Black Dianetics in Radical Scientology – Introduction

This is the first in a series of posts on the subject of Black Dianetics and how it is being practiced in present time by the “church” of Scientology. 

I was prompted to write this series based upon my having recently audited folks who have received services at the Flag Service Org (FSO) and Flag Ship Service Org (FSSO) – the highest “meccas” of Radical Scientology – in the past couple years.  With more Scientologists awakening, refugees of Radical Scientology who were “serviced” in 08 and 09 have arrived.  Thus, I am finding out just how grotesquely and rapidly the dwindling spiral toward total Black Dianetics is taking hold in  Radical Scientology.

As an introduction, and for orientation, I offer the following quotations from LRH’s Danger: Black Dianetics! and The Loophole In Guarded Rights, which establish the need for this series.

The first quote gives some explanation for the oft repeated question on this blog, “why do Scientologists continue to put up with it?”

A person on whom Black Dianetics has been employed seldom retains the sanity or will to make a complaint, or does not know he has been victimized. In addition, persons claiming such offenses against their persons are commonly catalogued by doctors as suffering from delusion.  Thus the employer of Black Dianetics can escape unpunished under existing legal procedures.

The next quote tends to shed light on why Miscavige has created eighteen websites and blogs dedicated solely to destroying Moving On Up A Little Higher and the independent movement it represents.

The processes of Black Dianetics can be remedied by what might be called White Dianetics, in most cases.  If any group desired to use the phenomena discovered in Dianetics to enslave an individual, a group, or a nation, its first step would be to place White Dianetics out of bounds, to illegalize its practice, and to condemn the tenets contained in it.  To debar the general public practice of White Dianetics is to make possible a general unpublic practice of Black Dianetics.

The final quotation expresses the importance of exposing the precise practices of Black Dianetics being employed to control, weaken and destroy people.

 In order to resolve insanity, it was necessary to release the natural laws discovered in Dianetics. When they were released it became possible to create insanity at will. And even more insidiously, complete control of a human being can be effected without insanity being demonstrated by him.

The release of these laws and the whole of Black Dianetics is necessary if a long range program of prevention is to be effected.  So long as Black Dianetics remains the property of the very few, a very great many more will suffer eventually than those few who will die because of the publication of this material.

Thus, the first basic principle of Black Dianetics: So long as a natural phenomena remains the knowledge of a few and is denied to the many it can be utilized to control the many.

Time for a little move up the confront of evil scale in my estimation.  Flag and FSSO have been converted by Miscavige into Black Dianetics factories.  This series will expose how, and what processes he is utilizing to effect this travesty.

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  1. My family and I personally experienced the heavy squirrel tech at the Flag Land Base. Thank you so much for this series. It is a long time coming. ML, Songbird

  2. Have you ever considered writing a horror movie?
    I feel like I’m in one, right now.

    Anxiously awaiting
    …the rest of the story. 😉

  3. I was in Scientology for many years.

    I can attest to receiving BLACK ETHICS but not Dianetics.

    So, I am not going to say to much here until I hear a story from someone on whom the Black Dianetics was reversed.

  4. I’d like to thank Miscavige for being the real-life demo of evil and Black Dianetics.

    Keep exposing his crimes, Marty.

    Let’s get that stat of anti-Moving On Up blogs/sites WAAAAYYYY up!

  5. what a ride !
    quite a rollercoaster trip with you !
    What’s next ?

  6. Marty, thanks for addressing this. I have met many people who have in recent years had auditing at FSO and FSSO and I truly feel for them. What has happened to these beings is criminal. For those of you who have had this delivered to you and which you paid for, have rights. Just know we are all here to help and move you up a little higher.

  7. This is great that you are exposing the actual data of Black Dianetics being practiced in the Church of Misgavige. I am hopeful that after you present the laws of BD and follow up with actual examples from those unsuspecting folks that “paid to be implanted” it will be impossible for a Hubbardarian to ignore the facts.

  8. Wow! This serie was really needed and wanted! Your blog looks like a perfect show with perfect timing!
    I started to suspect the use of Black Dn in the church of M when I saw more and more attention on ‘Behaviourism” and the increased use of “making people guilty for their (confessed) overts (existent or inexistent…)”.

  9. yep, and thank you, can’t wait to read more…

  10. Hi Songbird,
    Could you be specific on the squirrel tech you observed and experienced at the FLB to avoid dubin and to continue compiling facts for all to see.

  11. Hi Lawrence,
    Thanks for posting. Could you relate some of the Black Ethics you experienced? It will be helpful.

  12. Nice mystery sandwich! Hitting the f5 key for the next installment…….

  13. Tony DePhillips

    Chilling stuff. But this is true.
    This is why it is smportant to get the tech out there and help handle all those who have been messed up.
    The ones that are fighting for white Dianetics are doing the right thing, they are not “heretics” they are the white Knights.

  14. Songbird:

    That is very thought provoking, that you and your family received all this squirrel tech at the FSO. And Black Dianetics I guess would come under the heading of squirrel tech as I guess anything would that is done not the way the LRH wrote it to be done.

    But that is squirrel tech. There is a lot of it around.

    Marty is talking about BLACK DIANETICS – meaning: Dianetics used in REVERSE to harm people.

    When and where at Flag has this happened? Perhaps in the field? Yes. But I have never heard one story from anyone that got Dianetics REVERSED on them in the church.

  15. Thank you, Marty.

    Cogent and enlightening, as is the case with all your evals on Black Dianetics in the CoS.

    I know if LRH were along side and doing a similar eval, he would no doubt agree. He wanted OT’s made in large quantities. Not real estate portfolios and destitute, browbeaten parishoners with fancy trophies .


  16. So are there any Elitists in the house ? take the quoted part to heart and come out of the ivory tower. You know who you are.

    “Thus, the first basic principle of Black Dianetics: So long as a natural phenomena remains the knowledge of a few and is denied to the many it can be utilized to control the many.”

  17. The helicopter as been trailing me again again Marty.

  18. This series is not only important for scientologists receiving black dianetics in the “church”. I am working in a global player us based company that by my opinion uses also some black dianetic tech to control the company.
    Sample: they have 14 days trainings for new supervisors and for managers. Every sup and manager has to do that. Law 1: if you criticize or say no only one time then you have had it. They also use sleep deprivation in those 14 days.
    Thus I would suggest, if OK with you, that one can also comment some samples from non scientology (or maybe non scn) companies that do the same. In case this would be OK pls state if we should use company names or blank them out. (for your protection)

  19. martyrathbun09

    Black Ethics is Black Dianetics.

  20. I am glad you said that Marty. I realized this a few moments ago. I apologize if I stepped out line a bit. I hope this also answers “gandiguy’s” question.

  21. Sure. To whom am I relating it? I don’t believe I have had the pleasure.

  22. I apologize for the grim introduction but unfortunately it is true.

    I carefully took a look at my track here in Scientology and it consists of BLACK ETHICS everywhere I look. It causes case to come about in an individual at random. Services are not free. They have to be paid for. I am not 100% sure that some public have paid to walk into an implant station much the way the Jews heeded the words of the Nazi’s, but if one paid for one’s services and they were BLACK services one got BLACK DIANETICS.

    I did. Without question! To the tune of a legal suit.

    What is amazing is that attorney’s and judges will win these cases in favor of people that file them against the church but the whole time the church never detects this is going on and then denies it when someone says it does.

  23. There are also shades of “grey” and “dark grey” Dianetics in my book.

    GREY Dianetics : when an org advertises Standard Tech without blushing and delivers none. ( Nevertheless they keep the money. ).

    DARK GREY Dianetics : when the Senior C/S Int ( = highest person to supervise auditing ) introduces major tech changes now and then, which means that his prior tech version was BS.

    Example : In the 1990ies many people arrived at Flag to do their OT levels – only to learn that they had to run every process of the lower grades that they had never done. At high Flag rates, of course. This could take weeks and lots of $$$.

    Then, all of a sudden, DM announced “arbitrary factors that hinder your progress are removed now”, cancelling the above practice. How these arbitraries had come into year long use in the first place ? Who knows. But they got the stats up for sure.

  24. Thanks, Marty. Anything done to cave somebody in, lower their self-determinism or make them wrong, whether in a Dianetic or Scientology auditing session, in an Ethics handling or used by the CIA to manipulate someone IS Black Dianetics.

  25. At this moment, I cannot publicly give details about what happened at Flag in order not to embarrass family members. I will say, though, that what happened directly led to the demise of not only my marriage (to the delight of the MAA–divorce = liquidating assets = more $$ for Church of $) but my finances and left me on the brink of suicide. I’m a CLV auditor, C/S and Ethics Specialist, OTV and no wimp. After 9 years, I have destimulated enough to carry on very well, no thanks to Flag.

  26. Bozz, If I may be permitted in offering an anecdote for your “horror movie”
    I would like to offer this short clip of an episode of Rod Serling’s Twilight Zone on YouTube .
    I am inclined to give this example since that was how I felt when I first experienced the shock of having realized what happened to our Scientology
    as given to us by LRH.

  27. Marty, in being simple minded, I have always thought of Dianetics as just running engrams and everthing else as being scientology. Probably a mistake on my part. If you say black ethics is black diantetics, you cast a different net and classify differently that me. I would have called it black scientology. But however its classified, its all black and I look forward to seeing it held out for observation, duplication, and hopefully a full handling.

  28. The story of Nancy Many includes 100 % black Dianetics.

    I read it on the web, but it will also be in her book for sure.

  29. The first thing after reading your post was to read the three articles on Black Dianetics.

    I would compare this post with your comment on the last post: David Miscavige hates L. Ron Hubbard (and WHAT a hot button THAT was, originations and cognitions flying – mine too).

    An auditor directs the attention of a PC to the charge. The PC’s own inspection of that charge will as-is the charge. This blog is therapeutic! Call it “internet auditing” or what have you – I give a hoot in hell – it as-ises charge and that makes it valid processing.

    Would I have said (before reading the articles) that I have been subjected to Black Dianetics: hell, NO! Because that is … well – nebulous – “reversing Dianetics” – whatever that means exactly … is it done “in session” or is it the “commands delivered backwards” (well, I’m not that literal!!) …

    Read the articles! What is gang-bang (or today’s “regular”) sec checking, the Int horror stories of seances, the regular-day-in-day-out “life” of a SO member? Black Dianetics. Too little sleep, bad food, a horrible berthing, no libs and (not even hopes for) holidays, being woken up for BS targets anytime of the night, denial to secure “unless BS target is done”, no pay and no money with the havingness below basement level. Black Dianetics. And, to make the whole a bit more effective, add the usual pressure to “get the stats up”, answering up to an (equally worn out and insane and thus misemotional “senior”) on his latest undoable target (and why wasn’t it done yesterday already?), salt it with the usual insults and degradation and low toned behavior not even the dreaded “WOGs” dare demonstrate and what have you? Well, read Black Dianetics and make up your own mind. It might just open (or blow) your mind!

    Thanks Marty, once again!

    Heck, my desire for White Auditing is getting whiter and brighter!

    Note: You find these articles in the Red Volumes, The Journal of Scientology, September/October 1952 – if you don’t have the Red Volumes you can download them from for free.

  30. This is an interesting post, Marty. It gives some real insight into the spiritual basis behind one of your biggest complaints against the organized Church, and backs it up with LRH references. I’m intrigued, and looking forward to reading the rest of the series. I think posts like this will contribute to a better understanding of the Independent movement.

    Caliwog (yes, it’s really me)

  31. glenn samuels

    There is a little tune LRH sang on the Class 8 course giving examples of hidden data at an advanced org filtering down to lower orgs. Because the advanced org does it, then the lower orgs do it. The story he tells for demonstration purposes is about not using a meter while doing a repair list at an AO, a lower org auditor hears about it, then does the same at his org:

    “Anybody trained on this line can pick up this little violin and play a little tune:
    It may be so,
    We do not know,
    You story sounds so queer,
    We hate to doubt your word,
    But, it doesn’t go here.”
    (6809C24 Class VIII TAPE 1)

    I have come across cases where the Orgs simply have refused to run out a secondary or an engram because the preclear has not had a life repair, purification rundown, or a Dianetic drug rundown. In essence the case bogs. They run the poor soul over a tragic loss or a car accident. The pc comes limping in and limping out.

    Conversely, I have come across cases where the org force feeds Dianetics on a person who has gone clear. Because they didn’t run Dianetics in the first place the person on the advanced level bogs and when they check his clear, it doesn’t seem to fly. Then they tell him he is not clear and make him start over. As I said in my last blog on this site, they often don’t validate clears correctly. Therefore you get someone re-doing the grades and running Dianetics when they should be doing the advanced levels.

    So they can get messed up coming and going, unfortunately.


  32. Accompanying the Black Dianetics, the CofS has had “Black Management” for a long long time, so much of it going back to DM’s stranglehold of the power lines during the Mission Holder fiasco. Things took a sour turn (even well before the San Francisco debacle) when anyone receiving Dianetic Book One auditing was ordered to go to the org for an exam. This was a definite attempt to make orgs control all Div 6 public, over half of which they would have easily blown off anyway. It killed the spirit of the Gung Ho groups and prevented Dianetics from reaching the masses. This was Inverted Control-Communication-Havingness.
    I never heard the original tape LRH did on Black Dianetics. Does anyone know if its available on the net?

  33. Centurion — “Not real estate portfolios and destitute, browbeaten parishoners with fancy trophies .” I add: and S*T*A*T*U*S. Hallelujah

  34. Sorry. I’m gonna have to refer you to KSW #1.

    They didn’t read it then. They’re not reading it now. Sure, they gloss over it and sign-off on it on their checksheets. But the misunderstoods are so rampant, its ridiculous.

    There is nothing grey about Squrrel. Not grey, dark grey, charcoal or any other shade. Services paid for and never delivered? Off-policy and not tech. Arbitraries placed on OT’s TRYING to go up the bridge? Off-policy and out-tech.

    No, Black Dianetics is something very specific. Very inentional. Very real. Anyone who doubts it, who “MUST HAVE” examples to prove it’s existance? Is being reasonable and needs to find their word, false datum, o/w, or who knows what. Otherwise, go find the tape. It’s not hard. It’s called “Black Dianetics” and I have no doubt will be covered more heavily in the next few days for those people patient enough to wait for the story to unfold.

    It’s one thing to josh around with Marty about “gimme gimme” on wanting to hear more of the story. A good story will get you feeling that way. It’s quite another thing to start shooting alleged “holes” in a story before it is ever told. After reading some of the posts above, I can’t quite tell the funny from the serious. Thus… this post. Take a side, or step off.

