Fear No Evil

One of the primary dangers of Scientology is the potential for, and its proclivity toward, the abuse of the confidences its members entrust the organization with.  It is a most insidious operation.

Scientology counselors are drilled for months – and sometimes years – on communication skills that are designed to make a seeker completely comfortable with sharing her innermost feelings and every detail about all of her frailties and shortcomings.   Scientology counselors are trained to overcome their own possible misgivings about invading the privacy of another in order to ensure they probe every dark corner of another’s mind.   The seeker is carefully indoctrinated that in order to achieve any gain in Scientology it is first and foremost necessary that she willingly discloses every secret, dark or light, she may possess.  Scientology counselors are trained to naturally and thoroughly note for posterity every detail of the confessions that their counselees so disclose.

Scientologists are indoctrinated to fully believe that the ends of the Scientology organization justify whatever betrayal of an individual’s rights might be considered necessary for the organization’s survival.

Knowledge derived from the confessions of a seeker are continually utilized to keep that person serving and contributing at ever increasing levels of commitment.  Sometimes it is done through encouragement, and sometimes it is done through inducing fear of the future.  In either event, when the seeker is left bereft of money and energy to continue fulfilling the constantly imposed increasing commitment,  knowledge of the seeker’s confessions are used in a darker fashion.  That knowledge is used to convince the disaffected seeker that her own confessed weaknesses are the cause of her dissatisfaction and that failure to continue to comply to the organization’s agenda will result in the person succumbing thoroughly to those weaknesses.

Ultimately, in order to break this vicious circle the disaffected seeker must pronounce she is no longer willing to comply with the dictates and policies of the organization.

But, with Scientology that is not the end of it.

Well-established Scientology policy assumes that one cannot partially disagree or reject part of Scientology, “If a group member rejects the group, he rejects everything about the group and no further question about that.”   Until and unless the disaffected individual ‘comes to her senses’ and capitulates to the authority of the group – accepting every policy and everything about the group – she is treated as an enemy of the group.

An enemy is considered fair game for group members to weaken and destroy by any means necessary.   Group members are indoctrinated to believe it is a solemn duty to cooperate with such efforts to nullify designated enemies.  Group members are required to cut all communication with the disaffected individual, even if the targeted person is a family member, long-time friend or business associate.


If a disaffected individual continues to vocalize or write about disagreements with such treatment or anything else about Scientology,  the group will publish mean-spirited propaganda about that individual.  That propaganda inevitably contains the fruits of the confessions of the targeted individual.  Seldom is it done with chapter-and-verse, literal detail which could make the organization legally accountable for violation of trust.  Instead, it is done through a sophisticated, even sociopathic, and complex propaganda methodology.  It requires the development of a dark, complicated and evil mindset to create this variety of propaganda.

It is no coincidence that the Scientology organization has become less powerful, influential  and popular with the advent of the age of information.   With the expansion of sharing of information of a personal nature during the proliferation of social media use – and the glut of ‘reality-based’ entertainment focusing on the eccentricities of common and famous folk – people seem to be less apt to judge and condemn others for their personal shortcomings.   People seem to have become more disgusted with the types of people who vindictively smear others than with targets of the condemnation attempts.  Without an avid, judgmental audience Scientology’s stockpiled secrets have lost their value.  To the degree its stock in trade has become unmarketable, the group has dwindled in numbers and its ability to silence disagreement and criticism has waned.

This is yet another reason to fear no evil.

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  1. Thank you, Marty. This is what I needed to read today!

  2. It is not for nothing that the one man Commission of Inquiry into Scn in New Zealand back in 1969 recommended, ordered, that no details of overts were to be recorded. He saw the danger of blackmail in it. As an auditor all I could write in the worksheet was “overt”. The end of session indicators and general indicators in the few days or weeks after an o/w session would show if all was gotten or not. It was, still is, a wise ruling.

  3. Alex castillo DSEC LRH Evaluator tech)

    I posted this in the previous subject, however i believe that in name of truth Marty will allow me to post here, even if it is off the subject:

    Alex castillo | December 13, 2012 at 12:42 pm | Reply
    Jim Logan,

    Considering the fact that I spent almost my entire Scientology career (10 years) in the SO, 8 of them as full time Flag Bu Evaluator, (for some time alongside my friend Mark Fisher) I beg to disagree with your statement:

    “By investigating the outpoints, one is led to a Suppressive Person”.

    First off, LRH never said in any of the DSEC policies that all WHY’s would always lead to a WHO who was an SP. Such a statement would have only lead us Evaluators to a witch hunt that would have destroyed scientology in no time flat.

    I spent all those years evaluating individual Orgs and Continents and I can’t remember ever finding an SP as a Who in any of my evals. Neither did my fellow Evaluators at the Flag Bu (later IMO=International Management org). (Except one)

    To remind you of how it works (no offense intended), it goes like this:

    Div 4 WDAH Stats are down in Org X,

    One analyzes the stats and looks at the crash or declining point in time,
    One looks at the period previous to the decline, just like asking a PC “when were you doing good in life before you started feeling bad”.

    Then one begins to investigate in order to find WHAT CHANGED just before the decline. From the investigative procedure, one works out what he Departure from the Realistic Ideal Scene is

    In our case, as Evaluators, we had what was called Multiple Viewpoint Management System= Flag Reps, LRH Comms, GO, Staff knowledge Reports, FBOs and other reporting points I can’t remember now.

    All of those kinds of reports would be found in the Org’s file and from there one would study the data and begin analyzing it in order to find outpoints, which in most cases. would be “contrary facts” that required “string pulling”. For example, “the C/S has been very busy lately” date of report, March 21st.

    Then: The C/S’s wife had a baby on Feb 1st and has been off on leave since then. Date of report March 25th. Of course, there would be other outpoints that would pop up, and one would follow them.

    So one follows that outpoint and eventually finds out that the experienced Flag Trained C/S went off to take care of his newborn baby on Feb 1st and the E/D, in an emergency posted an in training C/S to take care of the load and PCs are red tagging all over the place and the WDAH have crashed. That’s the WHY of the departure from the Ideal Scene: “PCs winning and signing up for more Intensives” So who’s the WHO? maybe the ED for giving the job to an incompetent, untrained C/S. Is he and SP? Of course not. Is he out ethics? Maybe. Is the WHO the C/S for taking a leave of absence to take care of his newborn baby? Not really. Is the inexperienced C/S the culprit? Yes he is for the the down WDAH because he doesn’t fucking know what he’s doing. Is he and SP? Not likely

    So where is the WHO and the Ethics WHY? Probably the ED who could have been more responsible and maybe could have found a trained C/S somewhere to come in part time and do a proper job. Is the ED an SP? You tell me.

    Do you see, Jim? This is the kind of stuff the Old Man left behind for us in terms of the Data Series when in the hands of sound and competent minds. There was however someone in my team of Evaluators, who was often looking for a WHO who would be an SP.

    Once, while in charge of UK Orgs, I did and eval on the Plymouth Org which was crashing in just about all Departments. The Why I found was that their CF was mainly made of names and addresses belonging to transient people. Plymouth is an international port and they were mainly body routing people off ships, people who, after a short course would leave town, never to be seen again!
    They were not bringing in locals. The ED was an american girl, well meaning but a bit incompetent and untrained as ED and of course she was the WHO in my eval. I was sent on mission to Plymouth with Mission Orders based on my eval, but when I went to FOLO UK for my briefing, the eval was a different one, made by Cathy Rinder, who decided that the poor american girl ED, who had kept the failing org somehow alive was an SP and the handling was to removed her!!

    Yeah, the one in our team always looking for SPs was Cathy Rinder. We had AVU (Authorization and Verification Unit) at the time, I think headed by Suzette H at the time and I wonder how Cathy got her eval through because Suzette was very thorough when it came to Data Series Tech.

    It is true however, that with the Data Series tech one can discover and perhaps uncover a real SP. But in my opinion there are not many of them around. I think they are just about the percentage LRH calculated, Maybe less.

    And by the way, based on my personal experience and the data I have,

    The real WHY in the physical universe (don’t forget I was actually there at the time) for the decline and eventual crash of the Scientology stats is not David Miscavige. The decline and eventual complete crash of Scientology Orgs around the world was: In 1980-81 the Scientology Multiple Viewpoint Flag Management System was destroyed and replaced by a Single Report Management System, which LRH allowed without knowing it was happening because he was so old and sick and cut off from the comm lines.

    The WHO was not just David Miscavige, as there were enough people in power to stop him at the time.Several people I can name here but I won’t, are culpable of allowing Miscavige to be where he is now.

    The Ethics WHY can be assigned to A) David Miscavige for his traitorous actions against LRH and the philosophy of Scientology and B) those LRH followers who didn’t have the courage and integrity
    to stop David Miscavige and take control of the organization.

    Marty’s current WHY for the current scene is absolutely correct but only because it was allowed to happen by many who could have stopped it and didn’t have the courage, the balls and integrity to stop it.

    I have said my piece, so shoot me:)))


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  4. When any organization places its welfare above its adherents, it starts the slide to cult-dom. When the welfare of its members is the first priority, an organization will prosper. When members welfare is secondary to the organization, the word gets out and the organization will wither.

    Dave Miscavige’s corporate COS had to declare so many enemies because the first priority of corporate COS is loyalty to Dave.

  5. The abuse of material obtained during auditing for dead-agenting is one of the worst things about the corporate church. I grew up Catholic, and the sanctity of the confessional was drilled into me as a youth prior to my first confession. What you said in the booth stayed in the booth. To me, if you’re calling yourself a “church”, there’s an implied burden to maintain that sanctity. Material gleaned during auditing should remain between the auditee, the auditor, and the C/S. Pulling that stuff out during dead-agent operations is truly repugnant. I felt physically ill the first time I read about Tory Magoo’s experience with her PC folders.

    For those of you who still believe in the Evils Of Psychiatry, let me assure you that nothing I have ever said to any of my shrinks over the years has come out in public. I don’t have psychiatrists plastering my neighborhood with statements I’ve made about my sex life, or throwing out a full list of my medication history. Doctor-patient confidentiality is real with psychiatrists.

    If the corporate church was straightforward about this with some sort of Miranda-type declaration (“your statements can and will be used against you”) signed by the PC prior to their first auditing, I’d be less disgusted with this. At least that way their practice would be bolstered by some form of declared consent. The way it’s done, though…

    Marty, you’re absolutely right about the fact that there’s minimal impact these days when it comes to any reveal from pre-clear folders. This is something we Anons tried to emphasize to those still in. We tried to explain that if the corporate church tried dead-agenting someone who left, we, along with the Old Guard, were there to help counter it. One of the best things Anon ever did was to show those who are still in that OSA wasn’t the all-consuming beast that their internal image in CoS emphasized. The toothless tigers are now having a harder time trying to gum people to death.

    If you’re reading this and are still in or below the radar, and you’re afraid of what’s in your PC folder, don’t be. You wouldn’t believe the support system you have available to you the moment you blow.

  6. Marty, Interesting take on this aspect of leaving the church. Thank you for sharing this viewpoint!

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  8. Great post. Has anyone proposed that since we parishioners are no longer part of the church that they 1) ask for their folders and then 2) take them to court if they are refused.

    The courts could possibly side with the parishioners and it would be a very noisy campaign which would be eaten up by the press.

    It is strange how we want to help LRH and have to go through people opposed to openness (DM).

    Thanks for your post.

  9. Love it Marty!!
    More sound reasoning. I have been smeared by the cult of Tinyfists and can vouge for everything you said here. LRH even said that you shouldn’t be afraid of others finding out about your overts.
    But McTinyfists alters the data and that’s not cool.
    Anyways, as you say, nobody really cares that much. In some cases it just makes a person more real to others since they have similar shit they are not proud of.

  10. plainoldthetan

    “This planet is part of a larger federation — was part of an earlier federation and passed out of its control due to losses in war and other such things. Now, this larger confederacy — this isn’t its right name, but we have often called it and referred to it in the past as the Marcab Confederacy — they specialize in this fellow who will conform.”

    Scientology Inc’s “enforced conformance” is restimulative of Marcabian abuses. If Miscavige had actually studied Scientology to the point he could apply it, Scientology Inc wouldn’t be resorting to “enforced conformance”.

  11. Shocking, when viewed like you describe, in it full dastardliness. But as per your usual, the sun comes out again in the last two paragraphs, For shining the light of truth again, Marty – thank you!

