Tsipi Andersen From Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv, 3 December 2012

To: My friends of 30 years,

Scientologists in Israel and world-wide

I discovered Scientology in 1979. I progressed steadily on the Bridge and today I am an OT5. I apply Scientology every day and in all areas of my life.

In the years 1986 to 1993 I lived 7 years in Norway and Denmark where I opened a branch of U-Man, a company for testing personnel which operated under a WISE license. My company gave services in Norway and Denmark. During those years I was on lines at AOSH EU and did my OT5. In 1991 I went to Flag where I did L11.

In 1993 I returned to Israel and a year later joined staff at the Tel Aviv Org where I served as the Public Relations Officer for two and a half years. At the same time I worked with children with study and behavior difficulties, applying LRH Study Tech. Today I work as an educator, continuing to apply successfully the Tech.


I came to Scientology in 1979 following a friend of mine whom I have not seen half a year. I observed in him amazing changes. His communication improved tremendously, he became effusive and full of affinity, bright, well-spoken. I wanted this too. He took me to the Scientology “Shalom” Center on Ha’Yarkon Street in Tel Aviv. A small place, packed full with people, busy and happy. People were smiling, coming and going.

“What is this?” I asked. They said, “Scientology.” “And what is that?” I continued. They answered, “It’s a philosophy to make the able more able.” I listened, I looked, I came and I won … The Communication Course was amazing. The tiny course room was packed full … if I did not come on time, I’d have to sit on the window sill. And the wins were accordingly huge.

Every piece of Tech, even the smallest, changed me into another being, more able – just like LRH promised. “What is true for you is what you have observed yourself.” This sentence alone rehabilitated my whole beingness. And since then, no person could ever enforce upon me his reality or his “truths”, if I did not observe them myself.

“Look, don’t listen” – Wow! This was an acknowledgement to my existence. From that moment on, no teacher, parent or leader, could tell me, using authority of age, experience or education, something that I have not seen or experienced myself and forced me to agree with him. That was a life-changing win!!! That was one sentence that I really understood.

And since then, there were quite a few things I did not agree with – even when reading Scientology materials. I never hesitated to go to the Course Supervisor or to the Ethics Officer at the Org or to any Tech Terminal, and express before him my disagreement. Knowing that his response will be: listening to me and showing me the proper materials, LRH references, asking me to look at more data. Usually I could see things from a new viewpoint and then agree (or not…) because I saw or realized. No one forced his views on me, no one showed me phrases out of context, no one threatened me and I was never afraid to talk … I am still not afraid! Back then, I did not have to calculate how much my thoughts will cost me in hours of “ethics investigation” before my next step on the Bridge.

When I studied ARC, I really understood the truth of life. I realized that I have arrived at the most sane and intelligent place on this planet. For what is intelligence if not an understanding of the reality of life? And what is communication, if not an understanding of the realities of others and of life? … And affinity was everywhere …..

When I learnt about the suppressive personality, what it really does, what are its intentions and what motivates it, I could easily spot Suppressive Persons. You certainly remember the datum, They suppress their fellow men because all are Martians intending evil and destruction …,” right? How many such people did we spot? Oops … not 30 a month, right? Because there aren’t such quantities of SP’s being made or born.

Here I am today, more that 30 years later, observing that for many years the amount of affinity around me is declining, the number of people with an independent viewpoint is shrinking. Seeing that people are afraid to talk or to even listen – because somebody might find out and then, exhausting Ethics Investigations, menacing and expensive, lurking around the corner.

And the reality – I am demanded to accept a reality that is not mine. Suddenly, there are lists of Suppressive Persons, people I have known for many years. No matter how much I examine their actions, I cannot find one suppressive act and usually the opposite is true.

Is it not true, then, that the person who today establishes the criteria for declaring SP’s, is himself inflicted with  the idea that, “all are Martians intending evil and destruction …,”?

And so I set out to look for my old friends, intelligent and happy. Those who do not seek impressive buildings, plastered with expensive wallpaper. The environment around me was no longer my group. This is not what I came for, yet since my wins were really great and stable, they could not be shaken.

And so I started to look for my old friends. One by one I found them in other places. Here’s what I found out: I agree with everything written in Debbie Cook’s letter, in Luis Garcia’s letter, in the letters of Renata and Claudio Lugli, in the letter published by Dani Lemberger.

