Does It Get Any Darker Than This?

The following is the latest publication on the subject of Mark ‘Marty’ Rathbun currently being distributed far and wide by the ‘church’ of Scientology.  

Marty Charles Rathbun – Institutionalized in 1956, born in 1957

Marty Rathbun was born in San Rafael, California on January 9, 1957, and his first brush with electrifying violence came before his birth.

While his mother was pregnant with him, she and he were institutionalized and received drug and electric shock treatment.


It was 1956, in a country club type of psychiatric mental hospital, where Mrs. Patrica Lois Rathbun was institutionalized and forced to undergo electric shock therapy (ECT). Of course, she was heavily sedated for she would receive a series of electric shock treatments. She was entered into the institution against her will because she was a rebellious, promiscuous and pregnant. The fetus would eventually to become Mark “Marty” Rathbun. The drug and electric shock therapy she received, Rathbun got the same with full voltage. To those who knew him, they perceived was a sort of Rosemary’s baby phenomena—his psychotic and violent side. The side that he hides from those he manipulates today.

 “ECT has been used on pregnant women (and still is today). So the developing brain of the baby has 220 volts of electricity run through it. The lady mentioned was expecting when she was treated with ECT. Her child was born premature, never grew to a normal size and suffers from speech impairment even now.” –

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  2. No, it doesn’t.

  3. (Doesn’t get any darker than this, that is.)

  4. They are such assholes. Seriously. Only the slime that grows on slime could come up with this crap.

  5. It looks like this was written for one person’s eyes only – for DM. Such idiocy clearly demonstrate this as a downtone and inefficient response, that you would expect from a dying organization. Tik Tok DM, time is running out.

  6. Can we call you, Electric Marty? It’s got a ring to it. LOL!

  7. I Marty is regarded as such a DB then why did he occupy one of the highest posts in management? Electroshocked b4 be was born?
    The ‘spin’ the Church of Ridiculousness is pouting now is going to bounce back in spades on the ‘SPINMASTER OF THE 21ST CENTURY – THE DWARFMASTER HIMSELF’ MISCABBIGE YOU ARE A JOKE!

  8. So a “church” that is supposedly freeing people from their past is scouring your PC folders illegally to insist that you ARE your past.

    What a miserably lost organization…

  9. Laugh or cry?!?!

  10. OSA( Oriface of Seeping Asswipes) is really desperate this time. Talk about cur dogs nipping at our heels! ROFLMAO!!!!

  11. And to think- this poor damaged being went on to become a Cl XII auditor and the 2nd highest leader of the Church of $cientology before realizing that he was supporting the same kind of personality and organization that would commit such atrocities as institutionalized confinement against ones’ will and nefarious efforts at mind control., at which point he left to alert others. The resilience of the spirit truly knows no bounds!

  12. Ahahahahaha! Thanks for a great laugh for a Friday morning.
    Where do they come up with this stuff???

  13. I watched a news story this morning about a church in Possum Trot Texas.
    The town is dirt poor but it has a church where the minister and his congregation are full of love. Despite their own problems these people reached out and adopted 28 children in need in their community. Taking on additional jobs and responsibility they are giving what they can and most importantly, unconditional love. This is a story of a true church, a real asset to its community and the people who live there.

    Compare that to Scientology Inc. No more needs to be said.

  14. David Miscavige’s toxicity knows no bounds and if you read between these very dark lines he clearly is no believer in the tech, he is not pro Scientology in any way while pretending to be its leader. He’s simply a sociopath of the highest order.

  15. This is just astonishingly nasty stuff. I cannot imagine reading something like this from my ‘church’. The only effect it would have would be to make me want to find another church straightaway.

  16. If this is an example of dark, then I think the real darkness has yet to show itself. This isn’t dark, it’s just plain stupid. Typical of OSA’s shenanigans – stupid, stupid, stupid!

  17. No, that’s pitch-black.


  18. “To those who knew him, they perceived was a sort of Rosemary’s baby phenomena—his psychotic and violent side. The side that he hides from those he manipulates today.”

    “[The] child was born premature, never grew to a normal size and suffers from speech impairment even now.”

    Sure sounds like a description David Miscavige!

  19. Felicitas Foster

    To come up with something like this the person has to be in a very tight spot.
    Interesting that he never noted these extreme out-points while you were on staff and working for him. With this “knowledge” – for what reasons did he give you such a responsible post? Same if he knew all along that you are supposedly psychotic and violent – for what reason did he not take any actions to handle those situations?????
    Do we ever reach the point where we can stop to shake our heads?

  20. Well that is pretty dark, but it still leaves to DM wiggle room to report later on that you were dropped on your head as a baby in a past life and that you’ve never been the same since.

  21. Where does this stuff come from? Miscavige writes this, or directs and approves it’s writing and publication?
    I guess it’s intended to enturbulate the target, at the expense of the church’s PR.

    A lot of Miscaviges actions seem to have a similar motivation and effect:
    An intent to destroy an “enemy” (enemies he creates) results in destruction of Church and LRH/Scientology PR and ultimately himself.

    The more you and others communicate and expose his crimes and suppressive acts, the more he must commit in a compulsive effort to destroy enemies (that he created) and the more there is to expose. It’s a vicious cycle, or downward spiral, whatever you want to call it.
    Good luck with that Dave

  22. Of course this is DM’s last ditch effort (or is it) to just drive Marty inward and get Marty to react and lose his TR’s and do something silly BUT little does DM know Marty is smarter, braver and has real people behind him who really likes him. DM is vehemently disliked by many and his days are numbered. Marty you are a courageous cat and I think this last article on you is what will really piss off the INDIES and bond even closer!! Merry xmas little Davey, I hope you get what you deserve!!! You little piss of s__t!!!

  23. It’s actually embarrassing to consider that I once was connected to such ignoramuses. Sorry to rattle on here but it’s just plain crap for these guys to go into such blatant tirades of nonsense.

    Truth be known the Mecca of Technical Imperfection actually made me prove that the hospital I was born in didn’t have a psych ward when I was born. I was required to have the hospital send a signed affidavit that there wasn’t then nor was there now a psych ward at the hospital before I could get services, even though I had already paid over $100,000 for services to be rendered.

  24. One could say these are the Dark Ages of the Co$!

  25. Source: PubMed
    A more recent paper is referenced below.

    Click to access 2011_1.1_2.pdf

    Getting ECT during pregnancy can cause complications, but the complication rate is 10% or less. Most of the literature says that ECT is safer then most, if not all drugs.

    This is just another smear by Miscavige’s loyal minions. The next smear will probably involve Marty’s mother consorting with the Devil and kidnapping babies for use in medical experiments.

    By this logic, Dave Miscavige’s mother must have repeatedly been hit with lightning.

  26. Marty these guys are a bunch of losers. Who in their right mind would either believe this and even if they did, so what? I judge a person by their actions and your actions are awesome!! The cults actions, specifically McTinyfists actions are digusting. If this is what they have to do to “save the planet”, then they will never save it. They should try to save themselves.

  27. A new level of crazy? They’re just trying to push some buttons Marty. Sorry it is happening to you, but what kind of person would find this OK? The “church” can keep those people.

  28. Sabine Waterkamp

    How low can they get…
    It’s unbelievable!

  29. Dear Marty,
    I have not seen or heard any of this but refer to the chart
    that comes with SOS. Its comes from clowns who are very low toned,nrear Death.
    You are Davey Crockett at the Alamo in my Universe but with a twist,
    you are beating the shit out of Santa Annas Army.

    Strenght and Honor Cowboy

  30. There an old proverb along the lines of “The darkest hour is just before the dawn.” It is obvious that DM is entering the last stages of his fight for survival…a good sign. There will be noise and drama, then he will go away…. The Universe takes care of these things quite naturally. 2013 is shaping up to be a very good year for the rest of us!

  31. Wow… this is supposed to open some sort of ultimate why for Miscavige? A very personal story shared, bold Marty. I have a similar one, haven’t been confident enough up to now to share it, maybe now I am.

    I do know of another scene where LRH himself granted an ok for auditing to a preclear reaching for the Bridge who had undergone ECT several times. Story goes LRH simply replied, “go for it”. Try that since LRH left. There is a Class VIII herein who could expound.

  32. This is further proof that there can be no compromise with the
    policies of the CO$. Unconditional surrender on their part is
    the only acceptable outcome. They have truly become corrupted.
    Note that in the construction of this “whispering campaign”, that
    they find it necessary to describe a psychiatric hospital as
    “country club”. If someone were in a real psychiatric hospital we might feel a little empathy for them; but this was of the country club variety. Unfortunately the sheeple are too arrogant/ignorant to see through this.

  33. Yeah, that “surely” why they employed you, Marty, at the highest level of management in this “Church”! lol and in direct relation with their self instituted “Chairman Of the Board”, your were estimated so “dangerous” and “psychotic” to be at the post you had 😉

  34. This tactic is pathetic, puerile, petty and really exposes the level of nefarious behaviour CoS (under DM) is steeped in. True to form DM. Yeuch! So creepy.
    Question. Are CoS members not at the very least embarrassed by their leaders strategies?

  35. Regular Dog formerly Underdog

    This ludicrous tale shows just how desperate David Miscavige really is right now. He must be really hurting.

  36. Caesar Alarcon

    Today is a sad day. What does your mother and your brother have to do with this? I am sorry Marty.
    God Bless. Take care.

  37. Gerhard Waterkamp

    If there was any more proof needed that the COS creates low life sociopaths, ethical and morally rotten minds as their attack dogs- this closes the case convincingly. Many times I thought they could not get any lower, but they proved me wrong again. It is just mind boggling.

    Thanks Marty , for holding your position and by continuing to help others and not accepting this invitation to hate.

  38. A new low? Hard to believe. And I predict now that they can get even lower than this. They are complete scum.


  39. I just found out today that the recent event was all totally focused on discrediting and bad mouthing Marty and somewhat Mike. As per the public reaction it seems that the word around now all us off the lines off the rails ex Scios are living in filthy dirty cheap broken down houses. And that M&M and the rest of us are talking gibberish and nonsensical phrases and seem crazy or psychotic. The black PR team is running hot down at Cof$ Inc.

  40. As I was reading this bizzare piece of SHIT coming from miscavige, I glanced over at the picture of Allender on the cover of “What Is Wrong With Scientology” and it all seems so clear. The overt doth speak loudly in accusation. Miscavige dressing others up to look as psychotic as he feels.

    It’s okay dave. We know you never grew to normal size. We know you have a speech impediment. We know you act like an ECT victim. We know you are desperately searching for the WHY. We know you are compelled to have others feel your pain. We know.

  41. I am truly sorry to see this. Presumably this is to explain away how you could have done all that auditing and even OT levels and still be acting against the abusive methods used in the C of S. But it is utter madness considering the many years you served in the upper echelons of the Church.

    The crazy thing is I can almost see the head nodding among the fearful faithful with corresponding: “OMG that’s why he went off the deep end — he had permanent brain damage! Ah!” And its pin the tail on the nefarious psychs who are to blame for this terrible problem.

    I’ll tell you what Marty, if there is one subject that the world needs to be taught about it is propaganda, its miserable history and the antidotes to its effects.

  42. This is unbelievable! Do they really think people believe this stuff? No matter how much koolaid the members are drinking, this crapola has to snap at least some of them out of their fog.

  43. This why I left the Co$ and this is why the Co$ is dying. The Co$ has become pure, unadulterated evil. They’re dealing in fabricated entheta. They have become rockslammers. They will self-destroy. They’re facing a very painful self-inflicted death. And no one will mourn them.

  44. Excuse me?! Who is this article really about? Having met Marty, i can sat he is a pretty normal size man, a very loquacious, eloquent speaker, capable of granting a good deal of beingness to anyone with whom he comes into contact. Well, I guess you really fooled me Marty! Sheesh.

  45. Li'll bit of stuff

    Marty, DOES it get any darker than this!!!?? From the twisted
    depths of the self destructing brain of david miscavige, it’s just
    a “given,” that any neurons still firing there, will grind out some limp spin on the tired old “dead agent” theatrical tactics.
    Ho hum, miscavige , you’re slipping! Must be the limited supply
    of blood you’ve managed to siphon off lately, since Marty did
    a pretty good job of “de-fanging” you, don’cha think??

    Then again, any has-been vampire worth his er..”salt”, would
    surely recognize that there’s no sustenance in anemic prey?

    They have simply been completely drained of the vital “red stuff”
    through unrelenting demands to give! give! give! (their ALL!)

  46. I find this disturbing, Mark. Having failed to “Shudder you into silence” by simple harassment the Scientology organization has chosen an even more evil approach.

    It’s disgusting that Miscavige should do this, though it smacks of desperation which perhaps might be a hopeful sign!