  12. This stuff is utter psychosis and should play no part of any human activity or practice. This is the stuff from which nightmares are made. It is the inherent stock in trade of the sociopathic virus: gaining the victim’s trust then manipulating and wheedling secrets from them only to employ them as scapulae to injure and extort. I not only reject it’s existence, I will wage war against this practice until it is gone from the face of the earth. Our primary weapon in this war is exposure and thereby, education of the public at large so they recognize the evil and SHOOT ON SIGHT.

  13. Perfect analysis and summation of one of the more difficult topics to explain to both Scientologists and non-Scientologists alike.

    I believe the dwindling efficacy of this technique is one of the reasons for the rise of the use of disconnection as a control mechanism. The whip isn’t having the desired effect any longer, so pull out the hammer and smash a finger or two and see if they still want to step out of line.

    But there is another observable fact about the disclosure of private information — the general public is far less judgmental than the run of the mill RCS member. Part of their indoctrination is to be judgmental — there is a long list of “no-no’s” that automatically pigeon hole someone into the “out ethics” or “PTS” or “SP” category. The RCS has become fundamentalist — hellfire and brimstone shall rain down on the sinners. Just talk to a Kool Aid drinker about “an SP” and they will proceed to tell you in the most dramatic fashion that they are doomed to die of some ugly disease and spend eternity as a black cinder. Never mind that the “SP” may have done nothing more reprehensible than refusing to disconnect from their child who in turn had been caught reading “forbidden” material on the internet and wouldn’t stop.

    I would match up a true Kool Aid drinker (Allender or Ed Bryan type) to the best the Fundamentalist Christians have to offer in a competition to see who is most judgmental… And for once, my money would be on the Squirrelbusters!

  14. Marty,

    What blows my mind about Scientology is that we have the tech and the ability to make people much better as people and more likely on their own to want to help others anyway and we just disreguard that and start going into the most brutal, heavy suppressed and totalitarian control of people immaginable. My question is “Isn’t auditing people worth doing anymore”. Why won’t the church audit it’s own staff memers and why have they made the prices so high no one can affaord to ctually get auditing if they are not crazy rich.

    I am sure you know the answer.

    This stuff goes all the way bak to Ron to. He went over the top with the overboarding, RPF-ing, get tough or die stuff to the point where that is primarilly what the church has to offer these days.

    Fortunately in the 30 some years I was actively involved I was never on staff so I never went along with most of this stuff. Agreeing with this stuff is the primary reason I was never on staff anyway. You just can’t tell me who to talk to, what to read or who to believe. I just don’t go for that stuff. Through my experiences in life and auditing I realized I’ve been there and done that without good results so I am not going there again. People that try to get me involved in that kind of stuff can truly go fuck themselves blind for all I care.

    Thanks for all of your efforts in trying to turn our ship around. You are the best!!!

  15. Marty, this is the first time I know of that you did not make it clear in your post that you are referring to the CoS or, as you put it, Scientology Inc; or, at worst, that you are referring to the management policies of Scientology. Just specifying “Scientology” could be interpreted to mean that you’re talking about the tech and philosophy of Scientology itself, when I know that is far from what you mean!

  16. Meanwhile, corporate Scientologists continue to commit the most serious overt of all: making another guilty of his or her overts, even though, as you say, Marty, it is becoming less and less “effective.” Of course, someone who has truly resolved an area that at one time bothered his conscience wouldn’t care less about whether anybody knew about it or not. The practice followed by Scn Inc. against anyone who dares voice a disagreement merely makes them more and more tar babies and sticks them more and more to the hostilities and sufferings of life. And believe me, if the lives of people at Int are any indication, those poor saps are suffering big time.

  17. And at the risk of being called an OSA sockpuppet AGAIN, this does prompt me top reinterate that the Scientologists that are not on board with this sort of despicable avoid the slipper slope of becomming a part of it. That’s why I made my comment about the Freezone/Indie divide the other day, just to be clear.

    Marty you’re spot on about that kind of “leverage” being of no value whatsoever anymore. It really does throw the monkey wrench into their blackmail operation.

  18. Sheesh I could have proofread that comment, but you get what I mean;)

  19. plainoldthetan

    Don’t forget that using pc folder contents to intimidate and coerce Scientologists out of session is forbidden per LRH in HCOB 2 January 1971 ILLEGAL AUDITING.

  20. Alex castillo DSEC LRH Evaluator tech)

    I sure as hell hope that people reading you latest post will not be put off from what the Real Scientology is. Shouldn’t it be clarified that you and many others around the world have splintered off David Miscavige’s Scam called the Church of Scientology as it has been known for the last 20 years? Should it not be clarified that David Miscavige actually STOLE the name of Scientology to create the Scam he has been running for years?

    Should it not be clarified to the general public that Scientology before the crook David Miscavige took it over was an effective Councelling Therapy that was effectively helping thousands of people all around the world?

    Should it not be clarified that there is a worldwide group of therapists using the original Scientology methods to help people improve their lives?

    Should people not know that before 1980, before David Miscavige took control of the Church of Scientology tens of thousands of people around the world were experiencing the benefits of the genuine Scientology counselling methods?

    Everything you have said about the current “Church” of scientology is correct, I just hope people will understand that the re is a difference between Scientology today and scientology as it was 32 years ago, when the church was taken over by David miscavige and his followers at the time.


  21. plainoldthetan

    “You just can’t tell me who to talk to, what to read or who to believe. I just don’t go for that stuff.”

    Brian: You’re not subject to those kind of edicts solely as a staff member. ROTM (run-of-the-mill) Scientologists are subject to them to.

    One of the first things that happens if Scientologist X gets declared suppressive is an across-the-board mobilization of Ethics Officers to make sure that everyone who knows Scientologist X gets informed that he is declared and what Scientologist X’s “crimes” are in order to intimidate those still in the church about the “dire consequences” of being declared or associating with declared persons.

  22. Nice piece.

    One of the key fundamentals of Scientology is relieving one’s ‘own determined’ transgressions (not those as assessed by another) as this makes for increased awareness and determination for it dislodges and eradicates mass which theta has become.

    The key to the above paragraph is the word “determined.”
    The actual importance of the charge one is getting off has much more to do with whose determination is manifest during the metered event. Currently, and in much of sec-checking, the determination is on the other side of the table: it is other-determined.

    And this includes the determination of one who, by reason of kool-aid logic (enforced agreement), feels great by getting off tons of overts as ‘directed’ by the church. But are they ‘really’ his overts? Do they really have much worth (other than, as Marty says, current hold over the person and future fodder for the church)?

    As LRH says in many places, there are moral codes and there are ethics. Ethics is nothing more than following a personal standard that is determined by oneself. When one mixes that with suppressive morality (ends justifying the means) you get an introversion and perversion of personal integrity.

    To regain some modicum of personal integrity one needs to extricate oneself through determining what is really one’s own viewpoint. Only then the sham of living through another’s moral base can come off. And the internet has been a powerful start to that.

    In the end, the truth will always come out – if you let it!

    Just my 2Cents.

  23. Regular Dog formerly Underdog

    Marty, this post is perfect for me today. In fact I love you for writing it. It’s true, I am just a regular dog –and a heterosexual, male, regular dog at that, but I love you anyway. You know with your perception and writing of such things as this you might just create a planetary renaissance with a resurgence by all people all over the world towards understanding and compassion for each other. It seems I’ve had that purpose before. It’s nice to feel it rehabilitated.

  24. Thank you for this, Marty. I really liked the term you use for Scientologists: “seekers.” We are seekers. A wonderful term, expressly different from “believers,” “followers” or “worshipers.”

    Don’t know how it is outside the Int Base but on the Int Base I got about 50 PC folders of confessionals, FPRD and Disagreement checks. That included reviews and repairs of confessionals too and NOTHING else in 18 years. I finally crashed and burned and ended up on the RPF where I had 1200-1300 hours more confessionals and finally blew.

    Out here in the field I did some grades, attested Clear (past-life), did CCRD and continued on further with my auditing and not a single sec check but boy! do I feel clean and powerful! And do things start cracking in life when you get real Scientology and knock off getting introverted by endless sec checks!

    So I would like to stress the point that confessionals are not just used by the CoS to find blackmail or punitive material on the parishioners but also as a tool to prevent people from achieving more freedom (case gain) and suppress and enslave the seekers, turning them into believers, followers and worshipers.

  25. True, fear no evil. Good post.

  26. I hear you, Steve, very well put! By waging war, of course, I understand exposure of the wrongs and education of public with the intention to help them as opposed to, lets say, an airstrike, anger-driven type of mentality.

  27. As a longterm auditor it t is sickening to me the betrayal of trust perpetrated by this insane suppressive group. The wins of a person getting their witholds off in a safe environment are immeasurable.
    DM has a number of ways he kills-one of them is peoples faith in an incredible Tech.

  28. Bryan Kelly:

    “This stuff goes all the way bak to Ron. He went over the top with the overboarding, RPF-ing, get tough or die stuff to the point where that is primarilly what the church has to offer these days.”

    You were never on staff, you were never on the Apollo. You never met the old man. So basically you know jack..s..t about the old days. So stop giving your uninformed opinion. If you have ever been audited with LRH processes
    and you experienced the benefits of the old man’s techniques, just be grateful for having found the L.Ron Hubbard’s works. And if you have never experienced Dianetics or scientology procedures, then just shut the fuck up and get the hell out here. But if you are curious, contact the independent Scientology group. They can help you sort out your uncertainties.:))


  29. Well put! A very difficult thing for me, despite knowing it, was to act and communicate without fear or granting them power over me. It has not been easy in any sense, but like so many have said, when you no longer fear them they really have lost their power over you. My life continues to get better from the exact point I decided to not fear them anymore.

  30. This is Exhibit A as far as I’m concerned.

    Destroying one of the most powerful and therapeutic practices in Scientology in an effort to destroy people who are only telling truth about you is pretty good indicator you are Suppressive IMHO.

  31. From the days of Brutus and Jesus, not to mention Anthony and Cleopatra, and before, trust has implied the possibility of betrayal. Betrayal takes on an especially, and even greater, significance, however, when it is alloyed into a perversion of the one practice which is supposed to end all betrayal and resurrect the ability to freely choose and observe allegiances.

    It was not, however, always so. It is, in fact, not true that trust is the obverse of betrayal. The two are not inextricably entwined in the same way as heat is the absence of cold, and vice-versa.

    Trust is an action, a decision, a perspective which is independent of, and not on the same plane as betrayal.

    And, so, it is a particularly odious, sinister and fundamentally disgusting feature of David Miscavige’s visage, that he has succeeded in alloying the two together in the name of Scientology — at least in the minds of some.

    All that needs to be done to eviscerate this cur’s ‘power’ over those who have unwittingly spilled their ‘secrets’ is to recognize that HIS secret is the worst one, and the most perverted and disgusting of all: He has laid waist to his immortal beingness by turning traitor to us all and perverting everything which finds its way into his sphere of influence. He has written himself an especially harsh judgment in the hereafter — so I truly hope that he ‘enjoys’ his ‘winnings’ while he can. He’s for it in the future, and he should make no mistake about it: he will be the very last thetan to be rehabilitated — at least if I have anything to do with it.

  32. Spot on, Marty. This explains why the celebrities continue to publicly support the Co$. They have “secrets”. They are terrified of exposure of their pc folders. Well, who cares if JT or TC are gay, or bisexual – or not? The general public sure has hell doesn’t. They’re still buying Elton John records, aren’t they? At least, I am. I think Tumbleweed Connection is a damn good album by a damn good artist.

    Now, call me lucky, but in almost 40 years of Scientology, I never had a sec check run on me except for a short eligibility sec check on OT I and a leaving sec check on OT IV. So the Co$ doesn’t have much dope on me. But even if they had, I’d immediately sue them if they so much as leaked a single origination from my pc folders.

    I sent my resignation letter to the Co$ a couple of months ago and I expect to be (secretly) declared in the near future.

    Should the Co$ decide to discredit me using data I communicated to one of my auditors, they’ll be very sorry. I will fight back until they are banned in my country. And that’s a promise.

  33. “Knowledge derived from the confessions of a seeker are continually utilized to keep that person serving and contributing at ever increasing levels of commitment. Sometimes it is done through encouragement, and sometimes it is done through inducing fear of the future.”

    “That propaganda inevitably contains the fruits of the confessions of the targeted individual. Seldom is it done with chapter-and-verse, literal detail which could make the organization legally accountable for violation of trust. Instead, it is done through a sophisticated, even sociopathic, and complex propaganda methodology. It requires the development of a dark, complicated and evil mindset to create this variety of propaganda.”

