Obsessed Stalker – David Miscavige

Please view these two short videos shot and narrated by Mike Rinder outside his home today:

Here is another video Mike shot showing the garbage man delivering his garbage to an Office of Special Affairs (OSA, the dirty tricks and propaganda arm of David Miscavige’s Scientology Inc.) operative:

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  1. Not sure if it’s me, but the video here doesn’t play. The video on the FB posting does play.

  2. Hey Mike, You had me going with that 2nd video. I thought when you opened the top of that bird house, it would be miscavige in there.

  3. pony tail must have paid Mr. Waste Management guy – he couldn’t even look at you. What a Pair! cob must be so proud, how clever, all three garbage men.

  4. reverse the flow

  5. That is f—ing disgusting. When will this madman be stopped??

  6. Steve — I followed the garbage truck (Waste Management) for a few miles to try to get them to comment. They missed picking up a LOT of people’s garbage. When I finally got alongside the truck and shouted at the driver he covered his face with his hands — I guess he figured I wouldn’t be able to note his truck number or license plate? Not the brightest lamps in the chandelier….

  7. When enough people become aware of his actions rather than his smokescreen PR….

  8. Silly of me to think all the crazies were just in Texas. I’m at a loss for words. Good job in throwing it back at them publicly.

  9. Steve,
    It was a decoy, The Miscarriage was in the garbage bag!

    You may want to add some rotten meat scraps to your waste management stream. The perps will enjoy the pickings!

    The Demented Midget and his derelict band of robots is beyond belief. You know, the TV reality shows cannot hold a candle to the real life antics of one Dave (the derilict) Miscaviage! Unbefuckinglievable!!!!!

  10. Pathetic on so many levels. Sure hope you let the Waste Management company in on the little side job their employee has going. Another in a long list of indications as to just how very desperate and pathetic David Miscavige and all those who work in OSA are.

  11. Hey Mike,
    You should write “Hugs & Kisses, Mike Rinder” on the bags next time. Maybe collect some bags from the cans at the local dog park and put them out for them?

  12. Mike,
    What is up with that bird house? Is that the new Miscarriage low rent version of a surveillance house or are they actually renting the house/property that the bird house is on?

    That would be interesting if they simply stuck the birdhouse on someones property without the owners permission and began surveillance activity. Maybe they kicked the birds out and set up their own shop….I hear they are not big on animal rights. I think I’m done now!

  13. The DeMon was busy spewing up his whiskey onto the monitor he was watching in his bunker as Mike approached.

  14. Due to severe rathbun family spying withdrawls, DM appears to have gone to Mikes house for his “fix”. So sick.
    Call waste management and get that dude fired. They will know who was picking up in your area that day.

  15. My bad – one of my browser plugins went down.

  16. Mike no doubt the garbage has been sent to DB Kathy True for analysis. Knowing you you have given Dear Leader Shit. BTW, that garbage collector is and looks likes a total loser. Dave you can check my garbage any time. All I have is Dog poop, food waste, the LA TImes and Orange County Register and old issues of Sports Illustrated, ESPN the Magazine, Conde Naste Travel Magazine, and …. Lol!

  17. It’s OK, we have an 8 month old baby AND a large dog. They get to dig through shit twice a week…. No wonder that guy with the ponytail looks so sour…

    I have known they were taking the trash since we moved to this house nearly a year ago as they were doing it at our old house as the sanitation engineer there felt bad and came and told us…

    I just got motivated to do the video on Monday knowing I was also going to “bust” the birdhouse and a couple of other things still to be disclosed. I didnt like that story about Marty’s mother so I figured it was time for a new expose.

  18. merry xmas dave the midget, your losing the battle its shows in a full spectrum of colors, keep on trucking mike and marty and friends.
    darren may

  19. I think you may want to smear your trash with fecal matter – give them some shit to see, smell, feel and remember you by! 🙂

  20. More to come on that story. They are not renting the house — they either lied to the owner or tricked them into believing they have been assisting a “real” investigation. LaBlow told the garbage men in our last house that he was conducting an “investigation” into drug traffickers that were in our house and at first the garbage men bought it. Buyt they saw us often enough and probably began to wonder about the DB’s they were turning the garbage over to so came and knocked on our door to tell us. It is an old trick PI’s use to get cooperation. They lead people to believe they are conducting an “official” investigation (after all, who sets up this sort of surveillance other than the FBI or DEA or some other Govt Agency) and unwitting people think they are doing the right thing. Strings still being pulled on this.

  21. Uh-oh. I wonder if Mr. Waste Management Guy is going to find a “you’re fired” notice in his Christmas stocking next week. Also, I hear that trees mysteriously are cut down in FLA. I wonder if that applies to bird houses as well.

  22. Falsely posing as government agents?

  23. The IRS may also be interested in following the money on both sides of the transactions: Mr Poneytail & WM driver, birdbrainhouse & landlord.

  24. From their slick Scientology inc Public Relations page on the web

    International Spokesperson
    Media Relations Director
    Executive Assistant
    Media Relations Coordinator
    Public Affairs Coordinator
    Scientology Newsroom Webmaster

    And what does this great gang of smiling faces on the Internet think about the OBSESSIVE STALKING ?

    Happy to enable Crime Boss Miscavige in continuing sordid acts and dirty tricks ?
    What are the OSA INT PR stats like ?
    5 books about to emerge and the January releases are not from “apostates”.
    End of March BBC Channel 4 does an expose that is airing globally.
    Kerstin is back in SP Hole, does PR OSA INT get air cover ?
    No “SP Hole” for any of you ?
    Protecting a Crime Boss can be wearing on the soul.
    Waiting to hear about the “unprecedented expansion” with stats out the roof at New Year’s event ?
    Do you even believe it anymore ?

  25. Plus, Mike noted Mr Ponytail’s license plate.

  26. That will match their affinity level perfectly !

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  28. That INGO LEHMANN worked at OSA in Germany some time ago. He was the head of CCHR.

  29. Also recommend adding plenty of water to the plastic bags before putting them in the can, to let them work for their money and no product.

  30. Regular Dog formerly Underdog

    Mike, It looked to me like the Garbage man was waiting to get paid as the Pony tail man put the bag in the car. Then you surprised them. And the Pony tail man stuck his hand in his pocket as if he was going to pull out cash, but then they both decided not to do the cash transaction with you there filming. Cool. I think you ruined the Garbage man getting his money.

  31. DM’s homeboy, both cut from the same cloth.

  32. Amazing, another Miscavige nutshot of getting caught in doing dirty deeds, with his obsession on look in systems.

  33. Yep, I bet you are right. Hope you share the video with the waste management company, city supervisors or board or council, etc. I would imagine that giving or selling anyone’s garbage instead of doing the duties of the job description and taking it to a transfer center would be a matter of disciplinary action.

    My other thought is that I hope you liberally seed your garbage with false leads, misinformation, and disclosure of CoS, Inc crimes so that OSA will read them.

