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Sneering, Whining and Lying – DM’s Trademarks

The only Trademarks Miscavige has left are sneering, whining, and lying – the hallmarks of the Radical Corporate Scientologist.  They are about the only sure signs that one is in a Radical Corporate “church” of Scientology or one is dealing with a lock-stepping, Miscavige cult member. 

While I was in Los Angeles late May/early June,  as has become David Miscavige’s habit, he sent cult members to my home in an attempt to rattle my wife.  After having publicly exposed Miscavige for sending two men each time, and his two year pattern of attempting to intimidate my wife and other independent women with teams of men, this time Miscavige sent a female cult member (with an unidentified man in a car nearby surveilling the scene).

In some ways the woman cult member was even creepier.   She – as has become Miscavige’s modus operandi – did not fully identify herself, she gave only her first name.   But, we have since identified her as Anna Paddock from Austin Texas.  Once known as Anna Stilo.  In the early eighties she was a WDC member – notorious for being constantly downtone. Being a former SO member Ms Paddock has been going through hell for some time trying to get security eligibility to engage in upper level Scientology studies.  Apparently, her program consisted of drilling for several days, then camping out around my home for several more till she got the call to come to my home and make an ass of herself in public by ambushing my wife.

I post the full video of Ms. Paddock’s performance below because of the educational purpose it serves.   Ms. Paddock is the archetypical cult of Miscavige member.   Note the oily acknowledgments that communicate “I do not understand what you said, nor do I care to.” Note throughout the trademark Sneer, Whine and Lie.  That is vintage Miscavige, the world’s greatest disdainful victim.   He quite apparently has succeeded in exporting the sneer and whine valence to public volunteer level.  Michael Doven’s audio tape “discussion” with me and  John Allender’s videos on this blog served as  earlier demonstrations of the New Miscavige cult member TRs (Training Routines, Scientology Communication Drills).  Tommy Two Tone Davis is a great study in sneeing, whining and lying.  And Tommy learned it directly from the master of sneer, whine, and lie – David Miscavige.

Below that you will find the latest installment of the Ingleside Index on the local Miscavige Bustees.  Check their comments, all sneering, whining and lying.  And they’ve even got their P.I. doing it.

Sneer, whine, and lie Training Routines:

Bustees arc breaking the public with Sneer, whine and lie TRs:


Next time you run into a Corporate Scientologist, listen closely, then call them out on their lies, their whining and their sneering.  They are in  Night Of the Living Dead  zombie-like valences.  Let them know that Scientology can handle that and possibly even bring them back to life.


New York Village Voice: