Looney Tunes

Hold the presses. You many not have been outed after all. 

I had little time to analyze the LT posting referred to in the last post.  However, I was contacted by some WWP people to verify whether or not one of their own actually sent to my blog one of the comments LT published in his photobucket.  Turns out, by comparing search data from my blog with other external evidence we discovered the alleged comment was manufactured by LT.   It was never sent by the alleged sender.  Now, the nature of the comment tended to make the WWP person look like a rat working with me to screw over other WWP folk.  Manufactured out of whole cloth by OSA.  Think DM is getting a little uneasy about disparate factions – who are on to him – going into communication? 

You doubt OSA sent the LT email?  Well, LT send his message from the same computer Kim did. Who is Kim? The OSA operative that attempted to, on behalf of Miscavige of course,  declare Mosey unclear.  Remember?  https://markrathbun.wordpress.com/2010/10/02/has-miscaviges-church-run-out-of-clears-to-invalidate/

More than one person has reported to me that the IP addresses shown for them in the LT photobucket depictions are not their IP addresses.

Apparently, just as Miscavige stage manages fraudulent events six times a year, with fancy graphics and a/v, in order to bamboozle his followers, Miscavige’s OSA creates evidence in attempts to destroy us (in this case me). 

Mosey calls Miscavige Wile E. Coyote.  That is because it seems that every one of his J Edgar Hoover Cointelpro Ops winds up with a stick of dynamite going off in his hand.

Th, tha, tha, tha, tha, tha…that’s all folks!

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  1. Just for you Mosey 🙂

  2. You said only one of the docs was forged – now your saying they are all forged?

  3. Kathy Braceland

    ha ha ha ha…. Good one! I guess that would make you the clever Roadrunner Marty. The Roadrunner is always one step ahead of Wile E., has no back off, is insouciant and free, has a smile on his face and is completely unconcerned about the tactics used against him. The Roadrunner always wins.

  4. Watching Eyes

    So the dwarf and his gang have been caught in ANOTHER lie. Nothing new with that. Something about that Bolivar posting (the truth) really sent them over the edge.

    note to dwarf: People are on to you. Give it up. Leave. Go to another country. We won’t even care if you change your name to Simon. How about Little Simon Bolivar?

  5. RJ- Perfect!

  6. THAT’s what the whole OSA ops reminds me of! Cartoons!

  7. OSA INVEST A Division of the Sea Organization that has shifted gears to attack, malign, LIE LIE LIE about Sea Org Vets.

    +++++Use PIs to harrass.
    +++++Use Lawyers who’s interest is in $$$ per hour, not in the Church Scriptures or futures.
    +++++Create Tabloid “magazines” with smear and fabricated allegations made out of wholecloth.
    +++++Attack Attack ATTACK dog Marty and Mike with FURY to disrupt even it the “Church” loses face and *EMBARRASSES* itself.

    White glove FREE pass to use the $1billion sucked out of unwitting Parshioner to UTTERLY DESTROY the Enemy while enjoying a 501c3 Status.

    David Miscavige come to Present Time ! The Martians are not chasing you! We do not attack your sites !

    My name is Karen de la Carriere and I APPROVE THIS MESSAGE.☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

  8. Mosey-

    Looney Tunes sums it up… Here’s another simulated summation:

  9. Hugs to Mosey………..DM is just the right size to be in a cartoon.

  10. +1 Perfect! 🙂

  11. Is anyone going to remain on-target here and actually address the facts of the matter rather than suspicion? Are any of the documents true? If they are flase then how do you “legally attack” the church for false documents? Why apologise for a security breach if there was none int he first place.

    Perhaps this is just a thread to attack DM (which I approve of), but how about the facts of the matter – was Marty’s system actually hacked, and if so, what of those documents are true and which ones are false?

  12. Scott Campbell


    I was so bitterly disgusted at the last several posts (starting with Miscavige’s literal misunderstanding and misinterpretation of HCO PL 12 February 1967 “The Responsibilites of Leaders”) that it would take too much time to write down my feelings on this subject.

    I’ve since done some cypherin’ & ponderin’ in order to determine what the lowest common denominator would be for the Church of Scientology’s Modus operandi.

    It goes something like this:

    “OK buddy, your money or your life…”


  13. Fellow Traveller

    Oh, I LOVE the way you rock my world! I gotta get some exchange in.

    Bruce Pratt

  14. martyrathbun09

    That’s some swift cypherin’ there buddy.

  15. I just checked out those “screen shots” … Well, I’ve got one of the Midget’s WordPress BLOG, bwahhahahahahaha!!!

    Seriously, these are so easy to fake it is pathetic. If you want to prove something give me pics of Marty’s office and the computer WITH the blog admin page open on the screen.

    With love, g

  16. martyrathbun09

    Funny how you always seem to pitch up bitchin’ and moanin’ about the time I have DM against the ropes.

  17. Scott Campbell

    This one’s for you Dave…

  18. good, glad to see was easily figured out.

    This Post deserves a pic…

    ^^OSA… u silly wabbit. u still aint learned the proper art of trolling. Go bak to facebook cyber bullying, you stand better odds there of actually scoring a stat in your favor.

  19. Oh dear. You again? Just can’t keep a good troll down eh? Didnt you sell out to the Church not too long ago?

  20. I’ve wondered if DM isn’t himself posting on ESMB, leading the anti-Marty, anti-Scn diatribe. He would certainly have no trouble bashing LRH.

  21. What’s your deal Aaron? Your “Altered Importance” comment about which documents are false and which ones are not false is totally off the point. Re-read the posting. Why don’t you get effective instead of bickering about stupidities that are meaningless…..

  22. Shut up. Quickly.

  23. Silly rabbits. The email from LT was lame. Sounded just like Sea Org mentality, and as if we (awake and free to think) were still anywhere near that wavelength anymore. Not even a nice try. Dumbasses.

  24. Mike:

    Right On!

    You are the best when it comes to handling people.

    I wish I had more of your abilities.

