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‘Nuff Said

I don’t mean to keep harping on such a seemingly simple week of activity.  It is illustrative however of the suppression that has become Radical Corporate Scientology under the misdirection of David Miscavige.   So I consider it relevant.  

We’re done in LA for the moment.   We want to express our gratitude to the wonderful independent Scientologists who made our work possible against a well financed, zealously executed program to stop HELP.   Michael Fairman’s and Joy Grayson’s roles have been covered in a previous post.   

What is not known is the behind the scenes work of the incomparable Garcia family (Luis, Rocio, and Ivan).  They engineered and financed and executed an elaborate scheme to make our work possible and free me up to get it done while also keeping a number of other ongoing 3rd dynamic projects on track.   No grand standing, no motivation for recognition,  just straight forward HELP came from the Garcias.  This, in my view, is what Scientology is all about.

Finally, some words from my dear friend Renere (Ray-Ray) Lopez.


by Renere Lopez

Joy and Michael,

Thanks for taking the time to write about Marty’s experience here in OC.  It’s my family that’s going through these tough times and I can’t express how much Marty’s efforts have eased the pain with my mother of 73, my sister’s 11-year old daughter and my 20 year old nephew.  He has come out here to spend time with all of us, but mainly to assist my sister Gina who just had her 50th birthday and is slowly going through the degradation process from Kidney Cancer throughout her body.  We were originally supposed to fly out to Texas together, but her cancer had spread faster than we had anticipated, so out of Marty’s kind heart, he came to her and my family.

Gina's 50th Birthday

About 8 years ago I was fortunate enough to give her some Book 1 Auditing and she had an amazing experience and of course  huge cognitions.  Unfortunately she didn’t experience the “Implant” that so many of us are aware of, which I’m sure would help her figure out how to handle this process.  What Marty has done is granting her so much beingness and has spent many hours with her to ease her anxiety through this process.  You mentioned that he’s out here for a “Mission of Mercy,” no one has any idea how much this means to my family and me.

As I mentioned above my mom is 73 and has never received any type of auditing experience.   Just after a few sessions she told me she was able to sleep through the night after many of days.  Also, I witnessed her actually confronting my sister in a way that I couldn’t have even imagined.  This is a 73 year old woman who should be stuck in her own religious and philosophical beliefs, but she went in with a full open mind and confronted many things–WOW!  To tell you the truth, I always thought it would be my sister Gina and I going out to Corpus Christi and auditing side-by-side and not my mother.  I always felt it was going to be the way it is with my mom, but after her experience auditing with Marty, Monique will now have a new PC here shortly.

You mentioned the experience you had while at OC Airport and I too had a similar experience with him, but it was far more severe while he was leaving my house.  The best way I can explain what I experienced was the television show called “The Streets of San Francisco” back in the 70’s.  These guys came out of nowhere and completely stopped traffic during rush hour on Santa Ana Blvd right next to the Amtrak train Station.  I had my 11-year-old niece in the car with me and several times they tried to ram us.  They even drove up the curb trying to catch up to Marty’s car.  There must have been 5-vehicles driving completely erratic with no regard for pedestrians or the other vehicles.  Also, Leblow was in full force of Road Rage and I could see how determined he was to make what ever means possible to hurt Marty and anyone who stood in his way.  One thing he didn’t expect was I was raised here in Santa Ana and I’m as street smart as they get.  Yes, we out smarted him in every attempt he could comprise with no avail.  I even stopped him from entering the 5-freeway going northbound by stopping him at the onramp- traffic signal by putting myself in front of his SUV.  He even taunted me several times and finally pushed me with the front of his vehicle.  I went down on the pavement to ensure he wasn’t going anywhere, since he could face hit-and-run charges, and I’m sure everyone who witnessed the incident was shocked to see what had just happened.

Finally the Fire Department showed up on the scene as well as the Santa Ana PD and the Highway Patrol while all the while Marty only had to contend with one of his goons, which he too was lost in the traffic.

Leblow finally met his match and it’s a shame that all the money DM has spend on him he couldn’t even out smart a non-professional PI.  Can you believe someone finally stood up to them?  I think this is like the book, “The Tipping Point” for DM and his goon squad.

So Marty, many thanks to you for continuing to put yourself out there for all of us.

