Miscavige Attempts to Frame BBC’s John Sweeney


For the past several years LRH PPRO UK, one Bob Keenan, has been doing nothing but running intelligence operations directly for David Miscavige, beating and hazing Int staff in the UK directly for David Miscavige, or doing incredibly criminal regging for Idle Orgs directly for David Miscavige. That is how Miscavige deploys his favorite L Ron Hubbard Personal Public Relations Officer. This is an example of how David Miscavige covertly black P.R.s the Founder in a more effective way than all Scientology haters combined can do.

Miscavige started bypassing OSA on operations of a very sensitive nature several years ago. They were too incriminating and too illegal for OSA to be trusted with keeping them from winding Miscavige up in the news or jail. Keenan fancied himself a Cugine (a young ambitious gangster who will do anything to climb the ranks in the mafia). Keenan funded such operations by approaching former GO/OSA public (such as David Gaiman and Andy Hutton) for cash donations. Keenan would then give the cash to “media/invest professionals (MIPs)”(his operatives) so nothing about their dirty deeds would appear on church books. MIPs are generally alcoholic ex-Fleet Street tabloid reports who will do anything against a former colleague for a little drinking money. Keenan had a whole stable of them.

An MIP with Mike Rinder and Bob "Babbo" Keenan

In Autumn 2009 Keenan was summoned to the US by Miscavige and asssigned the task of taking me out, by any means necessary so as to squash the Independent movement. He set up a number of Wile E. Coyote operations many of which are still operating today, including the several juvenile anti-Marty web sites and blogs. All of his ops – backfiring as they inevitably do – have ultimately contributed to the forward progress of the Independent movement. Bob, who was once a cugine, is today merely a Babbo (a mafia underling who is considered to be useless).

The following is taken from a 2007 despatch from Miscavige in which he critiques a Bob Keenan proposed operation to “get Sweeney (John of BBC fame) busted.” The proposal was for a hired resource to befriend Sweeney so that he might set Sweeney up for some illegal activity that Sweeney would then be “gotten” for, fired by the BBC, discredited, and nullified as a threat.

Here are David Miscavige’s verbatim instructions to Babbo Bob Keenan.

MEDIA/INVEST PROFESSIONAL: Speaking of paying people, the only problem with this proposal is that if word leaks out on that, it sounds like we’re paying to “get Sweeney.” The budget isn’t the problem. Doing it on the product basis of “getting him busted” won’t look good if it comes out. You of all people should understand how this works. Solve it. Solve it while not losing the media professional.

Miscavige’s contribution to the plan to frame an internationally renowned journalist (a plan he ordered in the first place) was advice to adjust the wording so the word could not leak out that the church was paying someone for the product of “getting him (Sweeney) busted”, as that would backfire on the church.

In other words, Miscavige’s contribution is to encourage the illegal program, and to compound the felony with slick cover up.

Ultimately, Babbo Bob failed to get Sweeney busted.

Tommy Davis was right when he asserted to the St Petersburg Times that David Miscavige gives a whole new meaning to the term “religious leader.”

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  2. becomingAware

    The entheta always “leaks out”. The unknown is when and the number of casualties before it does.

    Bob Keenan should watch his back now that he is a liability to DM.

    IMO it seems DM is getting sloppy and leaving tracks of his illegal activity. While I’m not waiting for him to fall and am moving along, it would not break my heart to see him in jail or on Interpol’s list this coming year.


  3. Ha!

    Independent Field – 1

    DM’s MIP Flying Butt Monkeys – 0

    I just love it when a DM plan does not come together.


  4. Marty,

    The phrase he is looking for is in all that rambling is “plausible deniability”.

    Didn’t his handlers teach him better then that?

    Seriously though.

    The question in my mind after reading his drivel over the last two days.

    Is not his depravity in seeking to character assassinate a member of the press.

    That I’ve come to expect as typical from this psychopath.

    It’s how anyone could be so enthralled by this mental retard as to be willing to follow him off the nearest cliff toward oblivion?

    That said.

    Marty you are performing a public service by exposing this lunatic.

    Keep up the good work 🙂

  5. dm has ceased being human. His paranoia seems to know no bounds.

    Buddhists would say he’s now in the animal realm. It’s very hard to unglue your mind when it’s become so utterly rigid and hysterical.

    Much like an animal. Think animal in the wild – constantly looking over their shoulder for the predator who will take them out, while they stalk their prey for dinner.


  6. Firebreathing Frog

    David Gaiman died while in mission with Babbo, regging illegal donnation for the Ideal orgs.
    This new ideal orgs strategy and other DM program doesn’t work, but kill people.

  7. DM’s incompetence knows no bounds.

    BTW – the other day I searched for your name. A bunch of CoM sites came up.
    You know the ones. Anyway, I went to a couple of them and they had the usual blog posts of teeth gnashing about your articles from THIS blog. I noticed that there was basically no comments on any of the entries. I then realized that no public scn’ers COULD comment as they aren’t supposed to be reading this blog, under penalty of eternal freedom from the CoM. (SP declare) 😉

    Anyway, the TOTAL lack of follow up comments makes these smear sites look truly pathetic to any potential non-scientologists who happen to stumble upon them.

  8. In my opinion, seeing as how this is the “Church of Scientology” we are talking about here, that fact just plain TR’s and Know How cannot be applied to anyone anymore is a lie.

    Is this the only way DM knows how to get out Scientology’s message to Mankind is to hire people to get rid of people?

    Someone on this BLOG said the other day “The church is dead”. Well, when one looks at the way overts have replaced TR’s and dissemination this can be said to be the truth.

  9. Bob Keenan,

    I so hope you read this blog.

    Funny to find ourselves fighting for the same thing but on opposite sides on the fence after all these years isn’t it? In my wildest dreams back then I would never have thought it possible.
    Remember the car ride we took into town back in 1990? We talked about the hidden SP. We thought it might be the CO CLOUK but couldn’t be sure. Years later you were rolled back on those thoughts and originations in session and so was I. Lucky for both of us that neither of us knew the real SP at the time (don’t you think?) We both KNEW that there was an SP at work even back then.
    Well guess what Bob… YOU FOUND THE STINKING SP! VERY WELL DONE! Only problem is you weren’t supposed to help him!

    Two beings with the same drive, purpose and loyalties to LRH. That’s how I remember it. So now one of us is really really wrong. Right?
    If you ever want to talk about it email me: firewitch888@googlemail.com (or call me – I’m sure that Maud and Phil still have my number).
    Hell it’s worth a shot isn’t it? Unless you’re ABSOLUTELY certain you’re on the right side. Think carefully. It’s LRH and the Sea Organization that you stand to betray.
    Sam Domingo (nee Hitchcock – but I’m sure you know exactly who I am).

    PS: DM if you don’t allow your pitbull to read the blogs for fear he will find out what you are up to, just give Bob a hug for me and let him know I’ll always be there for him. He’s a smart man so he can’t stay PTS to you for ever. Ooh and let him know I thought he looked extremely sexy in his fireman outfit in that little promo piece you used him for.
    Thanks 😉

  10. Keenan’s numerous ex-staff can indeed attest to what a wanker he is towards his underlings (juniors). Aside from the state of LRH PR in UK, which speaks for itself, the main thing that gives Keenan away as a total fake is his complete lack of MANNERS, which should be the hallmark of a good PR. Babbo the Brilliant thinks he is popular at Saint Hill, but he is utterly despised due to his arrogant, rude and loutish behaviour.

  11. Marty,
    WindWalker, on the previous thread mentioned a CBC program, Passionate Eye, that played a ‘Four Corners’ show (Australian) on the topics of disconnection, the RPF and forced abortions.

    Tommy Davis, in his lying and disingenuous responses – blatant, flagrant and egregious lying – did exactly what you say; he threw LRH under the bus to protect the suppressive squirrel David Miscavige and his Black Scientology.

    Keenan does the same with his websites.

    Dupes, patsies, ‘mouthpieces’ for an SP that has as his prime target L. Ron Hubbard and the subjects of Dianetics and Scientology.

  12. Alex Braverman

    David Miscavige has become a ‘religious leader’ of nothing more than a criminally suppressive brainwashed cult (Tom Cruise included).

    I can’t wait to hear Mr. Sweeny get wind of this, I think it will disgust him.

  13. Independent Scientologist


    I think I got a taste of OSA BS the other day and wanted to warn others.

    I recieved an email that seemed to be from Microsoft – the owner of Hotmail – informing me that if I did not reply immediately with my Hotmail accounts and passwords, I would lose both accounts. The email had the Microsoft logo but the request seemed bizarre. And furthermore, it seemed to have originated at a private hotmail account. I deleted it and only later realized what it was – an attempt by OSA to create confusion and discord among independents by gaining the ability to post bogus comments that seemed to be coming from legitimate names.

    I didn’t leave the Cof$ a day too soon.

    – Ron Matlock

  14. Independent Scientologist


    On Saturday my wife Michele and I had dinner with Tom Gallagher and his sister. It was a wonderful get-together of independent scientologists. My wife and I met Tom through this blog!

    Please – if there are any independents out there who live or reasonably close to Cincinnati or Indianapolis, contact Tom or I and let’s see if we can’t add to the group! There’s strength in numbers.

    – Ron Matlock

  15. …. another one bites the dust! Every post of yours echoes the sound of a hammer hitting yet another nail in that coffin. Interesting how Miss Cabbage is worried about the consequences “if word leaks out”. Dave, word did leak and it was your own words. “You of all people should understand how this works” … (these Transcriptionists(dm) (instead of “TM”) do have a habit of haunting you, don’t they?)

  16. Watching Eyes

    This is beyond gross. Press, are you paying attention?

    The day is approaching when DM will go so stark raving mad that even his lieutenants and enablers can no longer ignore it and cover for him. He is losing the battles that he initiates, his gross overts are all over the internet, the press is aware and of course the cult stats continue to decline. All this while while the independent movement keeps on growing.

    What will his closest people do when DM cracks to the point where it’s evident even to them? I guess they’ll lock him up in a room kind of like a jail cell with a slot to pass food ………..and maybe some Chloral Hydrate. At that point even his BFF Cruise will bail on him. Count on it.

  17. martyrathbun09

    I[m glad to hear you all are congregating.

  18. martyrathbun09

    David Miscagive hates L. Ron Hubbard.

  19. Wow. Thats the real stuff. Underhanded, covert, unfair. I hope this post gets wide distribution. John Sweeney is a decent chap. So glad the church cant handle the heavy lifting anymore. Bob Keenan is not the only babbo on the payroll. DM will have to bypass him now. Fly to the UK, find Sweeney, choke the living shit out of him on his own as its obvious he is now the ONLY one left who can get anything done.
    Doing that is somehow percieved as the solution to the churches problems. Forget the abuses. Forget the staff. Forget the public. Get that fucker who is cutting our GI lines. Kick that cat.

  20. A bit paraphrased to fit into context:
    A group is as alive as it communicates.
    No communication is an indicator of death.
    These sites are indicators of a dead cult.

  21. Good comments Alex and thats mild .

  22. Who actually last saw DM and when
    was that ?

  23. There it is:
    David Miscavige hates L. Ron Hubbard.

    THAT opens the door to understanding why he’s done what he has, and continues to do it. That explains his hatred for those he puts in the SP Hall. That explains his enforcing those things that are so destructive. His squirrel ‘HCOBs’ falsely attributed to LRH. His hatred for Scientology and Scientologists. The Mission Holder meeting in Clearwater and later San Francisco. The Comm Ev of the Int Execs. The destruction of the estate planning. The corruption of the tech. His madness on all fronts.

    His entire modus operandi is explained.

    As difficult as that is to confront due to the incredible entheta it entails when one does (that’s the black, frothing, electrified, dispersed, evil mass one encounters theta-wise):

    David Miscavige hates L. Ron Hubbard.

  24. Felicitas Foster

    Thanks, that was a good afternoon treat.

  25. MARTY!!!!
    Please forgive my doing a ‘wayne’ and continuously posting here on this point. David Miscavige hates L. Ron Hubbard.

    When I was in LA in early 86 getting my clearances for the Int Base, I picked up an unmistakable ball of entheta somewhere. I perceived this black, roiling mass that was palpable. I couldn’t place it and at that time wasn’t sufficiently trained or experienced with the tech, especially the Upper Level material, to spot it.

    This same roiling, black, evil ‘thing’ was present and increased in its presence when I got to Gold. It became more solid. When DM torpedoed RTC and took over, it became even more prevalent subsequently.

    Eventually, by the early 90s, it was so there, as manifested in the beginnings of the ‘seances’ in MCI (Massacre Canyon Inn, the cafeteria/auditorium), the one where Eric Knutson was humiliated publicly and mob-think reigned, that it couldn’t be ignored.

    Annie said to me at that time that she was aware of an ‘entheta’. We talked about it but couldn’t do more than only vaguely isolating that it existed, not what it was exactly or where it was emanating from.

    Oddly enough, Ron Miscavige Sr gave me the first real clue to its identity. He commented one day about the ‘evil purpose wavelength’ and how one could feel it when it was directed at them.

    Today, finally, after all these years of wondering ‘what is that?’ I’ve gotten the Long Fall, continuously Blowing Down item that is still BDing:

    David Miscavige HATES L. Ron Hubbard.

    That hateful purpose, that evil intention, IS that ball of black, shooting, RSing entheta I perceived.

    List is complete, down to one item that BDed, and is going into a continuous, dial wide, floating TA as I continue and get off the last bits of charge.

    David Miscavige hates L. Ron Hubbard. THERE IT IS. Thank you Marty!

  26. Wow! That simple truth blows all kinds of charge. Obvious but somehow never clearly stated. How fascinating.

  27. The more I read of DM, the more I recall the Mission to Earth series. I really think it was a biography written in future-tense for DM. LOL

    Okay, that might be a slight exageration. 😉

  28. martyrathbun09

    Great. It is interesting how the entheta merchant is able to make that simple fact appear not to exist, ain’t it?

  29. DM = Soltan Gris

  30. Very interesting. That’s how he bamboozles the public, the staff, SO members; his apparent devotion to LRH, while he squirrels the tech, shoots footbullets, has Tommy D lie through his teeth, and all the other shit he’s pulling that is now getting to the broad sunlight of public view.

    The several points you’ve made about DM fostering the hate sites by actually having his dupes post there and trash Scn, LRH and so on, are unconfrontable, UNLESS one realizes it is DM’s intention to destroy the repute of LRH and the Church of Scientology.

    He blathers on about how dedicated he is to the man, while his products are completely opposed to the man’s aims. He is after you, Mike, the rest of the independents, and any who would expose his actual purpose. It’s all bullshit PR to try and mask his real intention.

    He hates LRH. He hates Scientology. He hates Scientologists.