  25. I think it is curious that all of this occurred over the Simon Bolivar posts, most of which were not really directed at Miscaviage but at LRH. Seems he resented not being the center of attention. This reminds me of the bulletin about how the basic goodness of an SP will cause him to self-destruct for the good of others. I think he would go most crazy if he were just totally ignored. He really was a distant feature of those raging debates about Suppression and Fair Game. Some people are confused or have turmoil concerning LRH but no one is confused about DM…not on the outside anyway. I wonder how his wife is doing.

  26. Hi, Aaron.

    Enjoying your Mid-Atlantic retirement funded by ESMBers and WWPers and the church? Looks like you finally found something you’re good at — screwing everybody.

    Just Me

  27. Athena8 — You have no idea how close to the truth you are. His rambling diatribe “dictation” includes statements to be posted on the internet. You can always recognize them as they are over-the-top descriptions of people and activities that are a reflection of Miscavige’s mind. Every woman is slut or worse. Every guy is a pervert/homosexual. Everyone is doing it for money and is bought off by big pharma/psychs/media/FB/martians. If you were ever around him, there is no mistaking his “style” and its all over the attack sites against Marty — who truly is the Road Runner in Miscavige’s Wile E Coyote mind.

  28. I always thought it reaks of Lou, yep sure does. Like a badly done circus act.

  29. Marty, there is no doubt in my mind that Miscavige reads your blog – in fact obsesses over it. And your recent post about “Responsibility of Leaders” hit home. That is Miscavige’s favorite issue. Int Base staff get crammed on it frequently, and he even had specially bound copies sent to celebs as gifts. He wants and expects people to follow him simply because he is in charge and “LRH says to flow power to the guy in charge and do anything to support him.” Exposing his use of that PL hits at the core of his illusory power base. You take away his use of “Responsibility of Leaders” and he’s got nothing. More and more people are really seeing Miscavige for what he is, and that terrifies him.

  30. martyrathbun09

    I agree.

  31. A message to DM: you wouldn’t be so individuated and committing PT overts if you didn’t have so many MU’s. Since you seem so fixated on “The Responsibilities of Leaders” here is the meaning of one word you can clear:

    BULGRAVIA – the region consisting of BULgaria, GReece, Albania and YugoslaVIA

    There. Now please, go bribe the police there. It would be the first ON POLICY thing you have ever done.

  32. Hey there “just me”. Yes, I am enjoying my life. Thank you for asking. 🙂 But a little correction there, the Church never paid me a dime, unless you take into account my confidentiality agreement – which I was asked about, I forget who asked me, but someone did recently. They never asked me how much I got paid or when I actually signed it, I thought I would let them make it up in their own minds to see what truth they wanted to imagine. My agreement was signed in 1996 and I was paid the vast sum to star my life again of $500.00. the C of S has not paid me a dime since then. It is great to hear this line coming back to me now – it shows how easily you take word of mouth as truth with no actual evidence to back it up. And yes, I deliberately was ambiguous on the email sent to me and I even sent a “mis-directed” email to someone in Australia to see if they woudl forward it around. I guess they did. 🙂

  33. Tony DePhillips

    Karen you said:”My name is Karen de la Carriere and I APPROVE THIS MESSAGE.☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺” ROTFLMAO

  34. Marty,
    Excuse my ignorance, but I’ve somehow gotten lost. Please help me get reoriented. I’ve read the last several blog posts, but I don’t know what the “LT” email is that’s being referred to, where do I find it? What is the photobucket thing referring to? And lastly, why is the aaron saxton poster being piled on and pummeled?
    Lost in the bushes,

  35. Tony DePhillips

    Hey Mike or Marty,
    Did Aaron actually sell out to the cult?? Really??

  36. Mike,
    Did aaron saxton sell out to the church as part of a settlement?

  37. How did this guy screw everybody?

  38. Tony DePhillips

    When on OT7 and at the MAA 😦 they would have us read Responsibilities of Leaders. When I first read it I thought that they were giving me a compliment and that it was meant some how for me to get others to back me up. I then had the bognition that I was supposed to be backing up “command intention” ie dm. That didn’t get a three swinger out of me.

  39. Tony DePhillips

    It would be nice if you could clear the air here. I think people will listen to you.

  40. Tony DePhillips

    Marty, you are better than Columbo!!

  41. Funny, the more OSA tries to slow down this blog, the more I want to post. It’s kinda like Game On. Let’s play.

    I have personally observed several friends recently who are losing their fear of the Cof M. They are finally saying no to the IAS, they have stopped going to events, they are choosing to not come in when ordered for the latest rollback session. One has decided she’s done with auditing this lifetime–in protest to her last cycle at Flag. Another is refusing to get back onto OTVII despite all kinds of coercion. There is much dissent in the field. The TA is moving!

  42. Athena8,
    you wrote : “He (DM) would certainly have no trouble bashing LRH.”

    Well, you are right – he does ( or his OSA minions ).

    I stumbled across an anti-Marty-page that criticized Marty for being 15 years older than Mosey, and Mike Rinder for being 22 years older than Chrissie.

    Now LRH happened to be 20 years older than Mary Sue – was this an evil trait of him ???

    Any intelligent person will recognize these sites as what they are : sick libel & slander done by sick people.

  43. Christie:

    I really don’t like to talk about people, I really don’t, and I am not saying anyone is, but I have to be frank.

    Over a year ago I observed Aaron Saxton standing out in front of a Church of Scientology in Australia with a megaphone speaking PTS Type II like to people “inside the building” identities unknown.

    I can understand that a person can have criticisms of the church, there are many points about the church are worthy of criticism.

    But, there is a better way than Aaron Saxton’s to promote one’s ideas.

  44. Scott Campbell


  45. Scott Campbell

    More like “a swing and a miss” eh, Tony?

  46. to scott campbell, or if it’s the 2d, then it’s love or your eternity, i apply, if you can’t do one, do two lol 🙂 I’ll take both. hee hee

  47. so mr. rinder, how close are we to the truth, due fill us in 🙂
    i suspect, that DM surfs the net in his berthing when nobody is watching or on his blackberry etc etc. Not just this site but others and has been. it’s just not bpi

  48. Scott Campbell

    Now THAT’s a seal of approval! (Shades of DM speaking at an event)

  49. Scott Campbell


    I have a request. How about another video “Briefing”?