With great sadness I remove myself from the Church of Scientology. At the same time, I am happy to discover that there is a large group of my former friends, people who are free thinkers. Those who are not willing to be led by writings that were not written by LRH, that do not even resemble the spirit of his true writings.

I salute their courage in being pioneers. I join with joy the Independent Scientologists and am proud to see that again, we the Israelis are bold, innovative trailblazers. I am happy that I have an independent organization, DrorCenter, which is busy, in communication, full of affinity and caring.

Dror’s purpose is to set Man free and to build a truly “Ideal Org,” one that is not vain and ostentatious. (A suggestion – maybe we should all sit down and demo in clay the concept “Ideal”, this could be interesting …). At DrorCenter, the Advanced Levels are available for me and for all, standardly. Again I have a group!

I have to thank Tami and Dani Lemberger who were there ready with the only Advanced Org in the Middle East. They made it possible for me to return to the place that I was missing for almost twenty years.

This letter is sent with love and with hope that many more will realize that Scientology can no longer be identified with an organization headed by a man who is terrified. A man obsessed with the idea that he must suppress others and the whole organization he heads so as to preserve his own survival.

Tsipi Andersen

118 responses to “Tsipi Andersen From Tel Aviv

  1. Wonderful to hear! 😀
    Another feather in the Independent cap 🙂

  2. Wow, Tsipi, your personality comes through loud and clear in your wonderfully written declaration. Welcome to Indyland! Enjoy the ride!

  3. Dani Lemberger

    You are the most colorful, uptone, jovial thetan I know. It is a joy to have you as our friend. We’re excited with your letter like a kid splashing in a puddle looking up at a rainbow.

  4. Nicely said.

    The line “how much my thoughts would cost me” says it all.

    Best of luck.

  5. Tsipi Welcome Thanks for sharing your write up you talking about
    your early days at the Tel-Aviv org reminded me of my visits there
    I aslo myself was staff at AOSHEU prior to you being there .that brought back memories. I hope you find peace in what you do and enjoy being
    free from the enturblative situation and suppression within the Church .

  6. Welcome Tsipi. Just an excellent write up!
    It seems the Dror Center is attracting some very wonderful, freedom loving, in-ethics, in-tech OTs like yourself…. With people like you and the others that have posted from the Dror Center, your success and happiness are assured.

  7. This is the spirit I support. This is the fledging group that has a future. Free thinkers, independent, loving, constructively self critical, reasonable. A spiritual path, not a para military organization.

  8. Hi Tsipi!!
    That was such a beautiful write-up.
    That letter, I’m sure will reach many more and help them to wake up.
    Thank you for your courage.

  9. Thank you Ms. Andersen for the wonderful, theta-filled write-up! Scientology in the Indie world is GREAT! Welcome! 😀

  10. You rock Tsipi! lots of love

  11. Tsipi, beautifully written! Welcome.

  12. Beautiful woman. Beautiful announcement. Thank you for sharing it with us. You are helping others with your demonstration of personal integrity. Wishing you much joy in your new life.

  13. Hi Tsipi. Glad to have another veteran Scientologists among us. I love the simplicity of your write up. Simple observable truths artfully expressed. May you fine many more friends here. I know I did.

    Tim Swanson

  14. Beautiful, Tsips! I did L11 in 1991 too, and I have been shocked at the results people have gotten in later years–from the “same” Rundown that opened up my universe, some have instead crashed and burned. Your writeup is inspiring.

  15. Relax and keep reading. There is a lot of data.

  16. Hi Tsipi, this is exciting. You’ve made my day. DM must be equally excited as I am only in reverse. Bests.

  17. Tsipi, I can relate so much to your write-up. I fully understand what it means to question what you learn and make it your own. Your wins and high tone come through loud and clear. As I’m quickly coming to expect, Dror Center turns out fantastic products! Congratulations!

  18. PlainOldThetan

    Tsipi: great writeup, but I must confess I don’t recall the datum “They suppress their fellow men because all are Martians intending evil and destruction …”. What’s the ref on that, please? I obviously need to restudy it.

  19. Aviv Bershadsky

    Wow Zipi! Great ! We love you so much!
    Aviv and Dror’s Staff

  20. Welcome Tsips, another incredible thetan comes in from the storm. Take off your wet coat and sit by the fire. The wine is going around and the soup is hot and the laughter never stops. Thanks to Dani and Tami for creating a safe environment.

