The Arrogant Are Leading The Ignorant

We have all heard of the justification couched as the ‘why’ opening the door for the New Order’s new direction for the once workable methods of Scientology:  the blind are leading the blind.  I have given this some thought while working on the history of Scientology.  First, for those unfamiliar with formal evaluation technology a ‘why’ is technically not a why if it does not open the door to a doable handling.   The only door that ‘the blind are leading the blind’ opens is one into a brick wall.

To get to a real why let’s clear some words.



: exaggerating or disposed to exaggerate one’s own worth or importance often by an overbearing manner <an arrogant official>


: showing an offensive attitude of superiority : proceeding from or characterized by arrogance <an arrogant reply>

Origin: Middle English, from Latin arrogant-, arrogans, present participle of arrogare (see arrogate)



a : to claim or seize without justification

b : to make undue claims to having



a : destitue of knowledge or education <an ignorant society>; also : lacking knowledge or comprehension of the thing specified <parents ignorant of modern mathematics>

b : resulting from or showing lack of knowledge or intelligence <ignorant errors>


: unaware, uninformed

Origin:  See ignore

Origin of ignore: obsolete ignore to be ignorant of, from French ignorer, from Latin ignorare, from ignarus ignorant, unknown, from in- +gnoscere, noscere to know — more at know

The history of the ills of civilization could be summed up as the ‘game’ of the few arrogant, sociopaths arrogating the spoils of the work of the ignorant majority.  It could be said to be the arrogant leading (or bamboozling) the ignorant.

L. Ron Hubbard came up with some ideas on how to reverse that long term cause of war and suffering and introduced them through the subjects of Dianetics and Scientology.

Lo and behold, shortly after Hubbard’s passing, the organizations he created to resolve humanity’s ills were steadily remolded.  They began to take on the pattern of those governments and organizations they were created to reform.

Why: The arrogant have lead the ignorant into creating an organization that has become the epitome of the evils it was originally intended to handle.

This why does open the door to an effective handling.  That is, learn and help others to learn so that the arrogant will have no more ignorant to bamboozle into perpetuating darkness.

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  1. Very helpful to learn about correct whys and to be able to spot out-points is the Data Evaluator Course. Per my knowledge it is available in English and German in the Independent field.

  2. If we only had an AVC Int Auth Aide, we could get this approved and out to orgs and the world. Oh, wait, we do: Mariette held that post for years. Consider it approved! Not that the truth needs anybody’s okay.

  3. Arrogance and Ignorance are both highly pitiable states – each implies a realisation of the true given state of a particular situation and a conscious decision to set either or both aside for selfish motives despite available evidence.

    Both disgust me in equal measure, though possibly the latter rather than the former. The former can be an inherited trait, which CAN be overcome. The latter is an assumed, selfish, state, used to overcome one’s moral compass.

    I hope that all proceeds well with the removal to La Nueva Casablanca.

    Love and best wishes to all right-thinking (NON-arrogant/ignorant 😉 ) friends,

    IEG xxx

  4. well, sure, but now rons org are squirrels and the indies are where its all happening and on and on and on. wtf. nothing productive is happening.

  5. I’m in.

  6. The insane are running the asylum.

    I was only in the cos for a few days in 1997, when I recalled that Hubbard wrote in Dianetics, that the client should always be aware of who should be on the couch, the client or the therapist?

    At the time I had only read Dianetics.

    I was certain that it was they who should be on the couch and I made that known and the stuff hit the fan and I was declared.

    When I was declared, I left in bewilderment asking myself how or why someone would work so hard to make such a mess of such a good thing?

    Yes, it is high time to build a better bridge.

  7. CommunicatorIC

    Off topic, but I think this will be of interest to people here. (I tried to post this on the previous thread my computer.)

    Hey! I didn’t know you guys were rappers! 🙂 Respect! And, yes, I mean that with respect and, indeed, affection.

    Gawker: Tom Cruise’s Ex-Girlfriend and Other Former Scientologists Lash Out In Never-Before-Heard Anti-Scientology Rap

    Tony Ortega: Nazanin Boniadi Speaks! Or Rather, Raps, About Scientology’s “Blind Alley”

    Seriously, it is very cool, and indeed very impressive, how everyone here came to the defense of Nazanin Boniadi, and continue to do so. If I had no training in Scientology, I would be tempted to say that she was simply lucky to have friends like you. Instead, I know and will say that she chose her people wisely.

    Finally, particularly given the holiday season, it is very nice that Titziano told Gawker that “the plan is to sell it as a single, and use that money to give to people who are leaving the church and don’t have anything.”

  8. Perfect why to handle the Golden Age of Miscavige & Black Arts!

  9. I think the german dictionary is more precise with the definition of ignorant.
    „Blameful not knowing“
    This would indicate actively not knowing or „looking“ at. Not just „I do or did not know“.


  11. Good point Felicitas. I’ve noticed almost all ex-Scientologists all agree with and use the Data Series.

  12. Yes! Each of us have to look into the mirror for our own and be free of it also. A continual cleansing of which we all hopefully do first in order to understand it in others. Good post Marty.

  13. Have you noticed that the search term “Rathbun”, which once offered up this blog as the No. 1 result, dropped you to No. 2 and now has you at No. 4? It’s hard to imagine that the other three results have more links than this blog, yet this one keeps dropping in the search results.

  14. I think an adequate handling of the Corporate Scientologists is to just get them to stop supporting the suppression of the free religious practices of others. David Miscavige definitely needs to go to accomplish that. And probably an eradication of the SO, as Ron warned of militant organizations being terrible for the future of Scientology.

    When DM goes to jail out well be very important to focus on the single goal of stopping the suppression of Independent and FreeZone Scientologists.

    Then they can either reform or dissolve further. I don’t really care which.


    Interesting. It is why the biggest, most powerful weapon against tyranny has always been knowledge. Until the fifteenth century, and the introduction of the mass produced bible in the vernacular, despots prevented the common person from having access to the printed word. Today, despots, such as the leaders of N. Korea, and Miscavige, prohibit access to the Internet. Miscavige has members of the CoS terrified of the Internet, in particular this blog. It seems ridiculous; every 12 year old in our society has access to the Internet, and yet adult members of the CoS are quaking at the idea of access to knowledge.

  16. This definition lacks the pan-determinism concept and shouldn’t be used without the other definitions of the word in mind (IMHO).
    This one can heavily lead to ignorance and arrogance and I suspect this is the one Dear Leader uses to justify his (mis-)deeds.

    (I didn’t hit the *thumbsdown* button, though ;-))

  17. I really love it when I hear good solid true reasoning. As much as people criticize LRH, and of course he had flaws, I was astounded by some of the things he wrote and the amount of truth he shared with me. Things that I had never even thought about on my own. That is why I dedicated over 30 years of my life to the subject.
    Marty, this is a brilliant summation of what the scene and the cure is. I guess I could say that I already knew this but I didn’t really confront the true order of magnitude of it. When I read what you wrote a bunch of stuff as-ised for me. Thanks.

  18. “the blind leading the blind” had puzzled me when I heard it first. I thought “What a confession!”” and then I found out that DM had a disconnected view about himself and talked about it as if it was a different person.

  19. Thank you. Truly this indicates.

  20. This post “The Arrogant Are Leading The Ignorant” is Brilliant — succinct and to the point.

  21. Gerhard Waterkamp


  22. Smoking video!! Props to all involved. Funny as hell too!!

  23. Marty, your observation of the Arrogant leading the Ignorant is as good a summation as I’ve heard, but we still must be missing a few pieces of the puzzle. If there was ever a group that should have had the wherewithal to hold together and stay on purpose after the death of the founder, Scientology is it. And yet …..

  24. Mr. Dan Koon,

    To confirm your analysis:

    BPI (Broad Public Information).
    “Why: The arrogant have lead the ignorant into creating an organization that has become the epitome of the evils it was originally intended to handle.”
    Approved by: YUP
    Your Understanding Public

  25. Re: the blind leading the blind – from my vast experience as a CS training auditors (many hundreds of them), there was an amount of truth in this statement in regards to how students drilled in the 70s and 80s. They usually had little clue as to what they were doing and got virtually no skills at all from the drilling they did on course (with a few exceptions) and this slowed them up considerably once they started to audit. I think I spent the better part of a year in cramming myself going over every point on the Levels while I was getting my gold seal as a Cl. IV. Yes, this could have been dealt with by course supes REALLY paying attention and/or recruiting experienced auditors to help out with the drilling (Occasionally I was asked by a friend who was training to drill him/her on course). And, yes, as a CS, I should have been in the course room paying more attention to the drilling. In the 70s, the course supes were beat on CONTINOUSLY to get the students through the drills FAST, FAST, FAST and get ANY type of completion to count the paid comps (not unusual to have the OES, the ED, AND the Flag Rep stand in the front of the Academy together making the D of T/course supes sweat as time was ticking down for someone to get off “the grid” and comp). And the “terrible trio” would walk around daily with their clipboards of scheduled comps, sometimes checking with the D of T on any hourly basis (who would grind on the supe). So while I think the idea of making certain evaluations based on stats is fine, the emphasis on quantity over quality was WAY out of whack throughout the 70s, and as we all know, it did NOT get better. (thus, when I first heard about GAT drills, I was all for it – there WAS a sit that needed to be handled in how auditors were trained).

  26. I do think it would be folly to just ignore that there was a CERTAIN amount of arrogance right at the start of Keeping Scientology Working. While I always found this comm very exciting when I was on staff/on lines, I think that it ultimately nullified the truth of Scientology Axion #2 for most Scientologists as it steadily lessened the value of each being’s ability to have one’s own viewpoints, opinions and truths as put forth in LRH’s early work (like 8-8008).

  27. Rank these from bad to worst:
    a mugger on drugs assaults and robs you
    an sp tries their best to make your life miserable
    an OT8 lies and takes your money “for your own good or the collective good”

    I think the last is the worst. I’d rather be mugged or set upon by an sp
    than endure the betrayals I see in the CO$. And their arrogance is matched
    by a fair amount of ignorance on their own part.

  28. How about an Ethics Why behind that Admin Why:

    “An Actual Suppressive Person took advantage of the historical circumstances at the time and twisted the good natured beliefs of Scientologists and Sea Org Members and their trust in LRH to assume power for his own nefarious benefit.”

  29. CommunicatorIC

    The rap video is going viral.

    Hollywood Reporter: Tom Cruise’s Alleged Ex-Girlfriend Performs in Anti-Scientology Rap

    Huffington Post: Tom Cruise Scientology Allegations: Alleged Auditioned Girlfriend Speaks Out Against Church & Famous Ex In Rap Song

    Media Bistro – Fishbowl LA: Tony Ortega Gifts Gawker with Ex-Scientologists Rap Song

    The Daily Crabbie: Nazanin Boniadi Appears In Terrible Anti-Scientology Rap
    [Note: Although the Daily Crabbie headline calls the rap “terrible,” the article goes on to say, “It is TERRIBLE. It is also highly enlightening.”

    Finally, I feel a bad because I suspect at least some people here will feel pain because of, and be troubled by, the characterization of some media outlets of the video as being “anti-Scientology,” rather than: (a) differentiating between the religion and applied religious philosophy of Scientology, as opposed to the current corporate Church of Scientology; and (b) recognizing that the rap song is against only, or “anti” only, the current corporate Church of Scientology. Unfortunately, such is the legacy DM has bequeathed to you. If anything, perhaps my posting of the above links will give people here the opportunity to make educational, differentiating and corrective comments at the respective sites.

  30. Excellent Post Marty, all you say is correct
    Good CS 1 clearing words

  31. victoria
    The “first step” might not be as obvious as an elephant in one’s living room….

    The truth is, the “warm feeling” that Mr. Tinyfists is getting from his mansion and big bank account is nothing more than the heat from the cows standing next to him…. What causes these cows to stampede may be nothing more than a correct “why”….

    So, from small beginnings, big things can come..

  32. I’ve always needed a translation of this definition. I have basically no idea what is being said.

    And I’ve cleared my words. It’s not, to me, an easily graspable sentence which I’m confident could be said more clearly.

    Don’t shoot me 🙂


  33. Marty,
    YES, YES, YES!!!!

    The COS has become the epitome of arrogance.

    The Church of DM should stop sucking the life out it’s members and actually and truly help people for a cheange.

  34. Wow, does this ever resonate throughout my universe.
    I can say with a great deal of certainty that this IS the correct WHY for the state of affairs in the SCS (Squirrelly Church of Scientology). In the past I have even made the following statement to others regarding the SCS: “That combination of ignorance and arrogance make an nasty concoction. I don’t recommend drinking it”. …..Wait a minute…..have we stumbled upon the formula for “cool-ade” here?!! 🙂

    But all joking aside, I keep having realizations from the definitions that you gave, Marty.
    People who are being ARROGANT about what they know are “making undue claims to having” what they know. This means that arrogance REQUIRES some degree of IGNORANCE to exist. …And then there is also the matter of unflat service facsimiles and efforts to make others wrong in order to make self right swirling in the mix.
    Thank you for posting this.
    It is causing the clouds to lift and letting the sunshine in.

  35. CommunicatorIC

    New Zealand Herald: Tom Cruise’s ex in anti-Scientology rap

    I’m amazed the rap video is going global.

    Same observation as before concerning the “anti-Scientology” characterization.

  36. “and like kobe says, you can’t guard me Jack” #classic

  37. Titziano is not only a musician and entertainer, he is an absolute magician for making Mike (former serious spokesman for the Church) Rinder rap so well that I listen to it again and again.. Ha.. 🙂

    To hear both Mike and Marty Rap… and actually enjoy it, is a real trip. Check it out…. for the entertainment value. Honestly.