    Best to you and Monique, I’ve no doubt you’ll weather the storm. (Squall might be a more appropriate word given the relative impotence of your attacker. Though of course one should be cautious of even small venomous creatures.)


  47. Dark, yes. Very dark.

    But I cannot believe how cussing STUPID it is. It is insanity. It is completely, completely non sequitur. It is evil. It is proof that there is no soul, heart, or theta left in the church.

    I wash my feet of anyone who would condone this or contribute to it in any way.

    Mark Patterson

  48. Well, I can only conclude from this that prenatal ECT must result in an adult with extraordinarily high confront, and an unstoppable drive to help others and improve overall conditions regardless of the inconvenience and even personal danger to oneself.

    Oh, and apparently there is no depth to which some people, posing as the “most ethical beings on the planet”, won’t stoop in the name of Fair Game.

  49. Geez Marty…..I guess Dave is taking it pretty hard that he can’t spy on you any more. How is he going to justify his existence now?

  50. Once again, Marty, if you have a psychotic and violent side, why did you have to blow from Int Base, from the second highest position on the org board. Anyone with half a brain would have gotten rid of you anytime during your tenure, if what they are saying is true. I want to hear what Karen what’s her face’s response is to that.

    Sadly, while the C of S goes after you, they have done nothing about mass killings but use them as a PR device, and now we have (reportedly) 18 small children killed in a grammar school.

  51. This is gross! This is suppressive and a PTS situation to say the least.. Now Marty hear this. I have been following this blog for sometime now. This sick “games condition” has been going on between you and that punk dm for years now. So, I looked at it from a purely tech viewpoint and can say that you are PTS to this dm and it has never been handled according to the PTS Tech developed by LRH. Now if you were a public or staff member in a Standard Org the following would be applied. 1. you would go to HCO for an interview. The S/P located and indicated in a metered interview. 2 You would be helped through the condition of Doubt or any other lower condtions and their formulas to start your De-bug of the situation. Your folder would be routed to Qual and the Snr C/S for programing and you’d be put on the PTS Rundown and the Suppressed Person R/D as you’d probably have a long history of sick Games Conditions with this psych-path DM. Your Ethics are out regarding the above. Get them in man! Your Admin is out on this too and thus so is the Tech! “WHEN ADMIN IS OUT, TECH IS OUT AND HAS LONGED CEASED TO EXIST.” LRH Have even started any of this standard procedure? Who the hell is helping you?

  52. Hello Marty,
    I don’t think I’ve ever posted here before but I think you’re doing a bang-up job exposing the human rights violations of the ‘church.”

    Now for the business at hand.

    You DO realize don’t you, that if all these knee-jerk assertions they routinely make about ex members were true, it would reflect poorly on them. It would lead a person to the unavoidable conclusion that Scientology doesn’t work. After all what does it say that they have people working for them for decades — in high ranking positions no less — yet they’re rendered mind-numbingly incompetent to identify violent, off-the-beam, unethical offenders (like you, Mike, Debbie, Lawrence W., Jesse, Jason, feel free to jump in… ) and quickly root them out, d. Despite being equipped with best sure-fire money-back-guaranteed tools on earth?


  54. If they weren’t so vicious I’d feel a tinge of pity for these people.

  55. Holy shit!! What kind of monsters would do this kind of crap!!! Only David Miscavige, the Leader of the Church of Scientology. Dammit Marty, what are you going to do about this????

  56. I’m kind of speechless at how lowly and evil David Miscavige is. The same David Miscavige who had you as his right hand man for so many years and who had you audit his coveted celebrities.

  57. W-T-F !!!!!!! My god, don’t these assholes have any limit at all ?

    This makes me simultaneously sad to tears and wrathful to shouting. I’m sorry to see it, Marty.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist
    Indie 500 #99

  58. Ode’ to David Miscavige

    Oh, odious cur,
    Oh, vile and contemptuous traitor,
    Oh, you who emit billious bile,
    Evil beyond the pale,
    Lies feigning to succor as truth.

    Ye fallen angel,
    Ye who are life’s own bastard,
    Ye who arrogate unto yourself righteousness,
    Ye who defile the name of good,
    The image of beauty,
    The warmth of fealty.

    We weep for your dishonor,
    We wrent our garments in dismay,
    Knowing the fate you cannot escape,
    Horrified at the end you will meet,
    In that time, in that future, in the eternity,
    When you turn full circle,
    Fall upon your own ghastly sword,
    And vanish into the depths of nothingness,
    Never to be heard from again.

    Save yourself now,
    As Best As You Can,
    Your Time Will Never Be Better
    Your Fate Cannot Be Unsealed.
    We Wish You As Well As You Have Sown.


  59. Yes, and Miscavige promoted you to Inspector General RTC and assigned you to audit the church’s most famous parishioner. Marty, you sneaky devil, you. How did you ever pass all those sec checks while hiding such a monstrous secret? /sarc

  60. Vox Clamentis in Deserto

    No, it doesn’t.

  61. I recall there was another “Leader” in the 20th century that was obsessed with looking into peoples family histories, only his was to determine if they had any Jewish blood line as the justification for their crimes against them. This one revolves around another barbarism but is the same MO.

    Next you’ll be an implanter from Mars Marty or at least you will have been photographed meeting with them. Look for it in Freedom Mag.

    This is what the “Big Being” DM has to resort to in a pathetic attempt to “Win”. What is Greatness, is not withing DM’s version of a “Big Being”. Also not a shocker.

    The dwindling spiral of DM’s sordid existence is accelerating. Thank you Marty.

  62. Finally! A plausible explanation for your madness. The truth always comes out…

  63. Is this some kind of a joke? Save this as a pdf and sue them for slander. Or just laugh..because this is truly pathetic. Someone watches way too much horror TV.

  64. Bullshit.

    Even if it was true, why is the Church engaged so hard in spreading entheta?


  65. The darkness is on their side. You know that I beleive that no one has a right to have another life or human body. We take it as granted that we have life after life. We might consider that a trap. But it also could be something we get as a gift. Those that are on the dark side might end up with no life at all.

  66. The C of $ will stop at nothing. Absolutely disgusting.
    With that being said, if Marty is such a dangerous person, why was he put in a very high command position in the Sea Org for over 20 years, and assigned to counsel top celebrities?

  67. Marty.. All I can say is that you must be impinging pretty hard.

    Continue to flourish and prosper and have a beautiful holiday in your new place.

  68. The “Church of Scientology”, ladies and gentlemen. For over a quarter of a million dollars you too can achieve dissociation and emotional numbing whilst burying your head in the sand. Who wouldn’t want to buy therapy from these people? What a beautiful example set for their product and for the world they work toward.

  69. Sad to say, but pretty much par for the course when it comes to the Cult of Scientology.

  70. Joseph Le Sanglier

    Hello Marty, Alex and Jim,
    Re: the why
    Alex you have been (and you are) a great evaluator. I want to say this: There are things that were screwed up in the whole show. An evaluator analyses reports coming from various sources as well as stats. But if the reports are false and stats are false — all based on the same “ideal scene”–, how can you evaluate. Of course when someone does a report, one bases it on one’s perception of ideal scene. If you say in the report “this auditor refused to take his pc in session so the wdah were down because he did 5 hours instead of 10”. The report is true, the fact is true. The ideal scene in the mind of the reporting staff is “the auditor is doing 10 wdah a day so the stat stays up.” It is a false ideal scene and actually a suppressive one but widely agreed upon and enforced in the group. The missing data is that the auditor was a strong being with a high sense of integrity (a real ideal scene but considered suppressive by the local and higher management). The pc of this auditor had a persistent FN after a huge life changing win. Of course you let the guy go and take his win, without any consideration to the lost stat. Who give a damn about the stat. The client is happy. The word of mouth will be awesome. The auditor goes to ethics with wrong condition assignment. This marvellous product is not included in the ideal scene of the church. This inverted, screwed up admin scale is so generally admitted in the group that any reporting staff such as FR, LC, etc, would not notice the outpoint. In addition any staff who would dare to oppose the group agreement would be squashed as suppressive to the group. So the why “the arrogant lead the ignorant” is true but not basic and is incomplete.
    This is not imagination. I lived it for 25 years. I have many facts but not the whole scene of course.

    An out point is: a scene considered as ideal by the church from top down, was actually a suppressive scene destroying any ARC, PR and generalized worthwhile products.
    The other out point is: the real ideal scene for scientology –free, high integrity beings applying real scientology to improve conditions — was actually considered suppressive by the Church.
    Such an entheta scene was so widely agreed upon than any theta being getting close to it would be turned into entheta just by the mechanical fact of the higher volume of entheta versus a smaller volume of theta. Hey what do you think of this one??

    We need to do a real evaluation. We were acting on inverted admin scale of course. Importances were screwed up. An obedient and compliant staff was part of the ideal scene. A free being staff able to observe and tell what he observed was considered as an SP. It was an impossible position. Either you fell into the mould of generally agreed upon behaviour and “policy” either you were an SP for the group. “A smaller volume of theta would get enturbulated by a higher volume of entheta when in contact”. This is the law (not verbatim the whole theta mest theory in Science of Survival). One why is probably in the area of that theory. It was just impossible to stay theta in such a volume of entheta.

    Another area to investigate is the so called LRH writings during or after 78. If you want to have a full truthful analysis, you need to have the Source of data. We need actually the truth as to what happened to LRH after he left the Apollo. On the Apollo, we are pretty sure Ron was really Ron. But after, what happened to the man? This is important because we were of course acting on his “writings”. Call in for example was one of the most suppressive destructive action regarding the public. Harsh ethics and enforcement of R and C was the rule for years. This destroyed any PR. Reporting on such was impossible and would have been deemed suppressive as stopping dissemination. Birthday game issues were probably false non LRH issues. This destroyed real Scientology.

    This has to do with what happened to LRH at the time and when. Even if he reappeared after, was he really LRH? Or someone else showing up? You see, how come his family was not allowed to see him, even when dead. And how come LRH would not see his kids. Something doesn’t make sense. Any free man would visit his kids and grand kids. No one free would accept any cut ARC line.
    Joseph Le Sanglier

  71. Only a sick, demented, insane, unhealthy, criminal,guilty, lawbreaking,heinous, ignorant and arrogant person would even attempt to put this out.

  72. Joseph Le Sanglier

    sorry I misplaced my comment above.
    By the way this is gross if they do that. But what effect does it do. Who cares? Prenatals are anyway handled by dianetics. They are another engram. So to publicize this type of data is idiotic.

  73. If this was any organization other than the COS i would laugh this off as a complete joke. They do not seem to have a bottom. Keep up the good work Marty. I have never been a Scientologist but have followed the saga here and other places for years. You are a courageous group.

  74. Well, that explains a lot! Not about you, Marty, but about how very sick, depraved, degraded, evil, maniacal, loathsome the so-called church of scientology has become as a reflection of its “leader” David Miscaviage. I don’t need to wish justice upon him, he has dug his own spiritual grave and the laws of karma will bring him the suffering he has earned.

    He only wishes you were brain damaged, less than normal size and having a speech impairment. Come to think of it, aren’t those his manifestations?

  75. Duh – doesn’t Dianetics run out engrams?

  76. What dimbulbs these people are.

    They don’t have enough sense to even realize that this makes clear they are in fact the low IQ bigots they routinely accuse all SPs/media/critics/protesters of being.

    Not a single person outside the bubble would look at this and do anything other than:

    1. Wonder about the morality or perhaps even the sanity of anyone who wrote it
    2. Wonder how anyone would possibly know this
    3. Wonder if it is even true
    4. Conclude that even if it were true — how do you assign responsibility to an unborn child for what happened to their parent
    5. Conclude that if this is the act of a “church” it is the church of satan.

    This is the sort of thing that gives the RCS the well-deserved reputation of being sinister, creepy and something to steer clear of. For all those Scientologists that wonder why people have a bad impression — here is Exhibit One. Venom spewed from their own leader’s sewer mind is their undoing.

    Good work Dave — your latest self-inflicted nutshot has achieved:

    a. Turning off absolutely every non Scientologist who might see it
    b. Turning off most Scientologists who might see it as even the most braindead Kool Aid guzzler can see how disgusting this is
    c. Not changing the opinion at all of whatever other Scientologists might read it as if this doesnt turn them off, they are already convinced you are a demented monster and nothing is going to change their view for the better OR WORSE.

    So, the ONLY result is negative.

    It’s become a pattern of the Master of Disaster.

    It sucks to be Miscavige.