  34. Way to go MIke!

  35. Co-audit material for the DeMon when he arrives at Corcoran State Prison.

  36. Mr Ponytail probably said he would double down on the next pick-up to keep the cash off camera.

  37. Well, this proves that what David Miscavige has been telling people all along is true.
    He does know his shit.
    Furthermore, since his shit is delivered to him by someone who is so obviously a world class private detective, this brilliant caper also proves that, contrary to the opinions of those idiot Idies, Davey does know shit from Sherlock. How could anyone have ever doubted him?

  38. PS I imagine this garbage transaction was not right in front of Mike’s house. While garbage may be in the “public domain” when sitting at the curb on public land, I don’t think any waste management company would allow its employees to take money to give someone garbage when it has gone into the possession of the waste management company.

    Or perhaps the waste management company itself got paid and directed the employee?

    On the one hand it is probably at least an employee disciplinary action and on the other hand it is a news story and public action regarding the waste management company.

    Actually, either way it is a news story. The public would want to know if employees or the company might be selling their garbage to investigators.

  39. Better yet,…throw the latest con in the garbage (AKA “the basics”) … the problem with that is that the “church: will resell it as “new.”

  40. Exactly Mike….this kind of crap needs to be known to the “outside world.” I could see how most people would fall for this kind of “help us expose criminals” crap. Who would not want to expose the truth?….Unfortunately, the truth is hidden in the lies that they’re exposing “something”….it’s so freaking twisted. I don’t know how OSA OPS peeps sleep at night…but then again, they probably don’t. There own common sense will soon put judgement upon themselves….we can only hope.

  41. I agree. There seemed to be a another transaction waiting to happen between the two,

  42. imploding expansion?

  43. Dizzy Mizz Lizzy

    Looks like ponytail is just following LRH: “LOOK, don´t listen!” And Miscavige being all obsessive about sitting in a bird house is doing the same. – Seems like he´s got something right!?!

  44. ticktockneedle

    Careful you don’t breach the “entrapment” regulations.

  45. Oh Mike aren’t you being just a little paranoid you silly boy?? (Try punching a few holes with a garden fork in the bottom of the bag. Line the bottom with a bit of shredded useless legal papers. Then a copious layer of dogshit, rotten fish, well fermenting sodden compost and limburger cheese so it soaks up the paper and leaks onto pony tail’s pant and onto the bottom of his car.)

  46. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    All hail David Miscavige.
    Clearing the planet one trash bag at a time.
    To the loyal faithful subjects of Miscavige who read this blog ‘religiously’:
    Congratulations! Miscavige would be nothing without you. I take it you clocked the MWH phenomena from Mr. Waste Disposal Management? Do you see a soul going free? Or do you see a soul being degraded for a small cash hand-out? There are no excuses anymore. What YOU do in the name of Scientology is corrupt and destroy. Ask not for whom the bells toll – take a long hard look in the mirror instead. If you dare.
    Merry Fucking Christmas. We’ll be seeing each other in the New Year.
    And think up some new games for the UK will you – the plant shit is wearing really thin (unlike Nikita’s).

  47. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    PS – You seem to think Mike has something to hide in his trash… guilty conscience much? Should we perhaps start looking through OSA’s ‘trash’? How about Peter Hodkin’s trash? Just wondering how y’all are getting along with the data protection act requests?… Reminds me – haven’t put mine in yet. Toodles! xxx

  48. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Incidentally – Steve and I did a quick trash security check for you. The base seems fairly secure but the CCHR offices really need sorting! Anyone could read the stuff they put out in the street once every two weeks – and they don’t even cover it in dog shit first!

  49. Theo Sismanides

    Mike… thanks for the exposure!

    Miscavige has made Scientology look like a third rate James Bond film….

    The funny thing is he never cared to answer any of our questions regarding the out Tech and all the alterations he does… But then he does spend his Waste Management time collecting garbage and putting cameras all over the place to follow you guys.

    Waste Management, indeed! I think he deserves that title after all.

  50. Good Job, Mike.

    Yeah, Miscavige’s most recent disgustingly treacherous attempt to hurt Marty pissed me off too. Thanks for going to the trouble to put this out there.

    You know what? This fuckin’ douchebag just causes a lot of Dev-T for everyone, doesn’t he?

    From HCO PL 2 Jul 59 II, “Developed Traffic, The Delirium Tremens of Central Orgs” – “You are manufacturing new traffic because you aren’t handling old traffic. Developed traffic does not mean usual and necessary traffic. It means unusual and unnecessary traffic.”

    Dave, you couldn’t get a pro-survival product in the spiritual universe to save your life.

  51. Strange…. why would birds be taking videos?

  52. Or he goes completely postal.

  53. The very best thing is used kitty litter.

  54. I knew something like this was coming…as I said yesterday Miscavige and minions are confirmed incorrigible stalkers. I will add today that buying garbage with no real information in it really is symptomatic of a serious addiction to the activity.

  55. I hope this is logged on official lines of authority Dm is now using you
    to harrass. Never ends.

  56. Mike the only criminal activity going on is from whom is requesting it. VVWD on documenting this “peeping tom”/pervert once again.

  57. Wayne Borean aka The Mad Hatter

    If you want to have real fun with them, do this:

    1) Buy a shredder, if you don’t already own one.

    2) get a separate garbage bag.

    3) Visit your local library’s book sale, look for stuff that’s close to 11 x 8.5.

    4) shred until garbage bag is full.

    5) for added bonus soak the shredded paper in chili pepper juice.

    Or just do this every week in small lots. It will cost you very little time, and it will cost them a lot of time to assemble the documents. As to the chili pepper juice, if you get that into paper cuts, will, let’s just say it s unpleasant.

    If you add some real documents to the mix, it will force them to keep assembling everything. For real documents I suggest printing logs from the Anonymous Scientology chat room, or any appropriate blog.

    Of course this assumes you have time to play games. With a baby in the house, that’s unlikely.


  58. In the real world all of this takes Court approval, Judges to sign off on.
    An entire judicial system, garbage collection, birdhouse cameras et al.
    WTF ??????

  59. Fantastic. This is what we want to see. Every single time the CoS does this and it gets communicated to the wide world is another shovelfull of dirt digging the grave. In that sense, LRH predicted it in KSW, that if the CoS is destroyed, it will have done it itself. As someone who for decades thought that Scientologists were MORE aware than other beings and knew MORE about human relations, I am continually STUNNED by how absolutely STUPID these people are. One reason the Scientology management system in the OEC vols is ultimately such a stupendous failure is that LRH (I guess) just didn’t figure that despite auditing and case levels, staff would be so incredibly stupid and robotic (no matter HOW many words they look up in dictionaries). When you fast flow hire ANYBODY and keep promoting high school dropouts (all the way to the top of the org board) you wind up with an organization of such doofuses, that you get today’s Sea Org. The Org Board is a flop because Qual doesn’t correct, HCO doesn’t spot and handle suppression, etc etc etc I guess you could say it is a workable system that virtually NOBODY really applies and that’s why it fails (Communists kept claiming that throughout the 20th century).

    Reason I mention all this is that there is also a PR Series and just by the very fact that OSA is doing this to Rinder indicates an absolutely MASSIVE not understanding of these materials by EVERYONE involved in the Sea Org (because NOBODY reports it as death blows to the church, nobody handles it, nobody gets in ethics on these criminals, “nobody knows nuttin'” as the saying goes.