  38. “the blind leading the blind” was DM talking about LRH’s work of a lifetime and those that blindly followed him…”The blind leading the blind” was nothing more than a building block for DM’s monument to himself. To make himself a demi-god (half human and half god) he needed to get rid of LRH in a way that no one noticed… thus, “the blind leading the blind” was born….

  39. Joe

    I’m with you on that one.
    I feel that the discouragement of having one’s own viewpoint is harmful to any form of study.
    I feel that to acquire any data useful to oneself one must start off with “being there”, being in the presence of, being “other than”. From there one must then perceive accurately. Then be willing and able to “duplicate” what one is perceiving. Then one needs to evaluate that data against his own concept of his ideal scenes for his dynamics and decide whether it is of any value to him or not.

    Curiously enough this also seems to apply to the resolution of one’s case, one’s life, or pretty much anything.

    When this cycle is interrupted or replaced beings tend to go robotic from my experience.

    I think that if students had been encouraged to do these things from the get-go “Scientology” would not be in near the mess that we currently find it in.

    In my opinion poor supervision is hugely responsible for Scientology’s decline in all areas.

    Eric S (Hubbard Professional Course Supervisor)

  40. Robert Almblad, the parable of The Mustard Seed…

  41. CommunicatorIC

    The stats on the rap video are officially straight up and vertical.

    Radar Online: High Profile Ex-Scientologists Slam The Controversial Chuch & Celebrity Members In New Rap Song

    LAist: Tom Cruise’s Ex-Girlfriend Raps Against Scientology

    Brazilian Globo, the biggest TV network in Brazil:

    I4U Trending News: Tom Cruise’s Alleged Ex-Girlfriend Performs in Anti-Scientology Rap

    eBaum’s World: Tom Cruise’s Ex-Girlfriend and Other Former Scientologists Lash Out In Never-Before-Heard Anti-Scientology Rap

    Same observation as before concerning the “anti-Scientology” characterization.

  42. Interesting analysis.

    Question for the future of Scientology: shouldn’t the leader be expected to be at or near the highest attainable level (OT VIII?) and have a clean current ethics file?

    Corollary question: What level of OT has Mr. Miscavige attained?

  43. That is the last definition of RESPONSIBILITY I read from Ron, and it stuck big time for me. I believed it then, I still see it’s applicability now, and I’ve used it since.

  44. OH, DAYAM! That was fun! M&M sounds like a good name for some rockin’ rappers!

    {Gah, and I am still stuck on Beethoven!)

    I really love you guys!


  45. Indeed Marty, helping others to find out for themselves. Allowing individual experience and comprehension to advance naturally.

    Lead others to the genius and uniqueness of their own personhood.

    And at some point they will be free enough to go it alone. And discover undreamed of possibilities within their own immortal existence.

    Very exciting!!


  47. The WHY above is an excellent statement of the current scene. But I think it might be missing an important factor: There has to be some inclusion about being unable to question things in the church. That basic human response amongst corporate scientologists, about the validity of parts of the subject, the executives or leadership, or the founder, has been systematically nullified in them through indoctrination. There are many stories by those who have posted comments here on this blog about what happens to people who question things too much in the corporate church.

    It is plain as day that “the ignorant” have helped “the arrogant” keep them that way, because those that want to pursue and continue in scientology quickly learn that you just don’t ask certain things.

  48. The cutting edge of TRUTH.

  49. Why: The arrogant have lead the ignorant into creating an organization that has become the epitome of the evils it was originally intended to handle.
    I can think of so many examples of this, especially having been on staff. You’re totally spot on!

  50. That which you resist you shall become. Lao Tzu, known in China as Lao Zi.

  51. Being detested by the DeMon has got to be one of the most accurate ‘litmus tests’ for those who possess genuine talent.

  52. YUP MF

    The parable of the mustard seed..and the Kingdom of Heaven growing from small beginnings..that’s it! Mathew, Mark and Luke… this was parable from about 2K years ago. But, I am sure it will not take that long this time…. we have the internet this time!! Ha..

    Saint Robert

  53. FOTF2012

    Of course there apparently never was any intention by Ron that Scientology have a single leader after he died. Scientology was apparently set up to be run by a group of OTs, each highly trained experts in their own zones of responsibility. I believe it was to be run by consensus not by democracy. Before Ron died he had already handed over most of the running of Scientology to such a group of executives.

    …. But the apple had a worm in it, and that worm has gorged itself on the very heart of the apple, and fouled its environment with its excrement, and the apple is now well on its way to being totally rotten. And because the apple is no longer capable of spreading its seeds to grow more apple trees, and thus more apples, the end is nigh for both the apple and the worm.

    Eric S (channeling Chauncy Gardiner)

  54. Just for fun I re-wrote that definition framed in a positive statement:

    The recognition and affirmation of the right of unification between oneself and any being, idea, matter, energy, space, time or form, and the assumption of full right of determination over it.

    What do you think?

  55. aka, The Age of Cinders

  56. Jean-François Genest

    And it seems that it was part of David Miscavidge’s design to keep people ignorant to a certain extent, enough to ensure nobody figured out what his plans were. By being the master of ceremony at his events, with his 4 golden Captain bars on his tuxedo sleeves, he gently repeated his message to the public, staff and Sea Org members around the world that he is The Man. [The Sea Org Missionnaire School course pack even had a publication bearing his name as Action Chief CMO Int. I always doubted if he really HELD that post, or if it was fake].

    Think about it: for long-time veteran Scientologists to BELIEVE as hard “Cold Chrome Steel ® truth” that “SPs” altered LRH books, lectures and tech, and that Miscavidge sole-heartedly saved the day, and corrected the materials, there certainly is IGNORANCE among the lot. And that ignorance is being perpetuated on a daily basis. Soon enough, the Kool-Aide will start tasting very sour.

  57. Victoria, what do you mean “and on and on and on” and “nothing productive is happening”?

  58. I also think that Sea Org will have to go before anybody could reform the CoS.

  59. Thanks, Maria. Easy – I have trouble with negatives and/or double negatives. Think it’s cause I’m left-handed? (j/k) 🙂

  60. JF, that part of Action Chief was correct and Mark Ingber held Preps, Briefing and Firing. I did at least half dozen Missions which he ran in the very early 80’s, under other Seniors in CMOI which he later deposed of.

    The no ARC, cold chrome steel stuff was after he took over RTC and gained power in the late 80’s early 90’s.

  61. Li'll bit of stuff

    And yet…..Ironically…it was “ignorance” of WHO was in their
    midst, WHAT he was doing, and WHY he was doing it, that
    achieved, by the most cunning stealth, that very ignorance
    required to pull off the biggest, most successful “church” and
    embezzlement con, in the entire history of religion.

    Marty has hereby aimed the spotlight straight back onto the perpetrator, (DM) of this recent statement, “the blind leading the blind” (intended as an aspersion (malicious attack) upon Marty & the Indies ),so that the “ignorant” (no offence intended), now become enlightened, as to just HOW —-“a group that
    should have had the wherewithal to hold together and stay
    on purpose after the death of the founder, Scientology is it.”

    I hope that offered piece of the puzzle adds some clarification
    for you. The other pieces are called “reverse scientology,”
    “black dianetics” and “mind control” (kool-aid!)


  62. No Dan,
    There are 3 things one can not hide:
    Sun, Moon and the truth.

  63. You got the right item for me Marty. Everyone I have been scammed / ripped off / swindled / mislead / set up for losses with, in the Scientology arena, has been hugely arrogant. And God knows in each incident, I was hugely ignorant. Ignorant of sociopaths. Ignorant of their potential and willingness and even driven purposes, to harm attack and suppress. It is called “affinity fraud”. Affinity fraud can target any group of people who take pride in their shared characteristics, whether they are religious, ethnic, or professional. They prey upon members of identifiable groups, such as religious or ethnic communities, language minorities, the elderly, or professional groups. The fraudsters who promote affinity scams frequently are – or pretend to be – members of the group. They exploit the trust and friendship that exist in groups of people who have something in common. And this is the KEY: They PRETEND to be members of the group.

    I don’t know why the hell someone would want to pretend to be a Scientologist. I would have to think about what the purposes behind that would be. It was easy to be ignorant in these times of miracles and wonders, and believing anything is possible.

    I have learned some very valuable lessons from you, and this blog, and the people that have shared vital information and truth here.
    I am very thankful for those that are sincere , well meaning, and contribute to truth, as healing balms on our souls.

  64. Very funny!

  65. Li'll bit of stuff

    Joe and Eric, of course, in retrospect, it much easier to
    examine all the “why’s” as you have done. ideal scenes
    did not factor in, the inclusion of the preferred outcome,
    as you both described above, The huge push for speed
    of results was even accentuated via the “superlit.course”

    And i think Joe, you described the times pretty accurately
    as “exciting” which they certainly were!! But caught up
    as most of us were, at least at 4.0 (enthusiasm) is was
    just too easy to lose sight of the pitfalls you have both
    mentioned, while ALL had their attention so focused on
    reaching the summit of the mountain (goal/s) set by
    the “Goal maker” (LRH)

    I think this happens to be true in almost any major
    endeavor in life. IF one does manage to accomplish some monumental, profound goal one has set for
    themselves/others, it is invariably at the cost of failing
    in other areas.

    The REAL world!

    Keep up the great work, guys, it really lifts the spirit.


  66. It basically gives a road map to be fully responsible for something, do not let an “authority” or any other entity (CoS) or wannabe demigod make decisions for you. You have to consult your own common sense and reserve final judgement in everything. Then, you are fully participating in your own life. This definition fits perfectly with the Code of Honor (be your own counsel) and with LRH’s brilliant formula, “8-8008.”

    You just do not recognize that any other agency has any right to intervene with the subject. Some of us are doing that today in regards to the whole of Scientology. We do not recognize the CoS or Mr. Hankey Miscavige have any right whatsoever to intervene in anything Scientology. He doesn’t have a say anymore. BOOM, they’re out of the picture. We expose them and there’s nothing they can do about it. We create a new Scientology and there’s nothing they can do about it. We start getting people up the Bridge and there’s nothing they can do about it. Because we do not recognize that they have any right to intervene in what we see as right.

  67. Li'll bit of stuff

    victoria, I’d like to TR-3 you on Michael’s question. Please?

  68. Hi SKM, I don’t think the problem is a matter of using a definition, Miscavige is just doing what comes natural as a sociopath. But if we, in turn, refuse to recognize his right to intervene, then he’s suddenly out of the picture. There’s nothing really wrong with responsibility, there’s something wrong with being evil little shit of epic microscopic proportions, also known as an arrogant sociopath with delusions of grandeur.

  69. Perhaps added applicable hubris.

  70. Right, Steve. I don’t think I have even seen critics take shots at the subject of Logic. Wouldn’t it be something if that became the entrance point for LRH’s work to the broader society. Maybe they bounce out of it because of the cognitive dissonance between wildness of OT III and the unwildness of the Data Series.

  71. One of those who see

    When I was declared, I left in bewilderment asking myself how or why someone would work so hard to make such a mess of such a good thing? – I know!!! Your simple statement just hit the nail on the head for me. Yes this is it exactly. It is quite amazing. Often people have trouble having a simplicity. And Miscavige came along and made the subject nice and complex didn’t he?

  72. Li'll bit of stuff

    Oh, one thing I omitted to say, I would simply not have
    acquired the understanding of myself, people, the mind,
    spirit, and the concepts of the 8 Dynamics, AXIOMS and
    A philosophy and Technology for bringing about increased
    awareness (auditing) — if it weren’t for L.Ron Hubbard.
    —So far he has never betrayed the friendship I found in
    him!…… AND….I even received a EVERY SINGLE
    COMM PARTICLE I ever sent to him. Can you say the
    same about any friends of yours, BTW? One may well
    ask here aptly; “who therefore, is your TRUE friend?”


  73. Joe, yes, that was precisely LRH’s reason for stating in Talk on a Basic Qual that every auditing action would be reduced to a drill procedure so auditors could learn them well. A good idea turned into hash by His Holy Arrogance, Mcflopdick himself. John Aaron Williams and I continue to take steps to undo that and make training available through John Aaron’s Independent Checksheet Project, the latest release is due on any time now.

  74. Somehow Marty, you always pick up the right words. When he first announced gat, and gliffuly said the blind … I was quite perplexed. I have been trained by auditors who have been trained by LRH. He was not blind. Therefore these auditor were not led by the blind. It then follows that since LRH CSed these auditors, were not blind, or he would sign their certs. Hence, I was not led by the blind.

    The first thing I thought was: “gee that sounds a lot like A=A=A.

    Go explain that to a corporate Scientologist.

  75. Li'll bit of stuff

    BTW, I regard another friend as Shreff, whom I met, and who emphasized in an empathetic resounding manner, the liberating power of “not taking things too seriously.” –Upshot?– I concluded that he was right, started to really look around, and found that those who were having the most fun in life, all had the self same attitude. One can look around in one’s circle of friends (if so inclined that is) and find that same trait shining through.—- So, bad news for
    the chaos and doom merchants, I’m “afraid” to tell them;
    ……….Laughter!…Really is, the best medicine, after all!

  76. Li'll bit of stuff

    Ditto for me! Tony! The man’s insight on situations was/is
    quite profound indeed. (applies to both LRH & Marty too!)

  77. If we made a list of enemy-lines this one would be amongst the top-ten, if not a candidate for place No. 1.
    Back then I thought it’d be just some minus tone scale circuit, because there seemed to be no personal responsibility connected.

