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Carisa Marion Goes To Bat For You

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There’s a lot more to the story than what was in the St Pete Times. I’ll be doing a free workshop at the upcoming Freezone convention in Vegas on how to get your money back, not just the paperwork, releases and how to get those right, but the strategies as well. I also have the lines with the attorneys in Florida whether you are suing or not. (do not sign a gag order, period, call me if you need help now on a cycle) It took me 9 months and 16 days.  When you see what really went down you won’t believe it.


I am certain it was my KR on Tommy Davis and Int Execs that got him put away. It got me months of “2 on 1” meetings with OSA, being refused service for 8 months unless I would change my mind. I assigned Int Execs treason for the lies and alteration of the most basic Scientology tech exposed in that interview by the very guys claiming to be “keeping the tech pure”. That was after I was going through hell for my KR on the gross revisions of the FPRD. As soon as I figure out how to do a blog I’ll have it all online. : )

Joe (Childs) was great, we spent months on the phone and he’s heard the real story, however I will never forgive him and Moe the photographer for not allowing me to smile or see the photo beforehand. I understand they want to make us look like we are “lost and hurt” from the suppression but OMG publishing that horrible photo of me on my 50th birthday for the world to see me as a poor victim?! Do I seem lost or hurt to you? I win everytime against them, period.


Remember The Little Yellow House? 1 million dollars, how did I do that? That’s another story and that also took 9 months of daily back and forth and threats of declare in my kitchen after 12 years of keeping that property from investors. I could write a book about the story of that property. But who won? They’ve only had a taste of me. Attempting to steal all that money off my account was the smallest crime they committed against me in 33 years. I handled that easily back in December of last year.


I’m still on post and I’m still working for LRH. They know I’m not going away. Okay you guys, are we ready to take it to the next level or what?!!! Anyone can reach me at




“Pure and Simple Blackmail”

Reference:  The Money Machine, St Petersburg Times.

Tony Ortega at the Village Voice weighed in on the Money Machine series in the St Petersburg Times,  Scientology’s Sale Pitch: “Pure and Simple Blackmail.”  Tony made some interesting observations.  One in particular deserves highlighting:

One of the most frequent questions we get about Scientology from people we meet is some variation of this: “You’ve written that the church is actually pretty small and losing people every day. So where is all this money coming from for new buildings?”

We have to admit, we never really had a very good answer for that. Until now.

The SP Times series, with most of it still to come, has already made us much more aware of how the “regging” process works, and how Scientologists constantly endure a hard-sell approach not only to pay for auditing services, but to make outright donations for new buildings, for memberships, and for books they already have copies of.

I take that as a strong validation of the work of Tom Tobin and Joe Childs and their dozens of sources.  Since the mid 09 Truth Rundown series in the Times, Miscavige’s strategy has been to ignore facts, ignore reality, and make nothing of his own criminal conduct by constructing a BIG LIE.   That lie was stated in its most blatantly over-the-top fashion in response to the Money Machine series:

 The fact is that the church has expanded more in the past five years than in its previous 50, with new churches opening across the globe and our social and humanitarian programs extending our help across the planet on a weekly basis.

As we have known from the outset, this is brashest BIG LIE imaginable.  I am glad to see that Tobin and Child’s work has put this lie to rest in such credible fashion that others are beginning to recognize.

SP Times Puts Ethics In on “church” of Scientology

Please see the latest stories in the Money Machine series in the St Petersburg Times.

Since I know most of the particulars of the stories covered, what I find most fascinating are the church’s responses.  Read the story on Roccio and Luis Garcia, Scientology Couple Who Gave $1.3: Church mission ‘has been corrupted.’

Here is the totality of the church’s response to their devastating story:

The church said it expelled Garcia and that he is an ally of high-profile church defector Marty Rathbun. Garcia insists he resigned.

What does that even mean to the public at large?

See the story of Carisa Marion, Shifty Business: Times Inquiry Finds Secret Debits, Deception After “Basics” Release.

The church is caught red-handed, with conviction-worthy evidence, of grand larceny and here is the totality of their defense:

The church characterized the unauthorized debits as a “misallocation of funds, not felony theft.” It said it considers parishioners’ pre-payments for services to be donations that become church property. So while diverting funds was not appropriate, it wasn’t theft.

“Indeed, in the United States, most parishioners claim tax deductions for their donations, indicating they have relinquished ownership of the funds,” the church said. 

I have said it before and I’ll say it again here, David Miscavige has patently been engaged in systematic criminal behavior mis-using IRS tax exemption as a shield.   Also, the title of this post was in reference specifically to this story. Notice how Carisa’s trust funds were only returned to mitigate the damage this very series of articles might cause Miscavige’s criminal operations.  You can bet a number of atrocities will be ‘remedied’ by the church in response to this entire series – but only, only where Miscavige perceives that to do otherwise will be more painful than to return funds owed.

Finally, see the lead article in Monday’s edition, Pervasive Pitch: Scientology book and lecture series, ‘The Basics’, unleashes a frenzy.

After detailing a series of hard sell horrors, including with the use of false imprisonment, the Times’ recounts Roccio Garcia’s story of being reged for basics packages in the auditing room of her auditor by her auditor.   Please secure your beverage before reading the “church’s” response here:

The church denied that any of its auditors breached their ministerial duty.

It said church policy dating back to the 1950s requires auditors, as well as course room supervisors, to help parishioners get materials to further their spiritual pursuits.

“Ministers of every religion participate in disseminating the scripture and in fundraising,” the church said. “It is utterly offensive that the Times is questioning religious practice.”

No, what is utterly offensive is the cult of extortion and greed that David Miscavige operates in the name of Scientology.


David Miscavige is Basically Obsessed

See the latest video on the St Petersburg Times website, part of the ongoing Money Machine series:  Luis Garcia and Synthia Fagen speak out in Basically Obsessed.