  31. Let me just chime in on this BD’ing: Exactly! Right in my face every time I read this block – and NOW I understand why I ALWAYS did something to not go to Int (I was aware that I did NOT want to go to Int despite many attempts to get me there but I would never voice it) and a friend recently told me that the closer to Int he got the “colder” it felt (until he blew 🙂

  32. Jim, very interesting. I have a story as well. One day Ronnie Miscavage Jr and I were walking down Ft Harrison ave to the FH for lunch when I noticed someone who looked a lot like Ronnie about 3 steps behind us. I asked Ronnie is that was his brother(duh), he said yes. I said I should say hi to him as I didnt know him. Ronnie told me not to. I forget the exact words but he disuaded me from contact. Well, in hindsight he did me a favor.
    And I agree DM hates LRH. And the reason is DM’s pride. Nothing LRH did to him. Its status driven. DM is doomed by his having totally given in and crossed over to embrace the sin of pride. It drives him. Always has. Pride is one of the 7 deadly sins in Catholic Theology. Its the false self. He feeds it and feeds it. It eventually leads to a fall.

  33. martyrathbun09

    Oh, by the way, on a more positive note, those interested in some intense auditing or training might want to check out the following, http://casablancatejasmyblog.wordpress.com/.

  34. What you received was a “fishing” email. This technique is used widely, by criminals, for many kinds of accounts. Not only email, but maybe your bank account, even for online gaming accounts.
    It might be an attempt by OSA to find out about your communications, but then again it might not. However, you acted correctly when you deleted the email.

  35. Disgusting and unbelievable but it is the truth. There are succinct LRH references being violated as many of you know. One of the basic violations occurs across the boards but I will comment here in this context. From HCO 2 April 1958 ARC in Comm Course we get “there are two types of auditing. Both include control. They are called “Formal Auditing” and “Tone 40 Auditing.
    The first is control by ARC. The second is control by direct Tone 40 command.
    …The most widespread weakness in auditors prior to this date is an inability to use step one of Clear Procedure (Participation by the pc). This is only good ARC in the Training Drills of Comm Course. Auditors are now too prone to let CCH Ob Help do the work. Auditors fail to make the pc feel they are interested in the pc when they handle him with poor ARC.
    We care nothing about ARC in Upper Indoc. We want command (italics), we want Tone 40. We do not even handle pc origins in Upper Indoc.
    Students must understand that there are(italics) two types of auditing. They should realize that Tone 40 is for the unconscious, the psycho, the non-communicative, the electric shock case pc. The student should realize that ARC formal auditing is not chatty or yap-yap, but it is itself. It has warmth, humanity, understanding and interest in it.
    Academy Dir of Tr, Comm Course and Upper Indoc Instructors should keep this in their hats as needful technical data, since we must(italics) turn out auditors capable of handling pcs with ARC.” LRH
    and in HCOPL 13 Aug 1970 II PR Series 2 The Missing Ingredient:
    The primary corrective discovery bout PR has to do with the ARC triangle of Scientology.
    …PR is supposed to be a communication technique. It communicates ideas.
    …Older PR practitioners preferred lies.
    …When an enforced communication channel carries only lies, then the affinity caves in and you get hat. For the R is corrupted.
    PR, dedicated to a false reality of lies, then becomes low A, low C and recoils on the user.
    …Thus the law NEVER USE LIES IN PR.
    …Handling truth is a touchy business also. … Tell an acceptable truth.
    (Note here LRH says acceptable truth not invented shore story or completely fabricated lies to attack another.)
    …Serving mad masters, a PR hasn’t much chance.
    ___and the last reference for this post is HCOB 13 Nov 1981 What Tone 40 is
    … Tone 40 is a positive postulate with no counter thought expected, anticipated or anything else; that is, total control.
    …A Tone 40 intention includes nothing else –no counter intention specifically. (Counter intention is any intention which counters an intention.) Any emotion is misemotion at Tone 40.
    …One must have a reality on objects and other beings; otherwise he has no terminal in which to create an intention.
    He must have a reality that he can create an effect in a given space, and he must be able to create this effect with no liability.
    And, as executing a Tone 40 intention is, in essence, total control, confront enters into it. The ability to control is largely dependent upon the ability to confront.

    So we see that without using ARC and the PR series to communicate he attempts to control Tone 40 the communication and outcome. Even to move into the arena of disgusting and criminal activities. Without the reality and sanity involved he can’t do even this without “no liability.” This shows the absence of an ability to confront. And that is where the world begins, with TR0.

    This is just how the public online’s are handled. Not with ARC communication. But with Tone 40. I repeat “They should realize that Tone 40 is for the unconscious, the psycho, the non-communicative, the electric shock case pc.”

    I don’t think the entire field, public online’s and off and population of earth all fit into these last mentioned categories so we don’t all needed to be handled with Tone40 only and without ARC. Only ARC brings about understanding. Tone 40 enforces robotic compliance. I personally refuse to be a pawn in someone else’s game not of my choosing.

    Sapere Aude
    Marty; if too long feel free to edit. I don’t intend to hog your blog.

  36. Pride in buddhism (the type of pride which is a sin), is the most deadly of the 3 root afflictions (pride, aggression and bias) as it FILLS up the prideful person so that NOTHING can enter his mindstream.

    Nothing except of course more pride.

    And it gets more and more solid. dm hates LRH. dm doesn’t like anyone taking the limelight from him. Pride. The most deadly root affliction.


  37. Over the years that Bob Keenan was doing Miscavige’s very dirty work he came to look sicker and sicker, more and more ugly, more and more physically and mentally massy, deader and deader.

    I saw him on a regular basis – as he carried messages from his mafia boss (Miscavige) to Birmingham Org or at St Hill where he was doing everything but his own job as LRH’s personal PRO.

    Betraying LRH and sucking up to Miscavige clearly took its toll. The transition from bright eyed and jovial Londoner who could easily entertain you with fascinating stories from his army or fireman days to bitter, ugly slob was unmistakable and I wasn’t the only one who noticed it.

    I don’t say this to poke fun at anyone’s physical appearance; I say it to point out the price Keenan had to pay to forego his principles, compromise his integrity and forfeit his self respect — one minute he was in Birmingham trying to get Lucy or me to be the Executive Director of Miscavige’s new and so called London Ideal Org, the next he flip flopped and was bringing a message from his mafia boss, threatening us and kicking us out of Birmingham entirely. And his destructive acts on Birmingham Org continued after we left.

    He acted more and more like Miscavige until he was just like him, at which point he looked terrible.

    I knew he was up to no good and raised money for unnamed, unspecified “projects” because he raised some of it in Birmingham but that part of the picture was murky due to his secrecy.

    It’s clear now.

  38. martyrathbun09

    Quite literally, one of the techniques he uses is the old 1950’s psych trick of “no one would believe you if you said it.” He’s had Davis say that right to peoples’ faces who had serious crimes to blow the whistle on. “Go ahead, who would believe it.” Not, “hey, that didn’t happen.” But smugly relying on the conduct of Miscavige being so over the top and incredible, that no one would buy the truth of it. This is quite well portrayed in the Clint Eastwood movie The Changeling. Highly recommended flick.

  39. Floating Needle

    Great analogy!

  40. Which is so shocking because where would David Miscavige be if it were not for L. Ron Hubbard?

  41. Loki,
    You’re right, there was a ‘cross-over’. Technically speaking, DM was doomed when he ‘crossed-over’ in the GPM he’s dramatizing. He became that which he opposed. He became the Suppressive Person.

    LRH, Scientology, Scientologists are all the enemy in DM’s GPM. They are all to be destroyed. They are all ‘opposed’ to the valence he’s in, as dictated by the GPM and the mechanics of that phenomenon.

    If you could get him on a meter, and ask him, in session ‘Consider committing overts on a Scientologist, LRH, Scientology’ and had your TRs in, session presence and got an actual response, it wouldn’t be his ‘unique meter read’. It would be a slashing, Rock Slam. It’s there. Just under the surface maybe, but there, and enough to fry that meter.

    His ‘ego’ presently IS this GPM and its various terminals and ideas. That’s the false self.

  42. Dave:

    So who is this Bob Keenan guy, he is somebody special, he’s from the Mafia or something that is supposed come and get the critic? He looks like an ill albino.

    And look at Mike Rinder standing next to him. He is looking like he is trying not to concentrate on the fact too much that this guy standing behind him, this Babbo type, is not giving him the creeps.

    Did anybody see this or just me?

  43. S.A.,
    It is INTENDED to be Tone 40. But it is anything but that. There is so much hatred, anger, serv-fac involved in COB’s version of “tone 40” that it is nothing but a complete and total ARCX and nothing but that.

    You can “tone 40” people all day long to donate to the Ideal Org program. But when you are making the public wrong for NOT donating, trying to prove them hostile, when they have already given and given and given… who’s the psycho now?

    Yes, like you, many others are begining to refuse to play the game. But so many others are still fooling themselves. DM’s day or meltdown is coming. That’s also when you’ll see stats go “straight up and verticle.” That stat will be Number of Scientologist Blowing Off-line.

    People better be ready to catch them when the fall.

  44. Gary Morehead aka "Jackson"


    “Who” last saw David Miscavige? …….. Laurisse Stuckenbrock – This morning when she rolled over and reluctantly said “Good Morning Sir”. This after having slept yet another unsatisfying night.

    Oh yes…. We see him daily here on this blog too. I personally have yet to figure out how to beat David Miscavige as the first viewer of the newest post here.

    Marty could post the secret ingredients and way in which to make the best apple pie and David Miscavige would have one in the kitchen window cooling before you and I log on. He then would be mustering up all base staff, have them file by to take a huge wiff as “proof” he is the best pie maker.

    I for one am VERY satisfied that Marty has created an effective communicattion line , where I can freely and effectively contribute to, that places TRUTH into an open forum that SMACKS TRUTH into the forehead of DAVID MISCAVIGE – DAILY – and dumps TRUTH into the lap of the very liar and criminal known as DAVID MISCAVIGE — DAILY! This constantly lets him know he is recognized and is seen for waht he is — A LIAR AND CRIMINAL.

    For now, those who remain under the radar, willingly walk away daily from their computer with at least one black eye after having read of yet another factual truth being exposed and reported by those who walked the walk and talked the talk. They do so knowingly yet they know deep inside they need to walk away and stop contributing to his criminal actions but can’t for some reason walk away. They continue to live with their black eyes.

    I am conforted knowing this Blog smacks TRUTH into the foreheads of his very own followers and he can not control that AT ALL. Marty, Mike, Sinar, Sarge, Dan, Sam, Christie, MOSEY, Myself and all those who contribute here hold the reins to THIS INFORMATION SUPERHIGHWAY! David Miscavige f*cking hates that and I love that he hates that!

    — Jackson

  45. Marty,

    Babbo Bob’s photo appears in the dictionary under “sycophant.”

    Apparently he hired another one of those heavy drinking former tabloid editors to try and stave off the latest BBC show. I imagine he went around on his Triumph collecting cash from his “team” in order to pay them (though one of his big contributors, David Gaiman, is sadly no longer around, I think the pressure exerted by Babbo for him to come up with money for his crazy Idle Org building deals got to be too much).

    Babbo Brown Noser is a nasty piece of work. Smiling, “chummy” to your face, when Dear Leader tells him to clap his hands he does so immediately and then sits waiting for the fish to be tossed into his mouth. He is a DM favorite because he arranges for the Range Rovers to be hired when DM is the UK and for excursions and whatever else fits his fancy. He picks him up at Farnborough airport when he flies in on his jet (“You’re So Vain” was SUCH an appropriate song selection) and is at his beck and call throughout his stay. I well recall me, Yager, Guillaume and Heber being called in front of his Highness in his little conference room in the Manor to be berated for our latest “SP Act”. He got extremely pissed at me, and told Keenan (who was standing by his side like a slobbery puppy) to “take care of him out in the hallway.” I walked out of the door and Keenan cold-cocked me with a punch to the side of the head that knocked me out momentarily. He then worried he had gone too far and was all solicitous “I’m sorry, you know I had to do it….”

    Keenan was even brought to Int (Miscavige tried to get him to come there permanently, but Keenan was afraid, having seen what had happened to everyone else who was ever in Miscavige’s “inner circle” day in and day out, so he used the fact that his wife was not qualified to avoid it) for a visit and sent him and Debbie Cook (who was then one of his “golden girls/boys” though that was to be very shortlived) to visit the Hole. Bob and Debbie marched about 6 of us (the usual suspects, me, Yager, Guillaume and some others) down to the lake and told us we needed to jump in (fully clothed). Debbie was almost apologetic — “you know COB ordered this.” This is how bizarre the “structure” under Miscavige became. A staff member from CLO UK was sent to Int to implement “ethics actions” on Int management terminals.

    Keenan did the same thing in the UK. Dear Leader ordered him to have me, Guillaume, Heber and Yager woken up at 6am, escorted to the lake and thrown in (November — it was rather chilly). This was done daily for about 10 days.

    Babbo fancies himself as some sort of secret agent. He was formerly in the military (says he was an SAS sniper) and a London fireman and coach of racing yacht teams and numerous other amazing exploits. He is a wannabe.

    But I do thank him for one thing. When he was called by Miscavige after the BBC program and told to put me on MEST work at St Hill, he wasnt at the top of his game. He told me I needed to go back to St Hill (we were at the Fitzroy St house in London) and I readily agreed and quickly walked out the door to go to the Tube. I never looked back. Keenan sent me maybe 50 blackberry messages over the next few days begging me to tell him where I was and to meet with him. There was more chance of me voluntarily getting together with Freddie Kruger than meeting with Keenan (I am sure he was telling Miscavige how he could “handle me” and that he was “good friends” etc etc).

    Thanks for this posting. It’s good to air out some of the fond memories….

  46. atcause,
    Where would DM be if not for L. Ron Hubbard? Doomed to dramatize the Bank, the GPM.

    LRH is an oppterm for DM. He’s an opposition terminal in his reactive mind riddled by this Goal, it’s Problems and the Mass that is that roiling ball of entheta we see in the videos of David Miscavige. That machinery talking, that circuit that blathers on and on directed by the cause point of the speech dictated on the screen he reads from, is a PR front for the hatred just behind it, thinly veiled and ready to release at the slightest provocation.

  47. Marty,
    That’s an incredibly profound statement that rings the bell of truth and aligns a lot of other data. The very incredible nature of it, per the definition of the word, is probably the reason it goes ‘unrecognized’ for what it is by church members. His hate is concealed by gift wrapping it in ‘new improved definitions’, ‘new books’, ‘big shiny buildings’ and his important looking clothes and glittery stage.

    Hypnotized by all this, I can see how loyalists are duped into thinking his beatings and abuse must stem from his extreme competency, commitment and love.

    This emperor not only has no clothes, but his naked skin is getting more and more translucent, headed towards transparent. What’s this guy gonna do when his skeleton is so visible that everyone can see right through to the center of his skull where he hoards the black masses of his true intentions?

