How The West Was Won

We’ve discussed quite a bit on this blog how the West and East and all parts in between were destroyed for Scientology.  Let’s talk about how territory was won for helping people on a broad scale basis before it was lost.  Bob Mongiello of the old Riverside Mission fame has posted on You Tube a wonderful video in which he describes how the mission was started from scratch and evolved into a major, bustling center for delivering Scientology services.  He mentions how he and Mission Holder Bent Corydon visited COSMOD (church of Scientology Mission of Davis) to learn first hand how to create such an activity.  COSMOD expanded to several cities during the seventies opening a number of flourishing Missions.  One was in Portland Oregon.  That is where I first got into Scientology in 1977.  Bob’s descriptions of Riverside ring very true – the mission and its activity that he describes in Riverside fit the description of Portland circa mid seventies.

Those who got into Scientology after 1981 may not understand how relevant and widespread Scientology was back in the day; this video will give you the flavor.

Those who want to create your own flourishing activity, here is how it was done. Save yourself the 25k, 50k, or however many k it is now for a Scientology Missions International mission starter package – a package designed to fail.  All you need to get started is HCOB TR’s Re-Modernized and purpose.   Bob Mongiello presents the Free Mission Starter Package:

More on starting groups:

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  1. Yep, that rings a bell for how it was when I was first involved back in the 80’s. Comm courses, fun, wins on everyday subjects, not much $ involved and people generally interested and involved and happy. No fancy quarters or materials, but an alive spirit of play and mutual cooperation and involvement and people weren’t embarrassed to say they are a Scientologists, despite the bad media which indeed existed back then, but the people involved had genuine wins and gains and hence disseminated genuinely. Sad how it seem like ancient history…

    With DM on board it will never become like this again. I propose the application of the most used line in Alice In Wonderland – Off with xxx xxxx!

  2. Southwest mission, Dallas TX, 1978. An old three story building east of towntown in a, then, decaying area. Folding metal chairs that hurt like the dickens to sit in. A little paperback booklet. TRs! That’s all there was and we loved it!

    How things change.

  3. What a small world it is. In chatting with Bob on FaceBk he told me the DM Darlings who brought DM’s entheta to our mission back in the mid ’90s also stole $600,000 from Riverside.

    I love this video! It tells how simple it is just to deliver LRH correctly, without all the arbitrary BS. I also admire that Bob and his family got out of the corporate church of DM quick and just kept right on going with training and auditing! I never even know people like him existed outside of DM’s church back then.

  4. No doubt! Once Richard Beers got hold of you, you WOULD be getting to course one way or another. We had a very similiar set up there in Dallas, sell ’em a book, (DMSMH $2.00) and schedule them for the free lecture. It was easy really.

  5. Very inspiring. Having been part of the early days at CCLA I can say that the way was BUILT on a great intro lecture, good public regges that ONLY regged the comm course, who stayed in comm with the HAS public and then got them onto HQS. Public regges rarely is ever sold auditing.

    The Div 2 reg would take over and reg for life repairs etc.

    But, the way was built on care and staying in touch with our public.

    I REALLY like Bob’s explanation of how he built an org board and how he put people under the Div Heads, Directors etc.

    Wonderful. It would be great to see 100s of new missions springing up.


  6. The video brings back great memories from the 1973-1980 period in New York, Toronto and later in Clearwater where I started.
    Bob speaks with such sincerity On the east coast, these same basic principles were followed.
    So many wonderful people working together.
    Scientology rocked!
    The whole Scientology movement simply got off track; and, in my opinion, became too complex for the average person. Mr. Miscavige came along and forever blocked the gateway to progress with serious alterations.
    The independent movement must now pick up the pieces.
    So many great pictures of the Buddha in the video.
    A violent Mr. Miscavige opened up the reality of Theravada Buddhism in the United States.
    May all beings be well and happy!

  7. Bob did a super great job on the video. His interest is in creating ways to get people up the bridge, just as it was years ago. I was at San Francisco Org until 77 and was very familiar with COSMOD and with the other missions in the area. San Francisco Org was the beneficiary of those missions in the 70s. Scientology was actually fun; Clears, Auditors and OTs were made in volume. The missions were a key ingredient to that action as they fed the Org with Auditor Trainees and other public . The Bridge was in tact and in fine working condition.

  8. What an Amazing video. I’m speechless !
    That’s communication !

  9. The COSMOD missions were great places. The Davis mission was in a decrepit building – a slightly renovated car repair place, with folding metal chairs and hand-made tables. COSMOD Sac was a bit better, upstairs in a big building in an industrial area. Then Portland and finally San Francisco. It was just how Bob describes it. Nothing fancy, no glitz. Courses and auditing were affordable and staff were having fun.

    Then David Miscavige came in and destroyed it all.

  10. WH — nowadays POB’s genius has replaced the proven intro line with his Fully Automated Robot TV (FART) Div 6. No people, just MEST.

    But there’s an adder bummer.

    The best film he had to show (Story of Book One, starring Michael Fairman) is no longer suitable viewing, and he can’t show them Orientation either (starring Larry Anderson) or any number of films featuring Jason Beghe (or Dan Koon)…

    It really sucks to be POB. The whole world is conspiring to destroy every brilliant plan he comes up with,,,

  11. What pleasure moments this video evokes:

    Seattle Org 1974/1975 …

    A huge second floor room downtown, partitioned off to make the different training and auditing spaces.

    Many staff and public who really cared about each other.

    Dr. Gene Denk had me read the Dianetics book and took me into the org for training and auditing.

    Beginning training in the huge partitioned room. TR’s, PRD, M-1 Co-audit, HSDC.

    Life Repair in the partitioned-off HGC.

    Getting married to Dr. Denk in the org, wonderful ceremony.

    Thank you for this perfect presentation by Bob Mongiello. It couldn’t have come at a better time as I’m facing the anniversary of Dr. Denk’s departure on November 5th.

    May it evoke pleasurable memories in others and help us better define an ideal scene for new public. Rachel

  12. This is beautiful!
    As someone finally now finding my way back onto the path after finally recovering from the years of heartbreaking betrayal, I got so much more out of this than you can imagine.
    Thank you Bob. 🙂 ♥

  13. Greed and arrogance POB. The story is always the same…

  14. So what used to be Riverside Mission has now turned into an Ideal Org! Pretty building – no people left inside.

  15. This brings back great memories. When I was on staff at the SF Org we had the Cosmod staff come for their training. They were very dedicated. Actually we all were. We all looked a bit scruffy as did the surroundings, but we were not middle class PTS which the RCS personifies now. Nothing like real purpose.

  16. Great video. What Bob describes was the formula used at the NY Org in 1968 – comm course, intro lectures about communication and ARC, and disseminators handing out invitations to a lecture. The place was packed night after night.

