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IAS Atrocities (Part One) – Dennis Clark

This is a wake up call.

It is a sad story.  But, it is unfortunately true.

It should be distributed to everyone who has ever paid one thin dime to the International Association of Scientologists (IAS) or who is contemplating doing so in the future.

As anyone who has attended an IAS event knows, each and every minute is a lead up – in Miscavige’s rolling thunder style –  to the IAS Medal Award Winners.   The audience is overwhelmed with special effects, blaring music, impossible (false) stats and poingnant, emotional vignettes about the winner and how he or she allegedly changed the fate of an entire nation or the world itself.

Miscavige understood early on that the medal winner crescendo was the IAS’s bread and butter. That is why he spent so much time in the editing bay at Gold personally constructing the deceptive hype videos introducting them.  It is also why he early on knocked out the practice of anyone but himself dishing the medals out on stage. 

One of the early IAS Freedom Medal winners was one Dennis Clark.  Many newer Scientologists don’t know much about him.  He hasn’t been showing up for the reunions at the annual IAS event at St Hill for a while.

That is because Dennis Clark over time lost grip of his mind.  He was of the Allender ilk – the type of public that would kill for David Miscavige if asked.  He is the overrestimulated zealot who was sending out mass emails after the St Petersburg Times Truth Rundown series in 2009, claiming Mike and I were being sponsored by big pharma (how else could such incredibly huge effects be created, he (and Miscavige) “reasoned”, I suppose).

Dennis later had a massive stroke more or less paralyzing an entire side of his body.  One might think (particularly the likes of those dupes who spent millions on IAS statuses) that the IAS, or even the church, and surely their cult leader David Miscavige would take care of the old war horse in his time of need.

The answer turned out to be a definitive “NO.”    And the proof is contained in the following email cycle between Clark and another IAS Freedom medal winner, one David Pomerantz.  Read it yourself, and come to your own conclusions about the intentions and integrity levels of David Miscavige, IAS, and the “church” of Scientology. 

Realize, these hearfelt, if bizarre, pleas by Clark went unanswered.  However,  friends of Dennis got into direct comm with me about getting Dennis help.  And irrespective of his unprincipled and false black PR campaign against me personally, we answered the call.  In fact it was an Indie who arranged for a guy in “good standing” to pony up some bread for premises for Dennis and some medical care.  It had to be someone in “good standing” because Dennis might have suffered another stroke had he been approached directly by Indies. Until then Dennis was living out of his car. He was washing himself in public restrooms, and was in the streets begging for food.  I am glad someone is taking care of him. I am appalled that worldly people like the Feschbacks and Bob Duggan continue to pay millions to Miscavige in attempts to bury us.  Nonetheless, when Miscavige has betrayed them sufficiently and they too are out on the streets, we’ll be there for them as we were for Dennis.

First Email:

 From: Dennis H. Clarke [mailto:clarke.dennis5@gmail.com]
> Sent: Saturday, May 14, 2011 1:46 PM
> Subject: If I Want To Be Treated Like A Human Being, It Will Cost Me Extra
> Dollars
> I have been stupid in thinking the torture I have been subjected to here and
> at Hale Nani and at Straub Hosps has been personal. Making it worse for
> myself, I instinctively fight back. I have been very nieve and now see how
> this, like the prison guard situations, works on these captive populations
> and their families.
> These places are run by a mafia of some flavor, with some administrators,
> doctors and nurses plus the CNAs and and other staff involved. I had
> forgotten I was here in the far East!
> Food, baths, proper care in terms of medications and actual rehabilitation,
> all are subject to extra money, bribes and other extra dollar factors.
> I have missed their W/Hs and so now know my life is in danger here!
> I need extra dollars for bribes and/or to get out of here, ASAP.

> Dennis

Response From David Pomerantz

On May 14, 2011,  David Pomeranz wrote:

> Understood, Dennis.
> Wow! That sounds like a bad espionage movie – one I don’t want to see. I’m
> sorry you’re having to go through this.
> This makes it manadatory that we get you to the Philippines pronto. Is the
> only unresolved problem your accomos?
> Love,
> D.

Dennis’s final plea

From: Dennis H. Clarke <clarke.dennis5@gmail.com>
To: David Pomeranz <upwardspiral2@earthlink.net>
Sent: Sat, May 14, 2011 5:03:42 PM
Subject: Re: If I Want To Be Treated Like A Human Being, It Will Cost Me Extra Dollars

Yes, its accomos and I still dont know what I am gettig for my money ($1600 for three months of what?).

In doing some due dilligence over the Internet and with acquanteces here, I have been told/learned that overall, treatment at the Dr’s University Hospital in Cebu City, runs about half of St. Luke’s in Manila and is comperable. I’m more than a little afraid of running out of money and so, have hit something of a Q & A between the two.

I’ve gotten exactly zero assists through the org here and have had to rely on three friends here and my son. The only one I can actually rely on at this point is my son and he is going with me. The three friends have either blown the cycle or lost intrest, months ago. That leaves my son only, for assists at this point.

I have little hope of being able to buy further services from our Orgs. Thus, the worrys about cash and the need to get as much rehab as I can get with what money I have left.

That’s what I am working to resolve.

I am also going to go legal against another member here who is refusing to discuss $400,000 he had agreed to pay me for solar sales I made for him here. Since the stroke, he has apparently decided to simply steal the $400,000 commission. He has hired a former senior HCO terminal here to help him. Together, they have the backing of the local org.

Believe me, there are these important (to me) matters I still have to deal with here.

I’m working on them as best I can but I’m hitting the wall, physically and theta wise. I have been mid OT V since 1987 and that’s appently much too long. Frankly, I’m wearing down fast without help from my group.



Incomplete on NOTs for twenty-four years?  Only a suppresive group of the lowest order could manage that. I could, and would if he woke up and reached, straighten him out with a yank in very short order.  Easy.

In the event there is any remaining mystery why I chose the the email address howdoesitfeel@hushmail.com, there ought not be now: