What We’re Doing Here – Part II

Truth is simple.  Lies are complex.

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  1. This is the best ever! So theta! I love the little kids!

  2. Felicitas Foster

    Hi Marty,
    this is another video that contains something form Sony Music Entertainment, which is not available in ou country. Any hint on the contents so we can find a similar video that is available for us on the net?

  3. Thanks for the inspiration Marty.

    “All great truths begin as blasphemies.” — George Bernard Shaw

    “It’s not enough to speak, but to speak true.” — William Shakespeare

    ML, Tom

  4. Current SCN just can’t speak the truth there lies are just way too complex, entwined and way too deeply false

    The spin machine keeps spinning

  5. Sometimes when I’m reading Martin’s blog and all the comments there, I’m feeling quite hopeless and think I’ve been part of a con for the last 36 years, being brainwashed….my purpose is to understand what happened, to differentiate and sort all my experiences out, so that I don’t have any more questions about the past and can move on a little higher up. And sometimes I’m totally keyed-out.
    It is great to read all the different experiences and comments of all the people here. What I see they all want to understand. Sometimes it goes too far like looking for a “why” that is God like conspiracy theories, LRH created it all or there must be somebody behind DM etc. or some written words of Lrh are the reason for it etc….
    I think a why that opens the door to handling is much more appropriate. The truths expressed on those blogs are sometimes so hard to confront and they really hurt, that I just want to forget everything about it or attribute the sources of it to God or the Martians.
    For several days I’ve been thinking it over for myself and came to some conclusions I would like to let you know.
    I think I’m coming near the EP of that 3rd dynamic auditing for myself as an Individual and I think when all the individuals here have reached their EP we will have a new 3rd dyn.
    I would define my EP as: “ Understanding the history of LRH, Scientology, the C.O.S and my own involvement in it to the point of not being anymore worried or having the attention unto the past but living in present Time an applying the technology of Scientology in present time and being able to envision a successful future for myself and Scientology on all dynamics “. Feel free to word that EP differently.
    What did I learn in in those 18 months of reading that blog:
    – LRH was a normal human being
    – He discovered the reactive mind and developed a technique to get rid of it
    – His main purpose was to put a better bridge there
    – If he did sometimes strange things or decided funny stuff it was only, with the purpose of being able to continue his research and sometimes the solutions he had were right, sometimes wrong. On has always to study it in the historical context to get a better understanding of it.
    – We are living in another time, no more hippies, no atomic warfare threat, no wall between east and west. We have instant communication around the planet. The planet became a village. Traveling around the planet is affordable for anybody. We are currently enjoying freedoms we never had in our history.
    – If LRH would be around now, he would be the first one to use the internet to the fullest for to disseminate and he would put the whole tech onto the Internet for free or work out a very simple system that anybody on the planet can get the tech for himself.
    – The basics of Scientology are ARC-Triangle , KRC, TRs, some codices, basically FOT and POW and not so complex as DM wants to tell.
    – Standard Tech, and on what KSW has to be applied onto is all written RED on White (Hcobs). That is standard tech and nothing else, this is modern Scientology, not all the techniques in his tapes and books, which are records about how he was trying to achieve Clear and OT. Only modern Scientology and Dianetics are giving the promised results and are achieving the promised results uniformly. This doesn’t mean you can’t achieve it with the older techniques. But why using DOS on a Computer or Win98 instead of Windows 7 to connect to the Internet ? Why forcing people to learn DOS for to operate a computer? You can still operate a computer with DOS, but not do all the stuff that you can with Windows 7. So why use Dmsmh, while with NED you get results at the speed of light ?
    – Admin tech used with common sense is quite a successful action. But all those policies have to be looked at and to be adapted to our times. This is also a postulate of LRH. He never meant it’s a part of KSW or a holy scripture.
    – The philosophy of Scientology is free to discuss about, use it in whatever way imagined and has to be tried out on all kind of subjects as Sciences, Education, Politics, Arts, to find out new applications for it and develop it further.
    – The main problem in Scientology in the last 60 years probably was that unqualified people were put on posts of power and authority and thus created lots of unnecessary confusions. This because LRH himself didn’t think to high of people with university degrees. Why should they be good, if himself he didn’t have any degree and the establishment back in 1950 didn’t acknowledge his discoveries ?
    This led to the idea, that he only has to raise the confront and the necessity level of his staffs and they would be able to handle any job. It’s a limited theory that works in times of urgency and on short projects, but not as a continuous modus operandi. The door was open for any lunatic becoming a staff and many crazy people being put onto post of authority and command and so getting intelligent people to leave, as their only solution. As intelligent people have problems to understand idiocies, evilness, computations of crazy people, they can’t imagine somebody doing or thinking such nonsense, and when they realize it it’s mostly
    Already too late. (This point is my opinion)
    – The C.O.S can be handled by constantly exposing its criminal actions and Overts, also of the different individuals until they confess, blow or leave.
    – The new Church of Scientology has only to put in a standard recruitment policy, that any company on the world is using, so only qualified people can come on staff and only qualified people can become staff auditors.
    – The new C.O.S should put the philosophy, books and tapes for free onto the Internet. Perhaps only standard Tech for the pros is available for a small fee.
    – The new C.O.S has to implement some democratic processes so that that it stays transparent to the public, staffs and the rest of the world.
    So did I reach the Ep of that 3rd dyn. engram running ?
    Or is there more about it ? I think with above as stable data I can go on with my life and no more think about the past and handle whatever comes my way.
    I would be grateful for your comments.
    Can I attest ? Or does somebody see things I overlooked ?

  6. martyrathbun09

    I was with you till you got into the “new church of Scientology.” Up to that point, the one marked opinion is interesting – though I don’t share that opinion. And on the modern tech part – I believe that is true with respect to procedure that will get your Clear and handle quite a bit of OT case. However, LRH said many times, and I happen to agree – OT is described in the early lectures and books. Everything after 54 was UNDERCUT. Ultimately, the early material is vital. But to jam it down someone’s throat and label it “basics” is implant technology. Regardless of my caveats and independent thoughts, I respect yours and I am willing to acknowledge your attest. I think you are a smart cookie.

  7. Tony DePhillips

    Brilliant communicator! Loved the message.
    Marty thanks for being there and communicating too. I never want to take you for granted.

  8. martyrathbun09

    Nas “I can be what I want to be.”

  9. “- The C.O.S can be handled by constantly exposing its criminal actions and Overts, also of the different individuals until they confess, blow or leave.”


    “The new C.O.S”


  10. The more yourself you are, the more you are close to truth…it is simple as that!
    I think that the word simple is one of my best word in our vocabulary!