  17. David Miscavige’s only option will be to redo all films with non-Scientologist actors that have no interest in the subject. This will cut down the odds that he will be compelled to declare them SP from 97.5% to to nearly 0%.

  18. Every brilliant plan he comes up with and tries to shove down our ignorant %$^^&$#%&ing, stupid throats becasue he’s the only one who can SEE the big picture.

    What a theta guy.

  19. Having been the Dissem Sec FSO, I can tell you how “Missions” are created in recent years.

    First a reg finds a Scientology public who can afford to write a check for $50,000 and he sits that public down in a small room and blocks the door.

    The reg explains all the wonderful things about opening Missions.

    The rich public person explains that they are too busy running their own business to also run a Mission.

    The reg explains that they know people that would open and run a Mission but they don’t have the $50,000 for the starter package (e-meters, books, course packs, etc).

    The rich person is hammered until he writes the $50,000 check which he turns over to the local Scientology Missions International (SMI) rep (money grabber).

    The reg gets his $5,000 commission.

    Some Scientologist who filled out a survey saying they would like to run a Mission in their country, like Hungary, Mexico, Russia, etc is sent a HUGE starter package.

    This huge shipment usually winds up in a garage, basement or tool shed.
    A few of the boxes are opened and some basic courses might get delivered to some family and friends.

    Stats are counted and paraded at events. Harrray, harray, harray!!!!!

    No real expansion.

    I have seen this personally from start to finish. I honestly didn’t understand
    the end result until I toured in Europe and visited some of these “Missions”.
    It still bums me out just thinking about it…….

  20. What a fantastic video. I hope I have the honor of meeting Bob in person in the near future.

    Back when the missions got squashed, I was in Vancouver. I recall thinking to myself, and later saying out loud, “why didn’t they do a plus-point eval on the missions rather than destroying them?”

    Well, now I know at least two of the reasons.

    1. They wanted the missions money. Back then a mission could not use their advanced donations until the person started the service, so they all had significant reserves.

    2. miscavige and his ilk were (and still are) a bunch of a-holes. Their solution to seeing missions doing so much better than many orgs was to destroy the competition. A “solution” he still seems to treasure to this day.

    Oh well. Onward and upward for those of us heading in that direction.

  21. Hi Marty,

    Thanks for posting Dad’s Hat write-up and furthering the intention to grow Scientology!

    A very warm thanks from all the Mongiello Family!


  22. Felicitas Foster

    Hi Marty,
    was not able to watch the video. Can you please post the link to it?
    Thank you!

  23. Bob and Joan….wow awesome. I met you with Mike Fine back in 1986 or 87 I believe.I was on tour with Mike and we had pizza in your kitchen and your children were small then. I remember your story and how the COS raided your mission and your company.
    I always admired your strength! I hope you guys are doing well. L Carol

  24. Every time I drive by the empty Seattle Idle Org, I do have to admire the beautiful flat screen TV’s our local public was forced to buy.

    Now, if only somebody were actually THERE to watch them.


  25. I think the Riverside Mission – owned by Bent Corydon is still owned by Bent and is an historic building.

    At one point it was taken from him but I believe he somehow got it back many years later. Not positive but the building that Bob was showing us was the actual Riverside Mission from years ago and is not part of Corporate Scn.

    At least I don’t think so.


  26. A non-church buddy just emailed me this quote. Very telling:

    “…also, I’ve been staying up-to-date with what’s going on with Scientology and Mister Creepo Miscavige. It’s hitting the fringes of mainstream news, and there is some buzz on Twitter. That dude is bonkers.”

  27. Yup — that’s EXACTLY how it’s done.

    Except my ex was regged for 3 of them (before we met each other) and I think got a bit of a discount.

    We then had three starter packs and LOTS and LOTS of boxes delivered which we then got to store somewhere.

    We never did open any of those missions and here’s the most outrageous part —

    YEARS later we were told that our starter packs were never delivered — and therefore if we just signed on the dotted line, the $$ could be used to send libraries or SOMETHING somewhere.

    No matter how many times I said — believe me — those starter packs WERE delivered. I had to shlep them from various storage lockers —
    I wasn’t believed and I finally said — I don’t care — send books anywhere you like.



  28. I love Bob’s postulate that there will yet be a better Era of Scientology Delivery in the Field via the earlier Mission Principles.

    I would love to see that come true.

    Thanks for making this very theta video and posting.

    There is little more comforting than again envisioning another bright Future for Scientology. Back to the Spirit of Things, goodbye to the Corporate Militia.

  29. That’s it exactly. I saw two friends buy these packages which were mostly all books. Little to no course packs that I saw and I know because I let one of the “marks” store his on a property I had. And of course with a bit of book repackaging, the Mission inventory was soon outdated to boot.

    A screw job from start to finish.

    The only tool shed that should have been used in that operation is the one DM should have been taken back behind of.

  30. Sometime last year, when I was in Manhattan I decided to pay the NY Org off Times Square a visit.

    I was a brand new person — which wasn’t a complete lie — cause I was no longer a practicing scientologist (I’m a buddhist) and I had never been in THIS NY Org.

    Those FARTs are just unbelievable. A youngish gal went with me from FART to FART. She couldn’t talk or wouldn’t.

    I kept asking — how come all the people in these videos are so young. I would feel very out of place here. No answer.

    Then I was escorted to a movie theater type room – about 15 chairs – to watch a longer movie. It wasn’t Larry’s though or Michaels. Actually it wasn’t 1/2 bad to be fair.

    But afterwards I was practically beaten up to buy the $100.00 package that would teach me HOW to audit DMSMH.

    When I said — no. No money. I was severely looked down on. She said it’s ONLY $100.00

    I’m curious when the last time this poor SO (on special assignment it turned out) has earned enough money to INVEST $100.00 in something that MIGHT now work.

    $100.00 isn’t a fortune but in today’s economy it might be for some.

    LRH said somewhere that our orgs should be friendly places where people want to come and hang out. It sure was that way for me when I first got involved in 1972 at CCLA. I just wanted to BE there and hang out after class or get there early to hang out. It was safe, fun, and pretty exciting.


  31. The money is a big thing, I am sure. Since the OIC (Org Information Center) was a public area at ASHO, I know for a fact that the weekly GI of ASHO D back in 1976 was $25K per week, sometimes 30. Missions had $40K?

    Speaking of which, the 5% per month increase that went into effect Nov 1 1976 was supposed to help increase GI. Guess what the ASHO GI was in 1981 or thereabouts? $25K per week – same as 1976. Only with LESS students and PCs.

  32. Tom Gallagher

    What a beautiful man. What a beautiful video, story, purpose……….

    And it brings back beautiful memories from 1974 and my early years at the Mission of Cincinnati. The place was packed and THE safe place to be in town.

    Then it was destroyed by the Miscavige goon squads.

    Never-the-less, from the ashes the phoenix soars.

    Thank you Bob for all you did and are doing! Wonderful.

  33. This is an awesome video. I officially got in in a small mission in New Jersey, and we did the same route – PE lecture, comm course, HQS course, then Student Hat, HSDC, and whooom – to the Org. Auditing was Life Repair to ARC S/W Release, Dianetics, the DRDs, and the grades.

    We did not have the huge div 6 that COSMOD and Riverside had. On the other hand, we sent a LOT of people to ASHO and AO, or to AOSHUK if they wanted to go to England instead.

    I looked into starting a mission around 2000, and was shocked at the sticker price – it was $35K then! For what? It was supposed to be enough stuff to get you started, fully explained and designed by people who never did it. Really, it is so true what Bob and Marty said: All you need is TR’s Remodernized, and some chairs, and the go!

  34. That would be “and then go!” 🙂

  35. Michael Fairman

    Wonderful picture of what it was like. You brought back warm memories of the Glendale Mission, where I started in 1982. I got 5 hours of Book 1 for $25 and had an amazing cognition in the first session. Then the comm course for 50 bucks, which was amazing from start to finish. The place was jumping and bull baiting was a ball — and I realized I was a spiritual being to the bargain. Everyone knew each other and there was no pressure of any kind. I and many, many others just asked “What’s next?” And next was the HQS and Life Repair. Also fun and big wins. Then I was told by other Scientologists — not from the mission — that because I was an actor I had to be at CC Int. I didn’t want to go because I actually loved being where I was. I did go, and the rest of the story is up and down and eventually down, down down — constant regging, along with a passel of “must be’s” and “must’s do’s”.

    Bob, from what I’ve experienced with Marty and Ingrid Smith and from what I hear about Trey Lotz and many others, Scientology is fun again. It’s begun to “rock”.

  36. WOW, What an incredible video!

    I really like the intro line up and I am absolutely certain that a Div 6 run this way would be successful!

    After attesting to clear I realized that I had to leave my 17 year teaching job so that I could help people get what I had gotten as a result of going clear. I was never regged to join staff, (I had driven them into apathy about the subject with 17 years of telling them that my purpose was in education). Instead, I volunteered. I wrote the ED and told her what I wanted to do and started part time until I could turn over all my hats.

    So I set out to create my own booming Div 6 at my local org and even in 2002 we were able to get 10 starts a week average with just one public contact person and one reg. It really is just a matter of letting the public get the tech and go out and apply it in life. It is the wins of using the tech that create a boom. It’s just that simple.

    Had there been no IAS, Ideal Org or crush regging I would have made it. I can see that this still can be done in the Independent field. The corruption in the church is so great that they have lost track of the purpose of Orgs and the missions have been beaten up so much that no one wants to be a mission holder.

    Best part of the video…the price to start up a mission. Ha Ha Ha

  37. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  38. Have the full 224MB 480p DVD file for sending via GMAIL by multi-volume Archive.

  39. Mat and WH you got that right. What a complete travesty.

  40. +100000000000 totally INSANE!

  41. (sarcasm on)
    Poor Bob. He only THINKS that the answer to no expansion is simplicity, inexpensiveness, service, people winning, and non-opulent quarters.

    Doesn’t he realize that the way to expand Scientology is with video panels, non-promotion, no human contact, lack of results, arbitrary C/Sing, enlightenment systems, crush regging, expensive Int Events, and things *based* on the works of L. Ron Hubbard.
    (sarcasm off)

    I remember that the old (OLD) 1970’s/1980’s Redondo Beach Mission had so many people on the Comm Course that if you were less than twenty minutes early for course you couldn’t get a seat.

    You couldn’t match that now.

    Mostly because there’s no Redondo Beach Mission any more.

  42. It was a joke WH 😉

  43. Wow, talk about those wonderful “hazy days of summer…”
    I remember the Orgs of the mid 80’s. Would never had considered in my wildest dreams that within a decade the phenomena of a 3rd Dynamic’s ability to the granting of beingness would be eradicated from such places.
    To those who have never experienced what Scientology can actually be like as designed by the originator… wow, what a bummer. It gives such a sense of future, hope, fun and drive. It truly can produce a safe environment which you are free to make your own and be so willing to share with others, DM will go down as probably the worst despot in history but he and his ilk cannot destroy the reach for all that the tech can provide. Those that seek to dominate as a philosophy or finance of life deep down are very scared about anything to do with the truth of spiritualism in any form. – to them they know the truth really hurts.
    We have our work to do.

  44. martyrathbun09

    Thank you. And thank your dad. He’s done a tremendous public service.

  45. Simply Revolting

    “…rooms filled with people…”
    Current Cof$ management:

  46. Yeah was sent this video few days ago Very good indeed BOB.And I certaintly will keep in touch with Bob. IT brought back a load of memories

  47. ” The place was packed and THE safe place to be in town.” !!

    1976 when I found Scn. Same! ☼

  48. one of those who see

    I remember being in my 20’s. It was Sat. nite and i was in the mission listening to the reel to reel student hat tapes. Sat nite and that’s where I wanted to be! I eventually joined staff. Not recruited. I felt left out of the fun, wanted to be part of the team-so I joined. It was so theta there. Music at night. Sauna was a box in the basement. Nothing fancy, tables and chairs. Wonderful Sup! Reconnected with him now and reading to him from this Blog.
    Just after I joined staff, the Int Finance police showed up. Mission Holder Declared. Mission closed. None ever opened in it’s place. Been 29 years.

    We have started a return to those earlier successful actions. To borrow from John Lennon:
    Imagine there’s no direct donations
    Imagine the C/Sing and Auditing is for you
    Imagine being validated for what you do out in the world
    Imagine starting the session being a breeze
    Imagine F/Ning at the Examiner
    Imagine being thought of as basically good
    Imagine actually going UP the bridge
    Imagine theta being more important than mest
    Imagine no 3 hour events which look and feel like an implant station
    Imagine hanging out at the mission or group to be with friends and share wins
    Imagine no enforced disconnection
    Imagine no enforced have
    Imagine Scientology studied and applied in Freedom.
    You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope one day you’ll join us, where Scientology is more fun.

    Thanks Bob!!

  49. ☀☀☀ Thank you Marty and Bob Mongiello! ☀☀☀

    The reason Scientology was thriving so in the mid to late 70s is because of you and the many staff, auditors, public and others … It’s called DELIVERY. Thank you each and all.

    Irony: That’s the very reason (delivery) why we are considered dangerous by the corporate impostor “trademark holders”; that’s why the top and best were attacked and ousted in one of the most insidious switherceroo takeovers fathomable (using the very help as bait and disguise). In the ultimate inversion, the corporate takeover attacked those getting results and actualizing delivery because their objective is control & conque$t, not liberation, improved conditions and relief.

