Rupert Murdoch and David Miscavige

Haydn James submitted an article published below that draws many parallels between media king Rupert Murdoch and squirrel king David Miscavige.

Here are a few things to take into consideration when reading Haydn’s piece.

Rupert Murdoch cut his teeth on bashing L Ron Hubbard and Scientology during the sixties in Australia.

Murdoch’s US (most notably Fox News) and UK media holdings have uniquely steered clear of the dozens of breaking stories about David Miscavige’s abuse that have run in most other media since the Tampa Times landmark 2009 series The Truth Rundown.

For a while I considered that might be due to something I was working on shortly before leaving Scientology Inc in 2004.  That was working with David Miscavige and Tom Cruise to recruit Australian media magnate heir James Packer.  Tom had reported that Jamie grew up with one of Murdoch’s sons – same exclusive schools, clubs, etc – and that Murdoch treated Jamie like a son. Miscavige relieved me of all other post duties to concentrate on working with Tom to recruit Jamie. The plan was to help Jamie with Scientology and to influence Jamie to win over Murdoch for Scientology in exchange (of course never disclosing the terms to Jamie).  I was involved in the help side of it and that was rewarding. But I left before the other side of the hidden bargain was carried out by Miscavige and Cruise.  

Whether that ever came to fruition may be of no import.  Reading Haydn’s post made me consider the Occam’s razor approach. Perhaps a more likely explanation is that Rupert Murdoch and David Miscavige are simply peas from the same L Ron Hubbard hating pod. 

Peas in a Pod

by Haydn James

Rupert Murdoch’s plight gives an interesting comparative and some insight into the world and precarious position of David Miscavige.

Murdoch, born Australian but now an American citizen, controls the second largest but arguably the most influential media empire in the world.  500 companies in 50 countries which includes The Wall Street Journal, New York Post, Fox Television and Twentieth Century Fox studios in the USA, four newspapers including The London Times and the hugely influential Sun as well as television in the UK. He is ranked as the 13th most powerful man in the world. For decades he has been a king maker, deciding and influencing through the coordinated policy of his media outlets who should assume political power in a number of countries, particularly Australia and England but he is not without major influence in the USA. He even took on and backed down the BBC, using his political influence to extract revenge for their opposition to his activities, arranging for their annual budget to be cut by sixteen percent.

If there is a major global elitist conspiracy of greed, Murdoch is a card carrying member. And I note that he acquired The News of the World newspaper in 1968, in England, just in time for its three year onslaught against Scientology and LRH — shades of Ron’s Journal 67.

So I have been watching with fascination as, expose by expose, piece by piece, the depth of corruption on the part of Murdoch’s empire was brought to light in the UK and USA. And I have noticed that the similarities and parallels with Miscavige are unmistakable.

Murdoch bought political influence for protection and to strengthen his media stranglehold, going so far as to create a media monopoly. It used to be illegal in England for one person to own and influence more than one major media outlet but Murdoch was able to change all that. And he became an American citizen so he could acquire and own media companies in the USA.  Like David Miscavige, Rupert Murdoch created, ostensibly, an unassailable position in the world in which he ruled. People feared him and most lacked the courage to speak out against his bullying and abuses. But Murdoch’s vast political and media influence to the contrary, he proved that no position is totally safe or secure.

Just like Miscavige, Murdoch ran his personal empire as a dictator, doing only what he saw fit and without regard to common decency or law. The sheer degree of power he wielded went to his head. He thought he was above the law. And when it looked like the truth about his operations might come to light, Murdoch used the same play book of dirty tricks that Miscavige used in attempting to silence those speaking out against him.

PIs were used by Murdoch to openly follow and harass critics, even British members of parliament. Dossiers were compiled on anyone who was or might become an enemy. Any dirt they could find was used to force critics into silence or ruin their reputation via whisper campaigns. High priced lawyers were used to threaten and shudder individuals, other newspapers, companies and lawyers into silence and if that failed they “settled” (with huge pay offs) those who could not be intimidated. All very familiar to independent Scientologists.

Like David Miscavige, Murdoch was mercilessly over the top when it came to running his empire. Journalists working for one of Murdoch’s newspapers were compelled to come up with twelve major scoops (good news stories) per year or they were summarily fired. As anyone who has worked in Scientology knows, that kind of fear and duress does not result in anything good. Murdoch’s empire was no different. In turn, the journalists put pressure on the private investigators they used to dig up dirt and stories. Desperate to keep their lucrative jobs, the PIs hacked and tapped the phones and media devices of thousands of people, including celebrities, and they paid members of the police (Metropolitan Police – Scotland Yard) to retrieve and pass along information they needed. The lines into the police were extensive. Mind you, I will say this, if Murdoch’s PIs felt under pressure to produce the goods they should try working for Miscavige – or maybe they have.
From the moment a tiny fraction of the truth leaked out the result was inevitable. Despite the fact that some members of the government, police and Murdoch did all they could to cover it up, the truth eventually broke wide open. One way or another, the truth came out. In another theme familiar to Independent Scientologists, when few dared to carry the story, a single non-Murdoch newspaper in the USA picked up the ball and ran with it which emboldened other media outlets around the world.

In response to the worldwide bad press, politicians in England turned on Murdoch, blocking his expansion moves. The infamous, LRH attacking, News of the World which had been in existence for many decades was shut down and closed and a number of Murdoch’s staff have been arrested. There are three ongoing criminal investigations in the UK, FBI investigations in the USA, countless civil lawsuits for invasion of privacy as well as parliamentary investigations into the actions of Murdoch, his family and his empire. The fallout is still raining down and will for some years.

But even Murdoch has a couple of advantages over David Miscavige. Firstly, he can claim, with at least a little credibility, that his empire is so vast he could not monitor it all. David (I micro manage everything) Miscavige cannot. Secondly, Murdoch has gone to great lengths to make and publish apologies for his offences, something Miscavige will never do.

Three additional observations come out of what is happening to Murdoch.

1. In the modern world, no amount of power, political or media influence can prevent the truth from coming out.

2. Dirty tricks only hasten the process.

3. (OSA staff should note this one).  The first ones arrested are the lieutenants.

168 responses to “Rupert Murdoch and David Miscavige

  1. When Rupert Murdoch appeared before the Culture, Media Select Committee, it was pathetic. It was very obvious the depth of corruption, and fortunately the MPs on the Select Committee were savvy in their questioning.

    The Sun (News International) ran a story about a group in Britain’s Got Talent who are Scientologists and included a sub story with Debbie Cook’s allegations and a photo of her on the stand in San Antonio.

    The final sub committee report, if anyone is interested is here:

    Click to access 903i.pdf

  2. Tony Dephillips

    Great article .
    Thanks Haydn and Marty.

  3. Ryan Kelly

    The News of the World reporters were caught hacking into cell phones of celebrities and others, including a missing young girl’s phone. In the case of the girl’s phone, they deleted phone messages, leading her parents to believe that she was still alive and checking her messages. These are people who have clearly lost their way and have been resoundingly condemned world-wide. David Miscavige employs former reporters from Murdoch’s empire, who use the same techniques to hack into the phones of former Church members, etc. David Miscavige’s connection to FOX News and alignment with the Republican party is a real turn off for me, personally. I suspect that he donates large amounts of Church money in the direction of right wing politics in an effort to curry favor with really unsavory people. Murdoch is a evil worm. He knows exactly what’s going on. I have no doubt about that. David Miscavige is cut from the same cloth.

  4. Fantastic post Marty. The similarites between Murdoch and Miscavige’s tactics are striking. The knives are definitely out for Murdoch in the UK. Too much power for too long. With alternative media on the inexorable rise the influence of these old media oligarchs is waning fast.

  5. Interesting parallels of dirty tricks as a weapons for gaining Terl’s leverage.

    On the other hand, it is good to see Larry Wright get an award for bringing the truth out, instead of those two (Miscavige and Murdoch) attempting to influence with their truths.

  6. excellent marty you hit the nail perfectly.

    For a long time I had connected the dots with Miscavige
    and Murdoch. Like the James Bond Movie where the Media Mogul controls populations with news of chaos. D.M. does exactly the same thing, with supposed benevolent charity front groups like IAS which is a wealth harvesting machine which promotes and furthures the ruin of man .CCHR Int
    keeps Psychiatry in the chips for decades to come, really…..

