Vulture Culture Casualty: The Entire Mission Network

Miscavige’s maniacal greed meltdown has reached out to and apparently destroyed the Mission network (the smaller “churches” that once provided introductory Scientology services to many people in just about every city of 1/2 million people or more).  A very recent defector who was in a position to witness it all has risked his future relations with family and prospects for business to provide us with the facts.  Meet my man Gabriel and be sure to let him know how you appreciate his courage.

I have served as a staff member in the mission network for a number of years.  I have very current data in the SMI Network that corroborates what Mr. Rathbun, Mr. Rinder and so many others are reporting.

Currently the mission network is on the verge of collapse. In terms of management it has been completely unmocked.  I know of three missions that have closed in the past year or so: Lake Charles, Lafayette, and Gulfport.  Lafayette has been open for a decade and used to be pretty strong – until one of its Mission Holders (an OT) died of cancer.  The other MH got a “handling” at Flag and came back saying that her SP was the MH Lake Charles. Need I say more?

Meanwhile the Gulfport mission, a new baby mission, got reged out of existence by PDU.  PDU reges camped out at the MHes’ house and extracted approximately $2 million over the course of two years.  The MH complained about paying the rent for the building to keep the mission open, and finally just shut it down. Of course, this was a DM mission from the get-go: no auditor, sup, or delivery terminal to start with, $50K in books in the garage, so what could you expect?

They got the first million from them to help pay for the Basics manufacturing facility. Which makes one wonder: did Dave have that bad boy paid in full by parishioner donos before the presses even started rolling?

Meanwhile many “missions” report no points in the Birthday Game, which equals “dead mission” (DM?).

The CO SMI EUS was transferred to WUS and stuck into the Pasadena Idle Org on mission never to return (until I guess it’s time to go put on a show at the next org). The CO SMI LATAM (who doesn’t speak English very well) was ripped to SMI EUS. No CO SMI LATAM replaced him, so that cont has no CO SMI.

A couple years ago, the SMI Officer Int, who was very strong in the mission network from everything I heard from MHes, Claire Edwards, vaporized. Rumors were that she went way up the line to Int. Now that I’ve been reading your blog I wonder if she might have gone way up the line to the Hole.

Mike Mason took the reins as Mission Consultancy Chief Int as the SMI leader, but also vaporized. I think RPF, then out, but I was not directly on those lines so not sure.

It is no exaggeration to say that 95% of all comm we get from SMI is:
a) Basics sales
b) IAS Donations
c) Event Attendance
d) Dianetics Seminars (which at first glance actually seems slightly closer to on-policy but actually is a joke)

There are no other stats or VFPs. This is all that we were judged by as of late 2011.

The latest push has been to hold a Dianetics Seminar every Saturday and Sunday in every mission. This is a totally bugged target. And heavy ethics were being applied. We actually had terminals from I think ILO calling the MHes and reminding them that their RTC Minimum Standards required them to hold a Dianetics Seminar. It was a thinly veiled threat: “Hold Dianetics Seminars every weekend or we’ll rip your licenses.” In desperation, mission staff took to shoving into the Seminar kids, staff, anybody – stretching out one person over three or four weekends a little at a time – anything (the CO SMI Int later reprimanded MHes at the conference for this very practice, verifying it was flagrant!)

When we didn’t have a Dianetics Seminar, it sounded like the cont CO was getting tortured. It was a huge deal.

And despite all this PUSH, DON’T DEBUG, DRIVE, seminar attendance remained very low even at the cont level.

More than a year before this point, SMI called the first SMI Conference that it had held since the Basics came out. That’s right, SMI had become such a book outlet that it didn’t even have a SMI Conference for years.

The SMI Conference was run directly by WDC Ideal Orgs, Blankenship. Same Blankenship that I learned from this blog went out-2D and has been paid for silence.

It was a surreal moment for me. Here the SMI Officer Int was gone up-lines, and SMI management was shredded from long-running missions to Idle Orgs, and yet here was WDC Ideal Orgs, as high up as you can get but an entirely different sector, running the SMI Conference!!!  Talk about a total reversal!

Of course, I didn’t think about it too much. I had my own problems – how do I fill up this damn seminar every weekend?  Especially because my CO SMI is reporting the data on the Dianetics Seminar progress directly to WDC Ideal Orgs.

This huge outpoint corroborates the data you have on Miscavige’s circle being so small and closing fast.
There is a ton of pressure right now coming down on missions and I assume orgs to use DM’s magical Div 6 Routes (scripted PE in 2.5 hours with 100% guaranteed re-sign rate? Really?) and especially the HDS.  I guess the new routes are DM’s “handle” on the fact that he has finally reached a point of desperation for fresh blood.

I will send more data when I can.


Keep telling us about the man, Gabriel, just like Stevie:


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Got a counterfeit dollar in his hand
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121 responses to “Vulture Culture Casualty: The Entire Mission Network

  1. I remember when they used to call up lines “Over the Rainbow.” It always gave me the creepiest feeling. Must be an engram or some general restim on the track, I’d say to myself.

    Gotta handle this damn bank! LOL.

    Hey wait, that’s no raindow, it’s a smoke screen!

    Gabriel, thank you for helping to lift the veil. I admire your courage immensly.

  2. Gabriel,

    Thanks for your report. It has the ring of “cred” to it.
    In English speaking countries, I note that I the image of Gabriel as the angel that shall blow the trumpet blast that initiates the end of time and the general resurrection is a strong trope. I wonder at the synchronicity.

    Last one out turn out the lights….

  3. martyrathbun09

    Man, I can’t get nothing by you.

  4. This message is very close to my heart. Though I never was on staff at a mission, I got started in Scn at a mission and went Clear there. I then worked consistently as a volunteer including several years where I worked 2 nights a week in the ethics office. While I did not attend musters, I got the drift of much of what was going on. This was pre-2000 so it did not include the last abominations.

