Together We Can by Bix Beghe


There is a lot we can learn from children.  One of my favorite artists is seven years old.  He sent Mosey and me a water color almost two years ago and it still adorns our kitchen. Here is his first formal written piece.  I hope you enjoy it, and perhaps learn something from it like we did.


112 responses to “Together We Can by Bix Beghe

  1. Landon Carter

    Wonderfull !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. That’s perfect, Bix.

  3. Thanks Bix 🙂

    First chance you guys get, go fishing! It’s a blast. Mosey and Marty are pretty good at it and they’ll show you the deal.

  4. 🙂 Nice and simply TRUE! 🙂

  5. Pure Theta.

  6. Bix, what you say brought me to tears. You are beautiful and people in this world has a lot to learn from you. Thank you for sharing your home and heart with Daniel.

  7. Redneck Thetan

    It’s amazing how the wisdom of children pierces far deeper than anything most adults can say. My eyes are misty now.

  8. There is just one word to describe this. THETA.

  9. Bix, I love it …the best! You are quite an artist with lots of soul.

  10. It makes me cry for another reason. I did not have such a family to take me when I needed it when I grew up. I took the abuse.

  11. Bix, you’re the man! Beautiful!

  12. Watching Eyes

    Ahh, from the mouth of babes. Love it! “First he was a stranger and now he’s not.” Very well said Bix.

  13. Immortal!

  14. Jason,
    Many thanks to you for your generous being and safe harbor for Daniel.

  15. Bix,
    That shines brighter that 1000 Int Management events.

    You da man!

    And you dad too!

    – Tom

  16. Dear Bix,

    Young man, you’re a good man.

    My sincere admiration, Tom Gallagher

    “While we try to teach our children all about life,
    Our children teach us what life is all about.”
    ~Angela Schwindt

  17. Dear Bix, thank you for being a real brother to Daniel.
    love, g

  18. My hat off to ALL of you who are making this story have a happy ending. One cannot underestimate the power of your human acts of kindnesses. Your courage, strength and perseverance against this vicious onslaught of human rights violations inspire me to forge through the challenges and difficulties in my own life. Thank you for setting an example and a reminder that “Si! Se puede!”

  19. Dear Bix, Anyone that is lucky enough to have a friend like you is a lucky person.
    Thank you for sharing your theta with all of us.

  20. Bix, you are an incredible artist! We want more! ML, Songbird

  21. Wow! This is about real help and real compassion and real understanding. Good job, Mr. Bix Beghe!

  22. Cool stuff, Bix!!!
    Thanks for taking care of such a good person.
    Your dad is a big stud, too.
    I’m postulating big roles for him to play in movies. He deserves it for being so talented, honest and courageous throughout all of this stuff.

  23. Bix-
    That was beautiful. It made me cry 😉

  24. Wow Bix, you’re a true inspiration!
    One of the sign of a true leader is his ability to set a good example & inspire others to follow his lead. You & your family sure inspire me!
    Sending you & your new “expanded” family a big hug from Seattle.

  25. Bix – not just nice, it’s great and simple – and so true.

    Jason, naturally you burst with proudness at your seams for calling such a great boy your son. When I first watched your videos on why you have left the church I was shocked (and didn’t like it – you know, post-messcology-syndrome) but then I understood. The more I saw of YOU (not the poster boy BS) the more I liked you. That you quietly took Daniel and gave him safety is just in line with what I learned to like about you. Tipping my hat!

  26. martyrathbun09

    Wait’ll you see Jason in Haggis’ film coming out later this month. Whether he plays big roles or not, Jason Beghe is an artist – not a “star” – he’s an artist, much like his son.