  21. Welcome to the Indies Tsipi! Thank you for your great story and asserting and sticking with the truth and what you have observed yourself!

  22. Tory Christman

    I just wanted to congratulate you on making the leap, Tsipi Andersen!
    I have an expression I’ve used since I woke up and literally escaped out in July of 2000, after 30 years “in”:: “Leap and the Net will appear.” You did, and you’ll see….doing so will not only help you, but your speaking out will help many more start to LOOK and even leave.

    Tick Tock, Davey boy—-Time is on *our* side. 🙂 Tory/Magoo (not an Indie—your local, friendly SP who tries to understand all viewpoints, including the Independents). Be well and PEACE as well as Happy Holidays to ALL.

  23. POT, I think this is a conceptual reference to HCOB 27 September 1966 Reissued 19 Sept 1987 THE ANTISOCIAL PERSONALITY THE ANTI-SCIENTOLOGIST where LRH says: “When such a personality goes insane, the world is full of Martians or the FBI and each person met is really a Martian or FBI agent.”

  24. Thanks Valkov, I needed that reference too…

  25. Exactly Mat. Just finished Amy’s book. Holy moley. Thanks Amy and thank you for your part. You have an extensive reach and it sincerely helps folks like me still feeling my way.

  26. Tsipi. Very well done. From V to Dror to VI and VII. From one bridge to a new Bridge. Isn’t that cool.

  27. Dani. To you and your team, what you are doing is historic. On the time track, your actions will be remembered as a milestone in the evolution of the delivery of the tech. You roll out a Bridge and Tsipi and others can walk on it. Amazing and admirable. I am sure the ole man is smiling.

  28. Excellent letter Tsipi
    Bravo and well done

  29. Hi! Stipi. Thanks for what I receive as a Nice, Full Of ARC Communication, and thanks for your looks good contributions to the survival of this world. ML, IdealGoal.

  30. Congratulations Tsipi and welcome. Breaking free of that suppressive environment opens the door to the future. It’s a bright future.

  31. Welcome Tsipi.
    You are now free to observe what you have observed and you comments on your observations will not be evaluated, invalidated, made less of, demeaned, degraded or rejected merely because they disagree with dave.

  32. Claudio & Renata Lugli

    Ciao Tsipi,
    is so great to see you here in Marty’s Blog!!!!
    We had a great time with you at the Dror Center.
    We are sure we will meet very soon …. again!!

  33. tom Gallagher

    Thank you Tsipi for standing up and being counted by way of and through the reformation and restoration of this vital subject. All the best to you and yours!

  34. Brilliant!

  35. The lecture Suppressives and GAEs also covers this concept fully and lucidly. Can be found in the PTS/SP lecture series.

  36. Great write up Tsipi, and well done on taking the necessary step of walking out the Cult door.

    Your observation about DM being terrified certainly aligns with my perception of this wretched individual. There’s a great scene in American Beauty where self-loathing homophobic Frank Fitts has adminstered another beating to his son Ricky and Ricky recognises his Dad for the frightened sad man that he is. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8QIqX_UDoIg

  37. Unlike certain tribes, where additions to the family are considered taboo, the family here continues to expand! Welcome!

    “Everybody comes into the world with one mouth and two hands,” says economist Donald Boudreaux of George Mason University. “It’s generally true that most people produce more than they consume.”


  38. What a wonderful ‘cheerful’ write-up announcement, Tsipi. It is a pleasure to know you and feel your theta come through your words. You have made a smile come to my face. Individuals like you are what provoked my interest in SCN in the beginning. Yippie to Tsipi… Welcome to the Independents. You are free to move about the Universe.

  39. Tsipi my dear, WELLLCCCCOME! Beautiful write up!!
    Next week, don’t forget we start Solo at DrorCenter and then 6 and 7. My car, Leonard Cohen one way to Haifa, Keith Jarrett on way back. And Ron in between. Is that a deal or what??!!

  40. One of those who see

    Shalom Tsipi!! Well done on your personal integrity. Welcome to Scientology in freedom and the real Bridge. You are very rich in friends!!

  41. Thank you for your letter! I’m so glad to hear you have found Scientology again!

  42. Beautifully expressed letter. Had wins just reading it. Thanks for your courage Tsipi and welcome “out”.

  43. Tsipi:


    It’s different up here
    Where angels tread
    And The Keepers of Source
    Marvel at the simplicity of it all

    High on the ladder of song
    Seriousness is abandoned for joy
    It’s different up here
    Where gods Create things
    And yesterday is beach sand

    Poems like lifetimes
    Require no justification for being.