    That’s all I got to say about that.

  35. I calculate nothing matches the black Morgana that Thor is hit with,but I would’nt spew it for one dollar less than a billion dollars.

  36. Samuel, thanks for that elaboration on the subject. I suppose anything which prohibits the delivery of, or detracts from, or makes unstable or destructive the delivery of dianetic auditing can rightfully be called black dianetics. Good post.

  37. Wouldn’t ‘finding’ or even ‘restimulating’ someone’s ‘Ruin’ qualify as Black Dianetics?

    Joe Lynn

  38. “The next quote tends to shed light on why Miscavige has created eighteen websites and blogs dedicated solely to destroying Moving On Up A Little Higher and the independent movement it represents.”
    I’ve checked some of these sites. Terrible. I must vomit on those people who put those things together. Are they calling themselves Scientologists? 😀
    Good namecard.
    On the other hand I am not convinced that Dianetics was not published just the sake for Black-Dianetics. Hubbard’s son states that in the Penthouse interview and KSW is a good key on that road to insanity.
    The fact that you, and other independents are able to apply Scientology in a good sense is “just” the proof of your good intention and good character.

  39. Which son ? You mean Nibs? I wonder where Nibs is today. There was some mention of him possibly haveing been under blackmail from outside in the old tech vols, circa 1958

  40. I was about to respond to several different posts, but thought this might apply to most.

    Very early on LRH said that Dianetics was actually a family of sciences. Not just one. We tend to think of dianetics as running engrams on a person. It’s more than that. I remember him writing or talking about political dianetics, military dianetics, dynamic dianetics–amongst others. I think dynamic dianetics had a lot to do with Science of Survival. Thought applies to more than just the mind.

    I would guess that black dianetics includes anything intentionally done to drive a person out of present time and reduce his ability to evaluate. It’s an attempt to usurp control of the ability to think. Black dianetics is not accidental but intentional and by design. It’s knowing a basic law and using it to worsen conditions for others.

    Then you have estimation of effort. How much effort is being put into black dianetics by that person? Is it just a bit to gain an advantage? Or is it full bore and obsessive, designed to destroy that other person?

    I imagine that most of us have driven in another’s anchor points just to introvert them for some advantage. But when does minor harm become the continuous effort to harm or destroy? When does misuse of knowledge about diantetics become Black Dianetics?

    Be interesting to note the exact tipping point when the church actually reversed course, where the intention to help got alter-ised into efforts to harm, reduce and degrade. The momentum to reverse course had to build up over time until the forward motion was overcome and reversed.

  41. Quote: “Wouldn’t ‘finding’ or even ‘restimulating’ someone’s ‘Ruin’ qualify as Black Dianetics?”

    It depends on the intention of the person asking – if they intend to help a person with that ruin, then all is fine.

    If the person intends to stick another into their ruin or restimulate the peron and leave the person there – that’s Black Dianetics.

  42. LOL That’s IT!!!

    We had a medal winning FSM come give a talk in Austin when I first joined staff. Later that night, when we were shutting down. He heard how new I was and was going to “find my ruin” and show me what he does in the field.

    Could not do it. On and on and on, he dragged on the comm cycle forever. Finally took me up to the HGC and was going to find my ruin if it killed me!
    Awkward!!! Dude gave me the heebie jeebies. I finally decided he was gay and this was some way of trying to hit on me or something.

    So, speaking from experience… yes. Ruining someone who doesn’t need their “ruin” found: Black Dianetics.

  43. I read through the comments 1 to 34. It seems that the term „black dianetics“ is under discussion without giving real samples. I may have some samples:
    1)I did get back in early 90ies some auditing. Had been a staff in a Cl5 org. Did start with looking at my auditing history. Then picking up missed charge one by one. Starting with method 1 wordclearing corrections. Then as we progressed cleaning up we wound up at my clear declare back in 84. I did tell there is some we have to handle. The auditor told me, that we do not handle this stuff but instead do FPRD. And we did. I did not train FPRD and thus could not find out what the exact out tech had been there. But while in session on second d list I told this and that and then the auditor angry stating I should not give him that big overts but light ones. Either he could not confront it or for whatever reason. Something got damaged in that sessions regarding my sex life due to that. Looks like lots of unflat things.
    2)I observed one time the exact mechanic behind a gang bang sec check. Was sitting next to the sec checker. The severe reality adjustments (scream) had been done only and always while TA went down. As I had been sitting next to the ethics office I could also confirm on other gang bangs that this had been the case in those too. (in case you could trust my theta perceptics)
    3)In 82 I audited a sec check correction list on a sea org member having a red tag. She got a sec check that produced this red tag. I found out that the auditor (sesson sec check) did tell her what kind of bad SO member she is doing that overts. As far as I could find out without consequences for this auditor.
    4)I had been on the deck project force in AOSH EU in 84. The boss there telling us new arrivals a story of a member of the DPF that did smoke while on duty and after he went home almost lost his life due to that big overt he did on the DPF. (by the way, I did smoke on duty and did not beleive in that. But I have seen co DPFers that did beleive those stories and those had been on the project for months. I did it in 5 days)
    5)Back in mid 79 I told that I think could be clear an had been allowed on the clear check. After I did not make it I had been put on Objective ARC and CCHs. After my violent protest I should be put on PAB6 programme.(loosly defined: destimulation programme for psychos) Then in 82 I got some wonderful handling in AOSH EU and after that stating that I want to have another clear check. (the good handling done by AOSH EU staff and then my home Org Senior C/S taking over as I had been on staff there and on the crash training in AOSH EU). He ordered first PAB6 (which I did not) and then he ordered Objective ARC. Which I did start for 1 session. To note here, that the C/S in 79 and 82 had been the same person. Now he is still the Senior C/S in the Org. He must have caved in many PCs to now.

    This should add some mass to the meaning. Ok this is earlier than expected but the persons involved are still in the church as far as I know. Those that had done this in the past can do it now with full permission and without cramming as this in now the way things are handled in Scn.

  44. Marty,

    Thanks for bringing up the subject of Black Dianetics.

    Ingore the naysayers and as Ron said in the Intro to Science of Survival “Damn the torpedos”.

    The only people who would not want you to reveal this information are vested interests and elitists who have seized control of the organization and have installed their favored figure head David Miscavige a person whose hatred of the founder and the subject make him the perfect “Leader”.

    Anyone who questions the validity of what Marty is writing only has to examine folders of former FCCIs coming from the “Mecca of Technical Perfection” to know what he is saying is true.

    “Auditing” there is no longer directed toward improving the individual’s case but is used to manipulate and control the individual so that he or she becomes a fanatical card carrying IAS member.

    Those who refuse to go along with the overall “plan” are driven into insanity, bankruptcy or death . In other words neutralized.

    A perfect example is the individual posting as “Song Bird”.

    I suggest you read his story instead of question its “validity” or make conjectures that it must be “delusion” and act like auditors instead of psychiatrists!

  45. Songbird, you are definitely no wimp. I am happy to know you are here.

  46. You got it right, Overdrive, about good intention and good character!

    Marty, as you said on a post of some time ago: “Grab your vomit bags” … I just accidentally came across a site bashing you — just sayin’ in case it’s new — On my way out, on a day off from work, instead of going to a bookmark, I carelessly typed in: — instead of — and I came to a web site , whose owner(s)/instigators don’t even have the b…s or chutzpah to identify themselves. Btw, it uses the same wordpress Coraline theme as yours…

    A word to the wise 🙂 And looking fwd to the data on black Dianetics …

  47. Congruo

    (agree, in Latin) 🙂

  48. Imagine this nightmare:

    You’re go along in life in this world and let’s say you are in the military and get deployed into a war zone.

    You get messed up mentally and keyed in by all the chaos and horror of a war zone.

    You then go for “help” to the psychs and then they screw you up more with there ignorance of the mind, drugs, shocks, evaluations and invalidations.

    Then you read LRH’s book “Dianetics” and think you have finally found the answer to restoring your sanity and mental health in Dianetics & Scietology. Of course that book was written in 1950 and the way Dianetics & the Church of Scientology was in the 1950’s and 60’s when LRH ran things is not the way it is in present time. But of course, you don’t know that.

    You then go to the church of scientology, where they are now using black dianetics and you get even more screwed up!

    Is the world really civilized or are we still in the dark ages?

  49. well, well … don’t know whether I would go that far – that statement doesn’t ring true to me (not paying the electricity bill causes the power to be shut down – even though it is “black” in the course and auditing rooms it will not be “Black Dianetics” – didn’t mean to make fun, the example just turned out this way 🙂 At the end of my post I gave a link to where you can find the actual issue for free. Nothing beats your own understanding of what the old man said. From there on, we can have all sorts of opinions about it. Don’t make me an expert on Black Dianetics just because I gave the examples which *I* thought apply.

  50. ???? a lost troll ????

  51. I said this blog makes valid processing – it is educational (education being one of the valid processing forms described by LRH)

  52. Cali Wog .
    I tend to agree with you and the write up from Marthy
    Thanks for the breifing Marthy.I witness this over and over again

  53. Watching Eyes

    “So they can get messed up coming and going, unfortunately.”

    Sounds like the cult needs to put a warning label on the route-in form:
    Caveat Emptor (buyer beware).

  54. martyrathbun09

    Splendid, that makes nineteen.

  55. Idrathernotsay

    I can attest to the Non-Clear R Factor much in use at St. Hill, England. Between 2002 and 2005 many Clears were given this R Factor and I don’t know of any that questioned it. Most were, of course, past life Clears. And we know DM can’t make money from them. I saw right through it and questioned the reference the D of P showed me which tried to con me into believing I was a release, not Clear. I questioned it because this was the exact same reference I was shown after my CCRD to show that I was ‘CLEAR’ not a release. Weird. This is definitely Black Dianetics and was the very thing that sent me on my way from this C of M.

  56. No. It depends on whether the purpose was to handle the ruin or to just to re-stimulate it and leave the person in it.

    PS: In case anyone here doesn’t know it, Joe Lynn is one of the biggest black PR’s of Marty Rathbun on ESMB, if not on the Internet.

    I’m surprised he has the nerve to show his face here. In my honest opinion, this man is a real SP. I’m sorry to have to say that but we must realize that despite DM’s abuse of the SP declare, there still are real ones out there. He see’s dark, evil and covert intentions Marty Rathbun by default that’s different than what other people see. If I had a nickel for every post he put up on ESMB bashing Marty, I’d be a millionaire.

    Keep an eye on this one or better yet, ban him.

  57. Marty,

    You lucky dog. All that attention.

    Now, if the graphic of the bridge fading into darkness and destruction is an accusation against you, then let’s follow their blog quote. ““THE CRIMINAL MIND ACCUSES OTHERS OF THINGS WHICH HE HIMSELF IS DOING.” – LRH, HCOB 15 Sep 81, The Criminal Mind. Isn’t this EXACTLY WHAT DM IS DOING TO THE CHURCH?

    Yet he accuses Marty of doing this.

    That graphic is a self admission, a self-indictment. Want to see how DM envisions the bridge? Dark and destroyed.


  58. Little example of controlling by a little known datum: pc confesses after much prodding a W/H of thinking bad thoughts about a new Org building bought without financial back up and not needed because the old building half the size, was usually empty. The question is taken to F/N VGI, rechecked, F/N VVGI. The auditor writes a KR (did you finally get to see it, Marty? 1998) on the gross policy violations which triggers the senior C/S personally to threaten the auditor tone ha, 40 to withdraw it and not send any KR anywhere. But it was just 1.5 as auditor doesn’t comply because he just learned that he can’t but punished for writing KR’s. A couple days later auditor looses his (flying) ps’s, doesn’t make his quota and is taken out of the chair. A couple days later he is routed off the internship to do the Ethics Specialist course (his final course under Der Leader). PC is taken off the Bridge to do endless sec checking to BI’s and refund. Lesson to be learnt: Off policy and Out Tech are to be circumvented in session and if found they’re not be discussed nor written up. Little known datum; toeing the party line is senior to Policy and Tech, is protected by the senior C/S, is dismissal if violated, equals elimination of integrity on auditing lines, equals out flow of good staff, equals selection of 1.1’s, equals Black Dianetics, equals total control.

  59. Did you see the staggering amount of comments?

  60. An exec had an inappropriate 2D activity and gave it up in session. A goldenrod was broadly issued to staff and public with full time, place, form and event of the overt…way too graphic. It was meant to discredit and publicly humiliate this person.

    To this person’s credit, they did their conditions, held their head high and eventually regained all respect formerly lost. That was five years ago at a class V org.

  61. Dont Tread on Me

    It’s illegal to impersonate someone using WordPress or other social media, as he Corporation of Scientology is doing creating smear WordPress and other fake social media to smear people.

    It is a WordPress TOS violation that the Rotten Rats ( is a Scientology Corporation operation) are making a “Marty Rathbun” site in the first place. Secondly, the intent of these fake blogs to squash Marty’s freedom of speech and silence others by making a WordPress Blog that smears him (in a nutty way granted but it’s still evil) is also against WordPress TOS. Isn’t that right, WordPress?

  62. Joe,
    Ahh, Joey, NO, it wouldn’t. That Ruin finding would constitute a RAISE in awareness. Sheesh, if you’re gonna nit-pick and invert this stuff, get a job with DM. Or maybe you already have one? Wittingly or unwittingly.

  63. Quicksilver,
    “Ruin finding” is nothing other than gaining an awareness on the being’s part they have a ruin. It’s a raise on the Awareness Levels, those things that run up the center of the Grade Chart. It is an increase in confront. That is a good thing. Then they have a shot at handling it. Not even being aware of it, they have no shot.

    Handled or not, it’s a move on up a little higher.

  64. Bozz,
    Ruin finding on a being who is higher on the Awareness Levels would be ‘Black’. Sort a like putting an OT VII back on Objectives.

  65. OnceUponaTime,

    Very good point re: Tipping Point. I don’t have your answer but it was oh so smooth and gentle. I never noticed until it was getting extreme. Seems to me it was a trickle down from the upper levels of management and from missions that started reaching the lower orgs and missions in the early 80’s. I remember attending an ‘event’ at the SF Org on McAllister that was in fact a mission being fired to get KSW in on the public. Once in the room you could not leave until you signed up for a course at Flag if I remember correctly. Very make wrong and wrong targeted. I personally didn’t notice this type of thing happening when the SF Org was on Mason street. Don’t remember the year but this was around the time Battlefield Earth came out.