    I have thought ” do these guys sleep in the same Bed”, does Murdoch get up first to make coffeee for Davey? Does Davey have long talks with the Ghost of Adolf Hitler. That would make a great story for the supermarket tabaloids
    “David Miscavige talks with Ghost of Adolf Hitler”
    The reason “Why”Murdoch wont print it because its most likely the truth,
    end of story.

  7. Path of Buddha

    In the early 1970’s, I worked for Roger Ailes who is now one
    of Murdoch’s important employees. In fact, I think he is operational
    head and president of FOX. At any rate, I read that Roger made it to OTVIII.
    I have not been in contact with Roger since 1972.
    Since I also reached OTVIII in 1989, it made me curious.
    Do you have any knowledge of the OTVIII’s at FOX?

    May all beings be well and happy!

    George M. White

  8. Lucy James

    The Truth always comes out.

  9. Li'll bit of stuff

    Haydn, a real parallel here!
    A “free” media exposing the SP Dictator Pres$ Mogul Murdoch
    A “free” indie scn exposing SP Dictator Co$ David Miscavige
    Great work Haydn

  10. Yeah James and Rupert’s “hear no evil see no evil” didn’t go down too well with the select committee! Busted.

    On the Sun’s Jive Aces on Britain’s Got Talent story, they have oscillated between the “wacky cult” angle, and singer Ian Clarkson’s defence. What they haven’t picked up on is that as Sea Org members, they can not possibly be unaware of the RPF and disconnection. Still, it’s the BGT 2nd round tomorrow!

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    Hope this helps everyone better understand how to make fireworks.

  12. Bitter Defrocked Apostate

    At least Rupert’s wife is alive, hale and hearty with a mean karate chop; whereas Davey’s wife is… um…

  13. Good article Haydn and Marty.
    Looks like a Sherman tank. Dig more and some more tanks will show up.
    This spiral of ” truths revealed” spins faster and faster.
    Slowly, I can start to imagine that in very short time the suppression of Scientology will be handled, and it will become that what it was devised for.
    With your work you are generating Hope for thousands of Scientologists that are sitting on Life long failed purposes.
    Well done 🙂

  14. I happen to be in com with a key group that assisted in taking Murdoch down in the wiretap fiasco. Trust me when I say that even with proof of crimes in their hands, the media is not reporting on crimes involving the most powerful banking and political families – way beyond the real estate loan fiasco, which is just a pimple on the face of the whole.

    As a small sample of this, here is an MP in England discussing evidence of something that should have made the news everywhere. (I hope it embeds correctly).

    And, yes, Fox news (and others) was presented with hard evidence about this, and flat out refused to run it. Not because they thought it was unproven or a wild theory, but because they KNEW it would involve exposing the very power brokers who are carefully controlling the media and was “too incendiary”.

    Marty, there is indeed a major global elitist conspiracy of greed. Rupert’s role in it is perhaps best described as a mere “errand boy”, when compared to the magnitude of the corruption and the players involved.

  15. George — IN all the years of locating influential media allies, never came across Roger Ailes. I doubt he was ever a Scientologist. If he had been, there would have been efforts to use him to influence things. And I can assure you the CF folder, Life Histories, Ethics Files, surveys and anything else that could come up with lines into the media were scoured and re-scoured.

  16. happybaby89

    There is a tyrant valance and tech. Those of us who grew up in the former eastern Europe are very aware of this. Murdoch and Miscavage are stellar examples of how to do it even in a relatively democratic and law abiding environment. Was Miscavage the had of a backwards country there would be a large number of deaths.

  17. Love that 1,2,3 punch at the end!

  18. Haydn — Nice to see you posting again, and up to your usual standards! Excellent observations.

    History teaches us that this is not a new scenario by any means. The corrupt narcissists meet their demise, a process that is dramatically speeded these days by the instantaneous nature of the comm lines of the world with the internet — and the ability of anyone to put information out there for all to see.

    Bob Keenan hired a number of “ex-reporters/editors” and PIs who had worked for the media — News of the World specifically. The News of the World (effectively the Sunday “Sun” which unlike the Mirror doesnt publish on Sunday) was renowned as the home of bottom feeders. They also had a LOT of money and not only paid for “stories” they also paid to mkanufacture them — setting celebrities up with drugs, prostitutes or other compromising circumstances (Fergie trying to sell influence to her ex-husband etc.) It was almost a “badge of honor” to have been a News of the World/Sun “reporter/PI” — at the very least it was a recognized calling card. You knew exactly what you were getting when you hired them. Slimeballs who had no aversion to bribery, dishonesty, illegality or sleaze of any type.

    A perfect fit for Keenan and Miscavige.

  19. Bluebonnet

    Wow. I’ll never look at fireworks the same way again.

  20. Bluebonnet

    How many does it take to be a large number? Make sure you add in all those children that weren’t born and the cancers.

  21. Stuck in a Meat Body on a Prison Planet

    Is Murdoch one of the “world bankers” LRH refers to on RJ67? Is Murdoch on the board of any “mental health” organizations?

  22. Steve,

    Your postings need to come with a health warning. While reading this I found breathing very difficult, tears streamed down my face and my body shook — I was laughing so hard.

  23. Path of Buddha

    Thanks for the details. I read that Roger was OTVIII in a major article written when he made some comments which got media attention. The reporter was probably wrong. The comments surrounded an incident of ‘nazi name calling’ with an executive at another network. The details were never clear.
    Roger worked with Nixon and he was the one who who made him shave and
    put on make-up for TV. This was a big step back in 1970. I was a young marketing grad at the time and I helped Roger get several major clients.
    When I got a job on Wall Street I left him for the bigger payoff.

    May all marketing grads be well and happy!

    George M. White

  24. Well, George, let’s not forget THE ICE QUEEN herself, Greta Van Susteren – OT VIII

    Murdoch is on his way out. He will be remembered as one of the bad ones. He is on the absolute wrong side of history.

    While the world APPEARS to be getting more and more difficult, solid and evil — I honestly believe what we are seeing right now is the polarities are becoming more visible. Evil/bad/negativity VS Good/positive are becoming more obvious.

    The “grey” areas or hidden and/or covert are being exposed.

    Something is shifting all over the planet.

    And by their fruit, you shall know them. Only a good tree produces good fruit …


  25. Simple Thetan

    Interesting that dm is working so hard on licking the butts of media moguls, while at Flag they give you hard time if you even have a third cousins who is an assistant journalist.

  26. A thought on contemporary institutions:

    Those who live by Adharmic (off purpose/out ethics etc.) values will eventually fall. Everyone.

    I see this present societal state as a form of cultural composting.

    In meditation some decades ago a thought formed in me as a complete sentence which stated:
    America (could be the world as well) is in it’s composting stage, with the fruits of tradition decomposing on the streets of our nation.
    In this time of uncertainty only the daring can fill the void.

    In the Vedic understanding of world cycles we are in what is called the upward trend of “Dwapara Yuga.” That time cycle is said to have started with the discoveries of the nature of electricity(Gilbert, Keplar, Newton etc) and thereby the upgrading of our understanding of the “solid” nature of matter and the understanding of life not based on the Church dogma.

    Part of this transitions states “We still have institutions, governments etc that are still strongly influenced by the Kali Yuga or (prior) time cycle of ignorance concerning the external and internal universes

    It is these large power institutions, still influenced by old primitive mentalities, that cause some much trouble on our planet still.

    As we advance in the upward swing of comprehension that clarifies the true nature of the inner and outer universes and if these dark throw back ignorant institutions don’t blow up the planet, we will move slowly into an era marked by more benevolent power centers of earth governance and commerce.

    There will aways be evil in the relative cosmos, but I believe we are advancing to a time where tyrants won’t find it so easy to be.

    It will take a lot of time, and countless souls being dedicated to their own spiritual growth and the loving service from the uncatogorized, labeless Bodhisattva (a person vowing to serve the earth untill all beings are free, a sorta original billion year contract lol)

    The tolerant, peaceful, accepting of others beliefs and realities Scientologist has a place in the new world.