    This time it could be a “Briefing from the “White House”. Any subject, doesn’t matter.

    Think about it.

    I miss seeing your smilin’ mug.

    Any seconds to my motion?


  50. Alex Braverman


    One thing that is apparent is that we, as independents, are actually getting better at;
    -deciphering computer traffic than Miss Cabbage would ever allow us to.
    Now why do you suppose we weren’t ‘allowed’? If we did; we were ‘doomed’.
    We are pulling down the curtains and seeing the ‘wizard’ for what he really is – a meek, insecure and impotent bully.

    It’s amazing how much self empowerment one can attain when the blinders and the bindings of the CofM are cast aside in favor of the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. It’s simply awesome!


  51. Tony~I hate those bognitions!
    And I can’t make sense of this thread much either. I’ll catch up and have my own bognition here soon.

  52. Aaron, what exactly did you do?

  53. Karen:

    This is one of the best messages that was ever approved on here.

  54. Well, I have been following these shenanigans.

    For someone to access another person’s account illegally is a crime. Could even be federal. So, the email sender is a criminal.

    For them to forge this stuff bespeaks of some serious desperation. They are getting stupid – admitting cyber-crime, and then forgery!

    I am too busy to comment much, friends, but to you Marty and Mike, and all my other buddies, bravo!

  55. Well why didn’t LT send me that email? BTW, security reports revealed way back in August it thought it knew veritas. Evidence exists of attempts to guess and slander conjectured names!

    LT didn’t personally send me any “outing” email. Is it a fabricated spam/intimidation tactic or did they hack real IPs and emails? If it’s the latter and their spying & hacking has all been recorded … O.0

    Posting with an avatar on the net to converse with friends is not ‘covert.’ Its net safety. Hacking & posting real or imagined people’s personal info for bully “outing” is a cybercrime.

    But btw …anyone could post as veritas, or any avatar — so from here out, don’t take for granted it’s who you think it is unless you know for sure. And friends know for sure.

  56. Judging by WWP, ESMB and this blog, this little operation by OSA had about as much bang as a wet firecracker.

  57. OTDT, here’s the short version – Last fall Aaron appeared on the Australian anti-co$ scene as an enfant terrible. He confessed to crimes he committed while in the SO, posted on youtube, speechified, protested and quickly built an adoring following.

    When hit with minor Co$ legal charges, he enticed folks at ESMB and WWP to donate many thousands of bucks to pay his lawyer fees. He promised transparency about his use of donations, but didn’t deliver. Folks who knew said his lawyer services were donated. There were complaints. Many.

    Then Aaron and his “I’m gonna kick the Church’s butt” terribleness disappeared, as did the charges, along with ESMB’s and WWP’s donations. Some time later, Aaron showed up in New York City, then West Virginia.

    He no longer posts at WWP or ESMB, but bloviates at Caliwog’s blog, which trashes Marty, LRH and those who post here. He also carps about the Aussies over at ESMB and the WWP mods. He sounds like a man on a mission. Literally.

    Just Me

  58. The big “tell” in the LT email was the fact that the author was so focused on “stats” and the number of Independents, when no one who has left is keeping a tally, just living their lives. LT can’t even pretend to be a real person in an email because his (her?) stat obsessed OSAbot nature is the only way he knows how to relate to the world. Sad really…

  59. Was that tone 40 in action 😉 ?

  60. I’m glad and it’s great to see how you sift through the shit thrown at you. Just musing on how what happens (not just, but in particular, on this blog) is what LRH wrote for a “real Scientology organization” like (paraphrased) “attacks measure success” and “it will come out alright in the end” (with actual Scientology, that is, not with DM though).

    Go to alexa.com and compare Marty’s site with scientology.org and you see that all the stats available (ranking, reach, page views, time spent on site etc.) – ALL – of them are heading for a “crossing” (as in a cash/bill stat). Scientology.org is crashing unchecked for a year now (the only “hick up” is time coincident with the Headley case and the Truth Rundown by St. Pete Times). Marty’s blog is heading straight for getting bigger (in terms of actual numbers and not just in terms of “relative” growth – which the c of m never had).

    DM Coyote, this calls for a truckload of high-explosive dynamite … … yes, you are doing fine …. correct, you need to tie it to you shoes … and light the fuse. See, it even rhymes as in a song you play so well ….. yes, earplugs will completely protect you …

  61. I would call it a diarrhea-effect. Keep on administerin´!

  62. “Think DM is getting a little uneasy about disparate factions – who are on to him – going into communication?”

    Bullseye, Marty. It’s his worst nightmare. Hey Davey, better order up another case of that primo Scotch!!

  63. Oh, sorry, DM Coyote, I know you need some audio-visual on how this is done. Here you go …

  64. Good stuff, Marty!
    Resilient as usual.

    Miscavige reminds me of a violent, rather dull, five-year-old. “Uhh, like……I have the POWER and so what that means is, you see, you guys gotta SUPPORT me and do what I say and stuff!” (Feet stomping, pouting, smacking people around. Yet at the same time having absolutely no idea what actual leadership really is at all. For to lead successfully you actually have to LIKE people).
    It would be funny if it weren’t so sad and destructive.

  65. Jeff and Marty,

    You are quite right … likely about DM reading the blog — as well as more and more people are really seeing Miscavige for what he is … although, when I speak to in-church folks about DM, they may (sometimes) respond as if they (think they) need a leader … some, particularly newer/younger ones, strike me as being like Chinese people who have never known anything other than the CCP [Chinese Communist Party] and identify it with China, with the A = A = A “concept” that if someone opposes the CCP, they oppose China

  66. Thank you for that “I approve this message”, Karen:

    I love unseriousness … particularly when it’s in the spirit of saying something that the speaker is serious about 🙂

  67. martyrathbun09

    Caliwog is a not even slightly concealed OSA operative.

  68. martyrathbun09

    Note – I have no idea whether this is the real Veritas.