    Here is the definition of the word SIMPLE from the dictionary.com

       /ˈsɪmpəl/ Show Spelled [sim-puhl] Show IPA adjective, -pler, -plest, noun
    1.easy to understand, deal with, use, etc.: a simple matter; simple tools.
    2.not elaborate or artificial; plain: a simple style.
    3.not ornate or luxurious; unadorned: a simple gown.
    4.unaffected; unassuming; modest: a simple manner.
    5.not complicated: a simple design.
    6.not complex or compound; single.
    7.occurring or considered alone; mere; bare: the simple truth; a simple fact.
    8.free of deceit or guile; sincere; unconditional: a frank, simple answer.
    9.common or ordinary: a simple soldier.
    10.not grand or sophisticated; unpretentious: a simple way of life.
    11.humble or lowly: simple folk.
    12.inconsequential or rudimentary.
    13.unlearned; ignorant.
    14.lacking mental acuteness or sense: a simple way of thinking.
    15.unsophisticated; naive; credulous.
    17.Chemistry .
    a.composed of only one substance or element: a simple substance.
    b.not mixed.
    18.Botany . not divided into parts: a simple leaf; a simple stem.
    19.Zoology . not compound: a simple ascidian.
    20.Music . uncompounded or without overtones; single: simple tone.
    21.Grammar . having only the head without modifying elements included: The simple subject of “The dappled pony gazed over the fence” is “pony.” Compare complete ( def. 5 ) .
    22.(of a verb tense) consisting of a main verb with no auxiliaries, as takes (simple present) or stood (simple past) ( opposed to compound).
    23.Mathematics . linear ( def. 7 ) .
    24.Optics . (of a lens) having two optical surfaces only.
    25.an ignorant, foolish, or gullible person.
    26.something simple, unmixed, or uncompounded.
    27.simples, Textiles . cords for controlling the warp threads in forming the she shed on draw-looms.
    28.a person of humble origins; commoner.
    29.an herb or other plant used for medicinal purposes: country simples.

    Let’s be free to be!

  11. Independant Scientologists or Independant Scientology is a proposition that you all fought for.

  12. What a great video Marty. Thanks for posting it. I have to admit that I all too often tend to think “I don’t like rap”. But that’s the kind of rap I can get into.

    Also, for those (like me) that forgot the details of Part I of this article, here’s the link: https://markrathbun.wordpress.com/2010/10/04/what-we-are-doing-here/ . It was only from a month and a half ago, but felt like ages ago. I guess it’s an indication of how much I love coming (and how often I come) to this blog.

    Thanks for being here Marty (and everyone else).

  13. “But to jam it down someone’s throat and label it ‘basics’ is implant technology.”

    That’s a great point. Long ago I cognited that the 1951-1954 material (especially the Factors and Axioms) were the essence of Scientology … but it was a process that I arrived at on my own time, with no outside pressure and in the comfort of my own home.

    You are so right. You can’t just cram it down peoples’ throats, as DM has been doing by making everyone study the Basics.

    When I was in the Church, I wanted to think that it was such a great thing (i.e. having people study the Basics). But deep down, I knew that spoonfeeding the philosophy to folks would never work. In fact, what is so insidious and destructive about it, is that it will actually create two results: (a) those that robotically quote and parrot it, and (b) those that reject and fight it. And the most important result — those that understand and use it self-determinedly — will no longer exist (in the CoM).

    DM is creating exactly what Christianity created — the Zealots and the Apostates (Anonymous) — neither of which ever duplicated the original message.


  14. Marty,

    Thank you for your acknowledgement. You’re right about the OT-materials having been developped before 1954. I can fully agree on that.
    But my purpose in this life is to use the known route up to OT7 or 8 so my dianetics case is fully handled. This alone would be a great achievement. Probably I’ll have many OT-phenomena, will enjoy them but the real Ot-Levels ?????? I don’t know… perhaps somebody comes along and shouts Eureka !!!! And we can move further…
    It was perhaps wrong to talk about the new church of Scientology. Honestly, I don’t want a new church. My vision is people that are applying Scientology and that’s very simple – and good auditors, I want to become one myself. Whatever organisations will then be created is up to the people doing it and those individuals will have to take the responsibility for their creations and not God, Ksw, Lrh, Dm, a policy or the sun- and the tech fully available on the Internet.
    We are using technology developped by Einstein in our everyday life, but didn’t create the Church of Relativity to make sure his discoveries will be here for eternity and so we never forget what the right tech is !
    Why should we need a church ?
    I don’t know why I wrote about he new church. It’s quite clear for any independent to check the tone level and qualifications of the people he will associate with. Common sense, isn’t it ?
    As a member of the C.O.S I was associated with, or nearly forced to associate with, people that in a normal social life I would have let them live their crazy life and not interested to be associated with. But they were Scientologists…..?
    Marty a Big Thank you for writing about the truth ! It frees people up and they are moving on up a little bit higher !

  15. Marty, thank you for posting this video. Nas is so beautiful in his thought and action.

    The past few posts were something to confront. And I did do that, steadily and honestly. At the same time, I have been working with the creative aspects of thought. My ability to create the outcomes I want in the here and now with full awareness of, but no effect from, negative pictures projected in volume and with force — is freedom itself.

    Our human tribe has some challenges ahead. We can out-create and thrive if we claim authorship of our creation. My purpose is to help all the living beings of this world grow.

    Thank you for being there and communicating.

    love, g

  16. martyrathbun09

    Don’t be a stranger. Others need your guidance through the valley of the shadows of death.

  17. LO – you definitely show independent thinking! It is simply refreshing to read what you put down. It’s very intelligent. Marty noted a few points where I “ridged” a bit too – they concern, I just realize, the future and how best to go about helping man. About what happened, the past, I think you are pretty accurate. Let’s do what actually frees people for real – the faster and broader and easy the better. On that, I believe, we agree.

  18. martyrathbun09

    Margaret, JB commented to me that he found the checksheets repulsive, essentially forcing people to memorize what the current regime thinks important. Didn’t jibe most of the time on what he found important. He found it was a severe severance of the comm line between LRH and himself.

  19. The main reason I wrote this long comment was that I had an encouter of the third kind.
    This weekend I went to a public sauna. I was lying there, sweating and thinking about all the truths that has been exposed in the last months and having some wins on it. My wife that was with me, suddenly originated some cogs about a somatic she was having since this f….did that and this to her. A nice blowdown.
    I leave the sauna, go to the shower and there I meet one of the biggest sp I had in my career as a scientologist, several times he was my senior and squireling like mad and calling me back from my honey moon , because my stats were down and falsely reporting about me and 3rd partying me and destryoing lifes of many people and, and ,and..
    It was totally normal for me that he stands there (theta universe working very well). The only thing i did was just looking at him (we were both nacked), deep into his eyes.. just looking for a very long time, he was in schock to see me, I saw in his eyes that he recognized me after all those years, but instantly started to have some nervous reaction and turns around, wanting to walk away without a word (I knew he was looking at his overts and they just jumped into his face), I saw how old he is now and mentally in a very bad condition.
    He turns around and guess what happens ? My wife stands there and looks at him and says “Hi !” , he mumbles something, is very nervous, turns again around passes by me and leaves the shower. Then I see the legs of that huge body (about in meters 1,85) and realize, he is ill and nearly can’t walk. Not a bit of communication from his part. He is a least an OT IV.
    My wife comes to me, I have to hold her body for about 2 minutes as she’s nearly fainting and mumbles : my god and were were so effect to that F….why at all ? look at him ! He is a poor guy and we had so many troubles because of him, why didn’t we stop him or tell him to f… off, in those times ? Then it blew and she was vgis.
    We went into the russian sauna and guess what happens ?
    There is not much light in those saunas, he comes in sees us, has a nervous body reaction and goes into the farthest away corner and hides behind a wall. But we could observe how he is peering at us over the wall with fear in his eyes.
    We left the sauna and positionned us at a place where we knew he had to pass by to leave the whole area. He passed by, I looked at his head and couldn’t see it, kind of a blurred visio and it was the first time in my life that I could see masses around a head in the physical universe. He didn’t confront us.
    We realized that those evil people in the C.O.S at the end will be alone, ill and will have nobody as a friend.
    We asked ourselves how come that we were following directions of such crazy people and letting them mess with our lifes. They got no real power. It was just us giving them power and believing in their power.
    I have this picture in the last days and i always have to smile about and it when I think it.
    Dm in an asylum and Marty visiting, and DM hiding behind tables, chairs and people and mumbling, with big fear in his eyes..Marty…Marty…
    This is the destiny of all those guys if they don’t want to confront the truth. They are poor souls, have no friends and don’t know what Love means !