    The “only way”, violent, undercover operation, elitist, militerilistic, individuated from society, fear mongering Scientologist does not have a place.

    Om Peace and may all beings be happy!

  27. Good article Haydn. I too noticed the Murdoch press in the UK were particularly hostile to Hubbard. The worst article I read was in the Sunday Times, supposedly a ‘quality’ paper. It was complete hatchet job.

    Bullet point number three made me smile 🙂

  28. + lots and lots 🙂

  29. Path of Buddha

    Yes, I forgot about Greta.
    I like your analysis about the “grey” areas being exposed.
    I found it interesting in my recent talks with the Jehovah Witnesses who have been ringing doorbells in our neighborhood. Even these Witnesses are more open to discussion. On the other hand, you get Miscavige unwilling to talk about anything except himself.

    Much Metta(loving-kindness,

  30. OMG, Steve! Brilliant analogy. Perfectly stated.

  31. Especially after the pathetic attack on the New Yorker and Wright’s article in FreeDumb magazine. It shows just how off the wall FreeDumb, with Miscavige and probably Danny Sherman and some OSA fools creating such garbage, really has become. It used to be Freedom that would win Journalism awards, now as FreeDumb it attacks those who do.

  32. Haydn wrote : “In the modern world, no amount of power, political or media influence can prevent the truth from coming out.”

    Example : finally, on Mai 15 8:15 p.m., the TV report about OSA has been announced on German TV channel ARTE.

    This report has been in the making for more than one year. The reporters went to many places and people, including some in the US. These brave people received their share of the standard OSA harassment.

    It will be 90 minutes about OSA only, with interviews with victims, former OSA operatives, government officials and more. Gimme a break, lil’ Davey, what kind of PR area control is that !?

    Chances are that some eager anonymous beavers will add English subtitles and put the report on youtube, after it had been aired.

  33. I love it ! Hilarious.

  34. happybaby89

    Bluebonet. You are right. The deaths would be just more direct and obvious.

  35. Lucy James

    Ian is fully aware of the RPF work camp. His wife was sent to the RPF and then later reprieved.

  36. Very original thought process! LOL!!

  37. Thanks Marty & Haydn, this is definitely interesting. I have a feeling that James Packer is not on “Church” lines any longer – but I am sure that someone here can provide some more immediate/current data about that. I met with one other in the top three big-bucks players that were on-lines in Australia some time ago – his name is Andrew Banks. Andrew and James definitely were in comm. Anyone whose personal worth exceeds $250 Million in Australia knows anyone else of equal or greater value, if you know what I mean… I am not sure what Andrew’s status is now, but at the time when we met, he was auditing on OTIII at the AO in Sydney.
    Here is an old article about Andrew:

  38. For me time stood still. Now I have to nudge myself to get back in the continuum. HOLY CATS STEVE!!!

  39. Murdoch: ‘It was the people I trusted to run things who let me down’. Yeah right. He should have known – i.e. “wilful blindness to what was going on”.

    Go back a decade and there is NO way these inquiries would be happening… How times change.

  40. Yes I too wanted too point out the parallel between their flagship publications “Freedom” and “News of the World” being full of garbage, innuendo and lies and illustrating the opposite of what the title of the publications suggest should be inside.

  41. Path of Buddha

    Well said, Brian

    George M. White

  42. Tom Gallagher

    Haydn and Marty,

    Thanks for this post. Here’s a quote that goes along with these thoughts.

    George Washington stated, ‘Truth will ultimately prevail where there are
    pains taken to bring it to light.’

  43. You may well have read it already, but I wholeheartedly recommend the book “Treasure Islands: Tax Havens and the Men who Stole the World”, by Nicholas Shaxson. Whilst I’m not a “conspiracy nut”, there really is no denying a global conspiracy of greed exists and I now understand exactly why LRH pointed the finger at the Bank of England when he did, as well as other players within the financial sector. Truly sickening stuff. — Mike

  44. Great post Brian!!

  45. Brilliant article, Haydn.

  46. Bitter Defrocked Apostate


  47. Kevin Bloody Mackey

    I thought as much Mike. I recall there was much excitement around ANZO about the recruitment of James, not for the allegiance to Murdoch but for his father, Kerry. It was said that when James finished his NN program his father was so glad to have his son back after the Onetel disaster which precipitated the need for a NN program the a $5 mill donation was made to Arrowhead.

    Kerry was like that, after he was saved from death after a heart attack by luckily getting one of the only ambulances with a defibrillator he wrote a cheque to get them installed onto every ambulance in the state. Now they’re called “Packer whackers” colloquially.

    Can’t see Rupert or Davey doing that can you?

    So given the nature of those two I’m surprised that more wasn’t invested in acquiring Kerry’s allegiance to corporate Scientology.

  48. Great Movie Quote of Rupert Murdoch to David Miscavige

  49. Conspiracy is no theory.

    The only thing wrong with “conspiracy theories” is their “dangerous environment” nature.
    Conspiracies are restimulative because they are based upon a hidden line, a hidden influence, a hidden source-point.

    I never go so far to encourage people into “conspiracy theories”. Instead I am encouraging to study the data series and use their analytical mind.

    DM, I told you, we go off the matrix.

  50. 🙂

  51. Great observations Haydn. I would suggest that this might be a good opportunity to re-read “Responsibilities of Leaders” in a new unit of time, and with the “enforced flow” off the line. Try reading it once omitting the Simon & Manuela part. To me, the PL was always about how a leader had to OBSERVE to effect positive change. The Simon Bolivar part was just a long development of what happens when a leader is incapable or refuses to OBSERVE.

    LRH also referenced “the fruits of observation” in KSW1. From that perspective it is inexcusable for any Executive to plead ignorance.
    Looks like its game over for these guys…..

    We have a lot of work ahead of us…..

  52. “Arte is a Franco-German TV network. It is a European culture channel and aims to promote quality programming especially in areas of culture and the arts.” – Wikipedia
    It is not an ordinary but a rather renowned TV station broadcasting high quality documentations.

  53. Theo Sismanides

    Haydn Great Article,
    I was reading the Role of Earth last night and all the stuff LRH says there. And all that operation it takes to keep thetans in meat bodies… LRH was well ahead of this era and he wouldn’t even care to take sides if any Invaders would be fighting one another, lol!

    I am saying this to show that oh yes, there can be a war even between Invader Forces much more between empires here between Homo Sapiens.

    Certainly the elite of greed does exist and it shows now. Very much here in EU too where they show their ugly faces now trying to control every country when they failed to make a better economy.

    Murdoch and Miscavige I am sure are peas of the same pod, same hidden agendas, same evil purposes.

    Keep it up man, that’s the part too few can confront. And there is a lot to uncover.

  54. The Oracle

    A bit of comedy! Ahem! Taken from May 01 1969 OODs: OODS = Orders of the day, a daily memo sent out from Hubbard aboard ship.

    “Working only to orders, tolerating wild stupidities and letting things drift are practices which must cease.”

    “You better wake up before you wake up dead.”

    “Who mans these posts? Zombies?”


  55. Ronnie Bell

    I just knew when Rupert Murdoch’s name came up, that someone was going to turn the conversation in a politically divisive direction.

    As a conservative, I’ll just say this. Murdoch isn’t a right-winger, and his network, Fox News, doesn’t even come close to representing the views of Americans on the right side of the aisle. They only seem right-wing, in comparison to the rest of the news media, which is wholly left biased.

  56. Ronnie Bell

    I bow to your wit, sir. That one’s a real keeper!

  57. Kevin,

    Ignoring Kerry Packer is a reflection of Miscavige’s insular view of the world. If it isnt important in the US, it isnt important at all. Miscavige routinely ignored anything going on in Europe or anywhere else in the world. He considered them sort of backward areas. Because the Packer empire didnt reach outside Australia, he wasnt really interested. James was a vehicle to go after the real prize.

  58. Ronnie Paul for President!

  59. Great article Haydn.

    I’ve always thought that the reason Corporate Scn is so tolerated by the government and certain media outlets is that it is being used as an “experience model” to see what control techniques work best. With this article, you have certainly illustrated the parallels between Miscavige and Murdoch.