  48. Sapere Aude, with the audacity to know, thankyou for your excellent post and hopefully more to come.

    Jim Logan

  49. I think that DM hates himself far more than he hates LRH, Scn, etc. I think he takes out his hatred of himself on those. Here is a interesting definition of Little Man (complex):
    “Disparaging term used by someone who is envious of another because the former didn’t have the courage, intelligence, and/or determination to accomplish what the latter did. Thus, to make himself/herself feel better they must point out that the achiever is not “all that” because he’s short. Term used to describe a man who is believed to have resorted to wile in order to accomplish something due to a lack of physical power or power in general. Disparaging term used as a stronger substitute to “loser.” It is used by someone who is very upset by another, usually preceded by the adjective “pathetic.” However, if this person were in reality a pathetic little man, the natural emotional response to him would be pity, not anger.”
    More light can be she on DM by looking up “enabling” and “enablers” and how people contribute to his complex(es).
    As this planet is so full of enablers, I do not think DM should consider himself seriously threathened by Marty, even if Marty continues to prosper. Protestantism never really dismantled the Catholic Church. It only their own self-destructive habits that can/will do in Catholicism. Ron’s Org in Europse used to do A LOT of auditing in Europe, particularly Russia, and I don’t think DM was anywhere near that obsessed with them. I don’t know their current stats.
    This is really a tragic drama of self-destruction. Unfortunately, he tries to take others down with him.

  50. Dear Jim,
    Your TA is floating! I can feel it all the way here. Mine is floating, too. Wow! What a blowdown.
    “David Miscavige hates L. Ron Hubbard.” BUT, HE LOVES THE MONEY AND THE POWER. So, he hates LRH, but loves what LRH built and has to be parasitic, so he has to PRETEND TO LOVE LRH, when in actuality he hates him. That is the 1.1 aspect of his operation, he has to be covert in his hatred for LRH, because the money and the power comes from the love people have for LRH.
    It all fits. There have been stories about LRH wanting DM to get sec-checked, and I believe stories of how DM’s overts included spending money gambling in Las Vegas, while supposedly being a courier of cash money to LRH. You can just imagine the MISSED WITHHOLDS that were created when he found out LRH wanted him sec-checked. OF COURSE DM HATES LRH. HE HAD MASSIVE OVERTS OF FINANCIAL IRREGULARITIES AND WAS WONDERING WHETHER OR NOT LRH KNEW. LRH has written volumes on the technology of missed withholds and what happens to a thetan when this occurs, including criticalness. But all this has to be hidden. The overts and withholds have just continued and gotten worse and worse until what we have on our hands is a stupid, insane criminal. A criminal who has to pretend to be the leader of a Church of the man that he hates. He has built his own GPM, in addition to creating one for all Scientologists.
    I always see things in terms of Data Series perspectives. We have long had our WHO: David Miscavige, now we have our WHY: David Miscavige hates L. Ron Hubbard; due to own overts, withholds and missed withholds FROM LRH. But he loves the money and the power, so he has to pretend to love LRH; AND NEVER GET NEAR AN AUDITOR. AND DRAMATIZE THAT EVERYONE ELSE HAS OW’S, WITHHOLDS AND MISSED WITHHOLDS AND THOSE OTHERS MUST GET SECURITY CHECKED BEYOND ALL RECOGNITION. ESPECIALLY THE OT’S ON OT VII, WHO WILL COME ON THE SHIP AND BE CLOSE TO HIM DURING MAIDEN VOYAGE EVENTS.
    Also, I have read that David Miscavige was a courier for LRH monies while on the Flagship Apollo. He was travelling to Luxemberg, Lichtenstein, etc., etc. to bank monies. The financial irregularities may have started back then. Maria Pia Giardini, Italian Ex Sea Org member, reported as one of her ARC Breaks seeing DM and other INT execs gambling at a casino in Aruba, I believe in the early 2000’s, while this was strictly forbidden for rank and file SO members and public on the Ship. Maybe this penchant for gambling started in the early 70’s. At any rate, for me all the data I have read all fits together and now all makes sense, based on the above why.

    Thank you Marty, and thank you Jim: my TA is definitely floating!

  51. Samuel,
    On these sites, and the recent OSA letter sent to deny the reality of the independent field, you’ll notice that the numbers of comments on them has been artificially inflated as of late.

    Prior to the stat falsification of ‘comments’, there were only a few to each of the ridiculous blog pieces.

    No doubt the order from DM was to attempt to make nothing of the number of posts to this blog while inflating the ones to Keenan’s sites. Those sites do exactly what the email from LT said was going on in the independent field. It was so obvious as to be absurd, yet a ‘compliance’ to another wacko command from (trying to be) ‘on high’.

  52. That is correct: particularly corporate Scientologists won’t believe it (immediately); it’s rejected out of hand as “unbelievable”. It needs some looking and evaluating because it is “too incredible”.

    Scientologists LOVE LRH and his many technologies. That’s why they are there in the first place. Contrarily, Scientologists ACTUALLY hate DM (and only put on a nice face out of fear). This is what I have seen in many, many instances – publics, staff, SO (but only now do I understand it) – it is expressed in many forms, one of them is not coming to events, being harder and harder to reg, not answering the phone, not coming on course etc. etc.

    Continued communication of actual LRH technology and principles and their worth should then WIDEN the gap for corporate Scientologists to see where DM actually is heading. Merely pointing to a policy that is being violated and saying how it is a good policy (if one feels it is) should eventually result in a cognition on the part of the corporate-unbelievable-Scientologist.

    (I shall test this out as it a communication corporate Scientologists WILL listen to! And once THEY express a doubt, well, I have enough food for them to make that doubt into DOUBT!

    It’s the PLUS side to pointing out the minus side of the crimes – I know, Marty, you already have two blogs … click, click, … bang … …. … BANG!!! … … (nothing damaged – was only my cog – sorry for disturbing the peace on this blog 🙂

  53. Mike,
    That’s $#@&!? believable! Keenan could have just punched the wall and then you said “Ouch” and reported compliance. I have a silly question, what would have been the chances if when standing at the edge of the lake, one guy said, “You know what? This is bullshit! Let’s go grab that little midget bastard and throw his sorry ass in the damned lake and then properly Comm Ev the #@$%er! Who’s with me?”

    Would anyone have signed on? Do you think anyone in the inner circle who would sign on to that now?

  54. Bingo! No one would believe it. THAT’S what he counts on with Scn public, staff and those reading this blog and the other sites. No one believes it.

    Slowly, surely, they do.

  55. becomingAware


    Your friend put it to words exactly correct. I could not vocalize it but he did exactly; “that the closer to Int he got the colder it felt.”

    Perfect and insightful observation.


  56. becomingAware

    What Jim says is true. “at the slightest provocation”. Often he didn’t even take the trouble to mask it at all and that was way back when.
    Any Int staff that could get access to open communication on the Internet would not be there for long. Perhaps that is the why of no leaves.


  57. Supere Aude — Thank you for taking personal initiative to locate and transcribe these references. It gives Source perspective to the blog topic. Hallelujah!

  58. Jackson,
    I LOVE the very same direct line to DM! I love you for loving that he hates that he cannot look away from this blog.

    DM, good morning. This is Jim, but you know that. You know also – I AM Shiva. The modern Scientological version – Cessation of Creation. I’ve got you – you know it. That is intensely gratifying.

  59. sorry

    Contrarily = Corollary:

  60. “Keenan cold-cocked me with a punch to the side of the head that knocked me out momentarily” And there you have it.

    Graeme Wilson – I know you keep up to date with the blogs as last time I paid an impromoptu visit to St Hill, there was Phil with a colour copy print-out of my Independence declaration in his hand. Come and talk to me about this incident and related ones. Seriously. You know where I am. If you can show me that Screechy D, Bobbo and the Int Execs are all telling the truth, that there were never any such abuses, then sue for libel. Now. Today. Do it Graeme. Because until the truth is acknowledged on these issues, everything else you do is null and void, undermined by being built on a bed of not-isnes. And while you’re about it, please explain to my 8-year old daughter who is distraught, why she is not allowed to talk to her best friend, Molly. Better still, handle her off-policy parents with cramming. Just for the record, Maria and I have put NOTHING on our daughter’s lines. Nothing.

    I was talking to an EG old-timer the other day who knows exactly where I stand regarding the current scene. He was trying, almost apologetically, to tell me that everything was fine. The Panorama had resulted in more people going to Orgs; COB was handling everything just fine; 3 OT VIIIs had met Mike R when over here and impinged on him (and didn’t he look bloated now)… What was so tragic about it was the desperate hopefulness not backed by any stats or facts. He insisted that according to COB “we are near the tipping point” (there’s a certain truth connected to that statement at least). It reminded me of the head-in-the-sand mentality required for all onlines public these days. Thank God that isn’t me any more.

  61. OTDT, I would sugges the translucense is tied to the fact that once you spot a faker or a liar, you start to see them through a different lense and can view all their words and works differently. So we see through DM.
    But as far as physical apprearance, the guy is very massy. THAT is what that picture of him on the bicycle shows to me. Solid, and not in a good way.

  62. Dear Ron,
    I have had a Hotmail account for many years. I received the same e-mail. I stupidly fell for it, and provided the information requested, knowing immediately it was a huge mistake.
    Sure enough, the next day I could not get into my Hotmail account. They had changed my password. A few close friends contacted me and told me that they had received an e-mail from me saying I was stranded in Cypress, and urgently needed $2000.00 to make it home. A very good friend who had just received an email the day before, responded to this e-mail, saying he needed more imformation about my plight. He received a return e-mail saying I had gotten mugged, and credit cards stolen, and needed to get back home, and would repay the money when back in the U.S. He was also provided with an address for Western Union and to send the money in Euros. Also, a request for smaller amounts if one didn’t have the full $2,000. This friend called me and forwarded the e-mail to me on another account I have, not Hotmail. Other friends and family reported this also. I am now having to “prove” to Hotmail, that I am really the owner of this account, by providing information about that account. Apparently, this was sent to my entire contact list, and it is very embarrassing, as there are many of my clients on that list. In the meantime I am totally blocked out of the account and did not have that contact list anywhere else. I am praying that none of my contacts “fell for it”.
    I don’t think it was an OSA op. If it is, it is quite an elaborate scheme. Definitely very, very criminal. Hotmail has a a blog with an FAQ section and someone asked about these kinds of emails, and they replied they would never send out an e-mail such as this. Unfortunately it was too late for me. A few of my friends told me they knew I had been hacked, so hopefully my clients and friends are smart enough not t have fallen for it.
    This experience says a lot about backing up data on your computer and on having some other place where you have all your contact e-mail addresses stored that are on web-based e-mail accounts. I had no other place where these addresses were stored and so had no way to contact and say “This e-mail you received from me is a false e-mail.”
    By the way Ron, I really enjoy your posts and know you personally, just haven’t seen you in years and years. Please contact me at ladyminn@hushmail.com. I would love talking to you and catching up!

    ML, Lady Minn

  63. Mike. That story is sick beyond words. Its so hard to believe that the others are still there or that it took you so long to leave. “punishing bodies”. What fucking assholes they both are. Truely a sickening story.

  64. becomingAware


    I noticed the same thing with Mike Sutter. He sounded fine and walked OK but his appearance was not healthy. Being that close to DM for years and not having access to the tanning bed and ‘enhancements’ had taken its toll.

    Makes me think of the firemen at Chernobyl.


  65. Heh Marty,

    There was a hit piece done by OSA against Sweeney and posted it on Youtube.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1dHHK6iKHtM (part 3 0f 3)

    At about 2:40 in this video, Travolta is in a crowd of the release of the Wild Hogs movie and supposedly Sweeney is yelling at Travolta “Are you a member of a sinister Brain-washing cult.”

    Sweeney is in a crowd so you can just catch a glimpse of him.

    I’m wondering if it’s true or not. I don’t think Sweeney would be that stupid AS TO YELL THIS type of remark. I think it’s an actor just placed in a crowd to look like Sweeney and added to really discredit him.

    Just wondering if you have some inside skinny on this.


  66. It’s interesting about the attempts to discredit John Sweeney, who after all, fell on his sword and proclaimed, ‘mea culpa’ after the first Panorama episode. There is quite a lot of ethics presence in admitting a mistake and moving forward. Even if there were ‘crimes’ that were found, most people are able to connect the source and place relative importance on it.

  67. windhorse~Excellent analogy really. It’s very hard for me to imagine being in such a small, mushed-down, solidified, primal existence sort of state…but if I imagine a wolf in the wild….yeah, definitely fits!

  68. And of course you can’t openly communicate with such hatred hidden just behind your lips either…

  69. to loki, let’s not forget vanity, the tanning beds, the suits, the makeup artist, the hairstylists, the pr lol, etc etc.

  70. How many evil acts does it take to stop oneself? Amazing what level some people stoop to, while others stop themselves much sooner. Mike, high five to you for stopping the insanity! I know it takes quite a high confront level to do so.
    Marty, you too!

  71. Mike, I think you meant to say his Highnass…

  72. Dear Mike, If I hadn’t personally witnessed Miscavige commit assault & battery on at least a dozen occasions — including on you — then I would find it hard to believe that this Church of Scientology “religious leader” could be so evil. He must believe he can get away with this type of behavior because his “religious practices” are free from outside intervention. Or so he thinks…

  73. Jim,
    I remember those toasting “briefings” at MCI (Massacre Canyon Inn) which is the dining hall at the Int base. These were held on Saturday nights, after most of the whole base did renos projects, and were called “Source night” (PR positioning of DM) as most had to listen to an LRH tape after Dear Leader started it off with the toasting of the week. RTC was seated in front, closest to the podium with WDC, CMOI, Exec Strata, CMO Gold with Gold crew at the rear. Dear Leader and his office staff arrive last after everyone was seated and left first after the toastings and didn’t stay for the LRH tape. Quite a few of the base crew were exhausted after a whole day of physical work and tried to stay awake. These were relative light compared to what came in the next decade!

    The “seances” were actually of a different animal and started in the 2000’s after I left and consisted of each base org with their own “seance”. Jeff recounts his experiences on this in 2003 with the Dear Leader created Roman Gang bang on his blog:
    …”What was supposed to happen was that each of these “troublemakers” was to get up in front of the group and confess their crimes. They were to describe the “criminal operating basis” or “op” that they were using to make Miscavige wrong and sabotage projects. And the Roman Circus atmosphere was beyond anything I had ever experienced at the grueling staff meetings. The crowd wanted blood.

    “One by one the circle of “troublemakers” got up and attempted to say something, anything, to satiate the blood-lust. “That’s not good enough!” someone in the crowd would yell. “Come on, tell us your real crimes.” I saw more than one person break down. Jim Mortland, a man I respected and liked, was led off in tears.

    “Finally it was my turn. I tried to say something, but was almost instantly shouted down. One beefy guy from the Cine Props Department, Clark Morton, stood up and yelled, “Come, on, tell us your real crimes!” Clark had formerly been a CMO Executive, now busted down to being a propsman in Cine. I could see his face reddening as he screamed.

    “A voice rang out behind me, “This is the guy who lied to LRH!” It was Nathan Story, a Gold exec. The crowd roared for my blood. “…


  74. And thanks for sharing. The so very bizarre gets so very real then!

  75. Lecture 2. September 1956: Effectiveness of Brainwashing
    “A brainwashing could be done. But Russia does not know how to do it.
    There are records of brainwashing on the whole track, but the only person who would be able to understand and do anything about it would be a Scientologist, and I have never met a Scientologist who is so stupid to brainwash anybody”

    The stupido Ron never met, is the dramatizing implanter and brainwasher known as the Dear Leader of Church of Miscarriage and TC´s best friend.