  27. Dear Bix,
    Cool!!! You made a complex looking thing simple and that’s what it is all about – simplicity. You article conveys very well the ARC you built for Daniel.

    well done on giving raising such a nice guy who has learned the freedom of speech and is able to convey his feelings in such a nice, warmhearted way and spot on.
    Love, Feli

  28. What a release to know Daniel safe and good!!
    Bix… WOW!! Priceless.
    Jason, thanks!

  29. Jason, you are a man with integrity and compassion and I for one love that about you. Congratulations on setting such a great example.

    love Carol

  30. Tony DePhillips

    Good job Bix.
    And thanks for doing what you are doing Jason. You are exhibiting your OT power!! 🙂

  31. Very cool.
    Indeed he is an artist.

    Being a painter myself, is there any chance you can post a picture of Bix’s watercolor, Marty?

    The immature side of me wants to see Jason walking down the red carpet, in very close proximity to Cruise and Travolta. Am I bad? 🙂

    Most importantly, he is taking in and helping out this young man and that totally rocks!

  32. Very nice!

  33. Thanks very much, it made my day. A picture and poem is worth several thousand theta words, it’s great to see some flourishing and prospering!

    Definitely look forward to seeing Paul Haggis’ film when it comes out, unlike those by a “dead star” which I’ve not gone to in over a decade.

  34. Hi Bix!
    Wow, perfectly said! Great job! Thank you!
    Daniel could not have found a better family.
    Hugs to all, Joanna

  35. WOW!!!!!! What a GREAT writer you are.
    Bix, thanks for sharing with us.
    You and your familly have GENUINE COMPASSION!!!!

  36. DFB aka Dfb99

    Thats quite nice.
    Thanks Bix.

  37. Anyone else noticed the number of big and very big beings inhabiting young bodies these days?

    Something is happening. Something big is coming. Great epochs attract great beings.

  38. Pure awesomeness!

  39. Dear Marty;
    I don’t think this has anything to do with this topic but I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate the work you and your staff are doing here. I appreciate the fact that even though everyone may not agree those who are civil can still participate. You are doing an excellent job with keeping it all together and consistant. I also know you have a soft spot in your heart for me so you tolerate my sh_t! Thanks for the air cover, it is not unnotice by me.

    Jesse Prince

  40. Impartial English Girl

    That’s lovely. Simple, profound and very affecting. Beautiful. MUCH kudos to Bix… Obviously a very gifted lad.

  41. Pingback: Anonymous

  42. Jesse,
    boahhhh, that’s heart warming… thanks. What a love shower!
    And thanks to Marty, too. …

  43. Very nice Bix.

    Simple truths.

    Thanks for the post and thanks to you and your family for helping Daniel.

    Tell Daniel hello.

  44. That’s awesome!

  45. Independent Scientologist

    Jesse, are you currently in the Chicago area?

    If so – contact me at


    Ron Matlock

  46. You”something”You loose….I lost wich in this case is a good thing 😉

    Beautiful Bix, good things are gravitating towards you I am sure of that.


  47. one of those who see

    Hi Bix, Tears in my eyes too. Your poem is beautiful. I have printed it out and will keep it with me. You and your family have done a wonderful thing -including Danny in your lives. Wishing you all the best of everything.
    Hi Danny!!
    Jason…Hugs, Hugs, Hugs

  48. Hearts of Gold…that’s the Beghe family. What a lucky boy Daniel is, to be in such loving hands. Beautiful expression Bix!

  49. Marty,

    I always thought Jason was an ACTOR who knew how to act as opposed to a STAR which is just basically a commodity in Hollywood.


    If your reading this.

    You rock dude!!!!

    You’re one kick ass writer!

    Loved your poem.

    We’ll be working on a screen play in the future.


    Always loved ya man.

    Even though we’ve never met.

    Thanks for taking care of Danny.

    Like your son.

    You rock!

    Looking forward to your next flick.


    I’m so happy for you!

    I know its been a roller coaster ride.

    But now your in with some real good people.

    Wish you all the best 🙂


    Fuck OSA.


    Robin Adair

  50. Fancy:

    Jason is one of the only more high profile former Scientologists to come out that has actively picketed alongside Anonymous at the now well known Church of Scientology of New York, which for years sent people out to harass me and my family and friends and got away with it. Until 2003.