    Too bad Miscavige is too cowardly to change his stripes.

    Thanks for this Marty. Once again you have put another piece of the puzzle in place!

  60. Hayden, excellent comparison. And for my mind, would say each was a correct S&D item (evil) for their respective areas on the 4thD (mankind as a hole) If the world could suddenly be relieved of both Murdoch and David Miscarriage, it would just that suddenly be a saner planet, even for the reparations yet to be made. Somehow the means of financial profits has sunk to the lower bands on the emotional tone scale.

  61. Captain Bob

    I suppose if you have enough money you can buy yourself out of anything.

    The IAS created by DM and 24 other people, who are they? and not LRH. Lots and lots of money donated to the IAS, what do your donations buy? Would that be buying DM out of legal sits like Debbie Cook? Or other b/4 lawsuits?

    Don’t ever borrow money, earn it, per LRH. If you borrow money, you are a slave to the lender. No matter the agreements unless of course from a true friend which you borrowed from, which you can work out as you have ARC.

    But you can substitute money for barter. You are my friend, exchange of money does not matter, I just wish to help you. The exchange being a friend, help, ARC. That is all.

    Exchange keeps the bank off.

    Does this apply to the big money players, I guess it does, maybe it doesn’t?

    Time for sec checks to some higher authority. Whether it be the courts, laws of the land, or your local org. I am not auditing you, pick up the cans. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. Please confess so that the truth may be used against you. Oh, this is a Scientology Priest confidential session.

  62. Captain Bob

    I am not auditing you, pick up the cans. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. Please confess so that the truth may be used against you.

    You can sub “in court of law” with leaving Scientology SO member, gag contract, if you know to much on the inner workings of the CO$ not to be confused with the Scientology.

  63. Captain Bob

    court of law

    I think in Scientology, this translates to PR campaign against you, comm ev declared SP, to keep you silent if you have overts. And especially if you are a high roller, a big guy in the world.

  64. Ronnie Bell


  65. Steve-You are so brilliant!
    It is so amazing to see 21/2 percenters who rise in power-as Ron stated” it well behooves decent people to become better informed on this subject” because these SPs can’t stay in power without ignorance and support.

  66. It should be noted The Sun ran a church of scientology piece a couple of days ago. The comments section was the usual “wacky space alien” stuff, although one commentator was making sensible comments.

    My comments however that mention the two fastest growing groups of scientologists, the ex and the indies, and said this was because both groups felt the church of scientology under its leader David Miscavige was corrupt, corrupting and dangerous, were blocked by the moderator. Not sure why.

  67. Kevin Bloody Mackey

    Or perhaps me favouring Kerry is a reflection of my insular view! Packer was the better ally in my opinion, loyal and steadfast. Murdoch is criminal with power.

  68. Theo Sismanides

    Hahaha, thanks Oracle. A good one by LRH! It takes a real thetan and OT to run a ship. Not a tyrant! DM didn’t make it as a full OT but he certainly made history as the Tyrant of Scientology. Everybody (lol, that’s not a generalization now) says that now.

  69. E.J. Croughs

    Huge amounts of $ on accounts that don’t pay tax are used to extract great amounts of interest from the real economy and siphon it off to tax havens and the off-shore banking system. This is done to destabilize the economy to ultimately enforce a hostile take-over like in Greece, the ECB and Italy where Goldman Sachs and Morgan are now in charge. The banksters control Murdoch and most other media that thus won’t report it but the large majority of the European Parliament (80%!) calls for action.

    We’re in the middle of a full blown economic war against Davey’s blood brothers who already usurped the American democracy. I guess we’re just lucky that someone still fights back.

  70. Why I support Fox news:

    I could go on endlessly why I’m a conservative, but there’s one point I want to make. The real cause of the world’s economic problems is insane reckless government over spending. The U.S. government made policy that gave trillions of dollars of bad loans to unqualified home buyers. Even something as simple as student loans is turned into a mess when government gets involved. That accounts for another trillion. I recently hired a girl who sat in my office physically shaking and fighting to hold back tears because she had accepted a $120,000 student loans that she says will cost her over $300,000 for the next 30 years. She’s going to have to work 2 jobs to make the payments. When government gets involved in these things it can’t work because no one has the incentive to make it work.

    Looking back at history I don’t know of any country that used massive government debt to bring about prosperity. There are plenty of examples of countries that tried and failed. If you want to make a real comparison to DM then compare him to the current U.S. administration that’s piling up massive debt to handle the economy. DM saddles his public with massive debt and spends the money on things that don’t work like idle orgs.

    Today, there’s only one TV network that’s addressing this issue and that’s Fox. This is why I support Fox news.

  71. Well, he was certainly one of the “cur dogs.” I was on staff at the LA Org in ’67 when RJ67 was initially played. It was an unsettling time for Scientology. I was about to leave for St Hill to do the BC, knowing that I could not get a visa if I admitted my purpose for being in England. I also had to obtain papers so that my British Mark V would be allowed back in the states when I returned. RJ67 was electrifying. When I asked who LRH referred to, the one name given me was Rupert Murdock.

  72. Good post Captain Bob,

    Try reading P.T. Barnums “Art of Money Getting” P.T. Barnum of
    Barnum and Bailey Circus .
    The big money guys are subjected to the same laws of the Universe we all
    either conform to , ignore, laugh at ,whatever. Black Panther mechanism.
    Nobel Peace Prize Winners do not have a protective sugar coating
    likewise Financial bungling in Multi Natinal Mega Corps see them “Gone With the Wind” just like Joe Six Pack.

    Love LRH Money tapes
    LRH read “Richest Man in Babylon” mentioined in tech
    by Ron, thats up there

    Some day David Miscavige will discover Gravity
    “Discover Gravity He Will” says Yoda

  73. Suppression – the “hole” reference

    “You see, despite inferences to the contrary, this tech has not been available before anywhere and was not even known.

    I say this as no boast, but with something of amazement for you see researches by most others in the past have not been aimed at bettering man but making him more suggestible and obedient.

    As a proof of this, any trouble Dianetics and Scientology had is traced to those who engage in suppression of individuals and man.

    They use numerous ways to attempt the eradication of this tech. Denying it is the first. Invalidation is the second. Corrupting it is the next. But all these efforts in whatever guise, boil down to just one thing: to prevent people from achieving and enjoying freedom.

    Those who attempt to suppress our tech do not themselves have the faintest clue of how to better anyone. This they cannot do. And this is your ace in the hole.

    You see, truth must exist before lies and truth blows the lie away as it is later on the chain. And any suppressive person or group seeking to dissuade you or invalidate you deals only in lies. These lies are quite easily spotted if you know the Data Series.

    Most people get so confused by all the lies around, they come to believe anything they’re told and that’s the reason the suppressive lies. But with the Data Series, one can spot bad data so easily it is itself a sort of relief to know it.

    And as you burrow your way down through the layers of lies, you come to truth. And truth blows the lies away.

    So we come to this legacy of tech. It is the route, which if purely used, uncorrupted and unperverted, will bring you at last to the vast free vistas of freedom and truth and the glory of being really you.”

    Taken from RJ 37, 13 March 1983

  74. Haydn – very nicely done! These kinds of peas in the pod always get their come uppance mostly because they are too arrogant or too scared to quit while they are ahead. Miscavige has been compared to Hitler and Napoleon on this blog, but I think it was “RD” who said a few threads back that he was not in the same category as them – and I agree. But I did look up a some quotes on to see if I could get more of an idea on their beingnesses and found a few gems. Perhaps Misacvige is another pea in this pod –

    “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed” Hitler.

    “By the skillful and sustained use of propoganda, one can make a people see heaven as hell or an extremely wretchful life as paradise.” Hitler

    “It is not truth that matters, but victory” Hitler

    “The art of leadership…. consists in consolidating the attention of the people against a single adversary and taking care that nothing will split up that attention” Hitler

    “I can no longer obey; I have tasted command and I cannot give it up” Napoleon

    “In politics stupidity is not a handicap” Napoleon

    “In politics…never retreat, never retract…never admit a mistake” Napoleon

    “A man will fight harder for his interests than for his rights.” Napoleon

    “Religion is excellent stuff for keeping common people quiet” Napoleon

    “If you wish to be a success in the world, promise everything, deliver nothing” Napoleon (…sounds familiar)

    And here are some Napoleonic quotes that are insightful

    “A revolution can be neither made nor stopped. The only thing that can be done is for one of its children to give it direction by dint of victories”. Napoleon (Score favours the Dukes of Indies!)