    Really, just by the fact that this stuff is CONTINUING amid the constant and worldwide fucked PR about Scientology indicates that these folks are actually delusional and wacko. Dare I say that it now looks like the folks who run the Sea Org are the lower tenth of the lower tenth percent of capable and intelligent people on this planet and their juniors are numb robots. Sorry to have to come to this conclusion, but for some reason Scientology has not been able to keep the really bright people around. I do have old friends who are still in the SO, whom I admired very much (those who are still alive anyway) and last time I saw any of them they looked haggard and VERY worn out beyond repair.

    OK. I am venting. But this kind of stuff really pisses me off because it is SUCH a betrayal of all those who donated money and time and belief.

    So, rejoice in these gifts of the Christmas season, indies. It’s just one more step that these complete bozos are taking in shutting the doors to their church so that no new people will get caught up in this game.

  60. That´s the end of the Scientology Garbage Church ? If we could ask them to take away our garbarge, too? That would be big help for us. Misgarbage is now a specialist to sort out the garbage of other people. He doesn´t only produce lots of garbage in his orgs, now he wants to have the garbage of others. He never has enough. We can mostly see him how he is picking up the old tooth-brush of Mike Rinder, and shows it proudly to the others: “Look, how out-ethics this tooth-brush is!!!”

  61. “I didn’t like that story about Marty’s mother so I figured it was time for a new expose”.

    Mike – you are admired and loved for good reason !

  62. You got me with that one. Funny

  63. Maybe the “pigeons” are plotting a “coo”.

  64. I recognize that PI from my MENSA meeting.

  65. Douche bag – POS – no shame these guys.

  66. Dumpster diving is so 80s…

    Am surprised with unlimited funds, someone hasn’t commissioned NASA for a satellite that orbits Mike and Marty’s house…

  67. Miscavige is a castrated dwarf of a man. He is incapable of doing the only thing that would create any effect which would be to communicate- to deny the allegations of his psychotic criminal behavior. To “be there and communicate”. You are nothing if you cannot do that. It’s a prerequisite to being a living person. The “Pope” of Scientology is unable to communicate unless it’s written in a script by Dan Sherman.
    A lot of people have clearly stated a lot of really bad things about this little man that have been widely published, much of it under oath, yet he cannot comment? Everyone is a “bitter apostate”. That should handle it.

  68. Newcomer, I honestly can’t keep up. But I like your idea about a reality show, “the life and times of david miscavige” it would be A BIG HIT!

  69. LOL and can’t seem to quit …

  70. Mike, “Not the brightest lamps in the chandelier….” classic!
    what does that say about the guy that hired him?

    I hope you reported this whole incident to the waste disposal company and to the local TV station. this is “the keystone cops of waste management.”

    I’ll bet if Marty lived in your neighborhood, he would get this same level of personalized service of garbage pick-up too.

  71. oh, my error, it already is “a reality show.”

  72. Good TRs Mike. I hope the exposure of such an insane violation of privacy gives you some peace.
    In a more MESTY think, rotten egg gas in your garbage might impinge a little.

  73. Would it be possible to let OSA always collect my garbage so I could save some money that way?

  74. right on Mike, “When enough people become aware of his actions rather than his smokescreen PR….

    and I’m not sure what more the cob could do to help speed this along, but at this stage nothing will surprise me on either side of the ledger, his stupid mistake ridden antics or his over-the-top, “straight up and vertical” lies he knows as PR.

  75. Helmuth, speaking for Boskone

    I’m laughing that the PI was too chicken to grab the garbage himself.

  76. When I blew from the Sea Org in 1991 I had a friend who did PI work for Scientology and to make extra money I picked up garbage from a couple of peoples home. I asked who my friends client was and he told me, the COS. I also staked out a home in Woodside, California and Ford Greene’s office in Marin County. The stakeouts were boring and nothing of note occurred but picking up the garbage was stressful as you didn’t know of someone would come outside and ask what your were doing.

  77. Karen1, -Now, those OSA stats really are Straight UP and Vertical! hey, isn’t that reversed? oh yea, I almost forgot, that’s the way of little midgets, our little demented dear leader – Reversed, Inverted, Upside Down…

  78. Karen #1 – He can talk about his unprecedented stat of Silence Payouts.


  79. As nasty as it is….you might want to get some poo on the outside of the bag so Mr. Ponytail can freshen up the inside of his fine vehicle.

  80. Maybe the LA area indies/Church targets can start delivering their trash directly to the HGB for OSAI – trash with liberal quantities of shit and other noxious elements, and plenty of shredded innocuous paper materials to go through (add chili pepper juice as recommended above). Give them plenty of useless, time-wasting work to do. Perhaps an enterprising person could arrange to pick up and deliver all the LA participants in this “trash initiative” to OSAI and undercut current PI prices and make some bucks in the meantime.

  81. Now that is spoken like a true sanitary engineer! Award for technical excellence goes to tony b.

    Mr Ponytail will no doubt pressure His Annointed One for additional payola to cover steam cleaning and cost of ‘existing’ expenses. Dave will know about those things.

  82. Tony – Perfect! with a little “Sherman Speak” this IS cob in a few years, or hopefully in a few months.

  83. The word is out across the planet and to all living things. The birds left when they found out Mr. Wasted Management was involved!

  84. Steve — You have no idea the level of personalized service I get.

    If I “forget” (which I usually do) to put the garbage cans out to the sidewalk, Waste Management comes and picks them up from alongside the house! They don’t want to let Fred (Mr. Ponytail) down….

    I have been loath to change to another garbage collection company for this reason — if the garbagemen are going to get paid by the church to turn it over to them, then at least I can get some good service out of it!!!

  85. The missing holes to the bird house have been located- one self- inflicted shot to DM’s foot and the other to his head
    My god…the freefall to hell for the C of S has gone supersonic

  86. Sara — Hi 🙂

    Let’s not forget, Miscavige is a really 80’s kind of guy. Who else would invest tens of millions in a PRINTING plant in 2010. He is still churning out CD’s! Not one lecture available in digital format (from the church). He buys a TV studio a year ago (he already has huge shooting facilities at Gold) and soon nobody will shoot anything in a studio other than in front of a green screen.

  87. Chris — actually, we recognize him as one of the guys that rented the office across the street from Robert Almblad’s office to spy on his workplace (and cut down the trees in front of the office to ensure they had an unrestricted view). MOre details coming soon….

  88. Leave it to the Indies to come up with yet more creative job opportunities!

    Deliver garbage to garbage and recover some hard won donos in the process! Sounds like a new Green Business start up plan where everyone is a winner.

  89. Mike – LOL! I just hope that little misgarbage recycles the garbage as well as he recycle all of LRH’s books and tapes. “The Golden Age Of Garbage”

  90. You nailed it Joe! Very well summed up IMHO and the purpose of our activity laid out clearly. Thank You!

  91. That gets into the area of a valuable exchangable product. Miscavige isnt into that. Sending IAS reges around with garbage trucks to collect bags of money is more his style.

