How Radical Scientology Creates Criminals

The boys are back in town with Tithing Through The Teeth,

I suggest you read the article, then read Samuel’s comment and Don’s comment below which adds info and connects some dots:

The WISE Directory for 2006 lists “Rene Piedra & Associates” as “MAKH – Model of Admin Know-How – Winner, 4 years” and as a CEO Circle Member (highest, some $ 30K per year, WISE membership status). The article already says that the c of m is about to pay 350K in a settlement to bar suits against Scientology entities (although Tommy Davis stated that the c of m has no involvement with what Piedra did – so why pay, if you are not involved?). Only thing missing is an SP Declare on Piedra to show the c of m’s “outrage” over what Piedra did and how they know nothing of the oh how so off-policy actions he has committed bla bla bla (has happened to others before – earliest case I am aware of was in Germany, IAS donors, went to jail and got declared, somewhere in the 80′s) … only, I don’t think we’ll ever see such a SP Declare – way too public and up for scrutiny!!!. Maybe a new SP category (SSP = Secret SP) or did Jeff already have a better label for them. There will come a point and hopefully soon where the c of m simply cannot buy itself out of the trouble it created with the money it defrauded from its Kool-aid drinking members . – Samuel

To the current Church members who secretly look at this blog:

This dentist, Rene Piedra, ran a business model that is NEARLY identical to your Church.   Yet it failed since he, among other reasons, couldn’t hide behind the protection of religion.  Here are the similarities:

1. He/His group pressured people to pay for service they, in many cases, could not afford – and didn’t care if they over extended themselves to the point of financial hardship.

2. Took money for service far in excess of his ability to deliver  them.  (note; back in 96 the FSO had 45 million of  services that had been paid for yet undelivered.  I understand that number has ballooned way past that though I do not what it is today)

3. Block and impede any attempt on refunds. I hear the church has “HANDLED”  this problem by having people sign documents that give up their right to refunds.

4. Sold things to people “packages” that they were not even close to being ready for  eg: Implants and whitening, when other rudimentary procedures were most pressing. (Note: I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen people pay for Ls, IAS donations or Solo Nots packages, who didn’t even have their grades paid for!  Why use limited financial resources on paying for Solo Nots when what you need is Grades? 

But here are the differences between the Church’s model and that of Rene Piedra:

1. Rene was unable to stem refunds by threatening family disconnection or denial of “spiritual advancement”  through declares.

2. Rene was required to deliver a product whereas the Church’s collection efforts seem today to be more geared to just straight donations (buildings,books, IAS etc) with this  they are not financially accountable to any specific “donator”.

3. Rene can’t use the wide range protections afforded a church.
Your church’s business model is geard toward aquiring  wealth and assets, NOT delivering a service or product with the “customer” in mind.  You can dispute this if you’d like, but good luck trying to make your case. 

If the Church was to use the vast amounts of money they collect (straight donation, IAS, Books, Buldings, services etc) and use it to offer auditor scholar-ships, grants or to subsidized auditing or otherwise make it as easy an affordable as possible to move people up through the levels – that would be one thing.  If that were happening you could make the case that your Church’s actions were  philanthropy and geared to helping people.  But a fat “war chest” and extravegent buildings can not produce one division of tone arm action for anyone.

No, the ACTIONS of C of S show an operationed geared toward “wealth acquistion” with as little “exchange” as possible, maybe a Condition 1 or 2 level of exchange.   In terms of money your church may be succeeding, but is doing so at the expense of the tenets and philosophy you hold dear.

Rene applied the C of S “collection model” to a service driven industry and defrauded those who trusted him.  – Don

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  1. To put it simply:
    Monkey See – Monkey Do

  2. That’s playing a game where everybody loses.

  3. Same as it ever was . . . . . . Reed Slatkin, Rex Fowler, and Steve Hackett, anyone?

  4. Freedom Fighter

    This article made me sick to my stomach. When I think about all of the people going to this guy for help and the way he fleeced them, it reminds me of the way the C of M operates. Help becomes betrayal and the overts get justified as “the greatest good”.

    He’s not alone either. There are an untold number of dentists, chiropractors, and the like who use this same squirrel management style to run their offices. Some maintain a focus on their purpose to help their patients, but others go the way of Piedra to one degree or another.

    Good on the St. Pete Times for yet another excellent expose into DM’s squirrel version of the Church.

  5. I have adopted a new or revised name for KA drinkers.

    I shall now deem them : Bobbleheads. Picture it for yourself. Esp. after the recent posts regarding Jonestown, etc. It fits.

    (Not to take anything away from KA Drinkers).

  6. Typically Two Faced Tommy is once again making an effort to no matter how implausible plausibly deny any Church involvement.

    The “S” in WISE should stand for the ‘World Institute of *Squirrely* Enterprises’.

    Seems the Church should go after people with real money like shady High Tech Entrepreneurs, Crooked Bankers and Investors, Gun Runners and Drug Dealers with Intelligence connections instead of sleazy greedy dentists

    Oh wait a minute!

    They already got ’em on their patron list.

    IAS should stand for I Am a Sleaze ball.

  7. Why is it Ethics are always out within the CoS?

    Tech won’t go in. Maybe that’s the plan.

    The money grab is really out of control. Very sad.

  8. these stories are all too common with the cult of greed

    the c of s and ALL OF its entitities are all about money and stats

    its a COLD HARD fact and its disgusting and people will no longer take the abuse, nonsense and fraud they commit EVERYDAY!

    keep exposing keep suing and ask for your money back from EVERY entity

  9. You guys.
    This is quite common. These clever professionals are headed for full time professional PC status at Flag.
    I know quite a few Scientologists making shitloads of money, exchanging as little production as possible for it with the intention of “going up the bridge”.
    It’s the ideal Scientologist beingness. Get your business as a chiropractor, dentist, contractor, etc into “Phase Two” it’s called if I remember correctly. Then you move to Flag and do your auditing and make large donations to all the donation status areas (Superpower, Ideal Org, IAS, Library Campaign, etc) and pretend to be cool with it all so you can “go free”.
    Sometimes this is stressful and people go nuts trying to get there. It’s the holy grail for Status Scientologists.

    If nothing else I am thankful I am free from that. It is a lifetime of slavery.
    I actually thought that the purpose of my life was to make enough money to get up the bridge. Any other goals or purposes and livingness could wait until next lifetime.

    Oh crap, I think I am bitter.

  10. Tony DePhillips

    This brings back a lot of bad memories.

    I know several people in Seattle who filed bankruptcy when the economy turned down and they were over extended largely because of their excessive donations to the cult of cabbage. My wife specifically made mention to the Org (and it was a large part of us leaving the church) that they were encouraging people to violate LRH finance policy and just good common sense. My wife was made VERY wrong for pointing that out. You see heavy regging was and IS part of the Idle Org strategy. If you rally against crazy regging then you are against “command intention” and therefore you are an SP.

    Now you have here a before Dr. “UPSTAT” who I am sure was touted as the Ideal scene as a Scientologist to the others. He got all pumped up on himself and KA-BOOM!! Crashed lifes all around. Now he isn’t even a practicing Scientologist. Real good product form that consulting group eh? I am sure also that now he is an “SP”, has hidden crimes, ( he may have 🙂 ) and is an all around NGC per the cult of cabbage.

    I surely hope that this investigator has the authority to pull the string all the way home to the “general sherman tank”. I bet if you took all the Scientologists that have gone belly up and traced their donations you would
    be shocked at what would be found.
    And what is the cult of cabbage doing with all this money??
    Chasing whistleblowers that are pointing out the cults out-ethics.

    The cult of cabbage is a no-ethics change entity.

    When something is not making ethics change you have to use justice.

  11. Sounds like a complete misapplication of the Affluence formula by Piedra. I’m not very surprised this happened, although its very disgusting. TD should have came to his defense, saying the money donated to the church was for the “greatest good” or that it was used for “humanitarian reasons to prevent the dwindling spiral”, or the many other selling points the reges probably used to get him to donate the money to the church. Instead the Church throws him under the bus completely, after ruining his life and reputation for the church. I am sure an SP declare will be issued on him now, so the Church can further distance themselves from him. In my opinion Piedra is primarily at fault, but the church definitely has much responsibility in this matter.

  12. $720,000 ~~ almost 3/4 million is substantial donations from this Miami Dentist a real present time High Roller.

    All Tax free. No auditing of books within the ” Church” Do whatever they want with the $$$$$. Tax free 501c3. A “Charity.”

    +++++ Reed Slatkin pleased guilty to a massive Ponzi scheme and got 14 years. The Church quickly SP declared him to put distance between, but during the years he preyed on Scientologists to get the funds, he had a free pass. This was a puzzle as it is strictly forbidden to use Church lines, Church mailing lists, and to solicit Church parishioners on lines for private business ventures.

    +++++ Rick Pendery IAS medal winner !!
    Rick has extensive experience in fund-raising, having raised over $1.25 Million in government and private grants, $2 Million in philanthropic donations, and more than $2.5 Million in government contracts and funding in New Mexico, Puerto Rico and Mexico.

    In 2000 Rick Pendery was awarded the prestigious IAS Freedom Medal, in England, for his contributions, internationally, to human rights and humanitarian work.


    ++++++Karl-Erich Heilig and Detlef Foullois donated 1,000,000 USD each to IAS. In 1992 both of them were sent to prison for two years for tax evasion fraud. The picture is from a “Patron Dinner” at the “Flag Land Base” in Clearwater from May 1991. On the right you can also see Janet Light (Director of IASA) and Guillaume Lesevre (Executive Director Int). (see pciture of them at INT event on stage)

    Other “high rollers for IAS war chest”

    ++++++Ronald W. Bernstein – convicted in 1991 in Clearwater of federal money laundering charges.

    +++++Grant Boshoff – convicted in 1991 in Clearwater of federal money laundering charges. [X]

    ++++++Lawrence Spencer– convicted in 1991 in Clearwater of federal money laundering charges. [X]

    See TIME Magzine,9171,972865-7,00.html
    for the above.

  13. Tithing through the teeth –how apropos. Gives new meaning to the words “I’d give my eye teeth for… ”

    Sane folk wonder: how long can this go on?

    Thanks for the link — here’s hoping it reaches a wider audience.

  14. (P.S. one of those big wig gluteousonis maximomus patronisorius guys from that BIG IAS donor list started at our mission…a dentist. I’ll leave it at that.)

  15. Talk about selling your soul to the devil!
    How unbelievably sad. This Piedra guy might not even be a bad/criminal guy, just a stooge, stooge, stooge.

  16. I just finished forwarding this article to a number of interested persons.
    What I found intriguing was ” $500 to a church human rights group and Blyskal was touted as a “Cornerstone” donor — minimum $35,000 — to the Super Power project in Clearwater.” How did that $500 allowed to fall of the table and get scooped up be the CCHR people.
    I guess it is good business to give the illusion of reforming and taking over the mental health field but letting $500 slip through their hands like that says they are getting sloppy and losing their touch since none of that $500 goes up lines.
    Did you read that too that DM?Oh never mind you can post here anyways.

  17. I could not make it past ” …He needed bonding. ” I tried Google. What is the ‘other’ def. of bonding? Think I will pull out my Frobscottle and take a break.
    Big hugs all.

  18. The contraversial Church of Scientology in the news again. This reminds me of OT 7 Rex Fowler who shot his non-Scn business partner in the face and killed him. Allegedly his business partner had found out about Rex’s financial irregularities that included funneling money to the the IAS.

    According to the link below, Rene both did Grade 2 and a Profession Intensive. Boy, that sure worked. Very ethical conduct. I’m sure there was huge and constant amounts of pressure from reges to donate more money.

  19. Alex Braverman

    I agree, Dr. Rene Piedra, seems to be a little weak in the cognitional thought processes department. I think the Church of Scientology used, and abused, this weakness. But what really takes the cake is Tommy Davis’s blatant denial of any church involvement – although they were the major benefactors, and players, in this whole fiasco. I also like how the Church of Scientology will pay $350,000 to make the case go away for the Scientology defendants. It has agreed to do so on the condition that the judge bar Piedra’s creditors or other parties to the suit from suing the Scientology entities which really sucks because the church was enriched with money that came from this dental practice – money that should have gone to pay creditors.

    What’s the matter david miscavige, he’s no longer worthy of Caps in my book, are your hands dirty? Did you receive money that the creditors should be entitled to? Yes and yes.

    Is DM an “Ecclesiastical Leader” or a shrewd and organized criminal?

  20. Take this story and multiply it by 250 is more like it. There are plenty more Piedra’s out there.

    ML Tom

  21. Folks, please see this OCMB post for official CoS photos of fat cat Scientology business consultant/OT Greg Winteregg. He is one of the owners of MGE Consulting:

    Tommy Davis denies that CoS has anything to do with this legal case. However, Davis — as usual — is talking out of both sides of his mouth. Official CoS PR lends credence to OT’s like Greg Winteregg who use the PR to persuade and induce their fellow Scientologists to sign up for expensive consulting. CoS does not have clean hands on these deals as it promotes people like Greg Winteregg and then takes a cut of the action from him and his clients in the form of donations.

    Whether it is the “Blue Laundry Balls” scandal, Digital Lightwave and Denise Miscavige Licarrdi, Reed Slatkin, or this latest scandal, CoS is usually in the mix in some manner!


  22. Scott Campbell

    That Tommy Davis reminds me of a family dog we used to have.

    Very loyal to his family… and loved rolling in horseshit whenever the opportunity presented itself.

    As any one of you out there who has ever been on ethics or elig lines at the top of the bridge knows, deceitful business practices, fraud, insurance scams and other financial irregularities are not uncommon in the typical modern-day scientologist’s journey across the “Bridge to Total Fleecedown”.

    I can only tell you that I personally know more than a few who “made it all the way” only to wind up destitute and wondering what happened.

    All I can say is, thank god for duty-motivated Scientologists.


  23. Just shows how the CoS run by DM allows crush regging at any cost to tarnish the practise of Scientology.
    I knew Luis Colon (a good guy IMHO), owner of MGE and his company trains Dr’s to standardly apply LRH policics on admin and tech and Dr. Piedra treated thousands of happy satisfied patients over many years, becoming more successful as he applied Scn admin, tech and ethics until his practise grew to become a target for donations mainly by the IAS along with the rest of the regging entities. This regging was all about money without consideration as to how the funds are gotten and most often with senior encouragement to violate LRH policy on finances and conditions that led to their success in the first place and then commended for doing so. These voilations of finance policy and ethics conditions unhandled and repeated caused them to become an enemy and betray themselves as well as others, having one time in the past looked to an ideal based on LRH.
    The result of out tech, policy, ethics and basic loking out for the well-being of our fellow Scientologist is a degradation of all those associated with it, top to bottom, inside and out.
    It must stop!

  24. admin,
    last paragraph should read:

    “The result of out tech, out policy, out ethics and basicly not looking out for the well-being of our fellow Scientologist is a degradation of all those associated with it, top to bottom, inside and out.”

  25. RJ
    “Seems the Church should go after people with real money like shady High Tech Entrepreneurs, Crooked Bankers and Investors, Gun Runners and Drug Dealers with Intelligence connections instead of sleazy greedy dentists Oh wait a minute!

    They already got ‘em on their patron list.”

    Very intriguing! Care to flesh out your statement or was it just a bit of playful joking and degrading?

  26. Floating Needle

    What makes this case even more interesting is that supposedly COS paid $350K to make the case go away. This came from a post by the name of Ghost of Charlie in the comments section of the article. I haven’t verified that, but here are the links to the documents he provided.

    1 Main Document 15 pages

    2 Exhibit 1 Part 1 35 pages

    3 Exhibit 1 Part 2 40 pages target=blank”>4 Exhibit 1 Part 3 31 pages

  27. Got a question here. In the article it said that Both the good doctor and his office manager are no longer in Scientology. Perhaps one of you “out of the closet guys” could track them down and see if they would like to comment on the blog about how or if there was any direct line to the Church in all this. For example the crush regging to get the donos which often entails how the person is going to come up with the money which can be construed as direct involvement. Remember , all scientologists are appointed Field Staff Members. I’m not sure about WISE but don’t they have an FSM program?

  28. Floating Needle

    whoops, here’s the links:

    1 Main Document 15 pages

    Click to access gov.uscourts.flsb.492865.19.0.pdf

    2 Exhibit 1 Part 1 35 pages

    Click to access gov.uscourts.flsb.492865.19.1.pdf

    3 Exhibit 1 Part 2 40 pages

    Click to access gov.uscourts.flsb.492865.19.3.pdf

    4 Exhibit 1 Part 3 31 pages

    Click to access gov.uscourts.flsb.492865.19.4.pdf

  29. Tory Christman

    Truly sad! I remember when a few of those Dr’s arrived at Flag. It was just like my parent’s millionaire friends, talking about who has the biggest Yacht, only
    they were talking about the “Bridge”. True story, this was said in the L’s HGC:
    Dr#1: “I’ve got my entire Bridge Paid for”.
    Dr#2: “Well, Joe, I’ve got MY whole Bridge AND my wife’s Paid for”.
    Dr #1-Next day: I now have my bridge and my wife’s paid for, AND all of our Training.
    Dr #2: “Well, I have all of the above AND I’m moving my practice to Florida!”
    That was “Trump”. So sad to see the outcome. Those people were worked over, to death, by reg’s who could care less about them or their businesses.
    “Church”? Think again, if you’re lurking…..and keep on reading 🙂

  30. The WISE Directory for 2006 lists “Rene Piedra & Associates” as “MAKH – Model of Admin Know-How – Winner, 4 years” and as a CEO Circle Member (highest, some $ 30K per year, WISE membership status). The article already says that the c of m is about to pay 350K in a settlement to bar suits against Scientology entities (although Tommy Davis stated that the c of m has no involvement with what Piedra did – so why pay, if you are not involved?). Only thing missing is an SP Declare on Piedra to show the c of m’s “outrage” over what Piedra did and how they know nothing of the oh how so off-policy actions he has committed bla bla bla (has happened to others before – earliest case I am aware of was in Germany, IAS donors, went to jail and got declared, somewhere in the 80’s) … only, I don’t think we’ll ever see such a SP Declare – way too public and up for scrutiny!!!. Maybe a new SP category (SSP = Secret SP) or did Jeff already have a better label for them. There will come a point and hopefully soon where the c of m simply cannot buy itself out of the trouble it created with the money it defrauded from its Kool-aid drinking members .

  31. This is called the chickens coming home to roost.

    I really love how Tommy D. is throwing the guy (and MGE) under the bus after receiving all that money.

    Ethics? We don’ need no stinkin’ ethics!

  32. oh – of course the org and scientology never do it – a person commits the crime and it is their fault – like lying to go to UK to work at SH – being revved up to do it – then getting detained a few years later and nearly arrested – yeah and getting shifted to the US – same deal with the fingerprints and all

  33. I don’t think any doctor who stays on the WISE program stays focused on helping patients. It’s completely impossible for the exact same reason as it’s impossible to stay in the Church and practice Scientology; can´t be done! You first win and get all the love and respect or millions you always wanted and get acknowledged big time. You then owe your benefactor like Scientology or WISE that then more and more places you in space and time. It’ll control you and your objects to the point of total ownership. You think you are a player whereas in fact you´ve become a blind broken piece and only a high integrity can prevent you from going the route but that means you’ll have to put ethics in on your benefactor. In this case it’s impossible as complete management is in total valence (I left a decade ago on that cognition). The only way to maintain your integrity is get out but for that you have to decide your integrity is more worth than your Bridge and all the ARC with all the people still in. You may have to sue your benefactor but even if you’re willing it’s still impossible if you don’t have the correct information which you can’t find because the proper sites are disconnected by software you yourself installed. Deciding to leave or sue is fairly easy once you have the correct data and that is why Davey goes bonkers over media exposures, high profile suits and our blogs. The good part being that going bonkers is fuelling his downward spiral and does more to force his greatest contributors to look for correct data than we could ever do (we just have to make it available). More and more credit card companies will bail out of Scientology schemes, thus spiraling the suits, bankruptcy and exposure. The faith of doctor Piedra is the very same as that of the Church; going broke through criminal exchange.

