The Mystique of Casablanca

Why do you suppose David Miscavige has Private Eyes crawling around Casablanca like cockroaches of late?   Here is one particularly obvious one a couple days ago:

Could it be the presence of Paul Marrick, Greg Arnold, Tony Ortega, and three unidentified film makers as seen here?

Or might it be today’s visitor roster, including Lucy James, Steve Hall, Mark Shreffler, and Haydn James?

Stay tuned for answers.  In the meantime, worry not, the forces of evil are outnumbered.


105 responses to “The Mystique of Casablanca

  1. He (shit-o-b) misses Good News!!lol

  2. Looks like time to pop the corn, pop the can, and sit back and enjoy!!

  3. Did y’all notice Tony has a new blog?

  4. I don’t think that is his blog. It looks like his fans inferring as much.

  5. John 'Michael' Finley

    A most appropriate musical note as Freedom in song supersedes the nazi song. Viva Les Independents!

  6. Looks like you’re in good company, Marty, aside for the PI. Standing by for the next installation of “DM Crashes and Burns”! On the edge of my seat!

    I do believe the new blog is Tonys. He announced it on his FB page and sent emails to subscribers. His fans put together a google group but this is a word press blog.

  7. Just some of the people DM tried to degrade and torture, who he made feel small or lost. Funny how they got out of the staff meeting and put themselves away from DM and they look healthy, charismatic, sexy, smart, fun and cool. Then suddenly DM is trailing them in strong interest. I mean aren’t these the people ones he threw in the trash or ran off the base? Now he needs a minute by minute report.

    Don’t be cruel, to a heart that’s true………..

  8. I cannot wait to hear the answers. Wish I could be there with you.

  9. Very good. Good to see the LIVE, PURPOSEFUL BEINGS in that living room.

  10. That is what I though! I guess the pob is starting to get worried!!!

  11. I think there are two things going on here. The first is a small person scared of the truth. The second is a party of well intentioned Indies!
    The long hot summer has continued with an “Indian Summer.” Heard a song that fits the get together down at Casablanca:

  12. Stylish living room. I dig it.

  13. Marty, I want to come out one day and just it’sa.

  14. Yeehaw! Marty, you are truly DA MAN!

    Run, Miscavige, you miserable cockroach.

  15. Bitter Defrocked Apostate


  16. Ronnie, it’s a well-known rumor that a certain infinite powers on the 8th dynamic exerting a proprietary blend of concepts and postulates on the 7th dynamic, strained through various elements on the 6th dynamic, infused with the essence of life energy on the 5th dynamic, unified and made resonate on the 4th dynamic, grouped into the proper organization of chemical components on the 3rd dynamic, reproduced in volume on the 2nd dynamic, finally distills out on the 1st dynamic as one hell of an awesome cloud-parting, highly-targeted coachroach spray that materializes over an infected house with a thunderclap and kills miserable kills bugs dead. Or at possibly it just scares them so badly they die of fright. Hard to say. You know what kind of insecticide I’m talking about. It’s called “NO!”

  17. I’d say that DM must be turning over in his grave but oh yeah he’s still alive. Anyway, well done, whether intended or not you continue to drive him batshit crazy. Truly the poster boy for the adage “what you resist you pull in.”

  18. I’m liking the sound of this.

  19. Marty,

    You may have just created the first cat 6.

    Or…….have you? Hmmmm…

    DM will just have to stay tuned to the weather channel, I guess…

  20. Doloras LaPicho

    Yeah, it is his blog, he announced it on his new Twitter.

  21. Sounds like a party! I was in Houston last week for a day-trip to visit a client, and thought I might be able to saunter on down to Casablanca for a surprise visit. Imagine my shock to see that it is a frickin’ four hour drive!

    One of these days, my man. Keep ’em guessing!

    Liberté Egalité Fraternité!


  22. I think he is filming to find out how people can get fun, live their life in armony, and enjoy…..
    He does not know how to do that …..
    If he finds it out……

  23. It looks like I found an article (with a picture and a video) about the private eyes around Marty’s house.

  24. DM is more and more like King Canute trying to push back the tide. Funny yet pathetic at the same time.

  25. BillyJackIsBack

    The answer to the rhetorical question of “Why do you suppose David Miscavige has Private Eyes crawling around Casablanca like cockroaches of late?” Probable answer: Fear, loathing, obsession, delusion, paranoia, evil intentions, service facsimiles, hatred, and prejudice, which are driving the compulsion to harass and and to perpetuate the continuing overt of doing things to you that he (DM) would not want done to himself. I’m sure everyone reading this already knows it, but maybe it is good to call a dictator a dictator.