  77. Mike, you gave me my first chuckle on this. I saw that anyone out of DM’s control will only be more convinced he is a nut job and anyone under his control won’t be allowed to read it. Leaving the only purpose to be to enturbulate Marty and/or those who care about him. Guess DM is demonstrating how desperate he is to do that since the stalking was put to a stop. What an ineffective boob.

  78. It always amazes me that a ‘church’ that is trying to gain mainstream acceptance & respectability uses tactics such as this to forward their objectives. The sad thing is, this isn’t an isolated incident, it isn’t even an extreme example of their mentality or cruel nature, If anything, this is simply a common tactic they use when the truth is not on their side. It’s truly mind boggling that they don’t seem to understand that, to the rest of the world, it makes them look like truly evil people. Whenever they use tactics like ‘squirrel busters”, print obvious & disgusting lies & personal attacks in their publications, send out PI’s to spy on &/or harass/intimidate anyone they feel is a threat or use aggressive/violent techniques to suppress the free speech of others, it only serves to prove the very things the church tries to deny about itself. It’s akin to physically attacking someone, in an attempt to prove your not the violent person they said you are.
    David Miscavige & the people who plan & implement these actions are actually hurting the image & perception of Scientology & scientologist far more than any suppressive person could ever dream of. The tactics they have employed against people like Marty & his family alone have painted an awful, yet accurate picture of who they (church executives) really are. As a non scientologist who talks to many other non scientologist, I can tell you, they are only proving that they are the evil, vindictive & sociopathic cult many claim they are.
    Ladies & gentlemen, this man (David Miscavige) is taking your faith, your religion & the tech to a place it can never fully recover from. Unless enough people currently in the church speak out (& soon), the damage will be far too great to repair in terms of the image of your church. Make no mistake, if he continues unopposed/unchallenged, the public perception of what scientology is & who scientologists are, will be so damaged, it will never recover to the extent where it can fully overcome that damage. Like it or not, the current perception of your church & what it stands for is not favourable because of these type of tactics along with the policies of disconnection, the focus on money, reports of physical/emotional/psychological abuse, imprisonment of members, use of intimidation/harassment tactics & so on.
    If scientology can truly bring the improvements to our plant you believe it can, you better increase your efforts. The longer Miscavige is allowed to steer the ship, the closer it is to going over the waterfall (& I’m talking Niagra Falls).

  79. It’s obvious that this little missive wasn’t targeted at those who are out, or, like me, never been in. This is targeted directly at the Under The Radars. It’s using two data points that resonate with Scientologists but mean absolutely nothing to those who’ve never been involved: ECT and fetal enturbulation. The former is, after all, the main basis of the Anti-Psych meme inside of Scientology. The latter provides the cornerstone of Dianetics, which is in turn the cornerstone of the Tech. To a Scientologist, it must appear that OSA/DM decided to go right to the nuclear option.

    It could actually have worked and scared people away from Nuevo Casablanca, except for one little thing: their usual ham-handedness. As Mr. Rinder said, it’s a turn-off for everyone. It doesn’t discredit Marty at all. Marty is Clear. As said above, this incident should have been handled in the process of obtaining that status. It’s sending out a mixed message: 1) This line of unadulterated cow dung is saying that Marty is the most evil genius of our time, able to fake a state of Clear when audited by LRH-trained Class VIIIs and above and proceed to fool everyone whose cases he handled after that (hello, TC). 2) This line of adulterated cow dung is saying that Marty was mistakenly declared Clear when audited by LRH-trained Class VIIIs and above, in which case, the Tech is fatally flawed.

    In summary, either the best minds of CoS, including the Demented Midget, who trusted Marty all those years and didn’t see through his deception, are incompetent, or the Tech doesn’t work. In both cases, confidence in the organization is destroyed, and since this message is directed at the people who are the shakiest in that confidence right now…

    And I thought footbullets vanished from CoS when Tommy blew.

  80. What can one say to this …… they have some screws loose somewhere!
    It gives perhaps a bit more understanding of what is going on in their brain if existing ….

  81. I hesitate to even comment on this one as this is such entheta. David Miscavige’s black heart on display, from 10,000 miles away. Jesus wept.

  82. Not only is DM and his OSA committing the ultimate overt of making others guilty of their overts, they are, in typical DM fashion, taking things one step lower by making another guilty of his mother’s alleged motivators. DM is trapping everyone associated with him in his web of depravity. How would you like to be an OSA staff member being forced to forward these kinds of things? The cognitive dissonance must be short circuiting every neuron in their brains leaving them numb automatons.

  83. A statement truly worthy of Goebbels. Should anyone reading this believe that the current organization retains one shred of human decency or dignity, this should disabuse them of this concept.

  84. Whoever came up with this is stuck deep in the tiniest darkest corner of his or her head, really warped!

  85. Marty the prenatal drug-revert? Yeah, sure. Nice try, “church”.
    Do they really think they could turn iScientologists against you by stating this BS?
    If true or not: It’s non of our or the church’s business, anyway. This is a new low. Pretictable. Pathetic. Sad.

  86. Mike.
    You should be writing books.. “Good work Dave — your latest self-inflicted nutshot…” had me laughing out loud.

  87. Dear Marty,

    I’m an one man band and a one time comment but this deserves: It takes some serious balls to withstand the magnitude of entheta.


  88. Hey! This sounds like DM! “Her child was born premature, never grew to a normal size and suffers from speech impairment even now.” – We all know what an idiot he would sound like with out all of his speeches written for him.

  89. Seriously????? That is beyond weird.

  90. WELL STATED MIKE! and it soo much indicates how desperate miscavige is. So, as ugly as it is, I take it as a Very Good Indicator. DM_Days Numbered.
    And besides, I believe Marty lives by both LRH Rules for Happy Living, including: “Be Willing to Experience Anything.” ANYTHING!

  91. Just when you think you’ve heard it all… Good lord….

  92. The viciousness of Scientology Inc really has no limits, isn’t it? But they don’t see that their viciousness is turning them into ridicule.

  93. Absolutely Mike, it’s exactly right. They want to prove that Marty is an “illegal PC”. I have heard of people declared illegal PC’s after years and years of scientology and even being on OT levels. Suddenly, a read on FPRD correction list, an imaginary, invented, misowned, false read incident, a mock up of a “psych incident” supposed to be in this lifetime (early childhood), and it was used to have the auditing “discontinued”. With an R Factor like it was the BPC : “You shouldn’t have been audited in the first place”, expecting the PC to be VGI’s…! And give the remaining of his account for books. (greatest good for the greatest number!)
    Maybe, DM will add a new line on some list : “Have you been E shocked while on your mother belly?”. Sort out, handle as a WH. Get all the data. Send to HCO for Illegal PC R factor.
    Is that scientology? Oh, my God…

  94. I gotta tell you I laughed at this, just before I got serious.
    I think Dave comes up with this shit when he’s drunk.

    I don’t believe Miscavige really thinks this will damage Marty in the slightest.
    But, putting something like this out here for all the world to see does enable him to damage the reputation of Scientology, and through that the reputation of the founder.
    He must know how this will be viewed.
    The reputation of Scientology is already bad and he seems determined to utterly destroy it.
    I do believe that is how the little spiritual pervert gets his kicks.
    He’s on the way out, knows it and is going out as destructively as possible.

    In the end Dave, you lose.
    We’ll be here practicing the Scientology philosophy long after you have become the 12th daughter of a starving family in Bangladesh (or hopefully worse).

  95. Anon-onyourside

    This is not only dark and disturbed, it is similar to the rantings of Jim Jones in his final days. Congressman Ryan lost a nephew to CoS and was coming after the Church once he finished with Jones. We know what happened to the congressman. This escalation against Marty, coupled with the reports of increased focus against him and Mike Rinder in recent speeches, must be taken as a serious threat. Miscavige is losing boatloads of money as the CoS collapses. He will do whatever it takes to stop the loss. This escalation by Miscavige must be reported to the police, and Marty please make sure you are properly defended at all times. In addition, I think it is appropriate to worry about people still in the church who have shown signs of wanting to leave. Miscavige is desperate to stop that and he will do whatever it takes. Remember, this is the guy that used a crow bar to smash a payphone and has beaten up many people. As any law enforcement professional knows, criminals escalate their behavior.

  96. Marty,

    Your post got me thinking.. maybe this is a blessing in disguise. It is an exit strategy for Scientologists to get out from under Dave’s smug clown show.

    Back in the day.. when you wanted to avoid an S.O. recruiter, you would state that you thought you took something like LSD. That would get back off the recruiter as he could get in trouble recruiting an “LSD” case.

    So.. if you are under the radar now.. you just make up a document that says your Mom had ECT.. making you an ineligible PC. Quick exit strategy.

    BTW, if you are tired of receiving junk mail from every Org that you ever visited or entered.. just post on Marty’s site. I tried for years to whittle down the Scn bulk mail to a handful of Org and stop mail from being delivered to tenants in a house I owned some years ago. etc.. all to no avail.

    After posting here.. all mail stopped within a month. Presto.

    Marty is the lightening rod to getting things done.

  97. Scientology Incs hallways smell of boiled cabbage and old rag mats.

  98. Yvonne — how right you are. “Anyone under his control won’t be allowed to read it…” But these days he cannot control what people look at…

    So, the irony is that while he rails against entheta on the internet and how it “disaffects” people, some of the most impressive “disaffection generators” are his OWN publications. His original stroke of genius was the “Freedumb” magazine in 2009 that has turned more people off from the RCS than any other single item I have come across (second is Debbie Cook’s letter and testimony).

    So, the one thing that Dave can certainly be proud of being “the best” at is creating black PR on himself.

    What a boob.

  99. Glad to bring a little laughter to your day Mark….

  100. One more thing about this stuff- there is A LOT of it on the internet. All the different websites created to publish an almost endless stream of this material. It’s really, really creepy. It reminds me of The Shining (The film version) where she finds out he’s been writing hundreds of pages of the same thing over and over.
    It’s psychotic. Compusive psychotic behavior.

  101. Hmm, maybe the Master of Disaster is dramatizing the bad stats of Scientology Inc. The lower the stats, the more b…sh.. comes out of his mouth.
    The stats must be very, very low now.

  102. An SP with an out-list, puhh…!

  103. There’s a pattern here… the last time it got deeply personal was right before Marty went to Germany, with an increase in the insanity of the Squirrel Busters and the false accusations leading to the arrest.

    Looks like this is in reaction to the filming crew outside Marty’s place last month, combined with the frustration that casa Rathbun isn’t being micro monitored hence no prediction, therefore just lashing out.

    Most people reading the above would probably feel nothing but compassion for Marty’s mom and the dreadful ordeal she was put through and also querying the report which allegedly studied ECT in pregnant women, and then states that it was really just, ‘one pregnant woman…’

  104. This was written by someone trying to sooth DM after his head exploded when you moved. Consider it a housewarming present from the SP.

  105. Dani Lemberger

    But then Marty, you’re in good company.
    A friend recently called me from California to ask if it’s true Tami & I are back on drugs, like she was told at her local church.
    Members of our group were told I’m a drug dealer, sex pervert, my mom’s an SP, my brother’s on psych drugs, my father committed suicide when I was a kid. Our meters are all rusted and I stole LRH materials.
    And this is true for all of us.
    They are straining hard to make us the modern-day lepers of the church of miscavology.
    We can only take consolation, and pride actually, in that the ranks of us free nuts are rapidly growing while the numbers of sane robots are increasingly dwindling.
    What proves our success more than their ugly hysterics?

  106. The blackness of his soul is so obvious, it makes words like sociopath, suppressive person, psychopath, etc., seem high on the Tone Scale. He better pray to God he doesn’t drop his body, because the little klinker that is his soul will probably became a black hole that he will never escape in hundreds of millions of years. If he hadn’t hurt so many people and the society by denying it true Scientology, he should be pitied. He is creating how own oblivion of an eternity with every new overt he commits.

  107. Chris from Germany

    “The only result is negative”
    True. Some months ago I received an SMS from Dir I & R of a German Org, who knows about my reading this blog, that I should have a look at “”. So I checked it out. Already on the first glimps it became so obvious, that it was created with 100 % “jokers and degraders”´tech, strange caricatures like a crying Marty-Baby in diapers and others on the front page. Some of my friends who were still sitting on the fence that time and who were asking me about a lot of things I just showed that site and asked them: “Do you want to be part of a church with a PR-mag like that?” It was the last missing proof for them. It was not dangerous for them, to have a look at THAT site, since it was not an “Entheta”-site with black PR against COB from a possible SP like Marty, it was the product of the “church” itself! So I used it, since my friends, who didn´t dare to check Marty´s site, dared to look at the freedommag-site. Result? The mag, which has been created only for the purpose to discredit Marty and others, created the opposite effect and discredited the church itself. “The only result is negative.” Right. We don´t need to fight them, they are fighting themselves.