    I do not know Jason personally, I most likely never will, but the Anonymous he protested with have treated me as friends and for that I am grateful for whatever he does.

  51. Just Awesome, Bix! tell your Dad he did a Good Thing, too.

  52. Oh my god, so this is where you are Robin. I am sooooo happy for you. Wondered for awhile where you were. You seemed full of life to me and love, love, love that accent. Did I spell this right?

  53. Fantastic. 😀

    And wow, Bix is getting sooooo tall!

  54. Dear Bix,

    That was a wonderful note. Thank you for writing that and saying what you did. You are also a very handsome little boy. I liked the picture with you and Daniel and Jason a lot.

  55. Watchful Navigator

    Totally, completely awesome – moved me to tears.

    FAMILY. So nice to see it mocked back up.

  56. This is like X-mas !

  57. Bix, Yes, that was perfect and it made me cry too.
    Jason and family, nothing but love and admiration for you.

  58. Way to go Bix. Truth from the mouth ( hands) of babe.
    Here is an appropriate song for Bix and his new big brother Danny. And Jason….thank you for raising such a beautiful boy!

  59. Hi Bix;
    Your poem really touched me. Thank you so much for sharing this note with all of us. Please give Danny a big hug from me. Also tell your Dad he is one awesome dude for helping Danny land in a safe space.
    I love stories with happy endings and Bix your story makes me smile.

  60. Thank you all!!!

  61. Thankyou Edie.

    You’re a beautiful being and yes you spelled it right.

    What’s this about an accent?

  62. BIX YOU ROCK !

  63. Scott Campbell


    That was an excellent write-up of what happened to Daniel and how you guys are helping him. Good Job buddy!

    I sense a great writer in the making.

    Here’s a video salute to you: (originally posted by Marty a while back)

  64. martyrathbun09

    Yeah, Robin!!!!! 🙂

  65. Fellow Traveller

    Welcome to more freedom, Robin. Geeze your name is familiar. Maybe we kinda sorta crossed paths in LA ’88-’92 ish? Regardless, I am pleased to know a closer truth to who is this rockin’ thetan behind all the RJ posts.

    I will hazard a small correction to “Fuck OSA”. I think it more appropriate to say “OSA – Go fuck yourself!” More words, but I really like the flow there. I am adopting Jim Logan’s words as my battle cry for independence to those who oppose it for any.

    Bruce Pratt

  66. martyrathbun09

    Jesse, It is not just a soft spot. Fact of the matter is our shared and parallel tracks – and the way you’ve managed to come to peace with it all – tends to make you one of the few people who can really make me keep it real when need be. So thanks right back at ya.

  67. Redneck Janette

    Heh Robin!

    I too was wondering where you’ve been. I knew you from the old True School days when your kids went there. I’d love to catch up with sometime.

    Here’s my email:


  68. Fellow Traveller

    It ain’t the size of the body, nor the size of the person. It’s how much be there.
    Bix, you BE.
    Wow! Thank you very much for sharing will us all.

    Bruce Pratt

  69. Heh Jason,

    Just wanted to say thanks. Your interview was definitely one of the deciding factors for me to start looking deeper into my religion’s history.

    You are a great communicator, so maybe it wasn’t for naught after all.
    I personally know 7 people who have told me the same thing about your interview.

    Looks like Bix is following in his Dad’s footsteps and injecting large amounts of theta communication into the troubled world of Church of Scientology parishioners and helping to wake them up to what is really occurring. It is a lot to confront at first, but with your interview and now Bix with his poem, have made it easier to travel down the road to truth.

    Much love to you both,


  70. Hi Bix,

    Thank you for taking Daniel into your home and and giving him a good home. And thanks for writing about it. I know it is not easy to take a stranger in like that, and good to know he is not a stranger to you anymore. Well done Bix!

    Thank you again, Valkov.

  71. Bix,

    I’m sure I can speak for others and that is: ” You’re welcome.” Thanks for making this a better place. And that’s the whole world and the whole universe.

    Carry on. (And that includes all the rest of us.)

  72. Bruce,

    We may indeed have crossed paths back in LA.