  26. Speaking of Casablanca, there’s an exchange in the film between Peter Lorre’s character, Ugarte, and Bogart’s Rick that always cracks me up.

    Ugarte: ‘You despise me don’t you Rick.”
    Rick: If I gave you any thought, I probably would.”

    Dave, I KNOW you won’t get this, but, really and truly, that’s the viewpoint of you from lots and lots of beings. You are so nailed. We got you. The SP valence is understood now. PAB 13 has been read, duplicated and applied here.

    Look at those people in the photographs. They are happy! They are winning, and helping others to win. That is the aim and the action.

    And here you are, Ugarte, wondering how much attention you get in a given day, and truthfully, not a lot, as people move on, and up higher than that sordid little game you play in an ever increasing smaller space.

  27. “ever increasing smaller space”, is some sort of literary device I think. If not, I just invented one, or at least I’ll take credit for doing it. The “contradox”. A mathmatical expression of “largey infinitesimals”. “Really big nuttin'”. Yeah, I like that last. DM, an apparently large lot of small.

  28. Roger From Switzerland Thought (LO)

    This scene from Casablanca is very much a propos;
    Here some excerpts of the lyrics of the Marseillaise:

    Arise children of the fatherland
    The day of glory has arrived
    Against us tyranny’s
    Bloody standard is raised

    What do they want this horde of slaves
    Of traitors and conspiratorial kings?
    For whom these vile chains
    These long-prepared irons?
    Frenchmen, for us, ah! What outrage
    What methods must be taken?
    It is us they dare plan
    To return to the old slavery!

    What! These foreign cohorts!
    They would make laws in our courts!
    What! These mercenary phalanxes
    Would cut down our warrior sons
    Good Lord! By chained hands
    Our brow would yield under the yoke
    The vile despots would have themselves be
    The masters of destiny

    Tremble, tyrants and traitors
    The shame of all good men
    Tremble! Your parricidal schemes
    Will receive their just reward
    Against you we are all soldiers
    If they fall, our young heros
    France will bear new ones
    Ready to join the fight against you

    The French Revolution was the forerunner of the freedoms we are enjoying today.
    It was the Theta of the French, English and American philosophers against the suppression of the Aristocracy.
    The produced ideas of those times are still very much alive today and still producing revolutions and still freeing slaves of their oppressors.

    The indies together are producing so much theta that entheta is exploding in full view and getting newly arranged.
    But I think more theta we are producing more the tyranf will destroy at faster speed.

    That I can experience this (r)evolution in this life-time, make me very grateful. 3 years ago I was in apathyand thought that Scientology will disappear and perhaps emerge again perhaps in some 1000ds years.

    But now I’ve the certainty with the ongoing speed of emerging truths, it will take very short time to achieve our goals.

  29. Theo Sismanides

    Hehehe, looks like Bad Company is there, hahaha!

  30. martyrathbun09


  31. Ugarte met a terrible fate, abandoned and outgunned, he perished. And someone in OSA today has their own version of the 2 letters of transit(AKA Libs) and plans to be on their own midnight plan to Portugal. Abandon ship. And throw the captains Palm Tree overboard on your way out the door. Great movies, timeless themes.

  32. I am looking forward to seeing myself in your “HGC”. Can’t wait for some REAL LRH tech!!!

  33. I wonder if the psycho-pygmy will remember to make payroll on his latest IOB PIs. If not maybe they can join in on the lawsuit with Paul Marrick and Greg Arnold and make it a class action suit.

  34. One other curiosity…….

    Do you think POB is worried that Pat Broeker might be on the roster for a visit to the gulf coast?

  35. Do you think that schmuck in the rental with the tiny shoot and point was a professional PI? I think maybe he was just some poor dude that needs to prove his worth to route on to – excuse me reroute on – to his Objectives. Give Shreffy a big hug from me.