  78. And just as important or more so – shouldn’t he or she be Class VIII and Class XII? Int addition to FEBC.

  79. According to the bylaws of the Church of Spiritual Technology, the organization which ACTUALLY owns the copyrights & trademarks, decisions were to be made in almost all cases by MAJORITY VOTE of its Board of Trustees, its Board of General Directors, and its Board of Special Directors. As to the names of the people who currently sit on these boards, I have no idea. I have heard that Miscavige holds signed, undated “resignations” for whoever does. For more information check out:

  80. Troubleshooter

    Correct why Marty, and right on the money. The phrase ‘blind leading the blind’ was never inclusive of DM, who righteously protested his uncanny ability to ‘see’ what others can’t. Part of the ethics why possibly needs to include the factor that those classed as ‘ignorant’ must have at least tacit consent with remaining ignorant. While they have an understanding of DM’s arrogance, they have the inability or unwillingness to take a stand against it. It took me quite a while to be able to step back and take a look at the state of the organization and to realize I would be better out of it than in it. And then several years to come to terms with my independent views. You have helped shed light on my own ‘ignorance’ and realize that the arrogance I was accused of was DM’s own defense against a Sea Org rebellion! DM’s real defense is that he is probably the only director of the various corporations of Scientology who does not already have a signed, undated resignation notice hanging over his head. Or does he? Perhaps Norman Starkey, Lyman Spurlock or Marc Yager still possess corporate powers if they were willing to use them, to unseat the tyrant.

  81. Mark old friend,
    I am with you on your Ethics Why, except for the “Actual Suppressive Person” part, which does not really communicate who David Miscavige is.
    Personally I would change it to “An opportunist, power hungry, demented individual” took advantage……. If you remember our old days at Flag in the ’70s, David Miscavige was that from day one. I consider myself fortunate to have observed him and his actions early enough and got out fast. Good to hear your voice here, old amigo.
    PS how are the canines doing. Drop me a line when you can at

  82. Ya very Alaskan…

  83. – (minus) OT VIII
    Did I win?

  84. One of the best examples of arrogance is the staff of the IAS (administrations) on the Freewinds. It was like living in a caste system there, the staff from the IAS being the upper caste. They were Sea Org members with much more rights than the rest of the Ship’s crew (more free time, better meals, better quarters etc). You wouldn’t want to pick a quarrel with sb of them; you would set yourself up for challenging punishment for audaciousness.
    Similar problem I saw when the position sb had on the Bridge was not seen as a mere spiritual achievement but as a STATUS. That aligns with the status-think of the IAS and reached its peak of arrogance with the “crowning” of TC with a big medal, glowing with and next to the “pope of Scn”. At the same time the auditors and C/Ses, who were the real producer using the tech, got harassed, and if they were not towing the line (rendering homage to the majestic-dignities and their entourage and “messengers”) they got mistreated, suppressed and their certs got canceled (invalidated and suppressed as auditors and beings). I think also the set-up of the hierarchic structure was wrong from the beginning, cumulating in this nonsense and suppression.
    Since I’m out of the SO, having been indoctrinated in a way (the “elite of the planet, the “most ethical group on earth”. – NOT!), I check myself regularly about being tinged with a “superior thought”. This “superior thought” was and is also used outside of CoS again and again, used to instigate and justify wars and for subjugations and exploitations since times immemorial.
    I came to the conclusion that arrogance is like a virus: to know about it doesn’t mean one is immune and cannot catch it! And when arrogance and ignorance are goading each other, they are breeding grounds for disaster.
    To be “elite” should be demonstrated by competence, not by status. And that competence should include taking responsibility for the well being of persons who are around and under one’s care. What is a superior position and a leader worth when its purpose serves only self-aggrandizement, maintenance of power and undue enrichment? It’s all pretense of strength. Real strength and character don’t need pretense and show-off, they speak for themselves in the people and in the surrounding.
    Luckily I see around me now way more real competence and honest help and decent persons.

  85. It could be happening though, couldn’t it? There aren’t really any big stops in the way of us, 12 of us .. say .. getting together, putting on the SO hat on some boat somewhere, and forming an Advanced Org specifically for getting OT’s made. Nothing, at all, is preventing that from happening.

  86. It’s still baffling to me how so much fundamental, vital admin tech such as this is out in the church and people don’t object more.

  87. What would be production? I guess you could figure that out and do something in that direction. Maybe you would feel better about it then.

  88. The only salvation for the Church of Scientology is going happen through free market capitalism. Capitalism is defined as:

    An economic system in which investment in and ownership of the means of production, distribution, and exchange of wealth is made and maintained chiefly by private individuals or corporations, especially as contrasted to cooperatively or state-owned means of wealth.

    One flaw with capitalism is that it often ends in monopoly. This is where laws are needed to insure that monopolies don’t occur. Monopolies breed arrogance. Until Independent Scientology, the Co$ had a monopoly on LRH’s tech. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that immediately following LRH’s departure we were left with DM. I’m certain that if DM disappeared today, it wouldn’t take long for another DM to take his place, as long as the Co$ has a monopoly.

    Dror Center is a great example of individuals investing their own capital to deliver Scientology. As long as they deliver a good product their customers should be happy and they should have success. If they were to become complacent or arrogant their customers should have the right to move to another independent church. Because the individual will now have leverage, there is a much better chance that Dror Center will stay on source.

    I’m sure that some independent churches will have success and become chains. That’s fine, as long as they don’t become a monopoly. It’s great to know that the tech is available and that this process can start taking place.

  89. Calvin,

    Different puzzle. Sociopaths have been taking over and ruining groups since the beginning of time, and I think the “arrogant leading the ignorant” is a good description of what happens. The puzzle is how to prevent that.

    In my library an entire shelf is taken up with heavy green volumes on how to run an organization, data that’s used not just by the Church but by software companies, chiropractors, dentists and a host of other activities. According to Ron, this can even be scaled up to manage an entire galactic empire. One thing I’ve never found in those volumes is a plan for the rational transfer of power in an organization. There is advice to an individual taking on a new post, advice for a leader on how to bail out of one, but nothing from the organization’s point of view to ensure that the helm is taken up by the most qualified person when a leader departs, and not by some sawed-off, clever criminal with a Napoleonic complex.

    If the answer is in fact somewhere in those Green Vols, then I completely missed it and so did everyone else. And that would be a puzzle in itself.

  90. anotherbookoner

    One of the main reasons I began reading your blog was a sense of alignment with your social views. This was generated to a very large extent by your admiration for Thomas Paine. Thomas Paine was an advocate of the citizen’s dividend. This is an entirely non communist concept of the rights of ordinary people to wealth. The idea is that certain things, such as the ground we walk upon are the common property of all. Paine wanted everyone to receive an equal payment from rent collected from the land of the nation. This simple idea is in my opinion the external physical world counterpart of the internal mental universe concept of the engram. As the understanding of the engram leads to the freeing of the mind so the concept of the citizens dividend can lead eventually to the freeing of the body. The basic process of achieving physical freedom is actually discussed by literally thousands of self improvement gurus. These people who advocate pursuit of financial independence. The basic principle is to get enough money to actually be physically free. The problem the vast majority of these gurus overlook is that if one accomplishes such a goal by manipulation of the system then one will impoverish others and such transgressions eventually lead to the loss of spiritual freedom as Hubbard discusses in the overt motivator sequence.

    reference: for anyone unfamiliar with the overt motivator sequence you can find out more at:
    from the official church; it looks fine as far as I can tell.
    if you would prefer a more independent source.
    The concept in practice is another explanation of the concept of karma reorganized in order to be used in the process of auditing.

    The solution to the problem caused by the self improvement gurus, one terrible example of which is Grant Cardon, lies in the recognition that very few people who can afford the spare time to read or listen to these gurus actually need more money. What they need is a better relationship with money. A relationship where they know what money really is and when and how they will receive money in the future. The situation where they have certainty that if they go to work and make due efforts to assist the well being of others that in itself, without resort to any other actions or schemes will guarantee them rewards proportional to the amount of benefits they have been able to create. The citizens dividend is key and the story of the subject is so much a counterpart to the story of scientology that it looks almost like a mirror in time. I really want to encourage you and anyone else reading this to find out about it thoroughly. The full explanation is the the book Progress and Poverty by Henry George and any search engine find the text very quickly.

    Mark, if you read this book and don’t find it aligning your own views about the social order I will be staggered. Albert Einstein read it and remarked that Henry George was a genius. Henry Ford read it and said that it was imperative that the ideas be applied. Winston Churchill read it and did everything he could to get the ideas into British Law (research the People’s Budget) until he became diverted that ridiculous man called Hitler. Sun Yat-sen, the founder of Chinese democracy did what he could until the barbarism and nonsense of communism squashed his efforts.

    Man, you just have to read it. It is the book about the physical reality of freedom. Also if you learn about the history of the subject of economics it may inform you of the future plans for the suppression of scientology and I will provide some pointers now.

    The second chapter of Progress and Poverty is entitled Defining Terms. Reading this chapter should awaken in the alert reader an awareness of a similarity between the attitudes of Hubbard and George. I am referring to their mutual respect for identifying the meaning of words. Now I will try an explain the significance of this issue.

    If you have ever wondered how Hubbard ever managed to work it all out then I suggest you proceed to ask yourself the following question. What action is it that you are taking the plays the most significant role in making it possible for you work it out while you are reading Hubbard’s work. The answer, I think you will find, is discipline with finding the correct meaning of the words you are reading. Progress and Poverty’s second chapter makes clear George’s alignment with this principle.

    I hope the point I am trying make is clear. To put it explicitly the success of both Henry George’s and L. Ron Hubbard’s ideas rely very heavily on exceptional discipline in the correct definition of terms. In fact I am willing to assert with confidence that both subjects would have been impossible without this factor.

    Ok I said I was going to comment on the possible future for the subject of scientology. Of course nobody knows the future and there are massive differences between the ideas of Hubbard and George. The primary difference being Hubbards’s concern with individual versus the George’s concern with society. These difference’s may like to significantly different destinies, one never knows but still there are enough similarities that there is great opportunity her for learning from the past. So what happened George’s ideas exactly. In simple terms his ideas were buried over the ages with stupid ideas from people who had exactly zero respect for the need to define their terms correctly. I will provide a very brief outline and try to present one example.

    Progress and Poverty was published just before the turn of the 20th century. This was just before the revolutions in Russia, the first World War and the rise of Nazism, Facism with the ensuing violence and chaos. Behind this carnage were also the rise of ideologies. Nazism today is almost universally discredited, in public at least but till this day Marxism is in certain circles still taken very seriously. While the general public mainly regard Marxism as nonsense the there are still thousands of academics publish text books and flunking those disagree with them through out the planets network of universities. I don’t want to imply that universities are at all suppressive, far from it, they are however infected with suppressive individuals and these individuals have been very successfully are retarding the progress of enlightened idea’s in the universities and by that means with in society itself.

    So how was this done. It was done primarily with a debating technique involving a thorough disrespect for the definition of words. Here is my example.

    A central concept of Marxism is the concept of surplus value. This term does not have any widely accept definition. It does have have an array of possible uses each involving ambiguous explanations.

    One possible explanation is the value created by work that exceeds the cost of his labour. The explanation of who is recognizing the value is not defined. Therefore anyone debating an individual quickly runs into the following problem. Once he has demonstrated the fallacy of an argument he quickly discover his protagonist claiming to have been discussing value as recognized by a different party. The protagonist will not say which party, only that it was a different one. If the debater is inexperienced enough to attempt to consider which alternative party might be in the Marxists mind and prove that wrong the Marxist will of course claim that it was not that party either and so on.

    This is I thoroughly believe is the very fabric of Marxism. If you want to find out for yourself try applying scientology methods of study to Das Kapital. If you have the time maybe you could report your findings on the web, particularly the explanations you found for the terminology. While the ideas themselves may be of no value clear documentation of the texts could possibly serve people well by speeding their recognition of the worthlessness of it all.

    So in the end what did Marxism achieve. It turns of its effects on the actions of governments it simply lead to mass murder and starvation. As graphically horrible as this all was it is only part of the story.

    Today when young people to university and choose to study in the fields of the humanities they inevitably end studying someone like Marx. If they don’t they will instead study someone with enough sense criticise Marx who inevitable wasted their time debating Marxist who were able to define the agenda of discussion. They may conclude that discussion,reason and argument are pointless due to the observation that the texts they studied lead nowhere. Perhaps they will become intensely depressed and give up reasoning altogether, this would certainly be one description of what is there when one sees a Marxist but however horrible this is not the worst effect. The worse result is the mere contribution made by Marxism to the sea of nonsense which hides many miles deep below the truly worthwhile texts that in the end never get read.

    Today Marxism is not what is read in economics departments, it is at home in the philosophy departments and seems mainly to have been there. The prominent theories in economics are those of Keynes who refers to the importance of stimulating the economy. What does he mean by the economy in this case. This issue is not address particularly often, allowing for maneuvering as Marx’s did with value. While Keynes idea’s seem to have been much less harmful their capacity to obscure access to rational discourse was just as effective. Also the effects of Marxism and Keynesianism add together to increase the pool of distractions endless shuffling people back and forth through circuits directed by incompletely defined terms.

    People have some awareness of the flaws in these theories. I have observed for instance frequent references amongst scientologists, by which I mean all scientologists both those under the cloud of the official church and those practice independently to Ron Paul. Ron Paul supports the economic principles of Austrian Economists. His ideas about foreign policy are excellent but his reason about money is perhaps what drives him on and is nothing more and has in the end no more value than the recognition of the stupidity of Keynes. The fan of the Austrian is like a bull in a bull fight, the version presented in Looney Tunes where a bull charges at a red cloth and the knocks himself out on the anvil. The red flag is Keynes and what is the anvil. This actually is one very good thing about Austrian economics, while they are incapable solving any economic problems they are at least honest and state very clearly what they are planning. Their subject revolves around returning to a gold backed currency. Unfortunately of course gold backed currencies failed and collapsed and thus lead to the fiat economy. The gold backed currency is the anvil.