  69. I always thought of him more of having a career within the FBI.

  70. martyrathbun09

    Tony, not here he won’t. Google him if you are curious.

  71. I got this ridiculous email and I had a question: why on earth would OSA send it to me?

    I’ve pled, begged, cajoled, erupted, bombasted, and all sorts of ‘eds’ to these guys to simply call me on the phone, write me, visit my house, and in some way simply open up a parley. I had a couple of guys write some time back, but it wasn’t really parley, it was covert data collection and a carrrot of sorts.

    This current attempt at comm is what it is – covert, twisted entheta.

    They’ve come to the point where I think they are actively, themselves, bringing DM’s organism to destruction. I doubt it’s a ‘conscious’ effort, but the play out of life rejecting the mess it finds itself in.

    Unfortunately, when it gets to this stage, it seems to want to take as much down with it as it can. Ugly stuff. Really puts the demand on admiration.

    I’ll do my best; THANKS guys for the help in dismantling DM’s operation 🙂

  72. JM — The word on the street was that he took the money people had donated for his legal defense and blew it gambling. Now his picture is in the urban dictionary — located at “loser.” But he apparently craves attention and so showed up here to try to bloviate some more. But unfortunately for him, his feats of bravery and daring were known to some who called him out.

  73. Hilarious

  74. aaron saxton,
    You’re being accused of ripping people off and betraying trust of friends. If this is true, how could you be enjoying your life?

  75. Just Me,
    Thanks for the data. I knew about him leaving and being disgruntled and speaking out about it, but I didn’t have this information. I now understand.

    I also figured out what the ‘LT’ (lt) email was referring to. I’m a little slow sometimes. I still don’t have the “photobucket” thing figured out.

  76. @Marty: When you can make some time, it would be very nice!
    Michael A. Hobson

  77. I would like to thank everyone for exposing DM. It was not too long ago that he remained hidden. Each day he is exposed more and more and others like myself are then able to see him for what he is.

  78. Why the heck would he do that? He never wrote that they were all fake. He said that theone that mentioned WWP was and that he’s heard from a few other people that the ip for them were not correct as well. For Marty to state which ones were were and were not correct would be a further breach of confidentiality. What do you need this information for anyway? Did you really take a settlement with the church? Please explain.
    ~ Anonymary

  79. Mag, I had these same cognitions before I knew what the real scene was. I just knew something was wrong and I knew I was done (a) blindly giving money to the bottomless pit that is the IAS and (b) dealing with the road blocks on the Bridge.

    My last IAS reg cycle went like this: Me saying, “Where is the money going?” as a “Do Birds Fly?” patter.

    Finally, after all the BS PR responses, we moved onto the make-wrongs.

    IAS terminal: “So you don’t want LRH materials distributed around the planet?”

    Me: “WTH booklets in Colombia, let’s say that costs 10 grand, where’s the rest of the money going?”

    In the end, I get, “Well, look, it’s a valid question, so why don’t you write it up to RTC?”

    I want to know where the IAS money’s going and I’m told to write to RTC … I guess so they can get started on my Declare.

  80. Marty,
    Ok, so I found and read the Caliwog blog. I can respect the right to disagree, but there’s a really weird tone level there. Lots of vitriolic hating going on. I read Aaron’s postings, too. That man is one angry dude! Well, 1.1 to 2.0 actually, with the middle ground of anger and hate.

    My naive question is, would OSA condone and orchestrate the use of such hateful and disparaging comments about LRH and Scientology in order to achieve whatever their aim is? I assume it’s to make you look bad so people won’t listen to you? Or to take the heat off DM?

  81. Reminds me of that film, The Village, where everyone’s told they can’t venture into the forest or they’ll be harmed by some mysterious force. Of course it turns out they’re being held captive and they don’t know it!

  82. martyrathbun09

    Of course. It is their hallmark. It is easy to infiltrate hater groups because the party line is as solid as their own – only different lines. It is one factor that makes infiltration of us so damn difficult for them. We are individual, sentient beings with our own myriad viewpoints.

  83. Marty, what would it take to prove to you that I’m not an OSA operative? If you don’t want to answer here, please email at caliwog at hotmail#dot#com.


  84. martyrathbun09

    You can start by identifying yourself

  85. Alex Braverman

    This is another fine example of how the mind of Miss Cabbage works, think for a moment about this ‘what if’: Had Miss Cabbage completed High School – and gone on to College. We could have had a leader, for the Church of Scientology, that possessed the cognitive abilities to communicate and lead in a most admirable way. Someone we could be proud of.

    Maybe then the Church of Scientology would have ended up with a a leader that could reason and best understand people, and their problems – and how to best remedy these people, and their problems, in a most ethical, and productive way. Someone we could look up to.

    Instead, the Church of Scientology ends up with a High School dropout that has squirreled his way to the top using every dishonest and unethical trick in the book. So the questions beg to be asked: Why does Miss Cabbage spend so much time, money and effort to go after his detractors instead of focusing his attention where it belongs – being an honest and ethical leader that his followers would admire while truly LEADING his ‘church’.

    Further, why is the leader of, arguably, the greatest Church known to man involving himself with physically and mentally abusing individuals that wanted nothing more then to spiritually blossom while in his ‘church ? Why is it that he has to worry so much about what ‘everyone else’ outside his ‘church’ is doing? I mean it’s readily apparent he is spending way more time and effort focusing on issues that have absolutely nothing to do with being a spiritual leader of his ‘church’. And why does he feel compelled to hunt down and retrieve anyone that dares leave his ‘church’?

    The answer is simple: Miss Cabbage lacks the basic skill sets required to do ANYTHING in a moral and cognitive way. In short, today’s top leaders finish High School and go on to College where all of his lacking social skills would have been developed, networks of friendships and associations would have been forged, ethics would have been taught and morals would have been instilled.

    In retrospect; this tyrannical mental midget scares me no more. And the fact that he is the current ‘leader’ of the Church of Scientology baffles the shit out of me.