    Have a nice day !

  20. Don’t worry !

  21. He found it was a severe severance of the comm line between LRH and himself.

    I’m sure that is exactly the dwarf’s EVIL intention: Cut people’s comm line with LRH. This was no accident but was done by design. Why else would he have come out with those weird ideas he enforced on students. Pure evil.

    ps. Hey OSA, I hated those checksheets and so did lots of other people. Pure garbage.

  22. You are totally right. Sometimes I mix the the word Scientology with C.O.S, just an habit I’m slowly getting rid off. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  23. Right, I can fully agree with you !
    🙂 🙂

  24. “Dm in an asylum and Marty visiting, and DM hiding behind tables, chairs and people and mumbling, with big fear in his eyes..Marty…Marty…”

    I need to start going to this sauna you attend!

  25. @LO: “It was perhaps wrong to talk about the new church of Scientology. Honestly, I don’t want a new church.”

    If you replace “the new church” with “however auditors feel like organizing themselves in the future” then what you say probably holds quite true for most people.

    Me myself, I don’t want a church at all. I think we should completely back off on the religion thing period. Religion has so many other connotations, means so many thing to different people, that it’s almost the same difficulty as LRH discovering the thetan. Yes, it’s like a soul, but also different. Yes, Scientology is like a religion, but it’s also not, and it’s not a faith or worship.

    And let’s not forget the restimulative qualities of religion and churches. And I definitely don’t want that.

    So Scientology is partly religion. It’s also partly self-help, partly social betterment, partly academic and teaching and partly a business too (it’s a viable model to organize one’s activities so that there is a defined exchange for a defined service, this doesn’t mean it has to be a for-profit incorporated company complete with (Pty) Ltd monikers).

    An organization dealing with the subject and delivering service as LRH wanted it delivered is all of the above things yet none of them describes it fully. I don’t know what to call such an entity or how it should be presented to the public and taxation officials, but “Church” doesn’t cut it for me and Davey has made it unlikely to ever work again in the West.

    Maybe future orgs should just simply be non-profit organizations operating for the common good.

  26. The checksheets (of which I only saw a few) where supposed to be … well, 20 Sherman-Style-Adjective hype … – same reaction – I found different things more or less important than what it said.

  27. LO – you made some hell of comments today! Great observations and it sounds that YOU are really talking. Keep talking, I like to listen to you.

  28. Gary Morehead a.k.a Jackson

    Amen to THAT!


    — Jackson

  29. Ain’t that the truth. 🙂

  30. Tory Christman

    To ALL who help expose the abuses of the “church” of $cientology, and their many abuses, this is to you:

    Thank you.


  31. That video was a beautiful, theta communication which is applicable to all ages, but I especially appreciated the direct line to the being. You don’t need any valences, or admiration…just be yourself and be true to your own goals.

  32. Margaret,

    Thanks for the link back. Rereading it now, it has even more meaning to me than before.

  33. Felicitas Foster

    thanks, found the lyrics.

  34. Marty, thanks for this piece, it was both inspirational and beautiful.

  35. Funny you should mention reaching an EP. I was having the same thought over the past week. I think what you stated as an EP fit quite well. Over the past 13 months I have learned a lot about Scientology, Scientologists and the church. What I have walked away with is an even greater appreciation of the tech.

    I joined staff and attested to clear at the same time. Actually going clear rekindled my purpose to get Scientology applied broadly, staff was the conduit…or so I thought. I have to admit it was kind of rough being in the neo-nazi church environment while getting used to the free theta in my own universe. Roller-coaster is such an apt word. When I spotted that I was simply PTS, I tried to handle it, for several years. Like most everyone out here, it didn’t go well… so I blew. It took three years to confont the subject “Scientology” again and I think the reason that I did was because this blog made it so safe to look and examine the truth from my perspective.

    As a result, I have handled all the concerns that I’ve had about Scientology, the church and leaving Scientology. The 3D Engram has blown and I can look again to the future with Scientology. I have had a chance to re-evaluate my dynamics and I like where things are going. For the first time since going clear, I can blow charge simply by inspection, something I couldn’t do before because I was too PTS. I am freely able to be me, which is great because I like me, a lot! And, I’m looking forward to creating FUTURE.

    Everyone here played a part in this by creating this safe space. You have rekindle a lot of joy in my life and I have so enjoyed connecting up with such incredible beings, people I had never known before but share a common purpose with. It really is a wonderful thing that we are doing out here.

  36. martyrathbun09


  37. That’s beautiful and appropriate. Thanks Tory.

  38. LO,

    I’ve read your posts above and am overflowing with love for you right now. And for your beautiful, smart, intuitive wife. And your beautiful, brilliant son. And his beautiful, brilliant friends — and all your bright, bright hopes for him and them.

    Yes, I’ve read and remember your stories. It’s so sweet how we have gotten to know each other here, though most of us will never meet in real life.

    You seem to be on a major roll right now — with all your cogs rolling in and then finding that great opportunity yesterday to confront your long-ago nemesis in the sauna. What wonderful synchronicity. This is theta universe stuff. Magic! Miracles! An easier way of life.

    Thank you so much for sharing your stories and successes and thoughts here today. I got so much from hearing them.

    Just Me

  39. Thank YOU, Tory! Perfect!

    Was that Geoffrey Lewis narrating?

  40. Yes, truth is simple and lies are complex. Another way of saying it is, “If you always tell the truth, you never have to remember what you said.” In other words, truth has no persistence, but lies do.

  41. Fellow Traveller

    Thank you, thank you for this personal experience of Moving On Up a Little Higher.

    Bruce Pratt

  42. one of those who see

    Truth is simple! Do I want others to have the gains I have experienced reading here and conecting up with all you wonderful beings..Yes!
    The case gain I have attained since typing into the search engine “Where is Ray Mithoff” has been amazing and it keeps going. My life is my own.
    Wrote this down the other day:
    Help achieve and maintain freedom in this universe.
    Create, support and maintain beautiful things.
    Simple. Where Scientology does not contribute to achieving and maintaining freedom – it is not Scientology and I am not interested.
    Got the concept of the following from a Mary Freeman interview. Highly trained Auditor. The Church of Scientology went off the rails. It veered off the road, but people like Mary and her Husband Frankie (who left in the 80’s) and many friends kept going straight and are still applying real Scientology outside the Church. And now we have joined them.
    From LRH-In my opinion, still applicable to the Independent Field.
    “You are creating an island of friendliness, decency, and succour in the sea of a violent world. You do it by using policy and tech that it took half a century to find and develop. Sometimes it’s tough going. Well, it’s a tough world. But that is what makes our orgs so valuable. And that is why above all else we must create these org islands.

    “Sometime in the future the islands will become the sea. And it will happen because you took this advice, these PL’s and this tech and used them purely and as they were intended: to succour man from the gathering darkness and decay of this Earth’s civilization.

    “Others talk about a better world. We are making one.

    “And what I have just told you is the winning way to do it.

    “So don’t regard it lightly. We are the only chance man has.

