Eva Braun replaces Manuela Saenz – Part 1 in a three part series

For the many years that I knew Shelly Miscavige, she was obsessed with fulfilling the role of Manuela Saenz to DM’s Simon Bolivar. It was a hauntingly out of valence life. Shelly made close associates of DM read biographies of Bolivar and Saenz. Shelly made all of RTC read such, instructing that they all ought to be playing the role of Saenz in one form or another. She even had certain celebrities reading her books implying they ought to be treating DM like Bolivar.

While Shelly could be extremely ruthless, just as the rest of us in the inner circle could be and were, her attempts to be Manuela were not all for the bad. I saw Shelly on a number of occasions object to Miscavige physically beating people, when it got out of hand. She was the only one who could get away with that.  Had she not been there and said not loudly but firmly “Dave” while DM was psychotically kicking and/or punching somebody already down on the floor, I am sure there would have been some ER cases on DM’s hands. I attribute the lack of more physical disabilities incurred by staff to Shelly in that regard.

Toward the end of my career, Shelly sometimes came by my office after a particularly brutal DM espisode, plop down in the chair in front of my desk, and look up to me and say wistfully, “what are we going to do?” Because of the atmosphere of terror instilled prohibiting any sign of disaffection, I’d reply with an equally wistful, “hell, I don’t know.” Those little mutual shoulder shrugging moments – while signally ineffective – told me that Shelly was not DM, and even though I had once suspected it, she was not a source of his violent psychosis.

(look for Part II tomorrow)

16 responses to “Eva Braun replaces Manuela Saenz – Part 1 in a three part series

  1. MissedGarbage Watcher

    Marty, do you know what she is doing now ?

    I heard she divorced but then what does she do there ?

  2. martyrathbun09

    stay tuned.

  3. It’s pretty obvious that Miscavige is running off his own twisted and perverted version HCOPL 12 Feb 67 Responsibility of Leaders. Probably has a crashing Mis-u on the word “responsibility” (if you’re reading this Dave check it out) among other concepts. Maybe tried to go into some sythetic valence of Simon Boliver and ended up a couple of centuries late on the chain (did you know if you draw a mustache on the guy just like you know who he looks just like him. The resemblance is scary! Anyway I digress) in some other valance.

    This is pretty much Dave’s MO with “Ideal Orgs” were any relationship to DS 40 is purely accidental or “A Talk on a Basic Qual” on which it is more likely he was listening to the voices inside his head rather than the lecture itself.

    I’m sure Shelly and you Marty were at wits end trying to figure out what to do to handle the guy!

    I mean R2 45 would have been “enormously effective” but Ron meant it as a joke. There has got to be some legal way to handle a megalomanic psychotic psychopath that has seized control of an organization (who may or may not have shady benefactors like the guy with the funny mustache I mentioned earlier) or even a nation without mutiny ,which I’m sure was instilled everyone at Int , is considered a “suppressive act”.

    My heart went out to you guys there when down the line I read the reports and couldn’t believe my eyes! It’s like that question on the FPRD C/L “Was the incident too incredible to be believed?”.

    Maybe Shelly just couldn’t believe her misfortune of marrying a Looney Tune! Like most of us couldn’t believe it till it became all too obvious and maybe she thought the only thing she could do at this point was ameliorate the effect like some Mafia Boss Moll or something.

  4. Not fair! You’re going to keep us in suspense until tomorrow??? I’ve been so concerned about Shelly and whether she’s doing OK or in the hole.

  5. Marty, glad there is now evidence that the Wicked Witch of Gilman Hot Springs has something that passes for a heart. I cannot recall a single decent ARC comm cycle I had with her in nearly 27 years.

  6. As I eagerly await the next installment of the Shelley Miscavige story, I thought I’d give you a link to a recent picture of DM at the July 2009 Maiden Voyage Anniversary Event on the Freewinds. The picture is from Impact issue 121 and if you enlarge it, you will clearly see that DM still wears a wedding ring.

  7. Never met Shelley. Can’t judge her character. Never read that she says she was/is abused by her hubby.

    Is it love or is she sticking to him because she likes the power position too? Hanging out with celebrities, living expensive like DM? Can’t imagine that she does not waste SCN money for her personal gain.

    Is there a storage place for the Miscaviges were they store their undeserved riches? Secret private bank accounts?

  8. Shelly, otherwise known as “Queen Bee”, “the Princess” and other derogatory terms that I can’t repeat in public, was the biggest do nothing I ever met in the Sea Org.