  108. Miscavige minions handlings 101.
    In the local Org of the city I live, OSA and his minions actively promote me as a Devil. The worse of the worse. They don´t know that most of the public are my friends and they laugh at OSA knowing that all is bullshit.
    I know Miscavige approve this writing.
    I don´t know who wrote it but the one who do so it´s sure that has a degraded condition. Acting like his SP boss. I feel a lot of compassion for this two guys. I first laugh when I read it and after that I cried while looking at their condition. Poor guys; They don´t know how deep they are.
    There are a few things worse than having a SP declare and being black PR´d 24/7. Being Miscavige or one of his minions is one of them.

    Having stories like this one are some of the privileges and honors of the elite group of “troublemakers”.

    VWD Marty.

  109. Hey assface Miscavige – you are obviously talking about yourself when you refer to hiding a violent and psychotic side from those that are manipulated. That’s the beginning, middle and end of your life story, prick.

  110. This is cur dog stuff. Anyone with any humanity or intelligence will only be repelled by such dribble. With the tragic events of this afternoon, ignore the Madman of Hemet for awhile; direct your energies toward doing something positive for your fellow man.

  111. Thank you so much, yet once again Michael.

    This had some real Texas “Sudden” to it.

    The tiny-cuffs-shrimp-meister is definitely going more solid.

    Bang on (as in carry on steadfastly),


  112. I should have clarified that the above is a line from George Orwell’s classic 1984.

  113. OMG!
    Miscavige has taken anti-Scientology to a whole new level of insanity.
    What a vicious moron.

  114. stevenpoore2012

    WELL STATED MIKE! and it soo much indicates how desperate miscavige is. So, as ugly as it is, I take it a Very Good Indicator. DM_Days Numbered..

  115. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that this latest nonsense will push a few more numb automatons to wake up, smell the coffee and decide to take their java to go.

  116. Fuck them, just fuck them. Sorry for the language but this is really just beyond the pale. And pathetic as well.

    This really indicates to me that deep down on some level they know they’ve lost. The frenzied and desperate actions of a dying cult.

  117. +1

  118. ‘The morer Miscaviage tighens his grip the more the planet will slip through his fingers’. A misquote from Star Wars perhaps, but very apropro. He is getting exactly what he resists and he will be his own downfall. These are the threshings of a dying elephant.

  119. David Miscavige … FUCK YOU!

  120. 🙂 now that about sums it up as succinctly as is possible.

  121. stevenpoore2012

    Dwayne, “It always amazes me that a ‘church’ that is trying to gain mainstream acceptance & respectability uses tactics such as this to forward their objectives.”


    “amazed”? I think not.

  122. stevenpoore2012

    should be including himself.

  123. Dani — truly, it’s “Signs of Success” in action before our very eyes.

    But when it comes to Dear Leader I think it is also “Signs of Failure” — he is frustrated that his voyeurism was ended with respect to Marty and Mosey (more to come on that score shortly), so he sits down with a glass of scotch and his dictaphone and rattles off his latest drivel and it gets rushed onto the site. This sort of lunacy gives him some strange satisfaction. He is sure he is “getting back” at Marty and “teaching him a lesson” — he is too self-absorbed to even notice that the more frantically he vomits out his web of lies and deceit, the tighter he is caught. He is spider trapped in his own web, convinced that if he keeps doing more he will catch more food. All he is doing is making his trap inescapable and his mad writhings are scaring away the insects he is sure he has completely under his thumb.

  124. Anononyourside

    Does Freedom Magazine do anything else besides attack Marty and the Indies? It seems entirely devoted to the attacks, and there are no dates except for the copyright date which is 2011.

  125. This is VERY easy to explain. This comm is directed towards a tiny, tiny, tiny sliver of humanity: the extremely minute number of CoS customers who might read Marty’s blog and thus turn off their cash-church spigot. To black PR him to that group, so that each keeps paying. That’s all.

    Did you catch Ortega’s report about the religious census in Britain? That it’s estimated there are about 2,500 Scientologists in the whole country? What are there in the world? 30,000 on lines? Probably an accurate number. That is still a large customer base if you figure on average each person will pay $5,000 a year into CoS coffers (a very conservative figure by the way, could be twice that much or more). This covers services, IAS, other dono’s, forced accomodations, forced elig checks, etc etc etc I think this would be fifteen MILLION bucks a year for virtually no exchange. And again it could be twice or three times as much. So what if Scientology continues to shrink over the next ten years to half its size? 15 thousand customers paying out thousands and thousands of bucks. Even with the CoS slowly disappearing over the next 20 years (which with the COMPLETELY fucked PR, it most assuredly will), this business will be a total CASH COW for Miscavige & Co for the rest of their lives. Add onto the annual cash flow, the huge real estate holdings and it doesn’t really matter if Scientology slowly disappears – these guys already have it made, just keep the money coming in.

    So…. yeah, they will completely black PR any person (use any means to crush his reputation and get CoS customers to disconnect from him) who might dissuade even ONE potential customer from paying up this year. It’s not personal, it’s business (Vito Corleone). Except of course, in the demented minds of those who feel they must control other beings, it’s personal too …. what it says about THEM.

  126. Anononyourside

    Given how many PIs Miscavige has hired, and how much money he has spent, to investigate Marty, this is the best he can do, psychotic lies and rants?

  127. Anononyourside

    The images that provokes! I think you nailed it!

  128. Is that all they’ve got? An announcement that auditing doesn’t work? An announcement that Dianetics doesn’t work? An announcement that Scientology doesn’t work? An announcement that people will always be the effect of an engram and there is no way to rise above it? Even though they have been recorded as a “clear”? An “OT”? Who have they got on these web sites, kids from a cadet org? Some psychiatrist? If this isn’t just ignorance, this is suicide. They are killing off their product through the internet. They are digging their own grave and climbing all over one another to jump in it! They are flat out invalidating the claims of Dianetics and Scientology. That is scary. They don’t even think it works anymore!

  129. No. It doesn’t get darker than this.

  130. Summary of this blog post:

    VF (publication author) = Co$

    Marty = Indies

  131. “Congressman Ryan lost a nephew to CoS and was coming after the Church once he finished with Jones.”

    Never heard of this before. Can you tell us more, and where you got this information from?

  132. Besides that, I had to spend a few summers in West Virginia with an aunt and uncle when I was seven and eight. They had cattle and an electric fence. You couldn’t see it if you were running. I banged into that thing over and over and it knocked me out cold every time. My uncle would get pissed because I would take the fence down with me and he would have to go out and reconstruct it. That never even came up in my auditing. I just remembered it.

    Where do these people come up with these fixed ideas about people and their reasons? The public should know this is typical Sea Org culture. The Int execs at the Flag Command Bureau and the top Sea Org executives at Flag and the C/S’s would sit around and discuss people’s case, the public’s, and label them this way and that and figure figure on them and declare them all sorts of items. When I came in the Sea Org after being a Flag public, I found out the seven p.c. folders I had with my O/W write ups from the Hubbard Personal Ethics and Integrity Course, had been kept in the C/S office at the case cracking unit for the C/S’s to read for entertainment.

    When I found out David Miscavige had secretly and illegally video taped Tom Cruise’s auditing sessions, and used them for party entertainment, it did not surprise me in the least. These people do not have dynamics or livingness of their own and they only experience the outside world through other people who PAY to be heard.

  133. Marty, that is pretty darned dark. And it only is intended for two:
    1. DM
    2. Fearful parishioners still in the church.

    Oh, I guess it is also intended for the dubbed-in version that they THINK is Marty, to, you know, cave you in and all that. Kind of like how you caved in when the camera hat guys showed up.

    I also find it telling how the church decries the idea that people “are” their brains, unless it suits their purpose: “We are not our brains, unless we can allude that one of our enemies has brain damage”.

  134. My sentiments exactly! There is a catch 22 about running Marty into the ground in this manner. How did he rise to Inspector General and the number two man in the corporate C of S? This is really pathetic and smacks of desperation.

    I remember going to an event where they were explaining what a SP David Mayo was and the speaker (a Sea Org Missionaire) said “Did you know David Mayo’s last auditor died?” – I thought to myself do you really think that we’re going to buy that David Mayo was such an SP his auditor dropped dead as a result of auditing him? This reminds me of the same sort of attack, mindless association with something that is viewed negatively within the Church painted with broad generalities in a blatant attempt to 3rd party.

    I see this serving as a tool to wake up more trapped beings.

  135. Note to David Miscavige

    David, it is blatantly obvious you are on a HUGE motivator flow with Marty. The fact that you have so much attention stuck on this incident, and that you have such clear recall on every part of it, makes me suspect you were the one there delivering the electric shock.

  136. Reading this saddened me tremendously. A young woman, who was so troubled she was institutionalized in a private hospital by her husband (presumably). Four short years later she sadly took her life.

    (BTW — all private mental hospitals in the 50’s,60’s were country club settings, which distinguished them from the dirty and violent state mental hospitals, where the indigent were sent)

    I am unable to write without launching into a tirade, so I will spare you all.

    Marty has my deepest thoughts for the loss of his mother at such an early age and my warmest regard for his willingness to continue to expose dm.


  137. Actially Marty, it is totally out of touch stupid. Very infantile, it’s almost like Cartman on Sourh Park.
    It is really great that this foolishness gets media attention.
    When you are winning, just let the loosing side continue to dig their own hole by revealing their true nature: cruel and despicable.

  138. Desperate people do desperate things!!!!

  139. I told them I had taken LSD twice and they took me in the Sea Org anyway. The funny thing is, on those LSD trips all I saw were cartoons for 24 hours plus. Everything in my environment turned into a looney tune figure. People turned into cartoon figures. I was just sick of cartoons when it was over.
    The nasty mind trips I have read on the Internet that have gone on in the Sea Org and at the Int base seem like an experience a thousand times worse than what happened to me on LSD. I was sick of Scientology when I left the Sea Org.

  140. THOSE people were tripping.

  141. I was VERY aware I was hallucinating. Those people hallucinate 24/7 and they don’t even know it!

  142. Oracle – you REALLY showed up the biggest outpoint of the whole operation. You nailed it.

  143. They put “” as the source of data in italics.

    You go to the web site and the first thing you see is:

    “Greetings! Welcome to my world of variety. Do not believe everything you read here. Much is fiction and what is based on fact is presented in my own unique and inspired interpretation.”

  144. “Hey, remember our old 2nd in Command? Rathbun?”

    “Yeah, that guy is getting a lot of press. Lets smear him”

    “Great idea. Shall we go with the usual? Naturally evil, manipulative, ya da ya da ya?”

    “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. You know what to do”

    “Before we do this, I do have one question”


    “Well, as a religion and as a way of life, Scientology has practical and effective ways of dealing with nasty people, right? PTS/SP? Comm Course? Dianetics 55?”

    “Yes it does. In fact, it’s a major selling point. Even in times such as these, there is always a constant degree of expansion as someone applies the tech and finds it works”

    “And Rathbun was in the church practically his whole adult life, right?”

    “Yes he was, the bastard”

    “And 2nd in Command?”

    “I know. Scandalous”

    “Well, that’s kinda my point Sir. If he was evil, that means the tech doesn’t work. But if the tech DOES work, then that means he wasn’t evil, right?”

    “Hmmm. I don’t like where this is going”

    “No, no, hear me out. To reach 2nd in Command, through all those hoops, all those hours of service, and no-one noticed he was basically Satan? NO-ONE?”

    “I see what’s happening here, don’t worry”

    “You do??? Oh thank God, I thought I was going mad!”

    “What’s happening here is you’ve gone 1.1. Shame. You had promise. Have you ever cleaned a ship?”


  145. Oracle – you’re on fire today; the whole post, but especially that last comment. I saw certain folks do this on org staff as far back as the late 70s – early 80s – a highly trained CS and cramming officer for years continually pointing out how fucked up certain student auditors and staff were, rather than just taking the attitude that we were here to help others move up the line and get help ourselves. And how totally nuts this is, when you consider that the folks being talked about (and in your post) are FELLOW SCIENTOLOGISTS who voluntarily joined the cause that we were all dedicated to (and that they and we were the supposed upper tenth of the upper one percent or whatever the percentage was of the most aware beings in the universe, and this is what we think of each other). Yeah, very, very nuts and so few were able to see it.