    When my wife and I were given a comm ev back in the late 90’s for having the audacity to write KRs on out-tech that led directly to miscavige, this very operation was used against us. It was not the least bit covert. The head of the comm ev and one member were directly reading portions of both of our PC folders and using confessions to introvert and demean us into submission.

    This is among the key reasons why I believe the “church” is dead.

    They absolutely cannot be trusted. They have betrayed the trust so often and with such callousness that their credibility is zero. As LRH said the WTH, “People who keep their word are trusted and admired. People who do not are regarded like garbage.”

    Exactly true. I do consider the Co$ like garbage.

    By the way, really great writing style, Marty.

  34. Having audited public, staff and SO for many thousands of hours
    and in at least 3 instances having the PC divulge actual crimes,
    well, LRH has a handling for that too, which does not come close
    to what DM and the church is doing presently.
    Thanks Marty for shining the light on this aspect of the atrocities
    of the church.

  35. This can get even stickier when Scientologist business owners assume similar rights over their Scientologist employees, either directly (by requiring O/W write-ups and meter checks — at the local org — as part of a Danger Condition formula) or indirectly (by representing themselves to to the Ethics Officer at the local org as the “Ethics Officer” of that company, asking for any dirt on that employee). I’m speaking of several instances several years ago with the Scientologist owner of a San Francisco Bay Area company. A well hatted EO (as in the case of San Francisco Day Org) would consider this to be “putting business matters on Church lines” and refuse. An unhatted EO (as in the case of San Francisco Foundation Org) would go along with the shenanigans.

  36. I experimented and been a witness of this horrendous behaviour.
    When my son Tiziano went to meet with Marty Rathbun the first time, MIke Sutter, Marion Pow and Hans Sueli flew from the US to Italy to inform me of what had happened.
    After that they showed me Marty’s SP Declare and after that they continued by telling me that MY SON was a sexual pervert and a full blown criminal and that they had his Ethics File with them for me to see and they wanted me to have a look at the file (it was in their briefcase) to understand with whom we had to deal with.
    My answer was that I KNEW MY SON since he was my son and that I did not need a file on him to know who he was, and also I told them that I did not want to see the file because in the future I would not have liked that “my son” could receive the same offer to see MY E-Files since I AM MUCH MUCH WORST THAN what they wanted me to see, knowing me……..
    The summation of this could have been said in 2 simple words: “FUCK YOU!”

  37. Though well acquainted, of this I know nothing.

    But I do agree, with the coming of “Always look good on the Internet” CofS has utterly failed.


  38. Regular Dog formerly Underdog

    “This is among the key reasons why I believe the “church” is dead.”
    ——This is my thought exactly. I have felt this practice alone has killed the church. Thank goodness Scientology is in good hands outside the church.

  39. There is a point where the overt-motivator-sequence (even karma,
    if you want) is possibly nullified by your entrance to a higher level
    on the tone scale. But then again, your ability to contemplate
    optimum survival on the 8 dynamics has increased so your
    actions are resulting in more good than bad. To get there you
    get auditing and training and just help your fellow man (and
    the other dynamics).
    Abusing the confessions of a PC or PreOT is so destructive
    to this whole development of a sunk-in spirit to a blossoming
    person it is hard to imagine what goes through the minds of
    the perpetrators. Yes, I have done it myself and it was not
    pretty to say the least. Never again!

  40. Alex,
    I was there when you were an Evaluator. I went on to Qual and crammed evaluators. I was one of a few that were given a Qual OK to Find Whys myself, having done the DSEC. My respect for your skills, for that team of the Eval Corps was as high as it could be, since you were the guys that were the epitome of management.

    My reference was to the materials in OEC Vol One, among other places, re the bottom of the “string pull” on a bad condition, not an attempt at a short course in the Data Series. My mistake if this came across as generalized for every Data Trail where it was intended for this particular one, the one of the Opening Piece of the previous blog, and of course, as per the above in Vol One. (This of course is in the frame of reference of “The chief stumbling block, huge above all others, is the upset we have with POTENTIAL TROUBLE SOURCES and their relationship to suppressive persons
    or groups.” PL 7 March 65, Iss I, SUPPRESSIVE ACTS.)

    But it sure is good to see you wax enthusiastic and with a record of production in the area, you are indeed more than qualified.

    Many thanks for all you have done and continue. Especially holding the torch for this work, the Data Series.

  41. Gerhard Waterkamp

    “Instead, it is done through a sophisticated, even sociopathic, and complex propaganda methodology. It requires the development of a dark, complicated and evil mindset to create this variety of propaganda.”
    This is the part that still makes me fear and it is unique for the COS maybe only comparable to the mindset of a Goebbels.
    In any sport, competition or conflict as intense and heated as it maybe there is almost everywhere this pervasive sense of human decency. The soccer player that intentionally hits his opponent to cause injury, the boxer that intentionally hits below the belt as a method to win the fight all of them get often rejected even by by their own fans.
    I found the vast majority of human beings have this sense for fairness, appropriateness of force and effort and this general sense of what defines decent behavior.
    The scary part is that the Scientology church seems to have developed a method of abusing people of this very basic sense of decency. To conceive and execute a black propaganda campaign with the goal to destroy an opponent by artfully spreading false information it indeed requires a dark, complicated and evil mindset and given the fact that that does not seem to be the natural mindset for the vast majority of the population, we are now dealing with an organization that has developed the technology to create such a mindset in ordinary people
    That fact that OSA exists and executes its Black PR programs is proof that the church has developed a technology to make people act like sociopaths. So besides the “born Sociopath” as described in the book ‘The Sociopath Next Door’, we now have a ‘sociopath factory’ at work.
    Which brings us back to the point Marty is making her since months getting Scientology to work outside of the church, where it can be practiced with integrity to undo the products of the COS.
    I am still a little scared though 🙂

  42. I thought you were trying to impersonate Snowwhite….

  43. Apparently an SP declare was issued on me more than three months ago – I hear through the grapevine beause the RCS won’t tell me. I also hear that the decare says that I am an SP because (according to them) my dad kicked LRH out of Rhodesia. This is a lie. So I learned that the RCS will lie about me (notwithstanding the support I once gave them) and they will lie to the rest of the public (about me) so they can control them. So they are liars and controllers. This is why I could never be recovered back to them.

    I was given a few copies of the Freedom Mags when I was hauled in to see CO OSA. One story was about a senior Int exec who had “blown” and they had a whole lot to say about him, including putting a picture of where he lived – mocking the fact that he was living in somewhat modest circumstances. So they take about twenty plus years from a guy with a strong work ethic, strong production record (with no remuneration) and high IQ – and then have the gall to mock his modest home. They steal this guy’s life and then have something to say about the fact that he lives modestly. They don’t see any of their own responsibility in his circumstances. The mind boggles! So I have learned that some of them are no-responsibility, lying, controllers. i am not even looking back as I wave them good-bye.

    And Marty – you are right about how people are not quick to judge. Just as Claudio Lugli said so beautifully above, we all know ourselves – who are we to judge. That’s what Jesus said to a crowd who had gathered to stone a woman to death because she was a prostitute – Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. No-one did.

  44. Of course — exactly what we are already doing, lol.

  45. “Knowledge derived from the confessions of a seeker are continually utilized to keep that person serving and contributing at ever increasing levels of commitment. Sometimes it is done through encouragement, and sometimes it is done through inducing fear of the future. ”

    Even this is a con. I’ll tell you why. The definition of DUB IN in the tech dictionary.

    4. Imaginary recall.

    It is written in Church scripture a p.c. can dub in. So who in the Church is to go through a P.C. folder and decide what is dub in and what is not?
    And publish it as fact, spread it through gossip as fact, or take it into a court room as fact?

    This two word definition in the tech dictionary makes anything that could be in a p.c. folder a possible imaginary incident.

    For the Church to take ANYTHING from a p.c. folder and publish it as fact is a very, very risky business. When they know perfectly well , the p.c. says whatever comes to mind first, be it real or imaginary. You bring all those folders into a courtroom and read some of the rest of those folders and see what the jury will decide is real or imaginary. “Then I caste a spell on him, so in his next life he would return as a dwarf. This was because he bullied the children. I thought it would serve him well to understand little people better……….’ Or, whatever.

    Even aside from legal and ethical issues, aside from an auditor saying, “I’m not auditing you” …what a lie, of course the auditor is auditing you. Because you have the definition of auditing, and the person is an auditor, and is using the meter. When the auditor says, “I am not auditing you”, then the AUDITOR himself is in a DUB IN. “I am not auditing you,” For REAL? When it gets to this level who is taking any of what is sacred seriously anymore? Aside from all of that, the p.c. does not sign off on anything the auditor has written down. The auditor can write whatever they want in a folder. And David can film every session for the rest of time and archive it. It says right in the tech, the word DUB IN. It is not for anyone to say what is DUB IN from a session.

    So, if anyone here feels threatened by the Church for something you blurted out in a session. It could be DUB IB or it could be some channeling according to Church scripture.

  46. ” In 1980-81 the Scientology Multiple Viewpoint Flag Management System was destroyed and replaced by a Single Report Management System”

    As of ’84 all the terminals you mention earlier in your post were sending individual reports to FB (in CW) and were going into the Org File. As well, reports from individual Cl 4 Org staff went into the Org’s Flag file. So, not clear on what you are referring to exactly…

  47. Alex, there’s plenty of anecdotal evidence saying that LRH did just that. Doesn’t mean he’s necessarily all bad; plenty of people have good stories about the old man. Part of the Church’s credibility problem comes from trying to cover up LRH’s bad behavior and the myriad of half-truths about his past. A lot of people leave Scientology when they find out that LRH wasn’t who he said he was and didn’t do everything he said it did. Unless the independent movement acknowledges that LRH wasn’t a saint, it is going to have those same credibility problems.

    Marty made a good point:

    “Well-established Scientology policy assumes that one cannot partially disagree or reject part of Scientology.”

    KSW, right? 🙂

  48. Marty,
    Did you see Tony Ortega’s site?

  49. PreferToBeAnon2

    “And if you have never experienced Dianetics or scientology procedures, then just shut the fuck up and get the hell out here. But if you are curious, contact the independent Scientology group. They can help you sort out your uncertainties.”
    Comments like this make me sure positive that I don’t want to dip my toe in this water. A little angry hyper-fundamentalist there, eh?

  50. Marildi,
    I have posted something that addresses you query. I think it is up to us to clarify the difference between Miscavige’s SCAM and the real scientology.

  51. This is addressed to David Miscavige, or anyone else who does this.

  52. The Auditor’s Code covers this particular point better:
    2) I promise not to invalidate the preclear’s case or gains in or out of session.
    Those S.O. members that use preclear/preOT folder material to exert pressure or for black PR smear campaigns are obviously not auditors and have never heard of the Auditor’s Code, have not been in session for decades except for sec checks or have zero integrity.

  53. Thanks for the astute article Marty.

    I am in the middle of a milder version of this methodology as we speak. It is nevertheless disturbing.

    I must add that having the space you have created here is so very therapeutic and makes someone like me, looking, much wiser about what is possible if I end up completely out of that organization.

    I am a true adherent to all that is LRH tech that frees beings and straightens out organizations. Your article makes me feel more and more that I should not fear any evil that can be sent my way at some possible time ahead.


  54. Alex: IMHO your answer to Bryan is the kind of arrogance that I believe has all but destroyed Scientology. For what it’s worth I happen to agree with what he said regarding Ron. I expect Ron might even agree. It was Ron who said, “Even heroes have lice”. As we all know Ron was a hero in many ways but he did screw up, IMHO, in certain key aspects of the 3D.

  55. Donotkwetch.

    I apologize. Zapped the thumbs down instead of the thumbs up. ’twas my thumb I am afraid…. 🙂

  56. Meanwhile, corporate Scientologists continue to commit the most serious overt of all: making another guilty of his or her overts…

    Good one Dan. That was always a button for me, that, and making one guilty even without an overt, just make one guilty because… !

  57. For what it’s worth one of the most amazing LRH viewpoints I got out the BC was regarding overts. LRH basically said he didn’t give a rat’s ass about what a person had done – he only wanted the person to get to a point where he could say, “I did that” without blaming others, justifying, etc. Quite an viewpoint. Now whether Ron lived that viewpoint or not in his dealings with others I don’t know but it certainly not how things have been in Scientology for some time.

  58. Dan,
    I ran across this the other day on study. It reminded me of those ridiculous conditions written up, the Comm Evs where “late for muster” was tortuously twisted into a “high crime”, and ones’ everyday acts became worthy of calling down the wrath of POB, let alone lesser gods.