  86. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Marty!
    Another video would be awesome. We need some mass on you… Proper balance of mass and significance. 🙂

  87. AC,
    It’s more a reverse bang, after the initial whodunit stage – just another foot nuke and shows how much of a WEC (Wiley E Coyote) DM and henchpersons, actually are.

  88. OTDT,

    OSA uses basically the same study materials as the GO’s B1 which includes various books on the subject of espionage other than the one considered the “bible” by most GO and later OSA operatives entitled ‘A Short Course in the Secret War’ by James McCarger (Christopher Felix) which I recommend to everyone posting here.

    OSA in fact has gone beyond even the GO in playing the game by creating Scientology “critics” and co-opting actual critics of the subject and the founder who operate as agents of influence or agents provocateurs.

    This is how they were able to take over CAN back in the early ’90’s.

    Anyway the way to spot these guys is by the fact even though they’ll attack the subject and even malign Ron they will avoid talking about Miscavige or worse try to give the impression that he was anointed personally by the Ol’man to assume the throne or that he is just applying policy.

    Which is a crock-a-shit.

    They are counting on the fact that most Scientologists will be turned off by these attacks and yet accept the big lie that Miscavige is the ordained ruler.

    It’s a very sick game since they are aiding and abetting to the entheta so that Miscavige can maintain his position in the Church.

    Sorta burning down the village in order to “save” it.

    What’s unique about these more recent attacks is that they are even obliquely criticizing Miscavige by using the term “DMbot” (I can imagine the OSA op’s hand shakily typing this into the keyboard) in order to give themselves cred as not an OSA operation.

    Something that was totally unconvincing to me and I’m sure others who received this twisted email from “LT”.

    In fact they might as well have put OSA Int on the routing!

    I hope this ‘splains what’s going on.

    And no you are not naive OTDT.

    You are just one of many people who can not conceive of such depravity.

    Fortunately you have people like Marty, Mike, Me and others who have been there and in many cases done that.

    Like Ron said in many of his private chats to the GO about intel when the CIA, the WFMH, InterPol and various other agencies were after Scientology that they didn’t realize that they were dealing with a trained Intelligence Officer. A passing acknowledgement to the fact that he worked in ONI during the second World War.

  89. @ Terril And CD,
    Sorry for my late response but sometimes duty calls. However, you guys are going to be heroes for providing the irrefutable evidence of LRH’s profound humane character.

    Terril: …….It ended up that the only way to get a copy was to commit a B and E…. pulling papers out of the trash, or even copying things—this was against the law…. Boston Intelligence Department got a telex relaying a job well done to the intelligence team in Boston from L. Ron Hubbard. There was no doubt in my mind as to where the heat to do something like that had come from….. I carried numerous messages between Hubbard and others concerning Paulette Cooper. These messages concerned operations to attack and destroy Paulette Cooper….
    CD: …I think “Hubbard didn’t know about the bad stuff going on” can be send to the realm of myths…

    You take the implied opinions of LRH’s enemies as proof of him knowing about heavy Fair Game on Paulette and spread it around; textbook psych tactics. If it’s all lies and this is the worst you could find, you made him look like a Saint, but let’s look at what it means if you were right. The worst crime you attribute to him is knowing about pulling papers from trash, copying, impersonating and breaking in to gather information. Now compare that to the tactics of his attackers, the IRS, CIA, FDA, APA, FED, etc: water boarding, ECT, letting noninsured patients die, sleep deprivation, stealing the homes of a million families per year, PDH, rape, bankruptcy, sting operations, fire squads, electric chair, black ops, planetary drug trafficking and many more crimes against humanity. Or would you like to compare other religions: chopping off hands, murderous crusades, honor revenge, bombing, stoning, guerilla wars, suicide attacks, poisoning, mass murder, fire stake, etc. Now compare that to what LRH did when he found out that somebody committed burglary or impersonated another in the name of his Fair Game Policy: he cancelled it!

    Thanks guys, you proofed LRH either Saint or an incredible humane leader.

  90. Where there is the greatest controversy there is the least comprehension…LRH

  91. Cali Wog,
    Glad to see your legitimate peace offering to Marty for the purpose of clearing up possible untruths or misconceptions if they are such. Identifying yourself at least to Marty would seem to be a step in the right direction.

    I know you’re are against the tech and all, I read your blog today. I respect your right to reject the Scn tech, the church, L. Ron Hubbard or anything and anyone else you choose to. What bowled me over though was the extent of the vitriolic hate that permeates your blog. It’s extreme, to say the least, not done with any respect of other’s viewpoints, especially those on this blog. It’s just one continual, long, uninterrupted flow of anger and hate. I don’t get it. No trust can possibly develop and no real communication can take place under that type of environment. Did you have some personal horrible experience or betrayal from the subject or someone associated with it?

  92. Wow, I guess I’m more naive than I thought. But then again, that’s one of the characteristics of being naive. Ha ha.

  93. Just me,
    Thank you for taking the time to help me out of the bushes!

  94. His past career in the Sea Org as a messenger and his relentless Urge to do something now. produce, produce, produce, get results yesterday, chop chop.

  95. Very interesting theory on the nature of OSA and the GO.

    But I have simpler theory. The only advantage OSA has over the GO is the arrival of the internet.

  96. Gary Morehead a.k.a Jackson


    I’m gonna take a guess here and bet you’ve been off surfing along the beautiful Auzzie coast lately cuz you did a fine job surfing around answering the actual question of what you actually did with THE DONATED MONEY that was given to you to bail you out of the squeeze CSI placed around your happy sack.

    I almost contributed at the time but didn’t cuz I couldnt afford it?

    I’m thinking you should of listened to Christie the first time when she said… ” SHUT UP – QUICKLY”. … I had a feeling you wouldn’t….

    Look forward to clearing up what’s been hanging around on the grapevine!

    — Jackson

  97. oh no’s!!! Now I’m doomed…

    Splog graduated high school while Mrs. Splog was still in kindergarten. And Mrs. Splog’s daddy is about the same amount older than Mrs. Splog’s mummy. Splog’s own mummy has 10 years on splog’s mummy’s husband #2.

    We’re all doomed to a life of depravity, I tell you! The spiritual leader of the church says so!!