  76. Haydn
    So true.
    I can’t believe how much he has changed.
    Bob Keenan used to be very cute, clever, funny, light and easy.
    Now he has taken on so much mass that he looks exactly like your typical generic DM sleezeball (in all probability feels like one too).
    A sad sad waste and big disappointment.

  77. This is a good piece of news for little Dave. I’ve just had the honor to meet another botched OT from the suppressive auditing she had at her local AO. It took me less than one full hour to get her fixed up and winning again. She will never return to an official church of yours and guess what…. I’ll get her through her incomplete level. MORON!!!!!!!

  78. Brett — That WAS John Sweeney. IMHO (and I have told John this), that was stupid and inexcusable. Way more so than his “exploding tomato” incident. But he was under the same pressure. John doesnt think this was one of his finer moments either….

  79. martyrathbun09

    Jeez – this is a posting in itself. It is incredible how buried this extreme entheta gets. Right here is a live demonstration of why this open communication on these subjects is vital to us individually and collectively. Thanks Mike.

  80. martyrathbun09

    Jackson, I love it when you talk like a beer commercial!

  81. Mike,
    Thanks for the story – glad Babbo did you a good turn in London letting you go free!

    Met Keenan the first time in the 90’s when he was brought in to be briefed as part of the UK command team with Ron Norton. He seemed bright eyed & enthusiastic at the time and as Haydn described went down as time went on, a friend mentioned he was on a medical LOA at one point. However, he’s one of the few survivors of that era like Walter in EU who totally subscribes to the VE’s insanities including committing assault and battery, coloring his nose to a deeper shade of brown

    Saw Babbo once a year during the IAS weekends and he told tales of his super macho exploits of being a fireman (I was also a voluntary fire fighter) and speeding through the narrow English roads at over 100 mph on his bike in the rain during his stops for tea at the Manor kitchen.

  82. OTDT — No chance. Because there isnt one who would dare to be the first to speak up. Everyone who thinks about what a rotten little toad Miscavige is (and that IS everyone who deals with him) also thinks that they are the ONLY ONE out of step (it is sort of like the orgs — everyone believes THEIR org is the only one that isnt expanding). It’s sad, but true. There isnt going to be any “palace revolt” from within.

  83. You’re right Jimbo. I can tell you from experience, a bunch of those responses are transcribed from the VE dictaphone diarrhea. He can’t resist. And as he pontificates about “what should be said” he turns to whatever brown-nosers there are with him watching his lordship utter his mutterings and says: “Why the fuck can’t any of you SPs, do this? You make ME do everything!”

  84. martyrathbun09

    That’s Sweeney as far as I can tell. Abhorrent first several times I watched it. But, in the context of what they tried to do to Sweeney, in the context of the fact Sweeney’s first story was about DM’s beatings and he was made to look like a psychotic making stuff up, in the context of how Cruise and Travolta enable this cult to do what it does to its members day in and day out – was Sweeney’s comment and behavior really that out of line?

  85. Jackson,
    It’s great when you get “sudden”!

  86. What he said ^^^^^^

  87. Marty,
    Your statement is the un-embroidered, unbridled truth.
    The actions by DM are systematically and with psychotic calculation, designed to destroy LRH’s name, intentions and dreams, and to take out anyone who would get in the way of that destruction.
    Mike, your recounting of the SH stuff, makes me shake my head in wonder at those still in. While I hope they will wake up and join us, it’s not likely, IMHO — who or what would continue to co-exist or cower to this savagery? What is the straw that will break their backs and make them blow? Haven’t they had enough??? These questions, are of course, rhetorical — but goddamnit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. one little tiny outpoint i wanted to mention re: dm and his operating basis, as cob, nobody ever sec checked him.

  89. Bravo!!! I’m happy to hear this! 🙂

  90. Mike,
    What you said here to OTDT (what the hell DOES that mean) has tweaked a new insight into this persistent question.

    OTDT, go to Scn Cult and look up T Paine’s article Mechanisms of Miscavige for background on the milieu. Now, consider that as Mike as pointed out, each person there is introverted into thinking they are the only ones seeing or thinking there’s something wrong with DM. At the same time they think that, they introvert further into the falsity ‘that’s just natter’. (They haven’t read the actual LRH data on this or listened to Level II material or applied it so they can’t differentiate ‘natter’ from valid observation/criticism. They ‘thought stop’ at this point, and worse, introvert/introspect on a non-existent withhold as per the Introspection RD data).

    Eventually the only way out of this nuthouse, and that noise in your head, is to leave, either by relinquishing presence there as a being or physically leaving as in a blow from the madness. What keeps guys there for so long is an unwillingness to blow, with the rattlin’ around in the head of ‘blow=overts’ (see above, one introverted on a ‘withhold of nothing’ or wrong indication of ‘natter’ to oneself and most definately by others) or ‘blow = SP act per Leaving and Leaves, DM gets a right nice messed up being who can’t do much of anything.

    The fact that an SP blows off good staff or declares them (this is covered in SP Main Characteristics policy and the Data Series Silvia Kusada has as a quote in her recently posted video, which see) is either not considered by those there, or is overridden by the ‘guilt’ of thinking bad about DM. DM does = Scientology remember, Sue Wilhere said so and of course she is one of those we’re talking about now isn’t she, except she is particularly sychophantic and would be a ‘screecher’ as in Invasion of the Body Snatchers, which see).

    After blowing, or routing out, or in some way getting out of this insane circumstance, the mental sort out begins. Some reject the whole experience, equating this bullshit with Scientology and LRH or similar but maybe not so exteme. Some just go off and lay low, for decades even, with this whole experience being engrammic and a trauma that is buried while they try and go on with life in some sort of happiness and fulfillment. Some come to these blogs and get to see the experience was not ‘just me’ and their knowingness gets validated, they blow off the wrong indications and non-existent overts and withholds and extrovert attention and with such see DM for what he is. It begins to make sense again. It’s not them. Never was. It’s HIM, David Miscavige.

    David Miscavige hates L. Ron Hubbard.

    He hates Scientology. He hates Scientologists.

  91. Theo Sismanides

    Mike, everytime you write about your experiences with this little monster, I carefully read it as I cannot otherwise show some compassion not just for you but for all of those who because of their dedication to a decent cause had to suffer under that monster.

    It is truly disgusting to hear all this. And hear that Debbie Cook would just apologize while executing the horrendous orders!!!

    On another note, I would like to note that DM probably is not a human being after all. He is a Soltan Gris from another planet with his Apparatus in full operation. He has those supernatural abilities, yes, but only as force, and uses them for the opposite cause we worked for. No theta, nothing close to it, it’s just fake theta, theta in disguise and an ugly picture hiding behind that PR. Thank you for confronting that ugly picture behind the PR scene. You are brave and dedicated. Now others will know who didn’t have your confront.

  92. I remember Bob Keenan when he first joined the Sea Org. He had manners and seemed a decent guy. Bob trained at St Hill as a Class VI auditor and he seemed to want to help people.

    In the mid 1990’s Bob was posted as the LRH PPRO UK. After a few years I noticed that Bob never worked on this post. Instead he often travelled around to the UK orgs and would give harebrained directions. I never followed his off-policy orders and I stuck to green on white.

    As time went by Keenan put on more weight, dressed sloppily and became more and more derogatory toward the UK staff. Bob also started becoming derogatory about public in the UK but never to their face. I started finding Keenan’s behavior repulsive. At first I couldn’t put my finger on who he was acting like but then one day in 2004 it hit me. He is acting like “DM”. Bob phoned the org and asked to speak to me. I answered the phone and he said “I need some money for a Rag Head project I’m doing.” It is a huge violation of LRH policy to call an ED so I thought there was some emergency that had occurred and that is why I went to the phone. I replied “Excuse me; I don’t understand what you mean”. He then said “I need 5000 pounds for the Rag Heads, you know the people who live in India. I want you and Roger (the registrar of the org) to collect 5000 pounds for me from the public. I need the money in two days.” I was flabbergasted on several points. One was his complete derogatory use of the word “Rag Head”, second, as the LRH PPRO of the continent he should be the most on policy person and here he was calling an ED to get them to collect money for him. I put the phone down, didn’t follow his off-policy order.

    I have heard Bob Keenan brag about the money public gave him, and I saw him eat at expensive restaurants with those funds, and I thought this guy is off the rails. I decided to stay as far away from him as I possibly could.

    What I want to convey here is that those staff that follow DM’s off-policy orders start to become degraded as they are betraying LRH. Bob Keenan is a prime example of this. He started out a decent guy and now has become a thug with no religious convictions at all.

  93. Jackson,
    Amen, brother!
    Dave is eating your words at this very moment,
    mixed with a little of that pie too. 🙂
    Tasty, eh Dave?

  94. dude, that’s awesome, way to go, where dm and his church drop the ball on responsibility, we here in the independent field step up to the plate and take care of business. she should be a great referral for you in the future 🙂

  95. Windhorse. Animal behavioror, truly superior at all times in comparison to human behavior, regadless what the Buddhists say.

  96. metaqual,
    Nope, DM hates LRH. He has no confront on his destruction AS destruction and is totally justified in his hatred in his own mind.

    David Miscavige is out of valence. He cannot as-is. He cannot view truth, especially the truth of his harmful deeds. To him in his out of present time drama, L. Ron Hubbard is the enemy, DM is the one being attacked by him or his Scientology or Scientologists and DM has no remorse, or ‘hatred’ for himself else this whole thing would begin to come apart.

    He SHOULD ‘hate’ himself. He will have to come to that point if there is to be any case gain. That’s step A of A-E, a recognition of the continuous present time overts that are a bad ‘solution’ to a problem that doesn’t exist in PT.

    IF DM ‘hated himself’, in other words, experienced some remorse, some soul wrenching recognition of the destruction he’s wrought, some confront without justifications coming in for harming thoroughly the dynamics, then we’d not be witnessing what we are.

    You may need a good cram ol’ buddy. Just like the days in Qual back at the FLB.

  97. becomingAware


    You mentioned that Keenan used the oh so overused motivator “I’m sorry, you know I had to do it….” for attacking you. This appears to be the op basis of many under the control of DM although some would have left off the “I’m sorry” part.

    You have the tolerance of a saint.


  98. Jim. what does the acronym “OTDT” mean? My guess, being a lowly hourly worker myself, is OverTimeDoubleTime, something I always look forward to. Just a guess.

  99. Jean-François Genest

    🙂 Θ ∞ Θ ∞ Θ
    I would like to take the opportunity to wish
    *Mark Yager* a very Happy Birthday on November 8.
    I wish Marc INDEPENDENCE and FREEDOM !
    Thank you, JF
    🙂 Θ ∞ Θ ∞ Θ

  100. Tony DePhillips

    Good job!!!

  101. Received one too…from “d_infos AT orange.fr” asking for my hotmail ID, password, DOB, city, country and occupation or they would close my acct within 72 hours for “security reasons”.

    Highly doubt it’s from OSA. Probably just some other criminal organization 🙂

    If you look in the “Mark as” drop down menu in Hotmail, there’s an option to mark as “phishing scam”.

  102. The first time I saw that bike shot picture several years ago it frightened the hell out of me. Now that you mention it, when I look at it again he does kinda look like he’s made out of angry meat.

  103. When I read of Mr. Sweeney “yelling at Travolta” it brings home a sober reality. DM’s GPMs, etc. dictate that he reduce everyone to the lowest common denominator. It is called “Moving Down a Little Further”. When DM has you agitated and talking about him, he is doing the work of his GPMs. I think this is why he got so upset over that thread about LRH being questioned. When he was no longer center stage (doesn’t matter the reason), his GPM is no longer being fed. I guarantee that if you ignore him, he will not be able to ignore you. I think the biggest penalty you could give him would be to ignore him completely. He would then lash out at those who are supporting him and create even more problems for himself.

  104. Bozz

    “We care nothing about ARC in Upper Indoc. We want command (italics), we want Tone 40. We do not even handle pc origins in Upper Indoc.”

    That is the point. Originations of abilities to pay, desire for that product or service etc are NOT even considered. Tone 40 doesn’t mean intention and control for good. It can also be done for something bad or evil. My point is that we are not the public tone 40 is needed on and we can and should have been handled with ARC.

    Sapere Aude

  105. Jim — You stated it better than I ever could.

  106. Mr. Jim

    I do not remember the reference and you may know it wherein Ron states (paraphrased here some) that force can get compliance but destroys initiative. It is in a reference about making team players and group agreement and an exec can force things to happen but that is not really the desired product except in emergencies because it destroys personal initiative on the part of the person being forced to comply.

    And, thank you for the comment. Hallelujah below you are welcome.

    Sapere Aude

  107. Jim,
    Supreme astuteness and clarity. Like I actually experienced the mindset. Wow. By the way, I sent you an email that’ll clear up the moniker of OTDT for you. For anyone else interested, it’s simply pronounced by saying each letter separately, otherwise you’d break your tongue trying to say it as a word.

  108. Of course – just like the “individual” websites (I believe the target was 10,000 of them). Sleep-inducing-boring cookie-cutter webshites – doing what – advertising to the world it’s all a total stat push – now they are even stat pushing invented stats. Where is bottom, OSA?

  109. Lady Minn — I was the recipient of the email requesting Western Union $. Somehow my neighbor’s contact list had been used to send out the email. This isn’t OSA; my neighbor is not anybody and OSA wouldn’t know her from Adam. Hallelujah

  110. As this thread obliquely concerns the media and public perception of Scientology, I suggest you look at this link that Jim Little put up on Facebook. It is remarkable to see the reaction as soon as the word Scientology is mentioned. There is some urgency to setting this scene straight as Dear Leader has killed the church and is now doing a workmanlike job of destroying the credibility of the subject and its founder.


  111. Mike,
    Shit, I was hoping for the palace revolt. But I got what you said about the only one concept and Jim’s further explanation made it even more clear. Thanks.

  112. Jim & Marty,

    I hope you don’t mind if I tag along on this thread but I just had to comment on how a possible explanation for all of this was our own invalidation of knowngness.

    That and the fact that these outpoints are so unbelievably audacious and so overt that any rational person would naturally try to rationalize them.

    I remember reading about the whole Franchise fiasco in KSW News and saying to myself at the time that this was a blatant violation of the HCOPL ‘Ethics and Franchise’.

    Yet it was such an unbelievably bold and audacious move that I was completely nonplussed by it.

    In fact in a state of electification and shock when I read the banner headline about the “Sea Org Moving In” in what supposedly was a publication about “Keeping Scientology Working” (which reminds me Marty I’ll dig around for any old copies of KSW I may have and send ’em to you) that actually crowed about such a blatant violation of policy that it was as you say unbelievable!

    It was at that point I knew there was something rotten in the state of Denmark but I sort of invalidated my knowningness on the whole thing.

    Later in ’86 I was watching Ron’s requeim on video (I never personally made it to the event myself because I was in session with a PC) and while I did notice that other members on stage were visably upset by Ron’s passing yet Miscavige almost seemed happy that the Ol’man was gone.

    Again I dismissed what I actually observed and filed this away as just another “out point”.