    “…for you will discover that anyone, no matter how innocent, who has been struck, if he has been struck hard enough, will begin to believe that he must have been guilty of something. In other words, he gets a reason why he has been punished, which may or may not have any actuality in fact. In other words, any sudden blow or duress can be expected to have as its consequence the feeling that one has been guilty. In order to stay a reasonable or rational being, an individual has to assume that there must be a reason for everything. This is not necessarily true at all. Thus, guilt comes about merely from a blow or duress. I imagine if you put a man in prison long enough he would be absolutely certain at the end of that time that he had committed the crime for which he was incarcerated. I suppose if you questioned a man long enough about his guilt, if this questioning were under
    duress, that he would begin to feel he was guilty of the crime of which he was being accused, which accounts for many of the confessions which are brought forth by third-degree methods.”

    This is the “rationale” behind the continuous hammer and pound of Sec Checks by DM. Introvert into nothings, make guilty and invalidate the tech all in one shot.

  59. Ironically, the one person these days who often doesn’t get to see the declare is Scientologist X himself. I have friends who only know they are declared because OSA has made all of their acquaintances aware of it, but they haven’t been able to see the goldenrod themselves. As if the confessional violations weren’t suppressive enough, it’s all done as a third-party whispering campaign that is almost impossible for Mr. X to track back to its source or to disprove, because his comm lines are now cut. Unless you are an OL, in which case OSA gives you your own website. Or in Marty’s case, several web sites.


  61. QG.

    I agree with you completely. I have seen this idiocy at work, close up.

    I believe it is founded upon a dumb-ass lack of a deep understanding of the tech of organizations.

    Within a business it is very possible indeed to create a supportive and “ethics of a super-light nature” environment in which to operate very successfully without the culture of stats and ethics that pervert an essentially clever system of organizing an activity.

    Dan Koon and I think Jim Logan have mentioned how one attains a high level of expertise where judgment is arrived at after starting off at a technical level, continuing up towards a full understanding and then on to judgment of the subject matter. In this case, using these natural laws of organization within a commercial enterprise such as the one you were/are in.

    On behalf of those who may have a deep understanding of this material, I apologize for that idiot’s bone-headed application of that which can be pure magic and fun and outrageously rewarding, when used intelligently.

  62. Nice deconstruction of the culture that Miscavige has inculcated in Corporate Scientology. It is a classic cult mock-up. All you need is someone with a perceived inadequacy and a wallet. Reverse Scientology does the rest.

    Normally, if you’re not doing anything bad, nothing bad can happen to you.


    For the first time in the soggy stream that’s history to the human race, it’s possible that happiness exists.

    This goal, repeated many times and sought so heavily, has been ungraspable as sun motes, unattainable as a loved one’s sigh.
    What makes mankind, basically good beings all, such strangers far to happiness?

    The rich man geysers out his wealth. The poor man peers in every crack. But wealth buys nought and crevices are bare. The child hopes he will realize it when grown and, grown, wishes he were happy as a child.
    We grasp it but like gossamer, it’s nought. We marry a most perfect girl or man and then throughout our lives weep to make the other make us glad.

    Often sought, but seldom found, there are no riches, gems or palaces as valued as mere happiness.

    But listen! Here is happiness, just at our finger tips, awaiting only magic words “Start Session” to begin its quest.

    But like we walk through rain toward a banquet ball, our happiness in processing is gained by passing through the phantom shadows of our “sins”.

    What has made all man a pauper in his happiness?

    Transgressions against the mores of his race, his group, his family!
    We care but little what these mores were or are. It was transgression did the trick.

    We agree to fixed moralities and then, unthinking, we transgress, or with “good cause” offend, and there we are, the first dull bars of misery draw stealthily behind us.

    And as we wander on, transgressing more, agreeing to new mores and then transgressing those, we come into that sunless place, the prison of our tears and sighs and might-have-beens, unhappiness.

    Mutual action is the key to all our overt acts. Agreement to what ought to be and then a shattering of the troth works all the spell that’s needed for a recipe of misery.

    There must be pain. So we agreed. For pain restrains and warns, shuts off, forbids. But goodness now must then consist of bringing in no pain.

    Mutual motion is agreed. And then we disagree and part and so are tied no more—tied not save back there in our minds, with scars of broken faith. The faith we broke, and said it had to be.

    We all agree to feel the sun and then protest it burns. We all agree to kiss and love and then are startled that such pain can follow in that wake.
    Mutual motion is all right—until we act in cruelty to the rest.

    Tied by agreements and co-actions, we dare be cruel to that to which the hard steel clasps of promises have bound us.

    And so in being cruel to part of self—extended self as in a couple or a group—we then find pain in self with great surprise.

    The overt act sequence is simple now to grasp. The scope is limited. But it began when we first had a cruel impulse to others bound to us by mores or coacts.

    Why does one suffer pain in his own arm when he or she has struck another’s limb?

    Because the cruel impulse has been a break of bond with others where pledge once lived.

    The only overt act that can bring pain to self is that cruel act which then transgresses things to which we had agreed.

    Share action with a group or person in your life, agree to mutually survive by some specific code and then be cruel to them and so transgress and you’ll have pain.

    All mankind lives and each man strives by codes of conduct mutually agreed.

    Perhaps these codes are good, perhaps they’re bad, it’s only evident they’re codes. Mores bind the race.

    Coaction then occurs. Thought and motion in accord. A oneness then of purpose and survival so results.

    But now against that code there is transgression. And so because the code was held, whatever code it was, and man sought comfort in man’s company, he held back his deed and so entered then the bourne in which no being laughs or has a freedom in his heart.

    So down the curtains come across the brightness of the day and dull-faced clouds enmist all pleasant circumstance. For one has evilly transgressed and may not speak of it for fear all happiness will die.

    And so we shut ourselves from off the light and enter grey-faced gloom.

    And seal within our deepest vault the reasons why we dare not face our friends.

    And afterwards we go on making others guilty with the rest, when like some scrawny scarecrow of a priest whose tattered filthy robes are rough with sacrificial blood, we point the way to hell for those who kill.

    And deep within us secret gnawings ache. And then at last we cannot even cry.

    The road to hell—man’s very good at painting ugly signs that point its course and way.

    The road to heaven—man’s often sent but never yet arrived—more like he found the “other place”.

    But now a road that’s wide has opened up—in Scientology.

    The meter and the process check, when done by auditors with skill, can open up transgression’s rush and loose a cascade out until hell’s spent.

    And day will once more have a drop of dew upon the morning rose.”

    L. Ron Hubbard

  63. Wow Claudio! I didn’t know they tried to do that to you. YOUR OWN SON!
    This crazy “church” has become one of the most disgusting groups ever to touch down on this planet.

    Great handling, and I agree… “FUCK THEM!” 🙂

    There is no saving these people, they have sold their thetans to the devil himself, David Miscavige.

    Phil de Fontenay

  64. Well there is a way for folk – from the UK at least – to kind of return the flow on this. I don’t think this works in the US – not sure about other countries.

    Under the Data Protection Act 1998 all UK citizens are entiltled to receive copies of any and all information held about them from any organisation. The Cult is just that in the UK – it has no religious recognition (and never will have according to the Charities Commission) so it is regarded just the same as a commercial organistion for these purposes. All one needs to do is go to the Information Commissioners web site and follow the instructions. You are entitled to be told if any personal information is held about you and if it is, to be given:
    •a copy of the information in permanent form;
    •an explanation of any technical or complicated terms;
    •any information the organisation has about where they got your information from;
    •a description of the information, the purposes for processing the information and who the organisation is sharing the information with; and
    •the logic involved in any automated decisions (if you have specifically asked for this).

    A number of us have “subject acess” requests underway right now.

  65. Yes indeed, good post.
    In the end the truth will prevail and that in this universe relies on self-determinism. It is a strong influence and the information age has began impinging upon the suppressive uses of other-determinism, (Wikileaks comes to mind).
    Give a person back their feeling of self worth and the merchants of chaos begin to lose their grip of power. Time is no friend to the likes of Miscavige, the longer he dominates others the more self determined and numerous his enemies become. What a dark world he must live in.

  66. Dan.


    I loved your earlier comments about the Data Evaluator Tech and its potential to be an entrance or spearhead into society. (Not exactly quoted).

    Alex, who is on a roll in this series of comments, would agree.

    If this body of tech was all anyone else developed, as a scholar or professor or erudite thinker, it would have been a life-defining work. It would have entered mainstream academia and halls of learning. It would have been the basis of awards and accolades in countries across the world. BUT it too has been thrown under the bus of bad PR and slagging of LRH and the Church and all too often Scientologists in general. It is a genius body of tech. It distills thinking that was wrestled with by enlightened thinkers such as Aristotle and Socrates and Plato. It is pure genius.

    Such a pity.

    Maybe at some time we can re-release it as an independent body of work, in its original state, sans C of S coloring, of course authored by the man but easy to assimilate and use and hopefully help thousands.

  67. Regarding the single source reporting “why”, wasn’t DM in charge of the “All Clear” project that was supposed to settle all the lawsuits that were keeping LRH in hiding? If the all the All Clear project had settled these suits, then LRH would not have used the single report system? Anyway, I thought it was something like that….

  68. CommunicatorIC

    I am so touched and struck by this for two reasons. First, it is so powerful by itself. But, secondly, I’m struck by its connection to a news article I just read 15 minutes ago. I’m struck by how good acts, virtuous acts, acts of courage, such as yours, propagate and reverberate into the future. I’m reminded of the quotation from the movie Gladiator: “What we do in life echoes in eternity.”

    You loved your son. You stood by your son. You did not permit your affinity to be alloyed. One of the small results was this:

    NEW from the Hollywood Reporter:

    ‘A Corrupted Cult’: Musician Behind Anti-Scientology Rap Speaks

    Excerpt: “Former church member Tiziano Lugli says Kirstie Alley was once his best friend and that he used to play basketball with Tom Cruise’s son; now his life’s mission is “to make sure no one else goes into the trap.”

    He looks like Tom Cruise, drives a red motorcycle like Tom Cruise and, up until 2010, he says he believed like Tom Cruise.”

    You loved and protected your son. Your son came to the defense of a persecuted innocent. Such is how good triumphs over evil.

  69. The Church certainly has demonstrated a complete lack of understanding on how to manage a spiritual movement. I share your disgust with how they control people.

    I don’t know about the days when Ron ran things either, but I see what is here today. And the only thing I see that has proven itself worth keeping is the tech. I have no faith in green-on-white. If I witness it actually working I’ll look at it again.

    Until then, my attitude is don’t bother me with it.

  70. “Though well acquainted, of this I know nothing.”
    What a fucking crock that is portland. Five more laps!

  71. This is an interesting topic since it was the actions of the E/O at AOLA of showing me bits of Marty’s ethics file that ultimately sealed my decision leave RCS. I was in disbelief that anyone would do such a thing. What I was shown was not so bad and was obviously written by a being who was doing his best on post and was striving for a higher level of performance. That such material would be used against a man was, hands down, the worst thing I had ever seen in my time as a Scientologist.

    I agree with Claudio Lugli: FUCK YOU!!!

  72. Also, this appears to be an institutionalization of the 2nd characteristic of an SP from LRH’s bulletin –

    HCOB 27 September 1966 The Antisocial Personality The Anti-Scientologist

    2. “Such a person deals mainly in bad news, critical or hostile remarks, invalidation and general suppression.

    “Gossip” or “bearer of evil tidings” or “rumormonger” once described such persons.

    It is notable that there is no good news or complimentary remark passed on by such a person.”

    People are now Declared “SP” and publicly pilloried without a fair trial (Committee of Evidence) and the positive side of their lives is not examined or mentioned.

  73. The celebs should not worry too much. Their antics might also involve statements about the Golden Thong Tanning Salon and we wouldn’t want to leak too much about that now would we …….little Davey Poo Poo Pants.

  74. Off topic. “Inside Scientology” by Janet Reitman is up on audible.com as an audio book. There are many internet book clubs around audiobooks. Books that people ordinarily would not read/listen fall into their domain. Most are people who have to work long hours or commute long hours and in this way they get to read/listen to books when otherwise they would not. So you find people reading books they ordinarily would not read and a very diverse cross section of readers all ages shapes cultures religions and forms. The books become 20X more valuable when read by the author. Janet did not read for her audio publication. If she would have arranged for Mike Rinder to do the read she would have probably already sold a million copies. The reviews have started to go up. Very interesting.