Renere Lopez

Clear Announcement





That which I have wanted since starting in Scn in 1976, I have just attained. Last Friday evening, my auditor and I acknowledged the state. Nothing  could have been easier, cleaner or more the way that LRH intended as it was right then.


Though I could certainly rail against terminals and circumstance that kept me from this state for so long, I choose instead to be thankful.


To LRH whose brilliance and responsibility startles me as much today as it did the day I read my first book.


To my auditor, the amazingly cool Haydn James, whose expertise and dedication to task got us through. No Q&A, no bullshit, just standard application. I know it was standard because it was just that easy.


To the firm of Rathbun, Rinder and Hall (I couldn’t help myself) whose willingness to spread the word and take the heat for our movement remains unbending.


To everyone in the movement, every Indie everywhere who has the nerve to stand up and say “NO” to the little man.


And last though certainly not least, my wife Yolanda, who kept me going no matter what.


A little something Id like to share with you guys. It is a favorite show of mine and reflects what I’m feeling right this minute. Look and listen and try to ignore the credits 🙂





God, I miss the stars.



Byron Dawson

aka Pissed Wizard


Walking in Another Man’s Shoes by Michael Fairman


The old saying goes that one can’t really begin to understand what difficulties a man or woman is going through until one walks in his or her shoes. That “stroll” took place for Joy and me on Tuesday, August 23, 2011, in Orange County California.


On the previous day, I received a call from Marty Rathbun, asking me if I was still wearing my “racing driver” hat. I told him no, I was pretty calmed down from my extreme driving habits, thanks to him. It was an intriguing question and I told him I wasn’t wearing that hat anymore, “Why?” His answer was even more intriguing.


Marty told me he was coming to Southern California on a mission of mercy and needed to escape from the constant harassment by Miscavige’s goons and their vehicles in order to accomplish that mission in peace. If there were a welcoming party, we would have to lose David Lubow and his hired thugs in the rush hour traffic. Were I and my car up to the task? I told him my car was, and asked if I could bring Joy along and then we’d both be up to the task. He said he would welcome her.


Joy decided to drive her muscle car and we arrived at John Wayne Airport about half an hour before Marty’s arrival. There were a few people scattered around the baggage claim area, but no blue-shirted morons. We both had cameras and I had a fuzzy bear hat with pom pom ties to do a little “Squirrel Buster” ditty if they or any church zombies showed up. Joy spotted two men hanging around, she thought might be “them”. But they turned out to be benign — ordinary passengers.


Then a burley, powerful looking man in his sixties walked by, pot-bellied and wearing a short grey beard, He had on a baseball cap and a wire curled out of his ear. He was very solid, granite-like, and his body language and expression definitely said “retired law enforcement”. Pointing to him, I whispered to Joy, “There’s one!.” He moved away to another part of the terminal and began chatting with a slim woman in her mid twenties, who was wearing a striped polo shit, had a back pack on her shoulders and carried a bowling bag. Joy then said, “He’s talking into the lapel of his shirt!”. We had found our PI’s.


Marty arrived scanning the terminal as he moved down an escalator, but the beard and the bowling bag had disappeared. We wanted to rush Marty to our car and get away, but he stopped when we hit the street. After hearing our description of the burley guy he knew “they” were around and wanted to see what developed.


Sure enough a few minutes later, the bearded one and the young woman arrived. Marty recognized him as Bill aka “Bubba” a retired cop (served as “enforcer” to Jim Lynch last LA trip), and they began to talk. Joy began to film and after I donned my fuzzy bear pom pom hat, I also began to film them. The gist of the exchange was that Marty wanted to know if he was going to merely be followed, or followed and ambushed by vans full of lunatics at every stop like last trip to LA. Bubba said he didn’t know. Marty asked that we work out a deal so that the “church” P.I.’s don’t go terrorizing and endangering innocent bystanders. He told the PI that if they just want to know where he is going he can tell the guy in exchange for not having to put lives at risk on SoCal freeways and streets. The PI said he would check with his boss, whom Marty got the PI to identify as Lubow, and proceeded to chat into his lapel. Then the PI indicated he was having communications problems with Lubow. The PI and his assistant. whoever she was, went one way and the three of us headed to the parking structure to get our car. When we got to the vehicle, Marty saw Bubba’s running shoes, visible behind an SUV not five cars away from where we were parked. As Marty walked up to the vehicle, the ex-cop was reporting into his I-Spy gear. Marty asked him if Lubow agreed to make a deal so as to protect the general public. Bubba indicated Lubow declined. Marty then said, “I’d like to talk to Lubow.” Bubba asked Lubow then relayed that Lubow wasn’t willing to talk. Marty indicated to Bubba that Lubow is a coward, and obviously afraid of Marty. Bubba tried to suppress a chuckle, but didn’t do so well at it.