  92. Indipendology……after I got done laughing at you post, I thought of something. I’m sure that we could get hundreds of people to send their garbage (packaged up nicely of course) to the corporate church in care of DM.
    When our governor in Florida was thinking about drug testing the urine of EVERY government worker, he was “showered” with hundreds of urine samples mailed to the governors office. I believe that he had a change of heart after that.

  93. When Debbie Cook’s email came out nearly a year ago now I went through a period of months where I felt shaken, betrayed and angry. Now I look at all this and only feel embarrassment for David Miscavige and the people who assist him in this nonsense.

    R-Factor to OSA….. You are not in the business of defending Scientology or LRH; you are now the protection arm of David Miscavige’s dying cash cow.

  94. What your donations buy: … … … and garbage!

  95. Mike,

    Somebody at OSA REALLY screwed up.

    That prop was not supposed to be a bird house.

    It was to be a Cuckoo’s nest!

  96. Very cool for posting this Mike.

    Interesting. There must now be a new section on the OSA INT org board. “Waste Management Section”.

    These crazy actions set up some interesting harmonics or affinities as Hans Solo mentioned:

    Decaying organic matter
    David Miscavige

    Have I missed some? 🙂

  97. Mike – I hope you get a rebate on your trash pick-up bill. After all, if the church is footing the bill, why should you pay it as well?

  98. Their insanity and suppressive actions never stop do they? It’s laughable and sad all in one. David Miscavige is like the little kid who was locked in a dark closet for too long on a time-out and he never got out.

  99. Speaking of ‘dog poop’, I am sure there is something horribly smelly you can add to each bag of garbage so when Kathy on the other end empties the bag out for inspection, she’ll wish she hadn’t.

  100. Good one Tony.

    Sociopaths of comparable magnitude.

  101. It’s Amateur Night.

  102. Anononyourside

    While it may be true that the garbage doesn’t belong to you once it has been picked up, it may belong to the city/county/ company when it is in their truck. Waste management people have been known to take toys and stuff that people throw away, (and why care about that) but selling garbage from the back of the truck? Very bad publicity for the city/county/company. Their slogan, “Pay us to take your garbage, we’ll sell it to your enemies.”

  103. Anononyourside

    I hope you put plenty of used kitty litter in each bag.

  104. Anononyourside

    Wait a minute, they know you are aware that they have been taking your garbage and they still take it? What idiots they are, the first time they might have gotten something useful, but once you knew, what did they expect? That you would still put your phone bills and credit card statements in the trash?

  105. Helmuth, speaking for Boskone

    I noticed the network cable. I’m guessing that the neighbor was also conned into letting them plug in a PC and connect it to the Internet. (You might mention that they could probably use that PC to snoop on his own computers on the local network.)

    On a different subject, there’s a handy program from Microsoft called TCPView that lists all Internet connections of a PC, which program they connect to, as well as the IP address at the other end. It doesn’t need to be installed, and can be copied to a memory stick, plugged into the machine you wish to check then run.

  106. His co-audit twin!! Lol!!

  107. Helmuth, speaking for Boskone

    Is it worth getting the guy fired? Now that they know that Mike knows they’re grabbing his garbage, they can grab it themselves.

    Meanwhile, Mike will have a garbage guy who owns him a Big Favor. Leverage! 😉

  108. Green on White, Add Properties.
    Per recent data from a staff member – ASHO has moved it’s offices into the Main Building – the berthing building! Soon AOLA will move also. This is so these buildings (which were just fully renovated in the 90s) can be re-renovated to be ‘Ideal Orgs’. Has anyone seen a LRH reference on ‘Ideal Orgs’? If so pls share.
    I can’t imagine what it must be like for the Captains to move ALL production into the Main building! OMG I bet the stats are really bad for the holidays.
    Oh, and then there will be the crew all-hands till wee hours of the mornings to renovate. Too bad on the other hand perhaps best the public will miss out on the out-tech currently being delivered.
    I got 85hrs from a class 9 in 2003/4 and I honestly feel better now after reading Marty’s 2 books then I have since 1982. It was False Data Stripping for me. Some I had figured out but having the agreement from Marty blew the charge and I have my wins back. Amazing what good training can do even from long distance.
    It is pitiful what DM is up to. I feel for all the staff and public that do not yet know they are being taken.
    Thanks for the article Mike – Looking forward to the follow-up.

  109. Now see, when you make puns like that we have to send you to bed without supper.

  110. Anononyourside

    I suggest that jokes, jokes, and more jokes continue to be told about Miscavige. The more apparent it is that he has clay feet (very tinyl clay feet), the less fear he will instill in members of the CoS, ex-members, etc.
    How many people does it take to change a light bulb for Miscavige? Zero, he prefers to sit in the dark communing with Mike’s garbage.

  111. Wile E. Miscavige. What a bunch of maroons.

  112. Mike-

    Trying spraying your garbage with mace. Lots and lots of mace.

  113. Crashing Upwards

    There certainly is an expectation from Waste managments customers that the garbage will be put in a landfill, burned, or otherwise destroyed or mixed with other garbage. Call it a chain of custody. Its been broken and Waste Managment will not like this video one bit. Its bad PR at the very least.

  114. Anyone seen the movie sneakers? Very appropriate here.
    Just a thought, a bunch of overfilled water balloons carefully added to the trash might create some interesting results.
    I have heard from reliable sources that the dwarf is the kinh of practical jokes…every day is April 1st for Little Dickie!

  115. Mike.

    Skunk Scent- a two part mixture used by hunters for decades to mask their own scent. Readily available- google it. Is obnoxiously odiferous.

    A few drops on a diaper will make the smell of the diaper seem wonderful. Mr Ponytails car and whoever opens the trash bag will reek for some time after. It clings to you and your clothes and lingers long after the odoured material has been removed. Yummy. :>)

    It is sold in some sporting stores as well. Mix a few drops from bottle A with a few drops from bottle B and vuala, instant stink. And it’s cheap.

  116. Mace, now there’s an idea! Also, as the S.O. prohibits odors it might be handy to acquire some very cheap perfume and open the lid and place it on its side as you tie up the garbage bag.
    I would love to be a fly on the wall when that bag gets opened!

  117. It surprises me that anyone is surprised by this. In fact it would be surprising if this stuff wasn’t going on. Spying and doing operations on enemies of the Church of Scientology is long standing policy that precedes DM, Mike & Marty. It well never cease as it is part of KSW/KAW. Reference: Attacks on Scientology & Intel, It’s Role.

  118. Mike, what did Waste Management have to say about one of their drivers selling your trash? I would think the driver could be at risk of losing his job.

  119. I too, was able to spot where things went south in my auditing and why, thanks to Marty. Life is much better now.

    I also now understand why the staff are more interested in preventing the public from going up the Bridge than they are helping them get up the Bridge. They are doing the public a favor.

  120. More Soltan Gris apparatus. Looking forward to the peculiarities.


  121. Mike,
    Now that he knows YOU know he’s been picking through your trash, you’ve missed an opportunity: think of the fun you could have created by throwing away a crumpled up copy of “Program to Remove David Miscavige from Post at New Years Event” with cc to about thirty unknown names, FBI, etc.