  146. Dear Marty,
    This crap is what it is. Crap. Let Miscavige ride his toboggan into his personal pit of despair.
    When I find an intelligent person who I think might be ready to confront the stupidity and evil intentions being put forth by the RCS and perhaps distinguish them from the subject itself, I just send them to the Freedom Magazine website. Anyone who has not completely O.D.ed on cool-aid can perceive the venomous hate and illogical statements emanating from that site.
    “Does it get any darker than this?” ……Oh, I’m sure that Miscavige can get darker, and even more degraded. It’s just too bad that he is dragging the organization that Ron set up to protect and forward the subject of Scientology down with him.
    And don’t you know that it is YOU, Marty, who are responsible even for the overts being committed in the name of the “Church”… I kid you not. For example, there are a ton of people out there right now who, despite being “on lines” are not happy with the crush regging for donations for IAS, book packages, ideal orgs, etc. that take place at the end of auditing sessions, D of Ps, MAA inerviews, etc.
    Well, recently the official party line is to concede that this is an outpoint, but that the reason it has been done is because of a policy YOU wrote OKing the practice. (I’m not making this up) When one points out that you have not been on post for about a decade, the response is confused mumbling. I kid you not. This is happening.

    I am truly sorry that you have had to be the target for these personal attacks. They are EVIL INTENTIONED. As others have pointed out today, any person of good will can perceive that. The best explanation publishing crap like this iis that Miscavige thinks that everyone else is as venomous and insensitive as he is.

  147. This so reminds me of a schoolyard bully. Backed up by his toadies, he approaches his prey and hurdles insults at him. If he does not get a reaction he tries harder. If still no reaction, the bully pulls out the “mother” card and insults the poor kids mom. That usually does the trick.

    So DM is just another schoolyard bully trying one of the oldest tricks in the book. Marty, I wouldn’t even stifle that yawn.

  148. Wile E. Coyote’s latest gibberish is so BRILLIANT I’m wondering if his brain is secretly ruling the world, pulling strings and controlling events with an ACME Patented Uncanny Hypnotic Power Hemet! There maybe no way we can stop him and save ourselves.

  149. Marty and Mosey,

    Here’s a song with my dedication to you both. I posted this same song a couple of years ago. Seems appropriate for an encore performance. We love you. I love you both. Get it on and carry on. If you need any help, you got the number.

    Chiquita, too!

    Afterword: F%ck you little dave, you world class and universally acknowledged sociopath.

  150. Geez Marty…between you and “Rip Van” Rinder it’s a wonder we get anything done out here.

    When I first saw that Freedom Mag article on Mike (with the goofy caricatures and all), I couldn’t help but think what utter garbage it is with respect to journalistic relevance. By this I mean the purpose of the piece. Could I honestly look at it from the eyes of someone inquiring about the subject and then see the Church in a more favorable light? Repeatedly my answer was, “NO”. It is the same with this.

    So…if there is little or no PR value in these things to those on the outside, its only purpose must be to keep those already in ignorant. If Google Trends is any indication as to the effect this kind of stuff lends to the Church’s credibility, I’d say there are many others who feel as I do.

  151. What are WE going to do about this?

  152. A masterpiece.

  153. The irony!

  154. You are an expert at analysis Mike!! Wow, that was amazing.

  155. Lol!!! Accusing others of what he himself is guilty of. What a loser McTinyfists is.

  156. Interesting theory. Maybe cob is being paid to destroy Scientology. How else can anyone be that dumb?

  157. Anonymous Confused Person

    Tom, you are so right – could this be a classic case of projection?

  158. Is this Jay Paul Salerno?

  159. So true. I have received two Freedumb Mags a couple of years ago. I read them and felt that the spirit of old Freedom Mag is dead. It now has become a black-PR machine to attack the dissidents, and is used to wipe the dictator’s ass as a wet pipe (check, “Wet Wipe Ass Syndrome”).

  160. David Lingenfelter

    Damn. DM is sure having a hard time being right.

  161. Jay – are you nuts

  162. Regular Dog formerly Underdog

    Oracle, I think your pile of folders kept and read for entertainment was setting right next to my pile of folders kept and read for entertainment.

  163. Theo Sismanides

    Tight spot, is all I can say. DM is in a tight spot re Marty now.

  164. Jay, what would you consider a normal, non-PTS behavior on Marty’s part in regards to what’s happening in the church and why it is happening? What would be in your understanding the end phenomenon of all the actions you list?

  165. Steven, with all due respect & sincerity, I don’t understand your reply. Please simplify it for me so I can understand what you’re trying to say. Again, I’m honestly not trying to be rude or sarcastic, but I’ve read it 3 times & I’m no further ahead in understanding if you agree, disagree or are making an entirely different point all together. I just want to ensure that I’m not misunderstanding your comment.

  166. I love Zombies! Some of my best friends are Zombies!

    Watch out for my daughter Sabrina though – she likes to kill Zombies with an Axe, Chainsaw or Machine Gun.

  167. So that’s what happened…


  168. Wow, thats stooping pretty low. Apparently the higher the slime factor the greater threat that Marty & The Indies represent to Miscaviges Church of Abomination of Scientology.

  169. Congressman Leo Ryan’s sister had a son who got sucked into Scientology. I recently read about that myself. I will try to locate where I found it.

  170. One of those who see

    This is proof-not that we needed anymore- that Miscavige and anyone that had anything to do with this trash are not Scientologists. They are a fraud, counterfeit. What do they believe in??? Mest. They believe in Mest. Certainly not immortal beings.

  171. What is his stat anyway? “Evil Works, Poorly Thought Of”?

  172. Felicitas

    I see what you are saying here but in truth I do not see any outpoints here at all regarding Marty. All I could find to say on that regarding Marty might be, “wrong place, wrong time”.

    I did an outpoint count just for fun. (based on just what I can see from the document itself, without any research of the “facts” presented.)

    Omitted data 3
    Altered sequence 1
    Dropped time 1
    Falsehood 8
    Wrong target 2
    Added in-applicable data 5
    Incorrectly included datum 7
    Assumed identities are not identical 3
    Assumed similarities are not similar or same class of thing 2

    (these two are my own additions:)
    Untrustworthy source …Miscavige/OSA
    Conjecture stated as fact 6

    This statement is pure drivel, and as a statement apparently presented to denigrate Marty it is curious in that it does not contain a single applicable point.
    The entire document is an “added in-applicable datum.”

    This statement does however (inadvertantly) show the criminal disregard for both the mother and the unborn baby by electro-shocking a pregnant woman in the first place. What kind of “health care” does that fall under?

    Eric S

  173. Laugh with relief that you are out and cry for all the damage done by DM.
    It’s going to get much darker for him.

  174. As for me, if ECT produces a being with the integrity of one Marty Rathbun then sign me up for a fucking double dose first thing in the morning!!!!!

    Fuck you and the miserable pathetic orgasm you are David pea brain Miscaviage.

  175. The dogs are nipping at the asswipes! LMFAO on your new OSA acronym!

  176. MotherNature

    Yes. I figure David Miscavige has moved below covert hostility and is now thoroughly parked in despair. He has gone completely out of control and is blindly clawing and scratching at the enemies of his own creation. He is about to enter the realm of pure terror, and he seems to be totally incapable of doing anything to prevent his continued downward crash.

    Hopefully, once he hits “numb” those around him will grow a pair and take him out. Of course they would have to be above numb themselves. Is that still possible?

    Eric S

  177. The overt doth speak loudly!!!!!

    “Never grew to normal size and suffers from speech impairment even now.”

    Now that is priceless!!!!!

  178. Marty Unplugged, father of a dwarf DeMon with a lisp. Just as was predicted months ago.

  179. It must really jack his jaws that Marty is willing to post the Dwarfs own drivel on his website.

    Can you tell that you are having quite an effect Davey……Marty must be all caved in so you can now crawl out of your nasty little bunker for a short breath of air!

  180. Should make for a wonderful New Years Event at the Shrine. I think I’ll bring a siren and some stink bombs! Of course i don’t want to compete with the little Pope!

  181. Alaska Ronn

    Just as an added comment here, I do not believe LRH ever said anywhere that auditing or Scientology technologies could not help a person who had had ECT. ( there are no guarantees because of the the physical damage caused to the brain itself.)
    As I recall, the ban on handling people who had received ECT was seemingly put there to protect the church in case, during the handling of such a case, the person ran into difficulties for which “Psychiatry” could now accuse the church of creating, even though “Psychiatry” had already potentially done massive electrical damage to both the body and the being. Ron assessed that it was safer just to refuse to handle ECT cases at all rather than to open the door to such attacks.

    Eric S

  182. Scum rides on top of whatever they are!

  183. What recent event are you referring to?

  184. All we need is a candy grey 500lb safe to fall out of the sky on his head… just a thought.

  185. CommunicatorIC

    I have wanted to comment for hours, but the truth is that I am unable to adequately express how disgusting this is. Unfortunately, I am not surprised.

    What does surprise me is how monumentally, and indeed pathetically, stupid this is How moronic. How ignorant. For a “Church,” or any organization, seeking mainstream acceptance to engage is such conduct is beyond comprehension.

    It demonstrates not only arrogance, but also a suffocatingly insular culture that has lost touch with, has no understanding of, and has no idea how to address, civilized society.

  186. Well said Ronnie. Guess His Highness is going to have to get Tom, John, Kirsty and the rest of the crew back to base for a good battery of objectives ………….then a full redo of their bridges to nowhere.

    That occurs right after the Office of Special Asswipes DA handling and a couple rounds of Teddy Braggen and the IASers chasing them around in their Fleecemobiles!

  187. “The dwindling spiral of DM’s sordid existence is accelerating.” – Terrific wording! You’ve captured the VFP of all this crap that Marty’s been subjected to in one succinct sentence. DM continually picks the self destructive path. At this rate, it won’t be long until only angry, hateful drones will be all that’s left in the collective known as the C of S. (DM playing the role of the Borg Queen.)

  188. Steve, Here it is courtesy of Loony Tunes. And in living color. OMG!!!!

  189. Dwayne,
    I think refers to His Demented Majesties publication about Marty in that he is attempting TO HARM OR DESTROY Marty which points to his own obvious level of INSANITY. Not to mention that it is also COMPLEX AND CONTINUOUS and he has the resources to appear very DETERMINED.

  190. Up until 2009 Freedom Magazine actually did investigative journalism. It has a history of some really groundbreaking stuff, for instance on CIA mind control experiments and the JFK assassination (which was used by Oliver Stone as the basis for the movie JFK). The last expose in the pipeline concerned out-ethics on Wall Street, but that issue was cancelled and replaced with a knee-jerk smear piece in response to the Truth Rundown in the St. Pete Times. It’s been Freedumb Magazine ever since.

  191. Except that his face doesn’t look that good!

  192. Spot-on, Mike. That Freedumb mag did it for me. The DSA at San Francisco Org kindly explained, “It was written that way to appeal to a certain tone level” — as if that was a good thing!

  193. Alex and OverRun

    Actually I don’t think any action is called for at all. This is a classic example of “the enemy” making a serious mistake, and I consider it ill advised to interrupt them. Perhaps we could encourage more of this kind of drivel as it is evidence of their collective tone level. Marty and the rest of us can simply continue to publish the “church’s” insanity. No good can possibly come to the “church” for this latest evidence of seething hatred toward Marty.

    David Miscavige is apparently locked into a continuous evil purpose. He will find out far too late that he has tied his own noose and kicked the chair out from under himself. And to think, it is highly likely that everyone around him, though smiling and nodding their approval on the outside, despises his behavior to their very core.

    It is a terrifying and lonely fate. I would wish it on no one.

    Eric S

  194. LAUGHTER!

  195. Scott,

    You both would love my Remington 870 Marine or just a plain old Ruger 10/22. Shotgun though wise I’d start out with a ..410 or 20 gauge, IMHO.

    Dad taught all six of us with .22 rifles. God bless him. He’d be 94 or so, today, WW2 navy vet that died in ’70 from exposure to radiation as a first onshore at Nagasaki. Just teach your children well. I promise to do the same:

  196. Marty – I know how to fix this. Repeat this command out loud: “I’m rubber and you’re glue.” – This will completely neutralize all of DM’s power to 3rd Party you with this publication.

  197. This is just so much hate and fear driven that you Marty
    must be missing some gynormous overts/withholds on
    David Miscavige. And then OSA (Tom Whittle et al –
    the writers who were 4th dynamic oriented) now under
    that little thumb have succumbed to this!?! It is scary how
    history repeats itself despite all the knowledge you have.

  198. If low class people in Arabia want to insult someone they insult their opponent’s mother ( “your mother is a #####” ).

    If someone with a “psychotic and violent side” has been a top guy in that “church” for years, then there might be other violent psychos … maybe even more violent or psychotic !

    The good thing about this OSA publication : those who fall for it are not yet ripe for salvation from the greedy manipulative “church”. A relatively sane and intelligent being will be able to recognize such extreme badmouthing for what it is.