    We are much wiser. Forever.

    And the rush of rekindled Purpose and the anticipation of relief given worldwide makes this one of my happiest days.

  50. 😀 coolest ever video. liked the art one, too, great model for getting things started and community participation … so much fun, joy, creativity and radiance

    D ☀ E ☀ L ☀ I ☀V ☀ E ☀ R ☀Y

  51. You know- even when I did the Pro-Trs course at Flag a couple of years ago. It was fun…..during course time. Lots of laughs, cognitions, and a generally good time.

    My twin on the course was an Iranian woman who was a dentist I believe for part and then I finished with the Senior C/S of the Salt Lake City Org, Don Larsen I believe. Funny guy– he really got me in bullbaiting good.

    The problem was after course ended the regging began. Vultures everywhere, and I mean everywhere. The DC Ideal Org was about to open so they were selling special Dianetics books for 500 bucks. Non-stop harassment to buy the books. Not to mention IAS, Superpower, etc.

    Its funny- at Flag- all the brainwashed 17 year olds running the insane asylum are totally controlled and made to believe “the old way” (you know everyone happy and winning) was so out tech and off policy and squirrel.

    Only Flag i its current manifestation is pure LRH tech (you know everyone broke, miserable, and blowing)

    Thank God for the Squirrel Busters {Sigh} {Deep Breath} {Sigh} 🙂

  52. WH,

    What was the body traffic like? I remember in 1972, the NY org had this huge course room that was pretty full. They had several supervisors moving around to handle all the students. There was a dynamic black guy who did the intro lectures after a film that included Stephen Boyd. He was willing to answer any question you threw at him.

  53. It’s only $100. I recall the data that you get the person to really want the course, and they will figure out how to get the money for it. If you have to shame them into buying it, you really haven’t gotten them to the point where they want it. Tch! Tch!

  54. Hi Roy,
    This again brings up a point which has been bothering me. If Scientology was taken off the rails by DM, then there is a weak point which was not covered somewhere on the line. No one has yet found and handled that weak point. That means the whole scenario could play out over again. Has this thought occurred to you? I know you want to stick to the real deal and have it flourish again.

  55. Thanks for this Bob.

    None but old timers have any personal knowledge of this era of real expansion, which is a shame. I was Riverside public for many years during the 70’s and early 80’s and it was as Bob stated. It was a booming place that was fun to be in. The Comm Course room was full and had 6-8 supervisors in it to handle the public. Friday night graduations were fun to attend. No one had to be threatened or dragged to them. The wins were real, skits were put on by staff, which were hilarious, there was a staff band that played after graduation, people danced and joked and had a great time. We would invite staff over to our home after and they would come and bring cards, games, beer, food whatever, we would talk, play games, the regges cheated at Monopoly, and maybe get good an drunk. Up the next morning at zero dark thirty to get ready for post. A little bleary eyed but damned glad to be there.

    I would sometimes go to bed with a dozen people still in my house, wake up the next morning with some of them sleeping on the floor or the couch. We’d rattle them awake and off they’d go to get ready. It may not have been all roses but the people were real and the times were great.

    The line up was comm course, anatomy of the human mind and HQS. Worked for me. Worked for a lot of other folks too. Many a time I pulled an all nighter to comp. Several people would stay, some would sleep while others helped with drills checkouts etc, then they would change. Someone would go out for food and we would take a break around 3:00am. 3:00am is a hard time to study. Then back at it as you got your second wind. I remember doing emeter drills at 4:00 in the morning. We had to keep switching off who was holding the cans with someone that had taken a bit of a nap and would read on the meter. Try doing assessment drills at 4:00 am sometime and you will appreciate the effort these people put forward.

    They were intrepid individuals and felt like family. Miscavige cannot hold a candle to these people. He is a faker and a fraud and by reliable reports incapable of even giving a session without resorting to violence.

    Real Scientology was happening in those areas and it worked very well.

    There are areas where this has returned and I am glad to be a part of it. Real Scientology is fun. Fake Scientology is, well, not fun. If you aren’t having fun it isn’t Scientology in my view.

    Thanks again Bob. And thank you Marty for posting this. It was good to see that so many others experienced something similar in other missions.

  56. Marty, I too got into Scientology at the Portland Mission back in 79. Man it was a happening place. The course rooms were packed, lots of auditors were being made. Hard TR’s were the order of the day, right off of the HCOB’s. Not like today with the “new improved” packs with altered tech etc, etc. Those were the days!

  57. Lynne,
    Go to

  58. “When I said — no. No money. I was severely looked down on. She said it’s ONLY $100.00”

    That says it all WH.

  59. martyrathbun09

    I think about it all the time and write about it quite often on this blog.

  60. “The rich person is hammered until he writes the $50,000 check which he turns over to the local Scientology Missions International (SMI) rep (money grabber).

    The reg gets his $5,000 commission.”

    More clear cut quotes.

  61. Charese and Dad,
    Thank you for your continuing acts of benefit to all of our Dynamics. Those Missions were legend and what caused the affluence in so many other areas. What caused it once, can cause it again.

  62. Once: The lobby was empty. The Div 6 course room is below the lobby area but visible as it’s all glass. The place is maxed out – deco looking and not too bad actually.

    BUT there was NO one else watching the robot videos and no one else in the movie theater. There was another BIG theater room that was supposedly the chapel. Empty.

    It was empty in the morning when I went and then returned just after dinner empty.

    I wasn’t ALLOWED to go upstairs to where the Academy and auditing rooms were.

    I was told that it wouldn’t interest me (since I was brand new)

    It was really ickky — I can’t imagine ANYONE going in and then signing up for anything.


  63. Opps — sometimes I miss this —

    by a mile 🙂

  64. George, I sure am glad it was that way for you in New York during those days. It sure was not that way for me. I worked at the 5th Avenue Mission {which was actually on 6th Avenue @ w. 10th Street} and the mission holder was having an affair with a blown Class IV auditor that his wife was friends with while I was in the middle of helping the GO to get Paulette Cooper sent to insane asylum while the registar stole and read all my mail from L. Ron Hubbard. Things just couldn’t have been better and the whole while we were all “going up the Bridge”. I felt a real wholesomness in the group that to this day still stands out! 🙂 It is amazing that the Church of Scientology is still even in business!

  65. Les

    Actually, in the early days the Mission of Vancouver was autonomous. There were very few restrictions placed on them. As far as I know our mission chose to release Gross Income based on Value of Service Delivered because it was a sensible thing to do, but it was up to the Mission holder how they handled their money. Only stipulation was that they had to forward 10% tithe uplines.