  34. Interesting. Looks like the Church is pulling in the criminally minded as parishioners. Wonder why that would be….

  35. Before he was a stooge, greed took over.

    You can’t be a stooge with a clean heart.


  36. I had trouble with the link but have now seen this. WISE’s management HQ is in a tall building in Los Angeles with a huge sign that has the word Scientology written boldly in lights. And this guy’s practice is in no way connected to the Church? Yeah, right. Looks like Tommy was dragged out of the Hole long enough to make a short, stupid statement before being re-incarcerated. Enjoy your rice and beans, Davis.

  37. martyrathbun09

    I don’t know about that. I think they create criminality by the ever spiraling demand for ever increasing sums of money to increase ones status.

  38. martyrathbun09

    Nice sum up Erwin.

  39. martyrathbun09

    Samuel – thanks for the vital info and observation. I’m adding this comment to the post.

  40. martyrathbun09

    Tory, if it were only the Bridge they were paying for, even under Miscavige’s extortionate prices, it wouldn’t be so bad. Look at those numbers to WISE, IAS, SP building, etc. Absent those and the levels that don’t exist like IX and X, and the never ending sec checks, maybe this guy could have kept a grip on himself.

  41. My first reaction to this article got me to thinking about, who would be the first COS executive to be charged under the RICO ACT.

    The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (commonly referred to as RICO Act or RICO) is a United States federal law that provides for extended criminal penalties and a civil cause of action for acts performed as part of an ongoing criminal organization. RICO was enacted by section 901(a) of the Organized Crime Control Act of 1970 (Pub.L. 91-452, 84 Stat. 922, enacted October 15, 1970). RICO is codified as Chapter 96 of Title 18 of the United States Code, 18 U.S.C. § 1961–1968. While its intended use was to prosecute the Mafia as well as others who were actively engaged in organized crime, its application has been more widespread.


  42. Another fine and heartbreaking example of DM’s world wide expansion and global improvement.
    How about if we re-hang the ‘straight up and vertical’ graph(s), upside down so it’s actually right-side up, then the true trend can be seen?
    Well, at-least in Fl. he can keep his home, and take responsibility for his decisions and actions and pull himself out of the mis- applied conditions of existence.
    How could anyone conclude that WISE is not connected to the CoS? Or that help has not become betrayal?

  43. martyrathbun09

    Kris, I might agree with you if I did not know there are many, many others similarly situated. They just haven’t let it all spill out in an open record bankruptcy proceeding.

  44. martyrathbun09

    Another accurate sum up.

  45. martyrathbun09

    Hey J boy. Interesting how art can imitate life. You nailed your deep, sensitive, intuitive character on the big screen. The world got a glimpse of my homie. That is a good thing.

  46. Being PTS is different than having bad intentions. Mr. Piedra is simply blind, not evil. Of course, having lots of cash does not mean one is a better person (contrary to the standard church computation). Threats of severe punishment from the top push the fundraising pressure on down the lines until we get stuff like this.

  47. I don’t think they’re necessarily pulling in criminally minded people. Certainly, questionable ethics bred out of desperation but I don’t think they’re criminal to start with. I think they’re making criminals out of people who have a good degree of horsepower but no training, very little auditing and underlying all of it the person has a fair amount of uncertainty about self.

    One thing this cult is very good at is ADMIRATION to those who give. The admiration becomes like a drug. I’ve seen it in action.

    These types give for their next grandiose named level and receive lots of recognition, pats on the back, announced at events, “you’re a big being”, “you’re saving the planet” on & on. It feeds the monster. The admiration is a huge reward and as we all know, reward something and you’ll get more of it.

  48. Michael Henderson

    It is a heady drug indeed, to be love bombed and acknowledged so thoroughly, especially at Flag. It stops pretty suddenly when you eventually go broke. It starts back up immediately when you decide to borrow enough to continue. So, it’s basically a Dealer/Junkie relationship!

  49. This purpose is pushed in the glossy Flag mags. Of COURSE all of the “best Scientologists” are professional PCs and totally winning in life. Plenty of people I knew wanted this, I even wanted it myself. I think one of Ron’s Dianetics Jingles says it well:

    “The whole of your confusion is the fact you bought illusion”

  50. The Sea Organization: “getting ethics in on the planet”…
    Can’t wait till they move on to “target II”

  51. This whole mess makes me think of Reed Slatkin and before that the Trade Net fiasco. If you ever have any WISE members over for supper I suggest that you hide the good silver. Needless to say, PR like this just serves to reinforce the media’s jaundiced view of Scientology.

  52. I am sure that, in the beginning, other dentists seeing his business expansion were very impressed and if he had kept to his original purpose of helping people who might not otherwise be able to get treatment instead of just going for money and stats, he might have become a REAL success. For the most part it seemed his clients were willing to pay the credit rates for service.

    Instead, Scientology’s name gets mud all over it’s face one more time. Not only does this dentist have an ARC break with Scientology, all of his clients do too…even they can see the source of this guys aberation came from the church.

    Another reason why we need to continue to expose the crimes of the organized church and delineate the church from philosophy of Scientology. I see this as an ongoing thing for quite some time. The general public has a lot of false data in terms of Scientology vs. the church.

  53. Imagine you’re a dentist. You sell $100 of dental services to a patient who prepays you $100 for those services. You know your own profit on those services will be $17 – after you pay your dental staff, vendors, advertising, office rent, taxes, etc. But in spite of this knowledge you donate $30 of that $100 to the Church of David Miscavige and his goons. Guess what? You’re already $13 short.

    Now multiply that $13 shortfall by thousands of customers, while continuing to donate $30 a pop to the Miscavageology crowd, and what do you get in less than seven years? That’s right – bankruptcy, bad PR for Scientology, and social and professional isolation. Now you’re a lonely dentist working out of a strip mall trying to pay your alimony and salvage what’s left of the rest of your life.

    And how did this misery come to pass? Because you hired “professional dental practice management advisors and consultants” who told you this obviously doomed Ponzi scheme was how you could become one of the beautiful people. You were a born sucker, willing to pay anything to those who promised you a life free of personal responsibility and a willingness to ignore what your pocket calculator told you.

    Anybody still think there’s no RICO case here? Or that the Co$ is really going to get out of this with only a $350,000 payment demanded by a sharp bankruptcy trustee?

    Just Me

  54. I want to point out the basic principle behind that with a real life non scientology example:
    In the 70ies I got a job at an electric installation company. All my co workers did drink a lot of beer on the job and after. I did not drink at all. Most of them did smoke, I did not. Most of them did treat women very bad, me not. Thus I had been no group member and got much pressure from them to adjust. Thus I started smoking. Did help a bit. Then I added a drinking demonstration. I did pour in 3 liter (almost a gallon) beer in half an hour and drove with the company car after that to my home. Then I had an acceptable identity and had been a true group member.
    Thus even if no one directly would pressure a public to donate huge sums then that public could not do otherwise to stay in the group and be accepted.

  55. Well, I actually thought that the purpose of my life was to get up the bridge.

    The wherewithal to do it being just a small sub-product in the grand scheme of things. Damn, I really gotta stop being so idealistic.

  56. Watching Eyes — You state: “I don’t think they’re criminal to start with. I think they’re making criminals out of people who have a good degree of horsepower but no training, very little auditing and underlying all of it the person has a fair amount of uncertainty about self. ” In my experience, this has been the case. Thanks for commenting on it. Hallelujah

  57. If you havent seen “The Next Three Days” (Paul Haggis’ new movie starring Russell Crowe and Jason Beghe) run to the theater tonight. This is an intelligent, suspenseful movie with brilliant acting from the whole cast, but it features a perfect character for Jason who chews up the screen every scene he is in.

  58. Tony, very accurate according to the data I have. I am positive your prediction is correct: I bet if you took all the Scientologists that have bone belly up and traced their donations you would be shocked at what would be found. [May I add: but not surprised at all!]

  59. With any luck the judge will take one look at that condition and think “You gotta be kidding me. Let’s have a closer look and see why.”

  60. Thanks for mentioning Karl-Erich Heilig and Detlef Foullois (from Germany) – this is the jail sentence I referred to in my comment below. Didn’t know about the other ones. Question is: How many other Scientololgists declared bankruptcy (with/without jail sentence) caused by an overdose of donations who then took the blame entirely and thus kept the name “Scientology” out of the legal and bad press arena? To me, the question is not “whether it has occurred” but only: HOW OFTEN?

  61. Now if those inside, the addicted, could only see that they are.

  62. Don’t forget Bryan Zwan and Denise Miscavige Licciardi and others from Digital Lightwave, including major investor and former LRH attorney Norton S. Karno.

  63. Christie Collbran

    + 1. Jason, you were brilliant.
    Some interesting analogies to “getting out” in the movie too.

  64. Alex, correct – the 350 K “settlement bailout” is one huge outpoint. I hope there are some of the claimants and possibly even the trustee in this bankruptcy fiasco reading this blog. What would happen if they REFUSED to agree to such a settlement “bailout”? My gut feeling is – they will get more mileage and money out of the case by separately suing all the Scientology entities involved. The higher the involvement of “Scientology” the more the cult is willing to pay to make it “go away”. Could set a nice precedent for more refund cases too. [And as an aside: I nominate Joe Childs, Thomas Tobin and Brian Seymore for the “Watergate Press Award” – once Miss Cabbage left office – keep digging boys, for you are on the right track]

  65. Alex,

    Agreed. Question: When is Tommy Davis going to crack?

  66. Correct, without one change in this sentence:

    This regging was all about money without consideration as to how the funds are gotten and most often with senior encouragement to violate LRH policy on finances and conditions …

    Substitute “most often with senior encouragement” to ALWAYS, ONLY AND BECAUSE of senior encouragement and you have it (based on my experience on money lines). ALWAYS. No concern whatsoever on “how” it’s done. DO IT is the maxim.

  67. Sorry, I screwed up. The first sentence should read:
    Correct, WITH one change in the following sentence …

  68. Take this guy Piedra. His first year in practice he made $103,000. His second year was gearing up to be about the same when along comes the WISE management group. They gave him just enough training to learn how to bilk the clients. Evidently what they didn’t teach him was anything about Conditions of Exchange.

    With little to no training why would Piedra give such huge amounts to the cults various front groups? It’s not like he had any understanding of “clearing the planet”, “OT” etc. etc. He had no idea what he was giving to. But it kept the admiration flowing his way and kept his ego pumped up. If you asked this guy when was the last time he truly helped someone he’d stare at you like a deer in headlights.

    People like him keep on giving and become the big man on campus with everyone from the regs and the captain to the tech pages and the Hibiscus waiters flowing him lots of admiration aka fawning all over him. Anyone with tons of money to give is considered a “big being” in the cult of $CN and must be treated as such in order to bring in more $$$. Sick.

  69. Redneck Janette From Detriot

    I don’t know about the rest, but Grant Boshoff was never a High Roller LOL… he was convicted of money laundering but he certainly has been a “broke” scientologist to my knowledge up until recently when he borrowed money to do his Patron… since he borrowed it that still makes him “broke” …

    I think there are a lot of criminals hiding in and around Scientology, because they know the group has it’s own internal justice system… they know it doesn’t really work and especially not in any timely fashion, so they abuse it.

  70. WISE, the World Institute of SCIENTOLOGY Enterprises. Duh.

  71. Freedom Fighter

    Before I read this post, I had already decided to cut my last tie with the C of M by interviewing a new, non-WISE guy doctor which I did yesterday. I was amazed at the difference! The new doctor actually creates on his job and I could tell that he was really into solving my problem rather than just seeing how much money he could pump out of me or treating me like just one more cog on the assembly line. What a key out!! Every procedure he did with me yesterday produced a notable, and effortless result. A couple of things he did indicated so incredibly much, I had to refrain from giving him a bear hug.

    I was his last patient of the day, but he offered to stay late to do an extra procedure on me for my condition if I wanted it. He gave me his cell phone to contact him between visits if anything went wrong. By the time we’d finished our new patient exam, his billing person had left for the day. Rather than figure out a way to take my money on the spot (of course, most doctors don’t know how to perform this function 🙂 ), he told me to just pay him when I came in for my next visit. I was sooooo not used to this type of treatment and hoped that he didn’t notice my mouth hanging open as I stared at him in disbelief.

    Then I came home to find this post . . . AMAZING timing, Mr. Rathbun! AMAZING.

  72. 1. Piedra has never received standard tech, he is a GAT era product.

    2. Has it ever happened that a person was so inspired after attending an IAS event that they spontateously decided to become a patron? Not that I am aware of, the church regged and recruited each patron cycle behind closed doors! Tommy, your no resposibility answer is rejected!

    3. If by some actual occurance someone was truly philanthropically inclined to support the latest “planetary salvage” action…then, where is the documentation showing that the money was truly spent on the causes the IAS and the church promoted? What, no documentation? Sound like we are building a provable fraud case, to me.

    Despite distinction from the IAS, we now must included the church in this fraud because all of the staff are routinely ordered off post in order to call in public for events and they are also required to be reges for donations and book sales at the event – they are all fully drilled, multiple times prior to each event. Essentially, Miscavaige and the IAS have ordered the church to stop doing what it was formed to do, so that it can be the pimp moneymaker for high bonuses to IAS staff and DMs “I’m too sexy for my shirt” lifestyle?

    4. Of course, the church is going to pay the money. Look at how much Piedra alone, put into the coffers. That is pocket change if they can get away with abandoning the actual creditors. Here is where the history of fraud can start to be documented – by the creditors. If they are smart, they will refuse the settlement offer. Here is a chance to put an end to the church’s billion dollar corruption. It would be worth the investment of time and money to stop the bleeding. Church fundraising ruins people’s lives expotentially. Look at all the innocent people who got shafted over this. If the creditors started going after the church, it might get sticky, after all these are banks. We all know what happens when you try to rob a bank…that’s right, you go to jail!

    The noose around DM tightens a bit more.

    Too bad there will be numerous head on train wrecks along the way. This was just one of them, there are many, many more that have not been promoted openly or are in danger of reaching critical mass, soon. This is only the beginning.

  73. I doubt that LRH would have intended the bridge to be so expensive that people spend their whole life trying to afford it.

  74. Just musing: Haven’t seen any trolls commenting on this post yet. Is it because we have full moon and they prefer less light … 🙂 or is there too much docxing? Has the OSA-spam machine been turned on already, Marty?

  75. To the current Church members who secretly look at this blog:

    This dentist, Rene Piedra, ran a business model that is NEARLY identical to your Church. Yet it failed since he, among other reasons, couldn’t hide behind the protection of religion. Here are the similarities:

    1. He/His group pressured people to pay for service they, in many cases, could not afford – and didn’t care if they over extended themselves to the point of financial hardship.

    2. Took money for service far in excess of his ability to deliver them. (note; back in 96 the FSO had 45 million of services that had been paid for yet undelivered. I understand that number has ballooned way past that though I do not what it is today)

    3. Block and impede any attempt on refunds. I hear the church has “HANDLED” this problem by having people sign documents that give up their right to refunds.

    4. Sold things to people “packages” that they were not even close to being ready for eg: Implants and whitening, when other rudimentary procedures were most pressing. (Note: I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen people pay for Ls, IAS donations or Solo Nots packages, who didn’t even have their grades paid for! Why use limited financial resources on paying for Solo Nots when what you need is Grades?

    But here are the differences between the Church’s model and that of Rene Piedra:

    1. Rene was unable to stem refunds by threatening family disconnection or denial of “spiritual advancement” through declares.

    2. Rene was required to deliver a product whereas the Church’s collection efforts seem today to be more geared to just straight donations (buildings,books, IAS etc) with this they are not financially accountable to any specific “donator”.

    3. Rene can’t use the wide range protections afforded a church.

    Your church’s business model is geard toward aquiring wealth and assets, NOT delivering a service or product with the “customer” in mind. You can dispute this if you’d like, but good luck trying to make your case.

    If the Church was to use the vast amounts of money they collect (straight donation, IAS, Books, Buldings, services etc) and use it to offer auditor scholar-ships, grants or to subsidized auditing or otherwise make it as easy an affordable as possible to move people up through the levels – that would be one thing. If that were happening you could make the case that your Church’s actions were philanthropy and geared to helping people. But a fat “war chest” and extravegent buildings can not produce one division of tone arm action for anyone.

    No, the ACTIONS of C of S show an operationed geared toward “wealth acquistion” with as little “exchange” as possible, maybe a Condition 1 or 2 level of exchange. In terms of money your church may be succeeding, but is doing so at the expense of the tenets and philosophy you hold dear.

    Rene applied the C of S “collection model” to a service driven industry and defrauded those who trusted him.

  76. 100% spot-on DFB. I know for certain he intended the opposite. I miss I had to hand the reference that lays out the prices for org services – relative to the average wages of the society one lives in. Perhaps someone else has it and can quote it.

    I did a back-of-the-envelope calculation – I figured that 24 x 12.5 hr intensives is a rough average of what it takes to get from brand new to Clear up the processing side of the bridge. Around here that translates to the showroom floor price of a small car like a 1400 Hyundai. Cars here cost relatively much more than in the US, but it’s a good point of reference, and more to the point – totally affordable for the average bloke!

    The Training Bridge ought to cost considerably less.

    Oh, wait, I forgot to add membership fees. That’s about the price of a monthly bus coupon. Obviously, I’m talking about HASI membership 🙂

  77. On Rene:

    As is typical, the church, disavows themselves of this guy the minute he poses any PR threat,- But they sure spent that money though didn’t they ?Even with 350K payback- the church made a fortune off this guy.

  78. The first three links have been made “unavailable”. The last one is quite interesting. Indira Blyskal mades quite a salary for an office manager, even more gross when you compare hers to the others in the company who averaged about 40K a year.

    Also the fact that Piedra owed the IRS 270,000 from 2005 and didn’t pay it but had well more than that in donations to the church. I don’t see him being able to claim he didn’t have the money for taxes. Another example of the church selectively overlooking ethics situations in the case of “big donors”. Not paying the IRS is a big red flag and would have resulted in anyone else spending time in ethics until it got handled.

  79. “Why is it Ethics are always out within the CoS?”

    It’s the insane Thurs @2 stat-pushing that doesn’t allow staff (or public) to use reason, good sense and long-term planning. Without reason and good-sense, there goes any semblance of real ethical behavior.

    IMO, the crush reg’ing and “straight up and vertical” stat-pushing in the CoM over the last 30 yrs is the big WHY behind 99.9% of stories like this one. Maybe that culture was always there to a smaller degree starting in the 70s, but since the 80s, it went into over-drive on steroids.

    The first glimpse of it’s wreckage was in the 1991 Time article. Was also apparently the first time that the CoM/DM publically shirked any responsibility for creating it.

  80. That’s actually a good idea Samuel. Imagine if the bankruptcy lawyer turned it into a class-action lawsuit, for all those Scientologists trying to get a refund and/or declaring bankruptcy because of the high-pressure coercive tactics of the CoM. Seems like it would have some legs…

  81. This article provides detailed insight into Miscavige’s corrupting influence. It shows:

    Squirrel and short circuit management of the dental practice by the “management company” – Miscavige trademarked pattern.