  122. Maybe this is DM’s alter ego play at his own Mission Impossible.

  123. Tory Christman

    Good Lord….these videos are amazingly awful. I know from living in Largo and $cientology trying to pin a “Criminal Conviction” on me ((And totally failing!)…many of the cops are paid off by the criminal, mafia-like organization, the “church” of $cientology”. ARGH. It seems you should be able to have made a citizen’s arrest right there, and not let that guy drive off, no? (Maybe then they’d push you harmed him or some BS).

    I’d suggest getting your neighbors in on this. Also, set out (and to the OSA ops: FU)…a ‘fake’ garbage with dog shit in it, and other awful stuff, and take your own garbage to the dump and watch it get shredded. I just spoke to s/one who does this, for the same reason. Hassle…but well worth it in privacy and F*** Davey the whimp ass Miscavige. Merry Christmas to ALL, despite these idiots proving they ARE not a “church”…they ARE a “Mafia-like organization”. PEACE::: Tory/Magoo

  124. Yes, a nice letter from your lawyer would likely lead to a settlement. Plus, employees would tell OSA to take a hike–not worth getting fired.

  125. Yea. They are as stupid as they appear to be.

  126. Way ahead of you Elle. No really….its nearly 10.30 pm where I am and I already had supper. Hehe. You’re scarier than those pigeons (stool pigeon variety). I heard they only have poop in their arsenal (oh no..now I have made myself wonder about the origin of the word “arsenal”) and all that big talk coming from them about WMD was merely reference to Waste Management Department. It ‘s just big talk – you’re way scarier. So I will shut up now before you assign me to the poopdecks.

  127. I checked on line and, no, there doesn’t seem to be a law against grand-theft garbage. So miscavige crows that he’s not doing anything illegal (at least in terms of inspecting your youngster’s nappies for incriminating evidence).

    Stupid, idiotic, assinine, retarded, self-demeaning, ridiculous, dev T, etc. etc.
    But apparantly, not illegal.

    Could miscavige and his osa-bots get any more degraded? Wait for the next installment of “Much Ado About Garbage” to find out.

  128. I have had 2 years of planting false documents…. 🙂 But it was time for the fun to end and Miscavige to be exposed as the garbage eater he is.

  129. Just an idea: Wad up strips of paper that have fortunes written on them for
    David Miscavige and his attorneys .Like a garbage bag fortune cookie .

  130. Li'll bit of stuff

    Mike, great job on trashing Mad Hatter Miscavige’s
    latest bird-brained idea. Complete with running
    commentary, and then tailing the trash removal truck
    to really get those cretins looking for the nearest rocks
    they could slither under!

    Speaking of which, you know – it seems a great shame
    to let this level of potential public interest go to waste.
    I’m thinking along the lines of a new spin on that old
    kiddie favorite board game–“Snakes & Ladders!

    Whoever guessed first which face would best be suited
    as the”snake’s face–go to the head of the class!

    Oh, one’s Indie juices start to flow when thinking of all the embarrassing situations and dunce moves the little
    reptile can make. Of course anyone unfortunate enough
    to land on THIS particular snake’s head joins him in a
    loss! Car Washes, garbage collectors, hidden camera
    look-outs (including bird houses) Sherman mouth cut-
    outs, robots, (DMbots) kool- aid bulk carriers, Cathy
    True / False cardboard cut-outs, Freedumb Mag waste
    recycling (unintended tree saving consequences) IRS, Judicial, cop and politician Bribery & Blackmail. Willful /
    negligent / malicious causing of death to numerous
    victims, etc etc, etc.

    The Ladders, on the other hand. have a “copyright”
    marking “independent Scientologist” on them, and they
    all lead up and out of “the snake pit” of Demon Miscavige.

    Perhaps this graphic approach could make some
    headway in giving the Demon some exposure and notoriety
    for the slithering (and now “fangless”) reptile he is!

  131. Fixing Scientology with Scientology

  132. I can see it now. Tom Cruise being lowered upside down on a cable from a helicopter being flown by JT so as to set the camera in the bird house. Miscavige is in the helicopter holding TCs watch and small change and trying to look down TCs pant leg. All so exciting….

    Actually its just a bunch of OSA goons spending the night watching boring video tape when they aren’t sorting through garbage covered with dog shit. I wonder who gets to hand route it to Miscavige….

  133. Li'll bit of stuff

    Mike, just got to say — this makes my DAY!

  134. Someone needs to let pony tail guy know that the whole Steven Segal 80’s thing has run its course.

  135. Mercaptan. Used in stink bombs. Used to be available in personal defense spray form. I don’t know if it still is. It is very similar to skunk smell.

  136. Li'll bit of stuff

    Typo’s above —“Snakes” should read $nake$!

  137. …..long greasy pony tails just scream single wide trailer,food-stamps and a welfare check.

  138. The dwarf is definitely a NOWHERE punk(too validative to call him a man….not even close. An individual who sucker punches people is a coward…especially one who does it with LARGE minders to back him up. Having met this punk with the empty blue eyes and limp handshake before he joined the S.O. at the Haverford College Chapel, I find it amazing that this punk made it as far as he did. ONCE A PUNK ALWAYS A PUNK!

  139. This is perhaps the mercaptan I mentioned earlier. It really is killer stuff!

  140. Imagine coming to the point in your life where you are a disgraced garbage man

  141. Helmuth, speaking for Boskone

    Wear work overalls, a reflective safety vest and carry a clipboard. No one will question it.

  142. Nice job Mike. Was that DM I heard laughing uncontrollably each time a bird tried to get in the house? And what’s he want from you, Marty’s new address? Oh brother. Please take care now.

  143. Helmuth, speaking for Boskone

    I wonder if Miscavige will add garbage stats to his rolling thunder at New Years? (Er, make that, MORE garbage stats.)

  144. Think of all the money the cob is wasting.
    In the reference Ethics and Executives isn’t one of the out ethics indicators of an executive, waste??

  145. ….driving an early 90’s piece-o-shit Camaro completes the stereotype of trailer park white trash.

  146. Eugene Francoeur

    Misgarbage exposed to the world… Thank you Mike!

  147. This is the session

    Curious about garabage?
    Desired garbage?
    Enforded garbage?
    Inhibited garbage?
    No garbage?
    Refused garbage?

    Grade 0 basic process:
    If garbage could talk to you, what would it say?
    If you could talk to garbage, what would you say?

    Grade I:
    What problem could garbage be to you?
    What problem could you be to garbage?

    Grade II:
    What has garbage done to you?
    What have you done to garbage?


  148. Interiorized into garbage?
    On garbage, is there something you failed to reveal?
    On garbage, can’t get out?
    On garbage, shoved in?
    On garbage, do you feel overwhelmed?
    How does looking into other peoples garbage make you right?
    How does looking into other peoples garbage make others wrong?

  149. Not to mention Grade IV:

    “How does garbage make you right?”

