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How The West Was Won

We’ve discussed quite a bit on this blog how the West and East and all parts in between were destroyed for Scientology.  Let’s talk about how territory was won for helping people on a broad scale basis before it was lost.  Bob Mongiello of the old Riverside Mission fame has posted on You Tube a wonderful video in which he describes how the mission was started from scratch and evolved into a major, bustling center for delivering Scientology services.  He mentions how he and Mission Holder Bent Corydon visited COSMOD (church of Scientology Mission of Davis) to learn first hand how to create such an activity.  COSMOD expanded to several cities during the seventies opening a number of flourishing Missions.  One was in Portland Oregon.  That is where I first got into Scientology in 1977.  Bob’s descriptions of Riverside ring very true – the mission and its activity that he describes in Riverside fit the description of Portland circa mid seventies.

Those who got into Scientology after 1981 may not understand how relevant and widespread Scientology was back in the day; this video will give you the flavor.

Those who want to create your own flourishing activity, here is how it was done. Save yourself the 25k, 50k, or however many k it is now for a Scientology Missions International mission starter package – a package designed to fail.  All you need to get started is HCOB TR’s Re-Modernized and purpose.   Bob Mongiello presents the Free Mission Starter Package:

More on starting groups: http://community.freezone-tech.info/muster/