    I hope this link translates. Otherwise go to audiobooks.com and on search type in ” Inside Scientology. “

  75. Sorry, I had a sudden urge to visit religiousfreedomwatch.org. Yes, it is still there – a true testament to organizational psychosis and ultimate glutz PR. Here we can see the true plan of the Church. No longer is there an interest in attracting new people. New people are repelled by this website. Instead, the website is aimed at the wealthy “true believers”, who must be milked for maximum amounts at all costs.

  76. Theo sismanides

    Hey Alex, sounds good. Especially on the Whos, I tried to stop Miscavige from the CLO EU when he overtly didn’t apply the Translations HCOBs but Walter Kotric CO CLO EU and his wife Zara stopped the whole thing and sent me to the decks. Just include both of them on the WHOs. Lol

    I felt completely dumped, betrayed and dissapointed by those translators around me who though they knew about those HCOBs they didn’t do anything.

    After that I felt the Sea Org was not the Sea Org LRH was referring to and little by little left the group.

    Still attention though on the failure to stop Miscavige, HAHAHA! The beast always comes back and never surrenders. So here is a new round now, and we are many now speaking out loud!

  77. Theo sismanides

    Good idea. When I was talking about Hats and organizing I meant some people could focus on this. Even get legal help. This is a very good idea. On what grounds do they keep my folders if they have declared me a suppressive?

  78. Theo sismanides

    Hey Misha!!! That’s great to hear
    about your auditing and wins. I didn’t know you were such a bad boy to get so many sec checks. Boy, you must have been doing something good for them to try to chain you down. But you were always light Misha!!! Thanks for recruiting me to TU INT, although I ended up at ASHO D, hahaha after my sec check for clearance where I got some ridges for DM!!! Hahaha, ASHO was fun, had tremendous wins there with those brass Americans!!!

  79. Bravo! One of the best things you’ve posted lately, IMO. Really interesting direction you’ve gone in. You have my attention.

  80. “One of the primary dangers of Scientology is the potential for, and its proclivity toward, the abuse of …

    I think there are a small number of these “potentials for abuse” in Scientology, especially in policy. And it probably behooves us to recognize them.

    Another one is an organizational one, and its use of keeping statistics of production as a gauge of success or failure. While the approach is a pretty sound one in and of itself, there has been a proclivity in Scientology organizations for the “stat” itself to become the goal … instead of honest and meaningful production which it is supposed to be measuring.

    This “focus on stats” tendency has been driven, I think, because policy puts so much emphasis on “Conditions” (which reward and penalize statistics of each staff member), and these Conditions are enforced on a weekly basis. This frankly takes one eye off the larger picture of longterm production and group goals/strategy, and causes staff members to engage in the well-known crazy “Thursday at 2pm” crush regging (sales) scenarios.

    And while there is policy on “no stat pushing”, there is also policy which elevates the importance of “stats” to the most senior of levels, leaving the door wide open for abuse.

    Probably in competent and experienced hands, this abuse could be prevented (just as it could be, in the scenario you describe Marty). But there is no denying that certain policies give a gift of potential and easy abuse to any would-be madman or zealot.

  81. Alex — what you may not know is that Cathy was in LA at that time, working directly under DM, Action Chf CMO Int, on a project to evaluate and fire a mission to every org in the world. DM directed what was to be done and how. He “relied on” the Office of E&E advices and direction given by LRH on the “Confront of Evil” evals (that were the original basis of WISE and “getting businesses off the backs of orgs”).

    The problem with that eval (and the others done at that time to implement these “missions in every org on earth”) was that it was done at the direction of DM. You may or may not have known that.

  82. A wise ruling for those who abuse trust.

  83. Theo sismanides

    I feared no evil back in 2000. Google my name and read my 3 reports on the Freezone.

    There is nothing to fear now except one thing: our own inability to gather our resources and keep LRH’s tech producing results.

    And this is an Administrator’s concern. I always loved Admin as it makes that power bigger and bigger hand in hand with Tech.

    We have more resources now than ever. Theta is being freed up through the great work of Marty here and by other Indies on other sites.

    People are regaining their Perception after we Communicated with the Condition (the rotten Beast Miscavige has been secretly alter ising L. Ron Hubbard’s work) and people got Recognition of that Condition.


    (Dept 19, Conditions, dept 1, Recognition, Dept. 2, Communication, Dept. 3, Perception). And that’s HCO and Dept. 3 Perception is Ethics by Marty keeping that Perception pure and keen spearheading the movement of the Indies through just an internet blog almost! (Dept. 2, Communication) and getting as a true auditor or an administrator would do the person (pc, group) to conmunicate with the Condition and gain a Recognition of it and move a bit higher onto a Clearer Perception.

    The Org Board has more Divisions and Departments of course, this was just HCO. It’s ALL in the ORG BOARD AND LIVINGNESS TAPE. It’s the cycle of Action and the cycle has begun!!!

    We are many now, becoming more and more every day!

    We fear no evil!!

    We are true to our goals in ALL DYNAMICS!!!

    The NEW ORGANIZING CYCLE has started and IS happening ALL OVER the planet!!!

    People go up the Bridge outside the Cos$ fearing no evil. And one day STANDARD ADMIN will get back to its rightful place and help expand more and more those local groups, despite its defamation and misuse by that ROTTEN BEAST!!! Miscavige once again the game is not over. Many are hunting you now and many more will!

    We are working hard on the Recognition of that Condition now Miscavige. Your Treason to Mankind. After 12 years there is a NEW PERCEPTION ABOUT YOU IN THE WHOLE WORLD.

    Next Department, Department 4. ORIENTATION.

    Scientologists know where to go now, to their local Indie group delivering Standard Tech.

    We fear no evil!!!

  84. Really well said Gerhard.

  85. “in order to achieve any gain” was never the actual intent of confessing secrets. As a skilled hypnotist and manipulator, Hubbard understood the value of finding and exploiting a person’s vulnerabilities. Current use of these secrets to intimidate or control people may be somewhat less transparent than originally practiced, but the intent is the same.

  86. I like your comments Kevin.

  87. I’ll bet they say that they don’t have any info on you.

  88. That’s a powerful observation, Ze. One of the most insightful I’ve seen on this blog.

  89. Very true. As LRH says in the lecture The Itsa Line, it’s always a conditional itsa until the pc has got the whole truth of the incident.

  90. Perhaps the hardest hitting article you’ve written to date.

    Made me actually ask for the first time — why on EARTH, except to use as leverage, would you write down the transgressions of another?

    Seriously — is the specific and details needed in order for the auditor to run the chain? Isn’t there some sort of short hand that could have been used?

    And for my 2¢ — Marty is a writer and therefore I can’t imagine he suddenly went unconscious and forgot to delineate — Scientology, Corporate Scientology … I think he just stated things as he sees them.


    Which should create some sort of shift in any black and white thinking —

    “Ring the bells that still can ring
    Forget your perfect offering
    There is a crack in everything
    That’s how the light gets in.” (Leonard Cohen)

    Thanks for creating some cracks Marty —


  91. Our primary weapon in this war is exposure and thereby, education of the public at large so they recognize the evil and SHOOT ON SIGHT.

    Words of pure love in my universe…

  92. The Cult of Dave (CoD) has turned into something akin to a thought and body controlling degenerating and diminishing hive.

    Simply stated, POB is the Queen Bee (yes there is a pun intended there) and the rest of us are nothing but worker bees, and that is only if you remain.

    It all reminds me of one of my favorite TV series that was a Star Trek spin off and follow-up. It addressed “The Borg” and its compliance mechanisms and techniques. Here’s a sample that to my mind embodies all that is currently represented by this twisted ‘church’.

    McPopeLimpDick will continue to tell you that resistance is futile. Scoffing at the psycho-runt is encouraged. It’s practically a process. Welcome to the awakened crowd.

  93. And the ultimate evil regarding auditing isn’t betraying confidentiality, it is having a trusting PC who the church feels is an SP and auditing them to be driven insane.

    I’ll repeat this statement that I have said over and over on this blog. A dear friend of mine was audited to be driven insane in the early seventies in NY because they thought she knew something about Snow White.

    Her brother in law got her folders after the fact. Her folders were CSed by the GO.




  94. That’s a beautiful post, Alex. You succinctly put into words, the absolute irreducible minimum of the situation. Thank you.

  95. I am blowing off charge ladies and gentleman. This dark evil violent activity happened before Miscavige.

    I am very pissed that this area is brick wall denied.

    I want now god damn excuses. People have been hurt and worse. I won’t be satisfied and the public won’t be satisfied until these crimes and the criminals behind them are exposed: no fucking excuses….. THE TRUTH!

  96. I really liked the term you use for Scientologists: “seekers.” We are seekers. A wonderful term, expressly different from “believers,” “followers” or “worshipers.”

    Brilliant observation, Michael. Marty truly hit the nail on the head with that description.

  97. Yes, the Data Series is one of LRH’s masterpieces, and if the CofS had really intended to help society they would have promoted it more widely. It’s very hard to con, flimflam or bamboozle someone who applies this tech … say, maybe that’s why they’ve kept it quiet!

    I think LRH’s greatest achievements were in the study of knowledge, or epistemology, which he said in the Command of Theta lectures was virtually synonymous with scientology. Another near-synonym is prajñāpāramitā, the Buddhist study of the nature of knowing. The Logics and later the Data Series were in this philosophical tradition, and they’re applicable to any subject.

  98. Indeed. It’s perhaps the cruelest trick of all, Ingrid.

  99. What you say is very, very true Marty.

    I will mention no names here. A couple of years ago I googled a VERY well known ex SO member (30 years in the SO and he and I were friendly for over 20 of those years). He wound up in the RPF for over 5 years for out 2D and was now in the LA area establishing a business. Anyway, one of the posts that came up was this fellow badmouthing another ex SO member (outspoken critic) by revealing discreditable 2D info about him on the internet. This was being done presumably to stay in good with his former SO overlords so that he could remain in good standing and so do his business and make a good living. Of course I lost practically any respect I had for his integrity as a Scientologist or as a person. Unfortunately this is not an isolated case, and information used from ethics cycles and auditing sessions are spread around to lessen folks’ affinity and willingness to communicate to those individuals who are getting their reputations smeared. The threat of this is not only useful in keeping people in line, but also in making sure that their points of view lose credibility if they should comm with church members.

    And of course, this totally violates HCOPL First Policy as it does NOT maintain friendly relations with the outer environment because as you mentioned, it speaks more about the sender of the comm than whom it is about and thus lowers PR with the wider world just that much more. People reject others with bad manners, which are essentially agreements on how to act towards each other. LRH said this and yet it obviously means very little to many people in Scientology when faced with any type of threat or force.

  100. Hey Theo, great to hear from you and happy you liked it at ASHO although posting you, a professional Greek translator, in ASHO was never the intention in a million years, as you understand. Senseless bureaucracy at work.

    As to “Brass Americans”, I think what you meant was “Brash Americans with brass cojones!” Ask Marty, he knows.

    My best to Olga!

  101. Alex,

    With all due respect for your love of the tech, your respect for LRH, for your ability to use the tech for the greatest good; your ability to differentiate between the use of Scientology for the greater good and the abuse of Scientology for the greatest harm; your willingness to help people and your intention to salvage all that is good in the subject; and your profound insight into the subject that help us all to come to better understandings (for example, that great piece you wrote above on the subject of data evaluations):

    I must say, I totally disagree with your handling of Brian’s statement. You imply that he is not entitled to an opinion and should not be speaking about something just because he wasn’t actually there and didn’t see it firsthand. This is wrong-headed and illogical.

    Just because a person wasn’t present somewhere does not mean that he can’t have knowledge of it. I was not at the Allied invasion of Germany but I do consider that I have enough evidence to at least have a decently qualified opinion that such an event did occur.

    When I was leaving the church and showed the HAS my doubt formula stating that I was leaving and that the physical abuses of David Miscavige was one of the major factors in by decision to leave, she tried to tell me that I could not have possibly informed myself honestly of these alleged activities because I was not there at the Int base to observe them myself. I did not buy into this because I had plenty of evidence that it was the case, including indicators that I could actually witness for myself.

    Another point of illogic in your communication is that you talk as if when a person has wins and gains in Scientology, that he cannot disagree or speak out about his disagreements concerning the actions of its founder. Just like what Marty says above in this very same post we are commenting on:

    “Well-established Scientology policy assumes that one cannot partially disagree or reject part of Scientology, “If a group member rejects the group, he rejects everything about the group and no further question about that.”   Until and unless the disaffected individual ‘comes to her senses’ and capitulates to the authority of the group – accepting every policy and everything about the group – she is treated as an enemy of the group.”