    Squirrel push for income by the management company and in the dental practice with an absence of real delivery — Miscavige’s hallmark.

    Squirrel demand for donations as the senior datum, started by Miscavige, carried on by WISE and pushed to the hilt by the so called management company.

    Squirrel conflict of interest on the part of the “management company” who were supposed to have the prosperity of the company at heart but instead had the purpose of helping extract as much in donations as possible and no doubt someone collected commissions on such. This guy Colon is a big donations reg.

    The article really doesn’t delve into the conflict of interest, the real Achilles heal for Radical Scientology which says it can help businesses prosper with one hand while financially raping them with the other, all enforced by the apparatus of radical Scientology zealotry – don’t forget the fires of radical Scientology zealotry, started and kept stoked by Miscavige, couldn’t be done without that.

    Nor does it go into Miscavige’s protection racket, let’s not forget that once he was in the system, this dentist was ultimately paying for protection.

    Perhaps there will be a follow up article but one thing’s for sure, Miscavige’s criminal exchange, corrupting influence has reached all the way to the unsuspecting man in street, in this case patients who paid for dental treatments they are never going to get.

  82. I agree on the stat push/crush regging statement. Back in the 70’s we ended at 2:00 but it really was just an admin cycle. I don’t recall ever worrying about getting anothe start, book sale or letter out. We emphasized stat by trend and doing lots of surveys so marketing was doing the job of interesting public.

    I only became aware of it when I joined staff in 2002. Then, it appeared to me the normal operating basis that the stats had to be UP at the end of each week. God forbid if you go an affluence because you were now expected to maintain the new range…always UP.

    This arbitrary entered in was the start of making Scientology DEADLY SERIOUS.

  83. Agreed. This is an example of reverse policy being enforced as though it is an upstat activity to be rewarded. The income to IAS, Super Power etc is considered money when paid even though no exchange has occurred. The exchange has become this feel good idea that you are contributing to the betterment of mankind, etc. The concept of exchange is not there.

    This dentist then went criminal in his own 3rd dynamic of his office and this was rewarded. Every reg has looked at this as though he has made xxx millions of dollars. He has only COLLECTED this money. He hasn’t made a dime until he delivers the exchange on this. LRH – true LRH – is very definite on this issue.

    HCOPL 28 Jan 1965 How to Maintain Credit Standing and Solvency:

    “1. Make a lot of money.
    2. Spend less than you make
    3. Make it before you have to spend it.
    4. Gather bit by bit a cushion of cash to fall back on and don’t ever fall back on it.
    5. Keep your credit excellent as a second cushion.
    6. Refuse to spend reserves.
    7. Realize that collective thought regarding finance is just bank and that bank is dead against the creation of anything good and all for eating up everything that exists. Thus financial planning and control is an individual job, is often contrary to group demands and succeeds only when the individual handling it can rise superior to the group.


    This dentist did not make a lot of money. He COLLECTED a lot of money. Nothing has been made until he has exchanged for it and he didn’t do that He then spent it before he made it, didn’t keep his credit/obligations intact and never rose above the collective think.

    The reg’s condoned contributed and enforced a criminal exchange. HCOPL 4 April 1972 Ethics by LRH:

    the section entitled Exchange has this – “the unhatted unproducing staff member, who is not really a criminal or psychotic, can be made to go criminal. This joins him to the criminal ranks.
    …Criminal exchange is nothing from the criminal for something from another.
    Whether theft or threat or fraud is used, the criminal think is to get something without putting out anything. That is obvious.
    A staff member can be coaxed into this kind of thinking by PERMITTING HIM TO RECEIVE WITHOUT HIS CONTRIBUTING.
    …HONESTY is the road to SANITY.
    …When you let a person give nothing for something you are factually encouraging crime.
    …When exchange is out the whole social balance goes out.
    …It is EXCHANGE which maintains the inflow and outflow that gives a person space around him and keeps the bank off him” LRH


    Regging for no exchange is criminal and then this is passed to the WISE group condoning and teach and allowing outexchanges and then the dentist, collecting money and counting this as money made, didn’t exchange with his patients and creditors. The senior bridge personnel concerned were effecting making a criminal instead of making an OT.

    If Ethics truly existed this would have been handled but when ethics are out at the top of this pyramid of money flowing there isn’t a snowball chance in hell of helping anyone.

    As sad as this story is – it is just a small part of the big picture. This is just part of the data trail from a Data Series eval point of view. I don’t lessen the dentist responsibility or outethics but there are many more in this line up.

    The situation behind this is the really big elephant in the room with a why and a WHO behind that. Only when that is handled will the collective bank move off and allow the space for and application of tech on planet earth to make Clears and Auditors. Otherwise its just a gigantic clusterf–k operation!

  84. Samuel — Laughing at your comment. Perhaps because it’s Sunday … a day of rest? Hallelujah

  85. Yeah, I forgot about DIGL. I think I should retract my statement with respect to Steve Hackett – I’m not sure he should be included in this lineup.

  86. Ditto.

    Great movie, great acting.

  87. I agree. The above basically said that all people who succeeded in Scientology and whole-heartedly donated are all sleazeballs like the dentist.

    I’ll go for IAS standing for I AM a SUCKER, but please, most of us were just trying to help.

  88. SCN are the best spin doctors around, they are never wrong and when something does go wrong or there is a big PR flap, they spin, spin ,spin

    as long as u r giving and toeing the line and there is no PR flap u r a hero when something goes wrong and u stop giving and SCN comes up as a big reason the person went south, they all of a sudden throw u under the bus as well as anyne else under the bus, SCN does not have your back nor will they help you in ANYWAY when something goes south they will deny deny deny and distnce themselves from the attention

    they r soooo predictable and they ONLY want your money, TIME had it right in 1991, THE CULT OF GREED

  89. Agreed!

  90. IAS founded by I.M. Stupid.

  91. How many people didn’t borrow to do their Patron?!!!

  92. Good point! Does a person wholeheartedly want to support the wonderful things the IAS is going to do and then decide to lie, cheat, and steal to help? Or does he lie, cheat, and steal, and then “give to the church to clean the slate?” It sounds to me like this guy was at best a fraud, who was in propitation to the church.

  93. I think bonding is when they put pieces on the front of your teeth to even out the line and whiten the appearance. Cosmetic stuff.

  94. Oh man, I want to see that one. I can tell it’s good from the previews.

  95. I looked up the Blue Laundry Balls and saw it used something from ATG. Damn, I had forgotten about that scam in 1992 we got taken on–stock in ATG was the hottest thing going and “every Scientologist” had the opportunity to get rich quick! Can you say, “thud in the mud?”

    And then there was Neil Brown and his marvelous schemes. Last I heard, he wound up in Federal Prison because he scammed someone other than Scientologists and they don’t go behind closed doors to iron it all out.

    Oh, the memories!

  96. And lest you think Scientology had nothing to do with Neil Brown, his wife was giving bundles to the church and sailing happily through her OT levels while he was sailing through legal loopholes.

  97. “without consideration as to how the funds are gotten.” That sums it up. And if you can make it okay to violate personal financial policy to give, then the next step is to violate legal financial policy. Lie, cheat and steal from yourself and your family, and next comes everyone else.

  98. Gotta say we hated the old, “You are the best people on the planet, blah, blah, blah” admiration thing, when we knew it was just to get more money. Had to ignore a lot of it. Still makes me sick to hear it.

  99. Tony DePhillips

    Yep. Nice sum up. I was on that treadmill to hell.

    I could never see the end game working out good. I guess because I could never see my business going into that “phase two”. Oh well… I am glad I discovered the mechanisms of the trap.
    There is no shortage of games aroung to play that is for sure.

  100. Tony DePhillips

    It would be an intersting study to see the number of bankruptcy filings from c of m members. It is probably very high. If you could go further and check their debt ratio’s I’m sure it would be shocking.

    It is actually very odd becasue LRH has some pretty sensible financial policy. My wife brought that up to a Sea Org member one day and was told that the policy applies to Org’s and not to individuals. WTF? My wife shot that down by telling the person that she did the LOC and used the policy in her life on that course. Her 21 dept Org board.

  101. I don’t feel too bad for the Dr. Piedras of the world that are within the church’s gaggle, of course. However, I do feel bad for those of us who did keep our ethics in while working our fingers to the bone, made sacrifices like having no children, learned how to function on no sleep and, just like Ms. Blyskal’s comment in the article, were ‘working seven days a week and up to 18 hours a day.’

    You can make millions in revenues and become a millionaire with the tech. Your customers can be delivered to beyond their expectations, speed-wise and quality-wise. You can do this without going out-ethics; surely, the only way to attain this type of success is to be in-ethics. You burn the midnight oil figuring out and applying Conditions, and you keep your shaky TRs in when life throws at you various obstacles to get you to violate the Conditions and get you off course. At last, you become successful and it’s a sustainable situation. Then you get hounded by the church to donate for the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics. You assume (and you may not know that you’re assuming) that since the church has members that work at least as hard as you do, doing good works for PCs and mankind and whatnot, that it must be an ethical group and you hope your level of ethics at least comes close to their level of ethics. So you give some donos. You do this while confronting all the trials and tribulations, financial and spiritual, of trying to go up the (ersatz) Bridge.

    Later on you are pushed and pushed and made very wrong by very belligerent people you never did anything to (at least this lifetime) for wanting to adhere to basic LRH financial data in green-on-white and in LRH tapes and books (“Never borrow any money from a bank. Make it.” “But most important, I don’t run up bills if I don’t have the cash in sight to pay them.” “Make it before you have to spend it.”). The church will tell you the postulate check is in the mail for your business, but the church itself doesn’t take postulate checks. The pride and power you felt from applying LRH financial data successfully is now a target for the church, and it is at this point in time when you must take a look if what is being requested (or rammed down your thetan throat) is worth going off-policy for. You might even able to spot it as off-policy, but you feel that the church is operating off other data that you’re not familiar with that makes it OK to go off-policy. I mean, look at how hard they’re hard-selling you.

    But you find that you’re tired of not-ising these contrary facts; your long-held observation that the church (to be a tad more specific, certain orgs and third dynamic orgs) spends it before it makes it, vs. what you do and what LRH espouses, making it before spending it, which seems to be much more logical.

    LRH mapped out a great way for us to become wildly financially successful, as long as we adhere to his green-on-white data. The church indeed creates criminals by using regging tech to handle the legitimate objections of its parishioners and get them to violate policy. I don’t know how a church could sit on a warchest with part of its funds created from the blood, sweat and tears of its ethical practitioners, next to the funds of those who went way out-ethics and failed to use Scientology to generate those funds. I guess the church assumes those funds are similar or identical; it doesn’t matter how the funds got into the warchest, the important thing is that they are there.

    Rewarding the downstat has huge consequences. Here’s a potential maxim; the level of downstatness = the amount of force and duress during regging. I mean, who wouldn’t want to give plenty of money, when one has it, to an upstat org or church?

    Sorry that there’s nothing new in my comments, but just had to vent with friendly Independent Scientologists!

  102. C of S specializes in exchange type #1- RIP OFF and sometimes Partial Exchange

    They are experts at extracting every penny you have for the “greatest good for mankind”

    They are your “friend” as long as u r giving moolah, dough, donero or better know in SCN as GI

    They are experts at saying, “the church has no say or affiliations whatsoever” especially when the chips are down and the PR is bad

    They are trained to deny deny deny for the good of WHO?

    Wow, the Kool-Aid must be really sweet tasting and bittersweet

    one by one the flock leaves

    people stay away in droves

  103. in reality the parishioners foot the bill of lawsuits and settlements not the C of S

    people will defend a cause once they have committed a great deal of time and money until their last dying breath- the C of S and every other controlling group knows this and they will continue UNTIL justice is done

    look at Hitler, Saddam, Stalin and every other controlling type and group

    history will repeat itself

    tick tock tick tock- be patient, the castle is crumbling right before your very eyes

    its sad because the tech has some great stuff and has helped lots of people but its in BETRAYAL and RIP OFF MODE someone has to hit the reset button this blog is just the start many will follow, it will be a domino effect

  104. Watching Eyes, I agree with your observation. There are many who have fallen into the trap of needing to be admired. Sad really. Many have lost everything.

  105. Tara, I remember him well!!!!!

  106. “I think they create criminality…”

    I’d have to respectfully disagree Marty. I would never do something like that. I have been pressed by reges, gang style and have just walked out. (and I was in a position to illegally obtain funds) I know many who have done the same. No, to commit crimes one has to decide to do so. Those who are ethical won’t, no matter the threats from the “Church”.

  107. martyrathbun09

    I guess there are different levels of propensity to tap into.

  108. Excellent similarities / differences analogies, Don!

  109. Additional viewpoints on this are that the WISE consulting group is supposed to represent a standard of LRH admin applied to business. The purpose of LRH admin is to operate a group more sanely. The purpose to apply admin principles to earth are to better conditions not make GI for personal/other group goals. A WISE consultancy is not there to make money for IAS, SuperPower, etc. They should never have the viewpoint that the “why” is their client’s case as per policy there is no case on post. Case is for session not for pushing buttons and regging money.

    If the consultancy does anything other than what is in their client’s best interest then they are not following LRH tech. They should not teach or train client’s on how to make the most money for the least exchange or for no exchange. They should teach toward the goal of exchange in abundance. No matter what product/service their client is involved in the future survival of that client’s business is in the direction of more ethical exchange, exchange in abundance and increasing the quality of what is exchanged as much as possible.

    This is along the same lines of the current CofM activities. Try to do less and charge more. Keep the public on the spinning squirrel/rat cage as long as possible to bleed off as much money as possible. Wrong! Work to get as much case gain for the cost as possible and get them clear and OT and trained for the least cost in time and money. They the shining example of true LRH tech of Scientology will make changes in their sphere of influence and we all win.

    The story of this dentist criminality is an example of the product of squirrel suppressive WISE and CofM actions. LRH would be disgusted! We, who read and visit this blog can see and understand that. When we write and communicate the details, the results and the true references when the “blind” insiders finally get to this blog maybe they can start to unravel their confusions, their grief and bloody memories and move in the direction of a sane and rational future existance.

    At the end of the movie BlackHawk Down there is a scene where one guy is going back into the chaos. As he stated “they won’t understand – We do it for the guy right next to us.

  110. Haydn, that’s a great differentiation between how professional services should be delivered (you, especially, would know!) and how Dr. Piedra and his patients got totally screwed.
    Just Me

  111. martyrathbun09

    Your wife is smart.

  112. That dentist is shit but be realistic: these people do not just happen to the orgs but also to other organizations that have nothing to do with Scientology.

  113. Question for legal types: Does CoS promotion of Scientology business people like Greg Winteregg constitute “excessive benefits” as defined by the IRS? If Greg donates money to IAS and in return gets immense “free PR” from tax-exempt CoS that he in turn uses to increase sales for his company, is this not a violation of tax exemption? How is IAS giving Greg Winteregg valuable free PR that he can use in business any different from COB painting Tom Cruise’s motorcycles? One hand washes the other: It seems that big IAS contributors do get excessive benefits from CoS.

    Contrast this with OT Rex Fowler whose cash-strapped company was falling apart. Did Rex ever get the same sort of PR as Greg Winteregg? It seems that donations to IAS are what decides who gets free PR in Source and other CoS publications. This is an interesting area to investigate for it seems that donations = PR that can be used in business. When does a “donation” actually become a de facto payment for a de facto commercial advertisement in a religious magazine?


  114. martyrathbun09

    Don, I’m putting this with Samuel’s, into the post. You are spot on!

  115. Wich isn’t nescercarrely a bad thing persé survivalwise. But yes a bad rollmodel will have consequences in parenting as well in the case of the Cof$.

    I applaud the people that break this patern.

  116. martyrathbun09

    He did some time ago.

  117. martyrathbun09

    Say hi to Fritz and Charlie for me.

  118. I think you line, “for ever increasing sums of money to increase ones status.” is probably correct.

    Those that have an unhealthy desire to be “liked or admired” could fall prey to this tactic.

  119. You’re right Karen …

    In the ’70s, the 2:00 cut-off was so stats could be forwarded collectively from around the planet. Within an Org or Mission, it was a simple administrative gauge of production that week. There was no push, or last minute reg cycles, or ‘hard sell’.

    In the Mission & Org I was at, we had our staff meeting Thursday evening before post. The ED would go around the room and ask what condition we were in (usually a smattering of emergencies, normals & affluences). We were then asked to do a quick write up of the proper formula with solution/plans on how to increase production for the next week and turn them in. The accent was on turning out auditors/pcs and Div 6 … the thrust was never financial, never membership drives, BBQs or fundraisers. We were there to survive better in life and on post.

    Years later, the push on stats (money) became the main motivation. Totally back assward. Then we got into ‘creative financing’ which pushed loans, credit cards & mortgages, and then degraded into all manner of financial out-ethics … getting loans with false credentials, inflated mortgages with a promise to flip for big bucks, reges & fsm’s phoning banks & credit card companies to increase limits, fsm’s sitting in the reges chairs instead of the reges taking commission on new public, GBSing and collecting double commissions, etc, etc, etc

    The motivation totally became money with no thought of the individual in front of the reg/fsm/IAS/etc , let alone that person’s ability to pay & satisfy his commitments.

  120. I’m very familiar with this game, having worked for a major Wise consulting company as a consultant and exec for a number of years. I trained, drilled and coached hundreds of clients.

    The game components and strategies are almost identical from Wise group to Wise group. They usually have an Opinion Leader, someone from that particular profession, held up as The Highly Successful _________ (doctor, dentist, chiropractor, physical therapist, etc.) Who Made Tons of Money Using Scientology Business Practices from Using Our Techniques. The subjects of New Patients, Selling and How to Manage are the draws.

    I’ve never seen Scientology mentioned in their marketing materials or promotions as being the methods behind their magic, only after they’ve gone through the Div 6 recruitment process. Then they’re introduced to it carefully and any objections or bad PR handled. After that, they’re ripe for being sold high dollar services. Clients who’ve done some of the consulting services but haven’t failed and gone bankrupt yet are used as examples of the workability of the programs.

    For chiropractors you’ve got David Singer, who’s a nutball but a very funny guy who entertains his clients. They’ve fed tons of people to orgs and Flag over the years.

    For dentists, there’s Sterling Management which uses the success of founder Greg Hughes’s practice as an example of the workability. These guys have probably got more people into Scientology over 25 years than any other Wise group. Randy Emery was the original reg and one of the original founders and died of a brain tumor in the late 80’s. These guys were the main feeder line to Orange County mission which catered mainly to the Wise clientele.

    Then you got MGE, Louis Colon’s group that used to be owned by Ravane Marcus, a notoriously tenacious and relentless shark of an FSM/reg. Their Opinion Leader Dentist is Greg Winteregg, who looks like a spokesperson for the Cult of Highly Motivated Multi-Level Marketing.