    Out of my love for those who serve in missions with a commitment to LRH’s goals and their fellow man, I will be forwarding this message to those I know with strong mission connections. Perhaps a few can confront that they are not screwing up but that they have been given “mission impossible” or much, much worse.

  5. tick…tock…….. to misstra (soon to be) K.I.A. … by the weight of his own maniacle ego…tick…tock…
    question is, will he go down with the ship or will he run for the hills with money dripping out of his pockets as he tries fleeing all the SPs that circulate in his puny mind… tick tock… either way, the world will know him for who he really is…tick tock…

  6. Gabriel, love your courage and wit. “DM = dead mission” True too. Well, I guess the dwarf has pretty much reached his goal of a totally annihilated mission network. But there’s an unintended consequence that comes with reaching that goal. He’s lost his feeder line of people to reg for the big bucks.

    Hey Dave, whatcha gonna do now that your public are either:
    1. leaving in droves
    2. dead
    3. sick from the miscavige-tech
    4. hiding to stay away from the miscavige-tech
    5. declared by your mini-me robots
    6. any combination of the above
    It’s almost to the point where there’s nobody left to reg or foolish enough to give another thin dime to you.

  7. martyrathbun09

    My sentiments too Yvonne.

  8. Thanks Gabriel!
    Right down the road from those closed missions we got 2 Life Repairs done and OT preps and Solo Course done – far far away from DM’s church. The 2 new LRs now talk LRH with their high school friends to clear up his name.
    I only found out about the Lafayette MH’s passing a few months ago. He was Clear 11 years ago when I left. What OT level did he make it to?
    Super dedicated, super thetaful beings – ripped to shreds for what? The almighty dollar.

  9. martyrathbun09

    Very well done Tara. I slightly edited your first sentence. If you have questions why – just shoot me an email. You are wonderful breathing LIFE into the gulf coast.

  10. I remember Claire Edwards being a dedicated, but reasonable Sea Org member. When other Sea Org visitors would come to the Mission, tension would immediately rise. I always wondered what each visit would cost us in money or staff. She was different. She would visit almost every year and generally thank us for what we were doing and encourage us to keep going. No threats. No demand for money. No ripping off key staff.

    There are some dedicated old-timers still hanging on in the Mission network, who started back in the 1970s. They must be fairly confused by what is happening to their Church. I really was, but I now have a much better grasp of what has been and is being done, and who is behind it.

  11. At one point I really wanted to open a mission. The way LRH laid down the plans it made so much sense for introduction of lower level services into newer or smaller areas. Then to flow to Class V Orgs then to upper Orgs, and so on. Now Flag regges public to skip all of that to go directly to them for all services and to re-do their lower Bridge steps, of course at a premium price with less overhead = more profit. Soon missions will be gone, Class V Orgs will have no staff other than SO personnel, and the entire shell game will finally be visible to all. It really is a shame that it has to come to this before more people wake up. Scientologists shouldn’t have to fight each other for their existence. It truly is the cancer eating the organism from within.

  12. The Sea Org set out to “handle the Universe” and only got as far as one of its own small time criminals. Its new purpose is to protect and comfort that small time criminal and help present his delusions to others. The Sea Org is a complete failure and a very sad lot at best. In the confusion, betrayal is the order of the day – staff to staff, staff to public, public to public, family member to family member ……. The implosion will continue and all that negative energy and mass is destined to arrive at one focal point. It sucks to be Miscavige……

  13. POB is just finishing up the job he started in the early 80’s.

  14. Thank you Gabriel! Wouldn’t it be fun to see an org board these days? How about a function org board? It would probably just be a jumble of confused lines and terminals and functions.

    Hey, didn’t it come up that COB destroyed or helped destroy the mission network in 1982 or so? Wasn’t that enough to serve his purpose(s)? Or, did the mission network manage to stay afloat, rebuild, and perhaps even flourish and prosper, due to the effective efforts of a few on-purpose, well trained, dedicated Scientologists? That probably wouldn’t have been OK with you-know-who. Rachel

  15. That’s great Tara. It just goes to show that the dwarf is really not all that bright. In fact, I wonder if his IQ even tops 100. He got so caught up in his destruction that he never looked down the track a bit. I bet he never thought the tech would go on without him…….. make that despite him. People will continue to get auditing & training and DM doesn’t get anything from it. Your comment will ruin his day; all that tech being delivered and not one penny to DM.

  16. Tony DePhillips

    Thanks for the briefing Gabriel.
    I know a person who runs the Mission here in Seattle. She told me the same thing about 3 years ago that there were only about 3 people in SMI management.
    Her name is Cheri Rodriguez and she now runs the Seattle Mission and I have been told that the Idle Org is trying to canabalize what is left of the staff she may have there because they are so desperate for staff.
    Cheri was a good friend. She disconnected from me after I got declared but I hope one day she wakes up.
    Thanks Gabriel!!

  17. Dear DM,

    What part of “Do the things that won before, not new things untried” do you not understand?

    Report to Bob Mongiello for your cram.

    Oh, wait a minute. Cramming starts with getting your rudiments in. That means you’d have to go in session. Then “they” might find out about __________.

    OK, you’re right. Stick to the original plan. Destroy everything and everyone. Then you’ll be finally be safe.

    My apologies for deviating from command intention there for a moment. It won’t happen again, sir. Thank you for everything you’re doing. You ARE Scientology!

  18. Note: Claire is one of the late David Gaiman’s kids and brother of Neil Gaiman.

  19. What a great idea, Marty, to post “How The West Was Won” on November 3, 2011. As a reminder, that’s the video by Bob Mongiello of the former Riverside Mission. Actually, we got the solution (see the video) before we got the problem (read this posting, “Vulture Culture Casualty: The Entire Mission Network”). Brilliant!! L, Rachel

  20. Guess this is DM’s version of MISSION IMPOSSIBLE.

    Thanks Gabriel. Awesome report.