  66. RJ — Hallelujah!

  67. Yep … I was relating it to finding a ruin like we did years ago as a Div 6 action.

    Some who came in had ruins that were literally ruining their lives while others just wanted improvement.

    Maybe I misunderstood Joe Lynn’s post … I assumed he was lumping ‘all’ ruin finding under Black Dianetics … my bad 😦

  68. RJ says: “The only people who would not want you to reveal this information are vested interests and elitists who have seized control of the organization and have installed their favored figure head David Miscavige a person whose hatred of the founder and the subject make him the perfect ‘Leader'”.

    Excuse me, but D.M. had absolutely no need of any help from any mysterious and shadowy Powers That Be to take over Scientology nor to remain in control of it to date.

    D.M. had all the power he needed from Ron Hubbard’s command and communication lines which, with the help of Pat Broeker, he managed to subvert. He used Ron Hubbard’s authority and power to turn everyone at the top of C of S against one another so as to depower and destroy everyone who stood in his way.

    D.M. used people who were loyal to Ron Hubbard and thought they were serving Ron, to destroy other equally loyal people, get it ? D.M. himself said publicly that the only power he ever had was people listen to him.

    More than ample evidence has been presented that the above is the way it went down, Robin.

    Michael A. Hobson

  69. Congratulations on the 19th site, Marty. Another impotent attempt on miscavige’s part to quell the tsunami heading toward dave’s little island of insanity.

    It’s embarrassingly obvious that miscavige continues, time and again, to apply the same solutions to the problem you represent, thinking surely he’ll get a different outcome this time. What is that the definition of again? … Oh, yeah – Insanity.

  70. Reverse scientology was in full-blown operation long ago – it didn’t start in the last few years.

    In 2001 my new wife and I went to Flag as the last stage of our honeymoon. Wanting to start married life in good shape mentally and spiritually I had paid for 50 hours case cracking and my wife was along for the ride, and did some basic courses while we were there. After 2 days of reverse ethics (for another time) I was “allowed” in session. The auditor began with “TITS – I am not auditing you”. Say what? I paid for auditing. The auditor explained that a PDH sec check that was started about 15 years earlier while in the SO was incomplete and “had to be completed”. No – it didn’t. It was never needed in the first place, and nothing was coming up on it anyway. So every session begins this way – the obvious protest using hours in itself. One sec check after another, with increasing anxiety all the while about the hours being used up thus.

    One morning after about half the hours were already gone this way, a casual friend asks me in the Lemon Tree how I’m doing. Amazingly, this is the first time anybody at Flag has expressed the slightest interest in me and my case, and his simple question made me realise in a second I was doing very badly indeed. I burst into tears (I’m not a crier) and resolved to handle it with the DofP. No, the C/S “understood my concerns” but the sec checking was essential. Still having blind faith in the Mecca of technical perfection, I concluded that that was what I was good for. Sec checking. In fact after all the hours were used up I was resigned to having to have more of it.

    On the reg lines routing out, the reg said it was “vital” that I get up the Bridge now! I thought about trying to explain that that was what I was trying to do but… The reg goes over to Harvey Jacques, who I knew from my UK SO days. “How can we help Martin move on the Bridge?” Harvey says “Has he got any money?” “Well not really”. Harvey shrugs and leaves the room.

    It’s not easy to put into words what that kind of experience does to ones self esteem, the years after that were some of the worst of my life, and it’s only very recently that I’ve been able to rebuild my 2D from this desperate start it had. I’m sorry to sound off on the blog and have the whole world be my personal DofP here. Just thought it was worth a mention…

    A footnote to this story – I spoke to the FSO rep about this several times over the years, and to his credit he told me part of the back story to this scene (which I discovered I was far from alone on) – which was that after the McPhearson tragedy DM ordered all the arrivals lines were to be much tighter. In fact, you virtually had to be CMO qualled to even be allowed at Flag. And all because DM has squirrelled Lisa’s case so badly…. By the time of “arbitaries cancelled!!!” ( ha fucking ha) some years later I had already given up – until my OT VIII FSM, bless her, ran the spiritual blackmail on me last year – and I FINALLY woke up.

  71. Emma about the Fair Game herself:

    Stupid Police is STILL the COS personal army it seems.

  72. I agree with you Bozz. It’s not keeping KSW #1 “in” for the most part.

    Black Dianetics to me, is intentionally using knowledge to cave someone in. It’s the modus operandi of OSA against its critics.

    Black ethics could be a part of the Black Dianetics category when “ethics handlings” have other purposes than to help an individual get back on track.

    Unfortunately, this could also be traced back to the EO not keeping KSW 1 “in.” What’s scary in today’s world (scientological world) is that kids today really don’t have any history of Scientology and Dianetics.

    2nd generation scientologists who “grew up with it” don’t even know who Mike Rinder and Marty Rathbun are, or any Int. management terminals for that matter. (except for COB of course).

    Yet, some of these same kids will fight you tooth and nail and not even hear the other side of the story if it upsets their SCIENTOLOGY STABLE DATUM and don’t want to hear it! (I speak from personal experience with my own teenage children).

    Unfortunately, we have raised some pretty lazy kids who just accept that “LRH is right, so DM is right, so the Church is right” attitude.

    And, not knowing what they speak of, they continue the robotic chant of “your-wrong-the-Church-is-right” without even looking at the opposing argument.

    Hitler didn’t murder millions of Jews all by himself.

    And so whatever name you call it, Black Dianetics, Black Ethics or Miscavology, it is the intention to harm another unjustly or to nullify a person’s reach that we are talking about, but also, through improper instruction you can “learn that that’s how it is” and it does perpetuate simply by not keeping KSW 1 “in.”

    I believe the latter is far more insidious and far more dangerous.

  73. If Emma got raided by the police, I’m pretty sure it has nothing to do with her post on this blog.

    Don’t Police raids like that take time to set up?

  74. Speaking of which … A friend who has been auditing on OT VII for at least 10 years was recently given a program to redo his purif, and then redo his objectives, then redo OTIV … Then get back on OT VII …

    Can you say Pitch Black Dianetics?


  75. Clarification of what CD is talking about is up on ESMB

  76. Basically it looks like Emma has been arrested for as she puts it: “The allegations are that I participated in the DDOSing of in January 2008 and conspired to cause a DDOS of Religious Freedumb Watch in Jan 2008.

  77. Your observation matches my experience.

    I witnessed an upstat and successful senior c/s of an org taken down, “arrested” my a sea org mission at his flat, being threatened with a sp declare, being shouted at as if he was the darkest devil of all times. His crime : he had written extensive out tech reports on high tech people in Flag and other high orgs. It took him a hell of a lot of effort, time and money to get the accusations removed. And he felt so betrayed that he left staff.

  78. Is the current Church of Scientology a front for the CIA’s MKUltra (Black Dianetics/Reverse Scientology) research?

  79. Marty, I’m guessing this series is what OSA spotted in your queue that created their fit-storm last week. DM must be feeling like a drop of water in a hot skillet about now.

    Just a thought: if you do your editing on a system that’s not online and then transfer it with a thumbdrive when you are ready to post, they won’t see it coming.

  80. Marty,

    19 is also the number of hijackers who crashed into the WTC and the Pentagon.

    Works for me as far as positioning concerned 😉

    Anyway I’m sure the TL (Total Loser) “LT” or some other OSAbot will be sending us “Martydrones” another email claiming anyone who posts here uses a plethora of screen names etc and claiming that they are not really a “DMbot”.

    And create more black Phish sites.

    Heaven forbid that they foreward the actual truth.

    Which is that you’ve got these lil’ cockroaches on the run and are attacking while they’re running.

    I mean their modus operandi is attack, attack, attack, claiming that they’re just “following policy” verbally given to them.

    Never mind that the relevant policy also says that one should also be willing to parley as well.

    It’s funny though that every time they try this smear campaign that your posting stats go into a screaming affluence while theirs are going straight down and vertical.

    All I say.

    Is just savor the irony Marty and keep doing what you’re doing.

    Because the TA is obviously moving.



  81. Well now, here’s a subject about which I have a particular interest. I can personally attest to being one of those aforementioned FSO and FSSO “products” (OTVll, OTVlll) to whom a gizzillion tons of Black Dianetics was executed upon, from 1990..up to the year 2008., with special emphasis on the years following 2002.
    “A person on whom Black Dianetics has been employed seldom retains the sanity or will to make a complaint, or does not know he has been victimized.”
    Yup. Exactly. And breaking MY will to “make a complaint” was no small task!

  82. “To this person’s credit, they did their conditions, held their head high and eventually regained all respect formerly lost. That was five years ago at a class V org.”

    (Groan) Karen B, I understand how that might have worked. But I also have another idea of how that might’ve played out differently and worked out even better for the exec.

    These stories of public humiliation and enforced kowtowing — whether they happened at Int in the Hole, in a class V org, or in a family’s living room — make me ill. This has nothing to do with ethics at all. It’s just bullying and extortion.

    Just Me

  83. This is a re-post of my North Korean brainwashing synopsis. This technique, used in the 1950s against American POWs in North Korea, was very effective. Many of the basic elements are in use today by Miscavige’s “Church”. As destructive as the NorthKorean techniques were, I think they pale in comparison with what the Co$ is now doing. With the addition of “black dianetics”, the scene is far more dangerous, especially as the black dianetics practitioners are not perceived as enemies until it is too late. They are perceived as “auditors”, beings who are there to help, not destroy.


    The concept of “North Korean Brainwashing” has been bandied about in various threads, so I though it would be good to inform readers of what this actually is and how it is done.
    I think readers can see the same principles in action in today’s Co$ under Miscavige. Additionally, in the Co$ there are additives which make the brainwashing much more very overtly crushing of the individual’s spirit and sanity.

    North Korean Brainwashing is based completely on denying the target prisoners all positive emotional support, and exposing them to an all negative emotional atmosphere, and actually rewarding them when they acted to destroy their own ideals and emotional capacity and relationships.

    The North Korean brainwashing camps were unique in that the prisoners were relatively well-treated in the physical sense.

    They had adequate food, shelter, and water, and were not physically tortured. In fact, their captors were careful not to make them angry, as this could have provided them with motivation to oppose the brainwashing process.

    A study done after the Korean War, of 1,000 returned prisoners of war who had been “brainwashed”, found the majority never got back in touch with old friends and family. They were found to be in a condition described as in “mental solitary confinement”.

    All their bonds of affinity and relationship with others had been broken, and apparently they had lost their capacity to have positive relationships.

    The camps they had been in had no barbed wire surrounding them, and very few guards, yet escape attempts were very rare.

    At the same time, it was found that something like 28% of the prisoners had died in these camps, essentially by giving up their will to live.

    These camps had the highest death rates of any camps anywhere, ever recorded.

    Many of the prisoners just went to their quarters one day, sat in a corner covering themselves with a blanket, and died, often within two days.
    Usually no-one of the other prisoners tried to help them, because the bonds of relationship between them had already been broken.

    The researchers concluded these men had died of “extreme hopelessness”.

    Here is how it was done:
    1. Group members are all channeled into informing on each other. Informers are given rewards. This broke the trust between the group members and isolated each person from the others. No-one could be trusted, because anyone might be or become an informer at anytime.
    Interestingly enough, no-one was punished for anything they had reportedly done. That was not the objective. The objective was to destroy the trust and emotionally supportive relationships the group members had with each other.

    2. Prisoners are organized into smaller groups of 10 or 12, and required to confess bad things they have done, and also to confessing good things they failed to do. They did not confess to their captors, but to each other, the other group members. This was a “reverse group therapy” process which gradually eroded the caring, trust, and respect the men had for each other.

    3. Efforts are made to destroy loyalty to leadership and their country, and their own ideals. This was done by carefully controlled communication, exposing all the negatives about the USA and never mentioning any positive aspects.

    4. All positive support was withheld. For example, all supportive mail from home with any good news or encouragement was withheld. All mail with bad news was delivered – news of death, pending divorce, dunning letters for unpaid bills, etc were all promptly delivered.

    The goal of this kind of brainwashing is basically to completely ARC break (destroy the positive emotion in their lives) the prisoners with themselves, with their fellows, with
    their leaders, their country, and with life, and eventually their will to live.
    Some of the prisoners essentially became like their captors, and became apologists for the North Koreans. Most did not, but were severely emotionally damaged.

    Much of the information here I took from an audiobook called “How Full Is Your Bucket?” by Tom Rath and Donald O. Clifton PhD.

    They are founders of the field of “Positive Psychology”, which they promoted to businesses, but which has application to all people.

    Positive Psychology has to do with the study and implementation of methods for reinforcing and increasing mental health in any setting, instead of focusing on the sick, disordered, or pathological.

  84. Kathy Braceland

    Nice references to kick the Black Dianetics series off Marty. I’m glad you’re doing it. It needs to be said.

    Hold onto your hats ladies and gentlemen. This isn’t going to be pretty.

  85. The big question one has to ask one’s self is~~~

    How can you really go OT when you give up your self-determinism
    and kow-tow to a Domination/Submission entity masquerading as a “Church.” ?

    I could not give up my own personal integrity even if it cost me my son because I could not suck up to the Black Dianetics entity that is DM’s cult.

    I have had much more case gain being out, maintaining my code of honor, than being “IN” the circle of the Black Dianetics 3d. It is liberating. It is actual FREEDOM from what I was IN. Only now that I am OUT can I see it and experience it.

  86. martyrathbun09

    WH, They’ve got “celebrities” doing this program too. Ding, ding…

  87. martyrathbun09

    Nice clarification Brett.

  88. martyrathbun09

    Thank goodness you woke up my man. You know I know all this and still breaks my heart to hear it again.

  89. The Black Dianetics Series.
    Oh man, David Miscavige…when this is over, you’ll need a bottle of scotch and a fresh pack of batteries.

  90. LRH lecture, State of Man Congress, Lecture: “Why people don’t like you”

    “And there’s been an operation here on Earth which has totally dedicated itself to making truth about yourself totally unpalatable. Now, I won’t mention any names and never do mention this particular organization, but it’s specialty is 100 percent making you guilty of an overt act. It tells you what sin is. Out of what black morass do they tell you what sin is? If they’d used a handkerchief more often, their own noses would be clean enough to tell you what sin is.”

    It looks like this operation has moved from southern Italy to Clearwater.

  91. I understand how you felt about this. I really do. Because my experience at the “mecca” was similar.

    Lifeless rituals in a dying cult.

  92. Hobson,

    Who do you think is financing him?

    SO Members making 50 bucks a week?

    I suggest you broaden your perspective Hobson and look at the big picture or at least tolerate other viewpoints other than your own narrow one.