    The sequence, circumstances and outcome for clients became highly predictable:

    1. Prospect receives promo mailing.
    2. Prospect becomes attracted to a highly surveyed button, such as New Patients or Money.
    3. Prospect gets a phone call from Div 6 to reg them into coming to the Introductory Seminar, often free but sometimes paying a small fee.
    4. Prospect impressed from dazzling seminar where Scientology is never ever mentioned, only the surveyed button is pushed and mystery sandwich tech is used to get prospect salivating for more.
    5. After intro seminar, reges pounce on prospects to reg them for the full higher-priced services, again often without mentioning Scientology.
    6. Once client enrolls for major service and either has wins or more often has difficulty implementing what he learns at the seminar, he is prey for the Super Reges to reg him for the Scientology-based high ticket Wise consulting programs that will finally train him in the secret magic methods that will then finally allow him to reach the heights of success he was originally promised.
    7. Client gets intensive consulting and attention and everything possible is done to ensure client has huge wins.
    8. Client implements some of what he’s learned and one of two things happen:
    a. He fails miserably or
    b. He starts having some success.
    9. Whether a or b, he is regged for auditing by the Wise Group’s own FSM or an outside FSM and referred to a field auditor, a mission, an org or if they’re already a high roller, to Flag.
    10. If they get to this step, they usually do well for a while, during which they are bled for more consulting, more high-priced auditing and donations before they fail and drop out, disillusioned, destitute, divorced and disengaged from their original postulates of why they chose their profession in the first place.
    11. If the effects of 10 above have not driven them away forever, pissed off, then they usually become a bona-fide died in the wool card carrying member of the Church of Donations.

    I saw this process unfold with hundreds of clients.

    Wise Int made almost zero inspections, gave zero help and seemed to have zero interest in anything except…MONEY.

    Wise is completely, totally, emphatically, religiously and with great honor and fanfare…MONEY ORIENTED.

  121. Karen B,

    Thank you for the observation – “This arbitrary entered in was the start of making Scientology DEADLY SERIOUS.”

    That is when the fun left and it was earlier than 2002. Stats became the end-all reason for existence; not the products they represented.

    Hmm. Reminds me of a story I read of stat reporting to Chairman Mao Zedong regarding harvests while the people were starving in his Great Leap Forward. Only difference I see is that DM’s Great Leap Forward is focused on cash while church members are spiritually starving.

    The techniques of SP’s don’t change much over time, do they?


  122. The irony is that that is not “phase two” at all. I’m not sure what it is, maybe “chief shareholder with all the trappings of the idle rich”.

    Phase Two is when you are a manager that manages. You still do your job which is to keep people productive, find things for them to do and find the wherewithal for them to do it with.

    The Phase Two manager is still very much present on the scene, just not do it all himself anymore.

  123. Exactl y Sapere Aude.

    Though equipped with fantastic admin tech WISE consulting groups have been sabotaged by Miscavige. He outlawed real help a decade ago and declared many of those actually supplying true LRH admin tech.

    Now they are glorified fund raising groups pimping for DM. That conflict of interest means they can never serve their clients’ interests. If this investigation continues (and I hope it does) that’s where it should go.

  124. Sapere Aude, again with the good stuff. Agreed!

  125. There are no complaints from patients that the dental work was poor. They are complaining they didn’t get service or couldn’t get their money back for undelivered service.

    This dentist could have been a real success but he paid big bucks for management consulting that betrayed him and got sucked into the world of Miscavige.

    LRH said: “If you take care of people they will take care of you”. In other words, serve people well and making money is not a problem. That was the old man’s philosophy. Miscavige perverted it to: “Just take care of me, me, meeeeeeeeeee, to hell with the people”.

    Sound familiar?

  126. Logic Hammer;

    Wonderful summary. It isn’t really the rank and file “Church” sitting on the warchest. It is an Ogre (The term is often applied in a metaphorical sense to disgusting persons who exploit, brutalize or devour their victims) and his entire immediate entourage. The rest are being mislead, misdirected and brutally kept in line. It isn’t the blind leading the blind it is the blind following or controlled by the deceptive evil one.

    You may forever “vent with friendly Independent Scientologists” because I believe when the excrement impacts the revolving solid blades and this stage of chaos is subsiding the only ones to pick up the pieces will be the friend Independent Scientologists.

    As Ron said in RJ 67:
    “I went off by myself into Southern Africa to see whether or not an OT would make good—singly and all alone, without any assistance—against the environment around him. And I found out that he would not do too much good. That a group of OTs would be entirely irresistible; and are necessary to carry off this type of operation. So OTs do best with OTs.”

    We will be the group of OTs he is referring to. We won’t have other fish to fry and we won’t be controlling to amass wealth or status. We will simply work together or various and multiple ways to apply the tech and better conditions. We will be able to hold our head high because we saw the insanity and acted to not increase or continue it. History will judge everyone in how they acted and where they walked once they put the boots on. We, through or moving through the catharsis, acted as we understood was the greatest good not with any fixed ideas but as individual beings with our own viewpoints and purposes. We were not the sheeple.

  127. Just one other point to add to this post:
    Tommy Davis:
    “Piedra, meet Bus.”
    “Bus, meet Piedra.”

  128. The church of scientology as it was in LRH day’s doesn’t exist anymore.

    What we have is a group of criminals, their dupes, PTS’s and slaves that have assumed the name: “The Church of Scientology”.

    It’s almost like identity theft.

    I would go further than to say the church is dead, it doesn’t even exist anymore.

  129. GG,

    I think you are quite capable of doing your own research in the area.

    However let’s start with the name of one of their biggest contributors Adnan Khashoggi and his lovely family:

    Not to mention Sky Dayton and USBX which is associated with the Carlyle Group:…-a066097311

    Just a start.

  130. Does the RICO statue allow you to bring in the lawyers who have enabled and supported those alledged miscreants? Might be one way to bring more pressure to bear….

  131. Here’s another $cientology business scamming the public with forclosure assistance “help” —

    Now the same guys Adolfo Quintero, Matt Judkin (who somehow got out of the TX law suits) have moved on to scam Canadians with some kind of natural gas scheme —

  132. Sorry, I mean $cientology business “plan.”

  133. Scott Campbell

    Floating Needle,

    Who gets the $350K?


  134. Just a little more regarding Adolfo and Foreclosure Assistance Solutions of Clearwater, Fla:

  135. Marty

    I have been noticing lately that David Miscavige seems to be wooing Colombia these days. There seems to be a big push to get the police force and military personnel through various Scientology services. Has David Miscavige moved on to bilking whole “governments” into his dirty little schemes? Think of the “drug wealth” that is potentially at David Miscaviges disposal. If he could only apply the same tactics that are employed through WISE and the IAS to a country like Colombia….

    Also, maybe his recent wooing of Colombia is a bid for a “safe” place to hide if things get too rough for him in the US. He would still have the Freewinds, as it is regestered internationally I believe. Maybe he could run drugs for the Colombian drug cartels under the cover of “religious materials” or some such thing. He could publish his Basic Books in Colombia and replace the pages with cocane. (hell, the contents are no good the way they are)

    But… A word to the wise of Colombia. Note what happens to those who continue to “deal with” David Miscavige and his “church. Ahhh yes. But he would never try that on you… Right?

    A word to David Miscavige, note what happens to those who cross the Colombian Drug Cartels. Ahhh yes. But they would never do that to you…. Right?


  136. Interesting point on the $350K settlement. SP Times states:

    “From 2005 to 2008, court records show, Piedra’s practice transferred $715,364 to several Scientology entities, including the church’s spiritual headquarters in Clearwater.”

    The funds seem to be given to KC Idle Org, IAS, Superpower and WISE. So, giving less than half of it back to settle leaves a profit for Rad Scn, or perhaps non-profit gain.

  137. Sapere Aude — Thank you for your comment which amply cites LRH regarding the topic. It really helps to have source references on the matter, especially when I don’t have these to hand myself. Hallelujah!

  138. Okay, I mean crack, crack as in “I just can’t take it anymore, I refuse to tell another lie for this psychotic cult and lunatic dictator” kind of crack. 🙂

  139. To any WISE lurkers out there who are in the same boat Piedra has been in: enjoy the VIP treatment and “status” you have in the Church of Miscavige while you can. But remember this when your financial irregularities bring down your little world like a house of cards: there’s a bus out there with Tommy Davis behind the wheel – and its got YOUR name on it.

  140. Heard that!

  141. Very Spot On Observation!

  142. About 1-1/2 years ago, before I walked away from the church, I attended an Ideal Org reg event in Sacramento. A local OT 8 Opinion Leader was one of the group regges. At one point this OT 8 stated to the local Scientologists in the room that our jobs , now, as public Scientologists, was to make money to donate to the church, to support it, whether it be the Ideal Org, IAS, services, etc. As a part of the room, it was easy to nod my head “yes” (as did many others) in agreement with the group. However, when one sits down to then do the FP of your business income that the previous night you gave away in a group think frenzy to support the church, the reality of how untenable that is, begins to sink in, to bite one in the butt! Before I left, I began to truly resent anyone trying to reg me for money for anything, no matter how “pro survival”. Any reg cycle in which one points out how FP policy seemed to apply only to the church and not the individual, goes south in a quick hurry!! The reg does have all sorts of answers to counter that sort of “on Policy” think but when push comes to shove, the regges aren’t the ones to then later have to confront your credit card company or your landlord when payments are late or short.


  143. Kashoggi is on the IAS patron list??

  144. David Miscavige is not personally keeping the church’s pulse beating (if only faintly now).

    Were he not so good at being bad, his “management” style would’ve officially sunk the 3rd dynamic known as organized Scientology long ago. And when I say “sunk”, I mean all orgs and missions closed and the property all sold off. Done. Kaput!

    He’s too stupid and far too insane to know how to capably follow LRH in the direction of improving anybody or anything. (Of course, he is now creating ACTUAL enemies left and right, rather than the imagined ones in his sick little head………. the moron). Can you say “MOTIVATOR”.

    True Scientologist’s, per the true definition of one who applies the subject correctly, are not keeping the church breathing either (if only wheezing and gasping for air at this point). For true Scientologists are reading this blog and are out or are getting out currently.

    The only thing still keeping the church held together (most likely with old and worn-out duct tape by now), are highly unethical individuals (current OSA operatives, attorneys such as Bert Fields, etc), and utterly out-of-valence, tragically brain-washed staff and parishioners, operating on some sort of blind, fearful, dutiful refusal to take back their own integrity or to see just how empty the orgs and missions really are, amongst many other outpoints.

    In short, the only reason orgs’ doors haven’t been barred shut altogether is because of individuals such as this Dr Piedra, who allow themselves to be the unethical tools of a psychotic dictator. I’m sure this doctor is in a world of hurt right now.

    The only thing keeping the doors open still, is MONEY………..gruesomely attained (as described in the above post).

    If we can just keep waking people up, it shouldn’t take too much longer to bring about an end to the implant station known as organized Scientology.

    That’s my humble opinion, and that’s my postulate.

  145. Sapere Aude,
    That was an excellent summary of observation. You’re good. Glad to have you on board.

  146. Don,
    Wow. Bang on.

  147. Tory ~~
    Like you, I put in decades of my life into contributing ~~ as an early volunteer for 2 years at Saint Hill, then my SO members years , then in $$$$$$$$$$$ to what we now see is nothing less than a criminal enterprise.
    There is nothing Religious about its thuggery, its outright abusiveness, its Dirty Deeds, its smear campaigns.

    You have not covered on this blog what the Church did to you personally but I was horrified to learn OSA posted your private home tel no on a Porn Website so that you received vulgar calls all hours of the day or night.

    How Very Religious.

    Abusive, sadistic, unrelenting obscene punishments within the CULT , with vampire/vulture tentacles to suck out $$$$$$$ and drain the energy of the hapless parishioners.
    I will repeat this again ~~

    The relentless urge to get the parishioner’s money is UNLIKE anything seen in any Church at any time, anywhere.

    They laughably call and name tag “Religious Hatred Extremists” on their malicious tabloid websites.

    But they are “Religious Vulture/Vampire Extremists” with a fixation on sucking $$$$$$ out of the public at any cost even for outright fraudulent causes such as Library Scam, Ideal Org Scam, IAS Scam, Super Power Building Scam etc. etc. etc.

    “Religious Hatred Extremists” are those that blow the whistle on their daily conduct.
    Samuel said :
    The WISE Directory for 2006 lists “Rene Piedra & Associates” as “MAKH – Model of Admin Know-How – Winner, 4 years” and as a CEO Circle Member (highest, some $ 30K per year, WISE membership status).

    This makes him an intimate and close “MODEL” member of WISE.
    But he was a crook, a criminal.
    He enforced unnecessary procedures including
    anaesthesia when not needed
    on patients to scoop up mega bucks for the Church. (numerous complaints)

    Imagine giving unecessary ENGRAMS of ANAESTHESIA to victums for $$$$$$.
    A good student of DMSMH…….


    And of course the *Church* was the beneficiary.

    WISE as an entity reminds me of Organized Crime, where they do ZERO for the company but get their “CUT.”

    What did WISE do for this criminal Dentist ? He was a Model of Admin-Know How ! WOW !
    Also, What did his auditing and counseling do ? Given him while he daily committed criminal and fraudulent acts ???

    It’s all about the relentless pursuit of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    Tax free, no audits of their ill gotten gains for a 501C3 “charity”

    Charity indeed.

  148. I was reminded of the excesses of Dave M while listening to a well crafted story about the head of the school maintenance department in Schenectady, New York…. how he coerced and bullied those under him for years with impunity. Perhaps in a smaller pond but striking parallels to DM and others in the tyrant mode as well as those who go into agreement with them. It is a one hour radio show on This American Life.

  149. This is certainly not going to be the last of these types of scams, and there are more coming down the pipeline. It’s only going to get closer to home – the actual WISE consulting groups themselves, they are usually for profit corporations. I personally know of one on the west coast that can’t make its payroll, can’t pay its phone bills, and is hanging on by a thread by the week. I happen to also know that they gave money to the their nearest IDEAL org program, when payroll was not being met and taxes are not paid. Why do you think the church is so willing to settle, even though they deny any wrongdoing. They (DM, TD, etc..) are trying to keep the wolves at bay and are just praying that buying people off, will stop the madness. At this point their odds aren’t any better than I am going to win the jackpot this week!

  150. In politics, a sleazy appropriate equivalent, if a big donor to political candidate is discovered to have come by the money in an unethical manner the political candidate does what the C of S did – they disavow the donor AND their actions. But these politicians ALSO TYPICALLY GIVE BACK ANY AND ALL MONEY DONATED!!

    Not the church, oh no, they will pay what they have to to put a “legal lid” on this and BUT NOT ONE PENNY MORE! The rest they will keep and spend which shows the truth – They want the money, no matter the means or circumstances it was originally produced.

  151. Good God! That was thorough. And sobering. You could’ve called it “How NOT to Become a Mark.”

  152. Totally agree with Marty. The $700K+ mentioned in the article as gotten from court records show that these “donations” are direct, not for the Bridge. Direct donations (buildings & status) are the direct result of the VE and Dear Leader which creates this criminality.

    WISE was created by LRH originally to regulate businesses around Orgs so that no rip offs of orgs occurred and the application of Ethics/Justice of these businesses. However in the 30 odd years, Mestology has transformed it. It appears that MGE is another money making scheme without the ethics and proper justice procedures condoning their client the dentist to rip off his public which is criminality. WISE received $83K for this rip off criminality.
    Definitely a far cry from the original intentions in creating it in the first place. Note that even “wog” Justice had to bypass to get ethics in on the criminality.

    There’s nothing wrong with regging, keeping stats and getting more income, as long as other points in the Admin scale are in and fully aligned such as: Goals, purposes, policy, Valuable final Products etc. An in Tech auditor or professional getting his/her excellent products should be paid well. However the importance has been changed to the ninth dynamic – $$$ using duress with the exclusion of ultimately honest delivery and happy customers. This criminality directly reflects the origin of such operating basis – the criminal Vampire Emperor, Dear Leader to the Kool Aid drinkers.

  153. Samuel,
    They’re all busy trolling the comments section of the St Pete Times article!

  154. OTDT,
    Thanks for the perspective and insight on this.

  155. Kudos to Tom Tobin and Joe Childs for continuing expose and continue with their Truth Rundown. Goes to show that footnukes by Dear Leader like the Freedom mag directly aimed at them won’t slow them down and only gives them good reason for more exposes.

  156. Idle Org, Amen!

  157. Mike,

    Not Adnan himself but most of his family is on the patron list.

    I don’t think even Miscavige is that stupid!

    Not to keep some degree of separation between himself and his *actual* supporters by having cut outs and intermediaries.

    Sometimes it is so blatantly obvious.

    Like when General Bill Odom was listed on the Board of Directors to American Technologies Group who just happens to be a former Director of NSA.

    Or like Sky the father of Earthlink teaming up with the shady Carlyle Group one of CIA’s best covert funding “assets”.

    Not to mention dark rumors of Moxon and Kobrin’s possible links to the Intel Community or Yingling’s known links to the DOJ.

    Lest we forget Dave’s direct association to the Guru of Perception Management at H&K. Robert Gray.

    Also have you ever wondered why some one like Van Susteren who really digs the ethics tech (probably so she can use it to manipulate and controls others) is even allowed on auditing lines though she falls under the category of an *illegal PC* according to the relevant PL/HCOB because of her media connections?

    Never mind her shyster husband who is politically well connected to the Clinton Dynasty and their neo-con supporters.

    The ones that Wiseass and Jerk mindlessly support when they cross party lines to the Republicrats.

    Not to forget Jensen’s back end support of NSA’s back door in his Diskeeper software.

    Speaking of our friends back at Fort Meade

    What about Zwann’s Optical Splitter used by AT&T to shunt what their customers thought were their private conversations and Emails over to the Puzzle Palace?

    Then of course there’s Reed and the still missing quarter of a billion dollars still unaccounted for from his famous Ponzi Scheme.

    You know the guy who mysteriously took several years off to study foreign eastern languages before mysteriously returning to the Scientology scene again.

    I mean who studies foreign eastern languages?

    Other than linguists, diplomats and I’ll let you fill in the blank.

    Maybe he just wants to ace ’em on Triva Pursuit or takes a lot of vacations in Kazakhstan or loves the Mongolian hinterland during the summer.

    Mike I don’t blame you for not knowing this because I’m sure Dave didn’t keep you in the loop on all those wonderful people he considered his “friends”.

    That’s the advantage of having an exterior viewpoint of the whole scene.

    That and internet access.

  158. Does anyone know why a Florida dentist is heavily contributing to the Kansas City Org? Then pulling staff in from Kansas City? Did he come from Kansas City? Get his dental training in Kansas City? Odd crossflow.

  159. JM, Halleluja and Jim Logan,

    Thank you all for your comments. I try to help with my posts and I want others to understand the references behind what I state. I have spent years doubting and questioning myself and my abilities. A repair of past ethics and thorough hatting has helped me to see I needn’t have doubted myself. My observations at the time were correct – it was others around me that didn’t see the outpoints as I. Not to say I am perfect.

    I have never met Mike, or Marty. Some who post I personally know and most I do not. I know firsthand the brutality and result of having your personal anchor points and knowingness forcibly pushed out of place. I know what happens to your personal universe when instantly put onto the RPF and the sense of confusion and introversion that occurs. I can imagine the conditions for Int staff although I have never been there. I followed this blog for a long time before posting any comment.

    At first is a WTF moment of aren’t these guys who were involved in this. But just as I had in the past, other staff had also been slowly or quickly brought into the aberrated and misdirected guidance thinking they were following policy. One takes responsibility for our past actions by what we do today and this blog is part of that.
    I thank Mike and Marty for making this possible and whatever you did in the past is slate cleaned as far as I am concerned.

    All of us, can but attempt to communicate the facts so that others may understand. All of us can attempt in our own way to be a stable datum so others that read this blog may bring peach and calm in the storm of their confusions

    I had the incredible opportunity to have done the Primary rundown and Studied a LOT of LRH. I have studied the data series several times and these have helped me to have the viewpoints I have today. This blog and ALL who post are part of the solution. It is true that the future of all people’s of earth depends on what we do here and now with the Tech. We can use it to help, to enlighten and to expand awareness, knowedge and responsibility.