  21. Thank you! It’s time for the smoke screen to go.

  22. The Mission Network, other than in Russia, has been a weak sister ever since the baby was thrown out with the bathwater in the early 1980’s “handling” (take down) of the Network. At least Claire Edwards and Mike Mason had some competence and dedication to that cause, which explains why they had to go. I think one motivation for the “POBliteration” of the network is that Missions are just too far away and hard to control for POB. So they are better off “POBliterated.”

  23. I’m looking for a copy of the CBO or FO or FSO called “Flag’s Relative Importances”.

    It’s really the most longrange management mainline multi-echelon policy by LRH.

    Only modified by LRH’s final years traffic.

    DM has drastically modified the Flag’s relative importances CBO/FO (whichever it is, and again, I wish a copy were leaked pubilcly).

    If DM is supposed to legally follow policy, the only way to show he is NOT following policy, is for the policy to be out here.

    No one inside the movement is putting any pressure on DM to follow LRH’s long range strategic writings, and that, I believe is a legal betrayal of his position in the movement.

  24. Mission holders and their staffs are the rebels and frontiersmen of the Scientology world. When they find out the truth, they’ll still be rebels and frontiersmen, much to DM’s terror and chagrin.

    Thank you for helping spread the word.

  25. Fantastic, Tara.

    You know, now that you ask me that about the Lafayette MH – I don’t know what level he got to. While I know he got auditing beyond Clear, I don’t know what. I said OT in my writeup above but actually I don’t have the data on that. On mission staff, it’s kind of lumped in my mind: “Clear, OT, OT Preps,” all of that because all the delivery happens outside of the mission at that point. Plus it’s confusing. People are OT one moment and not Clear the next, then onto OT levels, then Objectives, etc.

  26. Thanks Gabriel for your strength, fortitude and truth-telling.

    By the way, Little Miss Cabbage is so good at pillaging and plundering I wonder if his next career choice will be to work for an outfit like Goldman Sucks.

    Oh hell, he might as well go right to the top and work for the Rockefeller Foundation. They seek out this type of sociopathic ‘talent’. Besides, this way he can continue ‘god’s work’. Ugh……….

  27. There are still a few “big” missions left in the U.S. 20 – 30 staff. They are either held by or trained by some dedicated, well-trained Scientologists who survived the early 80s. They operate on an entire set of hat writeups and emphasis on statistics and VFPs that basically ignores whatever Int is pushing. The op basis is: “Okay, let’s handle whatever Int (read DM) sends down quick so we can try to keep going.” But of course the GAT has infiltrated and makes the job impossible because even if some of the correct admin tech is kept in, the auditing tech is perverted.

  28. Keep doing what you’re doing and one day the whole world will wake up. Thank you.

  29. Gabriel,
    Thanks for your courage in posting on this blog and giving us an update on the subject of Missions!.

    It really makes me wonder if anyone within RCS study and understand LRH Admin Tech when the practice of Musical Chairs seems to be Standard Miscavige Tech, literally a the Int Base with Bohemian Rhapsody and now exported throughout the POB cult and networks. The outpoints such as WDC Idle Orgs running SMI conventions abound!

    From a vulture culture viewpoint, perhaps the $50K package for books just isn’t enough and new packages for $150K to include the FART system of Miscavige dissemination, which is packing in new people like sardines in a can in the Idle Orgs!

    The last coverage of SMI on this blog was from the Mar13 Birthday game event showing Guillaume announcement of game winners. It was totally pathetic that the top winner of Missions was South Coast with a staff of perhaps 10. Compare that with Riverside Mission in it’s heyday with a staff of 170 as mentioned in a recent video by Bob Mongiello and it’s obvious that Misstra David Miscavige with his lines of unprecedented expansion has been lying for years and decades.

    My closest local RCS Mission is never open during daily working hours and is a total joke – the pet store next to it where I get dogfood is far, far busier! Never seen anything living in or around it and it’s doors are always locked, within the past year.

  30. And the Seattle Mission moved from a place of high traffic and visibility to a place off of a less busy street, with no sign posted to tell you the mission is in there, and the place is empty and dark when you go past. DEAD MISSION? DM? Sure seems like it.

  31. Victoria,
    “Over the rainbow” was during LRH’s time into the base and during Miscavige’s watch it’s “Over the Ultra Barrier” jumping out the other way!

  32. What do you want to bet that the orgs are in the exact same boat along with what’s left of the management orgs. Everyone demoted to bookseller and even far below that to the bottom of the bottom of the lowermost portion of a hole in the bottom of a sewage pond: IAS reg. Well done to Gabriel for his sheer bravery and courage in coming forward despite personal risk.

  33. Grendel's Mother

    ha ha ha ha!

  34. Great briefing. Thanks Gabriel and I am looking forward to your next one.

    I haven’t been into a mission in a few years but the last one I was in was Pasadena back when it was still a mission. It was located right across the street from PCC. (Pasadena City College) on Colorado Blvd. The street that the Rose parade travels down every year. Well, it had 3-4 staff and 4-5 students at the time. So naturally the thing to do it make that booming place an Org. Now it is located off the main thoroughfare in a much less visible area. Way to go DM.

  35. Gabriel – thank you for this information. I admire your courage to do this despite personal to yourself.

  36. Yes, Gabriel deserves mega kudos for his contribution to exposing the truth.

    Funny thing though…most of us staff AND public who refused to be slaves in DMs cult and refused to accept his posting orders, have been declared suppressive and are now having the time of our lives delivering standard tech without his off-policy, out-tech, out-ethics interference.

  37. Gabriel – should be personal danger to yourself.

  38. Li'll bit of stuff

    Hi Gabriel, we ALL ” move up a little higher” when we hear that another being has broken the “chains” that held him/her in that thoroughly nauseating, rotten, stinking institute, the
    Church of MISTRAPOLOGY. Yes, indeed , NO mistaking it,
    it took digging deep, tons of CONFRONT and a steely resolve
    on your part, Gabriel,.but YOU’RE FREE at last !!!! Enjoy the SUNSHINE, brother,you DESERVE it!!

