Daily Archives: July 20, 2011

Ringmaster of the Vulture Culture

by Mike Rinder

This video excerpt is but the latest example of the degradation of Scientology at the hands of Pope on a Box. It is one section of the Opening Night of Maiden Voyage 2011, an event devoted almost exclusively to the surreal, off-policy “fundraising” circuses staged by the OT Asses in orgs around the world, even those that already have an “Ideal Org”.

Watch it and weep for what was once an organization that had some dignity, compassion and offered genuine help to man.

If you might have ever had a fleeting thought “there’s no way anyone could condone this insanity, it must just be local people who are a bit wacko doing their own thing” – here is the proof that it is commanded and promoted  from the “top”, the very pinnacle of the applebox.  These OT Asses are POB’s “stormtroopers.”  They do as he commands and then he validates them for their accomplishments at the annual  Maiden Voyage.

And, while you are spared the full implant, the exact same Joker and Degrader, Shermanspeak ™ mumbo-jumbo, delivered in his annoyingly hypnotic sing-song was presented for Africa, ANZO, Latam, UK, Canada,  EUS, WUS and Flag.  So, you can imagine the pain of having to endure 8X what you see here.   

In many areas, the “big win” was that they have “design and construction documents approved” (wow… now THAT’S straight up and vertical Planetary Clearing!!!). In every area a LOT of orgs are left out.  Just taking EU as an example, there was no mention of Stockholm, Oslo, Helsinki, Aarhus (still an org there?), seems like DK and Copenhagen Orgs have been combined?, Angers, St Etienne, Lyon, Clermont Ferrand, Hanover, Tel Aviv, Barcelona, Lisbon, St Petersburg, Nuoro, Monza and probably others I am forgetting. Every Cont had the same omissions — yet inclusion in this gala presentation required nothing more than putting on some sort of “theme” event and having a postulated building and/or some “design” documents.  For all those waiting for “OT IX and X” until all orgs are “Ideal”, you are in for a VERY long wait. 

Also of note: not one person from “International Management” is in the audience. It used to be the first three rows on the left side were occupied by “international management”, IAS and Freewinds execs. Now, because the entirety of “International Management” has been dismantled by Dear Loser, its just CO FSSO and the Port Captain as part of the applauding seal brigade.  Of course, the front row consists of the biggest contributors, the Baybacks, Jensens and Feshbachs – and front and center, POB’s speechwriter extraordinaire smirking and applauding his own witty incomprehensibility – Dan Sherman.

This single video clip should be enough to snap any real Scientologist into reality.  THIS is what Corporate Scientology has descended into under POB.  A parody mash-up of a game show, Saturday Night Live skit and Sunday Morning televangelist money grubbing.

This is apparently the best evidence POB can come up with of the unprecedented, unheralded, previously unimagined, superlative, massive, greater than all 50 years combined, straight up and vertical expansion he keeps talking about. Wow….