    04 – 12 – 2013

  44. Welc and noprob.

    Let no one’s needs go unmet.

  45. Well Spoken Tsipi
    I like the way you share your personal journey.
    Lots of bright blessings !

  46. DM calls me "P.O.S.". . .

    ANYTHING you can do for you,and yours, to rid yourselves of the diabolical tyranny of one David Miscavige, is a show of how independent we all ARE of this madness we call CORPORATE SCIENTOLOGY.
    et.al; Miscacvige, Cruise and all of the other Hollywood weirdos that subscribe to this madness we call; CORPORATE SCIENTOLOGY.
    F.B.I ~ Please Investigate CORPORATE SCIENTOLOGY.
    I.R.S.~ Please Investigate CORPORATE SCIENTOLOGY.
    The REPORTERS of this world, I implore each and every one of you ~ Please Investigate CORPORATE SCIENTOLOGY.

  47. Li'll bit of stuff

    Congratulations! You are the most shining example of what Ron
    set out to achieve when describing the goal of man for eons,
    a TRULY free being. >>>> a TRUE Scientologist, in every way!
    Thank you for your pure theta story, just brimming with love,
    ARC and KRC! He would be / is, super proud of you, as are we,
    among the Indies, in having you brighten our swelling ranks.

    Calvin B. Duffield,
    Durban, South Africa.

  48. Tsipi,

    Congratulations on your observations and keeping your integrity. Beautiful write-up. Welcome!

  49. Tory Christman

    Me too, re just finished Amy’s book! What a kick! Man that woman reeeeeeeeeeally went through some *amazing*times. She’s an excellent writer, too. Blessings to all, Tory/Magoo

  50. Dani Lemberger

    Thank you so much. We are working hard to make the Tech available for all. This can only be done when there is support from a group sharing our goals. Ron gave us the Tech, the rest is up to us.

  51. Dani Lemberger

    Beautiful, Hemi! I love your plan. We will soon have 7-8 guys on Solo NOTs. Amazing. I can’t believe we’re doing it. But we are. It’s just a fact. Someone’s having a fit and this time it’s not us.

  52. I’ll tag on yours Poet. Your art here, like Tsipi’s comm above. Thank you both.

  53. A truly inspiring letter, Tsipi.

  54. This is wonderful Tsipi! No – one can deny we have reached a Tsiping Point – a point at which those who are generous in spirit and ready to play the game are on the Indie side. Mazeltov!

  55. Thanks Martin. It was wonderful to do too…:-))

  56. Thank you dankoon, The ride just beggins…

  57. Thank you dear Dani,
    I love you and Tami and am very excited too…

  58. Thank you Luis for your worm wellcome, and thank you more for your letter that have inspired me!
    I’m pround to join with you the same group.

  59. Thank you Mat.

  60. hadley,
    Tank you. May be we’ll creat now new adventures to be memorized…

  61. Thank you so much Robert. Things are really looking great now!

  62. Thank you dear Brian. You are so right.

  63. Brian,
    Thank you so much for you encourgement!!

  64. Deat Tony,
    Thank you for your worm comment.

  65. Dear Tara,
    Thank you. Scientology in the Indie world is GREAT INDEED!

  66. My dear Izhar,
    Nuuuuuuuu, come to Tel-Aviv, and let’s hit the road..

  67. Thank you Carol,

  68. Dear Yvonne,
    Thank you so much for your worm words,

  69. Tim,
    Thank you, I already feel enriched by so many new friends. It realy feels great.

  70. Thank you very much Lynne!

  71. Thank yo iForrest for your warm comment!

  72. Paul,
    Thank you Paul. I do hope that some more Indie centers will follow. After all we are really free… (Dror means in hebrew “freedom”)…

  73. Dear Aviv,
    Thank you .
    I love you all a lot. Looking forward to seeing you and celebrate together Hanuka – the holiday of courage and light.
    Isn’t it grat?