    Then SMI (Scientology Missions International) was formed and they quickly set to destroying the whole system. Heavy ethics, verbal threats, (I was called an SP over the phone, a number of times, because I wouldn’t do their bidding) stealing the mission’s bank accounts, POUND, POUND, POUND, until it was TOTALLY SMASHED. It was “hogtied and knackered”. right proper.

    Today, one of the best Missions in Canada, in its day, only exists on paper. No one has been able to revive it under Miscavige’s reign, and until he is gone and sense is restored to the church, I doubt if it ever will.

    I firmly believe that the heavy interference with the Missions and Groups that were operating at that time, was the start of the collapse (read DESTRUCTION) of the growth and viability of the Church. They unmocked the “entrance points” to the Bridge.

    David Miscavige is too viciously selfish to even see the true worth of those Missions and Groups. He is almost certainly only promoting them AT ALL because he wants the MONEY.

    He has demonstrated that he is not interested in “long term survival” , increased “spiritual awareness”, Well and able people, or any such thing…


    Eric S

  66. Great video. Thank you very much, Mr. MONGIELLO.
    I didn’t know about those days there.
    Thank you , thank you, thank you.

  67. Brian — It’s funny but you were the FIRST person I thought of after watching this video. The thought was, “Too bad Brian didn’t get in back in those days. He would have had a ball!” But, then I realized you probably weren’t even born yet so it’s a moot point. My final thought is you’ve done awfully well for all that you have had to put up with. Good job! L, Rachel

  68. One of those…

    Nicely done on the “lyrics”, and all.

    Eric S

  69. The website “Scientology Muster” is created with Independent Scientology Community, where you can find and comment this and more to come videos of Bob Mongiello. He is starting the series of videos on how to start and grow a successfull Scientology Mission. You’ll find there the purpose and future plans on building the LRH Missins Network. Welcome to the Scientology Muster website at

  70. Dear Lynne,
    Yes, without learning from one’s mistakes the whole movie could play again. Follow Jim’s advice and go to the website for a good answer. What’s needed now is realization, planning, awareness that such things could happen and a lot of forethought IMHO.

  71. Lawrence,
    I knew the mission holder and his wife. As a public person, I was not involved in the inner affairs. The course room still functioned and the supervisor named Bruce was excellent. I got royal treatment because I was a real space cadet in those days. The prices were really low and I always felt that I was gettting value. I was involved in organizations in Toronto, New York and Miami. I paid quickly and that was a great signal; the “reg” made sure I got delivered the course so I could quickly get onto the next one. However, you are spot on in regard to the sexual affairs – very common in those days.

  72. Hi George. Yes, I do remember Bruce, with the long hair? and Gwen Content that married George Chelekis {OT III} who is now wanted in I think 3 Florida counties for fraud? Wonderful group of people we met! 🙂

  73. Super Video.
    What a good hat write up.
    It also hits home ~~ the savageness
    of decimating the Mission network.
    Thanks Bob for this very well made video.

  74. This might be the coolest thing I’ve seen on here, and there’s been some good stuff.

  75. one of those who see

    Grasshopper, I’m thinking we may know each other or know some of the same people. I need to stay under the radar for now as you do. I have a hush mail account and email. I could reply with it and you could write me there. Is that safe enough? I’m not that hatted on hush mail.

  76. Question With Boldness

    In the early 2000’s, i volunteered for the Redlands Mission. Usually once a week, someone would come in who had been Riverside Mission Public or Staff in the 70’s or 80’s. I heard many stories of this booming Riverside Mission. But the people that told me these stories only wanted to buy a book, not one of them wanted to help or to get on a course. I found this to be strange as I was gung ho.

    I asked the ED of the Redlands Mission what happened to that booming Riverside Mission, I was told that the ED was declared an SP and the Riverside Mission had closed many years ago. I was also told that the books and materials that we had at the Redlands Mission were found in a garage and that these materials had been the remnants of the booming Riverside Mission. How sad.

    Also, in 2002 the Redlands Missionholder decided that he would no longer personally pay the rent on the Redlands Mission. He moved the Redlands Mission into a very small retail space with no storefront sign. I with a handful of volunteers helped move into the small space. Next thing I was told by the ED that the Missionholder had been declared an SP. He had been on OT VII. Now I see that there is a pattern here.

    Thanks for the video and info on the Riverside Mission.

  77. +1000000000000-what caused it once, can cause it again.

  78. Fantastic “Hat Write-up” Bob.

    I first got on lines at the Mission of Davis. Man, you guys really duplicated and improved upon their successful actions.

    Well done and thanks to you and Charese for this wonderful primer on how to get a mission up and running.

  79. Hi Ann,

    I’d be delighted to crash on you floor after a night of post-graduation partying!

  80. Mike, not to over-do-it, but you hit a nerve with: “POB’s genius has replaced the proven intro line with his Fully Automated Robot TV (FART) Div 6”

  81. Today, I had a call from the church of scientology international, she asked me if I went to the IAS event? I replied, ” No, because they are all full of lies, delivered by COB who violates all LRH policies” She kept on listening and acking me to continue so I did and then asked her “where are all those top execs? Where is Heber J? Why Mike Rinder after 40 years of dedicating his life to Scientology and being the best Spokeperson for the church is not around? Where is Tommy Davis? Why those execs are kept in DM’s prison in Hemet?” She replied ” I know, that is not ok”. She seemed pretty new at her post so I gave her a good reality on DM and his crimes.
    She still wanted to invite me to go to the opening of Inglewood. 🙂

  82. boulder body router

    Hi Everyone! I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to add to this subject, “what happened to the good old days?” Yes, I’m a Moving On Up a Little Higher “first timer”.

    I walked in the door of the Denver Mission in December of 1973. I spent a few enlightening hours talking with Bob Earle. Bob showed me the mimeoed flier for the HQS course that included “going exterior” as a course result. I signed up….it was a little scary, lots of people, a lot of fun & a personal breakthrough! TRs were great, co auditing was great & I was in!

    Next stop was the Boulder Mission, which had just been started by 2 BC grads, Gary Knutson & Mike Brisnehan. I joined staff & boy was that fun!
    I was only 19 & thought anything I put my mind to could be accomplished!
    Of course, I was in Div 6……we were all in Div 6, but I was the body router & I just loved to go out & pull in as many new people as I could! It was fun, I think I averaged around 25 people a day. New people would start course
    every week & we all had an incredible time. If you havn’t noticed, the underlying focus was having FUN! Then there were the overflowing course rooms, hallways, stairways……..& the Friday night graduations with music, pizza, beer & good friends!

    Thanks Bob for reminding me. I met a lot of good people, my life had meaning, I learned, grew & of course HAD FUN!

  83. IRQ, the actors will be easy targets to blame as well when nobody signs up…

  84. Carol, did you know the Steiners were PAID our $80,000+/- reserves to take over our mission? And did you see my comment earlier about what Bob told me? That was Cathy he was referring to. As-ises some shit for me.

