Daily Archives: November 18, 2011

Perversion of the Arts

A society which in any way inhibits, suppresses or regiments its artists is a society not only low on the Tone Scale, but most certainly doomed.  A totalitarian state, following its usual line of perversion of truth, talks endlessly about its subsidization of the artist, but it subsidizes only those artists who are willing to work for the state exactly as the state dictates.  It regiments the artist and prescribes what he will do and what he will write and what he will think.  This is in direct controversion to the function of the artist in society.

– L. Ron Hubbard, Science of Survival

Beware, apparently in a last-ditch power drive, death merchant David Miscavige is making a desperate foray into music and film.

After single handedly crippling the beingnesses and careers of such erstwhile giants as Tom Cruise and John Travolta, Miscavige is seeking to pimp out the entire Scientology creative pool in a vain effort to make Scientology hip.

Here is the latest use to which he has put the “church’s” most sacred, “religious” retreat:

He wants his “celebs” to “blow away”, “inspire”, and “empower” as many bots as he can to populate Hollywood, I suppose, to re-grip a power base that has for years been fading fast.

To understand just how Miscavige will use any such increase in the ranks to accelerate the decline of the image of Scientology through the arts, please see the latest from Tony Ortega at Village Voice, Scientology Chillin’ With Hip Hop; A Video That Cannot Be Unseen.

I have never seen the genre so shamelessly whored out.   Not by the most brazen bling worshiping, gangster revering, drug promoting, mysogenist bad boys who nearly destroyed urban roots music and poetry.  As bad as their influence was, there is a big distinction between them and Miscavige.  The former, for the most part, were just trying to make enough cheddar to get out of the projects.  Miscavige wants ALL the dough and wants to drive everybody into the projects in order to get it.  Unfortunately for his empire, and fortunately for society at large, Miscavige’s enforced “art” is so repulsive it is probably the greatest guarantee he will never achieve his sordid aims.