    What this tell us of the future of scientology. Well the future is the society will follow a path of destruction focusing it’s thinking all the time on ideas unrelated to scientology, ideas based and a complete of interest in the use of well defined terminology. In psychiatry there appears to be trend towards the use of drugs rather than surgery and electric shock. These drugs do appear to be getting refined in order to reduce the amount of physical harm they cause the bodies. In the future we have have the majority of the human population taking these drugs. Why would this be surprising, there have been taking drugs of other kinds such as alcohol. Constantly attempting to remedy conditions labelled with meaningless terminology such as the classic ADHD. Then one day a movement will start that wants to go back. What will they go back to, not dianetics of course which just be another book amongst thousands, an item requiring dedicated study to understand. What they might look for instead is something solid, something historic, something that everyone one remembers existed even though no one now remembers whether it actually worked or not.

    What was it that we did in the past when people behaved in ways we did not like? How did we adjust behaviour in grandfather’s day. Corporal punishment of course. As he pointed out once, it didn’t do him any harm, so he says. Let’s all just start whipping each other again. We can start on the kids.

    Oops, I thought I was planning to talk about the future. Sorry Dave, but I have to confess I have no idea whether the stories are true or not. To me it’s just what I read on the web.

  91. I missed this little gem from last year, Jeff Stone (Corprate Scientology loving politician) bringing a little org to his county!!

    ” Riverside prison supervisor Jeff Stone said: ‘You do the crime, you will serve the time, and now you will also pay the dime'”

  92. Addendum: the arrogance started before Ron died.

    How can you not include the mindset of “only hope for man” and other such sentiments Ron imprinted in us?

    It would seem there is a good arrogance and a bad one. Why is it so hard to as-is Ron in a truthful way? An honest way?

  93. And regarding the organization becoming that which it fought, what about Paulette Cooper and other violence perpetrated by Ron’s church.

    It would seem there are good black ops and bad black ops as well.

  94. “To be “elite” should be demonstrated by competence, not by status. And that competence should include taking responsibility for the well being of persons who are around and under one’s care.”

    In harmony with the natural plan of life. You can see this very clearly in nature.

  95. Marty I just loved your WHY: “learn and help others to learn so that the arrogant will have no more ignorant to bamboozle into perpetuating darkness.”. This, my friend, is the “solution” for DM and any future duplication of this monster, and I like to congratulate you for putting this why into the physical universe with New Casablanca, helping others to learn more.

  96. Kinda like the “Gladiator” with Russel Crowe

  97. Steve, I think you forgot to mention that David Miscavige, unable to grasp anything beyond his crass, limited development as a human being, could not understand LRH’s work, was jealous of the old man, of his parents, jealous of Ronnie, so he decided to show’em what was what, faked his loyalty as a trusted messenger, gained the trust of Pat and Annie, took advantage of the the old man’s condition and the rest is history. He was, from the beginning an arrogant, revengeful, opportunistic, power hungry maniac. I know because I knew him before he started his infamous, criminal career.

  98. Miscavige was jealous of his own parents and ronnie.

  99. Marty: Love this blog article.

    I found this from Chogyam Trungpa – founder of Shambhala

    ‎”We tend to think that the threats to our society or to ourselves are outside of us. We fear that some enemy will destroy us. But a society is destroyed from the inside, not from an attack by outsiders. We may imagine the enemy coming with spears and machine guns to kill us, massacre us. In reality, the only thing that can destroy us is within ourselves. If we have too much arrogance, we will destroy our gentleness.”

    It is the last line that I really love — “If we have too much arrogance, we will destroy our gentleness.”

    The people I most admire in the world are competent, effective and gentle.


  100. Arrogance: Many years ago I had the opportunity to meet several very big celebrities due to my ex-husbands business.

    I found that the bigger the celebrity, the less arrogant the person. Gregory Peck, Jimmy Stewart, Jay Leno for example. Couldn’t find three more humble and gracious men.

    Leading me to conclude that arrogance is a veneer used to hide behind insecurity, incompetence and idiocy.


  101. Marty, your “why” seems to be very accurate. And Joe your statement
    also rings true about auditors needing more advanced drilling in the
    70’s and 80’s especially on the laws of listing and nulling and correcting
    lists. On my class IV and VI internships I did not get the full comprehension
    how to correct an out list and it was not until I did a lot of reviews on
    PCs under a very competent C/S I finally got it through cramming. After
    that I had to drill a lot of auditors on that procedure so I was happy to
    see the GAT drills on listing and nulling when they came out. The rest
    of the GAT drills are quite supernumerary, except perhaps all the Clearing
    course and above drills, specially OT IV. These GAT drills helped mainly
    because they are comprehensively put on a gradient sequence.
    The GAT “why” and the consequent program implementation was not
    correct per stats (despite all those weeks and months of no or little
    sleep by all those very skilled tech people, plus all the administration
    guys). If DM really cared he would have seen these stats and asked
    for another eval instead of denigrating LRH works even further by
    changing books and letting the Eval Corp really do its job (do
    they even exist any more?).

  102. Is that you, Chris Many? I love your songs. If it’s you, tell Nancy i love her and to drop me a line at


  103. I see it as a ‘Talk on a Basic Qual’, not as a ‘Talk on a Basic Tech’. It was to be a Qual action. HCO PL Drills Allowed applies to Tech.

  104. The only sin (or ‘overt’ if you like) there is, is to be ignorant.
    (Kant, German philospher).

  105. Steve, I hear you.

    There is also nothing wrong with this definition at all.
    I only say that this definition is not good to use as a “stand alone” definition (without the other concepts of Scientology as the `optimum solution`, responsibility and consequencies along the dynamics, help and other concepts).

    Miscavige is very selective regarding definitions.
    He is using the “redefinition of terms” propaganda for too long.
    In his Church, where no one (literally) is allowed to be a Scientologist (i.e. questioning things and studying and looking for themselves instead listening to “authorities”), this is the way how he abused the people.

    He truly is a first dynamic guy, a whole track Suppresive who dramatizes CAN’T HAVE regarding bridge progress, prosperity and what ever is desirable to people. He must be deeply afraid of people and their abilities to recognise him for what he is.

    To reverse the cycle of his “re-education” attempts, people will need to be informed about the correct concepts of LRH as stated in HCO PLs, HCOBs and other references. is a very good gradient to show the differences to the people.
    But as we know, not all Scientologists are in the position (as they are convinced) to look to the internet.

    A good thing to do would be to create a booklet for print and distribute it to online Scientologists.
    I would happily donate for such a program (black op?) or help creating it.
    To some degree the email from Debbie Cook worked great as it was full of true data. It had the dendency to invalidate the dictator for a while by communication alone.

    Imagine what would happen if we had a hard-copy version of some data from widly distributed to people.

  106. The Co$ has a monopoly on NO RESULTS.

  107. What was to be a Meritocracy devolved into a Sociopathocracy.

    Mission accomplished POB!

  108. No, sorry. it’s Chris Mann #9. The first Chris Mann sank into the swamp. So I built a second one. That sank into the swamp. So I built a third. That burned down, fell over, then sank into the swamp. But the ninth one stayed up. And that’s what you’re going to get, Lad, the strongest Chris Mann in all of England.

    Thanks, I did the songs a while back, some from Cowboy Poet lyrics.

  109. One of those who see

    To Everyone on the Rap video. Loved it!!! Good job Tiziano. So great to hear Marty and Mike LOL!!! You guys did great on it. Wow!!

  110. I think it would be more accurate to say there might have been justified blackops versus totally unjustified black ops. I doubt that there is anyone posting here who feels the actual Paulette Cooper ops were in anyway justified at all.

    Really, you might get more responses if you didn’t just serve up the regurgitated stereotypical critical sound bites, as you are doing. You don’t come across as having looked for yourself very much.

  111. One “imprints” on clay or other passive material. Speak for yourself, if you are speaking of uncritical acceptance. I guess you are looking in the mirror?

  112. “— if it weren’t for L.Ron Hubbard.
    —So far he has never betrayed the friendship I found in
    him!…… ”

    Right on Calvin! I feel the same way.

  113. Joe,

    The “hurry up! and get through the training!” push rings a bell with me. My contacts back in the 1970s was with Field Auditors and a small local Mission. This was working well enough for “Slow Children (like myself) Playing”. Things took as long as long as they took. But the Sea Org was already making it’s weight felt and trying to push people in the field along. It sometimes felt like they thought they were herding cattle. When the mission massacre occurred, I think all that patience in the field and granting of beingness was largely lost.

  114. Brian,
    Why is it so hard to as-is Ron?

    Is it “Ron” the identity you’ve got that isn’t as-ising? It surely can’t be the being that was moving that body around, since as-ising an as-ingness isn’t as-isable, as it “isn’t”.

    Do you mean to as-is what is obviously an alter-is, i.e., “Ron”?

    I’d say you’d have to trace back every single change in consideration resulting in a shift in the identity of “Ron” for every being that has done so, and then you’d be at least on the route to “as-ising Ron”. You are going to have a time of it since upcoming from Larry Wright is a new change, a new alter-is, and they just keep on coming.

    It’s almost as if “Ron” is getting more and more and more persistent.

    Try this from Straightwire: A Manual of Operation, from Ability, July 55, Article Three:
    “Observing, then, that things tend to become more permanent and more solid the less one can remember where they came from (though this is not a total truth, you understand), we could consider that ALL OBJECTS ARE MEMORY. Or more accurately, that ALL OBJECTS ARE MISMEMORY. If an object is there, one comment you could make about it is that everybody has forgotten when and where it was created. And having forgotten when and where it was created, it now persists. Thus, you might say that objects depend, or persistent spaces depend, entirely for their persistence upon forgettingness. Which is to say, mismemory.”

    You, among others, seem to have “Ron” as an object. Perhaps you can as-is the object. You surely can’t as-is the being. That’s, well, that’s silly now in’it.

  115. Dear Aeolus,

    I find that proper Power Change is vaguely addressed in Hymn of Asia, and visibly performed with FO 3879


  116. Snoopy's Uncle

    Well, thinking bout that, too, rather a long time. My guess is, at lower levels I am familiar with, people, trying to handle their own bank or banks of others, simply are or get restimulated. That is natural. Even though Ron said there was no case on post, or out of session, it is rather a positive attitude and postulate than a fully workable scenario. People get restimulated cause they are dealing with restimulative stuff just as you get dirty dealing with dust or mud. Restimulation brings about confusion and the scale it can reach you all have seen, people doing weird things in the name of the highest purposes, people hoping in handling their own case by pushing destructive agenda of another, bathroom licking etc. The solution should have been delivery, real positive gains for individuals and destimulation of the group by prevailing of theta combined with common sense, which is ethics and reasonable (in the proper sense of the word) admin. Yet some know bests have decided that the solution is to bring stable point to calm down confusion and even to enforce such stable point (which may suggest that confusion of the enforcers is primarily the motivator not the situations thus allegedly handled) and it is being done through indoctrination. To indoctrinate and discipline seems to be faster as a solution and definitely easier than sitting in a chair and auditing someone (it also carries less responsibility.) Yet it lacks one important attribute, which is: growth of theta, people healed, conditions resolved and lives saved. Indoc and discipline is like oil poured to the sea to calm violent waves and get a few seconds to pass with the ship through before the sea starts raging again and now with even more violence (from one book by Jules Verne). New life gained through erasure of entheta is like

  117. P.S. “Interest is the keynote of attachment”. From an “Old Cuff”, appended to PAB 56.

  118. Snoopy's Uncle

    the sunny morning after the storm has ended. Guess which one of these two condition is better. Also, indoc and discipline without following solution requires further increasing indoc and discipline to handle the backlash from artificially calmed waves and following failure to thus achieve the end of the storm. The idea of clearing the world with force is really funny and tells us much about its proponent.

  119. CommunicatorIC

    From Tony Ortega on Facebook:

    TIZIANO LUGLI RELEASES NEW BLOWN FOR GOOD RAP. This time, it’s got Marc Headley on it (who wrote the song), but Nazanin Boniadi’s part is performed by Tiziano’s wife, Jamie. Get the full audio and lyrics here!

    Tiziano Lugli Releases Non-Nazanin Boniadi Version of “Blown for Good” Rap | The Underground Bunker

  120. I’ll tell you what blind is. Blind is when you are so arrogant, you are a store owner selling brooms and you send out an announcement to your regular customers that you will be selling the latest model broom after your customers chip in and buy a water fountain for your store. Arrogance is when you are running a store and forget you have customers. That is wildly arrogant. And wildly blind. That is David Miscavige.

    I don’t think he still wants to still be around at all. I think he has to be around until certain statutes of limitations run out. He is in the business of stopping investigations now. I think he is trapped covering his own blind and arrogant ass. His own blindness and arrogance become more and more of a public spectacle every day. It would seem WE are in the position now, of having the uncanny ability to see what others can’t. Because he keeps the staff away from computers and off the streets.

    These are not the times Hubbard lived in, where one could quietly retire.

  121. Besides all of that, he can not move off the position of power successfully even if he wanted to. He can’t pay off all his enemies because there are people who will NOT take pay offs. I bet he didn’t “see” that coming. And even if they all would, he has so many enemies now, doubt if he could afford to pay them all off. The fact that he is in this predicament is evidence that he is not really in a power condition at all. A power position yes. A power condition, no. Far from it. Maybe some people will begin to notice that a power position, is not the same as a power condition.