    And maybe just maybe consider the possibility that what Ron was saying in ‘Politics, Freedom From’ and other issues such as ‘Counter Espionage’ just to name a few that are general issue plus dozens of Lectures and confidential GO Directives based on direct observation of the scene and actual intelligence as opposed to fixed ideas and bluster may be true.


    How do you know this is the way it went down?

    Were you there?

    (aside from the fact that anyone who was there doesn’t have the full story since there were multiple viewpoints involved.

    Ever read Ron’s description of participants in a battle in DNs 55?)

    However it’s nice that you’ve accepted a possible myth which may answer all your questions.

    If you’re happy with it.


    Just don’t try and foist it off on me.

    Also if you wonder why people don’t treat you with the courtesy and respect you feel you deserve.

    Then you don’t have to go any further than your make wrong response to my post which was directed to Marty.

    NOT YOU!!!

  93. Valkov,
    Nice write-up.
    It offers insights.

  94. OUT, re the family of sciences of Dianetics.

    This was covered specifically in a chapter in DMSMH called “Dianetics Past and Future” near the end of the book as well as mentions here and there throughout. Child Dianetics, Political Dianetics, Judiciary Dianetics, Preventative Dianetics, and Dianetics and War. I was fascinated with this and am glad you mentioned it.

    “The social organisms which we call states and nations behave and react in every respect as though they were individual organisms.” DMSMH (newest edition) page 484.

    I was wondering whether anyone out there knows of any other references of the broader scope of Dianetics.

    This was something I was going to email Dan Koon about but haven’t yet, so I hope he reads this.

  95. Lawrewnce

    Here is the definition from the “Dianetics and Scientology Technical Dictionary”:
    BLACK DIANETICS, 1. hypnotism. (5109C17A) 2. unscrupulous groups and individuals have been practicing a form of Black Dianetics for centuries. They have not called it that but the results have been and are the same. There are those who, to control, resort to narcotics, suggestion, gossip, slander–the thousands of overt and covert ways that can be classified as Black Dianetics. (Scn Jour Iss 3G)


  96. Anything’s possible Jonathon.

    As far as I know from personal observation and research CIA’s main area interest was Remote Viewing.

    Though mind control I guess could enter the picture.

    I’ve just never seen any tangible evidence of it though there has been a lot of speculation about the possibility.

    The fact is that unlike RV there is no paper trail leading to that conclusion.

    In other words if as Ingo Swann used to say “you know who” was involved than they’ve covered their tracks well.

  97. Tony DePhillips

    Here is an example of Black Dianetics.
    While on OT7 on one of my “refreshers” ( that is what they call your bi-annual checkup) I had to get an “advance program”. This meant that I first got 5 intensives of sec checking (approx 30k) this consisted of lots of grinding on o/w stuff. Sometimes the auditor would go over and over the buttons to try to get a read on me or to see why I wasn’t “f/ning”. (maybe no three swings) this was extremely painful and grindy and expensive. The expense just added to the BPC. Next was the R factor that I wasn’t Clear. (MID OT7) Then I proceeded to get three intenives of NED. I later found out there is a C/S series that talks about not mixing major rundowns. Here I am in probably the biggest rundown delivered in Scientology and am getting TONS of unnecessary sec checks which communicate= YOU ARE BAD AND EVIL. Next they invalidate the state of Clear just for fun on top of the first course of sec checks and I now have a bill for about 50k.
    That is pretty hard to choke down.
    As a contrast it was a relief getting auditing from Marty in a safe non restimulative environment. I definitely helped to key me out from the gulag treatment. The above was just one “refresher”. I was on OT7 for 6 years and have many more examples of Black Dianetics run on me.

  98. I hear you Tony …

    I did OT V – it was promoted as the be all end all – every bit of tech had been ‘found’ and verified as 100% LRH … then about 2-3 months after returning home, I was called with a message from the C/S that the NOTs I did was ‘Mayo-nized’ and I had to return.

    While there, an FPRD list was popped in – I got off that, then started the 2nd round of NOTs only to be de-Cleared midway thru between sessions. A big spin that was.

    I somehow got back onto NOTs and finished again – frankly, I have no idea where I am at now – one big BLANK on what happened … $60,000 lighter in my jeans, a big confusion, wondering what the hell happened & what’s next … I’m lost.

    Now *that’s* black 😦

  99. Martin, your story made me teary eyed. I can relate to every word you say, having had similar experiences (not just once or twice, but several times in the last 15 years) at Flag. In fact, after the last trip, and 6 intensives, I came home WORSE off than when I started. That was the final straw on auditing at Flag. I literally felt LESS of a Being after my last auditing. How is that possible? Well I would be the first one to think there must have been some overt I was audited over. But after having spent over half of those last 6 intensives looking for overts–to the point where I went into grief many times in session (and I’m not a crier either) at the frustration of not finding whatever “it” was, I really don’t know what to say. I’d had over 200 hours of sec checks in the 6 years prior to that–literally. And I live a pretty clean life. So, I don’t really know what to say. I went from being the easiest pc in the world, lots of TA, great wins on everything I ever did…to being completely stumped and confused about WTF we were trying to achieve with the auditing being given.
    It’s not all bad though. I feel SO much better having lifted the suppression of the CofM off my lines. So I’m actually doing great now. Just needed to cut that line. And that’s why I appreciate this blog and all you guys so much. Every bit of truth posted here helps blow that much more charge.
    Funny, I think out of everything you said, the part about Harvey Jacques sums up for me the tone level and purpose of the place better than anything else. Amazing.

  100. Kathy, you were right. I’m reading each story posted here, and they’re not pretty at all. My heart goes out to each person testifying here tonight.

    Just Me

  101. Atcause,

    And you formed this opinion of Joe by applying the 12 social and 12 antisocial characteristics to him?

    I’m sorry “atcause” but this is not the first time you have posted unsupported opinion with shrill certainty, as when you referred to Ron’s Org delivery of “psychotic OT levels”. How do you know Ron’s Org “OT levels” are psychotic? Did you do them? Did you study the materials involved? Did you do Standard LRH OT levels for comparison? How?

    I don’t care how politically correct for this blog many of your posts are, I perceive you as a demagogue trying to start witch hunts – lots of emotion, little reason, and divisive opinions as though you are “the one opinion leader” to sort the wheat from the chaff. A little less shrillness from you would be welcome, especially on loaded emotionally charged topics.

    Now you position yourself as “advisor to Marty”, as to who Marty should ban?

    Joe can stand or fall on the merit, or lack there of, of his own posts. If you disagree with him, or see illogic or outpoints in something he posts, you can respond to those, just as I or anyone else here can. Joe will be called for any BS he posts. Ad homs from you are not necessary. Marty will ban or not ban based on his own decision and by his own lights.

  102. RJ,

    A few points and questions for your consideration:

    1. This is a public blog, not a private conversation. We can read what you’re typing. Anybody here can feel free to express their opinions about what others have said. It’s sort of the point.

    2. Re your question to Mike about where David Miscavige is getting the money to fund his nefarious activities, his personal luxuries, and other random mischief – I have understood that he takes what he wants pretty freely or by faking paperwork from IAS and church funds. I’ve understood here and elsewhere that those funds total one billion US dollars or perhaps more. If that’s accurate, a slush fund that size should permit him to operate freely without having to rely on funds issued by a governmental agency or even on laundered drug monies. (I’m actually not certain where you are intimating his funds really do come from, so I’m just making that last part up.)

    3. No, I wasn’t “there” – if by “there” you mean where and when the church’s various organizations and corporate veils were created, behind which all the money and political power for David Miscavige’s shenanigans now hide. Were you there? If so, would you tell us what you saw that we don’t know? Or if you weren’t there, even what you’ve heard from others who were there?

    4. And finally, perhaps you’d just tell us what you think really happened and who’s really pulling David Miscavige’s strings and to what purpose. It’s hard to consider and evaluate what we’re not even asked to imagine. Instead of posing geo-political thriller what-if’s, why don’t you just lay it out?

    Let’s have a real conversation about this. And if this thread isn’t the right time and place to do so, then at another time and place of Marty’s choosing.

    Just Me

  103. ExIntStaffMember

    WTF, Mjolnir? Maybe you should post under the name “llort” (troll spelled backwards).

  104. To my knowledge, Joe has never been a scientologist or in a course room at all, thus he has only an armchair knowledge of the subject. His question may be on the level.

    If like Alanzo, his purpose here is to create a little ARC before tossing in a “thought grenade”, time will tell.

    Inspection before the fact rarely produces good results.

  105. … and to think black couldn’t get any blacker:

    I received this email from a reg from the ‘Solo NOTs Project’ from Flag …

    “This brings me to another point; I have been asked by some OT Vs, I completed OT V a few years ago, do I need to do new NOTs Rundowns? The answer to that is absolutely, categorically NO! Anything you need will be handled as part of your eligibility for the second part, the confidential part, of OT VI, and this is also done while you are studying Part A of the OT VI Course.”

    Argghhhh … Then at the end of this a question:
    “6. Do you feel there might be arbitraries in regards to your Bridge progress? If yes, what are they?”

    Christ, I almost burst a vessel!

  106. Scott Campbell

    I’m putting together a write up about what was done to me using Black Dianetics while I was in the Sea Org.

    In it, you will see how I survived. A big part of it was that the church did not know all of what I had been through in my life before I got into Scientology. It was bad otherwise, but helped to save me in this instance.

    If you want a good description of how an Auditor delivers a true Black Dianetics “session”, see my story “Scott Campbell and the Ring of Fire” Aug. 21, 2010 – on this blog.


  107. Tony DePhillips

    Hey Quicksilver!!

    That is some sick shit!!
    You know what bugs me? Flag promotes itself as “the Mecca of technical perfection” and they pull this kind of shit. Look how many people have been messed up and over paid for unnecessary stuff! Oh…now we DON”T NEED to do the new OT5 rundowns??? Well why don’t you give me back my wated money then you shmucks. Do you know how much the public has overpaid with all this crazy 3 swing f/n stuff? Now they are asking for arbitraries?? Like they don’t know what people are complaining about?? If they don’t it is just because they create such an unsafe environment people don’t feel safe to communicate!! I hear you on the ruptured blood vessel!! One time I got a Solo Nots c/s that bypassed so much charge I thought my chest might rupture…blah…
    I’m good now though. Standard ethics applied to myself and surounding myself with good people will get you out of anything.

  108. Tony DePhillips

    Don’t feel bad or feel you can’t communicate her anymore. I got blasted by Marty early on on this blog. I just persisted. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. The baby is worth saving. I know you are a good guy. Sorry if you got roughed up a bit. This is a pretty messed up scene. It is not business as usual. I hope to hear from you again.

  109. Glenn,
    I think this topic is going to bring up the worst of the scene under DM; the outrageous out-tech he’s running. Dianetics refused on the appropriate points and enforced where it is forbidden is about as far away from recognition as anything standard as I can imagine. I’m quite sure as this topic progresses my imagination will fall way, way short of what goes on in this suppressive environment.

    Gritting my teeth…

  110. He was.

  111. Valkov,
    I respect your observations and enjoy your comments. In this case, with Joe Lynn, the fact is his comment. Inspection is by the fact. That there is substantive data supporting this inspection as you allude to and evidenced by my previous observations of the man only adds to that.

    This comment is a snide, carping, critical remark, that’s its level and it’s on it.

  112. I refer you to his “work” on ESMB.

    Plus, Alanzo has been banned from this blog, at least that is what Alanzo said on ESMB.

    He may indeed be trying to pick up where Alanzo left off.

  113. Robin,
    My personal opinion is with Mike Hobson. That’s based on my own observation and experience. However, the door is open for what you refer to and it isn’t as far out as some would suggest. There have been attempts and there have been plants at various stages. It’s not something to pooh- pooh out of hand. It IS something to put forth as Just Me has suggested; clearly and with specifics that have specific data to support contentions.

    Other than answering the direct questions Just Me has posed, I have observed Mike Hobson’s remarks on this blog to be consistently measured, cogent and to maintain a standard of reason that I find legit and positive. I respect your tech KRC, your experience and your frequent insights and ARC.

    The two of you contribute much. Step back a bit and ease up on the confrontational rhetoric. A notch, maybe two.


  114. QS,
    Between you and Tony and these incidents of black D, my vessels are burst…blood everywhere. God, I know this is just some of this stuff, but God. God damn.

  115. “A few points and questions for your consideration:

    1. This is a public blog, not a private conversation. We can read what you’re typing. Anybody here can feel free to express their opinions about what others have said. It’s sort of the point.”

    Gee thanks for the pointing this out

    But the fact is the post wasn’t addressed to him since his name ain’t Marty.

    “2. Re your question to Mike about where David Miscavige is getting the money to fund his nefarious activities, his personal luxuries, and other random mischief – I have understood that he takes what he wants pretty freely or by faking paperwork from IAS and church funds. I’ve understood here and elsewhere that those funds total one billion US dollars or perhaps more. If that’s accurate, a slush fund that size should permit him to operate freely without having to rely on funds issued by a governmental agency or even on laundered drug monies. (I’m actually not certain where you are intimating his funds really do come from, so I’m just making that last part up.)”

    This is presumptive on your part as well as Boyd’s.

    The people who keep Miscavige in power are listed in the ‘Impact’ Magazine plus others that are not listed there like for example Adnan Khashoggi.

    Also no man is an island and the fact is that Miscavige has had and continues to have willing accomplices who do his bidding for him.

    In fact one of these is covered in an earlier posting on this very blog.

    As far as I’m concerned the “lone Miscavige theory” is total crap.

    “3. No, I wasn’t “there” – if by “there” you mean where and when the church’s various organizations and corporate veils were created, behind which all the money and political power for David Miscavige’s shenanigans now hide.”

    This is rather hypocritical.

    Miscavige who supposedly operates on his own is yet able to hide behind some “vast corporate veil” sort of like Blofeld’s SPECTRE or something like that.

    These corporations are actually listed in the “Secret Closing Agreement” and Miscavige actually presented them with the exception of CST in his famous “Victory” speech in ’93.

    All of them are 501ciii entities meaning they are tax exempt as long as they are in complaince to that section of the IRC.

    “Were you there?”

    Anyone who was involved with the Church when it was restructured in the early ’80’s was there.

    “If so, would you tell us what you saw that we don’t know?”

    What do you mean by “we” white man?

    Also what exactly don’t “we” know?

    Some know more and others know less.

    A more important question is not what I know but what do you know?

    “Or if you weren’t there, even what you’ve heard from others who were there?”

    I have my own personal experiences that I have posted on this board already.

    To get into them again would in my opinion would be redundant.