    Do you think that it is impossible to agree with one aspect of something and to disagree with another aspect of the same subject? Do you think it’s wrong for someone to propose that something the founder did may have had some causative relationship to the state that the church is in right now, even if it might help someone to learn from the founder’s mistakes in order to help bring about a reform?

    You have every right to disagree with what Brian is saying but you have no right to say that he should just shut up because his opinion doesn’t agree with yours. You say that if a person has gains in Scientology, that he is not supposed to disagree with any aspect of Scientology, including the actions of its founder. This is preposterous.

    If you don’t agree with what Brian has to say, why don’t you tell him why, discuss it with him, get his viewpoint, tell him something he doesn’t know in order to attempt get him to see something you think he may not be looking at that he is not looking at? In other words, the ARC Triangle.

    This “agree or shut up” viewpoint is something that cults do. We all just recently left a cult, why start a new one?

    (And by the way, just because I disagree with you on this particular matter, don’t think that I can’t still agree with other ideas you have and that I can’t still respect you.)


  102. Correction: It should say “tell him something he doesn’t know in order to attempt to get him to see something you think he may not be looking at that he should be looking at.”

  103. Interesting the way you have translated Hubbard into something you can think with.

  104. Thank you CestaVrai

  105. Yes, I did the same thing, without governmental compulsion. I just did not see the need to write down the content of the overt (or the problem, or ARC/X for that matter). If anything, it might be – “Husband missed W/H. Pulled.” “ARC/X with mother.” and then the assessment and indication.

    On the other hand, people are never as bad as they think they are, and once OWs are gotten off, so has the charge. But regardless, even though by auditing and work a person who used to drive drunk does not do so anymore, and the fact that really, there is no more charge on it on the part of the PC, the fact that he/she did at one time is a problem to some people who do not think people can change and who believe that overts are unforgivable. So, someone who used to drive drunk (say) in college is a bad guy even if the compulsion is no longer there, and he has been clean for decades. So, the church divulging this to the public can hurt people, because some people react badly to this.

    But to Marty’s point: Bill Clinton is respected. Marv Albert. Eliot Spitzer. Scandal after scandal, and the perpetrators are back in line. Seems the only one that is unforgivable these days is child pornography. So, even the sting of being fired by the “holier than thou” is less of an issue in this society.

  106. Great new name, Dog! Underdoginess is overrated.

    It was interesting to ponder on the question what killed the church. My take on it is that at the root of the downfall was LRH’s diminished trust in people. That prompted him to create Sea Org (at least a part of the reason for SO), impose heavy ethics,sec checks galore and heavy-handed justice. LRH went off on this tangent away from Scientology and DM continues in that same direction. DM, is still steering the church on that tangential course of mistrust and now with time that route completely changed the church into the opposite of what it once was. But the original seed of destruction was mistrust and suspicious attitude toward people as reflected in the creation of SO and in heavy emphasis on ethics and justice in Scientology in the late 60’s. That’s what I think..

  107. I should add, if necessary, to my post, that the information revealed on the internet was case data from auditing.

  108. Thank you for posting that, Scott. Those are timeless words by LRH, which I haven’t seen for ages now. I would hope that everyone reading here, would carefully digest them, and take the measure of such a man who would write them.

  109. “Dan”, with the above, you – by implication – assert that you have authoritative knowledge of Ron Hubbard’s “real intentions” with regard to Confessionals.

    Well, since I can be reasonably certain you are neither God nor Ron Hubbard in a new body, I’m calling bullshit on you.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist
    Indie 500 #99

  110. Good stuff, Alex. And you are right. I hated the continual finger pointing in the SO. I was on staff for seven months at Flag/Pac Base in 1977, and I was almost beached (and put in treason to the whole base), put in treason right after the raid at Pac. Put in treason again for allegedly sabotaging the LRH tape archives equipment, and then routed out after living in an RPF-like setting at the HI for a couple of months. I was working the galleys during the 1977 world series and then Thanksgiving. The highlight of the period was that Leslie Epstein, who used to work with mom at ASHO (she was LRH Comm) was also in the galley and she took me under her wing for a bit. But it was bad. It seems so much longer, but the whole thing was about 7 months total.

    My problem was that I was “too nice”. I expected sanity at Flag. I did not get it. I should have been an asshole about it until it was right, but what pissed me off was that I shouldn’t have had to be an asshole. So I did not do it. Here it is, 35 years and 2/3 of my life later, and I am still pissed about it.

  111. Assholes! I loved your response.

    See, they could not do that to me, because my mom audited me at key points in my life, and FESed my folders. And she still loves me!

  112. Yes – that changed my whole viewpoints about O/W. “We don’t CARE WHAT the pc DID!” I mean, we all have done the most amazing heinous things. As Wendy (and Jesus) said, let he who is without sin through the first stone.

    The other thing that LRH said about this was that you NEVER let them still have the withhold withheld.

    “I’ll tell you (auditor) but please don’t tell anyone else.” That is still a withhold. So, response?

    “No, we’re going to write it up and put it on the front page of the New York Times…”


    “That would be silly wouldn’t it? So, what did you DO?”

  113. Mike I was thinking about the same “Confront of Evil” thing while reading Alex’s post and then saw yours and you fill in the details quite right at that time as I recall. I worked with Cathy after that time period and she had been indoctrinated into that whole Con Evil think that was prevalent at the time, pushed by DM who was Action Chief CMO INT. He had to accept the evaluations as Action Chief before he would fire the missions and Im sure he pushed for tougher handlings.

    That whole Confront of Evil period regarding WISE and SMI is a whole other ball of wax that you just reminded me of, that I would sooner forget.

  114. Where are you going with this, Marty? Seems you are conflating “Scientologists” with “Corporate Scientologists” and I can read it this way – that we (Indies) must be called something else. That’s how it came off to me.

  115. It struck me that the solution to suppression is to be able to recognize it in real time — as it is happening — and to have proper words to describe what you see. In other words, it’s what we call “itsa” (the action of saying “It is a _____.” But where we tend to think of itsa being used in a session to as-is aberration, the principle applies in the real world. CAN YOU ITSA suppression? In real time as it happens? If so, you can blow it apart and blow apart the people doing it. Think about it.

    It actually opens the door to handling suppression. The ability to recognize it when it happens — even works on a comm lag as we are doing now — and call the shot. It behooves us all to become very good at that.

  116. Wow Alex, I must say that I am impressed with your retention of the Data Series and how to do an eval after all these years! I’m not surprised though Alex because you were one of the best. I think Jim clarifed his point to you in his response. It’s great to see the Data Series in use. It is a very lost art in Scientology.

    As far as the comments on the loss of the multiple viewpoint system, I think Alex is refering to the corruption of the information and data line to LRH due to his circumstances at the time with DM utterly controling it, not the loss of information for Flag Reps, LRH Comms etc from Orgs.

    When LRH was on the Apollo and saw something that didn’t make sense in a report, he would send Messengers or others to investigate and ask critical questions to find out the real scene from multiple people.

    Once LRH was in exile, that line was completely controlled by David Miscavige so LRH didn’t have the luxury of investigating. EVERYTHING that was sent to and from LRH was seen by DM before anyone else. Even when LRH tried to get DM handled secretly via communications to another (Jesse Prince), DM got control of those communications too.

    Bottom line as we all know, the real Suppressive Person was and is David Miscavige.

  117. Rereading Marty’s current article:
    “…Knowledge of the seeker’s confessions are used in a darker fashion. That knowledge is used to convince the disaffected seeker that her own confessed weaknesses are the cause of her disaffection and that failure to continue to comply to the organization’s agenda will result in the person succumbing thoroughly to those weaknesses.” it just dawned on me that if this is true then Scientology axiom 51 (“Postulates and live communication not being MEST and being senior to MEST can accomplish change in MEST without bringing about a persistence of MEST. Thus auditing can occur”) has covertly been cancelled, Holy sh**t! That tells the parishioner that his/her weaknesses, overts or whatever have NOT been as-ised!!!

    It’s going downhill fast Davey….

  118. Claudio-I can’t even imagine the assault that you had to endure from these morons. Within the context of a session, particularly a concentration of withholds anyone can look like a sex pervert and a criminal.
    What I find really indicative of a perverted criminal is a “no overts” case such as DM.

  119. Right Jim,

    It’s interesting to note that under Miscavige, ethics became completely other determined in the C of S. Prior to that, I recall that even under Court of Ethics or Comm Ev, the Chairman would often ask the Interested Party what condition he or she thought they were in – and more often than not that was the condition that the Justice action assigned in the Findings and Recommendations.

    Ethics is a self-determined thing. Justice is Pan-Determined.

  120. Mark — me too. It was the start of the really militant “handlings” in my mind. It then snowballed into the Mission Holder Conventions and went downhill from there. The Flag Mission Holder Convention was the first place where DM “took control” and exerted his authority (outside of CMO Int). Yes, a time better unremembered….

  121. Dan,

    I love your post! DM is making other people guilty of his own overts. Making SO members in the Hole beat each other up. Making you guilty of a high crime for not following the policies of the Church…while you certainly are guilty if you follow them as they are today.

    That is the biggest overt. Making other people guilty of overts.

  122. Your mother sounds great.

  123. Dan — you might feel a bit differently if you ever experienced actually confessing “secrets”. It is tremendously relieving and liberating. You’ve got the wrong end of the equation here. Try it sometime, it may just change your view of yourself and others (after all, one of the few things the Catholic church has had going for it for a couple of thousand years is confession — a concept far older than Hubbard’s ideas).

  124. Betrayal of this kind is evil to the core of human existence, and the mere thought of it angers me to a point bordering on physical violence. The Catholic church has done it, too, but with CHILDREN, for God’s sake! What Scientology has done is no different, because everyone, adult and child alike, revert to a childlike state when lulled into exposing the most vulnerable parts of themselves under the guise of “spiritual counseling”. It’s sickening. Religion, organized or otherwise, hijacks interactions that should be reserved solely for relationships such as husband and wife, parent and child, and best friend to best friend. What angers me most is how religions, “movements”, “applied religious philosophies” (or whatever bullish*t label you want to give) seek out and prey on those who may not have a family member or a friend to confide in. What they offer is a pale and evil substitute, and we would be better off as a species without any of it.

  125. I just did the exact same thing on another. My own thumbs are too big on my phone for these little thumbs No take backs either…

  126. Anon-onyourside

    In an October article in the New Republic magazine about the CoS and the Nation of Islam, Farrakhan is quoted, “Nobody can lead in our Nation until and unless they become clear,” and that he hoped there would be a “long and beautiful” relationship between the two organizations. Farrakhan has no idea what a snake pit he has dumped the NOI into. Do the members of the NOI have secrets? Not after Miscavige has finished with them. I hope this post by Marty is read by every member of the Nation of Islam.

  127. Great stuff you guys, all around.

  128. It struck me that the solution to suppression is to be able to recognize it in real time — as it is happening — and to have proper words to describe what you see.

    I think that most people (to a greater or lesser degree) have the ability to see suppression when its happening in front of their eyes. What many don’t have, is an ability to confront it well enough that it doesn’t go all fuzzy on them. In a word, it takes courage — not only to spot it and correctly evaluate it as such for self, but to also point a finger at it and say, “Fuck you, Jack!”

  129. Alex, I support your right to spit nails at comments you vehemently disagree with. I get tired of being told that we who revere the Old Man and his technology, need to learn some humility and stoop a little lower when our betters are talking down to us.

    I’m not politically correct, and I’ll say it right now — fuck that.

  130. Dear A=A=Alex (You were never on staff = you were never on the Apollo =You never met the old man = you basically you know jack..s..t.),

    Perhaps you would do better defending the technology (and Ron) if you made any attempt to apply it, i.e., enter the ARC Triangle at Communication and seek to discover what in Brian’s past leads him to these conclusions. I have more than a thimbleful of certainty that you will be surprised.

  131. I am really curious — for anyone who has insights or direct experience, why did people follow DM’s lead / obey him? How was he able to get enough “power” to force the mission holders out of business or to make them comply at the risk of being declared?

    It seems to me there is a dynamic that cuts deeper and broader into third dynamic (group) aberration. In other words, I don’t think what happened in the CoS, Inc. organization is just a Scientology problem. I think it is a pretty common human problem.