    I was auditing at the AO HGC under the tender care of Cohen the Barbarian and Ivan the Terrible 🙂

    Thanks for the suggestion Bruce.

    But I like “Fuck OSA” it’s short sweet and to the point.

    However I’m willing to give:

    OSA go Fuck yourself

    a try.

    Conveys the same sentiment 😉

    Funny you should bring up Jimbo.

    We’ve been e-pen pals for a while now and someday we all gotta meet in person.

  73. becomingAware


    You are an observant and theta person. It is very nice to meet you.


  74. Scott. Outstanding………..

    Thanks for the reprise.

  75. Lisa Hamilton


    That was very nice and very special. Your family is very special to take Daniel in and treat him like a son/brother.

    You do very nice things. I still have one of the greenish chicken eggs that you gave me (when I was visiting your house) sitting on my kitchen window sill as it reminds me of all of you. (The egg insides were blown out and eaten…so it doesn’t stink!)

    Love to you all,


  76. Bix – Fantastic! I was able to share it with some of my family and friends today too. Just wonderful. Here’s a poem for you that I learned as a kid…

    Year Come
    Year Go
    Trees Green
    Grass Grow
    Sun Rise
    Sun Gone
    Time Flies
    Right On
    Don’t Sigh
    Don’t Fret
    Don’t Cry
    No Sweat
    Keep Real
    Keep True
    Stay Young
    Stay You

  77. Bix, you are talented like your Dad. And you have a kind heart like he does. Thank you to your family for being good to Daniel. He’s a good guy too.
    I really loved your poem!

  78. That was a beautiful note Bix. Thank you so much for giving Daniel a home and being family to him. You are a very special young man and I’m sure your parents are very proud of you.

  79. Bix,

    You rock big time in my books. I will speak on the good little things we do now and how they equate to much much bigger payouts beyond imagination later on. Good things come to good people, reaching out to a person in need especially someone who has suffered at the hands of a cruel cult and was treated badly, speaks volumes. A ripple in the pond will turn into a tidal wave in the ocean. Show Daniel what a true loving family is, and well I’m sure he is at times already emotionally loaded, but he will get through the cult conditioning and throw it in the proverbial trash can. I just hope his family wakes up soon.

  80. Hi Robin,

    Were you the Chaplain at AO in the 80’s? If so I know you.


  81. Way to go Bix ! Love your name! You’re cool.


  82. Bix is very lucky to have a father such as you. You have done a very good job Mr. Beghe. The son should be a reflection of the father and your son is inspiring awe from the readers. Well done man.

  83. “We gave him our hearts.” Very uplifting Bix!

  84. Amy – I like your poem too!

  85. Sorry, but what’s this about?

  86. Bix,
    Yours was an awesome communication. You must be very smart.
    I met your dad one time for only 5 minutes at the cafe at CC. I had seen him the week before on a TV show and made a comment to him. He was very friendly and nice and made a funny comment back.

    I think it is incredible that your family opened their home to Daniel and offered a safe space.
    Your write up was very meaningful and honestly brought tears to my eyes, with the beauty of you and your family’s help to someone that desperately needed it.

    After 40 years in Scientology, one of the videos that your father did, really go me to take a look.
    You are your father’s son and a stand up guy on your own!
    Thank you to You and your family for what you all have done!
    Penny Krieger

  87. Hi Bernie,

    Never was the Chaplain there.

    But then I used to handle ARXn public sometimes on the Chaplin’s behalf as a lot of auditors did occasionally back in the days when caring was what Scientology was all about.

    Way before “image is everything”.

  88. Scott Campbell

    Thanks for the props, Bro.

  89. Finally! Nice to meet you Robin Adair, good job!

  90. Jason~I didn’t know you in CofM but damn, I sure wanted more of you on Californication! 😉

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  92. Dear Bix,
    Thanks you for giving your heart and your home to Danny. Even though he lost everything, I am sure he is not lonely anymore. He has you and your family to see him through to the other side of the abyss, of having the chance to have a happy, wonderful life.