    We must also have the confront of evil to stand and to hold our own viewpoints. The minute we allow this to introvert we are shrinking and losing the game. I know that this blog is to not create an organized movement but an open arena of communication. I appreciate all moderators for the divergent views allowed. I appreciate all comments to postings.

    I would love to spend some time with Jim Logan as I think we have similar interests but that is for another day. Maybe a chat with Cat Daddy as to how he/she came to the views he holds. I am intrigued by Windhorse. I look forward to the day that Heber is free (a personal friend I do know) and able to visit with Karen if he wishes.

    Until that time live communication brings about understandings. These understandings change conditions. I have much internal peace with myself by reading of the experiences of others and knowing I wasn’t that flawed.

    Thank you Marty for allowing all us this pleasure.

  160. Here’s some new info on exchange I’ve been delaying on posting, mostly because my job is keeping me so busy….

  161. I agree IO,

    The only thing I’d like to add though is that your criminally inclined (the people Dave calls his “friends”) are going to take note of the fact that this Dentist started out dirt poor and worked up to making millions using a perverted application of Scientology Administrative Technology.

    Of course they know it won’t last and is very ephemeral but who needs any permanence when laundering funds for covert ops or for influence peddling?

    Look at the whole S&L scandal.

    Sure the average person is outraged by the obvious out ethics but think about what the Global predators on the top of the Globalization Financial Food Chain are saying to themselves about all this?

    Probably the type of people that the Spawn of Satan really wants to attract.

    I mean what do they care about the morality and ethics of the whole scene.

    In fact I doubt if they bothered to read the whole article.

    They probably read the part about some no name Dentist maximizing his market share and making obscene profits in such a short period of time after applying squirreled “admin tech” and go:

    “Yeah baby!

    “We can shag every one!”

    Any way.

    Just a thought.

  162. RJ – Please make sure you answer Mike’s question about Khashoggi. Sky Dayton would only be connected to government groups like Carlyle via his original sponsor, Kevin O’Donnell, who financed Earthlink in the first place. Kevin’s dad was JFK’s special adviser, Kenny O’Donnell, and Kevin made the movie “Thirteen Days” about him and the Cuban missile crisis. Kevin was a G.O. Scientologist and has stuck it out but he’s not a “conspirator” per se. He took advantage of his childhood friend’s gov connections. Sky was the friend of his son. Kevin was a very nice guy when I knew him and I’m sure he still is. Hopefully ,he’ll come around.
    If you’re mentioning influential people, however, don’t overlook the Edgar Brofmann connection.

  163. Ever since I got into Scientology in 1971, I noticed predatory behavior, particularly in the reg department. Some of this behavior, however, was not predatory for the sake of being predatory. It was often a modification where the person “in the know” would exploit, capitalize or exercise upon the registrants ignorance. This predatory behavior could be quite bad with certain mission holders. The Golden Rule was too scarce for my liking. This universe is a predatory universe in many respects. Wall Street is one example and defense contracting another. LRH said only the tigers survive and even they have a hard time. What goes around, comes around. Tigers are an endangered species.

  164. QS and Margaret, I am not sure about your orgs, but I sure do remember the Thursday at 2 pushes in the ’70s in mine. I personally was regged for a set of courses more than once, when we just HAD to have the deal done by Thursday at 2, and I received many a phone call, and sometimes visits from people Wednesday night, and Thursday am.

    Now, I am sure it got worse under DM, as have all the worst aspects of Scientology admin outpoints.

  165. That sums it up well. I did one cycle where I borrowed money for a level, and got into serious trouble (for me) because of it. I paid it back, but it took too long, and pissed me off. Never did it again, and told everyone to go to hell when they asked me to borrow money for the bridge. It is SOOO easy for some reg to call a credit card company to raise a credit limit – oh, they know all the tricks, don’t they? But, as you so aptly put it, they aren’t the ones to deal with the creditors.

    Frankly, these tactics have screwed up many a Scientologist on credit, whether they filed bankruptcy or not.

    And, again, this regging got worse under DM, but back in the early 70s there were “postulate checks” and insane reg tactics as well.

  166. Haydn:
    There are indeed complaints of his shoddy work all over the web.

    Click here ~~ (they have removed him from the site
    I am one of many he has hurt, we are all currently talking with lawyers that are helping correct a terrible injustice. My $2100.00 filling fell out after 5 months

    $2100 for a filling that lasts less than 5 months !

    Tons of other Internet reports on bogus/bad dental work. A 5 minute Google search produced report after report. He was a swindler.
    A “MODEL” and true testament to “Church of Scientology’s WISE.”
    click here~

    DO NOT USE DR.PIEDRA!!! You will regret it!

    elimac Miami, FL
    DO NOT USE DR. RENE PIEDRA! This might be the most AWFUL dental experience I have ever had! First of all, I went in for a routine cavity filling and my tooth has never been the same since! They could not even fill my tooth correctly and I have had numerous problems since then! On top of that, they billed me for procedures that were NEVER PERFORMED

    Haydn ~~Ask me for 100 other reports on his criminal dentistry if you have the time to study them all.

  167. RJ — Some of this stuff I know about. I dont doubt you observe a lot of outpoints and put together plenty of connections, but some of this is stretching credulity.

    Marty and I hosted Adnan Kashoggi for a tour of the Fort Harrison. He was there to see if it was an acceptable location for one of his wives (Loredana) and her son by him (Ali) to live. He had several other wives and wasnt too interested in her any longer. She was Italian and didnt want to live in Saudi. She lived in the Presidents Suite of the Fort Harrison for a long time and gave a LOT of money to regges. But Adnan had nothing to do with this other than she had access to some of his money. Sure, one could say Kashoggi money supported the IAS/FSO. But there is no “connection” as in conspiracy.

    And I can assure you, Sky Dayton is not engaged in any intrigue with intelligence agencies, I have known him for MANY years, during and after Earthlink, including what he did to finance his next ventures.

    As for Moxon and Kobrin being intel assets, that is ridiculous, I promise you.

    Slatkin’s money was spent on his jets, country club memberships, bad investments, houses etc etc. The trustee that dealt with his creditors didnt just “overlook” a missing quarter of a billion dollars.

    You are certainly entitled to your views about how Scientology is somehow infiltrated and controled by outside influences. I don’t share your view, but that doesnt mean I am right and you are wrong. Though if there are things that I know not to be true that are on this blog I try to add the information I have so as much data is known as possible for anyone reading here.

  168. 🙂
    thanks guyz

  169. Gary Morehead a.k.a Jackson

    Damm Karen!! Beautiful!! Beautiful!!! Beautiful!!!

  170. Here’s an example of emails I get from my org every few hours:

    HOT DOG!












    THIS WOULD EQUAL $100,000.00




    1002 N. 3RD STREET


    ALL DAY ‘TIL 6:00PM

  171. I remember, not long before I left in 1983, a message allegedly from LRH coming down. Might’ve been an LRH ED, probably for his birthday in 1983 (possibly could be after even in 1984) and it talked about how never before had there been gathered such a group of powerful OTs. I remember thinking, “what a sack of shit”. I don’t know if he said it or not or if he was misinformed, etc. I knew where this thing was going if it remained as it was. In any event, I do believe you are right. People here will help and help is a much more important factor than “who is right”.

  172. Kris, your post brings to mind that Piedra will likely face charges of Scheme to Defraud and Grand Theft as this scam unfolds as I have seen in situations like this one..
    I am sure his legal counsel is weighing his options in avoiding jail time or the least time to be served .The follow the money procedure has been implemented by the diligent Trustee on this case and I don’t see a settlement being done where Piedra’s attorney allows him up to be served up to the justice system without first serving his client’s best interests.

    If I apply the “Prisonser’s Dilema”(you can look it up in Wikepidia) to this scenario his best move is to defect by way of exposing the coercion and duress that was exerted on him to act in disregard of the fraud he was perpetrating on his patients and creditors.
    Of course the instigators will be named as MGE and voracious entities of the Church of $ both now having a big bullseye painted on them..
    My guess is there will be many in the wings who have been harmed that have due cause to bring legal action seeking relief.
    This may be the straw that breaks DM’s bank account or seriously depletes it.

  173. Karen,

    Fair enough, I was going on the posted newspaper article and data given to me some time ago by the reporters that wrote it. The main points they made were 1. that patients were crush sold and 2. not delivered their service. 3. Advance payments were taken against a time when patients MIGHT need treatment (crazy).

    Nothing was mentioned of poor or shody work. Criminal work is criminal work. It’s a great tragedy the dentist wasn’t handled by his very expensive “consultants” that deliverying an excellent product is rule number 1.

  174. They must think the receivers of these emails are all IDEAL IDIOTS.

  175. Totally like the multi-level marketing hype – “Just find 10 who can find 10 each and you will be earning $10,000/month!” Only in this case everyone can end up broke, including the org, while DM runs away with the money. I’m surprised they don’t try to put people on monthly “dono” subscriptions. Although the IAS does have that option.


  176. Tony DePhillips

    I hear you Linda.
    Have you ever heard this one?
    a. It’s only money. Money is just energy… (duh…My energy mother f—er.)
    b. Just put it on a card. The banks have been suppressing us for a long time. Now we can use them to go free!! (hip hip hurray!!) 😦
    c. If you can’t pay ther must be some sort of out ethics situation. (nice way of introverting you into giving money so you won’t be seen as out-ethics)

  177. Grasshopper, It might have been different from Org to Org and Mission to Mission. I was “on staff” at a local Mission in the mid-70s, and it definitely had a different vibe than being on staff in an Org (in the same area) in the mid-80s. The focus in the mid-70s was on getting everyone up the Bridge … self-improvement, improved lives. The focus in the mid-80s was on anti-squirreling, money and weekly stats. “Improved lives” and personal integrity of the public and staff was an after thought, and took second place behind “getting the stats up” and 3rd dynamic-only focus.

    With that said, I do think that there are systemic and anachronistic flaws in policy (going back to the 60s) that need to be weeded out … as Jeff is talking about in his recent post on his blog.

  178. Tony DePhillips

    Hey Grasshopper,
    Ya I loved the way the regges acted so non chalant about taking your cash. Like it’s no biggee. See how easy it is for me to process this card? Why can’t you make money this easily dumbass??

  179. Tony DePhillips

    Hey Old School,
    Why would the church whose purported purpose is to put ethics in on the planet be doing shit like this anyway?? You say it is up to the individual to do or not do these donations. That is obviously true.

    Did you ever think that some people actually believed that these Sea Org members actually had integrity and were on purpose and bought into the bullshit they were espousing?? It isn’t that all the people that donated were “out-ethics” or just were craving admiration. Some or a lot of these people (myself included) actually cared about the planet and what was going on and saw the church as a way to bring about change.
    Did you ever think that these paritioners were BETRAYED????? Huh???
    You seem to think that it is ok to be pressed “gang style” for money. You seem to be blaming the individual for trusting these guys. If you didn’t trust them then why were you even there at an event??

  180. Tony DePhillips

    I used to work at Sterling Mgmt Systems. You didn’t work there did you?

  181. Tony DePhillips

    Very well said Idle Org!!!

  182. Tony DePhillips


  183. Church of Scientology Song so eloquently sung by the Beatles

  184. Tony DePhillips

    Gee Beave that sounds like fun! Eddie Haskel is now running the cult.

  185. Valkov~I believe subscriptions ARE in fact being asked for per an earlier post here…

  186. Mike,

    I didn’t write that Sky boy was involved in any cloak and dagger.

    However his connection to the Carlyle group via USBX is enough evidence of his connections to intel.

    What do you think Carlyle and Brown & Root are?

    A Ladies sowing circle!


    That’s nice that you gave Adnan a tour.

    Did you know he was one of the worlds biggest arms dealers, involved in Iran/Contra and partly responsible for the rise and fall of BCCI?

    Among other things.

    He’s about as heavily connected to US intel as one can get!

    Though he probably looks like your average nice Saudi business man.

    To quote Jack Nicholson from ‘Anger Management’:

    “For crying out loud you’re missing important plot points.”

    I’ll give you a pass on Moxon and Kobrin’s connections since they are only based on rumors.

    Okay so Phil Scott isn’t the most reliable source on this .

    However you didn’t acknowledge the fact that years before Reed baby started his scamming op that he did indeed take several courses on Oriental and Eastern languages.

    Also I know all about his other obvious excesses.

    In fact I was one of the people who blew the whistle on him long before it became a “flap” with the Church.

    So Mike you’re not telling me something I don’t know.

    But to say that he spent close to a cool quarter bill on ’em is ludicrous!

    You’re also putting words in my mouth or text on the page by saying I said the trustee “overlooked” it.

    Mike put down the bong for a minute and look at what I wrote.

    I wrote and I quote:

    “Then of course there’s Reed and the still missing quarter of a billion dollars still unaccounted for from his famous Ponzi Scheme.”

    Now where did I write that the trustee “overlooked” it?

    Of course they knew about it!

    I mean how would they know it was missing?

    They certainly didn’t “overlook” it when they gave Reedy a stretch at Club Fed.

    So fair enough about keeping this blog truthful but let’s not create a straw man in order to deconstruct an argument you feel is not.

  187. I’d appreciate it if you would give the data as well as the links. I tried all of these and couldn’t make much out of it. CSWP

  188. MQ,

    Tell us about Edgar Brofmann?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

  189. Let’s see, what did LRH say about “Don’t resort to fund-raising barbeques?” Looks like another principle has been applied in reverse. ROFLMHO

  190. Tony DePhillips

    Nice tune! 🙂

  191. Yes Tony, have heard all of these and more.

    Back in the mid-90’s, I was at an IAS briefing here in SAC. One of the regges (don’t remember her name) explained very carefully, drawings on the board and everything, about how credit cards actually funded the psyches and thus thru extension, the drug companies. The conclusion one then comes to is that using the credit card to pay for your IAS donations and whatever else basically funds both sides of the fence, and if I remember rightly, that point was actually made! Be damned but I’ve not heard that same lecture again from an IAS reg or any other reg for that matter! What good, in-ethics Scn would use their credit cards then to pay for anything connected to the survival of the C of S?!

    In the 20 years since leaving the SO, I’ve twice now had to use credit counseling services to help me out of the jam I got into, maxing out cards to buy services or statuses I really couldn’t afford and couldn’t keep up with payments. I finally learned to say “no” and pay for something only if I had the cash and it wouldn’t put rent or other payments in jeopardy.

    Oh yes, and have you ever had a reg promise to help you out, that you wouldn’t get into trouble going out on a limb financially? Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight!


  192. Just saw the movie tonight. I shivered with nervous tension thru most of the movie!

  193. That Thursday 2pm stat push devolved from a Game – I recall lots of laughter and fun at trying to best other orgs – to a Games Condition. Deadly Serious. That spiral’s so dwindled that two of the best and brightest Tech terminals in LA drove a jalopy around town one Wednesday, knocking on doors and literally begged old friends to buy the Basics, sets of which they’d loaded into the back seat. Now that’s an abuse.

  194. I’d hand over every penny I have if it actually was going to the cause. I’ll mock up more money; I have no problem with that. What really broke my heart is that they just took our money and built Tom Cruise a fucking gym.

  195. AtCause, re: (The church of scientology as it was in LRH day’s doesn’t exist anymore.)
    It’s almost like identity theft.

    Oh that is so spot on!!

  196. A truly sad story which is played out all to often when desperate people feel it is necessary to sell their soul in order to free it. I am reminded of a Biblical quote: “What shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his soul?”
    It is truly a lost soul who believes he can gain any real advantage or benefit to the detriment of others. Any appearance to the contrary is an illusion resulting from a complete denial of any connection to or responsibility for his dynamics beyond the first.
    The fundamental truth that LRH and other great philosophers understood is that the only way to profit in life is to act in such a way as to bring benefit to others. In doing so, it is possible to flourish and prosper with both a healthy P&L and and expanding org board.
    Miscavige can have his illusion of wealth built upon broken families and bankrupt businesses. I for one will continue to quietly help those I come into contact with and will gladly reinvest any profit toward the benefit of those I love..

  197. Alex Braverman

    This is a loud and proud straight up question to the Four David Miscavige minions listed below. The wealthy victims that really need to speak out…
    Tom Cruise
    Jeanna Elfmann
    John Travilta
    Christy Alley:
    How can you stand by and allow these egregious criminal acts to unfold? Didn’t YOU sign up for something far better than this?
    David Misacavige would throw you to the media in a heartbeat if he thought that it would save his butt. just look at what Tommy Davis does to anyone that fails or leaves the Church of Scientology. SP city.
    He, David Miscavige, does NOT give on flipping’ iota about YOU!
    “Provide your famous face, lick my **** – and get the f**** off MY stage.”
    What a way to live. DM doesn’t deserve that power.
    Be the first one to come clean – YOU be the hero!
    Expose the Church of Scintology for the scam that it is right now…
    You want the covers of the top magazines? Spill the beans on this loosing ‘church’ they call the “CofM” and tell your candid views.
    YOU will be the hero – every cover in the checkout lane.
    Afraid? This is the most common response;
    Scientology, under David Miscavige, will sacrifice you faster than fast so why not beat him, David Miscavige, to the punch. And expose him for the fraud that he is!
    If what is happening doesn’t make sense; – then DM is wrong!
    YOU might actually be smarter than David Miscavige. No?
    Are you afraid of DM? DON’T BE!
    Ron expected more from each of you – you were supposed to be the leaders!
    LRH , if he was here today, would be kicking some serious ass.
    Would you get bruised? Tell the truth and then act on that truth.
    Are you an embarrassed to know what is true?

    Two Questions;
    #1. Why do you fail all of us?
    #2. Why did you fail yourself?

  198. Tory Christman

    True, Marty—but at that very time, when they were there “buying the Bridge”…ALL that Crap was going down. They were literally raping
    people of any and ALL money, the Dr’s especially!

    For those who never did OT 7, here’s just a bit of what went down, pre even doing any of the level:
    First, you have to Pay for the level.
    Next, Fly to Clearwater, FL.
    After that, we were “ordered” to live “on base” ($1K/week–for the room, plus food) while there. We were not allowed to stay off base, being told the staff would not eat if we didn’t support them.

    Once there, you’re put on a routing form, setting you up to “get on lines”. This consists
    of “Security Checks”, as Marty mentioned, to make sure you’re OK to be on the OT level. This is at $7,000 per every 12 and a half hours of “Security Checking” at that level.

    Then you have to do Part A, B and C—before you’re ON OT 7. Once On it, you have to prove you can do it, and are secure. This process usually took a month or two. Oh yeas, and between A and B–you have to get your “invite” from RTC. What a bunch of whoooie. (If no invite, you’re back to Security Checking, and/or “Ethics”)
    Finally you get an “OK” to go home. Then you again have to “Route out”—which again consists of getting hit up for more $$$.

    Every 6 months we had to return, to get our “6th Month Check”
    With this, we were sent to “Qual” for testing. It was an extremely difficult test (I believe the one guy who did the testing, Stephon, finally got out, also). Not difficult due to the material, difficult because if it said “and” and you said “the”—you were flunked, and ordered to get Work Cleared on all of it. ARGH!

    Almost all of us were then sent to “Cramming” (Corrections) to re-study
    the OT 7 material, paying both for “Cramming” and of course the exorbitant accommodations while doing it.
    On an on and on….until you’re finally OK’d to go home and audit
    5 HOURS/Day. It sucked, let me just end there. Yes, Marty–I got these Dr’s were ripped off, as were most. (Oh…and I left out the Golden Age
    of Crap that came out, while I was on the level, so we were ordered to “re-do it” and PAY For it, too!)

