now that you’ve removed the final chains by letting the CofS know you’re done with them, you’ll find it very liberating. Others will follow you.

  20. michael cox

    Good for you Ron!
    I don’t know if you remember me, we were on staff together in Vegas.
    I left Scn behind along time ago. I gained a renewed interest in 2009 oddly enough over an email that was forwarded to me from a friend about the “Ideal Org”. When I realized that it was really about an “Ideal Building” I was surprised, it was not my recollection of Ron’s intention in the policy. So after all those years away I was finally compelled to investigate. Wow, what an insane asylum!
    Hopefully your words of wisdom will impinge and old friends will make a similar escape.
    Michael Cox

  21. One of our sons who disconnected from my husband and I is in the SO at the HGB (last I knew). He recently told another son who has RECONNEDTED to us (YEAH!!!!) that he knows of no better game than the one he is playing. He knows of nothing outside the SO that he could want to be doing. That he has very close friends there and would not want to leave. He believes they are doing what is best for the planet. He claims to not have seen anything going on within the SO that is so bad that he would want to leave and that he feels that any wrong doing is far outweighed by the good being done. Of course, we know he and his fellow SO members are not exposed to the truth and only get the PR of all the expansion taking place, etc., and if they did become aware of the outpoints and tried to do something about it, they couldn’t discuss it with anyone other than in a Sec Check where they will be brought to understand how wrong that viewpoint is. His wife is one of the main SO members in charge of getting new ideal orgs opened up. She only gives him glowing reports. From his perspective, disconnecting from his parents is the only way that our ethics might possibly go back in and then we will happily do A to E and we can all be one big happy family again. One big problem, we could only communicate about things that are allowed to be communicated. We cannot say what we really feel if it is not in alignment with “command intention” (aka David Miscavige). I tried that kind of relationship and it is just downright aggravating, annoying, disquieting, distressing, disturbing, exasperating, irksome, irritating, maddening, stressful , taxing, tense, trying, upsetting (thank you online Thesaurus), not to mention the sick feeling it gave me in the pit of my stomach. No thank you.

  22. Well done Ron, very sane communication regarding the squirrel ethics the Church engages in and your response of freedom rather than their crap.
    Couldn’t help but think – I wonder just how many declares have been issued by the Church? They use to state that stat many years ago if I remember. I dare it it would be very embarrassing for them to publish the huge amount of people, mainly former members they have declared/excommunicated. In their ser fac based operating system it’s business as usual I guess. What a hole they have have dug for themselves.

  23. Welcome out Ron!

    Thanks for striking an effective blow against Miscavige’s corporate church of scientology. Veteran Scientologists like you are just what is needed to firmly establish the Independent field.

  24. happy birthday Calvin!

    Ron – thank you for making it clear for those ill informed what is the difference between scientology tech and the cos/misscabbage.

  25. Ron,

    you hit the nail on its head with the hammer of truth !

  26. Ron,

    Very good on your escape from Corporate Scientology!

  27. Hi Ron,
    Good response to the off-policy, out-ethics, illogical and completely invalid “SP Declare.” The little golden rod that amounts to nothing but third party natter from folks who can’t seem to drag themselves out of the fog created by their own not-isness.

    I seem to recall you from our early days in Vegas. We moved there in 89 and started doing some services around 92. Hung around Vegas for seven years before heading to the LA area. I guess you were a bit wiser to the scene than we were at the time.

    I’d love to get in comm with you about some of my old “friends” who won’t talk to me anymore.

    If you like, send me a comm at

    Hope to meet up with you again in the near future.

    Les Warren

  28. Happy Birthday, Calvin! Hope you’ve had a blast!

  29. Great letter, Ron. As others have commented, you countered the possible indictments against you by admitting they’re true — just not in the manner implied by the organization. Answering the charges in the way you did, has the potential to help the recipients see the truth of what’s going on around them.

    The CofS is still attempting to run their Inquisition, when in fact, their Reformation has already begun. Apparently, the priesthood and the High Inquisitors are too busy burning good people at the stake to notice.

    Well done, my friend.

  30. scidiscnx,

    Hopefully one of the “big lies” will be exposed to his sight in the near future, and he will start to come around. it seems like only a matter of time until that happens to all who are still “in”.

  31. I would like to thank everyone for their acks and warm welcomes. Also, I would like to thank Marty for posting my letter on his blog.

    Even better news is that I received a positive reply earlier last week to my letter from someone in the original group that I sent it to.

    Michael Cox, I do remember you from the old days. Email me and lets checkup. Hi Les, I’ll be sending you an email shortly. Great hearing from you.