    “Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets” Napoleon

    “Ten people who speak make more noise than than ten thousand who are silent” Napoleon

    “When small men attempt great enterprises, they always end by reducing them to the level of their mediocrity” Napoleon (is this the why for the stats of the RCS?)


  75. And how prophetic !!

  76. Excellent parallel. Spot on.

    Now, regarding the media, there are more and more of us going public to expose DM’s and Scn Inc’s crimes but it is a double-edged sword. Does it mean that those who speak out on TV, on the internet and in newspapers are now considered “good” scientologists by the media and the public, as opposed to evil, crazy, money-grabbing scientologists? I don’t think so. Reporters aren’t interested in “good” scientologists. They’re interested in controversy. They’re interested in increasing ratings and circulation. They don’t give a damn about Scientology. They think it’s rubbish. So using them to expose DM’s crimes and bring him down may be a necessary evil but let’s not kid ourselves. They are not our friends. Never have been. Never will be.

    There are so many skeletons in the church’s closet (Operation Snow White, DM blackmailing the IRS into granting tax exemption, Lisa McPherson, DM’s fraudulent use of donations, and so forth) that it will be a monumental task to convince the world that Scientology and its founder basically meant well and were genuinely trying to help mankind. Even if DM and his minions stand trial and are found guilty and convicted, the damage is such that the world at large will probably just reject us altogether as a “bunch of lunatics” – Independent or not.

    Of course, the responsibility for the whole wretched scene lies with all of us. We took it all for granted. We were “reasonable”. We didn’t LOOK.

    Is it too late to pick up the pieces and start anew? Not necessarily.

    We will prevail in the long run providing we deliver the goods as written down by LRH, providing we actually help people, providing we remain humble and unassuming, providing we really care. No glitz, no arrogance, just quiet, kind-hearted souls doing their jobs.

    Good word of mouth would ensue and the game would be afoot again. And public goodwill, rather than media acceptance, would be obtained at last.

    Oh Gosh… Running at the mouth again…

  77. This is incredibly brilliant!

  78. Mr Hall sir, you are an analagistic (?) and humorous genius – that one needs a frame around it….a work of art!

  79. The concept of the Psychopath is a study in in what it means to be a human being. One of the core beliefs/knowingnesses in Scientology is that Man – any man – is basically good. At core, even the most heinous criminal is fundamentally good. To me that’s one of the things that makes Scientology so appealing. A being gets better, and nicer, and more capable, by stripping off all those things that are “not them”, so that the being can get back to Native State – which is, a free being, free of encumbrances that prevent him from being a good person, a good being.

    OT VIIIs should be the kindest, most loving, most capable people on the Planet – but not in Mr. David Miscavige’s world. But I digress.

    A psychopath is the concept that some people are born without a conscience. A person who is structurally and physically unable to have any form of love, empathy, or connection with other people. A person who does not perceive other people’s pain, and who inflicts pain without any thought one way or another about it – except to perhaps shield it because he knows other people don’t like it for some reason.

    This is very similar to the definition of a true Suppressive Person or Merchant of Chaos that exists in Scientology, except for one major, major difference: In Scientology, we see these people as fundamentally sound people who are drowning in their own past and the results of their own past misdeeds. The psychopath theory, however, is that these people are built that way from whole cloth and cannot change.

    It could very well be that both Murdoch and Miscavige are psychopaths. They fit the profile well. Certainly they are both guilty of (or at least associated closely with) serious crimes.

    But I know that somewhere deep within them lies the spark of human decency. I’d hate to think that they are structurally set up to be evil. That concept makes for a very depressing world view in my opinion.

    That said, SP or Psychopath, they need to be retired from society so they can be prevented from harming more people.

  80. Watchful Navigator

    Well stated. In this case (David Miscavige) the WHO -is- the WHY. Everyone has to find their individual WHY on the other flow, but removing DM just in itself, would certainly open the door to a handling of Scientology back on its original purpose line – real HELP.

  81. Wow, that’s hilarious. LOL.

  82. Thank you Jim,Brian,Path of Buddha and Windhorse 🙂

  83. I’m with you!

  84. Your humble servant

    Thank you Grasshopper. Most unlikely that they are fundamentally and irretrievably irredeemable. If they are spiritual beings, why would they be? I recall one of Ron’s tape’s where he seemed to be saying you could bust them out of it with power processes. “Just saw right in there,” I seem to recall him saying. Might be on the PT/SP series of lectures. A very important topic at any rate. Look at all the damages such people have done and are doing.

  85. SKM,

  86. “Oh Gosh… Running at the mouth again…”

    Not at all. Totally agree with you. Well said.

  87. Well, you know LRH says laughter was the first therapy. 🙂 But the real thanks goes to Haydn for the beautiful set up.

  88. Grasshopper,
    As always, a very excellent post that contains hope!

  89. The Oracle

    Wild stupidity: The Finance Police. Baby of David Miscavige.

  90. The Oracle

    Wild stupidity: False arrest / imprisonment aboard Freewinds. Baby of David Miscavige.

  91. The Oracle

    Wild stupidity: Lisa Macphearson declared clear by untrained C/S David Miscavige . Beating up “volunteers” . Babies of David Miscavige.

  92. The Oracle

    Wild stupidity: Squirrel Busters. Baby of David Miscavige.

  93. The Oracle

    “Working only to orders, TOLERATING WILD STUPIDITIES, and letting things drift are practices which must cease.”

    “You better wake up before you wake up dead.”

    “Who mans these posts? Zombies?”


  94. Wow Marty,
    Great video!
    “Watch whatcha watchin'”
    Always good advice.

  95. The Oracle

    Wild stupidity: Declaring a “Golden Age” of tech developed under an uninterned class lV who C/Sed one P.C. to her death and sent everyone to do an OT8, and then told them they had to go back onto OTVll! Creating the largest exodus of OT’s out of the Church. Pulling producing auditors off perfectly workable auditing to retrain. Cancelling certs planet wide justice action on all auditors and ordered to to retrain!

    Baby of David Miscavige.

  96. The Oracle

    Wild stupidity: Establishing teams of beggars to keep the church afloat instead of selling and delivering Scientology.

    Baby of David Miscavige.

    Wild stupidity: Dragging Debbie Cook into court to lay down on record personal conflicts with David Miscavige so the Church is forced to pay for his legal liabilities and wildly stupid dances with sadism.

    Baby of David Miscavige.

  97. Careful Marty — last time I made a Fox News slur, several conservatives on this blog jumped me in the alley 🙂 — errr … on the reply …

    Loved the youtube clip. Thanks


  98. The Oracle

    Wild stupidity: Building a mansion which sits empty while you imprison volunteers in double wide trailers with security guards.

    Building a million dollar office building for only David’s desk.

    Secretly and illegally video taping a p.c.’s auditing session.

    Building vaults to bury the tech. Tax evasion. Assault, False imprisonment, false reporting to a government agency ( a crime in itself). Being a criminal.

    I don’t have a problem with Scientology. I don’t have a problem with Scientologists. I don’t have a problem with the tech.

    I have a problem with the wildly stupid source of all of this wild stupidity and the staff WORKING ONLY TO ORDERS to assist it in manifesting all over the place!

    I think that only puts me on the same page with L.R.H.!

  99. Thanks for putting this LRH reference out there to read in a new unit of time.

  100. Luis Garcia

    Very interesting post, Haydn. Thanks for writing it.


  101. The same old LDW

    I just now finished delivering a communication workshop to four people brand new to the subject. They all liked it, had wins and are in ARC with us and the subject.

    This is the future of scientology. If it’s done, we have a future. If it’s not done we don’t.

    It’s really that simple. It’s also really a lot of fun.


  102. The same old LDW

    Brilliant post, Hayden.