  36. DM don’t push it too far..(if this seems a strange post read lyrics below & anyway ,I LOVE this song…)

    It was a theme she had
    On a scheme he had
    Told in a foreign land
    To take life on earth
    To the second birth
    And the man was in command
    It was a flight on the wings
    Of a young girl’s dreams
    That flew too far away
    And we could make the monster live again

    Oh hands move and heart beat on
    Now life will return in this electric storm
    A prophecy for a fantasy
    The curse of a vivid mind

    Don’t push too far
    Your dreams are china in your hand
    Don’t wish too hard
    Because they may come true
    And you can’t help them
    You don’t know what you might
    Have set upon yourself
    China in your hand

    Come from greed
    Never born of the seed
    Took a life from a barren hand
    Oh eyes wide
    Like a child in the form of man
    A story told
    A mind of his own
    An omen for our time

    Don’t push too far
    Your dreams are china in your hand
    Don’t wish too hard
    Because they may come true
    And you can’t help them
    You don’t know what you might
    Have set upon yourself
    China in your hand
    Oh your hand
    Your dreams are china in your hand, wooah
    Here in your hand
    China in your hand, woh oh oh woh oh oh woh oh
    Here in your hand

    Woh! You take a flight on the wings of fantasy
    Then you push too far
    And make your dreams reality
    Yeah! For the china in your hand
    But you shouldn’t push too hard

    You take a flight on the wings of fantasy
    Then you push too hard
    You make those dreams reality
    Yeah! China in your hands
    But they’re only dreams

  37. Bitter Defrocked Apostate

    I was wondering if that poor schmuck is a woman? Marty? That arm sticking out the window looked kinda woman-y.

  38. Marty,

    I would also add, the forces of evil – no matter their number – are out manned.

    What a great group.

  39. Dear Dave,
    You don’t need to spend tens of millions of dollars of parishoners money to gather “intel” anymore. Don’t you get it? Everything will be posted on various websites and magazines and news shows so the entire world can view your crimes.

    Just grab a scotch, your copper rods and some tums, sit back and wait for the next special installment of “This is YOUR life, david miscavige.” Alternate title, “Horrors at Hemet.”

  40. Coming from all angles. Only a matter of time now.

  41. One of the DeMon’s favorite phrases: “squash ‘m like a bug.”

  42. As with any suppressive, “NO” will shatter the DeMon. NO to your BS, Pipsqueak.

  43. let the games begin…..

  44. DM should stick to Tittle Winks!

  45. Never a dull moment at Casablanca! love to you all!

  46. I’m sure some OSA bots finally thought they had a win and proudly reported to their handler that they had driven Tony out of New York!!!
    Ops…. only to show up at Casa Blanca with the needed time to write a book that will reach millions.

    Miscavige is like a rat in quick sand, the more he wiggles the faster he goes under. He has so many crimes weighing him down that no one can
    pull him out by his tail.

    The rat continues to scream for more protection money, it matters not.

  47. Up to only the very best trouble!

  48. Dave, the Independents are more popular in world opinion than you. All the national and internation press is covering the bravery and integrity of the Independents and the bad behavior of you Dave.

    Their stats are going up and yours down. And Dave, you are the cause of all this. And the reason it is persisting and you can’t solve this is becuase the “why” is YOU and you can’t see it or refuse to.

    The reason you can’t or don’t want to see it is because you have a greedy grasp on power and an inability to see yourself and your causal relation to your experience.

    You are creating this Dave. Your lack of grasp on the reality ofvthis situation will be your undoing.

    You don’t know your enemy, because your enemy is you. You are fighting shadows Dave. But these shadows punch back: Karma, it’s absolute, it works like math. Your debit column in your Karmic ledger is way off balance.

    It’s time to pay up. The next two years will be worst than the last.

  49. Hey Jimmy,

    Q: What do you get when you create an “ever increasing smaller space”?

    A: MEST!

  50. First, the joie de vivre positively radiates from the screen with third pic.

    Second, unless I failing in having a sense of the reputations and skills of the personalities there, I’m seeing all of the divisions of an org board with the exception of having Jim Logan there for div 5. I’ve gotten the idea Marty does not want an organization per se, but one seems to be evolving. If DM had any idea what real leadership and team spirit could accomplish, he would be very nervous.

  51. Wow. It sucks to be you, Freddie Qwell. Um, I mean David Miscaviage.

    The REAL Anti Social Personality is shattering.

    Incidentally, in the almost one year I’ve been fully disconnected from the corporate C of S, the case gains returning are remarkable.
    And, I have been applying Scientology to several people’s lives, who always come to me for advise when they don’t know me more than a casual acquaintance. I let them know clearly, THIS APPLICATION IS SCIENTOLOGY, NOT WHAT THE CHURCH CLAIMS. No rebuttal from anyone.

    Thank you all! I am rewatching Casablanca later!

  52. I love that line!

  53. John 'Michael' Finley

    Hey Scotty, beam me aboard!