    Ron Minor

  32. Sunshine Disinfects

    Wonderful! Happy Birthday to you Calvin!

  33. Happy birthday Calvin.
    I’m sorry that I gave you such a hard time earlier.

  34. Pleased to make your acquaintance Ron and Very Well Done on writing your letter which shows you care about other less fortunate people’s welfare. I’m sure some will take heed. So many are leaving it seems, and there are more I’m sure that I don’t even know about.
    Being a 42 Year Veteran with 13 years in the Sea Org, I’ve seen in the church many changes which turned it into an unfamiliar sight since I left in ’82 from the PAC Area. Yours and other’s testimonials only give me a clearer view of what’s going on now.

  35. Hi Ron,
    Nicely put and welcome on the sunny side!
    There should be no shortage of work for you as an auditor or C/S.

  36. Thank you Ron.
    Welcome to the group that wear their SP declare as a badge of Honor.

  37. LTC Forever

    Man the more I think about these things, the stranger it seems. Can you imagine some Christian church or something coming after people who were doing Bible studies and practicing worship/prayer at home with other devotees instead of going to church? Can you imagine the church declaring those people as anti-christian, satan worshipers or something of the sort, send PI’s after them, destroy their business relationships, spread deragatory lies about them… I mean, just imagine! How crazy can it be?!

    You come into the Church of Scientology, you ebrace the subject, you pay your resepects to the Founder, you want to dessiminate, and you want to practice “the applied religious philosophy” to better your life, to become more powerful so you can achieve what you have always wanted across your various dynamics… You even donate money, make sacrifices, and stretch yourself to help the church… and in the end you are treated like the last criminal on Earth and you get viciously attacked for simply being a Scientologist and wanting to practice the religious philosophy as laid down by its Founder. And worst of all is that deep down inside, beneath the layers of massive invalidations and false accusation, deep down you know that you have already been on a lever much higher than a lot of the folks out there. You know that you have tried to take on more responsibility just this one life time than many will over a course of several. You know that despite of all.

    The charges, sir! “The Church of Scientology finds you guilty of practicing Scientology. The Church of Scientology finds you guilty of aspiring to the philosophy, belives, and policies of L. Ron Hubbard. The Church of Scientology finds you guilty of being a true Scientologist and sentences you to the immediate suppression of that beingness and any dynamics that may be connected to it. Procceed with the sentence…”

  38. Thumbs up, Ron Minor. This is a MAJOR win!

  39. Li'll bit of stuff

    TO, Mia & Ronnie, Thanks very much. Talking about
    blasts, My day was spent doing some serious damage
    control ( literally!) welding up reinforcements to gates
    and repairs to burglaries after a spate of break-ins.
    The cops are quite apathetic to our complaints in the
    area, so we are pretty much left to fend for ourselves.
    Luckily, we do have some real “fire power” so will
    probably have a “blast” or two before the sun rises.
    Never a “boring” day for me, plus it all acts to help
    keep you sharp. You have no idea just what a tonic
    it is for me to get home to a nice relaxing session comm’ing with you guys right here on this blog!!!

  40. Great communications Ron! It handles the “Eternity” hook that Scn Inc asserts they have, which is simply not true and breaks up that idea of monopoly with extremely exorbitant rates for their inferior and rip off products.

  41. welcome Ron:-)!

  42. Hi Marty,
    If it is proper, would you please post the following?
    With Love and Appreciation, Anat
    My 19 year old son has been wanting to go back to CW (Clearwater, Florida) since we moved to Oregon a year and half ago, because it’s the place he knows. That is where his friends that he grew up with and that he shares so much ARC for and with are! As we, parents to teens and young adults, know; the majority of them care mostly about their social life.
    I had a huge loss leaving behind what I considered to be my whole universe and my group when I left CW. Imagine how it was for a kid for whom that is all he knew his whole life.

    I want to know if you would be interested in the following:
    Having young adults from the age of 16-23 who are interested in getting together with other ex-church members in that age bracket to enjoy a weekend camping on one of the islands near CW during fall/winter time this year, where they will create new friends or re-establish communication with old friends. This is also an opportunity for them to just itsa.

    I know my son will have a much easier time communicating to someone his age than to me.
    We, as adults, all needed a “support group” when we decided to leave the church. Thankfully, there was one made up of Indies, Freezoners, etc. The younger generation is no different. They too will benefit greatly from a weekend with friends their own age and with whom they share a similar reality with. There are several in the CW area interested already, but we’d like to invite young adults from all areas to fly or drive in and participate.