    Oh, wait. That’s DM. Um, never mind. Sorry for the noise.

  98. When you say “identify yourself” – do you mean my name?

  99. OTDT, I appreciate your tolerant viewpoint. I don’t think I can answer your questions here without crossing over the line of what Marty considers offensive. I’ll write up an answer tonight and post it to my blog tomorrow.


  100. Wow — now that is an all time classic example of Q and A!

  101. Tony DePhillips


  102. martyrathbun09

    No, your species.

  103. Not really, Mike, I just want to clarify. A name doesn’t prove a while heck of a lot, especially since a) you’ve probably never heard of me and b) I could easily make something up. I figured Marty would ask for something more substantial. Also, I don’t believe OSA has figured out who I am, and I prefer to keep it that way. So if a name is what Marty is looking for, I’d prefer to share it via email.


  104. martyrathbun09

    OTDT, with all due respect, your final question is an inappropriate follow up to the accurate summary you posted.

  105. Larry,

    The GO wouldn’t have stooped as low as dragging the subject and the founder through the dirt to save Lil’ Davy’s sorry ass.

    Also it’s not just “theory”.

    I’ve been watching these OSA Ass-Clowns since they first hit ARS and changed their tactics from theta spamming the entheta to playing the roles of critics in order to divert the NG from any meaningful discussions about how Hades Dave and his evil minions were perverting Scientology and making a mockery of the subject.

    Instead they’d come up with some myth abou how the Ol’man tied some kid to an anchor and threw him overboard or how it was impossible to exteriorize or some such garbage.

    Like their doing right now over at ES, OCB,WWP MBs and are attempting to do over here.

    Also the Internet really hasn’t been much of an “advantage” to them since their duplicity is usually rapidly exposed when they pull off childish, stupid and illegal stunts like a DOS attack or forging IPs.

  106. Oh, my apologies CW. He was asking for your species. Guess that’s a good place to start! What Are You?

  107. martyrathbun09


  108. It would break my heart to discover that Karen or Marty lowered themselves to even respond to human trash and garbage such as that.

  109. regarding miscavige’s blogs

    i tried to post there, but they never posted it,

    i like to do my own recon if you will lol 🙂 i’m sea org, i can’t help it, it’s who i am and i’m not gonna change 🙂

  110. Ditto? Did I hear *YOU* said DITTO? My ex best friend Mike said that to me once, he was always with BIG MUSCLES, I mean built. And hairy! {LOL}. I got involved in Scientology and then moved to New York and then went to Flag and I didn’t see him for a long time. So finally I saw him in town one day. He had gotten so fat. I mean obese. I couldn’t believe it. So then I didn’t see him again until this summer that just past and he had lost so much weight and muscle I was going to ask him if he had AIDS. So his sister in law told me when I saw her at the bank, that he got so heavy and didn’t know what to do that he got a gastrointenstinal bypass operation so that any food he ate never got absorbed. And he got skinny again. I was waiting for him to say to me “Hi Lawrence, I feel great”. I would have said Ditto!

  111. Homo novus.

  112. Well said.

  113. Be wise and don’t give the church either.

  114. Well, all I know is as soon as I saw the email from LT I thought it was obviously a fabrication of some sort due to several names being incorrect (including mine). Then, once looking at the “screen shots” I thought, “Hmmmm, that’d be a pretty easy photo shop job if you wanted to…”

    Anyway, I’d personally go legal on the DOS attack, Marty. Just like the church would/did when other groups did it on their site(s). Turnaround is fair play — and it would be a nice criminal act to expose to the world…

  115. Hi Lawrence,

    I did reply to your email but am glad you found the blog on your own. I don’t censor or edit comments, and yes, some of them can get a bit harsh, but that’s just the way it happens when you give people true freedom of speech. I figure you’re a grown-up and can separate the wheat from the chaff on your own. 🙂


  116. OTDT, my answer to your comment is now live on my blog.

    Marty/Mike, thanks for letting me communicate with OTDT.



  118. Lawrence~I find it very upsetting that YOU dragged that crap about Karen #1 to this blog and have asked that it be removed (and hope it will be).

  119. Kathy Gold~I went to your photos…nosy like I am I had to snoop around your space. Is that body drawing with the bruises, etc. on it you? Is the story in your page somewhere?

  120. RJ,
    Thanks for the briefing on this. I’d heard they destroyed ARS by this method. I worked for Mike McClaury in the GO briefly in the 70’s before they went overboard on the infiltration stuff. It seemed valiant and innocent at the time. No crimes or slimy stuff.

  121. Marty,
    I’m just looking for an entrance point in trying to get in com with him and get to the bottom line on why he’s so charged up about the subject. He could have experienced betrayed help or been mishandled, I figured it was a good a place as any to start. I don’t see the inappropriateness of addressing that, unless it was because of the possibility of the entheta that could ensue from his answers. If that’s the case I can understand why you might consider it inappropriate for me to have asked. I figure you’re allowing these guys to communicate here, so I’m gonna communicate to ’em.

  122. Yeah, there’s some pretty carping yaps and low tone snarly posts on that site. Reminds me of Hilton Perez 1.1 celebrity gossip site, only worse actually. I’m wondering why Cali Wog does it. Amusement? Bad experiences? OSA op? Attention? Overts? Unfortunate tone level?

  123. AHA, clearly “Caliwog” is another sockpuppet worn by the same person who was wearing “OT VIII”.
    Michael A. Hobson

  124. Marty: the species is sockpuppet, Clothicus manipuli.
    Michael A. Hobson

  125. Lawrence ~~

    The reference to the plastic surgery was in context of revealing how PC folder data is published.
    The CHURCH have tried to refuse to turn over pc confessional folders in litigation claiming “Priest/Penitent Privilege.”

    Well my boob job was known ONLY ONLY ONLY in my pc folders.
    It was no one’s damned business but mine.
    On the hate page ~ a sub page of their Tabloid attack dog pages on Marty, they put up a hate page on me and revealed this confidential pc folder data.