  54. I’ve checked into this blog nearly every day for the last couple of years. I always use a search engine to get to the URL rather than a bookmark. Today I had to go to page two to find it and was duped on page one by one of the new imitation Moving On Up a Little Higher Mark “Marty” Rathbun hate sites. What was truly amazing was the site landmine I clicked on was incredibly intricate. Either a lot of money was paid to have someone(s) build this site, or someone(s) within the SO is a professional a web developer and does nothing but work on building these hate sites for the church.

    The amount of religious, fundamentalist type, hate that oozes from that place is unbelievable.

  55. Thanks for the review.

  56. Marty,
    You and Mike are 1 M X the threat to David Miscavige that Pat Broeker ever was. So if he spent $12M on this tool of choice of PIs on Broeker over the years, I would not be surprised at the current which does include fake websites, Freedumb and “reporters”, OT Asses, etc.

    It’s great to see that Casablanca is bursting at the seams with good people!

  57. There’s a whole lot of greatness at Casablanca!!!! 😀

  58. Amusing. 🙂 I just went to the hate site listed first on a Google search of “Marty Rathbun” to see what the cult was oozing these days. And if that site were done just a little bit better, it’d be hilarious. But, unfortunately, there’s no funny bone left in the whole damn cult.

    Marty and Co., enjoy yourselves. Those pix make me want to come on down and enjoy the revelry. 🙂

  59. Yes.

  60. He has a facebook page too

  61. one of those who see

    It’s a brand new day. I am back on the bridge – the real bridge. I know that a lot of us Indies are up there in age, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s. But that’s just bodies and even those are doin’ pretty good these days. Was walking this morning to a song the kids listen to called “We are Young” I dedicate the chorus to my Auditor, all you wonderful people over in Texas the rest of the Indies and of course LRH – who is forever young. Party on!
    We are young
    So let’s set the world on fire
    We can burn brighter
    Than the sun!

  62. You’re already aboard, Mate – and sitting in the bosun’s chair!

  63. The peeper are jealous, confused and PTS. Probably have a bad taste in their mouths since they accepted the job from the frightened one.

  64. You know what kind of insecticide I’m talking about. It’s called “NO!”

    That is perhaps the one thing that drives the midget bug crazier than anything else. In his hermit kingdom, he is God, and no one dares say the word ‘NO’ to his face. Heaven help them, should they even think it. His Thought Police will surely find out and route the offending heretic straight to one of his many gulags.

    The fact that thousands of free Scientologists are now snubbing their noses at him, and vehemently telling him “NO!”, must be making the psi in his head rise to near explosive levels.

    I’ve never seen a cockroach explode before. Oughta be interesting. And gross!

  65. Probably an unsophisticated question, but the filmmakers are a good thing, yes? (not the guy in the car – the other ones.) Not asking for a spoiler…

    Just saying.

  66. I think Miscavige needs to issue an updated version of “What Your Donations Buy”.

  67. I must agree with Yvonne, it absolutely radiates theta across space and time. Fun, joy and a common ARC. Made me smile and it is an example of hope. What a year this has been. It does not suck being an Indie but it must suck being DM. ARC Bill

  68. Reply to Maccano,
    I replied to a post on this blog to someone that was hardline
    I wanted more data and clicked on his web address.
    BIG MISTAKE, I was sent to an Offical looking site of C of $
    complete with pic of LRH , music started after 30 secnds and I clicked off.
    My computer started going nuts, video drivers erased, email passwords wiped out. Long story short it was a Trojan Dropper virus with programs and sub routines that wipe out drivers and do all sorts of things covertly.
    I traced it to Orange county ,so I believe t here is a hacker highly skilled that reads up on Marty . . Its a false flag site, looks genuine Church but it assainates your computer, just like doing services under D.M.
    That guy is good, but I am lightyears better.

  69. It’s all just idle chatter just now as far as anyone knows, but if, as I suspect, TC will find that suddenly he isn’t able to attend the forthcoming IAS event – even though he’s in England anyway, due to spurious “work commitments” or whatever, then we can begin to think the hitherto glorious unthinkable. Keen eyes will be watching…

  70. Ahem….

    “TOM CRUISE has reportedly….”
    “…source told Star magazine.”
    “…the source said.”

    Do you see a pattern here?

  71. The DeMon has surely alerted his thugs to keep an eye out at Casablanca for his main man Tom showing up to visit his auditor. The sky isn’t falling but the house of cards is.