    Thank GOD and the Net I’m out of there!
    Love to all…and if I don’t get to say it:
    Happy Thanksgiving to you all 🙂 Tory/Magoo

  199. Michael,
    I noticed that too. An oddity.

  200. Cindi,

    Karen Judkin (OT8) and her “OT” husband are Matt’s parent. They all have a bad reputation in Orange County for screwing public over so they can make money off of them.
    Matt used to be staff at OC org and heavily regged public so he could make his 10% commission.
    Criminality runs in that family.

  201. Tory Christman

    Thanks, Karen, for mentioning that. Sometime I will take some
    time to tell more of what all has gone down—it has been one wild ride,
    let me say that. FTR, re what you mentioned, here’s a brief story of that:

    For years, this one poster, “Truthseeker” had written literally thousands of lies about me, day after day, posted on ARS/Alt.Religion.Scientology–the main newsgroup for people out, and critics exposing C of $’s abuses.

    Each post, he’d write new lies, and add ALL the old ones, tagged onto it. He literally just made up crap, every single day.
    Finally, as Karen mentioned, these odd men began calling my home.
    I knew it was C of S and told them so, right away, wished them good luck in their hunt, and hung up. Finally someone called who seemed to have it together so I asked him for the URL. He gave it to me (where this crap was posted about me on this porn site).

    The person who put my name and # on the Net ..some of my computer savvy friends traced the post, and guess where it was traced to? TRUTHSEEKER’S Computer! They said, “Call the police, that’s against the law”. I did, the Burbank Cops arrived, wrote out a police report on “Truthseeker” and had me send it all over the Net.
    He vanished, pretty much forever. F*** OSA ops. Sick people, truly.
    That’s just one of their many capers they’ve tried on me.

    I give thanks to ALL my Net friends, and each of you, as well as all
    my friends here in LA and around the world. 🙂 🙂 TLC

  202. Tory Christman

    Oh Gawd! Sterling Management—the original WISE Con!~

    You know one of THE most shocking things for me was to learn, re
    W.I.S.E. was (besides the fact that they ARE all about $$$,do NOT follow “Standard Tech” at all (unless u have $$$) is this:

    A bunch of the Sea Org Reg’s were suddenly not around
    in the ’90’s. I wasn’t sure what happened, but it just seemed the old
    faces had vanished.
    Then one day I went to work for Bill Kilpatrick. He worked with another guy, called Management Success. I walked in there—and BINGO!
    There were ALLLLL the old Sea Org Reg’s! Now they’re salesmen (or were) for that company. Weird…eh?

  203. Tory Christman

    Time for more popcorn! 🙂

  204. OTDT, I have seen many comments on WISE not giving any exchange and help and thought about tagging my comment onto others – your comment is an excellent summary when you write: “Wise Int made almost zero inspections, gave zero help and seemed to have zero interest in anything except…MONEY.”

    And do you know what? WISE INT is FULLY aware of NOT giving any Exchange for the money the receive from members. And I am talking about more certainty than merely a “gut feeling” or “being aware”. It’s a SURVEYED button, surveyed by WISE INT itself mid 90″s.

    WISE Int did a survey as members were dropping away, promo sent out got no responses etc. It was when Rick Siegel was the President WISE Int. He put it together and also asked (pretty direct) what the members’ complaint were. WISE Int did an all-hands tabulation because they got so MANY responses (totally unheard of response, it was phenomenal). The answers, almost uniformely were:

    WISE does not give any exchange at all!


  205. Nicely put SA, especially: “I appreciate all moderators for the divergent views allowed. I appreciate all comments to postings.”

    ALL? Some of us without much of an education can only add a dose of savage irony or childish humour now and again, padded out with lengthy diatribes from our personal experiences. Still, happy to leave the lofty and the wise (lower case) to the likes of you, Samuel, WH, RJ, Mockingbird……Carry on!

  206. Hey … Could someone please post those “Conditions” mentioned in this comment? I cannot exactly recall them and don’t have the reference to hand. Thanks … H

  207. Don, good analogy.

    The politicians routinely and quickly return every dime that is in any way connected to a sullied source.

    They can do this as they are not connected to the ways and means whiuch the money was generated. The politicians hands are clean. The church, on the other hand, was a party to the practices which generated the money and cannot see clearly. They are still defensive.

    This case is a perfect example of out-exchange or criminal behavior. I dont think this ends at 350K. I think its going to open up a can of worms. This is NOT an isolated incident. And these patients have the benefit of being free from the blackmail or pressure of the church. I doubt their x-rays being published is enough to silence them.

    WISE is simply a tracking and collection agency with glitz and repackaged HCO pl’s.

  208. Ouch! Very well said.

  209. RJ — Sorry to say, I am not going to engage in a debate with you about this. Your tone is snide and frankly, your fixation on conspiracy theories is simply another form of non-confront of evil.

    You would do well to study the Data Series as you assume similarities and identities to reach conclusions that are not based on fact. For example, that someone gets investment money from the Carlyle group or Chase bank doesnt prove they are engaged in an intel agency plot.

    That you deem to condescend to me about whether I was aware that Adnan Kashoggi was an arms dealer? Wow.

    And your definition of “missing” money presumably means “obviously used to pay for a covert intelligence agency operation.” Anyone engaged in a ponzi scheme has to have “missing money” otherwse they would just pay all their investors off! I gues Bernie Madoff is an intelligence asset too then (you know he visited Israel and everyone knows the Mossad is about as connected to US intelligence as you can get).

    RJ, if I am not telllng you anything you don’t know, why are you bandying around your conculsory statements as if they were fact?

  210. Sapere Aude — Thank you for setting a good example of “Moving On Up a Little Higher.” Hallelujah!!

  211. From HCOPL 10 Sep 82 Exchange, Org Income and Staff Pay:

    1. First consider a group which takes in money but does not deliver anything in exchange. This is called rip-off. It is the “exchange” condition of robbers, tax men, governments and other criminal elements.
    2. Second is the condition of partial exchange. The group takes in orders or money for goods and then delivers part of it or a corrupted version of what was ordered. This is called short-changing or “running into debt” in that more and more is owed, in service or goods, by the group.

  212. Yeah, I like that you are “OT” if you can use a credit card. Like you are “creating” money or something.

    Almost every Scientologists I know is buried in supressive debt.
    -“OTs” who have most of their attention on servicing hundreds of thousands of dollars in credit card debt, etc.
    A question to ask now is why is there no consideration of burying people in debt? Thats one thing I brought up to some people. How much more effective and productive as Scientologists could people (Including OT8’s) be if they werent PTP’d with a supressive debt they will likely never pay off?

    It seemed like we were being enslaved to the very bankers LRH was talking about in RJ67. Were we?

    Here’s an example of the emails I get from my org. I think the first 100 attendees get a free patented comb:

    HOT DOG!












    THIS WOULD EQUAL $100,000.00




    1002 N. 3RD STREET


    ALL DAY ‘TIL 6:00PM

  213. True – I’ve check it out – and they are getting a good beating there too!

  214. If the bankers are supressive why does she (Bridgette?) want to enslave you to them?

  215. Martin;

    Yes ALL. Your education is your experiences. What is true is what you have found to be true for you and this includes your experiences – different from mine. None are too lofty or wise. We all learn from others if we will merely maintain open comm lines and receive what they (you in this case) are saying. Compared to many on this post I know very little. I just know what I know. Thank you for being here.

    Every person that reads this blog and follows this saga, whether they be Independents, Staff, former Staff, unbelievers or whatever, are leaving the blog after each visit with some change in their understanding, agreement or whatever. Only the dead and wooden (you know who I mean as you read this) leaving their daily dose of reality with no change. No change is a key term. If that’s you then might as well stop reading and start a worm farm or something constructive.

    Also, Hallelujah – the same to you as far as a good example.

  216. Hi;

    Like LRH said, flourishing and prospering drives the sp’s mad!

    I imagine the lost soulds at INT are wondering why they are all suddenly being hit so hard…. again!

    “What did we do?”
    “What did we do?”
    “What did we do?”

    When they leave and see this movie, they’ll know.


  217. RJ – Thank you for answering Mike. I have read both of your comments and I think there is something to be learned from both of your viewpoints. Whether it is 50/50 (as to who is “right”) 25/75 or 10/90 I can’t say. I can sympathize with Mike because he’s talking about obvious associations and matter of fact things. Just because someone tied to someone “nefarious” wants counseling and gets it does not mean there’s a deeper connection at work behind the scenes. Also, people like Sky Dayton and Kevin O’Donnell are more or less obligated as Scientologists to influence if not infiltrate groups such as you mentioned in order to secure safe harbor for Scientology as well as procure resources whether it be people or funding avenues. At a certain point, whether it be under the worst or best circumstances, one is going to reach a point where one is wondering who is influencing who. Did the IRS infiltrate and influence Scn or the other way around?
    On the other hand (with regard to conspiracy theory), conspiracy theories make you stretch your mind. Stretching is not a bad thing. In Chi Gong, we stretch the body in ways most people would find challenging to say the least. It makes the body more flexible and maneuverable, and much more importantly, it brings blood and life into areas of the body it would not receive by ordinary circulatory systems. This elongates life, health and happiness with particular regard to joint imflammation, arthritis, etc. When you stretch the mind theoretically, it allows flow and ciruclation. Of course, one does not want to go off the deep end which is sort of like stretching your lips out like a Ubangi. You won’t be acceptable to people (at least in our society). One seeks balance.
    With regard to Brofmann, I first heard about this in a book by Jan Van Helsing (who I also know) called “Secret Societies in the Twentieth Century” or something like that. He reviewed the global conspiracy but put too much emphasis on Zionism and ended up being criminally prosecuted by the German government (he is German). The case was thrown out over a technicality (he told me). Anyway, that book has a very slight mention about Scientology and Edgar Brofmann “buying” Scientology. I knew that was not quite right. I eventually learned that someone had witnessed Brofmann in the Fort Harrison and thus a sweeping conclusion was made. Brofmann headed up Seagram’s and he was one of the richest men around, particularly in his native Canada. I subsequently learned that he had two nieces who were active Scientologists. They would both go to Clearwater together but take separate private planes. Brofmann himself was very active in the self-help culture. His son has take over the Seagram’s empire. Brofmann has certainly heard of Scientology but I don’t know if he was ever on lines.
    What you have here, however, is the culture of the VERY rich and this culture, by its very nature, breeds certain phenomena which prompted the old saw from the Bible: “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to get into heaven.” They eye of the needle, by the way, was sort of a key hole passage way that a camel could actually squeeze its way through but it wasn’t easy. It was not meant to be taken literally.
    Even before I left, Scn became a rich man’s activity. I remember going into the NOTS Course room as a special guest in the early nineties or so (long funny story but only because I knew the supervisor). I looked at him and said, “About half your students are very wealthy and can afford this. The other half are either working for the very wealthy or are in debt up to their butt, right?” “That’s about right.” he said. Scientology became an elitist culture and one that only the rich can afford. This started with the original NOTS boom that was legitimate. You see, you could review this whole problem with NOTS out tech, etc. from another lens than Mithoff’s and DM’s out-tech. You could blame it all on the very rich because this is the sort of energy they bring with them. There is a long spiritual time track here. Wealth of the spirit versus material wealth. That is why Marty’s “Shack proclamation” was refreshing to many. We all know the Christian saints and monks overdid the poverty trip. This gated in the pedophile stuff eventually or perhaps it did. Not that simple. Buddha taught the Middle Way. Jesus had the most horrible conspiracies being worked against him, but he did not teach conspiracy theory. He taught love, forgiveness and charity and spiritual freedom. If he taught conspiracy theory, he just might have nailed the bastards who nailed him; but then, he would have become like them. (My apologies here to anyone who believes Jesus was a pedophile. I am just using this as a metaphor based upon common interpretations of the Bible. I am not a Christian but I use the Bible for metaphors sometimes because people can relate to it as they’ve been well indoctrinated in this regard.)
    Buddha did not like conspiracy too much either. When his adherents would tell him about grievous plots to do him in, he would tell an elaborate story and almost portray his enemies as the Three Stooges. He would not lose his balance.
    All that being said, I do believe we need to be vigilant about looking for holes in the armor and possible connections between DM and the MK-ULTRA/conspiracy scenario). I would hope people would error in the direction of making more connections but also tightening them up as much as possible.
    I also want to remind everyone that accept/reject (which very much relates to conspiracy theories) is a Grade Two phenomena. You can error in either direction. Before I left the Sea Org, I observed that the crew were accepting overts against themselves like wild fire. Only sane path was to reject them. This would lead to departure in most cases. Marty and Mike eventually rejected the overts committed against them and whatever they have done, right or wrong, I’m sure they both feel more free than they even have in their entire lives right now. Probably the same for all of you who have left too. Freedom, however, also bring responsibility and I think that is what this blog is really all about.

  218. RJ,
    That was quite a hefty dose of condescension for this early in the morning.

    Movin’ on up a little higher, remember?

  219. Tony DePhillips

    Hi RJ,
    It’s surprising that you spoke to Mike like this. I found it very direspectful. His original response to you was very respectful and even his second response was rational.
    We have the same purposes for the most part right?

  220. Tony DePhillips

    “You can’t pull in a motivator by doing something good!!”
    “I know someone who donated to the IAS and then pulled in an inheritance!”
    Both are quotes from IAS regges.

  221. “It isn’t that all the people that donated were “out-ethics” or just were craving admiration”

    Umm, where did I state that? Reread what I wrote and clear your words then get back to me with a question.

  222. Tony DePhillips

    You leave Tom alone he is my HERO!!

  223. Tony DePhillips

    I used to get strong armed at Flag to become a WISE member. I was a member before and stopped because of no exchange. When I would get strong armed I would tell them that there is no exchange so I just consider it a donation. This guy at Flag would get furious when I told him that and show me some obscure LRH reference that said we “should” all be members. I told him that it says “should” not “must”. He KR’d me and it came up on my Solo Nots sec checks. Friggin masterfull con job.

  224. Tony DePhillips

    “A truly sad story which is played out all to often when desperate people feel it is necessary to sell their soul in order to free it.”

    Brad you missed your calling as a writer/philosopher. Well, I guess you are a philosopher…
    Wow! That line above is a classic…desperate people feel it is necessary to sell their sole in order to save it…WOW!

  225. Tony DePhillips

    That is one of the lowest stories I have ever heard about this sick cult.

  226. Ah yes, Bridgett was the IAS reg who enlightened the attendees at that briefing about using credit cards = funding psyches, etc. Thank you.

  227. I think I got the same briefing, but I interpreted it differently. Maybe I misunderstood what she was getting at.
    I thought she meant that it was ok to owe them a bunch of money because they were suppressive anyway, so who cares if you are in-ethics with them. Sort of a modified “fair game” type idea.
    I think she was also saying that if you couldnt pay it back, the worst they could do to you is try to collect it. Basically you are an OT and nothing can harm you so why worry about being in deep debt? That kind of what I got about it, and in conversations (includingregging) with her in private.

  228. I guess I posted this twice. Weird.
    I thought the first time it didnt go through.

  229. LOL, I know. They keep having fund raising barbeques. I think theres been like five this year. If they say anything about patented combs I’ll know they are just messing with me.

    I don’t know what to do. I have felt like sending IMB 116R to everyone on the orgs emailing list (they acidentally sent it out a while back with all the names visable instead of “BCC” (blind carbon copy). ) which I have.
    I don’t know if I am at this time interested in confronting the backlash against me though.
    I’m not against them buying a building. I guess if they want to buy it good for them. But they should understand it’s not LRH.

  230. It did evolve from a game to a games condition, played unknowingly by just about all but one. One really knew that duping staff and public blindly in the money (MEST) game while convincing them they played the Theta game, was the only way he could be safe and get away with the very overts he’s still withholding to this day. Giving everybody problems and getting them to fixate and introvert and be too busy to look and make dog eat dog and fight each other, would make no come for him. It also effectively killed theta perceptions, made auditing impossible, kept people from finding out themselves and yielded ultimate control over and admiration from minions. The game detoriation was worked on hard, very hard and was intentional, very intentional. Stats don’t just go down; they’re pushed down.

  231. Well put, LH.

    I mean, Reges are representatives of the Church to the public, and for years they have been advocating squirrel admin for their parishioners. Of course, when you push back, or write it up, you get “flashback” from the org (they think it is flashback from you!), but squirrel is squirrel.

    Then, the aberration spreads, and now we have companies using “LRH” (actually WISE and DM squirrel) data to get them to extract all money from their customers.

    I mean, imagine pre-paying, at high interest rates, a several-month dental program! It is already expensive – probably priced at higher rates than other dentists in the area – and now you are handing over the bucks months before the fact.

    We have two issues here: The first is Caveat Emptor – we should all be very wary of anyone who asks us for money for whatever reason. There really should be a full-hat for consumers. I think Ron even has the “no” drill somewhere – practice saying “no” in a mirror until it becomes natural. It is perfectly okay to say “no” and be negative if the asker is asking you if they can stab you in the back.

    The second is that we, not just as a religious community, but as Scientologists know the technology of O/W, of justification, of exchange, of communications, of ARC, of KRC, of Responsibility, of ethics – but, for some reason throw it the cuss out the window when pelf is involved! Even justify it! “Well, when you are OT Watusi, you will be so much more able and so can easily payback that 21% short term loan!” We have all heard the justifications.

    No, we are better than that, and more ethical than that, and we let these people get away with it. And, now here we are: the CofM is a squirrel cage, and there is no denying that, and it is spewing squirreldom on everything it touches.

  232. martyrathbun09

    Boyd, far too long and important for a comment. I’ll try to turn it into a post in a few days.

  233. Thats what high toned looks like, probably way up in “Games” or something. The ALL CAPS give it away.
    I think LRH said something about that in SOS. The higher up you go, the more CAPS and !!!!! you use.

    It looks like the pressure is on my org. I’m glad I’m not there.
    They had like two weeks to raise 3 million for the new building. The deadline was yesterday I think. They are having fundraising events every couple days. Pictures from the last one looked like had more SO than Org Staff and more Org Staff than public.

  234. Fellow Traveller

    Tory —

    I please let me apologize here and now for my contributions to the OSA ops.

    Either Steve Hall or Jeff Hawkins has talked about the “enablers.” I was an early, consistent one. I now believe some my IA$ contributions were funding these operations. Ignorance is no excuse and there is no excuse for these “church sponsored scorched earth operations.”

    Bruce Pratt

  235. Tony DePhillips

    Ya it was like Bridgette and other IAS regges thought that if you go into debt and then can’t pay it off it is ok becasue they are “BAD and EVIL bankers”. That is just justified criminality in my opinion!

  236. Mike,

    Thanks for the evaluation Mike.

    Regarding my alleged “fixation on conspiracy theories”.

    You accuse me of “lacking confront of evil” which is bluntly nothing but invalidation.

    Maybe my flippant responses to your posts seemed to be condescending but there was never any personal attack involved.

    Nor was there any effort to discredit you by pejorative like using the old hackneyed phrase “conspiracy theory”.

    Oh by the way I have studied the Data Series.

    Have you studied the HCOPLs ‘Counter Espionage’, ‘Politics, Freedom From’, ‘Current Planning’, ‘Attacks on Scientology’, ‘Infiltration, Security Risks’, ‘Field Ethics’.

    What about RJ 67?

    Or the dozens of GO Dirs based on his “Intelligence Hypothesis” one in particular known as “Working Theory” or is that too much into “conspiracy theories” for you?

  237. Tony DePhillips

    “Those that have an unhealthy desire to be “liked or admired” could fall prey to this tactic.”
    “Those who are ethical won’t, no matter the threats from the “Church”.”
    Your quotes.

    Clear my words? I don’t play your little course supe games.