    “Don’t forget it.” – LRH

    Ron’s Journal 28
    24 November 1976

    To those of you first reading here and maybe going through some despair-Scientology is alive and well! Keep your eye on the mountain and pursue your goal.

  43. Thanks Tory for posting that video.

  44. Marty,

    I totally agree with you.

    Also what we conceived as basics were such as the ARC triangle, comm cycle and formula, the tone scale Code of a Scientologist and the Auditors Code has been totally redefined to mean something entirely different.

    In most cases what they are calling the “basics” such as the PDC and the Phoenix lecture particularly what is called “Route 1” is way out gradient for the average person and actually belongs to the OT levels!

  45. Happy Birthday Mike!!

  46. Get back! You booger! You didn’t tell me!

  47. Marty, Nice…thanks for posting this.

  48. Tory Christman

    You are most welcome, Sam! Isn’t that the best 🙂

  49. Tony DePhillips

    Thank you Tory.

  50. Tony DePhillips

    Sounded like Richard Dreifus the actor.

  51. Tony DePhillips

    Hey Mike!! How about an update for all of us?

  52. Tory Christman

    You’re both welcome, Karen and Carol~I’m glad you enjoyed it, too.
    It’s actually Richard Dreyfus narrating it. It was made for Apple, but it’s
    a Universal theme, eh? It was a key to my waking up, believe it or not. (not this add, but the concept).
    I had a banner in my bedroom of 8 Dalmatian dogs, all black and white.
    ONE had a pink collar, and it said underneath:
    It was one of the many things that helped in my waking up quest 🙂

  53. Tory Christman

    🙂 Most welcome, Tony!

  54. one of those who see

    Hey Nas,
    Good on ya! Great message!

  55. martyrathbun09

    Happy Birthday Michael!

  56. Even better!

  57. It’s amazing how Mosey knows these things!

    Yes Happy B-Day Mike!

  58. LO

    I want to validate and acknowledge your journey and clarifications for yourself. I too have been going through the same process. I too found the simplicities and Truth’s are the real validity. I do know the early materials are key components but need to put into the correct order of things. You someday will see exactly that I believe.

    I found your sauna story also powerful. I have found those I felt effect of when truly seen for who they are are weak, powerless and turning into dead or decaying mest. The only power others ever had over us what what we ourselves considered and granted them.

    Earlier today I considered why when I got into Scientology 40 years ago the idea was to make the able more able. Then piece by piece the viewpoint of you are flawed, you need xyz handled to be powerful, your ruin is you can’t do blah blah. I reached a point wherein I literally decreased my abilities to match the expectations given me.

    You have spent the time and looked at the truth’s, your experiences, placed these into order and importances (Ability 74 by LRH “In Dianetics the reactive mind was that thinkingness which went on without analytical inspection. … In Scientology it is a large forward step again to find that the reactive mind vanishes before the strong spirit. … The spirit is the source of all creation. You are a spirit.”)

    Once you looked at you did an analytical inspection. You, I and hundreds you follow this blog have gone through this procedure. We reach a point wherein we see our creation in this. Even the creation of the power to control us. The reactive mind vanishes.

    Before us is life – to be lived in its glory or chaos, whichever game is ours. The independent game is to ensure all have a chance for the bridge, no matter what it’s future structure. I really liked what you had to say and having never met know I too am on the journey with you. VWD to you and your wife.

    Next feature produced and edited by Mike and Marty. Make some popcorn, get comfortable and enjoy the show. I think the fireworks is going to start again!

  59. http://www.actionext.com/names_n/nas_lyrics/i_can_be_what_i_want_to_be.html (this has lyrics and audio and teeny video…might play in EU)

  60. The Basics checksheets?
    I did them up to History of Man at my org.
    I had a hard time with them because theres no practical. I think they encourage out-study tech. You read a chapter, then do a “practical” which is writing an essay or answering some question, but you can just copy it out of the book. In fact you are encouraged to copy it out of the book. Then the supervisor looks in the answer book and decides if your answer is close enough of a “parrot” response to what is on their answer sheet.

    These courses bear little resemblance to an actual Scientology course. I have no problem reading a book or having it as a reference material, but I know there is something wrong with these courses. It is another alteration. We have not had courses in Scientology like these before. I dont just mean on the basic books, but the very essence of these checksheets and courses is something new and foreign to Scientology.

  61. Amazing wins!

  62. What can be more simple than PC + Auditor being greater than PC’s bank? That’s simplicity.
    Thanks for the perfect song…on so many levels. 🙂

  63. LO,

    Thank you for being here and communicating.


  64. Tory,

    Thank you for this post. Aren’t we humans awesome. I’m so glad I’m here.


  65. Scott Campbell


    I’m glad you say this is, “What We’re Doing Here”. This message is so on point, so real and doable that anyone who follows the common sense advice in Nas’ video can’t help but succeed — in this life and the next.

    No “always promise what we can’t deliver”, no “dreck will take you to states of beingness where regging can strike you down”. Just plain ‘ol common sense, straight LRH and some real help when needed.

    Sounds like a formula for success, buddy. Thanks for reminding us every once in a while, where you come from — and how YOU keep it real.


  66. I have not done “the Basics” checksheets – I did it on the BC. At the very beginning, you read all the basic books – the BC is a chronological journey. The section of checksheet on DMSMH was about one page long. You read a chapter, and do one or two demos.

    By the way, the first clay demo of the BC was on the book 8-8008, and it was “Time.” Pretty cool.

    My guess is that the “Basics” checksheets are not as succinct?

  67. Thanks for your posts, LO – glad to know you!

  68. My beef with “The Basics” is the total lack of practical. When the books were released, the books and lectures were delivered at congresses and AAC’s where the main thing was DOING IT.

    How can you possibly jam through the whole book line (and then add on top of that various lectures) and not sit down with a PC across from you, or even a doll to drill on? Can’t be done.

    The constant inflow of probably a million or more words is hypnotic. The very Basics DM is pushing in the manner he is pushing it tells you NOT to do it that way! This is an insidious reversal of what we are doing. You cannot design a more subversive way to undermine the tech.

  69. +1 you spoke for me too 🙂

  70. Hallo LO,
    I think I am in the same position like you. I got into in 1976. Stayed until mid 90. Since then wondering what happened. Especially as I had been on staff while the „conversion“ took place.
    For me the most important time had been 82 to 84 to accomplish this. Shure I also had thoughts about „martians“ or CIA or whatever could be found on the net regarding changes inside Scn.
    If I compare my thoughts and feelings regarding scientology from 77 to 90 it is not of that much difference. But I had a closer look yesterday I want to share with you.
    Somehow I had 77 LRH as stable datum. But I did not have any information about him as a private person. Who he had been, what he had done in his life and things like that. He had been a bit like a concept and not as a person you know next door. Then in later years going through that rough times I wondered how this could happen and if that would be OK with LRH. Or I could say my stable datum had been not so stable anymore. Many people around leaving to other groups stated, that what we do is not LRH. Then management running a campaign about who LRH is. His past, what he did and what he is doing now, with pictures.
    The basic principle what happened is: you have a stable datum. LRH. Then they shake it and you are in confusion. Now they do not present you a new stable datum (like DM) but replace it with the old stable datum. But this time changed it a little bit. Before that change LRH had been Source. Now LRH is then man that did this and that in the past and all you can read about him now.
    Or „the Tech“. I cannot remember having any attention in 77 „on the tech“. You did study it and then you simply did do it and in case it worked you simply had a big surprise. If it did not work you had to restudy it. Now you have to „beleive“ in the tech. And you have to understand it word by word. In 76 I did the commcourse. I did have to study TR0 and basically did not understand very much about what I read on TR0. Then I did sit on the chair doing it and finally after some hard days I went exterior and made it.
    This is a very old control trick. They also use this one in our current society. One big stable datum is oil. Shake it: we run out of oil within the next 30 years. Replace: with oil, but using less in our cars.
    Benefit: look at the big oil companies now.