    If we can get enough young adults interested, I have a friend in Clearwater who is willing to find a camp site for them and be the coordination point. If you have any suggestions along that line, please chime in.
    Those that are interested:
    Please contact us at:

    Hope to hear from you!

    Love, Anat

  43. Ron, I see that you are already high up on the list of the Indie 500.
    Very well done!

  44. Jean-François Genest

    Θ yes!

  45. Jean-François Genest

    Fantastic! Another Graduate of the original Communication Course among the Independents. It shows through your comm. Thank you for continuing to apply LRH’s Scientology in your life and in the life of others. I wish for your friends to raise their consciousness as well. Θ

  46. Li'll bit of stuff

    Thanks Sunshine!

  47. Ron, you’re doing a great job. Keep up the good work!

  48. Li'll bit of stuff

    ThanksTony, much appreciated on both counts.
    Anyway, so what……we’re both wiser for it too!
    Keep up the humour…still the BEST medicine!

  49. yvonneschick

    Thank you for this posting, Ron. You found your unique message and it will make a difference for others.

    Welcome to the bright sunlight of Truth. I know you will enjoy your freedom and the companionship of true friends here.

  50. Li'll bit of stuff

    So true Sinar , if a real understatement! People on the outside, looking in, are understandably
    gobsmacked, when they hear of the extreme prices
    CO$ extort from it’s dumbed down sheeple, for an
    “Eternity” they already possess. Utter madness all
    round, it goes without saying!

  51. Happy Re-birthday, Ron and welcome to the Independent field! Great to have you here.

  52. What are you, a product officer?

  53. Very good analogy, LTC. That exact scenario played out in the Catholic church during the Reformation. Scientology is in the same place today, hence the suppression and vitriol directed at independent Scientologists.

    As we build and become stronger, there will be less and less of this suppression. In time, it will look ludicrous, even to corporate churchies. The mother church is fighting a battle it has already lost. They need to come up to present time, don’t you think?

  54. Hello Ron, thanks for posting that right to the point letter.

    Congratulations on having been found “guilty” of being a real Scientologist. Even if it is kinda in secret. Those cowards!

  55. Calvin – Happy birthday! Hope you had a good one, and many, many more, auditing PCs in happier times than these. – Carcha.

  56. Welcome out.

  57. It really takes alot to come out and tell the truth and then lose a son in the process-I admire your courage in this.I feel this crazy Church can’t last much longer and family members will be reuniting in the not too distant future.

  58. Welcome Ron.Great letter-The more comm being outflowed, the better!

  59. I know better

    Anat, might help too

  60. Hello Ron – thanks for posting your story. I enjoyed reading it.

  61. FCDC Class of 74

    Welcome out, take a deep breath and feel the freedom you are among friends. Bill

  62. Li'll bit of stuff

    Thanks Carcha, the times may get really rough,
    but we can always insist on finding the positives
    therein. At the very least, there’s invariably some
    humour there, to keep negative inflows to a min.
    Always enjoy your astute postings, too!

  63. Ziba Feulner

    Very nice letter, Ron! I hope your real friends will take a moment to think…

  64. TroubleShooter

    Yeah Ron! Rock ON!

  65. Welcome out Ron. Glad to have you among us out here in the sunshine. :>)

  66. Grasshopper,

    I’m a FreeZoner: pro-Scn & anti-Co$.

    Since Marty has made these 2 teasings publicly, I expected, he will (without breaching security) give us (readers) some more information.
    I’m interested in Marty’s approach because he is anti-Co$ & pro-Scn.
    Till now, the best pro-Scn approach I have found to handle Co$’s suppression in the long term, is Geir Isene’s (it’s in the last part of his pdf ebook Six Month In The Open).

  67. Hi Ron,
    Great write up.
    And, I too chose planet wide clearing!!! That was very well put. A simple statement that says it all. Thanks.

  68. Happy Birthday from a local! I’m just up the road from you in Joburg 🙂


  69. The time has come:
    I’m calling today, for a worldwide boycott, a work stoppage–in effect, of all staff in all organizations throughout the Scientology network–for one month.
    Additionally, I”m calling for a moratorium of all donations by public to these said organizations–for one month.
    Furthermore, we appoint Diana Horwich as acting/temporary Chairman of
    the Church at such a time that David Miscavige is forcibly sequestered and
    turns over all fiduciary and ex cathedra administrative powers to her and her colleagues–even if by duress.
    Therefore, we call on all Sea Organization members sympathetic to a putsch of David Miscavige to rise-up now and act swiftly for the sake of the health and future of your own responsibility for the church accorded to all of you by the Founder–L. Ron Hubbard.
    Diana’s new investiture, along with her appointed officers, will allow for a re-organization and reform within the Church–Internationally.
    Finally, we call for a specified date appointed by you, the Independent
    Movement, for worldwide protests (with placards and bullhorns at the gates)
    to call for the resignation of David Miscavige during the stated period of the boycott.
    –Novo Ordus Seclorum

  70. My best guess is that it was the announcement of an entire Mission (from Israel) breaking away from the COS —

    This to me was a huge “achievement” if you will of the independent movement — that an entire group felt confident enough and inspired enough to just say no … to dm and his “church”

    To me — that was quite a gift.