    For example, were the same factors at work that made otherwise decent Germans into servants of Nazi ideology? That made Cambodians under Pol Pot slaughter their educated populace? That let the Turks march Armenians into the desert to die? That let any number of financial professionals and institutions slip into unethical behavior that nearly collapsed the US economy? That led to Enron, Keating 5, and so on?

    You get the point I’m sure, that the broader question may be about why people in so many cases follow improper, unauthorized, immoral, or unethical leaders in the first place — how the self and sanity submerge in the face of an increasingly insane group / 3D of any sort.

  132. As someone had mentioned earlier on this thread, LRH saying “We don’t care what the PC did.” Or words to that effect. The general idea of not making people wrong for their overts seems to be a common thread of the LRH philosophy. But…somehwere along the line, we as a group got into getting the PC or person to take RESPONSIBILITY for their overts. This then got an ethics officer involved and it got into a person having to convince SOMEONE ELSE that the way you are living your life is ok. Somewhere along the line Scientology (RCS) became the arbiter of whether or not YOU were ethical. This should never again happen. IMHO , it is oneself living up to ones own standard of what is or what is not ethical. RCS acting as big brother is not workable toward getting people up to a higher state. This has been one big experiment and I am afraid to say it failed.

  133. Jim, you are the most shameless self promoter.

  134. As they say, hindsight is 20/20. When you are involved in the time and place, things are not quite so clear as they are over the years again using the multiple viewpoint system. You get all the pieces of the puzzle and put things together over time. When you are right there seeing what is going on, there is doubt as to what you are seeing. Is this what is supposed to happen? Am I missing information?

    Regarding DM and his rise to power, much of this is covered on this blog but to give you an example of those over DM trying to stop him, read the story by the “Gang of Five” on Steve Hall’s web site www. scientology-cult.com. This will give you an idea of what types of things DM was willing to do to intimidate those around him to never ever challenge him.

    There are more examples over the years where people tried to stand up to him and they were crushed.

    It really has taken the Independent movement, places like this blog and the internet that allowed people to put 2 and 2 together and figure out what was really going on.

  135. You may be right about your psychiatrist’s confidentiality, but I wouldn’t validate their ability [more than a quick medical fix] above zilch else. As far as Catholic’s confidentiality, I’m thinking that goes more toward necessary secrecy (much akin to DM) than sacrosanct. My general opine mind you.

  136. Joseph Le Sanglier

    Yes, you are right. However, as Scientologists we have a superior tech that should prevent this type of stuff. For example well applied, Dianetics Advanced Procedure makes self determined being. At least that was the purpose of it. However, the system since at least 1977 prevented sane application of Scientology. The whole system was based on stats which is a bad mistake because pushing suppressively the stats make them rise but sooner or later you have an accumulation of customers speaking badly of Scientology (public would receive a treason condition for taking their vacations with their families instead of going on course.) Of course these data were hidden and the evaluators did not have them as outpoints because the ideal scene at the time was to act suppressively. Call in was the same. We swamped and overwhelmed public with phone calls. We were hatted for that. etc. Joseph Le Sanglier

  137. Exactly! And very politely put, Mike. I noticed that arguing with people who know nothing about the subject firsthand and don’t even want to find out or experience for themselves is annoying. Like Terry Gross on Public Radio in an interview asking somebody else who knows nothing about Scientology if that other person really thought that LRH believed in past lives. Ridiculous.

  138. The sad part is that, given the comments on the Hollywood Reporter story, they’re still trying to do it to Tiziano, OSA is a toothless tiger, but they’ve got the mouth grip of a small terrier on a bone. The funniest part is that a couple of comments there heavily imply that CoS threw him out. Really? That’s news to everyone here, including his own parents.

    OSA, how does it feel that no person outside of Scientology believes anything you say? How impotent must that make you feel, that no matter how much spin you apply, it always rebounds on you?

  139. If DM thinks his “church” is the Borg, that means that the Indies, Exes, Old Guard, and Anon are Species 8472.

  140. Come on now… this is the world’s fastest growing and most ethical religion! ….and they would never lie!! Unless of course you can get Karen Pouw to sign such a declaration, which would guarantee absolutely everything stated would be a lie. A sad state of affairs as is the whole topic of no-trust-whatsoever in the COS raised by Marty’s column today. Fortunately most of the brainier church members have moved on as visible on this site.

  141. Philip Zimbardo is describing that in his book:
    “The Lucifer Effect: How Good People Turn Evil.”

    A lecture from him:

  142. Ronnie,
    I agree with you that Alex has a right to spit nails at comments he vehemently disagrees with. However, I disagree with his statement that Brian has to shut up and just be happy with the goodness of the tech, which implies that Alex didn’t think Brian had the right to disagree with anything at all concerning LRH.


  143. Thanks Ronnie,

    Yes, LRH could express his thoughts in such profoundly beautiful terms that even the most cynical critic could not harden his heart against them. I truly think that as time goes on, the heroic nature of this man and the love that he had for his fellow man and all the Dynamics of Existence will be given the respect and gratitude that he truly deserves.

    After I went through what I did in the Sea Org, I became a different being. “Clean Hands Make a Happy Life” have become words to live by for me. That, along with HCOB 23 May 1971R VIII “Recognition of the Rightness of the being” are two of the foundational pillars that support my ARC and KRC for others.

    We have to recognize rightnesses in order to allow a being to delete wrongnesses.

  144. Not only is everything written down in pc folders, but everything is taped on video. For someone in trouble the tapes are viewed by many.
    Priest/Pentitent “priviliged” communication in the sanctity of a session is a joke.
    Session data is seen and read and can be read by these terminals minimally

    Senior CS
    D of P
    D of P for interviews
    Tech Sec
    Qual Sec
    Cramming Officer
    CMO messengers
    OSA Legal
    OSA Investigations
    OSA auditors looking for “buttons”
    RTC Tech personnel
    RTC investigative personnel
    Office of COB
    Now the big thing the criteria, the one thing that makes one initially cough up big bucks and hook up with the Church is TRUST.
    Marty’s essay above is so very accurate and so very much needed to be said.
    Everything one did in one’s journey was the BELIEF that the Church was worthy of TRUST.
    The one thing that changes everything is that what one TRUSTED was not worthy of TRUST. Confessional Betrayals, confessional data used against one in SP declares, confessional data used to set one up with the FBI !
    After serving 35 years in the Church, they got the name and address of my CPA out of my confessional folders and sent the FBI to him with the accusation that I was smuggling children to him for underage sex !
    This is an example of use of pc folder data in what one thought was inviolate. Session data.
    When TRUST is lost, you have nothing. The “Church” of Scientology is no longer worthy of TRUST, therefore I agree with Marty “another reason to fear no evil.”
    I believe TRUST or loss of it, is the one thing that changes EVERYTHING.

  145. Thetabop says
    but in almost 40 years of Scientology

    EP of 40 years in Scientology =
    Arrival to post on Marty’s blog !
    Welcome, Thetabop ! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  146. Zara and Walter are exactly the problem with Scientology today. Neither one of those individuals has done much actual Scientology – i.e. gotten PC’s through their Grades – but they sure do pull a lot of weight as SO members – because, I think, they have “The Winning Valence”.

  147. Whats worse is that they are actively firing missions to covertly ruin the comm lines of peoples lives .. I myself have pulled strings in my local scene and found that trouble found was, in fact, someone from the Church stirring things up. I even had one guy, a client on my lines, say “I heard you were a Scientologist – no more business for you” .. when I pulled the strings, I found it was someone from Church lines actually _just_ spreading the rumor “that guy had something to do with Scientology” to do the black PR. Get it? They are spreading just the fact of being a Scientologist as black-PR in their fair game program.

  148. Li'll bit of stuff

    Absolutely spot on Ze. I can vouch for the wisdom in that!
    In business, once one has succeeded in finding the “right”
    employee for the job, one simply looks after them with high
    ARC, respect, and appreciation. Success is pretty much
    assured after that. Still works for me– All are thus included
    in success and prosperity, A great recipe for happiness too!

  149. Tony, this was true as early as 1970 when i joined staff (having to convince folks that my decisions about the 3D and what i did in my off time were “on purpose.”). i would say it started getting heavier after a bunch of FEBC grads came back in 1971-72 and then a whole new step was taken when Ethics and Execs came out in 1972 – the 3 May PL (what out ethics situation are you involved in?). Still most of us were in our 20s and it was the early 70s as we still had a culture (even in the org) of sex, drink and rock ‘n roll (no drugs). It was very GRADUAL. LRH just kept emphasizing personal out ethics over and over and over (integrity processing, happiness rd, ex dn, false purpose rd, etc etc etc, all sorts of PLs on out ethics o/w write-ups, ethics and the dynamics, etc etc etc). It was very subtle and over a period of 20 years, before and after LRH’s death, and soon it seemed many folks were JUDGING the ethics and life of many other folks, staff and public and of course, it all become a big part of reg cycles of all sorts, and eventually, the Scientology world had completed its own special dramatization of Leviticus and the Koran, complete with loads of possible overts and crimes one could commit and lots and lots of penalties, all enforced with the requisite pressure and force.

  150. Chris from Germany

    Marty, again a master piece of you re how to guide attention. It has started the group dianetics process again, as the comments show. Love it. And thanks that you are taking care for my 3rd dyn in that way! Precious.

  151. Marty, I appreciate your exposing this practice by COS officials of betraying the trust of parishoners by violating the Code of a Scientologist and the Auditor’s Code. It is about the most despicable, treasonous, sick thing someone could do – to gain someone’s trust under a promise of confidentiality and then use confessions gained thereby to violate the self-determinism of that person. Someone tried this on me once. …..Once. So, I do have a very subjective reality that this sort of behavior, besides being a very degraded activity, does not encourage continued trust of the organization and makes being actually “in session” impossible for a person with an auditor connected to that organization.

    But I don’t know that this sort of behavior was necessarily instructed or advocated by LRH. To the contrary, he wrote quite a lot of basic Tech and Policy PROHIBITING this stuff, e.g., The Auditor’s Code and the Code of a Scientologist , to name two. But you said that , “Well-established Scientology policy assumes that one cannot partially disagree or reject part of Scientology” and gave the LRH quote “If a group member rejects the group, he rejects everything about the group and no further question about that” (issue quoted?) in support of your statement.
    Yet Ron has also written and said in numerous places which you have quoted in the past on this blog that “if it (something in Scientology) is not true for you, then it is not true”.
    Anyway, regarding using a persons auditing and ethics data to attack someone, from what I have read, LRH seems to have advocated very strongly against this particular kind of betrayal after trust.

  152. Green, LRH actually ordered at one time that the Data Series be included in a book to be written on the subject of Logic. Of course, no one at Int level, most particularly Mr. Mcflopdick himself, would wrap his wits around the subject, much less coordinate it with everything he wrote earlier such as the Logics and come up with a book, so the project has never gotten off the ground.

    Hell, the damn Dictionary project has been going since 1995 at least (RTRC had the damn thing compiled, a first version anyway, before GAT hit) and is nowhere on the horizon despite promise after promise. The reason it gets dropped, probably, is that it is not a donation maker. You buy your copy and that’s it. Mcdingbat has not figured out a way to make it an open-ended source of revenue and so it stays on the back burner with the heat turned way down, not even simmering. Poor Jim Johnson and Leanne Potter who have been on that since around 2000.

    But with the Department of Homeland (In)security now investigating human trafficking inside the church, as reported over at Tony Ortega’s blog, Mcthongface has other distractions from the New Years Event videos and speeches.

  153. Li'll bit of stuff

    Ronnie, yeah, clearly we’re all on the same page. I think
    there is just one further thing to add that REALLY handles
    bullies— “Fuck you, Jack!” — Here, take THIS! POW! SOCK!
    THUD! ” tweet..tweet..tweet …tweeeeeee…….

  154. “and sometimes it is done through inducing fear of the future. ”

    About 17 years ago , i was told by a class IV auditor that i was going to die unless i got auditing and that it would cost 12000 pounds , i did not have the money at the time and so i did not get auditing , but i am still alive .

  155. I think the point here that Marty is making is that there is no need to fear D.M. or any other, and the fact is that when one is getting an overt off 100% then he is never ever worried about it, has no charge on it, does not mind if the whole world will know about it.
    If the person is still has attention that “bad things will happen” if people will know, isn’t is like a missed withold?
    Best is to have the courage to truly seek, and choose a good auditor! and anyhow life is not serious 🙂

  156. You are absolutely right. Loss of trust changes everything.
    Violating the trust bestowed on a priest or auditor for that matter is one of the worst kind of betrayal.
    I consider this to be one of the biggest crimes of Scientology Inc.