  71. Yes, at the end we were the cause and we didn’t handle it. For years I was so proud of never having done the squirrel stuff that is occuring in the church to other people until the day I found out that I did let happen that others did it to others and me not reacting or trying to stop it out of fear. Wow !
    I’m healing .

  72. Blowing by inspection !
    How beautiful !
    Should be the normal state of mind of any “clear”
    “Love is in the air”

  73. Just me,
    Thanks for your kind words. Yeah we are really doing great as a family. Last week a friend of my son did some qualified work for me, he didn’t want any exchange for it as he told we are friends. nevertheless I gave him something. Was a beautiful experience to have friends that aren’t Scientologists and to see their kindness.
    Why shouldn’t we meet one day?
    Isn’t there a tradition to drink coffee at starbucks in clearwater on the 4th of july ?
    🙂 🙂

  74. Jethro Bodine — Thanks for making this comment: “If you always tell the truth, you never have to remember what you said.” It impinged on me. Hallelujah!

  75. Granted and tend to agree with all you say. There is one thing at the back of my mind which I believe is the mechanical (as opposed to the SP-mind-reason) for DM to recycle publics up and down the Bridge repeatedly, make the study of books (and not Auditor training) into course room activities: The tech has been altered and butchered so much by now that it is close to achieving a No Results situation – and he knows it. The more complex and long winded and deviating checksheets become – so much the better: for that delays the point in time where someone has to show that he/she can DO something with it. My hunch.

  76. Similar experiences – interesting observation regarding the misuse of Stable Data.

  77. Didn’t you notice that the Beauty of Mankind seems to come with a pre-installed, ready-to-use Birthday Database – they remember these dates as if it were as simple as mechanical engineering 🙂 And when they explain family relationships us men reach for the demo kit (addressed to the men on this blog who don’t believe it: what is your relationship to the nice of mom’s uncle? See – I bet the majority of men is in confusion 🙂

  78. Holy Cats!! Karen B 🙂

  79. Marty,

    Loved this video. The children are beautiful and the message perfect! Reminds me of the tape, “The Free Being” by LRH, which has always been one of my favorites. Das is awesome and so are you! Thanks for what you do.

  80. What you people are really doing here is making fools of yourelf in front of your ex-church and in part the world.

    There is no logical connection between practicing Scientology inside the church as a member or leaving and practicing Scientology outside of the church as an independent.

    L. Ron Hubbard has stated that standard tech is standard tech anywhere in the world and that when applied exactly the way it is written it works.

    So, in other words, if it is applied exactly inside the church it never works but when one applies it oustide the church it does?

    Were people born yesterday or are these our new neighbors?

  81. Georg,

    You are right. It’s quite a lot of evilness behind it. But as soon as you confront it and blow all this “nonsense” you’ll get back to the spirit you had at the begining and can continue to work on your original purpose you had when you joined and life becomes very easy by applying the “Basics” (not those of DM).
    You’re German, aren’t you ?

  82. Sapere Aude,
    It’s a pleasure to make a re-acquaintence with you 😉

  83. Robin,
    Yes, another DM reversal; putting the highest gradient material as a an ‘introduction’.

    Not that David Miscavige understands these materials other than to defy and invert the subject’s presentation so as to be completely opposite to what LRH stated: the subject from 54 on was an undercut.

    These so-called ‘basics’ are the most esoteric parts of Scientology. It’s a suppressive act to put them at the beginning of study tantamount to the guys at St Hill running Upper Level research material on raw public back in the day. The extent of DM’s understanding is that LRH said one thing, David Miscavige can be counted on to do the opposite.

  84. Thanks JL .

  85. Hello Trolly – I don’t think you get it nor do you intend to. Let’s start with BASICS – and read the first post on this blog. Then work your way forward and reread your nonsense.

  86. Oh, boy. Trouble a comin’. Have you even read “31 Factors,” and earlier blog postings and related comments? H

  87. Lurker,
    Since we’re on the world stage, and your logic is apparently the Act being performed, I was wondering what your comment: “So, in other words, if it is applied exactly inside the church it never works but when one applies it oustide the church it does?” actually means.

    First, if you have any familiarity with this blog and it’s various articles, in particular the recent threads on ‘Reverse/Corrupted/Black’ Dianetics and Scientology, then the first part of your sentence omits that familiarity. (The facts are the technology is NOT being applied standardly inside the church, so of course there aren’t results.)

    You’ve made an assumption, not based on knowledge of the actual technology, nor familiarity with how it is applied, that is a false premise to the rest of the contradictory statement.

    So, is this vaudeville this act your are presenting to the world stage? If so, you can pull your pants up now. Clap, clap. OK, let’s see the trapeze lady next.

  88. Positivi-ly!
    I like the first line:
    “Some people ask me why always on the bright side
    When there’s so much going on down the other side”

  89. “I happen to agree – OT is described in the early lectures and books. Everything after 54 was UNDERCUT. Ultimately, the early material is vital”

    That is so true! I’m doing the 4th American ACC from march 54 and I haven’t seen anything more basic; LRH even says so on one of those tapes. If you’ve done the factors and 8-8008 you think you know but you’re in for some pleasant surprise. He lays out the most basic mechanics of Theta getting trapped in MEST and even when you’ve done the tapes a couple of times you still keep being amazed. Even if you’ve done the group auditing tapes many times over, they won’t go flat and the wins keep flowing. Of course, you’ll have to do it by yourself, on your own time in your own space and with your own objects. Davey can’t have us winning and knowing very well the results of self determined study, he goes to extreme lengths to get everyone on course to sabotage understanding with the Other Determined Parrot Tech he invented.

  90. Yes, we are your new neighbours !
    Pls. define standard tech

  91. I showed that to some of the boys I work with yesterday and they were familiar with the video and they really like it. These boys come from the projects and are similar to the kids on the video.
    The ministry I work with has a choir that is doing a concert at a very nice arena with some amazing other artists and I just sent the video to our arts department to consider doing this as part of the program. Thanks for sharing.

    Page 100
    Method Used By Subject To Handle Others
    The 1.1 may take a 1.1 as a bedfellow and political mate and may form a 1.1 group, but
    this group has to continue to be faced by a strong and dangerous foe to remain consolidated.
    This is the condition of a subversive cell. These people continue in association with each other
    only so long as they are in the presence of and are busy undermining a worthy opponent.
    Because a 1.1 will act in handling people only as a 1.1, however, the cell, once the pressure is
    taken off it, devours itself.
    Dear Marty,
    The last three posts and all the comments brought this LRH reference to mind. My wish is as Independents we create a Worldwide Scientology Network and Directory of LRH tech and services online and unaltered. Marty has, certainly with his blog, and all those who have contributed to his blog, delivered and effective blow to the enemy. No more us and them! He has allowed each of us to revitalize our own individual purposes and zones of responsibility.
    Here are some possible ideas of how to start the Scn. Network.
    All a twitter book by Tee Morris. It is a possible full hat write-up for professional business and building a community with Social Media, his main purpose for writing the book was to build communities. Individuals can pick their own Zone of Responsibility (LRH reference?) and be on the comm. lines of the world. The website ssts.nl has LRH references.
    Looking forward myself to being a part of and contributing to the Scn. Network. I also like many for the last eighteen months have read Marty’s blog and all those that have contributed to it. I am deeply grateful and inspired at this point in time, we no longer have to have the structure of a church. We as a group of Independent Scientologists are very gifted talented trained and have been audited. We are ready to help mankind and the planet.
    Much love to you all,

  93. Alex Braverman

    The problem is exactly this – and it’s very simple: The standard tech isn’t being applied inside the church today.