    You are so right , THIS group, under the wizened navigation of Marty,Mike,Steve and the entire crew of laser sharp REAL SCIENTOLOGISTS ARE WAKING UP THE WORLD !!! Just KNOW this——– Your family and business WILL come through !!!

    BTW, help yourself to all the THETA you need, it’s available
    freely,24/7/365, to all who visit this “POWERHOUSE” blog.

    Much Luv & ARC Li’ll bit

  39. Reasons Davey doesn’t need cramming:

    Davey is the smartest and doesn’t need cramming
    There’s nobody smart enough to cram Davey
    Davey can’t get cramming; he created it
    You need cramming if you think Davey needs cramming
    Davey is always winning and continuous to do so, he can’t be improved
    Davey is the only one winning, everybody else needs cramming
    Davey tech is always in, everybody else’s is always out.
    Everybody is after Davey proving they need to be crammed
    Cramming is flawed and is for fools, it’s a tool to control them
    Cramming doesn’t work: only rods, gambling, nullifying, massage, valium and Jack
    If Davey hits people they need cramming because they pulled it in

    Now Kassapa, you did deviate from command intention and even seemed to harbour a critical thought. You know the punishment for that: 500 hours overts on Davey FPRD style + 500 hours enforced driving in anchor points to full EP of feeling like a DB. Pay for it upfront, work 24/7/2365 selling book packages. Offering white hats like Davey on a PTS list, it’ll be the RPF, then the Hole, then solitary confinement, then contacting cancer and pass away as a problem because nobody leaves the Hole, ever. If you don’t believe it, ask Heber, Tommy2tone, Lisa and all the others that reached the full EP of the Bridge to eternal freedum!

    Der LEADER is infallible!

  40. COS stats for auditors, Clears, and OTs made peaked in 1990, and have been declining ever since. They now stand at less than 10% of 1990 levels. The start of this decline was exactly date-coincident with DM’s taking over operational control of delivery orgs. Prior to that time he was involved with internal re-organization, legal matters, and the consolidation of his own power. In 1990 he RPFed the execs running delivery orgs and took over that hat himself. Stats began to fall immediately, and are still falling.

    Prior to this, DM had zero experience as an exec in or over delivery orgs. He had never done the Data Series Evaluator’s Course or the FEBC. He was blown from the OEC. And he’d been kicked off the Class 4 internship in the early 70’s, never to audit anyone else again. He was totally unqualified to direct the activities of delivery orgs, and really not much of anything else other than his own accumulation of power.

    None of DM’s idiot know-best ideas, each released to great fanfare, has reversed the stat decline. They have all reinforced it. His latest Div 6 releases are a joke. The new HAS and HQS courses use the original late-50’s TRs 0-4 that do not include TR0 Bullbait or TR4 differentiation between comments and originations! The HQS Course section on Dissemination omits the Dissem Drill!

    The $50 PE Course may get close to 100% sign-ups for similar $100 Life Improvement Courses, but what does it take to get new people on the PE Course in the first place? And are they interested in spiritual freedom or just being a little more productive on the job? This course attracts admin types, not tech types, and therefore perpetuates what’s wrong with organized Scientology even if it does “work.”

    DM claims these new services are “per LRH,” and they may be based on services that LRH tried at one time or another. But they don’t represent his final thinking on Div 6, and they utterly ignore the experience of successful Mission Holders regarding what actually works and doesn’t work in the real world.

    Data can only be evaluated against data of comparable magnitude, and concerning Div 6 and Missions DM has none, because he has no personal experience with them, and he won’t accept input from anyone who does. Therefore, he is incapable of evaluating what should be done with Div 6’s and Missions, even if we assume that he is well-intentioned, which he is not.

  41. Tom that was funny. I just couldn’t get why you think the dwarf does NOT work for G. Sucks and Rocky Horror P. S. To me it’s pretty obvious he DOES fulltime.

  42. Funny in 1995 DM’s old pal Pablo Lobato was I/C SMI. A conference was a few weeks away when someone noticed they only had 8 attendees when there should have been hundreds – the why was because Pablo was busy being out 2D with some other exec and they both got busted for it. Seems like the SMI has been circling the bowl for awhile.

  43. Free and Clear

    Well done for speaking out Gabriel. Claire Edwards was a very able being. She too went the route of Golden Girl, rocket-like promotion from SMI Officer Int to suddenly speaking at Int Events, to sudden disappearance like so many others. She was next in line. She had become powerful, having taken over most of the SMI lines after the sudden disappearance of the CO SMI Int some time before. That made her a prime target for the standard operation- raise them up, run them on no sleep till they are can’t see straight, then cut them down and bury the remains. Anybody who has a mission near them can discover the state of the mission network simply by dropping by. You will find your mission closed or running extremely part time, and completely deserted. One of the most important function missions have at the moment is sending staff for incessant mandatory training line ups to anti-ideal orgs. Why? Because the Idle Orgs are completely deserted, and mission staff can simply be “ordered” to turn up and do long, strange, training line ups to be eligible to deliver the latest completely ineffectual “handling” for Div 6. This is the vital role that Missions now play in the Scientology world- they are a feather weak attempt to prop up the Idle Org illusion. This is for real, aside from what Gabriel mentioned, they get huge pressure to send all staff to the closest Idle org to put bodies in the course rooms. The pressure on the Dianetics Seminar is a heavy ethics effort to “prove” that DM’s latest hare-brained dissemination flop is actually the “savior of Div 6”. It’s just suppressive enforcement on top of the suppressive alteration of Div 6 tech. Not only do you get terrible Div 6 products, but you get shot if you don’t use them. Without the enforcement he would not be able to cripple Scientology dissemination because mission holders would toss aside the worthless crap they are being given and do something sensible. That cannot be allowed. They are forced to use the wothless crap, then given huge losses resulted in no-one coming into Scientology and the mission network bleeding staff due to the losses. SP squared. That is why Gabriel says that having the seminars as a target only seems like its on point. Actually tossing the seminars in the nearest trash can and having “new public starts” as a target would be on point. That ain’t gonna happen as long as Miss Baggage is around.