Marty slid into the driver’s seat of Joy’s car and we started out of the parking structure onto the roadway to exit the airport. Looking into the rearview mirror, he told us that there were four PI vehicles already behind us.

 Since Marty had grown up in the area, he knew the lay of the land, and began a series of evasive driving maneuvers to lose what were now six cars following us. For the next hour or so, Marty, driving according to the rules of the road tried to evade the six vehicles. Unable to lose them because Lubow and his cronies would run red lights, make u-turns in the middle of heavy traffic on major boulevards, abruptly switch lanes, which endangered the drivers around them, we finally pulled into a gas station, immediately followed by Lubow in his SUV.


Marty got out of car and video camera in hand, walked up to Lubow, and asked him why he and his cronies were following us. Lebow refused to answer, and when Marty persisted with his question, Lubow made like a cornered rat and moved his vehicle backward hitting Marty in the arm and chest with the left side view mirror. Marty shouted at Lubow to stop as he had hit him. Lubow then put the car into “forward” and moved the car door into Marty’s chest. Marty had had enough and called the Santa Ana police, reporting what had just happened. Joy and I both witnessed Marty being hit and, and now this was far from fun and games. It was deadly serious shit.


Several minutes after the phone call to the cops, another vehicle pulled into the gas station. It was Bubba. Marty explained that the ex-cop probably had “friends” in the Santa Ana force (since Marty had earlier gotten Bubba to admit he was a former Orange County Sheriff deputy) and a series of lies spewed by Lubow and Bubba was probably about to take place, starting with Bubba being a witness – when Bubba showed up to the scene several minutes after the incident in question.


A few minutes later an officer roared up on his chopper, and when he dismounted, Marty began to explain what had happened. As this was going on a female officer pulled her patrol car into the gas station, followed immediately by another female officer in her patrol car. Marty continued to explain to the three officers  the series of events  from the encounter at the terminal to Lubow hitting him and also what had been going on in Texas and elsewhere. He pulled up the Caller Times article on a phone, and read the three officers Lubow’s quote of how he is going to make Marty’s life a hell and run him out of every town he puts down stakes. He predicted Bubba would lie and say he witnessed the incident when in fact he was nowhere in the vicinity it occurred.


Then the motorcycle cop went over to Lubow and got his “story”. Marty, Joy and I attempted to put the pieces together for the two female officers. Several minutes later the male officer returned to our group informing us that Lubow’s story was quite different from Marty’s, and that Bubba corroborated Lubow’s assertion that he did not intentionally hit Mary with his vehicle. So much for the law and even less for the truth. The three officers insisted they could do nothing unless Marty had filed a restraining order on Lubow and the others. The futility of explaining why that wouldn’t work for a one week stay (including that he only knew one legal name – Lubow – and he knew the church would just replace him and it would immediately be business as usual, that he did not have a spare morning to fool around in court, etc) sailed completely over the officers heads, leaving Marty Joy and myself frustrated.


The officers “suggested” that we all disperse. Once on the road, we were again followed by the vehicles all the way to Laguna Beach, where Marty had a dinner appointment with an old high school classmate who he hadn’t seen in over 35 years. Marty’s purpose for coming to California, his mission of mercy, was to take place the next day.


Marty, his friend, the friend’s fiancee, Joy and I enjoyed a welcome respite in the Mexican restaurant overlooking the Pacific; and we we were treated to a narrative by Marty’s friend that had the mouths of Joy and myself hanging open for almost two hours. But all the while, knowing that Lubow and the others were outside waiting, gave dinner an eerie pall.


After dinner Marty developed an escape strategy. In the restaurant parking lot we placed both our cars closely parallel to each other. Hidden from most of the lot, we quickly dumpred Marty’s bags into his friend’s car and made like he was getting into ours, but he slipped into the other one. They drove off and we followed. They were supposed to lead us to the 405 Freeway but they made a series of quick turns and we immediately lost them. I was driving our car, and I guess it being dark, I probably appeared to them to be Marty, because four of them were right behind us. We were also lost in the hills of Laguna Beach. We pulled over and and got our bearings to the 5 Freeway. All the while the four PI vehicles were behind us.