    “4. And finally, perhaps you’d just tell us what you think really happened and who’s really pulling David Miscavige’s strings and to what purpose. It’s hard to consider and evaluate what we’re not even asked to imagine. Instead of posing geo-political thriller what-if’s, why don’t you just lay it out?”

    I never wrote that anyone was pulling his strings.

    I said and I’ll state it again so you can actually duplicate what I have written many times.

    He is doing exactly what various agencies of the Government have sought to do for many years and that is destroy Scientology.

    Whether some one is as you say “pulling his strings” makes no difference.

    “Let’s have a real conversation about this. And if this thread isn’t the right time and place to do so, then at another time and place of Marty’s choosing.”

    Frankly I’m not interested in debating the matter with someone who can not duplicate my point of view on the matter or tries to twist and pervert what I have written in order to create some kind of straw man.


  116. Thanks for sharing. Heartbreaking and disgusting – yet real and commonplace. Hope others with similar experiences and “checking this blog” very secretly take a look at what happens to them and wake up too.

  117. Valkov~Your post describes quite clearly:
    “So long as a natural phenomena remains the knowledge of a few and is denied to the many it can be utilized to control the many.”
    And it’s freakin scary!

  118. An example: You do standard LRH (False Purpose Rundown, Conditions and Exchange by Dynamics) and come to a decision that is best for yourself, your children, your group, mankind, everything and figure out how to remain an auditor and even continue training to reach higher levels…all good all ways.
    Your seniors decide they don’t like your decision and you must have overts so you get security checked to change your mind. To top it off, your seniors call you up and try to make you feel real bad and degraded for your overts.
    Black Dianetics per the definition given above.

  119. Thank you.

    My original impression was that the church may perhaps be deliberately rendering people unconscious to as to give them tailored engrams so they are more suggestible and obedient.

    At the moment that to me was the meaning of the exact opposite of Dianetics.

    I got the picture now and can relate totally to the way that this kind of squirrel application applies almost completely to ALL of the services I got.

    Thanks again.

  120. Songbird:

    That is great. That would be nice if more people did that. It took me 8 years to figure out what had happened. 8 Years wasted in limbo, and now those 8 years have paid off nicely, for me, and not the alleged “church” that was so busy “helping me” that had no time to notice everything they were doing was WRONG.

  121. 😦 OMG this is heart-wrenching.

  122. After finding the ruin you would bring them to understanding. If you didn’t, then what’s the point?

  123. I am glad you survived.

    Flag is truly the “Mecca of Technical Perdition”.

  124. David Miscavige, is such an overt product maker. Other people are saying this, not me, but I believe it, because these are people some of them that I knew and liked in the church when I was in it, when they were in it. They probably found me offensive in my approach! {LOL}

    But, my point is, there is White and Black Dianetics per LRH no?

    Soon, with David Miscavige at the helm there will be such things as:

    1. Red Dianetics
    2. Green Dianetics
    3. Blue Dianetics
    4. Orange Dianetics, etc. etc. etc.

    That staff will have to memorize the definitions of and learn to recognize as well.

  125. Sure, but one could find someone’s ruin and then use that to drive a person down….

    That kind of thing seems to be what the Co$ does nowadays – as soon as youget a win, any kind of increase in awareness, you’re immediately made wrong somehow, put down again. Like, “Oh, good, now you can donate some more….” for example.

    Would you let one of today’s reges find your ruin?

  126. atcause,

    The raid was in response to a DOS attack against the “Church” and their libelous and slanderous RFW site which occurred in ’08.

    So, yeah they had a little time to prepare.

    Though as far as I’m concerned it’s an obvious set-up or attempt to frame poor Emma and the timing seems rather “coincidental”.

    As I wrote earlier OSA these days is nothing but ‘Freakout’ on steroids.

    Wish you the best Emma and I hope this thing is resolved soon.

  127. Thanks Hallelujah.

  128. Where in the hell does this thing of having more than two people (an auditor and a pc) in the room during a sec check come from?!?! Did I miss the LRH reference on that somewhere?!

  129. If you happen to have a wordpress blog (which you can get for free and don’t even have to post to) there’s a button up top when you’re signed in to report as spam any wordpress blog you go to. I just reported that one…

  130. I don’t get what the point of those sites is. Who’s gonna visit them and read them? Are they monitored/modded at all, are they actually open for comments?

    They probably get little or no traffic.

    What’s the point of having them there at all?

  131. Further example of Black Dianetics (Ethics):

    Look at the use of SP Declares. How MANY are there? Have you ever had the chance to see the drawer(s)/filing cabinet(s) full of “Declare folders” – in an org, CLO, FLO/ILO or at IJC”s office ?? What is the percentage of publics/staff/SO with a Declare label? 98% of Ron’s Old SH Staff are declared!! (search for the link on Marty’s or Steve”s blog)

    Look at your own SP Declare issue (if you have one 🙂 Is it factual? Does it contain lies? From those (few) that I have actually seen they are a smear campaign for the most part.

    Did anyone ever try to civilly communicate with a CJC or IJC about his/her declare? How did it go? Did they have any sort of a “comm cycle”? Was it comm laaaaaagggy – or was this only with those that I know about?

    What is Fair Game, OSA/Nazi/Mafia style?

  132. Holy shit…that’s gruesome Tony!
    It communicates loud and clear – the best and the brightest MUST BE SQUASHED!

  133. Valkov: go over to ESMB and do a search for everything every posted by “Zinjifar” (Joe Lynn) using keywords “crimes” and “murder”.

    Joe here has repeatedly accused Marty of secretly being in cahoots with DM in present time, of covering up murders (yes, plural), of being out to take over Co$ from DM for the money, etc, etc, etc. The guy expends vast amounts of time and energy running PR ops against the Freezone and Independents, too.
    Michael A. Hobson

  134. Hi Lawrence,
    Get my personal EMAIL from Marty and I would love to have a private comm with you. I’m not willing to lose what I will lose to come out. Please understand. Coming out would not help the cause and it would just be a major upset for me.

  135. Magnolia, exactly. Cutting the line of suppression IS the first step. That’s partly why I am so passionate about my friends knowing the truth – knowing they are right now assigning all sorts of wrong whys and blaming themselves and getting more caved in – with the actual SP not exposed to them. And I wholeheartedly agree about the value of this blog. Alone it has been worth all the auditing I had in the last 20 years, many times over, in terms of right indications etc. I am also doing great now, business is good, my wife’s pregnant with our 2nd child, we laugh together, we enjoy life and each other. We all move on up a little higher somehow, don’t we!

  136. “And you formed this opinion of Joe by applying the 12 social and 12 antisocial characteristics to him?”

    Do you really think that a person has to have all 12 characteristics of an antisocial person to be an antisocial person?

    I guess 11 of 12 won’t do, ect.

    I’ve been reading Joe’s writings on the Internet going back years before ESMB on ARS, and I know his viewpoint of things very well.

    I stand behind my conviction.

    “I’m sorry “atcause” but this is not the first time you have posted unsupported opinion with shrill certainty, as when you referred to Ron’s Org delivery of “psychotic OT levels”.”

    Could you please specifically refer me to the comment where I stated any such thing so I know what you are referring to?

  137. Valkov- Also, If you don’t believe me when I say Joe Lynn has posted numerous posts putting Marty Rathbun down and black PRing Marty, you are welcome to go to ESMB and read them for yourself.

    Marty Rathbun is a good man trying to help people. He’s taking on a load that I personally would not want to take on. He’s trying to do the right thing. He needs to be supported at this time, not attacked.

    Anyone who has posted as many posts on ESMB bashing and black PRing Marty Rathbun as Joe Lynn has is running opposite to helping people, IMO.

    Now, what kind of “social” person does that?

  138. ExIntStaffMember

    Sorry, meant to tag this on “Mjolnir’s” strange posts. Don’t know what happened.

  139. Thank you for this series Marty, for someone who knew nothing of Scientology, who’s introduction was to be at the receiving end of an unprovoked, full scale ”Black Dianetics’ attack, it has taken time to see that some scientologists have true hearts and help explain ‘what’s gone wrong’
    Fair game and Black Dianetics are not great ambassidors for the belief system and tend to create enemies of scientology!!

  140. The reason why Scientologists do this, as I have come to know all too well, is for the money, no other reason. Only for the money.

    Even when I was in Scientology and the staff I did business with would tell me “Well this is what the LRH policy says, but IN YOUR CASE, it is applied differently because your case for some reason we are going to resolve here, is not like everybody else’s”.

    What would a person that is new to Scientology know of these things? A person that just read the Dianetics book for example for the first time and was so blown out by the tech of engrams, the he or she raced into the nearest Org to sign up for auditing? Regardless of anything else?

    These people, these corrupt Scientologists, criminals, they know exactly what they are doing and they know they will get away with it. Because they know that if your own case doesn’t louse up your life from not getting handled, or if people don’t think you are crazy from the BLACK DIANETICS you get that you wouldn’t even know you received, life will take care of you instead simply by your not having the real tools or the real tech to confront and handle your own life the way it really is instead.

    It is all about money. Nothing else. Not results. Money.

    LRH Says “When one knows the tech of how to do something and can do it, one cannot become the adverse effect of it”. This is a fact of life. Anybody in just about any field could or would know this, except of course Scientologists. Especially one’s like DM that fund and order the whole thing to come about.

    Just because David Miscavige was not in the charge of the church at the time when I had so much problems with those Scientologists it was almost overwhelming, that does not mean that he didn’t learn of it and later of approve of it. He has been to the New York Org in person and met with the people I did business with. He is no friend of mine.

    The RTC used to call people that were on lines at the New York Org and request of them that pay up Freeloader’s Debts that they didn’t even owe. Why? Because the people were confused enough to believe maybe they did and it was one way to get money instead of delivering real auditing and training. I know that they did this and so does at least one other, I don’t know who they think they were getting away with this on.

    Perhaps like Marty says, one of these people to whom this black brand of tech is routinely applied with success. Is that really clearing the planet? I don’t think so.

  141. Isn’t that terrible Martin? This kind of stuff happens all the time at Flag. It is not a pain in any way that you came out and expressed from intimate concerns of what might have been only known to others from looking in your folders. It is outrageous! Things like this 67 hours of Security Checks. To find out what?

    I was told at Flag that I had to do a Security Check before I even started my Purif and I walked out the front door and never went back. I have not gone back to this day and have spent that time looking for people to discuss this with intelligently that are not in the church.

    Someone on Facebook a few months ago told me she was going to report me to RTC. I closed my Facebook so she looks and sounds like a nut, her and her out ethics husband.

    I think that is great Martin, that you told this. I personally don’t like to come out that much with so much personal details of what’s might be in my folders.

  142. Black Dianetics, Satanism, Black Magic? 🙂
    We know that “black” things say the opposite.
    The page motto: “Moving On Down a Little Lower” is just opposite.
    And the latest post says: “The Criminal Mind
    Posted on September 6, 2009 by Bernie| Leave a comment
    So it is easy to say according to the same policy the site posts that the Church is commiting those overts they accuse of Marty and others with “critical” (I would rather say “truth pronouncing” mind…
    Anyway. Although this policy says some truth it is also evident that it does not work in itself. When somebody says something “bad” about something it is not enough to say that the person who says something wrong is commiting those wrong things. This often quoted sentence from LRH says for me as well that Scientology is not an all omnipotent and reliable source of “knowledge”.

  143. Further, if you examine this policy than you could safely conclude that Scientology is doing the same crimes as psychiatry. And while it would look crazy at first sight, examining the actions of the Church, applying radical Scientology we can clearly see that the Church is doing just the same than psychiatry but with other methods.
    LRH was right in Book One when he said “For god’s sake build a better bridge”. Since that time as much as he went closer to truth just in the same proportion he went further away from truth. That’s why I can safely conclude that Scientology is unreliable unless reformed from bottom to top to become applicable by all in a way as it can be applied right now only by a “few good man”.

  144. “How can you really go OT when you give up your self-determinism….”

    Precisely; you can’t! That exact point is what saved my hide when the regs, tech people, RTC etc would nag & hound me to get on my next step. They’d give me their latest reason why I should. My response was always the same and that was, “To do this would be other-determined, wouldn’t it.” And while they were mulling that over I’d then tell them, “I didn’t go this far up the Bridge to become other-determined.” It left them speechless with no come back…..every time.
    Having absolute certainty in my viewpoint saved my sanity and probably my life!

  145. One of the tricks of the track was to get a thetan to try to use all of his force and power to move something that couldn’t be moved. He wasn’t allowed to just as-is the damned thing and mock it up someplace else. He had to keep on trying. Until he completely gave up. And then was hit with all these considerations about how weak and incompetent he was. Worked wonders in making a thetan weak, in making him solid. And the joke was, the thetan agreed to try to use his force because he wanted to demonstrate how powerful he was and get a little admiration for it.

  146. Bozz,

    Cleaning a clean?

    If he was gay… Hmmm, that would mean you must be sufficiently attractive to get hit on. Oh, you admirable dog, you.

  147. I could tell you all about how Black Dianetics (specifically run on Flag OTs on tech and ethics lines) but of course I would be motivating on my numerous overts (hence my big ARCX) and it really doesn’t matter what was ‘done to me’ because I pulled it all in with all the nasty big overts I committed being the out-ethics scum-bag OTV that I am 😀

    I thought I should contribute to the next COB evolution – so I edited the Auditors Code in anticipation of the release of the new PAT (Platinum Age of Tech) revisions set for sometime soon in the future:

    HCOPL 19 June 1990
    Revised 10 November 2010

    1. I promise to evaluate for the preclear and tell him what he should think about his case in session.
    2. I promise to invalidate the preclears case and gain in and out of session
    3. I promise to administer non-Standard Tech to a preclear in a non-Standard way.
    4. I promise to make as many auditing appointments as possible as long as the preclear has money to spend.
    5. I promise to pound a preclear who has not had sufficient rest and who is physically tired.
    6. I promise to process a preclear who is improperly fed or hungry as long as he pays and shows up for session.
    7. I promise to change auditors as often as possible so as to prioritize on potential reg cycles as opposed to wasting time on PCs
    8. I promise not to sympathize with a preclear but to let him know in no uncertain terms what an out-ethics, undeserving, motivatorish, useless piece of shit he is.
    9. I promise not to let the preclear end session unless he is thoroughly enturbulated, caved in and under control.
    10. I promise never to walk off from a potential reg cycle.
    11. I promise never to get angry with a senior telling me to reg a PC.
    12. I promise to overrun every major case action past a floating needle.
    13. I promise never to run any one action to a floating needle.
    14. I promise not to grant beingness to the preclear in session.
    15. I promise to mix the processes of Scientology with nutty creations manufactured from COB’s bank.
    16. I promise not to maintain communication with the preclear and to cut his comm and permit him to overrun in session.
    17. I promise to enter comments, expressions and enturbulence into a session so as to distract a preclear from his case.
    18. I promise to continue to give the preclear the process or auditing command when not needed in the session until it creates a psychotic break.
    19. I promise to let a preclear run a wrongly understood command.
    20. I promise to explain, justify and make excuses in session for all auditor mistakes.
    21. I promise to estimate the current case state of a preclear only by standard executive C/Sing and to diverge at every possible opportunity.
    22. I promise to use all secrets of a preclear divulged in session for punishment and personal gain.
    23. I promise to keep all incriminating evidence clearly noted in all worksheets of sessions.
    24. I promise to see that any donation received for processing is never refunded.
    25. I promise not to advocate Dianetics or Scientology only to cure illness or only to treat the insane, knowing well they don’t work were not intended for any gain other than financial.
    26. I promise to cooperate fully with COB in safeguarding the monopoly of Dianetics and Scientology.
    27. I promise to permit any being to be physically injured, violently damaged, blackmailed, destroyed, operated on or killed in the name of “mental treatment”.
    28. I promise to permit sexual libterties and violations of patients.
    29. I promise to refuse to admit to the ranks of practitioners any being who is sane.”