  122. ” In the mid-1800s, corporations began to be recognized as individuals by U.S. courts, granting them unprecedented rights. The Corporation, a documentary by filmmakers Mark Achbar and Jennifer Abbott and author Joel Bakan, delves into that legal standard, essentially asking: if corporations were people, what kind of people would they be? Applying psychiatric principles and FBI forensic techniques, and through a series of case studies, the film determines that this entity, the corporation, which has an increasing power over the day-to-day existence of nearly every living creature on earth, would be a psychopath .”

    Can be viewed here:

  123. Li'll bit of stuff

    Aeolus, thanks for the full picture via these clarifications.
    You obviously have a wealth of experience/reality here,
    so, I would guess the dilemma/puzzle you mention does
    not arise from a lack of data available to you/everyone
    else. I would venture that the solution to the “puzzle”
    is to be found in yet to be established “criteria for the
    exclusion of sociopathic persons in consideration of suitable candidates for blah,blah management position/s”
    —as determined by psychometric/ psychological tests /
    scores, and thorough background checks”. The scores
    being the over riding determinant of suitability, or not!
    Psychological assessments do play a significant part
    in corporate selection criteria, from what I’ve heard, so
    in this vein, perhaps one CAN keep”them” from inflicting
    their toxic influence upon the affected group in question.
    Perhaps that is a “corporate” solution direction.

    We might do far better on a short cut method Marty
    has often referred to as “cranking up one’s confront of
    EVIL” when assessing for a potential socio / psycho path
    vye-ing for a position of power.

    We certainly can no longer offer the excuse that “we
    really didn’t think he would turn out like that!”

    Bottom line? if takes a LOT of courage, and decidedly
    well orchestrated power/ potential blackmail, etc etc,
    (you’ve read the Simon Bolivar articles by LRH) to
    hold back an insurrection or overthrow etc. How very
    differently Scientology may have turned out if LRH
    had managed to entrust the handover to a certain
    future blog host, with real courage and integrity!
    but alas, the sawed – off midget dramatized every
    body out of his maniacal path by sheer force of will!

    So Aeolus, do we embrace this wake up call forced
    upon us over the last 30 years? or remain puzzled ?
    Organized really well, one can undo a dictator, or
    prevent one from taking power.but it really does
    require the capacity and confront to act decisively!
    We are effectively contributing by supporting those
    with real sledgehammer power to demolish the demon.
    Continuing to expose, strip away the lies and falsity
    perpetrated by David Miscavige, Marty leads the way!

    Stay ever sharp & ready,

  124. The Corporation won the Best Documentary World Cinema Audience Award at the 2004 Sundance Film Festival.

  125. Thanks, I’ll check that out. I haven’t read Hymn of Asia since shortly after it was published.

  126. Li'll bit of stuff

    Good for you, fellow Indie!

  127. Tom,
    I agree that merit is the sensible rule and that devolved to DM’s sociopathy as the dominant element. However I cant’ agree on the mission being accomplished.

    Here’s my line of reasoning: He’s an “only one”, First Dynamic, one guy facing up to everybody else is agin’ ‘im. In order to dominate, to resolve this problem, he must nullify, and get rid of everybody else, overtly or covertly. That leaves him with an empire of one. Since it is patently true that he is not the only one, then he’s not done yet, and has not accomplished his mission.

    It’s as if there is a universe wide conspiracy to continue to be, do and have OTHER than DM.

  128. [Aside to Dan Koon and anyone else caring to reminisce.] With ALL due respect to your mention of “entrance point for LRH’s work to the broader society,” Dan; for about 10 years into my being a Scientologist, I used to yearn for the day when all people on earth would learn and use Scientology. I even wrote a sci-fi story about it, and I called sections of earth which had never heard of nor used LRH tech: FACs (Fringe-Area-Closeouts) and I numbered the unenlightened sections of earth FAC1, FAC2, etc. Anyway, to get back to my point, happily/sadly I now believe that the entrance point for Scientology has long ago come and gone. Happily via truth: in some wonderful ways, and sadly via lies/alterations of tech: in some hideous ways. So many people are using LRH phrases and pieces of LRH tech, and likely most of them have no idea that Ron wrote them down or said them in a lecture. For a while I selfishly wondered if this was a good thing to have so many millions of people using LRH words and ideas and even using LRH tech without assigning credit to Ron for it. I worried that it could also alter and water down Scn tech. But I finally realized that I was just being a Scientology snob who thought he knew better than everyone else, as in: “I know best.” Just my slant on it, Dan. Here is an extremely simple example of a piece of Ron’s tech which I am CERTAIN, (but likely cannot prove) has trickled down from an LRH lecture on what to say to a preclear and it became and still is EXTREMELY popular world-wide. It is the question “What’s happening?” Decades upon decades later millions are still using it more or less the same as in the more recent phrase “Hey, dude, what’s happening?” Sorry that I cannot yet find the very first lecture wherein I heard Ron deliberately using this, but listen waaay back to some of Ron’s lectures, and you will see that “what’s happening?” predates by 5 decades the use of the vital and popular phrase still in use today: “What’s happening?”

  129. free of the cult

    I saw the need to make “stats” as a major flaw in the organisation when I first got into Scientology in 1976 in London. It was more than once that I got the rough end of the pineapple with respect to stats. I hated them.

    Stats had the effect of taking one’s attention off what the main purpose was; clearing the planet by clearing one person at a time. Can’t see how you can do it any other way.

    If your arse is on the line because your facing a lower condition due to lower stats, you’re not really going to be too concerned about the bigger game of “clearing one person” as a contribution to clearing the planet. Your focus is going to be on self-preservation.

    As such, since everybody had a “stat”, come 2pm Thursday the idea of clearing the planet was probably the last thing on your mind.

  130. Do you really think DM cares for a nano second what people think of him? He could give a rats ass what people say, think or do to him. His solution is this: It will go away or I’ll just hire the best attorneys and buy my way out of whatever. hats him in a nutshell

  131. Hi Christine

    Try this one on. It does not contain those pesky negatives and cumbersome grammar twists and turns.
    From Advanced Procedures and axioms, by L. Ron Hubbard. Page 127 (latest rewrite)

    “Definition: Responsibility is the ability and willingness to assume the status of full source and cause for all efforts and counter-efforts on all dynamics.”

    “…There is no compromise with Full Responsibility. It lies above 20.0 on the Tone Scale and is descended from in order to effect randomity, but is descended from with the full knowledge of its assumption. It means responsibility for all acts, all emotions on every dynamic and in every sphere as one’s own….”
    Pretty meaty stuff…

    But… armed with that, try having another look at the definition presented by Steve, and see if you can make better sense of it.

    Eric S

  132. Jimmy,

    That, plus my PV=IDx combined with my handy little “All will pay who disagree with me!” Serve Fac is all we need to win the day!

    Just kidding. Hey man, I can be pretty arrogant and ignorant too!

  133. Maria

    That’s pretty good but I feel that you have left out a very important aspect of the definition.

    It is the part where one DENIES and DOES NOT RECOGNIZE (any being’s or agencies,) “right to intervene” between oneself and any being, idea, matter, energy, space, time or form, and the assumption of his own “right of determination” over these things.

    Eric S

  134. Well Calvin, remaining puzzled is not an attractive option, on that we definitely agree. However, I’ve recently come to see Certainty as a potential barrier to gaining knowledge. After coasting along for about 30 years thinking I had most of the big questions answered, for the last couple of years it’s been almost like starting from scratch. And that’s just for myself. For the 3rd and 4th Dynamics, I’m still trying to sort out what all it is that I might not even realize that I don’t know.

    You mentioned psychometric testing, and that’s one of the things I know very little about, but it occurred to me while reading The Sociopath Next Door that the e-meter comes up short for spotting these cats, because they don’t have the normal emotional reactions to harming people. A true sociopath could calmly discuss strangling his grandmother, and might even have a win on it because he got his inheritance early.

    Anyway it’s been a great learning experience, both in and out of the RCS, and I don’t see it tapering off anytime soon.

  135. Regular Dog formerly Underdog

    Nice Steve.

  136. CommunicatorIC

    Yes, the rap video has reached India.

    Times of India: Tom Cruise’s ‘auditioned ex’ raps anti-Scientology song

    Zee News India: Tom Cruise’s `auditioned ex` raps anti-Scientology song

    Same observation as above concerning the “anti-Scientology” characterization.

  137. Well if we’re going there, we would have to include psychiatry to my mind. I’m no where near ready to let these blokes off the hook.

  138. Alex, Too bad no one stopped him earlier…. but when I heard the story that 35 years ago LRH actually fired DM from his job as a cameraman and then he defied LRH right to his face and refused to leave…. and LRH did not nothing about it… well then I knew DM was no ordinary barnacle…but that realization was about 35 years too late.

  139. burnedbutnotbitter

    Glad you are working on the History of Scientology book Marty. That means you must have some peace and quiet where you are now. As I have stated before, your books are the scariest things of all. You can’t kill or buy out a book, any more than you can kill or buy out an idea. Yup! Happy Hanukkah!

  140. Damn Mr. Logan, that was a great line:

    (since as-ising an as-ingness isn’t as-isable, as it “isn’t”.)

    Wow, you sure understand this subject.

  141. Joseph Le Sanglier

    You are right Eric but poor supervision was enforced by heavy duty stat push — the concept of getting stats up by any means was crushing any idea of quality. This I know since 1978. All along the 80’s and on, we were supposed to raise stats. We were terrified at the idea of stats going down with conditions assignement flying. The atmosphere was terror and hate. It was a real tyrany. Nobody could criticize the actions of the orgs and management. It would have been an enemy line and you would be pulled on the meter to be investigated. As staff we have been implanted to not know. How you could call that? Just forbiden to just even think the management could be wrong. How do you call that when you can’t criticize? Criticism is the most important tool one has when one sees thinks he doesn’t like. It is a basic right to talk when there are out points. We were forbiden to criticize, to see and to think against management. And that has been going on for decades. Best Joseph Le Sanglier

  142. Marty, I agree this is a correct why and leads to a handling.

    In power positions obtained by arrogance, the leader ends up with no trusted advisers, only sycophants. This makes him ignorant. The sycophants become arrogant, emulating their leader. The organizational downward spiral begins…

  143. ” And this is the KEY: They PRETEND to be members of the group. ”
    … are living up to your handle, Oracle. You nailed it. All of those hiding behind the “cold, hard steel” are fakes. Make-believe Scientologists.
    I tried to give the super-theta video you posted two thumbs up but the program wouldn’t let me. So, I’ll just do it in the theta universe. 🙂

  144. A whole lotta auditing questions, eval, inval and indications here . “Why is it so hard to as is Ron?” Then it just flows in bullets after that. Right down to, “You seem to have Ron as an object”. With enforced datums in between. Kind of like an implant.

  145. Li'll bit of stuff

    Again, you get top marks in the analyst dept. Aeolus!

    “Certainty”, however, has in one definition by LRH, been
    put forth as —“clarity of observation” .– which happens
    when one is 100% “there in present time”, that mental
    state that permits the incredible feats of split second
    timing in a race driver, the mind boggling calculation of
    a Tiger Woods “hole in one”, the lightning responses of
    a medical rescue person catching a falling baby, etc,etc

    Being assured of one’s certainty, or knowingness, sans
    any doubts or anxieties, implies that (at least at THAT
    moment / period,) one is free of aberration, or at least
    diminished capacity for error. Doubt, is simply absence
    of certainty, a mental wobbling,requiring a DECISION, or
    a selected stable datum to end the “dilemma”

    So how about me going “Devil’s Advocate” on you with
    this one;– “Shoot ALL dangerous sociopaths/psychopaths
    on sight!!!” —They used to –still do, in some places too!

    Bottom line? IMHO, if one is in favor of maintaining a SANE
    ( mental ) environment, one can’t go wrong by disconnecting or separating from the insanities, neuroses,psychoses
    anxieties, and TOXIC people, that contribute to the doubts and confusions that make up the craziness!

    Just my 2c.,
    peace, strength & prosperity to you, my friend,

  146. Brian, From his point of view he thought that was true. There are many people who feel the only hope for man is to surrender yourself to Christ. There are many who feel the only hope for man is education. There are many who feel the only hope for man is access to healthcare. There are many who feel the only hope for man is the right to bear arms. People have their own priorities. He never said “I am the only hope”. He told Scientologists “The lives of every man woman and child depend on what you do here and now…” Something to that effect. He told them THEY were the hope. Do I think he was arrogant? Yes I do. But he wasn’t arrogant because he was a showman . He worked 16 days around the clock and he CARED too. He delivered results. he gave people hope, to many, he gave a new life. The more stupidity he ran into, the more arrogant he probably became. People leaned on him from all over the place. That is enough to cause anyone to get arrogant. He was not leading with arrogance and showmanship though. He was leading with knowledge and information and service. He said, “To command is to serve”. He had the ability to care about others. This is evident is the auditors code he passed down. Whatever gifts he received, were a result of his ability to care for others. Maybe not each and everyone. But the majority for sure. He only got cranky after he took to the Sea and was holed up on a ship with a bunch of Sea Org members.

  147. This film is probably nicely produced with some wealthy communist’s money… ha… but don’t forget it has taken us 1,000’s of years to pull ourselves out of the “one man rule” in both governments and religions… Corporations are sort of a counterbalance to this and although they may have all the nasty bits of any organization, you can generally tell ’em to f*** off by not buying their products or services anymore…. for instance, the largest public company in the US about 100 years ago was US Lead. We got an education about Pb (Pb = lead and it’s not evil, just dangerous to your health)… but I venture to say that if the Communists or some sanctimonious religion were making money feeding us Pb, we would all be a bit heavier… probably there would be a gravity tax. Ha.