    Birds of a feather?

    Looks like it to me.

  103. TheWidowDenk

    Excellent comment! Thanks, Rachel

  104. “The future is made up in your mind”. John Lennon at the end of this clip. John explains the “War is over!”-program. If you want, call it a conspiracy.

  105. It’s all about tone level, remember? “eyeball.”

  106. Totally agreed. Well stated, Jim. Time stood still: “What am I reading? Wow!”

  107. Ron Paul is the only candidate who is not a member of the Council On Foreign Relations. (Same as the election in 2008.) He’s the only candidate who hasn’t sold his soul.

  108. “I am not auditing you…”, (earlier Cap’t Bob).
    That comment still sends shrill up my spine. And I assure you, it won’t happen again, not this lifetime. And if I don’t like what I see next lifetime, it won’t happen then either. I’ve had enough of NOT being audited, thank you very fucking much.

    “SUPPRESSIVES AND GAE” 2 Aug 66, BC Lecture #436 LRH
    “He has other characteristics which are quite marked, and it’s really an interesting breed of cat. If you ever got him auditing, he will only be happy or satisfied if his preclear gets worse. And he’s only sad when the pc gets better. And that characteristic was what spotted us suppressives, year and years and years ago.”

    And one other perhaps inapplicable;
    A 1967 filmed interview, LRH says: “A suppressive person isn’t critical; a suppressive person is a person who denies the rights of others.”

    Perhaps LRH didn’t see (circa RJ67) the 13th one, the little demon coming up behind him. And perhaps one thing the little monster didn’t see, is a hoard of Scientologists coming up behind him.

  109. Thanks for the work you’re doing Les. It gives me hope.

  110. Tom Gallagher


    A millenium-like paradigm shift is here affronting us. We’re in an awakening, on a mass scale, thanks to this modern medium, the internet. This has occurred and continues its expanse. Thus, justice is being served, truth is being shouted and heads are being rolled, both figuratively and literally.

    We are entering a new age and era. Hopefully we, us human beings, can take full responsiblity for our fate.

    Never-the-less, truth will prevail. And that’s not being trite.

    I’m looking forward to tomorrow. However, some few cringe at the thought. I’m here, like you and others, to extend a hand. Namaste!

  111. Great and eloquent summary, TO. Its cool how you have picked up the hat lately of repeating the publication of the most heinous crimes of David the Savage, for all the world to see!

  112. Wasn’t Mrs Murdoch just fabulous, although mainly watched the Murdoch hearings for Louise Mensch. Love her, despite being a conservative!

  113. A very interesting and prominent thread, thank you.
    One observation I come to concerning the likes of Miscavige & the Murdochs of the world is that they have not the slightest interest in the future past their imediate goal, quest or objectives. The subject of OT to them is something they cannot nor ever concieve of, for an OT is completely concerned with futures and transcends the mere existance of a single body. Survival is a group effort. If they cared at all about the future of mankind they wouldn’t be motivating and committing such outrageous crimes.
    They are scum!

  114. E.J. Croughs

    Not as long as CST is legally empowered to replace a new Davey.

  115. E.J. Croughs

    Huge debts as a control tool are created by the very banksters that fox protects. Pushing to stop the money flow is done to create more problems like an economic break down, thus covering the source. The answer is off course a debt free currency system like those on which the Roman en British empires flourished and that now shields the Moslim countries from the crisis. Even the debt based system has worked where the banks were transparent and not run by crooks, protected by Murdochs that always add complexities and misdirectors to cover the real criminals.

  116. Way to go, Les.

  117. Marty,

    Since I sure you don’t watch Fox news I’ll help you out here. I’m sure that video is a response to several segments Bill O’Reilly has done on what he perceives to be the connection between rap music and the alarmingly high unemployment rate of young black men. He attributes the complete abuse of English grammar to the inability to function in the work place. I haven’t listened to enough rap music to make my own conclusion, but I think O’Reilly’s point is worth considering. It sure is a lot better than the other media’s favorite mantra of “racism, racism, racism”.

  118. I disagree thetabop. Your “all media” comments are not true. I think you need to have another look at this.

  119. Stand Tall Hayden, Great messege for one and all.

    LRH stated and I have observed this as gospel,

  120. ARMOR
    ( my computer cant spell)

  121. Nicely done Oracle
    – I just watched the new “Avengers” Movie – it is fantastic fun, and I think you will find a kindred spirit in it who has some really serious anger management issues 🙂
    (Note that this is in no way meant to be an evaluation)
    I HIGHLY recommend the movie !

  122. Assuming you mean the I did a search for “Miscavage” and it comes up null – so I think that says it all – don’t you ? They have an “Agreement” with the little one not to speak unless spoken to. Or, they (the Sun) are basically aware of his litigious reputation, and don’t want to get involved in his wrath in the form of long drawn-out law suits. I am guessing that David Miscavage would definitely attack any paper who specifically mentions his name – he seems to be a touch sensitive about that. Not so much about attacks on LRH’s name it seems.
    More evidence of corruption on both sides of that fence.

  123. martyrathbun09

    You are horribly uninformed. Wake up and look.

  124. You said:
    Reporters aren’t interested in “good” scientologists. They’re interested in controversy. They’re interested in increasing ratings and circulation. They don’t give a damn about Scientology. They think it’s rubbish. So using them to expose DM’s crimes and bring him down may be a necessary evil but let’s not kid ourselves. They are not our friends. Never have been. Never will be.
    I just want to say that I have observed examples in recent times that disprove this generality. I think that if left alone to develop their themes, a lot of journalists are even-handed and able to find the truth of a given situation and publish that basic truth. Of course many times, their balanced, objective stories are edited to better reflect the Corporate policy of the day, but this does not always happen. I think Tobin & Childs as one example have developed the Scientology story with pretty decent objectivity. I know of other examples on other subjects too. I have always been wary of generalities…

    Also, on this point:
    Even if DM and his minions stand trial and are found guilty and convicted, the damage is such that the world at large will probably just reject us altogether as a “bunch of lunatics” – Independent or not.
    I tend to agree with you – we are, at this stage in the game, just a “fringe group of a fringe group” (as one who was once a friend, and who now chooses not to communicate with me once said) and it will take a lot of work one-on-one to resolve the reams of false data that is now ingrained into the psyche of the world… But for the record, I am willing to do my part in getting that work done, no matter how long it may take.

  125. Like it 🙂 (Especially the last paragraph)

  126. Mahakala: BTW — love your online name — wrathful diety 🙂

    Why did you pick this as a name?


  127. Tom: I agree – much of the current awakening is caused/aided by the modern medium. FB is just one example. I’m able to find old high school friends and enjoy seeing the direction of their lives. Mostly I connect on FB with other buddhists and enjoy seeing what they link to etc.

    Our revitalization of LRH, his work and legacy is a great joy to me. There is so much of value that should never be lost and I believe we (those of us on this blog) and others are bringing it back — by HOW we live our lives.

    I enjoy my life more each day and like you — am looking forward to tomorrow.

    What area do you live in — I don’t remember although I believe you’ve mentioned it before.


  128. Beyond the polarities of good/bad —- Fox News or CNN etc

    “But he who weights only purity in his scales,
    Who sees the nature of the two worlds,
    He is a master.

    He harms no living thing.

    And yet it is not good conduct
    That helps you upon the way,
    Nor ritual, nor book learning,
    Nor withdrawal into the self,
    Nor deep meditation.
    None of these confers mastery or joy.

    O seeker!
    Rely on nothing
    Until you want nothing.”

    Dhammapada: The Sayings of the Buddha – chapter 19 – The Just

  129. An interesting observation, didn’t make that connection. That said comments containing David Miscavige may just be moderated under some blanket policy against comments regarding named people – would make sense legally especially in UK.

  130. Interestingly, I get the same abhorrent distain for Rupert Murdoch as I do for other cats of his cloth, like Miscavige, and Farrakahn. By paying attention to the feedback from ones own observation of, and personal feelings generated by these sociopaths, you can more easily recognize these cats when you encounter them in the future.