  148. Just Me,

    Sometimes your ability to analyze and enumerate just wow me.


  149. I’m betting that they want you to post so they can get your email.

  150. martyrathbun09

    Sam, you are brilliant. I am about to post something that demonstrates that while you have a great sense of humor, at the same time you’ve got a high ability to confront evil.

  151. DITTO!!


  152. martyrathbun09

    MOQ says: The two of you contribute much. Step back a bit and ease up on the confrontational rhetoric. A notch, maybe two.


  153. martyrathbun09

    Alanzo is full of it. Anyone can post here. He is simply admitting he is incapable of posting a civil communication that forwards the idea of moving on up a little higher.

  154. WOW – that’s in a nutshell. Literally REVERSE how to audit per the Auditor’s Code and you practically have it. Brilliant.

  155. Valkov — I’ll take a stab at answerng your question.

    The ONLY purpose for those websites is because at some point Dear Leader was reading Marty’s blog and exploded: “Can’t you c***sucking SP’s do ANYTHING? Rathbun’s blog is getting more hits than Scn. Org! Here’s what you do. Create NUMEROUS websites to look like his and outcreate him! Obviously people are looking for what he has to say! So, let’s give them what they want. But its OURS!! I am a big thetan, you are peanut thetans. You are useless. I want compliance to 20 websites with his name up in 5 hours! Or you are all going in the lake!”

  156. This is a particularly difficult new article and series of comments to read and digest.

    Most of us here have our own personal horror stories that this tends to restimulate. And new stories emerge all the time. We probably all know people who have lost their children to this travesty called a church. We probably know people who have died, committed suicide and are deeply in debt – doubtful to recover in this lifetime.

    It’s messy. It’s sad. It makes me literally feel a dull pain in my heart.

    My guess is the future articles in this series are going to be even more difficult to read and not REACT to.

    That reaction starts to bleed through to others, to the comments on this board.

    It’s a time to be even kinder to ourselves and each other.

    Otherwise, there is truly zero hope that evil won’t win.


  157. martyrathbun09

    Yeah, yelling at the thermometer no doubt, as per usual.

  158. It’s an interesting phenomenon! When instances of organizational errors and/or mistakes happened to me as an individual, I tended to withdraw and simply assign them as errors and/or mistakes. When I felt there was a great deal of attention on handling me as an individual to correct the errors/mistakes, I resisted as I didn’t make the errors/mistakes and I didn’t want someone else to continue making the errors/mistakes while trying to “handle” me. Now that I have read this most recent posting by Marty and the comments, I see a larger situation at play: Black Dianetics. I choose White, thank you. Hallelujah!

  159. Martin,
    Thanks for this “REST of the story” (as Paul Harvey used to say). A beautiful sequel.
    Just Me

  160. Thank you, Tara. Good question. I have never seen that instruction either.
    Just Me

  161. RJ
    You refer to Those keeping DM in Power listed in “Impact Magazine ” for thsoe who would not actually know where to look (please exactly where toi look would be helpful and how to find that where is it )? And who do you mean when you drop name such as “Adhan Khashogg ” ? Explain

  162. Fantastic, Oldfox, very appropriate and very entertaining!

    Which leads me to the LRH story “He Didn’t Like Soup”.

    We don’t like soup.
    ML, Lady Minn

  163. And congrats! 🙂

  164. inky,
    There are taped lectures in the first couple of R&D Vols on Group Dianetics and there are issues on the same in Tech Vol 1. There are issues on Child Dianetics, even a book.

  165. atcause~Excellent analogy.
    Book One Dianetics works just like it says. So many times I think, wow, if I could just give them a Book One session, they’d be so relieved…
    But that’s me – not Church of David Miscavige talking…

  166. RJ,
    You haven’t had the extreme pleasure of meeting Just Me. Were you to, or better still, when you do, you’ll better understand just what that means.

    Now, on to this area of expertise of yours. You are without question 100X more familiar with the whole ‘spooky’ nation, the intel community, it’s making, machination, technique and the full gamut, than I’ll ever be.

    You are also familiar with some of the way out, waaaaaay out, conspiracy theories re Scn, even the ones promulgated by DM on ‘Illuminati’ , the grand pharma plots with, well, hell, just about everybody posting here (including Joe Lynn), his inability to spot a true source and so on.

    That last bit is what I’m talking about – spotting a source. You know technically what that means and what Grade it applies to and the theory behind that Grade.

    I DON’T dismiss this stuff. I’m familiar with Fletcher Prouty’s summation of LRH’s ‘connection’ and the validity of what occurred early on in this movement, and subsequently, all the way through the Remote Viewing scene. (An accurate summation of which was on William Shatner’s Weird of What? recently).

    I don’t doubt that strings, connections, and such could be pulled or put together and would be if those ‘files doing the work’ for those hats responsible in the organizational hierarchy were wearing them. The tech evolved, developed and expanded upon in the G.O. by LRH and various really sharp beings, is formidable. Fair scares the ‘spooky’ guys it does. Rightfully so.

    You are right, sabotaging the subject is of prime importance to vested interests,wittingly or unwittingly, either by mistaken identity or assumed efficacy or even ‘what the F is this stuff!’ and definitely by nefarious beings who recognize true help to others.

    You agree, first order of business, nail the SP David Miscavige, with truth to run out his lies, and in fact, to cut out the cancer.

    His connections? From the first target accomplished should be a matter of simply applying that hard one tech and a mop up.

    I anxiously await your book on the area. Don’t make it too limited in distribution 🙂

  167. No, you didn’t miss any reference.

    This is David Miscavige’s NEW GUARANTEED way of guaranteeing that sec checks come out right. A PC is not likely to lie about something in session if there is somebody else standing there in the room with him right?

  168. Tony DePhillips

    Need a sponge Jim?? 🙂

  169. Tony DePhillips

    Thanks Tara. I had some good wins spotting the suppression and getting away from it and am coming back to battery nicely.

  170. Flag MAA’s are DM’s Black Dianetics foot soldiers.

    In 2005 likely candidates were hand picked by RTC. They were all young and impressionable, between the ages of 17 and 21. They were run through a special program called “MAA Bootcamp”. They were not allowed to eat or berth with any other staff. They were told they were the elite. They were trained for weeks by RTC under the direction of DM. They were trained to be mean and aloof. If they socialized with any other Flag staff they were booted out. If they softened at all in their attitude they were booted out. I remember one young girl who was an MAA in this gang at the Fort Harrison. Her father was ex-SO and had been an exec at one point in the IAS. She protested some of the handlings being done on public. She was kicked out of DM’s MAA gang, put under non-enturbulation order and routed to the RPF.

  171. Tony DePhillips

    That sound you hear is my jaw hitting the floor!! God damn!!

  172. Overdriver,
    There are two issues that are often quoted, partially, and without full understanding, on this area. Key elements of the material are omitted in the ‘memes’ proliferated.

    The first is HCOB 31 Dec 59 BLOW OFFS. The quote:
    “People leave because of their own overts and withholds.”

    The REST of the material:
    “Almost anyone, no matter his position, can remedy a situation no matter what’s wrong if he or she really wants to. When the person no longer wants to remedy it his own overt acts and withholds against the others involved in the situation have lowered his own ability to be responsible for it. Therefore he or she does not remedy the situation. Departure is the only answer. To justify the departure the person blowing off dreams up things done to him, in an effort to minimize the overt by degrading those it was done to. The mechanics involved are quite simple.”

    This bit “When the person no longer wants to remedy it his own overt acts and withholds against the others involved in the situation have lowered his own ability to be responsible for it. Therefore he or she does not remedy the situation” is important, and omitted in the ‘meme’.

    Willingness to be responsible for it, to continue to perceive the area, and work to remedy a departure with good sense and a right ‘why’, these are the operative issues.

    A ‘blow’ can be precipitated by numerous things; out-int (claustrophobia), suppressive injustices (an SP blowing off good staff), withdrawal to disentangle one’s wits and sort out what’s going to make another attempt(theta-MEST theory, the Tone Scale example with the bear in DMSHMH) and of course, the theory and technical points expounded in this HCOB, are a few.

    The second issue is HCOB 21 Jan 60 JUSTIFICATION. The quote:
    “…criticism is justification of having done an overt.”

    The REST of the material:
    “In this light most criticism is justification of having done an overt.

    “This does not say that all things are right and that no criticism anywhere is ever merited. Man is not happy. He is faced with total destruction unless we toughen up our postulates. And the overt act mechanism is simply a sordid game condition man has slipped into without knowing where he was going. So there are rightnesses and wrongnesses in conduct and society and life at large, but random, carping 1.1 criticism when not borne out in fact is only an effort to reduce the size of the target of the overt so that one can live (he hopes) with the overt. Of course to criticise unjustly and lower repute is itself an overt act and so this mechanism is not in fact workable.”

    Two operative points, omitted in the ‘meme’ (the first curtailed, out of context quote); “This does not say that all things are right and that no criticism anywhere is ever merited” and “when not borne out in fact.”

    The issue you mention HCOB 15 Sep 81, THE CRIMINAL MIND is another, misquoted, ‘meme-ified’ bulletin.

    The quote: ” The criminal mind accuses others of things which he himself is doing.”

    The REST of the material: “It is not true that where any person accuses another of a crime the accuser is always guilty of the crime or that type of crime. But it is true that when a criminal is doing the accusing it is more than probable that the criminal is disclosing his own type of crime.

    “Apparently they add it up this way: ‘If I accuse him of robbing, then it would be assumed by others that I have not robbed a bank.’ By loudly voicing a condemnation of a crime, the criminal, with a crooked think, supposes people will now suppose he is above bank robbery and won’t suspect him.”

    Judgement comes with full duplication and understanding of the whole of the material, not a couple of ‘memes’.

  173. Badabing!

  174. scilonschools,
    “Fair game and Black Dianetics are not great ambassidors for the belief system and tend to create enemies of scientology!!”

    Out of the mouths of babes – spot on.

  175. Tony DePhillips

  176. Lucy,
    If DM wanted to go all out on this Hitler Youth program, he’d take a page from an earlier/similar and ‘plant seeds’ in prospective Aryan women selected from among the Flag public.

  177. Just Me:

    RJ Is most CERTAINLY the Sherlock in all of us, by inferring that DM has a super secret taboo hidden evil source of income with which to finance his nefarious deeds.

    Well I believe I may have discovered WHERE that money is coming from INSTEAD of real Dianetics and Scientology.

    There was an ad in this magazine that I think David Miscavige responded to, it reads “Grow your own sponges at home and make millions of dollars”. And the intro sponge growing manual only cost $1.95 so, that is probably how DM could afford it.

  178. I’m really curious though, did somebody issue something stating this new procedure or is this simply contagion of aberration?

  179. I used to think the statement “Scientology brainwashes” was just bollocks. Still is, provided you separate Scientology from DMology.

    First we found something in Scientology that was real and beneficial to us.
    Then we wanted to tell the world about it. And it became harder and harder to spread the word.

    The world at large (press, critics etc.) were the first so see what it had turned into. And in a way the ones who believed in the good of it all are the last to see what it actually has become: brainwashing through the use of Black Dianetics in its many forms. It’s done on a one-on-one basis (in Auditing, Ethics interview etc.) and its done wholesale on a 3D basis: SP Declares galore, “special elite training units” (FSO MAA boot camp), executive C/Sing, fundraising/IAS (GPM) events, its done on SO members, org staff and publics alike.

    Makes you quite humble when you confront what you have once contributed to – but even more so determined to put an end to it.

  180. I can attest that I know at least two people who went psychotic after a handling in Flag and at their home. They were screamed at and suddenly went psychotic. Yes, they are using black dianetics in public. Nancy Manny receives at least one call a month of people who went nuts.
    Greg Bashaw is a case very documented in the net. Seach for it. He was an OT VII, who committed suicide, because Flag would not help him after he became psychotic. He lost everything. He gave every thing he had to Scientology. He fought against CAN at that time. If you do not believe me search the net.

  181. martyrathbun09

    Thanks Tony D!

  182. Tony DePhillips

    I feel ya Martin!!

  183. The day that the World Trade Centers was exploded.

    There was Volunteer Minister’s there and they were thrown out of the area by the Psychiatrists on duty after it was reported that they were there handing out information to people to tell them come up the Org uptown for more information.

    6,000 People died that day in less than 30 minutes. And all the Scientologists can do is try to make a buck off of everyone’s lock on the incident.

  184. Lucy- Thanks for this information. These “bootcampers”, i.e. enforcers, bear a striking resemblance to the Hitler Youth. Heil Miscavige!

  185. Windhorse~Thanks for the reminder. True words. The subject bypasses charge not just on Scn. but any other black practice we might have experienced. It’s up to us to create and keep creating kindness as a first response. A culture of kindness.

  186. Thank you so much for putting this series up on your blog!
    I Blew down so much when I read this. Thank you Thank you!