    Moving up to the early ’90’s Arthur Hubbard used to visit us quite often because he was going out with the daughter of a friend of ours who lived with us.

    The odd thing was that during his visits we seemed to be under surveillance and that our phone was being tapped for some reason.

    For a while we all thought we were just being paranoid until we noticed this white van that used to park just up the street from us day in and day out and hear these strange clicking noises on the phones receiver.

    Honestly I think the surveillance was done in a manner that we’d eventually find out about it and be intimidated by it.

    Same thing for Suzette. In fact I was doing an FES on some girl’s folder who was getting auditing in the field who was a good friend of hers who was asked to spy on her by OSA.

    She of course refused and thus was denied services in an Org which is why she ended up being audited in the field.

    (the big mistake they made though was they forgot to vet the folder 🙂 )

    Again I chocked this all up as high strangeness that just seemed too unbelievable.

    To conclude this rambling.

    It seems to me that his hatred of Ron also extends to his immediate family as well and that he has been involved in a secret program of intimidation of the Hubbard family especially his children.

    Which is probably the leverage he used against Mary Sue as she was a brave woman and not easlily intimidated.

    However she loved her children and even her grandchildren dearly and now I realized that how Miscavige and whoever else is involved had gained her acquiescence to his leadership was to threaten her family.

    Sort of like the extortionist you see in the movies when they say we know where your daughter goes to school etc.

    Anyway Marty by simply stating the simple fact that Miscavige hated Hubbard.

    It brought in this whole cascade of memories that I’ve never discussed before.

    That sort of proves your point.

    I’d just like to add what Ron says about the 1.1 that I have committed to memory and may help others in spotting covertly hostile pricks like Miscavige in the future and it’s under K speech:talks “talks apparent theta but intent vicious” which pretty much describes Miscavige.

    Anyone who thinks “Miscavige is Scientology” should revisit the Hubbard Chart of Human Evaluation.

    He’s something alright but it ain’t Scientology!

  113. Sapere Aude,
    Two refs I can think of offhand, Ethics Presence (an HCO PL and Flag Order) and Model Hat for An Exec. I think you may be thinking of the Ethics Presence issue.

  114. Staff behaviour when the dwarf is in sauna with TC:

  115. Sam,
    To know I’d gone from cute, funny to DM sleazeball in your eyes, that alone would get me snapped out of whatever I’d gotten into.

  116. Wow Jim, so well communicated.

  117. OTDT,
    Got the mail 🙂

    With respect for OTDT’s privacy, I’m afraid you’ll have to make up something for yourself on the significance of the acronym. That’s fun in its own right though. One That Dave misseT is an example.

  118. Lucy,
    Good on you for not going with weird stuff! Completely flabbergasted that an LRH Personal PRO actually demanded direct $$ from you! How is that supposed to be reported on the stat cable??

    Bob did know the restaurants in London & the best upscale Fish&Chips place he recommended was great.

  119. OTDT,
    That description is not complete mind you. It’s a taste of some of what goes through the mind when confronted by this gibbering lunatic in person, veil removed, hate and venom spitting at you in an incomprehensible flow of inscrutable vile nonsense.

    Take the not so long ago clips of that guy playing Hitler in the bunker. Put yourself in the room, listening to this madness coming from someone with utter power to have you shot and what would be going through your head as you realized you’d been had, this isn’t what you thought, this isn’t The One, this is a raving psycho, but if you say something, even if the guy next to you thinks the same thing, he’s more than likely going to be the one to shoot you to avoid the wrath himself.

  120. LM,

    and the odds are [some gigantic number] to 1 that Davey is reading your post – he simply won’t be able to resist it. So now he knows that you know and that I know and that around 10,000 others decent folks out there also know.

    The neurons in his head must be lighting up like Guy Fawkes night.

    Davey, you should just do what the little Psychlo did towards the end of Battlefield Earth and tell someone how it went down. Just say it, even just once. You will feel better.


  121. That Miscavige has damaged LRH, Scientology, and individual Scientologists to the degree that he has is tragic. This begs some questions: how could this have happened to LRH, to OTs, and to a subject that should have seen through to the core of such an evil being and stopped him very early on in his machinations? Some conclusions that could be made of this situation are that Scientologists (myself included) did not understand and apply the Tech; or that the Tech is deficient somehow and not proofed against such attacks; or that LRH misunderstood his and our enemy to a fatal degree, etc. What happened and why did this happen? What can be learned from this — that closed authoritarianism breeds its own destruction in the hands of flawed beings? I’d like to believe (hope) that there’s a different and better explanation.

  122. @marty: “It is interesting how the entheta merchant is able to make that simple fact appear not to exist, ain’t it?”

    I’ll tell you what’s even more interesting right now. It’s what my needle is doing, and it hasn’t done that for a long time. A very long time indeed.

    Man, that feels sooooooooo good!

  123. I’ve gotta say that from an oblivious Churchie’s viewpoint (me, at the time), seeing Sweeney do that to Travolta in the crowd, definitely helped support the Church’s argument that Sweeney was “just a bigot”.

    Now that all these additional facts have come out, of course, I can’t blame Sweeney too much for doing it. But it did set him up for being credibly portrayed as a “bigot” at the time.

  124. Hey Rinder, you do rant!

  125. Meta,
    There’s another idea to consider. It’s from the theory put forth in 8-80 and has to do with the concept of ‘speed determines potential’.

    “An interplay of static against motion or between two classes of motion, one relatively static to the other, can and does produce active electrical energy in beings of different characteristics and potentials. This makes a living being an
    electrical field more capable of high potential and varieties of waves than are known to nuclear physics, of which Scientology is a basic.

    “This created energy played lightly over a “facsimile” reactivates it and causes it to bear upon a being once more. This is an activity of thinking.

    “A “facsimile” brought into play by a moment of intense activity may afterwards, when the being is again producing only normal energy output, “refuse” to be handled by the lower energy. This facsimile then can trap the energy of a being and turn upon him the pain, emotion, and other things recorded in the facsimile. The facsimile thus can absorb energy and give pain, especially when the being holding it has forgotten it or does not perceive it. This is restimulation.

    “By concentrating a live energy flow upon a facsimile directly, the being can erase, disintegrate, or “explode” or “implode” it.”

    We are concentrating a live energy flow on the appropriate ‘facsimile’.

  126. William Johnson

    “Here are David Miscavige’s verbatim instructions to Babbo Bob Keenan.

    MEDIA/INVEST PROFESSIONAL: Speaking of paying people, the only problem with this proposal is that if word leaks out on that, it sounds like we’re paying to “get Sweeney.” The budget isn’t the problem. Doing it on the product basis of “getting him busted” won’t look good if it comes out. You of all people should understand how this works. Solve it. Solve it while not losing the media professional. ”

    Any documentation to prove that this actually happened?

  127. Yeah Babbo, but at least I use my own name!

  128. It’s not that no one believes it: they all do but can’t say it. Davey hates LRH, hates Scientologists, hates Psychs, hates journalists, hates PI’s, hates executives, hates women, hates men, hates homo’s, hates lesbo’s, hates babies, hates Martians, hates FBI, hates kids, hates you, hates me and all other beings. Everybody is suppressing him and they’re spread all over the world and are often more than all the people there are for he has ghosts about him or demons and they’re just more apparent SP’s but imaginary as beings as well. He is not making trouble, he is just poisoning the whole universe. Anybody says anything to him: Squash! His social machinery is chronically stuck between 1.1 and 1.5, and so is anyone’s still in his Organization. Outside that tone band you can’t exist in that environment because everybody hates everybody, especially him, but nobody can say so, otherwise: Squash! Nobody will say so because of their own chronic 1.1; that’s why everybody lies for him. The sometimes long unwinding after leaving is the gradual return to a person’s natural tone that has been artificially suppressed into the group tone set by the leader.

  129. For those who don’t know the numbers on this kind of thing:

    On average 75% of all the email traversing the internet is this kind of junk. Right now it’s on a downtrend, a few months ago I saw figures as high as 85%. Most folk don’t see this crap as the big email players like Gmail and Hotmail filter it all out before it gets to you.

    There’s no reason to suspect OSA in this, they aren’t clever enough, and it’s more likely to be one of the several million professional spammers out there.


  130. Yeah, that’s really awesome! Please keep on ranting Mike!

  131. Hey Wolfen babe!

    How were OSA’s stats this week?

    Number of spams is probably straight up and vertical.

    Though likely still doing lowers for the failed DOS attack.

  132. WJ,
    Prior paragraph says: “The following is taken from a 2007 despatch from Miscavige” Not really sure what you are questioning.

  133. Lady Minn,
    DM wasn’t on the Apollo. He may have been on the Apall-o but that’s a different ship. On that one I think he was Supreme Commander of All That. Still is.

  134. The reference is HCOPL 24 Feb 1969, “Justice”

    “Harsh discipline may produce instant compliance but it smothers initiative.
    Positive discipline is in itself a stable datum. People are unhappy in an area which is not well-disciplined because they do not know where they stand.
    An area where only those who try to do their jobs are disciplined encourages people to hide and be inactive.
    But all discipline must be based on truth and must exclude acting on false reports.”

  135. martyrathbun09

    Moderators – I’ve been putting this clown in the spam folder for days. He’s doing DM’s work.

  136. Spanky,

    Unfortunately there’s not likely to be a mass-awakening and a palace revolt. It didn’t happen with Hitler, it didn’t happen with Hussein, it didn’t happen with Stalin and it won’t happen with Davey either. All 4 of those men operate on the same level.

    External influence is what will take Davey’s operation apart and when it does there will be a lot of people sitting around wondering “WTF??” In the meantime, individuals will blow and leave. But they will do it one by one the same way they came in – by having their own personal cognitions on the matter.

    Look at the many many declarations of independence around. Almost all of them are individuals who one day saw a gap and just left. The exception is the occasional husband/wife pair. I see no reason why that trend won’t continue.

    What WE can do meanwhile is disseminate the same way org staff are supposed to – one by one, individual to individual, and let them have the cognition and take their own action when their confront is up to it.

  137. martyrathbun09

    RJ, you are right on. Hated them all. There will be more on that score. Stay tuned.

  138. Regarding Miscavige actions to frame / discredit John Sweeney, the following was recently posted on the Today Tonight website:

    Scientology Lies in “Documentary” Video

    Reporter Bryan Seymour checked several claims in a video about John Sweeney produced by Scientology, only to find they were fabricated. See the email exchange (below) relating to one such serious claim:

    From: Marion Atkinson
    Sent: Monday, 18 October 2010 10:21 PM
    To: Seymour, Bryan
    Subject: Re: Network Seven (Australia)

    Dear Bryan,

    We never banned John Sweeney from our club and have no intention of banning him in the near future.


    On Mon, Oct 18, 2010 at 4:57 AM, Seymour, Bryan> wrote:


    We will tomorrow (Tuesday October 19), broadcast in Australia a shortened version of the BBC Panorama program The Secrets of Scientology.

    I have received information from the Church of Scientology and I am writing to check its voracity with you.

    In a DVD produced by Scientology it is asserted that the Frontline Club banned John Sweeney from membership after his on-screen screaming match with Scientologist Tommy Davis in 2007.

    The exact claim is :”The elite body of British Investigative Reporters, The Frontline Club, threw Sweeney out of its membership.”

    Can you please advise what action the Frontline Club has taken against John Sweeney?

    I would appreciate a reply by the close of business Monday, your time, if possible?

    Kind Regards,


    Bryan Seymour
    Senior Reporter / Today Tonight

  139. How about we declare an Independents’ All Scientologist/Staff/Public Amnesty?
    We know you’ve done wrong but we forgive you if you walk away AND better yet, you CAN get up the Bridge in the FreeWorld of Independents if you walk away NOW!
    I know how being made to feel BAD sticks a thetan in the viscious cycle of doing these things to others or at least not standing up for yourself.
    I felt this guilt and wrongness until I came here…for 10 whole years I felt it and it held me back and kept me from reaching to the people who “made me” feel that way…like a bad being. It kept me from seeing the reality of the situation because I was so introverted on my wrongness. And really back then my biggest crime was trying to call the “new F/N” and then NOT but saying I did…that’s how I set others up at the authority over me.
    If someone said to me, hey, we know you’ve falsified worksheet because this new F/N thing just ain’t right…we forgive you! Wow, what a release that’d been!

  140. Staying tuned 🙂

    Hey Marty,

    Thanks again for the correct indication re Miscavige ie.

    “Miscavige hates LRH.”

    Some critics would have us believe that he’s doing what he’s doing because of his undying love for the man.

    Some of us knew instinctually that this was a crock-a-shit but were never able to convey this as well as you simply stated it.

    Thanks again.

    You silver tongued devil you 🙂

    Which reminds me.

    Has nothing to do with the topic but I thought you might like the tune.

    One of my favs:


  141. Nice! 😀

  142. arbfn,

    I think it’s PTSness on a grand scale actually.

    Think about how it manifests when the occasional new public person goes PTS. They read a book, come into the org, get some wins. Then some clown dumps all over their wins. So an Ethics person or the Chaplain sits them down and works through Ups and Down in Life with them. They feel good about using this, but then often make a royal hash of it. They’re not bad, just unfamiliar with how to deal with PTSness. Eventually they get it and apply good roads, good weather properly and cap it off with excellent TRs. Problem solved. Very occasionally, the person is up against a genuine 2.5%’er and the handling for that is different, of course.

    Now scale that up to the size of the church in it’s heyday and realize that Scientology needs to be around for a long time, much longer than the 30 years DM has been playing with his toys. Scientology as a third dynamic is PTS – we had some initial PTS handlings from the 50s to the mid-70s which LRH handled. But now, for the first time, this third dynamic is up against a screaming 2.5%’er right in it’s own back yard. Is it surprising the group wobbled a bit and went effect? Would you not wobble a bit if you had a 2.5%’er around and you had to deal with it for the first time ever in your life? Keep in mind the group needs to still be here in a thousand years, we’ll probably look back then and chuckle about the PTS incident at the turn of the last millenium.

    None of this is to minimize the severity of what DM is about and how serious it is, I mention it only to demonstrate what I believe – standard PTS tech is what is going to fix this. One can talk about how KSW1 was not fully applied the last 30 years, but that doesn’t open the door to a handling – it only says that Tech is out, not which Tech. I believe that the correct Why is PTSness and (until recently) an *effective* handling not being applied. Incorrect estimation of effort also plays a role.

    Now don’t go figure-figure about how come it all happened 🙂 It doesn’t help the PTS new person and it won’t help this group much either. Let’s deal with the current PTSness first, and have the B of I later; then institute firm new policy designed to prevent it happening again.

    [I just had a little cognition there. I’d been thinking through what I thought the group needs to do to handle this sit, now it’s obvious – the internal Condition within the group is Danger. That as-is’ed something!]


  143. Happy Birthday Marc Yager.
    I wish you Courage and Integrity which will ultimately lead to independence and freedom.

  144. Oops. My bad… I don’t have a lake, so I am going to jump in the pool 🙂

  145. Aside from the fact that Miscavige and his team of fifth invaders are masters of Black Scientology tech such as driving in anchor points, reversing ARC and giving people wrong indications in order to introvert them.