    She generated more Dev-t (useless work for those of you not in Scientology or the Sea Org) than all the other orgs at the base combined. I am not exagerating and many can attest to this.

    While she did have a soft heart from time to time, it was hidden behind a very hard and unhappy shell and I know for a fact, she was involved in many “Executive C’Sing” actions against many staff when they were being sec checked.

    While I criticize her here, I also hope that she comes around. I think she is a very unhappy person and I feel sorry for her too. It must be really tough to have to live with DM for all these years. I know what it was like to be around him taking care of him. Living with him had to be very tough.

    She had no friends long term and anyone who ever got close to her would eventually be cannon fodder and shot from guns.

    So I hope she eventually gets out like the rest of us and I wish her all the best in the future.

  9. Whole Track Prison Warden

    Good post. I think the HCOPL 12 Feb 67 “Responsibility of Leaders” has been responsible for more staff abuses in Scientology history that you can shake a stick at. I have no doubts that DM selectively applies parts of this policy letter to rationalize his behavior and therefore doesn’t consider what he does to be an overt. It was also “Responsibility of Leaders” that was used in 1982 by Kingsley Wimbush to do all that “de-dinging” crap. Staff were also made to cough up some of their weekly pay to the ED as part of “flowing power to power”.

  10. The few times I spoke with her at Int and later when I was on post somewhere else, I mostly got along with her. Yeah, she could be pretty strict, but I could tell rather easily she was acting the way she was expected to act. I say that because she was nicer to be around when she was by herself rather than when she was in DM’s presence. She was frequently a bit ill which was another indicator that she was suffering from suppression – not just dishing it out. I’m sure DM finally picked up her doubts about him and did away with her rather viciously. I know exactly how that feels and I wish her the best in recovering from DM’s oppressive, sick influence.

  11. Joe,
    Shelley told TDV that she thought DM was Type III PTS and was at a loss as to what to do about it.

    I was close to Clarisse her sister, through Annie, not Shelley. I ran into her several times, and maybe it was just me, but I always pulled a subtle but noticeable, little grin out of her. I did this purposely. Looked her straight in the eye and grinned with my eye, and I’ll be damned but she’d crack.

    I always thought she was in over her head with DM and the COB Asst post. I’d like to see her outside that and at a campfire in an out of the way woods, roasting a hot dog and having a cold beer, ask her, what do you really think about all this girl?

    Let’s see what comes out here in the next installments of truth tevealed.

  12. Whole Track Prison Warden

    BTW, it occured to me after reading this post that Mary Sue Hubbard must have seen herself as Manuela Saenz to LRH’s Simon Bolivar. It explains why she “took a bullet” for him and never ratted on LRH, even though she was following his orders. It is the Bolivar policy letter coupled with a “greatest good for the greatest number” type of viewpoint that can cause one to cover up a crime if it’s in the best interest of Scientology.

  13. WTPW, I don’t understand your POV here.

    First of all Ron never ordered anyone to break into Government offices and neither did Mary Sue for that matter. That aspect of the Snow White program was written by Michael Meisner as GOD 1361(who later turned into a witness and informant) and approved by Jane Kember who was Guardian WW at the time.

    Read ‘Playing Dirty’ which you can read here:


    What Mary Sue was indicted as a co-conspirator in a subsequent cover up which involved Meisner who later decided to turn.

    See the following ‘Stipulation of Evidence’:


    This documents have been on various websites for years yet very few have actually read them obviously. For instance here is the original ‘Snow White Program’


    Originally the attempt was to legally expunge the files however the whole program became a covert operation under Kember (who like Miscavige was a know best and also had possible intel connections to SASS according to a source I know personally who worked with Kember) and run through B1, instead of PR.

    Kember and Miesner ( who could have been agent provocateurs) were the ones who pulled the trigger on the whole operation, yet after all these years we get all this smoke that Ron was somehow directly responsible.

  14. WTPW,
    Mary Sue considered herself a being, not a body, not a name and certainly not in Manuela’s valence. She took responsibility for her actions. LRH did the same. It’s one of the keys to the freedom they experienced.

    It’s why they aren’t in the Whole Track prison. Look around Warden, you’re losing prisoners. Time for a new game, and a new name.

  15. I don’t know much about Lou Stuckenbrock except that her former husband Uwe died. Is she married again? What kind of person is she? Is she like Shelley? What kind of posts did she hold?

    (She seems a lot taller than DM.)

  16. Thanks for clearing that up RJ.

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