  150. How are “spying and doing operations on enemies of the Church of Scientology” a part of KSW?

  151. Michael Fairman

    High tech bird feeding? Mike, layer the bottom of the house with bird seed. That way the birds get to eat and Miscavige gets to watch hours of close-up cooing and beaking. Regarding the garbage, is DM’s brain so small and his mind so encrusted, that he doesn’t know that you wouldn’t put anything but shit in all its forms into those bags? Ecclesiastical leader??? There must be some word far, far beyond absurd, because that’s what this has now become. Goodness gracious me!

  152. Mike,
    This makes sense in Davie Land. His Acceptance Level is “hidden communication” i.e., mystery so he’ll hide in a bird house and peer out. He thinks there is value in other people’s trash so he’ll scour preclear folders for aberration that beings slough off and think he has a something.

    Sucks to be Dave.

  153. Yes, and attach it to one of the churches BREs (Business return envelope – postage paid on receipt) 🙂

  154. Ya gotta wonder where those bird house camera cables route to… ?

  155. Great minds think alike 🙂

  156. I freaking love that idea! “Hey, I saw this empty bird house, and I thought, hey! those little birdies need to be fed!”

    What’s not to love!

  157. Agreed Simple, It’s one thing to figure something out yourself but always another improvement to get acknowledged.

    But we both probably also knew someone would come along and help the situation. By gosh we all should have but most of us were probably in such bad case shape – I know I WAS! I know it even took Marty several years and he is class 9! And Karen!

    Not only did Ron leave us the Tech he left us his correctly trained auditors and OEC/FEBCs.

    Also we all have has many references as stable datum’s to hang on to in the mean time.

    Marty’s timing is perfect in my universe!

  158. Hi Mike and happy holidays to you and Christie. 🙂 Another Hollywood classic it looks like! 🙂 Thanks for sharing. This question has probably been asked a million times, so why not one million and one: “Where do these things wind the Church of Scientology up? 🙂 The org in New York City is a place where the staff run in and out of the building frightened looking, not looking as if they can’t wait to service the public! Well, thanks for sharing.

  159. Great job of busting the Waste Disposal engineer. I’ll bet he gets fired for fishing out your trash after you send the video link to his boss or above. He probably only got $20 for doing it.

  160. This is like the empire of degraded beings. That fat pony-tailed beer-belly-white-trash Joe-Dirt wannabe of a PI in a shitty Mustang looks like he lives in one end of his mother’s single wide trailer at a cheap trailer park. Then you got looser Waste Management McMoron on the take and now on video. Then we got the biggest DB of them all and maybe the biggest DB in history: David Miscavige who runs his empire of spy worms. Amazing.

  161. LMAO, that is so funny!!!! This reminds me of the Road Runner and Coyote cartoons. Mike is the Road Runner and Miscavige’s gophers are the Coyote. “Let’s see what’s in this birdhouse!” OMG, that is PRICELESS comedy!!!!

  162. To expound, poor a pound of bird seed into the top latch… lol.

  163. My trash is FULL of stacks and stacks and stacks of promo from Cof$. If they go thru my trash, at least the magazines will be read.

  164. That so-called P.I. makes Jim Rockford shake his head sadly.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist
    Indie 500 #99

  165. Could DM be looking for his executioner now? He probably secretly wants somebody to hire a PI to follow the pony tail and trace the orders back to its source and file a law suite against the CoS plentifully reflected in the world media. But then again, DM would just RPF the lowest OSA staff member on the command chain and claim the staff member went rogue. The world these people live in is something terrible. Third Reich again. Sieg Heil! .

  166. Joe dirt was a funny movie.

  167. Davey boy should see the examiner. I think he’s gone interior on garbage. Must be some sort of attest in there somewhere. Garbage Interiorization Completion?

  168. I think I would have just left the bird house roof open. The local critters would do the rest. Also would have been interesting to see who came to close it.

  169. Steve,

    I liken this little sociopath, POB, to something akin to a “Jerry Sandusky” of cult leaders.

    They have one thing in common. They lack a conscience (among other things). That’s where I feel I have to puke because he does fit the characteristics and charismatics of a Charlie Manson nut-job.

    For example, where’s his wife?

    I truly believe that some cadaver dogs and forensic crime specialists need to be called in.

    MissCarriage is truly some screwed-up piece of work……..

  170. It is my general expectation that the trash/garbage that is collected from my family remain in that condition,-safely bagged. The reason I want the removal of garbage undertaken by professionals is one of public safety, the amount of diseases possible by breaking the correct chain of disposal is at the very least criminal. It is like handling nuclear or biological waste, the lose of life and resources like that of Love Creak, or Chernobyl or other potential sites in Japan are a ticking time bomb with that of a child playing ignorant of the effects. Accountability is needed here and now and taken from the hands of psychopaths like DM! Back up you moron before you hurts others and yourself in the process. Bill Dupree

  171. Now, now. Just because you have a bad-ass Corvette that puts his white-trash heap of garbage (pun intended), to shame is no reason to be critical.

  172. Hey, don’t degrade by biker friends and garbage friends Steve!


  173. Karen Poo

  174. There must be something really foul and obnoxious that you can spray on your garbage each night in addition to the baby nappies. I’m just laughing as I think about it. And think of all the false and misleading data you could put in there. Snippets of emails to the fbi, private investigator invoices, etc.

  175. Tory, even the Mafia has less O/W’s than the Church of Scientology! 🙂

  176. Priceless. I think this homeboy will redefine what DMs BFF really is. TCs gonna be jealous!

  177. I distinctly heard this sound track in the video:

  178. Get his certs ready for the attest cycle: GARBAGE RELEASE!

  179. Garbage begets garbage.

    ML Tom

  180. Hi Mike,
    After running into you and Christy in the book store last weekend and seeing what a nice loving family you have, I am totally disgusted to see this crap that you have to put up with. If you ever need any help, I would be happy to offer you any assistance that I could give you guys. Just let me know.

  181. Where on what scale are “hiding in a birdhouse to know” and “digging through shitty garbage to know”?

    He has entered the Garbage Age of Tech and the Garbage Age of Knowledge.

  182. Thanks so much. It was so nice to bump into you and meet you face to face finally! I still have your number.

  183. More good news tonight. I just heard from a long time friend who is an OT VIII. He’s DONE WITH THE CO$. His wife is also not on lines anymore and I think she was getting ready to go to Flag for OT VI.

    This is the result of persistence along a given course plus lots of help from Wasted Management who is making our job of shining the light of truth of the insanity of the Church of Scientology much easier. Thanks for the help in sinking your stinking CULT Davey. You now have a new title………COC.

    We know what that should mean but it really is Chairman of the Cult. The truth will set you free. Take the rest of the night off dickhead!

  184. LOL!! Has garbage missed a withold on you?

  185. I could see the possibility of a couple hundred x sea org dressed in uniform taking the place or palace back. Putting Ethics back in and restoring order.
    Oh geeze, I think I dozed off there for a minute, must have been dreaming. 😉 TR 0

  186. It’s time to get rid of using the plastic trash bags and making it all easy for them. Just empty your garbage out of the plastic bags directly into the can the night before or morning of pick-up. That means pony tail man or WM guy will have to shift through loose crap and carry it by the arm full to his car.