    You’ve got to applaud Sweeny for his persistence and staying relatively sane in the face of all those efforts to drive him crazy.

  146. Jim – that was perfect. Thank you.

  147. William,
    do you really believe that Marty would write invented bad stuff about a cult leader who commands a gang of top-notch lawyers ?

  148. I thought that for a long time until Davie’s sekcrit needle action was revealed just a day or two ago. He’s more like Hisst to me.

    I agree that Mission Earth has a striking resemblance to what’s going on. I started reading it again for the umpteenth time through this new lens.

  149. Mike,

    You actually articulated the “it must be me” phenomenon that exists within the orgs and as you say up at Int.

    A state of total introversion where person believes it must be their own (false) overts and has nothing to do with the psychotic sociopathic SP in front of them or giving them insane destructive and incomprehensible orders.


    From what Marty’s told me he was trained by the best.

    Of course Miscavige couldn’t duplicate and apply the actual tech if his life depended on it but he sure knows how to fuck with peoples head.

  150. VWD!!!!

    Another one leaves the endless squirrel cage officially known as the “Church of Scientology” by the IRS.

  151. Jim,

    I truly appreciate your technical analysis, insight, nuances and conclusions. Much thanks.


  152. Wouldn’t that be nice!

  153. Just Walk Away Already!

    An Open Letter To All Current Scientologist:

    Tired of being abused, mentally, physically AND financially?
    Tired of the endless Sec Checks?
    Do you sense that something is “just not right” with the present church leadership?
    Ever feel like “I’ll NEVER make it UP the bridge?
    Well now you can “JUST WALK AWAY ALREADY!”
    Join the growing ranks of former Scientologist that already have! Ever wonder WHERE all of those high ranking OT’s have gone?!? Well, I’ll let you in on a little known well kept secret: They too have joined the ranks of INDEPENDENT SCIENTOLOGY! and now YOU can TOO…!

    INDEPENDENT SCIENTOLOGY! has become the new international sensation for those that want “Move on up a little higher” and enjoy the freedom from constant Regging, brow beatings and outright lies that the current leadership of the Church of Scientology wants you to swallow!

    Become an INDEPENDENT SCIENTOLOGIST! All you have to do is this: “JUST WALK AWAY ALREADY!”Membership is FREE! and the results are AWESOME! Come and meet people like yourself that have taken control of their own lives – and the FREEDOMS that come with it! And did I tell you the best part? it’s FREE!

    What are you waiting for? The ‘church’ as we know it is a disaster, the current leadership is running backwards, and for what?!?! Endless reg cycles, basics shoved down your throats the endless building of ‘Ideal Orgs’?!?!!?

    Between you and me; when was the last time you saw any Org that was full – that didn’t PAY, THREATEN or BULLY all to attend some “SUPER” event?

    “JUST WALK AWAY ALREADY!” and you too can have new found freedoms and GET YOUR FINANCIAL DESTINY BACK! No more stomach pains, no more headaches, no more asking yourself: “what am I doing here?”

    “JUST WALK AWAY ALREADY!” and be done with it! Find out why so many already have! Live with FREEDOM – EVERYDAY! No more suppressive controls placed on your everyday lives, no more monitoring of your phone calls and mail, “JUST WALK AWAY ALREADY!” and begin a new and enlightened chapter of you life!

    “JUST WALK AWAY ALREADY!” is NOT endorsed by the Church of Scientology, where certain total restrictions apply.


  154. dm=soltan gris=madison=apparatus

    and well, the apparatus is fun lol 🙂

  155. A good time was had by all. It should expand. And it will. Here’s an open invitation.

    The Gallaghers

  156. oh, off topic but for those that don’t know,the nsa is on google, and also if osa hacks your email to watch your tracks online, log on to your google account and delete your web history.

  157. Good point Amy. Probably another failed PR project Bob was involved in.

    William Johnson – the link to what Amy posted here is:
    http://au.todaytonight.yahoo.com/article/8162120/none/john-sweeney-revisits-church-scientology in case you wanted her documentation!

  158. An interesting way to look at it. When I first got into Scientology and learned about the whole track, I remember hearing and reading about basic-basic for the first time. At that time, I never realized that dealing with restimulation would eventually have to do with dealing with beings, only one of which is DM. Good point though.

  159. Arbfn – There is a lot I could say in response to your rhetorical question but I will simply it to a paraphrase of an LRH quote. Man’s greatest inability is his ability to confront evil. In other spiritual doctrine, and I am not referring to Scientology here, evil exists as a necessary part of the universe to test an individual. Passing the test is an initiation. LRH talked about the Supreme Test of a Thetan which is to make things go right. He was not wrong.

  160. Freedom Fighter

    Jim, I know this black mass that you speak of. I perceived it once when I was in reception at the Coachman and Miscavage and his boot-lickers walked by where I was sitting. At first I was a bit in awe, but then I sensed that something was “off”. Couldn’t put my finger on it at the time and just rationalized it away as “he has a lot of weight on his shoulders” or some other such crap. Now I know it was this black mass of hatred and entheta. Creeps me out now just to think about it.

  161. Samuel,

    Now even the cookie cutter sites are backfiring because of all the blown Scientologists. Mine does not come up any more and refers to a Scientology link for more info.. Anyone looking must wonder why some come up and some don’t.

  162. You could make staff spend extra time “replying” by having them type stuff to a word processing program and then transferring it over to the blog. They could be given an idea to respond to and a basic type/tone of response. Then they submit what they wrote to a central moderator who puts the stuff on line.

  163. Robin,
    I’m tracking right along with you mate. It was an all out assault on rationality. Kicked us back on our heels…for a time.

    The time is over.

  164. Wow! This is such cool news.

  165. My pleasure Tom. Thank YOU!

  166. Margaret,
    I understand completely.

  167. Me three!

  168. splog,
    You be hotter than a pistol today! Great posts 🙂

  169. Haaaaaa, haaaaaaaaa, jump in the pool! Haaaaaa! OMG, that’s freakin’ hilarious! Haaaaaa. Jump in the pool!

    I’m line charging!!!

  170. Excellent idea Tara.

  171. Journey Continued

    How did this all happen?

    Low confront of evil and low level of responsibility. Rather than stand up and take the bull by the horns, which would definitely take a very high level of confront, it is easier to not-is or alter-is what you know or have observed for yourself and justify it. The overt of ommission.

    I know for me that I have tremendous gains reading this blog and recognise the many occasions when I should have held my ground and just bloody refused to tow the party line.

    Factually for me the writing was on the wall very early on in my Scientology career – particularly when I arrived at Int.

    To paraphrase, the purpose of policy and tech is to make high volumes of auditors and OTs.

    There are not a high volume of auditors or OTs being made and there have not been for a long time now.

    When Ron was running the show there was an abundance of delivery going on. Policy was being used, not rotely, but to forward the overall purpose of the group. My first post as a basic course sup we had people training and coauditing all over the org as there just was not enough space in the course room to fit everyone. The staff were flying, working bloody hard mind you but really having a great time. Yeah there was some pressure on keeping stats and making sure they were up, but the solutions were all about promotion and delivery, ensuring that PCs were getting into session, getting wins and moving up the Bridge. The Academy was booming and auditors were being made and they were auditing.

    Now what we see is shrinking or non-existent orgs and this has been going on for some time.

    Ergo, orgs that are going backwards are not applying policy, applying incorrect policy or applying policy incorrectly. The reason stats are way down is that they are being held down. Given the key stats are trained auditors and thoroughly audited PCs, then someone/s have been very active in preventing people getting case gain or giving case gain to others. This of course is very suppressive and exactly what a pyscho wants. The real psycho is petrified that anyone gets better.

    These things mentioned are observable to anyone in Scientology from senior executive management, down the line all the way to public scientologists.

    If the truth is so fundamental and easy to observe, then the only reason it is not acted upon or even acknowledged is that the individual observer invalidates their own observations and therefore violates their own personal integrity. Why would someone do that? Well in my own opinion it is their lack of personal integrity and their lack of willingness to confront. Are they capable of confronting this evil – yes. But are they willing to confront it given all the other solutions that they may have – black panther mechanism – no.

    I by no means had to endure what Mike and Marty went through at Int. Sure, when I was there I saw some pretty gross violations. I had the ability to stand up and hold my ground – but I didn’t. I buckled under, focussed on my job and why I was there for some time before saying to hell with this and blowing. I did not speak out or do anything about it. I blamed myself and thought I was the problem (well I was contributing to it at least). What should I have done – stood my ground, argued my case and if necessary, fight back. I had Policy on my side afterall. Why not? Just too hard to confront doing that – taking on DM and other key execs from my post was just a total no win situation in my mind.
    In hind sight, and I know that some may not agree with me here, I should have found some serious criminal negligence on DM and used it to take him down. Very easy to say now that I am not right in the middle of things. But factually, even though I thought about telling him and a few others exactly what I thought about them and their off policy orders, evals and handlings, I took the “easy way” out.

    In order for the situtation to become what it is today, many people must have been unwilling to confront how bad things had become and were not willing to do anything about it.

  172. Never met the little cretin though I met practically everyone else in the upper echelons of Scientology.

    Can’t say I miss the dubious “honor”.

    I do know that in the last few years I was in they were trying to run the famous Raymond Shaw line straight out of the Manchurian Candidate in regard to Miscavige:

    “Raymond Shaw is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I’ve ever known in my life.”

    Whenever we ran into anyone from Int who knew him.

    That was one of the things that convinced me to find the nearest exit to the organization.

    The amount of slavish, obsequious, sycophantic, fawning I witnessed in relation to this terminal was just so over the top it literally made me nauseous.

    It wasn’t anything like meeting the Ol’man or talking to anyone who knew him.

    I mean there was real ARC there.

    Just like in Sargio’s posts.

    Nothing forced.

    But listening to people talking about Miscavige as some kind of living god was about as phoney as a three dollar bill as far as I’m concerned.

    Real sickening.

    Even second hand.

    So I can’t imagine what it was like dealing with such false and perverted “ARC” directly on a day to day basis was like!

    But I’m now beginning to understand from Marty and Mike’s posts what it was like to deal with the spawn of satan.

    Oh Mike.

    By the way.

    If you want to rant on and on about the little weasel.

    Go for it dude.

    Get it out of your system 🙂

  173. Whoa a second, Lady Minn. DM was not on the Apollo. He did not show up on the scene until 1977 after the ship was gone. The rest of what you write here, yes. But not DM on the Apollo. You got somebody’s fantasy on that part of it.

  174. Well Jimbo,

    The guy is simply 1.1 on the tone scale which made him hard to spot.

  175. Well, this has been an interesting thread. I usually don’t check the marty-and-mike-hate-sites, but after reading about Keenan’s and the MIPs’ (mmp, mmp, mmf, mmf) efforts, I thought I’d check out their handiwork.

    Ouch! I’m sorry to see somebody’s not getting his money’s worth. Those sites are pitiful, hardly worth the effort. Although the comment stats are up, each comment is getting shorter and shorter — averaging 20-30 words. No effort is made to vary the writing style or spelling (and misspellings) of the prose.

    One amusing bit is that the names “David Miscavige” and “Miscavige” are NEVER used, so as not to attract Google attention to Dear Leader’s real name. Instead, the title “COB” is consistently used. On one blog, I did see the term “DM bot,” but that probably earned someone 50 lashes with a golden lame’ thong.

    David Miscavige, as I said, you really are not getting your money’s worth. For the amount of money you’re pays those mmpfs, you should be seeing Pulitzer-quality bullshit.

    Demand it! Withhold their gin! Demand 23-hour days! Curse them out via video-conference! But after all is said and done, you know what the solution will be: You’ll have to do it all yourself. No one can fake a blog and commentary like you. Bring in the transcriptionists. Get to work. You’re da man, Davey.

    Just Me

  176. LDW and Jim,

    Thank you both. That was exactly what I was thinking of just couldn’t remember where. I don’t have a lot of personal experiences with the current management individuals so I post when I feel I can help and like to have references that I know, personally, are true for me. If I have witnessed or experienced it personally then I look to the references I know by personal review and inspection to be true for me.

    Just as many who post here – the group exchange is both enlightening and causes expansion in our personal universes. The case gain and resurgence is a very nice thing to be experiencing on all flows.

    Thank you both for the references.

    Sapere Aude

  177. I personally heard Tommy David say this:
    “Go ahead, who would believe it.” Not, “hey, that didn’t happen. You are hallucinating”.
    David Miscavige had Davis say that right to our faces we had serious crimes to blow the whistle on.

  178. Jim,
    That’s a fantastic significance for the acronym. 🙂

  179. Excellent description of the “Ethics Why” JC
    The “Who” is pretty simple…
    The “Admin Why”…not so much.
    A lot of bias born of major portions of peoples’ most productive years being spent in a cult (the Sea Org not the Church) has occluded the ability to spot the “Admin Why”.
    Click on my name above for a good description of it

  180. Holy crappola, that place must be like actual hell.

  181. Journey Continued

    Thanks for the ack Vertley. Looking at your site I can see that you have obviously put a lot of effort and thought into what you have created. I am not sure that I agree on your admin why’s but I do admire the effort. Obviously this is not the place for me to be discussing any diference of opinion that I may have with you regarding that so I will leave that to another time and another place. B

  182. This is my own speculation and I could be wrong.

    But I think its partly the psy-op that it’s just too unbelievable plus the arrogant certainty that nothing will be done about it anyway even if the crime were reported to the “proper authorities”.

    Also they have people that are good at “limited hang outs” and “damage control” (and I don’t mean Miscavige) like Berneta Slaughter for example who was able to convince the authorities (the ones that weren’t in someone’s pocket) that Reid Slatkin was just an errant Scientologist never mind the fact that practically every reg at Flag aided and abetted his ponzi scheme and could be considered accessories to his scam.

    Also you have Lisa McPherson where the DA’s case for a criminal conspiracy folded up like a deck of cards when the ME mysteriously changed her testimony.

    Not to mention all the documented cases of assault being reported from the Int base which should give the Sheriff’s office at least some “probable cause” never being investigated.

    Lest we forget Tommy’s perjured “testimony” at a recent civil case.

    I’m not writing this to put anyone in apathy.

    Because what waits for him is far worse than any Scientology or even “wog” Justice could mete.

    Davy if your reading this.

    I hope you’re wearing an asbestos thong.

    ‘Cause you’re going to need it in hell.

  183. Mike, I watched the ad. As soon as the word Scientology appeared the stats went straight down and vertical. The significance of that red line is the saddest thing I have seen in a long time. Mitch Brisker had people eating out of his hand until . . . the word Scientology appears? Good God!
    I wonder how DM justifies THAT?!

  184. WOW! That says it all!

    Also wanted to say that this post is great! Many of the posts could have had their own page, very enlightening!

  185. One reason. Paraphrased quote from an LRH despatch from 1984 during FPRD research: there is only one flaw in thetans–they are gullible.

    That is how DM was able to get away with it.

    We shouldn’t beat ourselves up over it. Look at the American people. A more gullible bunch never walked the earth, yet that doesn’t make them bad or incapable.