  74. Thank you Steve for your theta comment!!

  75. Thank you Sinar, for your comment.

  76. Thank you greenonwhite! It is indeed coll…

  77. Thank you Tango,

  78. Thank you so much for your warm comment,

  79. Dear Steve,
    Thank you for your comment. I looks that we realy have a future – and as you say- a bright one.

  80. Ciao Claudio and Renata,
    Thank you for the wonderfull time in Dror and the unforgettable DofP (!). I’m sure we’ll meet soon. We are going to celebrate next week in Dror Hanukka, which is a jewish holiday that saluts to the courage and light… Isn’t it grate?

  81. Thank you tom for your warm comment.

  82. WOW..
    Thank you Mirari for your warm theta comment.

  83. My dear Hemi, my friend to the Hebrew Tel-Aviv Indie brunch…
    Offer has been accepted..
    Let’s hit the road…

  84. Hi Tsipi. Now that I read your story, it makes it clear why I could barely get you to study in the Academy when I was a supervisor in the church – you were always a free being. I am glad and honored that we can have you now with us. I am sure many will follow. Love, Moti

  85. Thank you (Toda) for the warm wellcome!!!

  86. Thank you for your comment Bluebonnet.

  87. Thank you Claire!

  88. WOW!
    Thank you for sharing this poem with us

  89. Hello Tsipi – what a heartfelt write-up! Thank you for posting it and welcome.

  90. Dear Calvin,
    Thank you so much for your theta inspiring comment.

  91. Thank you Wendy. It really feels great!!!

  92. I need a ham sandwhich…

  93. Thank you Tsipi ~
    Hearing these wins from Jim L and the Dror Center and the healing going on is bringing incredible improvement in my own universe. I’m going to find the blog places to go write a Success story. It’s been a very very very long time since I felt stable enough to do that.
    Please keep us informed of you progress! I believe there is a place Steve set-up for us to post our wins at every level. I’m going to go post mine.
    Thanks Tsipi for sharing your letter with me.

  94. Hi there Tsipi and thank you for your informative write-up. You seem like a wonderful person and we welcome you to Indie Nation.

  95. Li'll bit of stuff

    Dani, I echo what greenonwhite said above. Your tone 40
    determination to DO, is so liberating to the rest of us Indies,
    who have been starved of a haven of sanity such as the one
    you have created. Then again, I look at the strength and
    character of the people who have pulled this off—YOU guys,
    and I think to myself………YESSSSSS!!! This CAN be done!
    IS being done….You have set a wonderful precedent… and
    this is another great tribute to what the FEARLESS people
    of this world can do, in spite of organized suppression!
    And hats off and deep, sincere respect to the turn-around
    team M & M, who have pushed david miscavige into an un-
    uncharacteristic retreat from his scorched earth terror mission
    to destroy Scientology & Scientologists.
    I believe I speak for all Indies when I say, we are in awe and
    extremely proud and thankful for your unrelenting efforts to
    wrestle back the freedom to use Scn for its original purpose
    set up by it’s founder, L.Ron Hubbard.

  96. Li'll bit of stuff

    Cece, you’re right,( of course ) And by the way, I keep my
    very own Cogs. and Success stories binder, chock full of
    those wins that my family and me have enjoyed together
    and individually, going back some 40 years! And it’s NEVER
    too late to start one of your own. If you’re feeling a bit low,
    or just needing some encouragement / reminder of how
    capable you REALLY are, this is a great way to remind you!
    Dare to dream!

  97. Interesting stuff, this Internetrundown.


  98. Hey Tisipi, Great job. Great write-up. But you should not be “sad to have removed yourself from the Cof$”, you should be proud because you have done the right thing and you are free now. I am an active auditor in the indie field and have helped several of my friends come out and become free in the last year. It is amazing that in each and single case they have made more progress up the Bridge in the the indie field as opposed to the 20 or more years they have been in the hands of the Cof$ and their lunatic leader Miscavige – to me this was another incredible eye-opener that the group that was meant to help people go up the Bridge and achieve spiritual freedom in fact is doing all but that! Thank to Marty and many other Independents people still can reach their goals of Clear and OT despite of Miscavige’s stops and barriers…In any case, again welcome and very well done. 🙂

  99. Ok and Good luck Take care I love Tel Aviv by the way.
    Do you know some one called Tuvia ?

  100. Yes, on freshly baked bread with Hellman’s Real Mayonnaise, and some cheese, and and…..!

    But in this virtual world , you get something like this…..

  101. Hi Tsipi,
    Loved your write up. So gald you and anyone else that has managed it are away from the supression of Scn Inc.
    Best of luck to you.