  148. Scott,
    I had a tongue in cheek on this comment myself.

    It sucks to be Dave. Arr-ignorant. Collapsed terminals again. Dang.

  149. Indoc and discipline are necessary when, say, the purpose is fully known, the environment is noisy and counter-productive, and stats are down. I use indoc and discipline in many other fields than Scientology, they are two concepts which .. if you find yourself avoiding .. probably means you haven’t found a pro-survival use for either concept. Yet.

    In my MEST production lines, if things get sloppy, the lines get bugged. Discipline as a means of sorting that out, works. Its not the be-all, end-all, because most of the time: production lines are working smoothly, things are being exchanged, and actually no such emotions are necessary.

    What I have found particularly interesting about the wog-/vs.-SeaOrg conditioning with regards to the need to be strict, disciplined, indoctrinated, and the whole world of buttons that a person can have on the mere idea of totalitarianism, is that the wog world enforces the totalitarian fascisct valence *FAR MORE THAN WAS EVER ENFORCED ON ME IN THE SEA ORG*. Seriously, the highest-ARC, most lovely, caring, honest people, with extremely good integrity, who I’d have done anything for, have been the productive Sea Org and Trained Class V Auditors. Most loving people, easy to get along with. *NOT* the public perception of Scientologists, alas, because they’re usually the ones holed up in the HGC while the untrained kids try to handle the PR forces of disaster being surged their way, but still. I found the love and happiness of the Church 3rd-dynamic was there – existing under duress – but definitely a spirit of play among the group existed. Many happy times were spent, getting PC’s through their programs, in some HGC’s around the world …

    At least, that is what I observed for the “major section” of my Scientology org experience, until I entered the Int circle; then the whole axes of ARC flipped the table and it was immediately clear that Something Was Wrong.

  150. For Dm he has the lawyers he wants and by facts he has and will carry on to excute what ever he wants to destroy one that goes up against him.

    He doesn’t care who says what about him, or if he does he just puts on more pressure .He thinks force and manipulation handles it .IT DOES NOT

    But in reality He knows any one out of the church has No say /No authorithy So this has become vicious and just carries on going around in circles
    Seems the only time he gets a bit to close to the wire is when some one trys to speak the truth, and spreads that truth using media and other means but dies and gain has his lawyers to pull him out.

    Its vicious hateful destructive supressive situation. Fighting him is involding and costly. We haven’t won fighting this Guy and he knows that.
    But we certaintly have Won in the spread of this mad man’s behaviour by making it know what he has become,contiuning to spread to those on the fence/ and those that cling on in the hope changes might occur, which is wishful thinking in reality in the real world , Or they hang on for some
    glimer of hope or until the Cog arrives !!! and that itself remains to be seen, then theirs those that are shit scared to speak , because they never lived in an outside world and wouldn’t know what it is, and therefore no nothing better.

    That shows suppression in a magitude and with that shows no self disipline to make his /her own mind up, and neither any self control
    And sad to say those in that field remain in a very unhealthy situation mentally and physically and this affects their spirtual side aswell as places supression on their body.
    DM thinks he has control over any one that is in/ and even out
    HE DOES NOT .Its Very Good for those saw that , and escaped , but
    real Bad for those that Remain within and PTS to him.

  151. Li'll bit of stuff

    Robert, That was an absolute BLAST man! comes a
    close second to Marty’s “The Car Wash” video.
    Great to see the muso master Tiziano setting the
    tone to let our very own “M & M” unleash their
    wrath upon the beast — with such relish –I swear I
    saw the sound equip doing double takes! It definitely
    had Tiz wide eyed and beaming in astonishment!

  152. Pualette Cooper was orchestrated by Ron. Why would that not be a reasonable criticism Valkov?

    I find in my lack of research, as you say, a demarcation line that implies: all bad things done after Ron were bad, and all bad things done by Ron were good.


  153. “That is, learn and help others to learn so that the arrogant will have no more ignorant to bamboozle into perpetuating darkness.”
    Count me in.

  154. Yes Valkov uncritical acceptance, exactly. Thanks for getting it.

  155. The Ron that needs as ising Jim is the one who orchestrated violence against Paulette Cooper for criticizing the only hope for man.

  156. I like that! Thanks!

  157. And Oracle, this is a mindset of old world. It is interesting that you use a fundamentalist religion mindset to support your argument.

    It is my view that we are in a time period of recognizing the good in those outside our group.

    Equal rights for gays, minorities etc.

    Power structures are crumbling on many levels.

    Competition, ego, arrogance in politic, religion etc.

    Scientology, Ron has created a mindset were you can harm someone to protect the “only way”.

    Only ways are antique minsets. Recognition of our commonhood is the new way.

    The only way, best way, most workable etc is the prejudiced past marred with arrogance and ignorance.


  158. “It is my view that we are in a time period of recognizing the good in those outside our group.”

    Well, that is not my item Brian. I have always recognized the good in those outside of the Scientology dynamic. If others here are just coming to this time period, I don’t know who they are. They also could speak for themselves.

    I doubt many still in the Sea Org are in communication with any others outside of the Scientology dynamic. Please don’t assume what / who I have been and when because I post here. No need for you to enforce wrong items on people either.

    Sorry you have some upsets about things that happened in the past between others. But it wasn’t me, and it wasn’t you. There is enough conflict in the present between live people for me, with out having to add from the past and people from the past who are not even here complaining about it in the present. I am not interested in mocking up the past. Mainly because there is no way for me to be cause over it in the present. The only thing I can do is mock it up and then go effect of it. That only helps me to be more ignorant of the present.

  159. I received a call from someone in LA saying that ‘we’ (spoken as “you”) will not want to miss this years live New Years Event at the Shrine. Wonder what sort of straight up and vertical drivel the sociopath next door will be spewing on Dec 27th in LA?

    Quiz: How many busloads of ‘extras’ will have to be trucked in to fill the auditorium?

  160. Thank you Espiritu.

  161. The arrogant leading the ignorant! Tom Cruise at his red carpet premier (see OMG video) described his movie character:

    “Because he doesn’t have ties to anything, he can sometimes really see things clearer than others. He doesn’t have to live with the pressures of the world itself.”

  162. Ties = pressure? People with no ties have a clearer view? No ties = no pressure from the world. What does he have, pressure issues or ties issues? Either way, he has some formed interesting ideas. Sounds like, “Out of arc with everyone = you can see clearly”. “ARC = pressures of the world”.

  163. Regular Dog formerly Underdog

    The Data Series was one of the very first studies I did in the early 70’s – of what was written at that time – on the “Why Finder’s Checksheet” written by our beloved Mary Sue Hubbard. The Data Series changed my life then and is still my favorite admin tech.

    When I first heard the “why” as “the blind leading the blind” I thought it was some kind of joke. Thus my first and immediate impression was that it was some kind of slick marketing trick. You called it right Marty. It was a justification.

  164. Misha, evidently “Victoria” is just an OSA sockpuppet running one of their standard programs for “enemy” forums: invalidate everything the group has accomplished, preach defeatism, etc.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist
    Indie 500 #99

  165. Li'll bit of stuff

    Another sledgehammer blow to Tiny nuts, Nicely aimed

  166. I’ll read the book. It sounds very interesting. Thanks for the recommendation. I agree with one thing you said, people have relationships with money. That’s all it is. The same as people have relationships with every thing else from food to books. You are very bright on conditions. That makes me happy too.

  167. A suggestion Brian; what part of that Ron that you have there could you be responsible for?*

    This could also be handled with Recall the first time you heard…

    Or Hello and OK a la PAB 56, AXIOM 51 AND COMMUNICATION PROCESSING:( “Postulates and live communication actually can bring about a permanent change and can actually stop a persistence.”) Get some things you could say to that Ron. Then have that Ron say “Okay”. Then some things that Ron could say to you. Then you say “Okay”.

    This last helps with splitting up universes/valences by the way. Get that off ya sort of thing, get some space, some distance, some separation of viewpoint of dimension. It’s based on ARC and especially C as communication is the universal solvent. It can as-is stuff like nuttin’ else.

    (*NOTE: that’s not “blame, shame or regret” type “responsible” as I’m sure you know, but actually cause over. This is “old school”, Buddha, Jesus, and of course Advanced Procedures and Axioms by L. Ron Hubbard and the high echelon of willingness to assume cause over all efforts and counter-efforts on all dynamics. )

  168. Joseph Le Sanglier

    The why is incomplete. The ignorance was enforced heavily. Personal observation was crushed by a very well set system. Almost a thought police. Dianetics as a subject (1950 and 51 materials) was crushed but they were the most important to know and to know well. Self determinism! This was prevented in the Church. Yes we were ignorant but who would have the courage to see the facts. It was just impossible. It was impossible to observe, to know, to think by oneself. The system was built to prevent thought and self determinism. The system was built to prevent sane application of simple basic policies such as VFP or Quality Count. You have to go further into your investigation of the why. We have been actively prevented to make sane good decent auditors. Only the hard core extremely dedicated would make it but then they were anyway squashed under the machine. It is so evil than even the devil would be amazed.
    Joseph Le Sanglier

  169. Saint Robert, this is certainly an apt jam for the Independent world – Saints vs Sinners 1 – 0….

  170. Jesus Pooface, you really know your stuff!

  171. Why do you feel Paulette Cooper was orchestrated by Ron?

  172. In all honesty I posted the remark because I had the feeling you were the one who didn’t get it, and that you were excluding yourself from the set of people who were “imprinted” – if indeed there were very many of those.

  173. Not at all Catherine. Brian asked the question “Why is it so hard to as-is Ron in a truthful way?”

    As-ising “Ron” is possible, as “Ron” is an identity. If you recall your Dianetics 55 chapter on the AWARENESS OF AWARENESS UNIT, then you of course are cognizant that “Ron” is an identity – a thing – whereas the being is a no thing and hence as-ises, it isn’t “as-ised”. Ultimate Truth is a Static it has neither persistence or impersistence.

    Ergo, it must be an identity, an object of the mind that Brian is asking to as-is. Thus, the reference to a technique to help to as-is that identity.

    I’ve also referenced a couple of more suggestions that may help with this peristence.

  174. Whats up bro?

  175. Brian,
    The following is my reality on this “only way” thingie. I’m quoting liberally from an issue from 1958, THE THEORY OF TRAINING IN SCIENTOLOGY.

    “The very fact that we are training people in things which they already know brings us to a liability, however. As we train we restimulate considerations already undertaken in some distant past by the student. As many of these were assumed to remedy ills and evils he imagined he had (the restimulation of earlier postulates he has made—which are the postulates which become the axioms and other materials in Scientology), the student may experience somatics and confusions which he would not experience in ordinary scholastic pursuits.”

    The Axioms of Scientology express succinctly these considerations. How did LRH arrive at these?

    “A great many things in Scientology have been said before. Indeed, everything in Scientology has been directly and actively postulated by the person being trained at some point in the past. It would be odd indeed if these points then did not echo or harmonic or crop up in other teachings elsewhere. It should be understood by the student that all things proceed from postulates and that these postulates go from simplicities to complexities. Therefore, it would be surprising if Tibetan Lamaism did not contain some of the data of Scientology.”

    “Scientology contains several logics which are very important to training. These are actually the logics of education. Calling your attention to one of these, it will be seen that the evaluation of the importance of a datum is often more important than the datum itself. The datum found in Scientology may also be found in other philosophic works. But hold on for a moment. Did the other philosophic work give an evaluation of the importance of the datum or did it give dozens of other data as having equal rank? This point is mentioned here because it is often overlooked by students.”

    “Now it will be seen that in many philosophies Time is covered exhaustively. Time is given many definitions. Time is given chapters and volumes but nowhere in these chapters and volumes does the philosopher place his finger squarely upon the two or three important data which are most important about Time. He ranks these data with all of the other data and so loses them in an ocean of drops of water, all the drops looking the same as all the other drops. Thus, truth becomes submerged in an ocean of outflow. Scientology is more parsimonious. It is more incisive, it is more thoroughly evaluated. The two or three data in Scientology which concern Time are the data from which all other data about Time flow.”

    “The work in the development of Scientology has been the culling of truth from an ocean of fact and finding that the truth has a tiny group of data possessed of the overwhelming power of changing all other facts in this universe and in livingness.

    “This is the power of Scientology: that it, by stressing single, simple truths, eliminates oceans of mere data. Thus in training we concentrate solidly and continually upon these small truths and we are impatient with excursions until we have established these fundamentals as fundamentals with our students.”

    When you study Scientology you are studying the basic considerations, agreed upon, that bring about this universe. You are reacquainting with your own postulates and agreements. These aren’t the only postulates or considerations possible, but they are the ones that exist for this particular playing field. Any and all manifestations of life are embraced in these basic considerations, all the various complexities.

    So, from these basics, the Axioms, the Factors, the Qs etc., and with a being aware of his own postulates and considerations, in fact at cause over them once again, then he can change any manifestation. If these are indeed the basics, then the idea that they are the sole source of aberration, that they create Time in the first place from which all aberration would come, then it makes sense that this is the “only way” outta whatever it is created, by postulate and consideration.

  176. Research for yourself re Cooper.

  177. Yes I was imprinted. I joined at 18 years old and Sea Org at 21. The imprinting was equal opportunity. It discriminated against none.

  178. First off Jim I like you. You are not being threatened nor judgmental and you are using Scientology to share your thoughts in a reasoned way. I get your sincerity and would really oped for a few beers and a few hrs to share ideas. You’d be fun to talk to, thank you!

    “A suggestion Brian; what part of that Ron that you have there could you be responsible for?”