  187. Yeah, that’s a done….

  188. Garbage in, garbage out. That’s about all one needs to know about DM’s mind.

  189. Criminon Inc. poster boys, here we go again…..

  190. Indie-saurus-rex

    God, I love the Camaro video. Those two are frozen in their tracks. It’s so thick that I can literally feel it though my computer screen. lol. Good job Mr. Rinder, good job!

  191. Yep. If we are going to get philosophical about it, a corollary would be: garbage does as garbage is.

  192. Just another guy who has Tech and Policy all lumped together and undifferentiated, like the vast majority of the so-called “critics”.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist
    Indie 500 #99

  193. Just throw some meat in their and let it rot!

  194. Add to it pictures of dm and a number of copies of Freedom Magazine.

  195. OT9 – The Wall of Garbage?

  196. You can add two more VII’s and VIIIs locally in the UK – VERY WELL RESPECTED guys OSA, completely FINISHED with Corp Scn very recently. That’s in addition to the half dozen I know are just keeping their heads down for now but are actually also done.

  197. Read HCO PL “Attacks on Scientology” and “Intel, It’s Role”.

  198. Read “Keeping Admin Working” for LRH’s viewpoint of Tech & Policy.

  199. The COC of GIGO.

  200. I hope you sort and recycle. Plastic in one bin, paper in another, metal in another .. kitchscraps/foodwaste in the compost. O/W’s, Session reports, KR’s on DM .. in the one you give the garbage guy. 😉

    Seriously though, isn’t there some law being broken here? Are the garbage men really allowed to sell your stuff?


  202. Whoa! The problem is it is soooo messy.

    After Dr Denk’s departure, I had to clean out a lot of stuff! I just dumped the trash into the large can for trash pickup. We lived on a private drive that was not accessible to the trash truck so the barrel was placed at the bottom of the driveway some distance from the house. We had done this for many years.

    I walked down the driveway to retrieve the trash can after pick-up. Lo and behold, there was the trash dumped out in the pick-up area. Not only was the trash not picked up, it was strewn over a 10 x 10 foot area. I had to pick it all up and put it back in the trash can for the next week’s pickup.

    Nope, I think it’s better to put the trash in a nice, neat bag with all the special “additives” suggested earlier on this topic. Put a tag on it that says, “Mr. Waste Management Guy.” And, as always, don’t put anything in the trash that is no one else’s business.

  203. Garbage is like a box of used diapers; you never know what you’re going to get.

    ML Tom

  204. BillyJackIsBack

    Waste Management seems to be a trashy company!

  205. Mike,
    I’m very sorry for all the harassment that you and your family have to put up with.

    You are a man of true integrity; something that Mr. DB David Miscavige will never be able to have, no matter how much stolen gold and manufactured admiration he is wallowing in.

    You have my full support when and if you decide to press charges against these imbeciles.

  206. Li'll bit of stuff

    Good tracking job K!

  207. Li'll bit of stuff

    Now THAT blend would produce some nausea.Guaranteed!

  208. Li'll bit of stuff

    Tom, I’ve been thinking along the same lines for a while!
    But this $nake is one that conceals it’s prey by $tealth,
    if not by actual intelligence. It always manages to leave
    some sort of trail by which it’s crimes can be uncovered.
    Criminals always do! Six years of working with high end
    crims, as my wife did, while a former Criminon counselor,
    proved to us with out a doubt, that they invariably leave
    that one piece of crucial evidence behind, which the
    sharpies, including forensics, can use to “nail ’em!”

    david, david, david, you not-is’ing, deluded li’ll dictator,
    do you really believe you can escape your fate,mate???

  209. I’d go one step further on the actual recycle, either get a high
    quality shredder thats shredding to the finest that you can’t
    try and reconstruct or get an incinerator and burn it yourself.
    All of the rest have their seperate containers for disposal and
    dont give them a chance to have one inch of paper reading.
    I mean what one has to go through its insanity beyond beleif.
    to read or remove any form of paper
    My God what one has to go through its insanity.
    seperate disposal units.

  210. OMG! This explains why RTC has IN, PENDING and OUT garbage pails!

  211. Li'll bit of stuff

    Sorry to disappoint, but Bubba’s got first dibbs!

  212. Empty bird house
    Empty survalance homes
    Empty Orgs

    Collecting degraded beings
    Collecting crimes
    Collecting trash

    Way to go David Miscavage.

  213. Conan, well stated

    “…..integrity; something that Mr. DB David Miscavige will never be able to have, no matter how much stolen gold and manufactured admiration he is wallowing in.”

  214. The pope of the dumpster.

  215. Now that deserves a Hip Hip Hooray for the IScientology group.

  216. DM is a dying breed!!!! His nonsense and shenanigans he pulls on everybody will come to a screeching halt. The flock is leaving one by one. At the end of the day, truth always prevails. The smokescreen is getting clearer by the day and what you will see when the smoke disappears is BOZO the CLOWN!!

  217. May I suggest some sharp objects mixed in with the feces in your trash. ie used razor blades , insulin needles etc…

    I guarantee an infection no auditing will cure 🙂

  218. LOL!!

  219. Right about this… “He has entered the Garbage Age of Tech and the Garbage Age of Knowledge.” Except the Garbage Age of Knowledge by GO volunteers started many years before Miscabitch took over and around ’83 started paying PI’s.

  220. From RJ 67:

    “The organization, under the direction of Mary Sue, employed – and actually had employed earlier than I returned from southern Africa – employed several professional intelligence agents who had long and successful professional backgrounds, and they looked into this matter for us, and the results of their activities – although still in progress – have told us all that we needed to know with regard to any enemy we had on this planet.

    They have collected rather interesting files on us, our people, and organizations, and their orders concerning what to do about this is part of their files — all makes very interesting reading. We of course have full copies of their files. It was of course their bad luck to tangle with someone who had been trained in the field of intelligence by the Allied governments, which is myself, and they had insufficient security and insufficient loyalty amongst their own people to keep out the intelligence agents which we sent in against them. That is a very cloak-and-dagger activity which is more or less over at this time.”

    You don’t think these intel agents didn’t dumpster dive and then some? Of course they did.

    My only point is that this type of stuff has been going on a long time and precedes DM, Mike & Marty. Now of course Mike & Marty are not enemies of Scientology per se but it should not surprise anyone that this type of activity goes on and will go as “on source” and “on policy” from those within corporate Scientology.

  221. Dear Kevin Tighe,

    If this had something to do with the Arabian Spring, would you mind our intelligence.


  222. “Correction of things which are not wrong and neglecting things which are
    not right puts the tombstone on any org or civilization.

    “In auditing when one reviews or “corrects” a case that is running well, one
    has trouble. It is made trouble.

    “Similarly on the third dynamic, correcting situations which do not exist and
    neglecting situations which do exist can destroy a group.

    “All this boils down to CORRECT INVESTIGATION. It is not a slight skill.
    It is THE basic skill behind any intelligent action.” Data Series 16 INVESTIGATORY PROCEDURE.