  199. David Miscavige Vomited Again

    Simply pathetic. David Miscavige has outdone himself into a new low in this OSA-cobbled David Miscavige-dictated slander attempt.

    It’s an epileptic seizure hissy fit, an enraged psychotic tantrum of David Miscavige.

    Any criminal profiler can analyze this one. Because Mr. & Mrs. Rathbun moved out of their neighborhood last week and foiled David Miscavige’s Three Stooges Spying Operation in the house leased by Scientology Inc. (for three years), Miscavige went hysterical.

    This malicious vomit is what Miscavige thought up to “really get to Marty”.

    Knee jerk. Seizure. What pea of a soul. Hallucinatory cause.

    The most horrifying part? That the Chairman of the Board of Scientology Inc believes this is an effective strategy.

    We worry about people going loopy antisocial. If there are any “symptoms” for warning signs — what is this? take heed, world.

    If this isn’t insane, what is? Some people kill bodies. Others try to kill souls.

  200. DiMly lit DiMworks.

  201. Hahahahahahahah!!!!!!!
    Tic toc tic toc!

  202. Anononyourside

    Yes, while he’s running into a tunnel that’s not a tunnel, its just painted to look like a tunnel. Oh wait, isn’t that what Miscavige is doing right now? And every time he hits that wall, he blames Marty.

  203. Anononyourside

    There is a lot on the Internet about Ryan and the CoS, and various documents about his nephew. Here is one, Ryan spoke before congress about the need to protect America’s youth from cults. Ida Camburn also writes about Ryan, his nephew, and the CoS in her autobiography.

  204. NO. I am a trained Auditor. F….OFF!

  205. What the e/p of both rundowns give that’s what/ DM should be put in jail but case wise this thing between Marty and DM goes way back see the bulletins on the PTS R/Ds for more info.

  206. In a nutshell, this represents everything that is wrong with today’s Radical Corporate Scientology:

    1) The RCS continues to publish slanderous articles about someone who has left the organization 8 years ago, in an effort to continue to “Fair Game” Marty. Whistleblowers are ruthlessly fair gamed in RCS.

    2) It shows that RCS probably did “research” for this article by digging through Marty’s old PC and Ethics folder. The RCS also probably broke a few laws and spent a lot of $$$ along the way as well as this sort of detailed medical info couldn’t have been gotten via “dumpster diving”.

    3) It It shows a complete lack of compassion for Marty’s mother and Marty himself for having gone through a procedure the “church” allegedly opposes.

    4) It is wrong target – holding Marty and/or Marty’s mother responsible for undergoing an action (ECT) that was widely done at that time in psychiaty’s history.

    5) This article attempts to divert attention way from the larger problem – Miscavige’s sadistic violence that is well documented by almost everyone who has left/blown the Int Base and hasn’t signed a gag order. Even Debbie Cook spoke about Miscavige’s violence and she DID have a gag order.

    6) It shows RCS to be vindictive, petty and sociopathic, much like Miscavige himself, not too suprisingly. It creates a horrible PR image of a “church” that has tax exemption and supposedly works to help people. “The most ethical people on planet Earth …”, yeah right.

    7) Besides being in extremely bad taste, this whole article is pointless as it doesn’t “prove” anything about Marty. It only proves that the person/people who did write it have the mind of an anti-social sociopath. Anyone who can perceive can clearly see that it has always been Miscavige behind the violence at the Int Base.

  207. Where is this published on the internet?? I’ve looked everywhere. What total assholes these guys are, jesus. But where is it? I looked on the freedom mag website.

  208. Marty, if you so wish, you now have a federal case against them. HIPPA.

  209. I want to write something to David Miscavige:

    Hey Dave.

    The first time I saw you was at a video showing of an Int event at my org in the early 90s.
    I think Heber talked and then ED Int and then you. I didnt really understand who anyone was aside from the introductions and it seemed more of a division of power than it is now for sure.
    Anyway, I was new to Scientology, but I even with a lack of training I just had a gut feeling about you. I instantly knew something. That you were a dick. i just got a real bad “vibe” from you.
    I didnt have the nomenclature down yet to put to words exaclty what it was, but what I saw was your tone level was in the 1.1 – 1.5 range. You just didnt seem right. Heber and Guillaume seemed cool- like regular humans. But you came across to me as a shady, dirty politician type.
    I actually got ARC broken with the subject of Scientology, but I continued on courses and eventually joined staff. Of course I had to forget about that initial “gut reaction”. You even had me fooled with all the flashy PR for a number of years. Deep down I still had that knowingness that you were a douchebag, but holy shit, I must be wrong because look- Mexico is clear and 64,000,000,000 people had been reached with community outreach public relations infomercials on shortwave radio that year so I had to stand up and applaud.

    Then there came a problem- I saw “The Truth Rundown”. I read everything and watched all the videos. Then I started really watching the events and spotting outpoints and outright lies about stats and expansion of Scientology. Then I really researched data that is out there about YOU and you actions and I get it now. I can see you again just like the first time. Your smoke and mirrors magic show is over dude. It’s over for too many people. There is no going back. There is to much information about you. Too many witnesses have testified. You were unable to suppress and/or destroy too many people who were witness to your crimes and now they no longer fear you or your “Church”. The jig is up. The cat is out of the bag, or whatever idioms you want to use.
    If you have any slightest hint of humanity; of theta why dont you please do the right thing for yourself and eveybody else and just quit. Resign and go live your life somewhere else. Go do real estate with your brother or be a pastry chef or something. Holy shit, wouldnt that be nice? -get rid of all the stress.

  210. I couldn’t say it any better than that, Victoria!

  211. Well, I’m not a proponent of ECT. But turning to published literature shows that ECT during pregnancy has no effect on child or only questionable effect in cases other factors quite possibly were at work (see

    The real problem is the unethical use of confidential information to attack someone who was formerly quite fine enough to be the #2 guy in what was supposedly the most ethical group on the planet.

    The hypocritical aspect is that this same supposedly ethical group (CoS, Inc.) supports and even encourages or requires something that is indisputably injurious to any fetus: abortion.

  212. Why? What was the reasoning behind this? What difference does it make if there was a psyche ward there or not.

  213. CoS, Inc. has driven right off the ethical cliff.

  214. Fromtheotherside

    As a never-been who has watched from the sidelines, I would say that yes it does and has gotten much darker (cf. Karen’s son). On the other hand, if you like dark humor this black PR is rather hilarious. In the critic community even Marty’s most fervent detractors acknowledge that, far from brain damaged, he is a highly intelligent individual. The asthmatic dwarf by contrast? The general consensus is that he was never too bright and that his over-consumption of scotch has likely had a deleterious effect on his few firing synapses. This attack is so obviously fabricated that it just confirms the suspicion.

  215. It’s amateur night.

  216. CommunicatorIC

    Marty, I know you don’t want to get into litigation with the corporate “Church” of Scientology because you don’t want to play its game. Nonetheless, people who have had confidential information from their PC folders disclosed or published by the “Church” may want to consider seeing a qualified attorney about asserting a claim for invasion of privacy by publication or disclosure of private facts. “Unlike libel or slander, truth is not a defense for invasion of privacy.” See:

    Only for example, in Texas:

    For example, in California:

    I just thought people should know that, in addition to being morally and ethically wrong, depending on the particular state publication or disclosure of confidential PC folder information might be actionable in tort under the theory of invasion of privacy by publication or disclosure of private facts.

  217. He is mocking . It was just meant as another kick in the ass.

  218. Marty – it must suck to be the lightening rod for such a stupid, cowardly little life-form’s need to vent about His spectacularly collapsing cult but ….

    The Co$ is as good as dead. From recent reports I received, it’s bleeding old-timer SO members and there’s NO-ONE to replace them with. It’s just a matter of time before orgs and SO units close down completely – they’re already barely operating at all right now.

    And FSO and CC Int survive totally by preying on the orgs underneath them – now THERE is a strategy for long-term survival – NOT !!!!! Ripping off your feeder org.s for both staff and customers isn’t helping at all – but then again, when all you care about are this week’s stats ….

    And all Herr DwarfenFuhrer can think of is yet another even more disgusting “DA” on YOU because YOU must be The Why His empire is crumbling so rapidly.

    Keep it up, Little Davey Boy – this latest effort of Yours is the most stupid and self-defeating missive You’ve ever sent out. Please don’t change Your successful action – please !!!!

    We’ll just get on with the job of rescuing and rehabilitating the folk You think You still have under Your control.

  219. Dizzy Mizz Lizzy

    Just take it as a compliment Marty, that DM is so obsessed with you! You are with him 24/7 giving him sleepless nights. Continue what you´re doing! You´re obviously creating an effect. And the more DM reacts, the more people will wake up. We all thank you for your constant alertness and your willingness to fight back! You´re an inspiration to us all!

  220. They’ve scrapped through the bottom of the barrel with this one. Seriously defies parody.

  221. When I first started to open my eyes after listening to Marty’s accounts of abuse at the Int base, I was directed to the ‘special’ Freedom edition as a ‘handling’.
    Some handling!
    All this served to do was beg a hundred more questions – chief of which was that if this Rathbun fellow was truly the nasty, violent, psychopathic monster portrayed in this obvious hatchet job, what does that then say about the person or people who nonetheless decided that he would be the best qualified person to be let loose upon our most valuable celebrities?
    This latest abhorrent offering seems to serve only to embellish that original sentiment.
    Truly pathetic.
    Marty, read WIRWS. I found it a very insightful and educational description of the subject and it’s subsequent and tragic corruption, beautifully and masterfully written.
    Your final summary brought a tear or two.
    Your fortitude truly staggers me.
    All the best to you both in your lovely new home – I too will miss those wonderfully idyllic images from the bay!

  222. I had to Force myself to read this.
    I could hardly stomach it and I went and did some errands 1/2 way though, then sat down at the computer to FORCE myself to read the rest unable even to stomach how depraved, dark and obscene Miscavige and his CULT has become. That I contributed to this entity for years made me feel sick.

    Omitted is why Miscavige had Marty was #2 in the Organization for some 25 years, why he was selected to be Tom Cruise’s auditor and why he was given such responsibility to handle the big Legal cases including the IRS negotiations for the 501C3.

    Mike Rinder says below that a reader would conclude that if this is the act of a “church” it is a church of Satan. I will add that the Vatican consider the “church” of Scientology a demonic religion and have stated so. (baby slaughter for 25 years, mocking the sanctity of a session by exposing confessional data in Fair Game etc.)

    I am comforted that I really believe in the phrase

    “The Chickens will come home to roost.”

    The Buddhists call it Karma

  223. Agreed – and there is one other thing as I see it. The RCS is implying that Marty would have suffered brain damage (while still in utero) causing him to be psychotic and violent. (See the capitalised introduction where “brain damage” is referred to.) If that was true, he could not “hide” the effects of the brain damage because……..the brain is damaged. (Duh!) Aggressive/psychotic behaviour from brain damage is usually not controllable. Also a person who is manipulative is usually someone who is intelligent, not brain damaged, because he has to live his life by the seat of his pants, and constantly judging how to make his next move. So the RCS has still not worked out what the brain does, as compared to what the mind does, as compared to what the Being does.

    And in any event, I don’t see how anyone could buy the story that ECT to a foetal brain will cause selective damage to the brain (I understand aggressive/psychotic behaviour is generally caused by frontal lobe damage) and no other neurophysical or neurocognitive damage. Marty is tall and fit (neurophysically intact) and his IQ is minimum 135 (because he qualled for Int Base) (so he is is neurocognitively intact.), unlike the child who did not grow to normal size and had a speech impediment.

    The story is not even plausible. And worse than that, it displays the RCS lack of understanding of the brain / mind / Being and how they work together. Their “ology” has lost its “scio” .

  224. Right on, Tom.

    We grew up the same way. Started off with .22 riles in grade school and it went from there. We’ve done some of that with our girls but not as much as I did as a kid. You’re right though, we have to teach our children well. Thank you for your promise, it means a lot to me. I promise to you that I’ll teach my children well too!

  225. Well said.Parker. With sick antics like this, David Miscavige has managed to do more damage to Scientology’s reputation than any group or individual since 1950.

  226. This has nothing to do with Scientology, nor with any philosophy or religion.
    This has to do with Nazi tactics and dramatization of implanting tecniques and mind manipulation.
    It smell like an uncleaned toilet full of shit under the desert sun….
    This is the smell of David Miscavige soul.

  227. Is an 8 year old with the intellect of an earthworm running the ‘church’ of scientology !

  228. Dizzy Mizz Lizzy

    “When I do good, I feel good.
    When I do bad, I feel bad.
    That´s my religion.”
    Abraham Lincoln

  229. Disgraceful beyond words to both his Mum and Marthy himself in
    revealing private information about his personal details.if this is so.
    If this was from case information, he just dug himself deeper and has admitted by this annoucement and is the key trater in this and
    any one elses he exposed. But of course it will be another who would be held responsible and get it in the neck . I would think any one reading this reading would just think this is the lowest of the low . He must be desperate. Its vilolation of data protection.