  85. From my perspective, the church died because of a fatal flaw of having no mechanism in place – or at least no workable mechanism in place – to handle the problem of what happens if the top guy is an asshole. The assumption of Justice policy is that someone, somewhere, is sane and will sanely deal with injustices when they occur. I reread the ethics codes recently after many years, in a new unit of time, and all recourse is to someone high up – the International Justice Chief, or Ron back in the day, or Int Management. The flaw is if the top is rotten, the whole thing is rotten. is interesting, but from my point of view it is “been there, done that.” It failed. The corporate structure failed. The SO failed. The justice structure failed. I mentioned before that the SO and management structure was built to be manned by OTs, and guess what? It wasn’t manned by OTs. Bank rules, because bank can rule, and there is no mechanism in place officially to correct it. When Ron was around, there was a mechanism – Ron would decree and step in and handle it, and he was doing that continually up until a few years before his death.

    The only way to go in my opinion is independence – no central authority, no Key Master for the tech – or, really, everyone a key master for the tech.

    I have been reading this blog for about a year and a half, now, and I have seen the most intelligent discussions of the tech I have ever seen or been involved with. We have people auditing, training, and doing Scientology without a central nag to say “Yo! You’re doing it wrong! It’s 3 swings you idiot!”.

    This used to freak me out. But, it requires trust and responsibility:

    1. Trust your friends and fellow Scientologists to have a good heart and do the right thing, and
    2.Be worthy of the trust of others by duplicating LRH and thinking with it, rather than be an automaton rote-thinker.

    It was hard for me to let go and trust people. Out tech is anathema for Scientologists – but there has to be tolerance of mistakes and willing study and duplication and willing correction – and good hearts – to keep the tech working. Ron was right about KSW – but the WHO in KSW – the guy responsible for Keeping Scientology Working is NOT the SO, the org, the MAA, or Mr. David Miscavige. It is US. There is no “KSW depends on the top-down militant structure of the SO and the Church to happen.” Read it through – Ron does not say that. Rather, it is individual, and, frankly, independent. Scientology is senior to Admin or org structure, or justice codes. Admin, org structure, and justice codes were there to try to keep Scn pure… and they failed. Oh well.

    The beauty is that Scientology lives despite the failure – and if people get together and do Scientology, and do things like Riverside and other successful missions did, Scientology will live. Even if one guy audits one other guy, Scientology lives – but the Riverside Model will kick it in gear. Imagine an independent mission that is delivering Scn without having to worry or kow-tow to some idiot down the road in Hemet. Mmmm. Nice. That’s the future.

  86. This thread has gotten my braincells rattling… Many have pointed out “its all about the money.” The evidence to support this in inarguable.

    But I’ve been getting a stronger and stronger idea that it isn’t the sole motivation of DM.

    Looking at all his actions, starting with the sacking of the mission holders; the 30 year sacking of EVERY single past exec or staff member who indeed had periods of great accomplishment, initiative and demonstrated action; the 20-year project of transforming the tech into something DM has personally “scrutinized and put on-source”; the constant invalidation of originations and ideas by staff members proposing handlings or otherwise putting forth an idea; the constant repetition that he is “the only one doing anything about it”; the constant repetition that he “has to handle it all, and by his one little lonesome”, etc, etc.

    All this tells me DM is obsessed by the idea of being Source. He HAS to be the Cause of Everything. He must not be able to stand the idea of success generated by someone else other than him, and where he sees it he squashes it to pulp, in the name of all kinds of imagined evil surrounding that person(s).

    How many hundreds have been sacked after they started something that actually was successful or generated constructive results? Has anyone originated and implemented anything successful and still stands?

    I don’t know of anyone.

    DM’s “best” allies are the people who robotically do his bidding with no “backflash” or no initiative of their own – witness his personal staff, Lou, Tory, Francois, etc. – do you know any more unpleasant, unfriendly and bereft of any human qualities than his personal entourage?

    No, in addition to money and power motivation, there is also some sort of insane obsession to be the ultimate source. And anyone or anything trying to be cause or the source-point of an action are perceived as enemies.

    DM has taken some concepts of the Dianetics Jingles to their utmost meaning. If you think about it, even the Scientology tech is conceived by the CofS as being DM instead of LRH, culminating in the full Materials Grade Chart Release, edited and “approved” word-by-word by DM. LRH references are superseded with the GAT drills packs as references; cramming is based off of IG Network Bulletins and RTC orders.

    DM is “applying” the tech to the “T”.

    “If you don’t want remorse, just be source.”
    “If you want to be tall, just be all.”
    “If you don’t want the real, always steal.”
    “If you want to destroy, just annoy.”
    “Whatever is cause, to it everything draws.”
    “A really sharp obsession is from lack of self-confession.”
    “If you want to get real tragic, forget it was just magic.”

  87. one of those who see

    Bob, what a wonderful, aesthetic hat write up!! I am so keyed out. That video alone will rekindle many a failed purpose. Wish you were here so I could give you a hug. People want Scientology. They want to go free. And you stated it so well – they want to walk on LRH’s Bridge.
    All those years ago, I first read Dianetics. It was given to me. And the first book I bought at a Mission was Hymn of Asia.
    So well done. thanks again.

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  89. I concur.

    This Point was never made well known to the Public and Staff, nor was any data to any extent broadly disseminated how LRH wanted the Scientology Structure to be run.

    In all likelihood, Miscavige jumped on this very quickly to assume Power right after LRH’s Death (He knew exactly how this was going to play out), controlling information and deferring Attention elsewhere, and pitting himself as the approved “Second Coming”, and then controlling everyone “By The Twist Of Policy” underneath him right down to the paying Public.

    It’s kinda like the Holocaust. After DM is gone, there will be so much Drami for Decades to come, that should anyone ever again try to come along and single-handedly try to appoint himself the Pope of Scientology (and/or through the support by equally corrupt and vested-interest Supporters), he’s gonna get turfed before you can say ‘Yo-Mama’.

    This Mistake would never be repeated again, unless of Course the existing CO$ Public continues to assume gullible Attitudes, does not insist on transparent Finances, are quite OK on not having a Say on any future Course of Scientology leaving it all up to some Squirrel-Policy Dictator, and permit themselves to be beaten down under the pretense of Threat of their Eternity.

    The Senior RTC/Church Management would become accountable to their Public, and not sec checked because they inquire about it’s inner Operations.

    Thus the Co$ Membership Base must also have a Cognition about the current perilous State of Affairs … and that I seriously question will ever happen before that Entity collapses itself into the Ground. Time is not on their Side.

    Thus 2 distinct possibilities exist.

    Thus the Freezone/Independents. I do not believe there is any other viable Option.