  102. Great cheerful write-up!! To have insouciance, personal integrity and the correct Tech is what it is all about! Only to be found outside the CoSeriousness.

  103. Jean-François Genest

    Tsipi, beautiful communication.
    Congratulations on your departure, and best wishes for continued success!

  104. Thanks Calvin, Yes, I have a ‘cog’ file. It’s intriguing to think others do that too. I just enjoy reading others so it may help someone to read mine 🙂

  105. Hi Tsipi,
    Wonderful to have such a sparkly being join this group.
    There is no doubt that you will go far with your skills 🙂
    Excellent to the point write-up. Ready for take-off!!!!

  106. “Would it be helpful to add tags/keywords to the original posts?

    Because: If you want to have easy access to every document in a forum without forcing the reader to search an endless string of threads, tags need to be attached and a separate archive needs to be built – as most documents are tif files embedded in pdf-files. Should there be a general demand for it and should I be able to recover every single document that I ever owned, I have about 100,000 more documents to dump onto this thread.”


  107. We in RTC wish to point out that COB RTC David Miscavige’s stable datum is in fact, ““All are Martians intending evil and destruction.” This is demonstrably true in COB’s case as all around him have been found to be Martians intending evil and destruction. There are daily calls online for COB to be arrested when in fact the only crime he has ever committed is caring so very much for people.

    COB cares so much that he has, as is his tradition, caused to be built a giant Gingerbread House in the lobby of the Fort Harrison to create a festive mood for the Sea Org, publics at Flag, and the local community.

    We in RTC are certain you will agree that only someone who cares and has total ARC would build a giant Gingerbread house.

    Therefore, by way of concluding in order to summarize concisely, and to also extend our RTC Shermaspeak motif of adding unneeded but nevertheless apparently significant fluff and dramatic prose, it has been found upon actual investigation that COB in fact sees Martians everywhere and so it follows that he must hire battalions of attorneys and private investigators to fend off the Martians.

    A never-ending Martian attack is what is true for COB RTC David Miscavige. And it is equally true that it takes tens of millions of dollars — or even hundreds of millions dollars — each year to fend off Martians. Please help COB combat the Martian Menace by increasing your IAS Status today!

  108. One of those who see

    Love your poem. Read it this morning with a challenging day ahead. thank you for the inspiration. Sending it to a friend too!

  109. “…observing that for many years the amount of affinity around me is declining, the number of people with an independent viewpoint is shrinking. Seeing that people are afraid to talk or to even listen – because somebody might find out and then, exhausting Ethics Investigations, menacing and expensive, lurking around the corner.”

    I loved that, so true. Welcome out Tsipi !!

  110. Li'll bit of stuff

    A most resounding YESSSSSSS!!!! Ingrid.

  111. Welcome out Tsipi,

    That was a wonderful write up. You and all of the other freedom loving Scientologists are truly an inspiration to me.

  112. Tsipi,

    VERY WELL DONE! I loved your write-up!

    Thank You for having The Perceptions and Integrity to Stand Up and The Courage to Say What You have Observed and Shout it From the Roof Tops Here on Marty’s blog! I guarantee you that your actions will help to empower so many to wake up and follow your wonderful example.

    And Welcome to the Land of The Free, where the only Pure Tech of Scientology is being delivered.

    You are A Marvelous Addition to Our Cause! DM’s Days Are Numbered – DM; DAYS NUMBERED.

    Steve Poore, 66 Days Out, Free and Loving Life.

  113. Tsipi,

    And an added bonus as a result of your decision: The Middle East just received A Large Dose of Badly Needed Theta!

  114. Yo Tony, I got curious and looked this up on wiki.answers – How much does a tiger eat? Here’s what I found:

    “the Sumatran tiger can eat up to 40 pounds of meat a day
    Bengals and Siberians can eat up to 70 pounds at one time. A Bengal male ate an entire buffalo cow, weighing 700 pounds, in four days! This was documented by famed big game hunter James Corbett, who killed several man eating leopards and tigers in India in the early 1900’s.”

    That’s one heck of a lot of ham sandwiches! Definite bandwidth problem, trying to deliver those to you by way of this blog!

    Solution: head for your nearest delicatessen 🙂

  115. PlainOldThetan

    I was hoping Tsipi would answer, frankly, because the proffered references don’t really contain the cited quote. Thanks for trying, though.

  116. Pingback: Proč se církev bojí internetu | independent beings

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