  223. Or this one:
    “Well, when we look over the picture that this makes we’re seeing the mind in operation, we’re seeing it casting its attention from one stable datum to another, trying to do an understanding of a situation-if it has no spontaneous
    understanding left in it-trying to understand every situation by finding which stable datum it fits in the past. That’s a dumb way to do it.” Tape, 23 August 55, AXIOM 53: THE AXIOM OF THE STABLE DATUM (which in my opinion is THE BEST tape I’ve heard to describe a Ser Fac among other things.)

  224. Unfortunately, there is no privacy with garbage you leave at the curb. The only thing you could do is shred everything (a smart practice for anyone). It’s just so petty.
    The camera thing is just so creepy. You should tell your neighbors that someone is videoing the street and get them to pressure the homeowner to remove it.

  225. First hiring of PIs is not in and of itself a bad thing. It is only a thing. Consider the context of the times: FCDC was raided in 1963 by the FDA – the US government confiscated E-meters and materials because they had no idea what an e-meter was, nor how it was used. In no materials I ever saw did Ron claim the e-meter had healing properties, and yet that was the basis of the raid. It was bogus. Why did the FDA raid Scientology?

    Australia banned Scientology in the mid-60s because it said auditing was hypnosis, a ridiculous claim. Why did the Australian Government think that?

    Context matters. What Miscavige is doing is very different from what Ron was doing in the 60s.

  226. I’d like to know what the ponytail dude makes per hour for getting your trash and digging through it. What a great job! 😉

  227. Tara — not much. He is apparently quite destitute. His “business” is “Fred’s Freakin Rides” and he seems to live in a warehouse…. He should ask for a raise, especially as he is now out of a job.

  228. Reblogged this on My LRH.

  229. Its not just paper, its also shopping habits, what they are eating, if they are healthy or have a known medical condition indicated by their waste, and so on. They’re not just looking for words, but anything and everything that might give their ‘operation’ an edge.

    But now, honestly, Mr. Rinder and Mr. Rathbun, and their families, they have a really *Good* comm line with Miscavige that is at or about the same as his level on the tone scale (garbage) .. so what I suggest is just stuffing every trash bag with pre-printed copies of KR’s, written on the back of some Policy Letters or so (KSW#1). Every time you close the trash bag, stuff in a few KR’s for good health, and off it goes. This will eventually wear down the poor sods who have to sort through the stuff (especially seeing the Policy Letter references being given them on this comm line) and maybe the “Garbage Line” will help a few staff members flip their treason bits and defect to the KSW team ..

  230. I am speechless. Can you imagine the head of any Church or organization getting away with such crimes? DM has a serious psychiatric disorder and needs immediate medical intervention. How can any member of the Church look at all this and have any faith at all in him as a leader. He is a dangerous and evil nutter.

  231. Li'll bit of stuff

    Good point indeed Mark!—— Total polar opposites!

    Ron vs. miscavige There’s a whole chasm of value difference between the two.

    LRH created a technology to free & give hope to man.

    Miscavige commandeered and perverted it to enslave, destroy and manipulate it for power and personal gain.

  232. This is not an A=A between LRH & DM. I am only pointing out that it is long standing LRH policy to investigate enemies of the Church. Mike is obviously considered an enemy so no one should be surprised by these tactics. Dumpster diving and surveillance actions are common tools of the investigative game. I’m only bothering to post about this as I am surprised that so many are surprised.

  233. Pick up stacks of recycle paper at a copy shop or office building, then run it through a cheap low quality shredder so it would be possible for someone to laboriously put it back together. A few pounds of this in the trash every week should keep them entertained. Idle hands are the devil’s playground.

  234. Might be interesting to hook up a port scanner to that cable and see what’s on the other end.

  235. Fred might as well cut out the middleman and buy the dirty diapers directly from Mike for $20/bag or whatever is the going rate these days.

  236. Diapers aren’t cheap. If Fred would supply the new diapers, I bet Mike would let him take the used ones for free.

  237. The PI’s gotta look busy if he wants to keep sucking that $5000/week.

  238. LRH’s admin tech hasn’t got a chance because Int execs are punished if they ever try to apply it. Try to cite LRH policy to DM and he’ll brain you with a green vol.

  239. He was sitting outside on the sidewalk begging for spare change?

  240. In our area in Canada, once the garbage is out at the curb,anyone is free to take it, but trespassing on private property is verboten. Your garbage collector was still apparently knowingly crossing the line. Tsk, Tsk.

  241. Li'll bit of stuff

    Certainly not I, brother! I was IOO% agreeing with you!

  242. Kevin,
    I’m thinking that the exclamations about the intel against Mike and Christie isn’t so much motivated by surprise of it but the response to the disgust of it and emotions stirred by it happening to someone we care about. No matter the commonalities of it being done the violations of rightness, the wrong targetting and the invasion of privacy to someone we care about is going to raise this ire. I appreciate your pointing this out and sharing the posts that you did but I’m not sure how many of the posts are actually from true surprise.

  243. it’s because the Waste management people are either $cilons themselves or were paid ALOT of money to cover up for OSA. You wonder where all the money the $cilons fork over goes… ffor one thing, if you want $cn’s new years leak, their auditorium is rather lavish and classy looking. You only see those kinds of stages on successful TV shows, like American Idol.

  244. They are stupid. they are lemmings that unquestioningly follow orders. it doesn’t matter if he knows or not… if the $cilon is told to collect his trash, then they do it.

    Now, what you CAN do it get the owner of the vehicle… look up that tag. I expect them to be borrowing a car, so it’s probably a proxy to keep the OSA ID secret. However, that car is likely owned by someone in $cn. So, follow the trial as far as it goes. You can THEN use both your video evidence and the public record dirt you dug up to take those names to court for suspected “identity theft” since ID thieves use the same tactics as this OSA asswipe is using… ergo, collecting trash for important ID information with which to steal your ID and make you pay for expensive luxuries. Whether that’s what they are doing or not, it’s Still look like ID theft, so use it.

    Two can play at the litigation game.

  245. If I was In this situation I would go for getting an incinerator to burn
    my private papers, provided its allowned on the property he lives in.
    DM and his hetch men workers/ Kids / investigators what ever and who ever he uses, just keep trying and messing up each time.because, because its just proving more and more its just for harrassment and control.
    What motive other than to obvilously break rathbun down but in doing this the church just gives evidence in the public eye of wasting public funds.
    If DM was clean and nothing to hide he would’nt even think of doing this.
    DM demo his Hate for some one , and using methods as such to try
    and control some one is very very low and suppressive, and I class it in my books as the lowest of the low ,
    He is not only degrading himself more and more / but demotrate’s to degrade another, and in this case its against One who trys to spread
    truth and make others aware of the false presentation the church of Scientology provides but actually in PT does these type of things.

  246. This guy is more creepy than Scientology.

    Scientology is not creepy. This guy is totally creepy

    and psycho babbling as well! Must be a news reporter.

    Illegally trespassing onto private property

    Destruction of private property.

    If I saw him doing that to my place I would have him arrested!!!

    He should be arrested.

  247. Pingback: scientologie-secte.org

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