    An Independent Scientologist
    ( & your new neighbor 😉

  94. I personally found the GAT drill packs to be a completely different flavor than the real Scientology that I’d consumed in thirty years of study and application.

    It’s off-Source material on odd black and white paper, unauthorized issues never sanctioned in writing by LRH, with all the importances picked by someone else and in an environment where it is considered Dev-T for the student to get out of his chair to go find the actual LRH reference.

  95. Thank God you can go into an org where standard tech is applied. I wish my local org (licenced by RTC) were like that. The academy is empty – practically no auditors being trained. Nobody goes clear anymore, but there are lots of NED case completions. At exams, the examiner (a class 8 CS!) waited for the needle to play dixie, then said “your needle floated”. The staff have plenty of off-policy fish to fry, like selling books and tapes instead of doing their posts. They push off-purpose insanity like “ideal orgs” and IAS. The preferred level of exchange, as described by LRH himself, is criminal.
    If you cannot get standard tech in the church, you have no choice but to look elsewhere. And it most certainly exists, in my experience. Truly being in session is an experience beyond words. I think I will stay with my successful actions and keep getting auditing and training outside the Church.

  96. For all those still imprisoned by the lies, unable to be what they want to be, here’s Joan Baez singing a Dylan song to the inmates of Sing Sing in 1972, joined by her sister Mimi.


  97. Sorry, I think this is it.

  98. Tory Christman

    Thanks, Peter—-yup—those that make the leap, and do speak out
    are awesome! Those that lurk in the darkness, afraid they’ll lose their
    friends and families, only keep that hate machine going, I feel differently about them.

    Those people
    are *not* (*in my book) humans who are “awesome”–at least not yet.
    (I have full confidence, eventually they will be).
    “Think Differently” is the name of that video/ad.
    It tells a great story.
    I hope those lurking, listen to it, again and again…and LOOK
    at the people in it, please. 🙂

  99. What absolutely amazes me Lurker, is that you were able to post these comments.

    How did you manage it ?

    Because you must be very deaf, incredibly dumb and totally blind.

  100. “If you tell the truth you don’t have to remember anything.”

    – Mark Twain

  101. GH, as usual, I agree with you 100% about the lack of practical on so-called Basics. Writing down answers to a bunch of questions is not sufficient to qualify as a serious study of the subject. This in itself is a major alter-isness of LRH’s study tech & policies, IMO.

    I found LO’s comments to be very interesting. I especially agree with this: “The main problem in Scientology in the last 60 years probably was that unqualified people were put on posts of power and authority.” BINGO!

    When it gets into discussions of “is it a Church?” “should it be a religion?” “should there be a new Church?”, etc, I start feeling rather conflicted and uncertain. Some thoughts:

    1) If any body of knowledge that has ever existed on this planet deserves to be called a religion, it is Scientology. That is not to say that no others qualify. Just saying, Scientology does if anything does.

    2) As LRH says (paraphrasing), man can be counted on to alter any workable technology. Regardless of the current workability (or lack of it) of Earth’s major religions, any study of their history will reveal alteration over time to the point where all have become unrecognizable from the original.

    So, assuming that Scientology IS a workable body of technology, how do we keep it from being altered (also assuming the death of the current CofS)?

    During the “glory days” of Scientology (late 60s, early to late 70s), I for one was always very appreciative of the upper orgs – AO, Flag especially. Spending most of my career in the field, I witnessed first-hand how the further away from Flag you got, the sloppier the tech application got.

    I liked it that there was a highly trained group at the top, so to speak, who could be counted on to hold a TOUGH standard & keep all the rest of us applying the tech standardly (and just to ensure accuracy in communication, by TOUGH I don’t mean MEAN!).

    Because Standard Tech is what got wins for your pcs!

    So back to my question: who or what will hold the independent field to a high tech standard? Will a “free market” in Scientology do the job? Will it have to be up to each individual auditor? That’s kind of a scary thought, frankly. Maybe others disagree. I don’t know the answers – just asking a few of the questions.

    Sometimes it seems like a “throw it all to the wind, let a thousand flowers bloom” sort of attitude towards the future exists on the part of some commenters. It comes across a bit like the old “do your own thing” from the hippie era. I hope that’s not how things unfold. Often in history, the overthrow of a tyrant has led to a repudiation of control (oversight, authority, barriers etc) of any kind. We need to keep in mind not to do an A=A on control. Just because “bad control” has been too often exercised, that does not mean all control is bad. There is such a thing as “good control”. How we are going to implement that with no central organization in place is an interesting question.

  102. Jimbo,

    A quote from the Ol’man:

    A long term propaganda technique used by socialists ( Communists and Nazis alike) is of interest to PR practitioners. I know of no place it is mentioned in PR literature. But the data had verbal circulation in intelligence circles and is in constant current use.


    HCOPL 5 October 1971
    PR Series 12

    Basics as defined in the Dianetics and Scientology Technical Dictionary:

    BASICS OF SCIENTOLOGY, axioms, scales, codes, fundamental theory about the thetan and the mind. (HCOB 3 May 62)

    As Marty wrote in an earlier blog this is the key means that Miscavige and Assoc. use to pervert the Technology.

    They are gradiently redefining the key words used in the subject.

    As any auditor knows at least prior to the Golden Age of Tech which is another perversion that strikes at the root of Standard Tech.

    Out Basics equals catastrophe in session meaning failure to apply the most fundamental aspects of the subject.

    I mean according to the HCOB ‘Auditor Beingness’ you can crack a case with the correct application of TR 2 yet I doubt if most auditors auditing in the Orgs today know this simple datum!

    Why because the word “basics” has been redefined to mean some long arduous course involving the earliest books and lectures on the subject that is practically all theory and very little doingness.

    In other words a endless runway has been placed at the beginning of the subject called the “basics”.

    Just a word of warning lest we fall into this trap ourselves here in the Independent Field.

  103. Obviously you missed the point Lurker since Scientology hasn’t been applied Standardly within the Organization for quite some time.

    Saying they are applying it standardly and doing it are two different things.

    Calling it “Scientology” while doing something else is the massive fraud that the Government Approved Church of Scientology is involved in today.

    The Church of Scientology and the Religion or Philosophy of Scientology were never co-terminal.

    You should have known this distinction having supposedly been lurking here “Lurker”.

    If there is anyone who was “born yesterday” .

    It is you.

  104. ‘Lurker’, that’s a pretty apt moniker.
    Read what you said three times and still don’t get your point.
    If you aren’t another troll you seriously need to change your name to Rip Van Winkle.

  105. Lurker, Thank you for the insite into our deprevity. Its obvious you have read all the posts and comments on this blog and that you are able to see similarities and differences. We all wish you well on your quest for truth.
    Please feel free to be a stranger.

  106. Ah yes Sam.

    Unfortunately a sad truth about us men.

