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Vulture Culture Casualty: The Entire Mission Network

Miscavige’s maniacal greed meltdown has reached out to and apparently destroyed the Mission network (the smaller “churches” that once provided introductory Scientology services to many people in just about every city of 1/2 million people or more).  A very recent defector who was in a position to witness it all has risked his future relations with family and prospects for business to provide us with the facts.  Meet my man Gabriel and be sure to let him know how you appreciate his courage.

I have served as a staff member in the mission network for a number of years.  I have very current data in the SMI Network that corroborates what Mr. Rathbun, Mr. Rinder and so many others are reporting.

Currently the mission network is on the verge of collapse. In terms of management it has been completely unmocked.  I know of three missions that have closed in the past year or so: Lake Charles, Lafayette, and Gulfport.  Lafayette has been open for a decade and used to be pretty strong – until one of its Mission Holders (an OT) died of cancer.  The other MH got a “handling” at Flag and came back saying that her SP was the MH Lake Charles. Need I say more?

Meanwhile the Gulfport mission, a new baby mission, got reged out of existence by PDU.  PDU reges camped out at the MHes’ house and extracted approximately $2 million over the course of two years.  The MH complained about paying the rent for the building to keep the mission open, and finally just shut it down. Of course, this was a DM mission from the get-go: no auditor, sup, or delivery terminal to start with, $50K in books in the garage, so what could you expect?

They got the first million from them to help pay for the Basics manufacturing facility. Which makes one wonder: did Dave have that bad boy paid in full by parishioner donos before the presses even started rolling?

Meanwhile many “missions” report no points in the Birthday Game, which equals “dead mission” (DM?).

The CO SMI EUS was transferred to WUS and stuck into the Pasadena Idle Org on mission never to return (until I guess it’s time to go put on a show at the next org). The CO SMI LATAM (who doesn’t speak English very well) was ripped to SMI EUS. No CO SMI LATAM replaced him, so that cont has no CO SMI.

A couple years ago, the SMI Officer Int, who was very strong in the mission network from everything I heard from MHes, Claire Edwards, vaporized. Rumors were that she went way up the line to Int. Now that I’ve been reading your blog I wonder if she might have gone way up the line to the Hole.

Mike Mason took the reins as Mission Consultancy Chief Int as the SMI leader, but also vaporized. I think RPF, then out, but I was not directly on those lines so not sure.

It is no exaggeration to say that 95% of all comm we get from SMI is:
a) Basics sales
b) IAS Donations
c) Event Attendance
d) Dianetics Seminars (which at first glance actually seems slightly closer to on-policy but actually is a joke)

There are no other stats or VFPs. This is all that we were judged by as of late 2011.

The latest push has been to hold a Dianetics Seminar every Saturday and Sunday in every mission. This is a totally bugged target. And heavy ethics were being applied. We actually had terminals from I think ILO calling the MHes and reminding them that their RTC Minimum Standards required them to hold a Dianetics Seminar. It was a thinly veiled threat: “Hold Dianetics Seminars every weekend or we’ll rip your licenses.” In desperation, mission staff took to shoving into the Seminar kids, staff, anybody – stretching out one person over three or four weekends a little at a time – anything (the CO SMI Int later reprimanded MHes at the conference for this very practice, verifying it was flagrant!)

When we didn’t have a Dianetics Seminar, it sounded like the cont CO was getting tortured. It was a huge deal.

And despite all this PUSH, DON’T DEBUG, DRIVE, seminar attendance remained very low even at the cont level.

More than a year before this point, SMI called the first SMI Conference that it had held since the Basics came out. That’s right, SMI had become such a book outlet that it didn’t even have a SMI Conference for years.

The SMI Conference was run directly by WDC Ideal Orgs, Blankenship. Same Blankenship that I learned from this blog went out-2D and has been paid for silence.

It was a surreal moment for me. Here the SMI Officer Int was gone up-lines, and SMI management was shredded from long-running missions to Idle Orgs, and yet here was WDC Ideal Orgs, as high up as you can get but an entirely different sector, running the SMI Conference!!!  Talk about a total reversal!

Of course, I didn’t think about it too much. I had my own problems – how do I fill up this damn seminar every weekend?  Especially because my CO SMI is reporting the data on the Dianetics Seminar progress directly to WDC Ideal Orgs.

This huge outpoint corroborates the data you have on Miscavige’s circle being so small and closing fast.
There is a ton of pressure right now coming down on missions and I assume orgs to use DM’s magical Div 6 Routes (scripted PE in 2.5 hours with 100% guaranteed re-sign rate? Really?) and especially the HDS.  I guess the new routes are DM’s “handle” on the fact that he has finally reached a point of desperation for fresh blood.

I will send more data when I can.


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