Marty called to say that he had lost them — no one following. But the four were trailing us to Los Angeles.  


We arrived in Studio City near our home at about 10:45 pm. We had to pick up our daughter Sky at her dance studio at 11:30, so we drove to our favorite yogurt shop. Sure enough. Lubow and the others pulled up and sat there surveilling us. It was evident that all were busily chatting with each other and we surmised with the POB. We can only guess at how colorful that communication cycle must have been. After finishing her yogurt, Joy walked up to Lubow’s car and gestured to him. He would not roll down his window or look at her. Then she asked in mock amazement, “Where’s Marty? He’s not with us.” Lubow continued to look away.


This episode of was nearly over, and still having some time before we had to pick up Sky, we drove to the North Hollywood police station. There we found a sympathetic officer to whom we told out story. She was appalled at what had gone down and gave us detailed information of how to file a restraining order on Lubow. In fact when we first mentioned his name to her, she seemed to know it, and when we got into the details of the day, she nodded, that yes, she had heard of him.


After finishing with the police, we picked up Sky and went home without further incident.


Marty’s reason for being in California, on his own dime, was to help family members, non-Scientologists, get through the imminent death of a loved one. He was there to console and ease the pain of their impending loss. This is essentially what Miscavige and his Gestapo-like crew were attempting to disrupt.


Thousand of dollars of parishioner’s money was spent that day and all week long — to do what? To stop Marty from helping a bereaved family? That would never happen. Just as hundreds of thousands of dollars being spent in Texas will never stop him from helping those who seek him out. And the millions Miscavige will spend will never stop all of us from exposing the cancer that is now the Church of Scientology.


Isn’t it absolutely clear what positions on the tone scale, each of these men occupy and and in which direction each is moving?


To all of you who post on this blog: to all of you who read it and remain hidden: to all of you who still believe Miscavige holds the key to your eternity: to all of you who still believe in the efficacy of Scientology but are having doubts about Miscavige: and to those of you who continue to take shots at Marty and believe he deserves what he is getting because of his past, PLEASE TAKE HEED.


Some, like Mike Rinder walk the path of incessant confrontation in their own shoes. But I do not believe that anyone, not one of you, has experienced what Marty experiences on a daily basis. Joy and I walked in his shoes for just six hours of one day. And that left us feeling angry, bitter, and frustrated at the injustice, cruelty, and absolute insanity of what Miscavige is perpetrating in the name of religion. No one in a free society should have to endure what Marty and Mosey have endured over these past months. It has to stop. Not only for them but potentially for all of us.


Those who have been manipulated, intimidated, or bought into silence will not stop it . It is apparent at this time that neither the media nor the government has a firm will to stop it. Only we can. ALL those who have voices must be heard. It has gone beyond amusing videos and making “Squirrel Buster” jokes, Joy and I learned this week first hand that this is very serious and dangerous business. Probably more serious and dangerous than we know. We, all of US, are an intelligent, determined force and we must use our collective power to end this. Many are already engaged, Every single one of us must be.

Ivan Garcia on the Bridge and Gnat Swatting 101




My name is Ivan Garcia, I just turned 19 and this is my declaration of Independence.

I like fast cars, sports, good food and good friends. And girls too.

I started taking courses at an early age, led by the active example of my parents, Luis and Rocio. I had many wins on these, and having observed my parents’ behavior in life, I decided I wanted to follow their footsteps and eventually go OT. For this purpose I did the Purif and later attended the “Future OTs Convention” at the Freewinds. My experience at the Freewinds left me disgusted and not wanting any more services. And I didn’t do any for 5 years. I decided that it was too high a price to pay in terms of bullshit to go up the Bridge.

Ivan, age 10, at Flag graduation with Debbie Cook


I recently met Marty and I felt I had a new chance to go up the Bridge, so I visited with him and Mosey and received some great auditing. Among what the things we accomplished, I completed my Grade 0. I now feel I can talk to anyone about any subject.