  238. “I know someone who saw a black cat and pulled in an inheritance!”
    “I know someone who donated to the IAS and then went bankrupt!”

    Both are quotes from Alan (that’s me)

    I find those responses tend to shut up most shyster salespeople.

  239. Tony,

    It was fine.

    Until Mike started writing text for me by saying I said that the trustee “over looked” a quarter of a billion dollars in the Slatkin case.

    I merely wrote that the money was missing and left it to the reader to conclude what happened to it.

    Also he totally ignored my comment about Reed studying foreign languages.

    Regarding Sky he made it seem that I was inferring that he was some kind of spy like 007 involved in “intrigue” when I was merely pointing out that he started an internet banking service known as USBX which included the Carlyle Group which is way different than just having an account at B of A.

    In other words he seemed to making some kind of straw man argument in relation to my post and therefore came across as dismissive and condescending.

  240. Thanks for the data MQ,

    Right now I’m in a rush instead of in a snit so I will get back to a full response later.

    When I have more of a chance to digest what you’ve written.

  241. martyrathbun09

    I don’t think he has it out for you RJ. He’s imparting some observations of his own.

  242. Tara,

    I did see an IAS email promoting monthly subscriptions.

    And, I do not mean to implyy that all multi-level-marketing companies are scams – I am aware of several that are legitimate.

  243. Tory Christman

    It IS sick, isn’t it? Karen thought so, too—it’s shocking to hear,
    but that is one of MANY ops they’ve pulled. I will say, it’s one of the sicker ones. Thanks, Tony.

  244. Tory Christman

    Dear Bruce,
    I accept your apology. However, what I would really appreciate is you telling how you helped in “enabling”? Was it just IAS money—or something else? If it’s something else, please give the specifics. This is VERY important, for anyone lurking or reading this. This WILL help unravel this den of thieves and abusers, run by David-the con man and want to be bully, really a whimp-Miscavige.
    My thanks for your stepping up 🙂

  245. Tory Christman

    Good response, Tony!
    “old School”—so you’re saying what happened to Lisa McPherson wasn’t “Criminal”? Ok, you can slide out of that, as they did–paying off people as they did, so “technically” they got out of that Crime. To anyone lurking–please just go read lisamcpherson (dot) org–and make up your own mind.

    How about Mary Sue and the others going to Jail for 1 year, after the Fed’s caught them breaking into our Fed gov’t offices? Past history? Well….
    How about “Reed Slatkin”–“the largest Ponzi scheme in history?
    Oh sure, they declared him “SP” the second his criminal routine was busted—but *I* (and no doubt many others here) was at Flag when he was recruiting money for this scheme, promising “OT’s” it would help pay for their Bridges.

    I could list many others, and you’ll just respond ~you~ would
    NEVER do that. Good for you. Thank goodness there are such “Ethical” people here! That still does not negate ALL of the above, nor “The Un-funny Story about Scientology” about just some of the MANY deaths or members of
    C of $—who died way too young, and suicides of the many who are not listed. (I know of 7 young Scios who took their own lives. An accident? Please).
    Yes, the “church” of $cientology does create criminals
    and you are not one of them…thank goodness. That’s helped let’s see—-???? I’d guess this many: 0
    ((Big shout out to Gavino and Yaude, while here—ya getting the picture yet, guys? It’s comin’ in stronger EVERY day~!)
    Tick Tock, Tick tock: Time is on *our* side! 🙂

  246. When the South African orgs were still sending me email (early this year), monthly subs by bank debit order or stop order were being heavily promoted. Not just for IAS, but for any donations thingy that happened to be the flavour of the day

  247. Fellow Traveller


    Thank you.

    Just contribution$ to the It’s About the $pecie — me going the effect of the Co$’s very own merchants of chaos.

    I was on really good term$ with Howard. The rest of the west us office knew me pretty well. Fascinating times.

    Bruce Pratt

  248. RJ. You seem to be on top of keeping tabs of a world few of us ever see. Many interests. As much as its always a draw when big names and conspiracies are mentioned, I didnt come away feeling you made a convincing argument. Sorry. But that does not mean its not true I suppose. I dont think it was meant for everyone to be able to confront some of those more sinister connections. It certainly wasnt meant for me. Low confront of evil? Perhaps. Perhaps not.
    Do you garden?

  249. Marty,

    I know Mike doesn’t have it in for me.

    I mean I’m not completely paranoid.

    Just mostly 🙂

    Actually I’m sorry we got into our little flame war because I actually like and respect Mike.

    Any way I guess we can agree to disagree on some points.

    Now I’ll go put away the Napalm.

  250. Thanks for the back story on Brofmann MQ,

    Well personally I don’t see any justification for hooking up with the likes of the Carlyle Group they’re just plain evil using war for profit and getting rich off of other peoples misery.

    This is the sort of thing Ron writes about when he mentions invidious connection in ‘Politics, Freedom From”.

    My view is that it’s selling your soul to the devil to make a buck which is what a lot of these fat cats in the IAS do.

    Amoral and out ethics.

  251. This is just an answer to Grasshopper’s post from above:

    “We have two issues here: The first is Caveat Emptor – we should all be very wary of anyone who asks us for money for whatever reason. There really should be a full-hat for consumers. I think Ron even has the “no” drill somewhere – practice saying “no” in a mirror until it becomes natural. It is perfectly okay to say “no” and be negative if the asker is asking you if they can stab you in the back”.

    I think the “no” drill was on the Director Disbursements Full Hat. I’m not sure if people do hats anymore. If they do, this drill may have been (ahem) taken off the checksheet by now, lest anybody feel empowered to (God forbid!) say “no” to mad spending into the Viper’s Coffers.

  252. Tony DePhillips

    Thanks RJ.
    I’m sure it will all blow over. You are an important contributer here and Mike is a total upstat to say the least.
    I do think you over did it on his original response to your comments. I think you got it so no need to beat it into the ground.
    What was your post at AOLA and when were you there? I did OT 1-5 there around 87-89. Were you around then?

  253. I forgot to say, you really cannot say “no” to the CoS.

    It is this fact which nullifies all legal contracts between CofS and parishioners – the legal concept of contracts assumes relative equality in relationship in order for a contract to exist. In fact, the CofS maintains an EXTRAORDINARY altitude, power, and “knowledge”, compared to the teensy weensy little person (you are made to feel) who obviously is not in-the-know, ethical enough, and all sorts of other drivvle. Not to mention the fact that your priest/penitent Confessional Formulary and Ethics files are available to be used against you and you KNOW THAT.
    Every transaction you do with CofS (donation, etc) implies a contract. THIS MEANS TO ME THAT EVERY TRANSACTION WITH COS IS JUST ANOTHER FRAUD, a part of the big pile of fraudulent activities just waiting, oh yes, just waiting, to be used in a class action suit.
    I hope somebody gets this ball rolling soon.

  254. Tony DePhillips


  255. Tony DePhillips


  256. Tony DePhillips

    I like having friends like you Tory.
    Keep it up “old School” I will have my big sis with me and she don’t take prisoners.
    I hate seeing OSA at every turn but this seems to be an angle they could take. It isn’t the c of m doing bad things it is just the poor little fucked up paritioners that go “out ethics” and we are just poor sweet little kool aid drinkers trying to help the planet. That shit is weak. I may not be edumacted but I can spot bullshit a mile off.

  257. loki,

    I am not trying to convince anyone of anything.

    I just have my own unique perspective on the scene.

    Regarding gardening.

    Me and plants don’t get along 😉

  258. Tony,

    I was at AOLA about the same time you were.

    I was posted as an HGC auditor in the Case Cracking Unit.

  259. It’s interesting that the word reg or registrar is also used for IAS, Idle Orgs, Superpower direct donations. Registrar is a person who signs people up for courses, from what I understand of the word. These cats should have other titles like fundraisers, collectors, vultures, vampires, robbers, con artists, rippers, flim flamers, burglars or something like that.

  260. Here’s some info on the finance system I wrote with the idea of handing it to registrars:

    In July I emailed Patrick Howson from Bridge about a rumor the Org Programming PL was missing from the OEC. Patrick can’t find it, but also it’s deleted from management’s computers, now confirmed twice.

    Definitions: SIR – Source Information Retrieval, which is a database accessible on anyone’s computer at Int management level. It contains all LRH writings and lectures too I think. With SIR you can pull up any reference by keyword search. STO ITO – Staff Training Officer, Int. Training org.

    Here’s the email:


    – Patrick can you answer my last email about the OEC? I just want the info, I have nothing further to say after that. Thanks, Boyd

    – Hi Boyd, I don’t seem to have any other emails from you… can you re-send this? Or ask me what your question was on the OECs?

    – Hi Patrick, here is it, if you could just look and confirm it would be helpful. Or tell me who to contact to ask:
    “Patrick, different subject but can you tell me if the most recent version of the OEC has HCO PL Planetary Dissemination, and also HCO PL Urgent – Org Programming, 24 Feb 64? It might be called simply HCO PL Org Programming. I heard a rumor these were missing from the new OEC, but I find that hard to believe. I might be getting an OEC copy, thanks.

    – Hi Boyd,
    I know that HCO PL 15 Apr 1982, PLANETARY DISSEMINATION, is not included in the OEC volumes because LRH had marked it to “Orgs and Management Only” and “Not BPI” which stands for “broad public issue”. There are copies of this reference here in the Org at Bridge.
    Not sure on the other reference… couldn’t find it anywhere under that name.

    – Appreciatcha Patrick. One last thing, do you remember which year OEC you were checking? I know the Urgent Org programming PL was in the 1991 OEC. I checked with Breanna the STO ITO last fall and she couldn’t find it on SIR. If you checked on SIR, was it there?
    Thanks again, Boyd

    – Yes, I checked on SIR as well and could not find it under that title.


    Here’s an excerpt from the PL:

    “If the org slumps…don’t engage in ‘fund-raising’ or ‘selling postcards’ or borrowing money.
    Just make more income with Scientology.
    It’s a sign of very poor management to seek extraordinary solutions for finance outside Scientology. It has always failed.
    For orgs as for pcs ‘Solve It With Scientology’.
    Every time I myself have sought to solve financial or personnel in other ways than Scientology I have lost out. So I can tell you from experience that org solvency lies in More Scientology, not patented combs or fund-raising barbeques.”

    HCO PL 24 February 1964, Issue II
    Org Programming

    Below are some lesser known references on the workable finance system and some comments. Not sure if any of these are deleted too. I put a “…..” in between different excerpts from the same reference.


    “…(There is, of course, a pitiful side to this: The poor blank sets himself up for no case gain and may even be consigning himself to no new life: Overts against Scn recoil casewise and that’s not just propaganda. Those in charge found these areas and the instigators have been shot from guns. But I think, as a favor to my friends, I had better write this up. You may have been curious why, when I went off the lines, things went wrong. Well, here’s a lesson.-LRH)

    “Beware of people who change workable finance systems.

    “In the past two years at least three instances have come up where finance systems had been changed to everyone’s detriment.
    “So you wonder where the staff pay got so undermined. And why financially things went somewhat sour.

    “All these things are handled and the systems are being reverted. But you can learn from this:
    “You would not stand still for a squirrel change in workable tech. Tech works. Why tolerate changes in workable finance systems?
    BE ALERT!”

    – LRH
    excerpts from HCO PL 18 FEBRUARY 1982

    And here he defines the workable finance system:

    “So we always make it the first condition of a group to make its own way and be prosperous on its own efforts.

    “The key to such prosperity is exchange.

    “One exchanges something valuable for something valuable.

    “Processing and training are valuable. Done well, they are priceless.
    In many ways an exchange can occur. Currently it is done with money.

    “In our case processing and training are the substances we exchange for the materials of survival.

    “To exchange something, one must find or create a demand.
    He must then supply the demand in EXCHANGE for the things the group needs.”

    from HCO PL 3 DECEMBER 1971

    “Oh yes, management is there to plan. Good. If it is planning that will forward the general purpose of the organization, if the various units of the organization are briefed and the plan is adjusted to handle their disagreements and if the plan is real and understood by one and all and if they then cooperate and produce along these lines, you have forward progress.

    “In our case all we’re doing is selling and delivering a product. If we do that we have a planet. Otherwise we don’t.”

    – LRH
    from HCO PL 1 JULY 1982

    “In an executive’s hands an organization or one of its areas must be ‘VIABLE.’ That is, it must be capable of supporting itself and thus staying alive. When his area is parasitic, dependent on others outside it, without producing more than it consumes, the area and its workers are at severe risk and in the natural course of events will be dispensed with, if not at once – eventually.”

    – LRH
    from HCO PL 28 JULY 1971

    “PRODUCE AS AN ACTIVITY. Look over what your products should be, particularly your valuable final products, and then begin to get those products somehow anyhow. This and only this is the shining reason why you can have a decent allocation. If it is then denied you, you can howl and be sure of redress. A cap in hand with no product is a sure route to chopped FP. (Example: An org with half a million collectable on its books but which didn’t even send out statements had an awful time with FP. Asking for ‘allocations’ that were really handouts, neither its FP body nor its FBO fully understood WHY, but it just seemed unreal to give it money. It was asking for money. It wasn’t requesting the return to it of money it had made and was entitled to. It did not make other value so could not justify value. Therefore it ‘sort of looked odd’ to Finance. Even Finance did not know why.

    “The wildest example of this was the 1950 LA Foundation which, under a US Navy ex-rear admiral, wanted $47,000 a week to subsidize a foundation potentially making $80,000 a week. But he closed its doors and wouldn’t run it until he could get ‘legal’ and subsidized. Another one is DK
    1969 wanting Flag to pay it $3,000 a week to keep it going when it wasn’t even sending out letters and did not even own a typewriter yet was accidentally making $5,500 a week average. There are tons of such examples…….)”

    – LRH
    from HCO PL 13 FEBRUARY 1971

    “Exchange within the org and between the org and every member of the public and the broad public is accomplished only by delivery.”

    – LRH
    from HCO PL 9 JANUARY 1980
    THE KEY TO ACHIEVEMENT (italics in the original)

    “So it is of interest what really underlies org income and staff pay.
    There is a term used in business called ‘fair exchange.’
    Let us apply this to an activity engaged in servicing the public.”

    – LRH
    excerpts from HCO PL 10 SEPTEMBER 1982

    “Most importantly, we’ll never clear the planet just by collecting advance donations! Delivery is a MUST!”


    “One uses beans to buy raised income and production and refuses to finance nonproduction or fruitless expense.”

    – LRH
    from HCO PL 19 MARCH 1971RA

    (Another facet of this: staff at all levels are being ripped off post to reg:)

    “Your functions will be found in PLs and HCOBs.

    “If anyone tells you your job is different than stated in such issues, please realize that there are no orders senior to such issues and an ‘illegal order’ is defined as one contrary to existing issues.
    Accepting an illegal order is actionable.”

    from HCO PL 28 SEPTEMBER 1980

    “And in still another org, no less than six key delivery terminals were all found to be out on regging tours in one week, some of them over a period of several weeks, at a time when delivery of paid-in-full services was backlogged!

    “None of these terminals had been removed or transferred or promoted. And one could say the actions being done are all covered in some way in policy, are needed, and therefore justified. But these terminals were all off post unreplaced, weren’t they?

    “That’s a quicksilver personnel scene. It’s unstable.”

    – LRH
    from HCO PL 19 DECEMBER 1982

    “When trying to get stats up, you must realize that what GOT stats up will GET stats up. Using new, unusual experiments can crash your full intention.

    “In new programs the BUGS have not been worked out. It’s like a newly designed piece of machinery. The clutch slips or the h.p. is sour.

    “New programs are undertaken on a small scale as PILOT PROJECTS. If they work out, good. Spot the bugs, streamline them and prove them. Only then is it all right to give them out as broad orders.

    “So it isn’t good for an EC to hand out strings of orders. Or for an executive to start a lot of new projects.

    “There is a thing called STANDARD ADMIN. It comes from the policy letters. When we produced the wild, soaring tech stats with the Sea Org Class VIII Auditor program, IT WAS BY PUTTING IN THE EXACT PROCESSES AND GRADES. By going super standard, we got 100% case gain.
    “There IS a standard admin. It deals in simplicities. People are on post. Particles flow. Promotion is done. Tech is delivered. The org board is up and is followed. If policy isn’t in at that level of largeness, it will never go in on higher points.

    “EDs are there to say WHAT policy should be concentrated on, not to give new orders. An executive who is wise, gets in policy on a gradient (little by little, building it up higher and higher. keeping the old in while adding in the new).

    “To understand how to do this, one must be able to conceive of basic outnesses. It requires real genius to discover how gross and how basic an outness can be.”

    – LRH
    excerpts from HCO PL ADMIN KNOW-HOW


    (First here’s some info on false reports from Miscavige. Three years ago he claimed the first 12 Ideal orgs were outproducing Milano, ITD/OTD, Tokyo, Buddapest and all other 150 orgs combined. But the reality is Los Gatos is a part time org with a near empty completions board and Buffalo is still a long term catastrophe. Joburg, NY and Sanfran shrank back to old levels quickly – but look at the amount of missionaire attention they got – with correct attention from management they’d be huge. Tampa div 6 is dead and they recycle Flag public onto basics courses, also Tampa isn’t thriving whatsoever. I’d have to check the record but what I recall is each of these specifics except Los Gatos was confirmed and/or not denied in my phone calls to STO ITO and Thalia N. from Int. during a contentious part of the conversation. Zero Ideal orgs were put forth by them as good examples, so this isn’t out of context. The Ideal org program wasn’t defended. Also See Marty and Mikes report on London, and the follow up by OSA, themselves confirming it’s struggling and Non-E. I have no info on Madrid. I have two New York org graduation emails bragging about 3 grades completions over the past several weeks, with no auditors made. Update: I wrote this a while ago but more recently the only completions I’ve seen from them are a life repair and a full basics course completion, then they stopped emailing. I was in the NY org academy around 2001, pre-Ideal. They weren’t empty back then, they had probably 5-10 people on course at a time and that’s always consistently been one of the top three orgs in East US. Where’s the change? Also stat breakdowns from DM’s own website prove axiomatically that he boldly outright false reports on Ideal org stats. By the way, that stat breakdown was posted by me in the comments section on Marty’s site, it’s archived. But DM removed the false stats after that apparently – at least I can’t find them anymore.)

    With the next reference keep in mind the outright failures, and in all cases contraction after the initial success, of the first Ideal orgs; Buffalo, Tampa, New York, SanFran, London, Malmo, Los Gatos (I heard they’re Ideal too) and Joburg. Failure after almost all org management energies have gone into this program.

    “Expansion which when expanded can hold its territory without effort is proper and correct expansion.” -LRH

    It’s not the new Div 6 panels and square footage (those two point are the Ideal org program, there’s nothing else to it) which caused the expansion then contraction. What caused the upstats was lots of attention from management on these particular orgs. This is how the Sea Org is supposed to operate. What caused the downstats later was Dave’s assault on PL’s and HCOB’s, covered elsewhere.

    My opinions: I’ve been to many orgs, none of them prevent inflow from appearance, although a huge empty building would in my opinion. The Moonies are famous for their buildings, they aren’t fooling anyone. It’s whether or not you deliver a good product (see HCO PL Goodwill) that determines your size. Word of mouth monitors your size. Building Ideal orgs empties out your field of money, then leaves them with whole floors empty after the SO missions pull out. Also the overhead costs are larger but production levels stay the same. We’re entering a depression.

    Tested facts: See HCO PL 23 Sept 1970 Quarters, Policy Regarding—Historical, wherein LRH is explicitly dead-set against the Ideal org strategy because it was tested and failed, so if you don’t like these opinions just stick with policy and tested workability. It’s not “historical” or “not used now”, it’s as enforceable and relevant as if LRH typed it up 5 minutes ago. Here’s more of the earlier reference:

    “So one interprets policy against proper expansion that is proper.