    BTW, I credit Rupert Murdoch and the relaxation of the Fairness Doctrine for the huge divide between the left and the right camps in America today. I used to consider myself Conservative until I realized about 10 years ago that that movement has become an extremist cult and the thought-stopping and cliche-thinking is far worse amongst the “neo-cons” than it is amongst “the Liberals.”

  131. Random Stranger

    Fox News is a mind-manipulation propaganda machine that caters to the gullible and uninformed. Bill O’Reilly is an idiot carnival barker bully.

  132. Path of Buddha

    Spot on, Oracle.
    I still can’t believe what he did after the Freewinds release of OTVIII.
    Miscavige is now a comedian.
    May all comedians be well and happy!

    George M. White

  133. I hear O’Reilly on screen persona is just an act and that he’s a closet liberal, that he has a secret room with a shrine dedicated to Biggy Small and Tupac where he goes to smoke a toke and listen to rap or Bob Marley. And in that voting booth he’s democrate all the way.

    Allergy warning: the above statement probably contains some sarcasm and little in the way of fact. But wow what if it were true?

  134. ~ pssst! ~ Jim, don’t tell anyone.

  135. Joe Pendleton

    I think that part of the problem in the “Church of Scientology world” is that LRH quite often uses absolutes on any given subject, though he later gives other reasons as a why, but each absolute is seized upon by folks who either don’t have a complete breadth of understanding of the subject or who just want to use that absolute for their own agenda. LRH could have (and should have) used terms like “sometimes” or “one of the reasons”, etc. Example: In the above reference, he says “ANY trouble Dianetics or Scientology had is traced to those who engage in suppression of individuals and man” though some years earlier he said that the reason Scientology has trouble (upbraided, etc) is because of no results (Keeping Scientology Working). Of course the earlier explanation is more in line with the definition of “responsiblity” and the inexcuse of “the why is god.”

    He is also quoted here as saying “but with the Data Series one can spot bad data so easily…” From my own observation (“personal integrity” essay) this last datum cannot be true as the highest executives in all of the CoS have certainly studied the Data Series (if not the whole FEBC) and didn’t suficiently spot Miscavige enough to stop him (not to mention that these folks were the effect in an area – SP/PTSness – in which they studied and attested to the data, so should not have been the effect of it – another statement that LRH made, which while it is LARGELY true is not an absolute).

    You see this in other LRH datums – the engram is the SOLE source of abberation (LRH added many other layers to the causes of abberation as he researched the mind and spirit), a misunderstood world is the ONLY reason someone gives up study (there are other reasons – and LRH himself eventually put together a study Green Form and CS’d for 53’s to be done on study as well – heck, a student could have out int), ALL sickness is caused by an association with an SP. then it became stress on one or more of the dynamics and then eventually LRH decided it could just be FALSE PTSness, meaning the sick person wasn’t PTS at all.

    I write the above not to invalidate the wisdom even contained in the reference above (because there is certainly great wisdom in how important it is to uncover lies with the truth) but because seizing on absolutes as stable data to explain EVERYTHING in an area causes problems in thinking and almost always becomes generalities that are used to control and mishandle people. I wished LRH had used terms like “one of the reasons” or “often it is _”, but he was found of absolutes even when he had two or more absolutes explaining the same phenomenon. I remember about 10 years ago when a 19 yo ASHO supe told me that “COB had discovered that NOBODY in the field knew what an instant read was” Dig that. NOBODY!!!!

  136. I think you’re being unfair to your group saying you’re a fringe of a fringe. In a way it’s true but it sounds too much of a put down. Better to say you’re the cream of the milk, it’s more positive, if you like cream. 🙂

    You all have two things in common you woke up from the church of scientology cult and had enough about you to stand up and walk away. It’s like you’ve all successfully past a right of passage. Or something.

  137. Random Stranger


    Church of Spiritual Technology
    RTC Division
    Office of COB


    1) Get Greta to invite Rupert out on her yacht.

    2) Convince Farrakahn to call down the Mother Ship to frighten Rupert into converting to the Nation of Islam.

    3) Have Rupert watch Tom Cruise demonstrate TR-8 on a holographic ashtray that actually rises into the air.

    4) Hypnotize Rupert into believing he will be reincarnated as Emperor of the World next lifetime if he will convert from NOI to Scientology.

    5) Create new IAS status for Rupert called Emperor Emeritus Maximus in exchange for all his assets.

    6) Convince Rupert to kill all the heirs apparent to his empire.

    7) Reg the secret Global Elite Bankers into putting everyone into my new Super-FEMA RPF Hole.

    8) Kill Rupert and the Global Elite Bankers.

    9) Use Murdoch Media Empire to help brainwash the world into accepting me, David Miscavige, as the all-powerful and righteous Emperor of the World.

    10) Get a really spiffy uniform and a stretch-limo Lamborghini to go with my new post.

    David Miscavige
    Future Emperor of the World

  138. Just had a look and the there are several articles in The Sun about David Miscavige. Won’t link as don’t want to give The Sun additional traffic (and there’s weird space opera stuff). Could be that you misspelled Miscavige?

  139. See my reply to Axiom.

  140. Sure, Tobin & Childs did report thoroughly and objectively on Corporate Scientology. The Truth Rd was an accomplished piece of investigative journalism. Tony Ortega even wrote they should have gotten the Pulitzer. But for how long will they be our “friends”, or “allies”, or whatever you wanna call them? Will they still report objectively on us once DM and Corporate Scn are gone? The bets are on…

  141. martyrathbun09

    Not as exaggerated a look into Miscavige’s dark mind as some might think.

  142. martyrathbun09

    If you understand the whole universe there are no paradoxes. If you understand the whole of Scientology too there are no paradoxes. In attempting to understand each, when we focus too closely on detail, we run into infinite paradoxes generated by our own minds.

  143. martyrathbun09

    I think you nailed it Dean.

  144. martyrathbun09

    RS, if you really want to get the flavor of DM’s valence (when somewhat under control – and not flailing out violently) force yourself to watch an entire episode of O’Reilly. The reason O’Reilly won’t have Miscavige on his show is that their personalities would as-is one another (perfect duplicates).

  145. They may still have a blanket no names policy on comments. The Sun usually passes stuff via lawyers before publishing articles if there’s any doubt – probably with any mention of the church of scientology.

    I shall have to see if they publish a comment about “Marty Rathbun” and the independents, if they do then maybe Miscavige is a name on a list that get cut but that still could just be because it’s know the church of scientology has a hair trigger with litigation.

  146. Every time I read “Squirrel King” I keep thinking of Hobbits which in turn sets off a number of other parallel images, Gollum et al.

    Marty, you said once you don’t approve of ridicule by photoshop (paraphrasing) but you sure inspire some hilarious imagery some times. 🙂

  147. ++1

    Lao Tzu says:

    正言若反 ...
    True words sound paradox...

    from Tao Teh Ching

  148. The scary thing is the truth in terms of motives may not be that far from what you said RS.

  149. Windhorse.
    Love it.

    There is a LRH process, I think described in PAB 7, which comes into my mind while reading your post.

  150. D.M. is grilling staff close to him as to who leaked
    his “My Master Plan” Blue on Blue. As he punches his I phone for
    Jane Kembers phone number in South Africa.

  151. I’m a conservative because I believe in personal responsibility. In the U.S. we have a 2 party system and I have to go with one, otherwise my vote is wasted. If I were to say what I really am I would call myself a liberal. Unfortunately, that word was hijacked years ago by socialist minded people who were looking for better PR. I want everyone to be as free as possible to live up to their potential. As far as the government is concerned, I want it to be as lean as possible and allow me to be free to keep the money I earn. Now that’s a truly liberal idea. More than anything, I’m a scientologist because I know it empowers the individual to take full responsibility for them self and be truly free.

    Fortunately, I woke up a long time ago and I’m very informed.

  152. There’s probably some fundimental law of space time that states Miscavige and ORielly can’t be in the same place at the same time. 🙂

  153. Li'll bit of stuff

    there have been some very deep and reflective postings,
    here, of late, with some just as stimuating responses.
    Of real interest, to me though, has been a very (welcome)
    might I say, shift in your “on blog” tone of comm?

