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The $100,000,000 Book Con – dox

Gabriel has come through with some documented particulars as to magnitude of the rape, pillage, and plunder of Scientology public by David Miscavige’s “Basics” scam.  Good timing my friend.

One Hundred Million

by Gabriel

After the release of the Basics, this email got posted on the notice board for all mission staff.  Nick Christensen was the mission sales rep at the time:

“Only $2,561,205 left to make $100,000,000 for the year in GBS!!!!!!
Inbox    x
Nick Christensen nchristensen@bridgepub.com  9/19/07          

to ANCHORAGE, Aurora, Baton, Bev, bellevue, belleair, Brand, Buena, chicago, clearwater, Foothills, Houston, CAPITOL, Melrose, NEWJERSEY, neworleans, Scientology, MILWAUKEE, Palo, redwoodcity, riverpark, seattle, Sherman, sanfrancisco, siliconvalley, santamonica

Attention: All Mission Staff

Whoever opens this e-mail should make sure to print it out, make it known to the staff of where the mission stands, and then post it on any and all notice boards that you have to get the staff and your public pumped up to make their target.

Remember each Mission is to make at least 1 full package sale or 2 lecture upgrades. 

If your mission isn’t on the list that means I either don’t have an updated report from you or you are at zero which can and needs to be changed immediately for us to make the $6,000,000 target.

Right now we are at $3,438,795.00 so that is only $2,561,205 left to go!!!!

Here is how it breakdowns down in GBS so far:

1. Los Feliz – $11,363
2. Silicon Valley – $3,700
3. Beverly Hills – $3,500
4. Melrose – $3,000
5. Portland – $2,631
6. Palo Alto – $2,600
7. Milwaukee – $2,600
8. Halifax – $2,600
9. Huntington Park – $ 1,970
10. Lafayette – $1,950
11. New Orleans – $1,900
12. Redondo Beach – $1,775
13. Santa Rosa – $1,756
14. Belleair – $1661
15. East Toronto – $1,500
16. Champaign – $1,500
17. Brand Blvd – $1,500
18. Buenaventura – $1,500
19. Seattle – $1,463
20. Elgin – $1,127
21. Houston – $1,000
22. Riverpark – $1,000
23. Foothills – $800
24. Baton Rouge – $500
25. Sherman Oaks – $500
26. Albany – $450
27. Capitol – $255
28. Clearwater – $200

You guys can do it!! We are counting on you!


Nick and Marisa”

Bridge Publications only covers the Western Hemisphere.  So that’s $100 million just for the West in one year, not inclusive of whatever New Era was selling.

I remember reading this and getting a sort of electric thrill.  “Wow, it’s really happening.  Pubs is going to be able to market the hell out of Dianetics, now, and fill up the orgs and missions!  It’s just around the corner! TV ads, magazines, marketing galore.  We’re going to capture the fabled 5% of the world book market!  Sheer momentum and planetary clearing and all that!”

No marketing campaign.

Maybe there just wasn’t enough money in the “war chest” yet.

But let’s do a little math.

Each Basics Book and Lecture package cost $3,000.

Let’s assume a cost of $1.00 total production cost for each of the 280 lectures in the Basics.  This is actually very high but let’s just be safe in terms of including the price of the binders, supplements, shipping, pay for SO members, etc.

Here is a link that cites industry standard CD replication costs of $.50, and this is if you outsource:


Now let’s add in the cost of each of the 18 Basic books.  We’ll assume a cost of $10 per book, but it’s certainly less than this.  But we’ll wrap into this costs of shipping, etc.

So a full Basics Book and Lecture package costs a maximum of $280 for lectures + $180 for books = $460.

$460 is only  15% of $3000.  At least 85% of Basics sales are profit.

The way the discounts were structured, the distributors of the Basics (orgs and missions) sent almost all of their sales money up the lines to Bridge Publications.

So of this $100,000,000: about $85,000,000 was pure unadulturated profit.

And this was just the beginning of the Basics, in ’07.  This was before the endless libraries and the 16 sets for your garage.  Before Bridge Pubs started issuing official handles on the sales objection “I don’t have enough shelf space.”

No wonder DM could just never get enough.  No wonder nearly every Scientology terminal in existence has been pressured into becoming a glorified Bookstore Officer.

When you add this $85 million profit to whatever New Era has been selling, plus the millions each week that Flag is generating, plus IAS, plus Superpower, plus Idle Orgs, plus tithes, plus film licenses, plus plus plus plus, I estimate that it’s at the minimum HALF A BILLION dollars ANNUALLY funneling through the top.

And yet IAS reges incessantly pitch the newest emergency that requires the exact amount of emergency funding they feel they can extract from you or else the world ends.

The terrified vultures pick and pick and meanwhile high above them the Short Vulture is getting very fat indeed.

I’ll send more data when I can.