  230. Stay strong, Marty, we are witnessing the last, desperate days of the cult. Lots of love from Ireland!

  231. Hey Marty,

    I tell you, I find this to be quite humorous for one most OBVIOUS reason. The Church is putting this out now, about a guy who was the #2 guy in the organization for how many years, was it? A career in the Sea Org that lasted how many years, was it? A guy who climbed to the highest levels of the organization, from the same bottom where everybody starts? And we are now supposd to now believe THIS, about HIM? No, no, no, no, no, that just does not make any sense to any person with a right mind. It’s completely LAUGHABLE!! “Yes, he was so DAMAGED mentally, that we put him in charge of only our MOST important projects.” LOL

  232. Just read the original post – what the hell?!? So, according to DM, foetuses are damaged and lost before they are even fully-developed now?! What UTTER tosh. Mr. Rathbun – this must have been most unpleasant for you to read. But every rational being on this Earth is surely able to see how childish and ludicrous this latest impotent string of verbal diarrhoea from the ar*e of DM is.

    Puerile jibes of the most foolish kind.

    Stay strong; keep smiling – despite the nonsense.

    IEG xx

  233. For what its worth, your Mother would be incredibly proud of the man you have become. You stand tall for both her and yourself. And there are thousands who will vouch for that.

  234. With regards to the “church” including a persons Mother in their attempt to discredit them, it truly shows how detached they are from human emotion. Its scary and repulsive. Thank God we are no longer part of the madness.

  235. Thank you Eric S (made me smile on a very very dark day).

  236. Boy! The Midget is scared sh*tless of Marty.

  237. David Miscavige, coal nothing but coal for you little boy. And the reason you have been sequestered by us all is because you do not know how to get along with others. You are incapable of feeling bad about your dramatizations and so you will stay in your room until you’ve been told you can come out.

  238. If Scientology thinks that anyone (including staff and public) read this and don’t think something is wrong with their “church” …they are mistaken. The reality of posting this insanity is it will turn right back on them. I do not think any less of Marty because of this posting – I do think the Cult of Scientology and David Miscavige have gone over the edge! Pure evil!

    This is not what anyone out here in the public would consider a “Church”. The guys in – have to think…what will they do to me? This is part of the bad control Scientology / Miss Cabbage is using to keep those “in” to toe the line. But it is just too obvious for anyone with an ounce of sanity left to agree with. This surely will rattle the minds of anyone with “doubt” to GET OUT!!

    The Cult of Miscavige are crazy and this proves it!!

  239. This is like posting: John Doe…a terrorist 73 trillion years ago – he blew up a planet and killed billions! I believe we should not expect anything less from Miss Cabbage and the Cult! Marty – you have delivered so many blows – the Cult is desperate!

  240. Chris from Germany

    I really liked your comment (again)! Neither pity nor hatred on DM, just technical facts and truth. Love it.

  241. Spot on Claudio!! Fricken SPOT ON!!! David Miscavige’s soul – rotten to the core!

  242. The Feckless One has been trying to feed his flock one “Why” after another. Mayo NOTs. The “blind leading the blind”. Errors in the basic books. Errors in Solo NOTs (and it has to be done over). Errors in OT 8 (and it has to be done over). Errors in OT 5 (and it has to be done over). Errors in FPRD (and it has to be done over). Clears not really Clear. Objectives need to be done over for hundreds of hours.

    At some point, people finally come to the conclusion that it is all BS. This one about Marty will be seen for the BS that it is.

    If the Feckless One would find whys like “the staff is treating the public like crap, the prices are too high, injustices are rampant, the 3 swing business is wrong, etc, etc.” – then maybe something good could happen. But no, he keeps saying “look over there”. Red herrings are the only thing he knows how to do.

  243. Haydn, this is a point that needs more emphasis. David Miscavige not only does not believe in the tech, he DOES NOT use Scientology tech to improve himself. Reports (from people, who have since left, who were there) are that David Miscavige has not been in session for over 20 years!! It is a TOTAL FARCE that this psychopath is the head of the Church of Scientology.

  244. As a matter of fact, the federal government is now legally obliged to prosecute the publishers of this data, whether it is true or not. This falls under the HIPPA act.

  245. Roger from Switzerland Thought

    It took my last hope away of any possible reform of the RCS.
    Any person supporting an organistaion that makes such horrible statements is accomplice to their crimes.
    This organisation has to vanish. Their is no need for an organisation that has no respect at all of human beings but thinks in their arrogance it is god.

    Goodbye RCS. This was your own last action that will bring about your death !

    No person on planet earth will have any need to support the RCS after having read this statement.

    Forever Goodbye!!!!!

  246. They (our church) are dead Marty. We may as well just go pull weeds. Or go water the yard… or read about the BFG!
    Or start a new one ~ we most definitely have people that seem to need one.
    You have brought me the truth Marty.
    Thank you for that. And Thank you to all that helped you.
    And may you still stand tall as I’m quite sure your mom is. And I think you are doing just fine. Thanks Mosey!
    Karma is Karma. Nothing Changes Karma. Not even the COB.

  247. Covered by many commenters but bares repeating…

    If you can stomach absorbing the verbal sewage written about Mark and his mother (and the standard Scn. Inc. lack of grammar) you will see the true picture inadvertently painted by all those who perpetrate hate throughout history, a picture that strips bare the source of this poorly executed propaganda and allows the enlightened to view him/her without distortion.

    Or to put it another way; this says everything about Miscavige and nothing about Marty.

    I trust you are smiling inside Marty.

    And I hope i’m not alone in experiencing this latest twitch from the lord of lost souls as entirely positive when viewed in the context of all our respective journeys.

    Sticks and stones Davey, sticks and stones. But I hear God loves a trier so maybe you’re onto something… Maybe not.

    In answer to your question though Marty… Probably not as far as David is concerned, he no doubt has far more than fifty shades of darkness in that black soul of his.

  248. “these are the drawbacks one can expect when doing what should not be done: One can fault oneself; observant people, on close examination, criticize one; one’s bad reputation gets spread about; one dies confused; and — on the break-up of the body, after death — one reappears in the plane of deprivation, the bad destination, the lower realms, in hell. ”

    Buddha Gotama

    George M. White

  249. Attack, attack, attack. Bonsai. Now I know why Marty is the way he is. This proves that Dianetics and Scientology do not work as the church was never able to handle Marty’s pre-birth engram. And no doubt Marty the thetan was already fully connected to his little baby body so he could get the full brunt of the ECT.

    The church as done it again, found the true why!
    I have never met Marty. But now I have a full picture of why he is the monster he is. LRH has a word for this blog of Marty’s. GLUTS PR. All the Scions in good standing who read Marty’s blog will be completely convinced of his current insanity. So Marty just blew his chance to convinced all the brain washed masses that he is a good guy.

  250. The ‘brains’ behind this ‘requirement’ was a teenage ‘ethics’ officer who had no street or life experience and had been born into the Sea Org and was following her own ‘reasoning’ and concept of ‘ethics’.

  251. Who do you think should play Miscavige in the movie?
    Maybe Christian Bale?

  252. Some of the earlier posts on Ideals Scenes and evaluations got me thinking.

    It seems that miscavige’s Ideal Scene is: Everyone hates Marty and everyone distrusts Marty.

    Here’s your problem, dave.

    Having met Marty several times, my opinion is that he’s not only trustworthy but he’s also quite likeable.

    You, on the other hand, dave, are a lying asshole.

  253. Thank you Mat. That’s a wonderful story!

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  255. Yes Newcomer. Although he can not speak. He speaks out loud and clear.
    We used to pay big dollar for that.
    To that guy that writes those cute stories in the Latest.

  256. This is very very wild and Tony O. will have a good time with this one. 🙂
    Hang on MF!

  257. Thanks for the clarity Simple Thetan and I hope this takes place.

  258. This is despicable. This is Fair Game at it’s lowest. Desperate measures by a desperate cult.

  259. LRH’s DEI Scale on full parade.

    Desire: An invitation to the SeaOrg, trained, audited. advancement up the ranks, a Sea org star, auditor to the VIPS, #2 in command, a Class XII auditor

    Enforce: He chooses to leave, track him down, insist he stays, make generous offers, reward with a long leave on the Freewinds, keep an eye on him

    Inhibit: He chooses to leave, declare him, Black PR him, harass, threaten, publish attacks, and spread false reports, employ PI’s, and thugs.

    Next up?….back to Desire.

    Desire: Extend and olive branch? An apology? Offer of a completed pardon? A very generous bank account? A beautiful new residence? World travel? A very fine automobile? Women?

    ……and on we go.

  260. And on this very sad day, our church should be out there helping those families. Instead it’s exactly as it was when I left. Internal bickering. Too bad. Ron didn’t postulate this.

  261. I vote TC. He did such a good job playing an ugly foul mouthed ass hole in Tropic Thunder.

  262. They’ve scrapped through the bottom of the barrel with this one.

    Bet ya they haven’t. Not by a long shot. I can almost guarantee you there are more jaw dropping looney tune episodes to come.

    What I read out of this latest brain fart, is that Theta has truly left the building. Nothing remains there, but an unthinking, unblinking Borg which operates on little more than stimulus-response.

    The collective intelligence, intention, and creativity of thousands of honest, caring people, has been banished from the organization. They’re no longer there to create the huge pro-survival effects that once sustained the group. Nor is there anyone left who’s got the horsepower to craft, then mount an effective defense of the organization. The Little Monster has been left to his own pathetic devices, which are failing miserably.

    Mark my words. These capers are going to become more and more insane with each failure to create the intended effect. At some point, Der Midget will realize that the Allies have surrounded Berlin, and he’ll flee or cave in.

  263. Good for a TR Drill (little else) Nothing Mister McTinyfists does or has done to others surprises me any more, the depths the CO$ Inc. stoops to is totally in reverse of sanity. Marty This is a bit off topic but I visited FCDC yesterday and took the tour. One parking space in the church strip and constant traffic around the Org on the street made it difficult to find a spot you could use for a time without getting ticked. Inside it was glitsey, plastic and sterile. I cut loose and checked out the course section upstairs with no students inside. I then went into a separate area where six individuals were doing TRs and two auditors were co-auditing I asked about stats but was told they don’t give that information out. I did my personality test and had very high scores which kind of flabbergasted them. I did not tell them I did my grades before 1977 and they stuck. I am relieve to know they could not find my files as they could not use the information. ARC Bill Dupree

  264. It is time for a knowledgeable person to do and to publish widely a study on DM and his antisocial tendencies, biographical history, etc. so persons can understand the source this stuff is coming from. And yes there is a history of the attack strategy taught by LRH which should be discussed also as this feeds the extremes of DM.

  265. Miscavige using Marty’s case folders is only Miscavige’s viewpoint, an unedited and no one sidechecks Miscavige’s “the buck stops here” decisions about how to smear the “enemies.”

    It’s some sort of human principle, that dumps the top leader’s frailties onto those that follow that leader.

    Hubbard sorta divided it up, with his Essay On Management, with the goal finder being the theoretical leader and unchallenged boss, and then giving management the job of implementing in evolving ways that most benefited the goal finder’s product being implemented successfully.

    With LRH having to wear the top managers’ role, for almost his whole goal finder life, it’s made this transition period, problematic.

    I don’t believe in the future lives that await us, I’m a naturist, believe only in MEST and the science laws that are known that explain MEST, so I can’t believe in full with LRH’s legacy of spiritual tech, etc.

    But I think LRH’s various management and movement protective ideas, which are distinct from LRH’s soul/spiritual tech, what I notice is that people leave official Scientology, and still consider themselves Scientologists, and they DO the soul/spiritual tech, and they dispense with LRH’s “top management” tech, which includes the smear tech and blemish one’s “enemies” tech.

    The core tech of LRH, would be his soul/spiritual tech, I think that has been repeatedly proven by the “squirrels” who still consider themselves Scientologists, and those squirrels stick to the soul/spiritual tech.

    This is a major dividing point, and the interest makes this clear, with the freezone Scientologists, and the Ron’s Org Scientologists, and with the independent Scientologists being “squirrel” splinter groups off of the mainline full package official movement that is being mismanaged by a tyrant who has usurped all of the top management roles (Watchdog Committee and Exec Strata).

    Sticking with just the “tech” tech (spiritual soul tech), in the main, not doing wrongful top management admin tech wrongly, is the overall human membership Scientology pattern I see, these first 60 years of Hubbard’s Scientology.