I have become very interested in what is happening with the COS and the Independents. You can imagine I get to participate in a lot of meetings and conversations with my parents. I agree completely that by “standing up and being counted” brings any possible reform closer to reality, and thus the end of the suppression and suffering of many. This is something each of us can do… minimally.


I know many people are “under the radar.” If any of you are afraid to come out because of possible harassment, I would tell you that you should not be concerned. A good communication cycle is all that it takes.


So here I am. Count me in. And thank you Marty and Mosey! I am on my way to go OT now, just as I wanted.


Ivan kicking it at the 2011 Independents' party


Now, regarding this video below, the Three Stooges, Jim Lynch (Freedoom shill) (alleged former OC d/Sheriff thug) Jason (fresh from IOB) came by my house today. My parents were not home. I went out for a bite to eat and they followed me into a shopping center. As they were looking for me in the parking lot, they hit another car that was backing out. As they were exchanging information with the driver of the other car, I pulled up to check how they were doing.

Blogger note:  Don’t be alarmed – Miscavige’s thugs have not fanned out among Indepedents indiscriminately.   I arrived at Orange County airport the night before last greeted by Lubow, Lynch, and five other cars of Miscavige Private Eyes.  They’ve lost me twice and are leaning on anyone who might know my whereabouts.   My crimes?  I’ve given sessions to four people in SoCal so far.  As far as Miscavige is concerned it is a full blown crime spree.  Stay tuned for how Scientologists’ fees are being expended, damn the expense, to stop Public Enemy number one from attempting to assist others move on up a little higher.  You wanna stop the shinin’?  Thanks to the incredible Independents movement Underground Railroad, you can’t stop the shinin’. 

L’Indipendologo Chronicles

The good folks at L’Indipendologo have created two educational summations on some testimonies that remind us why Independence is necessary.  I think they are worth watching as the rudiments sometimes bear repetition.

Rinder summation:

Rathbun summation:

For more information on the Italian Freedom Fighters:

Anat Krier

Anat on the tundra

I’ve been following Marty’s site for over a year now.  Thank you dear Marty for having a blog where we can get the latest and be allowed to communicate and share our views freely! I admire and respect so many of you I met on this site!!!  Thanks to you, I have so much more understanding and realizations.  Thanks to you I feel I am not alone!

This is my story:

In 1990 my sister came to visit me from Israel. Within those 2 weeks, my sister, my 7 year old son, and I joined the Sea Org. We were all very new to Scn, especially my sister who knew nothing of it till her visit. My sister shot up to CMO within weeks, and weeks later she left to Israel and didn’t come back as was expected. I left the SO a few months after.

About 2 years later she got declared a suppressive person for blowing. I was not allowed to talk to her.

Four years ago when I moved to CW to go up the Bridge, I was told by Ethics I had to disconnect from my whole family because through them I am somehow connected to my sister and that by itself is considered a suppressive act. I was not allowed to go back to my training till I informed my family that I am disconnecting from them. At first I tried fighting it but later I gave in. I moved up the Bridge, being assured that on OT 7, I would be able to handle anything in life. I was excited and couldn’t wait to get on 7! All the while, my family would always come up as one unresolved BIG upset. Last year, when I realized I was about to complete the level, I had to take an honest look and decided there was no way I was going to attest to a level where I have not reached the product; being cause over life. I’ve committed on my family and myself such a big overt. Here is an incomplete cycle of action that my attention would not come off of! There was only one thing to do and that was to handle; complete the cycle of action so I could truly attest to the level. The toughest thing was having a comm cycle with my husband and my son. Despite knowing the risks, I was still going to stick to my decision. My husband and my son, to my greatest relief, were so very supportive. I’m the luckiest girl to have such an amazing family!!!!!!

Next it was time to get in touch with the rest of my family. Wow! All I can say is that my family not only was so thrilled to hear from me, it was the warmest welcoming, which brings tears to my eyes even now.