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  91. Bob your story brought back good memories for me. I was a Div 6 Supervisor in a tiny Mission in the beach area of Los Angeles in early 2000. We operated out of a small room (one table that could seat 5 students) that was part of a larger business. I started with one student and within three months had 21 students. We spilled over into the kitchen and the office area. One night it was so crowed, I had students in the hall waiting for someone to graduate so they could come in. It was fun, ethics were light, students were winning and three of them joined staff. But it didn’t last.
    The Mission Holder got heavy handed with the students and in no time, joy turned to fear and that was the end of the expansion. The theta left the space like air leaving a balloon.
    In the end it seemed to be all about the money, force and heavy ethics.
    It was heart breaking for me because I saw how quickly new people responded to the Tech, how much it was needed and how the opportunity to make a difference was being squandered.
    Your story is very inspirational. I can see how your approach would lead to expansion and improved lives. Brilliant!!! And so simple. So well thought through. I love the part about asking your division heads to pick the person they get along with best to appoint as their Establishment person. That puts the emphasis right where it needs to be…on the power of communication. Brilliant, as was your whole approach. Kudos to you and shame on the Church for ruining it.

  92. Great site Tatiana! Reestablishing the Filed Auditor and Mission networks seems like the way to go. It was working excellently in the 1970s before it was unmocked and needs to be put back in. That will put Scientology back in at the grassroots level where it belongs!

  93. Same in Munich in the early 70s. The place was packed. Body routing was so successful missions came to document the affluence. The CO (Jens Bogvad) sliding down the rails, feet off the ground, so he was faster down to the next level. Working hard, enjoying what we were doing and staff food and tea parties,
    There was NO internal suppression..
    “So the ogre which might eat us up is not the government or the High Priests. It’s our possible failure to retain and practice our technology.” (KSW no 1)
    The Phoenix rising again is very appropriate.
    Let’s apply ‘OT ORGS’ HCOPL, do it again like Bob says and have fun!

  94. Joe Pendleton

    I also remember being shown the Stephen Boyd movie in 1970. Pretty good. I think it was called “Freedom” and as I recall, Geoff Lewis played the part of the pc. Boyd was not as big a star as Travolta or Cruise, but he had the second lead to Heston in “Ben-Hur” and it was impressive to me that he was a Scientologist. The org had a very good public lecturer and a good public reg and lots of people on the comm course. Unfortunately over the next two years, we went from a nine div org board to a seven div one, and though all the Public Div functions stayed on it, the staff was cut down to eventually just two people by 1972 (a body router and the Div 6 Sec who did the evals and reg cycles – and this guy is now quite a famous figure in the current COS, but that’s another story).

  95. Joe Pendleton

    Ingrid, YOU never looked a bit scruffy. Me? I can still look scruffy in a tux.

  96. Thank you Bob. Amazing video, a terrific demonstration!

  97. It might be a good tactical plan for POB to execute all actors post production, it would save the threat of later embarrassment>>>

    Proposed add-
    “Calling all actors, this is a chance to make the most important (and last) film of your life!!
    Main requirements
    a) No surviving friends or relatives that will miss your sudden dissappearance post production
    b) No knowledge of the internet or world press for the last 10 years
    c)a level of desparation to ask no further questions
    d) Knowledge of English language not essential (as Shermanspeak can be trained to any mindless applicant)

    Ideal canidates include (but aren’t restricted to) WW11 Japanese fighter pilots still on remote islands, Lost tribesmen of South America,Death row inmates
    Please apply at your local org

  98. Ahhhhh — but Rachel, he probably WAS there back in those days – kicking up a storm, auditing and having a ball.

    Just not in the identity we now know as Brian Culkin 🙂


  99. I’m constantly reminded by events in my life that I must life my life AS IF today were my last day.

    It’s heartening to know that so many seem to be living more and more AS IF today were our last day.

    (the embedding was disabled) (although I don’t have a mouse with right click so not sure if I could anyway 🙂


  100. martyrathbun09


  101. Lawrence,
    I think I met you because I remember getting information about Ms Cooper from someone. Bruce with the long hair was a great guy.
    I met George Chelekis and Gwen. Actually, George ended up in BC Canada. He fled the US because he was fined $600,000 for securities fraud in one of the largest ever fines. Interesting story with George. he started out in an insane asylum and went into greed. He also was the man behind the “Government Closeout” marketing. You get a mansion for a $1 dollar.
    I could give you even more hair-raising stories. These are the very mildest ones. I just did the courses and learned. To me, these people were in th background
    May all beings be well and happy!

  102. Raul — Spot on. There are other indicators too — his full page, glossy photoshopped mug appears 10 times for every small LRH photo in magazines. The ONLY efforts made in the PR arena are to “defend” him, not LRH. He has offices installed in buildings for himself, euphemistically known as “Department 21 spaces.” His every utterance is recorded and transcribed to be dished out to the poor underlings to M9 and execute.

    I sometimes wonder whether he isnt going to ultimately try to pull off the hugest hoax of all. Out of the vaults will “appear” a “Document” that “lays out what LRH wanted” and it was supposed to remain undisclosed for X years (whatever the convenient date is) and it proclaims that David Miscavige has been a “body in pawn” for L. Ron Hubbard and now he can rteval himself as “Ron Reincarnated.”

    Satire aside, this IS where Miscavige is heading. The “new” Scientology is being created in his image and he has convinced a lot of the sheeple already (though they would act shocked and indignant at the suggestion) that he IS Scientology and its success and expansion sits in HIS hands.

  103. This video was awesome! Thank you for sharing. Those were the days when course rooms were full and loads of fun, no one cared about what the building looked like or you had auditing in a closet. I would love to see those days again soon.

  104. Ex OC Staff Member

    Orange County Mission as run by John Woodruff was a bustling place in the mid-70s — bigger in terms of public numbers than any current DM-style idle org. It was a fun place, and with a Class VIII Snr C/S, a Class VIII Lead Auditor and several Class VI auditiors in the HGC and a Flag Trained D of T in the Academy, the public were winning big time. Those were the days my friend! OC had a friendly rivalry with Riverside Mission at the time which added to the fun. Unfortunately, it all started to go to hell in 1982 with the arrival of the Finance Police and the warm, friendly, heady atmosphere rapidly shifted to one of doom and gloom.

  105. I’ll try it for you …

  106. Over to you, Brian. As you can see, you are highly respected and greatly loved! Rachel

  107. Hi Scott. You would certainly be welcome. Wins in training and auditing is all that is required and maybe some beer. :>)

  108. Simply Revolting

    Bob Mongiello

    Thank you!

  109. Sure! Feel free to connect at g.hopper [at] ymail [dot] com. I use Yahoo mail with an impenetrable password (The name of my cat, which happens to be “*(JKDSD&ihjkhSYDUSIYihjky7786786sdHJKSHDJKS”) 🙂 He never comes when I call him… To be insanely secure, comment on my blog and leave your email address, which won’t be seen by anyone but me.