  72. Coincidence or synchronicity?

    Libyans Turn in Arms in Collection Push
    “Several men lined up at Marty Square in the capital and Liberty Square in Benghazi, weapons and ammunition in hand”

  73. One of Those Who See, Wow! Kudos to both you and your auditor! If I were that auditor, I’d have a giant grin plastered to my face, knowing that my pc is doing so well and appreciates the REAL tech as LRH meant it to be delivered. Keep on setting the world on fire!

  74. Synchronicity, no doubt.

  75. The cockroach is in the microwave now Ronnie. I wonder if it will sound like a popcorn kernel popping?

  76. Is that a camera on his head??

  77. Nice pic. Haydn , Lucy, Steve an you other rebels. Ha

    Sent from my iPhone

  78. Excuse me, but I very much doubt Pat Broeker is ever going to be of any assistance to the Independent Scientologist movement – given that he conspired with Darth Midget to remove Ron Hubbard from control of Scientology and completely cut all comm lines to his family and all other Scientologists so as to utterly depower Ron.

    Even, if he does turn up, nothing he says can ever be trusted as I very much doubt he is interested in anything except wresting control of Co$ from Darth Midget.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  79. I have heard similar wins and viewpoint. WD

  80. How’s that Johnny Cash song go? “I hear the train a comin, it’s comin round the bend…” and all for you Dave!
    (looks like a Carol Grigg watercolor in the background corner, she’s a fantastic artist)

  81. I think if there was anybody left in the Church the members could “itsa” to, there wouldn’t be any itsaing on the Internet.

    The fact is, if you say ANYTHING that is not something someone wants to hear, you are punished. This is NOT Scientology anymore. Grade zero and auditing were creating so people could heal themselves through conversation. The entire subject of Scientology , is the art of healing through conversation, the art of healing another through listening. I have no idea what the people in the CofS actually think they are involved in or even why. But they have missed the big picture by a long shot, and a long time ago.

  82. Look at you guys! What a great picture.

  83. +1. Let’s go up to the Int Base and take it into his front yard. Think of all the money we can save the Church in P.I.’s by parking ourselves in front of the Int Base where we can be seen directly , spoken to directly, faced directly, by David Miscavige.

  84. I believe Tom has disconnected from David Miscavige. I believe he was forced to review documentation during his divorce proceedings that he could no longer ignore. Evidence that was presented to him, that forced his hand with the custody issue. I am expecting an expose any minute.
    And I think it will unfold that Tom’s mother flipped first, and then the house of cards fell at the Cruise compound. Nobody told me this. This is just my take.

  85. Funny, and it’s a perfect analogy to what’s actually happening. Popcorn kernel. Makes a sort of ‘pock!’ sound, with air rushing out, ya know? POB guts. Nasty.

  86. TroubleShooter, Gayle

    Hooooftah Steve that’s a great read man! I can feel the excitement and am inspired.

  87. Opps.. I have a story this is killing me

  88. Can you please , for the love of god, delete that ?

  89. Delete tall of his

  90. this is shit face funny.

  91. Li'll bit of stuff

    OMG, Ronnie! ain’t that the truth? And whaddaya
    make of that nauseating stench of whole track SP
    charred elemental dementasia?. (microwaved DM
    perverse pictures of paradise with a certain Tom
    Kat prancing around in his perfect proportions, &
    nuttin’ else?)


  92. Li'll bit of stuff

    one of those… that is truly beautiful–and inspiring!

  93. Li'll bit of stuff

    Nice going,Tango! —-Good to know!

  94. Li'll bit of stuff

    For sure Les! Yep, just another day in the stinking rich
    self incarcerated “mind prison” of the demented dwarf.
    Extreme wealth, extreme insecurity, extreme insanity!

    Just shows what happens when one lacks the capacity
    for self correction……one eventually just implodes!

  95. Pingback: Tony Ortega’s Underground Bunker : XENU TV

  96. Oh oh oh ~ That was just so so so………..Thoughtful.
    Clip and print and hang it on the notice board to read every now and then. Thanks Steve

  97. And They All Lived

    Wait a second, can you point me, or anyone else, to evidence of that? I have never read anything beyond Broeker being Hubbard’s most (or only, besides Annie) trusted associate at the end of LRH’s life. And that the “wresting of control” was FROM Broeker TO Miscavige.

  98. Hi All Free Beings! And Very Thanks Marty and all behind you who make this blog surviving Thanks for the data and witnesses.

    I didn’t find any link to e-mail you, how can I reach you by mail, or phone, etc.?


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