  71. Anat — this is a great idea with one problem — opening this up to 16 year olds means an adult (not someone 18 I don’t think) is going to have to agree to be responsible … and be at the campsite which I think defeats the idea.

    Perhaps easiest would be to have the age group 18 to 25 —

    It’s a great idea as I know several 2nd generation scientologists (ex) who really need to talk about it all with others who have been there. Some have even mentioned seeing a psychologist or exit counselor which on its face isn’t such a terrible idea; however, it’s a crap shoot when it comes to therapist.

    A group of like minded and peers — fantastic idea.


  72. Laughter !

  73. Scidisconx,

    I’m glad for you that one son is still within your universe, and I’m very sorry the other agrees with the policy (which was cancelled). I do understand his view though, because many people are happy as clams in their own created universe where everyone agrees. It is difficult to argue with someone who is winning. At least you know your son is happy and is doing what he thinks is right. That means his integrity is in, even though it is based on limited and false data. Forced disconnection is an evil thing, and what makes it so bad is that the people, (especially younger staff) really believe that there is no other way; “agree to disagree” is not in their vocabulary. I use to think, how could a mother or father not agree to do AtoE just so they could see their child(ren), even if they are no longer interested? But, when it comes down to it, “ones integrity is more important than ones immediate life” just for the reasons you say. Still, it shouldn’t be that staff are not truly given a choice. What is the point of doing the pts/sp course if one can’t be trusted to make decisions as to who is bringing one down and who isn’t. Furthermore, if one has the pts tech and tr’s, then you should be able to choose your own friends, especially your own family. I’ve never agreed to that policy and never will as the very policy is Suppressive.

  74. Sinar,
    Good watching you on tv by the way. Well done.
    I really hate that people get threatened by the eternity button. What else is a thetan going to do but continue through eternity? True, the condition one is in is important..but, some of these people who are supposedly at the top of the bridge are not really there because of their not-ising, and or criminal behavior. Paying money and going through the motions of auditing doesn’t make a power house of a being. Like Ron said, there is no promise that everyone will make it. The only one that can ensure ones future is ones self.

  75. Nicholas Doyle

    Awesome Ron!
    One by one the Scientologist in the Corporate Church of Scientology are awaking to smell the truth about what is happening to them. Congratulations for being one of the brave that is willing to publicly speak out about what is truly wrong within the Church today. Now we have to get the word out to everyone else that are trapped inside.
    Nicholas Doyle

  76. way to go Ron. Scientology stats are way up these days or I mean Independent Scientology stats are way up.

  77. I don’t Know who Geir Isene is and I haven’t read the Ebook but here is a link. It looks well thought out upon brief inspection.

  78. Li'll bit of stuff

    Alan, AAAAAH! So good to hear from you, local!
    We DEFINITELY need more S’efricans aboard!
    What say, Alan? BTW, thanks for the wishes!

  79. LTC, it has been that crazy within Christianity in the past.

    A really good readable book about the establishment of the Christian churches is titled “Beyond Belief” by Elaine Pagels. She is recognized as one of the world’s premier historians of early Christianity and I highly recommend this book in particular. The parallels between the histories of the Christian churches and the history of the Church of Scientology are amazing.

  80. Happy belated Birthday Calvin! Just saw your post about it.

  81. Geir is a Norwegian OT VIII who publicly left the CoS just a few years ago. He does not identify himself as a Scientologist anymore, but he gives a lot of credit to Scientology for having improved his life a lot in many ways.

  82. Thank you. I may check it out though I think I am aware of a lot of that “early track” of Christianity. I was speaking more in today’s terms. Now, some churches even have their rock bands to attract new converts. When I was going through my own mess at the CofS, I couldn’t help to wonder how all the attacks I was getting just didn’t make any sense (like invals by recruiters or make wrongs by ethics when I tried to correct out-points). I mean, can I get a “thank you for being here” kind of thing.

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