  186. Mike Rinder,
    I read your description of the events with Keenan cold -cocking you that day, several times. Had to do so.

    For all you have been and done for me as a Scientologist, and continue to do for me as a being on this earth, thank you Mike Rinder.

    My profoundest respect,
    Jim Logan

  187. You crack me up! 🙂

  188. You’ve got a pool?

    Very cool!

    Hey pool party at Mike’s place!

  189. Tara,

    You never did anything wrong by calling an actual F/N.

    As any real Scientologist knows.

    PC indicators are senior to the e-meter (Ref: C/S Series 99 ‘F/N and TA Position’ and any later revision)

    You don’t ever have to feel bad for doing the right thing.

  190. RJ — Where were u on July 4th?

  191. Thanks Jim. Mighty kind of you. So you know, you have a pretty big fan club around these parts, this isnt a one way flow…

  192. Kathy:

    The big difference between DM and other Scientologists that have left the church, when and if DM ever does blow, is that he will not be welcome anywhere. There will not be one former Scientologist anywhere in good standing in their community whose life DM has not adversely impacted in some way.

  193. Barney Rubble

    Joe H,

    DM Was never on the Apollo. You are correct.

  194. Dan — I can tell you how he justifies it. “See. This is what you get when there is so much non-compliance to my orders. If all the orgs were “Ideal” like I have ordered 1000 times everything would be good.”

  195. I saw the Changeling. It was a really great movie. And I really like Angelina Jolie. But…

    DM is mistaken. People can, do and have believed many things DM think they won’t. Proof speaks for itself.

    Remember when Paulette Cooper could not prove how her fingerprints got onto the fake bomb threat the C of S sent to themselves to frame her? What jury in the world is going to argue with handwritten and typed evidence siezed from the C of S that the story is not true?

    It is just a matter of how professionally and ethically one goes about “screwing” the C of M.

  196. That’s really great. I hope your needle floats some more.

  197. It is because DM has to spend his time in this universe considering how his own actions supercede those related to actually achieving LRH’s goals. That is of course impossible to do. What could be of more importance to anyone than an OT society?

  198. Dont Tread On Me

    Senrio CSes and Keeper of the Tech, get the Dictator and OSA bots and Management in session, get out your red pens.
    To frame
    To drive insane
    To cave in
    To introvert
    To terrorize
    To disable their power
    To slander
    To create enemies and bad will

    This has been going on far too long for the USA to tolerate the grievous violations against Freedom of Speech and Privacy by an organization that continues to demonstrate it believes it is above the Law of the Land.

    I never read Paulette Cooper’s book until last week, and I did so because I learned that the ‘security’ team of the Corporate Scientology is wrong-targeting and spamming decent people, jeopardizing personal info, humiliating people, exposing IPs, emails, etc.

    I think the world needs a refresher course on the documents that expose OSA Ops such as Operation Freakout that included
    the Corporation sending itself bomb threats.
    (abuse of law enforcement with this ploy, too)

    The continued financed operations to this day smack of the same diabolic and disconcerting planning. It clearly uses knowledge of the mind for all the intentions listed above that should be circled in red and run out.

    This behavior ordered by the head of the Corporation of Scientology can in no way be justified as being ruthless against an evil enemy. These tactics are being leveled by the arbitrary and illegally financed (ponzi schemes…the IAS money goes to these ops) whims of people with questionable mental health/intentions.

    Don’t believe me. Look at the original documents, with whacky orders that start out with zingers such as: Get subject drunk, get her fingerprint, and frame her by putting it on a typewriter used to make a phony bomb threat.

    They are completely discrediting the subject of Scientology and its true purpose. Besides that, by any measure of universally acceptable human conduct, they are way beyond acceptable decency. This stuff is going on right now! Read, copies of original documents—->


  199. Doesn’t that sound plausible? DM Is not allowing any INT staff leaves until Gold Base takes over control of the internet?

  200. Call out the National Guard! {LOL}.

    I know one guy he gets like 200 of these a day!

    Just delete them.

  201. Or the Volunteer Minister’s {if any showed up}.

  202. Ouch and Thank You! You are right.

  203. Dont Tread On Me

    There are multiple blogs all hosted on rottenrat.com — the same person runs all the blogs.

    Several of them have been being tracked, including the hackers, since August 2010 (and some before then). They were gleeful they “figured out” supposed identities of who posts on this blog and gloated about how sneaky they thought they were being. Guess what? They didn’t look over their own shoulders.

    The mental health of the person running the Balck Ops of the Corporation Scientology, that finances such spiritually enlightening activities such as taking unflattering photos of people they want to discredit and pejoratively morphing them with horns and photoshop, and digging up pitiful banal “faults & foibles” on people is seriously questionable.

  204. Scientologists like the “Babbo” Keenan, imagine themselves as some kind of secret agent to the universe and because there is no tech on how to actually do that, they always do wind up the adverse effect of it in the end.

  205. Dont Tread On Me

    Yes, sure did. Then again, sometime the only sane one in sight is the one driven howling mad….

  206. RJ, I know that was right but being stuck inside, it becomes very sticky to stay “straight” and not fall prey to the inval/eval. When I read of good people hitting others, following orders and apologizing…I know they feel horrible and bad and lowly, making themselves less and less able to get out.
    I would want them to know they are forgiven…it’s OK…we accept you and know YOU are not that way. The CofM is about making people guilty, even for things that are not wrong. Look at the punishments they inflict on each other and public and themselves, like they deserve it. We know they don’t.
    I want them to know there is forgiveness from the Independents…true forgiveness.

  207. Kathy:

    The last thing I am worried about is OSA hacking into my E-Mail. If reading my E-Mail doesn’t miss their W/H’s nothing will.

  208. Dont Tread On Me

    Here’s the original document of the Scientology-ordered attempt to frame someone else. The instructions of the Scientology Management list steps instructing someone to impersonate their target and call the Arab Embassy with fake a bomb threat.

    When will people wake up about the criminals who have hijacked the philosophy of Scientology? They are running the same ops, with more money, and juts as complex/convoluted and delusional.

  209. Right on Lucy!

    That is what you call saying what you mean and meaning what you say.

  210. Scott Campbell


    How did you rise above the desire for revenge on those who hurt you so much and for so long? When I think about what was done to me, it still infuriates me.

    In fact, I’d like to knock DM’s teeth down his throat on your behalf, but the chicken motherfucker would never want to fight mano-a-mano.

    My god, man. You are a big being.


  211. Scott Campbell

    Sorry guys. I guess I just get frustrated sometimes. I’d much rather have “instant gratification” of my desire to see the end of this monstrosity that the institutional Church of Scientology has become under David Miscavige.

    Marty and Mike are right though, it is reporting the “little things” like tonight’s post that help most to expose the church for what it really is. It’s what keeps me motivated to finish writing up my story.


  212. Watching the fireworks over at the Rose Bowl and the Hollywood Bowl from the Foothills.

    Don’t tell me I missed one hell of a party over at your digs, Mike!

  213. Scott Campbell

    And now some coolness from Coolio…

    …to alleviate the heaviness.

  214. Me four! I worked with him way back when he had hair!

  215. Joe,
    We must set ourselves up for this sort of thing for a randomity. Something to keep up interest. We are the gullible by choice. So’s we can ungull and take a win. Funny in the end, not so much in the middle.

  216. I am still wondering how the IAS fits into all this.

    IAS is a bit like the old Roman Praetorian Guard. It appears to be Miscavige’s own top enforcement plus “tax-collecting” org.
    No-one dares say “No” to the IAS. They walk into orgs and all must do as they say. They are senior to everyone else in the Co$ it seems. As OTDT posted in a previous thread, the IAS reges openly denigrate Flag auditing and overtly tell public to donate to the IAS instead of buying auditing because they will get more and more lasting case gain.

    I believe org staff must hate the IAS with a passion. Recently on ESMB I saw an Anon asking for suggestions for effective messages protesting Anons could display. One responder suggested signs like “IAS UNDERMINES ORGS” and”IAS SUBVERTS ORGS”, as well as “FLAG UNDERMINES ORGS”.
    This made sense to me. I think this message would resonate with org staff. They know it’s true, they personally experience it.

    The Praetorian Guard started out as the Emperor’s own personal Guard. Eventually they became a political power in Rome, and then finally corrupt mercenaries who actually assassinated some Emperors, and would do so for a price. I wonder if the IAS could possibly turn on Miscavige and take him out? Or, it would take just one IAS higher up to turn to the law with evidence.
    I am left to wonder, Who the F*ck are the IAS? Their junk mail all says “We Are the IAS!”, meaning presumably “All Scientologists are the IAS”. But who in fact are they? What’s the chain of command there? How much money do IAS reges make? It seems inconceivable they are not aware it is a scam.

    So I think a “palace coup” is not inconceivable. If DM’s stock is perceived as falling too low on the” public opinion meter”, isn’t it possible he could be taken out? On the other hand, given the likely suppressive character of the folks running the IAS and profiting from it, it would not necessarily be an improvement over DM himself.

  217. “DMbot”

    That’s what LT used to try and convince us he/ she / it wasn’t OSA.

    Didn’t work.

    Now if he/she/it had used “Dear Leader”, “Miss Cabbage”, “Missed Garbage”, “His Satanic Majesty”, “Spawn of Satan”, and other terms of endearment commonly used on this blog to describe the criminal little moron.

    He/ she/it might have slipped by some of us.

    Though I doubt it.

    By the way if you put “LT” in front of a mirror it becomes “TL” the initials for Total Loser which pretty much describes the type that run these anti-Marty sites.

  218. If DM is actually an SP personality in the clinical psychological sense, then per LRH he would not have any capacity for self-criticism or self hate. He would have to insist and believe that he was 100% right, always. As soon as he let in one smidgeon of doubt about his own rightness, likely he would get ill and die.

    I am no expert, but per things I’ve read online, possibly a certain kind of auditing could help him.

  219. I’m pretty sure if the lil’ ingrate was on the Apollo in such close quarters to the Ol’man he probably would have been beached and we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

  220. Amy:

    There are a lot of guys that would like to fight David Miscavige, but he never comes far enough out of the church to accept a challenge from someone.

    People that go around advertising, boasting, that they can “kick this one’s ass” and “kick that one’s ass”, well sooner or later some mean vicious kickboxer catches wind and in that field it is traditional and acceptable to “kick ass” because it is a sport.

    Is David Miscavige practicing professional sportsmanship? No. He bullies people that he works into the ground with no pay. He is such a fag.

  221. VWD indeed! I wish Lil’ Dave deserved some of this good news….

  222. I believe the reason staff stay is because they don’t know they have an alternative. It is like when the Catholic Church was the “only game in town” and there was no other church.

    That’s why the monopoly of the Co$ needs to be broken and competing delivery orgs need to exist in some form, and be broadly known. Materials need to be open source.

    Today if you’re Christian you have your choice of congregations to attend, or even other faiths to consider. Scientology staff believe if they want Scientology, they have no choice but to stay where they are.

    Imagine if there were hundreds of “churches” for public and staff to choose from…. all under the umbrella of “Scientology” but independent of a central authoritarian control….

  223. I’ll sign on to this!

    Here’s a great cover of the theme song:

  224. omg,….that is funny! LOL

  225. Tara:

    Everyone on the face of the Earth would like to live in a better world. A world not made crazy from drugs where there are no criminals, no war and no case.

    But, DM like a lot of Scientologists believe themselves to be the only people around qualified to make the world this way. So convinced are the Scientologists that it is their exclusive right to do this, that will kill and mame people, auditors, C/S’s, staff or anyone to make it real to people it is their job to make a better world.

    I have nothing else to say really. Other than that Church of Scientology’s members have done nothing for the last 50 years but make the world a less better place for people to live in.

  226. As the only auditor Davey has ever had we should charge him more than what he has charged Scientologist for services never delivered.

  227. Those *%$)(&*(*^($%O*&)*^(&%*! incompetent bastards like Tommy TT have screwed up all of my brilliant PR. I must do everything myself. Those Kingpin suppressives like Marty and Mike run continuous black propaganda against Scientology and nobody does anything about it. You let them post black PR every day on their blogs; total non compliance to my orders, you’re so reasonable, you’re all future SP’s, all of you; Why am I the only one putting ethics in?

  228. Dear Mike,

    Thanks for this piece of HISTORY.
    That Heber Jentzsch, Guillame, Marc Yager and you were ordered by David Miscavige to be be thrown in the Lake at St Hill in NOVEMBERdaily for 7 days was a piece of new information for me. I know Alexander Jentzsch is reading the Internet and I hope he reads this.

    I found it interesting that others recently discussed on this blog Werner Erhad SEANCE type seminars where the whole group attacks a single person to “confront cough up data. ”
    The INT Base version of confessional auditing.
    The pack of howling wolves against one single person, DM style.
    INT Base doing Werner Erhad Seance Seminars !

    Miscavige became and is the very Squirrel he screams that others are.
    I also read with interest that he had ordered Bob Keenan to PUNCH you hard on the head. It seems that in addition to being the violent batterer that DM is, he encourages others to beat others.

    So if the lawyers are telling DM to cool it on the assault and battery , to take it easy due to Internet exposure, would I be correctly guessing he beats by proxy ie. to get Jenny slapped around, he demands Lou Stuckenbruck slap Jenny de Vocht’s face back and forth, back and forth. Now how could I possibly know that ?


  229. Wow, your site is a good initiative. I think it’ll take some time to complete as it asks for co-construction. Very nice and easier to read than a blog when finished. I see lots of data from this blog can be filled in for better classification, understanding and conclusion. You can discuss the data eval here with highly trained terminals and post it in your wiki.

  230. The problem with Keenan over the years has been his ability to charm and gain admiration. I agree with others on this blog who have observed that in the early 90’s Bob was a different man. He was good looking, full of life and had lots of entertaining (and very exaggerated) stories of his past. This fascinated people. This ability to charm extended to DM and his then wife. Soon, along with the intoxicating admiration he received from DM, came power and all its temptations. Unfortunately, the power he now tapped into came from a man who secretely hated LRH, not from LRH himself. I think Bob found it more and more difficult to balance his natural tendency to charm and entertain others with the abusive demands of his new position of power. But at some point came a trade-off. He made a “deal with the devil” and gave up his respect for LRH so he could stand next to the Dark Lord himself. IMHO, this is why Bob has lost his good looks and his charm. He has given up his integrity for power. When that power has been finally and terminatedly taken from him, God help him.

  231. To Scott Campbell: It’s a challenge indeed not to allow venom to poison us. Hate and rage caused by others who have stolen our lives to some degree.

    I heard a recent NPR story about Ingrid Betancourt who was captured by Columbian terrorists in 2002 and held captive for 6 years. Her children were 13 and 16 and received death threats.

    She said the most difficult thing about her captivity was … “Not losing my humanity”

    It’s relatively easy to hate. Just look at the world. Filled with it.

    The challenge is to love, in spite all the reasons to do otherwise. I believe LRH stated it much better than I.

    I work on it on a daily basis. And do my best not to entertain myself with violent verbal or otherwise scenarios. It takes discipline to train your mind in a compassionate direction.


