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The Joker/Degrader Camera Boy

As Sinar Parman has several times noted, Danny Sherman (who is supposed to be writing the L Ron Hubbard biography, but instead has acted as DM’s personal public relations hack full time for twenty years) has carefully omitted from David Miscavige’s puff biographies an interesting bit of history. 

L Ron Hubbard personally busted Miscavige from his Camera Boy post for making Joker and Degrader videos with Golden Era Production equipment.  Well, as Miscavige likes to say about others, Miscavige has gone back to native state.

First, one of the only two Maiden Voyage 2011 events that Miscavige spoke at this year on the Freewinds was largely consumed by Miscavige Joking and Degrading about the Joker and Degrader events local orgs are carrying out across the world. Those events of course are designed to push public out of valence and overwhelmed to the point they tap out their 401ks or 2nd mortgage their homes for a Idle Org status.  We’ve posted about some of them – talent contests, out of valence hysteria whippings up in pirate garb, Top Gun garb, etc.   One might have thought Miscavige would rein in such activity with the exposure it has gotten here. No, it turns out he was the author of it in the first place, and spends the better part of an entire event aboard the Freewinds joking and degrading about it…and giggling (a giggle horrifyingly similar to that of Jim Jones just prior to the Jonestown massacre).

Similarly, after being exposed on the front pages of the Corpus Christi Caller Times, the San Antonio Express News, and the Houston Chronicle for making absolute fools of themselves in masking their overt harassment of Mosey and me as a “documentary” production activity, Miscavige’s answer was to publish his work for the Squirrel Buster Productions.  Here it is, promoting their assininity for the world to see (of course the world wouldn’t see it unless someone like me – who has a substantial readership linked it). 

Please note that the star of the video with the white hair and black jacket dancing on the sailboat is an “OT VIII” – the highest level of spiritual attainment in Corporate Scientology.  One Ed Bryan, who stalked me in Los Angeles, and is now in my hometown stalking me up to 23 times in one day.


(in the event they replace the lead video, the video I refer to is titled “on a boat” 1:43)

I guarantee you – and I guarantee Mike Rinder will confirm it – that David Miscavige personally edited this video.  Just like he did the Tom Cruise travesty that went viral on the internet and probably more than any other factor ruined his career.   What Corporate Scientologist’s fees buy:  twenty thousand per day to track Marty and make fools of themselves and enemies of the public,  millions upon millions of dollars for state of the art video editing equipment so that the j and d camera boy can continue to do what L Ron Hubbard busted him so that he could not continue to do.

Again, I refer to Sinar Parman and his corroborated observations:  David Miscavige was visibly happy (and happened to be joking and degrading too) the day when L Ron Hubbard died.  Here (and in C/S Series 100 JOKERS AND DEGRADERS) you can see why such joy spread over  the face of the camera boy on that day that was so sad for the rest of us.

UPDATE 6:33 July 13:  New York Village Voice coverage:


Miscavige Reform

Miscavige Reform. An oxymoron?

Please review this post of mine from 21 October, 2009 – approximately 9 months into the Reformation:


In that post I outlined the “reforms” that Miscavige was hustling into place in order to escape the heat we put on him.  I noted at the end of that post that one would be a fool to fall for such public relations moves on Miscavige’s part. He always feigns reform when his crimes come under the spotlight. It was all calculated tactics, organized crime SOP since the dawn of such groups.

And history proves once again that we can predict this criminal Miscavige like sunrise and sunset.  For example, Miscavige tried to counter claims of harassment by Private Eyes for several months while being investigated by CNN and BBC and a host of others.  The second the outside lenses are off him it is business as usual – examples given:



And now this.  Remember the buy offs of potential Independents by drastic reduction of Freeloader debts?   Hell, Tommy Two Tone and the Sutter/Pouw mission were telling people coast to coast – “we had it all wrong, there was lost tech on F/L debts, Ron says you owe nothing (as long as you continue to worship Botox Dave Miscavige)” .   Well, even that hush money strategy has been shelved – and the bait and switch is on like never before.

The evidence is in this “Church” of Scientology email message below:

Hi, I want to let you know important data that I just got from
uplines. This is not to make you worried or a gimmick etc. I found out that this pilot project in ILO on freeloaders does not exist anymore. Also an issue on FL billings is being worked on and will come out soon, which changes the way how FL’s get billed and the amount of any bill will very likely increase.
I urge you though to find a solution and you are done and can get back on lines. You don’t want to wait and pay more afterwards. For example, the earlier issue on freeloader bills told to pay all courses at full price. That was quite different. Now let’s see what will be done. In addition we have a regular 25% credit and that ends at 30 June! Look this over and find a way. You can also go over with me. I am interested to see how we can complete your debt right away,ML, Marcel Org Collections Officer FSO
Tel (001) 727 467 5302
Fax (001) 727 467 5301
E-Mail: marcel.h@fso.org

Bait and switch is essence in the Radical Corporate “church.”