  44. martyrathbun09

    Great post F and C.

  45. Thanks Gabriel! I wish, and think, that the scientology revitalization will happen with independent missions.

  46. Your humble servant

    Thank you, Gabriel, for this fantastic report. It must be hell working on staff now in Missions or orgs with all the accumulated insanity and suppression that has been building up for years into a crescendo. You have come out into the light.

  47. And the fact that orgs and missions continue to be failures for years and years despite endless incredible POBliterator “breakthroughs” (should read “breakdowns”) ultimately and inevitably creates further failed purposes and doubts in the minds of those involved that maybe LRH Tech and Policy “do not work” – when it is not LRH Tech and Policy to blame but the POBliteration campaigns that squirrel the Tech and Policy, when they have any relationship to Tech and Policy at all.

  48. Gabriel,
    Thanks so much for your very informative write up. And thank you for caring enough to speak up and put yourself on line for others! Truth creates freedom on so many levels.

  49. Gabriel, what’ll really get DM’s goat is these OTs coming back again and continuing up the Bridge far away from his mess too. That’s something he’s tried and is still trying to prevent with every breath he takes.
    It’s not working!
    We’ll be here for Lin. I look forward to his return.

  50. LMAO Yep!

  51. I agree totally. The positive side of this is that Independent Scientology has no competion. Anywhere there has ever been a successful Mission in the past, one of us could open an Independent Mission today and be successful.

    It’s easy to get people to take a look. It’s easy to differentiate ourselves from the COS bullshit people may have heard about. And it’s easy to make new people into real Scientologists with correct Div 6 services. Bob Mongiello has started talking about this in his videos. I have a lot to say about it, too, and will through my own upcoming blog.

    We don’t have to wait for DM to fall before we start re-establishing real Scientology. In fact, the more real Scientology we re-establish the faster he will fall.

  52. You are absolutely dead on about missions becoming Idle Org recruitment pools and training pools. Very good points.

  53. Well done on speaking out, Gabriel.

  54. “Mission holders and their staffs are the rebels and frontiersmen of the Scientology world. When they find out the truth, they’ll still be rebels and frontiersmen, much to DM’s terror and chagrin.”

    I think this description fits in for mission staff members!

    In LATAM mission network is near to non-existence and has been that way for long time. I wonder why?


  55. top of the vale

    What MH died of cancer?

  56. Linwood Pace. His wife and he ran Lafayette mission for many years. Very theta, dedicated Scientologists. It’s very unfortunate what happened.

  57. Gabriel, Thank You very much for your on-the-scene eye witness account of the state of the Missions of Scientology network.

    Sadly it corresponds to and confirms the picture I have had of the way the network has been disassembled. It wasn’t broke, but DM has “fixed” it. You have given us proof positive of what we thought.

    It put me in mind of the first verses of this poem:

    William Butler Yeats (1865-1939)

    Turning and turning in the widening gyre
    The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
    Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
    Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
    The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
    The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
    The best lack all conviction, while the worst
    Are full of passionate intensity.

    That sure seems to describe the state to which DM has brought Scientology.

  58. The HQS Course section on Dissemination omits the Dissem Drill!

    Maybe it’s just as well. This way nobody will know how to disseminate DM’s perverted, altered, squirrel tech.

  59. she is neil gaiman’s sister – he wrote coraline

  60. top of the vale

    Thank you Gabriel

  61. LDW, you got that right. It appears no one has the power on earth to stop us from wearing any hat we care to wear (and are capable of wearing). And now I can relate the perfect reference for it since some beautiful, beautiful, beautiful thetan (you know who you are) donated a set of Tech Vols to me this week. For the first time I have references I can provide and not just quote from memory. Here is one of my favorite references for Indie Scientologists: “RESPONSIBILITY IS THE NONRECOGNITION AND DENIAL OF THE RIGHT OF INTERVENTION BETWEEN ONESELF AND ANY BEING, IDEA, MATTER, ENERGY, SPACE, TIME OR FORM, AND THE ASSUMPTION OF FULL RIGHT OF DETERMINATION OVER IT.” LRH – HCOB 2 May 1985, Tech Vol XIII, pg 16.

    You can have your hat in Independent Scientology.

  62. Gabriel, I know you are not lying. I hate too sound like a know it all, but I posted to my diary YEARS ago that 2 missions closed in New Jersey in one year 6 years ago. I guess the situation has worsened now. The mission holder {an OT VIII} of one of the closed New Jersey missions in question PAID for the entire thing {the whole mission expenses} out of his own pocket, even boasting to me the bills he paid, to stay on the good side of SMI and DM. Then, one afternoon, the INT Base “Men In Black Appeared” {call it OT or call it coincidence} but I just happened to be passing the mission that day. They went inside and beat him up, charged him $10,000.00 per day for them to be there to try and “bail him out” and then closed the mission. The other mission in Teaneck, New Jersey met a similar fate. No. I am not surprised. I am happy actually.

  63. LRH: It is an old maxim that if auditing is occuring in the field orgs will boom.

    DM: They are auditing without my permission? Declare the mother#$%@&ing SPs.

  64. Gabriel.
    Thank you!
    If you suffer through the loss friends and family because of your courage, I hope that you will find the peace that I have found from the abundant love and compassion in this group.
    Enjoy the rest of the ride 😉

  65. “In fact, the more real Scientology we re-establish the faster he will fall.”

    Exactly. Be-Do-Have.