    “Expansion which when expanded can hold its territory without effort is proper and correct expansion.
    “You can stimulate demand. You can create it. But you may only comfortably and properly expand into demand.

    “All factors, then, in policy are rigged for expansion.
    And this brings about a possibility one can be asked about, that of overexpansion. One can ‘overexpand’ by acquiring too much territory too fast without knowing how to handle it. One can conquer new territory as fast as one wants IF he knows how to handle the situation.
    “Scientology organizations are designed for expansion.
    Expansion requires an expansion of all factors involved; and when something expands out of pace with the rest which is not expanding at the same rate, trouble is caused. Uniform expansion of demand, ethics and service into new fields and areas as well as old areas of operation, are needful to trouble-free activities.”

    – LRH
    excerpts from HCO PL 4 DECEMBER 1966


    (There’s lots of finance terms in this first reference so I’m leaving out most of it but it’s worth reading in full to get an understanding of how an org is supposed to collect charity money for the 3rd/4th dynamics.)

    “There is a type of income called ‘special income.’ It is huge lump sum income that might have to be returned. It can’t be immediately delivered and consequently can’t be included in the …..

    “If ‘special income’ is actually treated as special income as above, then all will be well. If it is not handled in this manner, it can cause endless trouble for an organization. So treat these funds for what they are and it will make things smooth for both the organization and the public concerned.”

    – LRH excerpts from HCO PL 28 SEPTEMBER 1979R

    “Services are often sold to family groups with one member paying for some or all of them. This is not uncommon and is perfectly legitimate.

    “But beyond that, org personnel may not solicit payments from staff or public on behalf of others.
    “Occasionally a student or pc in the org offers payment for a friend. That’s fine. But orgs may not solicit or suggest it. Not ever.

    “Advance collections are obtained by industrious collection from ‘hot prospects’ and other potential customers.

    “The essence of it is selling the service, collecting the money from the customer and getting the service delivered. (Unused prepayments are subject to refund.)”

    excerpts from HCO PL 17 FEBRUARY 1971-IRA

    IMPORTANT: In this second reference “solicit” is the key word. In this way you have the best of both worlds. Happy public can donate over and above the cost of services to their heart’s content but only on their own determinism, NEVER under duress. And so public aren’t scared away from the org – it’s an island of sanity. They can’t even solicit for your friend’s Bridge, much less for the IAS. Where is non-refundable money mentioned anywhere? Reging is limited to services and materials only and for the 1st and 2nd dynamic ONLY.

    And so:

    Only donate per LRH policy, (and until DM is handled I suggest supporting delivery units outside his control to force the issue) and demand others stop squirreling too. If the org racks up pre-paid, undelivered services and fears a refund flap, that’s the problem you want to give them to solve. In this way you force orgs to deliver Scientology, and be answerable to low quality and lack of auditors with the refund policies. This is LRH’s solution. This eventually forces Miscavige to manage the full spectrum instead of inventing gimmicks.

    All money flowing into Scientology was meant to flow in as a means of potential or actual exchange with the org, in a BUSINESS/CUSTOMER relationship.

    If Dave can’t manage his way to St. Hill size orgs, reging for buildings isn’t the golden ticket which magically makes up for his incompetence. Neither is pretending to prop up the 4th Dynamic through the IAS, by stealing Bridge money and disaffecting. You can’t confidently bring new public into the org right now knowing the reging gauntlet they face.

    Dave’s new custom cars, expensive trinkets and over 100 million dollars for his personal office spaces and houses around the world, all with money raped from parishioners Bridges, is documented through many first person accounts and photos from loyal Sea org members. He doesn’t blink at stealing your Bridge money for his personal pleasure. This is partly why Church policy forbids the IAS and not the HASI. Not even the original plan of an IAS lifetime membership (which tends to keeps exchange in, you get discounts), is allowed. IAS Status’s are squirrel. It was intended as a temporary legal cope project to handle the IRS. Ask for the LRH policy; watch for hidden data lines.

    When staff can’t flip to the page in the OEC and act without fear of punishment it collapses all terminals into an ineffective tangle of uncertainty. That’s the mechanism which keeps the new finance system in place. The hidden data line is the enemy of fast flow management where effective action can take place through agreement.

    Don’t accept “top secret Sea Org policies” (none of which contradict the OEC, period – and even if they did they’re cancelled by the OEC). Don’t accept arguments opening the door to inferring just about anything, e.g. “But wasn’t LRH around in 1984 when the IAS was formed?”. What about several eye-witnesses who say LRH was off the lines and/or fed false reports? What about how it was supposed to be a temporary cope plan, and what about how it’s morphed into a monster? This is a problem because it’s two different story lines so what can you do?

    The verbal tech checklist is the answer, and it’s what LRH wants you to apply in this situation. If it isn’t written by Ron it isn’t true. If you’re not allowed to read something which contradicts HCO PLs then it doesn’t exist. It doesn’t matter how “established” the squirrel finance system is – If it isn’t written it isn’t true. And if someone laughs at the verbal tech checklist or tries to weasel out of it, don’t give them your money.

  261. Your humble servant


    With due respect, what you have linked here for Rick Pendery is not a conviction for fraud, but a 1994 civil complaint over a real estate project that lists fraud as one of several allegations. I wasn’t able to find out from the San Diego Superior court’s website how it all turned out. They don’t seem to provide specific case details online.

  262. Sinar,

    Very astute observation.

    Thanks for the word clearing on what a Reg really is.

    No surprise its been perverted in the Squirrel Cage over there.

  263. I agree OO.

    A class action lawsuit would be the way to go.

    Do you have any legal expertise on how one would be filed or know anyone who does?

  264. That’s a lot of attention on money, MQ. I’m not sure it’s that significant. I got through NOTs without being either rich or in debt. Maybe I found the middle way …

    As for Bronfman, the old man’s the biggest Jewish philanthropist in the world and very sharp. The son’s not so sharp, and is probably going to lose the family fortune. Those IAS regges need to get to work fast on those nieces while the gettin’s good.

  265. TD, no but one of my first auditors was Randy Emery, one of the founders of Sterling. He was an amazing magician, too.

  266. Randy died of a brain tumor in the late ’80’s, early 90. I think he had been on his L’s for a long time.

  267. TD,
    I had similar experiences at Flag where the reg, David Light, would go to my HGC and speak to the D of P to get some ammo to use on me when he was on the warpath for me to pay him more money. I would see him skulking in and out of the D of P’s office.

    More than once in a reg cycle he would say something about the progress of my case or a difficulty and it was obvious the only way he could have gotten that data was either from the auditor directly or a briefing from the D of P.

    When I looked at him wide-eyed and puzzled about that, he said, “We don’t have any withholds from each other here at Flag”, which I took to mean that he could find out anything about anyone’s auditing or case by just going to the HGC and obtaining the data he needed for his reg cycles.

  268. ROFL!

    FULL quote: ” No, to commit CRIMES one has to decide to do so. Those who are ethical won’t, no matter the threats from the “Church”.”

    Gee, looks a bit different when you don’t OMIT data. Like I said, clear your words. Or, did you intentionally omit the key sentence about the subject, committing crimes. I don’t play 1.1 games like this Tony.

  269. Alex Braverman

    This just knocks my socks off! Thank you for all the effort and research you put into this write up as it is spot on target exposing what has happened to this church – under David Miscavige’s management.

    I, personally, think your research and observations deserve to become a post of it’s own. Marty?


  270. Thanks a lot Alex. It’ll get around there’s no need.

  271. Umm, WHY did you omit the sentence that came PRIOR and set up the subject?

    “No, to commit crimes one has to decide to do so. Those who are ethical won’t, no matter the threats from the “Church”.”

  272. Tory Christman

    Ok, got it. I’m still trying to find those people who helped
    with the “OSA Int Top Secret Internet Gang” in any form.

    So far, I believe I’m the only one who has posted about it, outside of the “Critics” who followed it all, and have photos of the op. (Grin::: OSA:::don’t you just wish you knew….)
    ((Lurking? Know facts re this? Please post it, anonymously)).
    Howard? Did you mean Harold? If so, please give me a call—I’d love to talk with you.
    My best,
    (818) 588-3044

  273. Tory Christman

    Ditto, Tony~~happy to help!

    Just count on “OSA” in one form or another, being here.
    A good BS meter is very useful. As I’ve said, the OSA Int
    Internet gang have 3 goals—so that should help all:
    1) Distract off of *anything* they don’t want known, any way, any how–of course anonymously. I opened up their anonymous accounts, years before “Anonymous” arrived, FTR. This includes creating fights amongst each other.

    2) Degrade any and all critics they’re worried about.

    3) Slime a *hot* area with anything, so people don’t even want to put their name on the site.

    Keep in mind this entire program, although much of it IS run by “OT’s” as volunteers, I have no doubt the program was run by DM and gang of feeble floor mats.
    Best to all 🙂

  274. Truthseeker didn’t disappear, just went quiet for a while. He’s long since been back on ARS and has showed up on ESMB fairly recently (and been banned. again)

    A few years back he was tracked down to a chiropractor’s office in the DC area. Anyway, he’s still active.

    Joe Lynn

  275. Tony DePhillips

    What happened to cause you to leave the church?

  276. To Boyd’s post – Wow. Thank you for all those references, and the exposure to DMs stealing source away. it is truly mind boggling. One comment, you said (Patrick said) one of the issues was not BPI – broad public issue – but the OEC – the Organization Executive Course – was not just composed of BPI issues, for Gawd’s sakes. Come on DM. Oh, that’s right, you don’t train executivs anymore… wouldn’t want anybody getting any ideas to oppose Command Intention. Just salute, and instant hat everybody as a reg: Instant hat: Get the money, get the money, get the money, do whatever you have to do to get the money.

    To RJ’s post above.
    I don’t have legal expertise how to do class-action suit, but just about every attorney in the US should. What might be fruitful is Internet search and go back through some of the cases looking for attorneys who have WON cases against the Church before – this way they are already kind of “up to speed” about various issues and also they are probably used to usual CofS tactics of Black-PR, lies, following around, harrassment, etc.

  277. Tony DePhillips

    He probably meant Howard Becker infamous IAS regg.

  278. Tony DePhillips

    Well, what is your viewpoint on the church doing the things that they are doing? Do you think that is ok? Or is that 1.1 also?
    Why are you hiding behind a phoney name are you in hiding? What are you afraid of?

  279. Tony DePhillips

    Uh,,,maybe I have hidden evil purposes, do you want to sec check me some more?

  280. Tony DePhillips

    I knew him a little bit. I thought he was a cool guy.

  281. Tony DePhillips

    Sounds right. They can’t leave it up to you to donate on your own determinism or they would go broke.

  282. Tony DePhillips

    Nice work Boyd.
    How have you been?

  283. Wow, Boyd – Great stuff.

    A major outpoint early in the post blew me away:

    “Hi Boyd,
    I know that HCO PL 15 Apr 1982, PLANETARY DISSEMINATION, is not included in the OEC volumes because LRH had marked it to “Orgs and Management Only” and “Not BPI” which stands for “broad public issue”. There are copies of this reference here in the Org at Bridge. …”

    Uhhh, the OEC is the “Organization Executive Course” – would that not make the volumes for “Orgs and Management?” I laughed out loud!

  284. MGE, run by Louis Colon, adulterer.

    Imagine if you, a Public of the C of S, had sex with an SO member. What would happen?

    Liability, programs, invalidation, SP Declare, etc……..

    He is guilty of sleeping with an SO member while married!!! And he bought some basic book packages and his ethics cycle was over.

    Is that Standard Ethics or a money grubbing cult?

  285. Thanks, Margaret – Missions were always different. They were run by their mission holders, not the SO, and really, they were unanswerable to Scn management, unless they squirreled or undercut the local org’s prices. I loved my mission (when I started, it was “the franchise” ;).
    Of course, all this was blown away back in the early ’80s. To Scientology’s detriment. I asked what it would take to open my own mission, and the answer proved so daunting that I was cured of that idea fast! You pay lots of money AND you are now owned by the Church? No cussing way!

  286. Interesting to note that Brofmann’s two youngest daughters have gotten entangled in a very strange cult headed up by a conman named Keith Rainere, who makes followers call him Vanguard. He’s managed to milk them for millions of dollars, $60 million just to cover bad investments he made in the commodities market. (See story here:
    Just found it interesting that two separate wings of the Brofmann family have become entangled in cults. In fact Rainere’s cult seems to take quite a few cues from Scientology – suing and attacking all critics relentlessly and referring to anyone who opposes them as “suppressives.”

  287. Tony DePhillips

    Hey RJ,
    I was wondering if you ever posted your “leaving story” anywhere? I would love to hear it.

  288. Fellow Traveller

    Tony below is correct — Howard Becker.

    I am still learning about the ops themselves and how I was duped (and my own compromises that allowed that to happen). These ops were never ever even hinted at during the many reg cycles I participated in of course.


  289. Fellow Traveller

    Sinar —

    Admin Scales. Valuable Final Products. Of course! Thank you.

    I saw this quote attributed to PT Barnum and it seems spot on to the corruption of the intended Admin Scale:

    Money is in some respects life’s fire: it is a very excellent servant, but a terrible master.

    P. T. Barnum

    Bruce Pratt

  290. Yep. It’s like “Where’s the REAL Church of Scientology, and what have you done with it??!!”

  291. Tory Christman

    People TO THIS DAY are getting fleeced by
    these very wolves in sheep’s clothing.

    IF Someone is trying to get you to
    a) Spend all your $$ in C of $
    b) Sell your home
    c) Disconnect from friends and family

    RUN! And while you’re running, ask yourself this:
    Honestly, when I (you) joined C of $, was I expecting
    it to become all about money? Did I know I was going
    to have to disconnect from my loved ones?
    Didn’t L. Ron Hubbard say THE LAST result was
    Would I have stayed one hour, let alone a day, week, year, 10’s of years, etc. IF I’d known these people were lying through their teeth?

    Would I have given them a dime, or told them *any* secrets had I known IF I ever left,
    a) They’d keep ALL my money, despite Hubbard saying I could always get it all back?
    b) They’d actually TELL my secrets to the public?
    c) They DO use “Fair Game”, despite that Cancellation they showed me?
    Would *I*? Hell no!

    It’s YOUR life—–don’t let anyone else abuse it.
    Leap!~And the Net will appear 🙂

  292. Tory Christman

    You can try to change history, Joe Lynn, but not with me, darlin.

    Truthseeker DID vanish—for a very long time, after his Police Report was issued. IF you have actual locations for this person,
    I’d appreciate it if you’d let the police know, as he slimed me for years, as you well know.
    I have no doubt he’s back, under another name. That wasn’t my point. He’s one sick individual, and no doubt, works for creepier people, I’ll let you figure that one out.

  293. I think ALL CAPS is supposed to be “TONE 40”!!!!!

  294. Thanks Tony, I’m hanging in there.

  295. Tony,

    I think it was more like the Church left me.

    But to answer your question more specifically.

    I think it was a combination of things that cumulated into total BPC which I’ve since handled.



  296. Thanks for the suggestion Tony, but I’ve already handled what charge was connected with leaving and my “leaving story” would probably bore people to tears.



  297. Miscavige pretty much has become just another cult leader like Moon and the Unification Church, like Erhard and EST and like Raniere’s NXIVM with its Executive Success Program.

    They all use similar “tech” and methods of keeping their critics in line and neutralizing their apostates

    The Masons and other secret societies such as .: .: and the OTO used to operate the same way.

    I don’t think it started with Scientology.

  298. RJ. In regards to cults, you said:

    “They all use similar “tech” and methods of keeping their critics in line and neutralizing their apostates
    The Masons and other secret societies such as .: .: and the OTO used to operate the same way.”

    RJ, I have studied many “secret” societies and your statment is as untrue as it is sweeping. I even belong to a few and they resemble scientology in no way shape or form in their recruitment, practices, handling of dissafection or apostates. One or two examples of local mishandling of a situation over centuries can be turned into generalities by those opposed to these groups or those wishing to create sensation or sell books.

    Coupled with your earlier posts about conspiracies, you are about to become like the boy who cried wolf too many times and loose your credibility. With all due respect, you assume the mantle of an expert or authority in areas which you obviously are not.

    Try to keep it real please.

  299. DFB, you crack me up!

  300. Thanks very much Marty, didn’t see this until now. Tried to smooth it out from earlier like you recommended.

  301. Sounds he needs a proper “spanking” 😉

  302. Moving Forward

    I very much agree with Marty. The demand for ever-increasing contributions to ‘save the planet’ with explicitly encouraged unusual financial solutions (borrowing on the ‘postulate’ that you can pay it back) creates criminality.

    The adulation that is heaped upon those who contribute large sums and the derision given to those who don’t contributes to this behavior as well. Those who give money are treated as ‘upstats’ regardless of any other contributions or volunteering, those who don’t but yet volunteer all of their time are treated as out-ethics downstats.

  303. So what secret societies have you been involved in loki?

    I mean what I read in your response to my post is a common case of the pot calling the kettle black.

    Also never at any time did I claim to be an expert on these things.

    I just have my own point of view on the matter which obviously differs from yours.

    The fact is that there are similarities between cults and secret societies that have existed for millennia.

    To dispute this is to dispute history.

    The common trait of the arrogant.

  304. Moving Forward

    I also meant to add that I have observed that those who contribute large sums are also treated as upstats regardless of any financial irregularities they may be committing (until those financial irregs spiral so out of control that the Church’s PR is threatened). The donations are always treated as the most important factor.

  305. RJ, you said ;
    “The fact is that there are similarities between cults and secret societies that have existed for millennia.”

    More sweeping generalities. Thank you for making my point. Learn history before accusing others of disputing it.

    That last line about ignorance. I assume you meant me. Ouch.

    But happy thanksgiving anyway. And i mean it.

  306. Loki,

    Just consider the last line just another “sweeping generality” 😉

    And have a Happy Thanksgiving as well.



  307. Tony DePhillips

    Understood and thanks. I am sure it would not bore me. But maybe some other time with a cigar or something?

  308. Over a fine cigar sounds good 🙂

    Just let me know if you start nodding off and I’ll change the subject.

  309. Sapere Aude,

    “We were not the sheeple.” Indeed. I never would’ve guessed that the Scientologists that were actually going to apply the tech as LRH envisioned it would be outside of the church rather than in it. One hell of a game. Our KRC triangles are huge and we’ll use them like arrows against all manner of devils, demons and COBs. I’m glad I’m on the side that I am, and to be with people like you and Marty that understand this game and are playing it, even though it’s not something we signed up to do.

  310. Grasshopper,

    Our kindness towards others is what got us to donate. We wanted to help. Our help buttons didn’t need to be pushed; these buttons are always locked in the down position. But when that help turns into betrayal and money and the stat are more important than an actual exchange of a valuable for a valuable, then you have to employ more crush sell techniques to get through the prospect’s legitimate objections. I don’t think the C of M understands that the donos still have to be connected with the concept of an exchange; they are not given for “free” or with no strings attached; those donos still have to be earned.

    Yeah, we let these people get away with it, but no more. We’ll have to show them something about exchanging in abundance. One way we can do this is by being lenient on them when they start their amends program (and there will have to be one hell of an amends program; I actually shudder to think of what it could be for anyone who betrayed a Scientologist in the name of Scientology).

  311. Boyd H. — Sorry about the late acknowledgement, but just came across your
    source-filled comment. Really nice job and thanks!! Hallelujah!

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