    So I my post on ESMB stated Priest/Penitent privilege is LIES.
    I also recall well being ordered very specifically by Warren Mcshane in RTC to go through certain pc folders of certain subjects so I know what they look for.

    The fact that I was mocked on the Internet about my plastic surgery on Caliwog’s blog is nice ammunition for me given that OSA and RTC took this out of my “Confessional” folders to mock me. By the time I stated it, OSA, RTC and “Office of COB” made it Internet business.
    When all is said and done, who gives a damn ?
    I give a damn that pc confessional data is used abusively while they pretend they are ETHICAL

    On the one hand the “Church” wants to be respected as a genuine Church.
    On the other hand they play down and dirty.
    How dirty does it get ?

  126. Gary:

    Aaron has always impressed me from the get-go as the vicious punk type, just like most of the people he claims to get along well with in life.

  127. When he was in the Sea Org his attitude was no different. He is the kind of Sea Org member that people cannot wait for him to blow the church so they can get even with him.

  128. Dear Kathy,
    You’re very courageous for posting and I admire the enormous sense of duty you guys have. But if Sea Org is what you are, act like a causative Sea Org member with some decency and integrity, not like a blind puppet fully effect of Davey’s Out Tech and Off Policy whims; you’re not doing LRH a favor and neither anyone else, including Davey himself. If you’re reading this blog, you know that Marty is defending LRH and Standard Tech to his last breath, which makes him a white hat.

    Davey is pulling huge motivators from Marty, so he must have huge overts himself; he natters about it publicly and it’s the very thing he accuses everyone of at first sight. That is a cry for help, so please take responsibility for the false stats and false reports and be loyal to LRH and the Tech, not to a violent Cl IV drop out, no matter which threats he throws at you. You’re Sea Org to make people, including Davey, go free; not to prevent their freedom through Out Tech. Be brave and make LRH proud.

  129. martyrathbun09

    Karen, the dirtier the tactics is testament to the effectiveness and causation of the target. A big VERY WELL DONE to you!

  130. martyrathbun09

    I was commenting on the tone and content of his non-stop diatribes. It does not bespeak something that happened to him, but instead something he did to others.

  131. How dirty does it get? That is how dirty it gets Karen.

    Right straight out of one’s own PC folders and confessionals.

    That IS how dirty it gets.

    Yours may very well be personal and intimate subject that is not anyone’s business but your own.

    Marty on the other hand, some of the things written about him that he allegedly said that also came from his own confidential folders sound like anything anyone would say that was a mechanical part of an organization run by an impaired person like DM.

    So, I of course, am a safe keeper of secrets. And I hate to say this,
    but I never would have guessed {LOL} I mean about the makeover. You look beautiful.

  132. Upsetting?

    It can happen. People do move up and down the tone scale. It can happen.

  133. Caliwog:

    Thank you. Interesting BLOG you have. But, just not for me.

  134. Karen,
    let me acknowledge you for your public appearance here. You have made valuable contributions towards the end of Co$ / DM, and are still doing it.

    Part of this process is to reveal the monster Co$ has become. This is going along step by step right now. However, many of us have a to pay a price – until the process is “flat”.

    Thanks for what you are doing.

    When I read about you ( and earlier about Amy Scobee being called names on some OSA publication ) my respect for both of you increased dramatically, no kidding. By taking this you are contributing towards the taming of the Co$ monster !

  135. Marty,
    Applying HCOB You Can Be Right through a comm cycle like this seemed a more technically appropriate initial approach on my part than asking him what has he done. He’s not going to cough up any O/Ws here.

    If he’s not OSA, he’s obviously after attention and admiration and trying to make nothing out of something, a typical thetan exploit in this universe.

  136. pass for superb TR 3 🙂

  137. Ha ha. My last IAS reg cycle, the reg said in response to my opposition, “So, you’re saying the IAS is a scam???” A very loud, “YES!” formed in my head. I wasn’t ready at the time to say it out loud.

  138. (Off topic, sorry) Tara, I love your Blue Dog avatar. I just got back from Nawlins and visited his gallery. (OK, back on topic)

    Yeah, it’s a PR series violation to forward that degree of the enemy’s propaganda.

  139. Just by seeing how desperately OSA is trying to pit us anons against you guys and how badly they’re failing at it proves to me that I, as well as several other anons, did the right thing when coming to this blog, having civil discussions with you independents.

  140. Your answer now awaits, OTDT, so you may wonder no more.


  141. martyrathbun09

    Check PR Series FAILED PR.

  142. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Are these the New GoldenRainEra Musicians? WOW!! I can just see the next IAS Event with these guys on stage and LittleDinkyMeanie clapping in glee behind the curtains.

    Gary (a villager with lotsa Bics to flick for DerMisfrankenstein)

  143. to tara, yeah, that body drawing is me. feel free to snoop away. my journey is on my blog, if you have any questions, feel free to ask 🙂

  144. to edwin, huh? what are you talking about? you don’t make sense dude lol

  145. Hey Karen, that’s it? That’s what they’ve dug up on you? Big crime … I know it’s no one’s business but your own but I find it laughable that that’s what they came up with to “discredit” you.

    On the bigger issue, which is trolling through confidential PC folders looking for info with which to blackmail people, now that’s disgusting and a crime. It’s the ultimate indicator of CoS degradation and corruption. And Warren, as you read this, can you really tell yourself that it’s a “greatest good” action? Come on, man, you’re not a dumbass. Look at the scene with Miscavige, don’t be blinded by a sense of false duty to a madman.

    I’ve been pondering how this is our own version of The Matrix. Morpheus has put the two pills in front of us and we’ve chosen to stay in Wonderland and see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

  146. Yeah OTDT,

    In some ways the GO seem like Boy Scouts and Girl Guides compared to the crap OSA is pulling these days.

    I mean publishing confidential folder data broadly on the internet!

    Most of these “ops” look like “Freakout” on steroids.

    Also consider the fact that the targets chosen by the GO were Government agencies and Psychiatric Institutions working in collusion with them as opposed to a bunch of rowdy kids with a server and an attitude.

    Because as we know the “Government is now our friend” according to the compromised lil’ Satan.