  66. Tony DePhillips

    What bugs me is that it appears that dm’s programs are failing to even the most untrained observer. I really wonder why more people are not getting the fact that dm is suppressive or, (the best spin possible) that he is totally incompetent.

  67. Tony:

    Incompetently suppressive? Suppressively incompetent?

    Doesn’t take much training to observe a train wreck is probably not a desirable state of affairs — but when you are slurping the hallucinatory KoolAid and are implanted that the trains are ruuning on time, bigger, faster and smoother than ever… Well, that train wreck everyone else sees looks like the land of milk and honey to your spinning eyeballs.

  68. Gabriel;
    Thanks for looking and I admire your courage in sending us a stellar report under the moniker of Gabriel. I noticed the Clearwater, FL mission on Belcher Ave started a downward spiral about the time the BASICS were released. Over the last two years the cars in the parking lot when I drive by were dwindling month by month. I’m not even sure there open for business anymore. I used to receive mail once a month. That stopped a good year before I became a public whistle blower. I know during the day the parking lot is empty because I drive by there at least 3 time a month to visit several customers. I will have to drive by during evening hours.

    From a marketing standpoint if the missions are dead the mother church is not far behind.

  69. Gabriel, I knew Lin and Marie and I am sorry to hear that Lin has passed.
    Thank you for coming out and letting others know what is happening.

  70. Ruth,

    My current theory is he’s full time and unwitting.

  71. Gabriel,
    You use the acronym “HDS” in your write-up. I’m guessing this is Hubbard Dianetics Seminar?

    Kassapa points out the flamingly obvious fact that DM has NO experience or products on any org or Div 6/Mission line. Zero. He’s a “failed” at every post he’s been on. On Overt Product maker as, auditor trainee, Messenger, Camera Boy, Special Project Ops, in ASI, and now POB.

  72. I think that DM abandoned the Auditor, Clear, and OT stats in the late 80’s because he knew that the upper part of the Bridge past OT VIII doesn’t exist. The only way to make money is with “social betterment” activities to “make the world a better place” and driving people down the Bridge to repeat it.


  73. May our friends and family leave the dark side and join us soon. It can look scary, about to jump out of the hole, but it’s nice up here and the water’s fine.

  74. That’s a good one! LOL!

  75. Sam,

    You’re a Goddess. Thanks for all the healing you do.

  76. It is a fact that those stuck in the Kool-Aid Tunnel with their blinders on honestly and truly believe that “unprecedented expansion” is occurring. That why Mexico and Russia are talked about so much at events. It’s easy to believe the expansion occurs “over there”.

    Outpoints go un-noticed…like FLAG has basically the same number of staff it had 15 years ago, PAC has LESS staff then it had 15 yrs ago, no SH Size orgs have been announced in years (how cool would it be for a reporter to ask Marion Pouw about THAT the next time she talks about “greatest expansion in our history”), there are only a hand-full of successful field auditors in the country, etc.

    Those who recognize these things are the ones stepping away into the background, or coming to the foreground.

    It continues to amaze me how some of my closest friends contine to have that sweetness and light “everything is amazing” detached and unreal view of their Church. “That event was amazing, 1 million people took their first step on the bridge this year”

    They don’t reconcile that datum with the fact that they have not even MET a new Scientologist in years.

    I could go on…

  77. Jim,

    This small man is truly an ultimate loser.

    Hell, he’s even a failed SP.. His cover’s been blown.

  78. Speaking about the Vulture Culture, it seems that AOSH EU came out with their two bits in a new IAS rap song today, as covered by Village Voice:

    You Tube link:

  79. Tony DePhillips

    Way to go Tara!! 🙂

  80. Tony DePhillips

    That’s funny Mike. 🙂

  81. Man o’ man Gabriel,

    Miscavige’s incompetence has has finally stretched into the realm of “Tragedy/Comedy”.

    I suppose every village needs at least one idiot…

    He’s got a full six pack, but he’s missing the plastic thing that holds them together.

    If brains were money, he couldn’t buy a clue.

    He’s about as useful as a screen door on a submarine.

    If he were any more stupid, he’d have to be watered twice a week.

    I don’t think he’s plugged in.

    The cheese slid off his cracker years ago.

    He came in late, but he’ll make it up by leaving early.

    He must have checked his brain at the door and lost the claim ticket.

    He has delusions of adequacy.

    He’s about one taco short of a combination plate.

    He’s on the fast track to forced retirement.

    There’s no engineer on THAT train of thought….

    It’s hard to believe he beat out 1,000,000 other sperm.

    Etc, etc…

    OMFG! What a fucking loser.

  82. In fact, now, a year out of the matrix of koolaid drinking dm-ology and I have started to really d-PTS. I am much happier. People in the world look friendlier to me. I am more comfortable and relaxed around people and see their goodness. I am more able to grant them beingness and enjoy their company because I am not trying to run some dmology on them.

    Imagine how tough it must be getting to disseminate for the missions or any SCN anymore. There is no real support on line or in the media. It is currently one of the most uncool things to do. Oh Yea… let’s go get trapped and give up any chance of a future and pay every last cent we have, borrow a half a million more, bankrupt, lose friends and family and years of one’s life…..gee, can’t wait to join “that group.” My doubt formula is fully done. It is great to be free again.
    Love to you guys. All of you who make the future look brighter, granting beingness, allowing each of us to be ourselves again. There is a real power in this idea.

  83. Maybe so, but his #1 reason was that he doesn’t WANT any Auditors, Clears, or OTs made. He’s worked hard to destroy the ones that already exist. He can’t have anyone being more powerful than him, because he “knows” that others would destroy him if they could. This has been going on since he was a child. He didn’t enter Scientology on his own self-determinism. His father, Ron Miscavige, Sr., on whom he was dependent for survival, put him into Scientology and onto staff as a child. Everything DM has done since then has been to survive in what he sees as a dangerous environment. The only way he could do that was by rising to control it all. He’s just a classic SP. He’ll be a case study on some future version of the PTS-SP course.