This is what my beef is:

  • Disconnection. What’s up with that? Are we not going for full self-determinism? If I am told who I can talk to, what to do, think etc. isn’t this called “other determinism” or even “robotism”?
  • The cost of doing Bridge. If the church truly believes that they have the only tech that would handle/improve conditions, then shouldn’t it be made available and affordable to everyone, instead of creating a small country club? Really, if you had the only medicine that could cure people who are dying around you, would you not give it because you don’t have the ideal facility or enough nurses and doctors and would you, to be able to afford the bridge, have to sell your mother…?
  • Rules and the suppressive use of policies that create stops rather than expansion, such as becoming a class Auditor before being able to deliver a paid Assist. The different licensing and their costs, etc. I met a guy once who told me he would not deliver seminars because he would have to pay much more to Wise than just consult one on one. It seems to me like it’s creating a Must Have/Can’t Have.
  • How come some of the highest execs in the Church are now known as the biggest SPs? Why are we attacking within? Attacking each other weakens us as a group! How come COB is standing mostly solo in events? Where are the rest of the Execs?
  • Why are there so many illnesses among Scientologists, especially on the upper levels? Some of us volunteers must see this as an outpoint. How come no one is asking?
  • Since when did asking and querying became an enemy line? Are we supposed to hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil and everything will be just fine. Isn’t it delving into superstition?

When did we start “buying” ourselves out of Ethics? I don’t want my ethics officer, my supe, or the receptionist to reg me!

It used to be fun and exciting times for me to go to the org. It has not been so for a long time.

Therefore we decided to no longer be a part of what is known today as the church of Scientology.

Because we asked the church for re-payment of advance payments and for money taken out from our account at Flag for books packages we did not authorize or receive, my husband’s daughter (she is in the Sea Org) has disconnected from us.  I understand her.  I was at the same place not too long ago.  She is smart!  When she is ready, we’ll be here with open arms!!!!

With lots of Love,
Anat Krier

Public Safety Announcement

This is a public safety announcement primarily directed at the person micro-managing the South Texas Siege (now it its 120th day), the self annointed Chairman of the Board of Religious Technology Center, self proclaimed “ecclesiastical leader of Scientology” David Miscavige.

Your hired thug Ralph S Gomez almost ran over my dog Chiquita for the second time today.

You are hereby put on notice (since we know from reliable sources you read this blog multiple times per day, this is the most effective form of notice possible) that by the law of averages, your continued abberant behavior in our humble town of 651 good souls is putting lives at risk.

While you reportedly watch the rushes (daily footage) which is uploaded to Los Angeles until the early morning hours each night, apparently you are either not noticing or are actively encourageing the reckless and dangerous behavior of your agents as evidenced in the following clip:

Please note that Ralph S Gomez is so busy sticking his iphone camera in visitors’s faces, in order to satisfy your aim to intimidate, he nearly killed my dog Chiquita. Even when called out on it by Monique, he continues pointing the camera back as he weaves his golf cart onto the wrong side of the street. Monique, me and other IOB residents have witnessed Gomez and his side kick Joanne Wheaton on many occasions making reckless moves on IOB streets in efforts to ambush and film while driving an otherwise harmless golf cart.

Miscavige, the corner that sits one house away from your operations headquarters is often frequented by elementary school aged children who live nearby and play there.  Your heretic buster squads’ practice of rushing out of the house you leased them on Bayshore Circle, piling into the golf cart like firemen off to a fire, and frantically rounding onto Bayshore Drive so as to get in front of Monique and/or I every time we go to the store, or take a walk along the beach is a hazard to the safety of the lives of children and oncoming drivers.  Many times we’ve witnessed Gomez or Wheaton fixing their cameras on us or our friends and neighbors while nearly driving their golf cart into oncoming traffic, parked cars, dogs, and people.

You are now on notice.  Should someone get hurt, law enforcement and the courts will know that your injury inflicting was done with malice aforethought.

Grow up.

Heretics and the Scientology Inquisition

A heretic is a person who committed heresy.

Heresy (from Greek αίρεση, which originally meant “choice”) is a controversial or novel change to a system of beliefs, especially a religion, that conflicts with established dogma.[1] It is distinct from apostasy, which is the formal denunciation of one’s religion, principles or cause,[2] and blasphemy, which is irreverence toward religion.[3] The founder or leader of a heretical movement is called a heresiarch, while individuals who espouse heresy or commit heresy, are known as heretics. Heresiology is the study of heresy.

The word heresy is usually used within a Christian, Jewish, or Islamic context, and implies something slightly different in each. In certain historical Christian and Jewish cultures, heresy was punishable by law. In modern times, the word heresy is often used in jest and without religious context.


All the noise about “squirrels” and “squirrel busting” is a nifty distraction to mask corporate Scientology head David Miscavige’s operations in Texas of late.