    Example man sees wife laying out birthday paraphernalia.

    Man enquires as to who’s birthday it is?

    Wife tells man it’s his birthday “moron”!

    We won’t go into the “sorry I forgot it was our anniversary” as some may find it too brutal.

  107. I guess you missed the small point that what is being practiced “inside” the Church is not Standard Tech by any stretch of the imagination.

    But thanks for driving by anyway.


  108. Hmm … you seem to be missing a few things 🙂

    Standard Tech is NOT being practiced in the church.

    You might start at the beginning of this blog and read a few of the testimonies.

    Standard Tech?

    Not a chance.

  109. Lurker

    You are going to have to help me out here…

    You said:

    “So, in other words, if it is applied exactly inside the church it never works but when one applies it oustide the church it does?”

    I have racked my brains till I am tired and I can think of no time where that was said, or even suggested, by anyone on this blog until YOU said it, just now. So… I guess now I have one case where it was actually said.

    As you have clearly pointed out, however, it is total nonsense. I see you you agree with most, if not all, of us.


  110. I haven’t got an elf and if I did I would never make fun of it.

  111. @Lurker spewed: “So, in other words, if it is applied exactly inside the church it never works but when one applies it oustide the church it does?”

    Classic Straw Man Fallacy, since none of us Independents have ever made that claim, amigo.

    You can’t get L. Ron Hubbard brand Standard Tech in “Church of Scientology” anymore, that is what we are saying and have more than adequately demonstrated, repeatedly.

    Michael A. Hobson

  112. The basics checksheets !!!
    You read one chapter and then you have to answer from to 2 to 10 questions ,depending on the chapter.If you try to answer, normally,telling what you did understand, you get a flunk…the best way to have a “good” answer is to find the page in the book and to copy “verbatim” what is written on that page!!! If you answer on question A what they want you to answer on question B,once again it is a flunk…..there is a pack with all the answers of the questions for each book, so you have to fit with what is written.
    “Anybody” can correct the exercices,providing that they wordclear one page of instruction.So when you are on the PDC or the Phoenix lectures, the only way to answer is to keep very close to the script…It certainly does not encourage a broad understanding of the materials.
    Regarding cutting the comm line with LRH,the tapes have been “edited”.When you are used to listening to Ron’s tapes,you know that he is “thinking” when he talks,I mean sometimes he starts a word and start again the sentence.You feel you are with him in the room.On the new CDs,all these little errors,some repetitions are omitted …as if he had to be “perfect”.Of course they also took away a few sentences,as has already been mentionned here. (I studied the PDC with my 1986 transcript while listening tothe new CDs)
    You also have to know that one exercise is…..100 student points!!!
    (for five minutes sometimes) so this a jackpot for the stats!!

  113. Sargio.

    That is one of best come backs I’ve read!!!!!

  114. Theo Sismanides

    Marty, we have to UP the necessity level here. the world waits for Scientology. You might be the “bridge” between the big black community and Scientology.

    However DM is working (we have to acknowledge this to him) day and night even in the crazy, suppressive, way he does.


    GUYS, WE HAVE TO up OUR EFFORTS NOW… NOW… NOW… the world is asking for Scientology, big time, I don’t chat away!

    I gave assists, I speak to people, I can organize a conference in Greece this summer…

    I need auditors to audit, the planet needs auditors and the planet needs a fucking Org Board for Christ sake, if you think you can make it by your own dream away…

    The black community, Marty, awaits for us to DELIVER the message… through auditing and training… and it’s not just the black community…

  115. Theo Sismanides

    Lurker, Stop being a Lurker and come out in light if you dare, then we talk about Standard Tech and Standard Robots. I didn’t come to Scientology to create a world of Standard Robots!

    Come out and we talk! Now!

  116. Thanks, Marty – that was inspiring!

    Once again, we’re on the same wavelength. I came across an anthology from 1951 at the Library on Monday called “A Treasury of Inspiration.” It is a collection of poems, excerpts from speeches of men like Churchill and Lincoln, essays, and quotations.

    One of the sections is called “They Say” by Bruce Barton, which contains a quote from Thomas Hardy:

    Never explain, never retract, never apologize. Get it done, and let them howl.

    and finishes with this pearl of wisdom:

    “You can afford to have a decent regard for public opinion: but you can never afford to let yourself get into the pathetic condition where where what they say or may say will keep you from doing what ought to be done.

    “It is a hopeless condition to be in, because what they say today is not what they said yesterday or will say tomorrow.”

    I have to say, it got me thinking!

  117. Thank you, Marty, for your blog, and for all the genuine people here trying to clean up such a mess.

  118. Yes, I never did a GAT course, because when I saw the socalled pack or whatever it is, I choked. I was crammed to an inch of my life on Level 1 when I followed a BTB verbatim on an objectives process when I was on Level 1. When I showed the Cram Off the BTB, she laughed and said that you NEVER follow the BTBs, only LRH references. I never read a BTB again.

    Actually, I think Karen de la Carriere was the Senior C/S at the time (this was at CC in late 1976).

    In addition, I ran into cases several other times when check sheets were wrong, tests were wrong (I corrected the Class VI final exam when I graduated the BC), etc.

    So, here I am looking at this GAT crap, and the demoer was saying that all possible phenomena has been identified with the exact standard handling, and I just smiled and left the building.

  119. This is so screwed up I can’t believe it. This literally makes me sick. I worked with the tape archives back in the day, and the idea that anyone would edit anything at all was anathema to what we were doing, which was just trying to copy the tapes off of flaking cellulose and paper tape with as high fidelity as we could.

    Now, it is all run through “auto-tune,” I’ll bet, so that Ron parrots DM’s foolishness!

  120. Lurker,

    Hi little man, I mean, David Miscalculate. You just can’t help but lurk, can you. Feeling a little obsessed about some crimes being revealed? Nightmares about executioners? Perhaps the big guy nicknamed “tiny” as a cell-mate?

    Don’t worry; it’s all a commin.

  121. Jim,

    Damn me if I’m wrong, but this conveyance was from the demented little one himself.

    Bet a dollar….

  122. Why do we even bother to respond to Lurker?

    Silly stuff when a troll comes on board.

    I guess, once in a while, that it serves as an example of brain-washing extraordinaire

  123. Fellow Traveller

    K (From Men in Black):

    A person is smart; people are dumb panicky dangerous animals and you know it.

    Bruce Pratt

  124. @Sarge: two thumbs up!
    Michael A. Hobson

  125. Another cool song with a supplementary important title…

  126. IO,
    +In order to exercise outpoint & illogic spotting ability.
    +It is a contrast the sweet flavor of this blog with the bitter, sour, smelly and deceptively off & rank ones.
    +In order to be able to turn the Ranting mode on and Off. Sarge would say to get sudden.
    +To see what the latest spin or lie is being used to counter truths brought up here.

  127. DFB

    What you are looking at when you look at the “basics checksheets” are actually “extension courses”. They are Div 6 book courses. That they are done in the “academy” at all is off the wall. However, I guess DM reasons that if you do a Div6 course in the Academy, then you can count it as a Div4 “course Completions.” If that doesn’t “fly” then he can simply change the definitions of the appropriate “stats”.

    Gotta keep those pesky stats up somehow, so simply LIE! Lie to the staff, lie to the public, lie to the students, hell, even lie to yourself.

    Just as “two wrongs do not make a right”, “two lies do not make a truth” . But hey…. maybe if it was just ALL lies, then everyone would be so confused that they would simply nod in stunned submission. Seems to be working for DM.