  84. Gabriel,
    Wow, thank you for the info. It sounds insane and it is. Just stat push after stat push. It means a lot for you to speak out.


  85. Ra, ra, ra, ra, ra… Blah, blah, blah, blah.

    ‘Tis the season and all, eh wot?

  86. Jim,
    DM was right about one thing, though. Power is people listening to you. That’s the one and only thing he actually is good at. He did manage to get an awful lot of people to listen to him. That was only because they thought he was speaking for LRH, but that was good enough for his purposes.

    The rule regarding Commodore’s Messengers was that when one showed up to have a comm cycle with you, you had to treat him as though he were LRH. That one rule inflated the egos of many Messengers, not just DM. But it gave DM a surefire way to protect himself from all the Martians out to destroy him. He just needed to become LRH’s one and only Top Messenger, which he accomplished when Pat Broeker selected him as the “outside man” to Broeker’s “inside man” in the only commline to the rest of Scientology LRH had when he was in hiding.

    This was a total windfall for DM. From that point forward, he basically lied to and ordered everyone, and no one could challenge him. He then proceeded to get rid of everyone who might pose a threat to his rise to the top.

    He’s like LRH’s description of Communists — great at revolution, but awful at running a country after they win.

  87. This is precious, thanks. Too bad the “dauntless, defiant, resolute” motto cannot be rendered as something more truthful, like “other-determined”.

  88. Tony DePhillips

    Good one Erwin!! LMAO.
    Here’s another one:
    1. Davey is actually LRH!
    2. Davey allowed LRH to posess his body and now he is Ron.
    3. Davey is from the perfect planet and had to do an ammends by punishing everyone on the prison panet.
    4. Davey has watched too many Tom Cruise movies and he wants to be cool like Tom. Tom and Davey laugh thier asses off at the idea of making sorry fuck Sea Org members do the RPF!

  89. Tony DePhillips

    Great points Crusader.
    Check this out:

    It is a HUGE outpoint to think that the “church” is expanding when the Mission Network is crashed!!! H-U-G-E!!!!
    How in the fu%# can Scientology be expanding if the missions are doing so crappy?????? It is IMPOSSIBLE.
    If people were digging on dm’s “church” so much the missions would be flooded!!!! If their were 8 million Scientologists the Missions would be flooded!!

    The missions are NOT FLOODED!! WAKE UP BOTS!!!

  90. I spent quite a bit of time in the mission system and was in Palo Alto in the early 80s, when missions were heavily under attack, Crazy times. There is a wonderful PL “Superior Service Image”( I don’t have it ,otherwise I would give the date). In it Ron states you don’t get militant with the field – the mission network along with field auditors are field activities. DM went waaaay beyond militant-Gestapo was more like it and he added guillotines to chop off as many heads as he could!
    Gabriel, you are an angel for exposing the current madness! it is proof that DM is terrified of anyone getting stronger or brighter.

  91. Tony DePhillips

  92. Jesus f***ng Christ.
    How deep can the ias go down scale?
    This beautiful AOSH EU was once a very spiritual environment.
    It seems as they are now sacrificing their lifes utterly to MEST goals.

    Hard sell once meant to take care of the being to get him up the bridge.
    Nowadays it means getting any penny possible from the public to the “divine ruler of the middle class PTSness enforcement group”.

    What a pitty.
    I feel ashamed.
    This is even worse than the IAS videos about TC.

  93. Gabriel::
    Thank you so much for this revealing write up.
    It does indeed take courage to come right out and speak up
    given the rattle-snake retaliation from the “Church” to whistle blowers.
    This was a very succint update.
    I am sorry to learn that Claire Gaiman (Edwards) has vanished.,
    She was in from a tender age and like many 2nd generation knew nothing else. Sheila Gaiman was on the basics somewhere, David Gaiman died within the last year or 2 and Claire has vanished.
    Thanks once again Gabriel. Excellent reporting job.

  94. Mimsey Borogrove

    Miscavage greedy? Not on your life! If he was really truly 110 % greedy he would make the whole scn network run like a bat out of hell with amazing stats everywhere and a huge payday every thursday at two.
    Greedy? No, he is only incompetent.


    Strong Ethics actions by org E/Os and MAAs against Franchises and Franchise holders are forbidden.
    Franchise is a Public Divisions Function. Public Divisions run on Public Relations tech and rules.
    There are several technologies. Handling people with Dianetics and Scientology tech, handling them with Ethics tech, handling them with PR tech.
    Franchises are essentially PR activities. When you use Ethics you mix practices.

  96. Yes, HDS = Hubbard Dianetics Seminar.

    I really admire DM for his consistency.

  97. Thank you for your comforting words. They are pure theta and they give me strength.

  98. Hey Pat, you missed a few on your 1-6 list of what is happening in the True Believer field:
    7. Broke
    8. Bankrupt
    9. In jail
    10. Committed suicide
    11. Gone insane

    It’s really beyond belief sad for many.

  99. With Jean, CO SMI INT.

  100. Stretched tight like a sheet of cellophane…..Tick, Tock . Tick , Tock ……

    This madness, that David Miscavige is projecting on his disciples, surely, cannot continue on in this manner.


  101. Thanks for posting, Sinar.

    Man are they ever so tacky.

  102. Congratulations!
    About completing doubt, where’s your announcement?

  103. My current theory is he’s full time and it’s the only thing he’s aware of. He’s definitely not aware of Scientology nor help. Nor is he aware of other beings, he’s the only one and the power of the bank is his sole drive. He will only push power to destructive groups and teach them hard sell to gain more power. He was their pilot in creating vulture culture and BIG LIE for hostile take over in 80’s and 90’s and the banksters copied it this millenium. They’re still working on Europe.

  104. Not one penny to DM? I can’ t see where that would make a difference. He has at his disposal over 1 billion in Sea Ogre reserves and the Bulgravian Boogie is imminent. We should start a betting pool as to the exact date.