  187. Hey, I can’t deny it.
    Chics dig me. 😉 LOL

  188. Holy cats! That’s like reading a Correction List for DMology. Wow!

  189. You absolutely nailed it!

  190. Excellent points WH. And Tara, especially the By-passed Charge.

  191. Marty, what kind of references are these that you mention? HCO PL’s HCOBs, FO’s?? Are they dated? You wrote:
    “As an introduction, and for orientation, I offer the following quotations from LRH’s Danger: Black Dianetics! and The Loophole In Guarded Rights, which establish the need for this series.”
    I would love to read them in whole but I don’t know what to look for beyond the title. Thanks

  192. *****Happy Birthday Tony D.*****
    Wishing you a wonderful day!
    Love Mosey

  193. Greg Bashaw finally admitted, “For the last 10 years I was fooling myself regarding the services I was taking [with Scientology], and whether they were advancing me. I wanted them to be… In retrospect, I would have been better the last ten years to have focused on simply building a family life, and on work, as most people do… Being on the services the whole time was almost unbelievably demanding in terms of time, money and commitment. The fact that it did not ‘pay off’ has been an exceptionally bitter pill to swallow. The fact that at the end of the road I ended up in worse shape than I’d ever been in my entire life… well, that has been completely irreconcilable with any concept of reality.”
    😦 So many people posting here have had similar realizations…myself included. I’m sorry he didn’t make it through.

  194. I know of 3 personally. Myself included.


  195. Tony~I know you are…keeping tabs on you via the blog, you know. 🙂
    These stories are a sobering reminder of the lengths DM goes to to snuff out the good people in his church.
    I used to mourn the loss of my group but today I am extremely grateful I got out in ’99 and spared myself and my family the misery.
    When I talk about LRH to my kids, they have nothing but grins and understanding. I’m gonna pat myself on the back for keeping them away from the insanity!

  196. Tara:

    This is simply contagion of aberration. There is no reference from LRH ANYWHERE that says Sec Checks are to be done Gang Bang style or that there should be a “witness present” with the PC and the Auditor or whoever the 2 are that are involved in the Sec Check.

    It is an outright lie, that somebody is supposed to watch you when you are getting auditing to make sure it comes out right.

  197. First time I have ever heard of it and been in it was the Finance Police in the early 80’s – obviously, there’s nothing written about it. But it was/is done.

  198. Lawrence,

    If he bought tens of these he would be making tens of millions of dollars, and if he bought hundreds of these he would be making hundreds of millions. A thousand would cost less than two grand, which would net a billion. Even on the great leader’s meager monastic salary could a person afford two grand.

    Oh My Fricking God! We’re doomed.

    Unless we counter with mushrooms.

  199. WH and Tara. I also hope a culture of kindness eventually replaces the current scene. The current regime cannot even fake it, as it would be like putting silk stockings on a pig.
    Thank you both for holding up a higher standard of conduct as the ideal. Kindness does not mean weakness or softness. I see it as a combination of granting beingness and love. Lofty conduct, and not one bit mamby pamby. Only borne from true strength and a good heart. It would seem to me that for those who are the recipients and beneficiaries of scientology processing, ethics and culture, and embrace scientology as a philiosohy, it should be something that comes quite naturally. The absence of it in the current church goes to show how far it has strayed “My Philosophy” by LRH.
    Thanks again for raising the standard.

  200. RJ:

    But I don’t think that Emma {Michelle Stirling} is too much a supporter of LRH tech and anything that is LRH based in her mind is BLACK. She is a student I believe of “The Michael Teachings” a sort of Way To Happiness like kind of faith.

    I don’t know her all that well, but I am always happy to hear the latest news about her. She has posted here before, but it is not the usual.

  201. I second that motion.


  202. Sam,

    You really are an out-ethics scumbag. My kind of thetan! I couldn’t admire you more.


  203. Tara,

    I like the idea of a culture of kindness. But, do I still get to call Jim bad names, just for the fun of it?
    I mean, I love brownies topped with ice cream, but after the fifth or sixth one I’m starting to feel the need for something less sweet.

  204. I dig your gravatar pic!

  205. Oh a birthday for Tony! Happy Birthday! Hope it’s your best year EVER!

  206. Sometimes in session you just see the TA going bananas, moving so fast it’s hard to keep up. And sometimes you run into something that has so much charge that it’s hard to confront and hard to get the TA moving. But, you persist and you reach a point where the TA begins to loosen, and then loosen some more. The small falls become long falls and then blowdowns of the TA.

    Just continuing to look and communicate works wonders.

    And then proper indication of charge.

    I get the feeling that we’ve hit a pivotal moment on the third dynamic situation here. Lots of hard things to confront. The TA on this is just beginning to loosen. People have been talking about this particular subject on the net for a long time, but the TA just remained stuck. Or moved very little.

    But, it’s starting to move. The ticks are becoming small falls. The small falls are lengthening. Some individuals are blowing huge chunks of case with the indications on this blog. Others are restimulated and about to get off the charge. We’re all different.

    It’s just a matter of persistence and confront and honest observation with honest cognitions. And continuing to communicate your experience and insights.

    Just my opinion.


  207. Lawrence~Thanks. I couldn’t imagine LRH ever suggesting it but I can imagine some fake ass shit David Miscavige would come up with and run down the lines.
    I just wonder what these auditors doing this are operating off of?

  208. Samuel~I’ve heard of it quite a few times from S.O. people. I don’t know if they’ve gone so far as to do it to public or not.
    It’s so damned foreign to me as an auditor…it’s hard to grasp how any auditor could bring themselves to do it.
    And it’s so freakin implanty….I shudder!

  209. 😆 Not Jim, no. Only the ones I say. And of course you’ll have to ask my permission first.
    Mwahahahahaha 😉

  210. Hi Valkov; yes, it’s true that I’ve never been a Scientologist and also never in a course room, and, yes, my knowledge of Scientology per se is indeed pretty ‘armchair’ and ‘theoretical’, although, my experience with the ‘Church’ and Scientologists (in, out, ex and indie) is more direct 🙂

    The question was meant honestly, although I’ll admit to a little ‘modest proposal’ flavor to it. That’s about as far into ‘thought grenade’ as I intended or intend to go. I was interested in what the contributors *here* would say and I appreciate the responses.


  211. Donkey head. Poo Eyes. Wierd Toed Guy. Vestigial Tail Man.

  212. Hows about Dr Strange?

  213. Samuel wrote:

    “The world at large (press, critics etc.) were the first so see what it had turned into. ”

    Not exactly correct: Scientologists who blew publicly when it was extremely dangerous to do so, people like Arnie, Tory, RVY, etc. told their stories. Scientologists in fact began the exposure of DM and Scientologists will end it. The media and critics can and do offer PR, analysis, and reporting, but we need details from Scientologists who have blown. When Little Bear Victor, BFG, and BTs2Free (John Peeler) began leaking in 2006-2007 at OCMB and ESMB, they were the vanguard of the current scene — and they were attacked, stalked, followed, harassed by OSA constantly. The nonstop, documented, incontestable fact is that DM attacks, stalks, follows, and harasses people who blow. Well, this too is a part of Black Dianetics. DM practices Black Dianetics inside and outside of CoS. BTW, COB = Criminal Operating Basis.

    When Marty and Mike started talking, that blew a gigantic hole in the TerrorMidget’s world. As the old saying goes, “The Devil is in the details.” What has changed in the past few years is that more people have blown CoS and are “blogging and blowing” and offering specific details: Time, place, and form of event. DM cannot attack facts, he can only respond with lies and attacks. DM’s credibility is shot to hell.

    Black Dianetics is an Occult operation that uses power processes designed to enslave and entrap people spiritually. The Occult aspects of what DM is doing are shocking. IMO, DM is trying to be a Pharaoh in the very esoteric Egyptian sense. This is why he must seek his immortality and power at the expense of LRH.

    That CoS has become a place of great suffering is another indicator of the occult nature of what DM is doing, for only an endarkened being would actively create a place of misery, suffering, and punishment. The lie is monumental and the practices are as black as night.


  214. Uh, thetans aren’t bodies, so can’t have birthdays.
    So back on course.
    No other fish to fry.

    And has my $%%$#%&**^%$ Scotch arrived from overseas?!!!! How do you expect me to get through my @#%%##$^&*&%$#$^& day without my SCOTCH. Can’t any of you @#$^U&&^$#%&&$’s do anything right?

    Can a thetan drink? Or only bodies?

    Does DM use the bathroom? Or do only bodies use bathrooms?

  215. Mistress Tara, Oh Great Decider of All That is Right and Proper,

    Can I have your permission to call Jim a fuckhead?

    Pretty please with sugar on it.

  216. Oooooh. Goosebumps. Now you’re speaking my language. My havingness has increased a thousand fold. Such creative name-calling.

  217. I think you did misunderstand Joe’s post a bit. He put “finding” in quotes, just like “restimulating”. I read that as telling the person what their ruin is after spending just enough time to get the gist of it; then really rubbing the person’s nose in it completely.

    Proper ruin finding is easy – you mostly just shut up and let the person tell you what it is! A little half-ack here and there too to help them along.

  218. Awwwww shucks.

  219. OUaT~Your thetan needs a drink. 😉

  220. Adhan Khashoggi is an international arms dealer with connections to the intelligence community who allegedly particapated in Iran-Contra and contributed to the failure of BCCI and Nugan Hand Bank.

    His family are considered Flag Public and some of the money from his dealings have been contributed to the IAS.

  221. Happy birthday to Tony!
    Happy birthday to Tony!
    I hope you get a poooooo-nyyyyy!
    Happy birthday to Tony!

  222. You beat me to it 🙂

    I was going to add something about being an interfering troublemaker with facts too but I reckon we can let your post stand as-in instead.

    p.s. I’ve met a whole lotta scumbags on this blog in the past year or so. I’m starting to like scumbags 🙂

  223. I imagine Miscavige gets quite irate when the temperature rises above his IQ.
    He doesn’t stand a chance. Even if the scale is in °C.

  224. In my book, Emma is a hero for standing up to the cult. She and I don’t agree about everything, but we agree about many things. For the last three years she has stood up and said, “Hell, no!” to the cult that is Corporate Scientology.

    I will support her as she defends herself against this fair-gaming attack and David Miscavige’s thuggery. I hope others here will consider doing so, too.

    Just Me

  225. RJ~I truly have no time to do the research at the moment…supposed to be working…but not too long ago, in the wee morning hours, the Documentary Channel had a short program on about Remote Viewing where the head guy went out with Remote Viewers to verify that which was remotely viewed. It didn’t seem very old. Just FYI.
    OK, working now I swear! 😉

  226. I sorry Jimbo,

    My view of MH is that he creates a straw man and then attempts to knock it down.

    First I wrote:

    “The only people who would not want you to reveal this information are vested interests and elitists who have seized control of the organization and have installed their favored figure head David Miscavige a person whose hatred of the founder and the subject make him the perfect ‘Leader’”

    Are you and he saying that someone like Tom Cruise for example is not an elitist?

    Also are you and him saying that he doesn’t support Miscavige?

    The fact is the IAS is filled with elitists who fund Miscavige and are influence peddlers.

    I’ve seen it with my own eyes.

    For instance some “Patronizing Moronis” has a company that is involved in illegal activities and some average Scientologist decides to blow the whistle on this individual by informing HCO.

    What do you think usually happens?

    Does HCO call in this high roller and tell him to get his ethics in?

    Yeah sure and Porky has an approved pilots license issued by FAA.

    Usually the Scientologist who filed the report is hauled into ethics and worked over.

    Do you and MH see the general pattern here?

    I didn’t even mention “mysterious and shadowy Powers” (a straw man if I ever read one) here.

    These are just simple humble folk who are patrons of the Church. You know the ones who look like penguins posing with his Satanic Majesty in ‘Impact’ Magazine.

    Do you think these people are going to want someone who will actually put their ethics in?

    Now we’ll go for the Lee Harvey aspect:

    “D.M. had all the power he needed from Ron Hubbard’s command and communication lines which, with the help of Pat Broeker, he managed to subvert. He used Ron Hubbard’s authority and power to turn everyone at the top of C of S against one another so as to depower and destroy everyone who stood in his way.

    D.M. used people who were loyal to Ron Hubbard and thought they were serving Ron, to destroy other equally loyal people, get it ? D.M. himself said publicly that the only power he ever had was people listen to him.”

    This is a myth assigning the little cretin almost supernatural powers!

    Giving him almost total cause.

    Something I refuse to be a party to.

    The fact is that most of the old guard was taken out after the collapse of the GO by CMOI when management was restructured eliminating WW and the Commodore Staff Aids.

    This is covered in RJ 38.

    Miscavige was a minor player at this point.

    Sure he convinced Mary Sue the controller to step down and busted Jane Kember but he was backed up by Kerry Gleason and a whole team of CMO Missionares.

    This is the point when all those reams of ethics orders and SP declares were written and the internal battle for control of the Church began.

    The confusion before the stable datum.

    By the time Miscavige seized control of RTC he already had a loyal team of supporters who were looking to oust “Loyal Officer” Broeker.

    In other words he never acted alone and he still doesn’t.

    Because now he can get what ever income he needs directly through the IAS by almost bypassing the Organization and get it directly from overdressed stuffed suits and evening gowns who are paying his bills and keeping him in power.

    Therefore if you eliminate the IAS you eliminate Miscavige because the IAS is his main source of power.

  227. Jimbo,

    I never wrote that Miscavige shouldn’t be eliminated as a first priority.

    My main objection is assigning this guy too much cause and ignoring other aspects of the scene.

    In other words what I like to call the “lone Miscavige theory”.

    While ignoring other policies and directives relating to the scene.

    I wonder if people who claim to love the Ol’man and claim to follow his tech and policy merely think he was just being a paranoid crack pot when he wrote that there were and probably still are efforts by the Government to seize control of Scientology.

    It just seems kind of selective to me.

    Also there seems to be some objection to even personal inspection by some of this possibility which in my opinion is based on some a priori conclusion of some kind that it’s not possible without even further discussion.

    It honestly reminds me of these critics who claim that the lower grades are great but the upper levels are BS.

    From what I remember from studying the BC the study of this area of political control is considered level V.

    One of the highest levels because it is one of the hardest levels to confront.

    Yet like others claiming that others should be able to “confront evil”.

    It also is a level that has to be confronted as well.

    And the fact has to be accepted that there are individuals and groups who seek total domination and enslavement of the population and that Miscavige may be a water carrier in this operation.

  228. Splog,

    Then you’d love me. I’m a scumbag’s scumbag.

    And who’s the interfering trouble maker: me or Sam?

  229. One of the purposes of the International Freezone Association is to spread the philosophy and technology far and wide.

