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The Ass Clown Offensive – Miscavige Becomes “Anonymous”

I recognized a remarkable development recently that I believe warrants discussion.

When I began to speak out about two year ago, I walked onto what appeared to be a very black and white playing field.   It appeared to be occupied by two opposing forces,  the church of Scientology vs. the anti-Scientologists.  In fact, after observing a while I noted that there was not a vast difference between the two exteme sides of that spectrum.  That in fact the two extreme sides (Miscavige Radicals) and those who vehemently professed anti-Scientology views (the whole subject should be retired, not merely the organization reformed or de-fanged) were reduced in some ways to creating one another, and resisting one another so strenuously as  to perhaps even be flirting with becoming one another.  See,  https://markrathbun.wordpress.com/2009/11/12/the-great-middle-path-redux/

In late 09 and well into 2010 my wife and I were subjected to a number of intelligence operations and juvenile pranks – from being egged in London, to having our blog taken down, to having a locksmith attempt to re-key our home (on our alleged order that never occurred).   Some were followed or preceeded by ominous sounding phone calls (altered electronically to sound techno-Anonymous) about how terror would continue to rain down upon us.  Clearly, in the light of Anonymous pranks of that period, it was made to appear as if we were the targets of Anonymous.

Initially it was easy to believe that it was Anonymous exerting extraordinary efforts to terrorize us.  Except, there was one little problem with that easy conclusion.  Individual members of Anonymous reached out and provided proof that in fact these were not the acts of Anonymous and proof that some of the activity could be traced back (definitively, albeit sometimes without admissable documentary evidence) to being carried out by  card carrying, Kool Aid drinking Radical Corporate Scientologists.

The Radical Corporate Scientology (RCS) ops were relatively slick back then.  For example, even while Why We Protest (Anonymous’ on line forum) was making me the brunt of the bulk of their verbal, written attacks (late 09) Miscavige’s RCS managed to derail – and delay by six months – the Anderson Cooper 360 5-part series (A History of Violence – Scientology) by somehow “linking” me to Anonymous.   I was literally made to – among other things – document how absurd that proposition was in order to satisfy the nervous nellie lawyers at CNN Atlanta and Time/Warner New York.

In studying the phenomena that came to be labelled Anonymous I came across a very well researched and measured piece of jounalism that I believe most accurately described how a group of predominently young Chanology hacktivists found the perfect trolling target in the uber-paranoid “church” of Scientology.  What the article did not cover, but I did in the post The Great Middle Path Redux (link provided above), was that so too had Radical Corporate Scientology – and specifically its head David Miscavige – found its perfect justification for dramatizing being the victim. That of course is a necessary, continuing target of Miscavige’s so as to justify continuing to bankrupt gullible cult members for the sake of his “defense.”  I recommend this piece to anyone wanting to understand how this match made in hell came to be:


After observing this conflict play out, and vicariously and sometimes unwittingly participating in its unfolding, over the past two years, I have to hand it to the late-teen/early-twenty somethings.  They prevailed.  And they did so predictably per the very philsophy they protested.  Again:

“What you resist you become,” is here more accurately stated as, “That against which you have overts [committed harmful acts], you become.” One becomes more and more individual and individuated up to a limit, at which point, the harder one tries to individuate, the more one becomes a sort of fake version of that against which one has overts.  L Ron Hubbard, Future Org Trends 9 Oct 1962

Let us fast forward to the present.  For the past three months solid, David Miscavige’s Radical Corporate Scientology has become fully that which it so forcefully resisted.

All one need do to see the proof of it is to peruse this blog from April 17, 2011 forward to the present.

Miscavige has easily spent $20,000 a day over that three month period on the following:

a)  Send unidentified people in bizaree costumes to stand on the property line – and sometimes within it, which I never saw even Anonymous try – shouting insults into the faces of Scientologists trying to peaceably practice the philosophy.

b) Plaster the internet with Lulz sites – by anonymous RCS members – devoted to smearing Scientologists with the most over the top, denigrating, scatalogical propaganda.

c) Smearing practicing Scientologists with the most lurid, personal allegations posted on signs as they approached their oases to peaceably practice their religion.   Again, far exceeding any outrage RCS might assign to Anonymous, Miscavige’s attacks included twisting kernals of truth lifted from the confessional folders of those Scientologists.

d)  Spend perhaps hundreds of thousands on creating lulz videos about Scientologists that are so over the top and hateful and juvenile that virtually everyone who sees them develops a chilling aversion to the cult of Radical Corporate Scientology.

e)  Made Ass Clown moves in public that have forever tainted the cult as exactly that, a cult.   The John Allender April 17 antics with the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs miner head-cam has overshadowed even that Anon guy who marched on the church covered in pubic hairs that the church made so much hay over years ago.

In short, Miscavige has become a cheap, lower-harmonic mimic of that which he so strongly cried bloody murder over for years.

Interestingly, while Miscavige and RCS have regressed into juvenile delinquency what has become of Anonymous?

It seems they have for the most part grown up and matured while Miscavige became a lower harmonic perversion of them.

Last year they rallied to the cause of the end of the Radical Iranian fascist regime.

This year they rallied to the defense of Wikileaks founder Julian Asange when the corporatocracy was trying to publicly hang him for letting the truth see the light of day.

Some can still argue that Anonymous’ tactics are over the top, and perhaps even counter productive to some extent. But, no one in their right mind would argue that their intentions and objectives in those causes are as objectionable as those that Miscavige and his cult have adopted and dramatized during that same period.

Miscavige and RCS are dedicating millions to the suppression of internationally recognized Human Rights and constitutionally recognized civil rights.  Specifically, they continue to demonstrate to the world that they will, by any means necessary, if left unchecked destroy the rights of FREEDOM OF SPEECH, FREEDOM OF THE PRESS, FREEDOM OF RELIGION, AND FREEDOM OF CONSCIENCE.

In short, Anonymous people appear to have grown up while Miscavige’s cult has regressed toward fascist infantilism.

As for most of the folks involved in, or watching, this drama unfold: no worries.  I think most of you get what just about anybody of any stripe gets, be he or she Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Deist, Atheist, or whatever.  We all reap what we sow.