  105. Thanks Gabriel…

  106. Gabriel it is people like you that are making the difference, total respect for your bravery and inegrity in your disclosures.
    Ultimately the future of scientology will be decided by the general publics understanding of the characters of thosev involved, your actions are not just to halt the abuses of the ‘church’ but create a justification in society for the correct application of the Tech.

  107. This could possibly be the wackest sh**t I have ever seen!
    Maybe you all have seen this IAS rap video before:

  108. Firebreathing Frog

    “either way, the world will know him for who he really is…tick tock…”
    I think their is enough evidence and LOTS of people knows who Miscavige Really is.
    The number of dupes he can still control are shrinking down days after days.
    He can lock down SO member at Int, control FSO staff like in a slave camp, but he can not control staff and much less missions staffs.
    Can you imagine SO member at FSO are taken in buses from the base to their berthing, they can not even walk outside to have a cup of coffee. They can not have a car: it is OUT SECURITY and OUT PR.
    Miscavige can not do that with mission staff.
    He can not forbid them to have a car, go to restaurant, talk to friends outside the cult, and… go on internet.
    He can not control every minutes of their time.
    They are FREE.
    That’s why he is going to close down every mission so that they can’t enturbulate the rest of the “church”.
    And if their is no missions, their will be no new Class IV org as well.
    But who care.

  109. Now there’s a policy that should have been M9ed in the early 80s!

  110. It’s the greed factor and knowing he has zero control over the field that will drive him to distraction. Plus the thought of people actually getting case gain will surely tip him over the edge.

    I like the idea of a betting pool on when he heads to Bulgravia. I think we’re at least a year out, maybe two, before he bolts. I wish it were tomorrow.

  111. Mat

    Yes, I believe that one of the things that is happening is that more and more of the available Theta is “exteriorizing” from the dying corpse that is the Church of David Miscavige’s Scientology, and the effect that this has is that it concentrates the Entheta. As the enturbulation of the “ORGanism” increases, more Theta, finding it cannot revive the “ORGanism, departs.

    I suspect that at some point we will start to see whatever is left of the outer Orgs and Missions to start to “mutiny” as organizations instead of mostly the individuals and family groups we have seen up to now. I predict that when whole Orgs and Missions start to withdraw, the end will likely come rather soon thereafter.

    Eric S

  112. Gabriel/Marty

    Thank you for this post.

    I, like many, “cut my teeth” in a mission, and eventually moved on to become the ED for a brief time (early 80s). Unfortunately, my sojourn as the ED was brief, in part due to the earlier destruction of the Mission, but mostly due to my own inability to revive it , and I was comm-eved off post. Unfortunately no one else has been able to bring it back to life either. I attribute this DIRECTLY to the constant interference and suppression that rains down upon anyone brave enough and dedicated enough to take it on.

    I have always held that the only way for Scientology to make any lasting impact upon helping bring sanity to the world, would be through a “grass roots” approach.

    When you strip Scientology down to the REAL basics, what you have is basically a one-on-one situation. It is the auditors, supervisors, cramming officers, ethics officers, and such,- individuals working with individuals,- delivering the tech, that forward the goals of Scientology. The only valid groups within Scientology, are groups that assemble and support those dedicated individuals.

    A big THANK YOU to all those who are keeping Scientology alive and assisting their fellow man to overcome his inabilities and aberrations, and to “move on up a little higher”.

    Eric S

  113. Satire doesn’t cut it. In this case the Irony and Karmic Sarcasim surpasses even…….. No Satire isn’t even going to touch on the absurdity of reality in this case. I give you Bozo the Clown

  114. martyrathbun09

    CD, You are absolutely right.

  115. Claire found herself to bebrave enough towonder in on a Miscavige ego party and film the goings on.

    She is an ex who doesn’t swear of all of scientology teachings.

    She does have a mind of her own and I will defend her till kingdom come.

    (first initiaded post) She has travelled a long way

  116. Observing this is eerie. Hearing that hollow contrived voice that lacks matching intention of the words as David Miscavige speaks gives an apparency that his is lip syncing.

    That voice coming out of that body is disconnected, like a separate entity, an announcer at a gas chamber.

    Every life becomes immeasurably precious? he says. Oh, how his and his OSA non-Scientology operations actions do disprove that noise.

  117. Just so you know CSCN apparently paid Google to put an add on this music video.
    A rather odd and obviously link comes up to “” one a propaganda page calling you a “liar” and what not.
    Complete with childish high contrast illustrations looking straight out of Joseph Goebbels play book.

  118. TroubleShooter

    “People are OT one moment and not Clear the next, then onto OT levels, then Objectives, etc.”

    Gabriel you are so right. cob has created confusion throughout the entire Scn community regarding the grade chart and EPs. EPs aren’t what LRH says in HCOBs anymore they are what cob says he found they are after combing word for word through two trillion pc folders and comparing it to “LRH refs” himself some of which MIGHT be in the tombs of data we have “not yet laid our own eyes on”. It’s called “blanket C/Sing” where the pc’s case isn’t CSed as it’s own body of data but all cases are lumped together and the same CS given to them all. This was done to students too during the “everyone is to be tested on then RE-DO the PTS/SP course in their local orgs only to be done again when they got to an AO or ASHO and then of course to be again if they went to Flag. Pure entheta to do – completely squirrel, anti-LRH tech, suppressive act the BIGGEST CRIME against LRH, the tech and the entire third dynamic to blanket CS a pc. And the equivalent of this to students in complete violation of fast flow training.

    I’ve seen some incredible tech applications and results from the “old” mission network. I can to some extent understand the public not rising up in protest of the out-tech but the auditors, case supervisors, course supervisors, word clearers, Qual staff members? how long is it going to take you guys to put 2 and 2 together or have you gone into apathey and donated your soul to the dmevil?

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