    Great question Jim. I am being responsible for that Ron that I have here. But that Ron is not just a mock up of my own mind filters. It is an historical record, in all three universes.

    I believe Paulette Cooper was an overt. A 3rd dynamic (Scientology Overt). The massive destruction of the records that connect Ron to the operation is now sworn testimony.

    This is my beef in a nutshell:

    So far, it is my experience, that a great majority of the Indies, that have communicated on this blog, start their recollections of Scientology crimes against human beings after Ron died.

    That is false. And the denial of that is the very definition of not-ising.
    Some here believe there where good covert ops.

    Ron is not a problem for me. I would actually like to have a beer with him too.

    Interest in the truth of historical records, not a nagging image of Ron in my mind that needs purging, is my motive.

    And to tell you the truth, to help the Indies find their way.

    The third dynamic of Scientology needs it’s witholds pulled. I know they are there. Some of you guys know a lot more.

  179. again Jim, there are so many writings were Ron is putting himself above others.
    There are basic thoughts that he wrote which say directly that we are the only hope.

    He has some wonderful stuff. It is not his wonderful genius I am addressing.

    It is the “only way out of the trap” concepts that have caused so much harm; people loosing their eternity.

    Those concepts came from Ron and are now moved into hyper-torture by His Royal Biggness.

    So you are a drummer. Manu Katche blows my mind:)

    happy holidays Jim!

  180. Oracle, I think there are two types of Scientologist. Those that are outside of management and those inside.

    The benevolent Scientology is the common everyday folk trying to better their lives. And that is the only Scientology they know and believe.

    Then there is the other Scientology. The one the celebs don’t know about or the common man.

    Paulette Cooper. Research it. It was just as evil if not more so then what is happening to Marty.

    And the demarcation line of DM for violent crimes is a lie. It may be the reason that I am getting many more thumbs up then down on some of my posts critical of Ron.

    The internet makes us a informed researchers. Obviously there are some anti Ron hate sites, but they are pretty self revealing.

  181. “It basically gives a road map to be fully responsible for something, do not let an “authority” or any other entity (CoS) or wannabe demigod make decisions for you. You have to consult your own common sense and reserve final judgement in everything. Then, you are fully participating in your own life.”

    “Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be the Whole of the Law.” A.C.

    Sorry, I just couldn’t help myself.

  182. Mike, you are so correct, but don’t say this so damn loud… shhhh…. in a whisper say, oh, it was DM… not OSA… you can always tell because he is so witty and Sooo spot on…what say you victoria? We see you, you little runt. Hate being spotted, don’t you.

  183. I did not misunderstand. It did not “go over my head”. And I don’t need clarification.

  184. And I am not impressed with what people know. I am impressed or not with how they use that knowledge, and for what purpose.

  185. MF,
    One of the little ones, with a twinkle in his eye and a smile on his cherub face, comes up to me at his bedtime and says “Good night, Pooface”. It makes my day 🙂

  186. Joseph,
    Take a look above at the Ethics Why posted by Mark Fisher (ref Data Series 42RA).
    “Now I’ve just found out why people can’t put in ethics. They don’t know
    investigatory tech, and possibly in some cases their own ethics are out. If you put their own ethics in, they will get in ethics further. The reason they assign broad conditions and the reason there are so many Comm Evs is they don’t know how to investigate.”

    By investigating the outpoints, one is led to a Suppressive Person at the end of the String Pull. Invest tech, as expressed succinctly in the LRH talk to St. Hill Ethics Officers, would arrive at the main guy behind the inability to put in the Admin Why (see Opening Piece). That “debbil” would surely prevent any Handling, and is the Who behind the Why and the inability to confront that SP, would be an individual Ethics Why for those who would fail at implementing the Why. They would be PTS, and so the Ethics Why Mark suggests would open a door to handling.

  187. Dan,

    LRH criticizes Aristotle in the False Data Stripping issue, and minorly in the Data Series, and as a philosophy major who did only intro logic courses in college, only LRH’s “false report” and “false stat” points seemed an improvement. And other philosophers noted that false info or stats or statements had to be guarded against as a given.

    But the breakdown, of logic, really is the “false” point.

    What I saw as in Sea Org history, with Evals being a Sea Org managerial mainstay for removing Executive Directors and putting on new ones, was the Sea Org evaluator being overruled by “know best” Sea Org superiors who had AVC authority level input to counter the good and logical work done by the eval corps evaluators!

    Too much politics and know best entered at the AVC level, meaning the people who could influence the AVC Eval Authority, about the keeping or removing of the “Who” of the eval.

    To me, the biggest mistake, and LRH was guilty of it so often it caused others to think (the high up people who could inlfuence AVC that is) that they could likewise operate like LRH did, when he operated wrongly.

    If one could purely stick to ALL of LRH’s principles, and sanely apply them, then we’d not have this actual history of just untold number of people removed from post by Evals that toasted them, and toasted them due to politics, and NOT the actual principles.

    Scapegoating and some sort of aberative group think, even all through the years I witnessed as AVC approved the “org evals” and almost uniformly demoted and dumped on EDs or the Div Heads or on the Exec Secs, way prevalent in the scapegoating.

    So I’d disagree, in Eval Sea Org history, the scapegoating I witnessed prevailed.

    There were only a few AVC eval authority people, and maybe LRH now and then, who sanely refrained from scapegoating!

    From talking to people who were admin trained up the ying yang, who got out, and threw it all out of their heads, and just went with how their large corporations or large businesses operated, I found out, from talking, in particular to Carl Carlson, that the “wog world” successfull big business corporations are pretty durned good, the really good ones are, at least, and they do a much stripped down version of internal admin assessment, and not the “Evaluation” format.

    I think the eval format of LRH’s lends itself to scapegoating, way way way way too easily, within even the Sea Org bueaucracy years that were NOT even directly dominated by crazy Miscavige!

    Maybe in two or three more generations of the Sea Org, after Misavige is long dead, like 40 years from how, when they resurrect the old LRH “Evaluation and Execution” orders of the late 1970s, and reform the Eval Corps within the Exec Strata, or something, it’s possible at that later date, to then see if some future generation actually can implement Class 5 org evaluations, on the schedule that LRH said that the Flag Programs Chiefs were to be doing evals of their orgs they are responsible to manage!

    From the ex Sea Org execs like Carl Carlson (ex CO ASHO, ex CO FSO) though, I’ve heard that “wog business” practices are just way more streamlined and way less scapegoatish, the good businesses that go on for decades, that is!

    Chuck Beatty
    ex OEC//FEBC course sup
    1975-2003 ex Sea Org

  188. Once again you seem bent on pushing your straw man, which is that none of the rest of us boobs can confront the fact that not all was sweetness and light pre-DM.

    I’ve been following this blog for 2+ years now. I don’t see now, nor have I ever seen, a tendency on the part of contributors to this blog to glorify LRH or ascribe to him a perfection of character or anything else. If anything, there’s been plenty of criticism of the man, even more than I believe is warranted.

    You may not like it, but many nevertheless greatly admire the man for his contributions, his intellect, his discoveries and his perseverance.

    So again, Brian, I would just like to indicate that most if not all of us folks can and do THINK for ourselves, we really do have the ability to see what is, and what isn’t, in terms of Reality – and we really don’t need someone hectoring us to do what we are already doing.

  189. Oracle, love your comments, but this one is missing the underling booger.. which is the little dried up snot inside DM’s and Cruise’s nose…

    Cruise’s advisers bought the rights to the best fiction novel on planet earth…. so, TC has good advisers. Mmmm…Which is what DM is missing because DM only has got sycophants.

    TC didn’t take his position of power by arrogantly rolling over people. He just did a good job. And, today he has good advisers. This is the real story of TC… IMHO

    On the other hand, DM HAD good advisers but because he is an arrogant SOB with no horsepower of his own…. his trusted advisers are simply gone. He only sucks power off what s left of Scientology….. and remember, that is a lot of horsepower we gave him…

  190. Well Brian, I guess this has handled your origination and left you VIG’s!

    “You, among others, seem to have “Ron” as an object. “.
    “You surely can’t as-is the being. That’s, well, that’s silly now in’it.”
    “what part of that Ron that you have there could you be responsible for?”
    “This last helps with splitting up universes/valences by the way. Get that off ya sort of thing, get some space, some distance, some separation of viewpoint of dimension.”
    “Ergo, it must be an identity, an object of the mind that Brian is asking to as-is. ” (Because it seems to JIM, that you seem to have Ron as object)
    ““The very fact that we are training people in things which they already know brings us to a liability, however. As we train we restimulate considerations already undertaken in some distant past by the student. As many of these were assumed to remedy ills and evils he imagined he had (the restimulation of earlier postulates he has made—which are the postulates which become the axioms and other materials in Scientology), the student may experience somatics and confusions which he would not experience in ordinary scholastic pursuits.”

    Did that do it for you Brian? I’ll bet you’re all cleaned up on it now, right Brian?

    What happened here? A failure to communicate.

    See TR2. Simple TR2 From Training Drills Remodernized.

    Purpose: To teach the student that an acknowlegement is a method of controlling preclear communication and that an acknowledgement is a full stop. THE STUDENT MUST UNDERSTAND AND APPROPRIATELY acknowledge the comm and in such a way that it does not continue the comm.

    See TR-4. Simple TR-4 in the tech dictionary. “A drill to teach the student not to be tongue-tied or startled or thrown off session by originations of the pre clear and to maintain ARC with the preclear throughout an origination. (HCOB 16 Aug 71 ll)

    Now, Brian, let me be the first to admit I do not understand your origination. About as ising Ron truthfully. Note, I did not alter is this to say you asked how to as is Ron. Ron the being or Ron the object as is seemed to Jim also.

    We seem to have a simple problem with a word here. I do not think that means you are irresponsible, seeing objects that are not there or need valence splitting.

    It is my responsibility to understand you.

    Can you perhaps rephrase this meaning or origination, with another word that could make your meaning more clear to me?

  191. Jean-François Genest

    Thank you Sinar for confirming this, and for expanding on the historical information. I value your experience and knowledge.

  192. Oh, okay, Mike, thank you. Makes sense. I went Clear and OT in the independent field so “nothing happening” didn’t sit well.

  193. Brian, I suspect we are not on the same page with the words. I don’t think you are using the word as ising as most people here would use it. Therefore is doesn’t matter how much anyone is shooting even more, and more, and more, and more, data at you about the subject, to showcase THEIR knowledge of as ising and the theories behind it. This will only add to the distance in understanding and make as ising here, near impossible.
    This is what I am saying about mocking up “the past”. While you go the effect of it, in the present you are not able to stay on top of the abuse. You worry about Paulette Cooper’s mind getting fucked while someone here is working to humiliate you, fuck with your head, spin you in and set you up for losses. Somehow you “don’t matter” enough for someone to step up and explain it to you. Probably someone thought Paulette Cooper didn’t matter too. It turned out to be untrue that Paulette Cooper didn’t matter. And it is untrue that you don’t matter enough for me to point out to you, we are different pages with a word. A lot of people posting here do not like it that they were treated as though they did not matter also in the Church.

    I don’t know if you have materials or dictionaries. I can email you some more information if you don’t.

    Within the term as “is as” I use it, it will not as is, the Pauletter Cooper situation just like The World Trade Center incident does not as is. First of all it happened. That is just fact. Second of all, there are many lies woven within the incident. Third of all, no two people are the same, and no two atoms are the same. And both of these particles and everything in between change second by second so they are not the same even second by second. Therefore this universe is rigged so time can not be duplicated or reversed. Everything is constantly altering. We can not turn back time or even reconstruct it in exact duplicate or send it backwards the way it came.

    If you want me to send you something which would explain this answer let me know.

    Beyond that, I do get it that that part of Hubbard’s mind, or personality, that contributed in some or any way to that Paula Cooper situation, is something you are not willing to pretend does not exist. And is something you do not want to over look and is something that disturbs you.

    I would suggest you do this exercise.

    On a piece of paper,

    1.Write down what sort of mind, or personality, would please people.
    2. Then write down what person that would please.
    1. Again.
    2. Again.

    And continue 1 and 2 until something clears or changes for you about new or different states of mind.

    Best, T.O.

  194. OK Brian, I got it. I’m glad you’re out and apparently relatively sane after all that.

  195. … if you lose. Ron Hubbard

  196. Arrggghh! Arr-ignorant! I like it.

    Pirate: (to DM) “Swabbie! Get over here! I hear ye been abusin’ yur Mates again, have ya’?

    DM: “No, I’ve just been getting their ethics in!”

    Pirate: “Swabbie, you arr-ingnorant.”

  197. Note the Out – F.O. 38 from DM.

  198. Ron didn’t “imprint” anything, you imprinted him. If I understand you correctly, I’ve been there, and just the fact you are viewing, become aware of this, will as-is it, or a lot of it.

  199. Amen.

  200. Palehorse, there is ample room in the world for M&M and the Waldstein Sonata!

  201. Yes, except that LRH had those drills assembled and released for auditor training in late 1971, early ’72. As HCOBs. There was nothing about them being restricted to Qual only. Of course, they were terrible, as I recall and do not survive. But they were HCOBs.

  202. Probably nothing wrong with a corporation that threatening to pull its charter wouldn’t cure. But people don’t realize that a corporation only exists because of a charter granted to it——-by people. If people withdraw it’s charter the corporation ceases to exist, i.e., dies. Some corporations do get dissolved but only small fry. The ones who really need to go are the bullies on the block like the Federal Reserve (whose charter is up for renewal in 2013, incidentally, and we probably will not hear a single word about the chance to dissolve the Fed by simply not renewing its charter). Monsanto could also stand a nice clear threat to its existence. BP, Blackwater also come to mind.