    Hey, while I genuinely appreciate just how much you do,
    so unselfishly, for just so many, on so many levels, (often
    leaving you little time to get into lengthy diatribes with
    the bloggers who support your site,) It is very, refreshing
    to see you “lightening up a little” after the serious business
    of the last couple of months. Am I correct in assuming that
    we are currently sharing in YOUR real excitement, as the
    much anticipated fruits of your labour, nears completion?
    (Not to mention, the myriad of positive repercussions and
    spin of’s, this will mean for you, as genuinely due reward)

    If so, please accept heartfelt encouragement from this
    ” Li’ll bit ” for the home stretch! Nearly there, SIR!

  154. No wonder I got immediately Comm Eved when I dared to speak up against the Finance Police at INT!

  155. As a churchie, I once called The Sun to complain about their continual use of the word “cult” to describe the CoS. I was told by a reporter, before he hung up on me, that “it IS a cult and we won’t rest until it is shut down.” Hah! That was back in 06 I think.

    The Sun is a rag. It’s good for celebrity gossip, sport and the pair of tits on page three. On occasion it will cover a story on the CoS (usually if a celeb is involved in some capacity) but chances are it will be resoundingly negative. (My $0.02).

  156. Dean Fox
    I agree. There may be an even better way to express it. We woke up about what’s going on in the Co$, take LRHs Tech and export it into the field so it can be applied as it should be without all of the currently ongoing crap in the Co$. Thus we are, as the French would say, “la creme de la creme” = the cream of the cream!.

  157. RS
    You better be clear WHICH Greta is to invite Rupert. My yacht is a 1-seater! 🙂

  158. Ronnie Bell

    Outstanding, Les.

    Eventually, there will be a generation of highly trained and processed OTs who’ve never set foot in a Scientology Inc. building. You and others like you, are setting that generation’s feet on the path of real Scientology today.

    Thank you!

  159. Captain Bob

    I have listened to the money tapes. I have read Richest Man in Babyon. I have not read PT Barnums Art of Money Getting.

    LRH explains the Federal Reserve and bankers in the money tapes but actually does a lousy job at it. But he also mentions in the finance series that these bankers leverage above 10:1 and much much higher like 50:1 which LRH says is crazy. And it is. But, none the less.

    Money is created from debt being issued or given. It is all created via balance sheets, credits and debits on a book keeping system. If you get a credit card for lets say $5000.00. If you use that credit card now to buy something for $50.00, why YOU using it just created $50.00 of money. And it shows up in the bankers book as you owe us $50.00, credit to the bank, debit to you. If you pay back the $50.00 within the month with no interest, you have cancelled the debt and you have retired the money YOU created by using the credit card. If YOU never use that credit card of $5000.00 credit limit, YOU nor anybody else has created any money, not even the USA Gov or Fed Reserve. And when you take out a bank loan, and when you use the money, YOU just created the money, but because of how the system is set-up, YOU think you borrowed money from the bank since the bank has depositors, YOU think you borrow other peoples money. But you don’t.

    So when LRH says don’t ever borrow money, what is he saying really. He is saying don’t become a debt slave. But yet the current COS does not enforce that datum by LRH, in fact they encourage it, borrowing money to do the next step. The COS (really CO$) just wants money. If one did an auditing level, lets say Grade 0, and you paid cash for it, no debt attached to it. Why with your new found abilities you can earn more money so as to pay for the next level, so some months go by, and you earn the money to do the next step on the bridge. And you do it, and so on and so up the bridge, this I believe is called making the able more able.

    That sounds good to me and I am in full agreement with it. So an org or mission just does that with people, and as more and more people come in, the org or msn is getting products and people going up the bridge, expansion is occurring and nobody is in debt!

    But, what is the current scene? Now we are all supposed to “clear the planet”?

    The bankers only power is to convince YOU to go into debt with them. Boy that sounds familiar with the current DM COS. And the bankers only power is to convince YOU that you can only borrow money from the banker. It’s not a good idea to borrow money from friends. DM COS says we got the tech, anything else is bad.

    Banks such as BOA, JP Morgan, the big guys, they are all PUBLIC Companies traded on the world wide stock exchange. Shoot if you are debt to one of these banks, companies, you might even own shares in them via your 401K stock plan for retirement. They are companies with special powers to issue money via Credit and loans. You are a good customer if you have a good credit rating, a system they the banks developed and put into use. You are a bad customer if you have a bad credit rating.

    You are a good customer in the DM COS if you just follow the program, command intention. You are a bad customer, a declared SP, somebody who questions things, somebody who looks and does not listen. You are a bad customer hence SP (bad credit rating on money created from nothing, just book keeping entry of credits and debits) to keep you away from the good customers, you might talk.

  160. Captain Bob

    The glass stegall act was taken down some years now. the banksters got their goal to enter the stock market. Banks are public traded companies on the stock exchange.

    the only way to make money fast, really fast, is to trade. And to trade stocks means to must have stock price movement. From high to low, from low to high stock price. And sell or short at the right time. Only big money players on wall street know all the info, who is buying or selling what. And all forms of insider info being leaked or not leaked.

    I traded full time stock trading as a day trader, short term and long term trader. Talk about excitement. When you wake one morning and found out you just made $10,000 in a trade, oh my god. When you made a trade, and two minutes later and lost $2000, it’s oh my god.

    Most people in Scientology think the Feshbacks when they were trading stocks and they traded stocks vis over a time frame of shorting stocks, they thing they are evil. After all, stocks are supposed to go up.

    But what most people don’t realize, thanks to the great PR of wall street, is that most stocks, companies on wall street fudge their numbers. They lie, they false report their quarterly earnings. So the Feshbachs, actually seeing this, so the advantage to short these companies stocks. They researched the actual numbers, the actual products gotten out by the companies, and realized they are lying in their quarterly earnings reposts. So the Feshbacks shorted the stocks when they got high in price. This is called the inside edge. So you might say the Feshbach brothers were whistle blowers. And they made a lot of money doing so. The opposite of the spectrum, is Peter Lynch, One up on Wall Street. Read his book or two.

    You can only make money on wall st if stock prices move to extremes and move to low’s. And move from low’s to highs. But if you are Warren Buffett, you only buy and hold great compaines that have a perceived monopoly.

  161. Captain Bob

    And do you know why I tried to become the greatest or a successful full time stock trader. Even though I sensed it was crazy and out-ethics. It was because It is legal to trade stocks. And because I wanted make a lot of money so as to go up the bridge to OT. And I wanted to handle my wifes debts from the bridge actions she did that got her in debt. That was all. I just wanted to go up the bridge. And I wanted to help others go up the bridge as well if I had enough money. So I entered and read tons of books on how to trade stocks, in the stock market. The stock market, another rigged game. And now, since reading Debbie Cook letter from 1-1-2012, and reading blogs and posts on the internet, I find the COS under DM another rigged game. So fuck you.

    Thanks Martys and other whistle blowers.

  162. Indeed. Kudos to you both. Just been watching a re-run of Murdoch at the Leveson Enquiry on the Parliamentary channel and it is indeed a fascinating study of missed withhold phenomena. Perhaps Davey will ask him if he could use it as his next inspired training tool on his next incarnation of the HSSC…..?

  163. The Oracle


    Ha ha ha ha ha! Joke!
    Ha ha ha ha ha! Degrade!
    Ha ha ha ha ha! Hurts so good!

  164. “They only seem right-wing, in comparison to the rest of the news media, which is wholly left biased.” I don’t think I’ve ever heard a bigger generality (and falsehood) in my life. The assertion that the whole of the news media (except for Fox News) is left-biased is completely ridiculous. While it is obvious that there are a handful of unapologetic left wing media outlets now (MSNBC, for example), they were spawned in response to Murdoch’s Fox News. The media has always been biased, but prior to the launch of FNC in 1996 it was just the usual stuff: bias towards sensationalism and laziness (not really getting all the facts, just get it fast and cheap). Fox News invented political bias in the mainstream media as a money making scheme and they were so successful at it that other media outlets have tried (in most cases, unsuccessfully) to copy their business model in the hopes of getting a piece of that multi-billion dollar action. If you want to blame something for the existence of a left wing media, blame Fox News. They invented the genre.

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