  147. Cali-wog,

    I suggest you revisit the First Amendment.

    Since “freedom of speech” does not include slander, libel and broadly issuing data from priest penitent privileged files.

    While you’re at it.

    Clear the word speech:

    1 the expression of or the ability to express thoughts and feelings by articulate sounds : he was born deaf and without the power of speech.
    • a person’s style of speaking : she wouldn’t accept his correction of her speech.
    • the language of a nation, region, or group : the distinctive rhythms of their speech.
    2 a formal address or discourse delivered to an audience : the headmistress made a speech about how much they would miss her.
    • a sequence of lines written for one character in a play.
    ORIGIN Old English sprǣc, sprēc, later spēc: related to Dutch spraak, German Sprache, also to speak .

  148. (OTDT~I love Blue too! Trying to find my Kiss Me I’m Cajun Blue, I decided on my Yard Dog instead…snap snap.)

  149. Thanks Marty.
    An observation is that a posting done on “CaliWog’s” wordpress with data from my pc folder was identical to posting made on hate site on me.
    So we know who Caliwog works for…..

  150. RJ~Exactly!
    …And the reason myself and I’d guess many others leave CofM to find NO haven even remotely safe to communicate in or with.
    It’s not that Marty’s blog is without entheta; it’s because it’s free of slander, libel, PPP data and such vicious attacks.

  151. I from one am very glad you did come over to visit and stayed awhile. If you have two parties willing to talk to each other nicely, willing to listen, willing to acknowledge, then only good things can come of it. We call this good TRs, most folk simply call it good manners 🙂

    My point is that coming over here for a chat is the only real way we could bring about that magical circumstance that Ghandi, Mandela, and 1000s of other well-intentioned people have written and spoken about:


    It’s good having you here, I hope you’ll stick around and contribute more.


  152. He should study what “freedom of speech” applies to as well. It doesn’t mean anyone gets to say what they want, when they want, how they want, where they want. “Freedom of speech” as a legal right only means ONE thing:

    The Founders explicitly prohibited the *government* from being able to make a citizen shut up when they don’t like what he says.

    It simply doesn’t apply anywhere else, and certainly not on a private individual’s blog. Put another way, Caliwog does not have the right to expect Marty to publish what Caliwog says.

  153. OK Marty, I’ll see if I can dig one up.

  154. I gotta post this here again!

    Definition of an “IAS BRIEFING”
    “IAS Briefing” means the public comes in nicely dressed, listens to the phony “wins” of the IAS, then hears about the “catastrophe requiring immediate handling” for which “we need your donations to pull it off”. When it’s all over, public go home wearing nothing but their Briefs, because the IAS reges have made them cough up everything else they owned, right down to their shoes. The reges quote the Standard IAS Senior Policy, based on ”Command Intention”: “Strip, or go to Ethics!”

    And here’s the latest from the IAS – they finally cogged on “recurring donations” –
    IAS Monthly Donation Subscription, WWP: http://forums.whyweprotest.net/123-leaks-legal/recurring-ias-donations-73024/

    “A new way of contributing!”
    Dear ,

    For over a quarter of a century, the IAS has stood as the single most dauntless, defiant and resolute group this world has ever known in its protection of the Scientology religion and making the Aims of Scientology a reality.

    As we move forward into an even brighter future, it is members of the IAS who are helping to create a better world, by providing the wherewithal to fund IAS grants for the campaigns and programs designed to make LRH technology and solutions available to greater numbers than ever before.

    Because of the IAS, Scientology is here today – stronger and more triumphant than ever!

    Supporting the IAS is a continuing commitment we all must make. And you know why: It’s our future.

    With that in mind, I have some new news for you!

    You can now make donations to the IAS as recurring donations, of any donation amount, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly! This will enable you to make regular donations at your convenience towards your next status.

    All you need to do is click on the below link and fill out the Recurring donation form in order to apply. Once you submitted the form, your future donations will be processed as you specified.



    Your donation will be debited each month on the day you specify on the application form. For example, if you choose to make a monthly donation of $100 today, your next donation of $100 will be automatically charged to your account in exactly one month to the day, and each subsequent month thereafter.

    Each month you will receive a receipt for your donation informing you that your Recurring donation has been processed.

    In case you wish to cancel your Recurring donation, you may do so at any time by sending an email to me (contact@iasadministrations.net).

    Thank you in advance — your donations make all things possible!


    Selina Frick
    IAS Administrations

    If you’d like to unsubscribe and stop receiving these emails click here.”

  155. martyrathbun09

    Right. And ironic since lil’ Satan rose to power largely on “Kill Pete” reports to LRH about the GO.

  156. My own speculation on the whole scene was that Miscavige and his merry band of mutineers had to get rid of the GO because they had too much autonomy even under the new Exec Strata.

    Also he had to make enough noise about the “perfidy” of the GO in order to shut down any valid intel ops that were still on going.

    Did you know the GO had someone right at the very heart of the WFMH (what the Ol’man used to jokingly call SMERSH) and several others working in the Military and Intelligence who were almost blown by their shenanigans?

    I know because I audited several of those former operatives.

    In other words it wasn’t the FBI that rolled up all the GO’s intel ops.

    It was CMOI under the control of lil’ Satan himself.

  157. RJ — I think the FBI seizing copies of the GO files was the beginning of the end of the GO, not Miscavige or CMOI. Miscavige finished the job, but he was not around for Mike Meisner or the subsequent raids and dsclosure of the the dirt contained in those files.

  158. Yes Meisner’s GO 1361 lit the fuze and in my opinion was a provocation.

    However the thing that pissed me off about the whole affair was the fact that there never was a postmortem done (B of I) after the excrement hit the fan.

    (I mean even the CIA did a Postmortem after the Bay of Pigs fiasco and Project Snow White ranks up there pretty close)

    In which case:

    Do we know all there is to know about what really happened other than what Disinfo Misdirection (DM) tells us?

    As far as I’m concerned there are few of us who know some of the actual details while it seems that in most cases the Mushroom philosophy has been generally applied to the public in general.

  159. Tony DePhillips


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