  203. UK Police Commisioners election, have you got a DM Muppet representing you? (so far ive got a 30% hit rate).
    Starter Kevin Hurley Surrey,”Former senior policeman Kevin Hurley has shocked the Conservatives to become Surrey’s first police and crime commissioner”,”The City of London Police has faced controversy in the past for its close association with the Church of Scientology. When the City of London Scientology building opened in 2006, City of London Chief Superintendent Kevin Hurley praised Scientology in an appearance as guest speaker at the building’s opening ceremony”_Who’s yours?

  204. Recommend reading “Escape from Camp 14” and “Long Road Home”
    about North Korean escapees and compare to “Int Base” Escapees books
    to get a handle on David Miscavige and the direction of Scientology.

  205. Jim Logan,

    Considering the fact that I spent almost my entire Scientology career (10 years) in the SO, 8 of them as full time Flag Bu Evaluator, (for some time alongside my friend Mark Fisher) I beg to disagree with your statement:

    “By investigating the outpoints, one is led to a Suppressive Person”.

    First off, LRH never said in any of the DSEC policies that all WHY’s would always lead to a WHO who was an SP. Such a statement would have only lead us Evaluators to a witch hunt that would have destroyed scientology in no time flat.

    I spent all those years evaluating individual Orgs and Continents and I can’t remember ever finding an SP as a Who in any of my evals. Neither did my fellow Evaluators at the Flag Bu (later IMO=International Management org). (Except one)

    To remind you of how it works (no offense intended), it goes like this:

    Div 4 WDAH Stats are down in Org X,

    One analyzes the stats and looks at the crash or declining point in time,
    One looks at the period previous to the decline, just like asking a PC “when were you doing good in life before you started feeling bad”.

    Then one begins to investigate in order to find WHAT CHANGED just before the decline. From the investigative procedure, one works out what he Departure from the Realistic Ideal Scene is

    In our case, as Evaluators, we had what was called Multiple Viewpoint Management System= Flag Reps, LRH Comms, GO, Staff knowledge Reports, FBOs and other reporting points I can’t remember now.

    All of those kinds of reports would be found in the Org’s file and from there one would study the data and begin analyzing it in order to find outpoints, which in most cases. would be “contrary facts” that required “string pulling”. For example, “the C/S has been very busy lately” date of report, March 21st.

    Then: The C/S’s wife had a baby on Feb 1st and has been off on leave since then. Date of report March 25th. Of course, there would be other outpoints that would pop up, and one would follow them.

    So one follows that outpoint and eventually finds out that the experienced Flag Trained C/S went off to take care of his newborn baby on Feb 1st and the E/D, in an emergency posted an in training C/S to take care of the load and PCs are red tagging all over the place and the WDAH have crashed. That’s the WHY of the departure from the Ideal Scene: “PCs winning and signing up for more Intensives” So who’s the WHO? maybe the ED for giving the job to an incompetent, untrained C/S. Is he and SP? Of course not. Is he out ethics? Maybe. Is the WHO the C/S for taking a leave of absence to take care of his newborn baby? Not really. Is the inexperienced C/S the culprit? Yes he is for the the down WDAH because he doesn’t fucking know what he’s doing. Is he and SP? Not likely

    So where is the WHO and the Ethics WHY? Probably the ED who could have been more responsible and maybe could have found a trained C/S somewhere to come in part time and do a proper job. Is the ED an SP? You tell me.

    Do you see, Jim? This is the kind of stuff the Old Man left behind for us in terms of the Data Series when in the hands of sound and competent minds. There was however someone in my team of Evaluators, who was often looking for a WHO who would be an SP.

    Once, while in charge of UK Orgs, I did and eval on the Plymouth Org which was crashing in just about all Departments. The Why I found was that their CF was mainly made of names and addresses belonging to transient people. Plymouth is an international port and they were mainly body routing people off ships, people who, after a short course would leave town, never to be seen again!
    They were not bringing in locals. The ED was an american girl, well meaning but a bit incompetent and untrained as ED and of course she was the WHO in my eval. I was sent on mission to Plymouth with Mission Orders based on my eval, but when I went to FOLO UK for my briefing, the eval was a different one, made by Cathy Rinder, who decided that the poor american girl ED, who had kept the failing org somehow alive was an SP and the handling was to removed her!!

    Yeah, the one in our team always looking for SPs was Cathy Rinder. We had AVU (Authorization and Verification Unit) at the time, I think headed by Suzette H at the time and I wonder how Cathy got her eval through because Suzette was very thorough when it came to Data Series Tech.

    It is true however, that with the Data Series tech one can discover and perhaps uncover a real SP. But in my opinion there are not many of them around. I think they are just about the percentage LRH calculated, Maybe less.

    And by the way, based on my personal experience and the data I have,

    The real WHY in the physical universe (don’t forget I was actually there at the time) for the decline and eventual crash of the Scientology stats is not David Miscavige. The decline and eventual complete crash of Scientology Orgs around the world was: In 1980-81 the Scientology Multiple Viewpoint Flag Management System was destroyed and replaced by a Single Report Management System, which LRH allowed without knowing it was happening because he was so old and sick and cut off from the comm lines.

    The WHO was not just David Miscavige, as there were enough people in power to stop him at the time.Several people I can name here but I won’t, are culpable of allowing Miscavige to be where he is now.

    The Ethics WHY can be assigned to A) David Miscavige for his traitorous actions against LRH and the philosophy of Scientology and B) those LRH followers who didn’t have the courage and integrity
    to stop David Miscavige and take control of the organization.

    Marty’s current WHY for the current scene is absolutely correct but only because it was allowed to happen by many who could have stopped it and didn’t have the courage, the balls and integrity to stop it.

    I have said my piece, so shoot me:)))


  206. The Cramming Series are all HCOBs.

  207. Let’s play “Portmaneau”

    DM is an arrognorant procrasturbator.

  208. anotherbookoner,

    You may be interested in this – it is Robert A. Heinlein’s first novel, written in 1938 but not discovered and
    published until 2003.

    The future society described in the novel has a version of a Social Credit structure with a central government run bank exclusively controlling the monetary supply to prevent overproduction and remaining private banks prohibited from lending money they do not actually have on hand and which had been explicitly designated for investment risk.

    Heinlein devoted the entire chapter 9 of this book to describing an easily made “board game” which is kind of a “demo kit” or philosophical machine which can be used to test various economic theories, by playing out the economic system’s premises to their ultimate conclusion. It is somewhat like the game Monopoly.
    Heinlein claims in the book that using this game to test Communism and Capitalism alike, demonstrates that they both inevitably lead to bankruptcy. And that the “social credit” system he describes in the book is the only
    system he had discovered that led to prosperity instead of bankruptcy.

    The book is titled “For Us, the Living” (not to be confused with a similar title by Ayn Rand.)

    (not an affiliate link)

  209. Brian,
    You’ve got an agreement on the beer 🙂

    I’ve got a place in the Highlands (AND the workings of a smokin’ hot band, so there’ll be tunes along with the brew). There is an open invite to you to come up when you can.

  210. Yes, I’m a drummer and I love Manu too. He did the Peter Gabriel gig years back and on a live show with Tony Levin on bass and the tune “in Your Eyes” that is a classic.

    Happy Holidays to you to, mate. See my invite to come up to Cape Breton and have a beer and play. You’ve got the “muse” too 🙂

  211. I feel we are in some time shift here. Heinlein wrote, “I will fear no evil.”
    Laughter! Thank you Valkov, I will read this for sure within the next few weeks. I had no idea he had written this book! Very excited to find out. In the 60’s and 70’s his satire on organized religion was a scandal.
    You might like to read Claude Bristol’s “the magic of believing” published in the late 40’s. The first book to disseminate psychometery.
    It is now on youtube.

  212. Have either of you read Science and Sanity by Alfred Korbzybski?

  213. Thanks buddy, you have my email address

  214. The man has a glaring M/U. You were the staff qual at the int base? This explains volumes.

  215. Catherine?
    Outing people = out security = treason. Beware.

  216. My my my Oracle:-) what to say, what to say. Let me see………….. Mmmmmmm. Maybe I should get antagonistic…… No, maybe a little expressed resentment…….. Na, I don’t do that anymore. 🙂

    Very simple my dear: The existence of something is understood by the mind that is comprehending it.

    When we see the true nature of a thing we see it as it is.
    When you see a thing colored by falsehoods you see it as “alter is”.

    And when we refusing to see something as it is because of our mental attachment to the altered perception or ignorance, that is called “not is”.

    Can I get a gold star now?

    And what is a dictionary? I have heard of them before? Do they have anything to do with weenies?

  217. J. L. Has used his knowledge to out you here. For what purpose? Warning to shut up? That did not go over my head either.

  218. Is everyone snoozing? How do you live with this shit?

  219. Seriously!

  220. A suggestion Jim Logan, what part of Brian that has an M//U could you be responsible for?

  221. You are too late, them man is dead. He already as-ised himself.
    He vanished. Poof.

  222. If you really want to follow the as-is logic, then LRH was the only being that truly knew LRH. He is the only one that could as-is LRH.

  223. Oh, and he did.

  224. TO, see your thanks? Don’t cast your pearls before swine. (Matthew 7:6)

  225. Wow! Well stated Alex. You certainly enlightened me with your educating piece. Thank you. 🙂

  226. “Lo and behold, shortly after Hubbard’s passing, the organizations he created to resolve humanity’s ills were steadily remolded. They began to take on the pattern of those governments and organizations they were created to reform.”
    I was shocked to find that when returning to the current, corporate world of business, it resembled the current corporate C of $.
    This was not the group I encountered in the 1970’s!
    Straightwiring the last 3 decades brought to view a clear understanding, which was that my former, beloved Church morphed into exactly what the above-quoted paragraph states.
    Reformation is due.
    So is stamping out the literalness of every word and phrase written by the man, L. Ron Hubbard. Again, the man.
    And that man was not immune to anything.
    I have concluded Scientology is a workable technology but hardly the only workable technology.
    Interesting that many, like myself, are studying/practicing Buddhism, to study the early subjects that Scientology was derived from.
    My other conclusion is “They can’t deliver what was promised, as what was promised can’t be delivered”.
    Hubbard did not promise what the Church PR machine churns out.
    You get what you get out of it.

  227. Joseph Le Sanglier

    Hello Marty, Alex and Jim,
    Re: the why
    Alex you have been (and you are) a great evaluator. I want to say this: There are things that were screwed up in the whole show. An evaluator analyses reports coming from various sources as well as stats. But if the reports are false and stats are false — all based on the same “ideal scene”–, how can you evaluate. Of course when someone does a report, one bases it on one’s perception of ideal scene. If you say in the report “this auditor refused to take his pc in session so the wdah were down because he did 5 hours instead of 10”. The report is true, the fact is true. The ideal scene in the mind of the reporting staff is “the auditor is doing 10 wdah a day so the stat stays up.” It is a false ideal scene and actually a suppressive one but widely agreed upon and enforced in the group. The missing data is that the auditor was a strong being with a high sense of integrity (a real ideal scene but considered suppressive by the local and higher management). The pc of this auditor had a persistent FN after a huge life changing win. Of course you let the guy go and take his win, without any consideration to the lost stat. Who give a damn about the stat. The client is happy. The word of mouth will be awesome. The auditor goes to ethics with wrong condition assignment. This marvellous product is not included in the ideal scene of the church. This inverted, screwed up admin scale is so generally admitted in the group that any reporting staff such as FR, LC, etc, would not notice the outpoint. In addition any staff who would dare to oppose the group agreement would be squashed as suppressive to the group. So the why “the arrogant lead the ignorant” is true but not basic and is incomplete.
    This is not imagination. I lived it for 25 years. I have many facts but not the whole scene of course.

    An out point is: a scene considered as ideal by the church from top down, was actually a suppressive scene destroying any ARC, PR and generalized worthwhile products.
    The other out point is: the real ideal scene for scientology –free, high integrity beings applying real scientology to improve conditions — was actually considered suppressive by the Church.
    Such an entheta scene was so widely agreed upon than any theta being getting close to it would be turned into entheta just by the mechanical fact of the higher volume of entheta versus a smaller volume of theta. Hey what do you think of this one??

    We need to do a real evaluation. We were acting on inverted admin scale of course. Importances were screwed up. An obedient and compliant staff was part of the ideal scene. A free being staff able to observe and tell what he observed was considered as an SP. It was an impossible position. Either you fell into the mould of generally agreed upon behaviour and “policy” either you were an SP for the group. “A smaller volume of theta would get enturbulated by a higher volume of entheta when in contact”. This is the law (not verbatim the whole theta mest theory in Science of Survival). One why is probably in the area of that theory. It was just impossible to stay theta in such a volume of entheta.

    Another area to investigate is the so called LRH writings during or after 78. If you want to have a full truthful analysis, you need to have the Source of data. We need actually the truth as to what happened to LRH after he left the Apollo. On the Apollo, we are pretty sure Ron was really Ron. But after, what happened to the man? This is important because we were of course acting on his “writings”. Call in for example was one of the most suppressive destructive action regarding the public. Harsh ethics and enforcement of R and C was the rule for years. This destroyed any PR. Reporting on such was impossible and would have been deemed suppressive as stopping dissemination. Birthday game issues were probably false non LRH issues. This destroyed real Scientology.

    This has to do with what happened to LRH at the time and when. Even if he reappeared after, was he really LRH? Or someone else showing up? You see, how come his family was not allowed to see him, even when dead. And how come LRH would not see his kids. Something doesn’t make sense. Any free man would visit his kids and grand kids. No one free would accept any cut ARC line.
    Joseph Le Sanglier

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