What Miscavige is dramatizing is the centuries-old control device of burning heretics in an attempt to protect a dirty monopoly.  And as with everything Miscavige his dramatization is done with a criminal-mind twist.  The heresy he attacks is the original doctrine of the Founder of Scientology, L Ron Hubbard.

The following completely spontaneous video illustrates that what I state here is the truth:

Now, do you think that for one moment David Miscavige’s reaction to Erin Haskell’s heartfelt words will be anything other than “Squirrel!  Can you believe that?  Mixing Scientology with Christianity, the Tao. Squash the b____ along with Marty, goddamn it!”?

Here’s the twist and the heart of the matter. L Ron Hubbard would beg to differ with Miscavige’s view, and might even have defended Ms. Haskell:

Scientology is the science of knowing how to know answers.  It is wisdom in the tradition of ten thousand years of search in Asia and Western civilization.  It is the Science of Human Affairs which treats the livingness and beingess of Man and demonstrates to him a pathway to greater freedom

Subjects which were consulted in the organization and development of Scientology include the Veda; the Tao, by Lao-tzu; the Dharma and the Discourses of Gutama Buddha; the general knowingness about life extant in the lamasaries of the Western Hills of China; the technologies and beliefs of various barbaric cultures; the various materials of Christianity, including St Luke; the mathematical and technical methodologies of the early Greeks, Romans and Arabians; the physical sciences, including what is no known as nuclear physics; the various speculations of Western philosophers such as Kant, Nietzsche, Schopenhauer, Herbert Spencer and Dewey; and the various technologies extant in the civilizations of both the Orient and Occident in the first half to the twentieth century.

– L Ron Hubbard, A Summary of Scientology from The Creation of Human Ability



Fear not your enemies, for they can only kill you.

Fear not your friends, for they can only betray you.

Fear only the indifferent, who permit the killers and betrayers to walk safely on this earth.

– Edward Yashinsky

Why the Obsession?

Some have pondered lately why the Miscavige obsession with Casablanca.   I have some ideas to share on that score. 

First please review a portion of an essay I posted on 26 September 2009, Independent Scientologists community:

I am fairly certain that if a decent percentage of independent Scientologists stand up, identify themselves, and freely associate with like-minded friends in the light of day at least three things will happen:

a. Many individual lives will regain meaning. Many more lives still will reap the gains from each of us who independently and freely use Scientology with no other motivation than to help others reach higher states of beingness.

b. Scientology (the subject and community) will experience a renaissance within society at large.

c. Miscavige’s church will be forced to either radically reform by reversing its suppressive operating basis or face its inevitable demise (note the intransitive is used; it is not because of anything that you or I will do to it that will cause it other than being there comfortably – it will be a self-inflicted fate).

At this point, at this Ethics stage,  I am advocating  that independent thinking Scientologists think hard about being proud of exercising their independence. That they make themselves known and use the title “Scientologist” without shame or embarrassment. That they create community with other independent Scientologists and make it that much safer for those people to get their strength up and flourish. To the extent we tip toe around imaginary egg shells, we are PTS. We cripple our own ability to as-is. If we walk tall, we rehabilitate one another’s abilities to as-is. The Lord knows that this world could use some more of that.

People who have been following this blog for some time understand that this is a message I have often repeated: when enough real Scientologists stand up and be heard as Independents, Miscavige’s resources will be spread so thin trying to intimidate them that his actions will be so ineffectual that the world will see there is nothing to fear from Radical Corporate Scientology. 

It is my contention that such a tipping point has been achieved.  I think most overtly announced Independent Scientologists  recognize that, even if the society at large – certain press and law enforcement agencies included – is lagging a bit behind.

In the light of that, Miscavige’s current plan is quite rational for a psychotic motivated by intent to enslave and destroy everybody else in order to survive.  His think goes something like this:

“If we can’t scare them into compliance or shivering fear any more and we can’t control any more resources to keep trying, why, we concentrate all resources on ruining utterly the guy who told them to stand up the first place.  Then you’ll see them scattering like cockroaches.”

I personally believe Miscavige is rushing headlong toward the second option in point “c” of the essay excerpt above in frantically executing his current thinking.

There is one thing I am certain of.   That is, if more people stand up, step up and be counted it will make the thwarting of Miscavige’s current planning, and realization of the goals set forth in the essay, a heck of a lot easier.