    This so violates the first principle of Black Dianetics, ‘So long as a natural phenomena remains the knowledge of a few and is denied to the many it can be utilized to control the many. ‘ that the IFA was the target of many forms of attack, both legal and Black Dianetics. Needless to say we were able to handle such attacks simply by using the technology of LRH.

    Apart from our handling of the attacks themselves, not a very difficultactivity if ones knows ones basics well enough, our policy was to expand with every attack. indeed, it is possible that the attacks we received were the instigator of our expansion during those early days.

  230. Sam, with you a close second and the rest of us hot on both your tails 🙂

    So that makes you an interfering troublemaking scumbag’s scumbag … that’s a grand title and you should wear it with pride.

    Now imagine Davey reading something you post and screaming it at the monitor with gallons of spit flying everywhere and veins popping in his head . Then smile broadly 🙂

  231. Thanks Mike. It’s kinda what I thought.

    He closes his eyes, sticks his fingers in his ears, and starts shouting LA LA LA LALALALALALA…….LA! at the top of his lungs…..

  232. Yes my dear Watson Larry,

    “How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?”

    Is that the reason I’ve seen him wearing a SpongeBob SquarePants T-shirt?

  233. Thanks Tony 🙂

    I actually remember that speech quite well when we were locked down on Franklin Ave with the fires burning around us.

  234. That’s the reason some critics call ’em “Vulture Ministers”.

  235. Yeah.


  236. Mary,

    It’s Jounal of Scientology Issues 3-G, 4-G &5-G

    On page 280 of the Original Tech Vols Vol 1. (first set issued by Pubs Org in 1976)

    Its title is Danger: Black Dianetics



  237. Emma has stated to me the positives of some of the basic tech. So, please be very careful before taking Lawrence’s word about what Emma believes.

  238. I probably know even less than you about Emma than you do big guy.

    For instance I didn’t even know her real name!

    Personally I don’t know what she thinks of Ron and the Tech and frankly I don’t care which is why I never signed up when there was this big stampede from ‘Beliefnet’ to join the Ex-Scientologist MB since I never considered myself an Ex-Scientologist.

    However you and I both know that Emma or Michelle is not technically capable of hacking those sites.

    And even if she was. She has no motive to do so. Especially that idiotic and repressively stupid RFW.

    Come on!

    Much of the stuff that gets posted on ESMB is about RFW latest delusions!

    Why would they want to loose they’re favorite foil?

  239. Thanks for the heads up Tara.

    That’s very interesting.

    Since CIA announced to the world on the Ted Koppel’s Night Line in ’96 that the program was discontinued.

    Of course only a moron would believe these guys!

    Also they neglected to mention the fact that they went public just 7 years earlier when they with a little help from their friends went public with the technology in ’89 under PSITech.

    I can tell you this that back at AOLA in the ’80’s we were setting up certain “special” cases for the original OT levels even though they were no longer part of the “New” Grade Chart any longer.

    These cases also just happened to have some kind of background in intel either in the Military or CIA.

    Of course all of them were classified as “FIOs” or Former Intelligence Officers though as far as I know there ain’t no such animal.

    The inside joke is that “former” means feet first.

    Anyway they made interesting cases.

    Also they were really nice people.

    Just kinda spooky.

    I guess whether we knew it or not we played our special part in as they say “the defense of America” 😉

  240. martyrathbun09

    Just Me, I’d love to help, but no one has communicated a single specific. Not the agency involved, not even the charge.

  241. Very well done for holding on to your marriage Martin 😀
    So many relationships do not survive the onslaught.

  242. Marty,

    You’re a champ — thank you. Yes, specifics are missing at this point, since Emma has not been charged. However, per a post she made yesterday at ESMB, “The allegations are that [she] participated in the DDOSing of in January 2008 and conspired to cause a DDOS of Religious Freedumb Watch in Jan 2008.” Emma sounds optimistic that the authorities will soon see this for the Co$ footbullet it is. She is also seeking Melbourne legal counsel.

    I would think that right now Emma would welcome words of encouragement and support. Very few people in this world can duplicate what it feels like to be targeted like this by Corporate Scientology, but some of those who can are part of our MOU blog community.

    Emma will surely see see messages of support left here, as well as at ESMB and WWP. IMHO, these situations supercede any religious, spiritual and philosophical differences among our communities, since we all wish to see David Miscavige exposed and prosecuted for the criminal bully he is.

    Just Me

  243. Tara,

    Another one? Don’t mind if I do.

  244. Splog,

    I shall wear the title with all the dignity it deserves.

    As for Davey, can anyone say, “aneurysm?” His blood pressure must be to die for about now.

    Marvelous. Simply marvelooooous!

  245. Tony DePhillips

    Thanks for the Birthday wishes!!

  246. Robin,
    Much thanks for an excellent post and reply. I’m tracking.

  247. Robin,
    I think we should take this up one part at a time, the ‘takeover’ that is.

    Was he helped? Yes, my ex-wife facilitated him for one, and very, very much to her chagrin and subsequent difficulties, IMO. That’s Annie – formerly Broeker.

    The remainder of the machinations we may take up in later threads. Or not. I’m of the mind that with DM done, lots of stuff is going to come out in the wash that will have to remain unwashed, at least somewhat until such a time. There’s LOTS more to be washed right here on this blog I dare say. And there’s Marty’s book.

    Glad to have you back in the fray so to speak too 🙂

  248. Hey HAPPY BDAY TONY!!!!

    39 is a good age 🙂

  249. That is why I tell people of the Venus Project. A resource based economy not based on money. It would handle a lot of problems but not all of them.

  250. Actually Lawrence, the back story is even more interesting than that. There were actually some pretty pure motives behind the original Scientologists who went to help at 9/11 … until of course DM and crew figured out how to sabotage it in the name of PR. Last year, Marty posted this story from those that were there. Here’s the link in case you missed it:

  251. Better to go for the mushrooms.

  252. RJ~
    Leave it to those crazy Texans!
    I swear it didn’t look that old but maybe it was.

  253. RJ~Here is the direct link to the 2006 A Casebook on Remote Viewing at the Doc Channel. This is what I saw.,-A

  254. I agree Ol’buddy.

    Miscavige has definitly got to go.

    As I told one SO Member who visited me to sell me the basics.

    Miscavige should be comm-eved he’s practically violated every Ethics and Justice Code in the book even in the Miscavige revised edition 🙂

  255. Fear.

    Fear that they will be declared, RPF’d, assigned a lower condition, put on menial posts for life, transferred to failing org’s with no possibility of advancement…


    If you reduce a person’s tone level to fear and can stick the person there they will respond just like LRH says in “Science of Survival” that a person at that tone level responds.

    Consequently, one cannot expect good results in auditing or training or on post at that level of the tone scale.

  256. Margaret:

    I understand and I don’t underestimate Scientologists efforts on 9/11. But…in spite of those with good intentions to help in that disaster…within hours or days…the situation turns from helping traumatized people come to PT with assists and water and 2-Way Comm…to…”Get those F#%$^%@ people on to services right now!” What? Why even listen?

    Medically it was not possible. Professionally it was not possible. The Psychiatrists were not there to make money they were there for example because one fireman witnessed one man jump to his death from the 88th floor window trying to escape the flames and was very upset about it.

    I know. Because I was there that day. On Wall Street 2 blocks away. I have lived in New Jersey across just across the river from New York City since I was born.

    And idiot that would tell a VM “You see that man that is upset because someone was just splattered in front of him on the sidewalk after jumping 88 floors to his death? Get him on an into lecture right now?”

    Alright I cannot say that I don’t appreciate the man’s sense of humor in a situation such as this, but it is the wrong way to go about, out-gradient so to speak.

    It is like LRH says that engrams once recalled become a source of laughter to people. 9/11? This too shall come to pass.

    But Black Dianetics has no place there considering the severity of the incident. One time I ran a lock in my bank, not even an engram, just a lock and almost fainted, so who is to say that someone at 9/11 considering how much worse were the events going on deserved to be humored?

  257. Marty:

    I am from New Jersey. And a young boy in a town not too far from here {Dmitriy Guzner of Verona, New Jersey} was accused by the Church of Scientology and convicted by a Federal Court in Newark, New Jersey in 2009 of taking part in a DDOS attack on 2 Church of Scientology owned and operated servers in 2008. His prison sentence is scheduled to expire later this month but he is liable for over $40,000.00 damages that he must pay back to the church following his release, will be on probation, and is now a convicted felon with all penalties and restrictions applying to anyone that is convicted of a felony – link to the story here:

    It is the contention of the Church of Scientology lawyers that Emma {Michelle Stirling} conspired with Dmitry Guzner and others from records they have of a chat room log where she discussed these attacks in advance other chatters there who then carried out the attacks. The progress of which was logged by the chat room server in text form, , at which point she came back to the chat room later and congratulated them. Claiming on her web site the ESMB that this activity is a complete lie that the church manufactured from ALTERED chat room logs.

    It is on this evidence that she was arrested the other day and her computer’s confiscated after her home was searched by Australian police with warrants. It is inevitable that the church will try to obtain some form of statement from Dmitriy Guzner that will convict {Emma} Michelle Stirling so that he can have his felony criminal record expunged, return to college and get back to leading a normal life.

  258. Because I live only 15 minutes from where his trial took place, it is easy to be abreast of such things rather than to rely on sketchy statements from people 15,000 miles away that were not even allowed in the courtroom during the proceedings.

  259. Although this is not Black Dianetics per your definition, it is a CRIMINAL activity to allegedly “put the church in line” on the part of the people so accused.

    Crime does not pay.

  260. Marty:

    The Church of Scientology even went so far as to remove the hate page that they had put up about her on the Religious Freedom Watch web site, to give her the illusion that she was above suspicion.

    I personally have always had a very difficult time communicating with Emma {Michelle Stirling} to the point that she made me feel bad. Now I know why. And if she is guilty, good, because she treated me very badly and has for years.

  261. She sets a bad example for people to follow, just like DM does, and she has a following of people that apparently “she gets along with well”.

  262. Thanks, but no thanks.

    The information you have provided here is sufficient enough for me to understand.

    Thank you.

  263. Happy birthday Tony from Lawrence.

  264. RJ
    I can confirm your comments written here I was around at this time and know Gleeson /Kember well and the rest of the mob.

  265. This means you are a generic critic?

    That sounds hot. Best wishes.

  266. Scott:

    That sounds like it is going to make a truly exciting read.

    Very much looking forward.

  267. Tara:

    A lot of the services at Flag are all BLACKLY delivered. I have been told that Lisa McPherson’s fatal last experience was caused by unflat L-11 delivered and C/S’d by tech personnel that were not removed from post until Lisa actually malfunctioned a while later. In the interim before she had her psychotic break, the 2 were allowed to continue to serve the Flag public because, regardless of how BLACK their delivery was, they were making money.

    Go figure.

  268. Well it is possible that Emma may have been the victim of BLACK DIANETICS because whatever her beliefs she just got arrested for them, and may be going to prison. Something, I personally don’t believe in.

  269. People that complain about Scientology services they got must have had some kind of dealings with a Church of Scientology somewhere or what would be the reason for their discomfort?

    Possibly, when Emma was in the church, she said she is a Class V auditor, she got handed some BLACK DIANETICS and swallowed it, and it is still causing her problems.

    But, I am not in the business of reversing these kind of ill fated effects from others willfull misapplication of LRH tech, but they are very educational to read about.

  270. That’s a good one.

    Because the Centigrade temperature is always very low in number when measuring temperature, even if the temperature is high.

    That’s a good one. And then that is how high DM’s IQ goes before he gets excited.

    Well as long as he doesn’t ever go pushing me in a lake like that. Because I would get out of the lake and you know what, he’t be going swimming next.

  271. Joe Lynn,
    I’m impressed with this consummate 1.1 ‘wrap up’ you’ve delivered. Smmoooze. Smarmy, with a small ‘s’, so it’s smmoooze.

    Admiring from afar (no snapped terminals ‘here’),
    Jim Logan

  272. Thanks for the backup Hadley 🙂

  273. Or…one could have simply just quoted this LRH tech:

    “The only power an SP has is the power you give him”.

    Adolf Hitler was appointed by the people of Germany to do his job.

    David Miscavige says “Power is assumed” instead, which means he just directly took control of the church right under everybody’s nose whether he is qualified or not, he qualified himself, and nobody so far, not even the authorities can do anything about it.

    Uh..oh…I better shut my big fat yap here before somebody forces sex on me.

  274. That’s a pretty young Hal Puthoff in the beginning.

    Probably filmed in the early ’70’s.

    If you’re really interested in a more recent RV session there is a movie that you can rent through Netflix called ‘Suspect Zero’ that has an actua RV session in the ‘Special Features’ section.

  275. Larry,

    I’ve perused the site as well and there is definitely a lot of BPC there for sure.

    For the most part they seem like nice people who are totally stuck in an upset of some kind and trying to work it out.

    However I find that in many cases there they target the wrong source of their upset.

  276. martyrathbun09

    Got a cite for that quote?

  277. Which one Marty? Which quote?

  278. martyrathbun09

    Come, you are devloping unnecessary traffic. The quote you attributed to L Ron Hubbard in the comment I directly replied to.

  279. It is from one of the Tech Volumes I used to own buddy!

  280. martyrathbun09

    Date and title of writing please.

  281. “buddy”. sounds a bit 1.1

    Lawrence, you came out of nowhere and your hogging the blog. I dont trust you.

    Have a nice day “pal”.

  282. Back to you. The exact date of the HCOB or HCOPL from which I drew this comment? Sure, if I could remember.

    I know you have read it somewhere before or that perhaps it said GRANT HIM not GIVE HIM?

    Did I violate the law because I do not remember the exact date of this LRH reference?

    I threw my entire LRH library in the garbage years ago. If I had known anyone was interested in it, I would have offered it them at a discount.

    You, never heard of this statement by LRH in any policy ever, and this is a misquote or something right?

  283. Sure, sweetheart.

  284. Thanks for making my point.

  285. My apologies JR, but you must have me confused with someone else. My name is Lawrence.

  286. I am sorry, I meant RJ.

  287. That is the best news I have heard in 8 years.

    I rest my case and all my atagonism toward Scientology. I forgive them
    and resign from this BLOG.

    Mission accomplished.

  288. Goodbye.

  289. The story of Nancy Many includes 100 % black Dianetics. I read it on the web, but it will also be in her book for sure and I will support her as she defends herself against this fair-gaming attack and David Miscavige’s thuggery. I hope others here will consider doing so, too.

  290. Good to be going to your blog once more, it has been months for me. Nicely this article that ive been waited for so long. I require this write-up to total my assignment in the school, and it has same subject together with your article. Thanks, excellent share.

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