    My son is 19 and out in the world, and if he got in trouble and needed help, I would hope that he would have someone as wonderful as you to give him a hand. Much love to you and your dad, Lady Minn

  93. Beautiful Amy!!!!

  94. one of those who see

    How cool is this! Hi Robin!

  95. +1 – That little BIG man is to the point, isn’t he (big smile)

  96. Jesse Prince, Mike Rinder, Marty Rathbun , Sarge, Jim Logan, Karen de la Carrier Captains of Freedom, Pirates of Discarded, individuals with real unique personalities but united in one great game and warfare.
    I can’t belief it.
    This is just AWESOME.
    It’s Rock & Roll Time, baby!
    I have a Q on you David Miscavige: When was the last time you have hade honestly counted so much REALL FRIENDS of yours?

    Thank you Jason & Bix, you are heros.

  97. There’s a price that must be paid.

    Sometimes the price of doing the right thing is temporary loss.

    There’s a price that must be paid and all of us must pay that price.

    It’s not a matter of “if” but a matter of “when”.

  98. Dear Marty;
    Thank you, the relationship that you and I share in this life can only be described as symbiotic through an umbilical connection we share. If not for time and space we would be the same person.

  99. Bix,
    You bare chested little beauty, you.
    I sure am glad to see you and your Dad opened up your hearts and home to Daniel when he needed it.
    You two made everyone feel GREAT!
    You and Daniel have an open invitation to come to my place and I’ll take you two for a nice long horseback ride out in the mountains.
    Maybe we can even trade a line or two–I could use some pointers when it comes to rhymin’ and rythm!

  100. Dear Bix,
    Thank you for helping Daniel, writing your poem and sharing it with all of us! I send you a big hug!
    Mary Jo

  101. martyrathbun09

    As Jackson says “a brother from a different mother.” Or as Nas and Jay Z put it:
    “Huddlin’ over the oven, we was like brothers then (What?)
    Though you was nothin’ other than a son of my mother’s friend”

  102. Bix
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful poem and for helping to take care of Danny with your Dad.
    All three of you are very special people 😀

  103. Bix,
    Beautiful! Keep on communicating into all of your areas of interest, and that “magic” flowing.

  104. Wow!!!! That’s very Theta!!!

  105. I don’t know what you are talking about. I guess I did not understand this post as the context seemed not to be explained.

    I know who Anonymous and I happened to like most of them and I know how Jason Beghe is. He invited me when I went to La to meet him but I guess when I went he was not there and I never head back.

    Sometimes I get pretty lonely. I have a son but he is often too busy to do much with me. I talk to most people through the net. I have been told and I have tried to talk to people locally and there is very little R there. I can see many things many can’t but slowly I am finding some are. I ran into a guy who kind of figured out the Venus Project society way on his own. Slowly people are getting it has to be.

    Then I may have more people to talk to and they will not be quite as busy. So I get a little down at times and this post got to me a bit.

  106. Jason is a guy I whose help I would want if I were in trouble. He is a solid, stand up guy who is fearless. He and his family are great people. Taking in a young person who has nothing is a tremendous act of charity.

  107. +1 to that!

  108. Bravo Bix and thanks to you and your family for taking Daniel under your protective wings!

  109. Redneck Janette from Detriot

    Dear Bix… that was the Bestest poem Ever!!!

    Thanks for sharing!!

  110. So beautiful this picture Marty!!
    they all are so happy!! I still smiling.. after 5 minutes
    love to you and Mosey!!

  111. Bix,
    Great poem buddy…..Looks like Danny has a smile on his face now. I’m sure you have helped to make his world a happy one again. Thanks for sharing your work with us!

    Danny, what a wonderful, loving home you have. Time to relax and realize just how great life can be. Good luck to all of you. 🙂

  112. Oh, man, I was just reading Wikki something or other and went to your name. How wonderful that you acked me, sorry, so slow getting back to you. What accent???? you kidding? love it, not sure what to call it, British, maybe?

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