  110. FCDC Class of 1974

    In the seventies FCDC had a mission atmosphere a fun place to be and a place you could not wait to get back to. Laid back but with a sense of purpose. I saw the emergence of DM and when Mary Sue was escorted from the org. The dark days seemed to be increasing not just due to stats. It has been by observation and I’m no government conspirist that DM was all the feds needed. The demon seed sprouted and we were dealt a blow. Diligence in the form of self awareness has always been my ethics measure. When that nagging feeling in your gut rises up listen to it,it maybe another DM I mean SP in your space. Now let’s get back to FUN!

  111. NOTE: For whoever is going to try to reform Scientology, I urge you to put Bob Mongiello on the short list of who should BE often consulted about how to handle the SMI sector. Throw OUT the last 30 years of SMI sector BS, and go back to Bob Mongiello’s successful actions.

    That it is, when the day comes, that Exec Strata and DSIEI (DIv Six Int Exec Itnernational) is allowed to listen to THE ALL TIME best Mission Holder exec.

    Bob is truly an example that LRH, were LRH to have been given the straight scoop on Bob’s actions, LRH would have said, “follow that man’s actions”, and I’m sure, someday, when Diana Hubbard finally is free to talk with all the free Scientologists, out here, that she’ll absolutely agree!

    Diana being the original CS=6, Commodore’s Staff Aide for Division 6.

    Mike is unparalleled in Scientology Mission History.


    Thankyou Marty, and all you independents who are today acting like Scientologists should act! Meaning be able to speak publicly, and talk to the world, and share your ideas, and listen, freely to the world talking back at you!

    I hope you guys all win, in changing the landscape of Scientology.

    This site, Marty’s site, has to be, along with Steve Hall’s site, and the other independent and freezone sites, these free Scientology sites HAVE to be studied for the best ideas for how to reform official Scientology.

    This thread is a MUST study thread, or Exec Strata people in official Scientology.

  112. I meant to say, “This is a MUST study thread for Exec Strata people in official Scientology!” (LRH’s LRH ED 339R Int, which lays out Exec Strata and their duties, together with LRH’s private despataches to Exec Strata, are so on my brain, I can only think, that if official Scientology is to find a path out of their mess, it will be if Exec Strata is reformed with people who can listen to people like Bob Mongiello and apply Affluence Attainment, etc, etc.)

    That Bob Mongiello just says “do it” and he displays an incredible level of character, he just has no beef with anyone, but just “let’s do it”, and “here’s how we did it” type attitude, to me, THAT puts him at the top of the HR quals that supercedes ALL the “out quals” to work at “int” BS.

    My god, this man should have been in Exec Strata in 1982, and NOT being tossed out of the movement!

    What character! You can buy PIs, and get OSA auditors to FES folders and lay out dirty deeds of parishioners to blackmail them, but you CAN’T buy people like Bob Mongiello.

    What a lost resource!

    I remember when sort of the shit was hitting the fan back when Diana got removed from CS-6 or the original Exec Strata Div 6 post, due to the Mission Holders being mutinous, by gosh, those Mission Holders were set up by bad reports to LRH, who saw them as crims blocking the bridge flow, and likely a handful of Mission Holders weren’t flowing public to the orgs, but the orgs in many cities were pitifully worse Scientology stations of worse tech quality to some of the great missions, that’s so true, that the form of the Bridge, meaning Missions flow to orgs, was out, and another handling should have been implemented, and NOT smack down the Mission Holders.

    Bad evals, bad handlings, bad/selective make-wrong reports, and LRH for sure ought to have given it more of his time, to realize that orgs were being neglected, or that orgs were too overburdented with management oversight, which is why Missions sometimes did better, they had less burdonsome oversight.


    With so much of the Scientology movement now moving into the field, into the laps of the “apostates” and “excommunicated” ex official Scientologists, this thread is so important.

    This thread is the hat writeup for how to set up a mission that booms.

    The cultural zeitgeist, though, has moved since 1971.

    But the Bob Mongiello attitude and mode of just doing it, that I’m sure is the “timeless tech” aspect of this thread! LRH says something about the pioneer, the seat of the pants, attitude of Mission people, and THAT’s here.

    And Bob’s way of making his Div heads chose their Estos, that is priceless advice.

    Must read thread, for Exec Strata members, when the day comes when they are allowed to read this blog.

  113. Marty,

    Thanks again, for going public like you have these last several years.

    Thanks for appreciating the wide range of Scientologists, and sharing their voices.


  114. The good Mission of 5th Avenue! 🙂 Where would we be without it? 🙂 Be well, and be happy! 🙂

  115. @ Chuck Beatty: “Less burdonsome management oversight”. Thank you. Very true! That is what I obseved. I observed my Mission Holder being burdened with dev-t (IMHO) admin cycles enforced on her by SMI. She might have done okay, if she hadn’t been run so hard by the bots.

  116. Instead of causing Missions to lose Income by referring their Publics to be burned by Orgs/AOs, they should have simply upgraded any major expanding Mission into an Org, and even an AO if the clientele exists.

    Instead of contributing to the Flow, they cut it with Red Tape and heavy-handedness. Idiots.

  117. I’m told that the old Riverside Mission is now mostly art studios, dance classes, yoga classes, etc.

    Bent Corydon wrote a book, called ‘L. Ron Hubbard, Messiah or Madman?’. It’s been published in three revised and expanded English editions, and one Russian language edition by a Moscow publisher. It validates the basics of Scientology counseling, the Comm Course, etc., but also pulls no punches regarding the abusive actions of Hubbard and the deceptive and abusive aspects of the “dark side” of Scientology dogma.

  118. Watchful Navigator

    What a beautiful and inspiring video Bob – just awesome! I so appreciate you making this.

  119. Watchful Navigator

    Thank You Tatiana – This is awesome!

  120. Hey there, Boulder Body Router!
    You no doubt remember me from those days – I was the CS and HGC auditor there. I have a couple ideas on who you are, but not sure.. why not drop me an email at and let’s catch up! Yeah, those Friday nights were sweet – pizza and the Doobie Brothers, man!

  121. I just want to thank Marty and Bob, and the others that remember.
    It was not about Buildings, it was about People.
    Riverside is one of the best examples, but across the world there were many others who began like Riverside. They did not have great ostentatious buildings, but they had people that felt like family.

  122. Lawrence, is there anything new about the Paulette Cooper cycle that you can tell us?

  123. Another Layer

    Love it! Fell out of my chair laughing :).

  124. Another Layer

    Yes! The great intro lecturers were KEY! In mid-70’s it was Seaton Thomas at LA Foundation … he was amazing. HAS and HQS were packed, and Seaton played a huge part in making this happen. BTW, any news about Seaton? Is he still around?

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