  157. FOTF2012
    You ask “why did people follow DM’s lead and obey him?
    How was he able to get enough power to force the mission holders out of business?”
    I was a PES in my local org and my wife was a mission holder in 1982/83, the time of the purge of the missions.
    The purge of the missions was done by Commodore’s Messengers. At the time LRH was very much alive and messages from CMO were considered the direct comm from LRH.
    The only person who could possibly have enough power to put the mission holders out of business was LRH himself, which is the last thing he would have wanted to do.
    In 1982/83, when DM or CMO gave an order, it was assumed it was from LRH and was based on some investigation/info that ordinary staff could not possibly know about.
    There was no internet then, so really your only source of info for staff was what DM/management gave us or the rumor line.
    From what I read now, it looks like the only info LRH got in the early 1980’s was filtered through DM.

  158. DM’s selfish game is all about to come down to a crashing halt!! The culture of the Church of Scientology is one of intimidation, fear and I will expose you if you don.t do this or give that. Why do you think so so so many people have left the fold. It’s very dangerous for your heart, mind and soul to be part of that group. In fact its a self destructive act to join. If I only knew what was in store for me before I joined I would have run for the hills and never looked back. Its a group that steals your soul, your money and our individualism. Who else feels this way?

  159. I also expected sanity in the S.O. as well as an in-house justice system (applied) that worked. What a crushing disappointment when I discovered that niether of them existed. And as a tidbit, Leslie Epstein’s husband, Jono, a brilliant guy, having been busted from the Int Finance Dir post, had, last I heard (before I fell into disfavor), was going into his 7th year on the PAC RPF. How much longer will this insane and destructive DM be permitted to remain on his unethically built throne?

  160. But, but, but … didn’t the International Finance Police precede the Mission Holder conventions? That’s when I recall the “militant handlings” beginning. Ran into that at LA Day.

  161. P.S. Not to mention, that Jono’s predecessor as Int Finance Dir (Woodruff) was demoted to Estates I/C AOLA and during PAC events, was the parking attendant at the AOLA garage. What a criminal misuse of talent.

  162. Dani Lemberger

    Marty, Clarification requested. You say:
    “One of the primary dangers of Scientology is the potential for, and its proclivity toward, the abuse of the confidences its members entrust the organization with. It is a most insidious operation.”
    I guess you are talking about the current Church of Scn, kidnapped and warped by DM.
    In 20 years of auditing at Dror Center we have never betrayed trust given in us and have never passed on data confessed in auditing. Our public have always had full confidence in us, hence have stayed with us after we’ve left the church and more are steadily joining.
    My ethics files at Flag have been used against me, before we left and even more so since. Intimate data of my life were shown to friends so as to turn them away from us.
    Clearly this is NOT Scientology and is contrary to Ron’s intentions in regards to auditing and the relieving of overts & withholds.
    Your article is powerful and important yet I feel it lacks to make the clear distinction between Scientology as Ron intended as opposed to what is currently happening in DM’s tyranny.
    Reading your article I had the idea you were saying Scientology is inherently dangerous or has evil intentions toward those seeking our help. Toward the end the distinction is made more clear.
    Do you think there is danger in Scn itself or is it the current church that could be dangerous?
    Thanks for clarifying, Dani

  163. If you accidentally poke the wrong button (e.g. thumbs down) you can then poke the correct one and your selection will change to that. Try it on this comment. Cool huh.


  164. Gern,
    “They are spreading just the fact of being a Scientologist as black-PR in their fair game program.”

    In the end this (read: being a “member of the Church of Scientology”) could become one of the greatest overts of all time, esp. if you remained a member and were UNWILLING to observe the OBVIOUS!

    There is of course one overt of greater magnitude, that of being a BFF of the uiltimate Miscarriage of human decency, Mr. David (shit for brains) Miscaviage. It will also likely produce a new needle phenomenon which might be seen as a very large JERK!

  165. martyrathbun09

    I think I made it clear in What Is Wrong With Scientology – L. Ron Hubbard warned of the DANGERS of Scientology (the subject itself) quite explicitly early on. You – and your team at Dror – clearly took heed of his warnings.

  166. Hi Alex,
    I like most of what you post, you seem like a great guy. 🙂

  167. Yep, I do think that LRH had a big part in this. I DO think it’s good fao an individual to locate and handle areas of out-ethics. I don’t think it’s good that the “group” starts dictating to an individual what his “sins” are. This is a very slippery slope.

  168. It’s very true that the CO$ has lost it’s fangs. No longer are the days of the Gardians Office or OSA to intimidate people into silence like they used to.

    What’s needed and appropriate now is a reality show to document your life as an Independent Scientologist, Marty. If any network were to be so bold(perhaps The Learning Channel, A&E, or Discovery Networks) and to make a series based on your daily struggle to practice your religious and spiritual beliefs. Corporate Scientology is spending millions of parishoners dollars suppressing your and other Indies First Amendment rights to practice Scientology. If this were to happen, millions would witness corporate CO$ for what it is, a cult. This exposure would quicken their demise.

  169. Thanks for the great write-up Marty.

    What every corporate Scientologist should do, and I think very few of them do, is ask themselves the following question:

    “What would a Scientology organization look like, what would it become, if a real suppressive person ever somehow seized control?”

    And then just IMAGINE all the possible ways an SP could ruin the organization.

    Here is my short list:

    1. He would set himself up with absolute power so there is no check and balance mechanism at all
    2. He would turn it into a money-making machine for his own profit
    3. He would rule only by force and threat of punishment, never any real ARC
    4. He would make it very, very difficult and excessively expensive for any person to make it to the top of either side of the Bridge
    4. He would ex-communicate anyone who challenged him or disagreed with him in any way, and he would label THAT PERSON as the SP as he threw him out the back door
    5. He would make it a Scientology crime for anyone to ever communicate with those who have been officially ex-communicated by the organization
    5. He would set himself up with a really good PR machine so the neophytes and general public thought he was actually advancing the goals of the organization, even as he was running it into the ground
    6. He would violate the sanctity of the Auditor’s Code and use any person’s deepest secrets obtained in session against them publicly as a way to defend his absolute rule
    7. He would try and turn everyone into a slave
    8. He would make it a crime to examine or investigate for oneself, anything negative that was said about himself or the Scientology organization on the Internet

    OK, I can think I can stop right there as far as MY list goes. LMAO!!!

    Isn’t if FUNNY how the above IMAGINED list of what an SP might do, so EXACTLY matches how things ARE TODAY!!

    It is just so PAINFULLY obvious to anyone who is even half awake, that a true SP has indeed taken over, and we all know his name.

    Keep up the good work Marty, that was a really well-conceived write-up.

    FEAR NOT!!

  170. Even a year on the RPF is insane. Insane! Seven years + is criminal. I never met Jono – I am pretty sure Leslie was not married back then.

    DM needs to go, but so does the SO. I don’t think the church will survive it.

  171. I see, that came across a bit harsh. My apologies.

  172. Call in was the same. We swamped and overwhelmed public with phone calls. We were hatted for that.

    Ah….so you’re that guy I used to hang up on all the time .. LOL

  173. How very interesting! So evals were done with that name. Maybe
    David M. never received FPRD or had unflat chains or just not
    enough run and got stuck in this thought process of “everyone is
    evil” or “all human behavior stems from evil purposes” (which
    if you are stuck in a suppressive valence could be an easy
    transfer). All that could explain all those years on the RPF or
    in the “hole” or constantly invalidating others. But then again
    he was a nasty sob even before FPRD was researched
    and piloted by Ron. Possibly this new discovery by Ron fitted
    DM’s outlook on life to the T and that was the end-all of how
    to interact with others. Just added fuel to the fire.
    Cathy Rinder was to me always a very good, quite intense
    and dedicated staff member so I was appalled when I saw
    her lashing out like that on national TV (of course it was
    rehearsed and drilled to DM’s specs and you could see it was
    not her speaking but still…).
    Can you imagine if DM had not been a filter for Ron…

  174. theo Sismanides

    Hahaha, sure I will, thanks MIsha!

  175. In my opinion, it’s a case of by-passed charge blowing off. Sure, Alex could have worded his response to Brian a little more civilly. I know that. He’s one of the most eloquent and insightful posters on this blog, and normally, quite the gentleman. I myself might have bit down a bit harder on my tongue, but I understand what lies behind his outburst. I notice that no one’s commenting on, or giving credit to Alex, for all the many times he’s handled others with TRs and communication alone. People sometimes use harsh language when they blow up. I’m not tripping on it, and I hope that Brian isn’t either.

  176. This type of fear-of-damnation threat was alive and well when I was on staff in the mid-1980s. I was pretty shocked by it, as it came across as something so contrary to what Scientology was supposed to be about (“be able to experience anything” comes to mind).

  177. Hell, the damn Dictionary project has been going since 1995 at least (RTRC had the damn thing compiled, a first version anyway, before GAT hit) and is nowhere on the horizon despite promise after promise.

    Yeah, and how’s that SuperPower building project coming? I was on the original renovations team that was tasked with clearing the lot across from the FH to prep it for ground breaking in 1994. Eighteen years later, McFlopdick is still promising that it’ll open “this year without fail”. What a scam.

  178. Brilliant observations, Brad. And so true!

  179. Sanctity of the Confessional is part of both Catholic Church doctrine and canon law, so it’s not just a “necessary secrecy” thing; it’s a fundamental part of the sacrament. Confession is supposed to be between you and God, with the priest acting only as intercessor and as adjudicator to determine what level of penance demonstrates your sincerity to “go and sin no more”. In Catholic doctrine, if you die with O/Ws that you didn’t blow charge on in confession, the charge is worked off in Purgatory, unless the sins against God were so great that it demands an eternity of punishment. But it’s divine judgement that assigns those punishments, not some undereducated, untrained goof in a sailor suit.

    As for me and my shrinks, I wasn’t debating the efficacy of my therapy with you. All I can tell you is that I’m a very different and better person on medication than I am off of it. What is true for me is true for me. And it’s still a valid point that psychiatrists don’t go around blabbing about your case and sharing amusing details about it with their friends.

  180. Well whaddya know. It worked. Thanks!

  181. Brian,
    We should have another “backchannels” chat you and I. You’ve got my addy.

  182. Is that you Dave? Dang, I love it when you pop up, PAB 13 reverse whining and making your entheta seem generalized, playing a dupe here, a dupe there.


  183. “And it is a method of thinking about things. And is just as true as it is workable. And no truer. And is not, in itself, an arbitrary, fascistic uh.. police force to make sure that we all think right thoughts. It’s a servant of the mind, a servo-mechanism of the mind, it is not a master of the mind. Scientology will decline, and become useless to man, on the day when it becomes the master of thinking. Don’t think it won’t do that. It has every capability in it of doing that.

    “Contained in the knowable, workable portions before your eyes there are methods of controlling human beings and thetans which have never before been dreamed of in this universe. Control mechanism of such awesome and solid proportions that if the remedies were not so much easier to apply, one would be appalled at the dangerousness to beingness that exists in Scientology.

    “Fortunately, it was intelligently invented, and I say that without any possible bow; I say that because part of its logic was: the remedy should exist before the bullet. And that is just an arbitrary. There really is no reason for that, except for this: when you invent the bullet before
    the remedy, you have to invent the remedy under duress.”L.Ron Hubbard,FORMATIVE STATE OF SCIENTOLOGY: DEFINITION OF LOGIC, 6 December 1952, Philadelphia Doctorate Course.

  184. I understand what you are saying.

    Look at my first paragraph. I don’t know if I complimented him for that specifically but pretty close.

    Of course, it is BPC, however, his getting into ARC with people with whom he disagrees would help handle his BPC.

  185. Brian,
    What were the processes? Specifically. That would be the first question to get answered and would lead to who invented them. Otherwise, who the fuck knows?

  186. Michael, thanks for the insight.

  187. Who denied or is brick wall denying it?

  188. Jim, I will post the info regarding this on another thread as appropriate. I have posted most of the details I know before.

    This situation should be known by the Indies. Maybe it is because I know this situation and you guys have no reality on it that I am trying to get the Indies to look further back then DM.

    Maybe it is my mistake for assuming you guys know and are stone walling. At the appropriate blog I will post again.

    This violent crime happened to a family member. Early seventies. Had to do with Snow White.

    And therein lies the source of the anger. Righteous anger, that needs no handling.

  189. Pingback: Does Scientology Work? | Moving On Up a Little Higher

  190. Regular Dog, formerly Underdog

    Thanks Michael. I moved up one dog level after reading Marty’s books.

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