  128. Publius

    I feel you have some valid points there.

    On the idea of a central controlling body of some kind:

    I think that there is a place for that, so long as it is not a monopoly. You cited that all the major religions have been altered over time. I feel pretty sure that that is why LRH wrote the KSW issues. It was an attempt to prevent that outcome for Scientology. It is worth saving. Unfortunately it has almost failed, on the short term.

    I think this whole question needs to be addressed with the Data Series, and a correct “why” found and the appropriate handling done. ( See if I can get my head around that.) Optimally we would each do that. That way we would each be “keeping our own council” on the matter. I am sure some are already way ahead of me on this.

    For now I tend to favor a wider distribution rather than a “central control”. My reason for this is that any corruption of the central control potentially or effectively corrupts the whole cause.

    Perhaps independent units may lead to “enclaves” of practitioners who may well preserve the tech , or some aspect of it, in its more original application. This seems to be the general direction things are heading, at this time, in the “independent” field.

    I would love to see TRUE “Keepers of the Tech” or “Guardians of Scientology Philosophy and Technology” or some such, that could be totally trusted to preserve the Technologies and Philosophy of L. Ron Hubbard. But alas, we are on this planet and already the TRUE ( original) teachings and philosophy of L. Ron Hubbard have become murky (perverted). I am praying that they actually still exist.

    So I feel we each have to wear those hats personally. You, and I, and others can do our part in preserving what we have duplicated for as long as we can. We can train others to carry that forward, to the best of our abilities and theirs. We can support or align ourselves with other individuals or groups, or even “organizations” that forward that cause, but in a manner in which we maintain our individual integrity and “cause”.

    That, I feel, is our best hope.


  129. Hey Lurker,
    Then, WTF are you doing here? Personally, it’s not a point I would even condescend to argue.
    If you’re so brilliant, maybe you should put up your own blog and get your own LOYAL readers. I know what I know and many others here would say the same.
    Is posting here the best game in town that you can find? You are obviously hard up to create an effect.
    Hopefully, we will not see you again!

  130. Your logic is flawed and your argument faulty.

  131. Wow after reading that.

    I’m glad I kept my old cassette tapes and reel to reels.


  132. Good for you GH!

    A few of us were suckered in by the PR but not entirely.

    I remember writing reams of KRs on how out tech each of the drills were.

    How each one violated the HCOBs they were purportedly “based exclusively on”!

    My twin and I got so desperate that we placed the HCOB next to use and pretended to do the drill as written while actually drilling the HCOB.

    It was our mutual out rud of withholding the fact that we were applying standard tech 😉

    Can you believe that we had to withhold from the supervisor that we were applying standard Scientology?

    Finally I rediscovered HCOPL 24 April 1965 Issue II and suggested RTC cancel the lot.

    And look where I am today 🙂

    The Golden Age of Tech sucks!!!!

    Go figure.

    Another bright idea from a moron who still thinks suicide bombers attacked Pearl Harbor and was too stupid to know that “Between Lives Implants” is an actual Briefing Course lecture.

    Not just the blind leading the blind.

    But the blind and stupid leading the blind!

  133. yes, one can see it from my writing “accent” I think.
    Blowing the nonsense is not very easy. Takes its time.
    For me it looks like that I learned much data on the academy and now I confirm the validity of those through real life experience. I learned that much that this experiences might take many many years.
    And the current scientology situation is also something of that sort. As bad as it is. Maybe we all thought that handling the situation on earth is easy. But now we see that it will take more time and effort as we thought. Its similar to the dreamed up concept of a “one shot clear”. Is simply not possible.
    Or to rephrase it: LRH talked about the 4th and 5th invaders. Ever wonderd what happend to the 3rd?

  134. Wallflower — Great song, great video. Thank you. Hallelujah!

  135. “I can be what i wanna be”

    Good message 😉

  136. Great video…GREAT artist!

  137. I hope Nas can affect change in my neighborhood. I can only do it within my sphere of influence and I’m overwhelmed by what he sings about. I live it every single day. My kids do too.
    So I’m doing what I can with what I got.
    It sure would be easier if all the promises my “church” made had been kept. Big fat liars.

  138. Also the translated Basics have still quite faults in it, with punctuation and sentences that don’t make any sense, that are literally translated.
    When we told and shown it to the sups they answered in apathy: “The translations should be perfect and you know where you can report it to” and weren’t at all surprised neither interested in the errors we found !

  139. It’s a pleasure, are you German ?

  140. Yeah George,
    It’s a long process, or it was for me, as I was lurking on the Internet since 10 years, but as soon as Marty and his friends arrived it started to speed up and goes faster and faster (see above EP).
    But you have to understand that what we are doing NOW helps the people coming after us, and makes it much more easier for them to come faster to their own conclusions.
    As we are more THETA as Group Auditors then we were 2 years ago.
    The hardest was for me to renounce my membership in the Church, but since I did that I’m moving on up a little higher up each new day at increasing velocity and life became fun and is a big adventure like I always wanted to have it and it became so easy to apply the basics in life. It functions 100% each new day. What it never did while I was a member of the church, as each new day was kind of:” How can I get a lot of money without robbing a bank ?”.
    Soon i gonna take my next steps to get rid of the chains that were imposed on me by the C.O.S and take more responsibility for my brethren. What it will be I don’t know it yet. But I feel something will happen.
    I don’t think to disseminate Scientology around the planet is a gargantuan task, as my experience has always been that about 90 % of the people I meet are interested into the subject and would like to have services of it. ALWAYS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    But I gave up to send any selectees into an Org as they never got Scientology but something else. I never found out what they got. It was so strange.
    You have to understand that pure Scientology is so Powerful and that it can travel at the speed of light. Soon through the Internet it gonna expand at an unbelievable speed, faster than Facebook (facebook needed only some years to have 500 Millions member, and I think Steve is quite smart and working on it 🙂 ).
    So our duty is only to ressurect pure Scientology, make it again simple by taking all the lies out of it and it will go around the planet.
    Know that the past are shadows that can’t really hurt you and know that any person that hurted you, could only do it because You gave him the power for it and didn’t stop him or just walked away.
    You probably were public at Munich Org, me too, so it would be nice to connect up.
    My e-mail is loof88(by)gmail.com
    I don’t know about this invaders stuff. but i think DM is surely one of them.

  141. LO

    Theo knows more about this area of translations than I could possibly know.

    But I do know one thing and that any translations are not being done according to the ‘Translation Series’ therefor it’s no surprise that they contain out tech.

  142. Thanks P.

    The question you are asking is the most important question we are facing now as Scientologists (independent, or not!): What to do when Mr. David Miscavige retires to Fiji.

    I wanted to acknowledge the comm – I agree completely – but I just don’t have the time to give it justice right now!

  143. Thanks, Karen – I feel the same way. It is almost as if we had to go through this in order to be able to gel to this degree and keep the tech alive.

  144. More inspiration for all of us:

  145. Yes, the rest is unwritten!

  146. Sandra, you wrote –
    “The basics checksheets !!!
    You read one chapter and then you have to answer from to 2 to 10 questions , depending on the chapter.If you try to answer, normally,telling what you did understand, you get a flunk…the best way to have a “good” answer is to find the page in the book and to copy “verbatim” what is written on that page!!!”

    This seems incredible – guaranteed to prevent or abort the students developing personal conceptual understanding of the material.

    And it means the Sup doesn’t have it either. What a degrade!

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