    Everyone who was an official Scientologist, or is an official Scientologist, reading this blog and the comments, is technically violating one of LRH’s admin tech writings, but with official Scientology violating blatantly LRH’s top management and admin writings, the violation of reading this blog is the right human thing to do.

    I think the problem Miscavige is stuck within, is somewhat more than his own deviant personality. How the movement will evolve to undo all the falsely assigned SP declares, and how to deal with the decades of injustices and controversial tactics against “enemies”, and how to deal with the mistakes that have lead to people dying, is a huge lot to face!

  266. I can not stop laughing – this is from a group that calls itself a “Religion” Thank goodness that dAvid mismanage is a complete fucking nimrod with no redeeming values—this is the guy who is Tom Cruise Best man and Best friend.

    Great job, Tommy Boy. Keep promoting your BFF — they should put this article on Titanium and bury it in the desert as well.


  267. I’ve already begun using this obscene document as “smelling salts” for those still in the cult; namely Facebook messages/public postings to an org ED and a Narcanon network exec with whom I share 10 or so Facebook friends (good luck on trying to explain THIS one to them). I hope you don’t mind, Marty. It’s against my very nature as a former C/S and a sentient being to forward ANYTHING from a confidential counseling session. David Miscavage is VERY unconscious and has created another weapon to use against himself. Intereesting how that works.

  268. Another nail (this one a spike) in the coffin. Seems to me that he’s really aching for you to destroy him. You are not alone, nevertheless, a leader.

  269. Puts me in mind of the evil dwarf, Rumpelstiltskin, who stamped his foot until he tore himself in half.

  270. I am new at this blogging so please be patient. I am nauseated by this entire thread and so very angry at what is happening to not only Marty, but to those of us who have witnessed these abuses ourselves. I just want to say that I am now off the fence! We need to band together and get up the Bridge. There is no excuse anymore, we can make it. I will see Idaho in March. Let’s just get on with it. Thanks Marty for getting me off my ass.

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  272. Reading between the lines, I see DM revealing his own belief that the technology, which he purports to be the guardian of, does not work. It then follows that his deepest secret, obvious to all but him, is that he has no purpose, other than acting his “incurable” evil.

  273. Unfortunately, CoS is not the only cult / church to use information this way. The Unification Church (“Moonies”) have done the same thing (see for example

    While Catholicism publicly voices strict priest-penitent confidentiality, that has obviously not always been the case. Go back a few centuries, and the wrong confession could get you burnt at the stake. Even today there is debate around the edges of confessionals (e.g., should a confession of current child abuse be reported to secular authorities?) and for the use of technology (e.g., would an app for online confessionals lead to abuse?).

    Of the two examples above (Moonies and Catholics) CoS, Inc. unfortunately is closer to the Moonies. So-called “confessionals” (auditing) in CoS, Inc. are required to advance up the bridge (though, see the thoughts below). Auditing sessions are at the very least written down and may be recorded (audio and/or video) and in CoS Inc may be listened in on by case supervisors — and others who have no need to know based on their org chart positions. “Penitents” in CoS, Inc. may be required to “write up” their overts (roughly, “wrongdoings”) — so their supposed crimes are written or signed in their own hand, and become records of the CoS. They may be subjected to use of the e-meter for interrogation. They may be forced into public confessions (as when certain ethics formulas are done) or semi-public confessions (such as on RPF). Just as with the Moonies, all this confessing ends up exerting a powerful control on the mind of the “penitent” who then must maintain good standing in the group to achieve both “salvation” and some sense of security that the confidential information will not be misused. (Interestingly, one way out of this mental double-bind or trap of fear is in the principles of Scientology and the achievement of self- and pan-determinism.)

    Back to auditing as a confessional. I consider the term “confessional” itself to be a distortion perpetrated primarily to get church status for tax purposes. Auditing is definitely not focused just on one’s misdeeds (“overts” and subsequent “withholds” in Scientology terms) in the sense of confessing sins to a priest. Rather, auditing methodically explores focused realms of experience and consciousness (e.g., communication, loss, pain and unconsciousness. breaks in reality/communication/ affinity to get someone “in session,” handling problems, etc.) — something that confessionals with a priest may or may not do. To call auditing a “confessional” flies in the face of Scientology’s strong emphasis on understanding words and what they mean. If someone says they have a past life memory, is that a confession? If someone has an insight into a relationship barrier, is that a confession? If someone solves a present time problem with money, is that a confession? If someone realizes that a persistent troubling dream traces back to a childhood injury, is that a confession? And so on. As long as CoS Inc, in its effort to protect tax-exempt status, continues to use obvious double-speak (in the Orwellian sense), it can and will look foolish and manipulative to the public, and will thereby lose the chance to apply what is good and workable.

  274. Shameful… just shameful. Dave reveals his black heart to the world with this shameful attack.

  275. I wanted to comment on this but those who commented before me said it so much better than I could. This is just so, so not okay. It should be beneath any in the church! I am sad that it is not! Keep on going, Marty.

  276. It is similar to “lawyer client privilege”. Anything said is confidential this has been the rule of law for a long time. It is also a “felony” to discuss the confidential agreement between pastor and the person doing the confession unless the person agrees that it can be talked about. There are however certain cases where it is permission is not needed. Example, you have the local “serial killer” there and he is just hiding fro the law. There are Federal Statutes covering that kind of thing.

  277. Anononyourside

    Whether the communication is a confession or not in the strictest definition of the term really shouldn’t matter. There is a covenant between the parishioner and the church that the information is provided only for one purpose, and that purpose is not mockery, defamation, blackmail and the like. If the CoS cannot abide by that covenant, or even recognize it, what does that say about the “church”? I don’t think good people have a choice about publicizing the inability of the CoS to keep confidences secret. Miscavige is in the process of drawing in the Nation of Islam. I think the members of the NOI deserve to know the true, sorry state of the auditing covenant before they get in too deep.

  278. Marty Rathbun left the Church of Scientology in 2004, yet Chairman David Miscavige is increasingly obsessed, not just with Marty’s present activities, but e v e r y incident of his life, from the womb onward. Every day Miscavige has had 3 live video feeds following Marty and Mosey 24×7, on his personal All Marty All The Time channel, plus daily reports from private investigators. But Marty packed up and moved out of camera range. Deprived of his 24×7 video feeds, Miscavige now feeds his jones by thumbing through Marty’s old auditing folders and passing them around to his toadies. In the $70M RTC headquarters near Hemet CA, no doubt there is a locked room set aside as a virtual shrine to Marty, with large screen monitors on the now useless video feeds, blowups of Marty and Mosey shot with telephoto lenses, phone records and PI reports and bags of trash carefully labeled and indexed, a wall map with colored pushpins tracing the travels of everyone who has visited Marty’s home, and a phone that rings daily at 3:15. Doesn’t Miscavige have a day job?

  279. OMG!!! Still doubtful about the Cof$ having gone MAD???

  280. Very nice, Xerxes. This could be the anthem for DM……

  281. How insane a person would have to be, to do what you describe DM doing ie Marty and Mosey. And since we all know it IS true, how sad that people still believe that DM has their best interests at heart…

  282. Please! Elephants are intelligent, social animals. They deserve an apology.

  283. Who is OSA’s audience anyway???? Who listens to them but themselves and those within the ‘church’ who are insulated and told what to think.
    Once you are black listed from the church, then nobody will talk about you anyway other than to say ‘he/she was declared or he/she is an SP. It is all so neat and tidy. But, if they are forced to read something, it will only add to what they have alreadY been told, thus it’s just preaching to the choir. It’s a revolving circuit. Most people could care less what happens in the church or to those who have left unless they have some connection.

    OSA;s black pr and dead agent tactics are AMAZINGLY poor. There is so much OBVIOUS omitted data in the tales they tell that ANYONE but a card carrying -duty bound- obedient- blind-robot of a Scientologist would see the stupidity and paradox of what OSA writes.

    If I was a journalist and read that crapola, I would ask : Why did the Church keep this man for so long in such a high position and why did they allow him to counsel VIPs?
    And, hasn’t this man received lots of your counseling techniques? Oh yes, and I’ve heard about this detection system you have for weeding out the potential sources of trouble and evil intended folk…so how could it happen that this totally psychotic person held such high status?

    What is really alarming is the fact that the DM/OSA entity is dramatizing such evil intentions that it/ they have snapped terminals and have become that which the church was (supposedly) fighting: suppressive persons who can only obey the impulse to DESTROY and who have but one ‘product’ : squashed beings. But it is par for the course that the staff don’t really think that the 3D tech and Ethics applies to them…it is only there to use (squirrel) against others. Really sick.

    A rational person may need or want to fight against 3rd party slander especially if it was ruining their life. A group does have a right to protect itself bla bla bla…but there is a place for that kind of battle and it is called the courts. However, the church will never want to take Marty to court (for what??) even if they think they have a justification because all his statements would be a matter of public record…and the media interest would be all over it. Then the little sp running the ‘get Marty” scheme would be naked to the world.

    They could have just left Marty, Mike and others alone instead of badgering them to death….but no, they can’t do that because they don’t follow the Scientology Axioms, they don’t work to create ARC or free beings. OSA’s job is to suppress and destroy with terminator persistence anyone who doesn’t OBEY, and anyone who utters a word against the almighty leader of their Brave New World. They are fueled by EVIL INTENTIONS masked as purpose. It is such a reverse vector of Scientology that it disgusts me to the core!
    I truly hope that Marty and family can get some reprieve from these entities.

  284. It really does suck to be DM. He just keeps committing more and more huge overts. In doing so, with stunts like this, he just wins more good people over to the Independent side. Hooray for the good guys! Thank you, Marty. Thanks very much for your courage and honor.

  285. Absolutely, Anononyourside. Whether auditing meets the definition or a religious confessional or not, it is still private, confidential, protected, information that relies on trust. CoS, Inc has breached a sacred trust in the case being talked about and many others.

    It would be no different if a non-Scientologist seeing a counselor decided to switch to another person, and raised the ire of the first, now abandoned counselor, such that the first counselor now felt at libert to spread confidential information in a way to get back at or discredit the person.

    Or imagine if a priest heard a confession that someone had cheated in a relationship. Then say the person decided he/she was not a Catholic, was leaving the faith, and was going some different direction. What if that priest then published the confession and maligned the individual?

    Society would rightly condemn such appallingly unethical behavior, just as it will eventually come to condemn such behavior in CoS, Inc.

    But it is not just in society’s self-interest to condemn such behavior. Those behaviors are a tremendous foot nuke for any organization that does such practices. Why? Because unless you are born into such an organization and don’t know better, you will — if you have any sense — steer clear of any organization that is pledged to ruin you if you do not tow the line. It is in this sense that CoS, Inc has allowed itself to become a totalitarian religion/organization just as much as was communism, Naziism, and similar groups where disagreement is forbidden, where only “source” is correct, and where punishment awaits those who would think for themselves.

    I remember hearing that asbestos handling on Freewinds was delayed because some rote moron said that only fiberglass had been listed as dangerous by Ron.

    Believing that source is always right flies in the face of the maxim that what is true for you is what is true for you. Believing that nothing more can be learned outside of or beyond source flies in the face of the basic a primary barrier to learning is being certain you already know it all.

    Finally, I wanted to say special thanks to Marty and this blog in its refreshing support of reasonable free speech and the ability to think critically and interact. It is really a gift for many of us (certainly for me as someone processing my Scientology experience). In view of that gift, happy holidays to everyone!

  286. Great link grundoon, fits to a “T”!

  287. Good job SRL!

  288. Bob, it looks like few got your sarcastic satire. Perils of online posting I guess.

  289. Exactly one year ago this week Freedumb mag did it for me, too! I finally got curious enough about the disappearance especially of Rathbun and Rinder from the events and public view in general. I found myself reading the church’s Freedumb mag on the Internet (I wasn’t yet ready to read much about church of $ci matters from sources that were no doubt fronts for the psyches and SPs…) and I just could not believe what I was reading there. That “voice of awareness” inside me, knowing something was not quite right but staying too quiet for years, finally began to holler at me. The material in Freedumb mag was so weird, and it was somewhat juvenile as well, which made no sense. All of a sudden, thanks to Freedumb mag, I got bold and searched and went from there to The Truth Rundown in the Tampa Bay Times. Dang! What an education I got! Text and videos. Hard to comprehend at first, but after what I’d experienced and observed at the orgs in New York for many years, it did not take long for all the info to fall into place and answer the questions the “church” would not.

  290. Unfortunately, history records that acholites (spelling) of Jesus and other 2ics in other religions were imperfect and sinners who saught to discredit those in charge.

  291. you are not aware of the binoculars that are a video camera in disguise?

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