  232. I would prefer the term credulous……its a part of our Basic Goodness.
    But is that a flaw? I would think it is more along the lines of “acceptance without due diligence”, or even just plain old “roboticism”.

    Dox? 😉

  233. Jackson
    You are formidable (and highly entertaining) 😀

  234. Valkov,
    Possibly. Getting him ‘in session’ would be interesting.

  235. Don’t Tread,
    Precisely. Good eye mate.

  236. Scott,
    I look forward to reading your story when you finish it. Thanks for your contributions.
    Just Me

  237. Valkov — In my opinion, neither the IAS nor DM would be an improvement over the other. See Point Twelve of Marty’s 31 Factors. Hallelujah

  238. I’ll tag on with WH’s reply here Scott.

    It’s a more or less ‘natural’ tendency to want to return the flow. The Tech 88 lectures expound on this and further in the PDC’s is the idea of ‘balancing the ledger’ of overts/motivators. Further study and experience brought forth the idea that this whole balancing act was a fundamental on the persistence of the problem – MEST.

    The yin yang symbol is a representation of this as well. The finite universe a balance of one flow then another in endless repetition.

    Justice could be called a balancing of the ledger. An eye for an eye and so on.

    When confronting my own experience this life of oppressive injustice at the behest of David Miscavige I was better prepared for a new level of action having done the FPRD and aware of Service Facsimiles, Prior Confusion, solutions become problems demanding new solutions and the list of aberrated responses that landed me in the soup as a being in the first place.

    Rather than just continue the cycle of overt/ motivator, energy thrown/ energy thrown back – obsessively, I had an epiphany.

    I understood that by NOT setting out on a destructive purpose to solve the problem, but by simply letting it go, I was free of it. I was free.

    However, those who had given me the motivator ( this time, and of course I would eventually find my own earlier similars) were themselves ‘sitting ducks’ for the return whence it came, when I ‘let go’. I struggled with that knowing it was going to eventually come to pass that those fellas would be indeed suffering that which they put out. The vacuum would be filled. Not by me. By them.

    Well, eighteen years later that exact phenomena has come to pass. Every single person connected with that destruction levelled at me has had that rubber band snap back on themselves. Many have come through their own personal hells to emerge now free of this endless cycle as well. We are indeed very close friends now.

    The endless cycle of aberration. The GPM. Its overts and motivators. The Service Computation as the latest item on the long list of ‘solutions’ to the problem that just piles up more mass. It’s cousin, the Evil Purpose as a ‘solution’.

    I took Adavanced Procedure and Axioms and the chapter on Justice and used it to unravel my own trap in this cycle.

    It’s a piece of freedom to be able to do that. Scientology is what gave me that freedom. Keep at it Scotty.

  239. Ever read Jesse’s account of him sec checking DM and DM is crying hysterically after giving up the O/W’s of gambling and womanizing with Pat Broeker in Las Vegas? Were those crocodile tears or did he really hate himself for what he had done? To maintain his out of valence condition, he made sure Pat Broeker was in the sessions records and it supposedly never got to LRH. DM was out of valence before all that. Obviously got worse and probably is getting worse every day. I wonder if his cruelty towards the Int staff members has backed off in recent times. In other words, put on a show so everyone will now think he is a nice guy.

  240. I think perhaps that most of the “not-isness” of the out-points of the current C of S are simply manifestations of tone level, as an individual enters into a dwindling state of awareness.

    ARC = understanding. But it is far more than that, it is a mindset that consistently appears at each level of the tone scale. At 1.5 for example, what is REAL is threats, punishments, danger, emergencies, badness, duress, etc. A hand proferred in help, even real help, delivered from a higher tone level such as cheerfulness is regarded as a threat and the behavior/attitudes of the cheerful individual are not perceived at all. Perhaps the only time the cheerful person is real at all to a 1.5 is when the cheerful person becomes frustrated and drops to antagonism. Very mechanical. From 2.0 on down, the person is denied real observation. They simply cannot see or respond to anything that does not fall into their mindset. Its all filtered.

    Now crank in engrams in restimulation, which adds another layer of filtering and coloring of reality. Now it is more than just a little difficult to confront what is, because what is has a layer of dub-in of engrams resonating on that tone level.

    Drop down some more and we are into the realm of heavily reduced consciousness and awareness, and a continuous trance like state. To these even lower tone levels a 1.5 is vaguely real, cheerful not real at all.

    Its easy to dump someone down the tone scale – domination and nullification. And today’s Scientologist is caught between a rock and a hard place. Go into the Church and domination/nullification is common practice, simply because that is the current group tone level. Outside of the Church, mention that you are a Scientologist and the response isn’t particularly enabling either. Yet, there is truth in those books, truth that brings relief, truth that enables, but only if it is delivered in a high-toned fashion.

    This affects their entire world view. Their postulates and considerations are colored by this, their ethics conditions are warped by it – example, when doing a danger formula, they are bounded by what appears to be a dangerous set of circumstances that they work around — kind of like a P.O.W. who does a danger formula that works in the prison camp but doesn’t address being in prison.

    That’s the gist of it and I don’t think I have really expressed this very well. Perhaps Mike or Marty or Jim or Michael could sum this up better or extrapolate from it in a way that really nails it, but I think I am on the right track here.

    I think it explains why most just walk away when it gets too bad, when all their dynamics start to fall apart (dwindling down the tone scale) and do not want to do anything at all with it, don’t want to fight, protest or do anything but distance themselves, anonymously.

  241. That datum never made it into a bulletin. Russ Williams probably could corroborate it. It is sitting up there at Int locked away in the boxes of FPRD research somewhere. Probably in the archives storage building. Bob Sukkestad would know where it is.

  242. I think you did a fine job of explaining it.
    The mule kick in the gut is that it’s INTENDED to be that way nowadays.

  243. It comes down to confront of evil. My years of experience as an MAA proved, to me, that it is an ability VERY few have.

    There was no variation due to case level. Either a person had it, or they didn’t.

  244. People like Marty Rathbun, Mike Rinder or Debbie Cook and Karen D.L.C. may be able to be welcome in many place easily without even trying where there are ex members of the church, but DM will not have such good fortune.

  245. I have to do a second take on that idea.

  246. Sapere:

    You are not “hogging the BLOG”. If that is your communication that is your communication.

    My response is, I know this one auditor, a very good one, and if he did formal auditing with me or Tone 40 auditing with me, I really don’t care which kind he did, because it would work anyway. I TRUST this guy with my case. PERIOD.

    And I think that a PC’s TRUST in their auditor supercedes whether or not the auditor was formal or Tone 40.

  247. Just to be brief. And I am not telling you his name and he’s in the Freezone.

  248. Anna,
    Yep, the picture of the Theta – MEST theory. Go at it, get into it, withdraw, sort it out, back at it. This description is in DMSMH in the context of confronted by a bear IIRC.

  249. Fellow Traveller

    “Many have come through their own personal hells to emerge now free of this endless cycle as well. We are indeed very close friends now. ”

    I find no better demonstration of the intended results of Scientology.

    Big man kiss to you wascal. And your very close friends as well.

    Bruce Pratt

  250. What an arrogant Bastard. “You of all people should know how this works. Solve it.”

    The only power Mr. David Miscavige has is the power he has taken from L. Ron Hubbard. That is the ONLY power he has. The people who revere this man are clueless, or, really, purposely left in the dark. The gradual shift away from pure tech was unnoticeable except for tech and admin stalwarts who were shut down when the raised their objections.

    However, the people who fear this man fear him for two reasons: First, being cut off from the bridge – from LRH’s tech. Second, being cut off from their friends and family. Really, it is disconnection – the policy that Tommy lies when he says it does not exist.

    The reason disconnection is a powerful force and is a threat at all is because of the tech. And, from my point of view, if you disconnect (or are forced to disconnect) from your family and friends just so you can stay on the bridge, then you have rejected the whole reason you are on the bridge in the first place. If being on the bridge is only about the first dynamic at the expense of the others (as I have, sadly, seen way, way too often, even in my own life where I was effectively abandoned while a parent decided to do Scientology out of town) then the bridge is about nothing. The tech is about nothing.

    People, then, who elect to trade their friends and family for the possibility of walking alone up the “Road to Truth” have in fact abandoned the Road to Truth. They abandon the very core of Scientology.

    In other words, when you disconnect from your family and friends because Mr. David Miscavige asks you to by his policies, “or else,” you have disconnected from Scientology, because Scientology is not about disconnection, but connection – Affinity, Reality, and Communication. Communication requires connection by definition.

    So, the ironic, and tragic, fact is that Mr. David Miscavige’s only power is LRH and the tech, and yet his main activity is disconnecting people from LRH and the tech.

    Good thing we’re here.

  251. Valkov,
    It seems to me the only reason DM is able to hold onto power is because of money. With the money he can get away with a lot. Without the money, he only has threats and restimulation as his arsenal. The IAS is probably the biggest source of money for him, so he knows they help keep him in power.

    The crazy-eyed IAS FSMs make six figure incomes from intimidating people into ‘donating’. These guys are the most ardent supporters of DM from what I’ve seen and would lick the ground he walks on. The SO IAS reges were the most brutal and invalidative I’ve ever come across.

    You’re right, they are like a Guard force, to “preserve, protect and defend” the Scientology ‘religion’. I’ve had them say to me, “You would sacrifice yourself for the group, right?” I thought to myself, “Hmmm…a group is made up of individuals; if the individuals sacrifice themselves then there IS no group. That doesn’t quite make sense.”

    But what I said was, “Ah…yeh. OK, gotta go now, late for session!”

  252. Me five. In the 90’s I saw him as sane and competent with high ARC. I didn’t know at the time he was being chewed to shreds and squashed behind the scenes by an Evil-Doer Maniac Imposter.

  253. When DM saw that red line crash like a lead balloon, I wonder if he thought, “Good! Good! Good! Ha ha ha ha ha! I HATE SCIENTOLOGY TOO!!!” ?

  254. He would just buy new teeth. Probably replicas of Tom Cruise’s. He may even thank you for it.

  255. I have watched this group both from the Inside – waay inside to the outside,
    picking up the messes it now creates for a good long time. Perhaps almost forty years of my life.
    And whenever I have been asked, could this turn into another Jim Jones, I have always, with no hesitation, I would say no, never.
    Sorry, I can no longer answer like that. If the sociopath becomes cornered, he will bring as many people down with him as he can….

  256. martyrathbun09

    You five, of all people, should have a strong reality then on what became of Tom Cruise. Same operation, same operator, different mark.

  257. Thanks Tara,

    Collective Soul is one of my all time favs 🙂

  258. Dear Old School,

    You are right. It’s very hard to confront real evil, the kind that masquerades as help: The kind of evil that says, “I’m doing this to protect you.” The kind that advises, “Be legal, be polite, be social, be quiet, don’t wake up the kids or your mother-in-law or the dog.” The kind that says, “Everybody else is doing it and nobody else has complained. What are YOUR overts?”

    That’s why in my neighborhood “Trust me!” guarantees immediate eye contact. That’s not to say due diligence equates to paranoia. However, looking, noticing, observing leads to real trust that is deserved and earned.

    Just Me

  259. Dear Old School,

    (Meant to post this here – not above – sorry.)

    You are right. It’s very hard to confront real evil, the kind that masquerades as help: The kind of evil that says, “I’m doing this to protect you.” The kind that advises, “Be legal, be polite, be social, be quiet, don’t wake up the kids or your mother-in-law or the dog.” The kind that says, “Everybody else is doing it and nobody else has complained. What are YOUR overts?”

    That’s why in my neighborhood “Trust me!” guarantees immediate eye contact. That’s not to say due diligence equates to paranoia. However, looking, noticing, observing leads to real trust that is deserved and earned.

    Just Me

  260. “Importance” is a matter of viewpoint Larry.

    What we consider important is not necessarily what Miscacvige considers is important.

    For example most Scientologists consider delivering Standard Tech as important.

    Miscavige considers building ostentatious empty edifices known as “ideal orgs” as more important than actually delivering the tech or making auditors.

    This is why board feet is the “stat” his minions continually brag about in that Free Dumb magazine issued after the St. Pete’s Times expose’.

    All of us posting on this board know or should know that tech stats have been in a step decline almost actually flat lining since the early ’90’s at least.

    Excelerated by the Golden Age of Crap.

    Which is probably Miscavige’s idea of the “Exceleration Rundown” 😉

  261. I hear ya. A straitjacket and restraints in a padded room come to mind…..

    A straitjacket is a garment shaped like a jacket with overlong sleeves and which is typically used to restrain a person who may otherwise cause harm to him/herself and others. The ends of the sleeves can be tied to the back of the wearer, so that the arms are kept close to the chest with possibility of only little movement.
    The negative connotations straitjackets have as an instrument of torture come from the earlier era of Victorian medicine. Physical restraint was then extensively used both as treatment for mental illness and as a means of pacifying patients in understaffed asylums.
    Institutional straitjackets tend to be made of canvas or duck cloth for material strength.

  262. Not “Jawohl mein Kommandant Intention, sig heil” ?

    I’m glad you got out of there with your sanity!

  263. to jim logan,
    you can audit an sp, it’s extremely difficult, but it can be done.
    it’s your last option, no room for error.
    they flip.

  264. Scott Campbell

    Thanks WH and Jim.

    Sorry for the delayed response. I’m a west coaster and didn’t get to this till after 9pm our time. I gotta go to bed, but I just want to say one thing first.

    I love you guys.


  265. Marty, I don’t know if you clicked on that link to the article of Tom filming in Dubai…OMG he looks terrible, seriously.

  266. FF you said “I was in reception at the Coachman ”
    And where is that please? Thx

  267. atcause – He would be ‘ A rock’.
    Anyone who messes with my (our) churches money is at some point in time a rock.
    He (DM) is really a rock. Or shortly will be. More solid by the minute .. ummm ‘more rum!”
    rock 1 ( r¼k) n. 1. Relatively hard, naturally formed mineral or petrified matter; stone.

  268. Lawrence

    You said…
    “Everyone on the face of the Earth would like to live in a better world. A world not made crazy from drugs where there are no criminals, no war and no case.”

    Hmmm… Sad to say but I think you are somewhat mistaken on this one. In order for that to be true for me I would have to replace the word ” Everyone” with — “Any SANE person”.

    Once you leave the realm of “sane” or even “somewhat sane” You are in a whole different universe. Gotta figure that universe is 180 degrees ass backwards to the one you know. David Miscavige does not live in the universe that even marginally sane people live in . His universe is totally false and out of his control. There is still a being there but it is so totally overwhelmed by it’s case that the real being is virtually “gone”.

    Hard to imagine but perhaps therapeutic to do so. Everything he does will probably become more “understandable” in this light.


  269. Therefore:

    “Any sane person on the face of the Earth would like to live in a better world. A world not made crazy from drugs where there are no criminals, no war and no case.”

    Thank you. Let’s hope that doesn’t make anyone crazy! {LOL}

  270. Pingback: Bob Keenan/Rob Swan

  271. I am Bob rob Keenan swans ex employee what did he do ?

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